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Did you know that the City of Kimberley is home to the largest municipal park in British Columbia? The 840-hectare Kimberley Nature Park is located in the foothills of the Purcell Mountain Range, inside City limits. The park is home to more than 50 kilometers of trails linking forested hillsides, panoramic viewpoints, old-growth cedars, and numerous small ponds and streams. The Kimberley Nature Park holds backdrop to a picturesque day out for enthusiasts of all seasons. Walking, running and mountain biking are popular activities during our snow-free seasons, and in the winter you can enjoy snow shoeing, cross-country skiing and fat biking. Even your furry family members are welcome off-leash, but you must ensure they do not harass wildlife or other park users, and that you clean up after them.

Aside from the many trails the Nature Park has to offer, the incomplete list of flora and fauna confirms that the park is home to over 500 species of plants, fungi and lichens, 29 species of mammals, 97 species of birds and 9 species of reptiles and amphibians. You can view the full list on the park website. All this is managed by the non-profit Kimberley Nature Park Society, which has a mandate of conservation, education and recreation. The Society has just released a brand new website, which we highly encourage you to check out!



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52 | A Living Legacy: Kimberley Cominco Gardens Turns 90




W: Jill Christie P: Court Forster It was around 1:30 when Andy casually suggested a trip up The Gray Creek Pass. It felt right, so ten minutes later the family piled enthusiastically into the truck and we headed out. We usually venture up there at least once a season to soak in the smells of the subalpine forests. Normally we would load up with water, snacks, and extra clothes so that we were set for the day and whatever came our way. Alas, this day was a different day. Gray Creek Pass summits at 6,800 feet and is one of the highest mountain passes in Canada. The 90 kilometers of gravel road, called the Gray Creek Forest Service Road, link the East and West Kootenay from Kimberley to Gray Creek and Crawford Bay. It has an average grade of 8% with steepest sections up to 16%. It was intended to accommodate all vehicles and make the drive shorter and more direct from east to west and vice versa. However, it has narrow sections, periodic washouts, and the potential for brushing bumpers with a loaded logging truck is decent. The washbars can be so deep that only a 4x4 can navigate the V-shaped divots and there are often patches of snow well into July. In our experience, all these conditions vary year to year. We are retired tree planters with thousands of kilometers of logging road experience, so this terrain is not foreign to us.



The drive up has beautiful views of the local valleys and crosses through different ecosystems. On route, one can roam the fragrant cedar forests, explore the many cross overs of Ice Worm Creek, stop at the Forestry Recreation Site called Olive Lake (just one kilometer down from the summit), and view beautiful alpine flowers such as massive swaths of glacier lilies. If you travel late enough in the season fireweed coats the slopes in purple cloaks. The air is crisp and nips at your skin in a way that fall temperatures do, even in August. Fragrances of balsam fir waft into and then linger along the linings of your nostrils like the legs on a good glass of wine. To me, this is the smell of Mother Earth’s finest, most exquisite perfume. So there we were, merrily winding our way up, 5000 feet, to the summit. Halfway through the journey I was once again reminded of the commitment the drive entails (which I seem to forget year to year). An hour and forty-five minutes had passed and the chorus of murmured hunger pains started. I cursed myself silently at the mere stupidity of venturing out of the house without a bag full of food. It is pretty much an automatic response for me, who spends ample amount of time outside with two young boys, who do nothing but snack. Well, this day was shaping up differently.

We hopped out of the truck with our adventuring caps on, partly freezing with not enough clothing on and nothing to spare. We headed up the small trail that lines the righthand side of the road. One of the kids noticed the slope that stretched up and out, above the road and suggested that we see what was on top. Andy and I eagerly agreed and with one child keen and the other one not, we started heading up, knowing full well we were ill equipped and full-on hunger meltdowns were imminent! It sort of felt like, “We are already hooped so let’s make the most of this.” With plenty of encouragement, we zigzagged our way up the slope. To my sheer delight, we discovered that the huckleberries were ripe and plentiful which felt like a solution to the rapidly growing hunger issue. Being at higher elevation, the berries were sweet but tiny, perhaps weensy, and to fill any hunger gap, thousands would need to be consumed. It seemed probable that one would burn more fuel in the effort to collect the berries than one could benefit from eating them. But, the psychological element was playing out, and food is food! Needless to say, we ate our way up to the top letting the sweet distraction guide us, berry by berry.




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With the last few steps we had another diversion, the view. In front of us lay the West Arm of Kootenay Lake. It’s deep blue waters shimmered below us unveiling signs of human habitation. To the north, we identified the landscape and mountains that make up the land around Duncan Lake which we have

We chose the west side and descended in a hurry into Gray Creek. It is a steep slope that leads through water bars, around tight corners, and over the South Fork of the Gray Creek River and the Gray Creek proper several times. With the rapid loss of elevation one can witness the changes in

frequented several times. To the east, we saw one gorgeous peak after another. We viewed cols and bowls, all connected by enticing ridges that swooped gradually or skyrocketed with jagged edges. To the south was the grand valley that gently softened and unfolded into the open fertile lands of the Creston Valley. We had a 360-degree view which we all appreciated, empty stomachs and all. It was so inspiring to stand at that summit and try to imagine the history that had unraveled in the cracks and crevasses of these mountains and valleys. It was at that time when the problem of thirst started to settle in. Who leaves their house without full water bottles? I never do. Yet it appeared this day was taking a different turn.

ecosystems. Interestingly, this road is slated to be designated as part of the Trans Canada Trail this year. But no one in our truck cared much about that. We were well beyond conversation, fact sharing, or reasonable behaviour now. Our faithful driver was showing signs of hunger fatigue and this did not improve when we discovered that Gray Creek was closed, as in everything. No general store, no restaurant, no nothing (grumble, rumble). Next stop? Creston! This day was serving us a plethora of unexpected turns.

The human conditions were starting to dwindle rapidly (‘hangry’ times two, with a large third brewing). Repeated phrases like “starving to death,” “my tummy hurts,” and “I feel sick” were now clouding over the space like a cold front up drafting into the formation of a cumulonimbus. I was feeling a little desperate as I dug deep down into my parenting toolbox. Games, berries, rhymes, songs, berries, “whoa, what is that?” distractions, berries, and any other tactics that took the attention away from the discomfort of a hungry and thirsty body. Again, super annoyed with my lack of planning, I was quickly calculating the next two hours of our life together as a family. There was no food or water on board our ship! We crumpled our way back to the truck with dread shadowing closely on our coat tails. The bonus to not cleaning out one’s vehicle regularly is that there is often useful items (minus the freshness factor). Dirty clothing, half-empty water bottles (with very stale water), and if you are really lucky (in this case) edible food bits. As we approached the truck, I was calculating the odds of a score. Turns out, there was a recent cleaning (not by me), so there

We pressed on turning and curving all the way down the east side of the Kootenay Lake. It truly is a beautiful drive, one that always leaves me feeling like I have just been to the West Coast. Cedars and hemlock tower over the road giving a darkened sensation. As a passenger, one is often straining between clusters of trees and bushes to see the water. This is a road that signifies adventure for our family except we are usually traveling north not south. But this was a day unlike others we had experienced on this highway. Many hours later from the time Andy happily announced the idea of going to Gray Creek, we pulled into the fish ‘n chips shop in Creston, giddy with excitement at the prospect of filling our bellies and hydrating our cells. We ordered food, lots of food, and ate to our heart’s content. Nothing like an uncomfortable day feeling hungry and thirsty to develop an appreciation for the luxuries we have in our part of the world. With our guts now uncomfortably full, we chatted and discussed, shared and observed the route from Creston home. In nine hours we travelled 90 kilometers of gravel, 68 kilometers from Gray Creek Pass to Creston and 134 kilometers from Creston to Kimbo. We did not expect this day to unroll the way that it did!

was only one granola bar and a few leftover sips of nasty old water. I divided the goods, by-passing the big man who gave me the look of, “What about me?” The big question now was where is the closest food? East side or west side?





W: Kenton Lane P: Kenny Larkin In Kimberley, wherever you turn, it seems everything is evolving, including the newest opportunity for mountain bikers: the expansion of Bootleg Mountain downhill trails. These new trails, designed and built by the Kimberley Trails Society (KTS), cater to the gnarliest single-track hounds as well as to intermediate riders and familes new to downhill riding. Features progress from fun flow and berms, all the way to sketchy rocky chutes and gap jumps. Each of these three trails provides the rider with unique ways to shred Bootleg Mountain and take in the beauty of St. Marys Valley:





Nimby (Intermediate Level): A machine-built flow trail with

a moderate grade. This trail offers opportunities to progress to more difficult features and lines that can be lapped by either a quick pedal or shuttle up the road. Provides a huge grin for all who ride it.

Snow White (Expert Level): A raw, hand-built black diamond

trail that winds through Bootleg’s subalpine into the lower forest, offering spectacular views of the St. Mary’s valley and the Rockies. Littered with intense lines, gaps, jumps, drops, wood features, and rocky chutes. It delivers a session for the serious rider.

