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Issue 38 • February 2016

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O-AHEAD Group has been awarded a five-year contract to run bus services in Singapore from September, beating seven other short-listed bidders. The Loyang contract covers 26 routes with approximately 900 employees and is expected to generate around £230 million of revenues over five years. There is also the option of a twoyear extension based on good performance. David Brown, Go-Ahead Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “As a well-established and the largest operator of bus services on behalf of Transport for London, we have a strong track record of providing passenger transport in busy urban areas. We will combine our skills, experience and people-focused approach with best practice in Singapore to provide a service that customers value and our team is proud to deliver.” Following his initial role as Transition Director, Nigel Wood (pictured above, left), previously GoAhead London General Manager Service Quality, has now been appointed Managing Director of Go-Ahead Singapore. Nigel said: “Go-Ahead have the scope to develop the business and grow. The challenges ahead all relate to establishing Go-Ahead in Asia from scratch, which has been a great learning curve for me. “Following the bid announcement, I travelled to Singapore, staying in temporary accommodation. I’m now finalising a more permanent home. After a short Christmas break in the UK, I was back in Singapore for the New Year. It was great to see it in eight hours ahead of my family. “With the addition of two new grandchildren who arrived before Christmas, my family are developing their own careers and family in the UK but are very much looking forward to visiting

me in Singapore. Regular group WhatsApp messaging and FaceTime contact keeps me in touch with them. “First impressions? I like Singapore’s local food and warm weather along with the safety and people-friendly society.” Also joining Nigel from Go-Ahead London is former New Cross Operating Manager Graham Oliver as Head of Training (pictured inset above). Graham moved to Singapore in January and expects to be there until at least September 2016, when services begin. His tasks include the recruitment and training of up to 400 new bus drivers, many of whom will be recruited from China or Malaysia. There is almost full employment in Singapore, which makes recruiting there more difficult. Another significant challenge will be that many of the Chinese and Malaysian recruits will not be English speakers. Graham will arrange induction training for around 300 existing drivers who will be transferring to the garage from an existing employer before Go-Ahead takes over services in September. He is putting together a suite of training programmes that will have to be approved by the authorities. A group of trainers arrived from the UK in January to help recruit and train a team of trainers locally. The brand new garage will also be equipped with a fleet of training vehicles. Graham’s first impressions of Singapore are that it’s very clean with no litter, graffiti or chewing gum stains anywhere, people queue, it’s very hot and humid, everybody is very polite and the public transport is excellent – clean, cheap and air-conditioned. And they have the most efficient customs and passport controls he has ever experienced at an airport!

Management changes Following Nigel’s Wood’s promotion to Managing Director at Go-Ahead Singapore, there have been a number of other management changes: u GAVIN SMITH has been appointed to replace Nigel in the role of Area General Manager for both garage operations and service performance at Northumberland Park, Blue Triangle and Docklands.

u CATHERINE BOOTH takes on responsibility as General Manager for Camberwell garage in addition to her existing duties at Putney.

u ANGIE RYDER takes on responsibility as General Manager for Orpington garage in addition to her existing duties at Bexleyheath and Belvedere.

u STEVE MURRAY has been appointed General Manager at Blue Triangle and Docklands garages.

u BRADLEY FAITHFULL is now in charge of service quality at Croydon and Orpington garages in addition to his existing responsibilities.

Rail services back on track GO-AHEAD London provided a rail replacement service for Southern Trains at Christmas. The service covered ten key routes, including East Croydon, Purley, Caterham, Horsham, Dorking, Redhill, East Grinstead and Three Bridges. Commercial Manager Colin Farrant said: “We were asked to operate a replacement service to cover the engineering works at Purley from December 24 to January 4. “It was a huge operation with more

than 2,000 extra driver duties being provided. We also used 140 buses and 50 controllers a day. “I’d like to thank everyone who was involved, they did a fantastic job and Southern and Thameslink were very impressed with the service.” As the largest bus operator in London, Go-Ahead London is a specialist in the provision of rail replacement bus services and often has to respond to a call-out at short notice. Colin said: “We have to be prepared to

act quickly. High tides damaged the sea wall that supports the railway near Dover on Christmas Eve last year. “Huge cracks had started to appear so we had to get a rail replacement service in place between Dover Priory and Folkestone West. “Connecting peak hour coaches from Sandwich, Deal and Walmer also had to be provided at short notice.” “It was a difficult job but I am pleased that we managed to provide a reliable service in challenging circumstances.”


