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Getting to Know Your Way


Great Extra Benefits


Holiday Experiences


Local Destinations


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When was the last time you admired a panoramic valley which took your breath away, or were captivated by a beautiful seascape, without it being a screensaver or a TV travel program? If the responsibilities of daily living have trapped your life in shades of gray, it’s time to create moments of excitement and colour. The best way to do it is to take a holiday! Holidays play a crucial part of our lives. More so now than ever! Research shows that holidays are for our physical and mental health. Even less exotic holidays enlighten our minds and open our souls, to discover and admire. Sharing experiences with friends and family creates interests and connections thus renewing and building relationships. A family holiday (which should be a firm fixture on your calendar) gives you the time to communicate with your spouse and children, to learn more about what makes them tick, what they enjoy or don’t. Time out allows you to learn more about yourself, enjoy your own company and do those things you don’t do back at home. Engaging in new behavior is like wearing a new outfit. When we go on holiday, we indulge our senses from new sounds, tastes, smells and visual delights. This year’s World cup in South Africa has opened the eyes and hearts of South Africans, and has reminded us all of the fabulous and spectacular country we live in. You don’t have to go far for that horseback ride on a Western Cape beach, a hike in the Drakensberg, a swim with the dolphins on the KZN North Coast, or an evening safari in the Kruger National Park. Time away is an opportunity for fun, relaxation, togetherness, and a source of some of our most potent and pleasing memories. So let us help you make that holiday adventure come true. Splurge and pamper yourself.

Let’s go on holiday! 3

Getting to know your Pointers Who to call!

WHEN TO BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY - WATCH THESE! OPENING DAYS 2nd Monday in February - book from week 48 to week 10

Local (031) 717-75 91 International (031 ) 717-7592

(031) 709-3098

2nd Monday in October - book from week 11 to week 47

localres@clubleisu internationalres@



Book early to avoid disappointment! To make the most of the destinations, ask what is currently available. If the dates are important, ask what is currently available for the dates you require. Be flexible on apartment – larger apartments may not be all that more expensive. Be prepared to change apartments or resorts for a two week holiday.

Leisure Status Update – Use It! Don’t Lose It! We send you your Leisure Status Update every quarter. This reminds you of: Great holidays you have already had. How many Points you have available to use.

If your heart is set on a specific location or resort, ask what dates are available for that destination.

How much money you have on hand in your Holiday Savings account to use towards your next holiday.

You may book up to two peak season weeks per season per year (there are 4 seasons each year, this gives you the benefit of eight weeks of peak season holidays each year).

The date you could lose any of your Holiday Savings and Points if you don’t use them.

Don’t forget to ask about any Specials or Bonus Breaks available.

Points Chart Use your Points Chart to look up how many points you need for your holiday destination. We send you a Points Chart every year, and You can also view the Points Chart for each resort on the website – simply go to and search for your destination and resort of choice.


Getting to know your Holiday HOW TO MAKE A RESERVATION 1. Have your Member Number ready, pen and paper and the size of your party.


TIP: Remember to use your Points Chart or the website to determine the number of Points you will need.

1. If you find it necessary to cancel a reservation and you do so 28 days or more prior to departure you will receive a refund of all your Points and Accommodation Fee.

2. Contact your Holiday Planner.

2. A nominal administration fee applies.

3. Ask for what is available.

3. If you cancel in less that 28 days prior to departure you will lose all Points and Accommodation Fee.

4. Your Holiday Planner will make you offers and confirm the number of points as well as the Accommodation Fee required for your holiday. 5. Decide quickly. We book over 3000 holidays per week.

NOT ENOUGH POINTS? YES YOU CAN GO ON HOLIDAY 1. If you don’t have enough points, you can borrow up to 25% of your points from next year. 2. You can also borrow up to 100% of next year’s points if making a reservation this year for next year.

Call your Holiday Planner for assistance.


1. Once your reservation has been confirmed, you will receive a Guest Certificate by email or post. 2. You will need to present this, along with photo ID when you arrive at your holiday destination. 3. A Guest Certificate may be issued in the name of a family member or friend up to four times a year. Please notify the Club in writing to take advantage of this benefit.