Lower Snow White (Advanced Level): After exiting Snow

White, riders encounter a trail reminiscent of Whistler’s Bike Park, featuring massive berms, off-camber lips, huge tables, gap jumps, and wood cannons. This trail is for the advanced downhill mountain biker. As well, the previously-built Pinch and Roll is open for intermediate to advanced singletrack downhill riders as is E61, a climbing/multi-use trail. This year, KTS is also developing another three Bootleg Mountain trails scheduled to open in 2018. Natural features such as

rock slabs, old mining operations, rock gardens, and St. Mary’s Valley and Rocky Mountain vistas will add to the allure of these trails and cement Kimberley as a premier trail destination in North America. This will be a riding experience not yet seen in Kimberley.

G E T I N V O LV E D W I T H T H E KIMBERLEY TRAILS SOCIET Y The KTS is a volunteer organization that facilitates the protection, maintenance, and development of primarily non-motorised trails in Kimberley and the surrounding area. The KTS relies on the ongoing support of the trail user community to provide volunteer hours and financial contributions. Visit KTS at www.kimberleytrails.org, where you can purchase a lifetime membership and learn how you can contribute to making Kimberley’s trail network one of the best mountain biking destinations in Canada. All of the above trails can be found on the Trailforks App.


June 14th - September 24th Tuesday - Saturday from 11:30am Enjoy Nina & Roland’s daily homemade soup & sandwich special for lunch. And don’t forget to save room for a slice of Roland’s decadent cake.

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The Employment Program of British Columbia is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

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W: Britt Bates P: Court Forster The long weekend sunshine holds steady, heats up the long days – the first that truly feel like summer. In the bright sunlight, things are stirring in the Platzl. A band is getting ready to play, tuning guitars and flicking through a mic check. Already people are gathering and the folding chairs are filling. Not a bad place to be, late on a Sunday morning. Soon the music starts up: sweet, crooning soul with a little funk that starts to build, eventually opening up into full-fledged, upbeat tunes. Almost involuntarily, people stand up and start to dance. The businesses all have their doors propped open, and the music fills the buildings, too. As the day stretches on leisurely, the patios start to fill up. By midday, every table in the Platzl is packed full, and the sounds of laughter and clinking glasses rise into the warm air. There’s a note of celebration floating around. This ain’t no regular small town, you might think, if you happened to be passing through.


It’s no secret that something is blossoming in Kimberley, that some tectonic plates are shifting subtly, and the changes are becoming clear. To find evidence, all one has to do is walk around downtown and notice not only the incredible businesses that have sprung up over the last few years, heralding a new aesthetic and new experience for locals and tourists alike, but also the enlivened energy of the people you meet, chatting to each other on the street, some with excited dogs, others on bikes or skateboards. They seem happy about something. “We bought our condo at the ski hill here nine years ago,” Mike, a resident of Calgary, tells me. “We try to spend six weeks a year here, and we can’t believe the changes that we’ve seen over the past couple of years. Kimberley is starting to feel like a new city.” Mike isn’t wrong. Kimberley wasn’t always enjoying the refreshing livelihood that it is now. There were those years just after the mine closure when Kimberley was finding its footing. There might have been Friday nights you wouldn’t see a soul on the sidewalks. These days, the vibe is a little different. I waited, happily, an hour and a half for a table the other day, a regular old Tuesday evening. And the Platzl gets a great dose of live music and entertainment at the Green Door every Thursday evening, and sometimes even more often than that when the amazing owners aren’t busy cooking up a storm and catering special events all over the Kootenays. Mike’s wife, Donna, nods her head in agreement. “Some of these little shops, I think are like what you’d find on Main Street in Vancouver, or Whyte Ave in Edmonton.” It’s true: no longer do residents have to venture to the city to find what they’re looking for, as these days Kimberley offers a shopping experience that not only fills practical needs, but is also funky and a little unexpected. Take, for example, Arrow & Axe, a throwback to the oldschool General Store. Run by the friendly husband and wife team of Denai and Jarret Bell, this beautiful shop effortlessly blends a hip,

fashion-forward look with the true, outdoorsy nature of the Kootenay lifestyle. From Denai’s stunning, ultra-popular handmade jewelry, to stand-up paddleboards, and so much in between, each item gorgeously displayed feels like an homage to mountains and the people who inhabit them. If you’re hunting for the next gadget for your kitchen or the perfect gift for your favourite chef, The Grater Good has everything you need to celebrate cooking, serving, and eating beautiful meals. Robyn Dixon, a veteran business owner in Kimberley, has curated a gorgeous collection that will help you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. Or take Talaria Footwear & Adornment, which harkens back to the old-school shoe shops and cobblers of yesteryear, where the staff measure your feet for high-quality footwear. Down the road, stylist Jen Mouley runs Velvet Moss, a Kimberley staple that offers up-andcoming fashion trends and effortless beauty. Or maybe you need some gear for your next mountain adventure: check out Purcell Outdoors’ collection of trail running shoes, Ambler hats, camping gear, and more. For unusual gifts and eclectic items, the new kid on the block, KnickerKnacker, is already causing a sensation with its whimsical socks, ukuleles, and ultraluxurious Turkish towels. If you are feeling more earthy, the divine Handz On Evolution will tickle your senses with its hand-selected, fair trade, and eco-conscious body products, jewelry, ponchos, hemp and bamboo clothing, incense, visionary artwork, crystals, and more. It’s not all retail down here though: Kimberley’s downtown has a thriving network of businesses geared toward holistic health and wellness. There’s the popular Meadowsweet Yoga & Wellness, owned and run by the always-lovely Chelsea Boyd Gibson. Chelsea also specializes in crafting beautiful herbal teas and body care products, and is a Registered Massage Therapist to boot. She hosts a plethora of workshops at the Meadowsweet studio, on a wide range of topics, all geared toward community involvement and collaboration.




Olive Oils & Vinegars 778.481.5355

Just up the road from Meadowsweet is One Love Hot Yoga, for the yogis who like to get a sweat on during their practise. Meet up with some friends at Spirit Rock Climbing Center, or head over solo and make some new ones. Just around the corner is Purcell Wellness, the one-woman-show massage clinic run by the talented Jennifer Johnson Welch. Michelle Cubin is the master crafter behind the successful Healing Hollow, which specializes in unique essential oil blends for every need. Still don’t have all your health and well-being boxes ticked? Not to worry. The freshlyminted Zen Mountain Float & Wellness just opened their doors recently, featuring the raved-about float tanks, as well as holistic skin care, spiritual coaching, and an infrared salt room. Need to extend the staycation after your float ends? Head up the road to the even newer Grow - Tea & Elixir Corner, run by Nicola and Alicia Herman, to relax with a delicious handcrafted elixir made of nutritionally-dense herbs and superfoods. Need home decor, blinds or window coverings? Check out Kassa Home & Window. One can’t help but notice the large number of female entrepreneurs Kimberley boasts, all of whom have taken a leap and opened new, thriving businesses that contribute to Kimberley’s lively energy. In case you hadn’t heard, the feminine is alive and well in our little mountain town.

from great places in nature

And some of these inspiring ladies are young; for example, the new owners of Lavish Hair and Beauty Bar in the Platzl. Or take Jill Bentley-Lobban, the manager of Centex, which her family has had for decades. Jill is well known around Kimberley not just for her amazing business and creative ideas, but also for her bright and cheerful personality. To a first-time tourist driving through, Centex might appear to be a regular, run-of-the-mill fuel stop. But it doesn’t take long to realize this place is something special: organic sourdough breads and baked goods fresh out of the oven every day; [stoke] cold-pressed juice; a full espresso bar; the colourful wellspring of freshly-picked produce; and every kind of local, wellness product or superfood you could dream of. It’s more than the products Jill chooses that make Centex so great: it’s also that it’s a bustling community hub. You’re bound to run into people you know, and you can overhear people chatting in line, discussing potential artistic collaborations or the rock climbing trip they’re planning with friends. Also buzzing are Randy and Krista Moody’s bees, and they’re behind the popular wildflower honey that the Moodys sell at their new strorefront, Moody Bee, right in the Platzl. They also make a heavenly lip balm that every local swears by, which is reason enough to visit their shop.




