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KAREN HARDING SAY SOMETHING Issue no. 31 | October 2017



Issue no. 31 | October 2017






























EDITOR'S NOTE Issue #31 | October 2017

Hello, Welcome to issue #31. This issue is a double cover issue. WHAT!!! Yep, two big spreads in one. Two amazing women in one magazine. Meet Karen Harding and upcoming artist Sabryna. We also spoke to a retail company named TOBI that is ran by women. Awesome right? We got man candy in this issue aka Dallas Hart. We also have instagram babe Indiana Nassara, 'This Is Us' actress Hannah Zelile and amazing editorials from our writers Becca Fenemore, Jasmine Matos and Niemah Duffy. Happy Reading Beautiful + Love You, Raye Reign Founder, Editor in Chief Twitter + Instagram + Snapchat: @rayereign

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It's national anti bullying month so I thought I would share my story just a little. Here goes nothing. I was born a light skinned girl with strawberry blonde hair, and platinum blonde hair mixed together. I was covered in platinum blonde hair all over my body with hazel eyes and a positive mindset on life. I didn't think I was different until the third grade when kids started pointing out the fact that my complexion didn't 'match' my ethnicity. I was too light to be African American they said. It continued until I graduated high school. No one wanted to admit that they were wrong. People wanted me to admit I was wrong which meant me disowning my race. I couldn't do that. Now at 22, I realized that I gave people too much power over my self esteem. I realized that I wasn't so different after all, more like a new breed.


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A large retail company ran by Women.

How did the idea of Tobi come about? Why was it important for your company to inTOBI was born in 2007 as an online-only retailer. house so much and cut out the middleman? In our early days when online fashion retail was still a fresh concept, TOBI provided access to We are obsessed with providing more for our hundreds of designer styles at the click of a customers. We constantly push ourselves to button. As we grew we saw more opportunity deliver the best fashion at better prices with the and a way to refine our offerings. In 2011 we best quality for our customers. We wouldn't be moved away from curating designer pieces and able to do that if we had a bunch of middlemen brought our buying in-house. We started by involved. From sourcing and fulfillment to our shopping in downtown LA and curating a proprietary software, we do everything we can selection of independent designers' styles on in-house and pass those savings on to our our site. We'd spend hours scouring the city for customers. And we continue to look for ways to the best styles - purchases would stay in my car provide more: we just launched free shipping trunk waiting to be inventoried and would be and duties paid for our customers in Canada and posted to the site some hours later. Our early the UK. customers loved the new styles. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we saw What is your advice to people who want to build immediate profitability with the move to intheir own fashion retail empire? house buying. We knew that we had something on our hands, and it really paved the path for us Be prepared for the long journey ahead and find to become the independent brand that we are a great partner. As in any business, there is a lot today. to learn, but particularly in the fashion business, there are so many different things to learn that As TOBI continued to grow we moved away from you really need a great partner to cover it all. third-party and brought many of our processes in-house including buying, designing and What do you look for when designing clothes for production. We acquired more infrastructure your store and what about fashion draws you in offices, a manufacturing arm, fulfillment centers as creators? - and focused on building out our operations and quality of customer service. We're still focused We look to promote positivity and effortless on the speed of getting to market, but we also style in all we do. Our design team is of course pay special attention to the fit of our clothing. inspired by trends what's of-the-moment, but as Which is to say we're doing fashion fast, but we creators, we're primarily drawn to fashion's aren't afraid to slow things down a bit to ensure ability to empower and inspire others. We do this the best quality. TOBI continues to evolve but by designing in a way that accentuates the stays true to our commitment: we're a fast beauty of women's bodies which empowers fashion brand with LA roots, yet global appeal, them to feel even more confident and strong. serving TOBI girls across the globe. As a company how do you implement Girl Power What about California inspires your brand? into your brand? The laid-back West Coast spirit is the ultimate muse for TOBI, with Los Angeles being a key influence on our brand and lifestyle. Our headquarters are based in downtown LA which is where all of our designers and buyers are located. They naturally draw inspiration from everything in the city - the girls, the energy, the attitude.

TOBI is powered by women. We're set on creating a culture of confidence and independence that will continue to inspire future generations of TOBI girls across the globe.

Visit Tobi at to get shopping.

