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September/October 2009

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The Official Publication of the International Brangus® Breeders Association The Brangus Journal is an international news magazine serving the Brangus breed of beef cattle including Brangus crossbreds and Brahman and Angus stock necessary to produce Brangus cattle. Published six times a year by Brangus Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 696020, San Antonio, Texas 78269-6020. This publication is designed to promote and develop the Brangus breed and serve the best interests of the producers. Publication #ISSN0006-9132. Periodicals postage paid at San Antonio, Texas, and additional entries. Postmaster: Send address changes to Brangus Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 696020, San Antonio, Texas 78269-6020. Subscription Rates: Domestic Periodicals—1 year, $25; First class—$55. Foreign—1 year, periodicals, $25; air mail to Mexico, $70, Canada, $70, Australia, $115; air mail to all other countries, $115. Contact: P. O. Box 696020, San Antonio, Texas 78269-6020 Physical Address: 5750 Epsilon, San Antonio, Texas 78249 Tel.: 210.696.8231 Fax: 210.696.8718 Web site: Email: The International Brangus® Breeders Association does not verify claims made by the advertisers in this publication.

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BPI Officers and Board of Directors Chairman : Don Cox (281.395.3800) President : Dr. Joseph Massey (210.696.8321 x212) Secretary/Treasurer : David Vaughan (770.382.4374) Director : Dale Kirkham (620.583.5247) Director: Angelo Zottarelli (254.471.5675) STAFF Carolyn Kobos: Administrative Assistant to the Executive VP (x211, Frances Miller: Controller (x203, Grant Keenen; Director of Commercial Marketing Programs (x202; Rosanne Sralla: Registry Specialist (x206, Patti Teeler: Accounting (x205, Jim Bulger: Information Technologies Manager (x207, Emilio Silvas: Application Developer (x204, Mary Douglass: Front Desk and Member Services Associate (x201,

Relevant ot the Commercial Cattleman


The Bottom Line by Grant Keenen

by Dr. Joseph M. Massey

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Brangus Can Do and Will Do by Dale Kirkham


National Junior Brangus Show



membershipbenefits Total Herd Reporting (THR) is rapidly becoming the industry standard for reporting beef seedstock performance information, and the IBBA is emerging as a leader in THR. IBBA membership provides flexibility. IBBA membership includes a subscription to the ­Brangus Journal, the official publication of the IBBA, and to the FRONTLINE Beef Producer, the IBBA's commerciallyfocused publication. IBBA members receive a complimentary copy of the IBBA Breeder Handbook.     Brangus®, Red Brangus, Ultrablack® or Ultrared, its your choice. You choose the genetics that best fit your customers’ needs. IBBA membership is full featured, not complex.      The Brangus Automated Registry Network (BARN) is the most advanced and user friendly registry system in the industry. In fact, for most breeders the BARN can eliminate the need for other herd management software. IBBA membership provides access.      The IBBA is an active participant in the development of Multi-Breed EPD, and participates in the Beef Cattle Decision Support web-based software developed by Colorado State University and the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium. Sorting and selecting genetics based on real economics positions IBBA members and their customers for increased profitability. IBBA membership is global.      IBBA is an active member of US Livestock Genetics Export, Inc., allowing members to leverage their ability to market IBBA genetics worldwide. IBBA currently provides services to breeders in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. IBBA membership creates opportunity.      The IBBA Business Plan adopted January 8, 2006 includes the following purpose statement: “Enable IBBA members to serve the commercial cattle industry.” The beef seedstock business is becoming increasingly competitive, and today’s breeders need an association that is truly dedicated to the needs of its members’ customers.

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Relevant to the commercial cattleman



ive years ago when I had the opportunity to join IBBA , the one underlined premise that I took for granted was that our association and our members were in the business of producing seed stock for the commercial cattlemen. I was taken aback when several members took it upon themselves to tell me that purebred breeders were in business to sell their bulls and cattle to other purebred breeders. A lot has happened in the last five years and we are beginning to understand that the only way that our association or any association can grow is to market bulls to the commercial cattleman. IBBA has started to focus its efforts on positioning the association and the Brangus breed in front of the commercial cattlemen. We now talk about being relevant to the commercial cattlemen, but I am concerned that we act no differently than every other breed association; our challenge is that every breed wants to be perceived as having small birth weights, easy calving, good growth rates and good carcass merit traits along with high fertility. I get concerned when I pick up articles about our economy, the reduced demand for beef, the increase in beef imports, the decrease in beef exports, the reduction of cattle numbers and the lack of price spread between standard and choice carcasses. We are on track to be down to about 31.5 million beef cows at the end of 2009 which will be the smallest cow herd since the late 50’s. These numbers are very concerning to me because the need for seed stock bulls has be reduced by about 75,000 head over the last two to three years yet

as seed stock producers, we have not reduced the number of bulls which means that supply will out number demand. The competition for bull sales is causing a real stress on the seed stock producer and we should not be surprised if the number of seed stock producers is reduced by about 20 to 25% over this year and next. If we do not want to be part of this reduction, than we must stay relevant to the commercial cattleman. I struggle every day in questioning what we can say or do which will make us different and relevant to the commercial cattlemen. I was having dinner the other evening with a good friend that has cattle of a different breed; he was showing me his cattle and talking about the traits that were important to him and his breed, i.e. carcass merit, calving ease, yearly weights, temperament and fertility. The whole time he was talking, I was hearing myself say the same things about Brangus. I think it is time to challenge our Board, members and association. I propose that our Association form a committee made up of the best people that our breed has to offer to develop a strategic plan that will change the perception of our breed to the commercial cattleman, that will challenge us as breeders to perhaps make different genetic selection choices for our herds and for our association to compile information in a manner that will be relevant the commercial cattleman. Without a thorough understanding of all aspects of the commercial cattle business and a realistic view of our breed, we will be unable to develop a true road map to help us compete in the future. I would propose that we take action and not sit and wait for what ever happensď Ž

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Massey has served as Executive Vice President of the IBBA since 2004. In 2007, he started Genetic Performance Solutions, LLC, a breed registry services and performance analysis company serving the cattle and breed association industry— a joint venture between the IBBA and the Red Angus Association of America. GPS manages online registry programs for breed associations and the data base management of performance data like multi-breed EPDs.


