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Aminah McKenzie is a 22 year old published portrait









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She?s been doing photography for six years. Her photography is a world all by itself with lush hues blended with vulnerability and raw emotions that create a one of a kind memory you can only get with MCKenzie. In a recent interview she cites her mom as her reason to start this journey. Her mother did photography before her and she decided to take a picture with her mother ?s camera. She instantly fell in love with the art

In Fall 2018, she inspired the Pantone app challenge.





photographers creating a color palette based on their pictures. Aminah posted four pictures with color palettes on social media and it went viral. Photographers around the world decided to join in creating a beautiful feed of colors and portraits.

She?s been featured on Buzzfeed, Vogue, Business Insider and the cover of Illestheic Magazine. Her inspirations includ e Lindsey Adler, Sue Bryce, Sasha Samsonova, and Jessica Kobessi. She hopes to shoot for high fashion brands and magazines as well as celebrities.

As I finished up my research, I finally figured out my favorite collection by her: Feelings. Self photography has always been fascinating to me because It's the photographer though their own lens, what they think of themselves If they were on the other side of the camera. This series is Aminah at her most vulnerable. She embodies a new emotion in each frame. The collection of photos you see to the right are self took photos all edited without photo shop, using only double exposure.


kinds of shoots are the reason I picked her as our first Photographer write up, her creative mind and willingness to be herself makes her one of my favorites. We celebrate you Aminah.

Jenny Kern performed around Montreal during University before moving to NYC in 2013 where she started as a page at NBC and quickly worked her way up to producer in the film and television industry. "A few months after I graduated college I applied to the NBC Page program. It was incredibly surprising and exciting to get accepted. I knew I had to do it." How was it working as a page for NBC? "Working as a Page for NBC was the most challenging job in my life. You?re working long hours and competing against a lot of talented individuals. It was also the most meaningful job I?ve had based on the experiences I gained and the people I met. Having an opportunity to work around the company at The Tonight Show, Syfy, SNL and more gave me a well rounded understanding of the media and marketing business. I made lifelong friends, had incredible mentors and developed a network of incredibly talented individuals in the city. Ultimately it was a huge stepping stone in my career development. " Did NYC meet your expectations when you first arrived? "NYC was exactly what I expected when I arrived. Fast-paced, energetic and competitive. It took me some time to adjust to the personalities and the speed at which people move. There are also high expectations for people in the city and that was something that I didn?t fully comprehend until I moved." Was directing your first love or music? "I?ve always had a passion for film and television. A passion that won?t dissipate. But I would have to say that music is my ultimate love. I think the reason why I love them both so much is the way music and media interact: in soundtracks, visual art, music videos etc. I think there?s something really special about the connection. What is your advice for young creators looking to get behind the camera? "My advice to young creators looking to get behind the camera is to keep practicing your craft. Experience is the number one tool to developing as an artist. The more you practice, learn and collaborate the more you will develop. Additionally you have to be passionate about what you are doing or creating. If you have the passion and the drive you will get there." In 2018 Jenny decided to take a leap of faith and pursue fmusic full time, something she had been wanting to do for

awhile. In April 2019, she released her self titled debut. "Writing my first EP was an interesting experience. I was just learning to write original music and I was starting to experience personal struggles that were difficult to deal with. Music was kind of a savior that way. I started writing from a place of honesty and realism and I?m really proud of what came about. The EP is raw and vulnerable and my goal when developing it in the studio was to create a record that would resonate with people worldwide and help them connect with their own emotions. The first single from the project was a record called Satellite. The single was her favorite track with it's unique and fresh sound featuring her smooth vocals. "Satellite has probably been my favorite track to record because I had the opportunity to explore a sound space that was bigger and bolder than my previous record. I worked with LA-based producer Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers, Chelsea Cutler) and we used a lot of interesting techniques that expanded my knowledge of production as well as elevate the song in ways I could never have expected." Shortly after she released her debut EP in April 2019, she was invited on her first international tour in Europe. Going to Europe to play for the first time was incredible. I went on a tour of Portugal with international music blog Where the Music Meets. Everything was amazing from the people I met to the venues I played at. My goal is to come back in 2020 or 2021 for an even broader international tour." Do you have a favorite memory or favorite city? "I have so many favorite memories both personal and professional. But one of my favorite memories is playing my first show in NYC. It was an absolute disaster. I forgot my lyrics and messed up a bunch. However, it was a moment that would spark the beginning of something really special. I knew that, while I had a lot of work to do to grow as an artist, I had something to share. I wanted to keep creating. Next year she is releasing a new single titled 'Now We Know' on the 24th of January which will also include a music video. She plans to release another EP as well.

Kate Vogel is a singer and songwriter that started her career from a young age. She started writing in the 4th grade but couldn't seem to get the right words together. In 2009 her friend, Darcy, tragically committed suicide and to cope with the pain, she tried again. "The horrific event just unlocked pandora?s box inside me." When she was 15 she decided to pursue music because she honestly loved to sing and write. She then got a chance to move to Nashville and work with award winning artist and writers there. It seemed promising. "I say it so much that my friends make fun of me, but Nashville truly is the greatest city on earth. I love New York and Los Angeles and many other cities for their diversity and culture and opportunities, but Nashville has the highest number of musicians per capita, and it is so freakin cool. You just walk into a grocery store and walk past songwriter of the year, pull up next to country music stars at the gas station, see them at the bars, pass them on the streets, meet them at parties, I used to ride up and down the elevator in my apartment building with award-winning musicians just chillin. There is nothing like this city in the world. You have the quiet darkness of the country, and the Broadway city lights, you have the bonfires and the lake nights and the midnight stars above the fields of Leipers Fork. A community of artists and creatives just like you. I?ve never felt more understood or that I belonged anywhere more. A bunch of talented people writing stories about their feelings." Her first song written there was a song titled 'Skeletons Don't Lie'. The song was about her highschool boyfriend who asked another girl to Homecoming in Ohio while she was in Nashville recording my first demo. "It?s obviously very funny to me now, but I?m still proud of my songwriting as a 15 year old. " The song is avaible for listening her reverbnation account

