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Boy band come to ECHO arena

James Thomas reviews George Clooney’s latest flick

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Alex Fletcher

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Oaks actress back to talk Dancing On Ice

Gossip Inspiration Awards

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Matt Littler and Jayne Mahon

Matt and Jayne: Gossip’s quirky couple with tips for him and her


Desperate Scousewives star lifts the lid on behind the scenes antics!


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February 2012


Elissa Corrigan KEEP IN TOUCH


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ELISSA CORRIGAN Elissa explains what it takes to be a journalist & reality TV star. THE WANTED The Wanted are coming to the Echo Arena! MATT & JAYNE The quirky couple are back to start the year with a gift guide. GOSSIP FILMS James Thomas is back reviewing The Descendants and giving his top 5 chick flicks. ALEX FLETCHER Hollyoaks star talks returning to the show and Dancing on Ice.


06 12 19 24

Street Style Danielle Rouf brings us Liverpool’s current street trends. Gossip Music We meet with Elsie LC, a Liverpool girl rocking it down south in the Big Smoke. Radio City Gemma Cutting gives us her thoughts on whether Valentine’s Day is romance or scandal. Gossip Goes Out We attend three great events that couldn’t be missed, but if you were not lucky enough to get an invite look no further!


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Editor’s Letter

all and welcome to the February edition of Gossip Monthly. So we are in a New Year and Feb is the month of love, so I hope you all love the new edition. We also have the little matter of Valentine’s Day. I hope you all had a great day and the boyfriends managed to pick out that necklace you had been hinting at for the last five weeks (you know who you are)! With the first season of Desperate Scousewives now finished, our DS columnist Elissa Corrigan has lifted the lid on the secrets behind the camera on the E4 show. So if you want to know about the fall-outs and the heartbreaks, make sure you check out Elissa’s fantastic column. We also caught up with the dynamic duo of Sean Clancy and Danny Latimer from the show to give us the boys’ side of events! In food news, I had the pleasure to try out the menu at Albert Dock eatery GUSTO recently. I can’t speak of the service highly enough and it’s a place I’ll definitely be visiting again soon, hopefully I’ll see you all there in the near future. There are also a few great evenings coming up in Liverpool. Boy band The Wanted will be at the ECHO Arena(cue ladies swooning), whilst Pop Idol heartthrob Gareth Gates will be coming to the Liverpool Empire in March as the lead in hit musical Hair. There’s so much to do in Liverpool these days and despite the fact we are in a recession, you can be sure us Liverpudlians will be out and enjoying ourselves at every opportunity. Regular columnists including Alex Fletcher, Matt Littler and Jayne Mahon are back as well as film man James Thomas, who reviews Oscar-nominated movie ‘The Descendants’. And being the soppy soul that he is, James has also decided to let you in on his five most romantic films of all time. Also we will soon be announcing the ‘Gossip Inspiration Awards’ – recognising Liverpool’s most inspirational people. We will be asking you, the Gossip readers, to nominate people who you think deserve to be recognised for inspiring others around them. So please keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming months. That’s all from me this month, I really hope you enjoy the new issue and look forward to catching up with you all in March. So until next time

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Laura, 20, Student

Emma, 23, Journ’ Student

Rebecca, 20, Student

Keeping things understated yet cool, Anthony takes inspiration from the daddy of cool himself - Bob Dylan. To Get Anthony’s look, all you need is a pair of Monkey Genes and a Cheap Mondays shirt. To keep the cold out, complete the look in a Vans coat and Bob’s your uncle!

It seems style runs in the family as Laura keeps warm in this vintage suede coat. Holding on to the last but of winter sun, she teams her Topshop shorts with classic black tights and an Urban Outfiters tee and bag.

A lover of eco fashion, she is forever recycling her clothes. In this case it is done by adding a pair of chunky socks and vintage jacket, she is a refreshing example of how to get it right without buying into trends.

Rebecca mixes things up a little with these forest green Topshop pants. She completes the look with a simple Topshop logo t shirt, A Jewel jacket and Next shoes. Taking inspiration from Gossip Girl favourite Blake Lively, she can never go wrong!

Jenny, 22, Journ’ Student

Rachel, 18, Fash’ Student

Jenny refuses to let the cold weather get her down as she sports this pretty little Pull and Bear summer dress. Keeping the chill at bay, she keeps warm in a cute Primark coat and scarf, some classic opaques and a pair of jewelled New Look flats.

Rachel certainly has the right idea bringing one of this summer’s hottest trend through to winter. The River Island midi, complete with the Dorathy Perkins top, Matalan shall and River Island shoes is a winner through every season.

Danielle Rouf - STREET STYLE

Anthony, 23, Cust’ Advisor


Emily, 18, Student

Keeping it simple - combining her Topshop jumper with some sparkly Primark leggings and completing the look with some Office boots and a ASOS bag, Emily stays right on trend without catching a cold!

Olivia, 16, Student

Adding a splash of colour with an Urban Outfitters scarf and aubergine Topshop cords, Olivia is making sure the winter won’t get the better of her! Finishing the look with her grandma’s cardigan and Topshop Doctor’s bag, she makes style look effortless!


This month, 16-year-old Lucy caught our attention. This is what happens when the fashions elite comes together. Mixing both designer and high street and adding a sprinkling of vintage, you can nail any look. Here is how to get it and more importantly on a budget! Dansk Paperbag Waist Silk Velvet Skirt - £95.00 ASOS: Although this is skirt maybe a tad pricey, I think it’s well worth it. It can be dressed up and dressed down by simply pairing it with a comfy tee and a chunky cardigan.

Double Collar Blouse £22.99 New Look: Blouses are big this season and with millions of them all over the high street, you’re more than likely going to find one for you. This one is of my personal favourites and we at Gossip think everyone should have at least one pretty blouse in their wardrobe this winter.

Black/Gold Buckle Ultragirl Shoes - £90.00 These shoes are definitely a must. I mean, they’re Viv for goodness sake! Everyone needs at least one designer item, and I think we’ve found the one!


