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No.24 • October 2013


Route 11 runs world’s greenest hybrid buses




The newly trained passenger assistants with the New Bus for London at Stockwell garage.


HE moment has finally arrived – Go-Ahead London’s first New Buses for London went into service on September 21! Stockwell’s route 11, which runs between Liverpool Street and Fulham Broadway, hosts the new buses, which feature the revived hop on, hop off rear platform that was once a staple of the London bus. Accompanying them onto London’s streets are 56 newly trained passenger assistants, who were whittled down from more than 2,000 initial applicants. It was a huge operation to train such a large

number of new employees, with a special assessment centre set up in Victoria to prepare potential candidates for the job. Once the number had been cut down to 80, all applicants had to attend interviews to ensure their personalities were fit for meeting and greeting the London public. Assessors were also looking for people with previous customer service experience. The lucky 56 who were chosen also had to spend three weeks in the training school, which included spending time on the new buses to prepare them for their new role. n Continued on page 2


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NEW LONDON BUS MAKES ITS DEBUT... n Continued from page 1 “It has been a huge undertaking by everyone involved and it is great to finally see the buses out there picking up customers,” said project manager Ayse Hodgkinson. Ayse was keen to thank staff at head office, Stockwell, Keith Wood and the training school, and Godrey Junior and James Thorpe for their involvement. ‘In addition to training, we also had to to provide uniforms as well as organise the new remote sign-on. “All passenger assistants will use iPads, which allow them to sign on and off from the start and finish of the route, and can also aid them in providing information to passengers.

‘Type trained’ “Drivers and engineers also had to be ‘type trained’ to ensure that everyone was fully prepared for the buses before entering service.” Stockwell assistant operating manager Gary Bower will manage the passenger assistants now that everything is under way. “The new passenger assistants are absolutely loving their new roles so far,” said Gary. “I cannot overstate how positive they have all been, which is exactly the kind of attitude we want them to have on the buses.” In total, 25 of the new buses will transport around 23,000 customers who use the route every day. They will reduce emissions in the capital by round 20,600 tonnes per year and are the greenest hybrid buses in the world. 2

BusTalk l October 2013

Have-a-go hero stops a street mugging in his lunch break!

Dan to the rescue...


T’S not every day you come out of McDonald’s during your meal break and witness a mugging in progress. Camberwell driver Dan Akpoveta was heading back to the garage after eating when he saw an elderly lady fall over across the road. Dan then heard shouts and realised that the lady had been mugged, at which point he sprang into action.

Camberwell driver Dan Akpoveta. “Someone shouted that the lady’s purse had been taken, so I immediately gave chase,” said Dan. “I managed to chase down the man and woman who had the purse, and grabbed both of them. “Once I had retrieved the purse, I went and returned it to the lady – unfortunately the couple who stole it got away in the meantime.” While passers-by hailed

Dan as a hero, he says it was simply instinct that kicked in when he heard bystanders shouting. “When I got back people were thanking me for what I did,” added Dan. “I didn’t really think about what I was doing, I just started running. “I am definitely proud of it, but I hope that’s the last time I see something like that happening in front of me.”

Drivers must carry card at all times NOW that the deadline for PCV drivers with acquired rights to obtain their DQC cards has passed, all drivers must be aware that they need to carry their cards with them when driving in service. Although there may be a settling in period, drivers must have the blue cards with them at all times, or at the very least, evidence to prove that they have completed their 35 hours training and are waiting for their card to arrive. “It is essential that drivers have the DQC cards on them on a daily basis while driving in service,” said training and development manager Eric Dale. “The cards will also be required, along with both parts of their licence, for all courses that any colleagues attend in the future.”

Meanwhile, drivers who joined the company after September 10, 2008, and already have their DQC card must remember that they must complete their 35 hours periodic training within the five-year period that their card is valid for. “It is easy to overlook the fact that people who have their blue cards already need to complete their training before their card expires,” said Eric. “Our deadlines never stop, it is an ongoing process. The new five-year period for drivers with acquired rights has already begun.”

Driver James shines in the battle to be the best GO-AHEAD London was thrilled by the success of colleagues at the UK Bus Driver of the Year competition 2013. The competition was held in Blackpool on September 8 and drivers from all over the country came together to battle it out in a series of gruelling tests to be named Bus Driver of the Year. James Staggs, from Blue Triangle, was the highest placed Go-Ahead Group driver in the competition coming 12th out of more than 100 competitors. He was presented with the Go-Ahead Trophy and a £500 cheque.