Gives you contact numbers, directions and co-ordinates of the resort.


1. No problem. If you don’t have enough in your Holiday Savings, a “top-up”payment will be required, to confirm your booking. 2. Remember that your “top-up” needs to be paid within 48 hours of making a reservation, definitely before your holiday.

Have a look at the resort facilities again so that you can prepare-You won’t want to miss out on any experiences! Use the handy weather link to fine-tune your packing. To find your resort on the website - use the “Resort Quick Search” located on each page of the website. Call the resort to book for any special events, functions or wellness treatments


Getting to know your Points Firstly, you acquire your Points

Have you received any bonus points this year?

Once you have purchased your points, they are automatically re-issued to you each year and forever.

Bonus points are issued as a once-off for your use. Your Leisure Status Update reflects your total points available including these bonus points.

These points increase in numbers with inflation every year ensuring that your points appreciate and you continue to enjoy a lifetime of holidays, growing in value.

You cannot own Bonus Points, they are only for use when issued to you.

Any unused points are accumulated for up to 3 years (current year + 2). You may borrow up to 25% of next yearÂ’s points for the current yearÂ’s holiday.

Ownership Points

Year 1

Year 2 allocation Start year 2 with 1 500 points in credit Points escalate at 11% (6 000 points at end of Year 1 X 11%) During the year you could use 8 000 points on a peak week and use another 1 000 points on a Special Offer. Leaves you with a debit of 840 points DONT FEAR! You can borrow up to 25% from Year 3 (6 660 X 25%). Borrow 840 points from 2011

Year 3

Example If you purchase 6 000 ownership points: Year 1 allocation During the year you could use 3 000 points on an off-peak week and another 1 500 points used on a Special Offer This leaves you with 1 500 points to either use now or carry over Y over to your next Use Year

Year 2

How they work


Year 3 allocation Points escalate at 9% (6 660 points at end of Year 2 X 9%) You borrowed 840 points FOR Year Y 3 During the year you could use 3 000 points on a family break This leaves you with 3 419 points to either use now or carry over to your next Use Year.


6 000

Year 1 purchase


6 000

Points owned




6 660




7 259

Year 2 escalated

Points owned

Year 3 escalated Points owned

Use Points + =

6 000 3 000 1 500 1 500

Year 1 purchase Points used Points used Points left to use

+ + -

6 000 660 8 000 1 000

Year 2 esccaltion Year 2 escalation Points used Points used



Year 3 points borrowed



+ + =

6 660 599 840 3 000 3 419

Balance Year 3 escaltion Year 3 escaltion Year 2 points borrowed Points used Points left to use

Getting to know your Windows KNOW YOUR WINDOWS What happens at the end of Year 3?

Each year you are allocated Points and Holiday Savings to use.

Unused Points and Savings from the first window will be forfeited at the end of the 3rd year.

These Points and Holiday Savings are saved for you, until you are ready to go on holiday and use them.

Always check your Leisure Status Update to make sure that you will not be forfeited any Points or Holiday Savings at the end of each year.

Each year’s allocation is stored in a “Window”, waiting for you to Use It.

WINDOW 1 - Allocated 2008

Oldest Window

Unused Points & Holiday Savings forfeited at the end of 2010

The Window shows you the year in which your Points and Savings were allocated.

Remember to check the oldest window to see which Points or Holiday Savings will be forfeited.

Please remember that you may make reservations this year for next year to avoid losing points and Holiday Savings. However, if the reservation you have made is cancelled, the Points and Holiday Savings, that would have been lost, will automatically be forfeited when you cancel your reservation.

Unsed Points & Holiday Savings from the FIRST WINDOW will be forfeited at the end of Year 3

WINDOW 2 - Allocated 2009

You may accumulate up to 3 years’ worth of Points and Holiday Savings (current year + 2 further years).

Next Years Bookings

WINDOW 3 - Allocated 2010

What is a Window?


Getting to know your Holiday Savings Holiday Contribution Payable at the beginning of each year (calculated according to the number of points you own). This is used to pay resort levies and cover the estimated annual costs of the scheme accommodation.

When you book your holiday, you will be advised of the Accommodation Fee in respect of that particular holiday, and this will be deducted from your Holiday Savings.

