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Welcome to issue 41, the first official issue of the year 2020. I'm so excited for this new decade. To start it off right, I decided to upgrade my designs of the magazine. I love an aesthetic. I am truly in love with what I have come up with and I hope you are too. This is the first issue with the cover photos being taken by a Reignland photographer and not a third party. I can't believe we have gotten this far and it's all thanks to you all for the support. In this issue, I decided to bring back a familiar face, Tiffany Houghton. This will be her 3rd cover appearance since 2016. I decided to catch up with the beauty and see how her life has changed and what fans have coming. I also got the chance to interview some other amazing people including our very own photogrpaher, Shannon Williams. This year I wanted to expand the creative collective and Shannon has helped so much with that. What are you waiting for? Get to reading and enjoy.








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Credits EDITOR IN CHIEF Ella Audrey Rae PUBLISHER Reignland Creatives


DISTRIBUTOR ISSUU JOURNALISTS Ella Audrey Rae Shannon Williams PHOTOGRAPHERS Shannon Williams Justin Scarpace Sonya Mills

INTRODUCTION Reignland Magazine is an online and print publication started by journalist and web designer, Ella Audrey Rae. Reignland Magazine speaks on lifestyle, fashion,

music, and gaming. It?s main focus since its launch has been empowerment, more specifically, girl empowerment. Every publication contains articles about self-love or words from the featured creators about how they have gotten through tough times. The publication has been read over 100k +times and has featured creatives such as singers, voice-overs, actors and fashion icons.Reignland is the sub company of the all girls creative arts company, Reignland Creatives also started by Ella. Š 2020 by Reignland Creatives. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Printed in the United States of America.


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Playlist 1.stable by S avanna sgro 2. Beg For M e by Zoe Ferguson 3. Just AM inute by S ham ba 4. Undescribable Feeling by Tasha Angela 5. Levi Highby DaniLeugh 6. Tom boy by Destiny Rodgers 7. People Ive BeenS ad by Christine &The Queens 8. S upslonley by Benee 9. ATM s by Cashm a 10. S him m y by Am ine Folowthe playlist onApple M usic 8

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Stevie W olf PHOTOGRAPHY & REVIEW BY SHANNON WILLIAMS LIVE AT THE MINT / / JAN 2020 Heading to the venue I was excited but curious to hear what Stevie Wolf?s set would be like. I have never really heard any of his music other than a snippet of his song, ?Substance.? The moment Stevie came out there was something interesting about him that drew me in. His set consisted of many different sounds. He was constantly changing from guitar to bass. He even considered using a beat pad for a couple songs but wanted to really play each song of his set. I loved that he strayed away from using the beat pad because it made his set much rawer. He caught me and others


by surprise with his voice and lyrics. I didn?t expect him to hit certain notes. By watching him, you could see he was genuinely nervous but happy that he was performing that night. From his honest lyrics to his unique voice, it was easy to tell that he truly cares about his craft.. You can follow Shannon on Instagram @whannonsilliams

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Mia Mormino Mia Mormino is a 20-year-old up and coming pop sensation with hints of soul and edgy flare, making her stand out amongst the crowd. Mia's passion for music began at the young age of three when parents MaryLee and Carmen Mormino signed her up for her very first dance classes at A Step in Time School of Dance (Now Calabasas Academy of Dance) located in Calabasas, California. For the first 15 years of her life, she competed and performed on multiple dance teams. "The feeling I get when dancing to music that so profoundly connects to me is indescribable, and there isn't anything like it." She says that being a dancer before music actually helped develop her ability to hear any and every sound within a song that she's recording or lsitening to. "My ears have been trained since three years old to be hyperaware of the detailed breakdowns within music, in which now I know exactly what to listen for when creating my own. The most rewarding feeling has got to be when I don't need to hire choreographers for my music video shoots since I'm fully capable of creating the movements on my own." When asked about her advice for new dancers, she said some very meaingful words of wisdom, "The advice I would give new dancers is do not listen to what any teacher, judge, or classmate has to say about your body. Do not allow the opinions of others to break you down because as you get older, you will soon realize that anything they said was coming from a place of insecurity and much deeper rooted problems. You and your body are beautiful in so many ways, so try to carry that with you as you excel in your dance career. All bodies are unique no matter what size, shape, or color they are. That is something I wish I would have paid more attention to while growing up in the dance community, that's for sure." While in high school she wanted to find more direct ways of expressing her


