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G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

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IN THIS ISSUE EDITOR Angela Manente EDITORIAL ASSIS TANT Andy Logan CONTRIBUTORS Richard Andrade David Andrews Rick Althouse Danielle Badler Mark Baker Jason Bunting Dan Jacob Kim Kemper Jan Mackulak Julie Mukherjee Von Perot Mike Reed Jim Roberts Steve Sapareto Rook Younger Bob Woodwell



14.............. Autocross #7 Results 15.............. Meet A Member 16 .............I’m in Love, For the Love of Food 18.............. An Introduction to a True Porsche Connoisseur - Part 2 28............... Concours in the Hills... 29.............. The Times They Are A Changing 30.............. Annual Sunday Drive to Wickenburg


4............... 2018 Calendar of Events 6............... Sunday Drive to Bartlett Lake 7............... Moab Scenic Tour 9............... Page Springs Sunday Drive 9............... Porsches and Pancakes 10.............. Autocross 10.............. Drivers Education 11.............. Monthly Meetings 13.............. New Members’ Day 22.............. AZPCA at the IndyCar Phoenix Grand Prix 23.............. AZPCA Hot Air Tour 32.............. 63rd Porsche Parade - Lake of the Ozarks 34.............. California Festival of Speed in SoCal BC............. PCA Treffen Tamaya


5............... Bob’s Briefings 8............... New Members and Anniversaries 12.............. From the Editor 12.............. Social Media 31.............. Arizona Region Board 31.............. Executive Appointees 32.............. Zone 8 Staff and Websites 33.............. Sponsor Index 33.............. Sponsorship Program 33.............. Need to Order Name Badges? IBC............ Goodie Store Cover: 2018 Concours in the Hills Fountain Hills, AZ By Angela Manente

AZ.PCA.ORG Going Places is the official publication of the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region and is published electronically monthly. Written contributions and photographs are welcomed and can be emailed to the editor. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region, its officers or members. Permission is granted to reprint any material herein provided full credit is given to the author and to Going Places. PORSCHE®, the Porsche Crest®, CARRERA®, and TARGA® are trademarks of Porsche AG. The editor shall reserve the right to edit and publish only those articles felt to be in the best interest of the members of the Porsche Club of America. THE DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES AND ADVERTISEMENTS SUBMITTED FOR PUBLICATION IS THE 15TH OF THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MONTH OF PUBLICATION. Commercial advertising rates can be found in the back of this publication.

G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

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2 018 C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S MARCH 2018 *No Porsches and Pancakes* 7 We 10 Sa 11 Su 15 Th 17 Sa 22-25 Th-Su 26 Mo

Monthly Membership Meeting Drivers Education AMP Sunday Drive: Barlett Lake Drive/ Lunch Rancho Manana Going Places Deadline (April 18) Autocross AMP Skidpad Moab Scenic Tour

Monthly Membership Meeting IndyCar at PIR Sunday Drive: Page Springs/ Cotton wood Lunch/Jerome/Mingus Mtn. Porsches and Pancakes Going Places Deadline (May 18) Board of Directors Meeting California Festival of Speed Autocross AMP Skidpad Treffen Tamaya - New Mexico New Members’ Picnic The Farm at South Mountain

Porsche Parade, Lake of the Ozarks Going Places Deadline (August 18) Board of Directors Meeting Sunday Drive: Prescott

AUGUST 2018 15 We Going Places Deadline (Sept. 18) 20 Mo Board of Directors Meeting 18-19 Sa-Su Flagstaff/ Lowell Observatory

12-16 We- Su 15 Sa 17 Mo 22 Sa 27-30 Th-Su

Treffen Banff - Canada Going Places Deadline (October 18) Board of Directors Meeting Autocross AMP Skidpad Rennsport Reunion - Monterey, CA

OCTOBER 2018 5-8 Fr-Mo

Hot Air Tour/White Sands and Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 6 Sa Autocross AMP Skidpad 12-14 Fr-Su La Posdad Tour/Petrified Forrest/ Meteor Crater 15 Mo Going Places Deadline (November 18) 15 Mo Board of Directors Meeting

Monthly Membership Meeting Porsches and Pancakes Going Places Deadline (June 18) Board of Directors Meeting


Monthly Membership Meeting


JUNE 2018

6 We 9-10 Sa-Su 15 Fr 18 Mo 22-24 Fr-Su 29- July 2 Fr-Mo

8-14 Su-Sa 15 Su 16 Mo 22 Su


MAY 2018 2 We 12 Sa 15 Tu 21 Mo

Board of Directors Meeting

APRIL 2018 4 We 7 Sa 8 Su 14 Sa 15 Su 16 Mo 20-22 Fr-Su 21 Sa 25-29 We-Su 28 Sa

JULY 2018

LVR PCA Region-Run to Flagstaff Going Places Deadline (July 18) Board of Directors Meeting Alpine Tour XVIII 2018-968 West Coast Gathering

4 10 15 19

1 8 8 15 17

Su Sa Th Mo

Sa Sa Sa Sa Mo

Sunday Drive: Bagdad Autocross AMP Skidpad Going Places Deadline (Dec. 18) Board of Directors Meeting

Cars & Coffee/Strawberry Shortcake Holiday Party Autocross AMP Skidpad Going Places Deadline (Jan. 19) Board of Directors Meeting

Editor’s Note: The date, times and details of AZPCA events may change at anytime. Always check the website at for the latest event information. | 4 |

Bob’s Briefings B o b


read with interest a 2015 Member Survey completed by PCA recently shared by David Witteried, our Zone 8 Representative. In reading it I wondered how AZPCA compared to some of the national results and how our club was fulfilling the wants of our members. The national survey indicates 69% of members join PCA for the social experience with other Porsche owners. Looking back at the events that AZPCA sponsored in 2017 and early 2018, 45% of the events held were social events. These were member meetings, Porsches and Pancakes and a variety of other typically single happenings such as the Holiday Party, New Member Picnic and attending the Indy Car races. If we include tours in the total of social events then a full 65% of our events are social experiences. This leads me to believe we are meeting the #1 priority of our members. Perhaps we should be doing more and I will work with the board of directors to look for additional opportunities to add social experiences to our calendar. Also, if you have not noticed we have added an hour of socialization time to all of our monthly meetings before the meeting starts and food is served. Another result which caught my eye was the list of “Most Desired Member Benefits.” In order these were: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Panorama Magazine Technical Information Region Newsletter Business Discounts High Performance Driving e-Brake News National Website ( Region Websites Scenic Tours and Gimmick Rallies National Events (Treffin, Parade)

Wo o dwell

This is in addition to the driving tours, many of which are multiday events, held at least once per month. The final survey result, which caught my attention, was the result about region newsletters and how members view digital versus print versions. Thirty-five percent preferred digital newsletters, 21% preferred print newsletters and 15% preferred both (not sure what the other 29% preferred!). I believe this reflects the comments, both positive and negative, the board of directors receive about our switch to an all-digital version. All-in-all my take away is that as a region we are doing an excellent job meeting the desires of our members. Please let me know if you agree or disagree. And finally, and as usual, this brings me to the subject of volunteers. The club continues to be run by a small percentage of its members. We desperately need additional volunteers so that we can continue to offer the full slate of activities we all enjoy and let the current volunteers take a breather so they can enjoy all club events. Volunteering can be as simple as volunteering to: • • •

Help event organizers execute their event Organize and execute a single event be it small or large Assist with club operations from your home such as helping set up event registrations on

I urge you to please consider taking on a role. There will be plenty of help and as others have found it can be fun and a way to meet other club members. Keep on motoring and I hope to see you at a future event.