Brangus Journal

the bottom line



ongratulations to all our Juniors. I attended my first Junior National back in July. I was real proud of the participants and their contributions to the breed. The stall area was neat and the cattle looked well cared for. I was able to listen to some of the sales teams compete and I was very impressed with their knowledge and abilities. You are the future of this breed and I think we can all agree that the future is very bright. A big thanks goes out to the parents and staff that make all these shows and activities possible. If it wasn’t for your support, these junior programs could not exist. As summer begins to wind down, fall is taking off full throttle. The bull sales are directly upon us and football season has begun. GO HOGS GO!!! There is a big game coming up in Dallas October 3. You Aggies know exactly what I am talking about. I sure hope the Razorbacks win because I am certain of the hard time I will receive if A&M pulls it off. That’s alright though, because I am a true fan, win or lose. Just like you Brangus breeders who are true fans of the product you are raising. Even when other people doubt your operation or your team, you persevere and stand proud. More importantly you look to improve upon what is already in place and supported. The last couple of months I have spent a lot of time visiting feedlots and beef industry experts. I have heard good things about our breed and lots of negative comments. And I will be quite honest, definitely more bad than good. That’s common though, because negative comments are always spoken louder. I have heard how our Brangus influenced feeder cattle don’t grade or yield. I have heard how they don’t perform or convert. I have heard that we are a light muscled breed. I have heard how they get grouped with every other “eared” calf by the buyers, feeders and packers. You say it, I have heard it. Our reputation is most certainly not what it needs to be in this industry, but I have stayed positive and proud just like each of you. There are areas that we must improve on as a breed to push our “Team” to the top and improve the breed’s reputation. And they are issues we can easily handle if we all work together. The goal of our “Brangus Team” being on top is most assuredly reachable if we work together. Breed improvement and marketing enhancement in terms of identity and visibility are two topics we need to really focus on. There are several breed improvement areas we need to continue to target in order to raise a uniform and consistent product. Things like muscling, marbling and feed efficiency to name a few. Improvement in those areas will provide better seedstock to our commercial customers. In turn, they will produce a more efficient and uniform feeder calf yielding a more desirable carcass returning them more money. When those things happen, the Brangus breed starts to get the credit and recognition from the beef industry that it desires. This breed has made strides in the last 4 or 5 years, but we have to get better every day. The first day we quit improving our breed, is the first day we find ourselves behind everyone else. Improvement is a continuous effort! Marketing is a term that encompasses a vast array of ideas, thoughts and procedures by different people, even though the common goals are similar or unanimous. What are the breed’s goals? Sell more bulls? Increase the number of registered females? Increase membership? Increase enrollment in OptimaxX and Brangus Gold? A person wants to say yes to all of the above, but one must be realistic. With the cow herd diminishing by 20-25%, it will be extremely dif16 |SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

Brangus Journal

ficult to increase the number of registered cows and attract new membership. It will also be hard to increase the number of bulls we are selling to the commercial cattlemen when the industry needs will probably decrease by 15,000 bulls or more moving into next year. However, with the OptimaxX and Brangus Gold programs being so young, increasing the enrollment for each is definitely possible and of extreme importance. Why? Well, I will tell you.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Grant Keenen is the Driector of Commercial Martking Programs for the IBBA. For any questions or inquiries regarding IBBA Commercial Programs, such as OptimaxX and Brangus Gold, Grant can be reached by phone at 210.696.8231 or by email at

If the breed is going to gain beef industry respect and acknowledgement, we must start differentiating our Brangus influenced feeder cattle from every other black-hided eared calf that goes into the feed yard. There is a negative bos Indicus cross stigma that lumps every calf with ear together at the feedlot and packer level. We all know that Brangus influenced feeder cattle are more valuable than other Brahman bred calves, but the buyers, feeders and packers do not see it that way. They have been allowed to discount our cattle and are still getting away with it. The OptimaxX program permits a person to accurately identify Brangus parentage along with age and source verification. These feeders need to be identified so that a separation is created between Brangus influenced and “eared” cattle. These documented cattle will be easily acknowledged and help prove the increased value compared to other Brahman breeds. Furthermore, OptimaxX will allow a producer the ability to capture available age and source premiums. Everyone knows that the Brangus influenced females are highly desirable. They are some of the most productive and maternal females in the business. Couple those traits with their longevity and a person has an ideal commercial female. So, why not identify them? Put a Brangus Gold tag in their ear so the rest of the industry knows exactly what they are. These females are one of the best products a Brangus breeder and their customers have to offer. Be proud and identify them. Using both of the tagging programs will create industry recognition and help the “Brangus Team” reach new heights. Every breeder and their customers should identify and market their cattle for what they are. Marketing is comprised of several components, but one of the most important is establishing positive industry recognition through identity and visibility. Continual breed improvement and marketing enhancement will directly relate to the breed and their commercial customers bottom line. Producing seedstock that fits the beef industry’s needs and desires will have a positive impact and increase bull market share in the future. Increased market share will help the breed and every member become more successful. With that success, we attract new members and increase registrations. Those are the aspirations the breed craves and are attainable.

This is a “Team” effort. Go Brangus!



ore bulls, better bulls would be the operative words in describing bulls being developed in the Spitzer Ranch Program for 2009-2010. Expansion of their own cow numbers and the alliance with Salacoa Valley Farms, Fairmount, GA has enabled them to have two groups of bulls being developed for their 2010 Performance Tested Bull Sale. The 69 bulls in Test 2009-1 are primarily October and November born calves weaned and placed on test May 15, 2009; while the 32 bulls in Test 2009-2 are mainly late November and December born calves weaned and placed on test June 26, 2009. But, more important than the total number of 101 bulls is the genetic contribution they will make to the cattle industry. Where else can you find 70% of all bulls to be AI-sired with 43% of the 101 bulls on test earning the “Calving Ease” designation to be used on heifers to reduce the risks of calving problems? Average EPDs for the entire group are: BW = -0.6; WW = 25; YW = 46; MK = 12; TM = 25; SC = 0.5; REA = 0.31; %IMF = .050 and FAT = 0.000. Compare these to the non-parent breed averages from the Fall 2009 Brangus Sire Summary which are: BW = 0.5; WW = 22; YW = 40; MK = 8; TM = 18; SC = 0.7; REA = .35; %IMF = 0.026 and FAT = -0.001. Another way to look at the arithmetic is that the average Spitzer Ranch Bull compared to all Brangus Breed Average Non-parent Bulls has a BW EPD 1.1 pounds lighter with WW and YW EPDs 13% and


Brangus Journal

15% heavier. And at the same time the average Spitzer Ranch Bull provides a 50% higher MK EPD and a 39% higher TM EPD. Since carcass quality has become so important to the beef business, the fact that the average Spitzer Ranch Bull has 92% greater %IMF EPD than the Average Non-parent Brangus Bull should get your attention. Spitzer Ranch Brangus Bulls are bred right genetically and developed in a no frills practical environment that produces athletic bulls ready to go to work in your breeding pastures. Their selection program is genetically designed to produce bulls different from those you find offered by other seedstock operations. Since the passion of the Spitzer Ranch program is rooted in the commercial cattle industry, their bulls have pedigrees stacked with “Curve Bender” genetic inputs. Because of this focus, you will find a set of powerful “Curve Bender” bulls with the low birth, high growth, increased carcass value and high maternal genetics needed by the commercial rancher to put more pounds on the ground and increased profits in your pockets. Spitzer Ranch is part of the Salacoa Valley Farms – Spitzer Ranch Alliance. The two operations have a combined 52 years of producing Brangus Cattle that have consistently provided professional cattlemen with profit making genetics



he Salacoa Valley Farms crew has moved into high gear in planning for the September 26, 2009 BULL SALE at the Calhoun Stockyards Facility, Calhoun, GA. Their 100 bulls are bred right, developed right and will be presented in a manner that has gained instant acceptance by the professional cattleman. No hype, no flash, just an excellent set of stout, rugged bulls with bred in genetics to put dollars in your pocket. The Salacoa Valley Farms – Spitzer Ranch Alliance has developed an industry exclusive Curve Bender Index (CBI) and bulls will be cataloged and sold in order by CBI. The CBI is a scientific, yet practical means of getting a handle on the antagonistic traits of LOWER birth weights and HIGHER growth potential. While quality has improved with selection pressure and grid pricing, producers are still paid in pounds. Most successful cattlemen focus on buying bulls that will sire calves with reduced birth weights (more live births) and vigorous calves that will grow like gangbusters to weaning and yearling ages while still “fitting the box”. The CBI classifies those low birth weight, high growth “curve bender” bulls into an easily understood number. That makes it much easier to then look at other attributes needed in your herd (more or less milk, frame, marbling, REA etc.). Of course all individual performance arithmetic, complete and current EPDs, all ultrasound scan data, a complete history of dam’s performance, a state-of-the-art health and vaccination program and


Brangus Journal

a complete breeding soundness evaluation (BSE) come standard with every bull. And, Salacoa Valley Farms offers customer service after the sale with increased marketing options; and a guarantee second to none. A full 2/3 of these bulls are AI sired by some of the best of the Trait Leader bulls available in the Brangus Breed and other bulls sired by their impressive herd bull battery. All of which are sired by Trait Leader Bulls. This is a selection program genetically designed to produce bulls different from those you find offered by other seedstock operations. Since the passion of the Salacoa Valley Farm’s program is rooted in the commercial cattle industry, their bulls have pedigrees stacked with “Curve Bender” genetic inputs. Because of this focus, you will find a set of powerful “Curve Bender” bulls with the low birth, high growth, increased carcass value and high maternal genetics needed by the commercial rancher to put more pounds on the ground and increased profits in their pockets. Salacoa Valley Farms is part of the Salacoa Valley Farms – Spitzer Ranch Alliance and have been breeding Brangus cattle since 1984. Spitzer Ranch has been at it since 1982. If you need the kind of profit oriented bulls that will sire the kind of offspring that will keep you in the cattle business for the long haul, call 706/337-2295 or email

Come and Live the BFB Mr.

