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Your Well-being Solution

A place where cutting-edge wellness innovation seamlessly blends with ancient healing traditions, holistic techniques, indulgent bathing and grooming experiences.

GOCO Spa Doha is an urban oasis that offers antidotes to all modern lifestyle needs and inspires guests to live a healthier lifestyle through self-discovery.

Our spa and wellness offerings reflect our overall vision of blending tradition with modern innovation, and include holistic treatments and results-oriented therapies, female beauty and male grooming services, and water and thermal experiences inspired by Middle Eastern bathing traditions; all of which can be enjoyed within luxurious gender-specific facilities designed to provide you with the utmost in privacy and relaxation.

The comprehensive range of spa treatments and well-being modalities are delivered by our experienced team of highly skilled therapists, supported by internationally recognized results-oriented product brands. GOCO Spa Doha has also specially curated a selection of signature treatments and well-being journeys for you, with the goal of improving your overall well-being.



QMS is a brand synonymous with medical-grade luxury cosmetics. With 97% skin-identical collagens, the brand stands for clinically proven high-performance skincare. The award-winning skincare system, developed by medical and beauty experts, targets the causes of skin aging, eliminates deficiencies, and restores the skin to peak condition, regardless of skin type, color, or gender. Clinically proven skincare routines, in conjunction with expert professional support, are critical success factors.


Maison d’Asa is a spa concept that depicts a journey into the heart of the Orient, with its hospitable cultures and traditional beauty recipes. The unique stories behind these traditions enable Maison d’Asa to create authentic sensorial journeys that promote the four distinct gateways to the world, using signature treatments, 100% organic certified products and powerful local ingredients that pay homage to a specific region and its rich historical, artisanal, heritage, and traditions.


Gentlemen's Tonic is a luxury spa, grooming, and hair concept that is synonymous with style and offers high-quality services to a global and discerning clientele. With a simple philosophy that strives to deliver the perfect antidote to modern life's stresses and strains, through treatments and products that revive, invigorate, and promote wellbeing. Gentle men's Tonic provides bespoke treatments that are specifically developed and formulated with men's skin in mind, delivering a truly unique experience that marries traditional services with modern techniques.


The best and most effective luxury products for your feet, hands, and legs. Margaret Dabbs London has pioneered the use of high-quality, efficacious ingredients and treatment techniques, fusing medical science with the best of beauty to create outstanding manicure, pedicure, and slimming leg treatments, as well as a range of results-driven, professional product formulations to use at home. The award-winning collection combines luxurious textures with highly effective formulations, as well as ingredients typically found in anti-aging facial skincare products.



Age-less Face & Body Signature by QMS Medicosmetics

2 Hours – 1400 QAR

This sublime head-to-toe face and body ritual includes a complete body exfoliation, massage and facial. Commencing with a full body AHA Foam exfoliation to aid the desquamation of skin cells and prepare the skin, the Age-less Facial is infused with active collagens and peptides, alleviating signs of stress and fatigue, whilst the Algae Detox Mask with Green Algae and Marine Collagen is designed to nourish, hydrate, and detoxify. The ritual is complete with a bespoke aromatherapy massage, leaving the face and body brighter, toned and purified.

Gold & Collagen Face and Body Ritual by QMS Medicosmetics 3 Hours –

1700 QAR

A super luxurious ritual packed with antioxidants that fight against aging and photo-aging. This ritual utilizes effective Neo technology, which enables the active ingredients to infiltrate deeper into the layers of the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production while the mineral-rich anti pollutants protect and replenish the skin's volume, plumping and improving the tone and overall appearance. AHA Foaming exfoliates the skin in preparation for the soothing body massage and concludes with an Anti-Pollution Facial.