feelings, she then began writing music as new events occured in her life. Her first song to be written was titled, 'Conflicted', something a lot of 16 year olds can relate to being. "At that time, I was going through an exceptionally mentally/verbally abusive relationship that I recently, four years later, have been able to let go of. I was experiencing such internal pain, so I took it upon myself to try and turn that pain into something beautiful. Dancing has always been so therapeutic for me, but as I started experiencing traumatic life experiences, I felt I needed a stronger outlet when it came to expressing myself. So, I turned to songwriting, and I never looked back. Of course, I still dance five days a week, but I know songwriting/singing is always there for me when I feel stuck in whatever it is that may be going on." In 2019, Mia wrote, recorded, and released 13 original singles, dropping at least once a month. Her most recent single, 'Stuck' had me stuck on it for weeks because of it's raw story telling of mental breakdowns, something so many do in silence, "I wanted to take the listener on the journey that I go through when having a mental breakdown, just to shed some light on the fact that the lifestyle of a musician is most definitely not glitz and glam 24/7." She contiuned on what she does to get unstuck, "If I feel stuck in my thoughts about a personal situation, whether that be relationships or confidence, I break everything apart. I literally write down on a piece of paper what it is that's upsetting me, and write out just how important that one thing (or multiple things) is in the big picture. 90% of the time, only by doing that, I'm able to get myself out of that place. Sometimes our minds make small things much more significant than they have to be, and I've found physically writing everything out takes care of putting everything back in order. I mean, don't get me wrong. There are definitely

Photographer: Justin Scarpace & Sonya Mills Makeup Artist: Mia Mormino

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Photo Credits: Photographer: Justin Scarpace & Sonya Mills Makeup Artist: Mia Mormino www.miamormino.com https://www.instagram.com/miamormino/ https://www.facebook.com/MiaMorminoMusic/


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moments where that doesn't work, and I feel like a chaotic mess, but hey, that's life!"

Aside from her music, in October 2019, Mia was invited to speak as the first Visiting Artist of the school year at a prestigious private performing arts school named Chandler, located in Pasadena, California. The school's creative director, Brandi Williams Moore (Wife of Brian Frasier-Moore, who you may recognize as Justin Timberlake's tour drummer), recognized Mia's growth not only in her music career but in her overall outlook on life. Brandi felt Mia would be the perfect fit as the speaker and performer for her musically gifted students ranging in grades 6th through 8th. When asked about a full project she stated that we could expect something by July as she maps out everything, " I wanted to take the listener on the journey that I go through when having a mental breakdown, just to shed some light on the fact that the lifestyle of a musician is most definitely not glitz and glam 24/7."

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TASHA ANGELA AND HER DREAMY VOCALS Tasha Angela is a Toronto based singer-songwriter with lush vocals that will take you away on the first note. I was sent her first single, 'Lost In Nostalgia' prior to its release and blown away doesn't even describe how I felt. Her vocals were so lush, it seemed like she had her own aesthetic. I knew I had to find out more about the person behind the vocals so I emailed her for an interview and she gave me one. Her passion for making music began at the early age of 11, performing at school recitals, writing poems and singing along to her favorite songs on her way to school. "I've always loved music ever since I was a toddler. My dad bought me my first mic as a gift when I was 4 and I never wanted to get off of it! It was little moments such as that one that culminated into something more as time went on. From music inspirations, life experiences and piano lessons eventually I knew that it was apart of my purpose to fulfill music full time." she said.

songwriting camp and thankfully I connected with some amazing people there. We all got to write our own songs and it was very helpful in terms of connections and inspiration!". She even got a chance to meet Jesse, 'She was so down to earth and humble. She gave us each our own songwriting book and we got a chance to listen to people who are in the music business. It was also exciting having her sing along to the song that I was making there!" Taken by her sound and talent, Gavin introduced Tasha to Dan Kurtz and his studio, The Asylum, in the spring of 2019. It was at The Asylum that Tasha finally found a collaborative musical home. It was also at The Asylum that Tasha began working and recording the majority of her "Hidden Gems EP."

before because I am constantly in my head so sometimes it feels like I never actually move on from things that have happened in my life." She then released a second single from the project, 'Undescribable Feeling', a lush ballad with vocals that felt like a breath of fresh air on a summer night. It really showcased her vocal range and willingness to get even more vulnerable than ever before. When asked about the single, she reveals something a ton can relate to, "Going through depression inspired this song. I was diagnosed with it and it's no joke. It feels like being sick with sadness is the only way to describe it and I wouldn't wish it in my worst enemy. This song talks about finding the light after all of the darkness and touches on the beauty that comes after the madness."

