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Asia Monet NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Issue no. 29 | August 2017

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Hello Reader,

Thanks for reading issue #29! This issue was published later than usual because we had our first Magazine Launch Party in Virginia Beach VA at Surfbar 757 and it was a success. I am thankful for all of you guys who read these issues every month and I happy for all the writers that help me keep this magazine amazing. Go watch the vlog and see what you missed! Hopefully I can catch you at the next one!

Happy Reading Beautiful + Love You,

Raye Reign Founder, Editor in Chief Twitter + Instagram + Snapchat: @rayereign

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why. do. you. exist. It's like you are here to remind me the fun is over and it's time for work. I know already. I think we feel Monday so bad because our good times seem like they last forever on Friday and then Monday hits and we still have a taste for more. Why I must ask? Does that mean we are missing something? Maybe that's the reason we are mad at Monday's because it reminds us that nothing last forever and you have to capture the moment and live in it while it is happening. That is something many don't realize while the moment is happening. Live in it, Capture it and keep it forever. The good moments we share helps us stay afloat when the bad times come along. Don't miss it.

Sunday night marked the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, honoring teenagers’ favorite pieces of pop culture from not only film, TV, and music, but fashion, sports, and online as well. KYLE opened the show singing his hit single “iSpy” alongside Lil Yachty, who then performed “Forever Young.” Miley Cyrus was awarded the show’s highest honor, the ultimate choice award, for her decade-long involvement with Teen Choice. Bruno Mars, who couldn’t be at the awards show while on his 24K Magic Tour, accepted the visionary award through a video. He then surprised fans with a preview of his new “Versace on the Floor” music video featuring Zendaya. You can watch the official video here “Riverdale” was the big winner of the television section, winning all seven of the categories for which it was nominated. Fifth Harmony also impressed, winning all three of their nominations. Some honorees used their speeches as a platform to spread awareness given recent events in Charlottesville, Va. “With all the injustice and hatred and everything that is happening, not only in the world but in our country right now, I need for you young people to be educated, I need you to listen, I need you to pay attention, and I need you to go ahead and understand you have a voice and it is OK to use it when you see something bad happening,” Zendaya said while accepting the award for choice summer movie actress. “Do not let people tell you what you should feel.”

TOBI MUST HAVES We are back with another TMH for the start of fall. Tobi is a California based online shop that has everything you could ever want to wear. We picked out some pieces to help you get into the Fall spirit!





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ADRIANNA DI LELLO How did you get into acting and was it a first love? What kind of roles do you hope you play in the future? My first love was dancing. I began dancing when I was 3 years old but always did musical theater I am really hoping that I can continue to do comedy numbers. My teachers encouraged me to work on and a range of roles in other genres. I love comedy not just my dance technique, but also my though. It feels very natural to me. performance quality. That naturally led to acting. After some begging my parents agreed to find me Do you have any upcoming projects? an agent and then my acting career began almost immediately. My first acting role took place at a We are promoting the second season of Backstage, musical theater camp where I got to act, sing and a Disney show about a performing arts high school. dance! I play a ballerina which again allows me to do something else that I love, dance! How did you get the role in Annedroids? I auditioned for the role, was called back to do chemistry reads with the other two leads on the show, Jadiel and Addy. Our chemistry was so obvious right from the beginning. They are great people and working with them was one of the best experiences of my life.

How did you get into dance and what do you plan to do with that talent?

I have an older sister who is a great dancer. Just like any younger sister you look up to your older siblings and want to be just like them. I wanted to dance just like her. I hope to continue dancing. It is a wonderful way to express yourself while also How did it feel when you found out you were staying fit. nominated for an Emmy? I was shocked. My mom got the call from my agent. She was in the other room and I could hear her screaming out. I initially thought something was wrong and then when I got on the phone with my agent he told me the news. I was so thrilled! Still a bit shocked! How does a young girl prepare for such an amazing event?