Inspired Oud Opulence by Maison d’Asa 3 Hours – 1500 QAR

A full-body hammam-inspired ritual that can be delivered in the private spa treatment suites. The body is first treated to a pineapple and rice exfoliation that brightens and smooths the skin. A warm rhassoul is then applied with a Cryotherapy Mint Mask to the lower legs and feet, to target heavy legs and revive blood circulation. An Argan and Green Tea hair cleansing ceremony and scalp massage are included to nourish and condition the hair and scalp. This deeply fortifying ritual is completed with an Oriental body massage with organic Oud and Sandalwood Oil combined with a warm stone pressure point, hand, foot, and back massage

GOCO Spa Ceremonial Hammam by Maison d’Asa

2 Hours – 1200 QAR

This ritual commences with an authentic hammam that utilizes traditional black soap infused with lavender and a thorough kessa exfoliation to decongest and purify the skin. A deep cleansing and nourishing warm rhassoul is applied to the body, which is rich in minerals to unclog pores and give the skin and hair a healthy glow. A final Rose or Oud Spritz refreshes and uplifts, before a choice of aromatherapy blends is selected for the bespoke massage that completes this rejuvenating and replenishing Hammam Ritual.


Illuminate & Glow

60 mins – 600 QAR

Treat melanin disorders, transform and even the complexion with this powerful correcting and brightening treatment. Treating age spots and blemishes with peptides that are contained in the high performance, skin brightening actives. The effective treatment mask combines active carbon and fruit acids, whilst the luxurious and results-driven serum ensures radiance and illumination. Further regeneration will be obtained with a unique upgrade of 95% Pure Oxygen technology to enhance the effects and ensure a longer-lasting result.

Lifting & Firming Collagen

60 mins – 600 QAR

A stimulating, power-packed facial infused with collagen for long-term lifting results. A combination of AHAs and enzymes, exfoliates and refines the skin texture, prior to a specialized facial massage that applies specific lifting techniques to leave the skin toned and firmer to the touch. The collagen-rich serums and a luxurious recovery mask with collagen and hyaluronic acid ensures the most effective experience for both visibly younger and lifted skin. Further regeneration will be obtained with a unique upgrade of 95% Pure Oxygen technology to enhance the effects and ensure a longer-lasting result.

It is recommended a course of treatments for maximum results.

QMS Gold & Collagen Repair

90 mins – 900 QAR

Delivering the power of anti-aging excellence to boost regeneration and correct damage associated with skin aging. Combining the potent ingredients of gold, the highly effective collagens and the concentrated marine extracts ensures ultimate in skin rejuvenation and instant results. Further ageless benefits will be obtained with a specialised lifting massage and the sculpting mask to boost the antioxidant and elastin production of this intense anti-aging treatment with 24 carats gold leaf.



Ultra-Age Defense

60 mins – 550 QAR

A firming plant-based facial that purifies, replenishes and maintains the epidermis. A tribute from Morocco with its precious organic ingredients offering multiple benefits and creating the ultimate skincare solution to ensure regeneration, moisturization, and firmness. The Hero Prickly Pear Elixir provides ultimate rejuvenation for the skin with a Rose and Acacia Mask to lift and tighten the skin contours.

60mins – 550 QARPurification and Radiance

A purifying and decongesting facial treatment with a myriad of powerful ingredients, including Rose Essences and a Red Clay Mask, designed to deep cleanse impurities and detoxify the skin. The combination of advanced biological products and suction cupping techniques from Chinese medicine work in synergy to stimulate micro-circulation and tone the skin, resulting in a more radiant and glowing complexion.

Illuminating Booster

30 mins – 150 QAR

A gentle facial treatment that draws on mother nature’s treasures to thoroughly, yet gently cleanse the skin allowing it to breathe again. Total purification and regeneration is achieved through the brightening rice exfoliation, and a deep cleansing and purifying Red Clay face massage. An organic Argan Elixir is applied to nourish the skin and provide a boost of Vitamin E to the skin.


30 mins – 200 QARCollagen Plumping

A layer of highly concentrated active collagen serum and Power Firm Collagen Cream Mask that instantly repairs and hydrates the skin, and plumps out wrinkles. The Collagen Recovery Cream is applied to the skin to complete the plumping and anti-aging effects.

