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Go Green Kids & Parents Magazine was created with the intent on bringing the world and children together in a common bond with a movement; inviting all families so that they may follow in a renewing of their minds in the process of change. When I had the very first thought of creating Go Green Kids & Parents Magazine, it was something that I care deeply about and always brought me immense happiness. I find in nature,and being in the company of children,gives me great joy and a sense of being truly alive. Recalling my most treasured memories as a child, I was in a garden with my own mother,what she taught me was to garden and sit, be still in the loveliness that surrounded me, listen to the sounds of nature that so often come in a whisper, to taste with all senses the fruits of the labor,

but most importantly, she taught me respect of nature and it’s residents in its natural habitat. My deepest desire is that we at Go Green Kids keep the spirit alive in all hearts that truly find our world not only needs a renewing, but also recognize that our efforts of change includes, “Greening” our minds. When our inner gardens are cultivated and pruned in daily practices, it is then we will see the change in our children and neighbors. Teaching our children at an early age, will guarantee a new way of thinking,and, including the green within, thus creating a green steward with a happy mind to follow. When we find harmony in our private lives (family) it is then we can become the stewards and teachers of a new generation of accountability and sustainability. We all must remember, this land is where we

started, and this is where we’ll finish up. Our lives and work will take us elsewhere from our original homes, but our bodies will return one day from where it first began; “Earth.” As much as we would love to leave our world unmolested, the damage has been done. We must all take on a new responsibility to show with action, those that are counting on us for their longevity. So,we must return to an old way of sustainability for a new day to begin again!

Happy GREEN Living,


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A Journey to WATER Meet Kathy Silver

A significant life change, forever alters our life and the life we anticipated; catapulted like a missile from a slingshot in a split second we are forever transformed. I was given the opportunity to participate in the shifting paradigm, completely unaware at the time. I was unsure what purpose or course my life was to move, but believed that it would reveal itself. Ask the Universe and keep asking— and when it shows up—be open to the answer. This all stems from water? Ah, but a special water— living water—Kangen Water. After my divorce, I had asked the Universe for something that was meaningful; something that had purpose and made a difference in people’s lives. Little did I know that months later I

would be swimming against the mainstream of allopathic beliefs in favor of a more holistic preventive approach to health and wellness; our true nature and our divine right. I had begun my career decades earlier as a successful pharmaceutical sales rep with one of the big companies upon graduation from the University of Washington. Along the way, my roles as college athlete, wife, mother, spiritualist, baby boomer, energy healer and a passion for nutrition wove the tapestry and laid groundwork for an advocate for change. My passion fueled my innate nurturing and desire to help those who were open to a new way of looking at their health. Going back to the early 80’s, I recognized how important water was and is to our health. I knew that the cells of the body sit in a water bath, in fact, life sits in a water bath. The earth is mostly water. My intuition guided me to water! Water! Research led me to discover it’s alive, interdimensionally, and if we give the body what it needs —bring it into a state of balance; the body can and does heal itself.

Intuitively guided to the Kangen living water—whose properties include alkalinity, superior anti-oxidant measured by it’s negative ORP– stabilizing and neutralizing free radicals; micro-clustered hexagonal structured mineral rich water that hydrates detoxifies our cells. This is the first and easiest step to change our health—in an environment that seems to hold us hostage every way we turn. And from this starting point it becomes almost effortless to evoke positive changes; such as exercise, meditation, and our food choices. Wow—if we could magically place Kangen water in every kitchen in America, half the hospitals would close! || continued on page 2

“Water will now start to show you something you never saw before . . . energies of healing. Watch for a plethora of water cures on this planet! Water is the life of this planet. It is alive with the essence of healing. It is the vehicle for live essence, and this is what has been meant all along-a live-essence curative energy in water” - KRYON 1

Kangen water is radically changing the lives of so many around the world.Kangen !

means “return to Origin” and that’s exactly what this water does.I am so happy to be a part of this change! Enagic is a 38 year old privately held debt free company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. They began operations in 1974 with the research and development of a water treatment technology that is used in over 100 hospitals and over 400,000 households in Japan. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Enagic handles every aspect of the business; from research and development; to manufacturing; to sales, marketing and distribution; to service and warranty. Enagic has been honored by numerous organizations and it has also been endorsed by major doctors in Japan. approved the Enagic water products and technology for its health merits. In fact, in Japan, the DS501, the Enagic product that creates Kangen Water is categorized as a “Medical Device.” “Consuming the right type of water is vital to detoxifying the body’s acidic waste products and is one of the most powerful health treatments available. We recommend that you drink 8-10 glasses per day of this alkaline water. It is one of the simplest and most powerful things that you can do to combat a wide range of disease processes.”Dr. Ray Kurzweil & Dr. Terry Grossman, authors of “Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever”.

