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Horwath HTL l Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism and Leisure Consulting

Horwath HTL l Health & Wellness

Horwath HTL l Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism and Leisure Consulting

Horwath HTL l Health & Wellness

Key Services

The process of developing wellness destination facilities, taking a project from a blank site to its future operation, is a complex challenge. It requires a strong vision and the integration of financial, conceptual, design and operational aspects. Horwath HTL Health & Wellness offers expertise in these respective fields and a sound understanding of how to merge ideas effectively and efficiently. Ingo Schweder, Managing Director, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness

Key Services

We focus on delivering business solutions to investors, developers and operators who are considering or proceeding with wellness-centric hospitality and mixed-use real estate projects. Demand is rising, offering investors and developers the opportunity to earn above-market returns, and we at Horwath HTL Health and Wellness are here to support you with this opportunity. Horwath HTL Health & Wellness offers a full range

Our Experience

of consulting services exclusively for health

• Mixed-Use Wellness Real Estate Developments

and wellness developments.

• Wellness Communities • Destination Wellness Retreats

From preliminary market research, feasibility, and

• Medical Retreats & Spas

concept development work to strategic advisory

• Hot Spring Resorts

and operator selection, our team has the expertise

• Urban Lifestyle Hotels

to maximize a successful product.

• Lifestyle & Wellness Centers • Health & Fitness Clubs

Our expertise and scope of services ensures

• Resort Spas

that we can support our clients throughout all

• Urban Hotel Spas

distinctive phases of development, either as

• Bathhouses

independent engagements or as an integrated

• Day Spas

360-degree solution. Our Expertise

(*) These key services are executed in collaboration with

• Market Research & Feasibility

our design development, master planning and technical

• Concept Development*

services strategic partner GOCO Hospitality.

• Strategic Advice (Single Property)* • Destination Strategy Development* • Operator Selection • Spa Asset Management • Executive Recruitment Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting

Market Research & Feasibility

There has been a rapid growth in wellness tourism over the past few years, and this is expected to continue. Wellness is mainstream and demand is rising, which has meant lots of specialization within the sector, with guest expectations becoming more sophisticated and nuanced. This requires specialists that are fully aware of how the market is developing. Our team offers expertise that reflects a

Our Expertise

demonstrated knowledge of global travel and

• Market Research and Analysis of Trends and

tourism, unique trends, consumer profile, and of


the barriers to entering the highly competitive and

• International Benchmarks

specialized health and wellness market.

• Competitive Analysis • Site & Property Analysis

A customized understanding is applied to each

• Positioning Strategy & Target Market

individual project and its competitive marketplace,

• Service Platform Recommendations & Unique

along with an optimal positioning strategy for maximizing its operational potential.

Facility Features • Architecture Program Planning & Adjacency Diagram

Our team of industry experts will initiate an in-

• Demand Analysis & Financial Forecast

depth site and competitive analysis along with a

• Manning Guide

concentrated investigation of significant statistics

• Real Estate Sale & Leaseback Scenarios

and international development benchmarks in

• Investment Analysis

order to create a tailored business plan with

• Financial Sensitivity Analysis

detailed demand analysis, financial forecast and

• Investment Memorandum

investment analysis for our clients. Based on our above analysis, Horwath HTL Health and Wellness either advises to proceed with the project or not.

Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting

Concept Development

To succeed in the wellness sector today, it’s vital to be able to stand out from the crowd and offer something that connects deeply with a specific target guest. The wellness customer profile varies in its needs and desires, and it is important to decide which market you are going to target. The concept is the underlying vision for a facility,

Wellness Resorts

which drives its unique layout, menu of services,

• Concept Development

professional product selection, service philosophy

• Positioning Strategy

and financial feasibility.

• Cultural & Design Influence • Unique Facility Features

It is the perfect balance of creativity combined

• Initial Look & Feel Recommendations

with strategic thinking and operational sensibility

• Wellness Guest Journey

that determines a detailed, well-thought out

• Wellness Concept Programing

concept and ensures consistency across not only

• Accommodation Concept

each facet of the health and wellness facility, but

• Food & Beverage Concept

throughout the development at large.

