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It’s the little things that make a house a home. At Superior Woodcrafts the little things make a big difference. Here in Amish country our area craftsmen strive to create a fine wood product where quality speaks for itself. Superior Woodcrafts invites you to experience for yourself the custom stains, the rich smooth finishes and the quality craftsmanship of over 80 builders. All this at one convenient location where old fashioned ethics still apply and service with a smile make shopping for your store easy and fun!



• Policies and Information • 1.) No Minimum Purchase Requirement. 2.) Valid Merchant Certificate or Current Tax Id # Required. 3.) To provide efficient pick up please fax or call in orders 3-5 days in advance. 4.) Please provide Purchase Order Number and pick up date. 5.) Product pictures on CD $10.00. 6.) Price List on CD $2.00. (Formatted in Microsoft Excel 2007) (Compatible w/ Excel 2000) 7.) Catalog on CD $15.00. (Adobe PDF) 8.) Terms: 2% discount if balance paid in 10 days. Net 30. 9.) 2% monthly finance charge on unpaid balances. 10.) Special orders available only on some items we already stock. Surcharges may apply. 11.) Standard stains are Medium Walnut on oak, Michaels Cherry on 1/4 sawn white oak, Washington Cherry on Cherry and Walnut or Espresso on Brown Maple. Other stains are available, (see stain list on next page) but allow extra time (Approx. 3-8 weeks). There is a 2% surcharge on all dark red stains noted by a * by the stain name on next page. 10% surcharge applies to Espresso stain. If you need something painted, add 6% to the reg. stain price. 12.) UPS shipping is available. Noted on your price sheet in the left column if available for that particular item. We charge a 5% packing/handling fee of the total dollar amount of the merchandise. You will pay for the shipping costs. UPS Ground will be used as a default unless specified otherwise by you. Boxes and packing supplies will also be charged. 13.) Extra Price Lists available upon request. 14.) Items not picked up at date of pick up given will be returned to stock. 15.) Hours: 7:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. Mon.- Friday. Closed Saturday, Sunday & Major Holidays.

Every item is measured by its width, depth then height. Every effort was made to assure the information in this catalog is accurate, including measurements, we do not guarantee the correctness of the information contained here in. Information is subject to change without notice.


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• Stain List (available colors) • Name of Stain


Stains Available Co.

Stain #

Finish Works #

Acres Cherry* Dark Red Woodwright All 93803 FC-93803 Asbury Brown* Dark Red Finish Works FC-7992 CF Black Walnut Dark Walnut Woodwright CF Plus 64 Boston* Dark Red Finish Works AL 97599 FC-97599 Burnish Light Red Finish Works FC-21305 Burnt Sugar* Dark Brown Finish Works A-3310 FC-3310 Caramel Brown Finish Works FC-807 CF Cherry* Dark Red Finish Works CF-811 FC-811 Classic Mission Danish Oil* Dark Red Finish Works FO-814 Coffee* Real Dark Red Woodwright 442-053 Danish Oil-Dark Dark Walnut Finish Works FO-804 Danish Oil-Light Medium Walnut Finish Works FO-802 CF Dark Walnut Dark Walnut Woodwright/Accessa ALF 91584 CF-S-12 FC-91584 *Espresso* Dark Brown Woodwright 525-168 CF-925 CF Fruitwood Reddish Brown Accessa/Woodwright AL 104 FC-808 Fruitwood Medium Dark Finish Works ALF 91574 FC-91574 Fruitwood (Ohio) Medium Brown Easterday 410 Fruitwood Golden Harvest* Dark Brown Finish Works FC-5135 FC-809 CF Golden Walnut Medium Brown Woodwright AL 106 FW-106 CF Harvest Oak Medium Light Accessa AL 107-1 FW-107 CF Honey (S-2) Honey Woodwright CF-921 FC-2680 CF Light Walnut Medium Brown Woodwright AL 4562 CF-4562 FC-805 Mahogany-Red* Dark Red Finish Works FC-0435 CF *Medium Walnut Medium Walnut General Finish MV Special CF-923 FO-816 CF *Michael’s Cherry* Dark Red Woodwright AL 8101 CF-924 Miller’s Cherry* Dark Red Finish Works FC-2792 CF MX Medium Red Woodwright CF 5591 AL-5591 MX Medium Red Vanguard S-1125B CF Natural Natural CF-920 FC-812 Nutmeg* Dark Brown Woodwright 725-033 CF Old World Mission* Dark Red Woodwright CF 5190 FC-813 Premier Oak Lite Oak Finish Works AL 6105 FW-2070 Rich Tobacco* Real Dark Red Woodwright 333-139 CF Sealy Medium Brown Vanguard/Woodwright S1176 FC-2577 CF S-2 Honey Honey Woodwright CF-921 S-2 (Vanguard) Honey Vanguard S1246D CF S-12 Dark Walnut Dark Brown Woodwright/Accessa ALF 91584 FC-91584 CF S-14 Med. Cherry Light Red Woodwright ALF 92746 FC-92746 *Walnut Dark Brown Finish Works FC-810 CF *Washington Cherry* Dark Red Woodwright/Accessa ALL 97595 FC-97595 CF N.I.W.A. Certified Stain * Superior Woodcrafts stock color. (*Walnut or Espresso on brown maple, Washington on cherry, Michaels Cherry on ¼ sawn, Med. Walnut on oak) * 2% Surcharge for dark red stains ~6% surcharge for painting CF

If a stain is needed on your product that is not listed, it will have to be sent to your finisher. Please specify what finisher and stain name and #.

C012500 Superior Woodcrafts Color Catalog 10x11½x1


C012510 CD-Catalog Pictures 5½x5x1/4

C012505 CD-Catalog Pages 5½x5x¼

C012515 CD-Price List 5½x5x¼

• Games •

Game Pieces Included

C080501 Checker Board w/Base Maple / Walnut


C080510 Chess Pieces Set Small 3x4x4


A070717 Aggravation Game 4-6 Player 14x16x¾ (Marbles Included)

A070716 Aggravation Game 3-4 Player 12x12x¾ (Marbles included)

C181520 Cross Puzzle-cedar 5½x5½x1½

C080505 Checker Board oak/walnut

A070718 Aggravation Game-large, 4-6 Player 22½x22½x1½ (Marbles Included)

P212505 Block Puzzle 11½x11½x1

C080508 Checkers Set w/bag 3x4x2

C081419 Chinese Checkers 12x12x¾ (Marbles Included)

M013818 Marble Roller 24x7x19½ (Marbles Not Included)

Surprise Boxes S272105 Mouse S272119 Spider 3½x5½x5

C152005 Connect Four 8½x8½x9

C080509 Shess Pieces Set Large with Bag 5x6x4


• Miscellaneous Toys •

B011870 Baseball Equipment Rack 10½x4½x11½

B014020 Basketball Holder 20x11x18

F152520 Football Holder 16x8x12






M215232 Motorcycle-Wooden Model Small, bent wood 12x5x6

D M215230 Motorcycle-Wooden Model Large, bent wood 26x12x15 (Sizes May Vary)

M215231 Motorcycle-Wooden Model Medium, bent wood 16x7x9

Yo-Yo’s Y152515 Maple/Walnut Y152520 Maple Y152525 Walnut 2½x2½x2

F051400 Folding Toy Fence 7x3½x4 (Comes Unfinished Only)

A140933 Animal Bank-Horse 9½x1½x10


B011814 Barn, Toy 23x14½x15

A140923 Animal Bank-Dog 10x1½x10½

F060825 Fishing Rod Rack Small, (holds 5 rods) 12x12x37

G211300 Gumball Machine-cherry (plastic jar included) 6x5x5½

F060814 Fishing Rod Rack Large, (holds 12 rods) 31x11x39

G211305 Gumball Machine-oak (plastic jar included) 6x5x5½

• Toys • Ducks with Eggs

D228015 Small 8x2½ x6

Rubber Band Guns R210205 Cherry R210215 Oak 15x5x¾

M013802 Bird Marble Flipper M013806 Fish Marble Flipper 8x6x24

T091401 Set #1 Sm. 8½x12

T091402 Set #2 Med. 8½x15

T091403 Set #3 Lg. 10½x20

T091400 Tiny Timbers Sample Pack

Duck Push Toys D228112 Adult D228117 Child’s 12x5x40 & 12x5x27

T188256 Classic Ash Train 26x3x3½ B210709 Indiana Buggy

T188215 Train Engine-Ash 3x2½x2½ T188257 Classic Ash/Walnut Train 26x3x3½

B210715 Indiana/Ohio Surrey Buggy T188258 Classic Painted Train 26x3x3½ T180201 Train Bank - musical 9½x4½x6

B210716 PA Buggy T188259 Classic Walnut Train 26x3x3½ B210722 Walnut Open Buggy T188240 Medium Ash Train 34x3x4

T188250 Medium Painted Train 34x3x4

T188245 Medium Oak Train 34x3x4 T188275 Small Painted Train 14x2½x2½

T188260 Small Ash Train 14x2½x2½

B210723 Walnut PA Buggy 6½x2x2½

Train Whistles T188295 Pine T188290 Cedar 8½x1½x1½


• Doll Furniture •

D150204 Doll Bed 13x22½x8 (10x20 inside)

D150338 Doll Cradle w/spindles-tall 22½x14x17

D150808 Doll Highchair Spindle 12¾x12x22½

D150328 Doll Cradle w/spindles-short 13½x23½x12 D150418 Doll Cradle-Swinging 28x14x25½

D150318 Doll Cradle w/solid sides 13½x23½x12

D150218 Doll Cradle-Heart 16x23½x11 (8x20 inside)


D150803-w/heart D150805-No heart Doll Highchair 10½x10x28½

D150211 Doll Bunk Bed 13x22½x20 (10x20 inside)

• Tables and Chairs •

C080941 Child’s Round Table 30” round x 21

C080902 Child’s Chair-Royal Mission 12x12x27

C080904 Child’s Chair-Reg. Mission 13½x12½x27 C080930 Child’s Rectangle Table 24x30x21

