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The Official Publication of the International Brangus® Breeders Association The Brangus Journal is an international news magazine serving the Brangus breed of beef cattle including Brangus crossbreds and Brahman and Angus stock necessary to produce Brangus cattle. Published six times a year by Brangus Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 696020, San Antonio, Texas 78269-6020. This publication is designed to promote and develop the Brangus breed and serve the best interests of the producers. Publication #ISSN0006-9132. Periodicals postage paid at San Antonio, Texas, and additional entries. Postmaster: Send address changes to Brangus Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 696020, San Antonio, Texas 78269-6020. Subscription Rates: Domestic Periodicals—1 year, $25; First class—$55. Foreign—1 year, periodicals, $25; air mail to Mexico, $70, Canada, $70, Australia, $115; air mail to all other countries, $115. Contact: P. O. Box 696020, San Antonio, Texas 78269-6020 Physical Address: 5750 Epsilon, San Antonio, Texas 78249 Tel.: 210.696.8231 Fax: 210.696.8718 Web site: Email: The International Brangus® Breeders Association does not verify claims made by the advertisers in this publication.

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 696020, San Antonio, Texas 78269-6020 Physical Address: 5750 Epsilon, San Antonio, Texas 78249 Tel.: 210.696.8231 Fax: 210.696.8718 Web site: Officers President: Don Cox (281.395.1277) 1st Vice President: Angelo Zottarelli (512.422.3123) 2nd Vice President: R.L. Robbs (520.384.2478) Secretary/Treasurer : Bill Davis (336.210.1222) Member At Large : Dale Kirkham (620.583.5247) Executive Vice President : Dr. Joseph Massey (210.696.8231) 2010-2013 IBBA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Term Expires 2011 Don Cox, Katy, Texas (281.395.1277) Bill Davis, Concord, Arkansas (336.210.1222) Joe Kassler, Newnan, Georgia (770.251.6522) Dale Kirkham, Eureka, Kansas (620.583.5247) Term Expires 2012 Bill Felton, Holly Springs, MS (662.252.1314) R. L. Robbs, Wilcox, AZ (520.384.2478) Robert S. Vineyard, Wharton, TX (979.532.4243) Doug Williams, Mocksville, NC (336.998.8125) Term Expires 2013 Steve Densmore, Bryan, Texas (979.778.1055) Fred McCreary, Evergreen, Alabama (251.578.4750) Larry Parker, San Simon, Arizona (520.508.3505) Frank Perry, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma (405.833.5189) Angelo Zottarelli, Austin, Texas (512.422.3123)

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Brangus Journal

BPI Officers and Board of Directors Chairman : Angelo Zottarelli (254.471.5675) President : Dr. Joseph Massey (210.696.8321 x212) Secretary/Treasurer : Bill Davis (336.210.1222) Director : R.L. Robbs (520.384.2478) Director: Don Cox (281.395.1277) STAFF Carolyn Kobos: Administrative Assistant to the Executive VP (x211, Frances Miller: Controller (x203, Grant Keenen: Director of Commercial Marketing Programs (x202; Rosanne Sralla: Registry Specialist (x206, Patti Teeler: Accounting (x205, Jim Bulger: Information Technologies Manager (x207, Emilio Silvas: Application Developer (x204, Mary Douglass: Front Desk and Member Services Associate (x201, ADVERTISING Melanie Fuller: (979.828.5300),


Red Brangus females in competition at Houston, TX.


IBBA 2010 Annual Houston Convention



by Don Cox

by Mark Enns, PhD

Brangus Does it in 2010

Cow Size and Efficiency


The Bottom Line by Grant Keenen

by Dr. Joseph M. Massey

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Houston 2010 Competition, Excitement, Camraderie, and Growth. See page 27.

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membershipbenefits Total Herd Reporting (THR) is rapidly becoming the industry standard for reporting beef seedstock performance information, and the IBBA is emerging as a leader in THR. IBBA membership provides flexibility. IBBA membership includes a subscription to the ­Brangus Journal, the official publication of the IBBA, and to the FRONTLINE Beef Producer, the IBBA's commerciallyfocused publication. IBBA members receive a complimentary copy of the IBBA Breeder Handbook.     Brangus®, Red Brangus, Ultrablack® or Ultrared, its your choice. You choose the genetics that best fit your customers’ needs. IBBA membership is full featured, not complex.      The Brangus Automated Registry Network (BARN) is the most advanced and user friendly registry system in the industry. In fact, for most breeders the BARN can eliminate the need for other herd management software. IBBA membership provides access.      The IBBA is an active participant in the development of Multi-Breed EPD, and participates in the Beef Cattle Decision Support web-based software developed by Colorado State University and the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium. Sorting and selecting genetics based on real economics positions IBBA members and their customers for increased profitability. IBBA membership is global.      IBBA is an active member of US Livestock Genetics Export, Inc., allowing members to leverage their ability to market IBBA genetics worldwide. IBBA currently provides services to breeders in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. IBBA membership creates opportunity.      The IBBA Business Plan adopted January 8, 2006 includes the following purpose statement: “Enable IBBA members to serve the commercial cattle industry.” The beef seedstock business is becoming increasingly competitive, and today’s breeders need an association that is truly dedicated to the needs of its members’ customers.

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HOTEL DISCOUNT FOR IBBA MEMBERS IBBA members, their families and friends can now receive specials rates* (12% discount) at over 650 La Quinta Hotels** nationwide for business or leisure travel. HOW TO MAKE RESERVATIONS: Go to: 1. Select City, and Specific Hotel; Type in Promotional Code: IBBA Or 2. *Call 1-800-753-3757 (1-800-SLEEPLQ). Toll Free Reservations; Request: “ International Brangus Breeders Association Rate” Or 3. *Call Hotel’s Direct Number; Request: “International Brangus Breeders Association Rate” *Not available at some locations during special events or holidays **Limited # of Hotels do not participate in “Texas State Rates”

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Nindooinbah Nick Cameron Beausdesert, Queensland Australia B + E Cattle Company Robert Englehart San Antonio, TX Circle W Sean Wright Hartford, AR JB Cattle Company Brad Wright College Station, TX Diamond H Cattle Chris & Katie Hoffman Stephenville, TX B S Cattle Steve Sartori Cottonwood, CA Tyrone Harville Bartlett, TN

Black X Ranch Van Hardin Rome, GA H6 Shelton & Patricia Holsey Goliad, TX

Brangus Journal

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Brangus Journal

Brangus Journal


ibba 2010 annual houston convention by DR. JOSEPH MASSEY


he International Brangus Breeders Association Annual Convention held in Houston, Texas was very well attended and our Committee Meetings drew standing room only crowds with good participation between the committees and the members in attendance. The room for the IBBA Banquet was filled to capacity and we even had to squeeze in one or two additional tables. This year the honorees were Joseph Reznicek for Pioneer of the year, Edward Baranowski for Breeder of the year, and, the inaugural award for Commercial Producer of the year went to John McKnight. The Show Herdsmen of the year were Garrett Thomas, Thomas Show Cattle for the Black Cattle Division and Rhumina Stofa, Stofa Rosa Ranch for the Red Cattle Division. The Brangus show has grown so large that the organizers of the Houston Livestock Show have scheduled us over two days; this year there were over 200 participants with the bulls showing on Friday afternoon and the Females showing Saturday afternoon. The Sunday IBBA International Program also saw an overflow crowd, we had anticipated about 150 participants but we had in excess of 250 which was a great way of finishing our Houston Convention. Our Brangus Breeders had two very successful cattle sales on Friday and on Saturday night with each having well over 300 participants. If you did not attend, you need to make arrangements to be there next year; attendance continues to grow as our programs get progressively better. This year our keynote speaker was Bill Helming, a well known economist who kept our members involved for well over two hours by his presentation about the outlook on cattle demand for the next several years and in subsequent discussions. His presentation and the discussions which followed were well worth the price of

attending our meetings. It is not often that we have a speaker of his qualifications and experience; his slide presentation was in our Convention literature and we will be posting it on the IBBA web-site. I would encourage all our members to go through his slides as he made many thought provoking forecasts for the cattle industry. The Year in Review presentation had a number of revealing facts ABOUT THE AUTHOR about the Brangus Association and Dr. Massey has served as several other breed associations. Executive Vice President The IBBA is on its third full year of the IBBA since 2004. In 2007, he started Genetic of THR and the performance data Performance Solutions, is just starting to have an impact LLC, a breed registry servicon our EPDs and giving us a better es and performance analyunderstanding about our cattle. sis company serving the Since we started THR, our usable cattle and breed associaperformance data with good con- tion industry— a joint ventemporary performance informa- ture between the IBBA and tion has doubled. For the past the Red Angus Association of America. GPS manages three years we have been getting online registry programs twice as much data per year which for breed associations and can be used in our EPD calcula- the data base managetions, but the data points fall off ment of performance data quickly as our animals get older. Only 30% of assessed cattle report useable weaning data and only 14% of assessed cattle report usable yearling data. The performance data for most other traits falls well below any measureable percentage. 2009 was a successful year for IBBA; both the financial forecast and the number of cattle reported on THR exceeded predictions. IBBA, like all other breed associations, is losing cattle, but we are probably on the lower end of the loss curve because your Board has been working hard to implement programs for the long haul and not work on short term knee jerk fixes. The importance of the IBBA strategic plan is now well understood and it must become even more important with our changing economic environment. There will be much change in the models to produce successful cattle programs and we must take the lead since any delay might prove costly to our breed. The following tables show that IBBA’s performance in the last three years has been similar to that of the American Angus Association; while they are a much larger association, the percentage of loss in membership and in cattle numbers has been comparable for each association. Membership has decreased almost 9% at IBBA while decreasing 11% at American Angus. The decline in cattle numbers has also been similar, Continued on page 17

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Brangus Journal

Brangus Journal




by DON COX, IBBA President

BRANGUS Does it in 2010 Do we Pull the rope or try to Push the rope?


s our Past President Dale Kirkham has said, “BRANGUS 2009 a year to celebrate”, and I say BRANGUS does it in 2010; we all can have a great year ahead of us. I want to first thank the Membership of the IBBA for the support they have shown our Great Breed and for their dedication to what I believe is one of the best cattle breeds in the world. I want to thank Dale Kirkham for the fine job he did leading BRANGUS during 2009 and his many years of service to the Board and persistence in helping the IBBA get our Bylaws in order. Dale has spent the last 3 or 4 years working diligently on the Bylaws and as all members know the Bylaws revisions passed with a large majority. I have served on the Board with Dale for several years and have trusted and respected him and his work ethic. I recently got to spend over a week with him in Paraguay at the World Brangus Congress and my thoughts of him were strengthened. Dale is an honorable man and the Brangus Breed owes Dale a big thank you for his service and dedication. I also want to thank our Executive Director, Dr. Joe Massey and his entire staff for helping direct and keep Brangus at the fore front of the Cattle Industry. Everyone knows how difficult the Cattle industry has been and with the economy struggling, our Brangus Association is envied by many cattle associations because of our financial strength and State of the Art programs. The IBBA now has 4 other Breeds paying us to use our programs, and Dr. Massey is in conversations with several more. The membership is to be commended for the support they have demonstrated to their association. You will probably hear me say this several times during the year, it is much easier to pull

the rope than try and push it. With everyone setting our minds on the same goals and objectives we are much more likely to achieve them than not. I believe that Brangus has the greatest opportunity facing us now than any other time in recent history and our goal as BRANGUS Breeders should be to grow this breed because the cattle are much better than the size of our association. If we all work together and pull the rope, we can grow this breed and gain the respect due the Brangus cattle. For the members that were unable to attend this year’s IBBA Annual meeting in Houston, I have included my slide presentation in print for your review. I have also asked Jim to post the slides on our new web site so you can view them at your leisure. The future of Brangus will be up to the membership and the leadership you have elected. I plan to do all I can to help grow Brangus and help the membership have more demand for the cattle we raise. Sincerely, Don Cox

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Don Cox has a true and dedicated interest in the breed and association. He spent two years as a transition board member, and in 2008 was elected for Position 7. He has served on the Breed Improvement, Membership and Education, Show Advisory, and Finance committees. He is on the board of the TBBA and an NCBA member. Domestically he has been involved with the breed for 27 years and first marketed internationally in 1988.