TOBI MUST HAVES We are back with another TMH for the start of middle of fall as the weather gets even more chilly. Tobi is a California based online shop that has everything you could ever want to wear. We picked out some pieces to help you get even more into the Fall spirit!

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INDIANA MASSARA Indiana is a singer, songwriter, dancer, model and actress who recently released her single, ‘Drama’ via Radio Disney. She can be seen in Brat Production’s “Chicken Girls” as ‘Rooney’, She originally hails from Australia, and since moving to Los Angeles, has booked a role alongside Amanda Peet and Dennis Quaid in a Funny or Die Project.

Why did you decided to move from Australia to LA? standards? My Mom and brother were already spending a lot of time here and travelling back to Australia all the time. I was reluctant to shift over at first, but Mum and Dad convinced me to come over and give it a go for a few weeks. I’m so glad they did, because I fell in love with California so fast and I didn’t want to leave. This is my second home now and I am really happy here.

I literally don’t pay attention to most of the ‘standards’ that we see nowadays. I’m really lucky that I was bought up to be comfortable in my own skin without the need to jump on trends. I can’t remember being self conscious of my body and I am known for laughing at myself more than anyone around me, as you’ll see in my uncut vlogs. What is your advice to young girls on fighting the beauty standards in everyday life?

What is it like to live in Australia? Do you ever miss it? The secret is to not fight against it in the first place – just don’t pay attention and enjoy what is unique Australia is beautiful and I love the outdoor lifestyle about you. That’s what will ultimately set you apart of my hometown of Perth. I do miss Australia and from everyone else. especially my family over there, but I feel I have the best of both worlds as I love California too. I’m What is your daily facial routine? really lucky to be able to travel between both. I can’t ever imagine just living in one place ever As soon as I wake up I wash my face with a foaming again. cleanser. I then usually do some kind of light face mask most days (sometimes just on the eyes or to brighten my skin) whilst I’m getting ready, then I What about 'Chicken Girls' drew you to the script? wash it off and moisturize. Once a week, I give my skin an exfoliation. I love to try new products, but I was originally cast by Brat Productions for I keep going back to the simple products. "Attaway Appeal" and I really liked the writing so I jumped at it. Once I was there, "Chicken Girls" came up and I loved the storyline. It was a great What is your go to outfit? opportunity to work with some of my friends, as I knew a few of the people on the cast already. Usually leggings and a cropped hoodie. Even in summer I love the feeling of just being comfortable. Do you have anything in common with your When I have an unexpected event that requires character? quick dressing, I always reach for my Steph Audino pants and a simple top. ‘Rooney' is the school photographer and I love photography, so we have that in common. She is Any new updates for 2017? also a little mysterious and that’s also a trait we share. You see lots of me on my YouTube chanel, I have new music coming out in the next few weeks but there’s still a side that I keep to myself and my and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I’m closest friends. currently filming further projects with Brat Productions, then I am heading to Canada to film a What is your favorite thing about singing? great new series. I also have two runways scheduled for modelling and I’m always shooting for my vlogs. I love that you are able to express how you feel in Life’s busy for the rest of 2017! a really unique way. The creative process is exciting and contagious. I always have about four or five You can follow her on Instagram (like we do) projects on the go. @indianamassara. As a model, how do you fight against the beauty

OCTOBERÂ PLAYLIST Only Forever by Demi Lovato _ Gone by Rhyon _ Buzzin by Alina Baraz _ Glorious by Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey _ Why by Sabrina Carpenter _ On My Mind by Jorija Smith and Preditah _ Now by Brooke Valentine _ Best Part by Daniel Caesar ft. H.E.R _ Not My Ex by Jessie J _ Driving Me by Seryah





HANNAH ZEILE Hannah plays a young Chrissy Metz at the age of 15 on 'This Is Us'. Born in LA, she she had her parents full support to be come an actress but there was a catch; she had to attend a professional acting school for one year before turning pro. After auditioning around she was signed immediately by a Hollywood agent who wasted no time. She landed a recurring role on the FX series, Anger Management and now 'This Is Us' What made you take that chance and become an actress?

Do you prefer dramas?

I'm strongly driven by passion, and acting was the first time I experienced that overwhelming drive. I also believe everything happens for a reason and God was totally aligning this path for me.

I wouldn't say I prefer a specific genre, I just love to feel. Whether you feel happy or sad or angry or confused, I love how art has that power. I think This Is Us makes you feel it all!

