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January 2013


2012 GT Winner at the Daytona Rolex 24

Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America

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Die Porsche

Last years 1st place GT winner at the 50th running of the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Magnus Racing with drivers Andy Lally, Richard Lietz, John Potter, and ReneRast. Photo by Roger Fabel


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January 2013

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Die Porsche Kassette


January 2013

President’s Corner Michael Grant - President

Hello and Thanks to all of you who have invested your confidence in me to take the reins of Gold Coast Region as President for the next two years. I am looking forward to working with a great board and many wonderful volunteers to continue the excellent traditions and activities of our PCA Gold Coast Region. Without the tireless efforts of our volunteers, including the officers and the board this club would not work, thanks to all of you who step up to help. First and foremost I would like to thank Steve & Dottie who have served Gold Coast Region as Treasurer and President as well as being a great team attending to all the details that have keep Gold Coast Region running as smoothly as it has. I think you guys will be a hard act to follow, and am thankful that Dottie will remain as treasurer and that Steve will not be far away as Past President. It has been a pleasure working with the officers and board of directors and I must say we have a great board and group of volunteers for next year with some familiar faces and some new ones. Serving as Gold Coast Region officers this years are; Myself (Michael Grant) as president, Ed Kohly as Vice President, Dottie Kidd as Treasurer, and Cynthia Fluhart as Secretary. Of course Steve Kidd will still be involved as Past President and a board member. Our board of directors this year are; Pedro Bonilla, Bob Varela, Alex Ortega and Dan Doyle, with Richard Diaz as our alternate board member. Our Club Race Co-Chairman is Dan Smithyman (also a past president). Your committee chairman helping to keep things running smoothly are Autocross Chairman & Driver’s Ed Chairman-Alex Ortega Jr , Autocross RegistrarSasha Ortega, Chief track instructor and safety chairman-Mike Tarter, Driver’s Ed registrar and web master -Laz Ortega, Event Coordinator- Sherry Fabel, Membership chairman (also VP)Ed Kohly. The ladies who keep the parties going are our social chairs; Cynthia Fluhart, Beena Kohly, and Vivian Ortega. Fred Kohly is our Concourse chairman. Jerry Daily organizes our volunteers for the 48 hours at Sebring Club Race. Mike Joffee is our Gold Coast Region historian. The Holiday party/awards banquet saw the annual awards distribution mixed with dancing and dining. The Porsche Club Gold Coast Region made a big impression at the Festival Flee Market Annual Car Show. The Rally school (training for Zonefest) and fun rally was a blast. Thanks to Foreign Affairs and Champion Porsche for hosting the start and finish respectively of the Rally. December was a busy month to wrap up the year for PCA Gold Coast Region. 2013 is going to be a special year for Porsche Club Gold Coast Region. It is our 50th anniversary. Porsche was still building the 356 and the 911 was only on the drawing boards and perhaps some initial prototypes in 1963 when Gold Coast Region began. Porsche has come a long way since then and so has Gold Coast Region. We now have almost 1900 members driving everything from lovingly cared for 356s to the latest Panamaras and 991s. We have PCA national champions in our region, we co-host the biggest PCA Club race each year and one of our members just

won a new 991 in the annual PCA national raffle and will take delivery in 2013. We are blessed to donate thousands of dollars to charity each year. So as you can see, we have lots of exciting things to look forward to in for our region for 2013. Gold Coast Region will host Zone Fest with a theme catering to our 50th Anniversary. Steve introduced you to Zonefest last month and we will be talking more about it in the coming months, but make plans now to have a Porsche Memorial Day in 2013. Zonefest this year will be for the whole family, the Porsche, Mom, Dad and kids too. Keep a look out for more details on this fun filled weekend. The year for Porsche Club Gold Coast Region always starts out with a BANG! The fireworks and celebration are not over with New Years day. Later this month Porsche enthusiast will gather once again at Daytona for the Porsche Corral. The legendary 24 hours of Daytona has been a proving ground for many car marcs over the years and Porsche has certainly had its share of success at Daytona. The racing, as well as the party goes on for 24 hours. Special Porsche tickets and parking are available but limited, so make plans now. The Porsche Corral is a gathering place with a tent, live video feed, hospitality and a place to sit down and relax, with your Porsche parked alongside other Porsches in a designated Porsche only parking area. For racing fans and Porsche socializing fans this is a must see and is a relatively short trip from all parts of our region. Coming up next month, make plans to head up to Sebring for the “48 hours at Sebring” club race. Each year it is one of the biggest if not the biggest Porsche Club Races in the World. Yes, the World! The race is co-hosted by Gold Coast Region and Sun Coast Region. More than 300 Porsches at the world famous Sebring International Raceway will be in attendance. Like the ”12 hours of Sebring”, our club race is an international event. We have professional and amateur teams and drivers from Europe, South America, Canada, and Mexico as well as from all corners of the US. Porsches of every description enjoy wheel to wheel racing and advanced solo Driver’s Ed. Lots of fun loving Porsche people. That weekend, Sebring is taken over by a great group of folks who love their Porsches, love to play with their Porsches and love to socialize with other likeminded Porsche enthusiasts. Activities begin Thursday January 31st and run through the weekend. Even if you are not driving you can easily get involved and be a part of this great event. Go to www. 48hoursatsebring. com to learn more and to volunteer. If you have been to this event in the past, I look forward to seeing you again this year, if not I look forward to sharing this amazing weekend with you for the first time this year. You will not be disappointed and you will likely be back for many years to come. As you can see we have a very active club with all sorts of activities- whatever your interests may be. We are all volunteers and getting involved is easy and welcomed. I look forward to seeing you at some of our events in the near future.