Balance Body pH Powerful Anti-oxidant Reduce Pain Improve Energy and reduce Fatigue Detoxify and cleansing Micro-clustered to increase hydration Neutralize free radicals Clean, refreshing and tastes great Improve overall health

You can also experience amazing changes with Kagen Water! Contact Kathy Silver for more information 2

Children enjoying Go Green Kids Products at Broward Medical Hospital & Heartland Manor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. By supporting and buying advertisement space, we are, as family owned company, able to give children in hospitals and hospice centers kits of green creativity to keep their inner gardens blooming green.


green values More than just grounded in green values, we are putting them into action. We're taking "pure, safe and beneficial" to the next level through our efforts to match the purity of our ingredients with the earth friendliness of our packaging. So what's good on the inside is also good on the outside. We are constantly looking for ways to not only minimize our impact on the earth, but to leave it better than we found it. Our green initiatives span sourcing, manufacturing and operations, lightening our carbon footprint with each step forward. Taking the lead in our industry, virtually all of our product shipments are certified carbon neutral. Working together,


we grow greener every day.


t Arbonne, it’s all about being green — always have been and always will be. From botanically based ingredients to forward-looking green improvements, being earth friendly has everything to do with who we are and how we choose to grow. 4

Global Warming

By: Peter O Grady

How are Animals Affected by Global Warming? It is not a secret that we humans have been destroying the environment for years. It is now that some of us are trying to make all people aware of the affects that our lack of care has had on the environment and what will happen if we do not make changes now and try to stop the progress of global warming. Our focus, or drive, is the

thought of what type of world are we leaving our children. We also need to be looking at how global warming is affecting our animals now and in the future if we do not stop and make the needed environmentally safe changes. There are numerous studies that are being conducted and have been conducted where watching animal behavior and traits to measure

the status of the environment. These studies are showing that our Earth is changing in unnatural ways and it is disturbing. Think about the fact that right now as things stand, reindeer will no longer wander the places they currently do, they will disappear. Marmots no longer hibernate the same amount of time that they used to. Actually compared to thirty

years ago, they are ending hibernation three weeks earlier. The Canadian red squirrel is breeding 18 days earlier. Studies are showing that the red fox is moving north and invading the territory of its Arctic cousin. Polar bears are not as healthy as they were 20 years ago and they are thinner. If we look at the sea and our creatures there we also see changes that should cause alarm. Coral reefs are expected to increase by up to a third in size. Elephant seal pups are thinner because their prey is migrating to cooler waters. Our turtles are changing behavior as well, the loggerhead is laying eggs 10 days earlier and the Hawkbill turtle hatchlings are having more females then males due to temperature changes. Birds are changing their diets to insects that do not consume leaves that have been treated with high amounts of pesticides. What does all of this mean? It means that global warming is going to cause many of our animal species to become endangered if not extinct. The melting ice, the warm seas, the spreading dessert are all threats to our animals. These changes, no matter how subtle have a dramatic influence on the lives of our wildlife. In the sea the disappearance of the tiny organisms that the larger creatures feed off of is causing the sea life to migrate northward. Keeping in mind that global warming plays a huge part in our weather and climate, the increased storminess destroys the breeding colonies of the albatross that already battle the possibility of being captured and killed by fishing 6

boats. The rise in sea levels wipe out the nesting sites of the sea turtles, seals and wading birds are also on the list of species to be affected by their habitats being destroyed. Thought the very source of nature is change, and adaptation, the changes that are taking place in our environment due to global warming are just happening to fast. The speed is what makes it difficult for the animals to adapt effectively and this will cause us to loose a lot of our wildlife. Can you imagine a world with no reindeer? What about the day that the Sahara dessert covers all of Africa and makes migration impossible for birds? These are changes that we can see everyday and we need to start paying attention to them. The predicted elevation of sea level by an amazing three feet coupled with the disruptions to the Earth life support systems should be our wake up call. While you can look out your back window and see these changes taking place, the full effect will be

seen by the year 2100 if the predictions of scientist come through and we do not change our ways. Think about is, 2100 is less then one hundred years away. You and I would probably not be here, but our grandchildren will and what will we have left for them? Help stop global warming, do your part to save the Earth, our children and our wildlife. They need us.

Meet Stuart ...

