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Newport Beach Fashion Island

Cover GoGirl Mina Wang


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Photography by Michael Munson SPECIAL FEATURES

14 Jesse’s Girls!


How This Former Thespian, Early-Stage Venture Capitalist, and Mother of Three Keeps Good Company

18 Fearless

32 American Polo Association

Female CEOs

Global Polo Teams and Social Society, Leading the Way in Charitable Causes.

A portfolio of notable start-ups that have achieved financial success and star-status

40 Classroom Crusader

Sierah Tyson backpacked through the United States to find out “what was working and what wasn’t” in America’s classrooms, while giving underrepresented educators in marginalized communities a voice. Meet the teacher who’s making the grade.

50 Celebrating

Creating Comedy & Outsmarting the Cancel Mob

76 All Eyes on Elon

From Tesla to Twitter, it seems everywhere you turn, everyone’s talking (and tweeting) about serial tech entrepreneur and investor magnate Elon Musk. Meet the man of the moment and this summer’s very special GoGuy, Mr. Elon Musk.

I decided not to let the haters keep me down and I produced a music video for “I Want To Be Neenja” like I had initially planned when I first wrote the song.

88 Discover the Mind of Steele

Trish Steele had quite an unorthodox upbringing. With the loss of a father, impaired hearing, and a speech impediment, Trish endured years of bullying. What would devastate most turned Trish into an emissary of perseverance and a legend in her field of work.

73 “I Want To Be Neenja”

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106 Metamorphosize

A song of hope and healing by Jennifer and Chelsea with the help of producer Dennis Woodard is now a music video!

126 Best Healthcare

Telemedicine is an innovative, technological platform that is streamlining and revolutionizing doctor’s visits!

Jesse’s Girls How This Former Thespian, Early-Stage Venture Capitalist, and Mother of Three Keeps Good Company



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94 Nic’s Beauty Pics

Summer-ize Your Beauty Routine and Treat Yourself to These Head-to-Toe, Skin-Perfecting Must-haves!

116 GoGirl Wellness Edition 2.0

If you’re feeling blue over your wellness woes, you’ll love these GoGirl-worthy wellness tips.

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

In an exclusive sit down for the Jennifer Murphy GoGirl Show, leading female early-stage venture capitalist, television personality, and entrepreneur, Jesse Draper, reveals what she really wishes more women would do. We’re all ears.

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14 Jesse’s Girls!


How This Former Thespian, Early-Stage Venture Capitalist, and Mother of Three Keeps Good Company

18 Fearless

32 American Polo Association

Female CEOs

Global Polo Teams and Social Society, Leading the Way in Charitable Causes.

A portfolio of notable start-ups that have achieved financial success and star-status

40 Classroom Crusader

Sierah Tyson backpacked through the United States to find out “what was working and what wasn’t” in America’s classrooms, while giving underrepresented educators in marginalized communities a voice. Meet the teacher who’s making the grade.

50 Celebrating

Creating Comedy & Outsmarting the Cancel Mob

76 All Eyes on Elon

From Tesla to Twitter, it seems everywhere you turn, everyone’s talking (and tweeting) about serial tech entrepreneur and investor magnate Elon Musk. Meet the man of the moment and this summer’s very special GoGuy, Mr. Elon Musk.

I decided not to let the haters keep me down and I produced a music video for “I Want To Be Neenja” like I had initially planned when I first wrote the song.

88 Discover the Mind of Steele

Trish Steele had quite an unorthodox upbringing. With the loss of a father, impaired hearing, and a speech impediment, Trish endured years of bullying. What would devastate most turned Trish into an emissary of perseverance and a legend in her field of work.

73 “I Want To Be Neenja”

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106 Metamorphosize

A song of hope and healing by Jennifer and Chelsea with the help of producer Dennis Woodard is now a music video!

128 Best Healthcare

Telemedicine is an innovative, technological platform that is streamlining and revolutionizing doctor’s visits!


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94 Nic’s Beauty Pics

Summer-ize Your Beauty Routine and Treat Yourself to These Head-to-Toe, Skin-Perfecting Must-haves!

116 GoGirl Wellness Edition 2.0

If you’re feeling blue over your wellness woes, you’ll love these GoGirl-worthy wellness tips.

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

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Gigi GoGirl’s Sidekick

Michael Munson GoGirl Photographer

Patrick Ellison GoGirl Videographer

Hi All My GoGirls and GoGuys Too! Hi to all my GoGirls, and GoGuys too! I am incredibly thankful I have the opportunity as a publisher and content creator to share messages from my heart in a way that is not censored nor controlled. We find ourselves in a time where freedom of speech has been severely compromised, and our very rights as American citizens are at stake. We need more people like Joe Rogan, Candace Owens, and Russell Brand who speak their truth and create dialogue that is meaningful, authentic, and not censored. My magazine partner, Nicole Gratson, is also fearless, and she and I together poured our hearts and souls into this edition of GoGirls Worldwide Magazine. We strive to lead by example by speaking up in the midst of this extremist, woke cancel-culture and biased media. Most of us want to protect our freedom of speech, and also love wholesome, unapologetic humor. This edition of GoGirls Worldwide brings you all of the above and more! From fourth generation venture capitalist, Jesse Draper, who has invested in over sixty female-founded companies to “Game-Changing GoGuy” Elon Musk, we feature entrepreneurs who are fearlessly changing the narrative and making bold moves toward positive change. While putting this current issue together and having the honor of featuring these fearless trailblazers, I decided it was time I share more of my own story - my love for comedy, my journey building GoGirls Worldwide, my ups and downs as an entrepreneur, and my very own crazy battle with the “Cancel Mob.” We all have a story. And, I believe if we share our story with others, the good, the bad, and the ups and downs, we all can learn from each other and grow. And, we probably will feel more connected and realize we have much more in common than we knew. These are the principles on which I founded GoGirls Worldwide. Oh! And, set a reminder to watch my up-and-coming film “I Want To Be Neenja” based on my very own original global sensation music video. It’s coming soon and it’s going to be epic! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be the first to know once it’s launched! Love you all, Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl” CEO / Founder / Editor in Chief GoGirl Worldwide GoGirlWW.com jennifer@gogirllmgz.com

Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl”

Jen’s GoGirl tips: Remember to let your inner kid come out. Remember to play. Ask yourself, what would I do if I had more time? And then evaluate the items on your plate that might not be necessary, and make room for a hobby or passion that you love and miss, or have always wanted to do! Put the GoGirl Pledge on your fridge or on your car’s dash!

Follow Jen on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. She makes funny and empowering videos every Wednesday! @JenniferMurphyGoGirl


From the Editorial Content Manager

Jennifer Murphy and Nicole Gratson Hey GoGang! Ahh…it’s here! My favorite time of year is officially in full swing! Summer…the season of spray tans, strappy sandals, short-shorts, perfectly pink-hued pedis, and scrumptious ice creams cones melting on the scorchinghot boardwalk. Sipping on cool, sweatsoaked glasses of watermelon-mint iced teas while leisurely rocking on the front porch swing is the preferred way to pass the afternoon time on a hot summer day. Flowers bursting with notes of nostalgia and the beach, balmy air engulfed with sea salt, sunscreen, Lycra®, and pool water. Summer is in the air! While I’m super stoked for upcoming traveling plans and all the fun and excitement the warm weather brings, I’m especially excited for this poignant, powerful, timely issue and everything we at GoGirl Worldwide have in store for you. GoGirl continues to find a myriad of ways to lead the charge, be inspiring, and help elevate and empower young girls and women from all walks of life, far and wide. We’re here to help ignite their joy and their passion in big, bold ways, and unabashedly fuel their talents and help find their voices without fear of unjustified backlash, shame, ostracism – or cancel culture. And this issue is no exception. This is the issue you’ve been waiting for. We are proud to feature our firstever, double feature cover story about outsmarting the relentless, woke cancel


culture mob by staying true to yourself and never apologizing or backing down from your core beliefs, mission – and comedy. It’s a tale of a courageous, pink-caped crusader comedienne and a confident, campy comedian, fighting the good, All-American fight and bringing comedy back to pre2015 laugh levels. Our very own CEO/ Founder Jennifer Murphy teams up with fellow, non-woke comedian extraordinaire, Lambo Le, on creating cool comedy, while campaigning to save Free Speech and other cultural institutions that have sadly been eaten away by cancel culture rot specifically comedy and entertainment. Think cancel culture only affects outspoken, Right-of-Center Twitter personalities? Think again. It’s a double-header you don’t want to miss! And, in keeping true to our “Free the First Amendment from the Shackles of Wokeism and the Radical Extremists,” theme, we’re especially proud to unveil one of the most anticipated GoGuy spotlights EVER to grace our audacious digital pages. Tesla and SpaceX Founder/CEO, social media provocateur, and the world’s richest human, Elon Musk, is fittingly crowned this issues’ GoGuy! We’re shining our big, bright, HOT pink spotlight on the rocket scientist-turned-tech tycoon and how his current, ongoing acquisition of social media monolith Twitter has all its Free Speech advocates on the edge of their keypads. I find it curious an electric motors mogul, space rocket engineer, and serial entrepreneur may be the one who successfully saved all voices of America in the end, especially of those on the Right side of the aisle. If you hadn’t noticed, the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution is categorically on the line, precariously teetering on the brink of no return. It’s being increasingly suppressed across all institutions as the woke-obsessed mob continues to pervade every corner of our culture, “canceling” dissenting voices and seeking to conquer and destroy anyone or anything that goes against its wildly radical, illogical ideologies.

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

Sound familiar? Because it is. It happened in 1940s Germany. The First Amendment has been on the extremists’ mob’s chopping block for quite some time, as witnessed across some of the biggest social platforms and media outlets that purport to advocate for a free flow of ideas, discourse, and dialogue. Newsflash: they DON’T! Currently, there is only ONE side being represented and America desperately needs TWO wings to fly. (Hint: it has a lot to do with that old, timeless adage, “United we stand, divided we fall.”) Elon Musk was right when he asked his millions of Twitter followers earlier this spring if Twitter was living up to its full potential or if another platform was needed. As the country – and the world – feverishly wait for Musk’s Twitter takeover to be legally finalized, we at GoGirl will continue to do what we do best - empower, inspire, and shed light on those who continue to defy all odds, break barriers, and make differences in their respective fields, communities, and philanthropic efforts. Because the Pink Spotlight will forever shine its big, bright, beautiful light on those deserving souls who continue to strive to affect positive change and enduring influence on those around them and all over the world. Happy reading and have a safe, blessed summer!

Stay cool, Nicole Gratson Lead Staff Writer and Editorial Content Manager GoGirl Worldwide Magazine

Got a great GoGirl story you’d love to share or know of a GoGirl you’d love to shine the bright pink spotlight on? Be sure to drop me a line at Nicole@gogirlmgz.com.



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“Women Empowering Women through Events | Magazines | Products | & Giving” The GoGirl Brand is built by women, for women, and specializes in creating content and experiential opportunities for empowered women, to empower others across the country with their story and GoGirl mission. GoGirl Magazine, LLC. is not affiliated with any other publishing company and is a digital community complimenting the family of GoGirl events, products, services and its foundation.

The team at GoGirl Worldwide Magazine browse the web and social media for ordinary women doing extraordinary things in their lives, communities, and careers. We then spotlight these women each month and bring forward images and content shared by these women online and on their social media accounts. GoGirl Worldwide Magazine takes no credit for images and/or content shared by these women in their public domains and makes every attempt to publish the source of the images used on our website GoGirlMgz.com, our social media accounts and in our magazine. If a photo has been published by GoGirl Worldwide Magazine that has inaccurate photo credits, please contact us immediately with the proper credits at editorial@gogirlmgz.com. If we have shined our bright pink spotlight on you this issue or in a past issue, thank you for being a GoGirl who inspires us all.


Newport Beach Fashion Island

Newport Beach Fashion Island

Cover GoGirl Mina Wang Photo Michael Munson

is a brand that is constantly elevating the idea of fashion with its unique garments. Beautiful vision bringing beautiful fashion is a motto of our designers. And every single piece

has created is an artisanal piece of the

designer’s emotions, experiences and vision of fashion. , which is a sub-brand that has formed from the Barbara International Fashion Organization, consists of designers from Milan, Tokyo and Paris. The brand’s goal is to constantly create new high-end three-dimensional collections. Inspired by nature,

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Retail Location

Newport Beach Fashion Island www.MasakiMatsuka.com

Jesse’s Girls How This Former Thespian, Early-Stage Venture Capitalist, and Mother of Three Keeps Good Company

In an exclusive sit down for the Jennifer Murphy GoGirl Show, leading female early-stage venture capitalist, television personality, and entrepreneur, Jesse Draper, reveals what she really wishes more women would do. We’re all ears.

This cool, charismatic, and free-spirited Nickelodeon actress-turned-fourth generation venture capitalist and former host of the Emmy-nominated tech talk show “The Valley Girl Show” is one of the most influential movers and shakers in the industry and is giving her male entrepreneurs and investors a run for their money.