Route 14 is in our blood SOME services have a very long history at London General and route 14 is certainly one of them – the company has been operating it since it started. The origins of the route go back to before the First World War when a number 14 service to Putney was operated by the London General Omnibus Company. From 1934 to 1971, route 14 ran from Hornsey Rise to Kingston via Putney. It was also extended to Hampton Court Palace during summer month weekends. In 1971, the service was shortened to finish at Putney. The route has operated from the current Putney garage site since 1958 when it moved from Putney Bridge garage, which closed down. The current 24-hour service runs every 6-10 minutes from Warren Street station to Putney Heath via Fulham Road, South Kensington and Piccadilly Circus. It’s a popular route with drivers, including Roger Tanner who has driven it on and off for just under three years. Roger said:

RM670 on Route 14 at Wood Street Stand, Kingston in January 1966.

Drivers Roger Tanner, above, and Mostafa Zaadane, below.

“I enjoy the number 14 as it’s a very historical route and goes through key areas of central London such as Piccadilly and Knightsbridge, which are well known around the world.” Putney driver Mostafa Zaadane is also a fan and has driven on the route for around

20 years. He said: “I think it’s one of the nicest routes because the passengers are very friendly. It goes to places like Piccadilly Circus, the V&A, Knightsbridge and South Kensington, so you get a lot of tourists. I speak a few different languages, so I enjoy talking to

them and because they’re on holiday they’re very happy!” The route is currently up for tender with the new contract due to be announced by early March. Putney garage employees very much hope their guardianship of this historic service will continue.

Meet the new faces in the team BRUNO joined Go-Ahead u BRUNO SILVA London on January 2, moving Performance Manager from Abellio London where Stockwell Control Centre he was also a Performance Manager. In the last three months of 2015, he was covering as Network Performance Manager. “Go-Ahead London looks like a good and friendly operator to work for,” said Bruno. “My priorities will be making Go-Ahead London the number one operator in TfL performance league tables by coaching, educating and guiding our performance team. With new controlling techniques, I aim to get the best EWT results and improve our performance across the board. “My first goal is to be successful in my present role and build a Outside work, Bruno enjoys team spirit where we can work as playing football, practising martial one with everyone running in the same direction in order to achieve arts and spending time with his family. success as a bus operator.”


MUHID was appointed Assistant Operating Manager at Camberwell in January, having previously worked for Abellio London as a Duty Manager. He hopes to work together with drivers to improve performance in areas such as Driver Quality Monitoring and Mystery Traveller Survey scores. He also wants to reduce accidents, sickness and absence. “I want to use my knowledge and experience and work with everyone at the garage to move the company in the right direction,” said Muhid. Outside work, Muhid tries to get to the gym every day, where his regime includes running, weight training, swimming and relaxing in the sauna. This gives him a good excuse to enjoy his other passion – eating out!

u MUHID UDDIN Assistant Operating Manager Camberwell

New site boost to our growth in East London G

O-AHEAD London has purchased a site at River Road in Barking for a new bus garage, due to open in May. Work is now under way to prepare the site for the start of business. As well as operations, there will be locker rooms, mess facilities and a full engineering department with chassis clean. The first route to operate from the garage will be new route 147, which was won from Stagecoach. The contract starts on May 7 and the route runs from Canning Town to Ilford with a PVR of 21 diesel double-deck vehicles. Engineering Director Richard Harrington said: “We have been looking for a suitable site for five years as there is a lot of development in this area. We think this is a very favourable location to take advantage of the natural growth in this part of London.

We think this is a very favourable location to take advantage of the natural growth in this part of London “Some of the existing buildings will be demolished and others, which were used by the previous occupants, Iveco Ford, for light vehicle repairs, will be converted. The garage will be at least semi-operational when route 147 starts in May, and other routes will transfer as work is completed.” Managing Director John Trayner said: “This is great news for the company as it will enable us to be part of the expansion in the Barking Riverside area and continue to grow the Engineering Director Richard Harrington. business in East London.”

