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24 GoGuy with a Heart of Gold

Born autistic, coupled with a traumatic childhood accident, didn’t stop this determined, goal-getting guy from achieving the quintessential American Dream, while helping others in the process!

10 Pyn-up GoGirl

Pyn Lim is Shaking Up the Aesthetic Education Landscape on a Global Scale

30 Baby It's Cold Outside

94 Health &

36 Yolanda Halson

Wellness For Girls on the Go

Meet the Brains Behind One of The Biggest Beauty Breakthroughs of All Time

46 Skin Deep

Check out Jen’s eight essential tips for getting your mind and body back on track for the months ahead!

The Unshakeable Story of South Africa’s Shirvani Thilman Naran

52 GoGirl Beauty

Spring clean your beauty routine and get your skin ready for winter

66 Dressing for Success

72 Gift Giving


These top tips will keep you glowing, gorgeous, healthy, and happy all through the pumpkin spice latte and gift-giving season.

This once broke CBO cleverly took an unknown online fashion brand to billion dollar status.

80 Booming Brand

Your Exclusive Holiday Gift-Giving Guide is here!

Just in time for gift-giving season, you’re going to totally want to get behind this cute, cool brand. So, sit back and take a peek at our latest lady-approved label.

88 DIY Darling

ting your months


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| WINTER 2020

This Canadian-based student turned arts and crafts connoisseur learned to make the most of her passion while leveraging all her social media platforms to catapult her online presence

106 The Making of a GoGirl

Give your mommyspeak a makeover with these 20 re-imagined affirmations.

The Lucrative Latina 110

The ultimate goal-digger, this fearless, hardworking woman had a passion for the human condition, while helping others achieve their own dreams of success. And, it paid off.



















Hi All My GoGirls and GoGuys Too! Wow, what a year 2020 has been! Everyone on our planet has been through this experience together, and although it has been challenging there has also been a lot of silver lining. Families have spent more time together, business owners have had to learn to pivot and become more creative than ever, and individuals of all walks have been forced to re-evaluate priorities and what really matters in life. I want to send love and hugs to everyone who has been pushed to the brink of survival during these times. Many of our GoGirl readers are entrepreneurs and have been impacted in a huge way. I’m sending you extra props and support right now. Don’t give up! Lean on your GoGirl sisters for support. Now is a time when we can bond together and pay-it-forward, creating a movement of girl-power that can move mountains and heal our planet. As a thinker, rather than a “believer”, I am disappointed beyond measure that the media spoon-feeds fake news and does not address the truth and facts that we are all being affected by on a daily basis; truths that affect our lives in every way. This is unacceptable! We must re-invent the way we report on what’s really going on, and bond together as a human race and command truth and justice for all. Here at GoGirl Worldwide we speak the truth. We spread love, light, positivity and education. We showcase entrepreneurs and individuals who shake things up and are true leaders. And in this very special issue of GoGirl you will see just that. You won’t want to skip a single page!

Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl”

I am delighted to share the story of my dear friend Pyn Lim, an international GoGirl who has overcome loss and heartache to achieve greatness. Pyn educates, trains and empowers aesthetic professionals globally. This single mother, originally from Singapore, and now living in Dublin, has shaken things up in a male dominated industry in her sweet and humble way. Go Pyn! Seriously, you’ll love her story. And then there’s my very own sweetheart, Robert Lotter. When you read his article you’ll understand how this “GoGuy with a Heart of Gold” won the heart of (me!) the founder of GoGirl Worldwide. Not only is he brilliant, handsome and charming, Robert’s innovation has helped put child predators behind bars on a global scale. Incredible, right?! If you enjoy these stories and the countless other inspirational articles, beauty and wellness tips and our fun holiday gift-giving-guide, than please share GoGirl Worldwide Magazine with your family and friends. Turn off the fake, negative news and turn on empowering, insightful, educational and uplifting media platforms like GoGirl and other alternative resources that are at your fingertips. Let’s take power back into our own hands. Let’s click our high-heels, dig deep and GoGirl! Once again sending love and hugs, and enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones. Thank you for being a GoGirl (or GoGuy) and see you soon in 2021! Let’s make it an amazing new year! Love you all, Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl” CEO / Founder / Editor in Chief GoGirl Worldwide GoGirlWW.com jennifer@gogirllmgz.com

Jen’s GoGirl tips: Remember to let your inner kid come out. Remember to play. Ask yourself, what would I do if I had more time? And then evaluate the items on your plate that might not be necessary, and make room for a hobby or passion that you love and miss, or have always wanted to do! Put the GoGirl Pledge on your fridge or on your car’s dash!

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eason’s Greetings, my glorious, goal-getting GoGirls! It’s hard to believe that yet another year is almost down in the books. And, what a year it was. WOW. Let’s take a moment to reflect on a truly unprecedented year. The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson. – Tom Bodett Acclaimed, American author and radio personality Tom Bodett’s timeless and deeply, thought-provoking quote has always been one of my very favorites, topping the list of life-affirming words to live by. Yet, it seems those poignant words have never rung truer until this past year. As the world collectively continues to reel from an unforeseen global pandemic that has physically, psychologically, and financially imperiled the lives of many, America embattles a host of her own troubles. A tumultuous political, economic, and cultural climate has left our nation tattered, torn, and divided, while an unsettled presidential election embroiled in litigation and ongoing disparity leaves us precariously hanging on the precipice of an unknown future. As much as I unequivocally love my wonderful country and my president, I cannot help but flashback to the days when Facebook feeds were inundated with sweet cat videos, sharing universally funny memes, re-uniting with old classmates, and connecting with new friends. I must remind myself that at one time Facebook was, well, fun. This was before polarizing politics, fake news, and hate-filled cancel culture. And, that was just the beginning. Then, came the pandemic and the world stopped spinning in its tracks – literally. From worldwide economic shutdowns to Draconian stay-at-home orders to unhealthy mask mandates, the surrealism of Kurt Vonnegut’s 1961 classic short story Harrison Bergeron is being brought to life more and more with each passing day and with each new, governmental restriction tyrannically imposed on our American way of life. You don’t have to devour Vonnegut’s dystopian depiction of America in 2080 or George Orwell’s


From the Editorial Content Manager Nineteen Eighty-Four or Aldous Huxley’s 1932 Brave New World to feel the vice around America’s freedom tightening. Just come to the California coast or take a bite out of the Big Apple. If this a just a series of life’s tests, as Bodett’s famous quote suggests, then we cannot afford to fail, irrespective of the unorthodox circumstances that continue to pervade our everyday lives. We must persevere. We must forge on with unflinching fortitude. We must remain resolute in our resolve. We must continue to chase our dreams, crush our goals, and give back at every opportunity. Because, “Where there is darkness, there is light.” I know, I am on a quote kick these days. It’s already mid-fall and there’s just something about the crisp, cool, early sundown days of the season with its requisite warm, woodsy scents of spice and sandalwood that make me so pensive and, admittedly, a bit melancholy. Infallibly, the autumn and early winter months conjure up memories of back-to-school jitters, my birthday, and the impending new year and all its unlimited possibilities. A GoGirl at heart, I find myself re-evaluating the past year, realizing how far I’ve come, and assessing how much further I must go to reach all my latest goals. Yet, it’s in middle of all the rumble and rocky roads that the greatest of opportunities invariably lie. If you open your eyes, you will find it. Whether you’ve been relishing in reveries of starting your own business, making a career switch, starting a side hustle, embarking on a passion project, or dreaming of taking a much-deserved sabbatical from the daily grind to travel the world, there’s no time like RIGHT NOW! Every digital page of GoGirl Worldwide Magazine is filled with female-inspired tips and unforgettable, empowering stories of the world’s most indomitable women that are making their dreams come true – and the dreams of others, too! And, this issue is no exception. It may be chilly outside, but we’re giving a warm welcome to some of the world’s

| WINTER 2020

most unbreakable, badass women that will leave you motivated and ready to make your move. Get ready for a digital dose of much-needed inspo as we roll out the virtual Pink Carpet and shine the big, pink spotlight on international women breaking barriers and making leaps and bounds in career, life, business, beauty, fashion, philanthropy, and so much more. These fearless females didn’t have the luxury of the female-friendly American way of life, yet they’re still crushing it! Be prepared for all the feels and tingles that will warm your heart and invigorate your spirit. You’ll be enamored with this issue’s long-awaited cover girl, Singapore-born beauty Pyn Lim, who’s at the helm of a historically male-dominated industry as the founder and CEO of an international aesthetics educational institution. With a painful past personal life that was anything but pretty, her affecting story and entrepreneurial journey to the top of the aesthetics space is sure to empower, educate, and enrich your own journey – whatever that may be and wherever it may lead. In closing, as we swiftly approach another magical, festive Christmas season filled with friends, family, and FOOD and anticipate the hope and joy for a new, prosperous year ahead, may we remember the gift is in the giving and the grace we extend to others. We’re all in this together, GoGirls. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you and yours and may you be blessed with beautiful beginnings in the new year. See you next year! Warmest, Nicole Gratson Lead Staff Writer and Editorial Content Manager GoGirl Worldwide Magazine Got a great GoGirl story you’d love to share or know of a GoGirl you’d love to shine the bright pink spotlight on? Be sure to drop me a line at Nicole@gogirlmgz.com.



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Pyn-Up (Go) Girl

How This International Businesswoman is Changing the Face of the Male-Dominated Aesthetics Industry

Savvy businesswoman and successful entrepreneur Pyn Lim turned heartbreak and betrayal into healing and building an international aesthetics education empire. Her deep reverence for education, illustrious industry expertise and impeccable work ethic, have culminated into her founding and growing one of the most revered academies for medical doctors and surgeons of all specialties and aspiring aesthetic professionals in the world. A proponent for female empowerment and paying it forward, Pyn is also using her rich success to give a voice to those who have been shamed into silence. See how this unstoppable GoGirl is a cut above.


orn in Singapore and having lived around the world, Pyn Lim has called Dublin, Ireland her home for the past

fourteen years. The CEO and founder of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ECAMS), Pyn’s professional life began at the young age of twenty-one when she embarked on her business-building trajectory as a high-level, international SAP consultant for legendary Fortune 500 companies, such as Ernest and Young, Hewlett Packard and KPMG, just to name a few. The hardworking, dedicated, young professional was responsible for streamlining and digitizing operations for these legendary companies from the U. S. to Japan and many regions in Asia. Her nonstop jet-setting to metropolis cities for work, turning hotels into “home” eventually prompted a muchdeserved hiatus from her consulting duties. 12

| WINTER 2020

The Start of Something Beautiful Following a short stint in the creative filmmaking industry where she produced and directed a short film that would debut at film festivals in New York City, Pyn went back to business. She ventured out to open her own aesthetic clinic, where her thenhusband was the doctor. The aesthetic clinic proved to be most successful in the heart of Ireland, providing a wide range of procedures including Botox, fillers and other cosmeticboosting treatments. It was during these humble beginnings as a business owner that Pyn noticed a rather egregious lack of training with the industry’s “professionals. Improper education coupled with lack of artistic aesthetics knowledge would lead to questionable injecting/operating techniques, less-than-desirable results and the safety of the patients. Pyn saw a timely opportunity to disrupt the growing industry and began the process of hiring the world’s most sought-after

aesthetics professionals, plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors to conduct intensive handson training for aspiring aesthetics doctors & surgeons. And, European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery (ECAMS) was born.