She noticed things changing when people around her started to change who she was and who she wanted to be, forcing her to do things she did not want to. She was still a teen. She stopped singing for the next nine years. "I think certain people are scared shitless I will expose them. Good. I hope they?re scared. I hope they live with that fear every day of their life. That in an instant, I will end their reputation. Maybe I will speak up about them one day, maybe I won?t. The MeToo movement changed everything. Now people know, it really happens. A lot actually. To be honest though, when you say the name of someone who?s done something to you, there will always be someone who wants to hear ?their side of the story.? Every predator usually has a family that loves them and refuses to believe it. hey?re often married with children. And in my experience, my predators were Christian. So they have the added cloak of religious excuses, ?he could NEVER! He?s a Christian!? We see it over and over again with how women are scrutinized and accused of lying and wanting ?attention.? Lmao please. To that I say, be assaulted, then come back to me. Deal with the repercussions of years of self-blame and self-doubt, then come back to me. Face your darkest fears of being treated as less than human, as an object, face recurring nightmares and paralyzing anxiety, sleep with a knife beside your bed because you are terrified you will wake up to someone on top of you and inside you again, end up in a hospital bed, then come back to me. Until then, no one wants to hear your ignorant opinions. Victims don?t exist to help hold your hand thru their trauma. You should be supporting us, not demanding details like you?re Sherlock Holmes. Sorry if that?s harsh but people can be really clueless when it comes to talking about assault, people have asked me to graphically describe like I?m on a crime show or something. ?So like how exactly did he assault you? Did he stick his fingers in

your vagina?? is an actual question I?ve been asked. Many people don?t understand that asking a disgusting question like that can cause us to have physical reactions like feeling nauseous, ruining our day, giving us nightmares, running to throw up. Strangers who don?t know me, don?t get to ask those questions. Strangers are not a jury so I don?t care if they believe me. The people who?ve been through it, *know* I?m telling the truth. And those are the only people who matter to me. I hope to pass on to them the same key that I used to escape the dark dungeon of keeping someone else?s heinous secret. It?s not our secret to keep. I am empowered by other friends in the industry who are pursuing charges against their predators. I am empowered by friends who are rising to the surface despite everything. I am empowered by friends creating art to channel their pain and healing. Everyone has different paths. For me at this point, I want to be so successful that no one will ever know names. And I?ll be honest, I don?t mean to be rude but it?s the truth = a lot of people are stupid. Just plain stupid. You could show them a video of blatant sexual assault and some people will still find a way to blame the victim. I don?t have the energy. I?m not going to fight stupid people. Let them fight themselves to death. I?m more concerned with letting people know ~it happens~. It really happens outside of SVU and the movies and your favorite crime shows. It happens in real life, it happens to your friends, your family, your classmates. Another reason why many people don?t seek justice in court, besides the fact that 99% of predators roam free, is it worth your mental health being viciously and methodically attacked by lawyers set out to win cases? Many of your own friends and family will doubt you. Some people are just idiots and will never understand how life-altering assault can be. It will steal your productivity, steal your time, steal your money, steal years of your life trying to recover, even steal happiness from you in random moments even after you do recover. Just recently I had to leave a concert of my favorite artist that I was seeing for the first time ever because I was overwhelmed with the memory of a sexual assault. That is probably the angriest I?ve ever been in my entire life, that something that happened a decade before ruined what was supposed to be one of the best nights of my life. Everyone is different, but for me personally, I am trying to show that healing and moving on with your life is possible without justice, since 99% of victims will never receive justice. Predators go on to live happy lives, so we should fucking too. Over the years, she continued to struggle with the things that occurred. She eventually developed PTSD. Because it never was treated she became overwhelmed and snapped. She tried to commit suicide in 2018. "A

culmination of a lifetime. I just snapped. I was overwhelmed with all of the evil in the world. It was too much to handle. This is a common symptom of untreated PTSD. I also just felt like I would never be someone I?m proud of. After this event she decided to seek help. "I wish I could say all the symptoms are gone, but trauma can take a long time to reverse course and undo, so I still experiences symptoms now and then but after starting trauma therapy, which has helped a lot, my symptoms are down from 99% to about 5%. There is a treatment called EMDR that works really well for me, and other people, including activist/ actress Jameela Jamil and singer/ songwriter Jordan Pruitt, who were both violated and experienced similar situations as well. I?d just encourage anyone who is struggling to tell a loved one, and maybe do research online because research helped me feel less crazy and alone. I?m a textbook case and fit my PTSD diagnoses very well, but until you know what?s going on, you just think something is wrong with you. Learning more about what was happening to me was so important. Knowledge is power"