What is your advice to young girls like you who want to get into acting? I was fortunate to be on a show, Annedroids, that helped break down stereotypes about young girls and other issues like same sex marriage and single parent families and diversity. I would say to girls that no matter what role you are playing to know that you are capable of things that you haven't even imagined for yourself. Study hard. Acting is something that you work at just like anything else. And be kind to yourself. You will make mistakes and that's ok. That's when all the good learning really takes place.

It was so much fun. My friend and cast mate, Addison Holley was also nominated in the same category so we got to experience the event together! We planned our outfits and got our hair done and make up. We did most of the media events together too which was also so fun! Tell her how much you loved her interview by following her on Twitter @

AUG PLAYLIST 1.. Rainbow by Kesha 2. Angel by Fifth Harmony 3. Tilted (Paradis Remix) Christine and the Queens 4. Fallen by Payton 5. Boys by Charlixcx 6. Now or Never by Hasley 7. Another Love Song by Ne-yo 8. Anchor by Cailee Rae



travel essentials. Written by Gabby Fabrizio

The time has come when a lot of you will be going to university, college or beyond after receiving your examination results. But what if you’re one of the people who wants to take a gap year? Explore the world? See new sights? That is also okay, and isn’t as commonly spoken about as continuing education, but is increasingly as popular. So, you want to travel? Great! But what do you take when you go traveling? You’re meant to pack lightly so that you can go from place to place with ease, but what does count lightly’? Unfortunately I haven’t got round to traveling yet, but with a huge chunk of my friends traveling and having my own comprehensive plan of traveling, I know a thing or two about what you should take, and the essentials you will need. And that is what I am going to share with you now, so here are my top traveling essentials! Please, if you have anything you think I am missing, feel free to tweet me @gabbyfabrizio - and any travel pictures send them to me or Gold Crwn!! We would love to see all your beautiful pictures!

life. is a portable charger. Sometimes you won’t know when you will next have a plug socket and having a portable charger enables you to make sure your important devices such as a phone for communication stays charged. First Aid Kit Now, it will be some sort of miracle if you go traveling and you don’t suffer from an injury, even if it is only a small little cut. Make sure that you have a first aid kit with you, completely kitted out with plasters, antibacterial wipes etc. Also, if you have to take medication, ensure that you have enough medication to last your entire trip, and a little bit extra just in case you loose some along the way - you don’t want to be cut short. Locks

Sometimes when you’re traveling you won’t be staying in the nicest of places, so make sure you have some Backpack locks to put on your bags if you leave them to ensure your personal items are kept safe and in your Sounds pretty obvious for if you’re traveling, but the possession. Money Money is something which you amount of people who are oblivious that a backpack need, and there is no way without it. Not only do you is the way forward and not a suitcase is very high. To have to budget for when you’re traveling to ensure you travel with ease, you need a backpack that not only fits have enough money for each day, but you will your entire life in, but one which you can comfortable carry for long distances. You could have the biggest Money back pack but not be able to carry it at all, and unless you’re going traveling with a weight lifter who wants need to make sure that you have the correct currency to carry multiple bags, then it’s not really the best of for each country to avoid paying the excess fees of ideas! paying on your card. Navigation The whole idea of traveling is an adventure, but you don’t want to be Passport/Tickets/Documentation getting lost! Make sure that you plan your routes before hand, but don’t take out the element of fun. Don’t fully You don’t want to be THAT person who is at an airport plan your route just get used to the local area so that and forgot their passport, or that person who has you’re not going to end up lost! Also, purchase a map, forgotten their tickets. Make sure that you have your old school but totally worth it! Protect Yourself From passport handy at all times and kept in a safe location. Heat If you’re going traveling in the heat make sure If you’re going from country to country, make sure you that you look after yourself. Wear sun protection, lip have all your tickets, passports, health cards and balm and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s important documentations all kept safely to ensure the UV rays, and make sure that you stay hydrated by most smooth traveling experience for yourselves and drinking water. Take a water filter tablet if you’re unsure others in your group. about the water situation in the country you will be traveling too. Of course, there are so so so many more Adapters and Portable Chargers things to take, but these are the up most of essentials When traveling you might forget that the plug sockets - minus clothes of course but come on guys, do we have in foreign countries are actually completely different to tell you that! If you’re going traveling please share to your ones at home. Make sure that you have your your pictures with us so that we can live it through you! travel adapters sorted before you go traveling so you don’t have a mad rush at the airport! Also, another thing which is very hand in not only traveling but day today