• Human Resource Philosophy • Marketing Tool Kit

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness provides the creativity to develop those distinctive themes,

Spas & Wellness Centres

design, service and menu touch points that turn an

• Concept Development

ordinary wellness experience into one that is

• Positioning Strategy

distinctive and captivating.

• Cultural & Design Influence • Unique Facility Features • Initial Look & Feel Recommendations • Wellness Guest Journey • Treatments & Service Menu • Initial Professional Product Line Recommendations

Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting

Strategic Advice

In today’s rapidly changing hospitality market, hoteliers and owners must adapt quickly to maximize the potential of their assets and gain competitive advantage. At Horwath HTL Health & Wellness, we possess in-depth knowledge of current hospitality and wellness trends as well as understanding how to maximize revenue and profitability of the asset. Wellness is going beyond traditional hotel and

Previous experience in the planning and develop-

resort spas and is becoming the overriding theme

ment of numerous projects around the world, from

of large-scale community and resort destination

smaller single-property assignments to large-scale

developments at the original master planning

wellness community developments, allows us to


provide a comprehensive range of advisory services to our clients.

Our team of experts can help identify a clear strategy, correctly and timely allocate resources,

Our Experience

and work with the client’s master planners and

• Commercial Due Diligence

architects to provide on-going guidance, feedback

• Operational Analysis

and recommendations as it relates to wellness

• Physical Facility Analysis

components of the development and beyond.

• Greenfield & Repositioning Development Strategy • Unit Mix Recommendations • Market Entry Strategy • Brand Strategy & Implementation • Market Position Analysis • Master Plan Recommendations

Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting

Destination Strategy Development

A well thought-through and clearly defined strategy is an essential pillar in the development of wellness destinations. At Horwath HTL Health & Wellness, the multidisciplinary team of wellness hospitality experts will ensure that a development capitalizes on present industry opportunities and is well positioned for increased market share and long-term growth. As wellness continues to gain momentum

Additionally, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness will

worldwide, the demand for large-scale integrative

assess the viability of each of the development’s

communities is ever greater. To ensure that the

components and corroborate the overall feasibility

development is well conceptualized and offers

and sustainability of the project in the long run.

products and experiences that complement each other, an all-round strategy is imperative.

Our Expertise • Site Inspection & Analysis

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness will survey

• Market Research Identifying Niche Travel Sectors

the health and wellness hospitality landscape to

• Destination Strategy Formulation & Definition of

identify opportunities and potential niches the development could fill. The thorough analysis and understanding of market dynamics will

Key Anchors • Feasibility Analysis for Each of the Development’s Anchors

provide a solid base for the formulation of the

- Competitive Analysis

overriding destination concept and help identify

- Development Strategy

key assets and profit centers that will constitute

- Demand Analysis & Financial Forecast

the development. The aim of this extensive market

- Architecture Program

evaluation is to clearly define the anchors of the

• Consolidated Investment Analysis for the

destination that will achieve critical mass. Once the anchors are established, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness will collaborate with its strategic partner GOCO Hospitality to develop a concept for the respective anchors and translate the destination strategy into a comprehensive master plan. Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting


Operator Selection

The choice of a hotel operator and negotiation of a hotel management agreement are fundamental prerequisites to the success of any hotel investment. Horwath HTL Health & Wellness follows a systematic approach to select and secure the most suitable hotel management company for the project. A thorough review and analysis will ensure that the interests of the owner and the operator are aligned and translated into a successful contractual relationship in the long run. As wellness hospitality brands come further into

Our Expertise

focus, the importance of identifying, evaluating, and

• Preparation of the Information Memorandum

choosing the best suitable operator for the project

• Preparation of the Target List of Operators

is on the rise.

• Marketing of Opportunity to Operators • Site Inspections & Evaluation of Bids

Our expert team possesses extensive industry experience to identify wellness hotel companies that are best aligned with the project’s strategic vision, evaluate their commercial terms, and negotiate an agreement on the owner’s behalf.

Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting

• Brand Selection & Contract Negotiation

Spa Asset Management

In the current marketplace, a hotel or resort spa can no longer be treated as an amenity or ‘nice-to-have’ facility. A spa needs to be treated as a core element of the guest experience that not only drives demand but also brands the property and matures to an untapped source of revenue from an ever-growing wellness economy. Our team of spa experts will assess, explore

Ongoing Support

and make detailed recommendations on how to

• Monthly Calls to:

improve spa business performance while evaluating

- Review Strategic Plan

the internal processes against the local and regional

- Review Monthly Financial Performance


• Provide Assistance with: - Budget Development

Diagnostic Review

- Marketing Plan Development

• Review of the Spa Facility

- Cap-Ex Improvement Plan

- Physical Plant

- Menu Optimization & Service Improvement

- Service Platform & Revenue Generation

• Two Visits per Year with Operational Audits

- Service Standards & Consumer Feedback

• Provide Annual Support to Spa Director

• Review of the Spa Facility’s Performance • Conclusions & Opportunities • Short, Medium & Long Term Recommendations • Other Relevant Points

Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting

Executive Recruitment

The development and operation of a dedicated wellness retreat is different from a traditional hotel or resort. Therefore, engaging a specialized wellness expert and executive team ensures efficient and appropriate operating standards, helps with cost management, and in the long run avoids poor asset performance. A wellness retreat is very distinctive from a regular

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness, led by a team

resort in some ways. The wellness programing is

of hospitality professionals with multiple years

unique and varies considerably from one retreat

of experience in developing, setting up, opening

to another, depending on the property concept

and managing hospitality establishments, offers

and customer profile. Therefore, such assets

executive recruitment to support you in identifying

need specialized and often hard-to-find skills and

the most suitable candidates for your senior


management wellness positions.

The team and its leadership is one of the most

Our Expertise

important factors to the success of any spa,

• Senior Wellness Team Recruitment

bathhouse, wellness center, and wellness-centric

• Selection Process

hotel and resort. It is vital to ensure that the

• Detailed Interviews

leadership positions have the correct skillset and

• Candidate Presentation

expertise to guide the team and drive profits.

Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness Projects

Ultra Luxury Wellness Destination Saudi Arabia

Commercial Due Diligence Global Wellness Resort and Spa Operator



Horwath HTL Health & Wellness provided strategic and concept

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness was engaged by one of the

recommendations based on in-depth financial feasibility and

largest mixed-use hospitality group to conduct a commercial

sensitivity analyses for three wellness-themed ultra-luxury

due diligence study of a luxury lifestyle resort and spa operator

developments with branded real estate. Upon completion, the

prior to acquisition. The team evaluated corporate branding

development will become a new center of excellence and set a

and positioning, status quo of operating properties and their

benchmark for the most exclusive medical and integrative wellness

respective markets, assessed pipeline project potential, and

retreats worldwide.

reviewed financial performance, both on a property and portfolio level.

Hot Spring Resort & Wellness Destination Serbia

Boutique Health Retreat & Luxury Residences Seychelles



The team was engaged to develop the unified strategy for a

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness proposed a concept and

fully-integrated wellness destination in the Balkan region, aiming

evaluated the feasibility of a boutique health retreat and luxury

to be a pioneer in the industry. To achieve this, Horwath HTL

residences on MahĂŠ Island in Seychelles. The development

Health & Wellness proposed a concept that capitalized on the

is set to pioneer in the local market by offering a targeted

unique mineral hot springs featured at the site together with a

wellness and aesthetics service platform, design-led and nature-

blend of spa, physical and light medical therapies.

immersed accommodation, and other facilities supporting an all-encompassing wellness guest journey.

Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness Projects

Luxury Wellness Retreat Maldives

Boutique Luxury Wellness Retreat India



To reflect the seclusion and peacefulness of the location,

For a project located on a breathtaking site encompassing dense

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness proposed a luxury wellness

tropical vegetation, wild coffee plants and outstanding scenery,

retreat anchored in a philosophy of mindfulness, offering a

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness proposed an ultra-luxury

range of mind, energy and sound therapies, helping guests to

boutique wellness retreat that would deliver transformative

reconnect with their natural rhythm and achieve clarity of mind.

and authentic stress-relieving experiences. Thereafter, the team accompanied the owner in the next phases of the development by identifying, evaluating and selecting the best-suited wellness operator for the project.

Leading European Medical & Wellness Resort Switzerland

Nature Wellness Retreat Norway



Horwath HTL Health & Wellness was engaged to examine

Located on the seafront at the edge of the Arctic Circle, the

and benchmark the status quo of wellness facilities at one of

development is set to become Northern Europe’s first and most

the leading wellness destinations in Europe. Upon completion

experiential wellness retreat. Together with nature acting as

of a thorough operational analysis, the team made strategic

the ultimate therapist, design-led accommodation, outdoor

design, marketing, and management recommendations aimed

activities and a blend of traditional spa treatments and local

at fostering synergies between different health and wellness

healing modalities, the wellness retreat will offer grounding and

platforms within the resort and improving the development’s

transformational experiences.

financial performance.

Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness Projects

Urban Lifestyle Retreat & Clubhouse Egypt

Ultra-Luxury Desert Resort Spa Saudi Arabia



At the heart of a luxury residential real estate development

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness proposed an ultra-luxury resort

outside of Cairo, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness proposed

spa located in the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia, featuring a

to develop a boutique urban retreat catering to local residents,

comprehensive range of local healing traditions, hot and cold

external members and overnight stays, thus creating a vibrant

therapies, specialized treatments, and programs delivered in an

and exclusive lifestyle hub, stepping away from a traditional

exclusive environment. In order to uplift the offering further, the


team suggested including two different VIP journeys catering to the UHNW individuals of the Middle East.

Upper Upscale Integrative Wellness Retreat India

Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat & Residences Portugal



In a tourism environment driven by price-point pressure,

Envisioned to become a leading upper upscale retreat in

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness recommended to develop a

Southern Europe with a wellness journey defined by the local

wellness retreat with a high price-value proposition that offers

culture, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness suggested a concept

an integrative, result-driven and programing wellness service

that includes a blend of Eastern and Western healing modalities,

platform in partnership with the local hospital, and celebrates

including Ayurveda, an extensive range of heat and water

sustainability by merging nature with design.

facilities, as well as a wide selection of art and cultural activities.

Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness Projects

Island Resort Spas Seychelles

Thermal Spring Resort United States



Horwath HTL Health & Wellness developed the concepts and

Horwath HTL Health & Wellness proposed a concept for the

evaluated the feasibility for an upper upscale resort spa and a

expansion of a 150-year old hot spring resort in North America.

luxury one-island resort spa managed by the same operator.

The adjacent 62-acre land plot will be developed into a world-

Both proposed concepts were rooted in the local culture

class wellness community including a boutique lifestyle resort, a

through their treatment philosophy, while being adapted to their

wellness resort and branded wellness real estate for sale.

respective target markets and setting through distinctive guest journeys and service offerings.

Medical Wellness Retreat Thailand

Wellness Resort Costa Rica



Horwath HTL Health & Wellness proposed a targeted

Nestled into the landscape of a 300-hectare land plot in Central

medical wellness retreat as part of a luxury villa development

Costa Rica, the development is set to become a true wellness

in Koh Samui. The wellness retreat is set to provide an all-

community, featuring a boutique wellness resort, wellness

encompassing health solution, using cutting-edge diagnostic

real estate, retail and cultural village, multiple meeting and

technology in a luxury resort environment.

educational spaces, and an organic farm.

Horwath HTL l The Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Consulting




Ivory Coast






South Africa


Dominican Republic










UAE & Oman

Hong Kong













Los Angeles

New Zealand








New York







United Kingdom

www.horwathhtl.com Horwath HTL is a member of Crowe Global, a professional association of accounting and management consulting firms founded in New York in 1915. Crowe Global is ranked among the top ten international professional service groups with offices in 586 cities in 108 countries.

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