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No.22 • June 2013


45 buses worth of work and 80 more staff...


LEVEN TfL routes are to transfer to Go-Ahead London from First Capital East’s Dagenham depot on June 22, presenting an exciting opportunity for the company. Some 80 staff will TUPE to GoAhead London to operate the routes, which represent 45 buses worth of work. The routes will be run from Blue Triangle and include: n Route 193: Queen’s Hospital Romford via Hornchurch to Emerson Park n Route 368: Barking to Chadwell Heath n Route 498, Romford Station to Brentwood n Eight school routes. Acting general manager Peter Russell said: “The three main bus routes that are transferring are quite large, with the 368 being the biggest. This particular route used to be based at Blue Triangle so it will be good to welcome it back to the garage. “We will be working to a tight deadline as we have just three weeks to do something that normally takes six months, but we are all confident that we will be able to do

We will be working to tight deadlines but we are confident that we will be able to do it



Acting general manager Peter Russell it. I have selected SGA Carl Trainor to be the implementation manager for this task and he will work closely with Brad Campbell the acting operating manager. We have devised an itinerary best suited to induct the new staff and let them know the standards we expect.” Go-Ahead London has already started the TUPE consultation with staff at Dagenham and work will get underway to ensure a smooth transfer between the two garages. Staff at Blue Triangle will be inducting those transferring into the depot as well as making arrangements for the new buses. Once the schedules for the routes have been prepared then staff rotas can be put in place for Go-Ahead London’s new colleagues. To accommodate the additional buses, Blue Triangle’s Route 20

(Debden to Walthamstow) will relocate to Northumberland Park. “It’s sad to be moving the route 20 to Northumberland Park, and with it some very good drivers. However I would like to welcome all of our colleagues joining Blue Triangle from Dagenham. There is a real community feel at Blue Triangle and I’m sure the drivers will enjoy their new garage – also our new drivers will be coming from some uncertainty to a place and company that is more secure,” said Peter. “As a garage, we are ready for this challenge and we welcome the new work. “We are excited by this opportunity and it is a real test of the team here at Blue Triangle to make the transition as seamless as possible.”


INSIDE: Cheers ring out for new iBus room p4-5

Thumbs up from Merton for directors’ forum

THE directors’ forum held at Merton on March 6 was a huge success, with operations director David Cutts on hand to answer questions from a group of drivers, engineers and other staff. A number of subjects were discussed during the two hour session and general manager Trevor Johnson

said: “It was good to see the number of people who approached Mr Cutts to ask his opinion on a wide range of topics.” Trevor added: “The management team at the garage are always on hand to answer any questions staff may have, but it is also good for them to have the

opportunity to ask a director about their concerns and the issues that the business faces.” The directors’ forums are scheduled to take place at various garages throughout the year and Trevor said staff at Merton were already looking forward to the next one.

How YOU can help boost mystery traveller score M

YSTERY travellers can – and do – board buses regularly so it is vitally important to remember that a driver and his or her vehicle could be assessed at any time during a shift, day or night, regardless of the day of week. On average, Transport for London mystery travellers carry out assessments on 335 journeys every month. Last year, Go-Ahead London was at the top of the mystery traveller Greeting with a smile – Ahmed Mansour from Peckham garage. league in terms of driver engaging him or her in conversation while driving. This interaction. This year, however, scores have dipped and issue is also being brought to drivers’ attention on the have not been nearly as high as the company would digital signage screens in each garage. have anticipated. Another crucial point is wearing a hi-vis jacket while The mystery traveller ratings do have an effect on the driving – a mystery traveller will mark a driver down for tendering process and this is one of the reasons why this. Drivers must make sure that they remove them Go-Ahead London is keen to ensure they are as high while behind the wheel, or turn them inside out if they as possible. For example, in a recent round of tendering are reversible. for work at Docklands, Belvedere and Blue Triangle, In addition to this, the interior rear view mirror must be Go-Ahead London was questioned about its driver in the correct position. Many drivers have been angling quality monitoring and what it was doing to address the mirrors so they cannot be viewed while in the cab. issues raised through mystery traveller surveys. However, if the mirror is not in the correct position the Distraction mystery traveller will mark a driver down. It is, therefore, important to be aware of what it takes It is also important to smile at your customers (again, to score well and to avoid behaviour that would cause displayed on the digital signage screens). A smile costs the driver to be ‘marked down’. nothing and if customers receive a pleasant greeting It is crucial that drivers are real ambassadors for the when they board a bus then they are more likely to company and maintain exemplary standards at all times reciprocate. – particularly when it comes to safety. A full list of the areas mystery travellers are looking Typically, mystery travellers will mark a driver down for at can be found on the Go-Ahead London employee chatting to someone while driving as this is a distraction website ( Drivers only need and can often be unsafe. to make small changes to the way they work to help If you are a passenger on a colleague’s bus, then boost mystery traveller scores and see Go-Ahead you must not put the driver in an awkward position by London return to the top of the league.