The Sheddiest Place in Town! Sheddy Bingo Sundays *Open for Lunch Food & Drink Specials Open until 1 AM on Weekends Sunny Patio 8 BC Craft Beers on Tap

180 Deer Park Avenue Kimberley BC | theshedkimberley.com | #theshedkimberley Check our website for seasonal hours of operation

Base Camp for Arrow and Axe Eco-Conscious Clothing

For The Makers, The Mystics & Adventurers Alike @arrowandaxe SUMMER 2017



“KIMBERLEY’S DOWNTOWN HAS A THRIVING NETWORK OF BUSINESSES GEARED TOWARD HOLISTIC HEALTH AND WELLNESS.” These aren’t Kimberley’s only creators and crafters: next door is Big Magic Design, a collective of young creatives who specialize in branding, design, and, as you’ll notice in their front window, awesome t-shirt graphics. Across the street, the Kimberley City Bakery boasts beautiful cakes and baked goods, and the creative owners, Michelle and Eric Forbes, who won this year’s coveted Jake the Baker Award, beating out large-city bakeries across Canada, are also responsible for starting Kimberley’s Medieval Festival. Need some artisan cheese or an outstanding home-brewed ginger beer to go with that fresh bread? Look no further than across the street to Ella Harris’ Crème Cheese Shop, housed in the bright orange building. And to top it all off, visit Olives Unstuffed Tasting House, purveyors of a wide variety of specialty olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Or, if you want an amazing latte and a cheerful, comfortable place to catch up with a friend or the daily paper, head to Bean Tree Cafe, a favourite after-school spot for teenagers and pre and post-yoga hangout for their moms. And we cannot forget our long-time confectioner and candy shop, La Lune de Chocolat, with its delectable chocolates, licorice, candied apples, and hard-to-get treats that will take you back to fond memories of childhood. One of the key ingredients in the fountain of success that Kimberley is experiencing is collaboration. It’s the widely-held notion that we’re in it together, here to help each other. The businesses in the foot-traffic-only Platzl conspire to share similar hours and often host special events at the same time. You might catch the fashion-forward retailers staging photo shoots together in the evening sunlight, or hear Kimberley’s creatives chat about their next big project over mochas at the Snowdrift. And all the while, you and I might be on a sunny patio at the Shed or Pedal & Tap or Stonefire Pizzeria, sipping local beers that were crafted just around the corner at Overtime Beer Works. Maybe some friends ride up and park their mountain bikes, tie up their dogs, and join for a spontaneous pint. Nobody’s saying anything, but we all agree. Something, maybe just a little bit of magic, is in the air in Kimberley.


Meetings - Conferences - Weddings - Celebrations Trade Shows - Launches - Sport Training - Tournaments Make your next meeting extraordinarily unconventional. Set within a destination known for exceptional golfing and skiing, and located just 15 minutes away from the Canadian Rockies International Airport, the centre is designed to accommodate conventions and banquets of up to 500 folk. It also offers 4 breakout rooms for smaller meetings, and a pre-function space.

Kimberley, BC, Canada

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W: Asia Incipini P: Asia Incipini & Monica Karaba Huibers The ticket, the check-in, the plane taking off. I had never been more excited. Arriving in Kimberley from Rome felt like a dream. Another world, so different, so wild, my dream place. The giant trees all along the street, the infinite green of the valleys, the deer wandering around not caring about the people or the cars. I was fascinated by the mountains (I’ve always been) and the amazing blue sky. I think my eyes will take on this color of the sky because of gazing at it so often. Everything was new, everything an adventure! During my first weekend here (I arrived last September), my host family took me canoeing and kayaking. I was in the canoe with my host dad and the lake was really choppy. After several waves broadsided the canoe, we ended up in the water. I was in just a t-shirt and it was so cold. But all of us had our life jackets on, so we were fine. That moment felt like my official welcome to Canada! I spent the best time in my life here with fantastic new friends. Together we shared embarrassing moments, loved lying on the ground looking up at the clouds, laughed, danced crazily when no one could see us, painted our faces for Halloween, felt homesick, told each other intimate secrets, had pillow fights, and bonded over many more experiences. When I return home at the end of June, those friends will take a piece of my heart with them, and I’ll take a piece of each of theirs with me. When the first snow came, I felt like a kid in front of a candy shop window, constantly staring out at the little pieces of shaped ice falling from the sky. What I didn’t know at the time was that the same thing that caused so much happiness was going to annoy me after six months. This was my first white Christmas with smoking chimneys and coloured houses. A real Christmas in Santa Claus land! I really like the Canadian school. Here the classes are not only theoretical but they are practical, too! I was really surprised that in the art class I could actually paint! In Italy when we learn about art, we just study artists and their works (paintings, statues, buildings), nothing really fun. But here when they put a brush in my hand, I found my creativity! People were surprised with what I could do and that I had never painted before.





Explore the Store, 2 f loors of more ! COME IN, DROP OFF, LOOK AROUND.


I N V E N T O R Y C H A N G E S D A I LY 380 Wallinger Ave


Open 7 Days a Week



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I also attempted auto class, and only Mr. Scott knows how crazy I drove him with thousands of questions and ideas, but he was always there to answer and help me. I discovered I had an ability with cars even though I had never played with them before. It was like solving a puzzle and I really enjoyed it. I even had a final mark of 96%! Unbelievable.

I sometimes spend my nights here staring at the ceiling asking myself who I am without getting an answer. While the trip changes, does it change us? I think it doesn’t so much change us as it gives us experiences that help us develop and discover new abilities and hobbies so that we understand ourselves better and better.

I also got to play basketball for the first time in my life. For a long time I had wanted to try it, but it’s not that easy in Rome. It is really competitive there and most players have already been playing since they were kids so it is hard to join later on. There was no way I could try as a beginner. But in Kimberley I got to try, and I discovered that I really liked it, fighting against the opposing team and working with my team to get the ball and make a shot. I was so scared the first few times I was on the court; people were running around me in different directions and I didn’t know where to go. But with the help of the coach and my teammates, I was able to learn the game in a short time. My first shot was such an amazing feeling. I had a huge smile and everyone gave me high fives! By the end of the season, I was better than I thought I could be. Our team even classified for the provincials but sadly, I couldn’t go.

Having this year away from my home and family gave me new appreciation for them. I am thankful for how my parents raised me to be independent and for giving me the opportunity to have this amazing experience here in Kimberley. I know that it wasn’t easy for them to say “go” when their hearts just wanted to say “stay.” However, my mum told me once, “You are the children of the world,” so I knew that no matter how far I traveled, I would always have their support.

And just how I challenged myself in art, auto class, and basketball, I’m doing it again by writing this article completely in English! When I first came to Kimberley, my English was really basic and beginner level, so I almost can’t believe that I am doing this now. More of my dreams are becoming reality!

Asia Incipini is on a ten-month international student exchange program in Kimberley. She is staying with the Guimont family and attending 11th grade at Selkirk Secondary School. After a few months of journaling about her experiences in Italian, she noticed that she had started journaling in English. Her next quest was to see if she could write an article for GO Kimberley. She even provided some beautiful photos to accompany her story. Asia will return home to Rome at the end of June.










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W: Alison Ko Placards are placed - Kimberley Farmers’ Market, 5:30 - 7:00. On Thursday nights throughout the summer, Howard Street transforms. Tents line the temporarily closed street. Vendors display locally-grown veggies and baked goods. Artisans and musicians share their passions. As children eye mini donuts and fresh-squeezed juices, lines are formed by people hoping to get a bag of recently-harvested greens or fresh-baked sourdough breads. Pies with lattice crust inspire visions of hosting a dinner party. Vagabond lemon drops, curries, and dumplings are available for sampling. This is our market. A gathering of fresh local talent amidst an enthusiastic and receptive community. The Kimberley Farmers’ Market was birthed in 2014 from a food sustainability initiative led by Wildsight. As the market enters its fourth year, it appears to be making roots in the community. While Wildsight’s initial goal was to support access to local food, much more has been achieved. It goes be-

yond food and safeguarding BC’s agricultural land. The community fills the street and the vendors sell out most weeks. A vibrant energy swirls around this market. This year the market will be open Thursdays beginning June 22 to September 7 between 5:30 and 7:00. Here people discover how much can be grown in this region with the food reflecting the seasonal changes. In June the farmers’ stalls have arugula and mesclun mix. Come August the coulour is diverse. Apple, huckleberries, corn, and braids of garlic cover tables. Neighbours, whom you never knew could play an instrument, entertain the crowd as recipes and gardening lore are shared. Conversations and big mountain laughs lead into volunteering for the next community event or creation of a new one.

10 Reasons to Shop at the Farmer’s Market 1. It Gets You Outside

Yes, we have excellent grocery stores in Kimberley but why not get outside, shop, and be social for a bit? Let the friendly buzz wash away the work day.

2. Eating Seasonally Is Good for You.

Our bodies haven’t changed much in thousands of years. Eating what is in season sits well in the tummy.

3. Farm to Table Is a Taste Like No Other.

No matter how you prepare it: baked, pickled, steamed, roasted, toasted, or just raw, fresh is best!

4. It Builds our Local Economy.

Supporting Kootenay vendors keeps money in our community which turns into more money and more opportunities for everyone.

5. It Keeps Good Jobs in the Community.

We like our loved ones to stay close by. It’s hard to travel or do out-of-town commutes.

6. It Supports Farmers Committed to the Humane Treatment of Animals. This just makes sense and we sleep better at night. We don’t need to explain this, do we?

7. It Ensures the Future of Family Farms and Food Security in B.C.

It’s really smart to know where your food comes from, how it is grown, and to know you can easily get it.

8. It protects Green Spaces by Preserving Farmland. Green is good. Green is life. Farms are good. Basically, farms keep us alive.

9. A Sense of Community.

Take a walk on Howard Street on a summer/early fall Thursday evening. It will make you smile. There is nothing like breaking (or buying) bread among friends.