Again, the Arizona Region compares favorably to these. We have added a “Tech Talk” at every member meeting and will be looking for ways to offer more technical sessions in the future. We have an outstanding region magazine, Going Places, and website, and we have offered 20 track events over the last 15 months.


G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

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Register Now! Sunday Drive to Bartlett Lake March 11, 2018 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM Join your fellow PCA members on this popular drive to Bartlett Lake and Cave Creek. The route will head through North Scottsdale to the scenic, winding road to Bartlett Lake. After a break for some photo ops, we will head to Cave Creek for lunch at the Tonto Bar & Grill at Rancho Manana. Lunch is $25 per person, including tax and gratuity. Coffee, Tea, Soda are included.

The menu offers your choice of burger, cobb salad, or pasta entree: Tonto Burger All Natural Hamburger with Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle Crispy Fried Onions, House Made Potato Onion Bun, and Crispy Fries Cowboy Cobb Grilled Chicken, Lemon Herb Vinaigrette, Crumbled Bleu Cheese, and Applewood Smoked Bacon Vegetarian Gemelli Pasta Artichokes, Red Onions, Sweet Peppers, Peas, Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil Cream, and Fresh Pesto Meeting time: Meeting location:

9:00 AM, leaving time, 10:00 AM Coffee Plantation , 7366 E Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Please RSVP by March 8th using the link below. No pre-payment is required; you will pay your lunch bill at the restaurant. | 6 |


March 22-25

National Park tours!

Scenic, twisty drives!

Wine tasting! Relaxing riverside at the Red Cliffs Lodge! Check the AZPCA website under Events for details.

G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

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ARIZON A REGION MEMBERSHIP UPDATE 8 by Jason Bunting, Membership Chair





HAPPY AZPC A ANNIVERSARY! Arizona Region AZPCA Members Celebrating March 2018 Membership Anniversaries

Cieran Arias 2005 GT Silver Boxster S Roadster Mesa, AZ

Robert and Debra Mueller 2012 Aqua Blue Metallic Cayman S Coupe Sedona, AZ

49 Years

Jose Davila 2007 Cayman Coupe Chandler, AZ

Sue O’Kane 2015 911 Carrera Cabriolet Cave Creek, AZ

Brian and Gwen Baily

Karen Dischner and Ron Marsh 2 0 0 0 Vi o l e t P o r s c h e Millennium Edition 911 Carrera Coupe Scottsdale, AZ

Robert Parker 2012 Aqua Blue Metallic 2016 Silver Cayman GT4 Coupe Scottsdale, AZ

Robert and Kerry Biddle

40 Years 30 Years

Jerry and Jan Mackulak

23 Years David and Candace Fleming

20 Years

Dale M Willis

Aaron Gubrud 2007 Gray Cayman S Tempe, AZ

Aaron Pyle 2018 Graphite Blue Metallic 718 Cayman Coupe Litchfield Park, AZ

Tom and Linda Hawbaker 1976 912E Coupe Rimrock, AZ

Michael and Sandy Trudel 1997 Boxster Roadster Scottsdale, AZ

Brian and Kristine Herzog 2015 Black 911 Turbo S Coupe Flagstaff, AZ

Jay and Rita Varty 2016 Black Cayman GTS Coupe Paradise Valley, AZ

14 Years

Ryan Hoadley 2015 Agate Grey Macan S SUV Chandler, AZ

Daniel Wray 2011 White Boxster Spyder Roadster Fountain Hills, AZ

Steve and Susan Binkley

Welcome to the Arizona Region! We look forward to meeting each of you in person at a future event.

16 Years

Mike and MaryEllen Ferring Gary and Joan Hintz

15 Years

Paul and Sharon Rihs

Richard and Susan Bookspan Charles V. and Lucy Hansen

13 Years 11 Years

Michael Jr. and Karen Harbin Rick and Julie Mukherjee

9 Years

David and Lucy Fisher

8 Years

J. Stephen Arnold Gerald and Linda Schneerer

MEMBE R SHIP by the numbers 10 91


| 8 |

Members Co-Members

6 Years

Kerry Nagel and Gica Bouros Travis and Patricia Tonzi

5 Years

Charles and Laila Armstrong Art and Annie Griffin Chet Kolley Stuart and Sheryl Lehr Gary and Susan Quast Rex Townsend

4 Years

Anthony Picciafoco and Linda Beal Terry and Baerbel Rogers

3 Years

Ann Adams Jan Angermair and Jolyn Inglesias Mike and Gina Bachaea Jonathon Betancourt Mark Clark and Lauren Weinstein Mark T. and Mary Beth Howard Shannon Kelly and Rit Gruritler Dennis Kirk Brian and Kristy Miller Dennis and Marcia Parle Tom and Alice Ware Bill and Karen Washburn

2 Years

Eric and Monica Archer Scott and Cheryl Bell Robert and Rachel Guerena Mark Howard Thomas Jensen Eric Jett Walter Johnson Frank Kondilis Jim and Paulette Leslie Chris Lorine Richard and Krisnee Oh Mark Schaefer Ed and Susan Stone James and Janet Thole Robert Voit Dmitri Whelan

1 Year

Michael Seaman William Lucia Jeff Miller Jason Hale Robert Saxen Robert and Chrissie Seals Marcus and Janis Kurschat Kale Keltz

Page Springs Sunday Drive April 8, 2018 What better way to spend an April day in Arizona than to take your Porsche on a scenic drive north to Page Springs, past the wineries and fish hatchery along Oak Creek, and on to Old Town Cottonwood where you can take in the wine & spirit tasting rooms, cafes and restaurants, antiques stores, galleries, shops, and boutiques at your leisure. The drive will take us north on I-17 to the McGuireville exit, onto a scenic route to Cornville, past the Page Springs wineries and fish hatchery, before heading to Old Town Cottonwood. Assuming the usual perfect weather in April, it will be particularly great day for top-down driving in your Porsche Cab.