BusTalk l June 2013

Keep a firm eye on the specs rule IF YOUR driving licence shows information code 01, then it means that you have a legal requirement to wear prescribed eyewear every time you drive. Information code 01 can be found under section 12 of your driving licence and relates to eyesight correction. You must, without fail, wear your prescribed glasses every time you drive if the driving licence states you must. If you do not wear your prescribed glasses or contact lenses to meet the standards of vision for driving, then it is dangerous and could result in your licence being revoked.

Prosecuted The police and DVLA are clamping down on drivers who do not adhere to the terms and conditions of their licence. If you are caught driving without glasses or contact lenses, and your licence stipulates that you must, then it is likely that you will be prosecuted by the police under the Road Traffic Act. If you wear contact lenses to correct your sight, then you still must carry glasses with you at all times. If you are unable to produce a pair of glasses when requested then you could face suspension. This is a very serious breach of the law and appropriate action will be taken against those who do not comply.

Route move down to simple logistics ROUTE 249 is to be transferred to Stockwell garage, but the decision to move the service was made for logistical reasons only and is not a reflection on Merton’s operation of the service. The 249, which runs between Clapham Common and Anerley Station, was, in fact, originally intended to be run out of Stockwell garage when the tender was won. However, due to changes in tenders it was not possible to run the service out of the garage until now, with Merton suffering capacity issues due to the extra buses. Employees at Merton who drive on the

249 service have also been given the opportunity to transfer to Stockwell. “One of the main reasons for the change is to alleviate the capacity issues we have been having with buses parked at the garage overnight,” said general manager Trevor Johnson. “We have been running the route for more than a year and we will definitely be sad to see it go. “I should also emphasise that the move is not related to poor performance on the route and that I am very proud of how well my colleagues have performed in running the service.”

New Bus fleet set to make Route 11 shine S

TOCKWELL’S Route 11 will be one of the most striking on London’s roads from September 21 following the announcement that it will be served by a fleet of New Bus for London vehicles. The route, which runs from Liverpool Street to Fulham Broadway, will have 25 of the new buses on the road during peak hours, serving some 23,000 customers who use it every day.

Safeguarded Manufactured by Wrightbus, the vehicles come from a 600strong order that safeguarded 220 jobs, including 18 apprenticeships, while also creating another 50. The buses are the greenest diesel electric hybrid in the world, and will reduce emissions in the capital by around 20,600 tonnes a year once all the vehicles are on the road in 2016. They also have a stunning curved design as well as the unique hop on, hop off rear platform. With the 11 passing through many locations frequented by tourists, including St Paul’s, Westminster and Trafalgar Square, the buses will help give commuters and visitors one of the most memorable bus journeys they could have.

Driver Mike Fanbow from Northumberland Park finds the card system speeds up boarding.

Making the million mark... THERE have been more than one million ‘contactless’ payments since the scheme was launched on December 13, 2012. This method of payment has increased in usage every month and has proven to be a very popular way to pay for single bus journeys. Important to note, contactless payment cards are only valid on buses and daily price caps will not be applied. Particularly popular with passengers who have forgotten their Oyster card, the contactless payment card option is cheaper than the single cash fare, (a single fare of £1.40 instead of £2.40). It is also secure as the user’s card is protected by the card issuer against fraudulent use in just the same way as when using a contactless payment card at any other retailer and it’s quick and easy, because there’s no need to enter a PIN number. So the next time a passenger has forgotten to top up his or her Oyster card or has insufficient cash, why not kindly suggest the cheap and efficient contactless payment option. It beats a fare dispute!