Michael January 2013


Die Porsche Kassette


Concours Corner: Winter Park Concourse d’Elegance Fred Kohly, Concours Chair

The annual Winter Park Concours d’Elegance is shaping up to be one of the better Concours events in the state. Usually held the first or second weekend in November, and now in its eleventh year, it seems to be getting better and better every time. When you consider all the events and partying prior to the main show on Sunday, it adds up to a weekend of fun, entertainment, and new friends. Downtown Winter Park is located near Orlando and is a quaint little lake town where spectacular oaks line the streets providing plenty of shade for the shoppers and sidewalk diners. The weekend kicks off with the famous Aeroport Reception where the drinks and food flow freely and everyone is in a celebration mood. Saturday’s main event is the popular road rally known as the “Tour d’Elegance”. The cars come early to line up at Hannibal Square and after a gourmet breakfast, they begin an escorted tour through the city and country side. This parade is fabulous so have your cameras ready. Sunday is the main event and cars are placed up and down beautiful downtown Park Avenue where the exhibit and competition begins. By mid-morning the streets and park are lined with thousands of viewers from all over who come to admire or just have a great


Die Porsche Kassette


time. Not just any car can enter this prestigious event. One must either be invited or apply to enter where a panel of experts can decide if one’s car is worthy of the entry. The cars vary from antiques to some current day muscle cars but usually a ton of exotics such as Porsches, Ferraris, Lambos, and everything else you can imagine, astonish the crowds. One of my favorite things is to admire the Packards, Deusenbergs and the long list of the early American marvels. All the cars are beautiful and worth seeing.

January 2013

This year’s Concours was of particular interest because the emphasis was on Porsches from the air-cooled era. The 356 category is always a killer and unless you have a sensational Porsche don’t even think about entering. The competition is brutal and practically every car is a national contender. This year’s winner was Pete Bartolli of the Sun Coast PCA region where he took honors with his yellow and very rare 1963 Carrera 2.

Pete spent years restoring this car to perfection not to mention the small fortune it took to get it there, but that’s the way it is in this class (and just about every class for that matter). In the long hood category, that’s what I call it, but it is actually known as the early 911 class, the competition is sick as well. Everyone shows up to win and this year’s breakaway winner was none other than our own Mike Joffee with his unbelievable silver 1971 911S. It was a hoot to watch the spectators, as well as

the judges, marvel at this work of art as if their eyes refused to believe what they were seeing. Mike has worked on this car and made it, with little doubt, perhaps the most outstanding early car in the country. Every bolt is perfect and correct, the engine is flawless, and the underside is almost as clean as the exterior paint. What can I say? While, I didn’t see his final score it had to be very high. Way to go Mike and thanks for making us proud! Skip and Elmy Ernst made the Gold Coast Chapter proud as well , receiving a gold medal for their Guards Red 1986 930 Turbo. This couple is no stranger to winning having won multiple trophies and awards in the past and in almost everything they enter. I like to watch the crowd of

spectators and admirers the wide body Turbo attracts, and if they paid him a dollar for the pictures taken they would make a fortune. It’s truly amazing to see the crowds gather around this beauty. Thank you Skip and Elmy! Our Club also had great representation in the Judging department with 4 of our outstanding Judges volunteering their time to help out. All the Judges for this event are considered top experts in their respective categories. We would like to thank Jess Yarger, Mike Joffee, Jerry Remillard and Lou Gonzalez for their time and support. Even better yet, for dressing up with a tie and the blue blazer that all the judges are require to wear for this elegant event. I don’t think any of these successful gentleman have much to do with ties and sports coats otherwise. Hope you can make it next year and information is available at www.winterparkconcours. com .


Editor’s Notes Roger Fabel - Editor

It has been said that if you like what you are doing, time flies. It must be true because this past year has flown by at mach speed. Seems like yesterday that I was packing my camera gear and heading to Daytona for the 50th running of the Rolex 24 Hour race. The cover photo is from last years race where Magnus Racing with American drivers Andy Lally and John Potter won 1st place in their Porsche GT3 Cup Car. This event is the beginning of the race season and where you should be to enjoy 24 hours of world class racing. Every year Goldcoast along with the other PCA regions in Zone 12, provide a parking area for your Porsche, a large tent track side with large screen TV coverage of the race, snacks and drinks, and a great crowd of PCA members to share the excitement. I hope to see you on Saturday January 26th for the start of the race that concludes the next day 24 hours later. If you drive your Porsche, arrive early because the Porsche parking lot fills quickly. Now that we are in a racing mode, your next stop is Sebring the following weekend to see the 20th running of the 48 Hours at Sebring PCA Club race. Many of the Rolex drivers will also be

driving at Sebring. Page 22 has an overview of the event that has become the largest and most popular club race in the World. The race is supported by PCA volunteers from Goldcoast, Suncoast, and a few other regions. You can be part of the race by volunteering. The last page in the Kassette has all the details about the positions needed and contact information for Jerry Daily our Goldcoast Volunteer Chairman. This is one of those events that once you attend you will be back the following year. I hope you and your family had a great holiday and are looking forward to a special PCA year. We are hosting Zonefest at Sebring and celebrating our 50th Anniversary as a PCA club later in the year I am beginning my 7th year as Editor and would like to thank all of the staff and contributors who have provided the articles and photos during that time. I welcome articles from our members that are placed in the “From our Members” section. If you have a Porsche related story or just completed your first Autocross, send us your article that can be shared with other members. Happy New Year


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CONTACT ED KOHLY Office: 954.736.2716 | Cell: 954.292.6238



We would like to welcome the following new PCA members to Gold Coast Region. Esteban Abreu Broward 2013 Panamera

Lynn Cambest Miami-dade 2012 911

Philipp Harper Palm Beach 2000 Carrera 4

Priscyla Rodman Palm Beach Associate Member

Christian Anderson Palm Beach 2005 911 C2

Jeff Gillespie Broward 1976 912 E

Jon Hoffberger Broward 2010 Carrera S

Anat & Meir Schwartz Broward 2001 Boxster S

Chuck Bale Palm Beach 2013 Boxster

Max Granofsky Palm Beach Family Member

Nestor Javech Miami-dade 1972 911

Tom Ziegler Broward 2008 911

Marina & Ricardo Bellino Miami-dade 2007 911 4S

Jens Hardenburgh Broward 2010 Boxster

Al Martinez Palm Beach 2013 911

Jef Berkum Palm Beach 2008 Boxster S

Claudia Hardenburgh Miami-dade Associate Member

Gladys Navarro Family Member

IsÿPleasedÿtoÿAnnounceÿ IsÿPleasedÿtoÿAnnounceÿ

EmilyÿSantiago HasÿjoinedÿtheÿBramanÿPorscheÿTeam HasÿjoinedÿtheÿBramanÿPorscheÿTeam 8ÿYearsÿPorscheÿExperience 8ÿYearsÿPorscheÿExperience UnmatchedÿCustomerÿService UnmatchedÿCustomerÿService HighÿCustomerÿSatisfactionÿRatings HighÿCustomerÿSatisfactionÿRatings Genuine,ÿWelcomingÿandÿExperienced Genuine,ÿWelcomingÿandÿExperienced MultipleÿSalespersonÿofÿtheÿYearÿAwards MultipleÿSalespersonÿofÿtheÿYearÿAwards

