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The Journey Notes about Chema Alvargonzalez The journey is a constant process of disconnection and reconnection. Along the route, Chema Alvargonzalez sees himself as an itinerant figure and it is during this experience of "spinning around the world" that Alvargonzalez establishes points for connection with his surroundings. As part of this journey, in 2006 Chema Alvargonzalez (b. Jerez de la Frontera, 1960 - Berlin, 2009) founded GlogauAIR. After studying Fine Arts in Barcelona, Alvargonzalez continued his studies in HdK (Berlin) under the direction of Rebecca Horn, where he obtained a Master of Fine Arts and Multimedia. From that point on he worked and lived between Barcelona and Berlin. Alvargonzalez experienced the exciting events surrounding the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the period that followed it. During that time, he was part of Künstlerinitiative Tacheles and dedicated a lot of his time introducing incoming artists to the city of Berlin and its art scene, something that was formalized when he conceptualized GlogauAIR. Alvargonzalez was a representative of the generation of artists whose artwork was highly influenced by globalization and technology. As a consequence, Chema’s pieces, as well as GlogauAIR, were conceived as transcending geographical boundaries. After Alvargonzalez’s early death, his siblings Pablo and Columna took over Chema’s heritage, founding Memoria Artistica Chema Alvargonzalez in order to preserve Chema’s artwork and taking over the direction of GlogauAIR.


GlogauAIR The space and the program GlogauAIR today is a non-profit art space and residency, located in a beautiful, modernist-style building that was originally designed to be a school. The building was one of the first projects erected by architect Ludwig Hoffmann in 1896, during his time as the Building Advisor of Berlin. Focused on the principles of exploring, creating, and exhibiting, the residency offers an on-site and on-line program for international artists of all fields. Artists in GlogauAIR’s on-site Residency Program live and work in one of thirteen studios. They receive curatorial and technical support, as well as a diverse program that aims to help them in their professional careers; encouraging not only the development of the artist’s work but also the opportunity to share ideas and opinions with the other artists living in the building. Through the on-line Program, the artist has the opportunity to receive curatorial support, regular group meetings, talks by experts, and workshops, from their homes or personal studios located anywhere in the world. This on-line program was set up as a result of the challenges faced in 2020. Far from letting this stop us, we expanded our program to make it available for artists who can’t join us physically in Berlin. Above all, GlogauAIR continues the project created by Alvargonzalez, built on openness, receptivity to new ideas, and support of local and international contemporary art practices.



Open Studios Winter 2022 A new open event in which GlogauAIR becomes transparent, shared and instrumental, Open Studios Winter 2022 is the presentation of processes of creation, open research, projects in development and a series of artworks that are the result of the Residency Programs in GlogauAIR. Even more than the event itself, this is the testimony of a program of activities and the time to focus and create that the resident artists have had the opportunity to experience over the past three months. Different formats like curatorial visits, tours within the city of Berlin, talks and workshops have provided resources, inspiration, and understanding to enhance their artistic work and create a platform for their career. By combining the on-site and on-line artistic programs, we can connect artists across 5 continents and support the development and presentation of art projects that highlight a myriad of techniques and materials. The culmination of the experience is this encounter with other professionals and art supporters. On every floor, the studios and living areas are a chance to encounter the work of resident artists, while the entrance level and garden is dedicated to exhibition proposals and local initiatives. The Open Studios is also a chance for GlogauAIR to interface with the city. Opening the ground floor project space to our Berlin Guest Artist, we showcase a collaboration with the artistic scene and cultural panorama of Berlin. So this time and as always, GlogauAIR keeps finding opportunities to develop, exchange and invite conversation on contemporary art and multidisciplinary culture.