Do you think the music industry has gotten better with how they deal with young artist? " I think young artists can have a little more power now in that the dynamics have shifted with social media. I watch girls circumvent the (completely broken) justice system and warn other girls about criminals on Twitter. I watch young girls have 10K followers on instagram and have an army of people ready to defend them. That is new. Of course the patriarchy is still very much in place. And cancel culture can be very dangerous and harmful to growth and learning. We should all be canceled for multiple things we?ve done over our lifetimes honestly. I need to get better at giving myself and others grace because we?re all human and all we can try to do is grow and improve." But overall yes, I think younger people have more power now because of social media. Also record labels seem to be generally waiting until artists are over 18 so they can avoid these situations. But creepy men are RAMPANT, I?ll say that. Even post-Me Too, many men are still trying to use their power in the industry to get away with assaulting women and they do. I heard of an incident with my singer friend just two weeks ago.They get away with it because everyone is connected and it makes you look ?difficult to work with? or ?a liar? if you expose them, creating enemies for yourself when you did nothing wrong. Also if he grabs your ass, what proof is there? What are you going to do, go to the police station and say ?he kept grabbing my ass?, and

"I would like to say a personal thank you so much to my friends who have supported me from starting to sing again on my Snapchat stories a year ago, which moved to Instagram stories, and now to Youtube, Spotify, Apple. I?m so happy to be sharing the songs I?ve kept to myself for too long. And for people like you who are interested in sharing my story as well. Thank you so much!!!"

then the dude will deny it? And if you punch him in the face, then YOU can get charged with assault. So what does that accomplish besides making an enemy? Just trying to be real here. Things are still bad, and I?ll be talking about it every day until I die because I believe the future is worth fighting for." What do you think can or should be done in order to prevent what happened to you from happening again? "Education, raising awareness, and holding predators accountable are probably good solutions.. But unfortunately, it is a power game more than anything. Whoever holds the most power, gets away with the most stuff.." Do you have any advice for young artist in your shoes 10 years ago right now that is afraid to speak? "You are in control. Don?t let anyone tell you who to be or change you into something you don?t want to be." How did the #MeToo movement help you with your recovering? "In the same way that listening to songs helps validate your feelings, seeing other people write out what you feel in your head, but are too scared to face, can help you process and validate your feelings"

How did it feel getting back in the studio for the first time? "Oh god. I was so scared. It took me almost 10 years really. It took a lot of attempts. To this day, a lot of male producers still have been first and foremost interested in dating me instead of actually treating me like an artist and valuing my songs, which has led to many false starts just when I thought I was going to put out a song again. I?ve found some great musician friends that believe in me as a writer and singer, so I owe A LOT to them treating me with respect to help me start making music again". Kate released her first single " Reasons To Stay' and impacted t housands wit h her story. " Someone messaged me today that Reasons to

Stay saved their life a few weeks ago, and I know exactly what they mean because I was in their shoes once, and someone?s art by the name of Vivek Shraya did that for me. His video made me feel understood. So to hear that my song is saving people?s lives, I?ve heard that someone was going to kill themselves but heard my song and decided to get treatment at the hospital instead, I have no words. Truly speechless. I am honored beyond belief and finally feel like I?ve become someone I?m proud of. I don?t care how many records I sell or if I?m broke as shit for the rest of my life, if someone is profoundly changed by my lyrics, that makes everything worth it.

You have released three singles so far, which one was the hardest to record and why? "The hardest song to record is actually coming out on December 29, it?s called ?The Cycle.? When I recorded it, it knocked me on my ass for 4 days. I couldn?t get out of bed or leave my apartment for 4 days. Called out of work. I physically could not get up. This is the most painful song that I?ve ever written, but it might be one of the most important. It is about how trauma is cyclical, passed down from generation to generation. So that song is coming, and I hope it touches a lot of people who deal with generational trauma." What can we expect from you in 2020 music wise? ie. Tours, Music Videos etc. "In 2020, I?m just gonna keep releasing music and songs that I?ve written. I?ll be playing live shows, making some music videos, writing every day, and working on a debut record. I moved to Nashville in 2010 to do this, and so it feels like I am 10 years late, but as my wise friend told me ?Nope you?re not late. You?re right on time"

An ex ballerina with velvety vocals and music you will get lost in describes upcoming singer Kendrick Ryan. The Aldie, VA native just debuted her first single ?Do You Think Of Me?and I just had to get to know more about her after hearing it. Her debut single is a jazz infused work of art blending sultry lyrics and soulful vocals effortlessly. She cities that her musical journey started with her family?s love for music, ?I can remember the CDs that I listened to with each of my family members as a child. Growing up around people who loved music and showed me how important is it in life is probably a big part of why I ended up this way? While doing my research I learned that she was once a ballerina and even was in the Nutcracker at 15 but due to a height requirement, It ended her career, ?There was a point in time when I wanted to be a professional ballerina, but then I went through puberty and never made it past 5?2 (lol) My time as a ballerina had a huge impact on who I am as a person and I met a lot of wonderful friends that way.? She advises those girls who want to participate in the art should ?maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and your body.? and I couldn?t agree more. After switching to music, she learned guitar and began to publish covers and a few tracks to her social media. Her Soundcloud is filled with music but not until this year did Ryan feel like it was time to release her debut, ?I?ve been wanting to release music for a very long time, but things didn?t really fall completely into place

until thi s year. I?m glad I waited because there are times when I look back at a previous song and think.. thank God I never released that one. Maybe I?ll say the same thing about this song in a few years, but there?s no turning back now!

On Dec 13th

2019, she released her first

offering ?Do You Think Of Me?. The instant her voice smoothly faded into the beautiful guitar hook and soft drums, I was hooked. ?I wanted to write a song that reminds people of those they should have treated better. It?s supposed to be the soundtrack to the bad dream you have about your ex.? When I went back and listened to her soundcloud catalog, I noticed how captivating her vocals were even from the start, making the listener feel every emotion she writes into these songs., ?I think the lyrics I write allow for a lot of emotions to come through. I?ve also been able to strengthen and craft my voice in the past couple of years by experimenting with new styles and pushing my limits.? Kendrick doesn?t write or sound like a new artist but more so like someone who knows who they are. If she continues this, she will have a very good 2020 and I?ll be right there buying






"Don?t doubt yourself! It?s good to be modest and pace things, but realizing that you are capable of more than you think is a super powerful moment to have."

inside the lush world of

Jack Rabbit.