A Not-So-Pretty Personal Life and The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry It is often uttered, “Behind every successful man is a strong woman.” As the couple’s aesthetics clinic blossomed, Pyn’s personal life began to break down. Despite working together with her Husband as business partners, the growing success of the two ventures and raising their children, Ciara 14 years old and Niall 12 years old, the marriage ended amidst the building of their dreams, creating the large-scale successful training center and the aesthetics and wellness clinic in Dublin. It was during the breakdown of her marriage, that Pyn became privy to the archaic Irish family laws which placed women in the utmost of vulnerable positions. It became her mission to raise awareness to create much needed change for women with the goal of educating them on the rights they richly deserved. She enacted a petition on change.org to help women steer clear

of what she had been through as she was forced to navigate her way through the system. This once powerful woman with insight and vision, felt broken. This was one of the darkest times in her life, having worked passionately to see her life work come to fruition, only to have it taken away, as she was forced to terminate the expansion project. The driving force that kept her going was having both of her children by her side.

Rise from the Ashes: A Woman Not to be Pyn’d Down Unwilling to be a consequence of her situation, Pyn, once again, got back to business and continued to build the aesthetics academy. In 2008, ECAMS became official and now offers six different areas of aesthetic study, including: body contouring, aesthetic genital rejuvenation, facial surgery, hair transplantation, aesthetic medicine and aesthetic business-building. Boasting a large number of contacts globally in multiple specialties within their database, with more than 1,500 doctors already certified by ECAMS with 24 global faculties, ECAMS is one of the first educational aesthetic institutions to specialize 13

in hybrid programs that incorporate handson training in aesthetic medical procedures together with distinguished marketing training to effectively build the businesses and cosmetic practices of the doctors it trains. ECAMS’ mission is to provide aspiring aesthetic professionals, aesthetic surgeons and aesthetic doctors with the complete set of tools required to succeed — both in safe approach in beautymaking and business-building. ECAMS’ wideranging, comprehensive, hands-on and online training exceed the highest level of industry standards anywhere in the world. Possessing an unparalleled, reputable repertoire of aesthetic surgical and non-surgical procedure’s courses as well as business-building training techniques, ECAMS is set to become the world’s leading institution of aesthetics education. To date, ECAMS touts over 200 successfully completed courses and growing. Forever the indomitable entrepreneur with an irrepressible lust for knowledge, Pyn and her tireless team are currently working on a highly anticipated division of the academy known as AESTHRIX, which consists of creating a cyber-based central aesthetics and wellness hub for patients. A first-ofits-kind, AESTHRIX, focuses on providing comprehensive matrix systems that aim to virtually educate would-be global patients on 14

| WINTER 2020

procedures they are considering undergoing, while connecting them with the accredited clinics, accredited doctors and accredited products. AESTHRIX is set to launch sometime next year. A collagen-infused, medical-grade skincare line is also currently in the works.

The Beauty of Giving Back A fierce, fearless female in both her personal and professional lives, Pyn is no stranger to the private pain of silence and shame. With this in mind, Pyn developed ECAMS humanitarian projects. In an effort to payit-forward to those women who have been robbed of their sexual aesthetic and dignity through the cruel custom of female genital mutilation (FGM), she is presently working with a prestigious, Egyptian/French plastic surgeon to help raise funding to create a non-profit organization dedicated to providing reconstruction surgery to women affected by this poorly misunderstood practice. A website is currently being built,

Pyn with Dr. Malcolm Paul & Dr Danilo De Gregorto

which will not only create global awareness about FGM, but equally important, is to acquire the necessary funding for victims of FGM to have their surgeries sponsored, since a vast majority of FGM sufferers come from impoverished countries. The fact is true that FGM reconstruction surgery is very niche and specific and not many doctors have the knowledge to properly perform the surgery with categorical success. Aesthetic, function and sexual facets need to be synergistically addressed for a desirable surgical outcome. Distance has never prevented Pyn from giving back to those in need. Pyn is also an active member of the core team for Singapore non-profit. “Lives of SG”, an organization committed to take down mental health issues afflicting working professionals in Singapore. Additionally, she is actively involved in yet another non-profit in Ireland called “#goingfar Ireland” where she is an official entrepreneurial mentor. This unique charitable cause seeks to accelerate the development of diverse migrant professionals in Ireland by providing them with the indispensable tools that will help advance their current careers or, begin their own business. Additionally, let’s not

lose sight of the fundamental existence of ECAMS and AESTHRIX, of ensuring every patient receives the highest standards of quality aesthetic treatments and care from certified doctors. By raising the bar in the training programs, it ultimately ensures patients’ safety, reducing and managing the risk of any possible complication that may occur due to the lack of training, while at the same time, delivering patients’ satisfaction in terms of quality service and results. Now, as a single mother, Pyn is passionate about being a positive role model for her children both with her business success and her philanthropic work.


Aesthetician. She worked closely with me to source the most effective treatments and products to resolve my skin issues. Addressing one’s internal health is equally important and with the goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I chose to have genetic testing (REVIV Genetics which is 99.7% accurate) done to educate myself on my DNA makeup. Having this powerful information available, has enabled me to change my lifestyle accordingly. On a regular basis, I do have IV therapy and take collagen drinks and supplements as I believe in the power of a synergistic approach for the greater outcome. Last and equally important, is exercise, which I try to incorporate into my daily routine and I practice yoga (weekly) to promote a sense of calm and wellbeing.

GOGIRL: How do you stay so youthful looking at 49 years of age?

I have had both corrective and cosmetic surgeries as well and remain adamant about working only with surgeons whose skills and techniques meet my strictest standards in their training and certifications. Having personal experiences with surgeries as a patient, has enabled me to work closely with our facilities, providing extremely valuable insight and a deeper understanding of the patient’s needs and ensuring a successful outcome.

Pyn Lim: To retain my youth, I believe a regime should focus on both an internal and external protocol. During my younger days, I faced challenges with eczema and acne breakouts. I was fortunate to have a sister who was at the time, a Beautician/

GOGIRL: You mentioned you went to school for filmmaking following your consulting hiatus and proceeded to produce a few short films. Do you have any plans to revisit this creative art form, specifically in relation to ECAMS and/or AESTHRIX?

We sat down with the coy, cosmopolitan (and, candidly, cute to boot) businesswoman for a lightning-quick, one-on-one round of Q&A:


| WINTER 2020

Pyn Lim: Incidentally, I employ the creative aspect of filmmaking in my day-to-day business operations regarding ECAMS. For example, all the marketing artwork, including the production and post production of all video media is created and supervised by me. I believe this will continue in the future, as we embark on producing AESTRIX TV – educational, short, bite-sized lessons for patients on aesthetics procedures and wellness. GOGIRL: Your entrepreneurial journey wasn’t without its challenges. If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? What would be your advice to GoGirls with entrepreneurial aspirations of their own? Pyn Lim: I wouldn’t do anything differently because without all the falls, I wouldn’t have been able to build such resilience. Without the storms, I wouldn’t have been able to discover my inner strength, fortitude and

unlimited power. Without the betrayal, I would not have been able to appreciate the importance of honesty and integrity, using both aspects as a core in my professional and personal lives. Without failure, I wouldn’t have known contentment and true purpose. My advice to would-be business owners is to expect failure, expect people to continuously put you down. Embrace the challenges like a hobby and enjoy problem-solving. Be steadfast with your integrity and honesty. Do things purposefully. Allow moments of selfdoubt, but let it pass and just keep swimming like “Dory! GOGIRL: How does ECAMS specifically differ from traditional medical school training for would-be plastic surgeons and/ 17

or dermatologists or any medical doctor who wants to be in this industry? What makes your groundbreaking academy a disruptor in the aesthetics industry? Pyn Lim: Because aesthetic practices are not specialties, per se, medical doctors and surgeons will have to look for additional private training outside the usual curriculum. In early 2006, much of the learning took place during conferences rather than the proper theoretical teaching and hands on experiential learning. In addition, aesthetic practice itself requires an extremely high skill set and must be done with extreme precision in order to ensure the safety of the patient. Observing this gap in the market in 2006, ECAMS was able to play a pivotal role in providing the highest standards of accredited practical training programs for all doctors from the onset of their careers, as well as those looking to advance their careers in aesthetic practice. Another powerful offering beyond the technical training, is that we conduct business and marketing courses which are key in providing applications for business growth for the certified doctor. ECAMS offers a powerful platform to assist them in building and expanding their careers both locally and on an international scale. Aesthrix is the platform where we connect our certified doctors to potential patients on a global scale, affording them a powerful channel to educate patients worldwide and providing reliable expert advice on cosmetic 18

| WINTER 2020

procedures through endorsement, building and strengthening their credibility and illustrating their true value. GOGIRL: Do you see yourself officially bringing ECAMS and AESTHRIX to the United States? Pyn Lim: ECAMS and AESTHRIX are global and we currently have doctors that are ECAMS and AESTHRIX -certified from the United States. However, my ultimate goal is to have additional markets in the United States, where the current membership base is lower. To learn more about ECAMS, its mission, history and the inclusive courses and business benefits it offers, be sure to visit ecamedicine.com. Peek Pyn’s pics on the ‘Gram @pyn.aesthetic.genie and get to know the woman behind the best thing in the beauty biz.

Just a few of Pyn’s posts on the Instagram . . .


pyn.aesthetic.genie When you simplify your life by consistently having gratitude, loyalty, ethical, hard work and staying focused, you attract positive energy and with your faith, everything will fall into place.

We began our journey in 2008 wanting to make a difference by raising the standards in the aesthetic industry, focusing on patient’s safety and giving them beautiful natural results. Today our work has been recognized for making an impact in the healthcare industry placing us in the top 100 leaders. Without the #Ecams faculties who believed in the core mission and determination to make an impact, these achievements wouldn’t be possible. THANK YOU and well done to #ecamsfamily team: @janivanloghem @bhrclinic @dollyfatsea @dokter_job @dott_danilo_degregorio @malcolmdavidpaul @azib_nabila @pgonzalezisaza @bahiredouard @albertodi.giuseppe @yatheodo @dionnengwx @carmenegli8 @laralemass @dranveramod @dralice_prethima @drrolfbartsch @kandulu, Dr. Alexander Berghaus, Dr. Hossam Foda. Together we make a difference to create an impact in aesthetic healthcare industry!


| WINTER 2020

pyn.aesthetic.genie Clothing: @ted_baker

“You will never hit the bullseye by looking, you need to pick up the bow and shoot” — me!


You have one life, so make it eventful and purposeful. Embrace the storms so you

Yes I am one of the kind and I am worth it! Do something in life that has purpose and never let anyone control your life! If you don’t steer your own ship no one will! So perk yourself up and steer it to a purposeful direction. In my workshop not only do we help your business, we also help you in leadership. Running a business is not easy and that is the fun part.

can enjoy the rainbow when it presents itself. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made but make it worth your while. There are times you need to let go, to make room for the new adventures. P.s. even if you missed it, like in this picture, at least you are doing something!

Running business is not easy and that is the fun part.


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Largest Diamonds in Orange County B e c au s e S i z e D o e s M at t e r !