C081020 Child’s Royal Mission Table 27x30x21

C080900 Child’s Chair, Arrow Back 14x15x25½ C081022 Child’s Royal Mission Table Set w/2 chairs

B011820 Bar Stool-mini 9x9x12 C080932 Child’s Rectangle Table Set w/2 Sheaf Chairs

C081024 Child’s Royal Mission Table Set w/4 chairs

C080934 Child’s Rectangle Table Set w/4 Sheaf Chairs

C080903 Child’s Chair-Sheaf 14½x13x26½ C080942 Child’s Round Table Set w/2 Sheaf Chairs

C080944 Child’s Round Table Set w/4 Sheaf Chairs


• Rockers •

R150370 Rocking Horse-Glider 41x14x31

R150325 Rocking Horse Deluxe-small Painted Balloons Blue 34X11½X25

R150335 Rocking Horse Deluxe-small Painted Balloon Green 34X11½X25

Child’s Rocker-Sheaf C080928-cherry C080929-oak 15x24x26

R150345 Rocking Horse Deluxe-small Painted Balloons Pink 34X11½X25

A091816 Airplane Rocker 34x21½x18

M215208 Motorcycle Rocker 14x34x22

R150390 Rocking Horse Medium 37x12x32

R150380 Rocking Horse-Large 44x14x40

Child’s Rocker-Plain Post Type C080915 -cherry C080917 -oak 17x24½x27

R150400 Rocking Horse Regular (straight legs) 34x11½x25

R150355 Rocking Horse Deluxe-small Painted Noah’s Ark 34x11½x25

R150315 Rocking Horse Deluxe-small, Oak 34x11½x25

R150308 Rocking Horse Deluxe-small, Cherry 34x11½x25

Child’s Rocker-Acorn Post Type C080911 -cherry C080912 -oak 17x24½x27

Child’s Rocker-Wheat Post Type C080920 -cherry C080922 -oak 17x24½x27

Three-in-One T081800-cherry T081805-oak 16x20x32 Desk




R150360 Rocking Horse Deluxe-small Painted Sports 34x11½x25

Child’s Rocker-Mission M100499 -cherry M100500 -oak 15½x23x24½

• New Children’s Furniture & Toys •

C081021 Child’s Royal Mission Table qtr. sawn white oak 30x27x21 C080902W Child’s Royal Mission Chair qtr. sawn white oak 12¼x12x27

R150315*R Rocking Horse Deluxe-small, Oak with Michaels cherry stain 34x11½x25

G120923 Child’s Glider-Wheat 16x18x27

G120901 Child’s Glider-Acorn 16x18x27

Child’s Royal Mission Table Set - qtr. sawn white oak C081023-with two chairs C081025-with four chairs

Child’s Rocker-Royal Mission M100506 -qtr sawn M100504 -cherry 15½x23x27½

G120919 Child’s Glider-Sheaf 16x18x27

Child’s Rocker-Royal Mission M100506 -oak 15½x23x27½

B010605-Cherry B010608-Walnut Baffling Bass 11½x2x3

B010600-Ash Baffling Bass 11½x2x3

T188255 Walnut Train medium 34x3x4


• Tables & Chairs •

Child’s Rectangle Table Set w/2 Sheaf Chairs - brown maple C080932BM-Set C080930BM-Table C080903BM-Chair

D020010 Child’s Deacon’s Bench Bow Paddle 37x13½x28½

Child’s Rocker-Sheaf C080927-brown maple C080929-oak 15x24x26

Child’s Rocker-Sheaf C080928-cherry 15x24x26

Child’s Cabinet Desk C010201-Cherry C010204-Oak 24x15¼x26¼

C080930-26-oak Child’s Table 26x30 30x26x21

C080906-oak Child’s Chair, small square 10x11½x22 Seat is 10¾” high


C080936-oak Child’s Table Set w/4 small square chairs 26 x 30 Table

C080935-oak Child’s Table Set w/2 small square chairs 26 x 30 Table

• New Toys •

C0110506 Mini Toy Car Flatbed Truck 3¾x1½x2¼

C0110500 Mini Toy Car 3½x1½x2

C0110519 Mini Toy Car Semi Truck 6¼x1½x2¼

C0110522 Mini Toy Car Town Car Med 4x1½x2

C0110520 Mini Toy Car Tanker Truck 3¾x1½x2¼

C0110523 Mini Toy Car Town Car Small 2¾x1½x2¼

C0110530 Mini Toy Car Van 3½x1½x2¼

Farm Animals A151603 - Cow - 3½x½x2 A151604 - Dog - 2¾x½x1¾ A151609 - Horse - 3¼x½x2¾ A151615 - Pig - 2½x½x1¼ A151620 - Sheep - 2x½x1¼ A151650 - Set of 5 (1 each)

C0110535 Mini Toy Car Volkswagen Beetle 3½x1½x2¼

C0110525 Mini Toy Car Train Engine 4½x1½x2½

Pedal Cart with Black Horse (small size pictured) P050403 - small (Child size) - 65x27x23 P050402 - medium (Youth size) P050401 - large (Adult size) -


• Mission •

M100135-Oak M100134-Cherry Hall Tree-Child’s Base 18” 2x2 post 53” Tall M100131-Oak M100130-Cherry M100132-¼sawn white Hall Tree-adult Base 22” 2x2 post 70” Tall

M100150 Mission Jewelry Mirror Cherry 21x22½x74

Mission Jewelry Mirror M100152-Oak M100154-¼ sawn white oak 21x22x74

Mission Cheval Mirror M100052-Oak M100050-Cherry M100054-¼ sawn white oak 25½x19x71

M100700 Mission Wall Tree 7½x5x13½

M100044 Mission CD Rack

w/adjustable shelves (5)

Mission Calendar Frame M100032-Small M100030-Large 15½x1½x29-sm. 15½x1½x34-lg.

M100300 Mission Quilt Rack Cherry 35x11x36


J012322 Mission Jewelry Armoire

1/4 Sawn White Oak-Lg


M100302 Mission Quilt Rack Oak 35x11x36

J012300 Mission Jewelry Armoire Cherry-large 20½x14½x44½

M100120 Mission Hall Table w/drawer 24x12x30

J012301 Mission Jewelry Armoire Oak-large 20½x14½x44½

Mission Console Table C152425-oak C152424-cherry 24x12x27


• Mission •

M100290-Oak M100289-Cherry Mission Mirror on stand 9½x6x11

M100090 Mission Corner Shelf 14x13x12½

M100295-oak M100296-1/4 sawn white oak Mission Mirror-Upright 19x24 mirror 21½x1½x34

Mission Mirror-Large 30x16 mirror M100250-4 hooks M100251-no hooks 32½x1½x19

M100281 Mission Mirror-no hooks Small-24x8 24x4x19

Mission Shelf-Plain M100560-24” 24x7x7 M100570-36” 36x7x7 M100580-48” 48x7x7

M100070 Mission Coat Rack Deluxe 4-hooks 35x5x16

Mission Mirror-w/shelf M100272-Oak M100274-1/4 sawn white oak 20x5x35

M100280 Mission Mirror-4 hooks Small-24x8 27½x4x19

M100270 Mission Mirror-w/shelf Cherry 20x5x35

Mission Mirror-Royal Mission 30x16 mirror M100260-4 hooks M100261-no hooks 32½x4x19

Mission Shelf Deluxe-w/hooks M100522-24” 24x6x9 M100532-36” 36x8x12½ M100542-48” 48x8x12½

Mission Shelf Deluxe-w/pegs M100524-24” 24x6x9 M100536-36” 36x8x12½ M100548-48” 48x8x12½

Mission Shelf Deluxe-no/pegs M100520-24” 24x6x9 M100530-36” 36x8x12½ M100540-48” 48x8x12½

Mission Quilt Shelf M100436-36” 42½x8x12½ M100442-42” 48½x8x12½ M100448-48” 54½x8x12½


Mission Coat Rack M100062-2 Hooks 18x4x5 M100063-3 Hooks 24x4x5 M100064-4 Hooks 31x4x5 M100065-5 Hooks 40x4x5

Mission Shelf Deluxe-w/hooks Painted Oak M100522P-24” 24x6x9 M100532P-36” 36x8x12½ M100542P-48” 48x8x12½

Mission 3 Hook Wall Tree M100704 -Oak M100705 -¼sawn 9½x9x18

• Mission •

M100605 Mission Sofa Server Oak 14x16x26½

M100600 Mission Sofa Server Cherry 14x16x26½

M100110 Mission End Table w/storage under lid


M100182 Mission Lazy Susan Oak 12½x12½x5½

M100184 Mission Lazy Susan

M100180 Mission Lazy Susan Cherry 12½x12½x5½

¼ sawn white


Mission Magazine Rack Deluxe M100185-Cherry M100186-Oak M100188-¼ Sawn White Oak 20x12x18

M100190 Mission Magazine Rack Regular 20½x15x19

Mission Bookends

M100022 M100024 Oak ¼ Sawn 4x6½x8

M100170 Mission Lamp Stand w/magazine rack

15 x 24½ x 61

Royal Mission Magazine Rack M100196-Cherry M100197-Oak M100199-¼ Sawn White Oak 20x12x18

M100205 Mission Magazine Table Deluxe Oak 25 x 25 x 24

½ Mission Magazine Table Deluxe M100200-Oak M100201-Cherry 23 x 14 x 24


• Mission •

Landmark Mission Mirror-Medium 24x19 mirror M100233-Cherry M100235-Oak M100236-¼ Sawn White Oak 44x2¼x25½

Landmark Mission Mirror-Large 30x16 mirror M100228-Cherry M100230-Oak M100231-¼ Sawn White Oak 50x2¼x22½

Landmark Mission Mirror-Small 14x16 mirror M100238-Cherry M100241-Oak M100242-¼ Sawn White Oak 34x2¼x22¾

M100141-oak M100140-cherry M100143-¼ sawn white oak Mission Hamper 21½13x31½

Easel, Mission Medium Table Top. E011928-Cherry E011930-Oak E011933-Poplar Painted* *Specify Color