Powerpoint presentation given by Don Cox at the IBBA Annual Meeting, March 2010. Slide 1 • BRANGUS DOES it in 2010 Slide 2 • BEEF INDUSTRY • Why are we in it? • Produce cattle that can help improve genetics around the world • Produce cattle that help our customers grow beef that fits the consumers wants and demands • Produce Beef for the Food Chain around the world • How do we grow the BRANGUS BREED around the world? Slide 3 • GOALS for 2010 1. _ _ _ _ _ 2. _ _ _ 3. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

10 | march/april 2010

Brangus Journal

Slide 4 • Goals for 2010 1. BRAND Slide 5 • BRANDS What are they? Who are some internationally recognized brands? Mc Donalds, Coca Cola, Exxon Slide 6 • BRAND awareness builds demand • How can Brangus benefit? • Create a Brand that will be known around the world. • The Brand should be developed for our seedstock to produce a product that the consumer wants and will buy. • More customers will have a reason to buy our BRANGUS cattle.

Slide 7 How does BRANGUS develop a BRAND? Something like this…….. Slide 8 • What can BRANGUS do with a Brand and how do we get started • Small specialty chain grocery stores • Small restaurants chains • Beef Distributor that already works in this field • Internet Specialty Beef Sales • Franchises down the road • Grow the Brangus Breed with our Brand, and grow with the program Slide 9 • Goals for 2010 1. Brand 2. DNA

• Several years ago we discussed this and I think it would be great benefit for our members. • Much lower cost for breeders • Does away with Pre existing conditions • Our Industry is tuff enough; we need to help in lowering any costs we can for our members. Slide 15 • SERVICE for our MEMBERS • IBBA staff will continue to provide excellent service • When I ask new breeders, they always say how helpful the staff is. • We will try to do a survey midyear to see what areas we can Continued on page 17

Slide 10 • DNA - deoxyribonucleic acid • DNA is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA. ... • DNA is very important now and in the future. • We as a Breed need to be on the cutting edge to give our members an advantage for the future. • How can we as an Association help Breeders? Slide 11 • Develop a DNA Program • What I mean by a DNA program is find the best company that our BREED can work with to get the best results and sign a Service contract for BRANGUS and get our Members a very reduced price on the service. • This will encourage participation by members and our Breed will have more data to work with to improve our genetic selection and progress. Slide 12 • DNA Ad Hoc Committee • Committee will consist of 5 breeders • Committee will be asked to report on progress at the April Board Meeting • We should have the program in place by June 1, 2010 Slide 13 • Goals for 2010 1. BRAND 2. DNA 3. Group Health Insurance Plan for all Members Slide 14 • Why Group Health Insurance? Brangus Journal march/april 2010 | 11

12 | march/april 2010

Brangus Journal

genetic strategies


Cow Size and Efficiency


ecently my wife and I took our 18 month old son to see his grandmother in Oklahoma. So you are probably asking yourself—what does this have to do with cattle breeding? Well, during that drive we covered Colorado from North to South, and drove through southern Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. With that much “windshield time” and not much traffic, you get a lot of time to think and watch the landscape change. In every one of those environmental changes, we are producing beef and expect cows to survive, thrive, and produce calves. However feed resources during the drive through those states vary considerably from desert scrub to short grass prairie to areas with much more productive pasture and even some cows on wheat pasture (those are lucky cows!). With all of that diversity there is no single cow that is adapted to all of those environments, yet the appropriate Brangus cows would work well in most. The key is finding or breeding the right Brangus cow to meet those different environments. In any environment, the perfect cow should have a long life span, producing a calf every year. To do this without excess supplemental feed, the cow’s nutritional needs must be appropriately matched to her environment. From a production standpoint, this typically means the cow needs to be the correct mature size and have appropriate levels of milk production. Both of those factors contribute to the feed requirements needed to maintain the cow. A cow whose feed requirements exceed the forage resources needs supplemental feed. If that feed is not available, the cow will typically lose body condition as she tries to feed her calf and in turn that loss of body condition will diminish the probability that she will conceive in the breeding season. In general, larger cow size and greater levels of milk production result in a cow with greater feed requirements and potential lower reproductive rates. These relationships are supported by research as well. In a study out of New Mexico State University that spanned 34 years of production with Brangus cattle, Drs. Pablo Luna and Milt Thomas reported that as Brangus cow size increased in that environment, there

was a distinct trend for lower pregnancy rates. In later years of the study they reported that cow size began to decrease with cattle reaching maturity at earlier ages, and pregnancy rates improv- ABOUT THE AUTHOR ing. No doubt Dr. Enns’ research focuses on methods to genetically this is not nearevaluate and select ly as great of an animals that fit their issue in envi- production environment ronments with both biologically and greater forage economically. These efforts availability and include development quality, but of new methods for in these more evaluating and improving cow and heifer fertility, restrictive encow maintenance vironments ex- requirements, time to cessive cow size finish in the feedlot; and can become an development of methods issue. to better use economic While the information in selection previous study decisions for increased did not address milk production in the cow herd, other studies show that increasing levels of milk production increase feed requirements for the higher milking cows. That increase is not limited to the time when the cow is nursing a calf, but there is also a corresponding increase in requirements when she is dry. Achieving those higher levels of milk production requires larger organ mass in the cow, something that does not decrease just because the cow may be dry. So as you think about upcoming breeding decisions, consider how your seedstock will be used by your customers. Remembering that in harsher environments, bigger and heavier milking genetics are not necessarily better. As always, if you have further questions or comments on this topic, please do not hesitate to send those in to us at These questions and comments will be discussed in upcoming issues. BJ

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the bottom line


This year’s Global Brangus Roundup was a huge success! The 2010 Global Brangus Roundup was held Sunday, March 7, 2010 at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds in Rosenberg, TX. There were 49 head of high quality registered Brangus Cattle on exhibit representing 23 different ranches from Florida to California and Arkansas to South Texas. The day started off with a great Texas style BBQ lunch served by Thomas Catering of Shepherd, TX. Dr. Massey and Marcos Borges welcomed everyone to this year’s event and thanked all for attending. Then there was a special presentation made by the Australian Brangus Association regarding the World Brangus Congress that will be held in Queensland, Australia in 2012. The lunch was attended by 225 people with approximately 100 International guests representing about 10 countries. What an extraordinary turnout! This event clearly showed the interest in Brangus cattle from all around the world. The event then moved to the covered arena next door where the cattle were being exhibited; an open bar was surrounded by booths from our sponsors and various breeders. Everyone had a chance to walk the alleys, look at cattle and visit with other breeders. It was really great to see so many people looking at cattle and talking with each other…that made the event totally worth it. The cattle and ranch presentations were next. Leo Casas, Andres Sanchez and Marcos Borges were our official MC’s. Every ranch was introduced and their cattle talked about as the animals were moved through the display ring. This gave both the International and domestic guests a chance to view all of the cattle once more and learn a little bit about each breeder. This year’s Roundup was sponsored in part by Ovitra Biotechnology, Dr. Brad Lindsey and Advanced Genetic Services, Trent Wilson. These two companies work together to offer a complete line of reproductive services to meet any producer’s needs. Ideal Video Productions, Wade Fisher also sponsored this year’s event by providing the audio equipment. Ideal is a full service video productions company that is able to assist ranch marketing through videography, web based videos and online sales. Many well-known and accomplished herd sires that have helped shape the Brangus breed as well as the up and coming future bulls were on display at the Roundup. There was also a great set of females on exhibit including donor cows along with bred heifers and pairs that will probably soon be in the donor lineup at their respective ranches. Thank you to all of the exhibitors who displayed cattle and helped make this year’s Roundup a huge success….

14 | march/april 2010

Brangus Journal

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Alford Cattle Co., Lee Alford III Bar C Bar, Charles Atkinson & Family BKC Ranch, Kelly & Stacey Costello Cavender Ranches, Joe Cavender & Family Chimney Rock Cattle Co., Bill & Gail Davis Circle X Land & Cattle, Steve Densmore, mgr. Cow Creek Ranch, The Joseph Reznicek Family ABOUT THE AUTHOR Cox Excalibur, Don Cox & Family Dillard Land & Cattle, Joe Dillard & Fam- Grant Keenen is the Director of Commercial Martking ily Programs for the IBBA. For Draggin’ M Ranch, John & Sherry Milam any questions or inquiries El Rancho Espanol, Daniel & Pamela regarding IBBA Commercial Doiron Programs, such as OptimaxX Genesis Ranch, Mike Weathers and Brangus Gold, Grant can be reached by phone at Hengst Bros., Karl & Dennis Hengst 210.696.8231 or by email at Indian Hills, Buck & Sidney Thomason OB Ranch, Marcos Borges Rancho los Nogales, Marlene Coronel & Family Rancho Trabajo, Gary Markham Southern Cattle Co., John Downs Star G Ranches, Dominick & Angelia Gandy Triangle K Farm, Dennis Kmiec Trio Cattle & Genetics, Allen Goode, Cheramie Viator, Damon Acord Two Hearts Brangus, Chris & Mary Douglass Suhn Cattle Co., Vern Suhn

Miller Brangus of Franklin, TN, and Corlay Cattle Company of Huntsville, TX, also participated in this year’s Roundup. These two ranches were not able to exhibit cattle, but each of them had a booth display and contributed greatly to the overall appeal and success of the event. We are already working on next year’s Roundup, so plan now to attend and be part of a tremendous day and have the opportunity to connect with breeders from more than 10 countries. A huge thanks to all of our sponsors, exhibitors, cattle handlers and staff for contributing to the overwhelming accomplishment of the 2010 Roundup! And thanks again to all of our guests for attending the 2010 Global Brangus Roundup and we look forward to seeing you next year for the 2011 event! BJ

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Brangus Journal

Continued from page 8 14.60% decrease for IBBA cattle on THR and about 18% decrease in registrations at American Angus. I am not suggesting that this is okay but rather there has been a liquidation of cattle in the United States and the seedstock industry is not being spared. This reduction of seedstock along with commercial cattle clearly points to the fact that the number of breeding bulls required on an annual basis has been reduced significantly. We in the cattle business have been facing very difficult economic conditions which are predicted to persist for the

foreseeable future. I want to encourage all of us to better understand that current and past cattle producing models are probably broken and we must develop new models if we are to survive. As I see the short term economic picture, there is little incentive to expand cattle numbers, to enter the cattle business at this time or even to make major investments in agriculture projects. It is up to us as seedstock producers to develop the next generation of operating models that will help us all to succeed. BJ