Activator Mask

15 mins – 150 QAR

Deeply hydrates, soothes and brings radiance to the skin. The mask is infused with triple chain hyaluronic acid to retain water in the skin and improve hydration. Marine collagen adds further replenishment whilst fighting against the signs of aging.

Instant Eye Radiance

15mins 130 QAR

A double-action eye treatment that aims to decongest the eye area, treating both puffiness and dark circles. Collagen peptides and radish root decongest and soothe the delicate eye contour, resulting in a firmer and brighter look.

Oxygen Boost

30 mins – 180 QAR

Uniquely developed to channel ingredients effectively through QMS’s customized oxygen technology, this highly rejuvenating treatment penetrates deeply into the epidermal layers of the skin and ensures additional plumping from the inside. Maximum hydration is achieved by the combination of long and short-chain hyaluronic acid. The result is an immediate improvement in skin texture and gives the skin a more youthful and firm appearance


Luxurious Oud & Rose Hydration Hammam Ritual

90 mins 800 QAR

A complete hammam cleansing ritual with black soap and kessa exfoliation, a warm uplifting Neroli rhassoul purifies the skin with an Argan Hair cleansing treatment, fragrant Orange Blossom Spritz and a Sweet Orange Oil application. Concluded with a natural organic Rose and Argan Facial within the treatment suite, where the skin is cleansed and exfoliated with a rice exfoliation and a rose face mask, providing hydration and natural anti-aging benefits.

Reviving Mint & Green Tea Hammam

60 mins – 550 QAR

Traditional black soap with lavender and kessa exfoliation that renews and refines the skin, before a revitalizing, Cool Mint rhassoul is applied, to boost circulation and drain toxins from the body. Culminating in a deep cleansing traditional Clay Face Mask, Green Tea Spritz, and Anti-Fatigue Oil with an uplifting Orange Scent application, with Golden Argan Elixir to the face.

Uplifting Eucalyptus & Sandalwood Hammam

90 mins – 800 QAR

A complete head-to-toe rejuvenating ritual, commencing with an authentic Eucalyptus black soap kessa exfoliation with the added nourishment of honey and sugar, to condition and soften the skin. A Verbena body rhassoul follows with a hydrating Argan facial that includes a purifying face mask and an Argan hair treatment to sooth and nourish the hair and scalp. Culminating in a Rose Spritz and an application of Sandalwood organic Oil and regenerating Prickly Pear Elixir to the face.


Regenerating & Repairing by QMS Medicosmetics

60 mins – 600 QAR

The skin is first prepared by applying a thorough full-body exfoliation to stimulate blood circulation and refine the skin’s surface. The AHA fruit acid foam exfoliator revitalizes the skin and improves the texture, while the hyaluronic acid hydrates and protects the skin. A warming essence massage with avocado and olive extracts repairs the skin’s natural barrier and provides anti-aging benefits. A final layering of Collagen Rich Cream is applied to the skin, infusing powerful anti-aging properties, leaving the skin glowing and rejuvenated.

Purifying & Slimming Detox by QMS Medicosmetics

75 mins – 650 QAR

This purifying treatment commences with a sea salt and sugar scrub that is combined with a draining concentrate designed to detoxify and exfoliate the skin whilst renewing and regenerating the cells. A draining complex is layered with a warming treatment wrap, whilst cooling algae targets areas of concern. The dermis is infused with essential minerals to boost skin health and overall well-being. This treatment gives exceptional results and is recommended for detoxification and overall body vitality.

Tone & Firm Silhouette by QMS Medicosmetics

60 mins – 600 QAR

An invigorating treatment that targets the lymphatic system with a cool Cryotherapy Mint body mask, designed to eliminate excess water and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Draining and purifying essential oils combined with cryo-spheres and specialized massage techniques effectively drain fluid and decrease water retention. The mind and body feel revitalized, whilst the skin looks smoother and the silhouette is more toned.