GOSSIP columnist

Girl about town

Elissa Corrigan

Why can’t a trained journalist be a reality star? You can take the girl out of Liverpool, but you can’t take Liverpool out of the girl. From Suffragettes to modern-day WAGS, Liverpool ladies have always been loud, proud and independent, with their appearance being as distinctive as their accent. Because lets face it girls, there is nothing more important to us than our looks and the Scouse scenesters just love to make an entrance. Us girls up North love sequins, ruffles and rouches, with the city’s bespoke fashion boutiques providing us with all our fabulously flamboyant made to measure clothes. Liverpool was the Capital of Culture and our fashion should arguably be awarded ‘Capital of Style’ as any self respecting Scouser will tell you. We even suffer for our art - I mean why else would we sleep in our uncomfortable scratchy rollers to 8

achieve the perfect barnett? It’s quite common to begin preparation the day before a night on the town and that’s just the hair. Because we like it big, bouncy and full of body, it’s known as the ‘curly blow’. To create this look the hair is first washed, then dried with round brushes to create the soft curl, before being put in rollers and allowed to set overnight. Similarly, Amanda Harrington, my ‘Desperate Scousewives’ co-star has been known to spend seven hours having her Rapunzel-esque locks streaked the perfect shade of sunshine blonde. And let’s not forget the make-up and spray tans; the only time you’ll ever see us don a ‘Sporty Spice’ tracksuit will be after a our artificial bronzing, which you have to top up at least once a week in order to give you the much-needed all year round glow. Our resident beauty expert Jodie Lundstram also confesses to blending a mixture of four different

foundations just to achieve the correct contouring while revealing the secret of the ‘Scousebrow’ is nice and thick and always three shades darker than your natural hair colour. We may wear eyelashes that could rival Snuffleuffagus from ‘Sesame Street’ and more sequins than ‘Strictly’ but looking this wagtastic and glamorous doesn’t come cheap. But what’s the alternative? Unshaven legs, hairy armpits, bags under our eyes and unpainted finger nails more akin to Lily Savage than Liz McClarnon? I don’t think so. Yet behind the scenes on Desperate Scousewives it’s not all sequins, spray tans and Scouse brows. Our filming schedules have been gruelling and demanding, sometimes enduring 16 hour days. Not forgetting how we have all sacrificed our personal lives for you to lap up as entertainment.

we can’t broadcast it all because what happens offscreen is just as gripping as what you see on it. However, when all is said and done, we’re all strangely over-protective of each other with a nice kick one; kick them all mentality which developed slowly throughout filming. I certainly needed support from the rest of the cast when I had my own hair-dye disaster after being called to last minute filming. I had just had my locks darkened and was unable to scrub the extra colour off my neck and forehead before going before the camera. Eagle-eyed twitter followers were keen to point out my horrendous faux pas and when I saw the results on screen my face flushed redder than the sole of my Louboutins. Like I said, the filming isn’t easy and my most memorable scene to film happened when I modelled a giant dress made out of human hair for Liverpool hairdressing chain Voodou. I’ve been a loyal client for many years, so when they asked me to model the custom-made size six gown I jumped at the chance.

The emotions can run higher than the Radio City tower but they are very much genuine And yet still the question I get asked he most; is the show real? Well I’ll tell you. The show is partreality, part-drama because sometimes even the best of us have to be given some guidance if the dialogue isn’t as free-flowing as the champagne at the star-studded events we attend. The emotions can run higher than the Radio City tower but they are very much genuine, as are the cat fights, the tears and my bessie mate on the show, Jaiden Micheal, having a beaker of booze swilled all over him. There’s so much diva-esque behaviour and many fallouts over petty jealousies, it’s just a shame 9

Little did I know that it would turn out to be one of the most physically exhausting experiences of my life and I don’t say that easily, I’m a marathon runner after all. You see, the dress consisted of 12 layers of underskirt which weighed in at around 15 stone. If that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, then they strapped the corset on me which was two sizes too small. So imagine if you had a 6 foot 5” grown man pulling down on your waist while someone else stands on your lungs for a few hours. The pain was crippling and it wasn’t long before I fainted in the magnificent garment. Luckily the Voodou staff came to the rescue, not only did they bring me back to life, but they did the all important touch ups on the hair and make-up. If that’s not suffering for your art I don’t know what is?

Before filming cast and crew were obviously wary of my motives because I come from a tabloid journalist background. Scared I would expose the show... I found solace in the fact the photos were incredible, they were well worth the torture and I was so lucky to be given the chance to model such an amazing piece of couture and in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a big deal, unlike my actual involvement in the show itself… Before filming cast and crew were obviously wary of my motives because I come from a tabloid journalist background. Scared I would expose the show, they found it hard to trust me, while the golden rule of journalism is ‘never become the story’. By agree10

ing to star on ‘Desperate Scousewives’, I knew I was committing a cardinal sin. But I reasoned newspapers are littered with reality stars who called themselves columnists and journalists – so why can’t a trained journalist become a reality star? That really was my motivation for signing contract. Likewise, Twitter makes it easy for everyone to have an opinion, particularly mediocre footballers who have a rap sheet as long as an Andrex toilet roll – not naming names of course. I’ve read a few journalists describing the show as their ‘guilty pleasure’ - among other descriptions. And you know what, that suits us just fine. Because Liverpool and its football, Scousers and the most glamorous girls in the country have been both a hidden treasure and a guilty pleasure for as long as I can remember.