I’m quirky. I dress up to go to the grocery store and I sing along to Elvis Presley when I’m taking a shower. I’m obsessed with cat decor and I adore the color pink. I prefer staying in and reading a good book to going out and partying. James Dean is my Justin Bieber and I’m not much of a camper. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all these random facts about myself like I’m on a first date. Why am I telling you things about myself when you as a reader don’t even know me? Why should you know my favorite food (Pizza) and my favorite movie (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) when you cracked open this magazine to get a quick read? I want whoever reads this to know me. All the bits and pieces. The good, the bad, and the super weird. Okay, maybe not the SUPER weird but I want us to be friends. I want you to laugh with me and feel something when you read my work. I want this little relationship we have as writer and reader to be like a friendship. Like you’re at your favorite coffee shop with a hot cocoa talking with a good friend. So sit down, grab a cup of your favorite drink and let’s get to know each other.

share the same values and tastes. I didn’t enjoy partying, my music taste was a little out there, and so were my outfits. Everyone seemed to mesh together perfectly, and I stood out like a missing puzzle piece. I was running late one day during my freshman year and I ran to catch the bus that normally took me to my morning lecture. I enjoy dressing up for pretty much any occasion so it was no surprise I was wearing something dressy on this day. I, however, usually arrived early to the bus stop and was one of the first people to get on. Thankfully the bus driver saw my frantic waving and opened the doors for me. The bus was packed with students and they all stared at me when I walked on. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but I noticed their eyes were directed at my outfit. I was sporting a pair of black overalls and an off the shoulder crop top. I was totally feeling it in the mirror before I left my dorm, but now it was making me feel like a complete dork. For a split second, I regretted my choice but then I realized this is who I am. I feel confident in this. Why do I care so much about what other people think? So I put my headphones and a big smile. I blasted my music and tightened the straps of my overalls.

Like a lot of girls growing up; I liked the color pink, I wanted to be a Disney princess, and I took ballet lessons. I didn’t like to get dirty, I collected Barbie dolls, and I wore dresses to school. Now as a twenty-yearold college girl, I’ve changed quite a bit but I still adore the color pink. When I started college, I realized how different I was than other girls my age. There was nothing wrong with these girls, but I just didn’t

Now as a junior, I express myself through my outfits. I found friends who share my taste in music and I smile at the confused stares. I’m not cookie cutter… and that’s totally ok. I’m a girl living in her own wonderland. I see things through rose colored glasses. I learned to embrace my quirkiness and I want you to do the same. This is for anyone who feels different and is thinking about changing. Don’t change.



BEAUTY BY BECCA Aug Topic 'Makeup and Beauty Amongst Males' Written by Rebbeca Fenemore

Freedom gives women and men a right to look beautiful. Makeup is just one of the ways which helps many people feel good about themselves without cosmetic surgery. It didn’t take much time for women to understand that makeup could make them beautiful and stunning.

makeup loving gender that it is a good thing to express yourself in that way if that’s how you feel, no matter what gender you are.