Detox & Drain by Maison d’Asa

45 mins – 500 QAR

An extraordinary treatment that effectively eliminates dead skin cells and impurities, whilst stimulating the blood flow due to the draining action of Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Beginning with a double transformative exfoliation with a blend of Orange Essential Oil, sea salt and sunflower oil to exfoliate, that hydrates and strengthen the skin. A final application of organic Sweet Orange and Argan Oil is applied for further skin nourishment to enhance the detoxifying effects.

45 mins – 500 QAR

A delicate rice and pineapple exfoliation designed to treat and prevent hyperpigmentation, effectively sloughing off the top layer of skin cells to provide radiance and hydration. With the added power of Argan Oil and Sandalwood Essential Oil, known for their skin nourishing properties, to improve skin elasticity and even skin tone. A powerful sensorial treatment that is beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.

Add-On Wrap Enhancements

45 mins – 500 QAR

The wrap enhancements are rhassoul clays that are blended with pure essential oils and are highly recommended to follow the exfoliation treatments.

Verbena: Verbena Essential Oil is combined with green clay to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Boosts immune health, nourishes the skin, and improves sleep quality. Verbena is a natural tonic for the skin, improving softness and has moisturizing properties.

Rose: Rose Essential Oils are combined with rhassoul clay to prevent cell damage and regenerate cell tissue. This combination is ideal for dry and sensitive skin, hydrating and replenishing the skin barrier with the added advantage of the uplifting an d reassuring qualities of Rose Essential Oil.

Mint: A Cryotherapy Mint body wrap that has an effective cooling sensation, designed to target muscle fatigue and water retention whilst aiding detoxification of the body. This body wrap is excellent for reducing swelling, puffiness, and revitalising the body.

Neroli: Neroli Essential Oils combined with argan oil and Moroccan clay are an ideal combination to treat stress, uplift the senses and promote a better night’s sleep. Neroli Essential Oil comprises powerful antibacterial properties, hence it is a prime ingredient to target breakouts and balance the production of sebum, making this a perfect wrap for problematic skin of the back and shoulders.

Glow & Illuminate by Maison d’Asa



with Organic Essential Oils by Maison d’Asa

Calm & Balance

60 mins 500 QAR

The Anti-Fatigue massage applies medium to strong pressure with elongating massage techniques and utilizes Sweet Orange Oil, which calms the mind and lowers the heart rate, reducing levels of cortisol secretion and stress. Rich in Vitamin C and Argan Oil, this massage is beneficial to aid sleep and overall tension. Adopting Sweet Orange Essential Oil into regular wellness routines will help transform the mind, body and skin.

Rejuvenating Oriental Heritage

60 mins – 500 QAR

A deep and rejuvenating massage with sandalwood and warm stones applied to the pressure points of the hands, feet and back. Sandalwood focuses the mind, enhances positive thinking and promotes inner peace. The potent recipe of sandalwood blended with argan, sesame, and macadamia oils contains antioxidants that help maintain the buoyancy and structure of the skin, reducing signs of aging and easing skin inflammation.

Nourish & Hydrate

60 mins – 500 QAR

This massage can be tailored to specific needs and is deeply soothing for both mind, skin and body. The combined benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil with replenishing Shea Butter envelopes the body and locks in the intense moisture benefits to the dermis, boosting immunity and improving low energy and mood. Skin health is also enhanced due to its natural antiseptic qualities.

Detox & Purify

60 mins – 500 QAR

A massage that is designed to detoxify the lymphatic system through the use of specific draining techniques and the application of suction cups known as dry Hijama, which are utilized to aid blood flow and encourage the release of toxins, pain and inflammation. This massage is ideal for those who prefer a stronger treatment and for those who suffer from back pain and tension.

30 mins – 300 QARHead, Neck & Scalp Stress Relief

This targeted treatment focuses specifically on the head, neck and shoulders to relieve built-up tension and muscular aches and pains. Head massage stimulates the nerves in the head, which increases circulation, promoting balance and a state of calmness. During this treatment, an application of organic Argan Oil is applied to nourish and condition the hair and scalp. And the Sweet Orange Anti-Fatigue Oil benefits the neck and shoulders.