10. Joy!


main street, marysville Open 7 Days a Week at 7:00am BREAKFAST / LUNCH / DINNER / COFFEE / DRINKS

R O O F T O P PAT I O / O V E R T I M E B E E R / C O P P E R M O U N TA I N W I N E S / G L U T E N F R E E & V E G E TA R I A N O P T I O N S



W: Britt Bates P: Emily Smith The power of collaboration strikes again. “It’s like all these great things were already happening, but in isolation of each other,” Emily Smith, the co-chair of the Kimberley First Saturdays committee tells me. “We wanted to work together, to take advantage of sharing promotion and resources. We wanted to give people a reason to come down, and help bring back the vibrancy of downtown.” Kimberley First Saturdays – a full day and evening of entertainment and activities that happens, as the name suggests, on the first Saturday of each month from July through October – are nothing new; they’re entering their fifth season. But each year it builds and grows, and this season is lined up to be the best yet. Each First Saturday is full to the brim with fun: there is live music in the Platzl all afternoon; kids’ stations scattered throughout downtown where they can indulge in some face painting, crafting, and entertainers; art shows; and, as the day fades into evening, live music at the outdoor stage next to Centre 64, just a few steps away from the Platzl. And the best part? All of it is free! “We wanted to make it accessible for the whole community, something that all families can participate in,” Emily says. The evening concerts do welcome donations, if you feel inclined, as the First Saturdays crew is committed to paying musicians well, according to their admirable mandate of supporting the arts. It’s no wonder Kimberley First Saturdays won a Volunteer Organization of the Year Award recently. While all have some things in common, each month has its own theme, or reason to kick up our heels. Kicking things off in July is a celebration of all things Summer. A first Saturday happens to fall on July 1st, so we get to double up on the party and enhance even further the Canada Day events that the Chamber of Commerce organizes, such as the Duck Race. In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, they’ll be exalting some of Kimberley’s heritage; for example, showing off a display of what downtown buildings used to look like decades ago. Among the performers that day will be the Sookenai Singers from the Saint Mary Band of the Ktunaxa First Nation, offering a colourful, moving homage to the truly rich heritage of our land. July’s gathering will also host a silent auction in the Platzl that afternoon, and this is one of the most significant fundraisers for future First Saturdays. In August, the focus turns towards the arts. Kimberley will be hosting artisans from all over the East Kootenay, as well as showing off many local crafters, including the Marysville Artisans. There will be art displays in a wide range of mediums, but viewing isn’t the only way to take part: you can dive in and get your hands dirty with some live demonstrations and workshops, learning on the spot from the artists themselves.




Stop into Kimberley Centex Market to fill up on gas, grab fresh produce, local products, fresh baked bread + [stoke] cold pressed juice. Located at 521 Wallinger Avenue, Kimberley


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August’s First Saturday kicks off with a pancake breakfast in the Platzl, hosted by the Rotary Club, after which the muchanticipated Bed Race gets underway. Imagine four people pushing a bed on wheels (which is provided) and one person in the driver’s seat: not your average race on a sunny Saturday. You can still register your team of five, with a $100 entry fee. All money is donated to a local charity: this year it’s Centre 64’s “Give Us a Lift” campaign that is set to install a high-quality lift in the building so that the entire gallery, including the theater, is accessible to all community members.

In October, the First Saturday is bringing back Oktoberfest – a festivity that was a local favourite in past generations. It’s a chance to honour where we came from, an homage to our past stories such as the Bavarian-themed Platzl of yesteryear or the Kimberley International Old Time Accordion Championships that brought hundreds of people to town for decades. There will be all things Bavarian at this First Saturday: pretzel tosses, fresh strudel, and quite possibly some beer drinking, as the live music will continue on into the autumn evening.

In the evening, along with a barbeque hosted by the Elks Club, the entertainment takes a spin on the East Coast Kitchen Party, with live music from Cod Gone Wild, a popular band that puts a modern take on Celtic music and blends it with rock, folk, and jazz, creating tunes that you won’t be able to help dancing to.

Feel like getting involved? Kimberley First Saturdays is always on the lookout for volunteers. No need to organize or take on a hefty workload though: simply taking down or setting up tents, or being an ambassador to Kimberley for tourists, would be more than welcome. Or, just as important, saunter downtown and take it all in. After all, it’s the power of working together that makes local festivities successful and fun. With a dozen community partners, a network of volunteers, and a dedicated committee trying to organize the most exciting summer Kimberley has seen yet, First Saturdays are bound to be a hit. “If we all do our little part,” Emily aptly reminds me, “It becomes a much bigger thing.”

The September First Saturday, which falls on the long weekend, invites us to celebrate community, leaning in to that Labour Day sentiment of everyone heading back to join their tribes at work and school. There will be the usual line-up of events with music and crafts in the Platzl throughout the afternoon, as well as some added ways to look at our lovely town and its story. The Kimberley Heritage Museum’s walking tour will be free, waiving the small fee it usually charges to cover the cost of the book all participants receive at the end. At night, there will be the One Light Town concert: a celebratory nod to that single traffic light that is a source of charm and pride in our little city.



Kimberley’s Real Estate Leader. It is the SU




3 Beds 3 Baths





River Ridge Building Lot


Beds 3 3 3 3

Bath 2 2 2 2

SQFT 1230 1304 1304 1304

Price $304,900 $290,000 $269,900 $285,000

$70,000 Ski Hill

2 Beds 2 Baths

$127,000 Kirkwood

2 Beds 2 Baths

Unit Share Beds Baths SQFT J1-C ¼ 3 3 1514 Q4-D ¼ 3 3 1400 M4-B ¼ 3 3 1519 D5-C ¼ 3 3 1934 J4-B ¼ 3 3 1645 M1-D ¼ 3 3 1519 E2-A ¼ 2 2 1109 D2B ¼ 2 2 1109 F4-C ¼ 2 2 1109 O2-D ¼ 3 3 1722 P1-D ¼ 3 3 1719

Price $49,000 $49,900 SOLD $59,900 $49,900 $49,900 $36,900 $39,900 $44,900 $53,900 $58,000

Information Deemed Reliable But Cannot Be Guaranteed

$127,000 Polaris Lodge 1 Bed 1 Bath


Ski Hill

Building Lot

$130,000 Sullivan Stone 3 Beds 3 Baths

$314,900 Polaris Lodge 1 Bed 1 Bath

$219,900 Mountain Edge 1 Bed 1 Bath


UMMER Selling Season, if you would like to share a successful enjoyable real estate transaction I encourage you to contact me today at 250-427-8700. Integrity. Driven. Results.


2 Beds 2 Baths

Morrison Sub 3 Beds 1 Bath


$189,900 Timberstone 3 Beds 3 Baths

4 Beds 3 Baths

$499,900 Sullivan Stone 3 Beds 4 Baths



$599,000 Sullivan Stone 3 Beds 3 Baths


$324,900 Townsite

4 Bedroom 2 Bath

$425,000 One of a Kind Home With Stellar Views of Ski Hill This completely remodelled 4 bedroom home has lots of room for your family! Features include, spiral staircase, new appliances, new roof, new paint throughout, new bathrooms! All of this on a massive double lot which overlooks whole neighbourhood. Stop reading and call 250-427-8700 to book a viewing.

View Online: www.buy510.ca

Base Camp Kimberley located at the base of the Ski Hill, this 4 bedroom 2 bath is designed in what is being called Mountain Modern. Clean lines, vaulted ceiling bathed in tons of natural light make this home simply stunning. The fit and finish of this home is second to none, and is sure to take your breath away. Open concept kitchen living room features massive wall of glass that opens up to enjoy the deck during the summer months. Call today to book a viewing.

Sunrise Cresc 4 Beds 3 Baths


Timberstone 3 Beds 3 Baths



W: Britt Bates P: Sunshine Houseboats Sunshine Houseboat Vacations is keeping it in the family. While revamping, renovating, and updating its infrastructure and amenities, the almost 20-year-old business still stays true to its original mandate of providing family fun, geared toward both tourists and locals alike, on beautiful Lake Koocanusa. And founding family members remain, too: Alissa ByngHall, Sunshine’s General Manager, just moved back to the Cranbrook area a few years ago after spending a while in Vancouver, to take over the business that her parents, Brant and Dianne Cullum, started from the ground up a couple of decades ago. “It has always been a special place for our family,” Alissa tells me. During her childhood, her parents and sisters had regularly camped on the shores of Lake Koocanusa, crafting sweet and sentimental memories, before her Dad took the next step in settling the family down more permanently in this cherished spot by creating Sunshine Houseboats. It all began with just four boats, each named after one of the daughters.

Today, the business looks a little different. In addition to the twelve boats in their fleet (none of which were among the originals) they also look after 23 private houseboats and carry 60 private moorage slips. A handful of Sunshine’s own boats are currently undergoing major renovations, along with the help of an interior designer, to show off a rustic yet contemporary aesthetic that feels more like a home than a hotel. And it’s not the average houseboating experience, either. Unlike most lakes where houseboat charters are offered, Koocanusa boasts a huge amount of Crown Land, which means that guests are free to roam 240 kilometers of water on the Canadian side of the lake. The majority of the clients Sunshine caters to are families, and the atmosphere is one of a relaxed and harmonious life on the water, both on the boats and at the docks. “We just ask that people are kind and respectful,” Alissa says, smiling warmly.