The proverbial banana H& S skin – risk, hazard or both? T H E


By Tom McGlew AS AN employer, Go-Ahead London has a duty to carry out an assessment of the risks to us, the employees. This process is known as a risk assessment, a term you have probably heard. Let’s start with some definitions. What is meant by risk and what is a hazard? I’ll be honest. Before the safety brainwash took effect, I thought hazard and risk meant the same thing. Helpfully, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the body who enforce safety in the workplace, give the following definitions: “A hazard is something (e.g. an object, a property of a substance, a phenomenon or an activity) that can cause adverse effects.

“A risk is the likelihood that a hazard will actually cause its adverse effects, together with a measure of the effect.” So a risk is the likelihood that some thing or some event – the hazard – will actually cause a bad effect coupled with how bad that effect might be – the severity. Let’s take a banana skin (and not one hopefully from the garage fruit bowl) dropped on a walkway. Ordinarily, the banana skin is just a banana skin but, when it is dropped on a walkway, it changes and this innocuous yellow skin is transformed. It becomes a hazard. So the next part of the equation is likelihood. What are the chances that

someone will slip on it? And if someone does slip and fall, how bad could the injury be (the severity)? Well, the walkway is used by lots of people daily, so the likelihood of someone stepping on it exists. If someone does slip on the skin they could fall and suffer a minor injury or a more serious injury, this is the severity. Therefore, the

likelihood coupled with a severity provides a means of assessing the level of risk. So, to recap, once a hazard has been identified and the risk to its employees assessed, the company must put in place measures to control the risk, to prevent the hazard from harming people. I’ll leave it with you to think about possible control measures from the banana scenario. Stay safe.



A Day in the Life of ... Roadside Performance Manag


IN OUR Face 2 Face column, we chat to Colin Gulbrandsen, a Passenger Assistant at Stockwell garage who has worked for the company for two years and five months. We ask Colin a series of lighthearted questions.

OR Angeline Verrillo, every day begins with a 7am radio call to the control room at Bexleyheath to learn about any operating problems. She said: “There were none this morning but often there’s something involving planned or emergency roadworks. If they’re causing us difficulties, I’ll get on to TfL about them. Angeline, the Roadside Performance Manager East, was at Lewisham Bus Station to talk to drivers about newly introduced duty cards. By 8am, she was at Eltham in the TfL Operating Manager’s office for an update on projected major roadworks and traffic schemes planned for the year. At midday, Angeline finally reached her own office at New Cross where she passed on the information she had gained to her manager and liaised with the performance manager. Next she began working on an explanatory map showing changes in the road layout at

Elephant and Castle, where the roundabout was soon to be converted to a two-way traffic system. That was interrupted by the emergency oneway closure of Blackwall Tunnel. “We have the only route that goes through the tunnel,” explained Angeline, who joined the company as a conductor when she left school in 1988. “Everything is so fast moving in London and you never know what might happen next. “I deal with driver feedback which can reveal new problems, such as suspected traffic light faults, new traffic humps that could damage our buses or perhaps two lanes being closed because of a burst water main, when one lane closure would be enough. “Then I’ll liaise with TfL so they can take the matter up with the local authority. “In summary, my job is about keeping our performance level high and enabling our drivers to provide the best possible service.”

Q: Which famous person would you like to have lunch with? A: Joanna Lumley. I loved her TV shows, and I admire her charity work, plus she's a local. Q: What was the last film you saw at the cinema? A: Youth, starring Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel. Q: Which comedian makes you laugh? A: Catherine Tate, especially as Nan. Q: If you had the right skills and qualifications, what job do you think you would enjoy doing? A: Travel Writer as I live to travel and do so as much as possible. Q: If you won a dream holiday, where would you like to go? A: Machu Picchu in Peru. Q: What quality is most important in a friend? A: Loyalty. Q: What one thing would you like to change about yourself? A: My age. I'd turn the clock back 15 years – knowing what I know now. Q: What do you enjoy most about your job? A: Helping tourists navigate their way around London – especially since I moved here from overseas myself.


“Enabling our drivers to provide the best possible service”


e ”

Garage gets into the festive spirit NEW Cross canteen was filled with Christmas cheer on December 21 when seven employees sang a selection of carols, with a keyboard player providing the musical backing. New Cross driver John Bessong organised the event and also arranged a Christmas tree for the

canteen at the garage. The response from employees was very positive, so John and his team are planning on involving more garages next Christmas. They would also like to raise money for charity and will ask drivers to choose which charity that should be.