He was also the highest placed London Buses competitor, meaning that he walked away from the competition with the London Buses Cup and another cheque for £500 – a fantastic achievement. In addition to James’s success, Waterside Way’s Stephen Chipperfield was presented with the London Buses Shield and a £250 cheque for being the second highest placed London competitor. Go-Ahead London was also represented by Mark Alleyne from Camberwell and Merton’s Stephen Appiah, who won the Go-Ahead London competition in July. Blue Triangle driver James Staggs.

Making YOUR life easier A

new web based portal (DAS duty allocation system) is being tested at Stockwell in advance of a possible full rollout to all garages over the next couple of months. During this trial, drivers at Stockwell will have the ability to view their rota 2 weeks in advance, do mutual duty and holiday exchanges online, view holiday blocks, lieu days, holiday information as well as receive messages and request overtime, opt in or out of rest day working and so much more.

From left, Sylvester Morrison, Ian Gough, Marcin Ulman and Javed Iqbal, who have all been driving the new routes.

User friendly The portal is very user friendly and all functions can easily be found at the click of a button. The main drop down boxes are Employee Information, Requests, Duty and Tools. These headings have a maximum of 6 subheadings enabling drivers to view their personnel details, timesheets, leave entitlement, holidays and overtime to name but a few. Drivers who request a rest day, will be able to see if it has been granted under the Duty drop down box which is where the rota for the next 2 weeks will be displayed. Such requested information, whether accepted or declined, will also be found in the Individual Messages inbox. Terminals will be installed in garages allowing staff to have easy access to the portal while at work. We will also be looking at installing Wi-Fi in garages and the duty allocation system will be accessible on any electronic device like a laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone, therefore making it far easier for employees to access it outside of work. We also have plans to set up every driver with their own company email address. This will enhance communication and benefit everyone in the company.

New routes boost for Docklands

IT’S been a busy few weeks for Docklands, with the garage recently stepping in to take on a number of routes on a shortterm basis. This was to cover parts of the 474 which had to be diverted due to the Crossrail construction. The garage took on the 573, which runs to North Woolwich and back via London City Airport, the 574, from North Woolwich to Beckton, and 541, from Prince Regent to Canning Town, which started on 21 September and is expected to run into the New Year.

Operating manager Ted Dalton was quick to highlight all the good work done at the garage and had nothing but praise for his colleagues. “It has been a bit hectic, but the drivers and the supervisory team really pulled together and did a fantastic job,” said Ted. “We were able to win these contracts on performance, price and showing TfL what a good job we do at Docklands. “I must say thank you to everyone at the garage for working so hard to ensure everything went as smoothly as it did.” BusTalk l October 2013


Let the fun b It’s what all of our finalists were waiting for - the ‘500 Challenge’ final which took place at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire on September 19. For the first time in ‘500 Challenge’ history, it rained but it didn’t stop our top 23 fuel efficient drivers having an exhilarating day full of exciting driving challenges and even being put to the test on their shooting skills!