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GCR Holiday Awards Party

Photos by Richard Diiaz

2013 Officers and Board of Directors

Michael Grant receives President’s Cup from Steve Kidd

Thanks to everyone who attended our annual holiday party at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel located at Deerfield Beach. For those members that brought a Toy’s for Tots gift a heartfelt thank you. Members that arrived early received a free 48 Hours at Sebring Club Race Polo Shirt. Following the cocktail hour, a fabulous chicken Florentine dinner was served. Music was provided and those attending enjoyed an evening of dancing. Club President Steve Kidd hosted the annual awards ceremony. Awards where presented for Enthusiast of the Year, Family of the Year, Rookie of the year and Autocross points championship. Steve Kidd presented gifts of appreciation to those members that volunteer there time to make GCR a successful club. Election results where announced and new board members where inaugurated. Our new President Michael Grant presented Steve Kidd with a farewell gift of appreciation for all of his hard work and dedication during his tenure. Finally, thanks to everyone for their help and support. Vivian Ortega, Palm Beach Social Chair

Dumkopf Award goes to Alex and Juan Ortega

Goldcoast Chairs receive Presidents gift


Die Porsche Kassette


January 2013

Vivian delivering Goldcoast gifts to Toy For Tots

Roger Fabel receives the Enthusiast Award

Toys for Tots Christmas Gifts

2012 Autocross Trophy Awards

Goldcoast “A” Team Awards

Family of the Year, Steve and Dottie Kidd

January 2013


Die Porsche Kassette


Gunnar Racing Museum Tour

“If you analyse the function of an object, it’s form often becomes obvious.” Prof. F. A. Porsche

Visit our website to see the world’s first automated car lift system.


Die Porsche Kassette


January 2013



Die Porsche Kassette


What is Drivers Education? by Mike Tarter, Chief Instructor

General Info


Let me start by saying what Drivers Ed (DE) is NOT. It is NOT racing. It is NOT a demolition derby for Porsches. And, it is (in general) NOT harmful to a Porsche.

Let me start again by saying what Drivers Ed is NOT: It is NOT Racing. It is NOT a demolition derby for Porsches. And, it is (in general) NOT harmful to a Porsche.

Drivers Education (DE) is an opportunity for those of us who are not race car drivers to drive our Porsches at speed on a real race track. In DE we acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to drive our Porsches at high speed, for the enjoyment of it. And that’s the real goal, to have safe high speed fun; if it stops being fun we can pull off the track at any time (well, preferably in the right place). And when you drive in enough DEs, you really become a different, better driver. You develop a set of skills and reflexes that to some extent are useable in our daily driving on the interstates.

Safety is our highest priority. Followed by having fun. None of us would consider car damage or injury as having fun, so we take great precautions to ensure a safe event.

Each DE is also a social event. We drive on track for 1-2 hours a day (instructors drive with a student, so their track time is double that), but the rest of the time is ours to wander through the parking area (paddock) and schmooze with about 100 other Porsche enthusiasts and their nice cars. It’s an enjoyable day filled with friends with a common interest. This alone makes DEs worth going to, and even if you are not driving in the DE you are always welcome to come out and spend the day with us. Is DE safe? Safety is our highest priority, followed by having fun. None of us would consider car damage or any injury as having fun, and we take great precautions to ensure a safe event. It is as safe as we can make it, while driving cars at high speed on a racetrack. We take extensive precautions to ensure safety, but ultimately it is each driver that has control of their car. We help each driver gain an understanding of their car and what it can do, the instructors provide the knowledge and feedback to develop and improve skills, and we conduct the entire event in a controlled fashion. We have had very few incidents in over 28 years of DE events here in Gold Coast, mostly just bent metal. We’ll work hard to keep it that way. In Part 2, I’ll discuss more of the aspects of safety precautions. Is DE “hard” on the cars? Well, for non-Porsches, yes. DE does put some wear on tires and brakes, of course, and I’d recommend more frequent service intervals when you run DE events. But, it is RARE that we blow an engine or something. In such cases, it’s usually because somebody shifted down a gear instead of up, and overrevs the engine (yup, been there, done that, oop$$). At the end of a DE, most of us are pretty tired; we’ve been up since dawn, and the adrenalin / endorphin high we’ve been on most all day has caused fatigue. But it takes days to get the grin off my face. You, driving your Porsche on a racetrack – who would have thought it possible? Yeah, my kind of fun. We have room for yours. See ya there. 16