176 pages 180 b/w and colour ills 17.5 x 12.5 cm ISBN 978 1 907317 50 7

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USA: 14.95

Offering fascinating insights into those small everyday conundrums, such as yawning, which came first—the chicken or the egg, and tickling, as well as reaching far into the realms of the exotic and unknown, with entries on ‘guano’, carnivorous plants and ‘snottites’, yes, ‘snottites’ (!?), More Interesting than your Teacher aims to fill your knowledge gaps and get your curiosity juices flowing.

Blood vessel

This insightful volume is for anyone who has ever questioned the seemingly trivial and discovered enigmas lurking beneath such knowledge. Irreverently informative and deeply entertaining, More Interesting than your Teacher offers answers to all those questions you were too embarrassed to ask while at the same time exploring realms of learning you may never have previously delved into.

Stuart Wright that is

Red blood cell

Each page provides engaging answers to new questions, with each query playfully illustrated with stunning visual and humorous references. Developed as a hybrid scrap-book, each entry is explored with a new design; fonts and layout change to suit each individual topic, making More Interesting than your Teacher a gem of a book. This creative and unstructured approach to the world of knowledge ultimately illustrates the ethos of Stuart Wright’s project as a whole: to oppose the stifling and sterile approach of much conventional curricula and textbook knowledge, in order to rekindle our curiosity concerning the world around us.

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| what Stuart Wright wants YOU to know | one on one| outstanding author| knowledge & a little fun |

What inspired you to write (this) book? I believe that you have to be interested in order to learn and outside of a school or college environment where detail is absolutely necessary, it is difficult to find the time to

delve into a serious subject that just came to mind and got your curiosity juices flowing. Factual books, by definition, have been written by experts in that subject who inevitably go on and on about detail that you are often not

concerned about. I wanted to write a book about interesting subjects but hit them in very short bursts in order to keep the readers attention. Fact, fact, fact - bang - done - what's next!

Yes - education and

learning can be fun How did you come up with the title?

I guess it's a bit 'tongue in cheek' but I wanted a mischievous title that would appeal to tweens and teens. However, the title does describe the book perfectly because it is full of interesting facts without the drone of a How much of the classroom environment.

book is realistic? 100% totally!

Is there a message in your novel (book) that you want readers to grasp?

Yes - education and learning can be fun if it is presented in a concise and colorful way. As the saying goes - if you tell me I may forget, if you show me I may forget, if you tell me AND show me I WILL remember - hence the accompanying fun illustrations (Alex Prior).

What are your current projects? I am well on the way with a follow up to "More interesting than your teacher" "More interesting than your teacher 2/too"



architecture art design fashion history photography theory and things

Black Dog Publishing Ltd London UK 10a acton street london wc1x 9ng united kingdom t: + 44 (0) 207 713 5097 f: + 44 (0) 207 713 8682

October 2011 Paperback 176 pages 180 b/w and colour ills 17.5 x 12.5 cm ISBN 978 1 907317 50 7

For review copies or further information please contact

USA: 14.95

Offering fascinating insights into those small everyday conundrums, such as yawning, which came first—the chicken or the egg, and tickling, as well as reaching far into the realms of the exotic and unknown, with entries on ‘guano’, carnivorous plants and ‘snottites’, yes, ‘snottites’ (!?), More Interesting than your Teacher aims to fill your knowledge gaps and get your curiosity juices flowing.

Blood vessel

Red blood cell

This insightful volume is for anyone who has ever questioned the seemingly trivial and discovered enigmas lurking beneath such knowledge. Irreverently informative and deeply entertaining, More Interesting than your Teacher offers answers to all those questions you were too embarrassed to ask while at the same time exploring realms of learning you may never have previously delved into. Each page provides engaging answers to new questions, with each query playfully illustrated with stunning visual and humorous references. Developed as a hybrid scrap-book, each entry is explored with a new design; fonts and layout change to suit each individual topic, making More Interesting than your Teacher a gem of a book. This creative and unstructured approach to the world of knowledge ultimately illustrates the ethos of Stuart Wright’s project as a whole: to oppose the stifling and sterile approach of much conventional curricula and textbook knowledge, in order to rekindle our curiosity concerning the world around us.

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Reading from the Start The Beginning of Reading

By Mark Hogan

We all know the importance of reading to our children early on in life, but studies confirming that from the beginning of conception it is equally important to begin reading way ahead of their upcoming journey of the school years that are before them. According to Child Care Aware, studies have shown that kids who are read to everyday form an early age have a higher chance of being successful in reading and writing. It has also been stated that reading to your child while in the womb has a calming effect. It is known that a mothers body and walls that separate our unborn children, are the barriers and safe haven for our babies, but it also can be a bonding experience before life begins. By the sixth month in the womb, babies can hear and recognize their mothers voice; upon recognition the baby is calmed by the sound of the mothers voice. Reading with your child is a great way to establish earlier beneficial habits. So, whether you being in the earlier stages of the life within, or after the arrival, the message is still the same. “Teach them to read often, without fail, without hesitation.� The key to their wisdom is in the written words of the book.