Myron makes the right call MANDELA Way driver Myron Lindsey was commended for his quickthinking after he spotted smoke coming from the back of a bus. The route 100 driver first noticed the smoke at St George’s Circus in Southwark. “I was driving behind a route 63 bus when I noticed smoke coming out of the engine,” said Myron. “I didn’t think anything of it at first but as it started to become thicker, I realised something was wrong.” Myron stopped his vehicle and asked the driver of the bus, Jamie Anderson, to pull over. “We evacuated the passengers and explained to them that there was a

problem,” said Myron. The diligent driver phoned the engineering department to report the fault and asked the garage to provide the passengers with another bus. “Everyone was very calm,” said Myron. “Another bus came within five minutes.” Modest Myron is surprised by the interest in him. “I just did what I needed to do,” he said. “It could have been a lot worse, but thankfully it wasn’t.” Mandela Way Operating Manager Nicola Phipps said: “Myron’s extra vigilance is an excellent example of an employee going the extra mile. “Everyone was very grateful.”


Time never drags for Mark! Canteens caught on camera... WE HAVE delved into the Go-Ahead London archives and found two photos of London Transport canteens from the 1940s and 1950s. To see how much has changed, we have included a recent photo of the canteen at Stockwell so you can compare and contrast!


IF YOU go to watch Merton’s Mark Stevens indulging in his thrilling hobby, be careful not to blink or you’ll miss the action! Since he was aged 16, Service Centre Manager Mark has been an enthusiast of the high-octane sport of drag bike racing, which involves two riders competing against each other along a straight quarter-mile long track. It is said to be one of the fastest, and noisiest, motor sports. Mark recently achieved his personal best time of 8.8 seconds over the quarter-mile track at the Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire. He believes this is the fastest time achieved outside the USA on a Kawasaki 750 H2 two-stroke petrol engine. At the Go-Ahead London long service awards in November, Mark celebrated 40 years in the business. He started at Merton garage as an apprentice fitter and was one of the first batch of London Transport apprentices to train at the Acton Training Centre. Back then, he was well known at Merton for turning up for work on his original Kawasaki street bike, which he still owns, and his big red American Dodge Ram Pickup truck. Mark said: “My son Dean has also taken up drag racing in the 9.9 class. I’m thinking of letting him loose on my bike soon, which is even faster!” LEFT: Nunhead Lane garage canteen in 1944. The bus garage in South Peckham was operated between 1919 and 1954. When it closed, many of the routes were transferred to Peckham garage. BOTTOM LEFT: Old Kent Road garage canteen in 1951. The garage opened in 1906 and closed in 1958. Again, many routes were transferred to Peckham garage. BELOW: Stockwell garage canteen in 2016.

Rewind 50 years...


Bus Business in the Sixties

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Garage teamwork saves the day A RECENTLY widowed lady was distraught to discover she had left her purse containing the last photo taken of her late husband on a route B11 bus. It was only two weeks earlier that her husband of 50 years had passed away but she was fortunate to find some good Samaritans to help her at Bexleyheath garage. The 83-year-old approached Bexleyheath driver Michael Beach, who was on his bus, and told him her plight. Michael took her to the lost property counter in allocation, where Senior Garage Assistant Paul Hancock sat her down, made her a cup of tea and then

Tender NEWS from across the capital IN OUR regular column, we highlight recent announcements made by Transport for London. All are retentions unless stated otherwise.

Blue Triangle n Route 608 (Gallows Corner to Shenfield High School), using existing diesel double-deck vehicles (3 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route 646 (Noak Hill to Cranham), using existing diesel single-deck vehicles (3 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route 648 (Romford Market to Cranham), using existing diesel singledeck vehicles (2 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route 652 (Rainham to Upminster), using existing diesel double-deck vehicles (2 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route 656 (Gallows Corner to Emerson Park School), using existing diesel double-deck vehicles (3 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route 679 (Goodmayes to Woodford Wells), using existing diesel double-deck vehicles (3 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016.


set about finding the purse. He contacted route B11 driver Bhitra Gurung, who had arrived at the bus stand n Route 686 (Romford to Harold Hill), using existing diesel double-deck vehicles (2 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016.