Participation may be limited for this event, so RSVP soon on the AZPCA website:

Save the Date! Porsches and Pancakes on April 14, 2018

At the Desert Botanical Gardens G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

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Saturday, March 17, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, April 21, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, September 22, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, October 6, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, November 10, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, December 8, 2018 AMP Skidpad REGISTER ONLINE at

DRIVERS EDUCATION EVENTS Only one left for the season! Saturday March 10, 2018 at AMP REGISTER ONLINE at AZ.PCA.ORG

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March Membership Meeting March 7, 2018 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Maggiano’s Little Italy 16405 N. Scottsdale Rd (Promenade) Scottsdale,Arizona 85254 Maggiano’s is a very nice upscale restaurant with great food and surroundings. It is located on the southeast corner of Scottsdale Rd and Frank Lloyd Wright (right beneath the big blue needle). We will be in the Lombardo Room. You will make your dinner choices when you check in! Registration is required, and ends on Sunday, March 4th.

April Membership Meeting April 4, 2018 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Porsche Chandler 1010 S Gilbert Road Chandler, AZ 85286 Join your fellow AZPCA members for the April Monthly Meeting at Porsche Chandler. Our friends at the dealership will provide a great evening of food (BBQ) and beautiful Porsches. Parking Location: Rear lot accessed from the South Gate (room for 70 cars). Registration is required, and ends on Sunday, April 1st.

G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

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From the

EDITOR A n g e l a

M a n e n t e


his is my favorite time of the year because baseball spring training season is in full swing (pun intended). I am busy selling tickets at Salt River Fields and watching the DBacks and Rockies play. I have a dilemma and need your opinion! I can only enter one 2017 Going Places newsletter cover for the annual PCA Newsletter Contest. I have narrowed it down to two of my favorites; February and October. You can also get a better view of the covers on our AZ.PCA.ORG website under NEWS.

So c i a l M e d i a fo r A Z P C A 7 W ay s t o E ngage! By Jan Mackulak, Social Media Chair, FACEBOOK at







Please send me an email to and in the Subject line tell me your choice. I also want to acknowledge some of our loyal, long-time members celebrating AZPCA anniversaries for March. 49 Years - Robert and Kerry Biddle 40 Years - Brian and Gwen Baily 30 Years - Jerry and Jan Mackulak The winner of the Writer’s Drawing for the March issue of Going Places is Julie Mukherjee for “I’m in Love, For the Love of Food.” She will receive a $24.00 credit on Motorsportreg, which is good for one year to use on any AZPCA activity.


We still have over 500 incorrect emails that kick back when we publish an AZPCA club notification or updates of upcoming events.

Please help us by correcting/updating your email

Please keep those articles and photos coming my way. When you attend an event, consider writing a short story of your experience. Who knows, you might even win!

address in the PCA.ORG website.

Come out and have some fun. I’ll be looking for you...

If you cannot find it or have other difficulty, please

P.S. Don’t forget to post your event pictures out on the website too! or call 612-245-1858.

Angela | 12 |

contact me (Jason Bunting, Membership Chair)at:

CALLING ALL NEW MEMBERS!!!! (And all Long-Time Members, too)

NEW MEMBERS’ DAY Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 10AM The Farm at South Mountain is a 12 acre farm originally acquired in the 1920’s. The Farm Kitchen is the original restaurant at the Farm. This event is a great opportunity for new members to meet other members and the Board of Directors, in a casual relaxed hospitable atmosphere of pecan trees, and picnic tables. You will partake of good food and learn about your club. You will find out about your events and be able to ask questions. The Farm Kitchen has an extensive menu from which to choose; farm fresh salads, sandwiches,wraps, homemade soups and much more. Attendees can order from the menu. The event will cost $5 per attendee with remainder of the costs picked up by the club. And the $5 will be refunded to all new members. After lunch you can enjoy a scenic drive up South Mountain where there are great views. Parking will be across the street from the Farm Kitchen. Please try to arrive between 9:30 – 9:45 AM to assure a parking space. The venue requires notification of the number attending by Wednesday, April 25th ! Please register as soon as you know you will be attending. Registering is done by going to our website at AZ.PCA.ORG and clicking on the Events, Calendar for April and selecting the New Members’ Day on the event calendar.


| 13 |

Autocross #7 Results by Rick Althouse and Kim Kemper


ere are the results from Saturday’s (February 17) autocross. The first chart on the left below is all of the raw times, so add 2 seconds for each cone hit. The second chart below on the right is the Top Time Of Day with your best time sorted from the fastest down.

Congratulations to Dale for turning in the fastest lap, with Kim getting oh so close on his last run. We had another successful event with great weather, good food, a fun course designed and set up by Kim, and good friends. Thanks to everyone who helped set up and then take down the course and stow the equipment. We couldn't do these events without your help! Looking forward to seeing everyone again next month! W Ͳy ηϳ &ĞďƌƵĂƌLJ ϭϳ͕ ϮϬϭϴ Z/s Z

:ĂƐŽŶ ^ :ŝŵ :ŽĞ D :ĂŵĞƐ EŝĐŬ :ŽŶĂƚŚĂŶ :ŽŶ Z dƌĂǀŝƐ D ĂůŝŶŐ : ŝůů ^ ĂůĞ D ƌŝĐ ^ ZŝĐŬ EŽƌŵ : ŽŶ > ĂǀĞ D DĂƚŚŝĂƐ 'ƌĞŐ , ĂŶĞ d :ĂŵĞƐ t DŝŬĞ d ƌŝĂŶ D :ŝŵ D DĞLJĞƌƐ , ^ƚĞǀĞ <ŝŵ <


ϮϬϬϯ ŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ Ϭϲ ϮϬϬϱ ŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ ϭϵϴϴ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ϵϰϰ ϮϬϬϵ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ĂLJŵĂŶ ϮϬϭϳ &ŽƌĚ &ŝĞƐƚĂ ^d ϮϬϬϵ Dt Dϯ ϮϬϭϰ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ĂLJŵĂŶ ^ ϭϵϵϲ WŽƌƐĐŚĐĞ ϵϵϯ ϮϬϭϱ &ĂĐƚŽƌLJ ϱ 'dD ϮϬϭϱ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ĂLJŵĂŶ 'd^ ϮϬϭϳ ŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ ϮϬϬϲ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ϵϭϭ Ϯ^ ϮϬϬϴ st ZĂďďŝƚ ϮϬϭϰ ŽĚŐĞ sŝƉĞƌ ϮϬϭϱ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ĂLJŵĂŶ 'd^ ϮϬϬϰ ,ŽŶĚĂ ^ϮϬϬϬ ϮϬϭϰ ŽĚŐĞ sŝƉĞƌ ϮϬϭϲ ŽĚŐĞ ŚĂůůĞŶŐĞƌ ^Zd ϭϵϵϬ DĂnjĚĂ DŝĂƚĂ ϭϵϳϬ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ϵϭϰͬϲ ϮϬϬϰ ŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ ϮϬϭϲ ŚĞǀLJ ŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ Ϭϲ ϮϬϭϲ ŽĚŐĞ sŝƉĞƌ ϮϬϭϯ ^ĐŝŽŶ &Z^ ϭϵϵϬ DĂnjĚĂ DŝĂƚĂ ϮϬϭϲ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ 'dϯ Z^