International Brangus Breeders Association Members THR Registrations




1252 42454 23518

1202 37488 26972

1141 36244 27229

%Chg 2007-08 %Chg 2008-09 %Chg 2007-09

-4.00% -11.69% 14.68%

-5.00% -3.40% 1.11%

-8.99% -14.60% 15.79%

American Angus Associations Published Data Members Bulls Cows Total




17661 151358 194977 346335

16831 143722 188594 332316

15734 120418 160964 281382

%Chg 2007-08 %Chg 2008-09 %Chg 2007-09

-4.70% -5.04% -3.27% -4.05%

-6.52% -16.21% -14.65% -15.33%

-10.91% -20.44% -17.44% -18.75%

Continued from page 10 improve in. Slide 16 • IBBA Committee Chairman for 2010 • Finance- Bill Davis • Breed Improvement- Frank Perry • Comm. Marketing- Steve Densmore • Show Advisory- Dr. Robert Vineyard • Promotion- Joe Kassler • Membership and Educ.- Fred McCreary • IJBBA- Bill Felton • Awards- Doug Williams Slide 17 • IBBA in 2010 • Are we as a BREED going to, PUSH the ROPE? OR PULL the ROPE? We can truly make Brangus grow if we set our minds on achieving our goals for 2010. Let’s work together and build this Breed of Cattle to one of the largest in the world. BJ

Brangus Journal

march/april 2010 | 17


It’s a Dirty Job but... Oh the smells of the livestock show! While it may be a little OFFICERS ADVISORS “aromatic” at times, for those of us who love the livestock show season, there are fewer smells that invoke more wonderful memPresident: Chelsie Meyer, Oklahoma Tyler Dean Ex-Officio: Ben Fuller, Texas ories! Maybe the smell of a steak on the grill! Now that’s a smell that everyone loves! But what if we could never go to another Randy Deshotel BOARD OF DIRECTORS: show? Or even worse, never eat another grilled steak? Think that Alex Brull, Kansas can’t happen? Well think again! Justin Shrader, Texas Mary Douglass Daniel Watson, Louisiana In recent years, many “unthinkable” things have happened. Katy Knox, Texas Our auto industries are going bankrupt! Our government is runJessica Brumley, Louisiana ning on fumes. Japan owns most of our country’s debt. Wait Ray Smith Emily Jackson, Texas Emily Smith, Texas didn’t we defeat little Japan in one of those World Wars a long Allison Deshotel, Louisiana time ago?? Closer to home, how many people do you know that Damon Acord are out of a job? How many farmers or ranchers have you heard IBBA Youth Department of that are barely getting by? How many dispersal sales have Tammy Weid you heard of lately? We notice that PETA protestors make an pearance at most every rodeo - are our livestock shows their next target? Ginger Pritchard Expenses are continually on the rise and yet cattle prices have stayed nearly consistent for years. What is happening? Pressure! Pressure is being loudly put on industry to “go green” and produce products that will not harm the environment. While we all applaud better, cleaner technology, this “greening” of our industry costs sure does cost us “green,” and lots of it! These environmental groups use the power of the media to influence the public. If you say something long enough and loud enough, people will believe you whether it’s true or not! Using the pitiful pictures of abandoned and neglected animals or videos of dying animals, the animal rights groups have made the public believe that all animal businesses are cruel. What does this do to our industry? Plenty! It costs us money in the form of higher input prices and more regulation put on our farms and ranches. In short, it makes it harder to make a dollar of profit! So what can WE do? Educate yourself about what is happening in the beef and agriculture industry. Become active in your producer organizations, breed associations, local, state and national agriculture organizations. We can speak up in support of our industry! We can speak long and loud about how much care we put into our work and how well we take care of our animals. We can promote the health benefits of beef and the safety of food in our country. We can work together as an industry to support the efforts of all breeders, ranchers, farmers, and agriculture related businesses! We can educate the public that animal based businesses are NOT cruel. We can support, with our own dollars, those businesses and politicians who speak in defense of agriculture related businesses! Don’t let others dictate the direction of your own industry just because it’s easier to ignore the chaos. Keep in mind, they aren’t ignoring you! One area that will open your eyes to the current state of the beef industry is online blogs. Amanda Nolz posts a blog on Beef Daily (www. that explores the current topics related to agriculture. One recent article that Nolz cited was “How Can Farming and Ranching Survive?” written by Shan Ingram for The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation. This article stated that “less than 1 percent of the population is involved in getting food to the consumer” - a consumer that many times, has no idea where their food comes from or what it takes to get it to the store!” Ingram goes on to note, “The public doesn’t understand that fertilizer, pesticides, and biotechnology are good things when used properly. They have watched too many movies and listened to too many slanted “news reports” that are based on emotion and fear rather than facts and science.” Apparently we must “do a better job of telling our story and explaining our position, or we may not have a story to tell.” Nolz recently posted a note referencing another blog by Mike Rowe, host of the TV show “Dirty Jobs”. Nolz states, “His program is dedicated to exploring the hard work that average Americans do to make life easier for everyone else. For Rowe, that sometimes means visiting farms where he has done things like pulling baby calves and castrating lambs. As a result of his experiences and common sense approach, a rare thing in Hollywood, Rowe is now championing for agriculture’s cause.” Farming and ranching are not glamorous businesses but are very necessary to the survival of our country. We need to let the public know the importance of our work! It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

Katy Knox 2010 IJBBA Director

The IJBBA is now accepting nominations for the 2010 Source of Champions Sale. All heifer nominations will be accepted and there will be a selection process when the heifers arrive to West Monroe to determine the 10 heifers that will sell. Nominations will be accepted until June 15, 2010. Contact a junior board member or Tyler Dean to get more information or your nomination form. 18 | march/april 2010

Brangus Journal

Brangus Journal March/april 2010 | 19


Brangus Journal

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march/april 2010 | 21

Genetic edge xv sale Strong Demand Domestically and Internationally he Genetic Edge XV Sale was held March 6th in the Reliant Center East Arena. The results for the sale at the 2010 Houston Livestock Show are as follows:  


Sale Total: $113,600 High Selling Lot: $5,700 Consignor: Don Cow, Cox Excalibur Red Brangus - Katy, Texas Buyer: Victor De Leon - Victoria, Mexico Bull Sales: $4,100 Top Bull: $4,100 Consignor: Dox XX’s Cattle Company Brenham, Texas Buyer: Gerardo Alanis - Laredo, Texas Female Sales: $97,400 Top Female: $5,700 Consignor: Don Cox, Cox Excalibur Red Brangus - Katy, Texas Buyer: Victor De Leon - Victoria, Mexico Other Top Lots: $4,600 Consignor: BKC Ranch/Hockley Ranch Hockley, Texas Buyer: Victor De Leon - Victoria, Mexico Embryos: $6,700 Semen: $5,400 Salereports Continued on page 24

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Salereports Continued from page 22.

global collection sale Excitement Under the Tent


t was truly a history making evening in Houston, TX on Friday March 5, 2010. The first annual Global Collection sale was held at 9PM under the tent outside of the Holiday Inn hotel next to Reliant Stadium. By all accounts there were over 400 people in attendance to evaluate this truly elite set of genetics assembled from 24 herds across the United States. Brangus cattle were the hot topic in Houston that weekend and after this historic sale Brangus has continued to be the hot topic. The unstated theme of the sale was “the ones that you don’t want to part with”. By the action on the seats everyone realized that any one of these females has the potential to change a program and that these opportunities to purchase such genetics do not come along very often. Leading off the bred heifers was Ms Southern Lambert 803U2. This eye catching daughter of the Lambert of Brinks 317R3 bull was a crowd favorite being offered by Southern Cattle Company of Marianna, FL. They sold half interest and full possession of this female and the winning bidder was Robert Yates and Pete Peterson of Robert Yates Ranch in Hamptonville, NC. They won the bid at $20,000 for half interest. Cavender ranches of Bullard, TX provided the sale topping open heifer, CB Ms Blanda 415W. This thick and powerful Blanda of Brinks 535R54 female made quite an impression. Two ranches had to team up to outlast all of the other bidders. Southern Cattle Company of Marianna, FL and Robert Yates Ranch of Hamptonville, NC paired up to outlast all others at $20,000. The high selling pair made a long trailer ride from Eureka, KS. Suhn Cattle Company dug deep into the core of their herd and offered Suhn’s Ms Duke 416P10 along with her October heifer calf by Suhn’s Distinction 331T48. This tremendous pair gathered lots of fans as The Oaks Farms of Newnan, GA and Genesis Ranch of Columbus, TX partnered on this lot at $19,500. Then there were four very special lots. What was offered in these lots does not come along very often. First, Chimney Rock Cattle Company of Concord, AR offered six pregnant recips. This special lot gathered up $27,200 and sold to 4 different buyers. Ray Johnston of Johnston Farms, Ross Riebe of Diamond DR Brangus, John Milam of Draggin’ M Ranch and John Downs of Southern Cattle Company all made tremendous purchases by taking advantage of these hard to come by matings. Next, Southern Cattle Company of Marianna, FL offered pick of their entire 2010 heifer calf crop. This is to include all of their Brangus, Ultra Black, breeding up to Brangus cattle, and Angus heifers. Cavender Ranches paid $27,000 for the right to pick thru these heifers before anyone else. Next on the list was another pick of the heifer calf crop. This time Black Water Cattle Company of Lake Park, GA offered pick of their entire 2009 heifer 24 | march/april 2010

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More than a Meeting



n 1979 the first scholarship award was made by the IBA. Since that time, the scope and participation in the award and scholarship program has increased tremendously; the IBA has awarded over $400,000 in scholarships. The scholarships are provided by fundraising and donations made to the IBA scholarship program. The IBA awards are made available to the membership of the IJBBA. Applicants and winners represent a competitive cross section of Brangus breeders throughout the United States. The following biographies highlight some previous recipients.

Sally Jennings

INTERNATIONAL BRANGUS AUXILIARY OFFICERS President: Pamela Doiron P.O. Box 1029, Santa Ynez, California 93460 (805.688.8310) First Vice-President: Karen Lucherk 2278 CR 213, McCoy, Texas 78113 (830.484.0209) Second Vice-President : Marlene Schwerin 11897 Schwerin Lane, Gentry, Arkansas (409.790.2355) Secretary: Tracee Buffaloe 2405 Terrace, Victoria, Texas 77901 (281.748.2399) Treasurer: Sharon McCreary HC 34, Box 125, Evergreen, Alabama (251.578.4750) Historian: Jodi Jackson 3099 Horseshoe Bend Road, Waco, Texas 76708 (254.836.4320)

I attended Lawrence High School, Lawrence, Kan., and Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan. I obtained my B.S. in Animal Science from DIRECTORS KSU in 2001. Mary Beth Farris, Texas Currently, I am in my senior year at Baker University School of Nurs- Kay Gibson, Texas Karen Lucherk, Texas ing in Topeka, Kansas, with an expected graduation date of DecemJoy Reznicek, Alabama ber 2007. Barbara Watson, Louisiana Susan Vaughan, Georgia The IJBBA affected my life in many ways. Not only did it allow me to seek leadership positions; but, taught me how to lead, once fulfilling those positions. The IJBBA also gave me a direction to follow during my teenage years when development can be so influential.As a member, I was able to attend industry workshops, network with potential employers and make lifetime friendships. I commend the IJBBA for providing numerous learning opportunities in and out of the show ring. My favorite memory of the IJBBA days would definitely stand to come from the NJBS. As a Brangus member from Kansas, I looked forward to seeing all of the people I had met from previous shows. I also loved meeting new showmen and their families.