Tell us about your role on 'Anger Management' and how was it on set?

Tell us a little bit about why breast cancer awareness is so important to you?

I played Ruby, who was the sassy best friend of Charlie Sheen's daughter. I was enthralled to be on a set working for the first time. It was a was a cool learning experience and a memory I'll always carry with me.

My grandmother is a warrior and a survivor of breast cancer. I am inspired by her strength. Just a conversation can lead somewhere, so it is important to spread awareness and get people talking.

'This is Us' has been an impactful show. What about the script made you want the role? The writing is so beautiful and emotional, yet funny at times without trying too hard. I fall in love all over again with each new script because of how honest and organic they are.

What can someone do to also support breast cancer awareness? Simply posting on your social media, or wearing some pink as a conversation starter. Also, you can donate money online to places such as the National Breast Cancer Coalition (

You can watch Hannah on 'This Is Us' and follow her on social media using @hannahzeilexo on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can also visit here [] to learn more on how you can get involved with Breast Cancer Awareness.


I remember the first time I realized I belonged somewhere. My dad and I decided to take a trip into the city this past summer to visit my aunt. I have been to the city a few times as a kid, but this specific trip was different. As soon as we got off the ferry, we headed towards the subway. I slid my metro card and we walked towards our platform. I listened to the humming as the car made its way towards us and a gush of wind blew my hair past my shoulders as it halted to a stop. I looked around at the people rushing inside and quickly sat down before the doors shut. As soon as the car jolted forward I felt a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. It wasn’t quite a feeling like I was going to be sick...but more like when I see someone I love. I was a little confused but I didn’t think too much about it. Once I saw the bolded 42nd street sign as the car slowed down the feeling in my stomach got a bit stronger. I was probably just hungry. I dashed up the stairs like a little kid as soon as the doors opened. Even though I’ve seen this city many times before, it didn’t seize to amaze me. My dad laughed as he tried to keep up with me. I made it to the top of the steps and gazed up at all the buildings and neon lights. This wasn’t the first time I’ve been in Times Square but at that moment something within me changed. The feeling in the pit of my stomach was stronger than ever before and my knees started to shake a bit. I didn’t understand why I was acting so weird. I stopped walking and leaned against the railing in front of a coffee shop. Then it stopped. The feeling, my worries, my expectations, time...everything just stopped. It’s almost like the people around

me were walking in slow motion. I saw the bright colors of the billboard signs, I heard the music of street artists pumping in my ears. My senses were heightened and I felt a rush I simply couldn’t put into words. I smiled at the buildings and backed up from the railing. The people started to walk at full pace and I hastily avoided being trampled. I heard the car horns blare and the muffled yells of pedestrians and street side salesman. My dad came up to me and asked me if I was ok. I nodded and smiled. I couldn’t quite explain what had just happened but I knew I was meant to live there one day. That feeling in the pit of my stomach was love. I was in love with this city and somehow everything I needed and wanted was right there in front of me. I want to live in New York someday. The bright colors, the fast-paced city life, the giant slices of greasy pizza, seem like second nature to me. Most of the time I feel as though I don't quite fit in. The way I dress, the music I listen to, the way I express myself, it never seems to match up with the places I find myself in. Standing in the street that day felt like I was a puzzle piece that finally found a place to fit in perfectly. I didn’t have to jam myself in so I could fit amongst the other pieces. I slide into place smoothly like I should have been there all along. I want to remember that feeling whenever I feel out of place. Now I see there’s a place out there where I can feel whole...somewhere I feel like I belong. I don’t know what the future holds for me but I do know I need some part of it, if not all of it to take place in this city.


University is a scary and big place for anyone, especially when it’s your first time living away from home, family and your friends. I am a university student myself, in my third and final year and loving it. When I started back in 2015 I was so nervous about everything, but it is one of the best things anyone could do.

and forget about the stress of assignments and exams. Plus, it’s just so much fun and great exercise (you need to exercise when you’re eating crap). Take advantage of freebies. You will learn as you go through university that freebies are EVERYTHING! Go to your fresher’s fair, go to anything you can that gives away anything free. It is a life saver when being a student and can save you a few pounds here and there. But ultimately, you get some great free stuff out of it. Go out clubbing with friends. (If you like going out)

It can be one of the most intimidating and overwhelming situations for some people, and it may be a walk in the park for others, so here is a ‘How To’ of how to survive your first year at university.