Mission Waste Bin-Slideout M100709-cherry M100710-oak M100712-¼ sawn white oak 21½13½x30½

Easel, Mission-lg. E011908-Cherry E011910-Oak E011911-Poplar Painted* *Specify Color


Slatted Mission Hall Tree H013300-cherry H013301-oak H013303-¼ sawn white oak 15x15x69¼

• Mission •

M100500-oak M100499-cherry Child’s Mission Rocker 15½x23x24½

C080904-oak Child’s Chair, Regular Mission 13½ x12½ x27

P152014-oak Mission Potty w/lid 19 x 10½ x 20½ P152013-oak Mission Potty without lid

Royal Mission Highchair-oak H091809-Slide tray H091808-Flip tray 20x20x39½

Child’s Royal Mission Table Set* - qtr. sawn white oak C081023-with two chairs C081025-with four chairs

Child’s Rocker-Royal Mission M100506 -qtr sawn M100504 -cherry 15½x23x27½

Reg. Mission Highchair H091709-Slide tray-oak H091708-Flip tray-oak H091709W-Slide tray-¼ sawn white H091708W-Flip tray-¼ sawn white 20x20x39½

*Chairs & Table also available separately (See Page 1-7)

Child’s Rocker-Royal Mission M100505 -oak 15½x23x27½

Royal Mission Highchair, ¼ sawn white oak H091809W-Slide tray H091808W-Flip tray 20x20x39½

Y152003 Reg. Mission Youth Chair 15x17x37


• Mission •

Inside Drawer Detail of Flush Mission Jewelry Armoires (small drawers only)

Flush Mission Jewelry Armoire Large Size J012201-Oak J012200-Cherry J012203-1/4 sawn white oak 19x16¾x48¼

Full extension drawers

Two rows of hooks in both doors 1-Ring Drawer 3-Small drawers with dividers 3-Larger drawers

Standard Burgundy Interior in all Jewelry Armoires

Mission Jewelry Armoire Medium Size J012330-Cherry J012333-1/4 sawn white J012331-Oak

Mission Jewelry Chest 5 Drawer J060351-Oak J060350-Cherry J060352-¼ sawn white oak 17½ x11 x 20

Flush Mission Jewelry Armoire Medium Size J012211-Oak J012210-Cherry J012213-1/4 sawn white oak 19x16¾x35¼


• Mission • Mission Extension Bench w/Three Leaves E242135-Oak E242130-Cherry E242138-1/4 sawn white oak 48-96x12½x18

Mission Extension Bench w/Two Leaves E242125-Oak E242120-Cherry E242128-1/4 sawn white oak 48-80x12½x18 Mission Storage Bench - Oak M100005-24” M100006-36” (Pictured) M100007-40” M100008-48” M100009-60” 24-60x12x18½

Mission Storage Bench ¼ sawn White Oak M100010-24” M100011-36” M100012-40” (Pictured) M100013-48” M100014-60” 24-60x12x18½

Mission Storage Bench Cherry M100000-24” M100001-36” M100002-40” M100003-48” (Pictured) M100004-60” 24-60x12x18½


• Mission •

Veggie Bin w/3 glass drawers V050675-Oak V050670-Cherry 18x15x40

Veggie Bin w/3 glass drawers V050677-1/4 Sawn White Oak 18x15x40

Mission Paper Towel Holder *Paper towel not included

Mission Nesting Table Set N050210-Oak N050209-Cherry N050212-1/4 Sawn White Oak 23x17x24


Mission Bookcase / End Table M100017-Oak M100016-Cherry 22¼x12¼x24½

Mission Sofa Mate M100597-Oak M100595-Cherry M100598-1/4 Sawn White Oak 10x15½x30

P011632-Oak P011630-Cherry P011634-1/4 Sawn White Oak 7x7x14

Mission Bookcase / End Table M100018-1/4 Sawn White Oak 22¼x12¼x24½

• Baskets •

Birdhouse B011900 Large-6x8½x7½ B011910 Small-5x8½x5

Candy B011930-Large 8x9x11 B011931-Small 7x7x9

B012040 Napkin 9x9x6½

B011963 Flower Bucket 11x10x8½

B012090 Serving Tray 15x10x3

B011983 Hamper 13x21x25½

B011962 Flower 12½x8x14½

B011998 Heart Shape 8½x8x11

Birdhouse, plain B011901 Large-6x8½x7½ B011911 Small-5x8½x5

Fruit B011967-Large 9x12x13 B011968-Small 7½x11x9

B012222 Basket Tree, w/hook 15½x42x8½

B011921 Bread 12x7x5½

B012050 Pie Carrier w/Lid & Divider 14x6

Lazy Susans 8”-B012025 8½x4 10”-B012026 10½x4 12”-B012027 12½x4

Step B012191 Large-11x18x16½ B012192 Small-10½x16x14

B012033 Magazine 20x8x12½

B011935 Cookie 8½x5½x4

B012203 Towel 7½x11½x11

B012037 Market Casserole 13x14x15

B012046 Picnic 23x13½x10

B011938 Cracker 11x3½x3

B012099 Silverware 9x9x12½

Laundry B012020 Large-26x16x13 B012021 Small-23½x14x12

B012234 Waste Can, round 10x11


• Collapsible Baskets •

C151640 Heart

C151660 Lotus

C151665 Maple Leaf

C151680 Rooster

C151615 Candy Dish

Collapsible Baskets w/base-large approx. 11x12 folded

C151240-large C151440-small Heart

C151288-large C151488-small Pine Tree

C151295-large C151495-small Rooster

C151275-large C151475-small Oval

C151260-large C151460-small Lighthouse

C151265-large C151465-small Loaf of Bread

C151280-large C151480-small Pear

C151500-small Schoolhouse


Collapsible Baskets Large, approx.-11x14 Small, approx.-8x10

C151400-small Angel

C151700 Tea Kettle

C151675 Pine Tree C151605 Apple

C151205-large C151405-small Apple

C151305-large C151505-small Tea Kettle

C151310-large C151510-small Tulip

C151285-large C151485-small Pineapple

C151468-small Locomotive

• Cookbook Holders, misc •

Cookbook/Bible Stand Lg. Oak-C153499 Lg. Cherry-C153498 11½x9½x11½

N011601 Napkin Holder Apple-Oak 5x3x6

C153501-Small Cookbook/Bible Stand-Oak 9½x7x7-small

Cookbook/Bible Stand Lg. Oak-C153499 Lg. Cherry-C153498 11½x9½x11½

N011603 Napkin Holder Cathedral-Oak 5x3x5¼

C153726 Cookbook Holder Oak/Plain 10x4x11

C153630 Cookbook Holder Cherry/Plain 10x4x11

R151212 Rolling Pin maple/walnut 15¾x2¼

(These are unfinished)

Cookbook Rack C153800 -Oak C153797 -Cherry 14½x10x14½

C153500-Small Cookbook/Bible Stand-Cherry 9½x7x7-small

C153650 Cookbook Holder Maple/Plain 10x4x11

Cookbook Holder w/drawer-plain C153608-Oak C153595 -Cherry 13½x5x14

2 non-adjustable shelves

Square Lazy Susan No Rails Oak L015812-12x12x2½ L015814-14x14x2½ L015816-16x16x2½

Square Lazy Susan No Rails Cherry L015612-12x12x2½ L015614-14x14x2½ L015616-16x16x2½

Square Lazy Susan No Rails ¼ sawn White Oak L015912-12x12x2½ L015914-14x14x2½ L015916-16x16x2½

S260400 Spice Cabinet w/raised panel doors 19x8¾x23


• Lazy Susans •

Lazy Susan-Cherry w/rail L014012-12”x3½ L014014-14”x3½ L014016-16”x3½

Lazy Susan-Oak w/rail L014112-12”x3½ L014114-14”x3½ L014116-16”x3½

Lazy Susan-Cherry no rail L013812-12”x2½ L013814-14”x2½ L013816-16”x2½

Lazy Susan-Oak no rail L013912-12”x2½ L013914-14”x2½ L013916-16”x2½

L012600 Lazy Susan-large Apple 14x14x4

L012601 Lazy Susan-small Apple 12x12x4

Lazy Susan-Napkin Holder Cherry L013612-12”x5 L013614-14”x5 L013616-16”x5

M100180 Mission Lazy Susan-Cherry 12½x12½x5½

L012621 Lazy Susan-small Heart 12x12x4

Lazy Susan-Napkin Holder Oak L013712-12”x5 L013714-14”x5 L013716-16”x5

Mission Lazy Susan M100182-Oak M100184-¼ sawn white 12½x12½x5½

L012620 Lazy Susan-large Heart 16x16x4

L014215 Lazy Susan-S&P w/Heart Napkin Holder-oak 14x6½

L014214 Lazy Susan w/heart napkin w/out S&P Shakers-oak 14x6½ 01-Apples-red 1C-Cream w/Apples* 02-Blue w/pink flowers 2C-Cream* 03-Green w/pink flowers 04-Plaid-Tan/Green-small squares 05-Plaid-Tan/Blue-sm. squares 06-Plaid-Tan/Blue-lg. squares 07-Plaid Tan/Green-lg. squares 10-Plaid Tan/Dark Red-lg. squares* 11-Plaid Tan/Dark Red-sm. squares* * Not Pictured L012631-Oak L012641-Lazy Susan only


Lazy Susan w/Lamp & Salt/Pepper and Shade 12”x13½ Specify Shade Color-see above for choices

L012630-Cherry L012640-Lazy Susan only

• Napkin Holders •

N011621 Napkin Holder-Apple Salt/pepper & toothpick holder 8x8x5

N011636 Napkin Holder-Plain Salt/pepper & toothpick holder 8x8x5

D010920-Oak D010918-Cherry Daily Calendar w/stand 9½x6x9 D010914-Calendar Only 6x1¼x5¼

D012499-Cherry Day Brightener-w/Post 9½x6x9 D012498-Book Only 5x1¼x5¼

T010220-Oak Table Napkin Holder Trestle Mission w/salt & pepper 9x6x7

T010212-Oak Table Napkin Holder Double Pedestal w/salt & pepper 9½x6x7

N011628 Napkin Holder-Heart Salt/pepper & toothpick holder 8x8x5

S011221 Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Wooden Screw Top 2x3½