Back at shore, things are transforming. There is now an enormous floating water park, offering some adrenalinefuelled excitement, as well as a smaller section for the young ones. These days, it’s not just houseboats that Sunshine is offering: they rent out kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, fishing boats, pontoons, wakeboats, and sea-doos, ensuring that visitors have every option available for fun on long, hot days. There is also a newly revamped mercantile that offers a wide selection of local, high-quality products and snacks: Rooftop Coffee from Fernie, handcrafted ice cream and teas, the popular SoCo soap from Elko, and more – all with an emphasis on supporting local businesses and artisans. The building itself is also undergoing a renovation to upgrade to a modern, beach-beautiful look. Sunshine’s center of operations has expanded and transformed to become a diverse little village, accessible by both car and boat. It’s a place that attracts both out-of-town tourists, as well as locals looking to fill those leisurely summer days. For those hoping to make a mini-vacation out of it, Sunshine is located close to Gold Creek Bay recreation site, which offers unserviced campsites. Those choosing to book a houseboat will enjoy all-inclusive pricing and free waterpark access for their vacation.

Founder Brant was been working with the Koocanusa Recreation Stewardship Committee to help ensure that all users of the lake and surrounding land do so respectfully. They create awareness around issues such as the thin, fragile topsoil in the arid landscape, which can be easily damaged, causing harm to the local ecosystem; a vast network of designated trails has now been created to help with this. This work with the KRSC, as well as with surrounding businesses and farmers, helps ensure that land and lake use has a positive impact only, and that recreational outfits such as Sunshine are at the forefront of responsible land use. A lot is happening behind the scenes at Sunshine Houseboat Vacations these days as the company grows and transforms, and Alissa seems like the perfect woman to be behind the wheel – friendly, patient, and intelligent, ignited by a spirit of generosity and collaboration. It’s clear she’s excited about the company’s new horizons, while staying anchored in its rich history; she is committed to maintaining an environment that’s accessible, fun, and service-oriented. “My mom and dad are idealists, risk takers, and very hardworking,” Alissa tells me. “I’m very blessed to have learned that from them.”




Wine is a grocery, not a luxury. Visit us online, or stop by and shop to get your next batch started. Open:

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395 St. Mary’s Avenue 250.427.5155


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W: Monica Karaba Huibers P: Eric Forbes Kimberley is a place where you see all sorts of people walking around in all sorts of attire. Usually, the look is rugged, practical, athletic mountain wear. But come July 8th and 9th, you may find yourself rounding the corner onto the Platzl or looking up from your plate of mucky fries to find yourself face-to-face with a roving marauder out of medieval times. Fear not. Make eye contact. Be bold. That Viking, knight, lord, or lady may just well be your neighbour or else a traveler from a distant land (i.e., Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna) who has come to enjoy the charms of our fair vale while regaling and entertaining us with the lore of yesteryear, all while wearing chain mail or some type of animal skin.

Lest we forget, Vikings played a huge part in shaping Canada’s history. Newfoundland still has old settlements from when the Vikings first arrived, and Gimli, Manitoba celebrates the Vikings arrival every year. And now Kimberley is officially on the Viking map with clans converging soon for the third annual Kimberley City Bakery Medieval Festival. Why does there seem to be a growing interest in things medieval and Vikings? Michelle Forbes (aka Queen of Fenrir), Kimberley resident and co-creator of the festival, attributes it to the growing popularity of the Vikings TV show and to more people becoming interested in genealogy and being able to trace their ancestry far back enough to learn that they might come from Nordic lineage.


The Kimberley City Bakery Medieval Festival was started three years ago by Michelle and her husband, Eric Forbes (aka King of Fenrir), the proud owners of the Kimberley City Bakery (latest recipient of the famed Jake the Baker award). The couple felt that there was room in Kimberley for a different type of summer event, one that would be affordable and fun for families of all sizes and means. Michelle’s interest in Vikings was sparked in her early 20s when her brother started researching their family tree and discovered that they had Viking roots. Years later, Michelle and her own family happened upon a Viking reenactment group in Calgary, and she saw how much it fascinated her young daughter. Michelle approached the group and asked if they would come to Kimberley. A few Viking scouts were dispatched to see if Kootenay lands held any potential, and lo and behold, to the delight and surprise of Michelle and Eric, The Sons of Fenrir agreed to come out and help kick off Kimberley’s first-ever Medieval Fest. Thereafter, they proclaimed it to be the finest such gathering and even pronounced it “the new Gimli.” All the peoples were so pleased and so rejoiced that it was decreed there would be a second festival in Kimberley the following year. What is perhaps not surprising for those who live here, the first-time Viking visitors were quite enthralled with Kimberley’s beauty, amenities, and especially with the hospitality of the Sons and Daughters of Kimberley themselves. Many reported feeling really welcomed into the community. They found Kimberley folk quite engaged and more thoughtful in their interactions and questions, and were pleased not to be asked repeatedly “Is your beard real?” which apparently occurs quite often in other places. All who bravely came forth to greet and meet these strangers had fun watching the various contests and reenactments, enjoyed great conversations, and made some new friends.

Kimberley Medieval Festival Schedule: Opening Parade Platzl Saturday | July 8 | 10:00 am

Medieval Village Public Hours Coronation Park Ball Park next to Centennial Hall Saturday | July 8 | 10:30 am – 5:00 pm

Medieval Mass feat. Kimberley Churches and the United Church Choir Platzl Gazebo Sunday | July 9 | 9:00 am

Medieval Village Public Hours Coronation Park Ball Diamonds next to Centennial Hall Sunday | July 9 | 10:00 am – 3:30 pm

Closing Parade Platzl Sunday | July 9 | 4:00 pm




Explore Yesterday Today! Take a giant leap back into the 1890s and

experience this restored pioneer boomtown! Nestled in the majestic Kootenay Rockies, we’re located just 16 km northeast of Cranbrook, BC! Train Rides Wagon Rides Ice Cream Live T heatre Animals & more!

ALL NEW! Ice Age Mamma ls exhibit!


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ICE CREAM HAS ARRIVED! + Slushies & Ice-Caps

Don’t Forget Our Homemade Pizza TA K E - O U T

TA K E - N - B A K E


486 4TH AVENUE / 250.427.2138

Open Daily: 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm summer 2017

Gelato & Dairy Free Sorbetto, Milkshakes, Cookies, Baked Goods & Iced Beverages

285 Wallinger Avenue, Kimberley D o w n to w n at t h e L i g h t s

July 21- 23, 2017

Centennial Hall Ball Park www.kimberleyjulyfest.com


We sent our messenger pigeons out to get reports from afar. Pierre, of The Úlfhéðnar Vikings of Kelowna told us, “The festival is about family. Not just the spectators, the participants are treated as members of the family and local community.” Tyler, of Munnin’s Saga from Edmonton, stated, “It was really great to have so many people interested in asking questions about the camps and clothing and lifestyle aspects of the Faire exhibitors.” Kayla, also of Munnin’s Saga, relayed her feedback, “I love coming to the Kimberley Medieval Festival because Eric and Michelle treat us like family; they have made the festival so inviting for their guests. We love the opportunity to interact with the other reenactment groups and to explore the mountains on the way, too!” What can one expect to experience at this year’s festival? There will be a live Viking village, battle reenactments, skits, archery, and plenty of chances to spectate or participate. There will be crafts including belt weaving and sword sharpening. There will be vendors and medieval meats, sweets, and treats. Kimberley City Bakery’s replica Sword in the Stone will also be on display. Michelle says, “We are very proud of the historical accuracy which our Vikings and knights use to recreate the past and educate and entertain the public. We

hope to make this year our best year yet to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.” From dress to accommodations even to the fare each clan will partake in is as close as possible to historical accuracy. The Kimberley City Bakery will even provide medieval-specific meals, fruits, and vegetables based on the historic time period and region each clan represents. Admission to the festival is free although donations are appreciated. Loonies and toonies are encouraged; no amount is too small. Dress in your finest medieval fair if you want but don’t hesitate to visit regardless. Don’t be intimidated no matter how gruff and tough looking these strangely-clad folks are. We have it on good word that most of them are actually gentle teddy bears with an amazing knowledge about medieval times that they love to share. “It’s all about having fun!” promised Eric, King of Fenrir. “Everybody will learn something and everyone will be entertained.” Queen Michelle affirmed, “It will be entertaining and educational without feeling educational!”

Kimberley City Bakery Medieval Festival would like to thank its main sponsors: The Kimberley City Bakery; B104 and 102.9, The Drive; Summit; and Columbia Basin Trust as well as the many other community businesses and individuals who are contributing to make this year’s Medieval Festival the best yet. If you would like to vend or make a donation, please visit the bakery in person or find Kimberley Medieval Festival online on Facebook or at www.kimberleycitybakery.ca/medieval-festival.


New for 2017 Medieval Bakery Kimberley City Bakery will relocate to the Medieval Village for the weekend. Meats, sweets, and treats from the Viking and medieval eras will be available for purchase.

Puppetry Kootenay puppeteer Nikki Cox will be putting on puppet shows as well as leading puppet-making workshops for the children.

Music Kimberley’s Lenin Delaney will perform some of his enchanting Celtic-influenced folk music.

The Off Centre Players If you happened to catch some of their Monty Python spoofs at Centre 64, you know how entertaining and hilarious this group of Kimberley thespians can be! Look out for their roving improv.

Pommier Ranch Meadery

196 Spokane St. Kimberley BC Located in the Platzl

Did you know that we have a local source for mead, that beloved medieval beverage of fermented honey? Well, apparently Wasa knows it, and we look forward to sampling some.