ZhE ϭ

, d ϭ


ZhE ϰ

ZhE ϱ

, d Ϯ

ZhE ϲ

ZhE ϳ

ϱϳ͘ϰϰ ϱϱ͘ϯϭϴ ϱϱ͘Ϯϰϱ ϱϱ͘ϯϳϳ ϱϲ͘ϲϰϳ ϱϰ͘ϴϬϯ ϱϰ͘ϴϴϭ ϱϮ͘Ϭϵϴ ϱϭ͘Ϯϵϴ ϱϬ͘ϱϬϱ ϱϬ͘Ϭϭϰ ϱϬ͘ϳϳϮнϭ ϱϬ͘ϯϯϲ ϱϬ͘ϬϯϮ E& ϳϬ͘ϰϳϵ ϲϴ͘ϯϭϳ ϲϵ͘ϭϯϰ ϲϮ͘ϰϴϰ ϲϮ͘ϭϵ ϲϭ͘ϱ E& E& ϱϴ͘ϯϲϭ ϱϲ͘ϱϲϭ ϱϮ͘ϱϳϵ ϱϮ͘Ϯ ϱϰ͘ϭϰϭнϮ ϳϮ͘Ϯϱϯ ϲϴ͘ϴϭϵ ϲϵ͘ϭϭϰ ϲϲ͘ϲϴϮ ϲϭ͘ϱϭϰ ϱϵ͘ϯϮϱ ϱϳ͘ϰϳϭ ϰϴ͘ϬϲϮ ϰϳ͘ϵϰϴ ϰϳ͘ϱϰ ϰϴ͘ϭϱϭ E& ϰϳ͘ϲϵϵ ϰϳ͘ϰϱϵ ϰϴ͘ϳϯϴнϭ ϰϴ͘ϴϰϵ ϰϴ͘ϭϲϴ ϰϳ͘ϵϳϵ ϰϳ͘Ϯϵϰнϭ ϰϳ͘ϵϰ ϰϳ͘ϯϲϭнϭ ϱϭ͘Ϭϯϲ ϱϬ͘ϲϯϯ ϰϵ͘ϲϱϳ ϰϵ͘ϲϭϴнϭ ϰϵ͘ϭϬϯ ϰϵ͘ϰϳϭ ϰϵ͘ϮϵϮ ϱϴ͘ϵϭϳнϭ ϰϴ͘ϰϱϳ ϰϳ͘ϴϳϬнϭ ϰϳ͘ϴϱϲ ϰϴ͘ϳϵϵнϭ ϰϳ͘ϲϳ ϰϳ͘ϲϱϭ ϲϯ͘ϯϭϲ E& ϲϰ͘Ϭϴϯ ϲϯ͘ϬϴϬнϭ ϱϳ͘ϰϭϵнϯ ϱϵ͘ϭϭϲ E& ϰϴ͘ϬϴϮ ϰϳ͘Ϭϭ ϰϲ͘ϵϬϮ ϰϴ͘Ϯϭϴ ϰϲ͘ϳϭϭ ϰϱ͘ϱϭϱ ϭϰϱ͘Ϯϰϱнϯ ϰϵ͘Ϯϵϴ ϱϭ͘ϯϯϵнϭ ϰϳ͘ϵϵϭ ϰϳ͘ϲϱϵ ϰϳ͘ϱϬϰ ϰϳ͘ϯϮϬнϭ ϰϴ͘ϯϬϮнϭ ϱϯ͘ϯ ϱϯ͘ϴϵϴ ϱϯ͘ϲϳϮнϭ ϱϯ͘ϭϬϱ ϱϮ͘ϬϮϲ ϱϮ͘ϳϵϰ ϱϮ͘ϱϴ ϳϭ͘ϭϬϱ ϲϲ͘ϴϱϴ ϲϱ͘ϴϱϯ ϲϯ͘ϯϴϲ E^ E^ E^ ϰϵ͘ϵϬϳ ϱϭ͘ϵϴϭ ϱϬ͘ϳϵϵ ϱϭ͘ϭϳϯ E^ E^ E^ ϱϬ͘Ϭϲϵ ϰϵ͘ϲϭϵ ϱϬ͘ϬϭϮ ϱϬ͘ϱϲϬнϭ ϰϵ͘ϴϵϭ ϰϵ͘ϭϱϭ ϰϵ͘ϯϮϮ ϰϴ͘ϰϵϴ ϰϳ͘ϲϴϮ ϰϴ͘ϭϮϱ ϰϳ͘ϳϭϵ ϳϲ͘Ϯнϭ ϰϳ͘ϱϵϰ ϰϳ͘ϰϱϵ ϲϬ͘ϱϮϲ ϱϱ͘ϯϳϵ ϱϰ͘ϭϯ ϱϰ͘ϵϴϴ ϱϮ͘ϰϲϵ ϱϯ͘Ϭϭϵ ϱϬ͘ϯϵϵ E& E& ϰϳ͘ϳϰϮ ϰϴ͘Ϭϵϱнϭ ϰϵ͘ϯϮ ϰϴ͘ϳϳϮ ϰϴ͘ϴϭϲ ϰϵ͘ϳϴϰ ϱϬ͘ϱϵ ϰϵ͘ϳϱϯ ϰϵ͘ϰϵϱ E^ E^ E^ ϱϯ͘ϰϬϯ ϱϮ͘ϳϲϳ ϱϮ͘ϴϬϯнϭ ϱϮ͘ϭϳϱ ϱϮ͘ϳϴϱ ϱϭ͘ϵϵϰнϭ ϱϯ͘Ϯϱϯ ϵϳ͘ϰϳϮнϯ ϰϳ͘ϱϵϵ ϰϴ͘Ϯϭϭ ϰϳ͘ϵϬϯ ϰϴ͘ϭϮϴ ϰϲ͘ϳϭϱ ϰϲ͘ϴϰϭ ϰϴ͘ϰϱϱнϭ ϰϲ͘ϲϬϴ ϰϳ͘ϰϯϮ ϰϲ͘ϴϵϵ ϰϳ͘ϯϴϲнϭ ϰϲ͘ϲϯϳ ϰϲ͘ϵϮϳ E& ϰϵ͘ϴϯϲ ϰϵ͘ϵϱϰ ϱϬ ϱϬ͘Ϭϵϳ ϱϬ͘ϰϰϬнϭ ϱϭ͘ϳϲϴнϭ ϰϳ͘ϮϮϰ ϰϳ͘ϱϮϵнϭ ϰϳ͘ϳϯϴ ϰϴ͘ϰϬϭ E& E& ϰϴ͘ϴϮϯнϮ ϰϲ͘ϴϰ ϰϲ͘ϭϳϵ ϰϲ͘ϰϵϮ ϰϱ͘ϵϵϵ ϰϳ͘ϵϳϵ ϰϳ͘Ϭϱϲ ϰϲ͘ϱϬϭ