Die Porsche Kassette


January 2013

It starts with the registration process. You have to register several weeks before an event. Nope, you can’t just “show up” and ask to run, you will be politely declined. Why? Safety. There is a great deal you need to read and learn about before setting out on a race track; so we decline last minute entries. Our Registrar will contact you to confirm the registration, and point you to our website to read many pages of information about high speed driving technique, event operating procedures, signal flags meaning (what does a waving yellow flag mean??), car control, etc. You need to read these carefully, understand, and remember them. This information, common to all our drivers, is a large part of what keeps our events safe. Read all the information on the website, several times, and study the track diagram Also on the website is a safety Technical Inspection form. Take your car to your favorite Porsche service shop and have them “tech inspect” and / or prepare the car. The shop will inspect critical systems on your car for safe high speed driving. Example: they will examine your brake pads for adequate material for hard use. Example: they should ask when the brake fluid was last changed. If it was not changed recently, or since the last track event, it needs to be flushed with fresh high-grade fluid. If you or the shop did not change it, that shop should not sign off on your car. Why??? Safety. Here’s an example; I do not want you in the position of going down the main straight of a racetrack at 125+ mph, getting to the braking point, and discovering your brake pedal mushes to the floor because old brake fluid got hot and boiled. The results get bad from that point, quickly. Fresh brake fluid has less moisture in it and a higher boiling point – so we make it a part of our safety technical inspection. Many shops will do a safety Tech Inspection free, but let’s be reasonable, if they flush your brakes or perform other track prep service, expect to pay them for their services. Is DE safe? As I’ve noted before, safety is our highest priority, followed by having fun. It is as safe as we can make it, while driving cars at high speed on a racetrack. We take extensive precautions to ensure safety, but ultimately it is each driver, YOU, that has control and responsibility for their car. We help each driver gain an understanding of their car and what it can do, the instructors provide the knowledge and feedback to develop and improve skills, and we conduct the entire event in a controlled fashion. C’mon out and play with your toy!



Let me start by saying what Drivers Ed is NOT: It is NOT Racing. It is NOT a demolition derby for Porsches. And, as I’ve noted before, safety is the highest priority, followed by having fun. Safety is partly ensured by proper preparation.

Drivers Education (DE) is an opportunity for those of us who are not race car drivers to drive our Porsches at speed on a real race track. In DE we acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to drive at high speed, for the enjoyment of it. And that’s the real goal, to have high speed fun – no trophies or prizes, just enjoyment. When you run enough DEs, you really become a different, better driver – let me describe that change. But first a repeat - Safety is the highest priority, followed by having fun.

Ok, what do we do? Let’s start with a novice DE driver. You start by registering several weeks before an event. Then go to our website and read the pages of information about high speed driving technique, event operating procedures, signal flags meaning (what does a waving yellow flag mean??), car control, etc. You need to read these carefully, understand, and remember the information. Also on the website is a schedule, and a list of required and suggested items. A helmet is the only absolutely required additional safety equipment; any stock Porsche (except an older Cabrio without a pop-up roll bar) in good condition is acceptable for DE. If you are a novice, please note the requirement for a helmet, specifically a helmet with a Snell SA or SM 2005 or 2010 rating. You might be able to borrow one from another PCA member, but personally I’d suggest buying one (hint: really good Fathers Day, birthday, Christmas presents). Check ads in Pano, websites like “” for prices, but a Snell rated open face (my personal preference) helmet can cost about $150 (GF750, for example). Please note that DOT rated motorcycle helmets (even expensive ones with snazzy graphics) are not acceptable. Read all the information on the website, several times, study the track diagram, and get your car “pre-teched” and prepared by a shop. OK, you passed Tech, you have a helmet, you’ve read all the information and you are at least somewhat informed of what goes on and how to do it. Arrive at the track early. After we sign waivers and get final Registration info, we will be going into the track and unload everything from our cars. Take your car to the Final Tech area, then get over to the Drivers Meeting. After the drivers meeting we match up all students with their instructor for the day, then all students are required to join a meeting with the Chief Instructor, usually about 9 AM. This meeting usually lasts about an hour; it covers both safety instructions and general fundamentals of high speed driving. Attend this “ground school’ every event that you are a student driver. Usually you will have three or four 20 to 30 minute run sessions on track (check the schedule, be on time). Meet up with your assigned instructor several minutes before going on track, it’s important. Usually your instructor will drive your car for the first 2-3 laps of the first session, sometime 2; these are to acquaint you with the track. They will talk you around the track, pointing out braking points, apexes, track out points, manned corner stations, etc., and quite frankly check the operation of your car. Then you drive for the rest of each session.

I’ve noticed several phases of learning that take place in DE. In the first several DEs you attend, you’ll be trying to recall what you read, absorb instruction, retain and act on a great deal of information. It is an awful lot to remember, and many of us recall feeling “information overload”. You are both learning and at the same time trying to process and use that information, and that takes time. But after a couple DEs, this information becomes a set of learned responses. You’ll become accustomed to checking mirrors for following cars, checking gauges, looking for warning flag conditions at the corners ahead, pointing by an overtaking car for a safe pass, shifting up through the gears, spotting for the next braking point and applying progressive braking. And all this within typically 10-15 seconds per straight. The second phase (Blue group) is where we see you have mastered the knowledge basics, and you are now comfortable working on the skillset of smooth high speed driving. You will still have instructors to both observe and help improve your technique. In this phase you will master the timing, physical skills and coordinated control inputs (we refer to these as “smoothness”) that make you a skillful high speed driver. Your speeds will increase as you develop skills, and for most of us so does the fun. When your instructors believe you are ready, typically 6-12 DE days, we will have another instructor take a “check ride” with you and evaluate your driving for promotion to Solo status. Solo is a big step; you are going to be turned loose on a racetrack, alongside other drivers of very fast cars, by yourself. Hey, we are going to be out on track with you; our safety obviously party depends on you. We have to be certain that you understand and apply a great deal of knowledge, that your driving skills are well enough developed and coordinated, in short that you be safe on track with us as you develop reflexes. That is the learning that happens in Solo – the things you had to remember, to think about, now become a form of reflex. In this phase the thing to do is to get lots of seat time, pound on the miles, let the reflexes develop and the skills become honed. And, oh by the way, it’s a blast to whip a Porsche around a racetrack. The instructors and managers of our track events will be watching you, and when we think you may be good enough and ready, we’ll invite you to one of our next Instructor Schools. (continued on page 29)

January 2013


Die Porsche Kassette


January 2013


Die Porsche Kassette


Now Open for Business Quality repair and Paint work Featuring Glasurit Water Based Paints Owned and operated by long time PCA members

GCR Gimmick Rally by Dottie Kidd What a beautiful day for a Gimmick Rally! December 1st was one of the first Gold Coast rallies in a long time. The day started with coffee and donuts, followed by a rally class taught by Bob and Pat Ricker, the Rally Masters, and was graciously hosted by Foreign Affairs in Pompano. Thanks to the Varela boys for their hospitality. Louis Molina was there from Vets Helping Heroes as we had some Club Race shirts to sell for charity. Cars started pulling out one minute apart to begin their adventure, driving throughout Broward County following route instructions, and answering Jeopardy questions as clues to be sure they were on the right track and try to win fake money.