Lockdown Room A lockdown escape room is a light physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, open locks, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. Lockdown Escape Rooms of Cranbrook will create a special, medieval-themed room just for the festival.

Slackline Sword Fighting Spirit Rock Climbing Centre will be providing an entertaining skills test requiring balance and good reflexes outside their facility in the Platzl.


MON-FRI: 10:30-5:30pm SAT: 10:30-5pm SUN: Taking a Hike

Fighters of the Feral Fang Cranbrook has started its own NCCF chapter of knights, and the new recruits have been training and preparing for their first battles on East Kootenay turf.



www.urbansettler.com | FERNIE, BC


W: Lori Craig P: Irma de Visser ‘Coming home,’ ‘finding our path,’ ‘sharing our stories’ and ‘honouring our journeys’ are common themes in many conversations. Each of us, at some point, comes to these topics of reflection. My own road forward has included traversing much of Canada’s territory. I have called many places “home” within its borders. Having moved to Kimberley just a year ago, I find myself reacquainted with the excitement of exploring new territory. Perhaps this is why when CBAL (Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy) kicked off a workshop called “Canada Caught on Camera: A Multiculturalism Exploration,” I was immediately intrigued. The workshop, a Kootenay-wide endeavor to highlight multiculturalism in our region, was a six-month, camera-in-hand inquiry of diversity within our communities. The culmination of the project included a sharing of photographs across the region, revealing how each of us captured the exploration in our own way. For me, the project seemed like a really interesting way to learn more about my new home in Kimberley. As our conversation evolved during the initial evening of the workshop, many of us realized that on a day-today basis we experience an absence of ethnic diversity in Kimberley. Later, I was surprised to learn in an interview with Pam Baile, the Immigrant Settlement Services Lead at CBAL, that we have families and individuals from Burma, Korea, Japan, Germany, Holland, Pakistan, China, Taiwan and Mexico, to name a few, calling Kimberley home. We were fortunate to have a number of these individuals in the workshop. So what is multiculturalism? Our group’s initial reflection reveled in the sense of celebration at the inclusion of the food, dance, music, art and wisdom that people from around the world bring to each other’s lives in Canada. Research into Canada’s policy on multiculturalism reveals

attention to the deeper nature of culture, citizenship, and human rights policies having its roots in the atrocities against human rights that occurred throughout the last century. And yet we have reason to rejoice. Currently, Canada is the only nation in which multiculturalism is enshrined in its constitution. Thus, we even have a legal basis for belonging: “In 1971, Canada was the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy. Canadian multiculturalism is fundamental to our belief that all citizens are equal. Multiculturalism ensures that all citizens can keep their identities, can take pride in their ancestry, and have a sense of belonging.” - Government of Canada, anadian Multiculturalism: An Inclusive Citizenship. Cic.gc.ca It is on the theme of belonging that much of our photographic inquiry focused. Thoughts and pictures shared on a group website challenged each of us to consider: “What is it that speaks to our own sense of belonging – our citizenship?” Brave questions challenge our sense of the status quo on health, education, and ethics issues. Reflections have included such messages as, “Kimberley is an incredibly welcoming place,” a place of “celebrating nature,” “playfulness,” and “a space of embracing, sharing, laughter, lifelong friendship, freedom and safety” – words and images that seem to evoke for all, our unique sense of home here, in Kimberley. To see some of the beautiful images that Lori and her group produced as part of their photographic inquiry, ask to join their Canada Caught on Camera - Kimberley Facebook group (online).



W: Monica Karaba Huibers P: Krevan Photography

“Congratulations! What is your fiancée’s name? We would be honoured to host your wedding!” Natalie Johnson, Groups Coordinator for Kimberley Alpine Resort and Trickle Creek Lodge, loves her job. She relishes helping clients from all over the world plan their dream wedding at Kimberley’s premier mountain resort, a majestic setting for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Natalie and Jill Bellm, Groups Manager, are often the first point of contact for anyone inquiring about wedding packages. They play a key role handling all of the logistics and details based on an initial conversation that may culminate in a stunning, highaltitude celebration where a couple declares, “We do!”


Summer radiance, fall foliage, or winter wonderland? The choice is yours with each season offering its own beauty and special activities to enjoy. Regardless of which season it is, you can delight your wedding party and guests with a chairlift ride to the top of North Star Mountain. There is even a helicopter package for those of you wanting an even grander entrance! Say your vows at an elevation of 6500 feet under the historic Maverick T-bar arch. Enjoy post-ceremony cocktails with your loved ones at the rustic Kootenay Haus while admiring the breathtaking, 180-degree views of the mountain range before you. Take in the exquisite scenery on the chairlift back down the mountain, and then rejoin your guests for a memorable reception at one of four venues, customized to reflect your style and the size of your party. Natalie and the exceptional team that works with her will do everything they can to accommodate your wishes for a unique and personalized wedding. “We look for ways to say yes,” says Natalie, who has even coordinated getting a horse up the mountain so that a bride could ride it down the aisle. Natalie has staged many amazing moments over the

years including assisting snowboarding and skiing couples say their vows before flying down the mountain. “About the only thing we can’t control is the weather, but it’s also part of what makes an outdoor mountain-top wedding so exciting!” MORE TIME TOGETHER

Unlike many other weddings that require a lot of driving from place to place, guests at a Kimberley Alpine Resort wedding appreciate that they can just park the car and relax for the weekend with most amenities and venues only steps away. From the base of the chair lift, it’s an easy walk to the reception site or to accommodations at the gorgeous, 4.5-star rated Trickle Creek Lodge or the charming boutique-style Polaris Lodge. Condos and houses may also be available upon request. The resort’s facilities offer many amenities including heated outdoor pools, Jacuzzi tubs, in-unit kitchens, gas fireplaces, and more. Besides partaking in winter sports on the hill, summer and fall guests can also hit the links at Trickle Creek Golf Resort across the street or avail themselves of the sights and sounds of Kimberley’s downtown pedestrian-friendly Platzl or surrounding pristine nature.


Whether you want an intimate gathering of just six or a big shindig with up to 350 people, there are many options to create your perfect setting. Small to mid-size receptions can be held at the Stemwinder Bar and Grill, while the Kimberley Conference and Athlete Training Center can seat up to 350 comfortably. Shawna Crawford, the on-site Food and Beverage Manager for Stemwinder, will partner with you to create the perfect, scrumptious reception feast as well as arrange other meal and beverage services to keep you and your party satisfied and well fed throughout your stay. Besides the accommodations and catering packages, there are plenty of local florists, photographers, DJs, JPs, hair dressers, and bakers that the team can recommend to round out all the services you might require. Natalie attests, “Every wedding is so different and completely spectacular. Our team is outstanding and really strives to ensure that everything adds up to an amazing time for everyone.” H A P P I LY EV ER A F T ER

The big day arrives and the enchanted guests have ridden the Express chairlift and are seated in white chairs alongside the T-bar arch. The feeling of being at the top of the world heightens the excitement. The bridesmaids and groomsmen take their turns walking down the rustic mulch path and stand facing the expectant crowd. Finally, the big moment arrives. Natalie smiles at the bride as she opens the door of Kootenay Haus and gestures outside, “They are ready for you now. You can walk down the aisle.”

Do you have your sights set on a Mountain Dream Wedding? Please contact Kimberley Alpine Resort at 1 (877) 282-1200 ext. 6745, email weddings@skikimberley.com or njohnson@tricklecreeklodge.com or visit skikimberley.com/groups/weddings-at-kimberley-alpine-resort to learn more.




W: Alison Ko P: Bailey Repp After a long Kimberley winter, I long for the heat of summer, sleeping with wide open windows and diving into a freshwater lake. When the days get longer and the stifling heat arrives, I discover the lazy days of summer don’t really exist in Kimberley. We are on the move. We disappear on hot evenings and weekends. There is an urgency to make the most of a season which never seems to last long enough. Eavesdropping at the grocery store, I hear people chat about their weekend plans: “What are you doing this weekend?” someone asks. “Going to The Lake.” Coffee room conversations eluded me: “Saw you at The Lake last weekend” “You coming out to The Lake?” No one questioned which lake was being referenced. There seemed to be this knowing or perhaps it was another Kootenay colloquialism? I pondered, “The Lake.” Is it someone’s property? Could it be referring to the many different lakes, all within a half-hour drive of Kimberley: St. Mary’s, Wasa, Lazy, Norbury or Stoney? Maybe “The Lake” is referring to more distant ones: Koocanusa or Kootenay Lake? While all the mentioned lakes have residences, they also possess public access, boat launches, picnic tables and fire pits. Packing for the lake excursion can be spontaneous or premeditated. Either way the essential elements are similar: Beverages, snacks, something to cook on an open fire, a cooler, toys, towels, hats and sunscreen. For those inclined to plan ahead, having a bin of staples can get you out of the door quickly. I know of one friend who has a tower of drawers with colourcoordinated plates, cutlery, tablecloth and napkins. Her towels and water shoes packed in a bag at her back door. Heading to the lake is as simple as a trip to the grocery store. A lakeshore meal can be as simple as hot dogs, chips and pops, or something involving a little more planning: A spread of curried chicken salad, wraps, veggies, and dip served in canning jars. However, the best point to keep in mind is not what you have on the table, but what you do so go easy on yourself. Bring a pack of cheesies, a lawn chair, your best friend, and just relax. Last Friday when leaving work my colleagues asked, “Any plans for the weekend?” I replied, “Heading to The Lake!”