Holiday Contribution

If the Accommodation Fee due is more than the amount you have saved in your Holiday Savings account, the difference is payable within 30 days of making your reservation.

Holiday Savings

Increased Holiday Savings

Holiday Savings Your Holiday Contribution is kept in your Holiday Savings account until you book a holiday and only then will we deduct the amount applicable from your Holiday Savings.

Accommodation Fee (deducted from Holiday Savings)

Call your Holiday Planner

In the event that your Holiday Savings are depleted, you may need to pay in extra towards your holiday. Any Holiday Savings remaining at the end of the year will carry forward.

Make your Booking

Guest Certificate

Holiday Savings not used within three years (current plus 2 years) will be lost, but you will be notified in advance.





Remain in Holiday Savings until you make use

This amount is due annually and based on an agreed percentage of the monetary value of your allocation of Points for the year. Currently The Holiday Contribution is calculated at 6% of the points you own. Once received, this payment is transferred to your Holiday Savings account.

Accommodation Fee

Getting to know your Annual Contributions Club Subscription

Refurbishment Reserve

Just like a sports club, Flexi Holiday Club requires an Annual Club Subscription to cover the annual operating expenses of running the Club e.g. accounting and administration costs, reservations, sending of statements, guest certificates and communications etc. This subscription is due upon joining the club and thereafter, during January each year. Each member pays the same amount.

Calculations of 2011 Annual Fees

This amount covers costs incurred to maintain the quality standards of the scheme accommodation owned by the Club. This amount is due annually in January and is based on the agreed percentage of your Points value. The current percentage is 0.5% plus a Base Levy of R295 per member. It was resolved at the AGM held on the 23 July 2009, and then confirmed at the 2010 AGM that this amount would be added to the Refurbishment Reserve as a base, before adding the Refurbishment Reserve fund.

EXAMPLE Member with 5000 Points 2011 ANNUAL FEES Club Subscription Refurbishment Reserve Base Levy Christel House contribution

DUE 1,040 285 295 20

CALCULATION Debit Order Members pay R600 less 0.5% of Points value limited to R537 maximum



Holiday Contribution/Holiday Savings


Ready to be use for your holidays.

Accommodation Fee

R ”x”

Paid and calculated only when you choose your holiday.


Getting to know You Your Holiday Experiences

New Horizons

Share your happy holidays and advice with other

Printed Publication

members! Send your short story with photographs

Our exclusive member magazine New

to WeÂ’ll include it in our

Horizons is sent to you three times a

monthly Holiday Champion draw, where you can

year, filled with information and ideas

win amazing prizes. Read our monthly Go Holiday!

about exciting holidays in South Africa

e-newsletter for details.

and around the world. Plus, we give you the latest holiday packages at the

WeÂ’re constantly striving to improve your holiday

best prices.

experience at our resorts, and value your feedback. Please visit to logon to your member zone to rate your recent holiday(s).

uch! ged? Keep inct Tdo etails chan

nta Have your cotify us in writing and Please no quote your to r e b m e m re ber Member Num

17-7662 Fax: (031) 7 a lu c @ re a tc n clie 50 inetown, 36 P , 3 8 5 1 x o P.O. B

Go Holiday! Email news Make sure we have your e-mail address so you can receive our montly e-newsletter, Go Holiday! packed with the latest specials offers, Bonus Breaks, exhilarating travel packages, tours to the hottest local holiday destinations plus exciting competitions and great prizes.


Great extra Benefits Website

Online News Visit www for instant online access the latest news, holiday destinations, Points guides and your membership accounts. Register online: Log onto and follow the prompts under member login.

Specials Members may make use of 10 of these special offers per year - both locally and abroad, where discounts are offered on Points and Accommodation Fee.

Bonus Breaks - No Points and No Savings Bonus Breaks are extra holidays which you can enjoy at any of our resorts in South Africa throughout the year, without using your Points and Holiday Savings. Bonus Breaks are available during out of season periods and are subject to availability. Take advantage of 10 Bonus Breaks per year for the extra getaways you need.