Shortlist grows for 500 challenge

THIS YEAR’S Fiat 500 challenge, sponsored by Mix Telematics, is fast approaching with 24 drivers in with the chance of winning a Fiat 500 car worth around £12,000. The competition, which takes place at Millbrook testing ground on September 19, will include the drivers who have achieved the best combined results over the last six months in this year’s criteria, which has been changed to include acceleration counts and blue-key usage. RAG score and distance travelled will also be monitored as in previous competitions. Out of the 90 drivers who have received a driver of the month award from their garage over the past six months, the top 24 will be chosen to compete in September.

Confidence “Go-Ahead London continues to remain fully committed to lowering CO² emissions and we have every confidence in our drivers to achieve this,” said communications assistant and co-organiser of the event, Greg French. “We want all drivers to remember the importance of blue-key usage as this plays a significant part in recording and improving driving standards.” “Last year’s competition was exceptional. It really is a very special day and I urge everyone to aim to become driver of the month as it could result in them becoming the winner of this year’s 500 Challenge and the owner of a brand new Fiat 500 worth around £12k!” BusTalk l June 2013


Tender news from across the capital

IN OUR regular column, we highlight recent announcements made by Transport for London. All are retentions unless otherwise stated. Arriva London North l Route 317 (Enfield to Waltham Cross), using existing single deck vehicles (5 PVR). Contract begins on March 29, 2014. l Route 393 (Chalk Farm to Clapton Pond), using new and existing double deck vehicles (13 PVR). Contract starts March 22, 2014. Arriva Kent Thameside l Route 428 (Erith to Bluewater), using existing single deck vehicles (8 PVR). Contract begins January 25, 2014. l Route B15 (Horn Park to Bexleyheath), using existing single deck vehicles (6 PVR). Contract begins January 25, 2014. London Central l Route 486 (North Greenwich to Bexleyheath), using existing double deck vehicles (16 PVR). Contract begins February 22, 2014. London General l Route 200 (Mitcham to Raynes Park), using existing single deck vehicles plus two new double deck vehicles (14 PVR). Contract begins February 22, 2014. London Sovereign l Route 292 (Borehamwood to Colindale), using new double deck vehicles (9 PVR). Contract begins December 7, 2013. Metroline l Retention of Route 603 (Muswell Hill to Swiss Cottage, peak hours only), using existing double deck vehicles (2 PVR). Contract begins January 11, 2014. Quality Line l Route S1 (Banstead to Mitcham), using new and existing double deck vehicles (11 PVR). Contract begins November 30, 2013. Stagecoach Selkent l Route 51 (Woolwich to Orpington), using new and existing double deck vehicles (19 PVR). Contract starts December 7, 2013. l Route 261 (Lewisham to Princess Royal Hospital) won from Metrobus. Contract begins November 30, 2013, using new double deck vehicles (12 PVR). l Route R5/R10 (Orpington to Knockholt circular) won from Metrobus. Contract begins December 7, 2013, using new single deck vehicles (1 PVR). l Route R7 (Orpington to Bickley) won from Metrobus. Contract begins December 7, 2013, using new single deck bus (1 PVR). l Route 96 (WoolWich to Bluewater), using new double deck vehicles (21 PVR). Contract begins January 25, 2014. l 122 (Crystal Place to Plumstead), using new double deck vehicles (16 PVR). Contract begins February 5, 2014. l Route 472/N472 (North Greenwich to Thamesmead), using new double deck vehicles (20 PVR). Contract starts January 25, 2014. l Route 601 (Thamesmead to Wilmington Hall School), using existing double deck vehicles (4PVR). Contract begins January 25, 2014. l Route 602 (Thamesmead to Bexleyheath (Townley Grammar School), using existing double deck vehicles (2 PVR). Contract begins January 25, 2014.