Jason Hayford

I would like to thank the IBA for their investment in not only me but all the other juniors. This is a lifetime investment that all agricultural producers will benefit from over the years. I received my B.S. from the University of Florida in Animal Science specializing in Beef Cattle Production and a Minor in Extension. While attending school I was on the Collegiate Meat and Animal Evaluation team, Block and Bridle, CAL’S Ambassadors and Collegiate FFA. Following graduation in 2003, I was employed by the United States Department of Agricultural Natural Resource Conservation Service. Recently I have been promoted to District Conservationist in Quincy, Florida. This has given me the opportunity to continue to work with all areas of Agricultural Production. In my spare time I have been judging livestock shows in Florida and Alabama, and coaching livestock judging teams when I am not fishing! Since I have moved closer to home, it has given me the opportunity to work on the family farm where we still raise and show Brangus cattle.

calf crop. This will be the first females sold from this outstanding herd and they were rewarded well for making this offer. Lee McGarity of Vanna Farm won the bid at $23,000. The last special lot but certainly not the least was a pick of a flush from Suhn Cattle Company of Eureka, KS. The lucky bidder will be able to pick one or two cows from the Suhn elite donor program and is guaranteed 12 embryos. The bidding was intense but David Wood of Double W Ranch made the strong bid of 17,000 and now has the right to flush some of the top cows in the Brangus business.

Csonka and shares were sold on this outstanding herd sire. The shares sold that night totaled $30,000.

Semen shares were also sold that night on one of the breed greats Csonka of Brinks 30R4. Here is a bull that needs no introduction to anyone in the business. The Oaks Farms decided to syndicate

25 Lots grossed $315,000 to average $12,600 Â

Sale Breakdown 10 Open heifers grossed $96,800 to average $9,680 7 Bred heifers grossed $59,000 to average $8,429 5 Special pick lots grossed $99,200 to average $19,840 1 Bull syndication grossed and averaged $30,000 1 Embryo lot grossed and averaged $2,500

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The 2010 IJBBA Foundation Female offered by Genesis Ranch, Columbus, Texas

Ms MW BS607L11 75W2 DOB: 2/17/2009 l R10137686 Sire: Brinks Bright side 607L11 Dam: Ms Brinks Ali 75N22

Thank you to everyone who supported the IJBBA by purchasing the 2010 Foundation Heifer, donated by Mike and Gloria Weathers, Genesis Ranch. Thank you also to Josh Reynolds of RRR Ranch for purchasing the donation semen lot from Eddie Blazek of Mound Creek Ranch and Mike Kammerer of Red Bird Meadows Ranch. You are investing in our future and the future of the breed, we greatly appreciate your support!

Thank You from the ijbba Joe & Nancee Lingg, Lingg Brangus Roger & Janet Greuel, Greuel Family Brangus Don Cox, Cox Excalibur Lari & Pat Scott, Scott Cattle Co.

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Chris & Sharee Sankey, Sankey’s 6N Ranch John Kopycinski, Oak Creek Ranch Michael Coggins, Blackwater Cattle Co.

Jeff Smith, JLS International

Steve Densmore, Circle X Land & Cattle

Wyliss Kemp, 5K Cowbelle

John Milam, Draggin’ M Ranch

Tony & Tammy Weid, Weid Bros.

Joe Kassler, The Oaks Farms

Brody Shumake, Shumake Cattle Co.

David Wood, Double W Ranch

Jack Jorgenson, JOJ Brangus

Robert Yates & Pete Peterson, Robert Yates Ranch LLC Josh Reynolds, RRR Ranch

Joe & Melanie Fuller, Cross F Cattle

Joe Cavender, Cavender Ranches

Randy Deshotel, 3 Sisters Cattle Co.

Dr. Randy Schmidt, Schmidt Farms

Ronnie Link, Eagles Ranch

Mike & Lisa Doguet, Doguet’s Diamond D

Pam Doiron, El Rancho Espanol De Cuyama Carl & Denise Hillin, Hillin Cattle Co.

26 | march/april

Tyler & Jessica Dean, T Dean Cattle

Chris & Mary Douglass, Two Hearts Brangus

Wayne & Shawn Knox, Diamond K Investments

International Junior Brangus Breeders Association PO Box 696020 l San Antonio, Texas 78269-6020

Dr. Robert Vineyard, Vineyard Cattle Co.

Vern Suhn, Suhn Cattle Co. Steven Climer, 5C Cattle Co.

Joe & Elise Dillard, Dillard Cattle Co. Johnny Vines, Quail Creek Ranch

Mark Watson, Watson 3 Ranch

Doug Williams, L&W Cattle

Randy Rhodes, Triple R Ranch

Fred & Sharron McCreary, McCreary Farms

Bill Davis, Chimney Rock Cattle Co.

2010 Experience the International Show Convention & Global Roundup

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2010 - Show

28 | march/april 2010

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2010 - Convention

Brangus Journal march/april 2010 | 29

2010 - Global Roundup

30 | march/april 2010

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2010 2009 Breeder of the Year - Edward C. Baranowski, Jr.

The Breeder of the Year Award was established in 1981 to annually honor a person in the breed who has shown outstanding leadership in the association and who has been truly progressive in the promotion, production, and advancement of Brangus cattle. Guidelines for selection were to be: a member in good standing of the IBBA and active in regional Brangus activities; a person who worked for the improvement of the Brangus breed; who efficiently used the tools of the breed for improvement of their cattle within their own program and was both active and interested in youth programs. The Brangus breed boasts a rich heritage of individuals who have been more than impressive to our breed. The 2009 recipient of this prestigious award, Edward C. Baranowski, Jr. has made vast contributions to the Brangus Breed for over 35 years.

moved back to their hometown of Needville, Texas. The second phase of Ed’s career began when he became managing partner of Meadow Oaks Ranch in Moulton, Texas owned by the late Dr. Harold Brelsford. Ed was able to continue the Champ bloodlines with more of a focus on the commercial industry while at Meadow Oaks. Ed also became more active in his community youth programs involving cattle. He became and remains a Director of the Needville Youth Fair and is recognized as an honorary FFA alumnus. Throughout the years, Ed has helped numerous students get their start in the cattle business by serving as their mentor and advisor on cattle projects. Ed met Dr. Robert Vineyard in 1976 when Diamond M Acres and Vineyard Cattle Co. had a joint Production Sale. Both of these men developed a mutual respect for one another that has grown over the last three plus decades. In 2005 Ed became involved in the VCC cattle operation and remains an active part in the management of VCC on a daily basis.

In May of 1974 Ed graduated from Texas A & M University with a degree in Animal Science and married Janet Zwahr on June 1st. Janet and Ed spent their honeymoon in Kerrville, Texas showing Brangus cattle at the International Brangus Futurity. When they returned, they moved to Simonton, Texas. Ed began his career here as General Manager of Diamond M Acres owned by the late Don E. McMahon. For 17 years Ed and Mr. McMahon made Brangus history breeding some of our breed’s foundation seed stock. Ed bred, raised and showed Champion Herd Sires known today as the DMA Champ bloodline. Included in this prestigious bloodline were DMA Champ 300, DMA Champ 533, and DMA Champ 700. In 1980 at Diamond M Acres, Ed produced only one calf from embryo transfer – that calf became a well known herd bull and the first Triple Crown Show Champion in our IBBA History records – his name was DMA King.

Ed has always given back his time, talents and knowledge to the IBBA and their Brangus cattle. He has participated on many committees, served as Junior Advisor, judged major IBBA shows as well as many county cattle shows and several IJBBA and TJBBA shows. Ed developed the ideas of an event centered around the commercial cattlemen. The IBBA adopted Ed’s ideas and plan and this successful event is known as The Brangus Summit.

Ed and Don McMahon became very compatible and for 17 years this great ranch contributed a sound genetic foundation for our association and many of our breeding programs.

It is because of all his leadership, promotion and many contributions to the IBBA and our Brangus cattle, that this award is proudly presented to Edward C. Baranowski, Jr., the 2009 Breeder of the Year.

Upon the death of Don McMahon, Janet, Ed and the family

Ed’s family and faith are utmost important in his life. Janet and Ed have been married for 36 years and their three children and two grandchildren live close to Ed and Janet in the Needville – Houston complex. Their oldest child, Matt is married to Laura and they have two children – Madeline (5 years) and Levi (5 months). The other two children are twin girls – Taryn and her fiancé Bobby and Katie and her husband Heath.

Presented by: Dr. Robert Vineyard

2009 Commercial Cattleman of the Year - John McKnight

The recipient of this inaugural IBBA award is a man that we all know and respect. He is a man of honor and integrity and is known across the country, in all breeds, as a person with tremendous knowledge of the cattle industry. Whether he is out in the pasture with a local customer or at the capital building advising lawmakers, people listen to, and respect this man’s opinion. He began his professional life in the registered Hereford business, and for years owned and operated a highly successful ranch that produced nationally recognized herd sires and females. After decades of hard work , he dispersed his herd of Hereford cattle and began to consult and work with Brangus operations such as Spring Creek Ranch and Whitehall Plantation in the 80’s and 90’s. It was with those ranches that he realized the importance and contribution to the industry that a commercial Brangus female offered. In the years that followed, this man began to breed and gather good, functional, and consistent commercial Brangus females and

breed them to registered Brangus bulls. He then marketed them all across the southern United States to cattlemen that appreciated the quality of females he had to sell. This became his passion, and calling, and with his good friend Joe Reznicek, he became very successful at it, and continues today to be a huge proponent of the commercial Brangus female. It has been a pleasure, for as long as I can remember, to know John McKnight. He has been like a second father to me, and it is with honor that I have the opportunity to award John with the first ever Commercial Cattleman of the Year. Presented by: Bill Felton

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2010 2009 IBBA Pioneer of the Year - Joe Reznicek

Joe Reznicek was raised on a diversified farming and cattle operation in south central Illinois. The Reznicek family purchased their first registered Angus female in the spring of 1952 and in 2002 the family celebrated its 50th year in the seedstock business.

Joe received a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Husbandry from the University of Illinois in Champaign. He dedicated his career to the production of high quality genetics in Angus and Brangus cattle. Joe joined Cow Creek Ranch in 1985, in 1994 he became managing partner, and in 1999, he purchased the operation in its entirety. Joe Reznicek led Cow Creek Ranch to become a nationally recognized producer of seedstock for the beef cattle industry. Cow Creek Ranch is recognized by the National Beef Cattlemen’s Association as the country’s 21st largest seedstock operation. In 1999, Joe

Reznicek was named “Brangus Breeder of the Year’ by the International Brangus Breeders Association. In 1993 Cow Creek Ranch began developing and breeding Ultrablacks® (Brangus x Angus) and actively started marketing them in 1996. In 2005, Cow Creek Ranch sold the Ultrablack trademark to the International Brangus Breeders Association. Joe Reznicek was active in local and civic activities and served two terms on the American Angus Association Board of Directors. He served as a judge of many state, national and international cattle shows. He was a supporter of, and a mentor to, many young people in the cattle industry. Presented by John McKnight

2009 Herdsman of the Year (Black) - Garrett Thomas

2009 Herdsman of the Year (Red) - Rhumina Stofa

32 | march/april 2010

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2010 - Show Results

Grand Chmpion Bull & Champion Sr Bull D Bar D Mr Amos Moses 23T1 Exhibited by: D Bar D Brangus, Ellisville, MS

Reserve Champion Bull & Champion Yearling Bull ACC Stimulus 873U2

Exhibited by: Barry Cattle Co, College Station, TX & Allen Cattle Co, Crockett, TX

Champion Jr Bull Calf SBR Coal Train 222WR Exhibited by: Sunny Brook Farms, Jackson, MS

Reserve Champion Jr Bull Calf Mr JLS Savage 915W42 Exhibited by: JLS International, Devine, TX

Reserve Champion Yearling Bull Mr JLS Mighty Mouse 784U5 Exhibited by: JLS International, Devine, TX

Champion Sr Bull Calf DCC Mr Paladin 915U5 Exhibited by: Dillard Land & Cattle, Katy, TX