Sporting Trials Cars: Arthur and Steven were the trainers for this challenging event. It is the oldest form of motorsport which started in the 1930s. The original rules were to simply drive the trials car as far up a hill as possible without falling out or rolling back! As time and technology progressed the rules somewhat changed, leading to what our finalists were challenged with on the day. This was to drive around a now slippery (thanks to the heavy rain), muddy and sandy course with hills and posts to go through for good measure. The winner David Harvey with the other finalists. David Harvey who now wants to take it up as a hobby said after one of his attempts: times, Andrea had the car sticking to the tarmac “It was absolutely brilliant! I had a clean run! like glue but at astonishing speeds of up to Who would have thought that driving so 90mph on the twisty handling circuit; taking slow would be bends at 70mph and engaging in conversation so much fun!” A lot different to in the process! Even more impressive was when Barry Luckett, normal driving ! und. Out on Millbrook’s proving gro she entered the bowl and drove at 100mph who was the Hasan Qureshi – Silvertown and then removed her hands from the steering overall Trials Car wheel. As she turned around and explained the winner, said: “They’re interesting to drive - using challenge: “I was conscious about oncoming science behind it, the your hands as brakes was a bit weird though!” traffic on the blind hills but there wasn’t any. 2.0L VXR Opel just Once I settled, I really began to enjoy the drive.” Excellent. New cruised by overtaking Eco Driving Focusing on miles per gallon, the winner of experience prototypes and test Anthony Sale, a senior engineer at Millbrook, this challenge in the afternoon session became Nazar Sarali – Rainham vehicles. Then came gave a brief introduction on safety and gave the overall winner of the day and the owner of the high speed section at 155mph! Covering the drivers a few tips on how to drive the Ford the grand prize; a Fiat 500 car worth around 2 miles had never felt so quick! Some of the Focus, gaining maximum miles per gallon. £12,000! words to describe this driving experience was, Giving a brief history, he explained that Millbrook impressive, exhilarating, unbelievable, fantastic, has been around since 1970 and that it is a Pro-Drive Outer High Speed and Handling fascinating, excellent, scary, perfect, and in the bespoke proving ground. It has over 70km of Circuit words of Delroy Daley from Stockwell, “Hearttest track and has a full vehicle crash testing Who wants to be in the front passenger seat site with noise and vibration facilities to pinpoint with a professional rally driver whizzing around a pumping!” any fatigue issues on test vehicles and protohigh speed handling circuit at 90 mph followed Skid Cars types. When work began on digging out what by driving around the bowl at 155mph? Yes? Stuart was the trainer this time. The idea is commonly known as the bowl (i.e a 2-mile Well that’s exactly what all of our lucky behind the skid car is to have enough circular track used primarily for high speed road finalists had the oncecommitment to move the car around the coned tests), the debri removed was used to make It was a good in-a-lifetime chance course but keep control of the vehicle when the the hills throughout the 700 acres of private to do! Andrea Hall, a experience trainer activates his device to make the car have land even steeper to mimic the steepest of hills motocross professional Martin Ashton – Sutton the same effect as driving on a sheet of black in some of Britain’s most remote roads. Our and stunt driver for TV ice; effectively making the car skid. finalists had the challenge to drive on these and film, with a passion for adrenaline, eagerly “I found it easy to control and I was happy with roads in the eco-friendly driving test. took our finalists to speeds they had never felt how I did. It reminded me of driving in Poland Deepak Mevada from Belvedere said of this before. With incredible control of the car at all 4

BusTalk l October 2013



“Safety to the rear - safety forward - ready and PULL,” was the instruction given by Peter when he released the clays. Thoroughly enjoyed by all, the theory that good shooters makes good drivers is theoretically true: Barry Luckett came 1st in the shooting competition and 2nd in the Eco Drive; Daniel Watson came Wow, impressive ! 2nd in the Ian Jarret – Belevedere shooting and 4th in the Eco Drive and our 500 Challenge winner came 5th in the shooting. Experiment complete!


MD John Trayner pre sents David Harvey with the Fiat 500 keys. during the winter.” said Ryszard Ociepa from Waterside Way. Shooting Why were our finalists given this challenge you may ask!? Well, did you know that with good driving comes good shooting skills. Remember Jackie Stewart - the British Formula One racing driver? He won three World Drivers’ Championships and was also a very talented clay pigeon shooter, winning his first competition at the age of just 13. He then went on to become a prize winning member of the Scottish shooting team, competing in the United Kingdom and abroad. Far from having the talents of Jackie Stewart, our finalists were given the chance to see if the correlation between good shooting and good driving was true. Peter Taylor was the trainer for this session. After a health and safety brief and instructions on how to operate the guns, our finalists were put to the test, aiming for the clay discs when they were released by remote control. Two points for the first hit, one for the second.

The WINNER of the 2013 ‘500 Challenge’ David Harvey from Bexleyheath With full concentration and their best foot forward, the time came for our finalists to battle it out for the chance win the ultimate prize of the day; a Fiat 500 car worth around £12,000! The person with the highest miles per gallon score became the 2013 winner. In the same way that they have been doing when driving a bus, our finalists had to replicate their fuel efficient driving in a Ford Focus. After announcing the names of those who came 5th to 2nd and posing for a photo with their prizes, John Trayner couldn’t have made the announcement of the name of the winner more heartstopping if he tried. After delaying the announcement in true Saturday night TV style, he finally explained: “This person delayed attending his best friend’s wedding to take part in this