Earlier this past spring, GoGirl founder Jennifer Murphy hosted an exclusive sit-down at GoGirl Worldwide Studios in beautiful Newport Beach, California for an hourlong, illuminating conversation with earlystage venture capitalist extraordinaire and co-founder of Los Angeles-based venture capitalist fund Halogen Ventures, Jesse Draper. The 36-year-old mother of three, wife, and daughter of legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Tim Draper, unknowingly

acquired the investment gene. Long before founding Halogen Ventures and funding famous, female-led businesses, like luxury activewear and lifestyle brand Carbon38, eco-conscious tea brand Tea Drops, and Sugarfina, the emissary of lavish confections and the “Tiffany of Candy in full-Technicolor,” Draper played a quirky, cool character alongside her reallife cousins in Nickelodeon’s “The Naked Brothers Band” prior to launching her own web-based tech talk show “The Valley Girl Show.” After two years of interviewing and picking the brains of some of the most successful, Silicon-based entrepreneurial men from her parents’ basement in Northern California on a fittingly pink and purple-hued television set, the proverbial light bulb flickered, leaving Draper wondering, “Where are all the women?” Before International Women’s Day was an annual global commemoration and the more-women-inwork became a national movement, there was Jesse Draper. Draper was investing in women’s start-ups and advocating for more female-funded ventures long-before her most arduous, femaleforward successors. This led to Draper interviewing more and more female founders on her top-rated talk show, eventually landing a distribution deal with Cox Media Group, which led her to begin investing in the one thing that guaranteed a solid return – women. And, Halogen Ventures was born.


| SUMMER | FALL 2022

these same smart, bold businesswomen seemed reluctant to invest in potentially lucrative, for-profit companies and were more inclined to cut checks for charity and non-profit organizations, believing these “investments” were safe and risk-proof. Her attention-grabbing piece, “Investing in Women Isn’t a Fucking Charity” for Medium in September 2020, set off a firestorm of media headlines that sounded a deafening alarm throughout the industry. In order to break barriers and make financial gains comparable to men, women needed to invest more – much more. And, why weren’t they doing it?

businesses represent a massive “ Female-led opportunity. With women making 80% of household purchasing decisions, we are betting on early-stage female-founded companies with a billion-dollar potential. – Jesse Draper

Halogen, derived from the meaning of “salt producing,” is an LA-based, early-stage venture capital investing fund focused on female-founded/led companies, startups, e-commerce, and technologies. The powerhouse investment firm has recently launched an initiative to fund companies dedicated to solving the current childcare crisis in America. When Draper first began investing in the women-led companies that she featured on her show, she quickly realized she had inadvertently began building a sizeable investment portfolio. She also noticed

Typically, Halogen Ventures invests from $250K to $1 million as an initial investment to qualified applicants, as well as offering customized mentorship and networking packages. Each applicant is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Draper and her illustrious team of seasoned investors, sales experts, and chief advisors, which include her father Tim and fashion designer icon Rebecca Minkoff, seek budding brands that offer something unique, disruptive, and categorically “special.” And, it doesn’t hurt to have a great team and $1 million in revenue for traction, though Halogen has been known to take chances on investing in companies with a product still in the development phase. Draper’s takeaway is would-be investors need to start somewhere. Draper iterates even the most ambitious entrepreneurs don’t always need to have all the answers. It’s okay not to have all your ducks in a row. She advises entrepreneurs to instead surround themselves with a reliable support system and a tirelessly talented team to help guide them to where they need to go.


Halogen’s impressive portfolio of notable start-ups that have achieved financial success and star-status include:

Third Love (thirdlove.com) — This re-imagined bra brand also features sleepwear, loungewear, and activewear that will take you from the desk to the dancefloor without missing a beat. HEIDI ZAK Founder

Monica + Andy (monicaandandy.com)


— An original, baby lifestyle brand featuring organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable essentials for both baby and mama.


Senreve (senreve.com) — Luxury-level, vegan, handcrafted handbags that are seriously sustainable and fashionably functional. CORAL CHUNG Founder 18

| SUMMER | FALL 2022


BeautyCon (Beautycon.com) — Annual tradeshow summit featuring legendary as well as burgeoning brands in cosmetics, skincare, haircare, aesthetics, and more. Conferences are slated to start up again in summer 2022.

Ellevest (ellevest.com) — With the mission to “get more money in the hands of SALLIE KRAWCHECK women,” Ellevest is the premier Founder financial platform for investing, budgeting, planning, retirement, wealth management, business-building, banking, insurance, and more. A one-stop-shop for all-things-finances for GoGirls – and girls on-the-go – Ellevest also includes professional coaching on when to save and when to splurge. Sugarfina (sugarfina.com) — Treat yourself to the “Tiffany of candy” with the brand’s iconic, bestselling champagne-infused, gummy Champagne Bears®, including a mouthwatering, colorful ROSIE O'NEILL collection of cocktail candies, Founder gourmet chocolates, tangy sours, scrumptious cookies, and so much more. We don’t know what’s better? The equally delicious décor or the sweet stuff itself!


The Skimm (theskimm.com) — A mission-driven, media mecca for millennial women spotlighting the latest in news, politics, culture, career, finance, and wellness, the Skimm continually seeks to innovate and find ways to positively impact the busy lives of women every day. CARLY ZAKIN & DANIELLE WEISBERG Founders

Eloquii (eloquii.com) — Cute, curvy, and inclusive, Eloquii is a fashion brand bringing the best in trendsetting styles to the full-figured female. Sometimes, size doesn’t matter. MARIAH CHASE CEO

Flex Company (flexfits.com) — Flex it, fold it, fit it, and forget it! Foldable, flexible, reusable, and reliable period products that make menstruation manageable. LAUREN WANG Founder-CEO

Carbon38 (carbon38.com) — “Luxury that moves you” is the motto to this upscale athleisure wear brand that takes your look from work to workout seamlessly. KATIE WARNER JOHNSON AND CAROLINE GOGOLAK Co-Founders 20

| SUMMER | FALL 2022


Live Tinted (livetinted.com) — Innovative, routine-simplifying, complexion-correcting cosmetics meet beauty positivity all wrapped up in one pretty package. Live Tinted is a thoughtful beauty brand backed by inclusive values and positive vibes.

Preemadonna (preemadonna.com) — Maker of the first-ever, at-home smart mani system that prints over Bluetooth technology, NailbotTM is sure to nail the interactive beauty movement. PREE WALIA Founder

Weelicious (weelicious.com) — A former “frustrated mother’s” solution to feeding her family delicious – and nutritious meals, Weelicious takes the guesswork at creating delectable dishes by providing easy recipes, meal plans, cooking videos, and indispensable information centered around food and family. CATHERINE MCCORD Founder

Weecare (weecare.com) — An interactive platform that unites childcare providers, babysitters, nannies, caregivers, families, and employers, making quality, reliable childcare accessible and JESSICA CHANG affordable. Co-Founder/CEO


Brella (hellobrella.com) — On-demand, custom-created childcare and education that fits your ever-changing schedule. MELANIE WOLFF & DARIEN WILLIAMS Co-Founders

Tea Drops (myteadrop.com) — From latte kits to sampler packages to subscription boxes, this re-imagined tea brand is steeped in sustainability, eco-conscious sourcing, and celebrity customer satisfaction. Their bagless, organic, whole-leaf tea options shed 15% less waste than traditional bagged tea. Now, that’s something to sip to! SASHEE CHANDRAN Founder/CEO

Stylerow (stylerow.com) — A fashion designer’s dream-come-true, this one-stop-shop platform connects designers to brands, showrooms, and other pertinent vendors. An ingenious project management software program made simple, Stylerow is a must for any-level, ERINN VALENCICH independent designers. Founder/CEO Sarah Flint (sarahflint.com) — Shoe lovers rejoice! From stilettos to sandals to scarves, this luxury-level footwear and accessory collection is a step in the right direction. All products are artisan crafted, expert manufactured, and 100% certified Italian-made alongside legendary, leading names in fashion. Shoe gurus can enjoy directto-consumer pricing and original, SARAH FLINT enduring styles. Founder/CEO 22

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

A member of multiple boards of the companies Halogen has invested in, Draper continues to attend events and conferences as a keynote speaker and is a regular contributor for Forbes and Marie Claire. Like a true GoGirl, Draper claims her inspiration for helping women realize their financial

dreams and business-building goals comes from seeing other women strive to attain their achievements and looks forward to the day the maleto-female investor dynamics finally shift. A devoted wife and doting mother to three energetic, young boys, Jesse is a founding partner of Halogen Ventures, 24

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

fourth generation venture capitalist, and former host of Emmy-nominated tech talk show, “The Valley Girl Show.” A staunch proponent for investing in women and leveraging technology and innovation to help solve some of the most challenging issues affecting women and families today, including childcare, Halogen’s prominent portfolio of over 70 companies continues to grow. Draper has been selected as one of the top ten early-stage female investors by Business Insider and was listed as one of the “50 Most Connected Women in America” by Marie Claire. She is frequently featured as the premier tech personality and investing guru on Cheddar, CNBC, and CNN and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Flex, My Style Row, Trust & Will, Carbon38, and Preemadonna, including non-profits

Bizworld and Project Glimmer. Draper is an on-going supporter of the Parkinson’s Institute and UCLA’s prestigious female entrepreneurial community and has cocreated the “Halogen Fellowship in Venture Capital” in an effort to boost diversity and inclusion in the world of business and venture capital investing. Got a great business idea or looking for start-up capital to help turn your passion into a paycheck? Visit halogenvc.com. To learn more about Jesse and to peek into the private life of a creative career capitalist, business-builder, and gender equality advocate and crusader, be sure to follow her on the ‘Gram @jessedraper and @halogenvc.


Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl” thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Jesse Draper, founder of Halogen Ventures during their one-on-one interview at GoGirl Worldwide Studio Headquarters. Both women have backgrounds in entertainment and business, and Jesse felt reminiscent of her former pink infused studio while she sat in Jen’s studio’s that also had pops of pink in every nook and cranny. The audience, full of female founders and CEO’s, witnessed how much in common the two entrepreneurs had, and saw a bond that formed during the live interview right in for of their eyes.


| SUMMER | FALL 2022

Jen asked Jesse everything from how she balances it all as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, to what it was like to interview geniuses like Elon Musk on her “Valley Girl” show several years prior. Jesse’s fun personality, deep commitment to helping women, and passion for helping affordable childcare solutions were just a few of the highlights the audience took away. Jesse took questions from multiple female CEO's from the audience and shared wonderful answers, insights and suggestions, Jen couldn’t resist showing the audience clips from Jesse’s wedding to Brian McInnes where she and her entire bridal party put on a surprise “Flash Mob” to “Call Me Maybe”. It was apparent that both Jesse and Jen share a love for making others laugh and smile, and a shared love for empowering female entrepreneurs.

Jen had a few surprises up her sleeve for Jesse including a tiny pink unicorn, martinis sponsored by Spa Girl Cocktails and a beautiful corset and feather purse sponsored by Fee Frey. Thank you Spa Girl Cocktails for sponsoring this episode!

Watch Jen interview Jesse Draper LIVE at GoGirl Studios!


Jesse and Jen connect in a meaningful way during the interview.

Jesse gives shout-outs to female entrepreneurs in the audience.

Jesse enjoys hearing about the female founded and led cocktail brand.

Former CEO of Spa Girl Cocktails surprises Jesse with a cocktail.

Founder of Fee Frey surprises Jesse with a Corset from her brand.

Jesse is also surprised with a Fee Frey purse made with beautiful feathers.

Jesse poses with Jen (GoGirl), Valeria and Lana of Fee Frey. (We think she loves her new purse!) Special guests in the audience include Maribel Zuniga (GoGirl Latina) and Coleen McNutt, Founder of Lightning Fit

Jesse and Jen take pink carpet pics with Annette (owner of RegenOc) and Gigi (Actress, former Olympic swimmer and Athlete). Jesse and Jen take pink carpet pics after the show with many female entrepreneurs and CEOs from the audience.

Jen poses with her Spa Girl Swag Bag after the filming of the Jesse Draper GoGirl Interview on the Jennifer Murphy GoGirl Show.

Our GoGirl DJ’s name is EVOL, which is LOVE spelled backwards. Very fitting that Jesse Draper wore a jacket with “LOVE” on the back!

Jen and friends enjoy Spa Girl Cocktails during the after party of the filming of Jesse Draper’s GoGirl interview. So delicious and easy on the waistline!

Evol DJ’s and spins some sweet tunes during the after party of the Jesse Draper GoGirl Interview.

Global Polo Teams and Social Society, Leading the Way in Charitable Causes.

Tournament at Will Rogers Polo Field, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. Mike Farah, founder of the American Polo Association, invited GoGirl to a Polo tournament that took place on Sunday, July 24th, 2022, at Will Rogers Polo Field in the Pacific Palisades. Always one to jump at an opportunity to wear a dress and hat, Jennifer enthusiastically accepted and invited some of her dynamic GoGirls to join. Two of the teams from Mike’s Polo Association competed in the all-female polo tournament.

The American Polo Association has teams around the world. This tournament in Los Angeles had two local teams playing matches; the Beverly Hills team and the Hollywood team.


| SUMMER | FALL 2022

Jen and her GoGirl friends had a blast watching the tournament, sipping on Spa Girl Cocktails, and of course posing for a few photos with the regal horses.

The American Polo Association is a worldwide group of Polo players and enthusiasts who believe that the sport of Polo can be a leader in charitable causes and an opportunity for many great females and minority players. The Association has both female and male players who believe Polo is a sport of not only Kings but the people.


The American Polo Association sponsors fundraisers around the world by exchanging American players and foreign players to achieve Polo equality. If you look at the Governors list and the participants, it includes some of the most influential Polo individuals in the world. There are two types of memberships, Polo players and Social members. Each type of member is very important to our mission, Membership is free. If you are a Polo playing member you agree to play at a Polo charity event for free. If you are a Social member you are encouraged to attend, participate, and give your talents for the benefit of charity. To date the Foundation has raised over a million dollars for numerous charities.


| SUMMER | FALL 2022

The “After Party” for the Wills Rogers Polo event featuring the American Polo Society teams brought GoGirl and crew to the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge. Mike Farah hosted the event which was also attended by his daughter, Chris Farah. Chris is an actress and comedian, and often helps her father host the events.

Thank you to Spa Girl Cocktails for sponsoring beautiful beverages for this event. Spa Girl Cocktails is a female-founded, female forward brand and compliments the American Polo Association, which is also female-forward, supporting charities as well as empowering women and minorities. Here at GoGirl Worldwide we love to support organizations and companies that have a meaningful purpose and mission. Become a member of this global Polo and social society for free at AmericanPoloAssociation.com



drinkspagirlcocktails . com


the perfect buzz with one can At 11.5%-16.5% ABV, this ready-to-drink cocktail allows you to get the perfect buzz with just one can.

Find Nearby


She backpacked through the United States to find out “what was working and what wasn’t” in America’s classrooms, while giving underrepresented educators in marginalized communities a voice. Meet the teacher who’s making the grade.