Reserve Champion Sr Bull Calf WC Hurricane 107U Exhibited by: Carolyn Belden, Oroville, CA

Reserve Champion Sr Bull BD Cuyama Brightside 7201T Exhibited by: El Ranch Espanol de Cuyama, Santa Ynez, CA

Grand Champion Heifer & Champion Sr Heifer Miss JLS Kelly 915T47 Exhibited by: JLS International, Devine, TX

Reserve Champion Heifer & Champion Summer Heifer Sankey’s Caliente 108U3 Exhibited by: Chris Sankey & Molly Zwick, Council Grove, KS

Champion Jr Heifer Calf Miss KTB 184W Exhibited by: Neil Beckman, Marble Falls, TX

Reserve Champion Jr Heifer Calf 2H Miss Calais 1214W2 Exhibited by: Two Hearts Brangus, Seguin, TX

Champion Sr Heifer Calf Miss Jls Dawn 789U8 Exhibited by: JLS International, Devine, TX

Reserve Champion Sr Heifer Calf DDD Ms Sylvia 804U27 Exhibited by: Thomas Show Cattle, Shepherd, TX

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march/april 2010 | 33

2010 - Show Results

Reserve Champion Summer Heifer 2H Pretty Sweet 294U6 Exhibited by: Two Hearts Brangus, Seguin, TX

Champion Yearling Heifer DDD Ms Nancy 150U8 Exhibited by: Doguet Diamond D Ranch, Poteet, TX

Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer Ms 4JR Amigo 468D2 U Exhibited by: Clint Faul, Rayne, LA

Reserve Champion Sr Heifer D Bar D Anita Kay Exhibited by: Abbie Jorgenson, Tyler, TX

Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair 2H Miss Kreedence 820S6 Exhibited by: Two Hearts Brangus, Seguin, TX

Reserve Champion Cow/Calf Pair JMH Ms Sally 948T Exhibited by: Tiner Family Cattle, Hempstead, TX

Red Grand Champion Bull & Champion Yearling Bull Dos XX’s Stout’s Destiny

Exhibited by: Dos XX’s Cattle Co, Washington, TX; Keith & Cheri Byrom: Gregory & Veronica Munoz

Red Reserve Champion Bull & Champion Sr Bull Trio’s Triumph 175T

Exhibited by: Trio Cattle & Genetics, Madisonville, TX; MBJ Ranch, Wharton, TX; Agropecuaria SV, Costa Rica

Red Champion Jr Bull Calf -C- Atkinson’s Resolution Exhibited by: -C- Red Brangus, Wharton, TX

Red Reserve Champion Jr Bull Calf MBJ Wiseguy 268W

Red Champion Sr Bull Calf Dos XX’s Stout’s Mr Tango Exhibited by: Dos XX’s Cattle Co, Washington, TX

Red Reserve Champion Sr Bull Calf TJR Mr Powerball 198/U Exhibited by: Triple JR Cattle Co, Friendswood, TX

Exhibited by: MBH Ranch, Wharton, TX; Trio Cattle & Genetics, Madisonville, TX; Rancho La Vaictoia, Tamaulipas, MX

34 | march/april 2010

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2010 - Show Results Red Reserve Champion Yearling Bull CX Mr Payload 930/U Exhibited by: Cox Excalibur, Katy, TX

Red Reserve Champion Sr Bull CX Home Run’s Power 23/T1 Exhibited by: Cox Excalibur, Katy, TX

Red Champion Summer Bull Rocket of Stofa 353U Exhibited by: Stofa Rosa Ranch, Willis, TX

Red Reserve Champion Heifer & Champion Sr Heifer Calf Dos XX’s Miss Lily 112/8 Exhibited by: Dos XX’s Cattle Co, Washington, TX

Red Grand Champion Heifer & Champion Jr Heifer Calf Trio’s Wildfire 175W Exhibited by: Trio Cattle & Genetics, Madisonville, TX

Red Reserve Champion Jr Heifer Calf Broken A Angelina 114W Exhibited by: Austin Acord, Madisonville, TX

Red Reserve Champion Summer Heifer Ms SR Promise 417U2 Exhibited by: Stofa Rosa Ranch, Willis, TX

Red Reserve Champion Sr Heifer Calf Broken A Ultima 14U2 Exhibited by: William Burdick, Angleton, TX Red Champion Summer Heifer CX Ms Red Chief 59/U Exhibited by: Cox Excalibur, Katy, TX Red Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer CX Ms Red Chief 506/U Exhibited by: Cox Excalibur, Katy, TX Red Champion Yearling Heifer Diamond Bar S Miss Abbey 265U2 Exhibited by: Allison Deshotel, Ville Platte, LA

Red Champion Sr Heifer BCC Ms Boxcar Buffaloe 975T Exhibited by: Buffaloe Cattle Co, Victoria, TX

Red Reserve Champion Sr Heifer BCC Ms Chief 85Y’s 144T Exhibited by: Billiam Burdick, Houston, Tx

Champion Produce of Dam Miss JLS Skye 789R3 Exhibited by: Dillard Land & Cattle, Katy, TX

Red Champion Produce of Dam Dos XX’s Miss Molly 328/1 Exhibited by: Dos XX’s Cattle Co, Washington, TX

Champion Jr Get of Sire DDD Hercules 88S3 Exhibited by: Callie Scott, Angleton, TX

Red Champion Jr Get of Sire Dos XX’s Transformer’s Mr Stout Exhibited by: Dos XX’s Cattle Co, Washington, TX

Champion Breeder’s Herd Exhibited by: Callie Scott, Angleton, TX

Red Champion Breeder’s Herd Exhibited by: Dos XX’s Cattle Co, Washington, TX

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march/april 2010 | 57

International Brangus Breeders Association Board of Directors Dale Kirkham, President Friday, September 25, 2009 2009 Summit Present Absent Guest Staff Present Bill Davis David Vaughan Dr. Joseph Massey Dale Kirkham Bill Felton Carolyn Kobos Brad Church Doug William Don Cox Dr. Robert Vineyard Bill Morrison Steve Densmore R. L. Robbs Angelo Zottarelli Call to order and Welcome: Dale Kirkham Invocation: Brad Church Roll was called by Carolyn Kobos. First item was the approval of the minutes. Dale Kirkham called for a motion to approve the minutes of the June 29, 2009 telephone conference call. Motion by Dr. Vineyard to accept the minutes from the June 29, 2009 Board of Directors teleconference meeting Second by Steve Densmore Motion passed unanimously. The next item on the agenda was an update by Grant Keenen on the OptimaxX and Brangus Gold programs. Grant reported that the current approved enrollment in OptimaxX is 6159 head and the number tagged is 2703. Grant did not know the number of Brangus Gold prior to April 1, 2009 but since then the current enrollment is 675 tags with several breeders committed for the fall sales. (Hard copy of report attached.) Grant discussed a voucher program for OptimaxX; Salacoa Valley Farms has already adopted this plan. It allows registered breeders to purchase tags for buyers who are not approved; they will be able to get the tags when they are approved. This voucher program is within the USDA guidelines. Grant also discussed his activities since he had been hired. He had been attending as many bull sales as he can trying to identify people who can join the OptimaxX program. Next Dr. Massey gave on update on GPS. GPS has added two small breeds in the last year: Braunvigh and Akaushi. We have proposals out to two to three other U.S. breeds and a number of international associations; slowly but surely we are getting interest in the registry program. In the last week, we have gotten a Brangus/Red Angus multi-breed EPD run from the University of Georgia. We have looked at the data and generally speaking, there are good correlations; however whenever you get a data set like this, there will be questions that are directed back to the source. The next step is to adjust the data to an Angus base and that should be done shortly. GPS will schedule both a Board meeting and a technical advisory meeting in the near future to consider how to handle the data. The technical advisors are Keith Bertrand for the University of Georgia, Mark Enns from Colorado State University and John Pollock from Cornell University. These represent the three organizations which are compiling this kind of data; they will be able to work out the techniques to put a third breed into the mix. The next item on the agenda is the reports from the IBBA standing committees and if there are specific requests from the committees, the Board will be cautious in considering these items since all the members are not present. Steve Densmore reported on the Commercial Marketing Committee. The Committee recommends that we should pursue a Brangus Gold female sale with Jordon Livestock. Grant is to do the follow-up on this and on trying get some Brangus Gold females at the Hous-

58 | march/april 2010

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ton Female sale and the San Angelo sale. Another item considered in the Commercial Marketing Committee was the Beef 706 courses: The Oklahoma Beef Council in conjunction with OSU and the Texas Beef Council in conjunction with Texas A&M put on such courses. The committee recommendation was that Grant work with the committee to investigate whether a Beef Council program at either Texas A&M or OSU would be feasible for our members. Steve Densmore next discussed a possible field day tour of feedlots and a packing plant for the 2010 Brangus Summit. The suggestion is that the tour include visiting a Cargill packing house in the Plainview and two Cargill feedlots in the area and then follow-up with some speakers from Cargill. Grant will investigate the feedlot tour and packing house tour to be held in the 2nd or 3rd week in August in conjunction with the Summit. Steve Densmore request an allocation of $5000 for the Commercial Marketing Committee to pursue their endeavors. Motion by Angelo Zottarelli to accept the Commercial Marketing Committee Report Second by Don Cox. Motion Passed Unanimously Next committee reports was by Bill Morrison from the Show Committee. Bill Morrison reported on the motions made by the Show Committee as follows: A motion to remove all Futurity cattle entries from the NJBS show program passed as did the motion that the Futurity entry deadline remain at the same time Junior National Entries are due; after that date, late entries for the Futurity will be accepted through cattle check-in for $75.00 per entry. Next Show Committee motion was that if a class contains 15 or more entries that it should be split by month, if after the first split one of the months still contains 15 or more entries, then the class should be split down the middle with the exception that calves born on the same date should be in the same class. The committee also would like someone on the association staff who is able to take photographs to attend the Futurity to take pictures. In addition the committee approved the motion that at National Shows where bull measurements are taken, a bull must be measured before the animal will be ineligible to show. Dale Kirkham questioned how the Futurity cattle entries removed from the NJBS show program would be handled. Bill Morrison replied that Futurity entries would be presented in hard copy that would be more accurate. In addition that would save about $2700.00 that could be added to the premiums. Motion by Bill Morrison to accept the Show Committee report

