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By Tristan

There once was a hero who's name was Goo. When he flew he ate a shoe. His nemesis was smart . But he was a tart. Then Goo Was killed by Hugh.


Boom! I fall hard on the concrete. I thought this one was one I could beat. I cannot forgive the evil he has done. But there is no time for flashbacks, I am on the run. He let all my dreams just lie there dead. I don’t know how to hold in this dread. I run away now, but swear I will be back. I want to give him pain, as sharp as a tack. Want to stab him in the heart, if it is not too late. His doom is my fate. I think how to avenge the dreams he took away. This is revenge. I thought that this city was my dome and my enemies would be as soft as foam. I see I was wrong, because he is as hard as rock. I want to throw him in jail and that cell I would lock.


I finally manage to take my mind off that dude. But inside me I am feeling crude. I manage to go into a shop and see the manager talking to a cop. The man he describes I know but is a to dark and terrible place too go. I find enough strength in me to fight him again. I will kill him like a hen. I walk there alone hoping I will not break a bone. And just thinking about it makes me moan. I call his name it has begun. I look up at my hope as high as the sun. I punch. He kicks I grab my gun, a colt 46. He wasn’t expecting that, I say. I beat him, the bullet way. Who was the enemy I had to fight. No one, but hate in the middle of the night.

ď ŠSnowboardingď Š Wind in my face. Freezing cold is the race. All the pain is erased. You need to find the pace. If to win. To get in the bin. Go for it. To win.


By Neil Donnelly

cats Avery Warmack

Cats run cats jump Cats curl up in a lump They sleep in the sun When they play they have fun Some cats will kill birds Wild ones live in heards Its hard to have just one Cats are filled with energy and fun Some cats stalk prey Other ones sleep away When the day is done Cats are number one.

What was once mine I look, a tear in my eye. I beg myself please don’t cry. I look where all the memories took place. The accidental swim in the pond. The beside the creek race. I fondly look at all to be lost. There is no option, the penny’s been tossed. It is not true I beg and plead. Being here is what I need. I hear the wind whistle through the trees. I hear the hum of all the honey bees. Those familiar sounds I am to lose. What I like most about them I can’t choose. I know it, I will keep fighting. Yet life is a page and I have just started writing. What do I do? I just don’t know. I can’t turn back so I will have to let go. I have to keep going not stopping or slowing. I have to pick up my oar and keep rowing. Yes I will lose this place it is true But I’m just a kid and there is nothing I can do. -Sarah

Weather is brutal. Weather is beauty. Keeping you alive is mother nature’s duty. Weather is cool. Weather has feelings, like when the sun is out or when it rains. It plays with a flashlight when lighting has crashed. It smiles when the suns out, but not always for long, when the wind whistles, It’s playing a song. It can have achievement, but not always respect.


Have you seen the other side? Have you looked? have you tried? I know a place where there is no rain, There is no sorrow, there is no pain. There is a place that will make you glad, Never angry, never sad. At night when you have slipped away Before you start another day. To this land you must descend. For the routes of your mind you must tend. Cross the bridge. Come with me Our boring world we must flee. In this magical garden anything can grow. If you want to find it to your dreams you must go. -Sarah

Colors Colors are powerful but don’t always last and sometimes a they remind you of a memory from the past. The colors of the rainbow are ROYGBV but colors need protection in order to live. Some people say that the sun will die out. With no doubt the suns colorful rays are just it’s ways. The moon is white as and brightens up the sky at night.

The Forest By Kyle The trees are tall and tower above me. They are just magnificent to see. The leaves are bright and covered in dew. The smelly mushrooms make me say pee-yew. The rocks are scattered all over the ground. It is so quiet you can hear every sound. The moss is cold and slightly damp, Even with the sun for a really bright lamp. The leaves strain the light till it reaches the ground. Until you find an opening with sunlight all around. The dirt is so fine it is almost like a bed. There are little bushes with berries colored red. There are some fruits you don’t want to eat. There are many stumps on which you can take a seat. This is the forest and it is so fine. This is the forest and it is so divine.

Winter By Kyle

A slight breeze streams through my hair. The trees are left completely bare. The color of grass is turning bland. It is now a barren wasteland. For now the air will stay cold. Until the time when the weather unfolds. Animals are sleeping quiet and sound. There is nothing left around. Everyone stays in and doesn’t come out. For Winter is what I am talking about.

sunlight Avery Warmack

There once was a cat named sunlight. She was as fast as gunlight. She took down a bird cause She thought it wasA absurd. and then she was on a kite!

Spice There once was a dog named Spice. She wasn't made of rice. I love her a lot. I gave her a pot. There are now mice in the rice.


Bill There once was a boy named Bill. Who got shot out of a mill. He hit Grayson. He rolled towards a basin, but did not kill Dill.


Grayson There once was a boy named Grayson who got shot out of a canon by Mason. He hit a shopping cart in a Kmart and rolled into a basin.



Jackson There once was a man named Jackson. Who couldn't solve a fraction. He was to solve one whole, Who ended up eating a mole, And then he was killed by an axmen!



There once was a guy named Neil. Who shot himself in the heel. Now he is hurt. He got beat up by Bert. And a lot of pain did he feel.