Georgetown University graduate and devoted high school educator in Detroit, Sierah Tyson has been earning quite the extra credit amongst her peers. Prior to her current fellowship with the Strategic Community Partners in collaboration with Teach for America in Detroit, Sierah served as a 10th grade teacher at University Preparatory High School in Detroit, Michigan upon earning her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown


| SUMMER | FALL 2022

University. Sierah would go on to obtain her master’s in education from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. As part of her fellowship with Strategic Community Partners, Sierah’s position is part of another organization, the Michigan Education Policy Fellowship, which seeks to match current or former PreK-12 teachers with progressive policy organizations for a 1-year program to support the development and launch of the Southeastern Michigan Teacher Pipeline. This initiative is in direct partnership with a key local and national philanthropic partner specifically focused on black males and men of color. Her primary role consists of the conducting

Sierah’s breakout role was curating The Education Nomad Project, where she literally backpacked around the United States to capture best – and worst – practices unfolding in America’s classrooms, while also giving a platform to teachers’ woes and wonders. Her eye-opening experiences have been documented on her diary-style blog, UnBoundEd, and @theeducationnomad on Instagram. Some of the things Sierah uncovered during her teacher travels across the States: and implementation of data and policy reviews to aptly identify short and longterm organic solutions that address recruitment, development, and support of classroom teachers. Sierah’s unwavering passion for shining the spotlight on teachers making a difference, building strategic partnerships, and facilitating coalitions to create systemic change for disenfranchised communities around the U. S. is her number one goal. Sierah also served as a Director of English Language Arts where she developed critical teaching materials and professional learning tools and resources for the purpose of driving targeted solutions in the entire teacher-student construct, building teacher capacity, and improving student outcomes, i.e., better test scores, grade progression, increased graduation rate, and boosted college admission. 43

Teachers often struggle with creating their own curriculum from scratch.

When asked, “What are you currently struggling most with?” most of the teachers Sierah interviewed lamented about curriculum creation. Creating a viable curriculum takes up valuable time which otherwise can be spent with students’ studies, as well as fostering relationships with said students. •

The work teachers do require an unrelenting focus on equity.

Sierah makes a point that it’s imperative classroom educators be well-versed on the standards and equitable education practices for students to thrive educationally and compete with peers in more economicallyliberated communities. •

The work of today’s educators is adaptive.

A teacher should invariably ask, “Is what I am doing in the best interest of myself or my students?” An essential aspect of teaching is understanding part of the work we do is knowing that it’s adaptive and a work-in-progress, involving shifts in habits, values, and philosophies, as well as incessant introspection and reflection to make the change we want for our students. Sierah continues to be involved in extracurricular activities that steal the GoGirl Pink Spotlight. She is currently involved 44

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in coordinating a Woman of Color Affinity group and The Kindness Project – both which seek to empower, educator, and elevate through wellness and unity. “Plan intentionally for intentional results.” — UnBoundEd #lightbulbmoment



Photography by Michael Munson

JEN'S GoGirl

y e n r Jou

Eleven Siblings, Endless Laughs I’ve always loved comedy. Ever since I was a little girl, I had a passion for watching funny movies, hearing, and telling funny jokes, and creating funny skits with my siblings. I loved dressing up as a clown for Halloween. My dad has always been a My love for acting and comedy goofball, and began when I was a little girl. seldom did a day go by where he didn’t pull some kind of prank or telling some hilarious joke to make us kids crack up. On road trips, my dad would play comedy cassette tapes mixed in with some of his favorite musical artists. Music, comedy, and laughter were constants in our home. My dad My parents taught us the “Joy In Giving” from a young age. I’ll played guitar never forget giving a “My Little every day, often Pony” to a six-year-old girl my same age one Christmas. She performing was so happy, and that made me storytellingvery happy.” type songs like C.W. McCall’s Wolf Creek Pass, “Me an’ Earl was hauling chickens on a flatbed outta’ wiggins.” We had a long list of favorite 52

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I'm on the far left, older sister Jessica is in the middle, younger sister Jamie on the right, little brother Paul is the baby.

requests for him, and we had so much fun trying to sing along to the ones where we could keep up. Comedy was the thread that kept us all so close and tightly knit. I met Mother Teresa when I was about seven years old outside of the Cathedral in San Francisco. I met Mother Teresa when I was My Grandma seven years old, and she made a Murphy lasting impression on me. ,introduced me to the tiny woman who was about the same

My favorite costume for Halloween was usually a clown.

In my pursuit for the title of “Miss Oregon” I performed numerous Broadway style acts, with singing, acting and choreographed dance.

“My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music” when I was 19.

“Diamonds Are A Girls Bet Friend” when I was 25.

height as me. She gave me a hug and said that I was beautiful, and I had the love of God inside me and I could spread joy to a lot of people. She made a lasting impression on me, and I would read “Shall We Dance” from “The King her books, and I” in a gown I home-made including “The when I was 21. Joy in Loving” and looked up to her as a hero. My Grandma Murphy also was a hero of mine. She was such a loving, fun, free-spirited person. She would skip and dance everywhere she went, and always had the best laugh and smile. I knew I wanted to spread joy too… I just didn’t know the path I was supposed to create to sprinkle such sentiments. 53

I’m second to the oldest of twelve kids, six girls and six boys.

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In this photo we re-enacted a photo from years ago.

Being second to the oldest of twelve children, I followed in my dad’s footsteps of becoming an entrepreneur and an entertainer. I had my own tool belt at a young age and would go to job sites with my dad and started earning money while helping him with construction and electrical work. Long days of work didn’t seem so long because At 25 I was a rockstar in business, my dad but I longed for a creative outlet. would make it fun. I always had an eager audience with my siblings. They especially loved it when I told them stories at night, even playing out the characters in the scenes. My ideas

seemed to just come, and I never ran out of imaginative content. Growing up in such a large family and with an entrepreneurial father, our financial situation was usually up and down. When I was twelve, we moved to southern Oregon into a tiny mobile home in the countryside. There were ten of us kids at the time and we shared triple bunk beds and fit into them like sardines in a can. But we laughed and had fun more than ever, enjoying the great, gorgeous outdoors of Oregon.

Donald Trump and I on “Access Hollywood”

Chasing Dreams, Climbing Ladders For years I applied myself to becoming successful in business, gradually climbing the corporate ladder, and becoming a top sales manager in a fortune 500 company in my early twenties. I simultaneously competed in pageants, which gave me an opportunity to perform on stage and feed a little that burning passion to entertain. I earned scholarships and took college courses in marketing and business, which helped me further develop my professional career. But something was still missing. Deep down I imagined I had 54

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In the boardroom on the set of “The Apprentice”

an opportunity to become an actress in Hollywood and dreamed of switching gears into entertainment. At age 25, I competed in the Miss Oregon USA pageant and won the crown! I flew to Hollywood and competed in the Miss USA Pageant, landing a spot in the top ten. It felt like my dreams were finally coming true. After the winner was crowned, Donald Trump came on stage and walked directly up to me. He said, “You were my favorite, but I’m not allowed to get involved in the judging since I own the pageant.” I told him “The Apprentice” was my favorite show and that since I didn’t win the crown of Miss USA,

I was excited to be able to try out for the show. He said, “Here’s my card. You would be great. Contact me and I’ll help make that happen.” Well, somehow in the hustle and bustle of the after-party that night, I regrettably lost Donald Trump’s card. You could say I suffered from a “blonde moment,” which I, admittedly, tend to have from time to time.

a walk in Central Park, either. But I am forever grateful for those memories and fully embraced the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I went back to Oregon feeling a little defeated. Had I missed my chance? A few weeks later I realized it was the final weekend to try out for season four of “The Apprentice” in San Diego. I bought an airline ticket, flew to San Diego, and waited in line all day with thousands of other eager wannabe contestants vying for a coveted spot on the widely popular reality television show. Low and behold, I DID land a spot on the show, and it felt like a whirlwind.

But I knew deep down that it was time to shift gears from business and move into my dream of working in entertainment. I respectfully declined and told him it was possible we could work on something in the future, but that I had to follow my heart.

Living in Trump Tower in New York City, competing with A-type personalities, and working with some of the largest companies and brands in America was quite an experience – one I’ll never forget and cherish for a lifetime. And, going toeto-toe with Donald Trump and defending myself in the boardroom wasn’t exactly

I made it halfway through the show before I found my spot on the chopping block and I was fired. The producers informed me Mr. Trump wanted to have a phone conversation with me. Trump told me that even though he had fired me on the show, he would still love to hire me to come work for him in REAL LIFE! He said he had been impressed and thought I was very talented and driven. We met in person at his office, and he gave me a couple of amazing job offers.

Important (Hard) Lessons Learned This is when I hired a business/ entertainment consultant in Los Angeles. Her name was Ramey. She suggested I start a business that could help finance my own

entertainment projects so that I would be independent and not reliant on Hollywood. Her idea? “JenniferMurphyBeds.” Wow! The moment she wrote it on the white board I was smitten with it! Having lived in a mobile home for a few years with nine siblings at the time, I loved the idea of space saving beds. Plus, my last name fit right in since the original inventor was William Murphy. What could possibly go wrong? It was a match made in business heaven. It became a new business goal for me, and I was determined to make it happen. I bought the domain name, JENNIFERMURPHYBEDS.COM, and was excited to make it a reality. I just needed to find the right partners. For a few years, I dove into acting class and fell in love with the craft. My teachers would always say “Jen, do comedy! You’re good at it and people won’t be expecting it from you.” I went on to land a few TV and movie roles. It felt good, but something was still missing. I got married to a wealthy, famous man, lived in a sprawling mansion in Beverly Hills, and lived what many would rightfully consider “a fairytale life.” But deep down I was sad and grew lonely and depressed. I realized no amount of money, red carpet events, and celebrity status could provide true happiness if the important things are not there.

Lightbulb Turns On for “Igniting Joy” I’m forever thankful that during this time I went to a daylong course by a speaker and author named Kevin McCarthy called “The 56

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On-Purpose Person.” Kevin’s events, education, and content is all focused on helping individuals learn to soul-search, evaluate, determine, My first lead role was in “Someone and execute to Love,” a short film which many their awards. I also wrote and produced the theme song for the film. individual and unique Godgiven purpose…AND he helps you narrow it down to two, very distinct, executable words. My two words were “Igniting Joy.” Toward the end of the eight-hour, daylong course, when I whittled my two words down to “Igniting Joy” I felt a new sense of purpose and renewed hope in my life. Suddenly, I didn’t feel lost and confused anymore. I knew that very day I needed to find a way to carry out this mission. I realized

My “Sun Chart” helps me stay focused on projects that are fulfilling my purpose of “Igniting Joy.” I give blank sun charts out to the girls and women who attend my GoGirl events so they can use it as a tool for fulfilling their own purpose.

Mother Teresa’s statement to me years ago when I was a little girl wasn’t random or incidental. That I really could “spread joy to a lot of people.” I knew I was ready to stop going down the wrong path and get back into my own groove. I was ready to leave an unhappy marriage, exit Hollywood, and start my own mission to “Ignite Joy”. But what was it?!

One day it hit me, “GoGirl!” I decided to launch a multi-media organization to empower girls and women all around the world. And, in 2008, GoGirl Worldwide was born. I put on my very first GoGirl Empowerment Experience in southern Oregon and incorporated speakers, live

performances, music sponsors, and more. Girls and women of all ages loved the event, and it was a success in many ways. But I quickly realized that it’s difficult to make money with seminars if you don’t have something to sell. I found myself upside-down financially. My passion for building GoGirl wasn’t about money, but I realized it takes money to build a company and brand. I found myself in a conundrum.

So, I started producing marketing videos for companies to help pay the bills. And I also began making funny short video clips to market GoGirl Worldwide on a new platform. That platform would become social media giant YOUTUBE.COM. I created an alter ego, “GoGirl,” a superhero on a mission to spread smiles and ignite joy. My GoGirl character drove a kiddie Barbie Jeep, often tripped on her bright pink cape – or platform stilettos - but she always got back up and NEVER gave up. In 2015 I decided to take my production abilities and quality to the next level. I teamed up with Patrick Ellison, an experienced and talented producer and 57

camera operator. Together, we co-founded Viral Video Media Group. I shared with Patrick my goal of building GoGirl and producing content to “Ignite Joy,” but that I needed to make money to make that goal happen. I asked him to team up with me and produce videos for companies - large and small - and told him we could work toward the direction of being able to film GoGirl music videos and fun content that could eventually be monetized. I said, “Let’s get the bread-and-butter accounts going, and then we’ll have some fun.” He loved my vision and business plan and agreed to becoming my partner.

One day I met a guy named Larry, one of the partners who owned a Murphy bed store called Wall Beds and More, including a line of Murphy beds called SourceOne. I couldn’t believe it! I told him about my long-time goal of launching “JenniferMurphyBeds.” I told him it would set his line of bed apart from the other Murphy bed companies since 58

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no one else had a spokesperson in that niche. He brought me in for a meeting with his business and manufacturing partner, Jeff, and after multiple meetings and negation, we inked a deal. In addition to becoming the spokesperson for their online Murphy beds sold on sites like Wayfair and Overstock, we would also rename their retail store “JenniferMurphyBed Gallery.” In addition to the deal with Larry and Jeff, they also introduced me to two other individuals, Edd and Liz, who owned a chain of over 20 Murphy bed stores that they supplied with their designs. The plan

was to roll out “JenniferMurphyBed Galleries” at all these locations once we had the flagship location dialed in. We planned to create a sales force of JenniferMurphyBed independent consultants all over the United States who could go into homes and businesses and sell customized Murphy bed packages and earn commissions. JenniferMurphyBeds was awakening!

A year of hard work went into creating new bed designs, marketing materials, websites, social media accounts, videos, and commercials all to gear up for the launch of JenniferMurphyBeds. I was hopeful that once the bed sales started rolling in, I would finally have the bandwidth and means to build GoGirl Worldwide. During this same time, Patrick and I had a company called Devealpp hire us. They wanted us to create a series where there is a villain trying to stop the launch of the company. I remembered my friend Peter who impersonated Mr. Chow in the Hangover movies had asked

Outside the front door of the first “JenniferMurphyBedGallery”

me to put him into one of my funny video projects. Peter was hilarious and so good at impersonating Mr. Chow that when he went to nightclubs in Vegas, they thought he really was the actor from the famous film, and they would give him a V.I.P. booth. Peter was thrilled for the opportunity to play the role in my series. I wrote a script about Chow trying and stop me (GoGirl) as I helped launch the company’s app service. It was an over-thetop dramedy where I decided that I, too, could become a Ninja, and my “blonde” character thinks that part of becoming a Ninja like Chow is to also sound like him. The accent was part of the joke and was intended to make it even funnier. Having always been a huge fan of Ryan Higa on YouTube, one of my favorite videos he made was “How to Be Ninja”. Ryan and his Ninja video were part of the 59

inspiration behind me writing the character of a Ninja for Chow to play. I also began writing the song “I Want to Be Neenja” with the help of a talented music producer, Dennis Woodard, for a comedic music video in which Chow and GoGirl duel it out. Since I was gearing up to launch JenniferMurphyBeds I started incorporating product placement for my new line wherever I could. I made the first line in my song “I shut my Murphy bed, sat down to scratch my head. What could this day bring? It could be anything.” And I was right! It sure could be anything, and certainly not what I had planned.