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This issue of GoGirl Worldwide Magazine is super excited to shine the bright, pink spotlight on a very special, unforgettable GoGuy. Serial entrepreneur, CEO, businessman, industrious innovator, patented inventor, and tireless philanthropist Robert Lotter of Orange County, California, embodies the unbridled American spirit. Born autistic, coupled with a traumatic childhood accident, didn’t stop this determined, goal-getting guy from achieving the quintessential American Dream, while helping others in the process. Meet the man who’s always been ahead of the curve with some of today’s most technological advancements, a lifelong supporter of veterans with a heart for humanity, children, and animals, and the magnanimous message he has for all Americans.


ust conversing with Robert Lotter for an hour, one will quickly learn this amazing man not only possesses many talents, but many irons in the fire. Exuding conversational eloquence, with a positive, entertaining personality, Robert’s story isn’t one you read about every day. His unique, unconventional approach to challenges in both life and business using austere, military-style probing, testing, and problem-solving, while employing “patterns” has afforded Robert a myriad of unparalleled entrepreneurial achievements. He attests his secret to success to his 26

| WINTER 2020

deep reverence and unwavering dedication to the protection and empowerment of people — and pets! We had the honor to sit down with the distinguished Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year who left us feeling inspired, hopeful, educated, and motivated.

The Road to Recovery Leads to the Road to Riches Born in the Midwest to a pair of modest, lower-middle class parents, Robert was the son of a man who worked for a military

contractor, which inadvertently exposed him to the rather unorthodox, militarystyle processes that would become the nucleus of Robert’s award-winning ingenuity, subsequent industry accolades, and widespread media attention. Suffering a brain injury after being struck by a car at the age of eleven, Robert went from being a creative, precocious kid to socially inept in an instant. With the help of his committed schoolteachers, Robert began

practicing algorithms, repetitive sequences, and “patterns” to help re-build his brain! His exceptional road to recovery led Robert to enlist in the Unites States Army following college, where he worked on the U. S. Nuclear Program as a Maintenance Chief and instructor, awarding him the coveted Army Commendation Medal, twice. His resolute respect and personal gratitude for today’s teachers, often a thankless occupation, led Robert to develop some of today’s most remarkable, revolutionary

mobile technologies, including cyberbullying protection program KidsSafe, and most notably, RADAR, an innovative law enforcement application, which was deployed worldwide and employs advanced software applications and forensic data to catch pedophiles and would-be child predators. This cutting-edge innovation

creates “patterns” in children’s mobile devices, leading law enforcement directly to child traffickers. Next came My Mobile Watchdog, which parents use to monitor and protect their children from online strangers and potentially harmful applications that could jeopardize their safety. Long before the advent of smartphone technology, Robert’s life-saving innovation has been replicated countlessly by law enforcement all around the globe, spawning a media tour that included appearances on Dr. Phil, CNN, Good Morning America (GMA), and The Today 27

Show, including glowing write-ups and raving reviews in The New Times, The New York Post, LIFE Magazine, TIME Magazine, and a plethora of other fabled publications. In keeping with Robert’s fastidious determination and drive to innovate and ideate, he later created the awardwinning Pie vs. Pyramid investing tool, which garnered the attention of acclaimed educational institutions, like Chapman University, ultimately earning a nomination and the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

banking overlords, ultimately gaining unlimited financial freedom from anywhere in the world.

The GoGuy with a Heart of Pure Gold Yet, the buck doesn’t stop there. The list of accomplishments, adventures, and altruistic initiatives is a lengthy one. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the many benevolent missions this selfless man is on. Aside from enjoying the fruits of his labors and the abundance his incomparable

Most recently, Robert has been emboldened by America’s broken healthcare system and is launching a virtual medicine solution, making it his mission to make healthcare TRULY more affordable and attainable to everyone, most specifically the unemployed and underemployed.

Another Path to Financial Freedom Robert’s current, highly anticipated endeavor is sure to outshine even the highest of gold standards. He effectively helped design and implement a groundbreaking, fully digitized Gold U. S. Dollar backed by the U. S. Mint, American Gold Eagle one-ounce coins. Robert’s contribution to alternative investing could help liberate the investor from private banking limitations. Robert’s goal is to encourage all Americans to experience the truest form of the American Dream without being a slave to corporate 28

| WINTER 2020

ingenuity, discipline, drive, and propensity for life-changing, impactful innovation have afforded him, Robert is an avid motorcyclist and bicyclist enthusiast and possesses an infrequently used pilot’s license that allows him to fly jets solo, without a co-pilot! His affinity for our furry friends has inspired his on-going involvement with horse and dog rescue organizations. Although a Newport

Beach resident, Robert also operated an impressive 300-acre ranch — home to rescued horses — and flew voluntary search and rescue efforts in his copter all over Deschites County, Oregon. A longtime champion of America’s brave veterans, Roberts is an active advocate and contributor with the revered veteran initiative Wounded Warrior Project, which seeks to support our injured servicemen women and their families, as well as Patriots Promise, which assists disabled vets with their legal needs. Robert has volunteered to transport wounded vets to their families or to receive their required medical attention when traditional military transportation wasn’t readily available.

services, and buying their products through network marketing? Let’s bring Middle America BACK!” We couldn’t agree more and what a fantastic idea! Frankly, this spotlight barely scratched the surface of this accomplished, selfmade man’s stellar life. To learn more about American investor and award-winning financial entrepreneur Robert Lotter and how he can help you reach your financial goals and realize your own American Dream, be sure to visit Robertlotter.com and BuyUSGold.com.

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A proponent of people, animals, veterans, and everyday Americans, Robert left our conversation with some unforgettable, inspiring, and encouraging last words. With Middle America still reeling from the devasting economic effects resulting from the Covid pandemic, he suggests we all help one another by investing in each other’s respective businesses this holiday season and beyond. “Instead of giving our hardearned dollars to retail empires like Amazon or Target, why not give our money to our friends by supporting their businesses,

golden opportunity!

GoGirl readers, Robert. This has been a


Warm Up to These Tips to Tame Winter Skin and Wellness Woes As you feverishly winterize your wardrobe with the latest fall fads and fashions to compensate for the imminent dip in temps, don’t forget to give your beauty arsenal a much-needed seasonal tweak, too. These top tips will keep you glowing, gorgeous, healthy, and happy all through the pumpkin spice latte and gift-giving season.


t’s that time of year. The leaves have turned to their autumnal, rustic hues and begun to fall, while the air is feeling crispier by the day. The unmistakable smell of spice and everything nice is in the air and Christmas tree shopping has claimed a spot on our growing to-do lists. The magical holiday — and sweater — season is officially underway. One of the best parts of welcoming the cooler weather is swapping our short shorts, strappy sundresses, and iced teas for chunky, cozy sweaters, cute ankle booties, and copious cups of foamy, frothy PSLs. Check out this official GoGirl cheat sheet to combat all your winter skin and wellness woes so you can emerge unscathed and enter swimsuit season glowing and gorgeous.

Dew Your Skin Right

Go for the Bronze

Say “see you later” to airy, lightweight moisturizer you’ve been slathering all summer and break out the heavy-duty dew. Applying a slightly heavier moisturizer during the winter months will not only plump and pamper your complexion, but the ceramides in heavier formulas will form a protective veil over your skin, shielding it from the frigid temps, as well as the dehydrating effects of indoor heating.

You may not be soaking up the sunshine while donning your favorite swimsuit anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off sexy, sun-kissed skin in satin camisole tops or LBDs at all your holiday soirees this season. Flaunt a faux glow with the Jeunesse NV Body Bronzer for a commitment free, one-night tan that won’t transfer to clothes and washes away easily with soap and water. The foolproof 360-degree spray nozzle delivers a believable, buildable bronze color with a body-boosting airbrushed effect. For an optically slimming illusion or to blur imperfections, lightly spray fronts of legs, shoulders, and décolletage with the Jeunesse NV Shimmer and bring on the bling.

Keep Things Short While immersing for an hour in a hot bubble bath before bed, whilst listening to your go-to mediation app in an attempt to soak away the day’s stresses or refusing to step away from the welcoming steam of a hot shower on a bitter-cold morning sound like your idea of non-negotiable serenity, may we suggest otherwise. Keeping skin exposed to hot water for extended periods may feel euphoric, but it compromises your skin’s vital lipid layer, leading to water loss, dehydration, wrinkling, and a host of other seasonal undesirables. So, keep your bathing times short and sweet and your skin will love you for it.


Get Steamed It’s no surprise we cannot control what Mother Nature has in store for us outside our front doors, nor do we wish to come home to a freezing abode, hence the glorious innovation of indoor heating. However, between the outdoor, icy air and the dry, indoor heat, our skin suffers the entire season. So, counteract the drying effects of the environment — both outside and inside — by investing in a skinsaving humidifier for your bedroom. The humid vapors will add much-needed moisture to the air and your skin.

Pucker Up to Pout Perfection The body part that perhaps takes the biggest beating during Old Man Winter’s wrath are the lips. Due to their lack of oil glands, your poor pout is always on the perilous verge of peeling, chafing, or even splitting, which is nothing to smile about. So, be sure to pay your pucker some extra lip service by swiping a shea and/or coconut butter -based lip balm liberally and consistently. Slough off dead skin cells with a sweet DIY lip scrub made of coconut oil and brown sugar before applying balm. Buffing your pout will help it retain the extra-needed hydration from the balm.

Step into the Season

Practice Safe Sun Just because you packed away your itty-bitty, polka dotted bikini for the year doesn’t mean you’re off the hook from applying sunscreen. Be sure to go undercover with the broad-spectrum Jeunesse Luminesce SPF 30 Sunscreen every single day – sun, snow, or showers. Your skin is susceptible to the damaging rays of the sun irrespective of the season, so don’t skip the safety of sunscreen.


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Even though flip flops will not be your fashion footwear choice for months to come, you still want to be sure both your feet and hands are salonstatus – no appointment needed. Put your best foot forward this winter by gently buffing bottoms of feet with either a pumice stone or pumice-infused foot scrub while in the bath/shower. Follow with a minty-fresh, buttery foot balm for an instant cooling sensation, while imbuing skin with deep, long-lasting hydration. Get pedi-perfect tootsies by slipping on cotton socks while snoozing. If your hands tend to get cracked during the winter due to overzealous washing, slather with a shea or cocoa nut butter -imbued balm and don gloves while sleeping.

Pretty Slick

Move More

Seal the deal on your hardworking wintertime moisturizer by layering with a beautifying, botanical face oil. Not only will the oil prevent moisture loss, it will impart a gorgeous, dewy glow to the skin. In the morning, apply as the last step in your makeup routine to help lockdown your look all day. After you emerge from your shower or bath, apply a botanical body oil (think jojoba, coconut, or sweet almond) to dampened for a glistening, head-to-toe glow that will keep your skin baby-soft and supple. For a targeted treatment, slather freshly cleansed skin with the fast-absorbing, ultra-hydrating Jeunesse Luminesce Essential Body Renewal made with watermelon extract to refine, retexturize, tighten, and tone.

Making a date with your spin instructor is probably the last thing on your to-do list this crazy-busy season but finding the time to stay fit and healthy should be priority. Not only will you be melting away the extra pounds from those extra slices of pumpkin pie or glasses of rum-spiked egg nog, you’ll be melting away stress and other not-so-healthy side effects of the season. Even little hits of exercise, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking or biking to work, housecleaning, playing with your kiddos in the park, or spending half your lunchtime doing lunges and squats make a huge difference. To fuel your workouts and energize your day, sip on one to three mini bottles of Jeunesse MX20, made with 70 trace minerals and black, organic fulvic and humic acids to help keep you fit and fab on the fly.