T150970 Toothpick Holder Wooden 2½x1½x1½

D012501-Oak Day Brightener-w/Post 9½x6x9 D012498-Book Only 5x1¼x5¼

T010216-Oak Table Napkin Holder Royal Mission w/salt & pepper 10x6x7

Table Napkin Holders w/S&P-Cherry T010214-Royal Mission T010210-Double Pedestal T010218-Trestle Mission 10x6x7

Marble Towel Holders-3x4x2 T151190-Birdhouse T151200-Boy & Girl T151210-Buggy T151220-Hat & Bonnet T151216-Ducks T151218-Flowers T151225-Heart w/Flowers T151230-Lighthouse T151233-Milk Can T151238-Pineapple T151240-Plain T151242-Pump T151245-Quilt T151250-Rooster T151260-Wheat


• Kitchen •

B152001 Kings Dish Bowl-mixed wood 10¼x3¾ B152210-Large B152211-Medium B152212-Small Wooden Bowl-striped 10½x6 9x4½ 6x3

B152005 Kings Dish Bowl-Oak 10¼x3¾

B152218-Mixed Wood B152219-Oak B152220-Striped Wooden Bowl/Vase 8x6¼

B152110-Large B152111-Medium B152112-Small Wooden Bowl-oak 10½x6 9x4½ 6x3

C212026 Cutting Board Corian-Large Rectangle Double Handle 18½x13½x½

C212025 Cutting Board Corian-Large Rectangle Single Handle 12½x18x½

C212055 Sink Cutting Board Corian-Large Rectangle 18x12x½

C212115 Cutting Board Exotic Wood-w/handle 10x16x1½

C212100 Cutting Board Exotic Wood-large 12x18x1½

B152010-Large B152011-Medium B152012-Small Wooden Bowl-mixed wood 10½x6 9x4½ 6x3

C212020 Cutting Board Corian-oval-Small 9x13

C212110 Cutting Board Exotic Wood-small 9x12x1½

C212005 Cheese Cutting Board Corian-Small Rectangle 11¼x6x½ C212170 Cutting Board, Multi Wood, 1 Handle Pizza Server 17½x12¼x¾ C212300 Cutting Board Set w/Display C212250-Display Only 9x12½x4

C212210 Cutting Board-cheese 10x8x¾


C212230 Cutting Board-med. 12½x9x¾

C212155 Cutting Board-med. Multi wood Narrow Striped 11¼x9x¾

C212220 Cutting Board- lg. 15x10x¾

C212320 Cutting Board Wall Mount-oak 10x17x¾

C212240 Cutting Board-Paddle 16x7½x¾

C212200 Cutting Board-Bread 19½x7x¾

• Calendar Frames & Displays •

Calendar Frame “Bless our Home” C011216-small 16x3x26 C011206-large 17x3x31½ small holds 12x19 cal.

Calendar Frame-Plain C011217-small 16x3x26 C011207-large 17x3x31½ large holds 13x24 cal.

S271514 Spoon Rack-w/carving “Bless our Home” 16x26x3

S271534 Spoon Rack-large (holds 48) w/glass 25½x3x23

F120115 Flag Display-Oak 28x4x14½

F120107 Flag Display-Cherry 28x4x14½

Golf Ball Display Rack Oak- Holds 60 Balls G151205-no glass G151206-w/glass 25½x3½x17

Calendar Frame-Mission M100032 small 15½x1½x29 M100030 Large 15½x1½x34

S271524 Spoon Rack-plain 16x3x26

F120106P Flag DisplayBrown Maple Painted 28x4x14½

Shot Glass Display Rack Oak S171526-no glass S171521-w/glass 25¼ x3½x17¼


• Breadboxes & Silverware Chests •

B180715 Breadbox-Roll top Plain 16x12½x11½

B180710-Oak B180708-Cherry Breadbox-Roll top w/drawer 16x12x14½

S181235 Silverware Chest-Cherry Rose lid 17½x15x8

S181240 Silverware Chest-Oak Rose lid 17½x15x8


B180616-Oak B180615-Cherry Breadbox Plain 15½x10x12

B180507-Oak B180505-Cherry Breadbox Glass front 15½x10x12

S181225 Silverware Chest-Cherry Plain lid 17½x15x8

S181230 Silverware Chest-Oak Plain lid 17½x15x8

All silverware chest accomodate 12 place settings

R050309 Recipe Box-Cherry 8½x6x6

R050315 Recipe Box-Oak 8½x6x6

B180720-Oak B180718-Cherry Breadbox-Roll top w/rail 16x11x12

S181205 Silverware Chest-Cherry Grapes lid 17½x15x8

S181215 Silverware Chest-Oak Grapes lid 17½x15x8

• Bins •

V050730 Veggie Bin-Cherry Raised panel doors 16½x12x36

V050740 Veggie Bin-Oak Raised panel doors 16½x12x36

Veggie Bin-Oak Screen doors V050760-Oak V050750-Cherry 16½x12x36

W020903 Waste Bin-Slide out Cherry 21½x13½x30½

W020915 Waste Bin-Slide out Oak 21½x13½x30½

Waste Bin-Tilt out W020929-Cherry W020930-Oak 21½x14x31

Comes with wastebasket

D227019 Dry Sink 21½x13½x30½

W020119 Wastebasket-Solid oak Tilt top, large 15½x13½x31

W020935 Waste Bin Tilt out-Tall w/Raised Panel Dr. 22x12¾x32½

Veggie Bin Louver doors V050720-Oak V050710-Cherry 16½x12x36

Waste Bin Tilt out w/towel bars W020939-Cherry W020940-Oak 28½x13x33 Comes with wastebasket

Waste Bin Tilt out w/drawer W020919-Cherry W020920-Oak 20½x12x32½

Comes with wastebasket


• Highchairs •

Youth Chair-wrap around Y152023-Oak Y152020-Cherry 18x18x31 Seat 21½” high

Royal Mission Highchair* 1/4 sawn white oak Slide Tray-H091809W Flip Tray-H091808W 20x20x39½

Highchair, Royal Mission H091809-Slide tray H091808-Flip tray 20x20x39½

Highchair, Reg. Mission H091709-Slide tray H091708-Flip tray 20x20x39½

* Not Stocked-Allow extra time

Y152008-oak Y152006-cherry Youth Chair-sheaf 18x18x37 Seat 21½” high

Highchair, Sheaf H092709-Slide tray H092708-Flip tray 20x18x38 Seat 23½ high

B011828 17” Swivel Bar Stool 14” round 15x15x17


Highchair, Acorn H090709-Slide tray H090708-Flip tray 21x20x39½ Seat 23½ high

Post Plain Back Available Flip Tray-H091704 Slide Tray-H091705

Highchair, Wheat H093709-Slide tray H093708-Flip tray 21x20x39 Seat 23½ high

• Kitchen Items •

P011615 Paper Towel Holder-under cab mount Oak 13x6x6½

Mission Paper Towel Holder *Paper towel not included

P001632-Oak P001630-Cherry P001634-1/4 Sawn White Oak 7x7x14

B011313 Banana Tree Oak 7x5¾x10½

W110910-0ak Wine Bottle Holder 3x1x10½

P011603 Paper Towel Holder-under cab mount Cherry 13x6x6½

Mug Tree-Oak M221116-6 Cup 6x6x14 M221138-8 Cup 7x7x16

Mug Tree-Cherry M221106-6 Cup 6x6x14 M221128-8 Cup 7x7x16

Paper Towel Holders P011636-Plain, Small 5x5x12 P011628-Small, Apple 5x5x14 P011629-Large, Apple 5X8X14

T050120 Tea Towel Rack 15½x4x12

W110905-Cherry Wine Bottle Holder 3x1x10½ Apple Butter-12 Jars per case A161608 w/honey ½Pints A161609 w/honey Pint A161618 reg. ½Pints A161619 reg. Pints A161628 sugar free ½Pints A161629 sugar free Pints Pear Butter-12Jars per case P050120-Amish Recipe ½Pint P050121-Amish Recipe Pint

W110988-Oak W110986-Cherry Wine Rack-small 14x9½x12

W110986 Wine Rack-small Cherry 14x9½x12

Peanut Butter-12Jars per case P050115-Amish Recipe ½Pint P050116-Amish Recipe Pint

We also have a full line of Jams, Jellies and Salsa’s, see price list.


• Kitchen Utility •

Veggie Bin w/3 glass drawers V050675-Oak V050670-Cherry V050677-1/4 Sawn White Oak 18x15x40

Tea Cart, oak 30x21x29 T150103-oak T150101-cherry

Single TV Tray T222050-oak T222049-cherry 20x14x24 unfolded

TV Tray Set Folding (4 trays & cart) 19x20x33 T222018-oak T222015-cherry




W020901 Waste Bin Lift Top-oak 13x13x25

Utility Cart w/adjustable shelf 29x18½x39 U200912-oak U200908-cherry

Shaker Hill Wash Stand Oak-W011917 Cherry-W011915 ¼ sawn white oak-W011919 32x18x29½


M090328 Microwave / Serving Cart with slatted shelves - Oak 26x17x31 Full extension dovetailed drawer

• Chests • These chests are also available in cherry. Please call for pricing.

Waterfall Chest “God Bless Our Home” C080515-Cedar C080530-Oak 46x18x20

Waterfall Chest, Wheat C080524-Cedar C080550-Oak 46x18x20

Waterfall Chest, Grapes C080535-Oak 46x18x20 C080517-Cedar 46x18x20 These chests come standard with cedar bottom. Cedar Lining available.