Flish There once was a man named flish. He was a human fish. So he wanted to swim. And got pushed by HimBim. So a fat cat gave him a wish.

Rakes can hurt There once was a boy named Jake. He hit his friend with a rake. His friend got upset So Jake started to fret. And his life his friend did take. -Sarah

There once was a fellow named Kyle who had a good friend named Nile. They went up in a plane with a hungry Great Dane that ate them going down the aisle.


There once was a squirrel named Squeak. He really liked to peak. It took one look and that’s all it took for him to turn weak.

There once was a dog named Lou. Who was always covered with goo. He went to the tub to get a big scrub and that’s not what he wanted to do.

Dan By: Nile

There once was a boy named Dan. He got hit in the head with a pan. His mouth got messed up So he couldn’t say sup Then he met a girl named Fan.

Phil By: Nile

There once was a guy named Phil. He had to take a very big pill. He had a big dog. It was eaten by a frog. He also had a friend named Bill.

Haikus wew

Triscuit panda By Ryan

There was a panda With a giant Triscuit box He was very fat


Feelings I am very sad. Tears are the stuff I do. Nobody likes me.

RAGE It is like a quake. It completely destroys things. It takes me over. I hate so so much. I do not know what happens. I see so much red. By Ryan


Fighter By: Nile I really like to fight My older sister I call T Or my bro Ian

Who Am I By Kyle

I start really small. Soon I will be very tall. I live years and years.



By Tristan

I run with the ball, wind in my hair. I pass the ball and the receiver catches it. The quarter back passes the ball back and I, the running back, sprint down the field. The offense passes an interception to me and they are enraged. I do a flip into the end zone and make a perfect touch down.

Cool equals lacrosse, it fills me with excitement. Catching, throwing, cradling the ball. Sprinting down the field to get into the action. Standing on the side line,

Waiting to get on field. Shooting, scoring all the goals. When you go on the field it awakens you. Another name for lacrosse is awesome. Better than any other sport. A horn is sounded and it’s all over. If we lose I am heartbroken and angry at myself. But when I win I am happy and filled with jubilant energy.


Letters are the good stuff. Letters are the fun. Letters have ink. Blank paper has none. It’s amazing! It’s spectacular! It’s the best, It’s magical! Ahhhhhhh! Raaaaaaaaaaaar! Expucitar! Narr! You write. you send. you open. Then it comes to an end.


Guy: fun lane 1234 utopia, Uranus

Guy: fun lane 1234 utopia, Uranus


I turn and scream pass. The ball flies through the air. I hold my stick up and catch the ball. Max is in the middle and I pass to him. He catches and shoots. GOAL! We win.

Jackson War .Whenever you hear that word you feel the ground tremble. Then it gets worse and at the jaws of #@^% open up eating everyone. But you can’t stop it because once it has started, it has already ended, Like war. You think about this for a minute and realize that weapons were only made to hunt not to fight. Death is the only factor of war. Every day we are losing lives for a pointless reason…a reason more silly than war itself. War is a waste of money, lives, dreams and hope. Turning the greenest grass, as brown as war. Every second, minute, hour, day, every year, decade or century there is a loss. And that loss is war. There is no hope in this internal feud. Not unless hope is death. In our video games we laugh at and enjoy war… we spend our middle school years chatting about this “wonderful’’ thing. War doesn’t only kill us, it kills nature with fire, explosions, poison acid, and litter. Why do we have such an unnecessary no-brained thing ?,you ask. War, the word that makes the sweetest fruit go sour. War…. Why …Why war?

Skiing The sound of mettle on ice. Faster faster faster and yet just to fall. It doesn’t make since. I may not be the best

By Neil Donnelly


lacrosse Lax Awesome Cool Rad On to the next game Scoring Super Exciting

Grandparents Great Respectful Amazing Nice Delightful Powerful Awesome Restlessly fun Eat out a lot Never don’t have fun Terrific cooking Super

Rainbow Red, orange, and blue And people think you have gold I think you are beautiful No one says, “gross a rainbow” Beautiful take a picture Oh you make me want to cry Why do you have to go So they made a song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”



Pugs, boxer Understanding People love you Pretty funny Yes you are the one



Big and plump Always yellow Never orange Apples are there friends Not brussel sprouts A great tasting fruit Super good


Cool Athletic Tough Ecstatic Rough Rumble Interesting Fantastic Impenetrable Courageous

Kitten By Gus Perdue

Kind of awesome. I wish I was one. To cool for me. Tough Enough to kill a Dragon. New to the world.


A Neat Intelligent Make people happy Amazing Lovable So cute wesome

What Am I?

By Tristan

I dig in holes. I dwell in crevasses. In the sand I stab at your feet and claw at your toes. Out of all I am poisonous with a tail of steel. I am the assassin in the dark.

crocodile Avery Warmack I have snapping jaws. I like to eat antelope. It is fun to swim.

Who am I?

Light and agile. Fast and carnivorous. Cool and hairy.


I fly with the wind. I bug to have fun. I live a short time. NEIL

A fly

Who am I? I have a very long neck. I am spotted. I have big hoofs.


What am I? I play in the mud. I roll in the mud each time. What could I be?



I have big ears. I like to eat lots of food. I jump all the time.

By Ryan


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