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Why Fun Matters For Families And How To Have It!

By Maria Noble

Whether you're a family of two or ten, it's important to have fun together! However, many parents are concerned that they need to spend big bucks on big vacations, days spent at an amusement park or other high dollar activities, but the truth is that fun can happen anywhere -- even in your own neighborhood! If you're looking for ways to have a good time with your kids, here are a few suggestions for a fun-packed day! Pack Sandwiches Made With Whole Grain Bread For A Picnic To start your day, pack up a picnic basket with sandwiches made with healthy sandwich recipes. Don't forget to include whole grain bread to keep you fueled for everything else you're planning to do. If you're not sure which healthy sandwich recipes you should use, ask your kids to create their own! Give them an assortment of ingredients and let them get creative. Their combinations might not be exactly what you want to eat, but chances are good that your children will gobble them up! Don't forget to include foods with essential nutrients like strawberries, blueberries, raw broccoli and more -- these along with your whole grain bread will help keep you going throughout your day. Take A Nature Walk Through A Nature Preserve Your town probably has a nature preserve and chances are good that you're not taking advantage of it! Going on a nature walk is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon (after you enjoyed sandwiches made with whole grain bread), but it can also teach children how to help preserve the environment and protect the animals that live there. As you walk, point out locally grown plants, look for butterflies and listen to the birds. Encourage your kids to run ahead (as long as it's not too crowded) and listen to their laughs as you chase after them. Head Out For A Treat After The Nature Walk Once you're worn out from your nature

“After everyone is tired from your family fun walk, take day, head home and jump into pajamas. everyone Find a movie and pop some popcorn and out for a snuggle down together watching a comedy frozen treat. that will get everyone laughing.�

Ice cream is a popular Maria Noble option, but if you're looking for a healthier choice, consider frozen yogurt. While frozen yogurt tastes like ice cream, it can be lower in fat and contain nutrients like protein, thiamine and potassium. Many frozen yogurt shops allow patrons to choose their own flavors and then top their yogurt with an assortment of toppings like fresh fruit and more. End Your Day With A Movie Night At Home After everyone is tired from your family fun day, head home and jump into pajamas. Find a movie and pop some popcorn and snuggle down together watching a comedy that will get everyone laughing. This is just one suggestion for a fun-filled day out, but there are thousands of other options. Consider giving one family member complete control over a day out once a month and you might be surprised at the ideas your kids come up with!



Getting Enough Sleep The Benefits Of Children Getting Enough Sleep by: Edward Davidson

Youngsters who do not get enough sleep are more inclined to have weight issues.

Everyone believes sleeping is essential, however it is among the first things we take off our ‘to do’ checklist. You will have to reconsider making sleep a priority given it affects a great number of parts of your life. Additionally you want to lead by example for your children. A child getting the right amount of rest is essential for healthy development. A recent UCLA study found that you might put on weight by not getting enough sleep. Scientists found that not getting enough sleep effects the amount of ghrelin. This is the hormone that helps with appetite control. So if you don’t get enough sleep, you have lower levels of ghrelin, and that means you will be hungrier the very next day. As moms we want all the brain power we are able to get and getting the right amount of sleep does just that. Whenever you don’t get enough sleep

proteins increase in your head, that's where you get that fuzzy feeling. So how does lack of sleep affect your children, well much the just like it does you. Youngsters who do not get enough sleep are more inclined to have weight issues. A Harvard medical study found that toddlers who slept below 12 hours each day were two times as likely to end up overweight by age three. Children who receive the ideal amount of rest are more happy and also have sharper minds. Kids who do not get enough sleep have a more difficult time focusing, making it harder for them to learn. Allow your children to sleep in on the weekends. This can help them catch up on essential sleep. Kids will be kids; there is no getting around that. Every child will almost certainly have their share of bumps and bruises, however, you can minimize

these occurrences by making sure your child gets enough rest. Well rested children are able to think more clearly and steer clear of making careless mistakes which lead to injury. So for both children and adults it is essential that we get enough sleep every single night. Parents really need to lead by example when it comes to getting enough sleep. Begin tonight in making sure everyone in your family gets the sleep they need.