Going out is a huge part of student life. There are different nights out on multiple days of the week at a range of clubs at all universities. These will be the nights you live for! The nights you wait for, the nights that help you get through the week and take your mind off all the work you have to do. It’s good to give yourself time off from studying, and a fab night out is perfect. It also gives you a chance to meet more people at your university, and to get to know your new friends even more. You will have those nights where you get a little too carried away Keep to a budget. with your new-found freedom and get too drunk, So, before I started university I had nothing to pay but that’s okay. It’s all fun and games. As long as for, other than the small (or huge) orders I did every you have some good friends who are willing to look now and then (a lot) on online clothing websites. after you then all is good. Trust me, we’ve all been Believe me when I say you will not be able to afford there. clothes, but that’s what an overdraft is for right?! Being able to budget will save you. It hit me right Make a good group of friends. in the face when I first started after spending basically all my money in the first month. You do I would say this is the most important one. Making learn as the years go on, but it is definitely a good, humble group of friends who will have your something I would recommend starting at the back, stick by your side and be there for you through all the stress, blood, sweat and tears. University is beginning. hard work, so having a good support system is what you need to survive university. I have made some Join societies. lifelong friends at uni and they have been amazing This is an important one for me. Joining a society throughout. You spend the majority of your time brings so many positives to your university with your friends, especially if you live with them, experience, and you need to make the most of it. so having a good friendship group is something In my first year, I joined the dance society and the you need and they will make your experience amount of lovely friends I made was amazing. I something special. carried on doing it in second year, and for my final year I have joined the pole dance and aerial Follow Rebecca on Twitter @rebeccafenemore society…so fancy. It gives you time to just relax

in focus

KEATON HENSON By Natalia Vรกzquez Image by Antonio Olmos

Hey there! It’s Natalia again. In today’s issue, I’ll be introducing musician, poet, and visual artist Keaton Henson. A soft looking London native with shoulder length brown hair and a bushy beard to match; His Wikipedia page claims he’s 29 years old but he doesn’t celebrate birthdays, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

you ache for my love and it shows” from the song Milk Teeth. The albums Romantic Works, a collaboration with cellist Ren Ford, and the more electronic inclined album Behave, act as side projects following his previous works.

Furthermore, some highlights from Henson’s latest album, Kindly Now, include the first single Alright, His day revolves around making art: painting, and its succeeding The Pugilist-- a synonym for the drawing, writing or recording music within the word ‘fighter’, where he realizes a profound walls of his bedroom-- a space he rarely leaves, analysis to his compulsion towards making music due to an overbearing anxiety. in an incessant or constant manner, as he repeats the sentence “don’t forget me” in a loop. However, his newest song, Epilogue, emits the sensation of what seems like a heartbreaking goodbye to his career. Here, Keaton acknowledges a variety of aspects from his life that he might have taken for granted, but have built him up to who he is today. Moreover, a habit of his, smoking, fills up his windowsill-- leaving traces of cigarette butts after he spends his time observing a world he infrequently visits; perhaps in either romanticism or comfort for his privacy. A merge of mostly downtempo beats, melancholic vocals and earnest lyrics that aim directly to the feels is what complies this musician’s creations, which as he has mentioned before, defines his listeners as ‘brave’, because they’re unafraid to face the emotions that come along with it. His first album Dear… was released in 2010 by Motive Sounds Recordings, and after Zane Lowe played You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are -a song from the record- on BBC Radio 1, he initiated his own record company Oak Ten Records and rereleased the album in 2012. To this day, Small Hands, where his poetry roots stand out effortlessly, is one of the most outstanding pieces of art I have witnessed during He performs irregularly and randomly as a way to my lifetime. give back to his supporters, however, the act spurs a terrible stage fright with an almost regretful His second release, Birthdays, provided three after-taste. poignant singles: You, You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are and Sweetheart, What Have You Done to Continue on next page Us, apart from featuring my favorite lyric “Darling,