Before the release of the full project, she released two singles. The first single, 'Lost In Nostalgia' was a retro masterpiece of lush vocals and dreamy melodies that included a In early 2019, Tasha connected video to match, "That song is with Toronto based music about reminiscing on the past industry and community leader and I think we all can relate to Gavin Sheppard at Jessie Reyez?s that whether it be an experience, songwriting camp. "It was person place or thing. I definitely amazing! It was my first have been lost in nostalgia

On February 4th, 2020 she released her debut EP. The EP consisted of five songs that perfectly give the listener a glimpse into Tasha?s creative sphere, as music serves as an outlet for healing, selfimprovement, and expression that resonates so well. She stated, "I've always written songs but I've never shared them until I finally got the confidence

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to do so. That's why I named it Hidden Gems because I didn't want to hide my music anymore." As I listened to the full EP, I felt a sense of calm in her voice that carried all the way to the end. Music can heal so much when done right and Tasha wants her music to do just that, "I make music to heal, whenever I'm going through something music helps me and in turn helps others because they can relate and are going through the same things that I am experiencing. Music is a universal language and other people's music definitely helps me get through so to be that for someone else is a blessing and I never take that for granted. Even if an artist isn't doing music to heal others intentionally their music can still be relatable and help people either way." In her Instagram about section she even has 'Empath' listed. An empath is a person who is essentially sensitive to other people's energy, can be more introverted and has a hard time understanding their own emotions. She states, 'I feel like that is a strength when it comes to making music though because I can write about a situation objectively that hasn't happened to me and understand what the other person is going through." As far as how she gets through it? She works out, "Whenever I fall into depression the only thing that has helped me was getting moving and not staying stagnant." Her EP is officially out now and I can't stop playing it on repeat, it's a soulful wonderland of lush vocals, calming melodies and relatable stories that anyone can relate to and feel good about the outcome.


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S a d G i r l by

Angelique Jeffrey

W hat ?s going on everyone? Y?all alright ?! So it s ?Women?s Hist ory Mont h? and every Monday of t his mont h I?ll be highlight ing t he issues t hat a lot of us women face on a daily basis. Today let ?s t alk about our feelings?or my feelings. I can?t speak for everyone when I say t his but dude?I am not 10 0 % , okay and I don?t t hink I ever t ruly have been. Growing up, I?ve always been surrounded by st rong women. Women t hat work hard t o get t o where t hey need t o be, women t hat suck it up and do what t hey need t o do t o get shit done?as a result t his is how I move t hrough


The issue t hat comes out of moving t his way is I feel as if I have t o be st rong at all t imes. No mat t er t he inconvenience I have t o figure it out , no t ime t o cry when t here?s work t o be done. But what happens t o t hose t ears t hat never fell, t hose feelings t hat were never expressed? They t urn int o t rauma.. and THAT t urns int o a vicious cycle if you don?t cat ch it early. I?ve learned t hroughout my journey, t hat I am 10 0 % a product of my 22

environment . I don?t

t horoughly

underst and



validat ed when we do reach out and

feels/looks like unless it s t hrough my work

express a glimmer of t he pain we feel.

and t his a direct reflect ion of how I was raised. If I?m not creat ing and releasing in t hat way, my feelings are never let out . I can

Being t old we?re overreact ing or being dramat ic for feeling a human emot ion


wit hin a react ion should not be t he

react ing t o a sit uat ion t hat t ook place and

default set t ing. Because in realit y we

being t old t hat it was just a part of life and

are not always going t o be st rong, we

dist inct ly




t hat I had t o move on from how I felt . I was given a list of issues t hat t his person had as if

my issue wasn?t




can?t be. We will break down, we will hurt , we?ll be pissed off and we won?t

emot ion. ?I have way more going on t han you,

know how t he hell t o feel.. and we

so you don?t deserve t o feel a way about


t hat one t hing?? But I did deserve t o feel t hat

perfect ly okay! Holding in basic human

emot ion and validat ion should?ve been t he first


There was a lot of ?how is being (insert


underst and

t hat

t his


emot ions for t he sake of not looking weak, or not want ing t o give in t o

emot ion here) going t o fix it ? energy growing

negat ivit y is a major piece of our issue

up. And don?t get me wrong here, I don?t fault



t hose t hat raised me at all! My mot her did what she could wit h what she had, most ly raising me on her own and t rying t o hold a

