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2008 CAB NEWS!










Polacca, AZ– On December 20, 2007 KUYI Radio Station launched on its Birthday, a new membership program called “Adopt-A-Watt.” A special live broadcast from the KUYI radio station gives listeners information about this new and improved membership program. James Anderson and Alice Ferris of Goal Busters from Flagstaff helped to create this new and innovative program. They also had the chance to welcome visitors and share information about the program live on-air. The Adopt-A-Watt program allows KUYI community mem-

bers and supporters to adopt one or more “watts”, to help keep KUYI’s 69,000 watt tower up and running and continue broadcasting music and news to Hopi and other surrounding areas. KUYI Adopt-AWatt members receive a certificate of appreciation and a special thanks given to them over the air. KUYI supporters are now able to contribute beyond their listening pleasure with this creative program. Special thanks to James Anderson and Alice Ferris for their continued dedication in business and support to help KUYI Radio Station. -TB

James Anderson and Alice Ferris of Goalbusters launch the new membership program live on-air .


KUYI t-shirts and stickers


The Community Advisory Board was established by The Hopi Foundation Board of Trustees to help serve in an advisory capacity regarding fundraising, community outreach and policy development. Their input helps to improve the station’s operations, growth, and development in a way that maintains

KUYI’s valuable connection to the community.

ous communities on Hopi and the surrounding areas.

Throughout the year of 2007, the Hopi Foundation Board of Trustees searches for potential candidates that would provide knowledge and input from their respective fields and backgrounds. The individuals can come from vari-

Representatives may submit a letter of interest and be a representative to one or more of the following categories: Villages/Chapters, Elder/Youth, Emergency/Safety, Education, Health, Business, Tribal Resident, Tribal Non-resident.


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KUYI VOLUNTEER TRAINING On March 17th, KUYI celebrated St. Patrick’s day with a volunteer potluck and training. The training was provided to KUYI volunteers on live remote broadcasting. Volunteers learned how to set-up, care for, and work with the remote broadcasting equipment. After KUYI first went live in December 2000, live remote broadcasts were among the top needs in the community. “The ability to provide live, on -site broadcasting keeps our information fresh and directly

from the community”, stated General Manager Monica Nuvamsa. “We haven’t provided live broadcasts in at least two years due to the limited number of volunteers available to do this.” As KUYI’s volunteer pool increases to include community members from almost every region of the reservation, KUYI may be available to provide live local broadcasts of community events in each village.

set-up of equipment. However, a dedicated phone line is necessary for a live-remote broadcast.

“Where else can I get free training, free access to radio equipment without a degree in technology. There is just so much potential to learn at KUYI” - Anthoney Dukepoo, KUYI Volunteer

“For us at the station, it means bringing the community back into the station,” added Maria Garcia, KUYI Production Assistant. KUYI currently does remote broadcasting for the Hopi High School sports and weekly “Teen Show”.

Live remote broadcasts are fairly simple with the small

2007 KUYI LISTENER’S CHOICE AWARDS In December 2007, KUYI launched its 1st Annual Listener’s Choice Awards. The Awards were created to honor and celebrate local artists who share their music through KUYI or artists who recently recorded their music. The KUYI’s Listener’s Choice Awards provide a new way for KUYI listeners to vote for their favorite Native artists. Voting was made available online at and voting sheets were also available at the radio station. LCA categories included Best Native American Male Artist, and Best Native American Female Artist, Best Tradi-

tional and Contemporary Artist, and best New Artist.. Results of the survey were aired live on KUYI during New Year’s Day. LCA recipients were interviewed live in January to learn more about the artist and their influence of music. KUYI thanks our 2007 Award Winners for their continued dedication to Native American music, and we also thank our listeners for their participation in the 1st Annual Listener’s Choice Awards. We look forward to receiving votes for your favorite Native American artist in December 2008!