>> d/D ^ Z Z t Ͳ Ϯ ^ KE ^ &KZ , KE

Editor’s Note: Check out Eric Schmidt’s video on You Tube!

| 14 |

ZhE ϯ

, d ϯ


ZhE ϵ

ZhE ϭϬ

ϱϰ͘ϲϱϯ ϱϬ͘ϬϮϵ ϱϵ͘ϲϭϯ ϱϮ͘ϴϭϲ ϱϴ͘Ϭϳϭ ϰϵ͘ϱϱϵнϭ ϰϴ͘Ϭϲϴ ϰϵ͘Ϯϯϲнϭ ϰϳ͘ϯϴϳ ϲϬ͘ϯϬϴ ϰϱ͘ϳϯϮ ϱϭ͘ϵϮϯнϭ ϱϮ͘ϲϲϭнϭ E^ E^ ϰϴ͘ϳϴϮ ϰϳ͘ϴϲϳ ϱϬ͘ϰϰϴ ϰϴ͘Ϯϱϵ E^ ϱϯ͘Ϯϱϱ ϰϲ͘ϲϯϭ ϰϲ͘Ϭϰϳ ϱϭ͘ϲϴϯ ϰϴ͘ϴϭϮ ϰϲ͘ϴϴ

ϱϰ͘ϱϮ ϱϮ͘ϮϵϮнϭ ϱϴ͘ϵϰϭ ϱϮ͘Ϭϯϵ ϱϵ͘ϴϴϲ ϰϳ͘ϵϭϮнϭ E^ ϰϵ͘ϵϴϱнϭ ϰϳ͘ϭϲϯ ϱϲ͘ϱϱϰ ϰϲ͘ϵϬϮ ϰϳ͘ϳϰϮ ϱϮ͘Ϯϰϯ E^ E^ ϰϴ͘ϵϲϮ ϰϲ͘ϵϰϮ ϱϬ͘ϳϴϵ ϰϴ͘ϰϱϯ E^ ϱϭ͘Ϭϭϭ ϰϳ͘ϳϯϳ ϰϲ͘ϱϱϲ ϱϬ͘ϴϳϬнϭ ϰϵ͘ϱϱϴнϭ ϰϳ͘ϯϬϴ

ϱϰ͘ϱϵϳ ϱϭ͘ϬϴϮ ϱϴ͘ϱϲϭ ϱϭ͘ϰϭϲ ϱϳ͘ϲϵϲ ϰϳ͘ϰϵϭ E^ ϰϵ͘ϰϭϱ ϳϱ͘ϭϴϯнϱ ϱϳ͘Ϭϵϭ ϰϱ͘ϰϰϰ E& ϱϭ͘ϴϴϴ E^ E^ ϰϴ͘ϭϴϵ ϰϲ͘ϵϵϳ ϱϬ͘ϳϮϮнϭ ϰϳ͘ϯϲϴ E^ ϱϬ͘ϵϬϯ ϰϲ͘ϵϱϳ ϰϲ͘Ϯϵϭнϭ ϱϬ͘ϰϲϯнϭ ϰϳ͘Ϯϲ ϰϱ͘ϱϭϳ

W Ͳy ηϳ &ĞďƌƵĂƌLJ ϭϳ͕ ϮϬϭϴ Z/s Z

ĂůĞ D <ŝŵ < :ŝŵ D ƌŝĂŶ D DĂƚŚŝĂƐ ĂůŝŶŐ : ^ƚĞǀĞ ĂŶĞ d :ŽŶĂƚŚĂŶ ƌŝĐ ^ :ŽŶ Z ĂǀĞ D dƌĂǀŝƐ D :ĂŵĞƐ t DĞLJĞƌƐ , ŽŶ > :ŝŵ 'ƌĞŐ , DŝŬĞ d :ĂŵĞƐ ZŝĐŬ :ĂƐŽŶ ^ ŝůů ^ EŝĐŬ :ŽĞ D EŽƌŵ :


ϮϬϭϳ ŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ ϮϬϭϲ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ 'dϯ Z^ ϮϬϭϲ ŽĚŐĞ sŝƉĞƌ ϮϬϭϲ ŚĞǀLJ ŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ Ϭϲ ϮϬϭϰ ŽĚŐĞ sŝƉĞƌ ϮϬϭϱ &ĂĐƚŽƌLJ ϱ 'dD ϭϵϵϬ DĂnjĚĂ DŝĂƚĂ ϭϵϵϬ DĂnjĚĂ DŝĂƚĂ ϮϬϬϵ Dt Dϯ ϮϬϬϲ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ϵϭϭ Ϯ^ ϮϬϭϰ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ĂLJŵĂŶ ^ ϮϬϬϰ ,ŽŶĚĂ ^ϮϬϬϬ ϭϵϵϲ WŽƌƐĐŚĐĞ ϵϵϯ ϭϵϳϬ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ϵϭϰͬϲ ϮϬϭϯ ^ĐŝŽŶ &Z^ ϮϬϭϱ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ĂLJŵĂŶ 'd^ ϮϬϬϱ ŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ ϮϬϭϲ ŽĚŐĞ ŚĂůůĞŶŐĞƌ ^Zd ϮϬϬϰ ŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ ϮϬϬϵ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ĂLJŵĂŶ ϮϬϬϴ st ZĂďďŝƚ ϮϬϬϯ ŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ Ϭϲ ϮϬϭϱ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ĂLJŵĂŶ 'd^ ϮϬϭϳ &ŽƌĚ &ŝĞƐƚĂ ^d ϭϵϴϴ WŽƌƐĐŚĞ ϵϰϰ ϮϬϭϰ ŽĚŐĞ sŝƉĞƌ


^d ZhE ϰϱ͘ϰϰϰ ϰϱ͘ϱϭϳ ϰϲ͘Ϭϰϳ ϰϲ͘ϲϯϭ ϰϲ͘ϵϰϮ ϰϳ͘ϭϲϯ ϰϳ͘ϮϮϰ ϰϳ͘ϯϲϴ ϰϳ͘ϰϱϵ ϰϳ͘ϱϬϰ ϰϳ͘ϵϰ ϰϴ͘ϭϴϵ ϰϵ͘ϭϬϯ ϰϵ͘ϰϵϱ ϰϵ͘ϴϯϲ ϰϵ͘ϵϬϳ ϱϬ͘Ϭϭϰ ϱϬ͘ϯϵϵ ϱϬ͘ϵϬϯ ϱϭ͘ϰϭϲ ϱϭ͘ϴϴϴ ϱϰ͘ϱϮ ϱϲ͘ϱϱϰ ϱϳ͘ϰϳϭ ϱϴ͘ϱϲϭ ϲϯ͘ϯϴϲ

Meet A Member


he AZPCA is made up of a wonderful group of members. As Going Places Editor, I would like to introduce this month’s feature member, Mike Reed. 1. When did you join PCA? First time was in 1984-85. 2. What Porsche(s) do you have? 2007 911 Carrera S and 1986 944 Turbo. 3. Where are you from? Maine. 4. Family? Widower with 3 adult children and 7 grandchildren. 5. Work background or trade? Retired from a career as a self employed wholesale distributor of paper and plastic products. 6. What makes your car special? The 911 is my first 911, black on black manual and the 944 Turbo is 1 of 100 sold in the U.S. in Audi Pearl White with a burgundy leather interior. I owned a new one in 1986 which I sold in 1988. Found this current one about 5 months ago and I’m in the process of restoring it.