Open Studios // December 2021 Lars Van de Grift Studio Picture by Beatrice Lezzi © GlogauAIR gGmbH 2021 All rights reserved to GlogauAIR gGmbH

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Amna AlBaker

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Qatar Furen Dai

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United States of America • China Gabriel Ribeiro

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Brazil • Portugal Isabel Veganzones

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Spain Julia Kannewischer

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Switzerland Kate Metten

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Canada Land of YZ

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Poland Raimundo Mackenna

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Chile Raisa Solis

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United States of America Sona Bayrami

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United States of America Sun Jaegal

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South Korea Twins Corporated Sweden

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Amna AlBaker Qatar

Amna AlBaker is a multidisciplinary artist from Qatar. Her practice spans both digital and traditional media with a focus on photography and illustration. AlBaker’s creative practice is rooted in speaking to the female experience. She is inspired by cinema and the works of visionaries such as Shirin Neshat, Agnes Varda and Maya Deren. What started as a research project to trace her lineage, and create a visual documentation for her grandmother’s story, branched out into a more personal examination. Her work attempts to look at the duality she finds in her experiences as an Arab woman, caught between the contradictions of her home yet still very much rooted within it. AlBaker sees that tension all around her, especially represented in the natural world. Her goal has been to explore them more closely in relation to her place in the collective history of her family and home. For AlBaker, research is about looking deeply inwards to be able to look deeply outwards. It involves collecting visual clues from her environment. AlBaker’s project speaks to an entire generation of women who have felt caught between an obligation to self and an obligation to the past. This project is in many ways a love letter to where she comes from, but perhaps also a way to better understand womanhood through the history of her home.

Experiment III (2022) Ink on paper 11,7x16,5 inch


Furen Dai United States of America • China

Furen Dai is an artist from China, she received her B.A in Russian Language and Literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University, and her MFA from the school of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. Dai now works as an artist in Boston and New York. Dai’s practice is embedded in a conceptual attitude, with connections to her interest in the origins of language, categories and systems, as well as the social. Humour has an important role in her way of working. She sees materials as the physical manifestation of an artistic language to express the idea, while display, lighting, viewer, architecture, and text all contribute to the idea. At GlogauAIR, Dai will continue working on the project “On the Future Ruin”, which she started in 2019. The 3D-rendered short video is set in the near-future, it takes the viewer on a virtual tour through a ruined, empty and abandoned museum. The focus is on the absent object, giving the architecture, distribution and architectural elements of the museum the protagonist. The emptiness also brings attention to the museum’s invisible labourers. The project brings to mind a dystopian future, which raises awareness of the current state and discussion around the existence of an encyclopaedic museum.

Still from "On the Future Ruin" (2022) 3D-rendered video, work in progress


Gabriel Ribeiro Brazil • Portugal

​​ Gabriel Ribeiro is an artist born in Brazil, currently living in Portugal. His artistic practice often explores the possibility for dialogue between video, photography and sculpture, while embracing frictions that erupt in their articulation. Through these mediums, he has been concerned with a liminal tension inherent to the experience of ambiguity, through which meaning can be sustained, dissolved, or created anew. Recently, he's been interested in exploring the volatility of organic materials by using them as external models or metaphors, standing in for the intimate activities which constitute human physiology. Silicones, agar-agar and wax are key substances that act both as signifiers and performers of this capacity to transform and develop. For his project at GlogauAIR, Gabriel is developing a series of sculptures investigating the ancient practice of Uromancy - or the prediction of one’s future by looking at their urine - which was prevalent in the Middle Ages. In QUENCH, science and speculation, empirical knowledge and quackery, fact and artifice not only collide but actually coincide, manifested through the tale of a visual science that bordered on divination. The practice dwindled after being denounced by legitimate uroscopic practitioners who published a protest thesis titled ‘’The Pisse Prophets’’, attempting to debunk the fortunetelling myths associated with the observation of urine. Their motto was ‘’Vrine est meretrix, vel mendax (urine is a harlot, and a liar)’’.

Matula #1 (2022) Laser engraved inox, perspex 20x30x2 cm



Isabel Veganzones Spain

Isabel Veganzones (b. 1999) is a multidisciplinary artist from the south of Spain. During the last few years, her work has revolved around everyday life and domestic history. Her inspiration comes from personal memories in the family context and from the common spaces in which she has dwelt. Through appropriation and decontextualisation of different found objects and their composition she creates metaphors about her own history. Her artistic practice reviews memories and souvenirs and traces the passing of time through her own experience. She has been researching the idea of experiential and non-experiential memory. Experiential memory consists of the remembrance of events from our past: "we remember it because we lived it". On the other hand, non-experiential memory refers to episodes not personally lived, to information we have acquired about ourselves but which has been passed on to us by others. Her current projects are about connecting objects charged with the history of her past with materials she obtains in the city of Berlin. She shares her activities on her Instagram to show to the viewer that the process is as important as the work itself.