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Residents around the world are taking great strides in renewing their commitment to local farmers markets, whether it be for the freshness of the goods, or the smaller carbon foot print it is leaving on the environment. The trend is now spreading across the globe. The residents of the new generation of green are exposing our children to the simpler ways of sustaining and supporting our local growers. With a strong message visibly being relayed by families gathering at local markets; the verbal message can easily be relayed and understood. By supporting the local markets, children are being exposed to the message that they are helping to cut down on greenhouse gases that can be transferred through the transport of the goods, transportation fuels, manufactured and packaging materials, such as wooden and plastic crates that are often used to

transport to local suppliers. Outdoor markets offer fresh air and a connection to others in an atmosphere of family. When we expose our children to the natural process of our food and other products without the adornments of plastic and packaging, it is a connection that can lead to a deeper meaning in health and welfare, not only for the land, but our own physical bodies. By connecting our family to the greater joys of natural beginnings, we expose our thought process to a renewing of what is good and wholesome. Once the size of a carbon footprint is known, a strategy can be devised to reduce it. And now it has become a family affair of learning about sustainability and health, with support of a community as one. Look up your local farmers market and gather your family and friends, there’s one, I’m sure around the bend...



Communication with your


by: Joseph Nedrich

We are now living an age in

which conversing with one another is fast and easy. We can contact someone from everywhere with our cell phone, we can text and e-mail and instant message friends family and fellow workers. Because of emoticons we no longer need to try and figure out the tone of the penned word, the little smiley or sad face let us know, yes conversation has never been easier, that is until you have your first baby. Regrettably they are not delivered with emoticons. New mothers must figure out just what is wrong with the little one just from the sound of his cry. Don't allow any person tell you this crying thing is easy to figure out, it's not and it can take a while to figure out just what your baby is saying to you. Here are a few things to keep in mind to assist you learn to understand your new baby's communication. First remember this world is brand new for the newborn baby. When he gestating , he or she did exactly what he wanted when he wanted and he or she felt safe and sound in the small restrained space. Now he is in a enormous New World and has to wait for someone else to feed him, change his baby diapers, and on top of that he spends his waking hours trying to learn new things. No wonder he sleeps a lot. So do

not get all nervous that you have not developed a sleeping and eating schedule that is the exact same each day. You'll get there as he gets used to this new worlds. Many new moms think they should instantly know why baby

is crying. Because they can’t figure it out the minute the child is born they get nervous and tense. Your newborn can pick up the tension and tension and it can make him uncomfortable. The only way he can express is discomfort would be to cry, which makes you even tenser. You see the vicious cycle you are making. Unwind and know that you are a good mother and that extremely soon you will know what each and every cry is and communicating properly with your baby. A big part of communication is trust. Your child has to understand to trust you and the greatest way you can assist him do that is by picking him up when he cries. For years

individuals said that if you picked up your baby when he was sobbing that you would spoil him. Which is incorrect; when you pick up your crying child you are letting him know that you're there to meet his needs, that he can believe in you. That's why infants stop crying a lot as they get older; they then know that you are there to fulfill his needs. Also as they get older they have the capacity to begin to calm their selves down. The last thing you are able to do to help communicate along with your child is always to give him a protected environment to reside in. The world that your infant is residing in seems very big to him, so make it smaller and much more comforting. Your baby is most comforted inside your arms. When he's not within your arms, swaddling is a excellent method to make him really feel secure. You can find swaddling blankets on the market, but a regular receiving blanket will work as well. Just like with any relationship, you and infant will get to know each other really well. Soon your baby will become a lot more relaxed with his environment. Soon just your simple touch will calm him. He just needs to be reassured from time to time that you simply are there to take care of him. 19

Methods For Earth friendly Parents by: Chad Burns

We all want to do our part to help conserve and save the planet. Being “green” has become a routine for many people. However what does it mean to be a green parent, and you can do several things to help your new baby stay free of harmful chemicals. Annually we understand and find out far more things as a human race. It was a great day when researchers confirmed that dark chocolate is in fact healthy for you. In the past few years we have found that there are many everyday items in our house that create toxins within our home. Adults usually are not troubled by these chemicals, yet they can be really dangerous for infants. Being a green parent today means safeguarding your child from harmful toxins in your house. By just making a good choices you can help to make your new baby's world much healthier and safer for them. Here are several green tips for new parents. The four walls of the baby's room is a place where you can make a significant difference. A typical paint can create smog when sunlight hits it, so try a low VOC paint. The low VOC paints are readily available on the market nowadays. There are several things you should think about when considering furniture for your baby’s room. Recycling is an excellent thing for the environment, and lots of parents want vintage furnishings for the baby’s room. First make certain you

look into the safety of vintage pieces. Take a look at consumer web-sites for any recalls. Additionally, you will need to make certain that you remove all paint from the pieces. This is very important due to lead paint that had been banned in 1977. Even if the piece is more recent, you cannot be sure if some repainted it and with what sort of paint. You should be cautious of furniture produced from medium density fiberboard since it off-gasses formaldehyde that may cause asthma. Among the best ways you can be a green parent would be to buy an organic baby's crib mattress. Organic items are made from toxin-free materials. A non-organic mattress comes from the manufacturing plant with a lot of chemicals. This is evident by the smell. Should you choose chose to go with a nonorganic crib mattress, just be sure to give it time to air out somewhere it can get fresh air, however, not directly outdoors. The great baby diaper discussion has been raging for many years.