Seamless Harmony. That's it. That's the whole post

cinematic, and creative to a point that you have to

summarized in two words. Meet Jack Rabbit, an LA

watch it again and again. Jace Chadwick is center

based duo who sung together before their first

stage and brings the emotion in his unique dance,

conversation, ? In college, we were cast as Sirens in

?his video was truly a labor of love and had SO

a modern day retelling of the Odyssey - Shout out to our directors Kat Klein and Daniel Clemens! We were basically a living soundtrack to the play and our biggest song was ?La Vie En Rose? which we

many hands and eyes and ears involved in the process. With such a short specific song, we knew we wanted to incorporate both movement and the changing of seasons. We wanted to span the length of a year in that minute without over

would sing to lure men to their deaths (as you do).

saturating the viewer. The song boiled down to its

Our first rehearsal started with learning the

simplest idea is that of a relationship?s cycle - going

various harmonies to that, so before we even

from strangers, to lovers, to strangers again. The

spoke to each other, we were singing together.

way Your person, THE person can become just A

Ever since then we?ve been attached at the hip and


music has been our greatest tie.? The name Jack

heartbreak of it and also the repetition of it. While

Rabbit came from the native places the girls are

brainstorming an image we thought about the

from, Mexico and Texas. The name wasn?t easy to

remnants of a relationship, of what goes through

come up with but fate drew them to the decision, ?When we decided to start this project we brainstormed a couple of different names and landed on Jack Rabbit tentatively. That very day, a







that same cycle, and landed on the idea of a shirt: it

gains and

loses meaning parallel to the

relationship it is and isn?t a part of. The imagery fit perfectly







relationship but not a specific one- we wanted Jace

big white truck with an image of a jackrabbit and

to be dancing with somebody but without a face or

the name strewn across the side pulled up next to

features so that this shirt could represent a

our picnic (you can?t make this stuff up). It may or

multitude of relationships and the repetition of the

may not have been a rodent control truck, but we










it.? You bot h seem ver y open on you r debu t , w h y

Their debut ?December ?was crafted from a poem

do you t h in k bein g open som et im es in m u sic is

they wrote a long time ago and was brought back

good? ?Being open and vulnerable feels like it?s

to the girls when an old journal was bought on

inherent to our songwriting process! At the

beach day, ?Both of us had been going through

beginning of Jack Rabbit, we weren?t writing for

personal slumps at the time, so we plopped down

anybody, we were just telling our stories to each

on a towel and began to hum a melody. We always

other, sitting across from a best friend and sharing

visualize what the song could be when we begin-

a feeling. The warmth of our sound comes from

and this one came to us through church bells and

the trust that the other one will keep that story

snowfall, the hush and openness of both.

safe. That's the foundation of our friendship, our music and our project. The authenticity in speaking

?The track has an intimate setting created by guitar picks and dreamy vocals putting the listener onto a journey of vulnerability and openness. The music video is no different. It is simple, beautiful,

your truth and somebody else saying , ?Hey, I hear you.



also If

felt our

that?. stories

Openness are


begets with

vulnerability, they have the chance of

Wh at ?s t h e on e t h in g you h ope t o


br in g in t h is m u sic in du st r y w it h






you r m u sic? Our aim is to sing with heart, and to relay

How do you gir ls k eep you r h ead u p

our experiences as purely as we can. We

as you get deeper in t o you r m u sic

want the spaces our songs fill (living rooms,

car eer ?

earbuds, live shows) to feel like a reunion; comfortable, familiar, easy - you listen and

We?ve been lucky to have encountered



a team of people that always let us take up space and let our ideas be heard. Luckily for us, our music and artistic visions have only been met with enthusiasm and willingness. At the end of the day, the root of our art

Wh at ?s n ext f or you gu ys? More music! There are songs stacked up ready to be released throughout the year. We?ve been putting time in the studio over these past few months and we?ve got an

is the joy of making music; the

album on the way - set to be released in

excitement in having a feeling fully


expressed and catharsis in watching it turn into something you can sing. Any time we start to get down about the industry in general, the amount of people who are listening, or the views we?ve gotten on our videos - we try and come back to that feeling. It?s been very grounding to have a partner

This may be the introduction to this band's





wouldn't consider them, new artists. Their

writing, vocals and


creativity seem beyond the years of a new artist. According to their

that will always remind the other why

press release more music will be

we began this journey in the first place


- as joyful expression and connection.






Body text


The authenticity in speaking your truth and somebody else saying , ?Hey, I hear you. I?ve also felt that?. Openness begets openness. If our stories are shared with vulnerability, they have the chance of being received with that same vulnerability.