Here at Gossip, we love music. We are always hearing of little gems around the city who are striving to make it in the music industry. Our latest gem is Elsie LC. A keen musician; Elsie began writing songs at 15 when her best friend got a boyfriend. “I didn’t like it and more importantly I didn’t like him,” recalls Elsie. “I wrote a song asking her to dump him. I sent it off to BBC Merseyside and Jimmy and BIlly Butler played it and it made me want to write another one. I loved hearing my song on the radio and still do now. It’s a natural high.” Elsie, by her own admission, loves the Divas. At just 11-years-old, the blonde beauty was pretending to be Mariah Carey. “I spent hours singing so high everyday I’d make the dog howl. In all honesty, I think that’s how I learnt to sing though.” Her style these days has been compared to Blondie singer Debbie Harry, quite the compliment to be compared to such a legend? “It’s amazing!” The Scouser enthuses. “I’m nothing like her though really. I love her songs, her bone structure and attitude. I’d trade in my favorite teddy bear for any of those. Debbie Harry was the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll front woman. She made me want to join a band.” And Elsie has already gained a celebrity following after posting a song about hunky model David Gandy on YouTube! To the tune of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy, Elsie professes her love for the underwear model with a string of hilarious lyrics. When confronted about the song, Elsie blushes: “You found my David Gandy song! I really don’t fancy models, but he is the exception. I got an email from his agency to tell me that he has seen it and found it funny. I’m just waiting for him to upload one about me. I may be waiting a while.” So how would the woman herself describe her style 12

Elsie LC of music? “Raw, real and live. I’ve mixed disco beats with catchy guitar riffs and floated pretty melodies over the top. My mum says it reminds her of Blondie and Lily Allen my dad says it reminds him of The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. I suppose you can hear what you want to hear in it. I hear Disco-rock that makes me want to dance and hopefully the lyrics strike a chord with the girls.” Elsie, real name Laura Critchley, is currently signed to independent label Big Print records, and her debut single ‘The Assassin” (Bang, Bang) is out now and receiving regular airtime on Juice FM and Radio Merseyside. Elsie explains: “It’s the first single off my forthcoming album and I wrote it about skanky girls who hit on men who are clearly taken. There’s so many of these girls knocking around the clubs who are quite happy to go home with men with a wedding ring on or snog men who they know are taken. The papers are full of them. The Assassin is a warning song; we girls who have respect for other girls just aren’t having it! So they’d better watch out!” Now based in London, Elsie admits she misses her family back in Liverpool. “I miss my family most. I’ve been in London a few years now, but I still call my mum everyday just to see what she’s up to. I miss shopping with the girls on a Saturday down Cavern Walks, buying something funky in Drome, having lunch at Caesar’s Palace and going out drinking in Concert Square on a Saturday night. Liverpool’s a unique place where I feel at home, up for a laugh and feel safe. “ A Liverpool girl at heart, let’s hope this quirky chick’s new single shoots its way up the charts. *The Assassin (Bang Bang) is out now. December 2011.

GOSSIPcoming up

The Wanted

LIVERPOOL ECHO ARENA 24 FEB 2012 Super-hot boyband The Wanted are kicking off their first ever arena tour this spring and they are coming to Liverpool! The five piece group that became one of the biggest breakthrough acts of 2010 will be playing 11 arenas across the country, coming to Echo Arena Liverpool on 24 February 2012. The Wanted boys burst into our lives and the charts last summer, with their incredible 2011 BRIT nominated debut single, All Time Low, storming straight into the number one spot. Followed by number two hit Heart Vacancy, they have quickly built up a huge fanbase. Their self-titled debut album raced into the top five. In March last year the boys were given the honour of releasing the official Comic Relief single for Red Nose Day. The single 14

Gold Forever became their third top five single. A string of hits later, the boys are the hottest boyband in the world right now (sorry JLS!) and here at Gossip we can’t wait to get a glimpse of the lads live. Other events coming up in the ECHO Arena are: Rebecca Ferguson - 17 March Harlem Globetrotters - 29 March Il Divo - 8 April New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys - 23 April 2012. Torvill & Dean’s Dancing On Ice - 1 & 2 May (Heidi Range, Chico & Sam Attwater just announced!)

Blink 182 - 12 July


This month, our celebrity get the look goes to The Wanted frontman Max George. Not only can the boyband hottie sing, it seems he can dress to impress too. From videoshoots to his out and style and rocking the tricky double denim combo, Mr George shows us how it is done.

Topman denim jacket - £45: Add a It can be hard to find the perfect denim jacket that fits just right but fear no more as this bargain comes to you courtesy of Topman. This jacket will take you from the icey autumn days to cool summer nights.

Zara t-shirt - £19.99: There are hundreds of slogan tees available from nearly every high street store now. I have gone for the this simple black and white t-shirt from Zara.

All Saints jeans - £85: Keep things safe and casual in the All Saints jeans. If you’re feeling confident, try different shades of skinny jeans available from Topman.

River Island rucksack - £35: If you’re still trying to get your head around man bags then there are always rucksacks and this one from River Island is the perfect example of why they are still a must have fashion accessory.

Topman Beanie - £8

Adidas trainers - £65: There was a time when trainers were only worn with tracksuits, but these days this is not the case. With blazers becoming more and more popular, Max opts for some Adidas classics with a twist, you can do the same with these available from


GOSSIPcoming up Liverpool Empire Theatre - Tuesday 10 Saturday 14 April 2012


The Musical

7.30pm, Wed & Sat mats 2.30pm Tickets £14 - £44 Here at Gossip we are constantly looking at what exciting things are coming to the city in the coming months, so when we heard that the hit musical HAIR was coming to the Liverpool Empire, we had to share the news with everyone we knew! Fresh from sell-out European arena tours, Hair comes to the UK for the very first time, and it all kicks off in Liverpool! Starring Gareth Gates, Zoe Birkett and Amy Diamond, Hair will open at Liverpool Empire Theatre on Tuesday 10 April 2012. It’s 1960 New York and a group of people come together to fight for peace, love and freedom. Capturing the mood and movement of the times, Hair is the original rock musical and has one of the most thrilling soundtracks ever written, featuring classic songs such as Aquarius, Let the Sunshine in and the infectious title track Hair. Fresh from his critically acclaimed appearance as Marius in Les Misérables in the West End and on the sell-out 25th Anniversary tour, Gareth Gates takes on the leading role of Claude. He captured 16

the nation’s heart in 2002 when at just 17 he was a Pop Idol finalist. Since then he’s gone on to sell a staggering 3.5m records worldwide, picked up countless awards and has appeared in musical productions including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Starring alongside Gareth as Dionne will be fellow Pop Idol finalist Zoe Birkett, recently seen in the West End in Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Thriller Live and Respect La Diva. As well as being an incredible chart-topping singer, multitalented Zoe is an accomplished actress, dancer and presenter. The cast will also include BBC1’S Over the Rainbow finalist Amy Diamond in the role of Sheila. Tickets are sure to sell out fast so make sure you get your hands on some before it’s too late! To book visit the Empire box office, call 0844 871 3017 or book online at www.atgtickets. com/liverpool