Disposable baby diapers fill the landfills, but fabric diapers need energy and water to wash. Well let us place the environment aside and take into consideration your baby’s bottom and skin. The cloth diaper is best for baby’s delicate skin. In addition disposable diapers do have offgassing. One challenge with cloth diapers is that you have to empty the “mess” in to a commode before you launder them. This is where the hybrid diaper includes the best of all possible worlds. You can find cloth diapers with 100% biodegradable inserts that could be flushed or thrown away. It is very important for you to keep your house clean for baby, however you'll want to stay away from cleaners with VOC. Use the smell test to see if you are using a cleaner containing VOC’s. If when you clean you can smell the chemicals, there is a good chance its content has VOC’s. You can buy environmentally friendly and healthier cleaners, or you may also use steam to clean. 21

Make a difference in someone else's world


Be an Example of Peace ItBy Mark Begins With You Hogan

! Peace as a parent and person begins with you. John Fetzer (former owner of the Detroit Tigers) writes: Love is the core energy that rules everything. It is the force field out of the electronic energy of creation. Love is the one ingredient that holds us all together." The daily “grind� can bring us down as adults and parents of our future leaders and citizens of tomorrow. Your attitude, energy and habits are being constantly picked up by your child displayed through your actions. We need to come to a balance and realization people are all trying to juggle life struggles, jobs, children, finances, relationships, and personal issues. We each need to value the importance we have on the teaching our children family values. Balancing time to spend with your child is key creating a peaceful environment. Creating a time and scheduled activity will become a positive outlet teaching your child discipline, practice, time management, social skills,patience, morals, values and an enjoyable experiences. The time you will gain will balance your inner peace, relationship with your child and productive time spend getting back to the roots of childhood and parenting. The need is to be willing and accepting of your child's interest intertwining with your knowledge, wisdom and direction . Great starting points include growing a garden, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, learn to play a musical instrument together, but most of all be an example of peace, happiness and green parenting at all times.


It’s Time To Dance 3 Benefits Dance Lessons Can Provide For Children By: Chris Harmen

! ! There are many reasons children want to take dance classes, and some express an interest in classes as young as age three or four. It may surprise some people to learn that kids can benefit in a variety of ways, particularly if they start out with simple classes at a young age.

Physical And Mental Benefits There are several obvious advantages to taking dance classes, including the physical workout kids get. In fact, many athletes take advantage of jazz, tap or ballet lessons to keep their bodies fit and improve their coordination. Because it is gentler than most sports such as soccer or football, dancing is great for youngsters who want to participate in an activity but may be fearful of rougher, full contact activities. Among the many ways they reap the physical rewards of dancing are: improved muscle tone, increased flexibility, improved range of motion and better cardiovascular health.

! Children can also improve their balance and posture while becoming aware of their own body’s movement in dance classes. This awareness leads to gracefulness and can help them overcome clumsiness or awkwardness with their bodies. Jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary and ballet all contribute to an individual’s sense of movement. Even cognitive function can improve as students learn choreography and memorize steps, both skills that can translate to better understanding of math and the sciences.

Social Benefits Of Dance Classes Children who take dance lessons are better able to express themselves both verbally and non-verbally. While using movement to communicate with others, most students improve their verbal skills as well, particularly when they are communicating with fellow classmates and their instructors. Working as a team or unit also instills a sense of belonging that engenders cooperation and trust. Children who continue with dance lessons as they grow become more outgoing and sociable. Kids who are pegged as “shy” when they are younger will often come out of their shell as they improve their skills and become proficient performers.

Personal Gain Kids who dance develop self-confidence and have better selfesteem than those who don’t. Because classes are geared to a variety of proficiency levels, children can move at the pace that is comfortable for them and truly enjoy themselves. These boys and girls can also develop an appreciation for the arts by being exposed to such a joyful means of self-expression. Many kids who take lessons now, later attend a variety of cultural events, including theater and music performances. Creativity is fostered in dance, and that sense of creativity often spills over into other aspects of children’s lives, opening them to new kinds of music, the theater and even literature.