The final instruction was “pull into Champion Porsche on Copans Road” where we were greeted by the Porsche sales team and were treated to a wonderful lunch buffet. Our members had a chance to relax and laugh about their trials and tribulations on the rally while the Rally Master was tallying up their scores to find the first, second and third place winners, and for one team the last place. Trophies were presented and Champion Porsche had beautiful shirts for the Drivers and Navigators. Additionally the group got the inside scoop from Jim Hahn, Sales Manager, on the facility expansion to be completed by next fall at Champion Porsche as well as

Dottie Kidd checks in Rally cars

test drives in the latest Porsche models. Gold Coast was thrilled to have four teams from Space Coast come down to join our Gimmick Rally, but they apparently have had more practice than we have! Everyone was a winner and found their way to the ending location, but top place went to: 1st: Jason and Kate Breitfeller -Space Coast Region 2nd” Steve Kidd and Mike Grant – Gold Coast Region 3rd: Scott Shrader and Michael Smiles – Space Coast Region “Better Luck Next Time” was proudly presented to Tyler Nelson and Kara Fritz (Also from Space Coast Region)

Champion Porsche was the finish point

Goldcoast Presidents, Past Past, Past, and Present

Bob and Pat Ricker, Rally Masters checking points

Guards Red was well represented

Jim Hahn, Sales Manager and Dan Smithyman

January 2013


Die Porsche Kassette


48 Hours at Sebring - 2013 20th Anniversary

Preparations are well underway for the upcoming event and with this being the 20th Anniversary race, you can be assured this year’s Club Race will surpass last year’s event and far exceed your expectations. The dates for the event are January 31, 2013 through February 3, 2013. Registration for race weekend volunteers is now open at Advanced Solo registration opens Friday, November 23rd at 8:00 p.m. sharp. Racer registration will open in early December. Keep checking the website for further information. As we are expecting a full roster, racers and advanced solo drivers new to this event should establish an account in advance at, which will enable you to register quickly when driver registration opens. We are fortunate to have the full support of our great sponsors, drivers and dedicated committee members, along with our wonderful Volunteers. Volunteers are the most important piece of the equation. In order to have a successful event, two hundred Volunteers are needed in various shifts throughout the weekend in areas such as Timing & Scoring, on-site Registration, Starting Grid, Tech Inspection & Scales, Corner Workers, Goodie Store, Pit Marshalls, Hospitality, Runners and Golf Cart Coordinator. The real excitement is in playing the game. As mentioned in the earlier article, being ‘ in the trenches’ puts you next to the cars and drivers. So, don’t be an observer, be a participant by Volunteering for a race weekend at Sebring International Raceway that you will remember forever. Job descriptions for the various specialties may be found at under the Volunteers tab. Should you have any questions, direct Volunteer inquiries to Jerry Daily at, Advanced Solo questions to Page Obenshain at, Autocross Challenge questions to Steve Kidd at Racer registration questions to me, Dennis Wojcik at, and general race weekend inquiries to Dan Smithyman, Club Race Co-Chairman at

Gold Coast Volunteers

Dennis Wojcik Race Registrar - 48 Hours at Sebring 22

Die Porsche Kassette


Contact Jerry Daily 561 307-6698

January 2013

Porsche Classified Autocross & Track Trailer For Sale

1985 911 Carrera, 127,933 miles

Fully Enclosed, Manufactured, Autocross and Track Trailer designed originally to be towed by a Porsche 944 Turbo, LED Lighting, Meets all DOT requirements, Extra big wheels and tires, undercoated, mud flaps, slat and base board interior, speed tested at over 100 mph (by a guy I know), wheeled tongue stand makes it easy push around by hand, water tight and secure, built with 2” standard ball mount. Located near Ft. Lauderdale, available at the State Championships. First $500.00 takes it. David Schnoerr, Cell 786-459-5627,

Weekend car solely, immaculately kept. Bought car at 88,000 miles, full records available, approximately $20,000 invested in car since purchased. $22,000. Call Todd Power - 954-648-3802

Porsche 997 S Lobster Claw Wheels Part No. Front BBS-99736215600, Porsche Price New $1,407.25 ea. 19”X8” ET 57 Offset Part No. Rear BBS-99736215606 Porsche Price New $1,585.51 ea. 19”X11” ET 67 Offset Blemished $1400.00

Porsche 2008 Carrera S

This is a Certified Preowned Porsche 2008 Carrera S with 32,600 miles. I have verified with Porsche that the warranty is transferrable to a private party. Warranty covers the car to midMay 2014 and I had the major service performed a few months back. The car is truly in excellent condition both inside and out and has tons of extras. MSRP when new was just shy of $100k with special attention paid to the little details. Here are just a few of the options that make this Porsche unique: Supple Leather Front/Rear ($395), Thicker Steering Wheel ($930), Storage Compartment Lid w/ Model Logo ($295), Gear Lever/Hand Brake Special ($2,130), Porsche Crest in Headrest ($270), Seat Belts Guards Red ($540), Special Red Stitching Throughout ($2,810) F/R seats, Dashboard, Door, Door Handle, Center Console, Rear Seats and Panels, Black Full Leather ($3,365), More options. Asking $59,000, Contact Derrick at 786-351-0984 or email

2004 911 Turbo Cabriolet #WPOCB29974S675195, Atlas Grey Metallic/Grey/Grey, 6-spd, 13,482 mi. Florida car owned by Porsche concourse judge, multiple concourse winner, NAV, 6 CD remote player, driver and passenger lumbar support, headrest crests, door sill insignias, carbon fiber and wood interior, garaged, covered, Schumacher battery charger, MORE!!!. $160,000+ MSRP. $67,500. Ron Meyers, Weston, FL. 954-873-7442

Ads are free to GCR-PCA members. Non-member ads: $25 for each 25 words. E-mail ads to: with subject line of PCA-Classified. Deadline for ads is the same as articles, the 1st of the month. Ads will also be posted on our web site.