Sleep When you snooze, you lose! Extra pounds, that is. With all the indulgent foods you will be feasting on from Thanksgiving all the way to the new year, including decadent desserts, sweet, seasonal beverages, and celebratory, sparkling infusions of the alcohol variety, you’re going to want to be sure to nix the nightly Netflix binge-watching and get to bed BEFORE the sun comes up. Sleep deprivation not only compromises your brain’s functionality and overall health and wellness, it packs on the pounds. And, if getting to the gym amidst the hustle and bustle of the season isn’t enough of an imposition, you don’t want to add to the stress by skimping on your sleep.

And, last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to stop and savor all the splendor, beauty, and magic the wintry season brings. It need not be only about battling months of blizzards and blistery weather, but rather walking in the winter, wonderland! You can find all the aforementioned product picks and so much more at gogirlbeautybar.com.


MEET THE BRAINS Behind One of The Biggest Beauty Breakthroughs of All Time

Yolanda Halston

Before joining leading beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brand Jeunesse Global as an exclusive celebrity cosmetics collaborator and co-creator of the bestselling, celeb-coveted NV airbrush-inspired makeup line, beauty innovator and badass businesswoman Yolanda Halston was living the life in “La La” land, otherwise known as Los Angeles, as one of the entertainment industry’s most sought-after makeup artists to the sexiest stars in town. | After an unfortunate turn of events led her to make a major, life-changing move, Halston — once again — found fame, fortune, and beauty bliss amidst the rumble. | Learn how this brilliant cosmetics creator and makeup maven made it her mission to turn a devastating loss into a financial victory.


nown on (and off) the red carpet, as well as on-set and behind-thescenes, for her signature, fabulously flawless-looking makeup masterpieces spotted on some of the most memorable, famous faces, and the former roomie of 80s big-screen queen Daryl Hannah, Yolanda Halston’s illustrious career in beauty and fashion spans three decades. A selfprofessed, lifelong beauty product junkie, along with a resume of over 300 films and television shows as a professionally-trained, theatrical makeup artist, Halston acquired an extensive knowledge of the skin’s powerful functionality, including the “do’s and don’ts” of making makeup magic for every complexion. She also gained a sixth sense of the billion-dollar beauty market’s unrealistic promises and product limitations, ultimately finding a cutting-edge way to disrupt the system with her entrepreneurial prowess and beauty product ingenuity. 38

| WINTER 2020

A Beauty Innovation that Blew Everyone Away Years of working on high-fashion and editorial shoots for all the fabled, high-gloss publications, such as In Style, Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and others, afforded Yolanda indispensable exposure to many opportunities and high-profile figures. After a close friend and A-lister underwent harsh laser skin treatments, Halston sought to help the actress heal and conceal her inflamed, blistered complexion so she could get back on-set sooner rather than later. Laser treatments in the 90s were just getting underway and hadn’t yet reached the “lunchtime facial” status of today. Recovery was time-consuming, often leaving justtreated skin in what seemed a perpetual state of distress. In order to help her friend and starlet get back to work, Halston visited with renowned Beverly Hills plastic

surgeons, along with digging deep in her makeup bag of tricks and tools to try and find a synergistic healing and concealing skin solution. However, to no avail. It was then that Halston accepted the challenge to create her own skin-saving makeup solution that not only effectively offered undetectable, long-lasting, camera-ready coverage, but transformative healing powers. With the help of superstar skincare chemists and beauty experts, Halston founded the original “airbrushin-a-can” innovation in 2002. Her “aerobrushing” makeup plus skincare hybrid, Era Beauty, included travel-friendly, convenient cans of “spray-on” foundation that effortlessly delivered pro-grade, airbrush effects at your fingertips. It truly was a beauty no-brainer! The new, no-

mess makeup was a long-awaited miracle from makeup artists to models to soccer moms. Halston quickly found herself a famous following that included A-listers, like Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Demi Moore, as well as fellow makeup artists Pat McGrath, Dick Page, and Jeanine Lobell. Her pioneering products’ fussfree, unique application and camera-ready results made her aerobrushing technology instantly addictive and obsession-worthy amongst beauty buffs everywhere, as the spray-on airbrush makeup in the recognizable “tall silver can” was spotted on countless film and television sets and in makeup bags everywhere. Whether prepping for a photo shoot, hi-def television, or cinematic film, posing on the red carpet, or running errands, Halston



| WINTER 2020

knows exactly what a product needs to have — and do — to “pull it off.” In 2009, Halston launched the AeroMinerale line as a follow-up to her prestigious, star-status Era Beauty aerobrushing essentials.

unceremoniously homeless when she lost her home in one of Malibu’s fires. It was at this time, the makeup pioneer packed whatever she was able to salvage and took a leap of faith. All the way to Florida.

With an unmistakable talent for spotting trends in beauty, fashion, and business, Halston’s revolutionary aerobrushing technology was featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and just about every major fashion and beautybased publication on the planet. Halston even had the distinguished honor of her game-changing, complexion-perfecting products being named one of eleven products “that have changed our lives in the last 80 years” in the 80th anniversary issue of Good Housekeeping. Her groundbreaking beauty line shares that very accolade with beauty icons Chanel No5, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, and Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion (in the pink bottle!).

A Sunshine State of Mind

Unfortunately, Yolanda learned the beauty brand-building process wasn’t always pretty. Despite her dedication to honing her craft in cosmetics artistry, naturally beautifying the skin, and handson expertise on the visages of countless celebs and supermodels, Halston soon learned the beauty biz could be an ugly place. She ran into patenting issues with other, more established brands who sought to capitalize on her aerobrushing concept. Then, Halston found herself

A few years prior to re-locating to the Sunshine State, Halston’s entrepreneurial savvy and aerobrushing sensation caught the attention of another beauty entrepreneur — Wendy Lewis, co-founder of health, beauty, and wellness giant Jeunesse Global. Smitten with the makeup maestro’s captivating work, Wendy extended Halston an exclusive invitation to join the Jeunesse team as a licensed cosmetics creator, collaborator, and business partner. Halston took Wendy up on the once-in-a-lifetime offer and began working closely with the Jeunesse doc himself — Dr. Newman — to formulate a truly unique, cuttingedge cosmetics plus skincare hybrid. The aerobrushing product line would seamlessly blend beautifying botanicals, vitamins, minerals, anti-aging antioxidants, stem cells, and a proprietary polypeptide complex with high-performance cosmetic ingredients for the ultimate, one-stop-shop makeup PLUS skincare must-have. And, Jeunesse NV was born. Officially leaving Los Angeles after the inauspicious loss of her home proved to be a blessing in disguise, as Halston is now able to work more closely with the Jeunesse family and resides mere minutes from the sprawling Jeunesse headquarters. 41

Today, the award-winning, water-based NV aerobrushing line consists of:

• A “pore-fecting” primer to smooth, fill, and blur; foundation (in nine, made-to-match shades) to cover, conceal, and correct;

• Bronzer to sculpt, contour, and color; and a luminous shimmer to highlight and enhance, giving the complexion the perfecting finishing touch. The exquisite body bronzer spray features a sun-kissed bronzer PLUS body-perfecting foundation in one beach-ready bottle. Customers can choose from two “just-back-from-Bora-Bora” shades.

All Jeunesse NV products, aside from the body products, are ingeniously infused with the brand’s proprietary, skin-perfecting APT-200 polypeptide complex, so you can heal as you conceal!

The Jeunesse Journey Continues Not only the co-creator of the cult-fave NV line, Halston continues to serve as the brains behind her airbrushinspired, indie face product line’s day-to-day business operations, as she works closely with distributors, influencers, media personalities, affiliates, and the Jeunesse family of consultants. Currently, Halston is strategically working on increasing North American exposure for the NV line with the help of another beauty product-obsessed GoGirl – GoGirl Worldwide Magazine Founder and CEO, Jennifer Murphy. With the recent co-branding partnership between GoGirl Worldwide Magazine and Jeunesse Global this past winter, the NV line is sure to enjoy much-deserved American star-studded recognition and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for both female-forward brands.


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advanced stem cell technology, transform the skin over time for a more youthful-looking, ageless effect. Be sure to check out our exclusive Jen’s Jeunesse Gems editorial in this edition for all in-depth, beauty insider deets, including full product descriptions, how-to’s, tips, tricks, and fun, fast facts about each NV makeup essential. From magazine cover to the red carpet to the cubicle to class, get the complexion-perfection you crave with a boost of anti-aging benefits to boot!

Get to Know Jeunesse NV Named 2017 Best New Product of the Year by The International Business Awards, the entire Jeunesse NV line is loved for its innovative, aerobrushing technology that delivers long-lasting, pro-grade results – FAST! With a single spray, you’re seconds away from supermodel-sexy skin. From the catwalk to the boardwalk, Jeunesse NV provides all the makeup bag essentials to get you gorgeous and glowing on-the-go. Oilfree, fuss-free, and water-resistant, NV will never budge or smudge under pressure. The beauty and wellness giant’s trade secret ATP200 polypeptide complex plus scientifically

“Her pioneering products’ fuss-free, unique application and cameraready results made her aerobrushing technology instantly addictive and obsession-worthy amongst beauty buffs everywhere.”


Rapid Fire Q&A

GoGirl: For a woman who knows a thing or two about the beautification of the skin, can you please share your morning and evening skincare routines with our GoGirl readers?

We sat down with the extremely busy beauty innovator and businesswoman for a one-onone chat about building a beauty business, her tried-and-true tips and tricks for getting flawless on-the-fly, and more. Take a look:

YH: Consistency is key. I prefer a 3-step routine: cleanse with a foaming wash using a makeup removing-mitten; treat with a stem cell serum; and moisturize with a hydrating moisturizer. I’ve found that if I keep my skincare regimen simple, I never skip a step. Since I travel so often for Jeunesse, I always pack my six go-to products that I know I will use: Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser, Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenating Serum, Luminesce SPF 30 Daily Moisturizing Complex, Luminesce Advanced Night Repair, NV Makeup Removing Mitten, and, of course, all my NV products. Since my NV products are skincare-infused, I consider them more like skincare products than makeup.

GoGirl: Not every would-be entrepreneur possesses a degree in business or marketing. So, what are some of your goto tips for a GoGirl/GoGuy aspiring to start hers/his own beauty line – whether makeup, skincare, haircare, body care, or wellness/ lifestyle products? What are the top three things one should do to get started on launching their business? YH: Offer something unique. The beauty industry is so saturated with amazing products and buyers are continuously seeking something “different” and disruptive in product, design, and branding that they’ve never seen before. Also, be an expert. People want to learn from someone who offers solutions and demonstrates innovative techniques. Keep in mind, if it can be imagined, it can be done. Don’t take “no” for an answer. GoGirl: If you weren’t a celebrated makeup artist-to-the-stars and Jeunesse cosmetics creator connoisseur, what would you be doing instead? In another life, what would Yolanda be doing? YH: Definitely something creative! I am equally passionate about cooking as I am about beauty, so I would be a chef. 44

| WINTER 2020

GoGirl: For GoGirls on-the-go or who are short on time, what are the Jeunesse NV essentials that every GoGirl should have in their makeup bag to get them flawless in a flash? YH: I always have my NV Primer, three shades of NV BB Perfecting Mist (one that matches my skin tone, a lighter shade for concealing, and a darker hue for shading), NV Bronzer, and my NV Shimmer. My new fave thing is the NV Body Bronzing Mist in the stunning Maui shade and applying it with the NV Body Brush for that flawless, allover airbrush effect. And, I have two brushes – one for my face and one for my body – to seamlessly blend everything together.