Breathe Easier Flat Fee Service

We charge a flat fee for our services. Call to Book Now!



EC H O Wat er & Well Ser


v ice

New Oasis Coolers, elongated design for sports bottles comes with FREE UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF WATER for one year.

Water Softeners • UV Sterilizers • Iron Filters Chlorine Removal • Well Pumps • Testing Reverse Osmosis • Coolers

250-489-4000 or 1-866-489-4004 www.thewaterguy.ca Store / Lab Service Centre 600 Industrial Road 1, Cranbrook BC SUMMER 2017



W: Monica Karaba Huibers P: Dan Matheson, Kimberley Cominco Gardens There is special magic in a lovingly tended garden. Colourful blossoms and refreshing green hues delight our eyes while accompanying fragrances still the mind and bring us into the present moment. A garden can also conjure up memories of the past or ignite our imagination with future possibilities. It can be a place for solace and for healing as well as for celebration. We observe nature’s alternating cycles of renewal and decay and are reminded of the beauty and fragility of life and its impermanence, too. Here among our rising mountains and glorious alpine meadows, we have a gem of a garden that has stood the test of time, maintained by loving hands and caring souls through decade after decade of changing seasons and a changing guard.

Once Upon a Time In 1927, Cominco Ltd. set about building gardens for the beautiful grounds known as McDougall Townsite adjacent to the McDougall Hospital and Nurses home overlooking Kimberley proper. A lavish flower garden was created as a living showcase to promote the mine’s Elephant Brand Fertilizer, which was a by-product of the silver, zinc, and lead ore production. Tulips were imported from Holland, while the first roses came from six Pennsylvania rose bushes brought here by Nels Tofelt, a 16-year-old Sullivan Mine mucker. Besides being a balm for the sick being cared for at the hospital, the gardens also became a place where injured or sick miners could work for a while as part of their rehabilitation. Cominco gifted the gardens to the City of Kimberley in 1987 with two stipulations: 1. that the property was to remain a garden, and 2. that the garden would always bear the “Cominco” name. The Cominco Gardens are operated by the Kimberley Community Development Society (KCDS), a non-profit organization that runs the City-owned treasure. Today, while visitors from around the world love to stop and experience the gardens, it also remains a much-loved community spot where residents come to commemorate the past, unplug and take some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and celebrate life’s big occasions.





Gardener Dan Matheson has been managing the Cominco Gardens for over 23 years. You can find him most days, rain or shine, hard at work tending to his many beds or taking the time to talk with visitors. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge having grown up with a love of gardening and growing his own vegetables since he was 20. In addition to his obvious talent for creating enchanting, flourishing gardens in our constantly-changing climate, he also serves as informal Cominco Gardens historian and archivist as any conversation with him will prove. One topic Dan is passionate about is how to manage the ecosystem so that respect and balance is maintained for all life, not only for the plants but for the animals, birds, and insects that also inhabit this region and love gardens. As a side note, Dan has another claim to fame in Kimberley as many may know him from the ski hill, where he is affectionately known as “Dan the Tan Man,” the originator of the legendary Sun Pit.

Days of Our Lives One of the most cherished features of the Kimberley Cominco Gardens is the Memorial Rose Garden where departed loved ones can be honoured and remembered with a signature rose bush and plaque (for a nominal fee) that is lovingly cared for by the Gardens’ staff. For over 27 years, Kimberley resident Faith Matthews has served as the selfless administrator of this commemorative program. To date, there are over 130 thriving rose bushes. Another memorial to look for is the elegant plaque hanging on the Gardens’ single homestead which pays tribute to all of the past gardeners from Cominco times to present-day caretakers. Dan has high regards for his predecessors and takes special care of many beds which are still seeding the descendants of some of the former gardeners’ favourite plants from so many years ago. Another long-standing tradition, broken only a couple of times over the years, is for Kimberley’s Selkirk Secondary School graduates to visit the Gardens and take their graduation photos here. Word has it they will uphold the tradition this year for 2017.

The Circle of Life Continues Today, the Gardens continue to pulsate with vibrant life, ever changing with the seasons, new growth, and new inhabitants. Besides the birds, squirrels, deer, and occasional bear which wander through, two black cats named Olive and Grandpa have become part of the main attraction for regular visitors. The cats live onsite with another one of the gardeners, and Olive can sometimes be seen “supervising” from the back of her owner. On some days, the Gardens are particularly lively when the third graders from Lindsay Park Elementary School’s Interpretative Program come for their weekly visit to tend their designated bed. Dan feels this program is vital in that it ensures that the next generation establishes a hands-on connection to the natural world, enabling children to experience at a young and impressionable age the joy and nourishment that comes from putting their hands in the soil and learning how to grow their own flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Dan started gardening at the early age of five thanks to his beloved Grandma and is sure the fond memories of that time influenced his becoming a full-time gardener.


kimberley's underground mining railway

Come ride the train! Open weekends from May 20 - June 25 Daily from July 1 - September 4, Labour Day

Departures from the Downtown Station: Mining Tours

Resort Express Train

11am, 1pm, 3pm

10am, Saturdays, Sundays & Holiday Mondays

A visit to the Underground Interpretive Centre & Powerhouse.

A scenic trip to the Kimberley Alpine Resort and back.

Est. 1984 1 1 1 G e r r y S o r e n s e n Way, K i m b e r l e y, B C | 2 5 0 .4 27 . 0 0 22

Visit us at www.kumr.ca or on Facebook


Howard Street, 5 - 7:30 pm KIMBERLEYFARMERSMARKET.CA

&SATURDAY MORNINGS in CRANBROOK 10th Avenue S., 9 am - 1 pm


Locally made, baked and grown!


Looking Forward

Help the Legacy Live On

This year the Gardens will be brimming with red and white blooms to celebrate Canada’s 150th.

Contribute your time. The staff would love to have more volunteers. While maintenance of the gardens is fairly labour intensive, Dan and his staff will find a way to use anyone with just about any level of gardening or physical ability.

There will be an Afternoon Public Tea, Saturday, August 12th, with some special guests attending. For anyone needing tips on how to deal with urban deer in gardens, Dan will be offering a seminar on this issue in the fall. He will share some of the natural methods he has cultivated which have proven effective and safe in protecting gardens from unwanted visitors.

Drop off your extra planting pots and compost. The Gardens can always use organic food matter to help nurture its thousands of plants (no meat, dairy, or oils please), and more pots are always welcome. Donate your dollars. Since the Gardens is non-profit, all contributions help with current maintenance and future projects. Visit and buy from the Gardens when it has plant sales, or look for its booth at the Kimberley Farmers’ Market.

Explore ËË Three Acres of Annual & Perennial Flower Beds ËË Dahlias, Tulips, Petunias, Gladiolas, & More ËË Forest Grove with Native Tamarack, Douglas Fir, White Pine, & Juniper ËË Touch-and-Smell Herb Bed ËË Teddy’s Creek ËË Memorial Rose Garden

Special Event Rentals A lovely spot for weddings and special occasions, take advantage of the photogenic background and picturesque views. Besides the lovely seasonal blooms and natural splendor, enjoy many charming seating areas and cozy nooks including a Victorian gazebo, wishing well, rustic bridge, and even an old ski lift. The Kimberley Cominco Gardens (306 3rd Avenue) are a short two-kilometer drive or ten-minute scenic walk from the Platzl in downtown Kimberley. Open seven days a week. Wheelchair accessible. Contact by phone at 250.427.2293 (April – October) by email at kcds@kimberley.ca, or visit online at kimberley.ca/activities/attractions/comincogardens


r e t a w e Whit

! g n i t Raf

s r a e y 9 1 g Celebratinmer adventures of super sum

Call or Book Online Today! Toll Free: 1.877.777.RAFT www.kootenayrafting.ca

th ary s r e v i n An


Quiet - Elegant - Comfort 866.488.8886 // 250.427.1500 chateaukimberleyhotel@shaw.ca

C H AT E A U K I M B E R L E Y H O T E L . C O M 7 8 H O WA R D S T. K I M B E R L E Y B C , V 1 A 2 G 2


JULY 2017


First Saturday: “Kimberley Celebrates Canada 150” Arts, Culture & Heritage Celebration July 1, Kimberley

Exhibition by Nicola Wheston & Asha Robertson Ongoing Gallery Exhibition Aug. 29 - Sept. 23, by donation

“Give us a Lift” Campaign Community Event July 1, Centre 64 Outdoor Concert Area

Exhibition Opening Reception Gallery Exhibition by Nicola Wheston & Asha Robertson September 2, 2-4 pm

“Bloom Where You Are Planted” Art & Garden Tour Fundraiser: Visit a selection of beautiful gardens to witness local artists demonstrating their skill on location. July 2, 11 am - 3 pm Tickets $20 (including refreshments), Available at Centre 64

First Saturday: “Community Celebrates Canada 150” Arts, Culture & Heritage Celebration September 2, All Day

“Raw Materials” a Collaborative Women’s Exhibition Ongoing Gallery Exhibition July 4 – July 29, by donation Exhibition Opening Reception “Raw Materials” a Collaborative Women’s Exhibition July 8, 2-4 pm