SĂ˜F Enigmatic pop-R&B artist SĂ˜F is an American

The track consisted of her signature soulful

singer songwriter that has been in the

vocals and catchy R&B-fueled hooks that

industry for quite some time. She took 2019


to reinvent her brand, ?I just wanted a fresh

inviting the listener to get lost with SĂ˜F. The

start. It's never too late for a new beginning,

video? A whole aesthetic with face gems and

and after graduating from university it felt

all, ?I knew from the get-go that I wanted to

right to take a step back and start over.?.

play with reflection because I'm addressing



a lush


myself in the song, and I even have a line in To debut the new era, she erased all of her

the intro ["tell yourself in the mirror, 'can you

pictures on social media, revealed her new

just relax?'"] Then we expanded the idea

hair color (a gradient masterpiece) and

from there, with lots of mirrors everywhere

released her single ?Intertia?. ?I wrote "Inertia"

and refractions through water to signify not

as a way to introspect and grow from

only me addressing myself, but also seeing a

negative behaviors that I had spent so many

warped and distorted sense of self back. I

years repeating. I felt like the world was

wanted the color

against me because I was depressed and lazy

because there's a sense of mundaneness to

and refusing to put in the work that was

it? it's pretty but somehow lackluster. I really

necessary to garner the results I wanted in

loved the way they played with color.? She

my life and career. Writing out all of my shitty

continued, ?The wardrobe and set design

traits was extremely cathartic. It was my way

were my favorite parts of the video. I spent

of coming to terms with what I needed to

so much time with Dan trying to create the

change about myself in order to be happy

perfect costumes. We went through a ton of

and successful, and I think it really allowed

different makeup looks and I even dyed my

me to face my anxiety and depression head

hair the day before! While I was in makeup,


the crew was building the set behind me and

palette to be pastel

essentially doing arts and crafts with

In the midst of this new journey she

wafers, gummy worms, pieces of turf

stepped away from social media for

and lots of hot glue. Also I can't leave

a little while after it started to take a

out the face gems. They get an

toll, ?I'm just so tired of always being


on my phone and checking shit. It


takes such a toll on my productivity Aside from her new single and visual,

being on Instagram and Twitter all

she announced that she was offered

the time. I just needed time to work

a new job, (she won?t tell us either),

and it's been so stress-free. I'm really

and she?s moving to New York. She

loving it.? She shuts her phone off

lived in New Jersey all of her life so

from time to time when she feels

New York honestly feels like her vibe

herself getting heated, ?For me, the

since her dad took her into the city a

negatives are seeing insane people

lot, ?I've always adored New York

on Twitter. It just gets me heated for

and I always envisioned myself living

no reason. I just back away now.?

there at some point. It's a city of opportunities. I've




Once she came back from her detox,

Jersey basically all my life, and I crave

she received her first YouTube

change. I don't want to be stuck

reaction video. She cried, ?Oh my

anywhere for too long? it makes me

god, it was the most incredible thing

antsy.? She continued, ?New York is

I've ever seen. I cried. I honestly


couldn't believe someone devoted






unlimited potential. It's a chance to

their time to filming and editing a

meet as many people as you can and

video of themselves reacting to one

try as many new things as you can. I

of MY songs. Zach is the coolest. I


really can't express enough how




environments that inspire them, so I

thankful I am.?

think living in a place where anything can happen is pretty motivating. If

SĂ˜F is set to release an EP soon and

you're an artist living in a small town

more surprises, ?As cliche as this


might sound, I really, truly mean it:






somewhere with more of a bustle I highly encourage you to do so. It may not be for everyone but I think it's worth trying.?. Her cat is the major decision maker in her move.

2020 is going to be my year.







Singing since she was 3, Marlo has long awaited

musical theater, but I do think it is difficult to

t he release of her own music. "I have been

wrap my musical inspiration into my sound. I

singing and dancing and putting on shows in

always have so many ideas! But I have always

my living room since I was three years old.

leaned towards a more melancholy lyrical

Singing has always been my first love; I sing


while I do everything. It has always been a


constant in my life. I write when I have a story







to tell or an emotion to express." Sh e st ar t ed

In 2019 she was ready to release her first original project . Her debut EP, ' Broken Lyrics '

in sin g an d dan ce t r ou pes at Disn ey Wor ld

was released in January 2019. "For me, ?Broken

an d

sch ool

Lyrics?has multiple meanings When releasing

m u sicals. Sh e t h en st ar t ed t o post cover s

the EP, I wrote about the title by saying: it?s

t o You Tu be. I?ve had a lot of experience

from the line in Open Road (we were singin?

covering songs from all different genres, and I

singin? singin? broken lyrics to Rocket Man

learned how performance and sound should

off-key) ? it can imply my writing style of

change based on what you?re singing. The

piecing lyrics together, or how I sing with

diversity of what I?ve been singing since I was

passion even while forgetting the words, as

small has exposed me to different writing

well as the idea of the music being broken or

styles and intricacies that I don?t think I would

sad sonically. Open Road w as t h e f ir st

have picked up on if I would have been

sin gle f r om h er EP. The single is a nostalgic piano ballad wit h st rong vocals t hat takes t he listener t hrough t he fears and joys of a long road t rip. It is a simple ode to driving far and

par t icipat ed




focused on performing one genre." Aside from covers, she also posted video she created wit h her friends including her own version of Vogue's 73 quest ions.

let t ing go. "I released Open Road as a single

Was it h ar d t o f in d you r sou n d? "I don?t

first because I loved how the production

think it was hard to find my sound; I?ve always

sounded in contrast to a live demo I had

been drawn to pop, folk, and the big vocals of

released (I was playing the song on a

keyboard in the back of a car on a

my Master ?s in UX while recording

gravel road) a few months before. I

most of the ?Broken Lyrics?EP. I work

thought that people may be able


to hear the magic from a rough



UX Designer


and now.

demo to a fully produced song with Open Road, so I released it

Wh at h as been you r f avor it e t h in g


t o cr eat e? "Making an EP is my proudest creation to date. I don?t think I can pinpoint a favorite, because