competition today ... David Harvey!” David was ‘totally overwhelmed’ by the result. “I wanted it to be me but I didn’t expect it to be me,” said David. “It’s absolutely amazing winning a brand new car, it hasn’t sunk in. It couldn’t have come at a better time; my old car needs some work!” David, as explained by John Trayner, missed his best childhood friend’s wedding to take part in the competition and with great delight he called his wife and told her that he had won the car. Naturally, she was delighted! David said the ‘500 Challenge’ was one of the best days of this life. “Winning a car AND being part of my best friend’s wedding day! Brilliant is an understatement.” He was most grateful to Rob, Fantastic ! his Eco-Driving Chris Collier – New Cross tutor, who gave him excellent advice to increase his MPG score. “What I got taught on the day, I’ll do in my everyday driving”, he explained. David would also like to thank John Trayner for the opportunity to be part of the competition, the Millbrook team for their help and hospitality and Mix Telematics, our generous sponsor. Congratulations to our 2013 winner David and well done to our runners-up who won the following prizes: Second, Barry Luckett of Waterside Way - an iPhone 5; Third, Ian Jarrett of Belvedere - £400; Fourth, Daniel Watson of Peckham - an iPad Mini and Fifth, Darrel Jones of Docklands - £200. To be in with a chance to participate and ultimately win a brand new car at next year’s 500 Challenge event, make sure you win at least one driver of the month competition in 2014!

The winner David Harvey with his new set of wheels. BusTalk l October 2013


Runners will put heart and sole into fundraising

In our Face 2 Face column we chat to James Vidal, an engineer at Peckham who has worked for the company for three years. We ask James a series of light-hearted questions. Q: What’s your favourite way of relaxing in your spare time? A: To spend time with my friends. Q: If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose? A: My mum’s stir-fry. Q: Which famous person would you most like to have dinner with? A: Barack Obama. Q: If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go? A: New York City. Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? A: Believe in yourself and never give up. Q: If you had another career, what would it be? A: Working for the London Underground. Q: Who’s your favourite actor/actress? A: Will Smith. Q: If you could do any sport at the Olympics, what would it be? A: Athletics. 6

BusTalk l October 2013

KEEN runners from Sutton and Merton will be taking on the 10-mile Great South Run on October 27. Sutton driver Leigh Honeyman was keen to get as many people as he could signed up, and was amazed at the response he got after putting up a notice in the garage. “We have more than 10 people from Sutton and four from Merton taking part in the race,” said Leigh. “Go-Ahead London have also donated a bus to get us down there and back, with friends and family in tow to provide support.” Leigh will be raising funds for the British Heart Foundation, a cause particularly close to his heart. “My daughter, Laura, was born with a heart defect, which thankfully they picked up on the 20week scan. “The British Heart Foundation were very supportive and really helped us, so it’s great to be able to give something back. “Hopefully, this race will also help me in my goal of becoming fighting fit for my next race, the London Marathon next year!”

Sutton driver Leigh Honeyman with his daughter Laura. If you would like to find out more about Leigh’s fundraising just visit leighsbritishheartfoundationfundraiser. You can also donate via text message by sending RBHC68 plus the amount to 70070, or by visiting

Blue Triangle makes most of 11 new routes IT’S been smooth sailing for the team at Blue Triangle following the introduction of 11 new routes to the garage. The routes were transferred to Go-Ahead London from First Capital East’s Dagenham depot, with around 80 drivers also being TUPE’d over. On June 22, the garage took over the 193, from Queen’s Hospital Romford to Emerson Park; the 368 from Barking to Chadwell Heath; the 498 from Romford Station to Brentwood, and eight school routes. In total, these routes represented 45 buses worth of work. “Everything has gone very well,” said operating manager Peter Russell.

“We had quite a limited amount of time to prepare for the work and I am thoroughly impressed at how well everyone at the garage pulled together.”

Tribute Peter also paid special tribute to the TUPE’d drivers, who he says have settled in extremely well. “The new drivers have been absolutely superb – I really cannot stress that enough,” he added. “They have all really embraced the Go-Ahead London way of life and have settled in well. “Our garage is a community, one that I know will continue to thrive with drivers like the ones from Dagenham working here.”