GoGirl: Which Jeunesse NV product is your most prized creation and why? The one product you’re most proud of? YH: I’m obsessed with the new NV Body Bronzing Mist and the NV Brush! The NV Brush is made of premium Faux Blue Point Squirrel and is strategically tapered to all the makeup to melt into the skin for an undetectable, flawless finish. GoGirl: What do you love most about creating and collaborating with Wendy and the Jeunesse team? Is there anything about the development process you particularly love? Or don’t love? YH: I love the sense of family at Jeunesse. I knew from the first moment I met Wendy, Randy, and Scott that Jeunesse was where I belonged. The process of developing products is my favorite. I love chemistry and the problem-solving aspect of the entire process.

YH: Be true to yourself. Believe in your dream. No one is going to do it for you. You’ve got to just do the work. I’m reminded of a movie where I was on set as the Key Makeup Artist for the Addams Family Reunion. I was 26 years old. It was pouring rain all day, every day for the first two weeks. And, it was an OUTDOORS shoot, no less! I was so overwhelmed just thinking about how much work had to be done. I had 6 hours of makeup before my day even begun. My inner mantra repeated, “just DO the work.” It was one of the greatest lessons of my professional life. To learn more about Yolanda, her gift for getting gals (and guys) gorgeous, and to steal her beauty secrets, tips, and tricks, be sure to follow her on the ‘Gram @ YolandaHalston. Find her profile and all her NV indie face products at Jeunesseglobal. com/NV. Be the ENVY™.

GoGirl: Throughout your journey, which is arguably impressive, is there anything you would have done differently? YH: There are things I would have done differently. That said, I love where I am TODAY. GoGirl: Launching a brand or bestselling line with a legendary beauty, lifestyle, and wellness empire can seem intimidating. Can you offer any advice to help nix nerves or quiet those “negative Nancy’s” that just love to take up free rent in our heads? How about overcoming setbacks and unforeseen obstacles? 45

The Unshakeable Story of South Africa’s Shirvani Thilman Naran This courageous, confident South African GoGirl is stealing hearts back home, here and everywhere!

At first glance, Shirvani seems like any other young, vivacious wife and mother. However, take a closer look and you’ll notice this petite beauty from South Africa’s capital city Johannesburg, lives an extraordinary life, one full of unimaginable challenges. In a world of picture-perfect, flawless figures and filtered Instagram images that pervade social media feeds, Shirvani’s story is one of inspiration and affirms the old adage “beauty really is only skin deep.”

Shirvani was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), colloquially referred to as “butterfly skin,” a rare, genetic disorder that robs the skin of its resiliency, making any sort of touch or friction cause unbearably painful, unsightly blistering, tearing, and scarring. Children born with EB are often called “butterfly babies” because their skin is as delicate as a butterfly’s wings. Though, Shrivani unabashedly rejects the “butterfly” skin moniker, stating “Butterflies are beautiful and [EB] is anything but ‘beautiful.’ It’s pain, it’s suffering.” The bubbly, bloody blistering of the skin due to EB resembles those of third-degree burns, making seemingly remedial activities, like opening bottles and soda cans, excruciating, dire and is the common cause of skin cancer in its victims between the ages of 15 and 35. If infection is left untreated, EB can be fatal in infancy. Dubbed “the worst disease you didn’t know about” from the internet, there is no cure for EB, just daily, painstaking treatment and copious care that aim to avoid skin damage and friction of any kind. The slightest bit of abrasion can result in blood-filled blisters that often lead to a complete tearing-off of the skin, which 48

| WINTER 2020

Shirvani experienced while in labor with her firstborn when her doctor simply covered her stomach with an otherwise soft blanket. Yet, Shirvani has learned to live with her skin’s fate and has proved that living a fulfilled, quality life is not only absolutely achievable, but beautiful beyond her wildest imagination! Shirvani is one of the world’s oldest living persons with EB and shows no signs of slowing down. She not

only defied doctors’ expectations who predicted she wouldn’t live past six months, she eventually met the love of her life, got married, and had two healthy little girls. Shirvani tearfully recounts a school vaccine nurse telling her she would never get married or have children because of her unique condition, leaving her feeling broken and hopeless. However, that all changed when she met her husband Shimal through

she “truly loves herself.” She advises, “You should never put someone in a box according to what you see, because they are so much more than that.” We couldn’t agree more with this inspirational and unforgettable GoGirl!

a mutual friend. Defying the odds and giving birth – twice – has only boosted this beauty’s self-confidence and emboldened her courage. Today, Shirvani gushes that 49

Shop at

Beauty GoGirl Laura Sun Photography by Rich Cook

Winterize Your Beauty Routine Get Your Skin Holiday Party-Ready with



GoGirl Founder/CEO, social media sensation, and former Miss Oregon opens up her beauty bag and dishes the deets on the latest, next-level, lust-worthy product picks that have given her skincare and makeup regimens a much-needed makeover. After battling your winter beauty woes, let’s spring ahead with these Jeunesse skin superstars that are all beauty queen-approved and sure to get you glowing all summer long.

“I’ve always loved makeup – ever since I was a little girl. My Grandma Murphy would let me try on her jewelry, shoes, and accessories when I stayed the night at her place. But, my favorite thing to do was to play with her lipstick and color palettes! I loved to sneak in a chance to ‘glam up,’ even when I was as young as 7 years-old and could envision what it would be like to be a ‘lady’ someday.” — Jennifer Murphy CEO/Founder of GoGirl Worldwide Finally after convincing her uber-conservative parents to allow her to begin competing in local beauty pageants at the recommendation of a friend, Jennifer was able to unzip her makeup bag, whip out those color palettes, brushes, and lipsticks, and get creative by having loads of fun with makeup. Just like her Grandma Murphy, Jennifer unapologetically dipped her cosmetic brushes into palettes bursting with colorful, blushworthy hues and swiped her pout with bold, pretty pigments. We’re guessing all-things pink was the go-to hue for the future GoGirl! 53

Beauty Yolanda Halston, Creator of NV

Photography by Rich Cook

Winterize Your Beauty Routine Get Your Skin Holiday Party-Ready with



The beauty industry is BIG business – billions of dollars big. And, all one has to do is stroll along any strip mall and they’ll inevitably spot a Sephora or ULTA; or scroll their social media feeds only to be accosted with a conveyor belt of click-worthy advertisements and eye-catching imagery featuring the “next big thing” in beauty. And, if you’re a GoGirl of the 80s, you’ll undoubtedly agree the decade was arguably lauded for its music and movies, but not makeup. It was Maybelline, Max Factor, and Cover Girl. GoGirls who came of age pre-Internet were offered slim pickings when it came to beauty products. But, we digress. Fast forward to the current state of cosmetics. It seems there are a gazillion products to treat every beauty woe imaginable. Every day, there seems to be a new, must-have (or 2 or 3 or 4 or more) to rid of those unwanted wrinkles, under eye bags, or sun spots, promising to salvage your skin from the ravages of time. With an ever-evolving, ever-growing, oversaturated industry of dream creams, lotions, and potions promising to pamper, perfect, and prettify, it’s no wonder most women are left overwhelmed and bemused by the bounty of beauty. When it comes to deciding which products to pick and which to pass, your best beauty bet is to leave it up to a beauty queen. Last February, Jennifer was invited to fly to Florida to formally meet who would become the official GoGirl power partner — global beauty empire Jeunesse. Having religiously enveloped her skin head-to-tippy toe with some of the brand’s beloved, cult-status skincare and makeup products these past few months, she’s sharing some of her go-to Jeunesse gems with GoGirl fans and followers. “In all my years in business, beauty pageants, the entertainment industry, and shooting YouTube videos, I have never come across cosmetics and skincare of this caliber. Drumroll please…”

Sheri Sharman, Jennifer Murphy



Photography by April Bennett



Decidedly, it was her time to begin experimenting with different looks and learning

to express herself without pause. Growing up, Jennifer would spend her spare time painting with whimsical watercolors and so, naturally, her face became another “canvas” to beautify. Though forbidden to wear makeup until she reached her teenage years and ending her countless clandestine lipstick applications before heading out with friends, Jennifer’s mother “instilled” in her impressionable daughter that true beauty is what’s on the “inside.” While Jennifer believes this motherly sentiment to be 100%, unequivocally true, she also feels it doesn’t hurt to have fun with makeup, while enhancing and accentuating your best beauty assets! And, why not, right? It’s possible to still live a purposefuldriven, fulfilled life of love, happiness, and harmony — all with a little lipstick! Just ask Grandma Murphy. She unabashedly spent her days singing, dancing, and sending joy to everyone she met, while emanating positivity, empowerment, femininity, and yes, beauty. A daily flush of blush didn’t change that. When we feel beautiful, we feel happier. The happier we feel, the more effortless it is to feel empowered and pay it forward to the next fabulously fierce female we meet. Whether it was experimenting with makeup when competing for the coveted teen title of Miss Josephine County or building an award-winning sales team for a Fortune 500 company in her early 20s or being a contestant on the hit reality television series “The Apprentice” with now U. S. President Donald Trump or prepping for a first date with a potential Mr. Right, Jennifer believes every woman deserves to look and feel her beauty best. She asserts that we nonchalantly make appointments to get our cars detailed down to the carpet, so why not give that same beautifying commitment to our self-care routines using nothing but the best antiaging, game-changing products the billion-dollar beauty biz has to offer? While our cars are smoking hot, so should we be. 57


AirbrushFoundation&SkinCare Jeunesse NV Their exclusive makeup line, these skincare-infused bestsellers fly off the virtual shelves and it’s easy to see why. The effect of high-definition, pictureperfect makeup with the beauty of advanced, proprietary skincare ingredients and formulations, the Jeunesse NV line has all your bases covered. Developed by celebrity makeup artist Yolanda Halston, each innovative NV makeup product is Yolanda Halston exclusively imbued with the Jeunesse APT-200 NV Developer proprietary blend of powerful polypeptides (read: complexion-plumping collagen!) plus plant-based stem cell technology (hello regeneration on a cellular level).


All products in this coveted line are free of oil, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and talc. The luxurious, weightless formulas provide long-lasting hydration without caking, crinkling, or crumbling. No more midday makeup meltdowns. And, their quick, spray-on formulas mean no more messy makeup!

NV Foundation With nine, made-to-match, sexy shades, this spray-on makeup mist is a breeze to apply. A dream-come-true for magazine CEOs and GoGirls on-the-go, this lightweight NV foundation hides, heals, corrects, and protects the complexion leaving you looking flawless in a flash. Because it’s an actual “spray foundation,” you get that instant, airbrushed, photo-friendly finish minus all the blemish-causing bacteria, contamination, and color oxidation that the bottled versions are guilty of. If you’re a traditionalist and prefer to apply your foundation the original way, this NV foundation formula can also be lightly sprayed on a foundation brush or Beautyblender®-like sponge and applied to the skin. It’s totally up to you.