Murphy’s Law: Anything That CAN Go Wrong, WILL Go Wrong I asked my partners if I could perform my new song at the launch party of the very first JernniferMurphyBed Gallery. I assured them my friends enjoy my YouTube videos, songs, and humor and that it would be a fun surprise for the audience. The night of the party a case of Murphy’s Law took place. Although I had a diverse group of friends attend, including many different nationalities, the angle of the camera operator filming my performance of my Neenja song showed mostly Caucasians and one Asian woman named Fiona. She was newly from China and spoke very little English. She had come with a friend of mine, and I met her that night for the first time. Though I had many 60

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

Asian friends at the party, she was the only one near the front and in the camera’s view. I gave the performance my very all and thought I did pretty well considering it was my very first time performing the song in front of a live audience. Everyone seemed to enjoy my it, including Fiona, although she was slightly confused due to the language barrier. She and I became good friends and she’s attended numerous GoGirl events over the years. But that night I didn’t realize that Murphy’s Law was at work and the Cancel Mob was about to strike. The following weeks after the JenniferMurphyBeds launch were amazing. We were selling record numbers of beds daily, with online orders from all over the country. It was working! And my commission checks were the largest checks I had made in a long time and growing steadily. It was an incredible feeling after all the ups and downs I had been through. I felt I finally had a solid, long-term plan that could sustain while I took steps to build out my vision for GoGirl Worldwide. But my victorious feeling didn’t last long.

One day while I was in the office with one of my Murphy bed partners, the phones started to ring with irate people making threats, and nasty emails started flooding in. My partner Jeff asked, “What is going on?!” After I saw some of the emails sent to me, attacking me, and calling me a “racist,” I had a feeling it had something to do with the video of my Neenja

performance I had posted on my YouTube channel shortly after the launch party. Although I had written the song for a music video, I was eager to get some feedback from my followers on the song and couldn’t resist the urge to post it. What we quickly figured out is that a blogger called “Angry Asian Man” made a story along with a strategic screen shot and video linked to my performance with the headline, “No, Jennifer Murphy. You are not Neenja.” His blog went on to say I irrefutably performed a racist song at my launch party for JenniferMurphyBeds. Instantaneously, thousands of “social justice warriors” jumped on the band wagon and started spewing nasty and cruel comments. Some sought out my personal email address and doxed me, sending horrific emails and even death threats. People were calling the store and threatening to come burn it down! Our social media and yelp accounts became under attack by social arbiter mob. The media jumped in and began writing articles with nasty headlines and false, mean statements. I was under attack by the “Cancel Mob” and the “Woke Media,” and they were resolute to ruin me. I learned firsthand how heartless and cruel this mob can be. And this was before “woke” was even a household term. I quickly learned they attempt to “cancel” you before they make even the slightest effort to learn anything about who you really are or what your true situation is. They blindly go along

The video that went viral.

with the ferocious pack, and delight in the idea that they have some sort of power in canceling someone. The bloodthirsty mob knows no bounds and grows and grows its momentum, not listening to any explanation or clarification. They have no intention of slowing down or weighing out the facts. In my case, they decided to label me as a rich, privileged, white racist bitch who had inherited a Murphy bed fortune. They also made the incorrect assumption the Asian woman hated me and my song. My Murphy bed partners freaked out and didn’t know how to handle the situation. I told them that in a way it was a good thing because my song was getting a lot of exposure and in the end, it would be 61

invaluable marketing and “Lightening in a Bottle.” I told them I wasn’t worried because in the end the truth aways comes out, and that I’m not a racist or any of the other nasty things they were calling me. I knew that at the right time I would be able to stand up for myself and tell my story. But convincing my partners was a whole other ball game. My partner Jeff wrote an apology letter on my behalf that he ordered me to sign. I told him, “I’m not sorry. And I did nothing wrong. This will only give even more fuel to the haters’ insatiable fire.” He then sat me down in the conference room and said, “Jen, you need to promise to never make funny videos again. You’re our “Kathy Ireland” and you’re going to make a lot of money with us, but we can’t risk having this ever happen again. I told him, “I’m not Kathy Ireland. I’m Jennifer Murphy. I love making funny videos and it’s part of who I am. You can’t put me in a box like that. No amount of money will keep me from living my authentic life.”

My dream of having a JenniferMurphyBeds brand and years of ups and downs and working towards my goals were crushed by the unforgiving, evil, sanctimonious Cancel Mob. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how I was going to pay my rent. My image online was ruined, and I didn’t know how I would replace my income. I felt terrible for my Viral Video partner Patrick, as he was also negatively impacted by all this nonsense. He and his wife had plans of starting a family soon and I knew they needed to increase their income, not lose it. The domino affect created by the Cancel Mob goes far beyond what many people would assume. But the Cancel Mob doesn’t care about that. They are too busy celebrating their victory of ruining someone’s life and livelihood and are already seeking new prey to hunt and kill. They tell themselves they’ve done a heroic act and are working toward social justice, and they justify their horrible and hateful behavior. But it isn’t about social justice at all. It’s about having power – power over someone else’s life.

And so, Murphy’s Law came to fruition.

I was terminated that day from my role as spokesperson, as well as the partnership. It was a devastating blow, both emotionally and financially. And shortly after I started losing my other video clients who were also being hounded by the mob. I lost my entire income stream, and I was being attacked every day by thousands of vicious haters. 62

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

This pic of me and my sister Julianna was taken just minutes before my crazy “ride” down the Rogue River

An Unplanned Trip — Down the River I grew depressed and confused and didn’t know where to turn. I decided to go visit my family in Oregon to try and catch my breath and gain some perspective. My siblings and I started referring to our parents’ house as “Murphy Rehab and Golf.” There was often one of the twelve kids visiting or needing a reboot in life, and golfing in the back yard was just one of many outdoor activities that we loved. This trip I took was during early fall. It was still sunny and warm, so we decided to go rafting on the Rogue River. Growing up this was one of my favorite things to do. Two of my sisters, two brothers and a few friends formed our group. We were short on rafts, so my sister Julianna and I ran into a local store and bought a couple of small, cheap rafts. Once in the river she and I made a bad decision and opted to forgo wearing a life jacket. We stored our life jackets in one of the larger rafts and intended to stay in a group and put them on if we came across bigger rapids. Yes, I another “blonde” moment had eluded me once again.

Part way down the river, the group in the larger rafts with paddles gained more distance between my sister and me. After

another turn in the river bend. I slipped off my raft which quickly was sucked away from me. I tried to swim toward it but instantly realized I was at the mercy of the river. I screamed for help, but no one heard or saw me. Being fall, the water was lower, and the rocks were more prevalent. I went through the rocky rapids screaming and crying as I hit the rocks with force. After about 10 minutes and many bends of the river I started to really panic and continued to scream for help. Every set of upcoming rapids was like a scary, waterpark ride I didn't really want to go on. I figured my best method of survival was to let my body be limber and go with the flow of the water (rather than fighting it). Feeling the rocks just graze my legs and back, I tried to keep from hitting my head. I've never been so scared in my life. But I knew I was not ready to die. I prayed to God and was determined to make it. After what felt like an hour (only 30 minutes) I started to go into shock. My body was numb at this point, and I was exhausted.

I felt helpless but tried staying hopeful.

I finally rounded a bend and saw a bridge up ahead with my sisters on the side of the bank. My sister Julianna rowed out to me in a raft right as I was sucked into a whirlpool section of water. I almost don't remember, as I was barely conscious at that point. My sister Mary helped her pull me onto the raft and over to the shore. I was still in shock but overcome with relief and happy to be alive. We found a place to sit on the rocky cliff, and my sister Julianna pulled out a dry joint. I thought, “I almost died, and she pulls out a dry joint?!” She had me take a little puff to help calm my nerves, and then asked, “What did each rock whisper to you as you treacherously grazed over them and made your way down the river?” My response was, “They said, "You'll be ok. Go with the flow.” We need to remember in life that the hard times will pass, and the good times can be right around the bend. I thank God for my 64

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

wonderful sisters who were there to help rescue me. And yes... Next time I'll wear a life jacket. I came back to Orange County with a positive and fearless new outlook. I adopted a more playful outlook to the situation I was in, looking for the silver lining. I decided to embrace my “I Want to Be Neenja” song and completely owned it despite the haters, despite the backlash, despite the empty threats, despite whatever the future held. I was going to “go with the flow.” I was going to explore the journey with a hopeful and happy heart. And I was going to continue to create content that had the mission of “Igniting Joy.”

The Helpful Haters Became My Motivators My song ended up becoming “internet” famous. It seemed I had garnered millions of fans globally and just overnight! Other YouTubers and comedians showcased my

song and performance, and it became a topic of conversation regarding the topic of comedy and cancel culture. Some of them judged me. Others loved me. But they were talking about me. Some had me on as guests for their shows and provided me with an opportunity to share my story and my mission to ignite joy and build GoGirl Worldwide. Millions of people got to know more about who the real Jen Murphy is, and fewer haters blindly jumped on the band wagon. Don’t get me wrong I still get haters In my GoGirl office with my mentor Sheri Sharman. every day. But the more they realized that say that I don’t evaluate my decisions a little I didn’t care what they thought, and that I more closely now, but I live true to who I am, was still living and thriving and enjoying life and I feel great about that. they lost some of their futile lust in attacking me. And I must say, I think the initial Cancel Over the past five years I have accomplished Mob that got me terminated from my Murphy a lot and have been very creative in the way bed deal also did me a big favor. Having I make things happen. I like to think that I’m partners that outsmarting the want you to give Cancel Mob. I’ve up your love of created dozens making funny of new YouTube videos and who videos including terminate you the music video when the sh*t for “I Want to Be hits the fan are Neenja”, which not the kind also has gone of partners I viral around want – or need. the world. My And I don’t song now has want to walk hundreds of on eggshells millions of views when it comes on various to my personal social media or business life. Sometimes I start my show by surprising my audience with my “old lady act” inspired by Carol Burnett” That’s not to platforms, 65

especially TikTok, and is quite popular in the gaming industry. Surprisingly, I even had a video game created for “I Want to Be Neenja” which can be downloaded in the Google Play App Store. Who knew?

“Everybody Get Weird,” “Metamorphosize,” and “P.O.O.P. and Smile” (Power of One Person) are a few of my original songs and music videos I’m proud of and I know bring joy to kids and people of all ages and walks of life. What’s another way I’ve outsmarted the Cancel Mob? I launched GoGirl Worldwide Magazine a couple years ago, and work with an amazing team to create positive and empowering content. My lead staff writer and editorial content manager, Nicole Gratson, is as fearless, fierce, and driven as me when it comes to staying true to the mission of the GoGirl brand and never allowing the Cancel Mob to sway our

authentic content. This is the hill we are willing to die on. I can write and publish my own articles that are truthful, positive, empowering, and affirming, without worrying if I’ll lose my position or partnership. I’m the boss! I’m in the driver’s seat. We’ve featured countless female entrepreneurs and some amazing GoGuys as well as celebrities, young philanthropists, and a variety of movers and shakers in education and entertainment. We feature products and affiliate marketing where I can earn commissions – none of which can ever be ripped from me, no matter how bad the haters hate. I am my own publisher. I hold the reins. These days, comedy and freedom of speech have drastically devolved. And although I agree some level of change and evolution is necessary and essential, wholesome fun and harmless humor are being unfairly policed and attacked. Most people, including comedians, feel they are on a constant eggshell walk. The “woke culture” has insufferably morphed into a laughable cancel mob that seeks to ruin the lives of individuals, especially artists, that speak their views in a way that opposes their own. There’s a word for that. It’s called Fascism.

I’m not the only one who’s standing up to the Cancel Culture, outsmarting the Cancel 66

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

Mob, and fed up with walking on eggshells when it comes to comedy. I think most people are tired of it and want non-woke content and comedy to make a full-scale comeback. Elon Musk, who we feature as a GoGuy in this issue of GoGirl Worldwide, believes wokeness is destructive morally reprehensible. He says, “Generally I think we should be aiming for a positive society, and it should be ok to be humorous. Like, woke-ness basically wants to make comedy illegal. Which is not cool.” We at GoGirl couldn’t agree more.

There are even some comedians who are trying to play both sides of the field when it comes to woke-ness and are being called out on it. Joe Rogan, during a podcast where he interviews friend and fellow comedian/ podcaster, Tim Dillon, says, “There’s a lot of cowardness in comedy, man there’s a lot of cowards. And there’s a lot of people who take, they take some chances but then they f*cking think about them and they panic, and then they go back, and they try and attack someone because they think it makes them feel like they’re more protected because they’re on the offensive. It’s like, it’s a wild time man.” Ironically, Tim Dillon, Joe Rogan’s friend in that interview, features my song and video performance on his own podcast with his fellow comedian hosts. He and his buddies

My sweet friend Fiona who my “haters” all say must despise me comes to many of my GoGirl events. She loves my funny YouTube videos and we have truly bonded over the years.

love the song and my performance and laugh historically while viewing it on Tim’s show. Tim Dillon says, “It’s f*cking great, it’s so good, it’s amazing! I don’t think it’s offensive I think this is hilarious. It’s great! It’s the best thing I’ve seen!” We think so, too.