Second by Bill Davis Motion passed unanimously. Dale Kirkham called for the Breed Improvement Committee report; Vern Suhn gave the report in Bill Felton’s absence. The Breed Improvement committee discussed the calculation of calving intervals on registered cows used as ET recipients. The committee passed a motion that any calf, whether ET or natural, recorded to a registered cow would be used in calculating the calving interval, but the ET calves would not contribute to the Summit cow calculation. Vern Suhn is going to consult with Bill Felton regarding the formation of an AD HOC Committee to consider the IBBA policies dealing with parentage disputes. Multibreed analysis was the next item of discussion and whether to convert to carcass EPD’s instead of relying solely on ultrasound EPD’s followed by the shift in birth weight and scrotal EPD’s. Dr. Massey’s reported to the Breed Improvement Committee on Genetic Performance Solutions during which he addressed the above issues. As this process of multibreed analysis goes forward, GPS has identified a quantitative geneticist to deal with issues and answer questions regarding shifts in EPD’s. In regard to the shift in the birth weight EPD, Dr. Massey reported that Dr. Keith Bertrand believes the shift could be attributed to the additional birth weight data being turned in due to the implementation of THR. Milt Thomas motioned to recommend to the Board of Directors that the IBBA develop a mechanism to bring into it’s realm of employees a person who possesses quantitative genetics expertise, either through consulting or direct hire. The committee continued with reports from the AD HOC Committees: DNA Technologies, Maintenance Energy EPD, Young Sire Evaluation and AI Use Incentives. Milt Thomas motioned to invite Dr. Henry Blackburn from NAGP to come to the next Breed Improvement meeting and discuss establishing an account with them. Motion by Angelo Zottarelli to accept the Breed Improvement Committee report Second by R.L. Robbs Motion Passed Unanimously Motion by Don Cox to act on the recommendation by the Breed Improvement Committee that any calf, whether ET or natural, recorded to a registered cow would be used in calculating the calving interval, but the ET calves would not contribute to the Summit cow calculation Second by Bill Morrison Motion passed unanimously. Dale Kirkham called on Bill Davis to give the promotion committee report. The Promotion Committee discussed the current print campaign. Bill Davis reported that the ad developed by Crystal Devoll has been committed to run three times in Beef Magazine and three times in the Gulf Coast Cattleman; those ads used up more than half the budget. Bill Davis reported that Dr. Massey asked the committee to reserve part of the budget for direct mailing a tri-fold flyer developed by Crystal Devoll. The Promotion Committee approved a motioned to appoint an AD HOC committee to formulate an advertising plan for up to $10,000 and advertise in 3 or 4 different publications beginning in November to impact upcoming bull sales. Further the committee approved a motion to request to the Board to allocate $40,000 in 2010 for print media and in order to formulate a plan to define how the money will be spent an ad hoc committee be formed. This request will be submitted to the Finance Committee. Motion by Steve Densmore to accept the Promotions Committee Report Second by Dr. Vineyard Motion Passed Unanimously Dale Kirkham called on Marcos Borges to report on the International Marketing Committee. The IBBA booth in the International room is a center for the International guests to get orientated and for us to

promote the Global Brangus Round-up. The 2009 Global Roundup was impressive and we are going to try to do it again this year. Marcos reiterated that we need to promote our International efforts - we need to find out how we can be more effective there. Marcos encouraged the members to attend the world Brangus Congress in Paraguay this October. Motion by Dr. Vineyard to accept the report of the International Marketing Subcommittee Second by Don Cox Motion Passed Unanimously Dale Kirkham called on R.L. Robbs to give the Membership and Education Committee Report. R.L. reviewed the member benefits that are available and some items that are being worked on; committee members have made a lot of efforts to contact business to offer benefits to the members. Another committee objective is to keep the Junior members involved beyond their show years and there was discussion about how to try and transition these Juniors into full membership. There was a motion passed that the Membership and Education Committee members contact new IBBA members within 30 days of joining the association; the chairman will be responsible to distribute the names to the Membership and Education Committee members to call. The Membership and Education committee also passed a motion that a one hour website education seminar be presented at the Houston Convention The Membership and Education committee also passed a motion to conduct periodic webinar on use of the web-site and on registration and transfer questions. Motion made by Bill Morrison to accept the Membership and Education Committee Report Seconded by Bill Davis Motion Passed Unanimously The Finance Committee report was given by Dr. Massey in the absence of David Vaughan; financial statements are in the program book. Revenues are very close to what was budgeted; expenses are better than expected by about 4% so net we are 62, 329.85 head at the end of August. September 1, we did fall invoicing for THR; it was slightly less than we had forecasted but we would not know the receipts for about 60 days. We should be pretty close to budget for the year; that is, we should be revenue neutral for the year. Finance Committee had a conference call prior to the Summit, the plan is that the staff will start working on the 2010 budget when we return; the Finance Committee should get back together in mid October for the preliminary consideration of the budget. The budget recommendations should be presented to the Board in the first part of November and then be set for approval by mid November. Motion by Steve Densmore to accept the Finance Committee report Second by Bill Davis Motion passed unanimously Dale Kirkham called on Don Cox to give the BPI report from the meeting which was held on Wednesday, September 23, 2009. He gave the financial report for Brangus Publications which showed a profit of $1,803.67 for the period but a year to date loss of $22,647.76. Don Cox commented that the national print media is experiencing economic problems. The revenue of Brangus Publications has been affected by advertisers cutting back. With the loss of a couple people from the Brangus Publication staff, there will be a different approach; Melanie Fuller is contracted to sell ads on a commission basis. We are looking for additional sales people to cover other parts of the country. Don Cox estimates that there will be some profitable months through the end of the year, with the change in the staff and the additional ad sales revenue. There may be few changes in the coming year’s budget but we will strive to put out a quality publication for our membership.

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march/april 2010 | 59

Motion made by Angelo Zottarelli to accept the BPI Report Motion seconded by Steve Densmore Motion passed unanimously.

fee; there was further discussion as to the fairness to the members who had maintained their THR registration. Most of the members have paid by the rules.

Next was the status report on the proposed new By-laws by Dr. Massey; the IBBA Board of Directors had instructed Dr. Massey to consult our attorney to get a sample set of by-laws that most associations use. The attorney recommended some structural changes to the by-laws which would remove the sections that should be considered policy so that changes could be made easier instead of having to do a by-law change every time a change is needed. The draft of the by-laws is in the program book. The Board has been considering the draft for about ten days. If members have comments they should contact their Board representative by a week from today. The adjustments made by the Board would be resubmitted to the attorney and the goal is to have a document ready to present to the membership by the end of the year.

It was pointed out that the reduced fee might help bring in cattle that have not been registered; it would bring in additional revenue that would not otherwise be realized since people might be inclined to register their cattle.

Next Dale Kirkham called on Dr. Massey to give an update from AD HOC Committee on Genetics Defects Policy; the AD HOC Committee had been established at the Convention and consisted of Dr. Milt Thomas, Dr. John Sptizer, Vern Suhn, Dale Kirkham and Dr. Joe Massey. The AD HOC Committee considered the genetic defects policies of the other breed associations and formulated a document that is relevant to the Brangus Breed. The final meeting of the AD Hoc Committee approved the document that is contained in the program book; the AD HOC committee is recommending that the document be accepted as policy by the IBBA Board. Genetic Policy needs to be reviewed on a periodic basis. Basically this document states that any time a genetic defect is believed to have occurred, it is the member’s responsibility to report it to the association office; then there is a procedure to be followed. This does mean that you cannot register the animal but that you have the responsibility to post it. Vern Suhn questions whether Cryptorcidism is a genetic defect; the question is whether this is caused by a genetic defect or by another factor. Angus and Red Angus do not include this condition on their lists of genetic defects. Discussion ensued about whether to include this condition on the list of genetic defects. Motion made by Angelo Zottarelli to accept the Genetic Defects Policy recommended by the AD HOC Committee without the listing of Cryptorcidism Motion seconded by Bill Davis Motion passed unanimously. There was no Old Business. Under New Business, Dr. Vineyard addressed the Board about the proposed Waiver of THR reactivation fee for remainder of 2009. He recommended that the fee be reduced from $30.00 to $7.50 immediately. Motion made by Dr. Vineyard to reduce the THR fee from $30.00 to $7.50 effective immediately. Motion seconded by Bill Morrison There was discussion as to what was the purpose of reducing the

There was discussion as why not be consistent in the fee structure; cannot eliminate the reactivation fee or you would destroy the THR concept. It was pointed out that we need to maintain fees to operate the association however we did not adopt THR to make money; the reason behind THR is to gather the data to prove that we have the best cattle. Steve Densmore amended the motion to reduce the THR reactivation fee to $10.00 effective immediately. Motion seconded by R.L. Robbs Bill Davis pointed out that there are three to four Directors missing to be making what is turning out to be a major decision; it was pointed out earlier that we would not be doing this. Dale Kirkham pointed out that Angelo Zottarelli had agreed to chair an AD HOC Committee to revisit THR and answer THR questions. Dr. Vineyard withdrew his motion to reduce the THR fee from $30.00 to $7.50 effective immediately. That in effect withdrew the amended motion Bill Davis made a motion to table this issue until the next meeting. Motion seconded by Don Cox Motion passed with one opposed. The next item under New Business is the discussion of the 2010 Summit. Steve Densmore would like to tie the Summit to the feedlot and packing house tour that is proposed for the summer perhaps base it out of Amarillo, TX. He is open to ideas about where to hold it and if there is another event to tie it to. Dale Kirkham suggested that we try to develop a more specific proposal for the 2010 Summit and act on it at another time. Don Cox updated the Board that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has agreed to split the International Brangus Show as follows: Bulls will show on Friday at 2:30 pm; Females will show at 12:00 noon on Saturday. This is good solution because the show had run so long last year. Motion to adjourn was made by Dr. Vineyard Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Kobos These minutes have been read and approved by: Dale Kirkham, President

International Brangus Breeders Association Board of Directors Dale Kirkham, President Wednesday, November 18, 2009 Present Absent Guests Staff Present Dale Kirkham Brad Church Dr. Joseph Massey David Vaughan Bill Davis Carolyn Kobos Bill Felton Doug Williams

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Don Cox Dr. Robert Vineyard Bill Morrison Steve Densmore R. L. Robbs Angelo Zottarelli Call to order: Dale Kirkham Roll was called by Carolyn Kobos. First item was the approval of the minutes. Dale Kirkham called for a motion to approve the minutes of the September 25, 2009 meeting. Motion by R.L. Robbs to accept the minutes from the September 25, 2009 Board of Directors meeting Second by Steve Densmore Motion passed unanimously. Dale Kirkham asked that the Board consider the proposed 2010 Budget next. Dr. Massey reported that the Finance Committee met Monday and moved that the proposed 2010 Budget be presented to the Board. Dr. Massey reported that for 2009 the association kept pretty close to the estimated budget with revenues very close to what was budgeted. For 2010, we are estimating a 3% decrease in THR and a therefore a decrease in income than we made we made for 2009. Dr Massey thought that this is a good estimate of the income; as far expenses for 2010, we used actual costs and historical trends. Dr. Massey did add the salary, benefits and travel for the Director of Promotions, the position that would was approved at the Strategic Planning Meeting. This position is not filled at this time. The 2010 budget as presented shows a loss of $109, 989. Dr. Massey felt that it is important to present the closest real picture for the association. Dr. Massey offered to remove the cost of the Director of Promotions position from the Budget and come back to the Board once an individual is identified for the position. Dale Kirkham called for a motion to adopt the Budget as presented. Motion by David Vaughan to adopt the 2010 Budget as presented Second by Angelo Zottarelli There were questions about the number of employees and what the proposed salary for the new employee would be. Don Cox commended Frances Miller and Dr. Massey on the fine budgets that have presented as evidenced by how close we come to them. However, he did not have any desire to go into next year with at budget that is expecting a loss. He requests that Dr. Massey and Frances Miller revise the budget. He asks the Board to consider that before we adopt a budget that shows a lost. He is asking for a balanced budget. Angelo Zottarelli feels that it is important that we have the right PR person; someone who will generate more than their salary. Don Cox replies that he is not suggesting that we take that position out of the budget. He says that we need to investigate every avenue of presenting a balanced budget. With this budget, we are planning to spend 10% more than we bring in. David Vaughan asks if Don Cox is suggesting that we increase the estimate of what we bring in or decrease expenses. Don Cox says that we should do both. Bill Felton had questions about travel expenses; it is double what it has been. Dr. Massey replies that it would be for the new person and in addition, Grant’s travel has increased that category because he is going on visits, sales, etc. Dale Kirkham asked Don Cox if there are specific areas that he is suggesting that we cut expenses. He replies that it would need to be worked on but to present this budget showing a loss to the membership does not look good, we need to present a balanced budget to the membership and see how close we can get to it. David Vaughan asks Don Cox to share some of the specific areas that he would recommend that we adjust to make this a balanced budget. Don Cox replies that for example, one area on the income side,