Cryo Foot & Leg Restoration

45 mins – 500 QAR

A revitalizing cooling treatment that provides instant relief to tired swollen feet, ankles, and calves, ideal for those who have had a long-haul flight or are experiencing swelling from the heat. The fresh Cyromint foot mask has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that deeply cleanse the feet, is followed by the application of refreshing cold towels to further reduce swelling and increase blood circulation, culminating with an anti-fatigue massage applied to the bottom half of the legs.

60 mins – 500 QARAnti-Fatigue Foot Massage

Alleviate tired, aching feet with this invigorating pressure point foot massage. This treatment involves gentle pressure on key reflex points to stimulate the body’s self-healing process, promote relaxation, and reduce muscular stress. Your therapist will recommend the antifatigue oil to relieve fluid retention and tired legs and Floral Jasmin body butter to nourish and hydrate dry skin.


Advanced Time Control Facial

60 / 90 mins 650 / 850 QAR

The Gentlemen’s Tonic Advanced Time Control Facial accelerates cell renewal and promotes the production of collagen. Using active antioxidants and concentrated vitamin-infused serums, the skin is left looking significantly brighter and refreshed. With the aim of targeting signs of ageing, a younger, more youthful complexion is achieved by stimulating cellular regeneration and elastin, this treatment instantly softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Hydration Facial

40 mins – 550 QAR

The Gentlemen’s Tonic Hydration Facial is the most effective way to combat dry, flaky and rough skin. Its blend of serums and boosters enriched with nourishing antioxidants, vitamins, and soothing botanical extracts hydrates and purifies the skin, resulting in a more soothed, refreshed, and glowing complexion. A highly effective facial that helps nourish and protect the skin from environmental aggressors, including excess sun exposure while improving its overall texture.

The Detox Facial

60 mins – 650 QAR

A deep cleansing facial that helps to resurface the skin by unblocking pores while instantly improving the skin tone and clarity. This facial is aimed at relieving congested and problematic skin. Through a double exfoliation, steam and extraction process, pores are decongested and skin is left feeling refreshed and balanced, resulting in a more vibrant complexion. This treatment is ideal for oily to combination skin.

400 QARThe Gentlemen's Tonic Booster Facial

30 mins –

This quick and effective booster has been developed as an introductory facial for those who are new to skin care or for those who are short on time. It will help to balance and nourish the skin by being expertly cleansed, toned, and soothed, with a choice of mask to hydrate or detoxify, depending on individual needs, giving an instant boost to the complexion and confidence.

The Four-Step Hammam Ceremony

60 mins

– 550 QAR

This complete four-step ritual is exclusive to GOCO Spa by Gentlemen’s Tonic, and offers more than a traditional Hammam, by providing a complete head-to-toe rejuvenation experience Commencing with a thorough exfoliation infused with invigorating black soap and uplifting Peppermint, sloughing off impurities and dead skin cells. After the top layer of skin is deeply cleansed, an aromatic Verbena body rhassoul is applied to lower stress and enhance immunity, whilst decongesting the pores and softening the skin. The second part of the ritual includes a clarifying and stimulating Green Tea Hair Treatment and a spray of enlivening Green Tea Body Mist. This indulgent ceremony is completed with an application of Anti-Fatigue Orange Blossom Oil.

Men's Ultimate Defense Ritual

100 mins – 850 QAR

The Men's Ultimate Defense Ritual is a perfect antidote to urban environments, starting with a purifying and deep cleanse for the back, shoulders, and upper arms to remove excess oil, congestion, and impurities - ideal for those with problematic skin on the back. This deep cleanse is followed by a Hydration Facial that is designed to nourish and protect men’s face from environmental aggressors and excess sun exposure, leaving the skin looking refreshed, brighter and instantly lifted. The ritual is complete with a Revitalizing Eye Treatment that immediately helps to lift, tone, and refresh the entire eye area.