Living in circles (2022) Photograph printed on Hahnemühle Paper 23x42 cm



Julia Kannewischer Switzerland

Julia Kannewischer is a dancer and yoga teacher, who was born and raised in Switzerland. She finds in art a form of energetic work with the capacity of shifting the frequency of thought, emotion and state of mind. Moving and writing are essential parts of her artistic practice, which is directly reflected in her current work. Kannewischer has been developing PROJECT EPHEMERIS, which started in January 2019 as a series of daily poetry and improvised video performance. The structure of the project has been stipulated in a piece of writing and a recorded dance but the approach changes every day: location, music and costumes are decisions made intuitively. Her movement improvisation is formed by almost 25 years of dancing, consistent work on movement technique and building her own practice which lays the foundation of her understanding of the body. Consistency is an essential aspect of her current project, it is a process-oriented approach that implies a strong commitment to create multidisciplinary work on a daily basis. The work is shared online every day. The result is a format that allows Kannewischer to express herself through body movement and offers others the opportunity to reflect, evolve and feel. May it be an invitation to come home to the self and find a connection there.

17.1.22 (2022) Video frame crop



Kate Metten Canada

Canadian artist Kate Metten travelled to Germany to further connect her phenomenological research in painting and ceramics to the Bauhaus school of Modernism. While at GlogauAIR, Metten created abstractions that reaffirm Bauhaus Modernism while embodying contemporary ideas in neuroscience. As a neurodivergent artist, she is interested in perception as the starting place for artistic inquiry. This body of work was sparked from a dialogue with neuroscientist Radoslaw Martin Cichy, professor at Freie Universitat Berlin, discussing colour constancy, pattern recognition, retinal illusions and object recognition. Her approach activates readymade tubes of paint by layering transparent pigments within a grid structure so the colour mixes in the brain, rather than on the palette. Metten carefully plays with the indexical quality of both oil paint and clay to retain the intuitive logic of the maker’s touch; articulating a material language that demonstrates her dedication to craftsmanship. Metten’s ceramic sculptures are wheel thrown and use a potter’s vocabulary to invert our understanding of the vessel by creating objects that are at once familiar yet functionally ambiguous. She further connects her ceramics to the theme of perception by glazing her pots with Neodymium, a rare earth mineral used in cellphones that has colour changing properties; pale blue in florescent light and lavender in natural light. This presentation of the still life and oil painting confronts the viewer with the conditioning of their own subjectivity.

Monastic Living (Still life), (2022) Oil on Canvas and Neodymium Glazed Ceramic Dimensions Variable



Land of YZ Poland

Land of YZ is a multidisciplinary collective, which focuses on exploring the processes of transformation and circulation. Their artistic practice explores the relationship with our physical world by starting with observed and recorded samples along with streams; collecting them, examining then transferring into situations, objects, installations, sounds and pictures. They approach their work through a multitude of material manipulation such as crystallisation, melting, transformation into a different state of aggregation or dematerialisation through combustion. Land of YZ’s artworks are usually ephemeral and made of organic materials such as cassava, egg shells, rice, agar, flax, herbs and ash. Their work often refers to Slavic and Pagan roots, legends and ancient beliefs. Following these spiritual sources of information leads them on a path of discovery towards the creation of ethereal works that explore balance and harmony. The primary materials of their work are the four basic elements: water, air, fire and earth. They use them to create a speculative situation that invites the exchange of thoughts and energies. Their work at GlogauAIR explores air as one of five elements that we have been so afraid of in the last two years. During the residency, they will work with the wind, whizz and whistle to build an environment that works as a music instrument and sound installation ready to interact with the visitors.