BusTalk l June 2013

Gill joins a prestigous group in shortlist for top women’s award


ILL TYNAN, general manager – service operations, has been shortlisted for a prestigious award in a ceremony that celebrates the achievement of women. She is one of only five candidates who have been shortlisted in the lifetime achievement category of the Women 1st Shine Awards 2013. The awards – the only one of their kind – celebrate the amazing achievements of women working in the hospitality, passenger transport, travel and tourism sectors. “It is absolutely brilliant. I was told I was in the top 100 and then that I was shortlisted for the top five,” said Gill. “I am up against women who are directors and have OBEs, so I don’t know how far I will go, but to get into the top five is a real achievement for me.” Gill was nominated by Camberwell general manager Nigel Wood, who has worked

alongside her throughout his career. The winners will be announced at an awards dinner and presentation on June 19 at the Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square, London. Gill, together with all those who have been nominated, will also attend a day of speeches and presentations from inspirational and influential women. As someone who reached the top 100, Gill will act as a judge for next year’s awards whatever the outcome, something she is looking forward to. “To win this award would really be the icing on the cake of a 38-year career with GoAhead London,” said Gill. “I am very proud to be nominated and shortlisted and so is my mum, who is 81!” Go-Ahead London wishes Gill every success as her outstanding contributions and skills in the workplace is truly recognised.

Cheers ring out for open STOCKWELL’S bright, fresh and new iBus room, occupied by 12 smart and efficient iBus controllers, was unveiled on April 19. Set up on the first floor of GoAhead London’s most historic and iconic garage, managers, directors and staff were present to see the eagerly awaited official opening. Operations director David Cutts made a brief speech before he cut the ribbon. A cheer of delight echoed the room as the iBus controllers took to their seats to begin their very important and challenging role. “I am thrilled to open this new and exciting iBus facility for the staff at Stockwell. Their hard work is plain to see and this fresh setting will ensure controllers continue to achieve outstanding results”, said David. The bright and spacious room has 12 work stations, two flat screen TVs showing traffic updates neatly positioned at opposite ends of the room and a smart office for general manager of service performance, Gill Tynan. “I am very proud of this new iBus room. It is going to be great for staff morale. It is a lot more spacious... and cool – thanks to the full air conditioning! In addition, all of the iBus controllers are in one room, making communication so much easier. All of this makes a great working environment,” said Gill. Hard at work, the iBus controllers look extremely comfortable in their new working surroundings. Responsible for up

Staff take pride in St

Cutting edge: David Cutts officially o facility with the traditional ribbon cu to four routes each, they tirelessly keep their services moving while maintaining an even headway. Contacting drivers and giving instructions is the norm and there was plenty to be heard.

F yea his co Fra


I am very proud to be nominated and shortlisted, and so is my mum, who is 81!

ning of new iBus room

tockwell facility

opens the new high-tech iBus utting ceremony.

Frank Kelly, an iBus controller with 35 ars of experience is very happy with s new working conditions. “It can’t be ompared to standards in the 90s”, said ank. “The way technology has changed

has made the job so much easier and the new office means having colleagues right with you, making communication so much better.” Newcomer to the job Stan Matthew has been working for the company as an iBus controller for one year. “I am pleased with the new office layout as it is more comfortable, spacious and allows a much better working environment. Handing over to the night controllers is easier too.” Understandably, Stan initially found the job quite stressful but he explained that with time, his confidence has improved with the help and support of his experienced and friendly colleagues, and the new iBus room only makes things better. In these early days, Stockwell’s iBus room has already proved to be a success with everyone working there, which should help ensure the excellent results being achieved will continue.