Jen also loves to give her finished base an extra spray to “set” her look. Using a makeup sponge, one of her GoGirl makeup brushes, or the super-soft NV pad, she simply buffs and blends her entire look for seamless perfection. This buildable NV foundation is a makeup must for any GoGirl who loves to play and experiment with makeup to find her personal preference. So, spray and slay away! #Nofilterneeded

NV Primer Next, Jen is jamming on the NV primer. A first-ever spray-on primer that instantly fills pores and smooths fine lines for a soft-focus finish, this oil-free NV primer evenly covers your entire complexion with a one-second spritz! No buffing, blending, rubbing, or tugging. Bursting with beautifying botanicals and the Jeunesse proprietary APT-200 technology, this is a great way to get your “canvas” ready for all your cosmetics with the benefits of supercharged skincare. 59

Beauty BeautyBar.com

AirbrushFoundation&SkinCare NV Shimmer Every GoGirl knows her makeup masterpiece isn’t complete without the ultimate finishing touch – shimmer! The NV shimmer is also a spray-on formula that is best applied by spraying on your palm, then dipping one of your GoGirl makeup brushes into the product and applying to the high planes of your face — brow bone, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow, tops of cheekbones — for a dewy, dimensional, gorgeous glow. Jens’s go-to glow tip: Spray evenly across décolletage, shoulders, or down fronts of legs for an optically-slimming effect. Look like you’re ready to strut across the stage of a beauty pageant with shimmering stems! This exquisite, versatile shimmer also effortlessly highlights and enhances a spray tan or beachy strands for top-to-bottom body bling! The beauty possibilities are endless with this Jeunesse gem.

NV Bronzer For sexy, sun-kissed color sans the damaging rays of the sun, Jen reaches for her NV bronzer that beautifully contours and sculpts her complexion ala Kim K. Jen likes to use her professional-grade GoGirl makeup brushes to perfect the buildable, blendable formula once applied. You can choose from a variety of premium makeup brush sets by visiting https://www. gogirlbeauty.com/collections/gogirl-beauty-brushes. All sets come complete with a cute, travel-friendly, portable pouch for clean, safe storage.

NV Body Bronzer The bronzing action need not stop at your neck. Like most glamorous girlson-the-go, Jen likes to give her beauty queen physique a beach-ready glow — or when she’s overdue for a spray tan appointment! The Jeunesse NV body bronzer offers two bodyperfecting products in one bottle — foundation PLUS bronzer. Blur imperfections while getting a beachbeautiful bronze that easily washes off in the shower. The perfect one-night tan, this spray-on body bronzer is perfect for commitment phobes who shy away from the 10-day self-tanner commitment or who simply just crave a little color here or there without having to bronze their entire body. Plus, you can also use this body bronzer on your face since it’s ingeniously infused with foundation and all the Jeunesse proprietary skincare benefits. This GoGirl-approved formula is waterproof, swim-proof, kiss-proof, sex-proof and won’t budge or smudge! The Maui shade is designed for light to medium skin tones, while the Bora Bora shade will deliver a just-back-from-the-beach bronze. Buildable, believable, beautiful! A must-have for any makeup or beach bag. 61

Beauty BeautyBar.com

AntiAging&SkinCare Naara Drink yourself gorgeous with this Jeunesse drinkable collagen. Jen likes to sip on this naturally, slightly sweet-tasting, delicious elixir infused with the Jeunesse proprietary TruMarine, skin-supporting collagen. Collagen is the substance that naturally keeps skin elastic, firm, lifted, luminous, and youthfullooking. Naara has been clinically proven to boost your skin’s natural collagen synthesis and is your wrinkle warrior in a glass. The purse-perfect packets are great to take on-the-go or when you’re in a pinch.

Instantly Ageless If you’ve been chronically burning the midnight oil, feel super stressed, or look puffy from allergies, Jen’s got a quick face fix to share. These magical little vials of micro-cream deliver instant depuffing action to under eye baggage, while ironing out deep wrinkles within seconds! Forget your lines and watch your baggage go bye-bye right before your eyes with results that last up to 9 hours! A YouTube tutorial hit, Jeunesse has unsurprisingly sold more than 50 million applications of this mind-blowing miracle worker. These are best for when your skin really needs a pick-me-up and sleep isn’t an option.

PLAY VIDEO!! So, there you have it, GoGirls! If you want to winterize your beauty routine and get your skin Holiday Party Ready with these GoGirl + Jeunesse game-changers that combine cutting-edge cosmetics with innovative, advanced skincare formulations, be sure to visit GoGirlBeautyBar. com. Don’t forget to share and show YOUR favorite finds with the GoGirl glam fam! 63


AntiAging&SkinCare Luminesce Line Luminesce is Jeunesse’ signature skincare line and is also infused with their proprietary APT-200 plant-based stem cell and polypeptide blend, plus a bevy of beautifying botanicals and anti-aging extracts. While Jen will always be a makeup maven at heart, she knows taking care of her skin is the foundation of aesthetic beauty. If your complexion is congested or suffering from redness or inflammation, no amount of makeup is going to mitigate the madness. It’s all about correcting before concealing. These are the products from the Luminesce line that keep Jen’s complexion glowing and gorgeous from coffee to cocktails . . .

Youth Restoring Cleanser Jen likes to clean up her act morning and night with this gentle, yet effective, cleanser that leaves her skin clean, hydrated, and baby soft. She especially loves the pure scent and the feeling of the silky-soft suds that swathe her skin when she’s at the sink. The lightweight formula is the perfect way to summer-ize your skincare regimen. NO more dirty little secrets (like sleeping in your makeup)!

Cellular Rejuvenation Serum Jen applies this Jeunesse super serum morning and night to her entire face, paying close attention to age-prone areas, like expression lines, neck, chest, and tops of hands. After using this Jeunesse gem for a little over a month, she’s noticed a visible reduction in the fine lines around her eyes and a more even-toned complexion thanks to the formula’s infusion of anti-aging coconut and sweet potato root extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. See spot run.

Advanced Night Repair


As every GoGirl should know, beauty sleep is one of the best (and free) ways to score sexy, ageless skin. After all, they don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing, right? While you sleep snugly between your comfy sheets, remember your skin is hard at work doing the night shift. Jen knows her complexion is getting a much-deserved restorative and rejuvenating bedtime boost with this bestselling beauty pick that’s a dream-come-true for her complexion. Each dewy dollop drenches her tired skin with long-lasting, succulent moisture, while the powerhouse antioxidants undo the day’s damage. GoGirl Glow Tip: Slumber on satin or silk pillowcases so you awake without those telltale creases and crinkles etched across your complexion. Plus, the silk/satin material won’t absorb all your fabulous Jeunesse gems. Sweet dreams!

AntiAging&SkinCare products at BeautyBar.com 65

DRESSING FOR SUCCESS: This Once Broke CBO Cleverly Took an Unknown Online Fashion Brand to Billion Dollar Status FASHIONISTA.COM_Photo: Courtesy of Revolve

Revolve’s resident Chief Brand Officer, took the start-up to star-status with her savvy social media skills, keen fashion sense, and the gift of gab with Wall Street power players. But, the journey to IPO prestige was a grueling, ten years-in-themaking for the popular fashion powerhouse.

The Art of the Hustle


For this IPO power player, patience, perseverance, plus a perfect pair of pretty pumps make all the difference.


en years ago, online start-up fashion phenomenon Revolve was virtually unknown, aimlessly floating in cyber shopping space looking to make its mark on the competitive e-commerce circuit. Today, the trendy shopping destination boasts a staggering net worth of roughly $1.2 billion and is also synonymous with one of the biggest concert-carnival festivals of the year. Revolve Fest attracts social media’s most in-demand stars, Hollywood elites, A-listers, and VIP movers and shakers. Raissa Gerona,


Gerona, a woman (and one of color), determinedly attended years of back-to-back Wall Street meetings donned in designer duds only offered by the stylish site. So, it wasn’t surprising that her 10-year dedication to building the billion-dollar brand culminated in one of the most monumental moments in start-up history. Although the company started by founders Mike Karanikolas and Michael Mente had been fully functioning for nearly 16 years, it was only during the past few that put the fashion marketplace on the map. Thanks in part to Gerona’s unique, “out-of-thebox” building and emboldening strategies, the brand’s stagnant social media presence suddenly blew up, becoming the ultimate collab goal for fashion bloggers and beauty influencers.

Wall Str investor “influen and soc strategi whole o battle fo burgeon CBO. ”

That was the “easy” part. Explaining to older Wall Street male investors about “influencers” and social media strategies was a whole other uphill battle for the INSTYLE.COM _ MATTHEW EISMAN:GETTY IMAGES

burgeoning, chic CBO. Decidedly, she broke her pitch down in the most digestible way possible – that young people need cute clothes to attend music festivals like Coachella – all while wearing full Revolve regalia to each and every investor meeting. Gerona felt what better way to hook potential investors than to physically “rep” the brand and play the part.

ing to older reet male rs about ncers” cial media ies was a other uphill or the ning, chic

Without a formal marketing or business degree and being borderline broke before coming on board with Revolve, Gerona often had to contend with the unnerving negative Nancy’s that continually plagued her daily thought processes, taking up rent in her head. Constantly questioning herself, her skills, her talents, her capabilities, etc, she eventually came to realize her indispensable worth as being the true expert in the room because it was only she who could so eloquently explain exactly what it was she did for the brand. And, she did so indelibly and effectively.

Broke, but Not Broken Prior to joining Revolve, Gerona ran her own fashion brand back in 2007 and Revolve


was her biggest wholesaler, hence how she came to know Mike and Michael. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, she exhausted her brand’s funding and had to pull the plug for good. But, as cliché as it sounds, when one door closes, another really does open. That’s when she met with Michael and he suggested they begin a brand together. And, Friends + Lovers was born. In just a few years, rising Revolve would purchase the hip, curated fashion site.

The Making of a Brand-Builder Never having imagined she would be engaged in this sort of “businessy” aspect of the billiondollar-plus fashion industry, Gerona just rolled 69


with the punches, went with the flow, and just kept showing up and trying new things. “It’s so important to believe in yourself. Yeah, there are times when you are going to fail, but if it’s something you want to do and accomplish, you continually have to get yourself back up and believe you can do it.” A child of Filipino parents who immigrated to the United States when she was only seven, Gerona was incessantly inspired by her hardworking parents’ unwavering commitment to drive, determination, and unrelenting resolve. Gerona also admires all her innovative and creative social media influencers who really took Revolve from ground zero on up, as they continue to wear many hats for the company – collaborators, content creators, stylists, hair and makeup artists, editorial directors, etc.

The Secrets to Succeeding in Style Stick to it. Revolve wasn’t an overnight sensation by any means. Nothing was ever “over” for Gerona. She witnessed her parents move their entire family from a very familiar place to a very unfamiliar one and made it work – every day! Mike and Michael started a fashion company with only 50K of their own money and built it to $70-80 million. Confidence and believing in oneself are essential for achieving long-term success and career happiness. Lastly, loving what you do will get you out of bed every morning and fuel your drive and determination. “I love the people I work with. I love what I do. I love what the company stands for, and I’m just so happy to be a part of it.”

Not to mention, a closet overflowing with cute, chic outfits sure doesn’t hurt.

71 FASHIONISTA.COM_Photo: Courtesy of Revolve

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| WINTER 2020

Founded in 2017 by an ambitious, Canadianbased guy and gal partnership, Knotty Knickers is the premier undergarment subscription service that delivers highquality, curated, handpicked panties straight to your door (and derriere) – all for the cost of a cup of cappuccino. Inspired by longstanding sizing exclusivity and pretentious price points from bigger, legendary lingerie brands, the millennial entrepreneur team saw an innovative opportunity to create a more inclusive, affordable bloomers brand for women of every size, shape, taste, style, and budget. From flirty, frilly, feminine underthings, to sexy, see-thru, barely-there thongs to more conservative, “covered up” cheeky boy briefs — and everything in between — e-commerce based brand Knotty Knickers has got you covered, providing the perfect panty for every booty.

