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Turn your fleet into a battleground in the streaming wars.

IFC that captivates your passengers in more ways than one Streamingquality connection Non-stop entertainment. Multiscreen experience. Just to name a few. It’s one of the reasons more airlines choose us.

Perhaps it’s why we ’ re aviation’s most frequent flyer.TM

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Conversations and connections

As we head into my first Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) I’m looking forward to putting some faces to the names. While I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you via video call in the last several months, this will be an exciting opportunity to connect in person at the global marketplace for the world’s cabin interiors and inflight entertainment industry. Since entering the aviation industry last year, I have become increasingly aware of a few growing trends that are exciting to watch unfold. One is a shift toward sustainability and circular economies; airlines are becoming conscious of passengers’ desire to spend money on services with brands and companies they deem ethical. This is heavily influencing suppliers’ goals and decision-making processes. This is the case for Muirhead, with Myles Hobbs, Aviation Director EMEA & Americas, telling us in this issue that the company “takes pride in delivering full supply chain transparency with 100 percent traceability and zero percent deforestation.”

Another trend that is becoming more prominent is the adoption

of inflight connectivity services for airlines on a global scale. Qantas, for example, is expanding its IFC services to its ultra-long-haul international flights following successful IFC delivery on domestic fleets. Many airlines are also using IFC as a means to expand the inflight entertainment offerings.

As Viasat’s Don Buchman tells PAX Tech in this issue, “We view connectivity as a conduit for entertainment, and, increasingly, airlines have certainly recognized this too.” In fact, Viasat’s 2023 Passenger Experience Survey found that 83 percent of passengers would rebook with an airline offering quality inflight Wi-Fi. In this issue, you’ll hear from many suppliers who are returning exhibitors to AIX, all bringing their latest innovations to this gathering of the industry’s best and brightest with the common goal of elevating the passenger experience. Our team at PAX Tech is looking forward to the conversations, connections and stories that will take shape on the exhibition floor in Hamburg. And I’m looking forward to meeting you there! | PAX TECH | 3

In this guest column, Juraj Siska, IdeaNova Technologies Inc. Co-Founder, discusses the company’s view of artificial intelligence in aviation

A closer look at Muirhead’s initiatives contributing to its Journey to Zero strategy and how the leather manufacturer is forging an ethical, sustainable and accessible future for aircraft interiors


Diehl Aviation’s Guido van Geenen shares a preview of what to expect at the supplier’s AIX exhibit and the benefits of its smart cabin technology 18 TRACKING SEATING INNOVATION

ABC International is displaying its seat track covers at AIX Hamburg


The Bucher Group provides insight into its product lineup at AIX 2024 and its focus on sustainability by extending the life of cabin interiors 22 IN PURSUIT OF PURE AIR

Cabin air quality contributes to the comfort and well-being of passengers and crew alike inflight. Ola Häggfeldt of CTT Systems tells PAX Tech how the company is helping protect against the hostile environment encountered at cruising altitudes

IFPL Group and Cobalt Aerospace are elevating the cabin experience with LED drop-in mood lighting to support restful sleep while allowing airlines to customize lighting. More about Cobalt Spectrum on page 28



Geven’s Gianluigi Mormile highlights the latest seatback IFE integrations for Icelandair and Discover Airlines and teases what is ahead at AIX


LSEAT CEO Yves Hendrickx reveals the process of transforming the standard Economy Class seat from the conception of the LSEAT mechanism to certification and soon, take off



IFPL Group will be exhibiting at AIX 2024, showcasing its Cobalt Spectrum drop-in mood lighting in a mock-up aircraft cabin


Don Buchman highlights Viasat’s recent connectivity partnerships and how they are shaping the inflight experience for passengers


André Valera of Touch Inflight Solutions tells PAX Tech how the company is taking a data-driven approach to the IFE experience


From customizable headsets to a zero-landfill mission, Linstol CEO Mark Russell shares a behind-the-scenes journey of crafting innovative aviation accessories


Panasonic Avionics’ John Wade tells PAX Tech how the company is expanding its connectivity network to better engage passengers


The Aircraft Interiors Expo returns Hamburg with the Passenger Experience Conference kicking things off a day prior


The 2024 PAX Readership Awards return to Hamburg on May 29, with sponsors including RMT Global Partners, Procurall Solutions and White Glo House

4 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
24 Features

Qantas selects Panasonic’s Astrova for ultra-longhaul flights

Qantas has selected Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s Astrova IFE system to equip the airline’s ultralong-haul flights. This service will be available on 12 of the airline’s A350-1000 aircraft travelling from the east coast of Australia to Europe and New York.