we need to get some of these cattle back that have left and we are showing that we will lose 10% of our membership. We need to find some way to keep these people as members; that would change on membership income. Next major item, is the Houston Convention, it looks like we planned $12,000 and spent $22,000. Dr. Massey replies that we actually made about $15,000 by using USLGE funds. There will be USLGE funds available for this year as well. Dr. Massey again offers that the simplest solution is to remove the allocation for the PR position and come back to the Board when he has identified the candidate to see if it is feasible. He also offers to increase the revenue by $50,000 but that is getting more optimistic. $50,000 in revenue is 2380 cows in THR. We did not loose cows last year in THR; we actually increased by 4%. This could be due to dispersals because people who lapsed had to reactivate cattle prior to the dispersal. Some of these are now gone commercial so Dr. Massey is not optimistic about holding them. Dr. Vineyard points out that when we had the grace period for 90 days on reactivation fees, we got about 2200 head back. Don Cox suggests that we make the effort to get that many more cattle in the registry next year. Angelo Zottarelli says that some of the reactivations were for multiple years so that it is really closer to 1200 head that came back into the registry. There are about 3400 head that are not there any more. There are not a whole lot of head of cattle left to come back in; there is not a lot of money that will come in that way. Don Cox points out that everyone should look at the balance sheet; the largest asset is the headquarters building. There is 5000 square feet of unused space. We should use some of the money that is in the reserve to bring the building up to code to rent it out. Even if we only rent out half of it at $16 a foot, we will bring in $48,000, if we rent out all of it that would be $80,000. We are located in one of the fastest growing areas in San Antonio and that is not even the top rent for that area. That is a potential income source. We would not be able to get a good rate on CDs so that would reduce the income that we would get from that source so we need to look at other income sources. Joe Massey points out that the building is not up to code and is not handicap accessible; we would need an elevator and we would need to make the restrooms handicap accessible. We do have two small tenants and there is a proposal out for another one. Dale Kirkham points out that is a future consideration and not something that will increase the revenue for the 2010 budget. Don Cox amends the motion to balance budget. Bill Morrison seconds the amendment. Dr. Vineyard suggests that Don Cox rescind his amendment; that there is a vote to adopt the budget as it is and then work on the budget and come back with suggestions on how to balance the budget. Bill Morrison suggests tabling the motion and not voting on the budget. Dr. Vineyard says that a lot of work had gone into to preparing the budget if there had been ways to balance it, they would have been adopted. Right now, there does not seem to be options. Don Cox withdraws the amendment. There should be further consideration on making the building ready to rent for additional income but that is not going to happen for the 2010 budget. Vote on the motion to adopt the budget as presented. Motion passed with one negative vote. Dale Kirkham said that the motion passed but there is consensus that we should work to get the budget closer to be a balanced

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budget. If it pleases the Finance Committee to go back and work on that, the Board would consider it.

renumber the sections that follow section 4 Second by Angelo Zottarelli Passed unanimously

The next item to be considered will be the by-law revisions. Dale Kirkham calls for a motion to accept the by-law revisions.

Section VIII. Inspections

Motion by David Vaughan to accept the By-laws as revised Second by Dr. Robert Vineyard

Motion by Bill Felton to strike Article V Section VIII and renumber the sections that follow section 4 Second by Steve Densmore

Discussion follows on each article of the by-laws. Article I: General Dr. Massey says that Darin Digby, our attorney recommends that we should get a new registered agent. Article II: Members Section IA. Active Members There is a question as to whether the Active member should have to own cattle. It is part of policy. Section IB. Other Membership Classes There was a question as to whether Juniors need to be specified. It was suggested that this can be part of policy. Article III: Board of Directors Section I. Numbers and Qualifications There was a suggestion that individuals sit out three years instead of one year. Motion by Angelo Zottarelli to change the last sentence of the article to state that Past Board members be elected to again serve on the Board three or more years following previous tenure on the Board. Second by David Vaughan Passed unanimously Section II. Election and Terms of Office There is a request that we add definition of the electoral areas. This should become policy so that areas can be redistributed. Section VI: Executive Committee Motion by Angelo Zottarelli make the following change: The Board of Directors, by resolution adopted by a majority of the number at a duly convened meeting, may designate no less than five (5) of its members to constitute an Executive Committee from among it members which shall include the President, First Vice President, Second Vice-President, the Secretary Treasurer and the immediate Past President of the Association. Second by Robert Vineyard Passed unanimously Article IV: Officers Section I. General Motion by Angelo Zottarelli make the following change: The officers of the association shall consist of a President, a First Vice President, a Second Vice-President, a Secretary Treasurer, the immediate Past President and an Executive Vice President. Second by Robert Vineyard Passed with one negative vote Article V: Cattle Remove TM from Red Brangus and from Ultrared in the entire document. This considered a typo does not need action There was discussion about the definition of Ultrablack. A clarification of Ultrablack needs to be made. Section IV. Animals Eligible for Recording as Brangus “Composites” or “Derivatives” We do not have Brangus Optimizer and Brangus Premium Gold. Motion by Dr. Robert Vineyard to strike Article V Section IV and

62 | march/april

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Discussion follows on whether to strike the section on Inspections: whether striking the section would take away the right of the Board of Directors to have final approval on an animal. Motion rescinded by Bill Felton Second rescinded by Steve Densmore Motion by Dr. Robert Vineyard that Article V Section 8 be rewritten by Bill Felton and Don Cox Second by Steve Densmore Passed unanimously Article VI: Other Provisions Section III. Committees Angelo Zottarelli thinks that the committee chairmanships should be more inclusive; that the chairmen do not need to be members of the Board of Directors. We need to use the chairs as leadership development opportunities. Discussion of this issue ensued. R.L. Robbs said that he had phone calls from members; the members expressed that Board members are the elected representatives and that they should be the Committee Chairman. Dr. Vineyard agreed that the business of the association needs to be conducted by elected Board members as Chairmen of the Committees. Angelo disagreed; he said that Board of Directors should appoint members who are qualified. Bill Felton agreed with Angelo, he thought that Angelo’s suggestion would involve more qualified members. Dr. Massey pointed out that if the chairmen are not Board members, then the Board does not get feed-back about what is going on in the Committees. Angelo Zottarelli pointed out that the Liaison from the Board would be at the Committee meetings. Dr. Vineyard thinks that more guidance is needed than a Liaison can provide. Motion by Bill Morrison to leave the sentence: “The Chairman of each standing committee shall be a member of the IBBA Board of Directors” Second by R.L. Robbs Motion passed with two no votes Section III. Committees A. Standing Committees Motion by Dr. Robert Vineyard to strike the words “one half of the” from the last sentence of the #3 thus the sentence would read: “an attempt would be made to have membership of the Commercial marketing Committee to be commercial cattle producers who will not be IBBA Members. Second by Bill Morrison Passed Unanimously Section III. Committees C. Named Standing Committees 8. Officer Nomination Committee There was discussion as to the composition of the Nominating Committee. Do we want the current president to be a member of the committee? Bill Morrison questions whether it has to be presidents, why not just Board Members. Dale Kirkham states that if you have Board members Motion by Dr. Robert Vineyard to make the following change to the Officer Nomination Committee: This is a special committee and as such will be made up of the three (3) Past Presidents of the Board of Directors and chaired by one of the three. Second by Steve Densmore Motion passed

7. Awards Committee There was discussion about approving Commercial Producer of the Year Award

There were no Standing Committee Reports.

Section VII. Judicial Review There was a question about which courts would apply when a suit is filled. It is agreed that it would depend on whether the suit is filed in federal or state court. Article VIII: Hearings and Appeals Section III. Disciplinary Actions

Dale Kirkham reminds the Board that it had been discussed in the Strategic Planning meeting that the Committees shall meet by teleconference prior to the Convention and present their reports at to the Board. Committee Meetings at the Convention will be to generate new ideas.

Does this section cover the discussion on Inspections? Motion by Bill Felton to strike Section VIII: Inspections of Article V: Cattle Second by David Vaughan Section III. Disciplinary Actions does provide the Board the right to take disciplinary action against a member Motion passed Motion by Angelo Zottarelli that we submit the amended By-laws for approval by the membership by Article Second by Bill Morrison There was discussion as to whether the by-laws should be presented to the membership by article. Question as to what happens to articles that do not get passed. Articles not passed would have to be reworked. The Articles not passed would remain the same unless there is something that the Board feels there is an important issue to be considered. Dr. Massey addresses the time line for the amended by-laws to be submitted to membership. He said that the amendments would not make it into the December Journal as that is due to the printer this week. Current policy says that the amendments to the by-laws must be published in the Journal at least 45 days prior to the Annual Meeting. There is no January edition of the Journal so that would not allow for the 45 days notice before the Annual Meeting. Consensus is that the changes be reviewed by the Board before being submitted to the membership. Angelo Zottarelli withdraws his motion Second withdrawn Angelo Zottarelli made the motion that we accept the changes made to the document tonight and that the staff present the changes to the Board for review. Second by Dr. Vineyard Motion passed Next on the agenda is to review the timeline and procedures for election of the directors. Dale Kirkham points out that in our current by-laws there is a provision that the Secretary Treasurer appoint a committee of three members to supervise the counting of the ballots for the directors. Does mean that we do not send the ballots to the CPA firm? At present, the staff reviews the director’s ballot to see that ballot is valid; that is, that the member is in good standing, voted in the correct area and that the ballot is signed. Then the valid ballots are sent to the auditors. David Vaughan questions what does supervision means. Dale Kirkham suggests that we consider the procedure for handling the ballots as policy. But there are two issues here; one is how do we handle the situation this year and the second is if we want to change the procedure by an amendment to the by-laws. David Vaughan as Secretary Treasurer will appoint three members to a committee supervise the tabulation of the ballots. Bill Morrison suggests that we strike the sentence about the committee of three members supervising the tabulation of the ballots. Dale Kirkham asks if there is consensus on that change and then that would become a part of policy. There is no opposition to Bill Morrison’s suggestion. Dr. Massy reviews the timeline for the Election of the Directors.

There were no Ad Hoc Committee Reports.

Next item on the agenda is the status of the Member participation in U of MO DNA program (from 6/29/09 conference call. Dr. Massey reports that there is a new development. John Pollock has recently accepted a new position with the USDA and things are on hold until he determines whether he can move that program to his new position. Next item is completion and distribution of the Strategic Plan updated in July. Dale Kirkham asks if there are any questions about the Strategic Plan. Under old business: Steve Densmore brings to the table the motion to reduce the THR reactivation fee to $10.00 effective immediately that was tabled at the September 25, 2009 Board of Directors meeting. Steve Densmore again motions to reduce the THR reactivation fee to $10.00 effective immediately. Motion seconded by R.L. Robbs There was discussion as to handling the THR fee in a similar fashion as Red Angus, that is having two different fees based on the amount of time the cow is unreported and the breeder has the option to register the calves. Dr. Massey says that Red Angus system has a completely different set of fees than Brangus; they have a different structure. The original motion was to reduce the reactivation fee to $10 and to leave the assessments alone. Dr. Robert Vineyard amends the Motion to become effective to December 1, 2009. Second by Don Cox Amendment passed Vote on original motion is passed. There is no New Business Dr. Massey makes his report (actions and planned activities by staff ) which is attached. Dr. Vineyard wants to discuss the draft schedule for the 2010 Convention. There is discussion of the date of the IBBA Members Banquet which is moved to Thursday night. Dr. Massey points out that on this draft of the schedule, everything was moved up to fit all the activities in. Dale Kirkham asks if there is any reason why the banquet can’t be held on Thursday night. Dr. Vineyard replies that he instituted a President’s Reception/dinner for the new Board members to be held that night. Dale Kirkham suggests that a breakfast could be held on Saturday morning for the Board members in lieu of the dinner. There is a question how the Board meeting will take place before the Committee meeting. This was discussed at the Strategic Planning meeting. The Committees will have to get their work accomplished before the Convention by conference call. At the Convention, the committee meetings are to generate new ideas. The Show Committee selects the new judges during the Convention Committee meeting and then report back to the Board of Directors for approval within the next thirty days. Discussion about Friday afternoon events: IBBA Bull Show is at 2:30 pm should last until about 5:30 or 6:00 pm. Need to allow time for people to clean up and get to the banquet location. The cocktail reception lasts for ½ hour followed by the banquet. The Global Collection sale being held by some IBBA members would have to follow that. Dr. Massey explains that it would be difficult to get all

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march/april 2010 | 63

that accomplished.