This is t he number one reason as t o

household on her back. She had no t ime t o

why so many women are suffering

cry, be angry, or ask herself why. She had a child t o raise and no real shoulder t o lean on. A product of her own

environment ? my

from undiagnosed ment al illnesses. We?re depressed, we?re anxious, we?re so fucking over all of t his?but no one

?st rengt h?began here. My point is, my mot her should have been able t o cry about her hardships out loud inst ead of alone where no one could hear her.

will know about t his because we?re st rong women, out here get t ing shit handled.

They were real and her feelings should?ve

A ngelique is a blogger w it h her ow n

been validat ed by t hose she reached out t o.

websit e t it led, A Word. You can read

She shouldn?t have be forced t o t each me

t his post and more t here.

t hat you have t o pick yourself up and t oss t hose emot ions t o t he side based on her experiences. The t rut h is, many of us are faced

wit h

t he

st ruggle



being 23 22

Tif Ho 24

ffany oughton back & better Interview by Ella Audrey Rae Photos by Shannon Williams

25 24

Tiffany Crystal Houghton is a singer-songwriter from Dallas, TX. I first became a fan when she released her first video for single, 'High'. I was instantly convinced she was going to become one of the best pop stars to come out of TX. With her cute and fun style, relatable lyrics and upbeat personality, Tiffany have amassed a massive following all over the world. The last time I talked to Tiffany, it was 2016 and she was fresh on the scene. It's 2020 and Tiffany is married and back with new music. "It's been a roller coaster! I've had some of my highest highs and some of my lowest lows in the last couple of years. I took some time off from releasing music to realign with myself, develop my sound, and recover from some really difficult times I went through in 2017. My song "Why" that just came out explores the difficulty of that time a bit. But I learned who my real friends and family were during that time and learned how to truly find happiness in the midst of struggle. I started releasing music again in 2018 and 2019 turned out to be a huge year of growth for me! I performed in front of thousands of people last year, including with Drake Bell, I released some fantastic music with some amazing artists, and had the biggest streaming year of my career so far!" Two years ago on November 2017, Tiffany posted a video on Facebook where she sang a song about her MeToo moment but never really told fans the story. I was so captivated by the emotion in her vocals and the lyrics she spoke. I decided to ask. She decided it was time to tell it and I'm glad she felt comfortable enough to do so, "I had spent a year and a half scouring the internet, pitching my music, and finally getting my song into the hands of a very sought after and powerful radio executive. Something that as an independent artist, is NOT easy to do. I had just released a song at the time, that was gaining a fair amount of traction, and after he heard it he invited me up to visit the station! I


was ecstatic. He told me he was going to play my record! I told my family and all my friends about it. He made decisions for one of the biggest pop music markets in the world! I took a break from touring the country in a rental car, to fly across the country only to find that when I got there, his only condition would be that I come over to his place and compensate him in a way that would morally degrade me & go against everything I believe in. I was dumbfounded to find out just how backward someone could be. I flew home, cried the whole way, and decided I'd have to figure something else out." Unfortunately, this wasn't the first time it would happen to her. She decided to write a single titled, 'Slumber Party' that will be released soon. Patreon members have access to the song right now, at www.patreon.com/tiffanyhoughton. She then had a few words of wisdom for other young artist in the industry who may go through this, "My hope is that as women read and hear of my story, they will feel empowered to make the decision now, that they will never compromise themselves in these kinds of situations. The decision I made came almost like second nature, I didn't have to even consider it, because I had already decided what I would do if anything like that ever happened. Make the decision now." She states that her hardest challenge getting to where she is now has been Mastering her thoughts, something we all can relate too, "I have come to really believe that our thoughts create our reality. Meditating and practicing gratitude every day has changed my life. For a long time, it seemed like I was just seeing the negative, and so that is what continued to present itself in my life. I now live a life entirely committed to seeing the good, abandoning comparison, and appreciating challenges as opportunities for growth and adventure! It's easy to get stuck into a victim mentality, but what I've realized is just how powerful we are. We are not helpless victims