It is going to be great for staff morale... a lot more spacious and cool

BLUE TRIANGLE n JONATHAN HALL has been praised by Mr Weston for his “helpful attitude” when dealing with every single passenger who gets on his bus. n THE HELPFUL attitude of Patrick Higgins has been commended by Mrs Louwsma after he helped return a lost item and all of its contents. CAMBERWELL n DRIVER Richard Campbell put a smile on the face of Mrs Baker who described him as the “kindest and nicest person”. DOCKLANDS n A GRATEFUL Miss Bartley has described Mazhar Mahmood as a “gentleman” who can always be trusted to have a “calm and reliable presence”. MANDELA WAY n A CUSTOMER has written in to thank Edward Walczak for “a very good and smooth ride” as well as helping an elderly couple without being asked. MERTON n MRS JAMES has praised Anna Gere for “her behaviour and helpfulness” when she aided a woman with a child who had dropped some paperwork on the road. n AN IMPRESSED Mr Berthier has written in to praise Desmond Cuddihy for being “very careful to avoid driving into large rivers of rainwater” on a particularly rainy day. NEW CROSS n MS BELL said she was “very impressed” by David Russell’s “courtesy and consideration” during a recent visit to London. n THE BRILLIANT customer service shown by Zachary Oyamienlen has been applauded by Mr Green who described his driving as “superb”. NORTHUMBERLAND PARK n BENJAMIN KIRKLAND has been described as having “excellent customer service” by Ms Tomlin who also called him “an excellent ambassador for the company”. PECKHAM n A THANKFUL Ms Dale has commended Andrew Samuels for the “clear and informative” announcements he made when the bus terminated early. STOCKWELL n JUNIOR RUSSELL and Allswell Williams have received a commendation from Mr Hedley for the “excellent and friendly” service during his journey. n A DELIGHTED Ms Higgs has applauded Victor Sebyeza for his “helpful and courteous” manner when assisting with her wheelchair. n MR PATTERSON has thanked Horacio Teixera for his “helpful and polite” attitude. n THE SMOOTH driving of David Cline has been commended by Mr Brown who described his journey as “excellent”. n MRS FLETCHER has written in to commend Roy Lambe for being so “funny, nice, friendly and jolly” during her journey home. SUTTON n GARY HUNT earned a commendation from Mr Robinson for helping him retrieve his wallet that had been left on the bus. WATERLOO n THE KIND and considerate manner of Olusola Popoola has been praised by Mr Spalding who described him as a “superb member of staff” who “is truly a credit to himself and the depot”. BusTalk l June 2013


New auto-enrolment scheme introduced to meet latest legislation...

Pension changes: the facts A

ny members of staff who are not already part of an existing company pension plan are being automatically enrolled onto a new scheme in line with recent legislation. As demonstrated in the diagram, pictured right, all staff can see that if they earn more than £9,440 a year and are aged between 22 and the state pension age then they will be automatically enrolled onto the new pension scheme. Go-Ahead London, and every other business in the UK, is obliged to enrol colleagues onto a pension scheme in line with the new law – although the start dates for the new scheme are staggered with larger companies going first.

Go-Ahead London will make contributions to the pension plan along with the individual. The earnings qualification thresholds will be reviewed annually. However, staff have the right to opt into the Go-Ahead Workplace Savings section if they wish, although special rules apply to employees who fall outside the qualification criteria. Qualifying staff have the right to opt out of the Workplace Savings section if they wish but the law requires employers to re-enrol them every three years. The company is obliged to review the pay rates of staff who earn less than the qualifying earnings. If they qualify at some point, the auto-enrolment process will begin.

Cancer advice session so useful COLLEAGUES at Stockwell had the opportunity to learn more about bowel cancer when Lewisham Healthcare NHS came to visit the garage on April 11 and 16. Posters were displayed around the garage and information was on the digital signage screens in advance of the event, with plenty of information and advice made available for staff to take away on the day. Two bowel cancer specialists were in attendance as well to answer any questions, hand out leaflets and offer free advice to those who wanted to learn more. The sessions follow on from last year’s prostate cancer awareness days at the garage and Stockwell operating manager Paul Coyle says the recent sessions proved to be equally popular and informative.

Symptoms “It was excellent to see such a great uptake from my colleagues over the course of the two days,” said Paul. “We always want our employees to remain healthy and to recognise any symptoms as early as possible so that they can visit their GP to be assessed. By organising these awareness days, it is a great way of alerting staff to the potential symptoms linked to such serious illnesses. “Following the success of the prostate and bowel cancer days, we will definitely be looking to organise more cancer awareness sessions in the future and hopefully involve other depots.” 6

BusTalk l June 2013




I earn more than £9,440 per year Eligible job holder

I am aged between 22 and state pension age

I will be automatically enrolled

I earn between £5,668 and £9,440 per year Non-eligible job holder

I am aged under 22 or I am aged over state pension age

I earn below £5,668 per year Entitled worker

Any staff member who has been automatically enrolled can opt out of the scheme either online, by telephone or by returning the necessary forms.

I will be not be automatically enrolled I have a right to opt in to the Go-Ahead workplace savings (WSS) I will be not be automatically enrolled I have a right to join a qualifying scheme but will not receive any employer’s contributions

All those already on a compliant existing scheme will not be affected. If you have any questions, please contact the personnel department on 020 8545 6120.