Yule (2021) Casava, flax, agar, egg shells, rice, herbs and ash 180x400 cm



Raimundo Mackenna Chile

Raimundo Mackenna is a visual artist and designer from Santiago, Chile. His work is based on figurative painting, where he uses a variety of techniques such as gouache, acrylic and pencil. As an artist he is self-taught but has a degree in graphic design from the Diego Portales University (2005). His work is based on a sociological and emotional lens of observation of the coexistence between humans and animals. The information captured during this process is assimilated and expressed in a series of paintings, which are also supported by text. These paintings are specifically intended to question the dominant role of mankind in the animal kingdom. Indeed, his work is meant to bring to light the often dangerous and deleterious role that man plays within the environment and his inability to harmoniously coexist with the natural animal world around him. During his residence in Berlin, he will continue to develop these works that denounce human mistreatment and the lack of empathy towards animals. The texts he conceives to accompany each painting have a role almost as important as the pictorial work itself. Embedding text inside the image, the combination infuses the scenes with irony and sarcasm that enable poignant messages like this to have an immediate and lasting impact on spectators.

Sit Down (2022) Gouache, acrylics and pencil 193x162 cm (each)



Raisa Solis United States of America

Raisa Solis is a Filipinx-American interdisciplinary artist from San Francisco, California, USA. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from San Francisco State University. Solis uses mixed media, film photography, floral design, sculpture and installation. Solis portrays her experiences as a Filipinx-American woman while honouring her ancestors and exploring their patterns of migration as well as how these patterns are reflected within herself. A survivor, her work evokes the exoticization of Asian bodies and the irreversible change her assault has done to her psyche. Her work is a reclamation of her body and culture, contextualising her constant desire and need of transformation. Seeking out new devices to heal her body and mental dysphoria, she aims to retrieve her ownership of self and time. Her wide use of materials reflects the flurry of variable thoughts of self-harm, despair, hope, and progression sinuously travelling through her. She uses them like grabbing pieces of her mind out of the air and materialising them into something more tangible. Currently, Solis is venturing further into installation and larger scale pieces that focus on a more all-encompassing sensory experience of the body. In addition to being an artist, Raisa Solis is also an owner of a floral business in San Francisco which has heavily influenced her practice.

Tama Na (2022) Mixed Media 85x185x35 cm



Sona Bayrami United States of America

Sona Bayrami is a multimedia artist born and raised in Iran. She has spent the past 10 years of her life in New York, United States. Two years ago, she moved to Berlin to practice as a freelance artist. Here, she has found the freedom to grapple with questions about her background and identity as a mix of all of her experiences and something more than an Iranian or American woman. Self-inquiry drives the theme of her project at GlogauAIR, to ask what is home? Where is home? Is it a place or is it a state of mind? In a series of painted self-portraits she strives to capture herself when she feels at “home” and at peace, inspired by being close to nature and engaging in meditative rituals and creating. Works on silk represent her close connection to plants and flowers and her desire to represent the beauty and tranquility that comes from nature. Feeling home, feeling balanced, and feeling vital is defined only by us and what we expose our souls to. Regardless of what is going on in the world and despite our earth being affected by a global pandemic, Bayrami’s work shows us how one can create a safe space for oneself by focusing on surrounding ourselves with environments, energies, and practices that bring us a sense of tranquility and allows us to flourish.

Where is my home? (2022) Oil on canvas 100x80 cm



Sun Jaegal South Korea

Sun Jaegal studied Visual Communication in Royal College of Art (MA, London) after graduating with Master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Visual Communication and Visual Information from Ewha Womans University in Seoul. She experiments with various interdisciplinary mediums from graphic design to media installation. Her recent practice is more concerned with the traditional medium of Korean painting and with personal writing and collected texts. “I want to possess the atoms of time. And to capture the present, forbidden by its very nature.” - Clarice Lispector, Agua Viva The endless hope of capturing the ungraspable and the act of searching for comfort feeds into Jaegal’s working process; capturing, distorting and reconstructing everyday text materials. She writes, types or draws them in an effort to make those evanescent moments concrete and clear. Involving rather repetitive and laborious processes, Jaegal considers her work as a meditation seeking solace. It is a similar endeavour of reciting mantra, drawing mandala or transcribing the Bible over and over again. For Sun Jaegal, our daily lives are filled with a series of events and transient emotions. Some make us boil and tear up irrationally. Although they seem perpetual at the moment, they are also almost absurdly easy to fade away. The frustration facing ever-changing moments baffles us and contributes to our anxious mind. We delve for consolation, a certain comfort to ease the distress. ND_01, ND_02 (2021) Korean Painting 190x120 cm