Other comedian/podcaster friends of Joe Rogan decided NOT to approve of me and my song and made a mockery out of it on their podcast “Bad Friends.” Bobby Le who happens to be Asian, and Andrew Santino, a translucent-like white redhead, decided I’m out of line and should not be allowed to do an Asian accent. They even went as far as to allow me to come onto their show as a guest, but Andrew Santino continued to rationalize that I’m being insensitive to Asians by doing the accent because, in his words, “You’re not a true comedian.” Andrew continued to tell me I’m not funny, which is another reason I 67

am not allowed to do accents, but that HE can. It’s utterly ridiculous and astoundingly hypocritical and I have a strong feeling he is one of the cowardly comedians Joe Rogan was referring to during his podcast with Tim Dillon. I did my best to stand my ground, but after being treated rudely and unfairly I decided to get even - in a fun and harmless GoGirl sort of way. I made an updated version to my “I Want to Be Neenja” video game with avatars closely resembling the image and likeness of Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino.

playful and comedic way IS NOT RACIST. Mike also talks about being a big fan of the song and thinks it’s funny. Mike calls the Bed Friend’s duo out saying that since Jen isn’t “Joe Rogan approved” and in their circle, she’s “not allowed.” Mike goes on to point out Andrew Santino is trying to stick up for Asians and uses Jen as an example because he doesn’t want to personally be canceled by the mob.

Fortunately, there are many amazing and fearless comedians who would never stoop to this level. I love Dave Chappell and Hee-hee. Life really does have commend him for his approach when it a “funny” way of working out. comes to the Cancel Mob. He calls them It turns out I didn’t need to spend my own out and then just keeps doing his thing. time calling these guys out as hypocrites. Seinfeld says, “There’s a creep P.C. thing A radio host name Mike David on Red Bar out there that really bothers me.” Piers Morgan says during an interview on “The View, ““Just because you’re offended doesn’t mean you’re right.” Trevor Noah says, “How your action is implied A few of Jen’s favorite comedians/actors include Dave Chappelle, Carol Burnett and does not define Jim Carrey. what you were doing. Playful eyes, voice, Radio hosted an entire episode where he and satire is poking holes at stereotypes. completely calls them out on their obvious Noting differences doesn’t implicitly make cowardliness, blatant hypocrisy, and it a bad thing, if you use differences to complete lack of self-awareness. Mike goes celebrate them.” on to talk about how people have begun to call everything and everyone “racist” and Joe Rogan, who is known for freely speaking that doing an imitation of an accent in a his mind, gets attacked often. When Tim 68

| SUMMER | FALL 2022


I got tired of feeling like I was at the mercy of the cancel mob and decided to put myself in the driver’s seat.

Dillon asked him if he was affected by dealing with the scrutiny often, he receives, Joe said, “It has to affect you because you’re aware of it. The question is do you change your operation? Like, do I decide that now I’m gonna play it safe and just have a podcast with athletes or comedians and just talk about silly things? I could do that. I could just decide to bail out of it. Or I could just do exactly what I want to do and do exactly what got me here in the first place. So that’s what I do.” Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, and other fearless free speech warriors are some of my heroes and I am steadfast in my decision to celebrate comedy and free speech. I’ll always embrace the opportunity to “Ignite Joy” and will never stop building GoGirl Worldwide.

Recently I decided to produce “I Want to Be Neenja” THE MOVIE and I’m extremely excited to make a “non-woke comedy action film” that will likely ruffle the feathers of some of the woke mob but will be appreciated by my fans and millions of people who are hungry for over-the-top, unapologetic comedy. I sought out the perfect guy to play my counterpart, the villain Chow character. My friend Peter, who was the original Chow, decided to bow out once the early controversy began. I don’t necessarily blame him. Standing up to the cancel mob is not for the faint of heart. I knew I needed to find someone who had as much love as I do for comedy, and who wasn’t afraid to speak their mind. I knew I needed a dynamic individual with a big heart, and a desire to make a positive impact. Sometimes I have Murphy’s Law, but often I have the luck of the Irish. It was with a lot of prayer and a little luck that I found my Chow! Lambo Le is not only an incredible personality and on camera talent but believes in celebrating comedy and free speech. I especially love that his mother is his inspiration and that he wants people to know Asian

Americans can carry lead roles and have great personalities and a sense of humor. We’ve become friends and “partners in crime” in a mission to outsmart the Cancel Mob and make amazing comedy. “I am hyped to work with Jen because she shares the same vision and creativity as me. The moment we had our first meeting in person, I could feel the good vibe and energy throughout our conversation. She is more than meets the eye, as she shared her journey of facing cancel culture in the past and life obstacles that derailed her from her dreams. It is easy for us to typecast a person just by their appearance, “She’s a beautiful white girl, she probably has life on easy mode,” which is far from the truth. As I sat in Jen’s spacious and nicely decorated and pinked-out GoGirl office, I could tell she works hard for all of it and realized that nothing was handed to her. What I admire most about her, is her resilience and the “never give up attitude,” because it is what separates a normal person and an entrepreneur! You must believe in your mission, you must believe in your vision, and most importantly, you must believe in yourself when no one does! We need people like Jen that are not afraid to speak up, because there are other voices out there that feel the same but are too afraid to do so. Changes can and will happen Lambo Le and his Mom When when we face he was a kid. 70

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

what is uncomfortable instead of ignoring it and hoping it will go away. I hope people can gain through my collaboration with Jen that we should embrace each other's differences and still make a good team by spreading smiles, laughter, and most importantly a positive change! My view on cancel culture is that it continues to get worse throughout the years. People are all walking on eggshells about what they say, knowing it must be politically correct otherwise, the cancel culture will be after them. “The Office” was and still is one of my favorite comedy shows. Everyone enjoyed it and didn’t have the issues with it several years back, however, that show would not be received well now because of the racial and gender type of humor associated with it. We can’t laugh at our differences anymore without looking over our shoulder for the approval of our designated friend that is being the butt of the joke. Of course, it’s not okay to laugh when a joke is intentionally malicious towards a group, however, if the joke is well delivered, thought provoking, and inspires a new perspective, it should be received with praise and laughter! We are all human, it’s okay to laugh at each other's differences, because we are all different! One of Morgan Freeman quotes

during his 60 Minutes interview about stopping racism resonated with me when he said 'To stop racism, you must stop talking about it. You should be called by your name, not by what society labels you as.’ I believe we should stop haunting people's past mistakes and hover it above a person's head. Kevin Hart's dream was to host the Oscars. He spent years perfecting his comedy craft to become a mega star. However, an old tweet had soiled all his years of hard work just because of a joke he did in the past. That tweet was not a reflection of him, and was appropriate to that current time, no different than The Office type of humor. Kevin Hart apologized again, again, and again, but the cancel culture was relentless and unforgiving of what they viewed as a past mistake. We are all human and we all make mistakes, it’s part of growing up, and we will continue to keep growing up until we die. There is no certain age number where we reach and become all knowledgeable and perfect, because that is when one becomes ignorant. South Korea is deemed the most advanced country in the world, yet they have the worst cyber bully issues that target not only one person, but their whole entire family and work. Famous celebrities like Jay Park from the band 2PM had to step away from his record label because of an old Myspace comment and Go

Lambo’s Mom is a true GoGirl with an amazing story.

Hara from girl group Kara had taken her own life because she could no longer deal with all the vile and evil hate comments harassing her every day. The worst one was one online streamer girl that said one wrong thing during her gaming stream that not only got her canceled but her mom as well! It got so bad, both she and her mom sadly ended up taking their own lives. 71

I can understand why cancel culture exists, and I realize there are people who truly are mean. racist, and downright evil, and deserve to be put in the light when they are caught on camera saying and doing malicious things to innocent victims. We as humans want justice, and we feel good when justice is served! However, we still need to be mindful that at the end of the day, what we say and do behind our screen can affect a person on the other side of that screen who has the same human emotions as we do. The punishment should fit the crime, and cancel culture seems to go overboard and dish out punishment that far exceeds the crime. How is this any better than the mistake they believe was made in the first place? I leave you with this final quote that resonates with me, ‘Every time you point your finger at someone or something else, there are three fingers pointing right back at you.’ Lastly, Jen asked me to share a little something about my mom with all her GoGirl readers. My mom has been a GoGirl since she was born. She grew up in Vietnam and there was nothing easy about being raised by her single mom and six other siblings. My mother worked hard her whole life and her grind mentality was instilled in me and helped me get to where I am today! Because of her support and encouragement

to believe in myself and to know I can achieve anything, I was able to get on shows, movies, and start my own business! I like the GoGirl movement of empowering girls and women to pursue their dreams because anything is possible… just like my mom, through hard work and to keep believing in yourself. And don’t take every 'no’ personally. Sometime, a ‘no can simply mean a new opportunity is coming! Keep going and it will become NoGirl to GoGirl!” What did I tell you?! Isn’t he amazing? I am blessed to have Lambo as my partner in creating “I Want to Be NEENJA” THE MOVIE. And I am also blessed to have my long-time video production partner Patrick as part of the team. HE never gave up on me, even when I was under the worst of attacks. We have begun pre-production and filming will be underway within the next few weeks. I plan to self-release my movie onto many platforms, as well as produce merch that will be showcased in the film. I’m looking forward to doing interviews with Lambo (aka Chow) on various podcasts and shows and talk candidly about celebrating comedy, importance of free speech and other meaningful topics. Subscribe to my YouTube channel @JenniferMurphyGoGirl and join the mailing list at IWantToBeNeenja.com.

Follow GoGirl and Chow on YouTube for behind-the-scenes footage, and to stay up-to-date on the upcoming movie launch!

The very final paragraph(s) of the articl

Subscribe @JenniferMurphyGoGirl

and follow at www.IWantToBeNeenja.com

Follow GoGirl and Chow on YouTube for behind-the-scenes footage, and to stay up-to-date on the upcoming movie launch!


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My sister Julianna often helps me write songs and make music videos. Her voice is amazing, and she can play almost any instrument.

Jen’s Official Music Video for Her Global Sensation I decided not to let the haters keep me down and I produced a music video for “I Want To Be Neenja” like I had initially planned when I first wrote the song.

I love using humor to help share messages, including the message that we are all unique and it’s important that we embrace the things that make us different and special, and celebrate our diversity together.

I felt so blessed on my birthday a few years ago that I decided to make a video with the message of GIVING on your birthday. I had so much fun making this video and song.

Song & Video Created by Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl” & Dennis Woodard

I co-wrote this song with Dennis Woodard, my producer and good friend who helped me create “I Want To Be Neenja.” We felt it was important to speak up about how the media often tries to divide us, but that in reality we have much more in common than we realize and should come together in unity regardless of our differences.

From Tesla to Twitter, it seems everywhere you turn, everyone’s talking (and tweeting) about serial tech entrepreneur and investor magnate Elon Musk. So, this summer, we’re making the case for the world’s most curious space cadet turned Twitter tycoon. Meet the man of the moment and this summer’s very special GoGuy, Mr. Elon Musk. 2020. These days, it seems Elon Musk has unequivocally replaced the allure of impulsive tweet-dropping made famous by the 45th President of the United States. Meet the man who’s making waves around the world — and it has less to do with his wallet size and more to do with his will to restore an inalienable right to the citizens of the greatest country on the planet.

The Making of an Unlikely Mogul

Not even two short years ago amidst a global pandemic that brought the world to its knees, over 80 million Twitter followers, media personalities, and political pundits would feverishly await the next headline making tweet by then-President Donald Trump before the former president had his posting privileges permanently suspended by the social media giant following the protests at the U. S. Capitol on January 6th, 78

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone and anyone with access to the Internet or a basic television set knows of Elon Musk, the world’s richest human and CEO/ Co-founder of luxury electric vehicle Elon with his mother Maye, manufacturer Tesla his sister Tosca and his brother Kimbal. Motors and CEO/ Founder of SpaceX, amongst many other mentionable ventures. Born on June 28th, 1971, in South Africa to a Canadian-born beauty queen mother and engineer father, Musk was destined to leave his mark on the world. A serial tech

entrepreneur star. An astronautical engineering genius. A biz whiz. A brand innovator. And, currently, a purveyor of free speech and proponent for human progression. To deflect from the childhood bullies he regularly encountered due to his Asperger’s Syndrome, a precocious and painfully shy Musk would pass the time in solitude by building computers and learning to code. At age 12, he got his first taste of moneymaking when he created a video game and sold it for a paltry $500 to a computer magazine. Raised for much of his childhood in South Africa by his father after his parents split, Musk eventually emigrated to Canada to be with his mother before finally making his way southerly to the United States where he attended Penn State University, earning a degree in physics in 1995. The young tech genius with a lust for the emerging Internet and all the seemingly lucrative and

progressive opportunities it offered would drop out of his graduate studies at Stanford after only two days to start finding tech companies Zip2 and X.com. Unfamiliar to many, these two startups eventually merged with a company that most would come to know as PayPal — an American, multinational financial tech site that performs online payments, a long-

awaited lifesaver for small businesses and anyone who wants to send and receive money without having to walk into a bank. With the reported $180 million Musk made from the sale of PayPal after taxes, he would then team with fellow entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard, JB Straubel, Marc Tarpenning, and Ian Wright to co-found electric automotive and sustainable renewable company Tesla, space rocket manufacturer SpaceX, and Solar City, leaving the future richest man in the world having to borrow money to pay rent. Some months, he would bring a cot 79

to the Tesla headquarters and sleep on the factory floor. Overnight success? Not so much. Since starting SpaceX in 2002, Musk had procured several highprofile contracts with NASA and the U. S. Airforce to design spaceships and has publicly disclosed his steadfast dedication to getting a man on Mars in 2025 with collaborative efforts by NASA.

Free Speech is At Stake It’s no surprise the 2016 U. S. presidential election between then-democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and republican candidate Donald J. Trump was a contentious one. With all the click-worthy, mudslinging battles unfolding on mainstream media and a social media network near you, sites like Facebook and Twitter quickly morphed into political news and commentary forums, pitting the Left against the Right and vice versa. Gone were the innocuous days of cooing over cute cat videos with your bestie 80

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

from middle school. Social media networks became the harrowing, hate-filled hosts of online political bloodbaths, and the gatekeepers of the reigning trifecta, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube/Google had no reservations who they would be pulling the lever for. But, it wasn’t a total loss for all. Those heated viral moments launched many careers in both conservative and liberal circles. Make no mistake. Already a behemoth in the social media sphere, Twitter became President Trump’s platform of choice, his personal megaphone for bypassing the biased, left-leaning, legacy media’s deceptive editing and propagandist agenda. With over 80 million followers, Twitter was his way of speaking directly to the American people, even if half of his Twitter base “hate followed.” He was still able to effectively disseminate the message.