Waterfall Chest, Plane C080519-Cedar C080540-Oak 46x18x20

These chests come standard with cedar bottom and back. Cedar Lining available Classic Cedar Chest C050415-Large cherry 43x19x20 C050419-Small cherry 33X16X18 C050417-Large oak 43x19x20 C050418-Small oak 33X16X18

Shaker Cedar Chest C050428 Large cherry-43x19x19 C050431 Small cherry-33X16X18 C050429 Large oak-43x19x19 C050430 Small oak-33X16X18

Toy Chest, Carved T152535-Oak T152530-Cherry 18x36x20

C052012 12” 12x9x11

These Toy Chests can be personalized

C052018 18” 18x12½x15½

C052024 24” 24x14½x17

Cedar Trunks “all cedar”

Toy Chest, Plain T152545-Oak T152540-Cherry 18x36x20

C052032 32” 32x16½x19½


• Jewelry Chests •

J022401-Oak J022400-Cherry Medium Jewelry Box Acorn lid 11½x8x5

J022457 Medium Jewelry Box Oak-Grapes lid 11½x8x5

J022437 Medium Jewelry Box Cherry-Grapes lid 11½x8x5

Standard Burgundy Interior

J022466 Medium Jewelry Box Oak-Plain lid 11½x8x5 *Does not come w/mirror

J022485 Medium Jewelry Box Oak-Rose lid 11½x8x5

J022483 Medium Jewelry Box Cherry-Rose lid 11½x8x5

J022465 Medium Jewelry Box Cherry-Plain lid 11½x8x5 *Does not come w/mirror

Men’s Valet Box V011210-cherry V011211-oak 13½10x5¼ J013245 Jewelry Box 5 drawer 13½x6½x11½

Jewelry Chest Deluxe Cherry J050800-Plain lid J050820-Rose lid 18x15x8


Standard Jewelry Chest-Cherry J040800-Plain lid J040820-Rose lid 17x11x7

J013244 Jewelry Box 4 drawer 11x6½x11½

Jewelry Chest Deluxe Oak J050801-Plain lid J050821-Rose lid 18x15x8

Standard Burgundy Interior in Chests

Standard Jewelry Chest-Oak J040801-Plain lid J040821-Rose lid 17x11x7

• Jewelry Armoires •

J012301 Jewelry Armoire-Mission Large, oak 20½x14½x44½

J012300 Jewelry Armoire-Mission Large, cherry 20½x14½x44½

Large Jewelry Armoire-Mission J012322-1/4 sawn white oak 20½x14½x44½

Ring Drawer

Jewelry Armoire-Queen Anne Medium-17½x12x36 J011301-oak, no R.P. doors J011303-oak, R.P. doors J011300-cherry, no R.P. doors J011302-cherry, R.P. doors

Top Drawers

J011200 Jewelry Armoire-Queen Anne Large, oak 20½x14½x46

J060340 Jewelry Chest 4-drawer, Cherry 17½x11½x13

Jewelry Chest, 6-drawer J060360-Cherry J060361-Oak 20½x10x17

J011201 Jewelry Armoire-Queen Anne Large, cherry 20½x14½x46

J060341 Jewelry Chest 4-drawer, Oak 17½x11½x13

Mission Jewelry Chest 5 Drawer J060351-Oak J060350-Cherry J060352-¼ sawn white oak 17½ x11 x 20


• Mirrors •

Plain Jewelry Mirror M091901-oak M091903-¼ sawn white oak 19x22½x74


Mission Cheval Mirror M100052-Oak M100050-Cherry M100054-¼ sawn white oak 25½x19x71

Plain Jewelry Mirror M091900-cherry 19x22½x74

Shaker Cheval Mirror M091841-oak M091840-cherry M091843-¼ sawn white oak 25xx19x68½

Mission Jewelry Mirror M100152-Oak M100154-¼ sawn white oak 21x22x74

M091831 Cheval Mirror Plain-oak 25x16½x67

M100150 Mission Jewelry Mirror-Cherry 19x22½x74

• Quilt Racks •

M100302 Mission Quilt Rack Oak 35x11x36

M100300 Mission Quilt Rack Cherry 35x11x36½

Q181440 Quilt Rack-small Plain-wide 30x13½x31

Q181112 Quilt Rack-Large 37x13½x38

Quilt Clamp Shelf Q131336-36” 39x5½x8 Q131348-48” 51x6x8

Quilt Rack-Medium Heart Q181345-Oak Q181338-Cherry 33½x10x35


Q181363 Quilt Rack-Medium Cherry-plain 33½x10x35





Q181368 Quilt Rack-Medium Oak-plain 33½x10x35

Quilt Rack-mini w/quilt Q181401-Amish Q181402-Country Love Q181403-Heart Q181404-Nine Patch Q181405-Star 4½x1½x3½

Mission Quilt Shelf M100436-36” 42½x8X12½ M100442-42” 48½x8x12½ M100448-48” 54½x8x12½

Quilt Shelf-Plain Q182036-36” 42½x12x8 Q182048-48” 54½x12x8 Quilt Clamp Q031236-3ft x2½ Q031248-4ft. x2½ Q031260-5ft. x2½ Q031272-6ft. x2½

Valet V011205-Oak 17½x16x51

Valet V011203-Cherry 17½x16x51

Q183000 Quilt Stand-w/Heart 11½x11½46½

Bed Step B040520-BrownMaple B040521-Cherry B040524-Oak B040526-¼sawn White Oak 17x18x16


• Bedroom •

M100289-cherry M100290-oak Mission Mirror on stand 9½x6x11 M100141-oak M100140-cherry M100143-¼ sawn white oak Mission Hamper 21½13x31½

Raised Panel Hamper H019301-oak H019300-cherry 21½13x31½

Cedar Trunks-Western Cedar 32”-C052232 32x16½x19¼ 24”-C052224 24x14½x17 18”-C052218 18x12½x15½ 12”-C052212 12x9x11

Toy Chest, Carved, Lg. T152535-Oak T152530-Cherry 18x36x20

C080521-Cedar C080545-Oak Waterfall Chest w/3D Rose 46x18x20

Waterfall Chest, Plain - 46x18x20 C080575-1/4 sawn white oak* C080519-Cedar C080527-Cherry C080540-Oak (* Pictured)

Blanket Chest, Shaker - 46x18x20 C080513-1/4 sawn white oak* C080511-Cherry C080512-Oak


(* Pictured)

• Jewelry Armoires •

Interior of Flush Jewelry Armoires

Flush Mission Jewelry Armoire Medium Size J012211-Oak J012210-Cherry J012213-¼ sawn white oak 19x16¾x35¼

Flush Mission Jewelry Armoire Large Size J012201-Oak J012200-Cherry J012203-1/4 sawn white oak 19x16¾x48¼

Queen Anne Jewelry Armoire-Lg. J011203-1/4 sawn white oak 20½x14½x46

Burgundy Interior in all Jewelry Armoires Inside Drawer Detail of All Flush Mission Jewelry Armoires

(only small drawers have dividers with 1 ring drawer) all drawers are dovetailed

Clock Base Jewelry Armoire, Lg. J011182-Oak J011180-Cherry J011184-¼ sawn white oak 20½x14½x46

Queen Anne Jewelry Armoire Medium no raised panel doors J011301-Oak J011300-Cherry J011299-¼ sawn White Oak 17½x12x36


• Jewelry Armoires •

Shaker Hill Jewelry Armoire, Lg. J012369-Brown Maple J012370-Cherry J012372-Hard Maple J012373-Oak J012374-¼sawn White Oak

Clock Base Jewelry Armoire, Lg. J011179P-Brown Maple Brushed Nickel Hardware and Black Lining 20½x14½x46


Includes One Ring Drawer

Modesto Jewelry Armoire J012340-Brown Maple J012341-Cherry J012344-¼ sawn White Oak 20x16¼x43



• Jewelry Armoires •

Brushed Nickel Jewelry Hooks and soft touch Cream Micro Fiber Lining

Bun Feet Base Jewelry Armoire J011170-Brown Maple J011171-Cherry J011172-Hard Maple J011173-Oak J011174-¼sawn White Oak Brushed Nickel Hardware and Cream Lining 20½x15x47

Dove Tail Constructed Drawers One Ring, Six Divided and Three Large Drawers per Armoire

Lantern Stand with Turned Legs Four Drawer Jewelry Chest J060329-Brown Maple J060330-Cherry J060331-Hard Maple J060332-Oak J060334-¼sawn White Oak Brushed Nickel Hardware and Cream Lining 17¼x12x13½ Dove Tail Constructed Drawers One Ring, Three Divided per Chest Brushed Nickel Jewelry Hooks and soft touch Cream Micro Fiber Lining

L011430-Brown Maple L011432-Hard Maple Brushed Nickel Knobs L011431-Cherry L011433-Oak L011434-¼sawn White Oak Blackened Metal Knobs 24x18x29


• Letter Holders & Clocks •

L052008 Letter HolderTwo Tier Solid oak 6x4x18

N152005-oak N152004-cherry Notepad/Letter Holder 12x4x16

L052021 Letter Holder-Triple, rose 18x3x14

B211913-Cherry B211914-Oak Business Card Box 3x4½x2

C121540 Clock, Mantle Oak-small 7x2½x7

L052020 Letter Holder-Triple, plain 18x3x14

M011010-Cherry M011012-Oak Mailbox Stamp Dispenser/Letter Holder 11x7x6½

C121530 Clock, Mantle Cherry-small 7x2½x7

L052010 Letter HolderTwo Tier Spindle 6x4x18

L052015-Cherry L052016-Oak Letter HolderThree Tier 6¼x4¼x20¼

L052018 Letter Holder-Triple, grapes 18x3x14

M011004-Oak M011002-Cherry Mailbox Stamp Dispenser-oak 5x3x6

C121520 Clock, Mantle Oak-large 14x6x15

M010812 “Magazine Rack” Letter/Napkin Holder 8x5x7½

C121510 Clock, Mantle Cherry-large 14x6x15


• Sofa Servers •


S250620-Cherry S250625-Oak Sofa Server Deluxe w/magazine rack & drawer (on casters) 14x18x25

S250605 Sofa Server-Oak 14x16x26½

Mission Sofa Mate M100595-Cherry M100597-Oak M100598-¼sawn 10x15½x30

Sofa Mate S250514-Cherry S250515-Oak S250517-¼sawn 10x15½x30

S250601 Sofa Server-Cherry 14x16x26½

M100605-Oak M100607-¼sawn Mission Sofa Server 14x16x26½

M100600-Cherry Mission Sofa Server 14x16x26½







Sofa Server-Double Width S250628-cherry S250629-oak 26½x16x26½


Activity/Laptop Table w/ adjustable steel base & top A032110-Cherry A032113-Oak A032115-¼sawn 28x16x27-40

Laptop Cart L011700-Brown Maple L011701-Cherry L011704-Oak L011705-¼sawn 30x16x25¼ - 38

• Mirrors • These mirrors are all available in ¼ sawn white oak except oval mirror. See price list for Item #’s.