High Life 793R

BFB Ms. Sugar Cookie 52U2, R10124238, sired by High Life.

GeneSTAR tested better than the average of all animals tested in tenderness, marbling and feed efficiency.



















Quality Grade Tenderness Feed Efficiency

• Homozygous Black • #1 Brangus Bull for Tenderness Quality & Feed Efficiency on Public Record. • Semen Export Certified

SVF High Prime 99K31 x SVF Ms. J18 HIGH LIFE is quickly establishing a reputation as an easy keeping sire who adds top, bone, & volume to his calves along with an impeccable carcass genetic profile. A “GeneStar Elite Tender” sire himself with a mature weight of 2,000 lbs––all calves have tested “Elite Tender” and homozygous black. If you want to raise calves that will excel in the show ring, the pasture and on the rail, then we think you will agree that HIGH LIFE should be a part of your breeding program.

ATTN: CUP Certified Ultrasound & AI Technician ––– Contact Daren to set up an appointment! For Semen Contact: Donald & Susan Cullen 8225 Hwy 51 New Brockton, Al 334-894-5094

James Chenevert 225-578-3292

Bosarge Family Brangus Daren & Paula Bosarge Hunter & Tanner 254 Langham Rd Repton, AL 36475 Daren Cell: 251-282-6480


NEWS&NOTEWORTHY matt reznicek joins cow creek ranch


ow Creek Ranch, LLC, announces that Matt Reznicek has joined the family ranching operation located near Aliceville, Ala., on August 1, 2009. Matt comes on board as a key member of the ranch management team of Cow Creek Ranch. “Matt brings a unique level of experience and history to our operation. He grew up in the cattle business and has an Ivy League education. But his real strength comes from his invaluable experience in


Brangus Journal

the corporate world along with his experience in nearly every segment of the beef business. Matt's foundation and knowledge makes him an extremely valuable asset to the Cow Creek Ranch team,” says his father, Joe Reznicek. Matt got his industry start as a child growing up on Reznicek Farms and later as a teen on Cow Creek Ranch. From 1996 to 2000, Matt managed Cow Creek Ranch's South American cattle operation in Uruguay, South America. After returning to the states, Matt spent the next six years working with Cow Creek Ranch customers in cattle feeding placement and marketing. During that time, he was a founder and manager of Hill Creek Beef Company, which provided valuable production and beef quality data through finishing and marketing feeder cattle derived from Cow Creek Ranch genetics. The company later developed an allnatural branded beef product that catered to upscale restaurants and high-end grocery stores. Immediately prior to his return to Cow Creek Ranch, Matt was Director of Emerging Markets and Distribution for Infinity Insurance Companies. He managed strategic initiatives including retail, agency relations and direct marketing teams. His responsibilities also included oversight of Infinity's Spanish language marketing content. Matt received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., in 1995. “It's a great time to come back to Cow Creek Ranch and the beef industry. Cow Creek Ranch has built a strong customer base and a genetic product that continues to lead the industry. I look forward to helping lead Cow Creek Ranch into the future,” says Matt. Cow Creek Ranch is the largest Brangus and Ultrablack breeder in the U.S. and is recognized as the 21st largest seedstock producer in the country. After nearly 25 years in business, Cow Creek Ranch has developed into one of the beef industry's most respected seedstock genetic providers in the United States. Cow Creek Ranch markets 500 Brangus, Ultrablack and Angus bulls annually. Cow Creek Ranch's 300-head Bull Sale and 500-head Commercial Brangus Bred Heifer Sale has been set for Friday and Saturday, October 9 and 10, 2009, at the ranch in Aliceville, Alabama. For more information, please contact Cow Creek Ranch, 1170 Cow Creek Road, Aliceville, AL, 35442, 205/373-2269, email: or on the web at www.

Jesse of Brinks 392P105

BW -2.5





Milk 8

MA 15

SC 0.3

REA .51

IMF .2

The Gentle Outlaw! Disposition like a puppy dog... an economic trait! • Calving ease sire • Breed to big framed/bigger birth weight cattle to moderate type • Easy keeping and efficient • Trait leader for intramuscular fat • Jesse’s dam is the famous $29,000 1/2 interest donor, Miss Brinks Best Bet 392K17, owned by 5K Cowbelle Ranch

Owned by McCreary Farms, John and Debbie Maurer Group and Camp Cooley Genetics Semen priced at $40 at Camp Cooley Genetics, 800.251.0305

Fred and Sharron McCreary 13465 Brooklyn Road Evergreen, AL 36401 Phone: 251.578.4750 Cell: 251.230.0276 Fax: 251.578.5831

NEWS&NOTEWORTHY USPB offers Age and Source Verification Premiums premiums totaling $64 per head (including the $35 per head ASV premium) for all USPB ASV cattle marketed through the company’s Kansas plants during the 2009 fiscal year. The International Brangus Breeders Association’s OptimaxX program is approved at the ranch level to supply ASV cattle to USPB. For more information contact: On August 18, 2009, U.S. Premium Beef (USPB) announced the extension of a $35 per head Age and Source Verification (ASV) premium through May 29, 2010. This premium will be paid on ASV cattle that are 20 months of age and younger at time of harvest and are marketed through USPB. The announcement included a report of grid

U.S. Premium Beef Brian Bertelsen 866-877-2525


80 head total


81P R9692541 COI 0.07%


R9667598 COI 0.01%

Calves Avg 205 dw wt 742#

Calves Avg 205 dw wt 601#

ratio 111

ratio 109

535P R9678529 COI 0.01%

Calves Avg 205 dw wt 628#

7299P R10006078 COI 0.00%

Calves Avg 205 dw wt 577#

ratio 109

ratio 101


R721086 COI 5.64%

Summit Cow 894J

R736879 COI 0.02%

Summit Cow 2K

R767687 COI 0.84%

Summit Cow 535/1

R794992 COI 7.43%

15N5 R9662471 Calves Avg 205 dw wt 645#

COI 5.43% ratio 108

Beckwards T Ranch Outcross genetics, performance & fertility.

Just 80 miles South of OKC.