Until he wasn’t. Following the infamous protests that occurred at the U. S. Capitol on January 6th, 2020,

Twitter’s then-CEO and Founder, Jack Dorsey, along with his executive team, decidedly banned the President for the foreseeable future following tearful meetings filled with juvenile meltdowns, petulant moaning, and unending imploring. Then, Facebook followed suit. YouTube would remove ALL content that contained President Trump speaking, which is still in effect as of this writing. It was an all-out, patent assault on our First Amendment, the Right to Free Speech. Unfortunately, Trump wasn’t the only one on the liberal chopping block. Prominent conservative voices and staunch supporters of the MAGA movement, like Turning Point USA Founder and podcast host Charlie Kirk, television host and outspoken political commentator Tucker Carlson, and U. S. Republican Congresswoman Margorie Taylor Greene, were silenced, censored, shut down.

The Bee Gets Banned and All H*** Breaks Loose Yet, it wasn’t until the social media giant permanently revoked the posting privileges of the well-known Christian, satirical site, The Babylon Bee, this past spring for their truthful tweet reminding the Twitterverse that transwoman, aka “biological male,” and four-star admiral Rachel Levine was The Man of the Year, that it caught the attention of the renewable energy enthusiast. An ardent fan and follower of the widely popular, libertarian site, Musk made it his mission to effectively save Free Speech — and bring back the Bee. He would randomly post online surveys asking his millions of followers “if a new, social media platform is needed?” and followed up with a tweet reading, “The consequences of this poll will be important. Please 81

vote carefully.” Within days, the tech tycoon broke headlines when he purchased a 9.2% stake in Twitter stock, resulting with the executive team offering him a prestigious seat on the board, which is accepted, only to respectfully decline days later. Less than a week passed before Musk made breaking headlines again with news he had proposed to purchase the social media giant at $54.20 per share. Panicked their left-wing control on social media was most likely coming to a timely demise, the Twitter board pivoted with what would prove to be an ineffective “poison pill”

option to dissuade Musk from acquiring an even larger stake in the company. Realizing Musk had the company in a stranglehold, Twitter would come to accept his offer less than a week later and at the dismay of its thousands of anti-Free Speech employees. A securities filing revealed Musk’s offer was made through a $46 billion commitment. An unflinching fan of science fiction and philosophy, the prohuman advocate insists his pending Twitter takeover had zero to do with economics and everything to do with saving Free Speech from falling over the proverbial cliff and into the murky waters below. Musk certainly doesn’t “need” Twitter.


| SUMMER | FALL 2022

That’s obvious. However, he does wish to restore the world’s most influential platform back to a free-flowing dialogue of differing ideas without fear of backlash, banning, and bullying. Stopping censorship of opposing views and voices on the site, specifically of right-wing or libertarian ideology, is one of Musk’s mainstays in his Twitter takeover, as he wishes to turn Twitter into an inclusive “town hall” platform for ALL — free of fear for having a dissenting opinion or view not popular with the court of public opinion. And, what better time? With a slew of social media strongholds like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube continuously shutting down conservative commentators and independent voices, could Musk be the Man Who Saved Free Speech, the fundamental liberty synonymous with America as 2A? Only time will tell, but we’re still crossing our fingers! Those on the tolerant Left displaying share-worthy, cringe meltdowns and promises of ditching Twitter for good should Musk’s pending deal go through is everything we need to know.

“[Twitter] is not living up to its potential as a platform for ‘free speech’,” Musk exclaims at a TED talk series back in April.

Musk's Latest Move Just before this issue of GoGirl launched, Musk made yet another move, throwing his biggest critics and most ardent followers in yet another head-scratching tailspin. The mercurial, mysterious mogul decided to back out of his precariously close-to-closing Twitter deal based on his determination there were significantly more bots and far fewer real users than had been disclosed by Twitter, clearly reducing the value of the company — by a massive amount. Twitter immediately threatened legal action to force the deal to go through – to force a deal they had originally tried painstakingly to upend. The fearless mogul has not backed down and says that now Twitter will be forced by the court to provide the actual data on bots that he’s been asking for. Check… mate? Brilliant or baffling? Daily Wire’s co-founder and Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro speculates Musk may be playing “4D Chess” and that he’s likely been several steps ahead all along.

Or hasn’t he?

What do you think will happen? Will Musk prove in court Twitter has far fewer real users than they originally suggested, therefore allowing him the opportunity to legally pull out of the deal without incurring penalties or the possibility of jailtime? Will he be required to pay a 1-billion-dollar penalty fee for pulling out based on the contract he signed? Will he renegotiate a new, much fairer price and move forward with the daunting deal? Musk has the fortune (quite literally) of walking away from this fire dumpster without it ever affecting his bottom line. As stated previously in this piece, he never sought economic gains from acquiring Twitter. He wanted to simply provide a universal platform that allowed for the free flow of ALL ideas, discourse, and debate. He wanted to restore America’s lifeline to the First Amendment, one that is currently on life support.

at GoGirl Worldwide, we still commend Musk for making bold moves and standing up for our constitutional right to freedom of speech. GoGuy! Take it to the Moon, Mars, and beyond!

What would you do if you had agreed to purchase an entire wardrobe of mostly designer clothes, handbags, and shoes for a very high sum, only to learn the opulent articles you purchased were mostly knockoffs? Would you insist on renegotiating? Would you pay a significant penalty fee and walk away from the deal? Would you try and renegotiate a new, lower, fairer price? As of this writing, the entire debacle is in limbo as what will ultimately unfold with Elon and the social media giant. But, here 84

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

Elon with his mother, Maye Musk


and of course, Shoes!

Born in Los Angeles, California, Trish Steele had quite an unorthodox upbringing. With the loss of a father, impaired hearing, and a speech impediment, Trish endured years of bullying. What would devastate most turned Trish into an emissary of perseverance and a legend in her field of work.

Growing up in a small town called La Verne, Trish attended Bonita High School. She would then go on to graduate from Elegante Beauty School, which she credits for helping her regain self-confidence and empowering her to launch her non-profit, Safe Passage.

From Victim to Victor Thirty-five years ago, Trish would find herself a victim of domestic abuse. The abuser, who was her partner at the time, violently struck her on the head, shattering her forehead open. When Trish admitted herself to the emergency room, she received the most immeasurable medical attention from a compassionate doctor who treated her wound free of charge, forever changing her life. “He never charged me a dime. I moved forward from that situation with no debts, no bills. And, that’s when I knew one day, I was going to pay it forward.” With the unwavering support of her family, friends, experts, and professionals, Trish was once again able to find meaning and purpose in her life. And, after accomplishing many of her goals, including releasing her book “The Compelling Life-Changing Stories of 12 Women,” hosting several award-winning talk shows, and receiving the “President’s Volunteer Service Award” from President Obama, her mission is to pay it forward and help as many women and children as possible do the same. 90

| SUMMER | FALL 2022

Forging a Path of Help, Healing, and Hope Safe Passage started as a makeshift shelter for physically abused and emotionally distraught women, for which Trish offered her own home. Through years of successful makeovers and fundraising efforts, Trish was able to establish programs that transformed thousands of lives and broke damaging cycles of abuse. In time, Safe Passage grew to become one of the nation’s most successful non-profits with a 95% proven track record of helping domestic violence survivors restart their lives, putting them on a results-driven path to success, purpose, and happiness. The organization is supported by experts from every field, including doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons, counselors, life coaches, career mentors, self-defense instructors, and others. Trish Steele’s twenty-seven years of commitment to improving the lives of women and children has garnered widespread attention in the media. Her recent campaign, Time to Heal, continues to support victims of Covid-19 who suffered economic, as well as emotional, losses and depression caused by the pandemic. Here at GoGirl Worldwide, we agree Trish truly has a “Mind of Steele” and a resilient, yet compassionate, commitment to helping women and paying it forward. You, GoGirl! In her newly released book, “Discover the Mind of Steele,” Trish depicts her deeply personal experiences, triumphs, and downfalls that made her truly invincible.

Trish Steele created the “Women of Steele” event to unite women who are “Real Life Super Heroes,” women from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds who boldly roll up their sleeves and continue to make a difference in their communities and the world. The event took place on May 8th at the GivBux venue in beautiful Newport Beach overlooking the idyllic Newport harbor. For more information, please visit www.TheWomenOfSteele.com.

Tanya Brown spoke on domestic violence

Luisa Diaz, former Miss Venezuela 91

“I remember when I was going through the

hardship of being bullied, my grandmother’s words to me were, ‘You are special’ and so I hold onto those three words. That is what drove me to become who I am today.”

Terry Moore attended the event, an actress who’s been in over 100 movies


| SUMMER | FALL 2022



Nic’s Picks: Summer-ize Your Beauty Routine and Treat Yourself to These Head-to-Toe, SkinPerfecting Must-haves!

GoGirl Writer Nicole Gratson photo credit Todd Liebman

As a beauty blogger, editor, and copywriter for some of the biggest brands in the biz, a lot of products make their way across my desk. I’d be remiss if I didn’t divulge the deets with my GoGirls — and GoGuys — on some of the get-glowing go-to’s I swear by. Some can’t-live-without cult-classics, others “new and now” beauty breakthroughs. Meet your skin’s newest BFFs with these beauty bag must-haves. Mind your beauty business and be sure to stockpile these latest and greatest glow-getters:

MD Glam (mdglam.com) Designed and created by celebrity plastic-surgeon-to-the-stars, Dr. Cat Begovic, this boutique, 6-piece collection is simply medical-grade skincare meets self-care glam. The luxury-level line-up includes all the basics to keep all your beauty bases covered: Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser, Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub, DMAE Antioxidant Day Moisturizer, Hyaluronic Acid Night C-Complex, Sunshout 50 SPF Sunscreen, and Retinol-C Intense Eye Serum. My faves are the Enzyme Exfoliating Scrub and both the day and nighttime moisturizers. The scrub gently buffs away superficial cells and preps my skin for all the extra goodies I give it like, serums, treatments, K-Beauty sheet masks, and moisturizers. The clean, beach-scented, glycolic acid-infused formulation doubles as a mask when you leave it on for ten minutes. Its cool, tingly sensation leaves texture smoothed, skin finely tuned, and is like hitting the reset button on your beauty routine. Indulge in the ultimate spaaaamazing experience right in the comfort of your own bathroom. Both the day and nighttime moisturizers are akin to swathing your complexion in a sea of sweet, plush marshmallows, as they bring bounce back to tired, dehydrated skin.



Bardot Haircare (veganbardotbeauty.com) Inspired by the iconic hairstyles of Brigitte Bardot, the French actress, singer, and fabled sex symbol of the 60s who graced big screens all over the world, Bardot haircare features a volumizing shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, and texturizing spray that collectively imbue my strands with big, bouncy, va-va VOOM, voluptuous volume and touchably soft, tousled tresses. A must-have, hair-raising arsenal for lazy GoGirls who like to embrace the perfectly “undone,” piece-y, lived-in look without putting in too much effort. Hot tip: unabashedly claim sexy starlet status with smudgy eyeliner, aka “morning-after makeup.”

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Sea Salt Scalp Scrub (Christopherobin.com)

Perfect for GoGirls and GoGuys on-the-go who can’t live without dry shampoo, textured spray, and other products that cause scalp buildup, this sea salt-infused scalp scrub is your scalp’s savior as it effectively and gently removes all the gunk and junk blocking your follicles, while leaving strands soft and smooth. I always follow one palmful of scalpsoothing scrub with a single serving of ‘poo to keep my ‘do looking and feeling like new.

By Terry Baume De Rose (byterry.com) Before I even get into this one, let me preface by acknowledging the pretentious price tag of this iconic lip balm. Retailing at $60, the By Terry Baume De Rose lip balm is a lip balm like no other. And, as a self-professed lip balm and butter buff, I’ve been on a perpetual pursuit to reach pout perfection. With this thick, rich, creamy pot of lip lusciousness, it’s pure euphoria for lips. The thick, non-sticky formula stays put on my pout all day – even through eating and drinking. So, don’t let the sticker shock scare you off. You will get a lot of bang for your beauty buck with this sexy mother pucker!

Pixie Beauty Rose Oil Blend (pixiebeauty.com) If you’re looking for a luxury-level face oil that won’t break your beauty budget, this is one to try. I became an ardent fan of Pixie Beauty about eight ago after discovering their cult fave hero rose and botanical oil -infused Glow Mist. It was the ONLY facial mist that didn’t leave my skin feeling like the Sahara at the time when facial mists were all the rage, but all equally drying. What I love about the Pixie Beauty Rose Oil Blend is its beautifying blend of other botanical oils, like sweet almond, rosehip, and jojoba oils that leave my complexion plump and pampered. In the winter months, I layer it with my MD GLAM nighttime moisturizer for an extra dose of dewiness. Other rose oils price from $80 to well over $200 (I am looking at you, Darphin Skincare!), so this one is a steal that’s pretty slick.

Allies of Skin 35% Vitamin C+ Perfecting Serum (alliesofskin.com) By now, every GoGirl should know that a requisite vitamin C serum is a non-negotiable, beauty no-brainer. And, I’ve tried them all! From SkinCeuticals to Obagi to Sunday Riley and countless others. Vitamin C should be a staple in ANY skincare regimen for its brightening and collagen-boosting effects. What I love about this multi-functional, breakout brand is it combines two different forms of supercharged, highly stabilized vitamin C to yield a 35% high active dosage with every two-drop application. It’s so effective, I can even skip a day! Just be sure to patch test on the inside of your arm before indulging in this beauty, as 35% vitamin C may cause irritation for our Sensitive Sally’s and Sam’s. Lightens, brightens, tones, and tightens, leaving my skin looking bright, while providing all-day antioxidant protection from environmental aggressors. 97


111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond 1% Retinol Oil (111skin.com) Admittedly, another investment skincare product (it retails for $230), but worth every skin-perfecting penny. This luxurious, retinol treatment is infused with a supercharged, 1% pure retinol (most brands contain .05% or less!) and a rich, beauty-boosting blend of coconut, sweet almond, and grapeseed oils, leaving my skin baby soft and super smooth without interfering with my moisturizer. Diamond particles help deliver the retinol deep into the skin for revolutionary efficacy. I just make sure to let this performance-grade retinol oil fully absorb before applying my moisturizer. Word of caution: If you want to be a wrinkle warrior and win the war on wrinkles, sunspots, rough texture, and other aging woes, retinol is your first line of defense. Just be sure to protect skin with an SPF of 30 or higher in the day and don’t forget to re-apply every two hours if outdoors. Protect your investment!