Beauty has no label. It is a continuously developing term which has a different meaning to every person in the world. Makeup and beauty is becoming a more Therefore, it became an essential part of gender-neutral profession and hobby as the their everyday lives. By using makeup people years go on. This is spreading more positivity can accentuate things they like and hide their and freedom, especially amongst men and flaws. boys and I hope it will continue to grow in the coming years. However, over the years there has been a huge increase in young boys and men diving Follow into the beauty industry. It has become a Rebbeca huge part of society with YouTube sensations on such as ‘Patrick Star’, creating makeup Twitter tutorials and showing the stereotypical @rebeccafenemore



Ok. If you’re reading this you either date a creative or you want to date one. So here’s the real deal. Dating a creative can be one of the most beautiful things in the world. Whether your significant other is a singer, dancer, designer, rapper, painter, producer (or anything else in the creative realm) dating a creative is awesome because you get a front row seat to watch the person you like do something they love. Sounds pretty perfect right? Not all the time.

A lot of the time, from the outside looking in, people may assume that dating someone who is pursuing a career in the art or entertainment industry is simple and “fun”. Some may even go after an individual strictly for their status in their field (a terrible idea). Many of these relationships end up failing not only because people get into them for the wrong reasons, but also because certain things aren’t understood from day one. If done correctly, dating a creative can be a beautiful process. Here are some guidelines to help your relationship with a creative to be a success.

1. Be their number one fan.

3. Understand that networking is not flirting.

This may seem obvious but as hard as it may be to believe, many creatives are in relationships with individuals who don’t support their craft. Why would you date someone when you aren’t interested in the very thing that they consider their passion? The answer is unknown, yet it still happens. As a creative, (especially if you’re still on that underground, lesser known, local level) support means everything. Sometimes it can become discouraging performing in empty venues, not booking enough shoots a month, or not selling enough artwork. This is why it’s very that if you’re in a relationship with a creative you show active interest in their craft and support them 100 percent. Go to their shows. Look at their designs. Listen to their beats. Even things like a simple repost or share of their work can mean a lot. Showing a consistent, genuine interest in your significant artists work may mean the difference between a break up or a successful relationship.

In order for your creative to make it beyond anything other than being a local artist, they’re going to have to do some talking. A lot of it. If you’re out at an event and you see your significant other talking and mingling with other artists or people in their field, don’t be that person to become jealous and cause a scene. Keep in mind that networking is the only way to become introduced to bigger and better platforms. A lot of times you may think something is something that it’s not. With that being said, open lines of communication are always a must. Don’t assume anything and always ask questions. Imagine snapping on your guy about that “girl with the tight dress” that he seemed to be talking to a lot at his show only to find out she was trying to get his information to send to a major record label in hopes of getting him signed. Ooooh. That’s embarrassing.

2. Give them their space to work. One thing that a lot of people don’t seem to understand when noticing someone’s art or music or any other creative result is the amount of time and energy that goes into the process. While the results may be beautiful, the process itself can be long, grueling and sometimes draining. Your creative (if they’re serious about their craft) is going to spend hours upon hours working on it so that they can present a quality product. They aren’t going to be able to lay up under you all day every day. They aren’t going to be able to sit on FaceTime all night. You can’t be “clingy” and have a successful relationship with an aspiring creative. It just won’t work. Understand that they need time and space to themselves to work. The best way to deal with this is to learn the schedule of the times they are dedicating to their craft and work around it. Sometimes they might want you to accompany them to that studio session or photo shoot, but other times they may want to be alone for focus purposes. Understand that and as long as they’re being reasonable, work with them and find a happy balance. It will pay off in the long run.

4. Fans and groupies come with the territory. If you’re dating someone who is talented, fans will come. And if you’re dating someone who is talented and is somewhat attractive, groupies will come. Watch how your significant other responds to them and respond accordingly. If you see them entertaining groupies as more than groupies then it may be best to leave. However, if you see that your significant other is paying these groupies no mind, then do the same. Fans and groupies are part of the territory and if your girl/guy isn't making them relevant then neither should you. Keep it moving and remember most of them are fighting for a title that you already have. Creatives are interesting people and dating a creative can be even more interesting. Now that you’re aware of most of the ins and outs, you are now prepared to make your relationship with your creative a successful one. Connect with Chrissy: Twitter / HeyMissChrissy Facebook / HeyMissChrissy YouTube / HeyMissChrissy Website /













Empire's Gabby Sidibe






How do you feel even now being the youngest to win the Star power National Championship?