94R R100016871 COI 0.22%

Calves Avg 205 dw wt 709#


ratio 109



Brangus Journal

Lil Bubba, Sire of 81P, 535P and 24N

Tom Beck 580-351-4439 (cell) 580-353-4304 (home)





ife can be viewed in many ways but at times it may seem to be a series of challenges or crises, one after another, with brighter periods in between. Each of us regularly faces challenges of various sorts in our lives; the sources may be financial, health concerns, drought, political uncertainty, demand for beef, and the list goes on. The ultimate challenge for every one of us is how we mentally deal with each of the difficult situations we face throughout life. IBBA and its members, both individually and collectively, have certainly faced a number of challenges during recent years. What is needed to maintain a positive yet realistic outlook and somewhat flexible vision for those challenges yet to come? The following excerpt from Charles Swindoll offers a valuable perspective. “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company…a church…a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past…we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and

that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it. And so it is with you. We are in charge of our attitudes.” The perspective presented by Swindoll also applies to organizations like IBBA which have a life of sorts as they grow and change through time while reflecting a group attitude. What do Brangus cattle provide to the beef industry and how does the membership wish IBBA to be recognized as a contributor? What attitude best serves IBBA and its membership during the current challenges of declining demand for beef, higher input costs, a smaller US cowherd, and ongoing drought for some? This would be the positive CAN DO attitude for our cattle, association and individual operations. The real can do for Brangus is adapt- ABOUT THE AUTHOR ability, a strength incorporated through Dale was first elected to the research and wisdom but also refined IBBA Board of Directors through decades of selection. This breed in 2005 and served as was developed in this country to serve chairman of the Promotion cattlemen who Committee for two years needed stock that before being selected as 2nd Vice-President. During were adapted to the past year, he has also living in a range been Chairman of the BPI of challenging en- Board. Dale is a member of vironments while the HOA and Oklahoma reproducing beef in gional Brangus associations. an efficient man- He is a strong advocate of ner. Brangus is member participation and recognized as the clear, effective communication at all levels. maternal breed of choice throughout the southern half of the US and beyond. This adaptability was developed and validated several decades ago and still stands above numerous other breeds. As just one example of numerous supporting studies, Herbel and Nelson (1996) reported that Brangus cows would travel farther for forage than HerefordAngus cattle in the same desert environment. From the Ozarks eastward to the Atlantic Ocean, cowmen are blessed with conditions favorable to forage production, much of which is endophyte-infected tall fescue. The fungal endophyte produces toxic alkaloids which affect cattle performance in several ways. Research by scientists from USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and the University of Arkansas during the 1980’s demonstrated that calving rates of Brahman-Angus cross cows exceeded those of Angus and Brahman cows by 30%. And the weaning weights of the crossbred cows topped those of the purebred Continued on page 30


Brangus Journal


Stay Positive, Start Filling that Wish List


all is here and let’s keep the faith that September and October will bring fair weather and lots of rain where needed. The economic situation has been tough and the Southern states have seen severe drought, so we need to keep our chin up and think positive thoughts. Here are a few positive thoughts for the day:

• Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life • Don’t protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends • Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt • It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success • When life gives you lemons, add sugar and enjoy the lemonade It is amazing, summertime is gone, the 2009 National Junior Brangus Show and Futurity were a huge success and we can now look forward to Fall shows and the Holiday Season! Speaking of the Holiday Season, a reminder to all that the International Brangus Auxiliary sells merchandise to raise funds for the scholarships awarded to our Junior Brangus members each year---over $330,000.00 in scholarships awarded to date. The IBA also sponsors the Hospitality Room at the NJBS annually. Here is a list of items we currently have for sale: Brangus Note Cards with envelopes (10 per package)

$5.00 each

(Various note cards to choose from; made from past winners of the Illustration Contest at the NJBS Show)

Brangus Magnetic Note Pads (250 sheets per pad)

$3.00 each

Hooded Pull-Overs w/IBBA logo-adult sizes

$15.00 each

Hooded Pull-Overs w/IBBA logo-child sizes

$10.00 each

Stadium Seats w/ IBBA logo

$20.00 each

Stainless Steel Insulated Mugs w/IBBA logo

$10.00 each

Please contact me directly at (830) 484-0209 if I can help fill your Santa’s list with any of these items. Also, a reminder to all IJBBA members, the deadline to submit your scholarship applications is December 31, 2009. Contact Marlene Schwerin at if you have questions regarding the IBS scholarship application.

May your travels to the next Brangus show or sale be safe and successful. One final positive thought from South Texas, “Tomorrow is one day closer to the next rain”. INTERNATIONAL BRANGUS AUXILIARY OFFICERS President: Pamela Doiron P.O. Box 1029, Santa Ynez, California 93460 (805.688.8310) First Vice-President: Karen Lucherk 2278 CR 213, McCoy, Texas 78113 (830.484.0209) Second Vice-President : Marlene Schwerin 11897 Schwerin Lane, Gentry, Arkansas (409.790.2355) Secretary: Tracee Buffaloe 1219 Meadowridge Dr., Beaumont, Texas 77706 (281.748.2399) Treasurer: Sharon McCreary HC 34, Box 125, Evergreen, Alabama (251.578.4750) Historian: Jodi Jackson 3099 Horseshoe Bend Road, Waco, Texas 76708 (254.836.4320) DIRECTORS Mary Beth Farris, Texas Kay Gibson, Texas Karen Lucherk, Texas Joy Reznicek, Alabama Barbara Watson, Louisiana Susan Vaughan, Georgia


Brangus Journal


Continued from page 26.

Angus and Brahman cows by 70 pounds. The conclusion from this study was that Brangus type cows were more adaptable and productive in a wider range of environments, including endophyte infected fescue, than purebreds of either breed as a result of heterosis and inherent heat tolerance. Heterosis or hybrid vigor is a genetically incorporated can do for Brangus cattle. As a composite of not just two breeds but two species (Bos taurus and Bos indicus), Brangus offers a maximum of hybrid vigor in single package. In addition to being a basis for the maternal abilities and adaptability of the Brangus cow, heterosis is known to increase weaning weights, longevity, and insect and disease resistance (Thrift 2009). During the last few years in cattle magazines, university classrooms, and coffee shops across the county, the decline in crossbreeding and accompanying heterosis has been a concern and common topic of discussion. Brangus (and Ultras) offer commercial cattlemen a simple, direct way to recover that lost vigor without sacrificing carcass qualities because the core genetics is still Angus with just enough Bos indicus to provide the needed heterosis advantage. The can do approach for IBBA as an association is linked to the participation and support of its membership. In addition to providing data and registry services, the association plays a vital role in meeting the communication and education needs of its members and others in the beef industry. The IBBA-hosted seminar held in Atlanta last February for Southern Livestock Extension Specialists was well received and a positive step toward a more positive perception and acceptance of the breed in that area of the country. Dr. Dan Moser and Todd Thrift summarized data showing what Brangus cattle WILL DO relative to carcass traits and environmental adaptability, respectively. If you have not already watched the videos of their presentations on the IBBA website, take the time to do so.

EMBRYOS FOR SALE Ms. Brinks New Era 468P27 (R9685463) 468G15 Daughter


IKE of Brinks 504P31 (R9690028) Great Nimitz Son

Offspring EPDs BW




















Randy Price


OFFICE 800-307-4530

Brangus Journal

DNA-based technologies have rapidly become the next milestone in the beef industry. For that reason, IBBA selected this topic as the focus of the 2009 Brangus Summit in Oklahoma City to keep its members and others informed on what they can do to advance their breeding programs. While widespread adoption of these technologies by commercial cowmen may be a few years down the road, seedstock producers need to use available information and ideas to stay ahead of the curve. Given that the real advantage of cattle lies in their ruminant ability to convert forages to red meat, producers will do well to reduce high-input feed sources and select for those individuals that perform well on the forages native to their environment. For seedstock producers faced with economic stress and/or drought more rigorous selection pressure and culling of poor performers will benefit commercial customers as well as the breed and the breeder’s program. The long term prospects are positive for cattle (think Brangus here) and cattlemen in a world of consumers who seek red meat in their diet. The challenges that Brangus breeders face are best not encountered alone. The collective ideas and energy of the membership focused on the strengths of the breed and common goals can and will do more to position Brangus as a significant contributor to the beef industry in the years ahead. James Ottman, my fellow Brangus breeder from Rock Port, MO nailed it when he stated that the past and future of Brangus lies in “people helping people and sharing ideas”. My personal challenge to each of you is to focus on the advantages that Brangus provide the beef industry and share this positive message with all your cattlemen friends and neighbors


Hello everyone!