Tula Rose Glow and Get It Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm (tula.com) I was so excited to try this product when I first spotted the pretty pink packaging sitting on the shelf at Nordstrom’s. As soon as it went on sale on Dermstore.com, I grabbed a tube and haven’t regretted it. It’s a purse-perfect, lightweight eye balm you apply any time of day – before makeup, after makeup, or whenever your poor, precious peepers need a quick pick-me-up. The main ingredient is caffeine, which helps depuff and send those bags packing. But, what’s really, ahem, cool, is its instant cooling effect upon application. Perfect for those scorching summer days when your eyes are begging for a little touch of TLC. Refreshing rosewater, hydrating aloe, and antioxidant-rich watermelon make this the perfect summertime skincare treat. And, it’s only $30! I’m still on my first tube, which I purchased over six months ago and I use this every morning. The subtle shimmer adds just a touch of glow to help diminish under eye circles and doubles as a highlighter you can use anywhere. From beauty bag to makeup bag, who doesn’t love double-duty beauty?

Mine Tan Violet Gradual Tan Foam Self-Tanner (minetanbodyskin.com) Okay, hear me out on this one. As a fair-skinned flaxen-haired gal, I’ve been melanin-challenged my entire life. Twenty-five years ago, I happily renounced the damaging tanning beds and the sun’s unforgiving rays and settled for self-tanner to help rock a faux glow. I am the self-tanner GURU! I can apply the bodybronzing stuff in the dark without missing a spot or slipping up. But, what I love about Mine Tan’s Violet Gradual Tan Foam self-tanner is it goes on clear using innovative violet undertones that cancel out any yellow tones in my skin, resulting in a deep brown, sun-kissed color. No one will ever believe your bronzed body came from a bottle. The formula is buildable, believable, and blendable. When it comes to successful self-tanning/ spray tanning, remember the payoff is in the prep: wax/shave, exfoliate, and ALWAYS use a tanning mitt to easily blend the product to avoid those tacky, tell-tale hard lines and orange palms. A GoGirl never gives away her glow-getting secrets.

Hydra Bloom Pearl Shimmer Oil (Lucybsbeauty.com) Imbued with the intoxicating notes of Australian pink frangipani and coconut, this floral, tropical-scented shimmering body oil leaves a weightless veil of succulent, long-lasting dewiness head-to-toe and acts like an allover body highlighter without the dreaded disco ball effect. However, I only use this in the summer over a self-tanner or spray tan to enhance the bronze hue, while adding depth and dimension to different areas of my body, specifically shoulders, décolletage, tummy, and legs. One of Oprah’s “Favorite Things,” too, the super-subtle, pearlescent pigments add just the right amount of champagned-toned, glow to the skin, making this the ultimate finishing touch to your summer skin routine.



AirbrushFoundation&SkinCare Jeunesse NV Their exclusive makeup line, these skincare-infused bestsellers fly off the virtual shelves and it’s easy to see why. The effect of high-definition, pictureperfect makeup with the beauty of advanced, proprietary skincare ingredients and formulations, the Jeunesse NV line has all your bases covered. Developed by celebrity makeup artist Yolanda Halston, each innovative NV makeup product is Yolanda Halston exclusively imbued with the Jeunesse APT-200 NV Developer proprietary blend of powerful polypeptides, plus plant-based stem cell technology. Hello regeneration on a cellular level! Read: complexion-plumping collagen!


All products in this coveted line are free of oil, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and talc. The luxurious, weightless formulas provide long-lasting hydration without caking, crinkling, or crumbling. No more midday makeup meltdowns. And, their quick, spray-on formulas mean no more messy makeup!

NV Foundation With nine, made-to-match, sexy shades, this spray-on makeup mist is a breeze to apply. A dream-come-true for magazine CEOs and GoGirls on-the-go, this lightweight NV foundation hides, heals, corrects, and protects the complexion leaving you looking flawless in a flash. Because it’s an actual “spray foundation,” you get that instant, airbrushed, photo-friendly finish minus all the blemish-causing bacteria, contamination, and color oxidation that the bottled versions are guilty of. If you’re a traditionalist and prefer to apply your foundation the original way, this NV foundation formula can also be lightly sprayed on a foundation brush or Beautyblender®-like sponge and applied to the skin. It’s totally up to you.


Jen also loves to give her finished base an extra spray to “set” her look. Using a makeup sponge, one of her GoGirl makeup brushes, or the super-soft NV pad, she simply buffs and blends her entire look for seamless perfection. This buildable NV foundation is a makeup must for any GoGirl who loves to play and experiment with makeup to find her personal preference. So, spray and slay away! #Nofilterneeded

NV Primer Next, Jen is jamming on the NV primer. A first-ever spray-on primer that instantly fills pores and smooths fine lines for a soft-focus finish, this oil-free NV primer evenly covers your entire complexion with a one-second spritz! No buffing, blending, rubbing, or tugging. Bursting with beautifying botanicals and the Jeunesse proprietary APT-200 technology, this is a great way to get your “canvas” ready for all your cosmetics with the benefits of supercharged skincare. 101

Beauty BeautyBar.com

AntiAging&SkinCare Naara Drink yourself gorgeous with this Jeunesse drinkable collagen. Jen likes to sip on this naturally, slightly sweet-tasting, delicious elixir infused with the Jeunesse proprietary TruMarine, skin-supporting collagen. Collagen is the substance that naturally keeps skin elastic, firm, lifted, luminous, and youthfullooking. Naara has been clinically proven to boost your skin’s natural collagen synthesis and is your wrinkle warrior in a glass. The purse-perfect packets are great to take on-the-go or when you’re in a pinch.

Instantly Ageless If you’ve been chronically burning the midnight oil, feel super stressed, or look puffy from allergies, Jen’s got a quick face fix to share. These magical little vials of micro-cream deliver instant depuffing action to under eye baggage, while ironing out deep wrinkles within seconds! Forget your lines and watch your baggage go bye-bye right before your eyes with results that last up to 9 hours! A YouTube tutorial hit, Jeunesse has unsurprisingly sold more than 50 million applications of this mind-blowing miracle worker. These are best for when your skin really needs a pick-me-up and sleep isn’t an option.

So, there you have it, GoGirls! If you want to winterize your beauty routine and get your skin Holiday Party Ready with these GoGirl + Jeunesse game-changers that combine cutting-edge cosmetics with innovative, advanced skincare formulations, be sure to visit GoGirlBeautyBar. com. Don’t forget to share and show YOUR favorite finds with the GoGirl glam fam! 103


AntiAging&SkinCare Luminesce Line Luminesce is Jeunesse’ signature skincare line and is also infused with their proprietary APT-200 plant-based stem cell and polypeptide blend, plus a bevy of beautifying botanicals and anti-aging extracts. While Jen will always be a makeup maven at heart, she knows taking care of her skin is the foundation of aesthetic beauty. If your complexion is congested or suffering from redness or inflammation, no amount of makeup is going to mitigate the madness. It’s all about correcting before concealing. These are the products from the Luminesce line that keep Jen’s complexion glowing and gorgeous from coffee to cocktails . . .

Youth Restoring Cleanser Jen likes to clean up her act morning and night with this gentle, yet effective, cleanser that leaves her skin clean, hydrated, and baby soft. She especially loves the pure scent and the feeling of the silky-soft suds that swathe her skin when she’s at the sink. The lightweight formula is the perfect way to summer-ize your skincare regimen. NO more dirty little secrets (like sleeping in your makeup)!

Cellular Rejuvenation Serum Jen applies this Jeunesse super serum morning and night to her entire face, paying close attention to age-prone areas, like expression lines, neck, chest, and tops of hands. After using this Jeunesse gem for a little over a month, she’s noticed a visible reduction in the fine lines around her eyes and a more even-toned complexion thanks to the formula’s infusion of anti-aging coconut and sweet potato root extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. See spot run.

Advanced Night Repair


As every GoGirl should know, beauty sleep is one of the best (and free) ways to score sexy, ageless skin. After all, they don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing, right? While you sleep snugly between your comfy sheets, remember your skin is hard at work doing the night shift. Jen knows her complexion is getting a much-deserved restorative and rejuvenating bedtime boost with this bestselling beauty pick that’s a dream-come-true for her complexion. Each dewy dollop drenches her tired skin with long-lasting, succulent moisture, while the powerhouse antioxidants undo the day’s damage. GoGirl Glow Tip: Slumber on satin or silk pillowcases so you awake without those telltale creases and crinkles etched across your complexion. Plus, the silk/satin material won’t absorb all your fabulous Jeunesse gems. Sweet dreams!

AntiAging&SkinCare products at BeautyBar.com 105

“METAMORPHOSIZE” The story behind the song.

When Chelsea’s Mother came down with cancer the musician packed up her humble belongings, along with her two cats, and drove across country to be with her Mom and provide support and care. Jen kept in frequent touch with her friend, knowing that Chelsea’s Mother was her best friend. Unfortunately, her Mother passed away a few months later.

The Story Jennifer and Chelsea became instant friends when they met at a mutual friend’s house in Orange County. They shared a passion for creating inspirational music, with the mission of sharing light and love with the world. Jen was blown away by Chelsea’s incredible voice and skill for playing a variety of instruments. Chelsea was enamored with Jen’s ability to create clever lyrics and hilarious YouTube videos.

Jen and Chelsea with producer Dennis Woodard at the Sound Portal Studio.


| SUMMER | FALL 2022

Chelsea told Jen that she felt like a part of herself had died with her Mother, and she didn’t really know who she was anymore. She felt lost and was heartbroken. She had also lost a lot of weight and was weak, both physically and emotionally. Her finances where drained and she wasn’t sure what to do next. Jen said, “I’m buying you a ticket and you’re going to fly to Orange County and spend a week with me at my home in Laguna Beach. I’m going to give you lots of love, make you healthy meals and green smoothies and we can go for walks on the beach every day. And, we can make and write and record a song together!” Chelsea was overcome with Jen on the “GoGirl Pink Carpet” in her caterpillar outfit after a live performance in Newport Beach.

gratitude and said yes. She packed her bag and was on her way the following week. During her stay in Laguna Beach, Chelsea blossomed like a flower that was being watered and provided sunshine. One evening Jen shared with Chelsea about a time in her life when she had a series of events take place that resulted in her becoming homeless and without a car. All she had was her bike and laptop. She recalled that while she was sitting in a coffee shop feeling broken and defeated, her younger sister Mary called and consoled her on the phone, telling her about the story of the caterpillar. “A caterpillar in its cocoon breaks down to a soup-like substance before it completely rebuilds itself. AMAZING! New limbs, new wings, new everything! And then as it emerges it unfolds its wings, pumps new blood through its veins and takes flight! Jen, YOU are that soup right now. Embrace it. You’re going to come out the other side of this and spread your new, beautiful wings!” Jen said to Chelsea, why don’t we write a song about Jen and Chelsea at the recording studio.

metamorphosing?! That same night Jen and Chelsea had the lyrics just flow without trying, excited they would be giving hope and healing to others through their song. Jen suggested that Chelsea’s voice would represent Mother Earth and that she would sing the part of the caterpillar. The very day they recorded their new song with the help of Dennis Woodard, Jen’s good friend and music producer who had helped her create her legendary “I Want To Be Neenja” song, among others. The writing and creation of the song was a wonderful experience for both women, and they bonded to an even deeper level that week. A couple months later Chelsea returned to Orange County to speak and perform at a GoGirl Empowerment Experience event in Newport Beach. Chelsea sang beautifully while Jen surprised the audience by coming onto the stage in her caterpillar outfit, singing her verse before busting out with her butterfly wings. The song and message was a hit with the GoGirls in the audience. Finally, several years later, Jen has produced the music video for “Metamorphosize” and showcased it at a launch party at GoGirl Worldwide Headquarters in Newport Beach. Jen and Chelsea hope you love their song and message and ask that you please share it with anyone you think it could inspire. For Chelsea’s music and healing messages visit www.ChelseaCaroline.com. 109

The Interview

Chelsea was not able to attend the launch party for the “Metamorphosize” music video in Newport Beach, so Jen suggested she interview her dear friend and they share their story about writing the song and the meaning behind it. The night of the party Jen played the interview, and the audience was truly moved. Several women from the audience expressed how much they needed the message of hope at this particular time in their life. Everyone raise a glass while Jen offered a toast in honor of Chelsea’s Mother who was a big part of the inspiration behind the song.

The Music Video

Jen loves to use comedy to deliver empowering and important messages. In this music video, she wears her caterpillar outfit all throughout town, catching countless candid reactions. Watch more of Jen’s YouTube videos at YouTube.com/JenniferMurphyGoGirl

The Music Video Jen knows how to throw a party and the “Metamorphosize” music video launch party was no exception. Ladies arrived in cocktail dresses and butterfly wings, while the men were provided caterpillar antennas. A couple of men opted to wear butterfly wings which was fun. Everyone enjoyed the music, food and festivities and especially loved the music video that was played in Jen’s GoGirl Studio. Chelsea Caroline, who co-wrote the song with Jen, attended virtually. She was zoomed in from the East Coast, sharing with the audience the meaning behind the song that she helped create. It was a colorful, meaningful and fun event.

Launch Party

Shop at


GoGirl Healthy Living Routine: Wellness Edition 2.0 GoGirl Worldwide CEO/Founder Jennifer Murphy spills her secrets for summertime health, wellness, and mindfulness, while spotlighting her personal product picks from legendary beauty and lifestyle giant and GoGirl power partner Jeunesse. If you’re feeling blue over your wellness woes, you’ll love these GoGirl-worthy wellness tips.


Photo: Michael Munson

Check out Jen’s eight essential tips for getting your mind and body back on track for the months ahead! 1. Feed Your Inner Foodie It's always a good idea to indulge in nutrient-dense dishes, like colorful, scrumptious salads, light soups, and the freshest fare on the market. Be sure to fill your plate with all the colors of the rainbow to reap the best body benefits. When you consume colorful carotenoids, your body instinctively transforms them into vitamin A, boosting immune function and guarding against illness and infection. Reach for pigment-rich fruits and veggies, like vitamin A-packed sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, spirulina, carrots, eggplant, beets, squash, cantaloupe, and energizing, sweet-tasting berries. Slather some all-natural, creamy nut butter and a sliced banana on top of whole grain bread slices for a midday snack sure to put a pep in your step. Serve up some fatty fish, like sardines or salmon, with a side of grilled asparagus sprinkled with a touch of tangy lemon and drizzled with olive oil. Add some avocado for heart-healthy fats, too. And Jen’s very favorite source of healthy fat is Synerchii, an Omega oil combined with other potent nutrients that is derived from algae, the purest source available on our planet! Watch Dr. Laura and Jen’s demo video to learn more about this amazing immune booster on the following pages of the GoGirl Wellness section.