This can’t only be attested to his fervent anxiety, but also to his introvert nature; The characteristic is so prominent, that people have described him as going days without speaking. Similarly, as an introvert myself, I was able to relate to him and his struggles with anxiety more personally rather than just to his music. He is a beacon for both, mental health and art, and signifies everything that I appreciate, admire, and fight for. I’m thankful for Keatons exceptional candor, because no matter how psychologically exhausting it may be for him, he continues to share these deeply personal experiences in order to make all of us feel less alone. No matter what comes next for him, my respect for Keaton runs deep within. Until next time, Natalia Twitter: @nataliavazquezf Instagram: @nataliavazquezf Snapchat: nataliavazfel



DALLAS HART Dallas plays Leo in 'Greenhouse Academy.' The show is is about a boarding school in which two rival houses must band together to foil an evil plot and is based on an Israeli series created for Nickelodeon Israel called "The Greenhouse". You can follow him on Instagram @dallrulz and Twitter @dallashartrulz

How did you fall in love with acting? I loved to play characters and live moments I couldn’t as myself. Acting gave me the opportunity to explore and experience so many different things and that’s what makes it unlike any other job in the world. There are endless possibilities, and I love being able to bring a story to life. How was the process getting the role on "Greenhouse Academy”? The process was very long and very competitive. The testing process where they bring in the actors to read with each other took three days straight. I had to act and sing for all the auditions as well, so I was a little nervous. How was it on set and whats the favorite memory? It was always so much fun being on set and the other actors and crew became a family. I’d be on set every day if I could, it just feels like home. My favorite day was when we shot the dance party scenes. It was the longest day by far but the whole cast was there and we had a massive food fight. You are also a director. How does it feel to be behind the scenes sometimes and which is your favorite ; acting or directing? You have a very different control over the outcome of the project and you really get the chance to make the script come alive. I still love acting more but I hope to produce and direct more in the future. What movie did you wish you had directed? I don’t think there is a movie I would have rather directed, every director has a vision for their project and it would be unfair of me to take that away from them. If I were to be able to learn from anyone it would be Peter Jackson on the set of Lord of the Rings, it is and probably will continue to be my favorite film. 2017 is almost over. Any upcoming projects? I have a couple feature films coming out very soon, not allowed to say much but I’m very excited for their release. So make sure to follow me




Born in 1991 to an English father and Filipino mother. Harding grew up in Consett and attended Moorside Community Technology College.

How was the experience of working with MNEK and before he found you, did you listen to his music?

Did you know as a child that music was something you wanted to do?

I hadn't heard of him when he contacted me! I was like, well I don't really know you but the studio sounds good! Then.. I looked at his Wikipedia [Laughs]

100%! As soon as my parents bought me a karaoke machine the microphone was attached to my hand! When did you discover you had a such an voice? I never really used to think I had a good voice I just loved to get up to sing and dance whenever I had the chance! When I was younger we used to go to a lot of my mem's friend's houses' and they would have the magic karaoke on and I'd always get up! She was a contestant on XFactor in 2010. Being on XFactor, how was the experience? Feels like it was a lifetime ago now! It was a good confidence building experience, I learned that you should always be yourself and do what makes you feel comfortable. It was so amazing to meet so many other artists though, everyone was in the same boat, extremely nervous [Laughs] What is your advice to future contestants? If you feel like it's the right path for you, go ahead but there are other ways to make music and get it out there too. Why did you choose to place covers on YouTube?

What was the best advice he gave you (if any) about the music industry? MNEK is such a hoot! Every time we get together he's always so positive and I love the way he music is so different to anything else. Karen released her MNEK producued debut single 'Say Something' in January 2015 and it peaked at number 7 on the UK singles Chart. It spent 26 weeks on the Official charts and achieved Gold status. The music video has now 15 million views on YouTube. How did you know ‘Say Something’ was it and what’s the story behind it? I didn't at the time, I mean I really loved it but thought, how is anyone gonna hear this!? MNEK almost had to cancel on me because he was so swamped in sessions but I couldn't turn back on the train from Newcastle so he said 'okay, let's do 2 hours!'. I was a bit all over the place and wrote down 'Say Something' and he asked me if I had anything over the beat he'd made and I said 'Oh I only got Say something'.. he was like 'Oh how about...?' and that was it! crazy how fast it came together!

When I started singing professionally at the age of 16, I used to watch a lot of people put covers up on YouTube and I was always a bit scared to but once I did it was exciting to see what people said!

‘Say Something’ hit Gold Status and now has 15 Million views. How did you find out and celebrate?