President: Chelsie Meyer, Oklahoma Ex-Officio: Ben Fuller, Texas

Samantha Leifeste

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Alex Brull, Kansas Justin Shrader, Texas Daniel Watson, Louisiana Katy Knox, Texas Jessica Brumley, Louisiana Emily Jackson, Texas Emily Smith, Texas Allison Deshotel, Louisiana

Randy Deshotel

IBBA Youth Department

Mary Douglass

I hope you have all made it home and recovered from a great week in West Monroe! “Boots, Bling & Brangus” NJBS 2009 was a HUGE success and we thank everyone who helped make it so! We had some amazing times throughout the week including great cattle shows, friendly contest competition, super food, and lots of fun and fellowship with our Brangus family! With over 100 junior exhibitors representing 10 states, NJBS 2009 was one of the biggest shows we’ve had in several years. We thank all the exhibitors and their families for hauling to the week long Brangus family reunion! The week was jam packed with events and competition from start to finish. Monday started out with cattle check-in and opening ceremonies. We then followed by participating in the many different contests that are offered at the NJBS. We heard some excellent speeches during the speech contest, and saw the great showing and fitting skills from the best of the best in our junior association during the team fitting and showmanship competition. A change to the schedule this year was the addition of the salesmanship contest. This contest is always fun. The judges had a great time with the kids and our juniors know what they are talking about when it comes to selling Brangus cattle! And of course, Barnyard Olympics is always crazy fun and oh so competitive! And what a great display of Brangus cattle during the SOC, Bred & Owned, and Owned Heifer Shows. Closing out the week was the informal gathering for our awards ceremony where juniors were recognized for awards, scholarships, and contest placings. Needless to say, it was a busy, busy week! The Source of Champions Sale continues to grow and thrive. Special thank you to all the buyers, consignors of the show heifer prospects and to all the semen contributors. This was definitely an awesome display or both heifers and semen and a great way to support our juniors! We thank you. We need to give a big THANK YOU to Miss Samantha, the Junior Board or Directors and the advisors, and to all the sponsors, volunteers and judges who donated their time and resources to make this show a great one! Make plans to join us back in West Monroe next year for NJBS’s sure to be a great time! I truly look forward to serving as your president this coming year! There are several things we as junior members need to tackle and I’m ready to get started! Feel free to contact me or any of the board members with your ideas or suggestions. I look forward to working with all of will be a great year! See ya’ down the road. Your friend,

Chelsie Meyer 2009-2010 IJBBA President

Ray Smith Damon Acord Tammy Weid Ginger Pritchard

Brangus Journal




ore than 100 junior Brangus breeders and their families hauled to West Monroe, Louisiana, making the 27th Annual National Junior Brangus Show (NJBS) one of the biggest and best yet. The International Junior Brangus Breeders Association (IJBBA) served as this year’s host and the theme was “Boots, Bling & Brangus!” Exhibitors representing 10states put on their bling and their shiniest pair of boots and kicked it up a notch for a week full of fun, fellowship, and good old friendly competition. For many families, the NJBS is the highlight event of the summer. For 24 junior exhibitors, this was their first time to attend the national event. Highlighting the week’s activities were a variety of educational and fun contests including everything from public speaking and art competitions to fitting and showing. The following are the winners by category:

High Point Exhibitors: Junior-Caryn Smart, Runge, TX; Intermediate-Colton Coufal, Cameron, TX; Senior-Chrisie Schwerin, Gentry, AR

Public Speaking Contest: Junior Division 1st-Kendra Brull, Atchison, KS; 2nd-Caryn Smart, Runge, TX; 3rd-Claire Smart, Runge, TX

Public Speaking Contest: Intermediate Division 1st-Jacob Brosh, Arkadelphia, AR; 2nd-Elizabeth Wishert, Magnolia, TX; 3rd-Emily Jackson, Waco, TX

Public Speaking Contest: Senior Division 1st-Lesli Garrett, Canton, TX; 2nd-Christine Schwerin,Gentry, AR 3rd-Ben Wishert, Magnolia, TX

Photography Contest: Junior Division 1st-Leah Hiebert, Alta Vista, KS; 2nd-Caryn Smart, Runge, TX; 3rd-Tanner Miller, Runge, TX

Photography Contest: Intermediate Division 1st-Victoria Maloch, Manolia, AR; 2nd-Emily Jackson, Waco, TX; 3rd-Elizabeth Wishert, Magnolia, TX

Photography Contest: Senior Division 1st-Ben Wishert, Magnolia, TX; 2nd-Christine Schwerin, Gentry, AR; 3rd-Stephen Roop, Grapevine, TX

Illustration Contest Winner Kourtney Gardner, China Spring, TX

Computer Generated Ad Contest: Junior Division 1st-Caryn Smart, Runge, TX; 2nd-Claire Smart, Runge, TX

32 ||SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2009 2009 Brangus BrangusJournal Journal


Computer Generated Ad Contest: Intermediate Division 1st-Colton Coufal, Cameron, TX; 2nd-Elizabeth Wishert, Magnolia, TX; 3rd-Rachel Brosh, Arkadelphia, AR

Computer Generated Ad Contest: Senior Division 1st-Christine Schwerin, Gentry, AR; 2nd-Josie Vaughan, Monett, MO; 3rd-Justin Jones, Stillwater, OK

Quiz Bowl Contest: Champion Team Ben Wishert, Magnolia, TX; Rachel McConnell, Diana, TX; Jodi & Connor Jackson, Waco, TX

Skill-A-Thon Contest: Junior Division 1st-Tanner Bosarge, Repton, AL; 2nd-Paige Weiss, Kilgore, TX; 3rd-Audrey Acord, Madisonville, TX

Skill-A-Thon Contest: Intermediate Division 1st-Haley Weiss, Kilgore, TX; 2nd-Darrell McLemore Jr., Ringgold, LA; 3rd-Austin Acord, Madisonville, TX

Skill-A-Thon Contest: Senior Division 1st-Payton Farris, Tuscola, TX; 2nd-Kody Lucherk, McCoy, TX; 3rdStephen Roop, Grapevine, TX

New Exhibitor Award Colton Coufal, Cameron, TX

Longest Distance Traveled Award Michaela Aycock, Bartow, FL

Scrapbook Award Winner Texas Junior Brangus Breeders Assn.