The video shows t he posit ives of taking a chance and having fun. Her

every creative aspect of any of my

mat ured and unique voice adds life into

visuals, the promotion - all rolls into

t he lyrics like no ot her. " Every clip from

one vision. Having a new vision for a

the ?Open Road? music video was

project is my favorite part of the

filmed during a two-week family road


trip in 2017. Our family had a loose

advice f or a n ew ar t ist ? "My advice is

plan to discover the Western United

simple: if

States, stopping at National Parks

ownership in calling yourself an artist.

along the way. In some spots the

It is something that I still struggle with,

video shows all 5 of us packed into

the feeling of not deserving the title of

our RV, and in others we?re exploring

artist because I don?t have fancy

the wide open Badlands and Grand

equipment, a full discography, a team,

Canyon. All of the footage was taken

etc. But all of that doesn?t matter as

on our phones and one camera. The

much ? simply creating makes you an








pieces - the music, the vocals, the

process." you

Wh at


you r

make things, feel

brother ?s drone. The road trip was amazing, and felt so nostalgic to me as a pivotal family memory that I was compelled





M ar lo plan s t o get back in t h e st u dio f or 2020 an d r elease a n ew sin gle. "Expect a new single in 2020, with all of the graphics and videos and

Sh e explain s t h at 'Sleepin g Beau t y '

performances that I love creating

w as t h e h ar dest t r ack t o r ecor d du e

alongside the music. Every creative

t o it

son g sh e

aspect of the piece, the music, the

w r it t en at 16. " In the studio I wanted

vocals, the visuals, the promotion,

it to be simple with some added

rolls into one vision. "

bein g t h e f ir st

drama, but ultimately retaining its roots in a piano ballad I had written as a teenager."

Aside f r om t h e m u sic, M ar lo w en t t o collage f or In f or m at ics w it h a con cen t r at ion in UX an d Gr aph ic Design . "In my mind, it was a way to combine the logical side of tech with the creativity of art. I actually finished


"If you make ownership in yourself an a something th struggle with of not deserv of artist beca have fancy eq full discograp etc."

things, feel calling artist. It is hat I still h, the feeling ving the title ause I don?t quipment, a phy, a team,

A lyrical assassin that would make a veteran take notes describes multi talented rap artist, Deetranada. At just 18 years old she has already amassed a huge following and attention from XXL and multiple radio stations. I have been wanting to interview this starlet for awhile now. I first caught a glimpse of her while watching the third season of the Rap Game. I learned that besides her flow her real name was not Deetranda. "You think my mama would name me Deetranada?', she would say when people assumed. Diamond is her name and Deetranada was inspired by a producer that goes by the name Kaytranada. I didn't actually know of Kaytranada until I found her and now im a fan. The Baltimore based artist started her journey in the 7th grade. She preformed in the school's talent show. "I always told my peers that I rapped, but nobody ever believed me like I was lying or something. I just wanted to prove myself." She began writing at 11 but didn't take the career choice serious until she was 15. She started writing more to cope with high school experiences, Being the outcast influenced me. I didn?t ever really have friends like that, so I always faced my demons by myself. I thought ahead of time and told myself if I didn?t master channeling my emotions through something positive, I?m going to hurt somebody. I kept thinking about how when I grow up, it's not going to be high school anymore. You don?t find a healthy outlet for your problems, they don?t suspend you in the real world." When asked what advice she had for people in high school in her shows, her response was much needed, "Surround yourself with positive influences. Watch who you call friends because sometimes, people look at you as competition in their head, and you don?t want that. You want someone to lift you, not weigh you down and step over you when they need that push. A lot of artists are talking about social anxiety these days. Do you deal with it as well and if so how do you handle it? "Every single day. I usually talk to myself and put in headphones so people think I?m of

out and say ?hey, I?m not really good at being touched and having a good convo, I apologize? because some people can?t catch a hint. Calming music helps with anxiety too. I?m genuinely scared of people though. I wish I could advocate for social anxiety and depression but I don?t know how because I can?t talk in front of people to save my life. I don?t wish that on anyone." She eventually started to published her bars onto social media. "I just went ahead and posted my videos. I tagged every celebrity I could and then put my phone down like, If they like it, they like it. If they don't, they don't." Social media can be brutal sometimes for upcoming names, was it hard for you as a newcomer to deal with social media at first? "I still don?t like social media, truth be told. People are way too entitled with their opinions nowadays and run behind ?constructive criticism? when they get called out for being vile. The only reason I deal with it now is so I can reach out to people that actually want to talk to me, because that?s how some of my supporters react to the world. With some people, the internet is all they got when it comes to friends, and that?s how it was for me for a good while." How did you eventually learn how to handle it? " Sometimes you just have to put your phone down. Most of the time I find myself mentally caught up in a comment, and I just log off for the day and go play Mario Kart, listen to some calm 432hz music and take a long hot shower." After wowing followers with her

When asked If she had advice for new contestants, she responded, "Please don?t cry over that contract. If you don?t get it, be glad you dodged a major bullet." While on the Rap Game, she met producer Mike Kalomobo who created her first official mixtape project titled 'Adolescence Swim". It was released in 2017. "Listening back to it, I hate it. I?m being brutally honest. At the time, I was thinking that since this was my first mixtape people were going to hear from me, I wanted to make sure that it was relatable so everyone could vibe to it. That however washed away some raw emotions and truths that I could?ve dug deeper into. Her debut album, ?DeeVsEverybody? was released this year and very long awaited. This project feels like her, vulnerable, raw lyricism and

creativity beyond her

years. "Truth be told I scrapped the album like 3 times and released the throwaways on soundcloud. The process was eye opening for me because I had all the creative freedom I could have. At the point in time I actually got in the studio to officially start it I was at a real low point in my life. I feel like that mentality properly fueled my drive to finish it and not give up on it. I made sure I held on to that mindset to voice my mental health and my thoughts the best way I can, no matter how crazy I went. That?s one thing I really love about that piece of work."

ability to flow so nicely and effortlessly, she caught the

The album art tells an empowering story all by itself. It

attention of SoSo Def founder, Jermaine Dupri who was

shows an abstract take on Dee's mind which she says

at the time putting together the third season of 'The

represented how out of place her mind was at the time.