27 26


29 28

in this life. We are capable creators endowed with the mental capacity to believe in, work for, and create the future we want." She recently got married a year ago to the love of her life Adam. They had a fairytale wedding with Tiffany looking drop-dead gorgeous in her white dress. "We are actually just about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary on March 23rd! I'll be releasing a music video for "Get To Lovin'" and? it just might all be made of footage from our wedding day! ;) Wedding planning was SO much fun. My mom, @turtlecreeklane, was such a fun mother to plan a wedding with. Of course, like any wedding planning, there were ups and downs, but I truly can say that it was some of the most fun I've ever had. The advice I would give would just take a deep breath, remember what's most important, and hug your fiance when the planning gets stressful!" She admits that she didn't tell him about her music right away but the way he found out was the cutest, "When Adam and I began dating I never talked about my music with him, in fact, I really didn't talk about it with anyone. At the time, I had written and recorded an album but was letting my fears and other circumstances keep me from sharing it. On Adam's side, when we met and he saw that I was a singer and had a social media following etc, he actually made the decision not to listen to any of my music or do any internet stalking of me because he wanted any potential relationship between us to be entirely genuine. She continued, "One afternoon, a couple of months into dating, we were sitting on his bed and my laptop music library shuffled to one the songs I'd tucked away. Almost immediately Adam asked me who the artist was, and literally jumped to his feet when I told him it was me. "WHY ISN'T THIS SONG OUT IN THE WORLD?! WHY ARE YOU HIDING THIS MUSIC?? His response caught me off guard. I listed off my excuses, but he wasn't


having it. He reached over, put the song on repeat, and proceeded to list off even MORE reasons I SHOULD share my music again. All while dancing to the song )." Ugh, that's the cutest response I've ever heard to something so important. I went on to ask Tiffany, her favorite thing about being married and she said some important things, I think a lot of us can take away from, "Adam and I believe in each other" she stated. Something I think a lot of relationships need to blossom. She continued. "We [also] have killer dance parties in our kitchen on the rainy days. I love being a wife because I love the built-in best friend I know I've got, and the built in best friend I get to be for him. In this era of female empowerment, I hope to shine a light on the good men who empower us. To the men who show up in equal partnership. To the men who strengthen and inspire. To the men who keep us laughing through the dark times. And to the men who lead in humility and love. That's what Adam is for me, and hopefully also what I am for him." She says that there wasn't anything crazy he did for her to release he was the one, she just knew, "Being with Adam feels like home to me. My dad has always been one of my closest friends, and I can honestly say he was the first person other than my father that I felt so safe and at peace with. I know it might sound cliche but to be honest, there came a time after we had dated for a while, that I just knew he was my guy." Tiffany is now the owner of her own record label, InStar LLC. I asked her about the pros and cons of being an independent artist, "The music industry is very complex and as an independent artist, there are a lot of hats to fill. It can be difficult to share your music and spread your sound when labels put millions of dollars of marketing money behind their top 3 artists. I had a fantastic team working with me last year and together we had the most successful year of streaming in my entire

31 30


" I now live a life ent irely commit ted to seeing t he good, abandoning comparison, and appreciat ing challenges as opport unit ies for growt h and advent ure! It 's easy to get st uck into a vict im mentalit y, but what I' ve realized is just how powerful we are. "

33 32

career! I'm so grateful for Team Tiff, my amazing fans that have been with me and supporting me throughout this journey. They motivate me every day to do what I do. Honestly, each and every one of you makes a huge difference when you stream my music, add it to your playlists, and share it with your friends." Aside from music Tiffany also has acting chops as well. She was on the Soap Opera, "As The World Turns.' and landed a part as an alternate in Annie on Broadway when she was 10. She wants to get back into it eventually, "I love the stage and screen and hope to be able to do more acting in the future. My dream part is to play Glinda in "Wicked" someday!" Tiffany has been releasing singles since 2019 for her upcoming album and says we can expect new music April 3rd, "I am so excited for you all to hear it. "Candace, What'd You Do" and the rest of the music on my upcoming album were actually written, produced, and recorded ENTIRELY by women, which is pretty much unheard of in the music industry." As far as live shows go? She doesn't have any coming up until after the Coronavirus is over sadly. It was such an honor to talk to Tiffany again and I couldn't be happier to see her the happiest she's ever been. Even though she's been through so much to get where she is, she's made it and shes made it by staying true to herself and showing her fans, they can do it as well.