The most romantic day of the year, or a huge commercial money spinner? With retailers estimating £1.3 billion being spent for that one day every year, it’s easy to be cynical but I am a true romantic at heart!

don’t think I’m alone in wanting hearts, chocolates and declarations of undying love and let’s face it, most men do need a little shove in the right direction. The classic cry of “why should I be told when to be romantic” always rears its head at this time of year but in my experience, those that are saying it aren’t romantic any other day of the year either! Admittedly there is a lot of scope to make bad choices and get it very wrong. I think most men know garage carnations with the price left on are not acceptable, but with Tesco producing ‘value’ Valentines cards and shops selling red scratchy lingerie how are the unromantic meant to know where to start? Cheap cards and bad underwear aside, I think it’s all in the presentation. A supermarket meal deal with candles and nice music can sometimes mean more than going out and spending a fortune and with most of us feeling the pinch at the moment, it’s the perfect time to get creative and surprise your Valentine with the unexpected. My best friend’s Mum thinks we’ve all had our hopes built up too high by Hollywood romcoms and we need to lower our expectations to avoid disappointment. I think she’s right because in reality it is those little thoughtful gestures that show someone really cares. Knowing what day Heat magazine comes out and bringing it home every week (thank you Paul) or running you a bath after a tough day. After all, look at Seal and Heidi Klum. He built her an igloo to propose in! Surely the ultimate grand gesture and as we all know they’re getting divorced. Some form of Valentine’s Day is celebrated in most parts of the world. In Japan for example, women are expected to buy their male co-workers chocolate. Imagine having to buy the weird guy in work chocolates every year! On the plus side though, the men have to buy a non-confectionery based present in return worth

3 times the amount! If you’re unattached and dreading Valentine’s Day, be thankful you don’t live in South Korea. If they don’t receive any Valentines gifts, on April 14 (known as Black Day), tradition says they must go to a Korean restaurant to eat black noodles and ‘mourn’ their single life! All my single friends are planning a big night out on the 14th and with Valentines Balls and loads of bars holding special nights, it has become a great excuse to party. While they’re all out drinking Mojitos and having a ball, the restaurants will have people packed in like sardines, overpriced set menus and the obligatory couple arguing across the table. I think the exciting side to being single on Valentine’s Day though is getting a card from a secret admirer. This has only happened to me once. I was 9 and he also stole one of his Mum’s rings to give to me. Awkward. Theft aside, I still remember that there is nothing nicer than receiving a card and trying to work out who it’s from. Especially if it turns out to be the person you hope it is. So if you’re debating whether to slip a card into the locker of the hot boy at the gym, or the cute girl down the road then do it! Because even if you get no response whatever I guarantee you’ll have made someone smile. As for those of us in relationships, I think most of us need a gentle reminder every so often to make a special effort with our other halves. After that initial honeymoon period wears off and life gets in the way it’s easy to become complacent, and what better reason to light the candles, pour the Champagne (well Cava actually, I’m still skint from Christmas) and whisper sweet nothings than Valentine’s Day? So yes, I will be squashed into that restaurant, ordering from that set menu, but hopefully not by the couple arguing across the table! 19

GOSSIPlatest gadget reviews

Matt OK, welcome to February, more importantly welcome to 2012! Big year for me and the lady this year, we’re tying the knot, work is super busy and according to the Mayan’s we’ve only got until December the 21st… So let’s get cracking.

n hitting Fit For Free As for the gym, I’ve bee sense mixture of non no a in Speke, it’s weights and a large strength machines, free more of these are r, gea spread of Cardio country and so if like popping up all over the ut if the tuna in the abo d me, your less worrie ndly and more about gym cafe is dolphin frie there are to lift then gs how many heavy thin ld be for you. £15.95 FFF sounds like it cou a month too….

While I’m not sculpting my gun s in the gym I enjoy a bit a cycling, but after a recent near miss with a car I decided to add the brightest lights I could find to my little ride, I fou nd these - Exposure Flash/Flare. Sold with its own recharge station and batteries, these guys will have cars spotting you from a mile away and probably complaining of a headache too. They pop off super easy when you finally arrive at the pub /corner shop/finish line too. (£65-£80)



Lost your resolve yet? If like me you ‘resolved’ to get as fit as Bruce Lee this year I’m sure by now you’ll be feeling the burn, it’s about now (6 weeks in) that most people start to lose interest in the gym, the wind and rain won’t have helped either, so to keep things fresh why not make your whole life a workout?! Nike have released the Nike+ Fuelband, £100 it’s everything the ‘UP Band’ should have been, It monitors your every move, taking in actual movement through a 3-Axis accelerometer, calories expended and NikeFuel - which is system of measurement that Nike have invented - they say it’s based on Oxygen Kinetics whatever that is? What it all boils down to is that you can set daily goals and see exactly how much you’ve done that day, and compete against yourself or your chums via the smartphone app.

Jayne Fingers crossed all our fabulous Gossip readers have kept up the keep fit and those shiny new trainers are not so shiny anymore. Way back when, on our very first column for Gossip I mentioned that the Mr and I are tying the knot, well as the time draws closer the dedication to all things fitness increases! Fortunately the gym that we use has more than enough to keep us occupied!! Fit For Free is based in Speke and is the perfect place to shed those extra pounds. I am not too sure of the genius behind Virtual Spinning but well done that man (or woman). It’s run hourly and all you need is to hop on the bike and let the accompanying video take you all the way to the top of Mount Etna.

Lana Dell Ray, this When it comes to hair styling just think gh 2012, perfect throu right you see to type of style is going of must haves s chart for a night out and steaming up the and dined for d wine being out are for hair. So when you ge glamorvinta a Valentine’s Day be sure to go all out with ous look.

