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George MacArthur 3 Kari Court Lindsay Ontario Canada K9V 6B7 705-878-9878

August 22 2012 John Saade 1248 Casiano Road Los Angeles CA USA 90049

Dear Mr. Saade: Having spent more than a year trying to remotely pitch a reality series, one common thread has emerged. Networks insist they cannot review the material for legal reasons. My main counter has been that the story arc of the show is so unusual, it is virtually impossible for it to be in development or under consideration by any network or production company unless the idea came from me. I want to make it easier for you to review the idea. To do this, I hereby absolve Disney/ABC and all of its subsidiaries of any and all possible obligations should you decide to develop my show or one very similar to it without my participation. Trusting that my release is satisfactory, feel free to peruse my submission without concern of conflict. Find enclosed a copy of previous correspondence sent to Mr. Iger, Ms. Sweeney, Mr. Lee, Mr. Moran, and Ms. Dummer, and a new sixty second treatment with a web address to my video audition.


George MacArthur

#23 to John Saade  

Letter to John Saade of ABC/Disney August 22 2012

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