Twins Corporated Sweden

Twins Corporated is an artist duo formed in 2016 by twin sisters Clara and Julia von Schantz. Their collaboration is based on the intertwined experiences that emerge from sharing an identical twinship. Their practice combines research and performance, with video and multimedia, using their own identity as twin sisters as a starting point to contextualise and explore wider social implications of individuality. Their observations are juxtaposed with how twinship is represented in society in general, and in pop-culture and medical epidemiology in particular. One such example is how twins are systematically mistaken for someone else, which contradicts the capitalistic Western imperative for constant individualization. Social media and internet culture simultaneously fetishizes the identical twin; their alikeness is a recipe for a TikTok success, they have become vehicles for daydreams of impersonations, or reduced to objects receptive of a perverted gaze. At GlogauAIR they aim to examine the history of Swedish and German twin studies through the idea of the archive as an artistic method - and its standpoint as scientifically undisputed. Because of the identical twins’ shared DNA, they’re considered to be valuable study objects for medical epidemiology around the world. Institutes dedicate themselves to keeping archives with extensive records of images, video-material and research on twin’s differences and similarities.

128√e980 (ILOVEYOUSERIES) (2022) Direct print on dibond, 90x60 cm x3


Berlin Guest Artist


Berlin Guest Artist Fadi Al-Hamwi

p. 40


Fadi Al-Hamwi Syria

Fadi Al-Hamwi (b.1986, Damascus, Syria) lives and works in Berlin. He studied oil and mural painting at the Damascus Academy of Fine Arts (2006-2010). Fadi’s practice spans installation, performance, sculpture and painting. Al-Hamwi’s work is concerned with how “time” and "place" bring about a metamorphosis, a process of deformation and formation anew by lending physical shape to the human experience of war. His practice began investigating the latent violence in societal constructs and evolved as actual violence began to take place around him in Damascus in 2011. He explores the relationship between dormant and actualised expressions of violence and desire, as well as the dialogue between construction and destruction. He has exhibited widely in the Middle East, Europe and Canada and has received prizes and grants such as Draussenstadt, project in public space, Stiftung für Kulturelle Weiterbildung und Kulturberatung, Berlin, Germany and "Weltoffenes Berlin” Fellowship-Programm, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Berlin. His current work "Human Mistake” is a performance installation project based on three main objects/materials: Glass, metal and vibration motors. The work studies and explores the possibilities that cause a human mistake, both consciously and subconsciously, accidentally or intentionally, as well as the actions or reactions that surround it.. It is an investigation to translate and embody the chances of repairing what has been broken by accepting and honouring the damages. Sugar Forever (2020) Performance installation, 48h Neukölln, Alfred-Scholz-Platz, Berlin 2 tons of sugar, metal compressor, fire gun and water

Catalogue's cover Every three months GlogauAIR releases a new catalogue collecting the work and projects of the artists in residence. The catalogue in your hands not only showcases this term’s creations but also constitutes a reflection of this past term’s experiences. Our first catalogue edition was released in 2006, and it has changed a lot since then. This is the second year that we are giving our resident artists the opportunity to present their work in the cover of the catalogue through an Open Call. Making this publication a canvas on which our artists in residence can intervene results in a more personal publication for every residency term. Participating in the cover of the catalogue also allows the artists to translate their work into a different medium. After carefully reviewing the proposals for this term, the jury formed by the graphic team of GlogauAIR selected the image submitted by Twins Corporated, an artist duo formed in 2016 by twin sisters Clara & Julia von Schantz whose work examines the identical twin in an individualist society. The image showcased on the cover is a digital artwork that represents part of their aesthetic and the possibility of creation in a virtual environment with 3D and computer-generated scenes. Twins Corporated opens this publication with a bright blue and voluptuous body that was modelled with porous and diffuse pixels. It is the perfect representation of the current hybrid activity at GlogauAIR, always switching between online and offline. This front page is an image without matter that we cannot touch but feel, almost like a door to the metaverse and an invitation to ponder and explore.


Twins Corporated© "MANIPULATED 3D SCAN" (edit), 2018


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