Unwind and Balance Ritual

140 mins – 950 QAR

This ritual commences with a 60-minute personalized massage that is tailored to unwind and destress, the hands are gently exfoliated helping to remove rough and dry skin, while the nails are cleaned and shaped before being enveloped in a therapeutic mask that soothes, softens and hydrates the skin, ensuring they are in the best condition. This restoring ritual ends with a booster facial that will leave your face cleansed, toned, soothed, and looking fresh.

The GOCO Spa 360° Signature Ritual for Him

230 mins – 1800 QAR

An indulgent 360-degree ritual that consists of everything needed to look and feel your very best. The ritual begins with a full body scrub to leave your skin nourished and free of impurities, followed by a 60-minute body massage designed to relieve stress and boost energy. The next part of the ritual includes an Advanced Time Control Facial that has been devised to instantly lift, tighten and firm the skin while alleviating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The ritual is completed by a relaxing foot treatment that ensures feet are groomed, smooth, and ready for the journey ahead.

The Purifying Back Treatment and Booster Facial

70 mins – 750 QAR

The treatment focuses specifically on the deep cleansing and exfoliation of the back, shoulders and upper arms. It helps to remove excess oil, congestion, and impurities. Tension is released with a relaxing back massage, before a deep cleansing and further hydrating pack is applied to the skin. The treatment is then followed by a Booster Facial that leaves the face expertly cleansed, toned, and soothed.

The Gentleman's Full Body Scrub

50 mins – 550 QAR

Selected blends are used for this invigorating full-body scrub that will leave the skin smooth, replenished and free of impurities. The nourishing sea salt exfoliation will help increase blood circulation and reduce fluid retention whilst supporting the body’s natural detoxification process. The mind and body feel renewed and the skin feels soft and fortified.

The Purifying Back Treatment

40 mins – 500 QAR

The Purifying Back Treatment involves the deep cleansing and exfoliation of the back, shoulders, and upper arms, helping to remove excess oil, congestion, and impurities. Achieved through the detoxifying properties of the Eliminator Mask combined with the steam and extraction process, this treatment will leave your back and shoulders incredibly clean and smooth.

The Bespoke Hand Treatment

50 mins – 350 QAR

Indulge in this bespoke hand treatment by Gentlemen's Tonic, starting with an invigorating exfoliation using crushed coconut shells to remove rough and dry skin from the hands whilst maintaining moisture. Cuticles and nails are then cleaned and shaped, followed by a relaxing hand massage with essential oils. The hands are then enveloped in a therapeutic mask which soothes, softens and ultimately hydrates the skin, making them feel like new. A perfect treatment for an important meeting or occasion, which can be combined with a facial or body treatment.

The Bespoke Foot Treatment

60 mins – 450 QAR

Indulge in this bespoke foot treatment by Gentlemen's Tonic, ideal for those suffering from tired feet with dry and dehydrated skin. Commencing with a vigorous foot filling and skin exfoliation, to remove hard or cracked skin, in preparation for the nourishing foot mask, which sooths, softens and hydrates. The cuticles and nails are then shaped, trimmed and buffed to perfection, before the stress-relieving foot massage concludes this nurturing treatment.


30 mins 200 QARThe Luxurious Foot & Lower Leg Massage

A luxurious, leg toning and foot pampering massage that utilizes the Margaret Dabbs London Firming Leg Serum and Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, for instant treatment results. The serum’s instant cooling effect will leave legs feeling lighter, more refined and toned, whilst the delightful foot massage will relieve and refresh tired, overworked feet, leaving you feeling like walking on air. Leg Therapies by Margaret Dabbs London have medical and beauty benefits and contain key ingredients of Legance™ and V-Tonic complex, focusing on venous de-congestion and foot and lower leg swelling, leaving them feeling smooth, visibly more slender, silky, and lighter.

Illuminating and Refining Yellow Leg Masque Treatment

60 mins 450 QAR

This luxurious and results-driven leg treatment refreshes and lightens the legs, whilst also improving circulation and skin elasticity. This treatment leaves legs looking visibly silky, slender, an d illuminated with visible firmness and tone improvement.