Herdsmanship Winner Florida Junior Brangus Breeders

Frog & Churn Award Katlyn Gardner, China Spring, TX

Showmanship Contest: Novice

1st-Remey Parrott, Mamou, LA; 2nd-Kalyn Watt, Tatum, TX; 3rd-Savannah Scott, Angleton, TX; 4th-Colten Leech, Stark City, MO; 5th-Audrey Acord, Madisonville, TX; 6th-Holli Baker, Burton, TX

Brangus BrangusJournal Journal SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2009 2009 | 33


Showmanship Contest: Junior

Showmanship Contest: Intermediate

Showmanship Contest: Senior

1st-Colton Coufal, Cameron, TX; 2nd-Michaela Aycock, Bartow, FL; 3rd-Paige Weiss, Kilgore, TX; 4th-Kourtney Gardner, China Spring, TX; 5th-Alexandra Acord, Madisonville, TX; 6th-Lauren Fontenot, Lake Charles, LA

1st-Kara Lucherk, McCoy, TX; 2nd-Luke Johnston, Waxahachie, TX; 3rd-Austin Acord, Madisonville, TX; 4th-Justin Shrader, Shepherd, TX; 5th-Emily Smith, Waco, TX; 6th-Kaylan Viktorin, Freeport, TX

1st-Kody Lucherk, McCoy, TX; 2nd-Randa Yezak, Bremond, TX; 3rd-Stephen Roop, Grapevine, TX; 4th-Katy Knox, Hempstead, TX; 5th-Ben Fuller, Hearne, TX; 6th-Callie Scott, Angleton, TX

Team Fitting and Showing Contest 1st Team-Colton Coufal, Cameron, TX; Rachel Hiebert, Alta Vista, KS; Jaclyn Climer, Bells, TN

Team Fitting and Showing Contest 2nd Team-Michaela Aycock, Bartow, FL; Kaylan Viktorin, Freeport, TX; Brandon Otto, Fayetteville, TX

Team Fitting and Showing Contest 3rd Team-Kalyn Watt, Tatum, TX; Megan Whittleman, Shepherd, TX; Allison Deshotel, Ville Platte, LA

Salesmanship Contest: Junior Division 1st Team-Colton Coufal, Cameron, TX; Paige Weiss, Kilgore, TX; Kourtney Gardner, China Spring, TX

Salesmanship Contest: Junior Division 2nd Team–Savannah Scott, Angleton, TX; Kendra Brull, Atchison, KS; Lauren Savoie, Jennings, LA

Salesmanship Contest: Junior Division 3rd Team–Audrey Acord, Madisonville, TX; Kalyn Watt, Tatum, TX; Taylor Goerlitz, Brenham, TX

Salesmanship Contest: Senior Division 1st Team--Victoria Maloch, Magnolia, AR; Connor Jackson, Waco, TX; Elizabeth Wishert, Magnolia, TX

Salesmanship Contest: Senior Division 2nd Team–Ben Wishert, Magnolia, TX; Darrell McLemore Jr., Ringgold, LA; Jessica Brumley, Gilliam, LA

Salesmanship Contest: Senior Division 3rd Team–Ben Fuller, Hearne, TX; Haley Weiss, Kilgore, TX; Chelsie Meyer, Wayne, OK

34 |SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 Brangus Brangus Journal Journal


IBA Scholarship Winners

IRBBA Scholarship Winners Katy Knox, Hempstead, TX Ben Wishert, Magnolia, TX

Pat Pinch Memorial Scholarship Winners Foster Lanie, Youngsville, LA Kody Lucherk, McCoy, TX

Newly Elected IJBBA Officers & Directors

Outgoing IJBBA Officers

Georgeanne Meyers Award Monica Shrader

Upperclassman Scholarship: Payton Farris, Tuscola, TX; Underclassman Scholarships: Ben Wishert, Magnolia, TX; Ray Mackey Memorial Scholarships: Chelsie Meyer, Wayne, OK & Stephanie Climer, Bells, TN

President: Chelsie Meyer, Wayne, OK Directors: Daniel Watson, Denham Springs, LA; Alex Brull, Atchison, KS; Justin Shrader, Shepherd, TX; Emily Jackson, Waco, TX; Emily Smith, College Station, TX; Katy Knox, Hempstead, TX; Allison Deshotel, Ville Platte, LA; and Jessica Brumley, Gilliam, LA


iss Tobi Parrott, Mamou, Louisiana, has been selected International Brangus Queen for 20092010. Tobi is a17-year-old senior at Sacred Heart High School in Ville Platte. She has been showing Brangus cattle for the past nine years throughout the southern states including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Alabama. Tobi is the only daughter of Mitch and Tammy Parrott, and has two younger brothers, Rowdy and Remey and resides in Vidrine, Louisiana. She is an active member in many clubs at her school including Students United for Abstinence, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Rotary/Interact Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, 4-H, and ministry team. She is also a member of the 2009 Sacred Heart cheerleading squad. After graduation next year, she plans to attend McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana to pursue a degree in marketing. Her plans also include continuing to show and raise Brangus cattle. During her reign, Parrott will attend the four national shows as well as numerous state, regional, and national events.

Brangus Brangus Journal JournalSEPTEMBER/OCTOBER SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2009 2009 | 35

SHOWresults: 2009 NJBS Futurity

Champion Heifer Calf DDD Ms Sylvia 804U27 Exhibited by: Meagan Whittleman, Shepherd, TX

Reserve Champion Heifer Calf SCC Miss Eve 55U2 Exhibited by: Callie Scott, Angleton, TX

Champion Red Heifer Calf CX Ms Home Run 67/W Exhibited by: Cox Excalibur Brangus, Katy, TX

Reserve Champion Red Heifer Calf Broken A Ultima 14U2 Exhibited by: Callie Scott, Angleton, TX

Champion Summer Heifer GT Miss Unique 1019U12 Exhibited by: Justin Shrader, Shepherd, TX

Reserve Champion Summer Heifer SCC Miss Darcy 55U Exhibited by: Savannah Scott, Angleton, TX

Champion Red Yearling Heifer & Grand Champion Red Heifer Broken A Ava 114U Exhibited by: Austin Acord, Madisonville, TX

Reserve Champion Red Yearling Heifer KK Miss Golden Nugget 65U Exhibited by: Katy Know, Hempstead, TX

Champion Junior Heifer & Grand Champion Heifer D Bar D Anita Kay Exhibited by: Abbie Jorgenson, Tyler, TX

Champion Red Junior Heifer Broken A Tillie 618T3 Exhibited by: Audrey Acord, Madisonville, TX

Reserve Champion Junor Heifer Broken A Tinkerbell 14T2 Exhibited by: Callie Scott, Angleton, TX

Champion Senior Heifer RAD Miss Addie Exhibited by: Derek J. Johnston, Waxahachie, TX

36 |SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 Brangus Brangus Journal Journal

SHOWresults: 2009 NJBS Futurity

Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Miss TRG Ebony Revolution Exhibited by: Whitney Jennings, Meridian, TX

Champion Red Senior Heifer & Reserve Grand Champion Red Heifer

Dos XX's Miss Star 89/7 Exhibited by Taylor Goerlitz, Brenham, TX

Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Miss Iron Farm Blackhawk 430T2 Exhibited by: Ashton Watt

Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair JCC Ms Maddie 1252S2 Exhibited by: Stephen Roop, Grapevine, TX

Grand Champion Red Cow/Calf Pair CX Ms Home Run 314/T1 Exhibited by: Cox Excalibur Brangus, Katy, TX

Reserve Grand Champion Red Cow/Calf Pair Sureways One-Way Street 317 Exhibited by: BKC Ranch LLC, Hockley, TX

Champion Bull Calf & Reserve Grand Champion Bull DDD Weatherby 804W3 Exhibited by: Doguet Diamond D Ranch, McCoy, TX

Reserve Champion Bull Calf Sankeys Remington 392W Exhibited by: Chris and Sharee Sankey, Council Grove, KS

Reserve Champion Red Bull Calf BKC Clean Cut 317W Exhibited by: BKC Ranch LLC, Hockley, TX

Champion Junior Yearling Bull & Grand Champion Bull ACC Stimulus 873U2 Exhibited by: Don Barry and Allen Cattle Co, Manor, TX

Reserve Champion Junior Yearling Bull Rambo 24U Exhibited by: Stacy Beckmann, Marble Falls, TX

Champion Red Summer Bull Rocket of Stofa 353U Exhibited by: Stofa Rosa Ranch, LLC, Willis, TX