London General n Route 315 (Balham to West Norwood), using existing diesel singledeck vehicles (4 PVR). Contract begins on April 30, 2016.

Abellio n Route 156 (Vauxhall to Wimbledon), using existing diesel double-deck vehicles (17 PVR). Contract begins on September 10, 2016. n Route 381/N381 (Peckham to County Hall), using existing battery hybrid double-deck vehicles (19 PVR). Contract begins on October 8, 2016.

Arriva Kent Thameside n Route 160 (Catford to Sidcup), using existing diesel double-deck vehicles (12 PVR). Contract begins on September 17, 2016. n Route 660 (Catford to Avery Hill), won from Stagecoach Selkent, using existing diesel double-deck vehicles (1 PVR). Contract begins on September 17, 2016.

at Thamesmead. Bhitra was pleased to report that another customer had handed in the purse. Garage Assistants Nicola vehicles (9 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016.

London Sovereign n Route 183 (Golders Green to Pinner), using new and existing diesel double-deck vehicles (23 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route 251 (Edgware to Arnos Grove), using existing diesel singledeck vehicles (13 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route 398 (Ruislip to Wood End), using existing diesel single-deck vehicles (3 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route H9/H10 (Harrow to North Harrow circular), using existing diesel single-deck vehicles (16 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route H11 (Harrow to Mount Vernon Hospital), using existing diesel single-deck vehicles (7 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016.

London United

n Route 72 (East Acton to Roehampton), using new battery Arriva London South hybrid double-deck vehicles (18 PVR). n Route 137/N137 (Oxford Contract begins on September 3, Circus to Streatham Hill/N137 to 2016. Crystal Palace), using existing New n Route 148/N148 (Camberwell Routemaster double-deck vehicles (31 Green to White City), using existing PVR). Contract begins on September New Routemaster double-deck 17, 2016. vehicles (25 PVR). Contract begins on n Route 690 (West Norwood to September 17, 2016. Earlsfield), using existing diesel n Route 203 (Hounslow to Staines), double-deck vehicles (2 PVR). Contract using new and existing diesel singlebegins on September 3, 2016. deck vehicles (7 PVR). Contract begins Arriva The Shires on September 3, 2016. n Route 340 (Edgware to Harrow), n Route 697 (Hayes to Ickenham), using new diesel double-deck using existing diesel double-deck

Margerison and Richard Stephens offered to drive to Thamesmead in Nicola’s car to go and collect the purse. Finally, the customer was reunited with her purse with her cards, money and, most importantly, the precious photograph intact. Her daughter-in-law, Mrs Petrick, wrote to the garage to offer their “most grateful thanks to all the staff involved”. PICTURED: From left, Richard Stephens, Nicola Margerison and Paul Hancock. Inset left: Michael Beach and Inset right: Bhitra Gurung. vehicles (4 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route 698 (West Drayton to Ickenham), using existing diesel single and double-deck vehicles (5 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016.

Metroline n Route 83/N83 (Golders Green to Alperton/N83 to Ealing Hospital), using existing diesel double-deck vehicles (19 PVR). Contract begins on September 10, 2016. n Route 114 (Mill Hill Broadway to Ruislip), won from London Sovereign, using new battery hybrid double-deck vehicles (18 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route 117 (West Middlesex Hospital to Staines), won from Abellio, using new flywheel hybrid double-deck vehicles (9 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route 140/N140 (Harrow Weald to Heathrow Airport), using new battery hybrid double-deck vehicles (29 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n Route 182 (Harold Hill to Brent Cross), using new battery hybrid double-deck vehicles (23 PVR). Contract begins on September 3, 2016. n New route 483 (Harrow to Ealing Hospital), using existing diesel and new battery hybrid double-deck vehicles (25 PVR). Contract begins on September 10, 2016.

Stagecoach Selkent n Route 199/N199 (Catford to Canada Water/N199 to Trafalgar Square), using new and existing diesel double-deck vehicles (12 PVR). Contract begins on September 17, 2016.