What made you choose to cover Disclosure's "Latch”?

Oh, when I got the plaque saying it was Gold, it was such an amazing feeling. I think I had a gig the night I found out so just had a little boogie there afterwards.

I love Disclosure a lot! I remember listening to them for the first time in my back garden and just thinking, this is amazing. So I chose 'Latch' because I loved the lyric and melody and wanted to put my own little spin on it.

You’re cited that 1990’s house music is an influence. What about that era did you fall in love with?

In 2016, she released her second single and music video 'Open My Eyes'. What is the story behind 'Open My Eyes'? We tried a few different versions of that song, different beats and styles but we all loved the MJ Cole production. What was the experience of shooting the music video with just you this time? Oh, that video was so much fun. I loved the matching outfit to the furniture but my fave look was the pink flamingo shot, I loved flicking my hair about! What was the concept behind the visual? I really wanted to have some fun on that video because 'Say Something' was very me and diva but wanted to show people a different side to me, the fun, colorful side. In 2016, Karen released an EP entitled 'Open My Eyes' which feature remixes a new track. ‘When You Gonna Realise’ seemed like a very passionate song especially after watching the lyric video. Can you tell me the story behind it and your emotions when recording it? I loved writing this song, I wrote it with Jonny Lattimer who has written some amazing tunes for the likes of Ellie Goulding. We did a few songs together but there's something about 'When you gonna realise?' that I loved and thought people might wanna hear something a bit more throwback and chilled out. How have you dealt with the fame that came along with all of this success and what’s the craziest or best thing that has happened? There's been a lot of highs, I don't think I can name them all but one of the best days was going into Radio 1 and introducing Say Something for the first time and that it had went straight in at no.7 on the chart!!

How do you keep yourself empowered every day? I got LOADs of quotes posted up on my bedroom wall so in the morning I wake up and just feel like bringing it!! What is your advice to young girls on being selfempowered? Never let anyone sway what you believe in, follow your instinct because it's usually right. I would say, be yourself and you'll confident in your own skin too! What is your thoughts on needing more girl empowerment in fashion? I say, don't let anyone stop you. Post that picture if you like it and you think it looks good, wear what you wanna wear and make heads turn!! What is one thing you wish you knew going into this that you know now? That it's not all plain sailing and sometimes you do question yourself and what your aim is because things change overnight. Luckily I have an amazing team behind me that keep me grounded and keep it real. What is next for you? I'm starting to put a little collection of music to put out which i'm so excited to gig, planning on doing some intimate gigs with it too. Got some exciting collabs coming out so keep your eyes peeled. Follow Karen Harding : Website: Facebook: /KarenHarding Twitter: /KarenHarding Instagram: You can stream her latest project 'Open My Eyes' on all services and purchase it on all digital music stores. Find Karen's Music Here:

U O Y L AL S I D E NE & . E V LO E B Y A M . D O O F



Sydney Alton is an actress, singer and songwriter originally from Michigan. She moved to Los Angeles in 2014 in pursuit of a career in acting and entertainment. She released her single, “Up for Air� on September 15th.

SYDNEY ALTON What made you decide to do music? I’ve been singing and songwriting since I was very young, so it wasn’t really a decision as it happened very naturally. I always felt like music was my purpose. How would you describe your sound?

official music video, but keep up on my social accounts to be the first to know! When and how did you learn to play the piano and guitar? I started taking piano lessons in middle school and I taught myself guitar from watching YouTube videos!

I sing Pop music with an R&B influence. I’ve always listened to so many different genres, so I think I’ve taken different influences and incorporated them into my sound so that it is unique to who I am.

I heard you like to also bake. What is your favorite thing to bake?

What do you want people to take away from your single 'Up In The Air’?

Any new projects before the end of 2017?

I hope when people listen to it, it can help them if they are dealing with a similar situation. I hope it helps them realize that if they have toxic people in their life that are always putting them down, than sometimes it is better to set those people free in order to be your best self. Can we expect a video? I just released my lyric video on my YouTube. No news yet on an

Download 'Up For Air' on iTunes

I love a classic chewy chocolate chip cookie, you can never go wrong with baking that! That’s definitely my favorite treat!