Brangus BrangusJournal Journal SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2009 2009 | 37

SHOWresults: 2009 NJBS futurity

Champion Senior Yearling Bull CCR Integrity 244T3 Exhibited by: Traci Middleton, Puryear, TN

Reserve Champion Senior Yearling Bull D Bar D Mr Amos Moses 23T1 Exhibited by: Justin Derek Ishee, Hattiesburg, MS

Champion Red Junior Yearling Bull & Grand Champion Red Bull

Reserve Champion Red Junior Yearling Bull & Reserve Grand Champion Red Bull

Champion Junior Bull BSB Mr S Trendsetter 804T Exhibited by: Emily E. Smith, College Station, TX

Champion Senior Bull SK Mr Newsmaker 915S3 Exhibited by: Michaela D Aycock, Bartow, FL

CX Mr Legend 610/U1; Exhibited by: Cox Excalibur Brangus, Katy, TX

Reserve Champion Senior Bull Polk Creek Napolean 99T Exhibited by: Allison Claire Deshotel, Ville Platte, LA

38 |SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 Brangus Brangus Journal Journal

Dos XX's Stouts Destiny Exhibited by: Dos XX's Cattle Company, Washington, TX

SHOWresults: 2009 NJBS owned heifer divisions

Junior Heifer Calf Champion JCC Ms 38W ET Owned by: Luke Johnston, Waxahachie, TX

Reserve Junior Heifer Calf Champion RCY Miss Uppercut 99W Owned by: Randa Yezak, Bremond, TX

Senior Heifer Calf Champion DDD Ms Sylvia 804U27 Owned by: Meagan Whittleman, Shepherd, TX

Red Senior Heifer Calf Champion Dox XX’s Miss Milly 112/8 Owned by: Taylor Goerlitz, Brenham, TX

Summer Champion Heifer & Reserve Grand Sankey’s Caliente 108U3 Owned by: Molly Zwick, Lyons, KS

Reserve Summer Champion Heifer GT Miss Unique 1019U12 Owned by: Justin Shrader, Shepherd, TX

Red Summer Champion Heifer Ms M4 Stardust 91U Owned by: Cody Atkinson, Wharton, TX

Red Reserve Summer Champion Heifer Ms SR Vindicator 71U Owned by: Lauren Fontenot, Lake Charles, LA

Yearling Champion Heifer & Reserve Grand Ms Iron Farm 331R7 10U Owned by: Emily Jackson, Waco, TX

Reserve Yearling Champion Heifer DDD Ms Cassandra 439U Owned by: Justin Shrader, Shepherd, TX

Red Yearling Champion Heifer & Grand Champion KK Miss Golden Nugget 65U Owned by: Katy Knox, Hempstead, TX

Junior Champion Heifer & Grand Champion D Bar D Anita Kay Owned by: Abbie Jorgenson, Tyler, TX

Brangus BrangusJournal Journal SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2009 2009 | 39

SHOWresults: 2009 NJBS owned heifer divisions

Reserve Junior Champion Heifer Ms Iron Farm Summit 2024T Owned by: Abbie Jorgenson, Tyler, TX

Red Junior Champion Heifer & Reserve Grand Broken A Tillie 618T3 Owned by: Audrey Acord, Madisonville, TX

Red Reserve Junior Champion Heifer Broken A Tinkerbell 14T2 Owned by: Shown by Callie Scott, Angleton, TX

Senior Champion Heifer Miss TRG Ebony Revolution Owned by: Whitney Jennings, Meridian, TX

Reserve Senior Champion Heifer RAD Miss Addie Owned by: Derek Johnston, Waxahachie, TX

Red Senior Champion Heifer Dos XX’s Miss Star 89/7 Owned by: Taylor Goerlitz, Brenham, TX

Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair JCC Ms Stacey 390T Owned by: Jake Johnston, Waxahachie, TX

Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair JCC Ms Maddie 1252S2 Owned by: Stephen Roop, Grapevine, TX

Grand Champion SOC Heifer Ms Iron Farm Summit 706T Owned by: Ben Wishert, Magnolia, TX

Reserve Grand Champion SOC Heifer DDD Ms Zohan 820T10 Owned by: Kara Lucherk, McCoy, TX

2009 NJBS cow/calf show

2009 NJBS source of champions sale

40 ||SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2009 2009 Brangus BrangusJournal Journal

SHOWresults: 2009 NJBS bred & owned divisions

Calf Champion Heifer & Grand Champion Ms First Lady Zoe 1019W Owned by: Kody Lucherk, McCoy, TX

Reserve Calf Champion Heifer MCC Ms Revolution 15/W Owned by: Darrell McLemore, Jr., Ringgold, LA

Red Calf Champion Heifer & Reserve Grand MCC Maricel 30U Owned by: Kelsey Munoz, Pearland, TX

Yearling Champion Heifer & Reserve Grand JCC Ms Sharee 1252 Owned by: Luke Johnston, Waxahachie, TX

Reserve Yearling Champion Heifer JG Miss Lights Out Baby Owned by: Thad Gorczyca, Harrah, OK

Red Yearling Champion Heifer & Grand Champion KK Miss Golden Nugget 65U Owned by: Katy Knox, Hempstead, TX

Senior Champion Heifer JG Miss MVP 55T Owned by: Thad Gorczyca, Harrah, OK

Reserve Senior Champion Heifer RAD Miss Addie Owned by: Derek Johnston, Waxahachie, TX

Calf Champion Bull L5 Mr. Gustav 174/U7 Owned by: Foster Lanie, Youngsville, LA

Yearling Champion Bull & Grand Champion Mr EJ Laredo Owned by: Emily Jackson, Waco, TX

Reserve Yearling Champion Bull & Reserve Grand JG Mr. Black Stealth 5114 Owned by: Thad Gorczyca, Harrah, OK

Brangus Journal SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 | 41

Salereports Stars & Stripes Date: May 9, 2009 Location: Raymond, MS Sale Manager: Bruns Sales Co. Auctioneer: Lakin Oakley

6 Registered Brangus Bulls Grossed $17,600 (Averaged $2933) 54 Registered Brangus Females Grossed $145,000 (Averaged $2685) 12 Registered Open Females Grossed $45,300 (Averaged $3775) 20 Registered Bred Females Grossed $42,250 (Averaged $2113) 26 Commercial Brangus Bred Females Grossed $33,685 (Averaged $1297)

The 7 ways “CURVE BENDER BULLS” make YOU more money! 1. Lower birth weight EPD means less calving problems. Decreased Labor! 2. Lower birth weight EPD means fewer calves born dead. More Calves to Sell! 3. Lower birth weight EPD means calves born more vigorous. Healthier Calves! 4. Lower birth weight EPD means less stress on cow’s uterus. Quicker Breedback! 5. Heavier yearling weight EPD means faster growing calves. Get Big Quicker! 6. Heavier yearling weight EPD means bigger calves. More Pounds to Sell! 7. Heavier YW EPD with Lower BW EPD means higher ADG. Less Time on Feed! Check out our “curve bender bulls” on Performance Growth Test at or at under View Upcoming Sales (Upper right side of Home Page). Or email, telephone or write us to be added to our mailing list for informative quarterly newsletters.