Impulse Bookings Keen to take a last minute holiday? We offer Impulse Bookings within 28 days of occupation. These are short notice bookings where the Points are reduced by

Watch out for our latest Bonus Breaks offers in New Horizons every quarter and

as much as 50% and you can make use your Holiday Savings. Watch your e-

your monthly email Go Holiday! every month, or visit

mail inbox or call us for those last minute offers.


...It keeps getting better Exchanges Through Flexi Club Partners

Club Travel

One Call gives you access to our vast holiday portfolio, even through our

Our inhouse travel team works tirelessly

18 Holiday Partners.

to make sure that you enjoy the best

With Flexi Club no exchange fees apply to any bookings with Holiday Partners.

rates on car hire and flights. Also on

No Membership Fees to any exchange company.

offer are a myriad of exciting packages at fantastic rates - visit dream destinations such as Egypt, Cuba, Mexico, Buenos Aires and Europe - all through Club Leisure Travel, your very own travel specialists.

Tel 031 717 7544

Cruise Holidays As a Flexi Club member you have access to Cruise holidays. Whether you cruise locally - on the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean, or prefer exploring foreign waters, we have a cruise to suit you. Whether itÂ’s a romantic escape, an active family adventure or a fun getaway with old friends, a cruise can offer you a holiday with a difference. Rand for rand, a cruise holiday is by far the best value. With accommodation, three meals daily, a midnight snack, non-stop entertainment, on board activities as well as kiddies amusements all included in your fee. Flexi Club Cruise rates are exclusively for members. Tel 031 717 7591


E-Centre E-Centre, makes your membership easier to understand. Everything you need to know to maximise the value of your membership is now within reach. You can access the E-Centre by clicking the link on

Indulge the Senses Today, holidaying is not simply travelling to a nice place to stay, it’s about enjoying new experiences and indulging your senses, being pampered, discovering new places and people. To exceed your holiday needs and dreams, and to assist you with planning the perfect break, we now categorise our resorts according to five experential categories - namely Family, Relax, Active, Discover and Sport. These indicators broadly define what you can expect at each resort in our portfolio.

Fa mily



If you prefer a holiday that involves being with people, doing new and exciting things, or participating in group activites, then an Active holiday is for you. On-site entertainment teams tend to the amusement of every age group with fun activities such as quizzes, board games, get-togethers, competitions, excursions, karaoke, or attending interesting talks and courses.

Resorts categorised as family resorts feature a large number of activities on-site and nearby which are suitable for active family involvement, such as beach activities, cultural and country outings. These resorts also focus on family centred activities in their entertainment programmes. Relax

Relax Today’s times put a high emphasis on health and mental wellness as a holiday priority and our ‘Relax’ resorts all feature on-site wellness centres, hydro spas and beauty treatments. Spoil yourself with massages, steam baths, facials, manicures, pedicures and a variety of cosmetic treatment. Tranquil settings and scenic places are to be found in the surrounding countryside where one can retreat to recapture that all elusive sense of inner peace which is eroded by the stresses of modern day living.




Discover Every destination features its own special mixture of things to learn and see and we have chosen resorts with a high density of cultural, natural and historic attractions in the vicinity which our members can enjoy, either at their leisure or with the assistance of trained guides on organised excursions.


Sport A sports resort is one that caters for the sporting enthusiast. Depending only on the weather, you can take part in numerous sports such as tennis, golf, fishing, swimming, water sports, hiking, biking, climbing, abseiling, ball sports, horse and elephant riding either on-site at our resorts or in the nearby vicinity.


Discover Your World - Visit South Africa - Local is Lekker

Club Mykonos, Langebaan Western Cape

La Montagne


BushmanÂ’s Nek

Magalies Park

KZN - North Coast

North West Province

! ! W O W

y at any a d i l o h You can ning n u t s e s of the ose from o h c r o resorts, thers! o 0 8 1 over KZN - Drakensberg


North West Province

Or expand your horizons - Go somewhere else this year

Devoncourt England

Flexi Club on the Thames England

Thurnham Hall England

o g s Â’ t e l , w o n So o n h olid ay!


Macdonald Villacana Resort Spain

Hollywood Mirage Tenerife





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Tel: 031 717 7300 Fax: 031 701 4992 P O Box 1583, Pinetown, 3600, South Africa e-mail:



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