Relieving and Toning Black Leg Masque Treatment

70 mins – 650 QAR

This outstanding Black Masque Leg Treatment is designed to relieve the feeling of heavy legs. It works to help stimulate circulation, as well as sooth, firm, cool the skin and lighten the legs. Perfect for tired legs, this fabulous treatment leaves the legs feeling lighter, sleeker and slender.


60 mins 270 QAR

This unique, anti-aging, expert manicure treatment gives long-lasting results and deep hydration, with the indulgence of the full range of Margaret Dabbs London Fabulous Hands award-winning, professionally formulated products. Performed on dry skin with expert techniques to medical standards of hygiene by utilizing sterilized, single-use tools created by Margaret Dabbs to provide optimum results.

60 mins 270 QARMargaret Dabbs London™ PURE Supreme Manicure with Treatment

An anti-aging expert manicure treatment that gives exceptional treatment results, with a focus on treating nails and cuticles, and uses the award-winning Margaret Dabbs London PURE Hands product range. Including the results-driven vegan PURE Nourishing hand lotion, PURE Overnight Hand Treatment Mask, and PURE Exfoliating Hand Scrub that instantly brightens dull, dry skin in minutes. Formulated with concentrated, cruelty-free active botanicals and natural plant extracts, the powerful vegan hand products are designed to soothe, hydrate, and nourish the hands. The manicure is finished with a delightful lower arm and hand massage, and with a choice of nail polish.

Margaret Dabbs London Express Manicure

45 mins 220 QAR

This Express Manicure is a quick, no-nonsense manicure that is performed on dry skin with expert techniques, to medical standards of hygiene by utilizing sterilized, single-use tools created by Margaret Dabbs. Flawless filing, buffing and cuticle work are carried out with a selection of award-winning, professionally formulated products from the Margaret Dabbs London Fabulous Hands range.

60 mins – 300 QAR

This outstanding signature pedicure treatment gives long-lasting results with the indulgence of the full range of Margaret Dabbs London Fabulous Feet professionally formulated products. Performed on dry skin with expert techniques to medical standards of hygiene by utilizing sterilized, single-use tools created by Margaret Dabbs to provide optimum results. Finishing with an exfoliation, a reviving foot soak, and a revitalizing hydrating foot massage. This treatment gives a pure transformation with exceptionally effective results.

60 mins – 300 QARMargaret Dabbs London™ PURE Supreme Pedicure

Performed on dry skin and utilizing sterilized professional tools created by Margaret Dabbs, giving exceptional results with the indulgence of expert products from the Margaret Dabbs London Fabulous Feet range. This luxury pedicure treatment focuses on foot health and returns the feet and toenails to a more youthful appearance. Extra attention is given to the skin with foot filing and hard skin removal and provides long-lasting results. Using the full range of Margaret Dabbs London PURE Feet, the vegan-friendly range of products are enriched with powerful active botanicals and natural plant extracts, scented with aromatic Bergamot and Petitgrain. A choice of nail polish is applied to finish.

45 mins – 250 QAR

The Express Pedicure is a quick, no-nonsense pedicure that is performed on dry skin, utilizing expert techniques and medical standards of hygiene by using sterilized, single-use tools created by Margaret Dabbs. Flawless filing, buffing, and cuticle work are carried out with a selection of award-winning, professionally formulated products from the Margaret Dabbs London Fabulous Feet range.



Nail Color 75 mins 330 QARManicure with Shellac /Gel


20 mins 80 QAR

The elite Lycon brand offers a choice of Hot Wax, Strip Wax, and Lycon’s unique Lycojet waxes, complemented by pre-and post-waxing lotions, retail homecare products, and accessories, allowing the right combination to be tailored for total customer satisfaction.