Employee Commendations BEXLEYHEATH n N89 DRIVER Andrew Wickham has been praised for his helpful attitude. “He is polite, kind and a real credit to TfL.” n ROUTE 132 driver Christopher Thompson has been commended for his professionalism. “He was a very smooth driver and waited for people to sit down before he drove off.” BELVEDERE n ROUTE 180 driver Paul Forrest has been thanked for deploying the ramp even though there was a slight issue on the first attempt. “He was very patient and understanding.” n “HE WAS a pleasure to travel with,” said a customer about route 180 driver Daniel Taylor.” CAMBERWELL n “HE WAS very helpful to elderly people and tourists,” said a customer about route 45 driver Kamel DjaferKhodja. “It’s the best customer service I have witnessed.” n JENNIFER Scoon's driving and professionalism has been praised on route 468. “She was very helpful to me and her driving was excellent – a real credit to TfL.” n ROUTE 45 driver Richard Rookwood has been commended for his excellent driving. “He is the best!” n DRIVER Donnah Carp impressed a customer on route 68. “She was really friendly and engaging and greeted everyone as they boarded. A credit to the profession!” CROYDON n “SHE was so pleasant, courteous and well presented,” said a customer about 119 driver Chola Mitchell. n TARA Williams has been praised for her helpfulness on route 119. “She gave so much information along the way, which was especially useful for blind and disabled passengers.” n “I THINK they all do an amazing job,” said a customer about route 202 drivers. “The traffic is virtually at gridlock sometimes but their good nature is unfailing.” n ROUTE 284 driver Tracey Chorlton has been commended for her fantastic customer service. MERTON n A VERY relieved customer has thanked route 77 drivers Andrew Karn and Jermaine Wilks for handing in his

mobile phone, which he'd left on the bus. n ROUTE 77 driver Delroy Stewart has been praised for waiting for a mother and her newborn baby to board the bus. n FABIAN Adriaans has impressed a customer on route 164. “He is always calm and drives sensibly.” n DRIVER Grzegorg Folc has been commended for waiting for an elderly lady to board a route 118 bus. NEW CROSS n JERMAINE Jeremy has been thanked for his friendliness and helpful nature on route 129. “He is always cheerful and waited for me to sit down when I was on crutches. It is an absolute pleasure to see him.” n “THE bus driver was really helpful and polite especially to elderly passengers,” said a customer about route 268 driver Gemma Sayer. n ROUTE 108 driver Giorgio Bertoni has been commended for his professionalism. n “ABSOLUTLEY amazing,” said a customer about route 108 driver Abdul Kadir. NORTHUMBERLAND PARK n “HE WAS very kind and helpful,” said a customer about route 20 driver Vakkas Doldur. n ROUTE 191 driver Akram Gohobur has been commended for helping an elderly customer. “He knows his customers and their needs.” n TUNER Hasan has been praised for his politeness on route 299. n “HE IS the most helpful driver I have ever come across,” said a customer about route W4 driver Kwabena K Adu-Gyamfi. ORPINGTON n DRIVER Mr McGoldrick has been thanked for his professionalism on route 320. “He demonstrated real empathy and a strong duty of care.” n WESLEY Pickett has been praised for his friendly nature on route 126. “He always has a big smile on his face and is very helpful.” n ROUTE R1 driver Claudette Wilson has been praised for her helpfulness. “She was courteous and patient and ensured that two elderly passengers were seated before moving off.” PECKHAM n ROUTE 63 driver Tomas Petr has

been commended for his considerate attitude. “I was struck by how lovely he was. I think a lot of other passengers were pleasantly surprised, especially as there are so many roadworks going on along that route.” PUTNEY n ROUTE 74 drivers have been praised for their excellent attitude and time-keeping. “They are courteous, professional and provide an essential service.” n “HE WAS very friendly and efficient,” said a customer about route N22 driver Yuk Man. STOCKWELL n ROUTE N87 driver Danielle Ffrench has been praised for contacting the emergency services when a passenger collapsed at the bus stop. “She was very responsible and professional – a true act of humility.” n ‘MAGNIFICENT’ Mark Chesney has been commended for his helpful attitude on route 11. “He keeps everyone updated. Five stars!” n A GRATEFUL customer has thanked driver Yvonne Keogh for her patience on route 11. “I ran towards the bus and the driver very kindly waited and opened the door. I was very grateful!” n CHRISTOPER Thompson's excellent driving has been commended on route 322. “He was aware of everyone’s safety and was also extremely courteous.” n ROUTE 11 driver Wayne McNeil has been praised for his friendly and courteous nature. “He was helpful and friendly to every single person that got on the bus. He deserves a pat on the back.” n A VERY appreciative customer has thanked route 19 driver Patrick Allotey for handing in her phone, which she had left on the bus. n N. HALL has impressed a customer on route 11. “She was very helpful, considerate and polite.” SUTTON n DANIEL Slaney has been thanked for waiting for a passenger on route 154. “He’s a credit to the company.” n “THIS driver is just fantastic,” said a customer about route 163 driver Damon Gibbons. “He knows all of the regular passengers and waits patiently for people to board the bus.”