PHOTO: Trang Doan

Wellness GoGirl Wellness approved by


Supplements 2. Savor Your Supplements Supplements are just that — they supplement your diet and fill the “gaps” where your diet may be lacking certain key nutrients. Sometimes, we just can’t eat five servings of veggies a day or we miss our morning glass of milk for bone-fortifying calcium. Life happens, so that’s what supplements are for. These lifesavers come in the form of vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, fiber, amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen, and nootropics. The best immune-supporting vitamins and minerals are B, C, D, E, folic acid, iron, selenium, and zinc. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all supplement that fills in Photo: Michael Munson all the gaps, you’ll love the GoGirl-approved Reserve drinkable supplement from Jeunesse. The rich, dark color says it all! This delicious daily supplement is a proprietary, immunity-boosting blend of 5 superfruits, resveratrol, aloe vera, and green tea extracts. Not only will you strengthen your immunity and boost your overall wellness, you’ll save your skin, too! So, get gulping. MX20 — This unique, drinkable dietary supplement provides 70 trace minerals plus black, organic fulvic and humic acids to effectively energize, hydrate, and ignite the body’s purification process. Wellness.com

3. Soak up Some Sunshine Contrary to conventional wisdom, the best way to get your daily dose of the “D” is to safely soak up some body-boosting rays. Just 15-20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure daily will strengthen your immune function, bones, joints, and eyes, while uplifting your mood and revving up that metabolism for a beach-ready bod in no time. That’s the skinny on the sunshine vitamin. 119


Jen’s Jeunesse jewel for staying healthy and hydrated on-the-go: Revita BLU — Nutrient-rich blue-green algae, ancient sea buckthorn berry, and hydrating aloe vera perfectly synergize within a coconut water-based powder to instantly hydrate, revitalize, and strengthen all your body’s systems. Convenient, take-anywhere stick packets quickly dissolve in your bottled water for a refreshing reboot anytime, anywhere.


4. Clock Some Zzzz’s and Get into Your Zen Zone It turns out if you snooze, you really do lose – body fat/excess weight, sallow-looking skin, blemishes, irritability, and a poor immune system. Aiming for 7-9 hours of quality, restorative sleep per night improves your immune system’s natural ability to fight off infection. Here is how your amazing, hardworking immune system functions: its infection-fighting supply of “T” cells are responsible for fending off intracellular pathogens that can lead to debilitating diseases and opportunistic infections. So, say Goodnight to Netflix and start snoozing STAT.

PHOTO: Andrea Piacquadio

PHOTO: The Lazy Artist Gallery

5. Guzzle 8-10 Glasses of Hydrating, Healthy H2O Daily If you haven’t already noticed, water is the antidote for just about any wellness woe. From congested complexions to fatigue to illness to parched palates, water works wonders. Drinking at least 8-10 8 oz. of naturally alkaline H2O (pH 9.5-8) glasses daily will recalibrate your body’s processes, while infusing much-needed hydration, electrolytes, and minerals into all your body’s cells. Plus, habitual water intake flushes the body’s tissues, muscles, and organs of harmful toxins that can wreak havoc on your skin, hair, and overall health. H2O also delivers oxygen to cells so they can perform at their best, while also producing lymph, a substance that assists in transporting your white blood cells and nutrients to tissues and organs. Plus, gulping down 8-10 glasses of water daily, promotes proper digestion. Start sipping and say bye-bye belly bloat and hello skinny jeans! 121


Jen Recommends Yoga. And not just any yoga . . .

Sanela Yoga!

Jen and Sanela have been friends since their “Hollywood Days,” over 13 years ago. They have seen each other go on to create new goals and achieve big dreams… all while empowering others. With tens of millions of views on Sanela’s yoga videos, it’s obvious that she has a special gift, as well as a love for helping others. “I love practicing yoga with Sanela. She not only helps your body gain tone and flexibility, but she gives guidance to become happier and more aligned spiritually. She’s amazing!” — GoGirl Jen

SanelaYoga.com Subscribe Now!

Ready to watch Sanela Yoga everywhere you go?

6. Bust a Move Just like you “pencil in” work appointments with colleagues and pizza dates with friends and family, so should you make it your business to battle the bulge. Besides aiming for those elusive 10K steps daily, there are countless other (and way more fun) ways to crush your fitness goals. Here are just a few to try: cardio (running, walking, cycling, swimming), weights/strength training, stretching/yoga, Pilates, CrossFit (high intensity interval training), playing sports, hiking, gardening, indoor mountain climbing, boxing, and so much more. For fitness on the fly, try planks in the park, burpees in your living room and lunchtime lunges. Jen suggests switching things up a bit to prevent fitness plateaus as well as boredom. Mix up your go-to fitness faves and put some serious muscle into them. Not only does a heart-pumping sweat session 3-4 times a week lower your resting heart rate, but it optimizes your lungs’ oxygen power, properly dispersing it out to the rest of your body’s vital organs. Regular exercise will boost immunity, help you sleep more soundly, and make your skin glow — naturally.

PHOTO: Retha Ferguson

PHOTO: Burst


7. Turn Up the Heat Stepping into an infrared sauna is the body-benefiting and growing self-care trend you’ll love indulging in every week. Infrared technology stimulates white blood cell production and skin supporting collagen synthesis, while purging the body’s pores of harmful toxins, metals, and impurities. The relaxation-inducing effects improves mood, sleep, hygiene, alleviates anxiety, nix nerves and brings a welcoming sense of serenity and inner peace. Infrared technology heats your body from the inside-out and is capable of deeply penetrating the soft tissues, pushing trapped toxins out of the body through perspiration. Consider a weekly visit to the infrared sauna as both a cleansing — and relaxing — ritual.


8. Laugh, Love, Smile, and Be Kind to Yourself and Others This may seem like a joke, but it’s certainly real! When you laugh, your body naturally releases a burst of feel-good endorphins — the same kind you get after a two-mile run along sundrenched shores sans all the sweaty, extraneous effort! Endorphins are also your body’s natural painkillers, so the next time you sense a painful bout of PMS coming your way, just bust a gut — literally. Endorphins also reduce the cancercausing stress hormone, cortisol, which can also help whittle your middle. Also, did you know an exhilarating LOL sesh with your friends expands your lungs, stretches your muscles, stimulates homeostasis (the state of equilibrium or “balancing” of the body’s interdependent physiological processes), and tones the tummy? Ever wonder why your belly is so sore the day after a gut-busting laugh? A good laugh or sharing a simple smile also proves to be an effective way to release pent-up emotions. And, when we strive to make others laugh, smile, and generally feel good, we, ourselves, become happier — naturally.

Is there a wellness tip or trick you swear by? Be sure to share your springtime and summer wellness secrets with the rest of the GoGirl family. Be sure to check out the GoGirl site for more info on Jen’s favorite product picks.



We need our cells developing and functioningVITALITY properly at all stages ofAND life and that takes Omega-3 and importantly the Omega-3 DHA. HEALTH, LONGEVITY This long chain polyunsaturated essential fatty acid supplement, offers a primary structural component of our brain, heart, retina and skin We need our cells developing and functioning properly at all stages of life andbody. that takes Omega-3 and importantly — a component of each and every cell in the human

the Omega-3 DHA. This long chain polyunsaturated essential fatty acid supplement, offers a primary structural Dr. Capina is a PhD in Oriental Medicine, certified acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist and her life mission to heal the world through component of our brain, heart, and skin - abased component of each every cell in the human body. theretina most powerful plant nutrients one body atand a time. At Synerchii, we synergize the world’s best natural, 100% plant-based ingredients to promote true health, vitality and longevity, Dr. Capina is a PhD in Oriental Medicine, certified acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist and her life mission starting at the cellular level, for the advancement of our brains and bodies. to heal the world through the most powerful plant based nutrients one body at a time. CRUCIAL FOR VEGANS/VEGETARIANS • KETO FRIENDLY

At Synerchii, we syergize the world’s best natural, 100% plant-based ingredients to promote true health, vitality and longevity, starting at the cellular level, for the advancement of our brains and bodies.


The Best Healthcare Hack to Help You in Today’s Challenging Times You Probably Never Heard Of In this ever-evolving era of modern technology, the word HACK has come to effectively convey two different meanings: One who writes computer programs as a hobby is a hacker, and therefore, produces hacks. The label has also come to disparagingly apply to anyone who illegally accesses a computer system with the single goal of gaining sensitive information. Hack also came to mean “creative solution to a computer problem,” so that, depending on context, a hacker may be innocuous or malicious. So, what exactly do hacks and hackers have to do with one’s healthcare, you may be pondering? Let’s start by asking a few, straightforward questions: • Do you have health insurance? • Do you, a family member, or friend have any kind of chronic health issues? • If you do have health insurance, ° Is it enough/adequate? ° Does it have high deductibles? ° What are the co-pays on drugs and doctor’s visits? • Do you ever hesitate to go to the doctor because of the cost or time considerations? • Are you ever worried about catching an illness from another patient while at the doctor’s office or urgent care facility? • Do you know anyone who is uninsured? • Do you own a small company and can no longer afford to provide healthcare coverage to your employees? • Have you ever had to pay the ACA tax because you were uninsured? (Believe it or not, five states still have the ACA tax.) • Have you recently become unemployed or underemployed and can no longer afford a premium healthcare plan?


| SUMMER | FALL 2022

If you answered “yes” to ANY of the questions above, you need to learn about a life-changing healthcare hack that could have a dramatic impact on the way you approach your long-term health. Let’s cut to the chase. What if it was possible to have healthcare coverage for only $20 a month? Sounds like a pipe dream, right? Let’s break it down in reality: • You could have 24/7 access to a board-certified physician in the privacy of your own home for you and your immediate family AND with NO co-pay. • You could save 75% off your pharmacy prescriptions OR have only a $1 co-pay in hundreds of prescription drugs with the addition of just a few extra bucks in monthly fees. • What if, for as little as $100 a month, you could have a policy that would pay you thousands of dollars a month if you contracted a critical or chronic illness, like COVID-19, and unable to work? How about for even tens of thousands of dollars in tax-free, up-front cash benefit if one became injured or terminal?

Certainly, $100 a month is significantly less expensive than most of today’s premium healthcare plans. If someone fell ill, there would be enough monthly or lump sum pay-outs to cover the cost of any healthcare plan you choose. Under current laws, pre-existing conditions do not disqualify one from acquiring insurance. If you’re relatively healthy, these new healthcare hacks can not only save you hundreds of dollars a month, but can boost your quality of healthcare because: • You’re no longer afraid of going to the doctor for fear of catching an illness or infection from someone else, plus you wouldn’t have to make the drive and endlessly sit in the waiting room. • You won’t hesitate to get your prescription refilled because it’s too costly. • You won’t hesitate to have your children see the doctor for the aforementioned reasons. • You will be saving up to hundreds a month that can be used to eat more healthily and purchase better quality supplements to fill those “nutritional gaps.” • You’ll be less stressed knowing you have all the healthcare support you need or the cash available WHEN you need it. That kind of peace of mind is priceless. This is only possible because of the combination of two very NEW approaches to healthcare - Telemedicine and Life Insurance with Living Benefits. Telemedicine, also known as Telehealth, is an innovative, technological platform that streamlines and revolutionizes doctor’s visits by conducting doctor’s visits virtually! By using your smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and/or other inexpensive wireless devices, one can receive the same, if not better, high-quality healthcare from a board-certified physician without ever stepping foot outside their door. Under certain circumstances and programs, you can even keep the doctor you’ve always had. Even if you’re on vacation hundreds or thousands of miles away from home, you will still have access to your physician. So, then, what exactly is Life Insurance with Living benefits? We all know what life insurance entails. However, what if you didn’t need the life insurance, yet got so ill you couldn’t work? Or a protracted illness was costing the family a significant portion of income to support? Whether it is a chronic or critical illness, serious injury, or worse, these policies pay out immediately — anywhere from thousands a month to hundreds of thousands in lump sum payments. All tax free. Since life insurance and living benefits are covered under the same policy, adding an umbrella of easy, inexpensive, and unlimited access to a doctor, not to mention, inexpensive prescription meds simplifies and streamlines the entire process. This no-brainer, healthcare hack could slash hundreds off a traditional health care plan — at the bare minimum. Think of what you can do with all that saved cash. How does booking a much-deserved vacation to a tropical hotspot to relax and unwind sound?

Keep in mind, while this may not be for everyone, there is an increasing number of Americans who have become unemployed or are now underemployed. In these challenging, unprecedented times, every dollar counts, as well as receiving premium doctor care in the safety and security of one’s own home. Even your prescriptions will be mailed to you at your request. You no longer need to compromise you or your family’s heath due to unforeseen circumstances. You can now have the assurance your healthcare will be covered ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! We at GoGirl Worldwide Magazine care about our readership and love to present new and exciting ideas and groundbreaking solutions to help you, your friends, and family live their best lives. Click below to learn more about the Financial and Health Research Institute Telemedicine program. The FHRI Telemedicine program is NOT health insurance. Life Insurance with Living Benefits must be purchased through a licensed life insurance specialist. Click below to schedule a FREE consultation with an FHRI Health Care Advocate who will be happy to answer your questions and walk you through the options that best fit your needs.

I've never liked going to the doctor's office, and I've always strived to stay healthy and keep my immune system strong. But just recently I wasn't feeling well and had some symptoms that I couldn't pin down. And I was so tired that I didn't want to go anywhere! I decided to see a doctor virtually and followed the prompts given to me online with my telemedicine plan. Within five minutes I was speaking to a caring and professional doctor who helped identify the health issue I was experiencing. And within an hour I was picking up a prescription at my local pharmacy. It was extremely efficient and I was feeling back to my usual "GoGirl" self within a couple of days. I love the service, and it's shockingly affordable! I recommend it to everyone. — Jennifer Murphy | Founder, GoGirl Worldwide



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