2007 LCA Winners!

LCA Best Male Artist Clark Tenakhongva and “KJ”, KUYI Station Manager

Best Native American Male Artist  Clark Tenakhonva (Hopi)    Best Native American Female Artist  Radmilla Cody (Navajo)    Best Traditional Native Artist  Ferrell Secakuku (Hopi)    Best Contemporary Native Artist  Sidney Poolheco (Tewa/Hopi)    Best New Artist  Ryon Poleyquaptewa (Hopi) 


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Your Native American Public Radio Station


7TH ANNUAL BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION KUYI proudly celebrated its 7th Birthday with listeners on December 20th, 2007 offering its annual “open house” along with the celebration. Community listeners and listeners from surrounding communities joined KUYI this year. The station hosted its most distant travelers from KNNB 88.1 FM, a Native American public radio station serving the White Mountain Apache Nation. Other annual supporters and volunteers include Tommy Dukes (jazz/blues artist), “EJ the DJ”, Sidney Sekakuku, and many, many more! During the birthday, KUYI aired special programming on the Hopi Language project. The project was created to produce Hopi Language segments that will be aired on KUYI featuring excerpts on “Time of Day”, “Hopi Calendar Month” and “A Day in Hopi History”. Project coordinator, Leland

Dennis, stated “This was a very wonderful and unique opportunity to stay focused and also learn more about how we utilize our language. It is very important that we maintain the Hopi language, it is our identity.” Other project partners include Patty Talahongva (producer/consultant), Loris Taylor, Maria Garcia and an advisory committee of Hopi Language teachers and speakers. This year, the annual birthday served as a platform to launch two new programs of KUYI: the Adopt-A-Watt Membership Program and the 1st Annual KUYI Listener’s Choice Award. KUYI shares a special thank you to The Hopi Foundation, The Ford Foundation, First Mesa Grill, Goalbusters, artists and listeners of KUYI.

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We are on the web!

Our Mission KUYI 88.1FM HOPI RADIO

Our Mission is to have a positive effect on the lives of the people living on the Hopi Reservation and the surrounding communities through the public discussion of issues and events that will enlighten the community.

P. O. Box 1500

To do this, KUYI:

Keams Canyon, Arizona 86034

Cultivates a distinct broadcast format with primary emphasis of current issues, educational and cultural programs;

Communicates Native issues and programs in order to improve an understanding and appreciation of indigenous cultures;

Broadcasts programming which reflects diversity and talent;

Creates and maintains a local outlet and production capability for statewide and national public radio programming with particular on Hopi perspectives and interests; and

Provides a model radio station and local training program for volunteers in radio broadcast careers.

Phone: 928-738-5505 Fax: 928-738-5501 E-mail:


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Your Native American Public Radio Station

CAB NEWS! REACHING OUT TO YOUTH IN OUR COMMUNITY KUYI is pleased to highlight two of its newest members of the KUYI Community Advisory Board. Tiffany Bahnimptewa and Paul Quamahongnewa are the board’s youngest members representing the youth community. Tiffany, a member of the water clan from the Hopi community of Hotevilla Village, Tiffany joined the CAB in December 2007. Paul is a member of Sunforehead clan from the village of Shungopavi and joined in January 2008. Public broadcasting stations CAB like KUYI are required to establish a community advisory comprised of up to 20 members that reflect the communities diverse interests and needs. The board’s role is to provide knowledge and feedback to the station’s programs and policies and increase interest and sup-

port for the station through volunteer recruitment and fundraising. “I felt that joining the board would be a great opportunity to learn more about the world of radio and to help the KUYI Radio Station become more involved with the local community,” stated Tiffany. Indeed, Tiffany has done just that. Currently taking classes at NPC in route to a teaching degree, She remains an active participant on the board and has participated in trainings on “live remote” broadcasts for the local community. Paul is also very active in the world of radio. As a Junior attending Hopi High School, he is involved in the High School Radio Club and the Radio Class. Recently in March, the High School Radio Club attended the National Federation of Community Broadcaster’s (NFCB) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia where they interacted with radio

broadcasters and over 15 different Native American Radio Stations from across the country. Please join us in welcoming both Tiffany and Paul to the KUYI Family! We look forward to including their perspective on the board.

Tiffany Bahnimptewa

KUYI Hopi Radio - Newsletter 1st Quarter, 2008  
KUYI Hopi Radio - Newsletter 1st Quarter, 2008  

Special thanks to James Anderson and Alice Ferris for their continued dedication in business and support to help KUYI Radio Station. -TB The...