I’ve tried my best with the fitness recommendations and I can almost certainly help in the hair department. A new cared for look is upon us for 2012, softer and richer tones should run through those beautiful locks of yours. If it’s a global colour you girlies go for, ask your stylist to make it as shinny and glossy as possible. If it is heavenly highlights make sure it’s loved up by adding a variant of tones. Why not pop on in to any Andrew Collinge salon for a free consultation.

Enjoy your February, see you all in the Spring xx 21

GOSSIP feature

Desperate Scousewives

As series one wraps up, we caught up with Scousewives stars Danny Latimer and Sean Clancy. It’s all been a bit hectic lately for Liverpool boys Sean Clancy and Danny Latimer. The pair hardly knew each other a few months ago - one was busy DJ’ing in city hotspots whilst the other was turning out for Fleetwood football club every Saturday. What a difference a few months and a hit TV series make! These pranksters are now the best of buds thanks to E4’s Desperate Scousewives. With the first series now wrapped up, we caught up with the boys to discuss the show, relationships and their hopes on a second series. How do you look back on the first series of Desperate Scousewives? Danny: To be honest, I’m really proud to have been on it. The first few episodes we were getting absolutely slated. I’m a local lad so it really hurt when people said we weren’t representing the city and giving it a bad name. One of the reasons I went on the show was to make sure my city was promoted in the right way and I’d like to think I have done that. 22

Sean: I got thrown in last minute and I debated whether it was something which would benefit me. In the end I thought why not? It’s been a great laugh and I think if people really started to enjoy it as the series went on. I have no regrets and it was a fantastic experience. Is there anyone in the cast you can’t stand? Danny: I don’t think there is anyone I would say I hate. We’ve been through a lot together in a short space of time so we all look out for each other, it’s like a big family. Sean: There are obviously people on there who usually I wouldn’t have socialised with if we hadn’t been thrown together on the show. With that said I have got along with every single person on the show, which is fantastic. Danny, how much grief have you had since the infamous “Debbie O’Toole” moment?

Danny: Everywhere I go people sing the Debbie O’Toole song to me! To be fair it’s a good laugh and it practically saved my life once. I was drinking in a bar and accidently knocked a pint down some big muscly bloke. I saw the anger in his face and then all of a sudden he grabbed me by the shoulders, realised who I was, and started singing the Debbie O’Toole song! In the end he bought me a pint. Sean, being a professional football player, have you had any grief from opponents for being on the telly? Sean: Of course! Thankfully I am used to it, with my sister being in the spotlight (Abbey Crouch) they always try and wind me up with remarks about her, so I knew I would get plenty when I appeared on the show. The good thing is it never affects me it just spurs me on to play even better.

Sean, you also appeared on Soccer Saturday thanks to the show? Sean: Yes, it was mad. Obviously it would be nice to be featured purely for my football but it was funny to see. We were playing Blackpool in the FA Cup and obviously with it being a local rivalry Geoff Stelling was doing a segment on the game. All of a sudden they were talking about me on Scousewives and showing clips of me in the show! It was all good banter.

Danny: Dead in the water! The thing with Sam (Woolley) was always going nowhere, but I had genuine feelings for Debbie (O’Toole) because we had a history together. Obviously after the whole piano thing it was obvious that it wasn’t going to happen. I’m with someone new now, a girl I have known for a while and I couldn’t be happier. Sean: Danny’s had some mad moments on the show with girls, I’m made up I have had a girlfriend for a while so I wasn’t filmed making a fool of myself! If series 2 gets commissioned, what can we expect? Danny: There is talk about a few new characters coming in, we talk about people sometimes on the show who aren’t in it so it would be nice for the viewers to get to see the people who are genuinely close to us in our lives. Sean: Just more of the same I think, a bit of fun. Now people have seen the first series they know what it’s about and they’ll just get to know the characters better. People were a bit sceptical of the show at first because people thought we were very wooden. Now we are much more comfortable with the camera on us, and a lot of the time we forget it is there! I think people could see as the first series went on thing became a lot more real and series two will smash the first series out the water. *Missed any of series one? You can catch Desperate Scousewives on 40D.

Danny, you were involved in a few romances on the show, how have they panned out? 23

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! t u O s e o G p i s Gos Wong’s Jewellers Vale nt

ine’s Evening

Liverpool city centre jewellers, Wongs, invited customers and stylish guests to celebrate Valentine’s in their Whitechapel showroom on Thursday 2nd February. Over 120 guests were met with champagne cocktails and Delifonseca canapés while being treated to an exciting fashion show in partnership with local boutique, The Dressing Room. Meanwhile, Liverpool chocolaterie, The Chocolate Cellar treated guests to a chocolate masterclass. Peter Wongs, Director of Wongs Jewellers said: “We were thrilled to welcome so many of our customers and special guests in store to celebrate the occasion. We enjoyed a wonderful evening in our new showroom and look forward to more in the future.”

Model from The Dressi

ng Room


ingha l) Elaine Cunn (Spire Hospita a Lever tt Jan Borrows nd bo Ly Ab ) e ors lin eri ue Jacq ingham Int (Elaine Cunn 24

2nd February 2012, The Hilto n Hotel, Liverpool (All Images credited to Kate Swerdlow: Knowsley Road Pictures)