How was the experience of having your own docu series?

When I look back, it was such a great feeling of completion at that age. I think at 5 years old, I was just excited to be on stage, but now I anything is possible if you believe and work hard.

Raising Asia was definitely a crazy experience, but through the good and bad times , I've learned from it and Im a stronger person from it now. I deal with a lot of different thing in my life. My choices are mine and I'm in such a happy place right now. I am glad to be past the Reality TV phase in my life.

What made you decide to be apart of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition? Abby's Ultimate Competition came out of nowhere! Lifetime happened to find me on YouTube, contacted my mom and they found out that I was turning 6 years old, which was way too young for the show at the time and that it wasn't going to work. Months went by and we got another call that they were still interested in me being on the show and would see if they could clear it. Long story short I ended up on the show, but due to my age, I could only be on set a short amount of time, which was less then the other teen dancers. I still convinced my mom to let me go on the show. I ended up going all the way to the finale, which was a win for me. It was crazy, but at the end I learned so much. You then ended up moving to Dance Moms, how was the change? I was offered a spot on Dance Moms, which at the time I had never heard of before, but my mom really didn't think I should be on the show. I wanted to at least dance and try it out. We ended up in Pittsburgh filming for Season 3, which was a total of 24 episodes. The change was shocking, but I adapted well and just took one day at a time. Being the youngest on the show that season, I tried to fit in but being an outsider was a challenge as well. In your opinion where should a dancer start if not on TV? I think as a dancer you need to start with some form of guidance or a mentor to make sure your foundation is strong. You also need to experience some form of competition, so you can be pushed and know what you need to improve on. You should push yourself to do different styles of dance that you're uncomfortable with so you can learn to grow.

Was it an easy decision when Lifetime brought it to you? When Lifetime offered my own show, I was excited! But my mom was worried it would be your typical reality series and not a docu-series. But at the end of the day, you just have to give the opportunities that come to you a chance. You learn from it, you take it as a another experience, and then you move on to better things. What made you venture off to acting? I always wanted to act and sing but going from one show to another I didn't have the time to focus on it consistently. I love the process of studying acting and want to continue to focus on growing with my acting. I still have so much to learn! It's not easy, but I'm willing to put in the time and sacrifice other activities right now. What has been your favorite role to play? I really liked the role of Jasmine on Grey's Anatomy, the character was challenging but at the same time I love the strength and emotion it made me have to really stay focused and in the moment. How was the Grey's Anatomy set? I love the cast and crew from the show! The set of course was amazing, it looks just like a real hospital. I was so grateful to land that role. Did you meet any cast regulars? Yes, my scenes were with all of the regulars!

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Tell us about your clothing line with Target.

his amazing band. It was such a memorable moment for me.

The ''2017 Art Class'' collection was an amazing campaign to collaborate on. I love sketching What is the biggest change in dancing live vs fashion designs, so it was perfect when I was asked singing live? to come aboard and create a line with Target. The collaboration was a great success. It's so different. It is more mental than physical of course and I had to learn to breathe as a singer as Was fashion designer always in your list of goals? I would for a dance. I am now able to switch it on and off. But conditioning is still so important for I have always had a secret passion for fashion and both. beauty. Do you ever get nervous before going on stage As you grow, what do you hope to accomplish? and if so how do you prepare and get rid of the nervousness ? I just want to set goals for myself that are realistic for me and my journey through everything that I For some reason I was blessed with strong nerves do. I want to be more involved in charity work and before I perform. I don't get nervous, I am more giving back. I want to accomplish goals in acting, anxious to go! singing and dancing that continue to show my growth. You are a big influencer on social media with over 1 million followers now, can you tell our readers What made you decide okay, I've done acting and the best way to deal with trolls online? dance now I want to music? I just work it all in somehow. I love them all so it's easy to put in the time when you love what you do. What is the worst thing about being a dancer and the greatest thing?


