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Annual Sponsorship Guide Celebrating 10 years of service to the community!

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Welcome to New Hope


New Hope Celebrates, is a nonprofit organization of the retail, hospitality and professional community of New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ, is proud to offer marketing and advertising opportunities which will promote your business to the local and visiting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and allies (LGBTA) communities. After a decade, New Hope Celebrates (NHC) has grown and developed into the only all-volunteer marketing organization for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and allied population (LGBTA) in Bucks County, Pa. and Lambertville, NJ. Being a sponsor of NHC, through its many year-round events, places your business in the forefront of the lucrative and loyal LGBTA population. Becoming a member has its privileges, which include discounts to various events and packages from local retailers. Consider this: studies indicate that the LGBT market sector is approximately 9-16 million strong and that 74% of LGBT consumers, whose average income is higher than norm, are most likely to support brands or retailers who support them.

OUR MISSION The mission of NHC is the propagation of the scenic, comprehensive and diverse New Hope area as a destination for travelers within the LGBTA community. This requires a dedication to reaching not only local residents but also touching the group regionally and nationally, fueled through our marketing and advertising, which is generated by your sponsorship dollars. More than many “pride” organizations, NHC has become a brand name. It is known for it’s diverse annual events where sponsorship opportunities abound. Its logo and flag often adorn local shops as a harbinger of welcome to the LGBT community and supporters. ■ NHC Pride event will be held this year in New Hope & Lambertville from May 12th – 19th, 2013.

Celebrating 10 years of service to the community!

ANNUAL EVENTS AND SPONSORSHIP OPPS Our year-round events include art and talent shows, activities for families, dances, parties, comedic performances and an exciting, colorful and dynamic parade that has been twice marshaled by the Governor of Pennsylvania and twice by a US Congressman. The parade is the cornerstone event of a week-long festival held in New Hope each May. With an estimated 15,000 in attendance and projected retail sales revenue of over 1.5 million, Landmark Towns named our festival “Most Outstanding Multi-Event in Bucks County” in 2012. Opportunities for sponsors are everywhere, from banners at specific events, to invitations for wealth and legal service seminars, to sales/show participation in a day long “block party” and “vendor fair.” WEB SITE, SOCIAL MEDIA AND APP OPPS Our Web site,, is one of the top stops for LGBT travelers seeking comfortable, compatible area getaways and it is available for banners and logos. It is linked to many local business and government Web sites. And with our new NHC interactive “Pride App,” tourists have access to New Hope’s weekly happenings in the touch of their fingertip then, after visiting, can post their own tips! It is sponsored by Edge Media and will be available for purchase in Apple and Android retail outlets. NHC has also been recognized for it’s eclectic, up-to-the-minute Facebook and social media presence. In addition, the annual Guide produced by NHC is constantly available in the three Bucks County Visitor’s Centers and is replenished in key LGBT gathering spots, as well as participating retail stores, throughout the year.

GIVING BACK Our organization also gives back to the community, often holding fund-raising events or donating grants to LGBT charities. These efforts for organizations have included help for services to the LGBT medically or economically challenged and, though the local schools, emotional and educational support for LGBT teens and their allies. ACHIEVEMENTS In 2009, the founder of New Hope Celebrates was honored by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as an “Outstanding Citizen” for work on behalf of NHC in keeping New Hope’s LGBT population within the mindfulness of others. This year New Hope was named among the “Top Ten LGBT Small-Town USA Destinations” by the venerated online Huffington Post. The festival has been spotlighted nationally by CBS News on LOGO and NHC is currently featured twice yearly on Philadelphia’s “Comcast TV Newsmakers.” There have been literally hundreds of articles published about New Hope Celebrates through the years from small publications in Sheboygan, WI. to the New York Times.

We need your support WE CAN’T DO WITHOUT YOU While the work of New Hope Celebrates expands, it is solely financially supported and driven by its membership and sponsors. There are no government stipends. Indebted to patrons, NHC volunteers will not only creatively work out sponsorship packages, they will then work hard to ensure that there is a measured return on your investments. With the advent of our Tenth Year Anniversary, now is the time to renew your membership commitment or to begin your sponsorship journey with NHC. You won’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially since 2013 will inaugurate a new and vastly far reaching area LGBT history exhibit which will garner attention from both the media and public for years to come!

Come join the fun and benefit from our professional and expert marketing magic!

A section of the Key West Pride Flag has become a New Hope Pride Parade tradition.

NHC 2013 Annual Sponsorship Packages NHC 2013 Annual Sponsorship Packages








Items you get for your sponsorship

$10,000 *







2. Placement in featured NHC programs & events. Exclusive signage at Pride events

at all major events

at all major events

at event of your choice

at event of your choice

3. Space at NHC Annual vendor fair ($150. Value)

Full & Quarter

Full Page

Full Page

Full Page

Half Page

Half Page

Quarter Page

APP Banner Ad

APP Banner Ad

APP Line Listing

APP Line Listing

APP Line Listing

APP Line Listing

APP Line Listing

6. NHC Membership Card & inclusion in Membership Program

8 VIP Cards

6 VIP Cards

5 VIP Cards

4 VIP Cards

3 Classic Cards

2 Classic Cards

1 Classic Card

7. Social Media - Facebook, Twitter & dedicated e-mail blasts








8. NHC Web Site Banner Ads sizes vary

2 Banner Ad

Banner Ad

Banner Ad

Banner Ad

Banner Ad

9. Entry into Pride Parade ($100. Value)

10. Invitation to sponsor party

1. Logo/name included in print ads, press releases, collateral.

4. Ad placement - year-round Pride Guide (No trades for Ads) 5. Inclusion in NHC Mobile APP (Apple & Android)

Need additional information: * For sponsorships of $10,000 and above contact Brian Oakes @ for more details.