You can see the latest driver commendations on Go-Ahead London’s Twitter account (@Go_Ahead_London) or by searching for #GoodGALbusdriver


Retirements n Donald Williams, Driver, Stockwell.

AFTER 43 years in the bus industry, Donald Williams at Stockwell is looking forward to spending more time in sunny Florida and Jamaica and finding an allotment where he can grow his own vegetables. In 1973, Donald joined London Transport as an apprentice mechanic. He joined Streatham garage where he worked for around 15 years. He has been at Stockwell garage for 21 years, most of the time working as a mechanic. He switched to

Bus Talk goes digital... BUS Talk will be completely electronic from the next edition due for release in April, so this is the last hard copy of the magazine you will receive. Future editions will be online ONLY so a link to the magazine will be emailed to each employee. It can then be read on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Bus Talk will also be available on the employee portal and the Go-Ahead London website. If anyone has a problem accessing Bus Talk online, please ask a member of your management team for assistance.


driving five years ago when a back problem meant he was no longer able to do the heavy lifting sometimes required as a mechanic. Donald has owned a house in Florida for the last 19 years and hopes to spend more time there and in Jamaica where he has family. He has eight children and four grandchildren who he says “keep him young”. Donald said: “I loved being a mechanic but I’m looking forward to having more time to travel. I also want to get an allotment and grow lots of different vegetables – at least then you know what you’re eating!”

you want around you. He will be missed by everyone in the garage.” A small farewell party was held at the garage on Vic’s last day. Also, on February 3 he was taken out for lunch with Managing Director John Trayner, Area Manager Trevor Johnson and Merton General Manager Peter Russell. He has lots of plans for his retirement, including a trip to Fuerteventura with his wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and two grandsons. He also wants to visit Westminster Cathedral, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Guards Chapel at Bird Cage Walk.

n Vic Elmer, Driver, Merton. VIC joined the company in 1966 – the same year that England last won the World Cup! Vic retired on January 28 after 49 years and two months’ service. He spent his first five years at Sutton garage, then moved to Merton where he has been ever since. Merton Operating Manager Ted Dalton said: “Vic is one of the old school, the sort of guy

Return of the Ride to Work scheme GREAT news! The Ride to Work scheme is making a comeback in March 2016. This scheme is designed to: n Provide you with a substantial discount on the cost of a new bike and accessories n Minimise the environmental impact of commuting to work n Save you money on the cost of commuting n Improve your health and fitness. The Ride to Work scheme enables you to obtain a bike and accessories from Go-Ahead London through salary sacrifice. You then spread the cost over 12 months, interest free, and then use your bike for commuting and/or leisure. Out of the 481 staff that took part in the Ride to Work survey, 60 per cent said that they were interested in buying a bike through the scheme and 28 per cent said maybe. We hope you stick to your word and make the 2016 Ride to Work scheme a great success.

Trio angle for success DEREK Comrie clinched the Garage League Champion trophy in a very close finish to round off the Bexleyheath Angling Club 2015 season.

eight of the nine matches of the season.

in the latter part. He also took the Best Silver Fish trophy with a hard-fighting 4lb 6oz barbel. Anglers from any other garages are most welcome to join the Bexleyheath anglers on their monthly outings and matches. For further information please contact Tony Cox or Paul Cowley at Bexleyheath garage. Paul Cowley.

Mick Allen. Derek Comrie. Derek regained the title, which he lost last year to driver Mick Allen, who was runner-up this year. Both achieved 475 points but Derek was awarded the top prize due to competing in only

The Best and Biggest Carp of the season trophy also went to Derek for hooking a 12lb 12oz common carp. Third place went to driver Paul Cowley with 430 points. Paul was the most consistent angler, topping the table for most of the season, and only falling behind

Bus Talk - Issue 38 February 2016  
Bus Talk - Issue 38 February 2016