Full Arms Waxing

25 mins 130 QARShellac Removal 45 mins 230 QARBack Waxing 45 mins – 250 QARBrazilian Waxing 20 mins 150 QARBikini Line Waxing 30 mins – 225 QARChest Waxing 15 mins – 50 QARChin Waxing 30 mins – 160 QAR

15 mins – 80 QAREyebrow Waxing 90 mins 1000 QARFull Body Waxing 75 mins – 450 QAR

Full Leg and Bikini Waxing 45 mins – 400 QARFull Leg Waxing

30 mins 120 QAR

Half Arm Waxing 30 mins – 200 QARHalf Leg Waxing 30 mins – 115 QAR

15 mins – 50 QARLip Waxing 30 mins – 100 QARStomach Waxing 30 mins – 80 QARUnder Arms Waxing

Half Back Waxing


All within the luxury of our private men's grooming suite

The Expert Barber’s Express Facial

30 mins – 300 QAR

The Express Facial is great for gentlemen who are new to skincare or on the go. This facial will be tailored to suit your skin type and will balance the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and protected. The facial starts with the skin being expertly cleansed and exfoliated. The application of hot towels delivers deep down cleansing by opening up the pores and soften ing the skin, prior to the mask application, selected to nourish or detoxify the skin. Designed by men for men, it's great for those who need a quick fix.

The Bearded Facial

30 mins – 250 QAR

The Bearded Facial is a quick fix facial that is tailored to suit all skin types and concerns and has been specifically devised for gentlemen with beards. Using active, advanced skin care products by Gentlemen’s Tonic, this simple facial allows the skin under the hair to be thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, enhanced by the use of hot towels that are applied to open up the pores, softening the skin and facial hair. A personalized mask is selected to further detoxify or nourish the skin, promoting a glowing, healthier complexion.

Both facials can be perfectly paired with the Bespoke Hand or Foot Treatment.

Beard Trim

Beard Design

30 mins – 85 QAR

40 mins – 95 QAR

Eyebrow Threading

20 mins – 60 QAR

20 mins – 85 QARGentleman’s Hair Treatment


Scheduling An Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please contact our reception team who will be delighted to assist you with your reservation. We highly recommend you book in advance to secure preferred appointment times and treatments.

Arrival Times

We recommend that you arrive up to 1 hour in advance of your treatment time to complete your brief consultation form, change, relax and enjoy our spa facilities.

Late Arrival

We offer our guests a reliable treatment schedule, so please appreciate that late arrivals will not receive an extension of the scheduled treatment time, to avoid inconvenience to other guests, and the same treatment price will apply.

What to Wear

Bathing suits are required for use in the thermal zones. However, we will provide all towels, robes, slippers, and amenities for use during your spa visit.

Cancellation Policy

A 100% charge will be incurred for any treatment not canceled at least 6 hours before your scheduled time.

During Your Stay

We aim to provide a peaceful setting for all spa guests, and so we ask you to please keep your mobile device silent and adhere to the no-mobile policy within the designated quiet zones.

Health Conditions

Kindly advise us of any health conditions, allergies, or injuries that could affect your choice of treatments or use of the spa facilities when making your reservation.


We have specially designed treatments for expectant women and nursing mothers. Please allow our spa team to guide you in selecting which treatments are most suitable during this special time.


For men, we recommend shaving before having a facial, to ensure maximum comfort and benefit to the skin.

Alcohol & Smoking

Both smoking and the consumption of alcohol are prohibited within the spa.

Gift Vouchers

We can provide the ideal gift for someone special. Please contact the spa reception for details.

Home Care

To continue your spa experience at home, most of the products used in our treatments are available at reception.


We recommend that you leave all your jewelry and valuables behind before visiting our spa. GOCO Spa will not be held responsible for valuables lost within the spa premises.


The Spa is for adults only; treatments and spa facilities are available to guests from the age of 16 and above.

All prices are quoted in Qatari Riyal and are subject to change at any time. Gratuities are not included and are welcomed at your discretion.

GOCO Spa at Steigenberger Hotel Doha Airport Road, Building #82, P.O. Box. 13102, Doha, Qatar

For reservations or further information, please contact GOCO Spa Doha:

Phone: +974 4020 1625 Email: gocospa.doha@steigenberger.com


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