Ferrying the drivers is now a company operation THE ferry car contract to take Northumberland Park drivers to where they need to be to start their shift has now been brought in-house. As of June 1, Northumberland Park began operating the ferry car service of eight cars and 12 drivers who have transferred to GoAhead London from a contractor through TUPE arrangements. The contract was originally operated by Addison Lee. As the garage is quite remote from a number of its routes, drivers will need to take the service to the changeover point if their buses do not return to the garage.

“The ferry car service does cover quite a wide geographical area as some of our drivers need to be taken to Edmonton, Southgate, Walthamstow and Tottenham Hale to name but a few,” said general manager Angie Ryder. The contract operates with seven seat vehicles, but there is a possibility of some additional larger vehicles joining the fleet. “We thought it would be more cost effective to have the service based in-house and would allow us to be more competitive when tendering for routes in the future,” said Angie. “It will also be good for our staff as, if one of our drivers loses their PCV licence through no fault of their own, this may be an alternative area of employment for them.” If Northumberland Park is successful with tenders in coming months and years, the ferry car contract may need to be increased. “All of the drivers have been based here for a long time and we are all happy to have them as part of our garage,” said Angie. “I think this will be a good Among those joining the Go-Ahead ranks are, from left, arrangement for both Ashok Chibber, Hassan Alparsian and Abdula Najibutiah. parties.”

RESULT! Routes pass key assessments A NUMBER of Go-Ahead London routes have passed their Primary Assessment Periods – a great result for the company. In the fourth year out of the five that makes up a contract, TfL assesses the performance, reliability and standards of a route. Following this, the operator will then either be offered an automatic two-year extension or the route will go out to tender when the original fiveyear contract is complete. The routes to pass their Primary Assessment Period are: Putney garage’s

85/N85 (Putney Bridge to Kingston, PVR 15 vehicles), Sutton’s 213/N213 (Sutton to Kingston, PVR 19 vehicles), and Waterloo’s 507 (Waterloo to Victoria) and 521 (Waterloo to London Bridge). Forty buses at Waterloo, along with six that are based at Mandela Way, operate on the 507 and 521. The successful completion of the Primary Assessment Period provides colleagues with the increased certainty that their routes won’t be tendered for an additional two years.

Strict rules apply on using mobiles in the driving seat

Your number’s up if caught with mobile in your cab!


EMPTED to use your mobile phone in the cab of a bus? Drivers who succumb to using their mobile phone behind the wheel pay a high price as it not only costs them their job but also risks the safety of the public. “We have a very clear policy on the use of mobile phones – they are never to be used in the cab. Even if you are on the stand, with the engine switched off, you must not use your mobile phone while Out of the cab and in line with in your cab,” said operations the rules: Chris Honeywell, director David Cutts. from Merton garage, uses his “Apart from it being a mobile correctly. clear breach of Rule 7, a passing Evening Standard added. “We cannot use our reporter could photograph discretion on this matter because you, unaware that you are not the company must be consistent in service, and before you know in applying these rules, regardless where you are, you are pictured of length of service or previous in a national newspaper with good record. the impression that Go-Ahead London staff use mobile phones Union convenors while they are driving!” Company policy not only If you are found using a mobile includes a ban on talking on a phone while in the cab of the bus, mobile phone in the cab but also you are likely to be found guilty of texting and hands-free phones as gross misconduct and dismissed. well as the use of other hand held Years of safe driving and loyal devices such as MP3 players, service are unlikely to reverse that consoles, iPods or personal decision. radios. This position has been In fact, some very good discussed with, and is fully colleagues with exemplary supported by, union convenors. records have been sacked after “We are dismissing almost as they were found using a mobile many drivers for using a mobile phone while driving. “This is phone while driving as all of the a tragic waste of otherwise other sackable offences put excellent employees,” David

together,” said David. “We are having to dismiss an average of one driver a week for using a mobile phone while driving.” If you do need to use your mobile phone on duty then the engine of your vehicle must be switched off, the handbrake applied and you must be well clear of the cab. The use of a mobile phone must not interfere with any of your duties and you must not use it while carrying out vehicle safety checks. There is no excuse for using your mobile phone while driving, so don’t be persuaded to use it. Remember you are on CCTV all of the time and it could be your job on the line. The message is: please don’t do it!