I will be releasing a Christmas song, which is exciting! I’m always working on new music so watch out for that. What is your goal as a an artist? My goal is help heal the world, whether my music can help just one person or a million people. If I can help anyone in anyway, I feel like that's what an artist's job is at the end of the day. Also, I hope to get an album out soon and start touring!



Why did you decided to become a singer?

people. It creates an incredible energy.

Singing is my favorite thing to do, ever since I was a kid. It makes me happy and is the ultimate form of expression for me. It’s the only thing I’ve ever really been confidently good at.

But the flip side is that it can be extremely competitive and therefore sometimes hard to make genuine friends. But it is possible, I promise!

How did the 'Young Sexy Crazy' concept come about? I wanted to poke fun at us females and how sometimes we tend to get a little crazy in relationships. It's all in good fun! What made you decide to leave New Zealand? My dreams. I initially left NZ when I was 16 years old as I had been accepted into an amazing Performing Arts School in London. Since then, I’ve lived in Boston and now Los Angeles. I just followed where the opportunities led me. Location is so important too. You can’t catch any fish in the middle of the forrest, even if you have all the right tools.

Tell me the story behind 'Try It' and what do you want listeners to take from the song? “Try It’’ is a super fun record, but it actually has a pretty deep and insightful message behind it. The song is about seizing moments in life and not letting them pass you by. Life is so fleeting and sometimes we forget how precious each day is. Can you give some detail about your EP coming out this fall? It's coming super soon! Hopefully within a month or so. And its dedicated to all my young female fans.

What can traveling outside of the US teach us about other cultures?

You are very stylish. How do you decide what to wear and what is your favorite place to shop?

It’s taught me that even though we might look different on the outside, we are all the same on the inside. We all want the same thing: Love, no matter what culture you’re a part of.

I love to have fun with fashion and not take it too seriously. I love experimenting with shapes and colors. I’m pretty brave. Vintage shopping is my favorite too, I love finding hidden gems.

Sabyna has traveled to every contentment but on.

What is your advice for new artist?

Why haven't you traveled to Antarctica yet? Because it looks really cold! What's the best part about LA and the worst?

I would say to be very sure and grounded in who you are as an artist and what you stand for. Knowing this will help guide you through your career and any decision making along the way. Be prepared to work really hard and don’t be discouraged when success doesn’t happen overnight. If you truly believe it, eventually reality will catch up.

I think the best part is being surrounded by other creative like-minded ambitious You can follow Sabryna @sabrynamusic


Describe yourself in one sentence?

ways I coped was by surrounding myself with lots of busyness and noise to keep myself sane. It’s as I am a hardworking, anxietyif I ignored those feelings, they ridden, quarterlifecrisis-having 25 might go away. Of course not, but I year old who writes great lyrics. survived. That day I was driving home, blasting my radio and How did you get into music? suddenly no matter what station I switched it to, there was only I’ve always been really into static. So I turned off the radio and creating and singing music, but it the silence was so powerful. I sat wasn’t until college that I realized there and sobbed the whole way I wanted to do that as my full time home, having to confront the career. I was in a rock band during feelings I had been ignoring. that time and the very first time I When I got home I wrote The heard the crowd singing along Lighthouse with our songs I knew. I literally said to myself, “crap. Can’t you What is the concept behind the pick something more cover art? guaranteed?” But, nope, that’s when I knew. The amazing Becca Wilbee took some photos of me and Kelley What made you decide to be an Conboy did the pop art makeup. alternative pop artist as oppose Originally these were just going to to be a regular pop artist? be some cool press photos but I realized how much they Honestly, when the band broke up represented The Lighthouse to I wasn’t sure if I’d continue doing me. The pop art makeup music. I had put so much time, represents to me pretending energy, and my paychecks into you’re okay when underneath you The Fake Carls and starting over have an entirely different face and seemed so hopeless. But luckily, the newspapers represent that GEazy’s brother was the trumpet background noise I was player in the band and he surrounding myself with. introduced me to a few producers that helped me find my sound. It Can you give us any details about took me a couple of features to the video? find that alternative pop sound, but I suppose because my lyrics The video follows the concept of are so dark/thoughtful the newspapers and it also has TVs bubblegum pop sound just with static on them to represent doesn’t fit. the static on the radio that day. I also light things on fire. Basically, How did the song 'Lighthouse' you’ll have to wait and see (; come about? I have been dealing with an undiagnosed anxiety disorder for several years now and one of the

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