The greatest thing is the feeling you get when you perform. I love live performances. The worst thing for me is my body changing, so I have to work extra What is your ultimate goal in your career? hard to keep my flexibility. It is a struggle for me, since I hold a lot of muscle for my size. That's a hard one. I'm sure as I get older it will change, but night now I just want to book a strong Will there big another original album or EP movie role and perform my music on tour. I also coming soon? want to use my platform to always give back in Well, I just dropped my new single ''Come Along'' some way. which I loved recording. It's now on all music streaming outlets. What is your advice to our readers when it comes to having confidence in oneself? You performed 'I Who Have Nothing' live on the Harry Show and you killed it. Your voice was so Know that everyone is unique and special in their mature for an 11 year old. Tell me about your own way. That everyone's personal journey should experience . never be compared to other's success. Love what you do and work hard to believe in yourself We Love Harry!!! It was the best experience ever, because everything is possible. I couldn't believe he invited me to perform with


Favorite Food: Watermelon Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy Ice cream or Cake? Sorbet Sneakers or Heels? Both Favorite Place to shop? Bloomingdales What can you not leave the house without other than your phone? Beats headphones Favorite Color? Rose gold Musical Inspiration: Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé Fashion Inspiration: Model Jasmine Tooke, Zendaya and Designers Luis Vuitton, Chanel Dance Inspiration: Misty Copeland What is your biggest fear? Sharks, that’s why I don’t go in the ocean Favorite thing about yourself? I have a great memory What is something that makes you happy in your times of doubt? My puppy Mochi always makes me feel better









Model and Actress, Ava Allan reached a big high in her career this year when she got her own character on the last season (EVER) of Pretty Little Liars. The character was a sassy mean girl named Alison. June 27th was the last PLL episode EVER! Crazy right? What was the last day of shooting like on set? Being a part of the last episode ever for Pretty Little Liars was so surreal! The table read was very emotional for the cast and crew... lots of tissues were being passed around. It was a bittersweet moment. My last day on set was again, very bittersweet! I watched the show since I was 10, so even from a "fan" point of view I was sad to know it was ending. I was also really excited for everyone to see the finale though, because Marlene King did a kick ass job of directing and writing the finale episode! Do you think you and your character have anything in common? No! Haha. Addison is a mean girl and lies and creates drama. She's definitely someone I am not! But that's why she was incredibly fun to play. What will you miss most about playing on PLL? The funny lines I got from the writers...! Addison was such a feisty, sassy character and Oliver Goldstick did a great job at making her come to life in the first episode she appeared in. What kind of character is your favorite to play?

All different characters! It's hard to just choose one... I love anything with depth. I like a challenge. I would say drama is definitely my favorite. How do you prepare before getting on camera? I just get into my character. I let the makeup, hair and wardrobe departments take of the rest. You and your sister recently posted a new video together on YouTube. Why is it important to have someone close like that in this business? It's the best because we understand each other. The excitement, the busy schedules, the endless amount of hard work, the dedication, the rejection, the love and passion for our careers- we share and understand it all. I'm really thankful that I'm so close with my sister. Summer is coming to an end and fall is slowly approaching. What is your favorite fall essentials? Big baggy sweaters, ankle boots, dark nail polish and lipstick. Also lattes (coffee is my thing year round though) (; Follow Ava on these networks: Twitter / AvaAvaAllan Instagram/ AvaAllan Facebook / Ava-Allan Youtube / AvaAllanActress Snapchat / AvaAllanSnaps

Want to know more about AVA? We interviewed her in Issue #16 which you can read free here.





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