WE chat to Peckham’s senior garage administrator Ron Ladd, who has worked for the company for 25 years. We asked Ron a series of light-hearted questions. Q: What was your favourite subject at school? A: Art. Q: What is the best thing about your job? A: At Peckham, it’s working with all the fantastic people. Q: Who do you admire the most? A: John Lennon – I am a great Beatles fan. Q: What was the first single that you ever bought? A: You really got me by The Kinks. Q: Do you have any hobbies? A: Photography. Q: If you were an actor who would be your leading lady? A: Marilyn Monroe. Q: Where would you most like to visit in the world? A: I would like to go back to Australia. Q: What is your favourite film? A: Saving Private Ryan.

All change...

OPERATING managers Mark Cambridge and Hannah Self have swapped roles. Hannah has stepped into Mark’s job at Sutton, while Mark will take up the mantle at Merton. BusTalk l June 2013


Stuart’s sky-high salute to a cause he holds very dear BEXLEYHEATH driver Stuart Clark took to the skies this April for a cause that is very close to his heart. He jumped from 12,000 feet in a tandem skydive on April 15 to raise money for the Lewisham Opportunity Pre-School (LOPS). This is a day care centre for children, about half of whom have disabilities of some kind. “I wasn’t nervous until we jumped out of the plane, then the realisation of what I was doing kicked in,” said Stuart. “When the parachute opened, it was so serene and peaceful. I would recommend it to anyone who fancies giving it a go.” Stuart paid for the skydive

himself, so that all the money he raised went straight to LOPS. He chose to support the charity for all the help and care they gave his son Callum, who is nearly five and was diagnosed with occipital encephalocele (a disorder affecting the membrane of the brain) before he was born. “They helped Callum so much and I really wanted to give something back,” said Stuart. Stuart raised around £1,500, some of which came from his friends and colleagues at Bexleyheath. “I was really pleased with the

It’s a retirement by the sea for long-server Paul FRIENDS and colleagues at Camberwell and Stockwell said farewell to performance manager Paul Britnell on May 24 after more than 30 years of service. Paul says the thing he will miss most is the people he worked with, although he says he has plenty of ways to fill up his new-found spare time! “My wife and I moved to the coast a while back leaving me with a long commute, which I certainly won’t miss,” said Paul. “I expect to be quite busy as I enjoy fishing and bowls and have grand-kids to look after.”

Stuart Clark takes the dive and, inset, back on the ground. Bexleyheath for all their amount that I raised. My aim was support.” to reach £1,000 but I beat that,” For more information said Stuart. “I would like to say on LOPS, visit a big thank you to everyone at

Short... and curly! LEFT: Steven displays his fine head of curly locks. RIGHT: A NEW crew cut look for Steven, who may also have his head totally shaved to raise further funds.

HAVING SPENT a long time growing a particularly fine head of hair, Steven Richardson gritted his teeth and had a crew cut on May 1 to raise funds for the Little Buds Fund at Darenth Valley Hospital. New Cross controller Steven’s son Toby was born 17 weeks premature and was cared for in the hospital’s baby care unit. Tragically, Toby passed away due to complications from the birth and, due to the excellent care his son received,

Steven wanted to help the hospital. Steven has already raised some £700 but promises to shave off his remaining hair if the amount raised goes over £1000 by July 1. “I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my sponsored haircut. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my colleagues.” To donate to Steven’s cause visit

A trip back in time with the return of RT113

PUTNEY PLAYED host to the RT113 bus on May 1, exactly 73 years after it was first licensed on May 1, 1940. The 2RT2 Bus Preservation Group, which purchased the bus to make it the first RT to be preserved in England, accompanied it on its journey. Photographs of the group were taken with the bus at the garage and employees also had the opportunity to have a chat as well as 8

BusTalk l June 2013

take a closer look at the bus. There were even some special passengers on board the bus for the occasion, such as TfL’s managing director for surface transport Leon Daniels and John Aldridge of Buses Magazine. “The group had a spot of lunch in the canteen before showing off the bus and giving everyone the chance to have a good look at it,” said

accident prevention manager Gary Conn. “It’s very different from the buses we operate from the garage in this day and age – it even had its pre-war livery display. A few of my colleagues worked on the RMs and occasionally the RTs, so it was a great bit of nostalgia for them as well.” RIGHT: Putney engineering manager John Hanby with RT113.

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Bus Talk Issue 22 June 2013  

Bus Talk Issue 22 June 2013

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