Mission Mirror-Royal Mission M100260-4 hooks M100261-no hooks Mirror-30x16 32½x4x19

M100270 Mission Mirror w/Shelf Cherry 20x5x35

Mirror-2 Pane M092212 -No Hooks 37½x2x23 M092183 -w/3 Hooks 37½x5x23

M100280 Mission Mirror Small-4 hooks Mirror-24x8 24x4x19

Mission Mirror w/Shelf M100272-Oak M100274-1/4 sawn white oak 20x5x35

M093000-cherry M093001-oak Mirror-Oval, Large 20x1x24

Not available in ¼ sawn.

1 Pane Mirror M092082-w/2 Hooks 37x5x23 M092201-No Hooks 37x2x23

M092223 Mirror-3 Panes 14x16 No hooks 54x2x23 M092184 Mirror-3 Panes w/4 Hooks 54x5x23

M100281 Mission Mirror Small-no hooks Mirror-24x8 24x4x19

Mission Mirror-Large M100250-4 hooks M100251-no hooks Mirror-30x16 32½x4x19

M093519 Shaker Mirror Upright-19x24 25½x4x34½

M100295 Mission Mirror Upright-19x24 21½x1½x34

Shaker Mirror-lg. M093410-no hooks M093400-w/hooks 36¼x4x26½

Shaker Mirror-small no hooks-M093330 w/hooks-M093320 Mirror-24x8 24x4x19

Mirrored Letter Box M092050-Brown Maple, Nickel hooks M092051-Cherry, Black hooks M092055-Oak, Black hooks M092057-¼sawn, Black hooks 36¼x4x26½


• Magazine Racks •

Mission Magazine Table Deluxe M100205-Oak 25x25x24

Magazine Rack Medium M010813-Oak 17½x13x16

Royal Mission Magazine Rack M100196-Cherry M100197-Oak M100199-1/4 Sawn White Oak 20x12x18

Magazine Stand Drop Leaf M010908-large oak 22¾x14½x24½


½ Mission Magazine Table Deluxe M100200-Oak M100201-Cherry 23x14x24

Magazine Stand w/Scalloped Top M010920-Cherry 24x15x24

Mission Magazine Rack Regular M100190-Oak 20½x15x19

Magazine Stand Drop Leaf M010904-small oak 18x12¾x24½

Magazine Stand w/Cd storage M010936-small oak 18x12x24

Magazine Stand w/Scalloped Top M010921-Oak 24x15x24

Mission End Table w/storage under lid M100110-Oak 24½x15x24½

Mission Magazine Rack Deluxe M100185-Cherry M100186-Oak M100188-¼ Sawn White Oak 20x12x18

Mission Lamp Stand w/magazine rack M100170-Oak 24½x15x61

Magazine Stand Medium M010913-Oak 24x15x24

• Media Racks •

B151215-Oak Swivel Bookcase 19½x19½x28

Executive Bookcase B151111-Cherry B151112-Oak B151114-¼sawn Case 30x12x41 Overall 34x14x45

Mission Bookcase / End Table M100017-Oak M100016-Cherry 22¼x12¼x24½

Shaker Lantern Stand L011420-Brown Maple, Nickel Hardware L011421-Cherry, Wood Knobs L011423-Oak, Blackend Metal Knobs L011424-¼sawn, Blackend Metal Knobs 24x18x29

B151103-Oak Acorn Bookcase 25x11x44

B151104-Oak Corner Bookcase 11x11x44

order 2 if you want a set.

Corner Bookcases sold separately

Mission Bookcase / End Table M100018-1/4 Sawn White Oak 22¼x12¼x24½

Turned Leg Lantern Stand L011430-Brown Maple, Nickel Hardware L011430P-Brown Maple, Painted, Nickel Hardware L011431-Cherry, Wood Knobs L011433-Oak, Blackend Metal Knobs L011434-¼sawn, Blackend Metal Knobs 24x18x29


• Media Storage • All CD, DVD & CD/DVD Towers Have Swivel Base

CD Tower-Small C042019-oak C042020-cherry holds 60 13x13x18½

CD Tower-Large C042018-oak C042016-cherry holds 120 13x13x34

CD Tower ¼sawn White Oak C042017-Large 13x13x34 - holds 120 C042021-Small 13x13x18½ - holds 60

B151500 Bookends, Wooden Boat/Lighthouse 6½x7x7

CD/DVD Tower-Small C042040-oak C042037-cherry C042042-¼sawn holds 28 CDs & 24 DVDs 13x16x18½ CD/DVD Tower-Large C042030-oak C042027-cherry C042032-¼sawn holds 60 CDs & 48 DVDs 13x16x34¼

DVD Tower-large D229420-oak D229418-cherry holds 96 15½x15½x34½

B151530 Bookends, Wooden Train 6½x7x7

B090204 Bible Box-Deluxe Carved-oak 15x12x6

DVD Tower-small D229421-oak D229422-cherry holds 48 15½x15½x18

B151540 Bookends, Wooden B151520 Wagon/Tractor Bookends, Wooden 6½x7x7 Lighthouse 6½x7x7

B090203 Bible Box-Deluxe Carved-cherry 15x12x6

Magazine Stand w/Cd storage M010936-small oak 18x12x24


M100044 Mission Media Rack, Oak w/(5) adjustable shelves 12x7½x48

P081920-oak Phone Stand 13x12x30½

Telephone Stand T051300-Brown Maple T051300P-Brown Maple Painted T051301-Cherry T051304-Oak T051305-¼sawn 16x16x34

• Media Storage •

Media Box Cabinet with Dark Brown Leather Bins with Sewn Trim M014120-Cherry M014125-Oak M014126-¼sawn 20½x17¾x34½

Media Desk / Sofa Table - Small with Dark Brown Leather Bins with Sewn Trim M015140-Cherry M015145-Oak M015146-¼sawn 34x16x33

Media Storage Bench - with 3 Lidded, Black or Brown* Leather Bins with Sewn Trim M015189-Brown Maple M015190-Cherry M015195-Oak 44½x18x22½ Cushion included w/Storage benches, order any of the Heartland Fabrics * Please specify bin color at time of order

Media Desk / Sofa Table - Large with Dark Brown Leather Bins with Sewn Trim Two for CDs & Two for DVDs M015130-Cherry M015135-Oak M015136-¼sawn 35x21x33

Media Storage Bench - with 3 Lidded, Black or Brown* Leather Bins with Sewn Trim M015196-¼sawn White Oak 44½x18x22½ Cushion included w/Storage benches, order any of the Heartland Fabrics * Please specify bin color at time of order


• Plant Stands •

Pedestal Plant Stand, oak P121660 Large 12”square x 36”H P121667 Small 12”square x 24”H Post is 5”x5”

Pedestal Plant Stand, cherry P121604 Large 12”square x 36”H P121615 Small 12”square x 24”H Post is 5”x5”

Rope Twist Plant Stand-oak P121816 Large 15”round x 30”H P121821 Small 15”round x 24”H

Fluted Plant Stand-oak P120612 Large 15”round x 30”H P120617 Small 15”round x 24”H


Multi Tiered Plant Stand-oak P121320 Large 25½x48H P121327 Small 25½x25H

• New Items 2009 •

B151595 Collapsible Book Rack - Oak Assembled - 16¾x8x8 Collapsed - 16¾x7x1½

G001017 Game Box - Cherry Maple 20x20x4

L092035 Lighthouse Lamp - Black 10x10x28½

B151600 Collapsible Book Rack - Walnut Assembled - 16¾x8x8 Collapsed - 16¾x7x1½

G001017 Contents

L092045 Lighthouse Lamp - Red 10x10x28½

L052013 Letter Holder 3 tier spindle - Oak 6¼x3¾x21½


• Hall Trees •

H013200 H013201 Cherry Oak Fluted Hall Tree, 66½ T, 24”base, 3x3 post

Slat Hall Tree H018201 Oak H018200 Cherry 19”x61”

H015201 H015200 Oak Cherry Pineapple Hall Tree, 67”T, 23”base, 3x3 post

Shaker H017201-oak H017200cherry 20”x66½

Regular Hall Tree Small base H016201oak H016200Cherry 22”x70”

Large Base H014201-oak H014200cherry 26”x72”

H011200 H011201 Cherry Oak Acorn Hall Tree, 67”T, 23”base, 3x3 post

Mission-Adult M100131-oak M100130-cherry M100132¼sawn white oak 22”x70”

Child’s Mission M100135oak M100134cherry 18”x53”

H019201 H019200 Oak Cherry Turned Hall Tree, 65”T, 21”base, 2½x2½post

Child’s-regular H012201 oak H012200 cherry 22”x53”

Antique Hook, w/porcelain tips H151510 -Small 1½x4x5

Traditions Hook H151526SN Nickel 1x3x3¼

Shaker Hook H151531-Large 1¼x3x5 H151530-Small 1¼x3x4½

Mission Hook Mission Hook H151521 Brushed Nickel 1x3½x5½ H151522 ½x3x5½

Child’s-turned H012301 oak H012300 cherry 22½”x51”

Antique Hook, w/porcelain tips H151511 -Large 2x4½x5½ Chrome Hook, w/porcelain tips H151524 1x3x4