January 2013


Die Porsche Kassette


Protect your investment Protect investment from theyour inside out from the inside out with AMSOIL synthetic with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, filters and motor oils, filters and performance products. performance products. For Formore moreinformation information Check the Yellow please contact Pages – OILS, LUBRICATING – Bruce D. Chadwick for your nearest Dealer or 561.317.0761 call 1-800-777-8491

Fisher Bendeck Ad Porsche Club Mag 2/12:FBA


4:08 PM

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3/17/10 3:57 PM

simple solution for your complex divorce.

Advertise in the PCA national award winning Escape Velocity

Jeffrey D. Fisher, Esq. Odette M. Bendeck, Esq.

Fisher & Bendeck, P.A.

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Board Certified Marital a n d Fa m i ly L aw A t t o r n e y s 501 South Flagler Drive, Suite 450 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Tel. 561.832.1005


For information visit: VOLUME 6, ISSUE 1

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.


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January 2013


ZoneFest 2013 In conjunction with GCR’s 50th Anniversary Memorial Day Weekend May 24 - 27, 2013

Never been to a “fest” or multi-region event… Want to know more?

Sebring International Raceway Chateau Élan as the Host Hotel Check our web site regularly for Zonefest 2013 and 50th Anniversary updates

It’s a fun filled, Porsche inspired holiday weekend that includes: Friday: registration, concours prep, hospitality & snacks and an ice cream social Saturday: concours, rally, an after rally keg party and buffet dinner Sunday: a challenging tech quiz and autocross @ Sebring racetrack & banquet Monday (Memorial Day): DE/track day at Sebring racetrack Just want to relax??…We’ll also have noncompetitive family and kids activities

Check out the Zonefest section on or call Steve/Dottie @ 954 946-3196

Support our sponsors…for more information go to

Are you Living a Life by Design? Call Carl Today! 954-253-4105

Residential Homes Commercial Properties Investment Real Estate Luxury Specialists Foreclosure Specialist Short Sale Specialist

Real Estate is Just Like your Porsche… You Don’t Let Just Anyone Handle Your Asset! Your Local Real Estate Professionals Specialize in 3 Counties, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade.

Carl Van Eyssen Kendall Local Sales Agent

954-253-4105 RemaxWilliams PreferredRealty Keller

2810 E Oakland Park Blvd Suite 200 Boca Raton, Oakland Park,FLFL33431 33306

2424 N. Federal Hwy #318,


Die Porsche Kassette


January 2013


Open a CD account today—online or by phone!



Mention Offer Code: PORSCHE3

CD | IRA CDs | Money Market Accounts | Online Savings Accounts Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Applies to personal accounts only. Advertised CD rate is valid as of 11/20/12 and subject to change daily without notice. Rate applies to a 24-month term. A penalty might be charged for early CD withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. 2 Per depositor, per ownership category. 3 (2Q-2012), Safe & SoundŽ Ratings. Š2012 Discover Bank. Deposit accounts offered through Discover Bank, Member FDIC.



January 2013


Die Porsche Kassette

Discover Bank


Porsche History: Miracle at Avus

by Rodger Hawley

von Frankenberg/ Type 764 “Mickey Mouse”, West Berlin at the Avus Ring on Sept. 16th 1956. Just another black and white photo until one notices the small silver car flying thru the air. Upon closer examination one can see the out -stretched body of the driver falling to the ground as the tumbling car continues to crash down the side of the hill where it finally lands and bursts into flames. If you are asking yourself - who is the driver, what happened, what type of car is that, then this picture is truly worth a thousand words. The car is a Porsche, a very special Porsche. Officially known as the Type 764, quickly earning the nickname of “Mickey Mouse” from the very same man you see falling out of it. A version of the 550 Spider immortalized by the actor James Dean after he met a premature death behind the wheel of his 550 Spyder September 30th, 1955. The Mickey Mouse was a prototype, only one was constructed and after this incident the car was a total loss and no others were produced. In true Porsche fashion it was a design that pushed the envelope. Looking to build a faster car the engineering idea was to decrease the frontal area which would allow the Mickey Mouse to be faster than the current 550A. Testing proved Mickey was 4 miles per hour faster than the existing 550A but the speed came with a price, narrowing the front track and shortening the wheelbase proved the car to be very tricky to drive at full speed. So Mickey was not named because it was small or looked like a mouse, it was more a reaction the handling which was a bit….. “Mickey Mouse”. The pilot of this flying Porsche was Richard von Frankenberg. von Frankenberg escaped this horrific accident with only minor injuries and that was the Miracle at Avus. von Frankenberg began working for Porsche around 1950 as the individual who would build a public relations department for Porsche. So why was he in this racecar flying off the track in 1956 if he was a journalist? Von Frankenberg was very insightful and along with his longtime friend Erich Strenger the idea of creating an in-house magazine to speak to all Porsche friends was developed. In July 1952 the first 28

Die Porsche Kassette


January 2013

edition of Christophorus was produced and continues today as the premier magazine produced by a car manufacturer. von Frankenberg was the editor of this fledging Porsche PR magazine and always strived to have great content to engage the ever growing Porsche owners. One day he decided that a great story would be to drive a car to Rome, leaving at the same time as the express train. In those days the men at Porsche worked with a lot of creativity and shortly thereafter von Frankenberg and the photographer Julius Weitmann were down at the train station ready to race the train to Rome in their Porsche. Of course they beat the train to Rome and soon von Frankenberg realized that he could drive the small Porsche cars with great ability. When Porsche began to race their cars they needed fearless drivers that would produce the much needed victories no matter the obstacle. Money was in short supply so when von Frankenberg was found to be a suitable driver he found his way onto the factory Porsche werks team racing the fabled Spyders, still known as the Giant Killers for the successes they had against cars with much bigger engines. Two class victories at LeMans, and many other victories later von Frankenberg retired as a racecar driver in 1960 having established himself as one the greatest drivers of the 550 Spyder. With all the new found time von Frankenberg continued to bring Porsche stories to all the Porsche friends through out the world with insightful stories in Christophorus, TV commentary and various books he wrote. Tragically Richard von Frankenberg died Nov 13, 1973 – falling victim to a traffic accident on the autobahn as a result of an error from another driver. Photo by Julius Weitmann Bibliography Raskin, Lee, James Dean: At Speed Ludvigsen, Karl, Excellence was Expected Strenger, Erich, Christophorus, Vol. #107

