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----- Original Message ----From: George MacArthur To: Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2011 4:26 PM Subject: Human powered helicopter reality show

Mr. Burnett: I couriered proposals for a new reality show to you on July 18, August 9, and August 10 2011. I employed a stratagem to get them into your hands, but when I called your office for a status inquiry, reception put me through to a recording that says you do not accept unsolicited proposals and that any received will be returned. I have not received them, so I trust my three packages are still in your office at 640 N Sepulveda BLVD. In my proposal I introduce the Sikorsky Prize, which is to be awarded to the first team to build a successful human powered helicopter, and how the quest to solve the last unachieved feat of human powered aviation can be turned into a reality show featuring the battle between three interesting teams in the process of engineering ultra light helicopters using carbon fiber and other advanced materials of today. I realize you have a policy of not accepting unsolicited proposals, however, if there was to be an occasion when you might use your executive discretion to make an exception, I am requesting that you consider making the exception here, because it is going to take time (particularly as an industry outsider) for me to find an agent in LA that can get this into your hands, and because there is a closing window of opportunity due to ongoing efforts of one of the teams. Their current status is outlined in my proposal. In addition, there is a zero probability that you will receive a similar proposal from someone else -who happens to be represented by an agent- with whom there might be some conflict. I am kindly requesting that you consider perusing my proposal now in advance of receiving it from my future agent. If you are agreeable, and if my packages cannot be found in your office, please let me know and I will send another one to you.

Sincerely, George MacArthur

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Email to Mark Burnett August 18 2011

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