Saturday, February 27, 2010 at Calhoun Stockyards, Calhoun, GA


Brangus Journal

High Selling Bulls $8300 for Lot 1B: D Bar D Mr Amos Moses 23T1 from D Bar D Brangus, sired by Brinks Tracker 392R26. Purchased by Harberry Farms (Sumrall, MS). $3500 for Lot 33: Skyhawks Deacon 1202T2 from Skyhoawk Branugs (Tyler, TX), sired by Skyhawks Dallas 193R. Purchased by Bret Wernsman (Sterling, CO) High Selling Females $16,500 for Lot 3: D Bar D Ms Delilah, sired by Brinks Tracker 392R26, from D Bar D Brangus and Elm Valley Cattle. Purchased by Stacy Keen (Lake Wales, FL). $11,000 for Lot 2: D Bar D Ms Diana, sired by Brinks Tracker 392R26, from D Bar D Brangus and Elm Valley Cattle. Purchased by David Wellmann (Brenham, TX). $6800 for Lot 8: Ms Brinks Brightside 468K6, sired by Brightside of Brinks 78905, from D Bar D Brangus and Elm Valley Cattle. Purchased by Southern Cattle (Marianna, FL). Volume Buyers were Stacy Keen (Lake Wales, FL), Ronnie Herrington (Laurel, MS) and David Wellmann (Brenham, TX). Thirty-five buyers representing 9 states

ALABAMA To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

ARIZONA To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

FLORIDA To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

ARKANSAS To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

Brangus Journal


MISSISSIPPI To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

GEORGIA To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

KANSAS To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

MISSOURI To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231


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To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

NORTH CAROLINA To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231



To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

To place your ad in the State Directory, please call the BPI Office at 210.696.8231

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Brangus Journal

Brangus Journal


International Brangus Breeders Association Standard of Excellence Herdsman of the Year Scorecard Criteria A Red Brangus Herdsman of the Year and Black Brangus Herdsman of the Year will be awarded. Candidates must exhibit at at least one IBBA Standard of Excellence Show Each ranch or fitting service may nominate one person per show A current Herdsman of the Year winner will not be eligible for consideration the next (one) year.

Calculation I. The Total Participation Score will be 50% of the Grand Total. 10 points will be awarded for each IBBA Standard of Excellence (SOE) show at which the nominee exhibited 1 point will be awarded for each head actually exhibited at each of the SOE shows, upto a maxiumum of 5 head per show The points from the four highest shows received by a nominee will included in the final tabulation. The sum of these points will be multiplied by a factor of 0.5 to calculate the total Participation Score. II.The Herdsman Award Committee will vote from the nominated candidates to award the Committee Merit Score. The Herdsman Award Committee will be named by the Chairman of the Show Committee at the beginning of the show year, prior to the Brangus Futurity. The members of the Herdsman Award Committee shall remain anonymous. Each nominee will be awarded 1 to 10 points in 5 categories (1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest award) The sum of points from these 5 categories will be added to the Participation Score to provide the Grand Total of the Nominee


Brangus Journal

SERVICES Tommy Barnes - Auctioneer -

P.O. Box 8 • Galion, AL 36742 email:

Mobile: 334/462-4004

Lakin Oakley Auctioneer

7081 Highway 82 West DeKalb, Texas 75559 903/667-3251 Home 903/277-9610 Mobile

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he Brangus Journal is an international news magazine serving the Brangus breed of beef cattle including Brangus crossbreds and Brahman and Angus stock necessary to produce Brangus cattle. The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) empowers members to advance the quality, reliability and value of Brangus and Brangus-influenced cattle; provides innovative programs and services which enhance the economic well-being of members and commercial customers.



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2009 Editorial Calendar: Brangus Journal



November/December Mails Dec 1

International & Year in Review Bilingual edition covering Brangus events and issues across the globe.


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2000 IBBA Members + 3000 International Brangus Breeders

November 10, 2009

FRONTLINE beef producer

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true source of news and discussion of relevant and timely topics for US commercial beef producers. Published four times a year with a circulation of 20,000; additional copies distributed at trade shows and producer events.

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Inserts, Business Reply Cards & Other Specialty Advertisements Available. Contact advertising sales coordinator for quote.

2009 Editorial Calendar: FRONTLINE Beef Producer Issue


November/December Mails Nov 1

Cow Efficiency & Industry Trends What makes a good cow? For the commercial producer it is pretty simple; she’s got to generate a return every year. The difference between good cows and great cows is the magnitude of that return. What can be done to identify and multiply those great cows? Is it all genetics? What’s the impact of management? This issue searches for those answers and more. What in the world is going on here? The economy, industry regulations, animal activist activities, export markets; what does it all mean to the average cow-calf producer? Are there new obstacles and/or opportunities on the horizon? This issue examines the industry outlook for 2010 and beyond.


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2000 IBBA Members 5500 IBBA Bull Buyers 12,500 Commercial ­Producers

October 10, 2009

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Iron Farm Cattle Company


5K Cowbelle Brangus


JLS International


Barnes, Tommy


McCreary Farms


Beckwards T Ranch


Lambert, Doak


Bruns Sales Co.


Livestock Photos by Nancy


Mauer Sales Company


Camp Cooley Genetics

5, 11



National CUP Lab & Technology Center


Cattle Solutions


Oakley, Lakin


Cavender Brangus




Circle RP Ranch


Ritchey Manufacturing Co


Circle X Land & Cattle


Santa Rosa Ranches


Coldwater Cattle Company


Schmidt Farms


D Bar D Brangus


Southern Cattle Co.

Diamond K Ranch


Spitzer Ranch


Don Thomas & Sons


Suhn Cattle Company


Double W Ranch


Texas Brangus Breeders Association


Draggin M Ranch


The Oaks Farm


Elgin Breeding Service


Triple JR Cattle Company


Flying C Ranch


1, 22



Mound Creek Ranch & Blackwater Cattle Co. Fall Bull Sale, Lake Park, GA


MO Brangus & Oak Knoll Blac Bull Sale, Arcadia, FL


Perry Ranch Brangus Bull & Female Sale, Pauls Valley, OK


Cow Creek Ranch Select Female & Bull Sale, Aliceville, AL


Annual Hill Country Brangus Sale, San Angelo, TX


Cox Excalibur CX Advantage Red Brangus Sale, Katy, TX


Camp Cooley Annual Production Sale, Franklin, TX


World Brangus Congress


TBBA Female & Bull Sale, West, TX


Doguet's Diamond D Ranch Annual Bull & Female Sale, Poteet, TX


Coldwater Cattle Company Dispersal Sale, Holly Springs MS


Coldwater Cattle Company Female & Bull Sale, Holly Springs, MS



Don Thomas & Sons Cadillac of Brangus Sale, Madison, MO


GeneTrust at Cavender’s Bull and Commercial Sale, Jacksonville, TX


Oak Creek Farms Forage Tested Bull Sale, Chappell Hill, TX


2nd Annual Heart of Alabama Bull and Commercial Sale, Uniontown, AL


Southern Annual Fall Bull Sale, Marianna, FL


61st Annual Arizona National Livestock Show, Phoenix, AZ


Little Creek Farms and Friends Black Bull Sale, Okeechobee, FL

JANUARY • 2010


Mound Creek Ranch Bull & Commercial Female Sale, Leona, TX


TBBA 1st Annual Coastal Area Sale/Field Day, Beeville, TX


TBBA Bull & Commercial Female Sale, Navasota, TX

NOVEMBER • 2009 6-7

GeneTrust at Chimney Rock Bull & Female Sale, Concord, AR


Florida Brangus Bull Sale, Webster, FL

Brangus Journal


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BRJ Sep/Oct 2009  

Brangus Journal Sep/Oct 2009. Spotlight on Juniors & IBBA Summit. Results of the Junior National Show and IJBBA events throughout the year.

BRJ Sep/Oct 2009  

Brangus Journal Sep/Oct 2009. Spotlight on Juniors & IBBA Summit. Results of the Junior National Show and IJBBA events throughout the year.