The Style Factory Fash

ion Showcase

Columnists Matt Littler and Jayne Mahon were amongst STARS of Desperate Scousewives and XFactor were among the crowds that celebrated the fashion talent of teens from Liverpool and Halton at a sell-out event at The Hilton Hotel on Thursday night. Ellissa Corrigan and Jaiden Michael from Desperate Scousewives took their seats in the front row to see Enterprise South Liverpool Academy be crowned this year’s Style Factory Fashion Showcase winners after they battled it out on the catwalk alongside some of the region’s top fashion labels. The event, sponsored by, was the grand finale of a fashion competition for young people in Liverpool and Halton. The groups have spent the last six months working with The Style Factory team to set up their own fashion label and produce a collection of clothes from scratch. The collections were judged by a panel of experts including Della Nelson (Head of Womenswear Design at Shop Direct Group), Nicola Cupples (Stylist and Founder of MyStyle and Samantha Chong (Liverpool based designer to the stars). The night, hosted by Rick Vaughn, also included catwalk shows from Samantha Chong, Love Frocks and, as well as a crowd pleasing performance from X Factor’s James Michael and Candidate 23. Tickets for the show sold out in just days and the venue was packed with a 350 strong crowd. Enterprise South Liverpool Academy was praised for their outstanding use of colour and the wearability of their ‘Maritme’ inspired collection. They scooped themselves the top prize of a professional fashion photoshoot. Other prizes were also awarded to individuals with outstanding talents in design, marketing and sewing techniques. Prizes included £50 vouchers for, art supplies, magazine subscriptions and a Janome sewing machine. Sophie Jones, from Deyes High School in Maghull, was given special recognition as The Best Creative Director after judges picked out her ice cream cone-

inspired dress as the most original design. Dominique Crowley, from Runcorn Fashion Club in Runcorn, was awarded the accolade of Most Outstanding Individual Effort and took her home a brand new sewing machine. The event was also used to raise money for The Princes Trust and raised over £300 though a charity raffle and silent auction. 25

Thanks to Seen Magazine

for the great photographs of

the event!


Tracey Bell Nigh

Tracey Bell introduced Jane Grogan’s OneselfHealthy Body, Healthy Mind to the city with a fabulous affair during February 2012, taking place in the heart of the beautiful clinic on Hanover Street. The night promised to be the ultimate in fitness finesse, with a range of treatment demonstration taking place throughout the evening and the guests were even treated to a sample Retro-robic work out from Jane and her incredibly fit troop of instructors. Each guest was welcomed with The Nobel House’s low-calorie apple martinis and a selection of amuse bouche tickled the guests’ palates, oozing pleasurable guiltlessness. The evening was in aid of offering tailored services presented throughout with free consultations on offer, introductions to the Oneself fitness programs, demonstration of Retro-robics, nutritional advice and even information on Life Coaching options which are all now available through the partnership. The star-studded event saw the coolest way to fight fat- CoolSculpting (an innovative fat freezing technique that is used as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction) which was kindly demonstrated by Amanda Harrington, known for her ventures on E4’s popular mockumentry, ‘Desperate Scousewives’. 26


Sponsored By

With James Thomas



he average multiplex goer more than likely won’t have heard of Alexander Payne. He’s not exactly a household name director of big blockbusters. But to many, his films are anticipated as highly as nearly anyone. Payne, known for writing and directing witty, intelligent and funny comedy dramas, and for bringing out career best performances from his cast (just ask Reese Witherspoon and Paul Giamatti), may have just repeated the trick here with George Clooney. Clooney plays Matt King, a Hawaiian land developer, and the sole trustee of a substantial portion of heritage land that his large extended family want him to sell to make them all very rich. But when his wife is left in a coma from a boating accident, he must step up from businessman and back up parent, to theparent to his two daughters, all while realising that his comatose wife was having an affair. Over the last few years, George Clooney has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most interesting leading men, taking on roles that directly challenge the media’s perception of him. Here, in Hawaiian shirts and a full on grey hair, he’s a husband who has an unfaithful wife, and a father who doesn’t know what to do with his daughters. And he is terrific; fully believable, particularly in trying to engage with his troubled teenage daughter Alex (a fantastic Shailene Woodley, who almost steals the film from underneath Clooney’s nose). They have a wonderful chemistry that adds so much to proceedings. Alex could have easily been just another teen brat, unlikeable and annoying, but Woodley’s performance shows layers of depth that makes the character much more than just a caricature. The relationship between father and daughter is one of The Descendants most rewarding aspects. But Clooney and Woodley are not the only performances to enjoy here. Amara Miller and Nick Krause as Matt’s youngest daughter and Alex’s boyfriend, both get 28

Cast - George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Amara Miller Screenwriter - Alex Payne, Nat Faxon, Jim Rash Director – Alex Payne Certificate– 15 Running Time– 111 mins

some of the best lines, with Krause especially at the centre of the films finest comic moments, and also shows some unexpected inner sadness later on in the film which richly enhances his character. The setting of Hawaii is also interesting, as it is not a location primarily used in Hollywood cinema. Payne cleverly subverts the perception of the island by often showing the urban landscape that is usually not shown on screen; it isn’t all beaches and paradise, but a real place, housing real people. Which nicely fits in with King’s none too intrusive voice over in which he says “my friends think just because I live in Hawaii I live in paradise, are they insane…I haven’t been on a surfboard in fifteen years”. The Oscar nominated script is very strong, and depicts a family in tragedy as well as any film has done in recent years. Matt’s relationship with his daughters is beautifully played out, and most of the minor characters also get enough time to shine too. While it does slightly fall into schmaltz towards the end (unusual for Payne), the emotions feel genuine rather than forced. However the subplot with regards to Matt’s extended family and his decision whether or not to sell the land is quite dull and fails to seem important in the scheme of things. Like last year’s wonderful 50/50, The Descendants manages to convey serious subject matters (mortality, fidelity, fatherhood to name a few), but does them in a way that tries to be both funny and touching, and succeeds on both counts. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see The Descendants, or Clooney, walk away with an Oscar or two later this month.

Of all time

The 5 Great Romance Films

5. The Notebook (2004) – Ryan Gosling,

currently one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, had one of his early hits in this much loved romance, were he plays Noah, who in the 1940’s, falls for Rachel McAdams’ beautiful rich girl Allie. Based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, the film is split into two timelines, but it is the chemistry between Gosling and McAdams that makes this film as good as it is. Lads, if you watch this with your girlfriend, prepare for her to cry. A lot.

4. When Harry Met Sally (1989) –

Rob Reiner’s 80’s classic, starring the never better pair of Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, is simply the funniest romantic comedy ever. Asking the age old question of can men and woman ever be just friends, or will sex always get in the way, it is a warm, hilarious, and shamelessly romantic, near pitch perfect rom-com.