Tender news

from across the capital IN OUR regular column, we highlight recent announcements made by Transport for London. All are retentions unless otherwise stated. Arriva London South n Route T31 (New Addington to Forestdale), using existing single deck vehicles (9 PVR). Contract begins May 10, 2014. Stagecoach East London n Route 262 (Stratford to East Beckton), using new hybrid and existing diesel double deck vehicles (12 PVR). Contract begins 29 March, 2014. n Route 372 (Hornchurch to Lakeside), using new hybrid double deck buses (6 PVR). Contract begins March 29, 2014. n Route 396 (Ilford to Goodmayes), using existing single deck vehicles (4 PVR). Contract begins 29 March, 2014. n Route 473 (Stratford to North Woolwich), using existing double deck vehicles (10 PVR). Contract begins 29 March, 2014. Stagecoach Selkent n Route 54 (Woolwich to Elmers End) won from Metrobus. Contract starts on May 3, 2014, using new double deck hybrid vehicles (16 PVR). n Route 75 (Lewisham to Croydon) won from Metrobus. Contract starts on April 26, 2014, using new double deck hybrid vehicles (13 PVR).

Prevention is better than cure

Mandela Way swings into action Health day raises awareness of bowel cancer in golfing contest


MPLOYEES at Merton had the opportunity to learn more about the risks of bowel cancer when a volunteer from Bowel Cancer UK visited the garage on August 14. Volunteer Dave Morrison handed out leaflets and spoke to drivers about the importance of screening for the disease. He also discussed issues around bowel cancer and gave attendees some handy advice on how to

reduce the risk of contracting it. “A lot of people came in to speak to Dave or listen to what was being said,” said organiser and former Merton operating manager Hannah Self. “It was very encouraging to see so many of my colleagues taking their health seriously and taking the time to field questions. “Raising awareness of health related issues such as bowel cancer is really important, and I am

looking forward to similar health days being organised in the future.” Anyone who wishes to attend a health awareness day may not have to wait for too long either. Plans are already under way for health days at all Go-Ahead London garages, attended by a number of charities, including Bowel Cancer UK and Diabetes UK. Just keep an eye out in your garage for further information on when these days will be happening.

n MATTHEW Addy has received a commendation for his “kindness and consideration” when dealing with an elderly customer who couldn’t find her way home. BELVEDERE n THE quick reactions shown by Martin Leahy n THERE were not one but two commendations when a customer fell ill have earned him a for Christopher Hills this month, with commendation. customers describing him as a driver with “an n NICOLAS Roberts has been commended amazing attitude” who “is always willing to help”. for his “cheerful nature” and “helpful attitude”. BEXLEYHEATH NEW CROSS n ANDREW May has received a n A COMPLIMENT has been sent to Fokhrul commendation for his “jovial, pleasant and Chowdhury by a customer, who said he was smiley” attitude during the customer’s journey. “very impressed” with his driving. BLUE TRIANGLE n CHRISTOPHER Levy’s driving has been A THANKFUL Mrs Tiley has praised Adebayo praised by a customer, who said it was “the best Fajembol for “keeping his cool” when faced bus trip” he’d had since he moved to London. with abuse from children on his bus. n BRILLIANT customer service has earned CAMBERWELL Francis Jean-Pierre a commendation, with n A DELIGHTED customer has thanked Paul the customer being “pleasantly surprised by his Lewis for his “nice gesture” when he waited for manner”. her to board his bus. n CALVIN Anderson put a smile on the face of n DENNIS THOMAS has been praised by a a customer for “his excellent customer service” customer for “his very pleasant and helpful” when helping a passenger retrieve their lost manner. keys. DOCKLANDS NORTHUMBERLAND PARK n A RELIEVED Ms Kotecha has thanked n A CUSTOMER has sent a commendation to Joseph Jackson and Rob Moffatt for helping Paul Wright for his “very friendly and helpful” her recover a rucksack she left on a bus. attitude. MERTON n CALMING down an “aggressive and vulgar” n AN IMPRESSED Ms Wallis said Loxley passenger has earned David Lambdon a Smith made her “feel safe” after she was commendation. n DAHIR Omar earned a commendation for bothered by an unknown man.