Rap Game'. She was chosen as one of five contestants

This was not her first choice, though it all beautifully

and instantly became a fan favorite. She cites that the

came together in the end. " Man, check this out. So, the

show did not meet her exceptions. "It?s funny because

original artwork was made by an artist that I paid for

sometimes I watch old clips of myself and think ?man,

beforehand and when I finally reached back out to

that would not have went like that?. I was a dope ass

them to notify the album was coming out, they charged

rapper at 15, but I was too busy in making sure I did

me so much damn money for no reason. I was so

what I had to and never stopped myself like ?damn, this

flabbergasted by the ordeal, I paid them so they could

person is pulling my card. I should probably punch

get out my face and sat there angry as hell for an hour

them in the face.? So yes, it would have went drastically

and said ?you know what? I?m about to download

different." She hopes that in 2020 people stop talking

picsart.? and made the cover all by myself. All the

about it, I can understand that. In 2017 Jermaine Dupri created a tour for the contestants that

abstract things you see on the cover represents how

he favored through out the seasons. "I wish I knew more

album, but at the end of the day you saw how

about the business at the time and was vocal about

beautifully it all came together, no matter how weird it

what I wanted. I would?ve walked away with way more

may look. I laugh every time I look at the cover because

money than what I walked away with."

of how crazy the reason I made it is.What was the

out of place my mind was at the time of making my

hardest song to record and why?" The hardest song to record in my mind was ?FLAWS!?. I went through hell for that song, but I?ll explain it another time. I have never been so vulnerable with what I?m going through and me putting everything out in the open was hard, because I usually think it?s best if I keep things to myself because at the end of the day, nobody wants to hear that. They don?t care. It?s usually you drop music, satisfy people and move out the way until they want something from you again. So making that record I had that in mind but on my other shoulder I reminded myself how healthy it would be for me to just let it out. I touched on me dealing with different personalities, my recent suicide attempt and just feeling alone and resilient towards everything that wasn?t for me. You can hear the pain and power in my voice, and that?s what I feel distinguishes that as the song that was hard to make. I put you in the place I was in at the time and very little artists have that ability". The first track to get a visual from the album was the heavy hitting 'BEEP BEEP'. The video consisted of a fun house concept with Deetranada keeping viewers at the edge of their seats with every turn. "Listening to ?BEEP BEEP!?, you have the video planted in your head already. You probably thought the song was going to have a bunch of scary looking dudes with guns with me in the trap or something, and that?s what I love about my video. It wasn?t that. I wanted to make a video that made you want to watch it, tweet about it like ?man what the hell was this video?? and then go back to watch it again to try to figure it out yourself. I?m glad me and the shooter and director Michael Smigel bounced ideas off of each other and put everything together. It took 2 months." When asked how she would respond If her visual happened in real life, she respond , "If I saw 4 other me?s, I would have turned up. Me, me, me, AND me? That?s a scary sight to everybody that ain?t us. I don?t know about the doctor stuff though, I would NOT get my teeth knocked out and get my heart replaced with a Gucci one for the clout of it." At the end of the conversation I asked about her next tour, she responded that she may or may not be going on one next year. I'll cross my fingers. Through her ups and downs, Dee has continued to push through and inspire her fans around the world that they can too. Her pen game is extraordinary and her style? Don't get

me started. From the hair changes to the outfit arrangements, she's gorgeous. With a combined following of 1.15m on Twitter, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Facebook, the Baltimore beauty is taking her rightful spot in hip hop. Brace yourselves, she's just getting starting. She is Deetranada.

ZoĂŤ Ferguson is a self taught piano

then started to see the negatives of

player and singer / songwriter with a

the attention?The kids in my class

voice that will become addictive the

began to become meaner about my

more you listen.. Although she grew

music, and at first it really got to me.

up around music, being that her dad


is musician Bart Ferguson, she never

thought about me didn?t matter at

really voiced her want to follow in

all. I used their rude remarks as fuel

those footsteps until she got older.

to my fire.? She decided that to beat

?My freshman year of high school I

the negativity, she would write and

broke up with my very first boyfriend.

develop more music as a way to

I was so sad at the time, and I felt as

cope. Zoe Ferguson the artist was

if I had nobody to turn to. I always


loved to sing but I had never really written songs before. I still to this day don?t know what made me sit down at my old, out of tune piano but one Saturday afternoon I wrote down everything I was feeling. Everything I had built up just came out and the melody just fell into place? Her first song ?48?was born.