Second by Don Cox

Dale Kirkham gives President’s Report. Mr. Kirkham finds that as he travels around on behalf of the association, the members are willing to express themselves on a variety of issues. He made some remarks about the World Congress in Paraguay. We should be concerned about producing for a world market.

Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Kobos These minutes have been read and approved by: Dale Kirkham, President

Motion to adjourn was made by Steve Densmore

International Brangus® Breeders Association Board of Directors Dale Kirkham, President Thursday, December 17, 2009

Call to order: Dale Kirkham Roll was called by Carolyn Kobos.

Present Absent Guests Staff Present Dale Kirkham Brad Church Dr. Joseph Massey David Vaughan Bill Davis Carolyn Kobos Bill Felton Bill Morrison Doug Williams Don Cox Dr. Robert Vineyard Steve Densmore R. L. Robbs Angelo Zottarelli Dr. Robert Vineyard

First item was the approval of the minutes. Dale Kirkham called for a motion to approve the minutes of the November 18, 2009 meeting. Motion by Dr. Robert Vineyard to accept the minutes from the November 18, 2009 Board of Directors meeting Second by David Vaughan Motion passed. Dale Kirkham asked Dr. Massey to report on the November the Financials. Dr. Massey reported that the revenues were $26,000 ahead of budget and expenses are $63,000 better than expected. Therefore the net is about $90,000 ahead of the amount budgeted. As of Monday, Frances Miller reported that the receivables were down to $18,000 therefore we should not expect to write off more than that amount for December. It now looks like IBBA will perform better than budget. Motion by Don Cox to accept the November Financial Report Second by Steve Densmore Motion passed The next item to be considered will be the draft of the by-law revisions.

that Past Board members be elected to again serve on the Board three or more years following previous tenure on the Board. Section VI: Executive Committee There was discussion by Dr. Vineyard and Angelo Zottarelli that the last sentence of this section was too general. Steve Densmore agreed. It was thought that this issue should be handled as Board policy. Motion by Angelo Zottarelli to delete the last sentence of Article III, Section VI Second by Robert Vineyard Passed unanimously Dr. Vineyard points out that the regions are not delineated and he questions whether that should be included in the by-laws. Angelo Zottarelli says that the Board had decided to delineate the regions in the by-laws so that if the population of the membership changes the regions could be realigned. There was a suggestion that there be a five year review beginning in 2010. Dr. Vineyard asks whether the policies should be attached to the by-laws so that the members understand that the issues no longer covered in the by-laws will be handled in the policies. Dale Kirkham suggests that a cover letter accompany the ballot addressing any concerns that we foresee the members having.

Discussion follows on each article of the by-laws.

Article IV: Officers No further concerns

Article I: General No further concerns

Article V: Cattle Typo of Brangus corrected.

Article II: Members No further concerns

In Article V, Section III, B, Zebu cattle are listed and this is the only place in the Bylaws where Zebu appears. After discussion, the term Zebu will remain in the document.

Article III: Board of Directors Section I. Numbers and Qualifications Language referencing the fact that a member of the Board can serve two consecutive three year terms and also language regarding one and two years filling an unexpired tem and how these would count as part of two consecutive terms was left out and was reinserted. Dr. Vineyard pointed out that last sentence of the article was to state

64 | march/april 2010

Brangus Journal

Also, Purebred Angus cattle still appears twice. That is a typo and first Purebred Angus cattle will be deleted. Bill Felton questions the wording about Ultrablack® cattle; Dr. Massey was to provide a clarification: whether Ultrablacks® bred to Angus or Brangus® are considered Ultrablack® or not. Dr. Massey

replies that they are considered Ultrablack®. This is not specified in the IBBA by-laws. Bill Felton thinks that language should be added to the by-laws; but then you have the question of the off-spring. Dr. Massey addresses the definition in terms of the trade-mark: an Ultrablack® is a Brangus® Angus cross or an Ultrablack® bred to an Ultrablack®. You cannot change the definition of Ultrablack® because it is trade-marked. Dale Kirkham asks Bill Felton if his Ultrablacks® bred back to Brangus® are still considered Ultrablack®. Bill Felton replies they are considered Ultrablack® with a UB prefix by the IBBA. The wording is not there for what the association is allowing us to do. If you have an Ultrablack® and breed it back to an Angus for three generations in a row, the registration papers still list it as an Ultrablack®. There was discussion about adhering to the trade-mark language. Dale Kirkham questions whether we need a policy to handle this issue. The proposal was to leave Ultrablack® as it is and then to make policy dealing with Ultrablack® breeding as an appendix. Dale Kirkham proposes that section of the by-laws remain as is and that he create an AD HOC Committee to resolve the other Ultrablack® issues which will then be handled as policy. Article VI: Other Provisions Section III. Committees C. Named Standing Committees There were a few comments noted by Dale Kirkham to Article VI, Section III, C: Article VI, Section III, C 2, the TM designation can be removed from Red Brangus. That was corrected. Article VI, Section III, C, 6, there is a matter of wording in “potential judges for use be other shows”; suggest that the word “be” could be replaced by “in” or “by”. The word was changed. Article VI, Section III, C, 7, was there a decision on Commercial Producer award? There was further discussion about approving Commercial Producer of the Year Award. The consensus was that the Commercial Producer of the Year Award be placed in the policies so that it can be awarded as there are qualified candidates.

Article IX: Inspection of Exhibits No further concerns Motion by Angelo Zottarelli to accept this version of the by-laws with the minor amendments made during this meeting. Second by Robert Vineyard Passed unanimously Motion by Angelo Zottarelli present the by-laws in their entirety to the membership for a vote. Second by Robert Vineyard Steve Densmore voiced that he thought that was the reason the by-laws did not pass previously; the members want to vote on individual articles. Dr. Massey said that he called that lawyer about that issue and Darin Digsby said that it is customary to vote on the document as a whole because the articles refer to one another; there is quite a bit of cross referencing in the document. The by-laws are not trying to deal with all the issues but they provide a framework from which the association can conduct its business. Don Cox reiterates that a cover letter should be included with the document explaining what will be covered in policy. Dale Kirkham agrees that a cover letter would be helpful. Passed unanimously Next item on the agenda is the review of the 2010 Convention. Dr. Massey says that the banquet is moved back to Friday night. Then he goes over the schedule. Dale Kirkham wants to have an informal continental breakfast for the members to meet the new Board members on Saturday morning. Angelo Zottarelli wants the Board to have dinner together so that the Board Members can get to know each other. It was decided that both events be added to the schedule.

Bill Felton asked about Article VI, Section III, A, 2: no committee member shall serve for more than three consecutive years. That has not been enforced, will that be enforced? Dr. Massey responded that the intent was to be able to allow more members to have the opportunity to serve on committees. In the last several years that has been monitored but that doesn’t mean that somebody got missed.

Dale Kirkham reminds the Board members who are chairman of committees to have their committee meetings before the Convention so that motions can be presented to the Board at the time of the Convention.

Article VI, Section III, C, 8 the first and second sentences contradict each other. The second sentence should be deleted.

Motion to adjourn was made by Angelo Zottarelli Second by David Vaughan

Article VII: Indemnification No further concerns

Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Kobos

Article VIII: Hearings and Appeals No further concerns

These minutes have been read and approved by: Dale Kirkham, President

International Brangus® Breeders Association Board of Directors Dale Kirkham, President Monday, February 15, 2010 Present Absent Guests Staff Present Dale Kirkham Bill Morrison Dr. Joseph Massey David Vaughan Carolyn Kobos Bill Felton Doug Williams Don Cox Dr. Robert Vineyard Steve Densmore R. L. Robbs

Brangus Journal

march/april 2010 | 65

Angelo Zottarelli Brad Church Bill Davis Call to order: Dale Kirkham Roll was called by Carolyn Kobos.

Bill Felton reported on the Breed Improvement Committee: Milt Thomas is putting together a program on DNA information.

First item was the approval of the minutes. Dale Kirkham called for a motion to approve the minutes of the December 17, 2009 conference call.

Bill Davis reported on the Promotion Committee: they had a teleconference recently and decided to use the rest of their remaining funds for this year on update the Brangus booth with some banners, flags and some better video equipment. They are also planning to update the present video which is already very good so that people can use it at shows and sales.

Motion by Dr. Robert Vineyard to accept the minutes from the December 17, 2009 Board of Directors meeting Second by Brad Church Motion passed. Dale Kirkham asked Dr. Massey to review the 2010 Convention Schedule. Dr. Massey reported on the various activities of the 2010 Convention schedule and the Global Brangus Roundup. Dr. Massey noted that additional items for the 2010 Convention include a Board member dinner on Thursday night at Damian’s Restaurant for which we are firming up the details and he announced that the speaker would be Bill Helming, a renowned agriculture economist who has written several books. Dr. Massey pointed out that the IBBA cocktail reception will be at 6:00 pm and the Banquet will be at 6:30 pm lasting until about 8:30 pm. That night the Global Collection Sale will be held. We have moved our events up and they have moved their events back a little to 9:00 pm so that both events will be accommodated. So far there are about 39 pens with about 42 head of cattle registered for the Global Brangus Round-up. Dale Kirkham called on the Committee Chairman to update the Board on what would be happening at the upcoming committee meetings at the Convention. Steve Densmore volunteered to comment on the Commercial Marketing Committee which met by teleconference to discuss whether the association should participate in the Beef 706 program or put on a feedlot/packing house tour in the Texas Panhandle. There was a survey of the members; the results were 53% for the Beef 706 Program and 43% for the feedlot/packing house tour. The committee was leaning toward the feedlot/packing house tour. Perhaps there is enough interest to pursue both. He mentioned that they are still trying to get Jordan Livestock to have a Brangus Gold Sale.

To place your ad in the State Directory or services, please call the Melanie Fuller at 979.828.5300

66 | march/april 2010

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R.L. Robbs reported on the Membership and Education committee: as Dr. Massey mentioned there will be a THR workshop at the Convention and coming in the spring, we are planning a couple of webinars. David Vaughan reports that the Finance Committee has already submitted its budget. Since Bill Morrison was absent Doug Williams reported that the Show Committee had selected some new judges for the National Show. Dr. Vineyard motioned that the awarding of a Commercial Producer of the Year Award become an IBBA Policy. Second by Steve Densmore Dale Kirkham mentioned that he had drafted a document of policies that would be needed in the event that the IBBA By-laws were adopted by the membership. However the Commercial Producer award did need to be policy before the Convention. Motion Passed Don Cox made a motion that the Board of Directors enter into executive session to discuss Genetic Performance Solutions. Second by Dr. Vineyard Motion passed. Dr. Vineyard made a motion to leave the Executive Session Second by R.L. Robbs Motion passed David Vaughan made a motion to adjourn Second by Don Cox

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