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THIS is what Jen has. THIS is what Jen has.


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The Movie! Movie! Comedy Action Superhero Animation

Full Full Length FullLength Length Feature FeatureFilm Film Feature Film && &Multi-Media Multi-Media Multi-Media Franchise Franchise Franchise Written, Directed, Written, Directed, Written, Directed, Produced by Produced Producedby by & Starring &&Starring Starring

Jennifer Jennifer Murphy Murphy “GoGirl” “GoGirl”

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Meet Jen, the Creator of “I Want To Be Neenja” CEO of GoGirl Worldwide, Co-Founder of Viral Video Media Group Business Woman, Former Contestant on “The Apprentice“ Producer/Director, TV & Film Actress, YouTube & TikTok Star with Hundreds of Millions of Fans

More at Jennifer Murphy.com

“Empowering Women, Changing the World”

GoGirl Worldwide is an international multi-media organization established in 2008 and led by CEO and Founder Jennifer Murphy. With GoGirl Worldwide Magazine, GoGirl Movies, GoGirl TV, GoGirl University, GoGirl City and many additional platforms providing entertainment and education, GoGirl is a place for girls and women to come together, be inspired, get motivated, have fun and....GoGirl! GoGirl Worldwide Magazine has amassed a global following and is free for subscribers at GoGirlMGZ.com. In 2022, Murphy began the production of her first feature film “I Want To Be Neenja! The Move” which will be launching in December 2023. The GoGirl brand and mission are featured prominently throughout the action-packed comedy. More at JenniferMurphy.com

More at GoGirlWW.com

Gamers love Comic Books. Jen and team have designed the first of many comic books for the franchise that will be available for purchase both digitally and print.

More at www.iWantToBeNeenja.com



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Jen’s movie is PERFECT for the gaming community. And Chow, the villain, is a gamer himself with a popular merch line that his “Chow Minions” love! Mobile gamers’ favorite movie genres are Comedy, Drama, and Action.

According to survey results, the majority are looking to laugh when they sit down to watch a movie, with 85% saying they typically watch Comedies. Drama (81%) and Action (76% were also at the top of the list of genres. Mobile gamers enjoy getting suspense and thrills out of their movie experiences with Mystery and Horror/Thriller each receiving shares of more than 50%. Movies that have similar elements and IP to mobile games, such as Adventure, Adventure, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Superhero, and Animation/Anime, also had sizable shares with each selected by more than 40% of mobile gamers.

STATS With over 1 Billion Views on TikTok for the World Famous song, 100,000 New Hashtags Every Day, over 50 Million Views on YouTube, and a Massive Following in the Gaming Industry, It’s the PERFECT opportunity to give viewers more of what they have proven to love…

THIS is what Jen has.

Now it’s time for…

The Movie! Comedy Action Superhero Animation

Full Length Feature Film & Multi-Media Franchise Written, Directed, Produced by & Starring

Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl”

Across all genre watchers, Puzzle, Word and Strategy games are the most popular. Superhero and Animation movie fans especially have an affinity for Puzzle games with more than 70% of those audiences saying they played in that category. A quarter of Action movie watchers also play Action games, but they are not the largest genre audience for that category. Adventure movie fans have the biggest audience of Action gamers, with 28%. The data also shows that Fantasy and Sci-Fi viewers are partial to Strategy games, as 40% of that audience said they played in that category. While there are some subtle differences between game genre preferences, we have learned movie watchers in general like all types of games. Mobile gaming has attracted a vast community with diverse backgrounds and preferences. Studios promoting their films could advertise in almost any type of game and be sure to reach their target audience.

People are longing for: NEW Superheroes u NEW Villains ORIGINAL Stories, Plots & Characters Refreshing Old School Comedy Interactive Experiences

“I Want To Be NEENJA”

Multi-Media Franchise delivers ALL of that and more! Movies, Merch, Video Games, Comic Books, Cartoons… & CULT FOLLOWING.


More at www.iWantToBeNeenja.com

Not only is “I Want To Be Neenja! The Movie” based on a hit song by Jennifer Murphy and Dennis Woodard… The full soundtrack was created by Georges Tomb, Award-Winning Composer & Concert Pianist & the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. (65-piece orchestra)

Many in the film industry are referring to Georges Tomb as “the next John Williams”. The internationally acclaimed composer is currently scoring the “Bugatti Movie”, “Inferno In Paris”, Purple God, and the next blockbuster film of Mario Kassar, producer of “Terminator”, “Basic Instinct”, and “Rambo”. He is also the commissioned composer of Pinocchio, an Italian ballet by Balletto del Sud at Lecce Opera House with the participation of award-winning choreographer Freddy Franzutti and will launch at the Opera di Lecce then embark on an international tour including London, New York, Paris, Dubai and Monaco.

Many global influencers appear in “I Want To Be Neenja! The Movie” and will be using their influence to help promote the film.

Mina Wang

Lokmane Dz

Head of the U.S. division of the Asia Pacific Famous Female Organization

World Renowned Performer, Acrobat and Meme (2 Million Followers)

Vito Glazers

Amira Barkat

Founder of Glazers Media Influencer w/millions of followers

Motivational Speaker & YouTuber with a global female following

Rigan Machado Brazilian Jui Jitsu Champion/Film Producer Owner The Academy

Burrel Wilks Co-Founder of Mayweather Boxing, Fastest Growing Fitness Chain in the world

GoGirl is on a mission to spread smiles, but she is sabotaged left and right by Chow, a billionaire villain with stealthy ninja moves. GoGirl decides she must train with the best martial artists and experts in the world so that she has the moves and stamina to finally defeat Chow and save the day. Who will win?!!

vs. Stay tuned at


Jen’s original “I Want To Be NEENJA” song and music video has over 1 Billion fans globally.

Now the Movie is Finally Coming!

Follow GoGirl and Chow on YouTube for behind-the-scenes footage, and to stay up-to-date on the upcoming movie launch!

Subscribe @JenniferMurphyGoGirl and follow at www.iWantToBeNeenja.com

For business inquiries and distribution deals contact jennifer@gogirlmgz.com

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