Cute, Comfy, Quality and Canadian In just a few, quick clicks directly from the user-friendly, official Knotty Knickers website, your preferred panty package will be on its way. With an affordable, starting price point of just $3.99/month plus $1-2 shipping to every state in the U. S., Canada, and the U. K. Customers are able to choose between three customized panty packages (Sugar and Spice, Nice, or Naughty) with a monthly or bi-monthly delivery option. There is never a commitment and you can choose to cancel anytime. The Sugar and Spice package features a mixed bag of booty

essentials, including thongs, g-strings, boy shorts, and cheeky panties, and is perfect for the GoGirl who likes to change things up a bit. The Nice package includes every style available sans thongs and g-strings, while the Naughty package includes only thongs and g-strings and is great for the uninhibited GoGirl. Subscribers get to personally curate their own monthly box of bloomers, including fabric, design, style, cut, and color preference and aren’t limited to receiving a standardized selection. The monthly subscription-based brand offers more than just panties. They’ve extended their undies inventory to include bralettes, lacy garter belt getup’s, holiday theme-based sets, and more. Undies enthusiasts can shop the brand’s “extra add-on’s” anytime. From their signature lovely, lacy bralettes to matching briefs to cozy, comfortable lounge sets to active underwear gear to racy garter belt sets, there’s something sure to suit your foundation fancy. Plus, expect a few new, highly requested items to hit their virtual shelves soon!

Knotty Knickers customers are guaranteed to receive the most sought-after, highest quality fabric in the biz – all meticulously crafted by local, talented designers and undie artisans to reflect the diverse, natural beauty of Toronto. All long-lasting, highly resilient material is directly sourced from the manufacturer, eliminating the proverbial “middle man,” allowing Knotty Knickers to pass on the savings to their loyal panty patrons. Beautifully constructed of the highest quality cotton, spandex, and polyester with 100% cotton liners in ALL pieces, you can expect the cutest and most desirable designs, styles, cuts, and trends to grace your tuchus. Fastidious fulfillment is handled in Toronto and only after undergoing rigorous quality control checkpoints are products shipped to customers. Inclusivity, affordability, superior quality and customer satisfaction, are the core principles of the Knotty Knickers brand, while continually seeking to upgrade and evolve based on customer engagement.

Panties for Every Booty From pretty prints to cute colors to romantic lace to comfortable cotton, your curated collection offers sweet and sexy styles available in sizes X-Small to 3XL and every size in between. The site also provides a 83

creed, and color unabashedly flaunting their fabulousness – untouched and unfiltered — celebrating the beauty of femininity in all its forms. Staying true and consistent to their Toronto roots, all models and their photographers are local to the Canadian city.

Project Panty Make no butts about it, this burgeoning brand is all about giving back. Through their “Get a Pair, Give a Pair” charity initiative, Knotty Knickers donated thousands of pairs of their Toronto-designed drawers to women’s shelters and other charitable organizations last year alone. The founders told GoGirl Worldwide they’re planning on continuing their altruistic efforts this winter, including extending the donated drawers to super-useful sizing chart to help determine

men’s organizations once an official men’s

those sometimes in-between, ambiguous

brief has been designed. After all, boys

sizing moments, so you’re never left

need briefs, too! With 60% of total sales

wondering whether your panties will fit once

and monthly subscriptions coming from

they’ve arrived. What is so refreshing about

the U. S. and 40% from Canada, the brand

the Knotty Knickers brand is their unorthodox Instagram account, which receives thousands upon thousands of accolades from their legions of lady – and lad - fans. When you scroll the arguably raw and real images on the @ knottyknickers social feed, you’ll find females of every size, shape, 84

is aggressively building awareness on a global scale, providing personal panty packages to women everywhere and have recently begun building Knotty Knickers business in the U.K.

The Bottom Line To learn more about this progressive panty purveyor, its philanthropic efforts, and body positivity philosophy, be sure to visit knottyknickersusa.co and on the ‘Gram @knottyknickers where you’ll find “the most affordable subscriptionbased underwear on the market!” If you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for that special someone this holiday, remember that no girl ever complained about having too many pairs of panties to fill her underwear drawer. To say Knotty Knickers is the “gift that keeps on giving,” making it the perfect present for any occasion, is, well, an understatement.




This Famous YouTuber Amassed a Huge Online Following and Built a Booming Brand


If you’ve ever wondered how social media’s most-followed influencers and content curators gained their online fame and attractive bank accounts, you’re not alone. Acquiring social media stardom isn’t a mystery, but challenging, nonetheless. If you’re a beauty buff, fitness fanatic, fearless foodie, adrenaline junkie, or DIY guru who has managed to amass massive followership, companies and big-name brands are more than willing to shell out big bucks for sponsored content, collaborations, and affiliate marketing partnerships. Here’s how this young YouTuber mastered the art of social media marketing to build her brand.


ith the advent of immersive, interactive, and digital technology, specifically snap-

Take this Canadian-based student turned arts and crafts connoisseur who learned to make the most of her passion while leveraging all

sharing app Instagram and social media

her social media platforms simultaneously to

giant Facebook, would-be brand innovators,

catapult her online presence, build a massive

aspiring entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives

audience, promote her brand, become a top

have inadvertently stumbled upon a goldmine. As social media has irrefutably provided an unconventional — and free — tool to those seeking to build a business, now

influencer, and sell her merchandise. She’s Lauren Riihimaki, better known as LaurDIY, and she reigns supreme as the social media queen. Insta-famous for her colorful, crafty, and innovative DIY videos on her YouTube

has never been a better time to get online

channel, LaurDIY, this former Ryerson student

and channel your inner social media maven

discovered her love for all-things-DIY, which

and make megabucks in the process.

led to creating copious amounts of cool,


| WINTER 2020

fun-to-watch, informative videos. In the past eight years, her followership grew to just over 8 million subscribers, propelling her to the top tier of social media influencers. With the success of her YouTube series, Lauren was able to successfully transfer her YouTube audience to other platforms, like the equally popular Instagram and Twitter.

Consistency is Key Lauren attests most of her YouTube stardom to finding a specific “niche,” as well as dedicating her time to branding and staying

the game and adding her crafty touch. Her DIY slime video was a smashing success, to say the least, garnering even more YouTube subscribers.

Create Cool, Click-worthy Content Not only is Lauren taking YouTube by storm, as did her predecessor and original YouTuber queen Michelle Phan, but she’s also a top influencer on the ‘Gram and Twitter, boasting over 4 million followers on Insta and a whopping 6 million on Twitter. A social media superstar, Lauren is killing

uber-consistent to the channel. LaurDIY continues to dominate the YouTube space because of consistent, well-timed uploading, as Lauren faithfully uploads a new DIY video every Sunday and a vlog every Wednesday — no exceptions. Even creating hashtag #SunDIY to promote her scheduled uploads has helped with reminding her fans, followers, and subscribers to tune in. Another way Lauren grew such an impressive base is by collaborating with other highprofile YouTubers since cross-promoting is a win-win for everyone involved. Lauren also further increased her social media audience by posting “trendy” videos. For example, when those slew of “slime” videos suddenly “plopped” up all over the Internet, Lauren took advantage of the idea and made a DIY slime video to stay relevant, while changing pinterest.com




it. With curated content bursting with eye-catching backgrounds, superstylish settings, vibrant hues, and cool, fashion-forward outfits, her Instagram feed is a candy box-colored treat for the eyes! All her artful, aestheticallyappealing posts accompany positive affirmations, mindful messages, and quirky anecdotes, making her content relatable, poignant, and share-worthy. Lauren posts daily and goes “live” every so often, utilizing Instagram’s indispensable, fan-growing features. On Twitter, she posts throughout the day, all day, giving her attentive followers updates from catching up with friends over coffee to shopping hauls to her latest projects-in-the-making. But, mainly, she uses the far-reaching power of Twitter to promote the uploading of her YouTube videos, like a digital memo sent to her legions of fans right from her fingertips. With all her hard work spent online, Lauren has undeniably managed to leverage her large following on social media to make money. And, a lot of it. She engages in brand deals — affiliate marketing — with different companies, such as Fanta, Ardene, MUDD, and others. Additionally, Lauren has used social 92

| WINTER 2020


media to build her very own brand of merchandise, creating multiple lines that include t-shirts, hats, knick-knacks, and other fun stuff. Originally developed as a unique, groundbreaking way to reconnect with friends and family, social media now offers effective, far-reaching marketing tools to those willing to work it and stick with it. Lauren has effectively honed her social media savviness to build her brand and promote her products, but she dedicated all her time to doing so while implementing consistency and on-going engagement with her followers. Social media is an ingenious, free marketing tool, which Lauren has learned to master, becoming one of the most sought-after influencers and content creators. Hail to the queen.


A social media superstar, Lauren is killing it. entrepreneur.com



GoGirl Healthy Living Routine: Wellness 101 Edition GoGirl Worldwide CEO/Founder Jennifer Murphy spills her secrets for wintertime health, wellness, and mindfulness, while spotlighting her personal product picks from legendary beauty and lifestyle giant and GoGirl power partner Jeunesse. If you’re feeling blue over your wellness woes, you’ll love these GoGirl-worthy wellness tips.


Photo: Michael Munson

Check out Jen’s eight essential tips for getting your mind and body back on track for the months ahead! Bikini, sandals, and suntan lotion not included. 1. Feed Your Inner Foodie Winter is an ideal season to indulge in nutrient-dense dishes, like colorful, scrumptious salads, light soups, and the freshest fare on the market. Be sure to fill your plate with all the colors of the rainbow to reap the best body benefits. When you consume colorful carotenoids, your body instinctively transforms them into vitamin A, boosting immune function and guarding against illness and infection. Reach for pigment-rich fruits and veggies, like vitamin A-packed sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, spirulina, carrots, eggplant, beets, squash, cantaloupe, and energizing, sweet-tasting berries. Slather some all-natural, creamy nut butter and a sliced banana on top of whole grain bread slices for a midday snack sure to put a pep in your step. Serve up some fatty fish, like sardines or salmon, with a side of grilled asparagus sprinkled with a touch of tangy lemon and drizzled with olive oil. Add some avocado for heart-healthy fats, too. Jen recommends filling up on other superfoods, such as lean protein (skinless chicken and grass-fed beef) and probiotics (yogurt and other fermented foods) to aid in healthy digestion and optimal immunity support. Sip on hot or iced green tea throughout the day and sprinkle some anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and microbial turmeric on your morning mug of matcha green tea.

PHOTO: Trang Doan

Wellness GoGirl Wellness approved by


Jen’s go-to Jeunesse Gems:

ZEN BODI — Put your overall well-being into a Zen zone state with this Jeunesse bestseller. A proprietary system of curated premium-grade products designed to help you achieve your fitness, weight loss, and lifestyle goals, ZEN BODI offers tasty, protein-packed shakes to amino acid-infused fruit drinks to detoxifying daily capsules. The ZEN BODI mix-and-match, customizable approach provides a solution for every body.