Help Wanted What is Drivers Education (Continued from page 17)

You think you’ve learned a lot to this point? Well, when you try to convey to a novice driver everything you have learned, all that they need to know and do, you relearn it all. As an instructor, you’ll relearn it all and learn a great deal more; all the classroom sessions, the books and articles you’ve read, the tech talks, the on-track instruction and practice – somehow all this information settles in and makes sense. If you’re like some of us instructors, you’ll genuinely enjoy the process of transforming rookies into vastly better drivers. And if you are like most of us, you’ll realize at some point that you have been transformed too. Imagine – driving your Porsche on a racetrack……

Autocross chair/registrar Individual or family to be the point person for GCR's autocross program. You will get great training and lots of assistance at each event! Ideal candidates would be husband and wife, or father and son/daughter team to run a 7 event per year series. Should be very computer literate and willing to learn timing/scoring programs as well as have the ability to see that equipment/trailer gets to from the site. There is lots of help available from experienced autocrossers and this is a great way to contribute. For more information contact Alex Jr. (561)847-1876 or Steve/ Dottie 954 946-3196.

January 2013


Die Porsche Kassette


Tech Corner: This article is Shocking! Article by Pedro P. Bonilla, Tech Editor

A car’s suspension is the link between the road and the car. Its job is to reduce the vibrations from the wheel and the car body caused by the road surface and steering. The suspension encompasses many different parts such as strut support, bearings, springs, shock absorbers, connecting rods, stabilizers, axle and wheel supports, wheel bearings, suspension arms, brakes, rims, tires final drives and steering. First, the springs connect the unsprung masses to the sprung mass of the vehicle. They cushion the effects of the road surface but left to themselves the car’s body would just bounce up and down every time we drive over an uneven surface. In order to reduce the “springiness” shocks are introduced to the equation. Your car’s shocks, or more correctly, shock absorbers, limit excessive suspension movement but their main purpose is to dampen the suspension’s spring oscillations. And then there are also struts. The difference between them is that shocks merely dampen motion, while struts also act as a piece of the suspension. Struts are generally heavier and stronger than shocks, but today the two words are almost interchangeable.

Shock absorbers are basically hollow tubes (cylinders) with pistons which use valving of oil and/or gases to absorb excess rebound energy from the springs. Some also have pressurized gas to keep the oil under pressure which helps eliminate the “shock dissolve” caused by the oil overheating and changing its dampening characteristics.

When the suspension “BUMPS”, the piston moves down in the tube. This forces the hydraulic oil through the bump-valve. The smaller the diameter of the valve, the more the shock resists the bump. On a “REBOUND”, the piston moves up and hydraulic oil is forced through the rebound-valve. These diagrams are an oversimplification of what is included in our Porsches. The struts and shocks in modern Porsches are true engineering marvels. 30

Die Porsche Kassette


January 2013

The Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) Option, for example, uses sensors which record the body movements that accompany powerful acceleration, braking or uneven road surfaces and actively and continuously regulates the damping force for each individual wheel according to road conditions and driving style. The driver can select between two different modes: Normal and Sport. In the Sport Mode, the suspension is set to a harder damping rate. If the road surface is uneven or rough, PASM automatically switches to a softer setting thereby improving contact between the tires and the road. When the road surface improves, it hardens the setting one more. We always get the question: “When do I have to replace my shocks?” My answer is when the oil leaks out of the tubes, then you replace them. A little seepage is normal for older shocks and struts, and that doesn’t indicate a need to replace, unless there are other symptoms, but if the entire unit is wet or dripping with oil, replacement is indicated.

If you notice excessive bouncing this is an indication that the shock is not damping the springs’ movements and is generally an indication of bad shocks. But note that: 1.- Neither shocks nor struts will make a car lean. Leaning is generally caused by a broken spring or another suspension problem. 2.- Neither shocks nor struts cause vibration when driving at speed. Vibrations are caused by tires/rims that are not round or by out-of-balance rotating components. 3.- Scalloped tires are rarely caused by worn shocks or struts. Scalloped or chopped tires generally result from a bad wheel alignment or out-of-round tires/rims, but keep in mind that out of round tires or rims can damage the struts or shocks. To learn more about Porsche Shocks, Struts and more, please visit my website at: Happy Porscheing,


©2012 Technolab /

January 2013


Die Porsche Kassette


Florida Fancy Feasts Place chickens in deep kettle; add water, sherry, salt, curry powder, onion and celery. Cover and bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer for one hour. Remove from heat, strain broth; refrigerate chicken and broth at once. When chicken is cool, remove meat from bones, discard skin. Cut meat into bite-size pieces. Rinse mushrooms and pat dry; slice and sauté in butter until golden, about 5 minutes, stirring constantly. (Reserve enough whole caps to garnish top of casserole; they may be sauteed along with sliced mushrooms.) Measure broth; use as part of liquid for cooking rice, following directions for firm rice on the package. Combine chicken, mushrooms and rice in 9x13 inch pyrex baking dish. Blend sour cream and mushroom soup and toss with chicken rice mixture. Arrange reserved mushroom caps over top of casserole. Cover; refrigerate (overnight, if desired). To heat, bake, covered, at 350° for 1 hour. It may be completely prepared and frozen ahead of time. Serves 8 to 10. Best if made ahead. Don’t bake before freezing

Katherine LaRosa, North Florida Region

Broiled Fish With Almonds Recipes from “Florida Fancy Feasts Zone 12, PCA” Selected recipes are reproduced from the above cook book. A few copies of this vintage (1986) cookbook are available from the Goodie Store. Contact Mike Joffee at 954-476-6006. Joyce F. Minnich