3. True Romance (1993) – The violent tale

of a drug bust gone wrong may not be the most obvious example of a love story, but bear with us. The relationship between loner Clarence and hooker Alabama is a great example of meeting someone who you have lots in common with, instantly falling for each other, diving headfirst into a whirlwind romance, and being willing to do absolutely anything for the one you love. Featuring a fantastic Tarantino script, and an outstanding cast (Christian Slater, Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper and Gary Oldman to name a few), this an excellent, and genuinely romantic thriller.

2. Before Sunrise (1995) – An American

and Frenchwoman meet on a train in Vienna, and decide to spend the rest of the day and night together before he heads back to America. They talk about their lives, their loves, and everything in between. This doesn’t sound like much, but it is the greatest film about young love ever made. It perfectly captures the spontaneity and the instantaneous attraction that young love can bring. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are both excellent in their roles, but it is writer/director Richard Linklater’s snappy and intelligent screenplay that is the real star.

1. Casablanca (1942) – Some films gain a

reputation over time that they don’t quite deserve. Casablanca is most definitely not one of those films. Every honour, plaudit, award and rave review is completely warranted. The tale of a cynical American(Humphrey Bogart, never more iconic) , whose life is turned upside down when of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, his former lover Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), walks into his, is the stuff of Hollywood legend. Set against the backdrop of the Second World War, Nazi’s, a wonderful set of characters, excellent supporting cast, and one of the greatest and most quoted (and misquoted) screenplays ever written, Casablanca is a definition of a classic. Pretty much without fault, Casablanca rightfully holds the title as the most romantic film ever made.




Big Business Interview

with ANDREW RAWLINSON It’s a typical, cold winter day in Liverpool city centre. Dressed in my winter coat, scarf and frankly not very stylish beanie hat, I can still feel a little shiver down my spine. Despite the arctic weather, the harsh wind isn’t the reason for my shivers. I am currently en route on to the iconic Liverpool Empire building. The Empire is very much something that a lot of locals are proud of and have been for the past 87 years. A host of legends have passed through the doors here, from Frank Sinatra to Bruce Forsyth, and this is exactly why I get the butterflies in my stomach every time I come to the venue. Usually my visits involve me taking in a show, most recently the fantastic Legally Blonde – but today I am here to interview the new General Manager of this legendary venue, Andrew Rawlinson. Andrew, who has been in his post full-time since October 2011 is the man tasked with making sure quality shows continue coming to this legendary venue and helping propel the growing reputation of one of Liverpool’s historic venues. Born in the Lancashire/Yorkshire border town of Todmorden, Andrew always had a passion for the arts and started his professional journey by being appointed General Manager of national and international touring theatre company, Horse and Bamboo before taking up the post of Executive Director and Chief Executive of Blackfriars Arts Centre in Boston, Lincolnshire. 30

In early 2005, Andrew became Manager of The Palace Theatre in Manchester for Live Nation, hosting number one touring productions such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mamma Mia and Mary Poppins. Following this, Andrew managed Sunderland Empire, presenting other large scale touring work including The Sound of Music, with Connie Fisher; the phenomenal, multi award winning, We Will Rock You and the heart-warming festive spectacular, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. Throughout his previous employment Andrew’s wife Emily had found a job in the North West and was building home with daughter Emily. This meant the hard-working lad from Todmorden had to commute in the week and after two years in the Sunderland Empire, the time was right for Andrew to come back to the North West. Recalling his return to the North West Andrew says: “I enjoyed my time at Manchester and then I was asked to go and help out in Sunderland. My wife had not long given birth to our first daughter Emma and I was commuting regularly to work. She understood but the plan was to always come back to the North West. When we conceived our son Samuel 20 months ago it was time to come back to the North West.” Now in Liverpool, how does the Empire compare with other venues he has worked at? “The people of Liverpool love the Empire Theatre.

capacity arena, one of the best shopping centres in Britain and have the Queen come to Liverpool for the Royal Variety Performance at the very venue Andrew now runs? Liverpool is a city that is on the up, and Andrew knows that the Liverpool Empire needs to continue to progress. “The cultural scene here is incredible and it is such a vibrant city. The level of shows we have managed to bring here in the last ten years has been incredible and we want to continue bringing the best productions to I loved my time in Manchester but the Palace theatre the city we possibly can. In 2012 we have got Legally was very much filled with tourists popping in to watch Blonde coming back and have 60’s musical Hair comthe shows, with Liverpool it’s different,” enthuses An- ing to the UK and kicking off in Liverpool before going drew. on a run in the West End, which is massive. “The majority of people who come to the theatre “We can accommodate 2350 people and are Britare locals. They feel that the Empire is a part of them ain’s largest two-tier auditorium, which we are incredand they are really passionate about the venue, it is ibly proud of. I just want the Empire to continue to our job to make sure that they continue to be proud of get better and try and please the people of Liverpool. the place.” We are one big family here and we take great pride With Britain currently in in making sure everyone a recession, Andrew knows People want to get away from time who steps through our all too well that expendable to time from the reality of life, they want doors has a day or night to income is limited. People to take a break from the trials and tribu- remember.” are tighter than ever when it One thing that the Livlations and be entertained. comes to splashing the cash. erpool Empire is desperate That is why in his new role as to do is help encourage the GM, Andrew is prioritising customer satisfaction. younger generation to attend the theatre. They have “People work hard for their money and with a re- introduced the Ticket for a Tenner’ initiative aimed at cession on, when people decide to part with their cash Liverpool’s ever growing student population, enabling for entertainment, they deserve the best. When was those in education to see a host of top West End musithe last time you went out somewhere and came away cals, comedy and more for just £10 per ticket. thinking ‘that was exceptional customer service?’ Andrew says: “Students are the next generation “It makes such a difference to your experience if you of theatre goers so it is important to give them the opfeel like people are going out of their way to make sure portunity to be able to attend the shows. In the past it you are happy, and that is what we want to do with the might have been too expensive for them but with the Empire. “From the moment people book their tickets, to initiative it will encourage them to give the theatre a go. the moment they walk out of the door, we want people The most important is to get people through the doors to go away happy. That means the best shows com- for the first time and usually once they have experience ing to the venue and providing the best experience for it once, they will come back.” people we possibly can. Andrew and the Liverpool Empire are a perfect fit – “People want to get away from time to time from the he understands the value of the place to the locals and reality of life, they want to take a break from the trials is keen to continue building the reputation of one of the and tribulations and be entertained. “If they choose the UK’s outstanding venues. Empire to do that, we need to make sure that they have It’s around 5pm when I leave the venue and as made the right choice and that they come back again I am quietly making my way through the stage doors and again. exit, hearty laughter explodes from the auditorium as Andrew is clearly passionate about the job in hand, a captivated audience take in Spamalot. Andrew was yet 10 years ago, could he have been as ambitious with right, the whole feel of the place is like one big family, his plans? It is amazing how much the theatre and the from the ticket staff, the girls selling programmes right city have developed in the last decade. Who would through to the audience - and Andrew himself is a very have thought since 1999 we would have a 10,000 welcome addition. 31