Eventually her talents were noticed beyond the school she was attending and got her chosen to be a part of the Atlantic Records Emerge program which allowed her to develop her sound. After the completion of the program,



wanted to work with someone to help her create an insane debut

She then showed her friends for the

single. She eventually got her wish

first time, they were in awe pushing

and sparked the attention of a

her to release it on social media. She

Portland-based producer, composer

did and it sparked a school wide

and songwriter by the name of

conversation. ?People were singing

Graham Barton. Together her debut

the song to me in the hallways, my

single ?Dip? was born, a song about

teachers were playing it



being completely done. It was a



strong debut that featured a smooth

comments were never ending. She

r&b instrumental blended with Zoe?s



"The more people talk about you the better. When people stop talking about you, that?s when you should be worried."

raw vocals instantly captivating listeners. She

can help listeners get through hard times and

finally felt ready. ?I had always told myself that I

make their day better. Zoe admits that even

would only release music that I?m proud of and

though the high school events made her a

?Dip? was the very first song that I thought

stronger person, it also created anxiety, something

completely showcased my writing abilities and

many artists are getting serious about ?Handling

talents. I was so ready for the world to hear it and

anxiety is something I still struggle with a lot. I

I?m so happy that people like it.? The debut was

want people who have anxiety to know that they

embraced with positive reviews and amassed

aren?t alone. Music has been something that has

thousands of streams in its first few days of

helped me a lot with anxiety. I use writing songs


and listening to music as a coping mechanism.?

Little did we know, Zoe was only warming audiences up with ?Dip? because the next single, was



?Medicine? captured


vulnerability to her past relationship with heavy hitting bass and lush vocals that pull at the listeners heart strings with every note. ?I had written medicine in my room about six months before I recorded it in the studio. I wrote medicine about somebody who had broken my heart and I didn?t know how to cope with the pain. It seemed as if this person was moving on without me and didn?t even really care. I feel like this is a situation that so many people can relate to. Everybody has that person that they always miss, and that they wish they didn?t take for granted when they had them around.? She advises fans that keeping yourself occupied and around people that make you happy will help you get through any broken heart. Zoe decided to end the year on a fiery note. She then released her last single of the year where she tapped into her empowering side which in the end created ?Beg For Me? The spicy new single sees Zoe remembering that she deserves better. Again her vocals are massively impressive. ?I wrote it in April 2019, about someone who wanted me back after they had hurt me so badly. This song for me, was to really just get everything out that I was feeling about this particular person. It made me feel so much better once it was written. It made me feel empowered!? She hopes with her music that she

After everything as she continues to grow, she has learn some important things about life, that we all can take with us,?I learned to not care about what anybody says about me, and that any criticism is good criticism. The more people talk about you the better. When people stop talking about you, that?s when you should be worried.? She does not plan to release any EP?s yet but to continue to release singles starting next year and a music video should also be expected. I can?t wait to see what she does. She is absolutely amazing.

Alt R&B vocalist, Cashma was introduced to our readers in our 35th issue last year. Her sultry vocals and ability to create music that feeds the soul drew me to write about her. She?s released more music and again, I want to know more. Let?s Welcome Back Cashma.

What moment did you decide that instead of just singing in your room, you were going to let the world hear? That was always the goal. I just wanted to make sure I was ready when I stepped out of that room. I decided two years ago I was ready.

Do you remember the first song you wrote? When I was seven. I called it ?Just Shine? Back then you couldn?t tell me it wasn?t the hardest song ever written.

There are a ton of ways that a lot of artists get known in the beginning like talent shows and such but you really made people fall in love with your ?Carnicles? on social media. What started that idea?

Car Chronicles= Carnicles. It happened naturally. I was freestyling what is now known as ?City Of Betrayal? and Mike Kalombo recorded it right there. Now we push them out regularly and it?s a favorite. He?s the genius behind the name.

You consider yourself a happy loner. What is the actual meaning of that for you?

I believe happiness is something created all on

instant vulnerability jumps out before you

your lone. I find the best version of me when I

even listen. ?Personal was the perfect title

tune out the world and tune into myself.

because that?s exactly what I needed at that moment.? Although Cashma is mostly private,

Have you always been a ?loner? type or did it

she lets the world in song by song on that

become you over time?

project, ?This whole project was a vibe. The hard part came when picking which songs the

It?s always been in my spirit. When you?re different the air here doesn?t fit your lungs. I learned very early on I needed to create my

universe wanted. Mike was ready to jump a building from how many times I changed that track list. Lol?

own air to thrive. You h ad you r f ir st sh ow in Oct ober , I h ear d In a recent interview you said you grew up always thinking being a loner was a weird thing but now you celebrate it. How did you get to a place where you celebrate it?

it w as absolu t ely am azin g. How w as t h at exper ien ce an d w h en can w e expect an ot h er ? Presenting art you worked really hard on is dope. No news on next one just yet but stay

First comes acceptance then comes love.

What is your advice to those who are stuck in that place where they feel weird because they are loners?

What helps me is a catered way in caring for myself . We?re not one size fits all so I listen to my body. I ask it what it needs, what it likes, what it doesn?t. You wouldn?t speak Japanese to a person who only knows French. I take time to learn my body language.


Summer Walker recently talked about having social anxiety as an artist. Do you or have you felt that yet and if so how do you handle it? So much. I wrote a song about it earlier this year called ?Social Anxiety?. I think it?s a super power. Your body is super sensitive to bad energy. So whenever my social anxiety rises I know I?m not in the right rooms, space or surrounded by the right energies. I remove the bad and I?m left with good.

Her most recent work of art is an EP titled ?Personal?. The cover sees Cashma in a tee shirt with a towel wrapped around her hair as she sits in a musical environment. An

In this moment right now, how do you feel about yourself and your career so far? I?m in the right place at the right time .


Issue 40: Zoë Ferguson  

Reignland Magazine celebrates its 40th issue with the release of three exclusive covers. This issue features Deetranada, Zoë Ferguson, Cashm...

Issue 40: Zoë Ferguson  

Reignland Magazine celebrates its 40th issue with the release of three exclusive covers. This issue features Deetranada, Zoë Ferguson, Cashm...