Wellness GoGirl Wellness approved by


Supplements 2. Savor Your Supplements Supplements are just that — they supplement your diet and fill the “gaps” where your diet may be lacking certain key nutrients. Sometimes, we just can’t eat five servings of veggies a day or we miss our morning glass of milk for bone-fortifying calcium. Life happens, so that’s what supplements are for. These lifesavers come in the form of vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, fiber, amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen, and nootropics. The best immune-supporting vitamins and minerals are B, C, D, E, folic acid, iron, selenium, and zinc. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all supplement that fills in Photo: Michael Munson all the gaps, you’ll love the GoGirl-approved Reserve drinkable supplement from Jeunesse. The rich, dark color says it all! This delicious daily supplement is a proprietary, immunity-boosting blend of 5 superfruits, resveratrol, aloe vera, and green tea extracts. Not only will you strengthen your immunity and boost your overall wellness, you’ll save your skin, too! So, get gulping. MX20 — This unique, drinkable dietary supplement provides 70 trace minerals plus black, organic fulvic and humic acids to effectively energize, hydrate, and ignite the body’s purification process. Wellness.com

3. Soak up Some Sunshine Even in the Chilly Weather! Contrary to conventional wisdom, the best way to get your daily dose of the “D” is to safely soak up some body-boosting rays. Just 15-20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure daily will strengthen your immune function, bones, joints, and eyes, while uplifting your mood and revving up that metabolism for a beach-ready bod in no time. That’s the skinny on the sunshine vitamin. 99


Jen’s Jeunesse jewel for staying healthy and hydrated on-the-go: Revita BLU — Nutrient-rich blue-green algae, ancient sea buckthorn berry, and hydrating aloe vera perfectly synergize within a coconut water-based powder to instantly hydrate, revitalize, and strengthen all your body’s systems. Convenient, take-anywhere stick packets quickly dissolve in your bottled water for a refreshing reboot anytime, anywhere.


4. Clock Some Zzzz’s and Get into Your Zen Zone It turns out if you snooze, you really do lose – body fat/excess weight, sallow-looking skin, blemishes, irritability, and a poor immune system. Aiming for 7-9 hours of quality, restorative sleep per night improves your immune system’s natural ability to fight off infection. Here is how your amazing, hardworking immune system functions: its infection-fighting supply of “T” cells are responsible for fending off intracellular pathogens that can lead to debilitating diseases and opportunistic infections. So, say Goodnight to Netflix and start snoozing STAT.

PHOTO: Andrea Piacquadio

PHOTO: The Lazy Artist Gallery

5. Guzzle 8-10 Glasses of Hydrating, Healthy H2O Daily If you haven’t already noticed, water is the antidote for just about any wellness woe. From congested complexions to fatigue to illness to parched palates, water works wonders. Drinking at least 8-10 8 oz. of naturally alkaline H2O (pH 9.5-8) glasses daily will recalibrate your body’s processes, while infusing much-needed hydration, electrolytes, and minerals into all your body’s cells. Plus, habitual water intake flushes the body’s tissues, muscles, and organs of harmful toxins that can wreak havoc on your skin, hair, and overall health. H2O also delivers oxygen to cells so they can perform at their best, while also producing lymph, a substance that assists in transporting your white blood cells and nutrients to tissues and organs. Plus, gulping down 8-10 glasses of water daily, promotes proper digestion. Start sipping and say bye-bye belly bloat and hello skinny jeans! 101


Jen and the GoGirl squad’s ultimate Jeunesse workout warrior: MONAVIE — An innovative, body-boosting blend of botanicals, 19 fruits (including naturally sweet-tasting Brazilian acai berry), glucosamine, and free radical-fighting antioxidants, this powerfully synergized sip supports your active lifestyle. From the barre to the bar and everywhere in between, this bottle of supercharged bio actives has got your back.


6. Bust a Move Just like you “pencil in” work appointments with colleagues and pizza dates with friends and family, so should you make it your business to battle the bulge. Besides aiming for those elusive 10K steps daily, there are countless other (and way more fun) ways to crush your fitness goals. Here are just a few to try: cardio (running, walking, cycling, swimming), weights/strength training, stretching/yoga, Pilates, CrossFit (high intensity interval training), playing sports, hiking, gardening, indoor mountain climbing, boxing, and so much more. For fitness on the fly, try planks in the park, burpees in your living room and lunchtime lunges. Jen suggests switching things up a bit to prevent fitness plateaus as well as boredom. Mix up your go-to fitness faves and put some serious muscle into them. Not only does a heart-pumping sweat session 3-4 times a week lower your resting heart rate, but it optimizes your lungs’ oxygen power, properly dispersing it out to the rest of your body’s vital organs. Regular exercise will boost immunity, help you sleep more soundly, and make your skin glow — naturally.

PHOTO: Retha Ferguson

PHOTO: Burst


7. Turn Up the Heat Stepping into an infrared sauna is the body-benefiting and growing self-care trend you’ll love indulging in every week. Infrared technology stimulates white blood cell production and skinsupporting collagen synthesis, while purging the body’s pores of harmful toxins, metals and impurities. The relaxation-inducing effects improves mood, sleep, hygiene, alleviates anxiety, nix nerves and brings a welcoming sense of serenity and inner peace. Infrared technology heats your body from the inside-out and is capable of deeply penetrating the soft tissues, pushing trapped toxins out of the body through perspiration. Consider a weekly visit to the infrared sauna as both a cleansing — and relaxing — ritual.



8. Laugh, Love, Smile, and Be Kind to Yourself and Others This may seem like a joke, but it’s certainly real! When you laugh, your body naturally releases a burst of feel-good endorphins — the same kind you get after a two-mile run along sundrenched shores sans all the sweaty, extraneous effort! Endorphins are also your body’s natural painkillers, so the next time you sense a painful bout of PMS coming your way, just bust a gut — literally. Endorphins also reduce the cancercausing stress hormone, cortisol, which can also help whittle your middle. Also, did you know an exhilarating LOL sesh with your friends expands your lungs, stretches your muscles, stimulates homeostasis (the state of equilibrium or “balancing” of the body’s interdependent physiological processes), and tones the tummy? Ever wonder why your belly is so sore the day after a gut-busting laugh? A good laugh or sharing a simple smile also proves to be an effective way to release pent-up emotions. And, when we strive to make others laugh, smile, and generally feel good, we, ourselves, become happier — naturally.

Is there a wellness tip or trick you swear by? Be sure to share your springtime and summer wellness secrets with the rest of the GoGirl family. Be sure to check out the GoGirl site for more info on Jen’s Jeunesse product picks.


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Give Your MommySpeak a Makeover with These 20 Re-imagined Affirmations 107

When young mother and blogger Jessica Kromer found herself repeatedly bestowing compliments upon her 18 month-old baby girl that seemed to only affirm the little one’s physical attributes, she purposefully decided to try something new and completely unconventional.


t’s nothing to apologize for or be chastised about. Most parents unknowingly compliment their little girls using indoctrinated phrases like, “You’re so pretty” or “You’re my cute little girl.” After all, it’s kind of hard not to when the mere sight of a little girl can melt the hardest of hearts. While parents have been uttering these sorts of seemingly innocuous phrases to their impressionable daughters since the beginning of time, Kromer argues we could unknowingly be doing our daughters a

grave disservice in the long run. Telling little girls that they’re pretty or cute or beautiful every so often is harmless, but it shouldn’t be a parent’s first choice of words when addressing their aspiring GoGirls. So, Kromer and her husband thoughtfully compiled a list of 20 non-physical affirmations that focus on one’s “other” attributes, such as intelligence, capabilities, skills, talents, fortitude, and integrity. By articulating phrases that address these nonphysical attributes, we inadvertently cultivate positivity, empowerment, power, and purpose within our girls. Now, when Kromer and her husband speak to their daughter, they try to be mindful of the lasting messages they’re sending with their chosen words. They hope their re-imagined affirmations will help their daughter look beyond her physical appearance and towards her intelligence, skills, and heart while growing up — and well into womanhood. Following is Jessica’s list of 20 empowering affirmations she and her husband use when speaking to their baby girl. Feel free to add your own!


You have the power to change the world.


You are unlike any other.


You have a beautiful soul.


You’re so smart!


Be yourself – no matter what.


You have the power to help others.


You are going to move mountains.


You are strong.


You have a loving heart.


You have the best sense of humor.

12. You have a great laugh. 13. You are very loved. 14. You give fantastic hugs! 15. We are proud of you. 16. You did a great job! 17. You are deserving of kind words. 18. God loves you. 19. You have an amazing imagination. 20. We’re thankful God gave you to us.

10. You mean the world to us.

When you’re speaking to your little girl — or someone else’s precocious little one — using these uplifting, emotionallyaffirming phrases can be exponentially beneficial to her self-esteem, confidence, and resilience. “The more we give, the better future for our girls and for the world.” — Jessica Kromer.x To learn more about Jessica and to subscribe to her lifestyle blog, be sure to visit HerViewFromHome.com. 109

The “Coolest Person in Tech” Wants to Mind Your Business


From wiping out your student debt, sticking to a budget, growing your banking account, and building your business, serial entrepreneur, small business advocate, and one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Tanya Menendez shares her smoothest money moves. snowballwealth.com

Co-founder and CEO of Snowball Wealth — an easy-to-use, online platform specifically created to help young people eliminate their mounting student debt while offering tools to help save and invest through personal budgeting — Tanya Menendez is re-inventing the elusive American Dream, one business at a time. Named Most Powerful Latina in Espanol People, routinely referred to as “The Coolest Person in Tech” by Business Insider, and listed as one of Popular Mechanics’ 25 Makers Who Are Re-Inventing the American Dream, San Francisco-based Menendez studied technology and its socioeconomic impacts on rural economies at University of California, San Diego. Her resounding, culturally conscious ethnography, “The Economics of Migration” was published by the University of California. 112

| WINTER 2020

A Money-Maker in the Making Before the Snowball effect ever took place, Menendez worked at high-powered companies, like global banking firm Goldman Sachs and tech giant Google. Catching the business bug, she eventually left Goldman Sachs to co-own a leather goods line produced exclusively in New York City, where its products were distributed to swank boutiques and high-end department stores, like Nordstrom and Henri Bendel. It was while co-operating the leather goods line that Menendez experienced firsthand the frustrations of an antiquated sourcing process. That’s when she came up with a brilliant way to disrupt the industry, co-creating an indispensable platform where entrepreneurs and small business owners could easily connect with American manufacturers sans the setbacks and roadblocks. And, Maker’s

Row was born. Since 2013, Maker’s Row has been helping entrepreneurs and designers get their concepts produced by democratizing American manufacturing for small businesses. With nearly 200,00 participating businesses and growing, the online marketplace has helped entrepreneurs to produce over 3 million products in the U.S. alone. Maker’s Row boasts a bevy of esteemed, leading industry investors, including Johanne Wilson, Comcast Ventures, Index Ventures, Kapor Capital, and Expansion Capital. Maker’s Row has successfully raised over $2.5 million in venture capital.

The Snowball Effect Menendez’ latest venture, Snowball Wealth, was built to take the intimidation and boredom out of personal budgeting while providing free, customized financial planning and affordable investment coaching for effectively building a solid investment portfolio and retirement funding trajectory. Through the site’s widely-read blog, Menendez herself also offers users unconventional, witty, offhand tips and tricks, sprinkled with anecdotal stories of personal experience, to help build long-term financial success. As she shared in one of her most popular blog posts, budgeting allowed her to leave a job – and a boyfriend – that wasn’t the right fit for her while giving her the crucial resources to start yet another company with a meaningful mission. When she’s not helping young people to stay on-budget and in the black with her innovative budgeting techniques, Menendez manages a Women of Color Tech group and enjoys running half-marathons.

It looks like budgeting is the new black.