If your children have expressed an interest in dance instruction, start them out with a beginner’s ballet class or an introductory level discovery lessons. Look for an instructor who has worked with all age groups and is familiar with a variety of styles so that your kids can try a few different styles and choose the one they enjoy the most. Your youngster will soon blossom in their dance classes! 24


foods under $1.00





Take a tip from Mr. Ed. Oats are high in fiber, low in fat, and may even help lower cholesterol. What’s not to love? Enjoy a bowl of oatmeal, substitute for flour in cookies, or even use as breadcrumbs.

When in need for some protein, eggs are quick, delicious, fix. Scramble with veggies for a filling breakfast, add to homemade fried brown rice, or make a frittata!

Rich in monounsaturated fat and fiber, these super-nuts could reduce the risk of diabetes and decrease body weight. Munch on em during the day, or add to a bowl of cereal or oatmeal for extra healthy fats and protein.





Take me out to the ball game on the cheap. Sure, peanut butter might be a dangerfood, but in their natural form, these legumes are a healthy treat. When eating in moderation, peanuts supply a dose of healthy fats and can reduce the risk of heart disease. When add to any chicken and veggie dish, they add a great Asianinspired flare!

These little beans pack a serious amount of fiber. Add to a salad, roast them with curry powder, or make your own hummus.

With more protein per pound than beef, lentils are a filling food rich with antioxidants (and quite tasty, too). Here are seven ways to make lentil soup, along with a killer recipe for vegetarian lentil tacos!




These unassuming beans pack a ton of fiber and have a solid amount of calcium, fiber, potassium, and folic acid.

The health factor of refried beans at a Mexican restaurant may be questionable, so mash them up at home. These beans are full of protein and fiber and are a delicious addition to any homemade burrito — breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

High in protein and low in fat, tofu is a delicious source of protein for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Plus, soy in moderation may help reduce cholesterol and the risk of breast cancer. Pan fry tofu with veggies in the next stir-fry, or even add the silken variety to a fruit smoothie.




Move over birds, these seeds are for us humans (and not just on Halloween)! Filled with essential vitamins and minerals, along with protein and iron, sprinkle these in a salad or roast with spices for a healthy, crunchy treat.

Forgo the McChicken on the dollar menu — fresh chicken breasts are about two quarters and are filled with protein. Grill ‘em, bake ‘em, or enjoy sliced in a wholewheat wrap with veggies.

No need to splurge on a salmon filet to enjoy this omega-3 packed seafood. Grab the canned version for some protein power without dishing out the big bucks. Whip up some homemade salmon burgers or chowder with a twist.





Not only is tuna fish cheap, but it’s an easy way to get omega-3’s (which could make us brilliant). Mix with Greek yogurt and chopped veggies for a healthier tuna salad.

Got milk? One calcium-filled glass can help keep teeth strong and even help keep off those excess pounds. Add a splash to a fruit smoothie, or enjoy in a bowl of oats or cereal.

Skip the bagel and pick up a quick treat that’s filled with protein and calcium! Enjoy for breakfast with some granola, or as a post-workout snack. Just beware of flavors loaded with extra sugar.




It’s time to put looks aside. This clumpy, mild cheese is surprisingly high in protein, and tastes great in both sweet and savory dishes.

Move over white-stuff; the whole wheat version of pasta is full of fiber, antioxidants, and protein, and may help lower risk of heart disease.

19. POPCORN, $0.30 PER ½ CUP SERVING, ABOUT $1 PER POUND FOR PLAIN KERNELS Snack attack? Pick a low calorie snack that’s also a good source of fiber. Pop kernels in the kitchen and add spices.

Listen to our manifesto: Choose brown rice over white (especially at Chipotle). The whole-grain version is full o’ fiber and may cut the risk of diabetes.

20. QUINOA, $0.60 PER ¼ CUP SERVING, ABOUT $4 PER BOX It may be hard to pronounce (that’s keenwah), but it’s easy to prepare and packs a nutritious punch. Filled with protein and fiber.


21. GRAPES, $0.75 PER 1 CUP SERVING, ABOUT $1.50 PER POUND These sweet little treats are high in antioxidants, which may help reduce cholesterol. They’re a perfect snack when that sweet tooth rolls in; freeze them for a fresh alternative for popsicles!

22. APPLES, ABOUT $0.50 TO $0.75 PER APPLE (DEPENDING ON VARIETY) It’ll keep the doctor away, so grab this superfood for a serving of vitamin C and cancer-fighting antioxidants. Snack with almond butter or add to a sandwich.