GOLF enthusiasts from across Go-Ahead London got together for an intergarage competition at Mitcham Golf Course on September 12. Over the course of the day, 22 teams battled it out to see which garage’s employees are just as comfortable with a golf club as they are with a bus. When the final putt had been made, it was Mandela Way who finished as the top garage followed closely by Merton and Bexleyheath. Special thanks must go out to organiser Geoff Robertson, as well as the golfers who helped make the day such a success.

being “very kind, polite and patient” with “a lovely smile”. PECKHAM n A GRATEFUL Mrs Brown has written to express her gratitude to Tina Watson for “first class” experience. STOCKWELL n MR WILLIAMS has praised Beresford Bentley for helping an older customer with the ramp and “being nice to all passengers”. n THE kind and considerate manner of Neil Mills has been praised by Miss Alves, who described him as “brilliant”. n DRIVER Philip Warren was described by Mr Brown as a “driver who had an attitude that focuses on driving customers properly”. n MISS Holmes has written to thank Roy Lambe, describing him as “a lovely chap”. n COMING to the aid of a sick customer has earned Abdul Omar a commendation. The customer says he was “very happy” with Abdul’s customer service. WATERLOO n A GRATEFUL Ms McGhee has described Kingsley Russell, Leo Philips-Waller and Konrad Uchmansk as “fabulous bus drivers” for helping her retrieve her lost bag. WATERSIDE WAY n DEALING with an intoxicated passenger has earned Alan Watkins a commendation for the way he “stayed calm throughout.” BusTalk l October 2013


New opportunities for managers on the move T

HERE have been a number of managerial movements across GoAhead London in the last few months. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Hannah Self has moved from her job as operating manager at Merton to take on the same role at Stockwell, which she stepped into on September 2. “I am really excited to work with my new team and experience life at Stockwell,” said Hannah. “So far, I have just been settling into my new surroundings, which has been made easier by how welcoming everyone has been.” ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Taking over Hannah’s role at Merton is Mark Cambridge who

was previously the operating manager at Sutton for four years. “I used to work at Merton as assistant operating manager, so it’s nice to see all the old faces as well as some new ones,” he said. “Merton is a fantastic garage and I am looking forward to taking on a new set of challenges.” ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Graham Oliver is getting used to life as Northumberland Park’s new operating manager, having moved to the garage at the start of September from New Cross, where he was accident prevention manager. “The garage is really nice and all my new colleagues have been very quick to make me feel right

at home,” said Graham. “I am taking some time settling into the new role at the moment, but have plenty of things planned for the future.” ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Finally, Paul Coyle has moved from his role as operating manager at Stockwell, which he has held since July 2011, to a secondment working for Go North East in Newcastle. “I will be doing a lot of project management, as the secondment is part of Go-Ahead’s leadership training,” said Paul. “It’s certainly something a bit different, but it’s also something exciting with its own set of challenges that I may not have faced before.”

Chris feels an Eiffel lot better in Paris! was taken ill with a stomach ALTHOUGH Belvedere bug that my two-year-old driver Chris Hills’ road daughter unknowingly trip took a bit of a detour, passed on to me.” he still enjoyed himself After spending a day or two immensely. in Limoges, Chris and Martin Chris took to his Triumph decided to take in some of Tiger 1050 motorbike for Paris before heading home. a trip to Barcelona in late The duo rode round the city September with a group on their bikes, visiting the Arc of friends, including fellow Chris Hills, right, with Martin de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, driver Martin Ellis. Ellis at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. the Champs-Elysees and the Unfortunately, Chris Pont de l’Alma where Princess Diana tragically died was taken ill en route and took the decision not to in an accident. continue on in case his condition worsened. “Despite getting ill, I had a really good time on the “We do something like this once a year, as a friend’s trip,” said Chris. “I also managed to see some of the relative has a house out in Barcelona. We decided wonderful sites of Paris. Things didn’t quite go to to get there on our own motor transport rather than plan, but fortunately it was only a 24-hour bug, so I flying,” said Chris. still managed to get out and see some things!” “I only got as far as the middle of France before I

Merton Bus Garage 100th Birthday


SUNDAY 17th NOVEMBER 10:30 UNTIL 16:30


BusTalk l October 2013

New Cross new man looking to the future

Chris Hall, accident prevention manager at New Cross. NEW Cross warmly welcomed new accident prevention manager Chris Hall to the company in July. Chris has worked in the bus industry for a number of years, most recently as a driving standards manager with Abellio. Prior to that, he also worked for Arriva London for 12 years.

Future Chris says he has enjoyed settling into his new garage and is already looking towards the future. “I am still settling into the Go-Ahead London way of life, and so far that has been really smooth thanks to how welcoming everyone has been,” said Chris. “I recently completed my Institute of Advanced Motorists PCV test and one thing I hope to do in the future is get more drivers through their IAM Test. “Beyond that, I am working hard to make sure everything continues to run to the high standard that everyone at New Cross expects.”

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