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DIPLOMA OF MEDITERRANEAN CULTURAL STUDIES Miguel Hernández University of Elche Description | The Mediterranean Cultural Studies program is designed for university students and faculty interested in Mediterranean culture and business, in addition to strengthening their spanish language skills while acquiring knowledge about practical material related to its two itineraries: Humanities and Business. Duration | 100 hours distributed over five weeks during June and July..

scHeDule | 9 - 11:30 a.m. (Spanish language instruction with specific goals) | 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. (Specific material, including field trips and/or planned excursions).

creDits | 4 study abroad credits correspond to 2 required courses (1 credit/25 h). The credits include both classroom instruction and field work. official certification given by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche. language requireMents | Intermediate level of Spanish.

location | alicante, spain: Altea – Benidorm – Elche – Orihuela

inforMation | - The program includes a 2-day orientation session in Madrid to learn the keys to the program and its activities, with visits to emblematic locations within the Spanish capital; 100 hours of instruction, accommodations, meals, transportation, 24-hour assistance from program coordinators and personnel, and administrative expenses. - Airfare between the USA and Spain, medical insurance, personal expenses, and some optional activities are not included. contact |


HUMANITIES ITINERARY 1. spanisH language instruction witH specific goals (HuManistic approacH). (50h).

1. spanisH

2. spanisH literature anD culture. (50h).

2. tourisM anD international Business. (50h).

During the program’s five weeks, you will receive Spanish classes with a practical methodology that teach specialized vocabulary and expressions from this cultural area.

language instruction witH specific goals (Business approacH). (50h).

During the program’s five weeks you will receive Spanish classes with a practical methodology that teach specialized vocabulary and expressions from international business and tourism.

week 1 | elcHe

History, art, and culture: elche, a world Hetourism as a sign of identity. Discovery the ritage city. Learn Elche’s history and that of its main keys to Alicante’s economy, one of two UNESCO World Heritage sites: the PalmeSpain’s most important and dynamic provinces ral of Elche and the Misteri d’Elx. Guided tours in terms of tourism, with a practical methodoto the La Alcudia Archaeological Park (Lady of logy and field work. (10h) Elche) and the Archaeological and History Museum of Elche. (10h) week 2 | elcHe one film per era. spanish history through film. Submerge yourself in Spanish history with a selection of films that represent different times. (10h)

footwear as an engine of alicante’s economy. Learn the importance of footwear to the Alicante economy with a guided tour to an important factory within the sector. (10h)

contemporary art on the Mediterranean. Introduce yourself to contemporary art at the UMH Altea Campus along the Mediterranean shore. Enjoy sessions on art & film, and practical workshops and demonstrations about photography, painting, engraving, and sculpture. (10h)

Mediterranean diet and spanish fashion. Workshops and tastings will help understand the importance of Mediterranean gastronomy. This includes visits to the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Benidorm and a brief introduction to local fashion. (10h)

contemporary Mediterranean literature: work, life, and commitment of poet Miguel Hernández. Examine the life and work of illustrious poet Miguel Hernández in his native land through literary excursions and routes. (10h)

agro-food industry and technology. The Orihuela Campus of the UMH is known for its importance in the industry and technology of food; this week presents keys aspects in this area.. (10h)

contemporary Mediterranean literature: from azorín to gabriel Miró. Learn about the work of these two universal literary figures and their relationship with the geographic, social, cultural, and gastronomic surroundings. (10h)

international business from the Mediterranean. Expand your knowledge of international business and internationalization. This unit concludes with a class on international events held at the Exhibition Center of Alicante (IFA). (10h)

week 3 | altea

week 4 | oriHuela

week 5 | elcHe


Mediterranean Culture. Study Abroad UMH - English  
Mediterranean Culture. Study Abroad UMH - English