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It’s not clean unless it’s TOTAL CLEAN

We promise to enrich your life, by providing you with the best buying experience available. - Total understanding of your needs - Total attention to details - Total dedication to follow-up - Total Satisfaction

That’s the Total Clean difference. Adgressor


- 28”-38” Battery Rider Scrubber

- Industrial Battery Rider

- 42 Gallon Solution & Recovery Tanks

- Tilt Out 70 Gallon Tanks

- One Touch Scrubbing with a Safe “Clear View”

- 40”-48” Disc or Cylindrical Scrub Path - EcoFlex Detergent System

Total Clean floor scrubbers deliver flexibility, performance, ease-of-use and most of all, value. Every Advance scrubber comes with Smart Solutions™ – which optimizes water and chemical use by allowing the operator to select proper flow rates.

SC8000 - Large 100 Gallon Tanks - Up to a 67” Cleaning path - Rugged Industrial Cylindrical Scrubber - Tilt out Tanks with Max Access to Engine & Hydraulics

Warrior ST 32 Cyl/Disc & 28 Cyl/Disc - 28” or 32” Scrub path with Disc or Cylindrical Options - 30 Gallon Tanks - 36-Volt System - One Touch Scrubbing

SC800 & SC750 - Available in 26”, 28” or 34” Scrub Paths - Up to 25 Gallon Solution and Recovery Tanks - Cylindrical or Disc with Pads or Brushes - Compact and Powerful

Adfinity 20C & 20D EcoFlex - 20” Disc or Cylindrical Scrub Path - Quiet, Meets LEED-ED & GS-42 - 14 Gallon Solution and Recovery Tanks - EcoFlex on Board Detergent Dispensing

We have over



Only The absolute


Sometimes it takes more than water. It takes EcoFlex.

Totally committed to

Environmental CLEANING

We don’t follow

We lead the way

We’re dedicated to cleaning, not just your work environment - but the actual environment.

SC 8000

CS 7000



• Easy operation and maintenance

• Hybrid & “E” Power

• Increased safety and productivity – units leave floors clean and dry in one pass

• C  ombination Sweeper-Scrubber for both Indoors and Outdoors

• Flexibility – a wide range of models to meet your needs

• Wet & Dry Dust Control

• Low noise – most operate at 65 dB or less

• Onboard Hot Water

Each workplace presents A UNIQUE CHALLENGE

Challenge AC C EPTE D

Heavy Duty Cleaning


5200B/4300B Terra 28B

Available with Dry and Wet Dust Control Perfect for use in

Industrial Facilities Warehouses Cement Plants Schools Construction

Featuring the SW8000 Sweeper - Industrial Sweeper - Construction Clean-Up - Dry and Wet Dust Control - 60-inch Dump Height - One Touch Sweeper

SW8000 Sweeper


- Heavy Duty Outdoor Sweeper - 77” Sweep Path - Water Dust Control - High Dump - Large Hopper

- 32” Scrub Path - 30 Gallon Solution and Recovery Tanks - Available in Disc or Cylindrical

Fang 18C

7765 Sweeper-Scrubber

- 18” Corded Electric - 8 Gallon Solution Tank / 11 Gallon Recovery Tank - 82 Ft. Power Cord - Pad Assist Drive

- Large Sweep Path - 100 Gallon Recovery & Solution Tanks - Large Scrub Path - Approx. 75,000 sq ft/hour

Clarke Focus II with Boost

Condor & Adgressor Scrubbers

- Floor Finish Removal and Floor Scrubbing - 20” Cleaning Path - 6X More Effective than Disc Scrubbing - Power Traction or Drive Assist

- Large Water Tanks - Cylindrical or Disc - Battery or Combustion Engine - Tilt Out Tanks - Multiple Size Scrub Paths

Pressure Washers

Commercial Floor Machines

- Skid, Trailer and Cart Mounts - Cold Water and Hot Water - Recovery Systems - Up to 5,000 P.S.I.

- Rugged Planetary Drive System - 17” or 20” Available - Frame Die Cast - Concrete Polishing

At Total Clean we can provide you with an industrial vacuum cleaner that will give you the power to clean faster and more efficiently so you can cut costs, increase production, improve product quality, ensure work safety, and even minimize your risk of a combustible dust incident. Features and Benefits: - Single and Three Phase - Clean Rooms - Explosion Proof - Wet and Dry Vacuums - Combustible Dust


too tough for total clean

With over 100 new model units available, we have reliability covered.


Scrubbing Bubbles Total Clean offers

environmentally friendly cleaning products that will help lower your cost of cleaning on the toughest surfaces.


Total support for all your cleaning needs. Service


Whether you have one machine or a fleet, choose only genuine Total Clean Service to keep your equipment up and running while reducing your cost to clean. Our professional service technicians are specifically trained to work on cleaning equipment, reducing unpredictable downtime and service costs, as well as optimizing your machines cleaning performance. With fully equipped and stocked service vehicles you can trust that your Total Clean technicians are committed to finding a solution to fit your needs.

At Total Clean, we feel that having a partner that is committed to making your process more efficient and cost effective will help in keeping your facility safe and clean. Total Clean offers a full line of detergents to clean your facility. Whether you have an oil filled manufacturing facility or just a dusty warehouse, we have helped clean hundreds of facilities and have a cleaning solution for you. Whether you are using our highly concentrated biodegradable detergents or just water, we will help you find the best solution.

With parts and service available for all major brands, each service program provides you with the flexibility and confidence that your machine will be serviced in the manner predetermined by you.

Total Clean Parts & Support Total Clean parts department is staffed by professionals who are committed to finding you the right solution for your needs. We are committed to your satisfaction and will assist you in having the product as soon as possible. We realize the importance of having your equipment up and running and our warehouse is filled with thousands of items that are available for same day shipping.

Experience the Total Clean difference. Call (800) 200-3432

It’s not clean unless it’s TOTAL CLEAN

Total Clean, a leader in sales, service, and parts support, is also a proven partner with our customers. Our consistent ranking as a top producer provides assurance of long term stability and support today and in the years to come. We know our customers have choices in vendors and service suppliers, and we are honored that our customers choose to give Total Clean Equipment their business. Our customer service pledge of “Timely, Accurate, and Positive� is exactly what we expect of ourselves.

La Verne, California: 2070 North White Ave, La Verne, CA 91750 - (800) 200-3432 Las Vegas, Nevada: 4645 Copper Sage Street, Las Vegas, NV 89115 - (702) 639-0156 Visit us online for more information:

Total Clean Equipment: 2013 Brochure  

Total Clean floor scrubbers deliver flexibility, performance, ease-of-use and most of all, value. We promise to enrich your life,by providin...