35 34

Shannon Williams Reignl and Magazine's LA Photogr apher and the master mind behind the Tiffany Houghton photo ser ies for this issue. One day I received an email from a photographer named Shannon Williams asking to be apart of the Reignland Team. I normally get these kinds of emails every now and then but this particular one caught my eye. She was young but her eye for good shots was superb like she was a veteran in the game of photography. As I viewed her work, I instantly fell in love with the aesthetic she created in her photos. The magazine is based in VA but more supported in LA and I needed someone to go to the events we are invited to so I hired her. She would become the first photographer the magazine has ever had. The first event she would cover? Artist Stevie Wolf. Her knowledge of how to make a small stage look so intriguing with hues of blue and purple captured me as soon as the photos were sent. Next up, we went bigger, The LA Art Show hosted by Sofia Vergara. She again killed it and even fangirled a couple of times with the celebs she would see walk by. The magazine had never had its own photoshoots in its history and Shannon changed that. I put her on the task of a cover shoot with the one and only Tiffany Houghton. The shoot was done at a beautiful park in LA under the bright sun. 117 photos flooded my inbox and as each was being downloaded, I was in awe. Who is Shannon Williams? I wanted to find out, the girl behind the camera and blurry photos of herself. How did you get into photography? - In 2010, I saw the Supreme book by James Jebbia and I was just so amazed as a 10-year-old of the various photos from streetwear in LA to Kermit the frog wearing the Supreme box logo t-shirt. I found it incredibly interesting that you could capture a moment in time forever through your point of view only. Within time once I got my first camera, I just


grew to have a passion for it. I didn?t fully understand photography yet so I as much research as I can to be acquainted and eloquent. Was photography your first love? - Photography definitely is my first love. It's the first thing that I immediately just my all into and just instantly drew me in. I tried other things but photography has always been the one thing that I grew to truly love doing. My love for it is something that can't be replicated. What was your first shoot job and how did it feel? - My first shoot was with musician, Sapphire Adizes. I was incredibly nervous because not only was it my first shoot job, but it was with someone that was bigger compared to everyone else I have ever worked with at the time. Once I met him though, he was super nice and down to earth. He made my nerves go down and told me that he loved my work. Because of that specific shoot, it gave me the confidence to reach out to magazines to work for them. What is your advice to new photographers? - My advice is to go around with a camera and literally shoot anything and everything. The more you take photos, the more you?ll start to get comfortable and begin to find your own style of taking photos. Even just talking to people and networking with them helps a lot because once you begin to work with those people, that?s when you get to build your portfolio. Your photos have such a cool aest het ic. - The aesthetic of my photos, in my opinion, is hard to explain. I really like the grainy, film look but I love it when the color pops a lot in the photos. I?m a perfectionist when it comes to my work, so I always make sure that I capture the

37 36

n a h S il W


right amount of everything in each shot and making sure every detail is captured.

How is it living in LA as a creat ive? - Living in LA as a creative has its pros and cons. LA has a lot of people to meet and many places You are also into fashion I hear. Do you have to see. I've met a lot of people that I've not only plans to create a fashion line? worked with but gained as friends. But there - I do have plans to create a fashion line. I have are those couple of people that are just very one that?s been in the making for a couple of interesting? It's a weird place to live in. years now that I put together with my older sister and cousin called ?Pizza Night Studios.? What is some advice you can give a new I?m very excited about what we have coming creator looking to move to LA and pursue this year! t hat ' influencer' or art ist 's dream? - If you are determined and confident enough What is your favorite st yle and why? then I'd say go for it because you'll definitely - Growing up, my family has always exposed me get to where you wanna go. There will be times to many things and one of them was fashion. I where you'll get denied but it's ok. I've gone have always been into simple things like a through it many times. It takes time but you t-shirt and black pants but as I got older the need to trust the process. more I got exposed to fashion, I was beginning to be drawn to a lot of more streetwear and I am excited that she is apart of the team and I high-end clothing brands. Some of my favorite can't wait to see how far she is going to go. If brands that I personally love to wear are Fear you ever want to work with Shannon be sure to of God, Rhude, and Madhappy. All of those connect her through email and Instagram. three brands are a good mix of what I wear on the daily, style-wise.

n o n n a ams i l l i W

Why do you not really take photos of yourself? - There are various reasons as to why I'm never really in front of it. Weirdly I have never been comfortable in front of the camera. I'm not one to take selfies or anything but I do have my moments I'll admit that. It's very rare though. I guess at times, my insecurities get the best of me. At times I just feel too awkward or weird. Growing up and even until now, sometimes I feel like I'm not girly or pretty enough. It's a normal thing for a lot of people though to have these types of insecurities. As time goes on, maybe I'll eventually get in front of it but not to model or anything. Mostly to speak on things that I want to talk about.