• Coat Racks •

1 Hook Coat Rack C150121 4x5x7½ 3 Hook Turned Wall Tree W011213 10½x10x18½

Twisted Wall Tree W011223 9x8x21

Wooden One Hook Coat Rack C150141 -Oak C150131 -Cherry 5½x8x5

Diamond Mirror Coat Rack D090113 27½x5½27½

C150103 3 Peg Coat Board 20x3x4 C150104 4 Peg Coat Board 25x3x4 C150105 5 Peg Coat Board 32x3x4 C150106 6 Peg Coat Board 39x3x4 C150107 7 Peg Coat Board 46x3x4 C150108 8 Peg Coat Board 53x3x4

C150122 2 Hook Coat Rack 19½x4x5 C150123 3 Hook Coat Rack 33x4x5 C150124 4 Hook Coat Rack 44x4x5 Mission 3 Hook Wall Tree M100704 -Oak M100705 -¼sawn 9½x9x18

M100070 Mission Coat Rack Deluxe 35x5x16


Mission 2 Hook Wall Tree M100700 7½x5x13½

M100062 Mission Coat Rack - 2 Hook 18x4x5 M100063 Mission Coat Rack - 3 Hook 24x4x5 M100064 Mission Coat Rack - 4 Hook 31x4x5 M100065 Mission Coat Rack - 5 Hook 40x4x5

Wooden Hook Coat Rack C150142 -2 Hook -Oak - 24x5½x5 C150143 -3 Hook -Oak - 36x5½x5 C150144 -4 Hook -Oak - 48x5½x5 C150145 -5 Hook -Oak - 60x5½x5 C150132 -2 Hook - Cherry - 24x5½x5 C150133 -3 Hook - Cherry - 36x5½x5 C150134 -4 Hook - Cherry - 48x5½x5 C150135 -5 Hook - Cherry - 60x5½x5

• Hall Tables & Stands •

Console Table-Shaker C152435 24x12x27

Console Table Traditional C152445 24x12x27

Nesting TablesTurned Leg N050320 -Cherry 23x17x21

Nesting TablesTurned Leg N050330 -Oak 23x17x21

Mission Nesting Table Set N050210-Oak N050209-Cherry N050212-1/4 Sawn White Oak 23x17x24

Victorian Parlor Table V090325-Oak V090320-Cherry 25” round 28”H

Console Table-Mission C152425 24x12x27

Nesting Tables-Shaker Leg N050310-Oak N050300-Cherry 23x17x24

Mission Hall Table w/drawer M100120 24x12x30

Umbrella Stand U130217-cherry U130218-oak 12x12x25½

Console Table-French C152415 Country 24x12x27

Nesting Tables-Shaker Leg N050312-¼sawn 23x17x24

Country Hall Table w/drawer H010950 24x12x30

Heart Stand H051920 21½x19x24


• Hall Trees and Chairs • C060110-oak Folding Chair 24x36x44

This has an outdoor finish on it. The seat is Canvas Seat Colors available: 01-Blue 02-Green 03-Tan 04-Wine Please specify color

Library Chair L090217-cherry L090218-oak 15¾x20x36¼

Folds Flat

Step Ladder 15¾x23½x36¼

Extension Bench with Farmers Leg E241555-Oak - Three Leaves 48-96x12½x19 E241545-Oak - Two Leaves 42-84x12½x19

Slatted Mission Hall Tree H013300-cherry H013301-oak H013303-¼ sawn white oak 15x15x69¼

Hexagon Hall Tree H013498-cherry H013499-oak 22” Base x 69½ Plane Extension Bench with Three Leaves E242032-Brown Maple E242030-Cherry E242035-Oak E242036-¼sawn 48-96x12½x18


Plane Extension Bench with Two Leaves E242002-Brown Maple E242000-Cherry E242005-Oak E242006-¼sawn 42-84x12½x18 Each extension bench has a serial number that matches with the leaves

• Espresso Finish • 1 Spa Hook Coat Rack C150195 -Brown Maple C150196 -Cherry C150198 -Oak C150199 -¼sawn White Oak 7x4x7¾

Mission Hall Tree with Nickel Hooks M100129MN -Brown Maple 22x70, 2x2 Post Fluted Hall Tree with Nickel Hooks H013199 -Brown Maple 24x66½

2 Hook Coat Rack Key Holder C150152 -Brown Maple C150162 -Cherry C150172 -Oak C150182 -¼sawn White Oak 18x5x6¾

3 Hook Coat Rack Key Holder C150153 -Brown Maple C150163 -Cherry C150173 -Oak C150183 -¼sawn White Oak 24x5x6¾

Mirrored Letter Box M092050-Brown Maple, Nickel hooks M092051-Cherry, Black hooks M092055-Oak, Black hooks M092057-¼sawn, Black hooks 36¼x4x26½

4 Hook Coat Rack Key Holder C150154 -Brown Maple C150164 -Cherry C150174 -Oak C150184 -¼sawn White Oak 30x5x6¾

5 Hook Coat Rack Key Holder C150155 -Brown Maple C150165 -Cherry C150175 -Oak C150185 -¼sawn White Oak 36x5x6¾

Mission Console Table C152422-Brown Maple C152424-Cherry C152425-Oak C152426-¼sawn 24x12x27


• Perpetual Calendars & Coat Racks •

Perpetual Calendar Quilt P060521 13¼x2½x25

Perpetual Calendar Fruit - Painted Black P060507 10¾x2½x23

2 Hook Coat Rack Key Holder C150172 -Oak C150152 -Brown Maple C150152P -Brown Maple Painted C150162 -Cherry C150182 -¼sawn White Oak 18x5x6¾

4 Hook Coat Rack Key Holder C150184 -¼sawn White Oak 30x5x6¾


5 Hook Coat Rack Key Holder C150155P -Brown Maple Painted 36x5x6¾

Perpetual Calendar Jug & Fruit P060510 10¾x2½x23

Perpetual Calendar Lighthouse P060512P 10¾x2½x27½

3 Hook Coat Rack Key Holder C150153 -Brown Maple C150153P -Brown Maple Painted C150163 -Cherry C150173 -Oak C150183 -¼sawn White Oak 24x5x6¾

C150154 -Brown Maple C150154P -Brown Maple Painted C150164 -Cherry C150174 -Oak

C150155 -Brown Maple C150165 -Cherry C150175 -Oak C150185 -¼sawn White Oak

• Shelves• UED


Shelf, Plain S096012-12x6x8 S096018-18x6x8 S096024-24x6x8 S096036-36x6x8 S096048-48x6x8


Shelf, Raised Panel 9” deep S102401-24” 1 panel 23½x9x10½ S103602-36” 2 panel 35½x9x10½ S104803-48” 3 panel 47½x9x10½ S106004-60” 4 panel 59½x9x10½

Shelf, Plain-pegs S097012-12x6x8 S097018-18x6x8 S097024-24x6x8 S097036-36x6x8 S097048-48x6x8

Mantle Shelf-w/dentil moulding 6” deep Oak M012425-25½ 25½x6x5 M012436-36 36x6x5 M012448-48 48x6x5 M012460-60 60x6x5 Cherry M012421-25½ 25½x6x5 M012432-36 36x6x5 M012444-48 48x6x5 M012454-60 60x6x5

Shelf, Plain-pegs & rail S098012-12½x6x10 S098018-18½x6x10 S098024-24½x6x10 S098036-36½x6x10 S098048-48½x6x10

Shelf, Plain-rail S099012-12½x6x10 S099018-18½x6x10 S099024-24½x6x10 S099036-36½x6x10 S099048-48½x6x10

Mission Shelf Deluxe-24” M100520-no pegs M100522-w/3 hooks M100524-w/pegs 24x6x9

Mission Shelf Deluxe-36” M100530-no pegs M100532-w/4 hooks M100536-w/pegs 36x8x12½

Mantle Shelf 6”deep Oak M011425-25½ 25½x6x5 M011436-36 36x6x5 M011448-48 48x6x5 M011460-60 60x6x5 Cherry M011421-25½ 25½x6x5 M011432-36 36x6x5 M011444-48 48x6x5 M011454-60 60x6x5

Spice Shelf-10” S260410 10x3x4 Mission Shelf Deluxe-48” M100540-no pegs M100542-w/5 hooks M100548-w/pegs 48x8x12½

Mission Shelf-Plain” 24”-M100560-24x7x7 36”-M100570-36x7x7 48”-M100580-48x7x7

Spice Shelf-12” S260412 12x3x4

Mission Corner Shelf M100090 -Oak M100089 -Cherry M100091 -¼sawn 14x13x12½

Spice Shelf-16” w/rail S260426 16x3½x7


• Shelves •

Tavern Shelf-Cherry S120324-24” 28½x8x16 S120336-36” 41½x8x16 S120348-48” 53½x8x16

Tavern Shelf-Oak S120424-24” 28½x8x16 S120436-36” 41½x8x16 S120448-48” 53½x8x16

S121500 Train Shelf 48x7x9

S260319 Spice/Cup/Plate Shelf 3-tier 19x5x24

S130336 3-Tier Shelf - 36” w/pegs-no rails 37½x7x31

S130366 3-Tier Shelf - 36” w/pegs-rails 38½x7x32½


• Shadow Boxes & Shelves•

Oak Shadow Box-Step S080425-Left S080430-Right S080420-Center 24x4½x20½

Cherry Shadow Box-Step S080424-Left S080429-Right S080419-Center 24x4½x20½

S271927 Stair step Shelf Set Spindle (3pc.) 39x16½x6 S271917-Spindle Balcony Shelf (only)

S080136 Shadow Box-large, oak 19x3x17

K052518 Key Holder-Key Shaped 13½x5x2 K052508 Key Cabinet-Rose Door 10x3½x15

K052502 Key Cabinet-Border Door 10x3½x15

K052506 Key Cabinet-Plain Door 10x3½x15


• Shelves & Quilt Frames •

Quilt Frames Q132027 -Cherry Q132030 -Oak Q132031PP -Painted Poplar 35¼x4x14¾

Quilt colors may vary or change

Shaker Shelf S120124 -Oak - 24x7x7 S120136 -Oak - 36x7x7 S120148 -Oak - 48x7x7 S120024 -Cherry - 24x7x7 S120036 -Cherry - 36x7x7 S120048 -Cherry - 48x7x7 S120224 -¼sawn - 24x7x7 S120236 -¼sawn - 36x7x7 S120248 -¼sawn - 48x7x7 Platform Shelf S100124 -Brown Maple - 24x5¾x3½ S100136 -Brown Maple - 36x5¾x3½ S100148 -Brown Maple - 48x5¾x3½ S100224 -Cherry - 24x5¾x3½ S100236 -Cherry - 36x5¾x3½ S100248 -Cherry - 48x5¾x3½ S100324 -Oak - 24x5¾x3½ S100336 -Oak - 36x5¾x3½ S100348 -Oak - 48x5¾x3½ S100424 -Poplar Painted - 24x5¾x3½ S100436 -Poplar Painted - 36x5¾x3½ S100448 -Poplar Painted - 48x5¾x3½