Contacts: Advertising Graphics: Gordon Pulaski - Finance: Ryan Fuller - Editorial: Dan Brooks -

New Hope Pride APP Get the official New Hope Pride App, now available to download from the iTunes App Store. Through the NHC App, developed in partnership between NHC and EDGE Media Network, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will be able to keep track of festivities during Pride Week in May as well as all other official New Hope Pride events throughout the year. In addition to keeping abreast of updates, users can upload photos, and connect with other revelers.A Droid version, for the non-iPhone users, will also follow in the spring. Android Version Coming Soon...



What we offer our sponsors... 1 Exposure: Sponsors Logo/brand and or business name will be included in NHC’s annual print ads, e-mails, press releases, and various collateral materials

Print Ads: Sponsors logo or name will be included in our annual advertising campaign (s) specifically but not limited to NHC Pride Event. Additional events thought the year may apply.

Press Releases: NHC press releases and announcements in print and online will include your company name, and or logo if applicable.

Collateral: Your Logo will appear on NHC collateral, such as Pride Event Posters, Banners, Flyers, Postcards where applicable.

2 Placement in NHC featured programs & events: NHC offers exclusive placement signage at the Annual Pride Event in May. Sponsor may provide signage or NHC will provide appropriate sign(s) or a Vinyl or paper banner at selected event(s). 3 Space at NHC’s Annual Vendor Fair: Our annual Vendor Fair, now in it’s forth year and has been embraced by our Pride Festival attendees. This event offers businesses and services the opportunity to “show their stuff” to event attendees and promotes immediate contact with buyers or prospects. Tents and tables may be rented to dress up your presentations. Participating vendors are provided space at select locations downtown New Hope which will be filled with prospective customers and buyers. New Hope is

ideal for maximum exposure since it considered “ground zero” for NHC Pride week. The atmosphere is festive, the interest level of prospective customers is targeted and the sunny outdoor environment creates a positive atmosphere to showcase your business or service. 4 “The Annual Pride Guide” is produced as a full color glossy 68 page 5.5 x 8.5 booklet featuring Short articles about LGBT Bucks County, advertising & listings from our sponsors. We also distribute the “The Guide” at LGBTA expositions, travel shows, neighboring Pride festivals and during The Holiday shopping season. Sponsors revive ad placement in the NHC Annual Pride Guide: Our Guide is published in May for the pride festival and it is available in print and online year round. • Printed guide distribution 5,000 • Online guide downloads 2,809 5 “New for 2013” New Hope Pride” APP: The NHC Pride APP is being developed for both Apple & Android markets by Edge Media and NHC. This full-featured APP will allow visitors to access your business listing via any mobile devise. The APP will also feature Maps, Calendar of Events, Business Listings and more. NHC will utilize the APP during our May Pride Event and thought the year to promote additional events and special offers. 6 NHC Membership Cards Program: New Hope Celebrates offers many benefits to members such as networking opportunities, educational and skill building, and cultural events organized for people identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and allies. Other NHC pride events include a parade, vendor fairs,

T-dances and more! Members enjoy benefits that include complimentary or reduced admission prices to NHC events. Membership also includes being, “in the know” by receiving email notifications to sign up for upcoming events before they are communicated to the public. Last, but certainly not least, you will feel pride in knowing that you are a member of an organization that gives back to the LGBT community. Your membership will go a long way for you and for the LGBT community of New Hope. 7 Social Media & Dedicated E-mail Blasts: NHC will include you in our regular social media campaigns and or provide dedicated announcements for your company via our social media channels and or our e-mail campaigns during to selected events. 8 NHC Web Banner Ads: Online banner ads will be placed on NHC’s official web site and will rotate through the year. Banner ad size, placement and frequency very on sponsorship level. Contact NHC’s Creative Director for Ad specifications. 9 Entry in the NHC Annual Pride Parade: Entry into our Annual Pride Parade has a $100.00 entrée fee, which will be waved with your sponsorship. Please contact: Jenn Whol for Parade Entrée Details. 10 Invitation to NHC’s Annual Sponsors Party: Join us at our annual sponsors party meet and mingle with other NHC Sponsors. It’s our way of thanking our generous Sponsors. Last years fun filled sponsors party was at the New Hope Lodge with food provide by DiSh Catering.

10th Annual Pride Unfurls May, 12th -19th 2013 The Celebration begins with you!

Here’s are some statistics you may not know about the LGBT Market Nationally, LGBTQ consumers represent 3-5% approximately 9 million to 16.4 million of the general populace and 76% have household incomes over the national average with 30% above $100,000. 97% took vacations last year and 53% spent $5000 or more on their trip, according to a recent Community Marketing Inc. survey. Given those statistics, having your name and logo associated with our nationally advertised, charitable festival would be ad and marketing dollars well. 74% are likely to consider brands/business that support nonprofits and/or causes that are important to them. – Harris Interactive â–

Watch it unfurl at... PO Box 266 New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938

2013 NHC Sponsorship Guide  

New Hope Celebrates annual Sponsorship Guide, Features NHC offerings for 2013. Pride takes place May 12th - 19th New Hope, Bucks County Pa.

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