7. Next upgrade? Not sure. 8. Have you personalized your car? No. 9. Favorite memory with a car? Driving the 944 when it was new on the back roads and along the coast of Maine from Kennebunk to Bar Harbor. 10. Why did you buy your Porsche? Missed the experience of DRIVING a car. 11. Highschool nickname? Mike. 12. Top 3 dream cars you would own? An 80’s Turbo. A 65 Mustang Fastback. A 64 Comet Cyclone 289 4bbl like my first new car.

Interesting note. I loved this picture of the 944 but the reason the gas cap lid is open is because the gas gauge wasn’t working and I ran out of gas early one Saturday morning on my way to a Porsche event in Old Town Scottsdale.

G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

| 15 |

I’m in Love, For the Love of Food by Julie Mukherjee photos by Jan Mackulak and Von Perot


nother successful event for the AZPCA club has hit the books!!! Love was in the air on February 8, 2018, in honor of Valentine’s Day and what a better way to celebrate than getting together with dear friends and loved ones and enjoying an evening with delicious Libations and Luscious Cuisine. For the past 4 years, Cynthia Giacchetti has organized the Valentine’s Day Date Night Dinner, which has always been a huge hit and this year she out did herself again!! It all started by meeting for dinner at du Jour Restaurant located at the Arizona Culinary Institute. This event was so popular it sold out within a matter of weeks. The room was decorated with stunning flower arrangements and 50 lovely people gracing us at this year’s event wearing beautiful colors of red. They were all dressed to impress and everyone had an amazing evening. Our palettes were treated to Orangini served with a smoked tomato sauce, Pear Gorgonzola Salad, your choice of either Wild Alaskan Salmon or Grilled Filet Mignon and last but not least a sampler plate featuring du Jour’s famous desserts. The food melted in our mouths and the desserts were truly amazing! Needless to say we were wined and dined and ate to our hearts content.

Thank you Cynthia for a wonderful evening!

Our lovely meal was prepared by all the talented students at the Institute. The service was A+ and we were treated with the utmost respect by the staff. I give these amazing students, who made this meal such a delight, 5 Stars as they put their heart and soul into cooking these items for us and it showed. For those of you who did not get a chance to attend this wonderful event, make sure to add it to your list of events for 2019. This is one that you don’t want to miss!!! so register early. Thank you Cynthia for all your hard work organizing this wonderful and classy event. Your rocked it for the 4th year!

(L to R) Denise Brasile, JoAnn Letchworth with Jerry Rusca and Ron Perot. | 16 |

I’m in Love, For the Love of Food photos by Von Perot

G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

| 17 |

An Introduction to a True Porsche Connoisseur - Part 2 by Richard Andrade

1955 1500 Super CoupĂŠ The 1500 Super was the rocket of the 1950's. It came first hand (purchased from the original owner) with original mileage all service documents available. The base price was DM 12,800 [~$3047 in 1955, $27,000 in 2017 dollars], with options the cost grew to DM 21,000. The Becker Mexico radio with crank antenna was a DM 4,000 option!

This worldwide original car purchased from the first owner with so few kilometers is unique in Germany!

This is a highly optioned 356, most did not have fuel and oil temp gauges.

Only 38,927 km / 24,178 miles on the odometer. The Becker Mexico Radio was a very expensive DM 4,000 option.

| 18 |

Started in 1953, this 1955 has the curved creased windshield.

1958 356 1600 Coupé The 1958 355 A type “Dame (Lady)” came via the USA back to Germany - no problems, I have driven it about 30,000 miles, a very smooth nice car.

You don’t see this on the window of a German car. It was originally sold in Missouri. All original, except for the blue ignition coil.

G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

| 19 |

An Introduction to a True Porsche Connoisseur - Part 2 continued from page 19

1962 356B 1600 Super 90 Hardtop

The steering wheel style was only used through 1953. Yes, that is right, only 101 km.

| 20 |

An Introduction to a True Porsche Connoisseur - Part 2 1985 928S This 928 was purchased from the first owner, an 84 year old lady. A very nice car, drives smoothly.

The car came with all the service documentation from the Frankfurt Porsche dealer.

continued on page 26 G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

| 21 |

AZPCA at the IndyCar Phoenix Grand Prix April 7, 2018 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Please join our members of the Arizona Region Porsche Club of America at the ISM Raceway (formerly PIR) Phoenix Grand Prix on Saturday, April 7th 2018. Tailgating activities this year will be inside the Main Gates, in a paved area with a Porsche Corral designated just for us, prior to the race activities. At this time the IndyCar race schedule is tentative, but race time will be approximately 6:30 PM. Prior to the main event there will be a series of other events (all times approximate): * Garage & Pit Pass Hours: 12:00-5:00 PM * Vintage Desert Classic: 2:15-3:00 PM * Phoenix Copper Cup: 3:15-4:15 PM * USAC Silver Crown Champ Cars Series Race (100 Laps) * Vintage Desert Classic Exhibition Parade Laps: 4:30-4:40 PM * Indy Pit Stop Practice: 5:00-5:15 PM * Driver Introductions: 5:55 PM * Verizon IndyCar Race (250 Laps) We have reserved a block of tickets in the Bryan grandstands for our members. Section F, rows 19 – 23, Seats 1 -10, each row starting at the aisles. This year’s cost per ticket will be $50.00 (a reduction of $17.00 from last year) which will include parking in our Porsche Corral! Registration ends on Friday, March 30th, 2018. This will allow for adequate time to secure the ticket packages and mail to all attendees. The Arizona Region will provide bottled water and light snacks for our social activities prior to the start of the races. You may bring additional food and beverages into the corral area. Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted in the corral, but may be purchased from various vendors. Details for the pre-race tailgating and instructions for the parking area will be in your ticket package. Tickets and parking passes will be mailed to all registrants before the race so, please insure that your mailing address is correct on In addition to Saturday’s events, there are racing activities on Friday starting at 12:00 noon and extending until 9:00PM. The cost is $20.00, and passes are available at the track. In addition, for anyone wanting to visit the pits on Saturday, Pit Passes are $50.00 and may be purchased at the ticket windows at the track. Register and pay for your tickets using this link below: | 22 |