Sherried Chicken-Wild Rice Casserole 2 (3lb.) whole broiler-fryer chickens 1 c. water 1 c. dry sherry 1 ½ tsp. salt ½ tsp. curry powder 1 medium onion, sliced ½ c. celery

1 (10 ½ oz.) cream of mushroom soup 1 lb. fresh mushrooms ½ c. butter or margarine 2 (6 oz.) pkg. Uncle Ben’s long grain and wild rice with seasonings 1 c. commercial sour cream

Filets of fish or fish steaks Salt Pepper Paprika Flour Juice of ½ lemon for each filet

Sliced, blanched almonds sautéed in little butter Sprigs of parsley Aluminum foil or Pyrex baking pan (shallow)

Lay pieces of fish in shallow Pyrex baker or in aluminum foil with foil rolled up at sides to hold in juices. Sprinkle with a little flour, salt, pepper and paprika. Place under broiler just long enough to set seasonings. About 1 minute. Remove and set out at room temperature. Add little water to lemon juice and set aside.. Place pat of butter on each piece of fish, and put fish back under broiler for a few seconds to melt the butter. Take out of oven. Pour lemon juice water over each piece of fish. Place fish back under broiler for about 7 or 8 minutes. Total cooking time should be no more than 10 minutes unless fish is very thick. Keep basting fish, with the seasoned lemon juice which surrounds the pieces, every few minutes. When fish is done, remove from oven. Spoon the sautéed almonds over each piece. Remove to serving dish and garnish with parsley.

Hetty B. Petersen

January 2013


Die Porsche Kassette


Worried about IMS failure?

We have the IMS Guardian DIY Kit in stock, ready to ship. The only engine pre-failure warning system on the market for M96/M97 Porsche engines The Kit includes a step-by-step DVD installation guide Call 954.385.0330 technolab/pedrosgarage Florida Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI)

FREE DIY tutorials and technical info on our website.

technolab PedrosGarage

We also offer: ECU Tuning, Bored TBs,HID/LED Performance Parts, Brake Caliper Restoration & Painting, AX & DE Magnetic Bras and Numbers, much more. 954.385.0330 •

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PCA members All ads are prepaid. Please check web site for more details and contact the Editor with questions.


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January 2013

Pedros Garage.............................................34 Porsche Dedign Tower Miami...............14,15 SoftSide Trim..............................................31

All we need is you!

I can’t believe that January 31 2013-February 3 2013 will be our 20th running of the 48-HOURS-At-Sebring. It has grown into the largest PCA Club Race in the country. In the first two days of registration we signed up over 130 Advanced Solo drivers and 235 racers. This means we will need you more than ever. Why should you care? The Club race raises thousands of dollars for charity’s (Ronald McDonald House) each year and provides the Gold Coast and Suncoast regions funds to support Socials, Drivers Ed and AutoX programs and help local charities. From a what’s in it for me, you get a nice T-Shirt, free lunch and free Friday night beer and wine party. You also just might Meet someone who just won the Daytona 24 Hour race or past winners of Daytona 24, Sebring 12 Hour or Le Mans 24 Hour or maybe someone who has won them all. For sure you will not find a better gathering of Porsches and Porsche people anywhere.

What can you do to help? The Grid, we have a lot of people returning from last year to work the grid, but we still need a few more for each day.

You need to be in good shape as it entails a lot of standing and walking. Your primary responsibilities are. 1.Helping get each car in its assigned spot based on information on a timing sheet provided by Timing & Scoring. 2.Doing a quick check of the car to make sure that it is not dripping any liquids, engine & trunk lids are closed and secured, etc. 3.Check the driver to ensure that he or she are buckled in, helmet on and secured. Timing and Scoring, we need about 5 more volunteers each day, you will assist the stewards in identifying the cars as they go past the start finish line to verify that their timing equipment is working properly. You will also assist in the preparation of the timing sheets for distribution to the grid. This is a nice comfortable inside job but is the heart beat of the race. Tech and Scales, we need a couple more volunteers each day to help check Advanced Solo group cars for tire pressure, Torque lug nuts and check helmets, brake lights. Thursday and Friday are the busiest days for tech. Scales are open Friday through Sunday. The race cars are weighed on the scales to make sure they are the proper weight for their car and class. Volunteers are needed to push the cars on the scales. The Corners, we still have quite a few corners with no volunteers assigned, Working the corners is a fun and action packed assignment. Each corner throughout the track is manned by 1-2 professional SCCA corner workers. Here we assign a maximum of 2 volunteers to each corner to assist the SCCA corner worker. We have many volunteers who return each year and request a specific corner or corner worker. There is no better way to get closer to the action unless you are actually driving!! The responsibilities for the corner are, 1.You are an extra set of eyes and ears for the SCCA corner worker, helping observe the activities on the track 2.In the event of an incident the corner worker may ask you to hold or wave the appropriate flag. 3.Assist with any reporting of an on track incident. Notes. At no time would you go over the wall! ,Long pants and closed shoes are required. ,Please do not wear colors that would be confused as a flag, for example red or yellow. White or the 48 Hour t-shirt are perfect. Pit Marshalls, This is a Sunday only job which starts around 10:00 AM with a meeting with the steward. This position is needed during the Enduro. Each driver is required to make a 5 minute pit stop during the each Enduro. We need at least 12 people to observe the pit stops. The responsibilities for Pit marshals are,1.Observe and report to PCA scrutinizer any spilled fuel etc. 2.Observe and report any crew member over the wall without proper equipment 3.Make sure that the maximum number of crew over the wall is not exceeded. 4.Enforce all rules as instructed by PCA Scrutinizers. Notes. Long pants and closed shoes are required. Training will be provided by PCA officials. Miscellaneous Positions. We need 6 volunteers to help with the Saturday night auction, this is where we raise the most money for the charities. We need a few other volunteers to take on whatever task that may come up. To Volunteer go to For more information please contact Jerry Daily or Joe Shukys

Die Porsche Kassette 648 N W 100 Lane Coral Springs, FL 33071


Please deliver by January 5, 2013


Die Porsche Kassette - Jan 2013  

Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America

Die Porsche Kassette - Jan 2013  

Newsletter of the Gold Coast Region - Porsche Club of America