23. BANANAS, $0.20 TO $0.50 PER BANANA, ABOUT $0.60 PER POUND OR $2 PER BUNCH It’s time to go bananas for… bananas. Filled with fiber and potassium. Enjoy sliced with peanut butter, or impress friends with banana ice cream.

24. KIWI, ABOUT $0.40 PER KIWI Fun fact: Kiwi’s are actually berries and are filled with vitamin C and fiber. Slice it up in that next fruit salad or enjoy straight up with a spoon.

25. CANTALOUPE, $0.50 PER ½ CUP SERVING, ABOUT $3 PER SMALL MELON C is for cantaloupe and vitamin C. Filled with antioxidants, cantaloupe is cheap and makes a perfect spring or summer treat!




This superfood is guaranteed to be filled with vitamin C — a cancer fighting antioxidant that helps strengthen immunity and promote bone health.

It’s not just an apple a day that may keep the doc away; white fleshy pears may help prevent strokes. They’re also full o’ fiber.

Oranges aren’t just about their vitamin C. This citrus fruit is also filled with fiber, folate, and potassium.




To really get a bang for that buck, go the canned route. Tomatoes also contain exceptional amounts of the antioxidant lycopene that remains in the flesh even after cooking and canning.

A pumpkin’s orange color is thanks to carotenoids, a plant pigment with powerful antioxidant properties. Head to the kitchen and whip up some pumpkin pasta sauce or even pumpkin hummus.

Garlic has some smarty-pants benefits, helping enhance memory. It’s also full of antioxidants to promote heart health and reduce the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s.





Quit crying — onions pack a surprising nutritious punch, including a hefty dose of antioxidants. Sautée and add to an omelet, or stack on a sandwich for extra flavor.

It tips the scale with its high levels of vitamin A , contains beta-carotene (which may help prevent cancer and protect us from the sun) and also helps keep that skin silky smooth.

Squash isn’t only an awesome racquet sport. It’s also a versatile veggie filled with vitamins, fiber, and potassium.




Popeye was missing out. Kale is the antioxidant king among all fruits and veggies, and contains vitamins A, C, and K, fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium

These purple gems are filled with betalains, which may help prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases. They are also packed with folate, fiber, and vitamins galore, making them one of the best health bargains around.

Need another reason to go green? Broccoli has remarkably high levels of folate and vitamin C, which may help reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart disease.




These unassuming greens are unbelievable They’re nutrient dense with vitamin A, K, and calcium. Try sautéing them with mushrooms or subbing for iceberg in the next lunchtime salad.

Those rabbits are on to something. Carrots provide a nutritious crunch with their fill of vitamin A. They’re perfect for dipping into hummus, or taste great roasted with other root veggies and a drizzle of olive oil.

This star legume is filled with fiber and protein and makes a great afternoon snack. Skip the chips and enjoy with a touch of salt for a quick, nutritious treat.



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Changing your light bulb to a florescent energy approved one can save you more than $40 per bulb it

uses less 75% less energy of a standard light bulb and lasts up to 10 times longer. If that didn’t persuade you to the florescent light bulb side start using natural light during the day, lights off if you plan on being in a room less than 10 minutes and lights out when don’t need it.



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By: Winnie Bartley “Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was

Going green what an incredible idea. We all live on

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loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit

planet earth. She is affectionately known as Mother

child. There

Earth in many circles. She nurtures and sustains us

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all. Without her there is no life. Without her renewing

role for both

processes there is no future. Her bounty sustains all

mother and


plant, animal, and human species. All are held within

father in the

~ Ancient Indian Proverb

her bosom. The good mother is one who cares deeply

raising of

for herself and her environment. She is seen dressing

green kids. We worry about what a child will become

herself, beautifying herself, and working hard to have

tomorrow, yet we forget he is someone today. (Stacia

and maintain the very best for her family. She projects

Taucher) What will their future hold if the foundation

confidence to the world. These actions are seen

of learning about our planet – mother earth is not

whether she is rich or poor in financial means. It is the

pursued. Also, “to cherish what remains of the earth

richness of her spiritual self and the passion she

and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of

carries in her heart for her family that shows forth. Be

survival – Wendell Berry. The children are our future

she a single parent or a part if a more diverse family.

and also are linking testaments of our past. We are all

What about the man? Or father figure? If “he” loves his

products of our environment for both good and bad. We

children then he will even more greatly love his

need to set the good example for our children to follow,

children’s mother. Their early life in the womb as the

and, they surely will.

the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our

baby grows (is wholly hers). Following birth she feeds them from the breast and later from the bowl. Her influence is paramount over the child and all should take note. What is good for the mother should also be 3521


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