AZPCA Hot Air Tour October 5 - 8,2018 Join us for the second “Hot Air Tour” to New Mexico. We will be leaving Phoenix for Socorro New Mexico on Friday, October 5, taking a scenic route through eastern Arizona and Western New Mexico to Socorro. On the way, there will be a surprise treat. We will stay at the Best Western Socorro Hotel and Suites. Friday evening we will have dinner at the Socorro Springs Brewery near the hotel followed by a short educational program on the Atomic Bomb and the effects of radiation presented by Steve Sapareto (the first “hot air” event). Saturday morning we will drive into White Sands Missile Range to the Trinity Bomb site and museum where the first atomic bomb was detonated. It is only open to the public two days per year (don't worry, radiation levels are very low). We will leave the site about noon time for lunch and a scenic drive to Albuquerque arriving in time to visit the The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History for a guided tour before checking into our hotel. We will have dinner at a nearby restaurant. Getting up very early Sunday we will join the PCA Roadrunner region at the Albuquerque Porsche dealership to watch the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Mass Ascension, one of the largest balloon launches in the world. More than 700 balloons from all over the world launch from a 78 acre launch field (54 football fields) at the 365 acre Balloon Fiesta Park. Those interested can also join us to meet the Lambda Car Club for the Fiesta of Wheels, a car display right on the balloon launch grounds, displaying our cars along with over 200 others with free admission. The rest of the day will be available for sight seeing followed by a dinner and viewing of the Balloon Glow and Fireworks. We will return home on Monday as a group or individually. Make Reservations for Friday night, October, 5 at the Best Western Socorro Hotel and Suites, 1100 California Street, Socorro, NM 87801, (575) 838-0556. Indicate you are with the Porsche Club to get our special rate of $95. The cutoff date is September 6, 2018 In addition, make reservations Saturday, Oct 6 and Sunday, Oct 7 at the Nativo Lodge, 6000 Pan American Freeway,NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109, (505) 798-4300 or (866) 505-7829. Also specify that you are with the Porsche Club ($219/night). Cut-off date for this rate is September 6, 2018. Those interested in arranging balloon rides should contact Rainbow Ryders the official Fiesta Balloon ride concession. Find contact information at under guest information. Other special event offerings are also listed. We only have a limited number of rooms available at each location so please make your reservations as soon as possible to get our group rate and to insure a room as hotels during the Balloon Fiesta will be extremely difficult to find. A registration link with information will be added to our AZ.PCA.Org soon. For now, please save the date of this great event. G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

| 23 |

| 24 |

G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

| 25 |

An Introduction to a True Porsche Connoisseur - Part 2 continued from page 21

This Euro model has 310 HP and has a 4-speed Mercedes-Benz sourced automatic transmission.

111,841 km / 69,466 miles on the odometer

1988 Carrera CoupĂŠ This is the first Porsche that Konrad purchased new and was able to keep in his collection.

| 26 |

A very nice looking interior. 356,110 km / 218,792 miles on the odometer .

The 6-cylinder boxer air cooled motor is very reliable.

To be continued in the April newsletter G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

| 27 |

Concours in the Hills Raises Breaks Donation, Attendance, Sponsorship and Vehicle Registration Records by Christina Caldwell, Evolve Public Relations and Marketing photos by Dan Jacob (PHOENIX) – Concours in the Hills, Scuderia Southwest’s largest high performance, exotic and collector car event of the year, raised more than $117,000 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital during its Saturday, Feb. 10 show. The event celebrated its fifth year by smashing donation, attendance, vehicle and sponsorship records. Concours in the Hills packed Fountain Park with 749 vehicles of all kinds, from classic American muscle to historic European sports cars, and everything in between – including a United States Marine Corps Viper helicopter, which was surrounded by Viper sports cars, and an Army Aviation Heritage Foundation Cobra helicopter, surrounded by about 30 Cobra sports cars. The show was opened by famous names in racing, including Bob Bondurant, Lyn St. James and Paul Tracy. Special features included a Jaguar D-Type, XK-SS and C-Type parked next to each other; a 1913 Bugatti Type 22 next to a contemporary Veyron; a LaFerrari next to the first Ferrari 812 Superfast in the state and a 2017 Ford GT. Racing cars included Jacques Villeneuve’s March Formula Atlantic car. Over forty Porsches were pre-registered so including a few that registered on the day and many that were on display at Sponsor Booths including Scottsdale Porsche and Patrick Motorsports there were well over fifty in all. The event, free to spectators, required a minimum $60 donation to Phoenix Children’s Hospital in order to register a vehicle, though many donated more. Phoenix Children’s Hospital is Scuderia Southwest’s exclusive charity partner for 2018. “Concours in the Hills is an incredible community event that just keeps getting better,” said Steve Schnall, senior vice president and chief development officer of Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation. “Scuderia Southwest’s ongoing commitment to the health, hope and healing at Phoenix Children’s Hospital speaks volumes about its priorities as a car club and philanthropic juggernaut. We are incredibly grateful for our relationship with them.” More than 20,000 spectators attended 2018’s Concours in the Hills, versus 15,000 in 2017. Scuderia Southwest also garnered 78 sponsors for the event. “We are thrilled to see Concours in the Hills grow into a premier car show in just five years, and we could not have done it without the community,” said Peter Volny, marketing and media director | 28 |

at Scuderia Southwest. “From the members of the public who exhibited their cars to volunteers that donated their time, Concours in the Hills continues its charitable tradition with the help of many.” Scuderia Southwest will return to Fountain Park for the sixth annual Concours in the Hills on Saturday, February 9, 2019.

The Times They Are A Changing

by Danielle Badler


ery few things in this world are forever. Although, to me, the words of Bob Dylan come close. They resonate. They ring true. They maintain their timelessness, and their relevance. Take “The Times They Are A Changing” and take a quick glance at the rapid-fire changes sweeping across all forms of the automobile business, from product development to racing. A recent piece in Autoweek talked about how Porsche plans to “stabilize” deliveries, in order to “preserve the marque’s exclusivity, rather than rapidly seeking even higher production volumes.” Porsche CEO Oliver Blume is quoted as saying “Tradition is a commitment. Without our tradition and without our core values, we would not be where we are today. We plan to uphold the standard of technical excellence set by Ferry Porsche well into the future. Intelligent dynamic mobility has a great future ahead of it. And we have the solid technological expertise, creative employees and unique team spirit to be involved. We have what it takes to ensure that the Porsche brand continues to fascinate — even in another 70 years.” He goes on, “There will be a triad: plug-in hybrids, emotional sports cars with combustion engines, and sporty electric vehicles. There will always be demand for intelligent sporty mobility. At Porsche, the driving experience will always be at the forefront, but in a traffic jam or when you park a car, the driver might want to hand over control of the vehicle.” What to make of this pronouncement? I hope he’s right. I really do. But I have my doubts. And it begins with use of the word “always.” The fact is, there is no “always” when it comes to products developed and marketed by people. The products, in point of fact, have NOT always been there and, by inference, there’s no guarantee that they will continue. In his January, 2018 column in Car and Driver, Ezra Dyer looks at how Mercedes “is pondering the question of how it will stay relevant in the face of automation and electrification, forces that threaten to homogenize the automotive market.”