39 38

Peeking Inside the World Of Singer BIRTHH BIRTHH, the project of the Florence-born 22-year-old

she'd spend the long journey to her dad's house listening



to the likes of Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and The Chieftains.

everywhere with her latest full project, WHOA. .There was

She cherished the time she spent with her dad who

never a time she didn't feel music was her soulmate

taught her from a young age how to enjoy the little things

stating, "Music has always been such a huge part of my

in the music. Her dad, who himself used to be a musician,

life and everything regarding my musical journey has

told her to focus on the guitar or piano ? so she started

happened so naturally, I couldn?t see myself doing

playing music and wrote her first song at 8 years old.

anything else." When she was 2 her parents split up, and

Spending time between Italy and New York, her tastes are







split between pure pop and the soulful fusion between

amount of media attention for it's pop, folk, and jazz mix.

the electronic and the organic that was present in one of

She describes that era of her life as "emo sadboi

her favorite records; Corinne Bailey Rae's 2006 self-titled

teenager.? Even though she doesn't resonate with it

debut. Despite amassing a handful of songs, Bisi kept her

anymore, she says "it represents a time of growth and

songwriting a secret while at school in Florence. A visit to

introspection in my life and I?m happy it exists." Her most

her father, was the impetus to make her secret hobby her

recent full project, 'Woah' was released in 2019 and

primary passion as her songs moved from SoundCloud to

features 11 tracks. BIRTHH wrote most of the album in

the stage.

her makeshift bedroom studio before completing it with Solange collaborator Lucius Page and the GRAMMY

She released her debut album in 2016 titled, 'Born In The Woods.' which gained a massive

Award-winning mixing engineer Robert 'LB?Dorsey (H.E.R., The







Award-winning Emily


(David Bowie, The Killers, Lou Reed, Dolly Parton). The first single from the project, was written in a widowless room on a scorching hot day in Los Angeles. Her plan for the day was simple: quickly write a beat for a rapper she?d met in Chicago and then head to the beach for the day. Fate, however, had its own ideas."I rolled a couple of joints and made two different beats. I panned one on the left and one on the right, and against all odds it sounded surprisingly nice and organic,? she recalls. Gradually the song took shape, with bass, backing vocals and nuanced details added to the growing production. ?When I was done I went out to buy some water and realized it was midnight. I?d worked on the song for fourteen hours non-stop. I?m not sure how that happened, but I?m glad it did. It really helped me focus on the song without having any distractions or external stimuli, in a way it?s a very pure song: its creation was only fueled by the song itself '. In most of her catalog her music showcases her emotion on her sleeve so effortlessly,"I don?t really see it as a choice, it?s more of a necessity to me. I believe that a certain amount of vulnerability is necessary for music to be relatable, you

can?t talk

effectively about something you don?t know much about and you only really know things that you can feel on a deeper level." Her advice to new artist? "Never settle for something that doesn?t make your heart swoon".

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LA ART SHOW 2020 Photography & Words by Shannon Williams See the full set at reignland.co

Going into the LA Art Show, was an interesting experience. Once I got there I was immediately met with loud music and chatter. The red-carpet photographers were buzzing with each celebrity that walked. Across the room from the red-carpet, there was a lounge area that consisted of a DJ, merchandise for the art show itself, and a projection of the event from the past years it has happened. Everyone was waiting for the doors to finally open to go and see the art that is being displayed. When I got to the hall and went in, people were talking and laughing while look at art. I was excited to see what various kinds were going to be and were very pleased with what I saw. There were so many different kinds of artists that were there. As I walked around the hall; I saw a painting of sad girls with big eyes, dresses, realistic sculptures of babies, and a giant rainbow-colored banner made of LGBTQ messages written on pieces of cloth. There were many tributes to the late Kobe Bryant as well. My favorite part was seeing famous artists? work that I personally loved like Banksy, Kaws, and Takashi Marukami. Everywhere you would go there would be a small open bar serving various drinks and people showing interest in purchasing pieces of art. I?m sure that not only myself but other people had the chance to be exposed to many different kinds of art.



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