S100524 -¼sawn - 24x5¾x3½ S100536 -¼sawn - 36x5¾x3½ S100548 -¼sawn - 48x5¾x3½

• Stools • Folds Flat

14½x19x8½ folded

B051603 Bench, small-oak 12½x7x7

F121219 Folding Stool-Child’s 14½x14x16

C060110-oak Folding Chair 24x36x44

B051503 Bench-Slot plain 16x10x9½

F121205 Folding Step Stool Oak 15½x15½x24

T211820 Turtle Stool-Black Leather Seat 13x20½x8

B051502 Bench-Slot w/heart 16x10x9½

F121200 Folding Step Stool Cherry 15½x15½x24

T211835 Turtle Stool-Green Leather Seat 13x20½x8

B011820 Mini Bar Stool 7¾” round seat 9x9x12

B051403 Bench w/Handle 14x9½29½

T211830 Turtle Stool-Burgundy Leather Seat 13x20½x8

This has an outdoor finish on it. The seat is Canvas Seat Colors available: 01-Blue 02-Green 03-Tan 04-Wine Please specify color

B011828 17” Swivel Bar Stool 14” round 15x15x17

T211825 Turtle Stool-Brown Leather Seat 13x20½x8


• Laundry •

Step Stool

(On-It Cover) Order below

Ironing Board Chair


O140930 On-It-Oak 15x20x42½

O140920 On-It-Cherry 15x20x42½

O140940On-it Cover Set BL-Blue BR-Burgundy GR-Green WH-White

B121120 Packing Blanket, large Furniture Pad 76x69 B121220DZ 1 Dozen

Packing Ruber Bands R210176 -Small - 24-46 in. R210175 -Medium - 30-66 in. R210174 -Large - 36-76 in.




DIS D226024 Wall Drying Rack-large-24” 27x5½x16-lg.

D225018 Drying Rack-Mini Opens to 31” high 18x15x4 folded


D225030 Drying Rack-Small Opens to 55” high Flat Top 30x22x6 folded

S052303 Sewing Chest-small 14½x12x16

D225036 Drying Rack-Medium Opens to 68 & 81” Adjustable 36x28x7 folded

D226028 Wall Drying Rack-small-18 21x5½x16-sm.

D225048 Drying Rack-Large Opens to 68 & 81” Adjustable 48x28x7½ folded

• Bathroom •

T150913 Toilet Paper Holder/Magazine Rack 12x4x16

K120507-cherry K120508-oak Kleenex Box Rectangle-Dovetailed 12½x7x5½

T150895 Toilet Paper Cabinet 8½x8½x36

K120510-cherry K120509-oak Kleenex Box Square-Dovetailed 6¾x6¾x6¼

Potty Chair-Mission 19x10½x20½ P152014-w/Lid

P152013-No Lid Potty Chair-Mission 19x10½x20½ P152014-w/Lid

P152029 Potty Chair Replacement Bowl 8¼x7¼x3

T150919 Toilet Paper Stand 8½x8½x36

C150195P 1 Spa Hook Coat Rack -Brown Maple Painted 7x4x7¾

Potty Chair-Spindle 19x10½x20½ P152025-w/Lid

P152030 Potty Chair Squirter Diverter 2x1½x3

Bowls are included with all Potty Chairs

P152019-No Lid Potty Chair-Spindle 19x10½x20½ P152025- w/Lid

*Diverter not included-order at left


• Miscellaneous • Nested Baskets N050200-Set 5 pc.N050201-X-Large-12x14x15½ N050202-Large-10x12x13½ N050203-Medium-8x10x10½ N050204-Small-6½x8x8½ N050205-Mini-4½x6x6

Easel, Mission Medium Table Top. E011928-Cherry E011930-Oak E011933-Poplar Painted* *Specify Color


Easel, Mission Large E011908-Cherry E011910-Oak E011911-Poplar Painted*

P150419 Podium (Large) oak 17½x17½ Base 28x16 Top Stands 43½” High at back of Podium

P150409 Podium (Medium) oak 12x12 Base 24x14 Top 5x5 Post Stands 41½” High at back of Podium

*Specify Color


Twisted Walking Canes 36½”x2 round

C011400-Cedar C011405-Cherry C011415-Hickory C011425-Oak C011435-Walnut C011450-Combo Stripe C011456-Narrow Stripe C011459-Wide Stripe


C011485 T-Cane Hickory 6½x1¼x37 C011344 Cane Display Rack 20½x13½x22 Has 12 holes to fit Twisted Canes

C011470 The Hiker Cane Hickory 1½x48

C011340 Brass Top Cane 2x3x40

C011351 Carnival Cane 6x¾x37

C011360 Shepard’s Staff 6x1x67½

• Puzzles & Books •

J090702-BQ Behind the Quilt Shop

J090702-LT Leaving Town

J090702-HH Headin’ Home

Size of Box 12½x12½x2½ 1000 Piece Puzzle assembled 21x27

J090702-SM Saturday Morning

J090702-RH Real Horsepower

H050204 Heartland Business Directory 8½x11 114 pages

C153485 Cookbook-Amish Tastes of Townline I 6x8½ 165 pages

A130315 Amish Country II Book (photos) 9½x11½ 138 pages

C153486 Cookbook-Amish Tastes of Townline II 6x8½ 254 pages

P120525 Event Planner Book 11½x8½x1

C153475 Cookbook-Amish Heritage Country Harvest 6½x1½x8½ 360 pages

C153480 Cookbook Sugarfree 6½x1½x8½ 290 pages

C011200 Calendar, Amish Country Photos 12x19 opened


• Game Tables • Games & Boards Included: Checkers • Chess • Backgammon • Go Alquerque • Reversible Wood/Felt Top Tournament quality game pieces 100% wool felt top for cardplaying Notches in table are optional for leaning pool cue sticks against.

Pinnacle Pedestal Base option

The Ultimate Game Pub Table 36” round x 40” high G001140-Cherry G001141-Hard Maple G001142-Oak G001143-¼ Sawn White Oak Also Available in 42” Round G001160-Cherry G001161-Hard Maple G001162-Oak G001163-¼ Sawn White Oak Pinnacle Pedestal Base option available PINPUB-E-Cherry, Maple, ¼ Sawn PINPUB-O-Oak The Ultimate Game Table - Standard Height 36” round x 30” high G001130-Cherry G001131-Hard Maple G001132-Oak G001133-¼ Sawn White Oak Also Available in 42” Round G001150-Cherry G001151-Hard Maple G001152-Oak G001153-¼ Sawn White Oak

P151512 Pool Cue Rack 10½x10x42


Pinnacle Pedestal Base option available PINPED-E-Cherry, Maple, ¼ Sawn PINPED-O-Oak

• New Items 2009 •

J090702-HL Jigsaw Puzzle - Helping Hands 12¼x12¼x2¼ Box

J090702-TB Jigsaw Puzzle - Trail Bottom Autumn 12¼x12¼x2¼ Box

P070400 P. Dunn Catalog 8½x11x¾.

M093000 Mirror Oval - Cherry 19¾x¾x24

J090702-BS Jigsaw Puzzle - Blooming Spring 12¼x12¼x2¼ Box

B011105 Bakers Rack - Oak 26¼x9¼x62

C153470 Cookbook - Cookies & Bars 6½x8½x¾ • 164 pgs.

T081815 - Oak T081810 - Cherry Three-in-One wide size 13x19x32

J090702-WW Jigsaw Puzzle - Winter’s Work 12¼x12¼x2¼ Box

H032019 Straw Hat 14x15½x5 • 3½ Brim Please Specify Size

W110998 - Oak W100995 - Cherry Wine Rack • 12 Bottle 15x10½x20


• Wind Chimes •

W100219 Song of Solomon Textured Copper Biblical Bell 31”

W100211 King David’s Harp Textured Copper Biblical Bell 37” W100222 Victories of Jericho Textured Copper Biblical Bell 43”

W100602 Grandfather Clock Bronze 78”

W100300 Church Bell Bronze 57”

W100802 Mountain Serenade Bronze 43”

W100208 Harmonica Textured Copper Biblical Bell 48”

W100902 Ocean Breeze Bronze 30”


• Wind Chimes •

W101100 Ultimate Baby Ben Patina Green 39” W101300 Ultimate Courthaus Patina Green 62”

W101800 Ultimate Hummer Patina Green 50”

W101200 Ultimate Big Ben Patina Green 82”


W100500 Display Stand 27½x27½x81½

W101110 Ultimate Baby Ben Eggplant 39”

W101810 Ultimate Hummer Eggplant 50”

W101210 W101310 Ultimate Courthaus Ultimate Big Ben Eggplant Eggplant 82” 62”

• Wind Chimes • Evergreen Series

Bird Feeder Chimes

W100570 Songbird 32”

W100573 Tinker Belle 28”

W100575 Tranquil Rain 37”

W100568 Forest Edge 44”

Twilight Series

W100250 Small 49”

W100960 Music of the Universe 84”

W100950 Aqua Tune 51”

W100955 Dream Maker 64”

W100255 Large 57” Specify which birdhouse color (bottom & roof ) from below

Textured Taupe

W100550 Dutch Bell 46”

W100545 Country Music 62”

W100560 Sun Setter 75”

Green with Green Roof

Green with Grey Roof

Green with Red Roof

Red with Gray Roof


Superior Woodcrafts - April 2009 Catalog PDF High Res  

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