Dyer talks to Gorden Wagener, Mercedes design head, who tells him that the hook-up makes sense for both parties. “Both Cigarette and AMG cater to rich people who like things that look cool and go fast…. Hence, AMG boats.” It turns out Wagener challenged his design staff to imagine the near-future world and all the ways Mercedes could fit into it. Out came a book called “Sensual Purity,” filled with “not just sleek future cars, but houses, bridges, and public spaces.” Dyer says, “It’s a preview of a world where car companies aren’t just car companies…. You’re mad Ferrari will make an SUV? Wait till it makes a toaster.” Then I came across another piece from Autoweek, bearing the headline “IndyCar’s Challenge: Figure Out How to Attract the Next Generation of Fans.” According to the author, “Nobody, it seems, really knows how to attract the millennials.” IndyCar president of competition and operations Jay Frye “thinks it’s a multi-layered issue. He believes the packaging of auto racing can attract millennials through streaming and virtual technology. But as far as the competition on the race track, Frye believes the key is attracting the generation before the millennials, known as Generation X.” The idea is to, first, connect with Generation X, in order to get them to the track. Then, the strategy is to appeal to millennials, with streaming videos and other digital platforms. Uh, ok! Although this sounds a bit like the old Steve Martin routine on how to get a million dollars and not pay any taxes. Do you remember? First you get a million dollars … then, when the IRS calls, you say “I forgot.” Or the Saturday Night Live routine about how inflation is your friend. “Who cares? We’ll all be millionaires!” What to do? For inspiration, I turn back to one Robert Zimmerman, who wrote, nearly 50 years ago,

Dyer rides on a 41-foot Cigarette Racing SD GT3, whose power comes from two twin-turbo 1100-hp DOHC 9.0 liter V-8s from Mercury Racing … with a “gigantic AMG logo spanning each side of the boat.”

“Come mothers and fathers throughout the land And don’t criticize what you can’t understand Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command Your old road is rapidly aging.”

No, there’s no AMG powerplant underfoot. But it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s a branding exercise, plain and simple.


G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

| 29 |



n Sunday, February 11, a caravan of 33 porsches, 66 AZPCA members and friends headed out for a nice drive to Wickenburg and brunch at the historic guest ranch and golf club, Rancho de los Caballeros.

According to Loretta and Jack Aman, our event hosts, the weather was perfect and the brunch was great as always.

Thank you Jack and Loretta.

Great aerial view! | 30 |


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NEWSLETTER Angela Manente 952.240.4292 PANORAMA LIAISON Diane Collier c303.378.9109 h623.544.5965 P O RS C H ES & PA N C A K ES COORDINATORS Camille Miles, Moe Scharhon and Jane Perlman SAFETY Eric Schmidt SOCIAL COMMIT TEE Vacant SOCIAL MEDIA Jan Mackulak 602.750.2145 SPONSORSHIP & ADVERTISING Vacant TECHNICAL Scott Mcilvain 480.968.2858 WEBMASTER Kevin Gilchrist WEBSITE ASSISTANTS Craig Harland Eddy Newkirk


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Russell Shon S A N T A B A R B A R A





The sponsorship programs were designed to allow our current and new advertisers and sponsors a simple way to choose a program that will include; digital on-line published newsletter and internet exposure opportunities all for one simple investment.


The sponsorship program has five tiers: Bronze - $250 includes one small website banner on the Events and Going Places digital magazine page of our website, rotating with other sponsors, and one eigthpage (3.5”x 2”) color or grayscale ad in the Going Places publication. Silver - $600 Includes one medium-sized website banner on the Events and Going Places digital magazine page of our website, rotating with other sponsors, and one quarter-page (3.5” x 4.75”) color or grayscale ad in the Going Places publication. Gold - $1200 Includes one medium-sized website ad on the main page of our website rotating with other sponsors, and one half-page (8” x 5”) color or grayscale ad in the Going Places publication. Titanium - $2500 Includes one large vertical ad on the front page of our website rotating with other sponsors and one full-page (8” x 10”)color or grayscale ad in the Going Places publication. Platinum - $10,000. Includes one large vertical ad on the front page of our website, an embedded video, one full-color or grayscale, full-page (8” x 10”) ad inside the front cover in the Going Places publication. It is the responsibility for each sponsor to develop and design their unique promotional ads. Sponsors must submit their own artwork electronically for ads in gif, pdf, jpeg or swf (for website ads) formats. New sponsorships will run yearly, and investment will be pro-rated for any new sponsor who commits mid-year. All website ads will be viewed only by Arizona Porsche Club members and therefore will not be accessed until the member logs into the website. The acceptance and display of advertising in this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the advertiser or product by the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region. AZPCA reserves the right to refuse to print any ad it deems inappropriate. Sponsorships must be prepaid. Staff reserves the right to change rates upon notice at any time.


Anderson, Steve; WCI Brokers Central.......25 Andrade, Betsy; Andrade Promotions........24 Beyer, Russ; Hagerty Porsche Insurance... 25 Bookspan, Richard; Attorney-at-Law..........25 Brasile, Charles & Denise; Real Estate...... 24 Bulldog Detailing..................................... 25 Lewis, Steven K.; Wells Fargo................... 24 McIlvain Motors....................................... IBC Patrick Motorsports.................................. 25 Porsche North Scottsdale and Porsche Chandler..................................... IFC

Contacts: Sponsorship Requests and Tier Details Sponsorships and Advertising Manager, Vacant In the interim, please contact, Bob Woodwell, AZPCA President Phone: 480.659.2297 E-mail: Angela Manente – Going Places Deadlines Going Places Editor Phone: 952.240.4292 E-mail:

Need to Order New Name Badges? Send a personal check for $15 made payable to PCA Arizona Region per badge to: Betsy Andrade 2735 S. Spruce Mesa, AZ 85210 Include exact spelling with your order OR email Betsy the details: Badge orders are placed at the end of each month, and the engraver returns them in about two weeks. They will then be mailed to you. If you need your badge faster, this can be done for $20 per badge, following the same directions as above. Betsy can also be reached by text or voicemail at: 602-550-1212

G O I N G P L A C E S 83.2018

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| 34 |

To celebrate our

5 Year Anniversary Mcilvain Motors has expanded!

We now oer the same great service and lowest prices in the state for all PORSCHE models and most VW/Audi and BMW.

For more info visit or give us a call at 480-968-2858 today

Visit Your AzPCA Goodie Store Today! Order AzPCA apparel, gift items, and name badges.

Just type in the website in your browser. For more information or for special requests, please contact Betsy Andrade, your Merchandise Manager. Email: Cell: 602-550-1212

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