AUGUST “Arts on the Edge” Adjudicated Exhibition Ongoing Gallery Exhibition August 1 – August 26, by donation First Saturday: “Celebrate Arts and Culture” Arts, Culture & Heritage Celebration August 5, all day Kimberley Kaleidoscope Arts & Culture Festival Centre 64 and Platzl Gazebo August 5-12 “Arts on the Edge” Gala Reception August 11, 7 pm, Studio 64 & Centre 64 Gallery Columbia Basin Culture Tour Inviting visitors to tour the gallery August 12-13, 10 am - 5 pm

“Whimsy Northwest” Exhibition by Laura McGregor and Marie Christine Ongoing Gallery Exhibition September 26 – October 21, by donation Exhibition Opening Reception “Whimsy Northwest” Exhibition by Laura McGregor and Marie Christine September 30, 2-4 pm


COMING EVENTS JUNE Ongoing | Ice Age Mammals Exhibit | Fort Steel Heritage Park June 25 | Round The Mountain | Kimberley Nordic Centre | All Day June 25 | Spray Park Grand Opening | Rotary Park June 29 | Kimberley Farmers’ Market | Howard St. | 5 - 7 pm June 30 | Rock the Fort | Fort Steele Heritage Park | 5 pm

JULY July1 | First Saturday - Celebrate Canada’s 150th Around Town | Food Bank Duck Race & BBQ | Kimberley Civic Centre, 11:30 am | Gateway to Nature Hike - Nature Park, 9 am | High Tea Chateau Kimberley, Noon | KUMR | Live Entertainment, Art Market, Workshops & Demos Kids Corner | Platzl, Noon | Marysville Artisans Art Sale | Outdoor Community Concert with Tumbleweed | C64 Outdoor Stage | 5:30 pm July 2 | “Bloom Where You Are Planted” Art & Garden Tour | C64 for Tickets July 6 | Kimberley Farmers’ Market | Howard St. | 5 - 7 pm July 8-9 | Kimberley City Bakery Medieval Festival | Coronation Park Ball Diamond & Platzl July 13 | Kimberley Farmers Market | Howard St. | 5 - 7 pm

July 15-16 | Kimberley Pipe Band 90th Anniversary Tattoo | Various Locations

Aug 17 | Kimberley Farmers’ Market | Howard St. | 5 - 7 pm

July 20 | Kimberley Farmers’ Market | Howard St. | 5 - 7 pm

Aug 24 | Kimberley Farmers’ Market | Howard St. | 5 - 7 pm

July 21-23 | Julyfest | Centennial Hall Ball Park | Bocce & Bands | All Day | Extreme Skateboard Race | Sunday 2 pm | Selkirk School Hill | Invitational Soccer Tournament | Fields in Kimberley & Marysville, All Weekend | Julyfest Homecoming Parade, Saturday 10:30 am

Aug 31 | Kimberley Farmers’ Market | Howard St. | 5 - 7 pm

July 27 | Kimberley Farmers’ Market | Howard St. | 5 - 7 pm July 29-30 | Motor Mountain Nationals | Downtown | All Day

AUGUST Aug 3 | Kimberley Farmers’ Market | Howard St. | 5 - 7 pm Aug 5 | First Saturday - Celebrate the Arts Around Town | Rotary Pancake Breakfast, 9 am | Gateway to Nature Hike | Nature Park, 9 am | High Tea Chateau Kimberley, Noon | Live Entertainment | KUMR | Kimberley Bed Race, Art Market & Workshops, Kid’s Corner | Platzl, Noon | East Coast Kitchen Party with Cod Gone Wild | C64 outdoor stage, 5:30 pm Aug 5-12 | Kimberley Kaleidoscope Arts & Culture Festival | “Arts on the Edge” Concerts, Workshops & Performances | Various Locations | C64 for Details

SEPTEMBER Sept 2 | First Saturday - Celebrate Community Around Town | Myrtle the Magnificent Nature Park Hike, 10 am | High Tea Chateau Kimberley, Noon | Live Entertainment, Art Market, Workshops & Demonstrations on the Platzl, Noon | One Light Town Outdoor Concert | C64 Outdoor Stage | Elks Hall BBQ, 5:30 pm Sept 7 | Kimberley Farmers’ Market | Howard St. | 5 - 7 pm Sept 23-24 | Fall Fair | Exhibits & Entertainment | Marysville Arena | All Day

OCTOBER Oct 7 | First Saturday - Celebrate Oktoberfest Around Town | Kid’s Parade, Live Entertainment, Art Market, Workshops & Demonstrations | KUMR starts at noon | Platzl Rocktoberfest Brats Beer & Pretzels | C64 Outdoor Stage | 5 pm

Aug 10 | Kimberley Farmers’ Market | Howard St. | 5 - 7 pm




5 1 8 3 0 4 T H S T. | U N I T # 5 | K I M B E R L E Y, B C

SWAG is a Green Circle Salon, which means your visit is a sustainable one!

Monica Swagar | Stylist & Colour Specialist

Swag Hair Wants You to Look and Feel Great! 18 years in this industry and our standard is higher than ever. Cleaner products, cleaner colour line, and taking care of the environment.



World’s first professional organic hair colour, care, and styling line with biodynamic, organic, and fair trade ingredients! Enjoy a multi-sensorial, non-toxic salon experience with active botanicals and pure essential oils.

Refillable Shampoo & Conditioner Station Say good bye to extra packaging and plastic and receive 15% off!

Book Now! 250.602.9247 or swaghairstudios@gmail.com SUMMER HOURS

Monday 12-8pm | Tuesday 10-5pm | Wednesday 1-9pm | Thursday 10-5pm | Friday 9-4pm


COFFEE SHOP & DRIVE THRU Expanded Seating • Now Serving Hard Ice Cream


Furniture Consignment | Home Decor

New Home & Garden Decor





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Offering Live Music, Dance, Art, Spoken Word, Painting Performances and Workshops at Affordable Prices August 5 – 12, 2017 TUESDAY, AUGUST 1 - SATURDAY, AUGUST 26

Arts on the Edge Adjudicated Exhibitions Tuesdays – Saturdays, 1 – 5 pm | Centre 64 Gallery SATURDAY, AUGUST 5

East Coast Kitchen Party with “Cod Gone Wild” Gate open: 5:30 pm | Local opening band Centre 64 Outdoor Concert Area SUNDAY, AUGUST 6

Afternoon Tea & Chamber Music with “Freja” Doors Open: 2 pm | Concert: 2:45 pm | Studio 64 MONDAY, AUGUST 7 - THURSDAY, AUGUST 10

4-Day Plein Air Painting Workshop with Caprice Hogg Noon - 4 pm | Kimberley Area | For intermediate and advanced artists Registration Deadline: July 15 TUESDAY, AUGUST 8

Da-VIN-Ci Paint Night 6 pm | Studio 64 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9

Breakwater in Concert Doors Open: 7:30 pm | Concert: 8 pm | Studio 64 THURSDAY, AUGUST 10

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Children’s Festival with Kiki the Eco Elf 11 am – 1 pm | Platzl Gazebo Kasandra Flamenco Ensemble Doors Open: 7:30 pm | Performance: 8 pm | Centre 64 Theatre


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Furnace & Duct Cleaning Specialists

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Zen Mountain Float

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RECREATION Blue Lake Centre

2279 Cranbrook St. N., Cranbrook 250.426.3676

Bootleg Gap Golf Course

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Boulder Hut

boulderhutadventures.com / 208.597.3407

Christopher Millner

Centre 64 - Kimberley Arts Council 64 Deer Park Ave. / 250.427.4919

Cominco Gardens

306 3rd Ave. / 250.427.2293

Fort Steele Heritage Town FortSteele.ca / 250.417.6000

christopher@caldwellagencies.com 250.427.2221 // 290 Wallinger Ave, Kimberley, BC



Discover pure mountain living at Forest Crowne. Just minutes from championship golf, downhill skiing, trail riding, fishing and artisan shops, the natural surroundings offer something for everyone. But with over 300 days of sunshine a year, some of the best days will be spent without ever leaving your yard.

Custom home by Tyee Homes

Cottage by Tyee Homes

OVER 75% SOLD! Located northwest of the Kimberley Golf Course on the Marysville map above.

Phase 3



Call 403-265-6180 for more information on pricing, lot choice and availability.

From the low

Starting from the low

Phase 5





Think. Do. Design. Connect. Repair. Install. Create. Become.


NEW! LOCALS’ AFTERNOON VALUE PACKS 5 Round Pack: $325 10 Round Pack: $599 (plus tax & subject to availability)


Voted “Best Patio in Town!” Open to the Public!

Book Your Tee Time Today! www.tricklecreek.com | 250-427-3389

A good place to be

playing around. Why Golf Kimberley? Take a quintessential mountain golf vacation, combine it with Canada’s highest city, throw in resort accommodation and situate it all just minutes from the Canadian Rockies International Airport. There are 3 courses within an 8 minute drive. Settle down and tee up!

Kimberley, BC, Canada |


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GoKimberley Magazine - Issue 39  

Summer 2017

GoKimberley Magazine - Issue 39  

Summer 2017