Albert Dock

I love everything about the Albert Dock, the bars, the restaurants, the wheel, the Mersey – everything! So imagine how happy I was when I was invited to Gusto to sample their menu. I’d only ventured to Gusto once since it changed name from Est, Est, Est – I loved it when I’d been many years ago so the chance to see if the new name could compete with the old service was intriguing. Arriving around 8:30pm on a Saturday, the place was in full swing. Myself and my guest decided to have a drink at the bar whilst waiting to be seated. The great thing about Gusto is the place hasn’t lost any of its charm. The bar area is a lovely place to get in from the cold and start your evening. Even if you are not eating, the atmosphere is great and the staff are friendly and quick! By the time we were asked if we would like to be seated I was considering spending the night in bar. We were soon seated on a nice table by our fantastic waiter and the tough part began, choosing our food! The starts were hard enough, but in the end we settled on the Goat’s cheese with caramelised red onion and tomato (£5.95) and the roasted garlic mushrooms (£5.75). The starters were as delicious as they sound, the only complaint I would have was the tables are a little close together, so if you’re thinking of taking somebody on a first date here; it might be a little awkward! 32

Onto the mains. Being a steak man I decided to go with the 10oz fillet steak (£25.95), whilst my friend went for the wild mushroom risotto finished with truffle oil (£8.95). First things first, the wild mushroom risotto was excellent. Right portions and cooked to perfection. A second helping wouldn’t have been too much! The steak (medium) was cooked well and was delicious with the peppercorn sauce. The problem was that I have been spoilt recently by going to some of the finest Steakhouses in Liverpool (Marco Pierre White/Miller and Carter). Sadly the chips and fried tomatoes accompanying my meal, although nice, did not taste and were not presented anywhere near as good as other restaurants. That said, Gusto is very much an Italian themed restaurant and whilst the steaks are nice, pastas and pizzas are their speciality. Overall the night was thoroughly enjoyable, great venue, fantastic service (up there with the best in the city) and tasty food – all that and it is reasonably prices. I will be going again very soon so hopefully I will see you all there!



Overall the evening was very pleasant. The staff throughout the night were tremendous, as was the dessert.

GUSTO Liverpool Edward Pavillion Albert Dock Liverpool L3 4AF Tel: 0151 708 6969 33



Happy New Year Gossip readers - 2012 is going to be a good one! After spending a lovely family Christmas at home we were lucky enough to escape for New Year & have a week in the sun in good old Tenerife. It was good to recharge the batteries for the coming year which promises to be very busy. Absolutely loving Dancing on Ice at the moment and extremely proud of my fellow cast member Jorgie Porter who plays Theresa McQueen in Hollyoaks, her performances have been stunning & she got top marks from the panel, I think she has a real chance of winning. Also rooting for our fellow Scousers Jennifer Ellison & Heidi Range, us Scouse girls never let the side down so hope they do well too. Love a bit of Chico he seems so much fun, he gave a great performance , I can’t believe he was reserve & only got to take part in the live shows due to Chesney Hawks pulling out due to injury. Great family TV & a show that I would love to appear on. I will be back on screen early spring playing Diane O’Connor in Hollyoaks so make sure you tune in got some exciting storylines ahead. We have a new producer Emma Smithwick who has got big plans for Hollyoaks this year so it’s all very exciting. Some brilliant storylines over the next couple of weeks including Mercy’s tryst with a hunky doctor but he mistakes her for an escort, Darren cracks on with his secret wedding plans but will he regret getting Cindy involved? The sixth formers are in danger when Neil lies he passed his driving test and crashes Bart’s car! Hollyoaks is working closely with Homeless charity Centrepoint at the moment due to George’s storyline & him being homeless. 34

Having your own column comes with a few perks, especially when it comes to skin care etc. FashionistA make-up kindly sent me some products to try & if it’s good enough for the Saturdays then it’s good enough for me. Available in selected stores it’s affordable and there is some fab products FashionistA is an amazing new makeup brand that brings catwalk style to the high street – and they have teamed up with 5 of the biggest FashionistAs, The Saturdays, I tried the luminous foundation its medium coverage and has a nice dewy luminous finish to make your skin look flawless. It is available in 4 shades. I loved the 360° Catwalk Pressed Powder Compact, this powder has amazing coverage and a really big mirror that you can swivel into any position, also good size for your handbag. Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliner is great as it doesn’t smudge on to your eye lid, choose from 13 gel eyeliners in perfectly complementary shades to the eye shadows and a unique precision brush held in the cap, which makes it really easy to apply. The Plumping Lip glaze comes in lots of beautiful and wearable shades; this gloss is not sticky but has a luxuriously creamy feel. It contains maxi lip a very special lip plumping ingredient, which gives a subtle tingle and shimmer for a voluptuous effect. Supermodel lengthening mascara is brilliant. The specially created brush helps transfer the lengthening fibres in the formula to your lashes for the ultimate supermodel length.

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