“Working closely with Qantas, our joint mission was to design a system that delivered all the creature comforts of home—everything from cinema-grade picture quality to high fidelity audio, and enough power to fast-charge all passenger devices,” said Andy Masson, Vice President of Product Management at Panasonic Avionics.

With Astrova, passengers can enjoy the industry’s only OLED 4K screen that is HDR 10+. High-fidelity multi-channel spatial audio technology and full cabin Bluetooth enable passengers to connect to the system using their personal headphones. The Astrova IFE system also delivers 100 watts of mobile device and laptop fastcharging via USB-C, available through the entire flight.

“Our mission is to deliver the right airline product and passenger experience that includes those memorable moments that help drive net promoter score and brand loyalty,” said Masson.

Acro Aircraft Seating brings INNOVARES seat to AIX 2024

Acro Aircraft Seating has introduced INNOVARES, a Premium Economy seat and the latest addition to the Acro product family. The seat has been shortlisted for the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) 2024 Crystal Cabin Awards.

“Since its unveiling at AIX 2023, our talented engineering team has been working hard to further refine INNOVARES’ design in response to invaluable customer feedback,” said Catherine Perry, Senior Marketing Manager at Acro Aircraft Seating. “With the positive improvements that have been implemented since then, Acro is confident that airlines will appreciate its generous recline, class-leading foot space and sleek, minimalist design.”

The INNOVARES seat’s footwell design prioritizes passenger comfort by maximizing space in Premium Economy on widebody aircraft. Acro Aircraft Seating will be exhibiting at booth 5D10 at AIX 2024 and invites attendees to see the INNOVARES seat firsthand.

6 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
SUPPLIER Panasonic’s Astrova IFE system in Economy Class Acro Aircraft Seating’s INNOVARES Premium Economy seat
mediaCenter 4.0 Cutting Edge Media Management Visit us at Booth 4C10 Book your meeting:

ANA introduces complimentary inflight Wi-Fi for Business Class

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has announced it will offer complimentary Wi-Fi for its Business Class passengers on international flights starting this summer. ANA’s Premium Economy and Economy Class passengers will also have access to complimentary texting with ANA’s Wi-Fi Service on international flights by the end of March 2025.

ANA Wi-Fi Service has been available on international flights since 2014, allowing passengers to access the internet, e-mail and social media platforms inflight. Since then, offerings have expanded to include complimentary Wi-Fi access on domestic flights and complimentary

Wi-Fi for First Class passengers on international routes.

“ANA is dedicated to continuously elevating our customer experience, and the additional Wi-Fi enhancements that will be utilized for personal or business purposes is the latest offering for our passengers,” said Tomoji Ishii, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience Management and Planning of ANA. “Our ongoing efforts to expand inflight services is to provide our customers with an even more enjoyable and connected experience onboard.”


Thales and Royal Air Maroc sign IFE repair agreement

Thales and Royal Air Maroc have signed an IFE Repair Maintenance Agreement for up to five years to support the airline’s 787 fleet.The agreement includes the setup of an in-house repair capability for internal purposes at Mohammed V Airport (CMN) in Casablanca.

“We began our partnership with Royal Air Maroc with their selection of Thales’ IFE equipment for the 787 fleet. This new agreement with a key player in the African market is a demonstration of the airline’s trust in Thales and recognizes the value of our maintenance support. We look forward to growing our partnership and to continue delivering our premium services,” said Bertrand Drugeon, General Manager Europe, Thales Aviation Global Services.

Thales will provide Royal Air Maroc with a repair and distribution network with locations in Europe, Middle

East, Asia Pacific and America. The primary repair shop serving the airline is located in Dubai, UAE.

8 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
ANA Wi-Fi Service keeps passengers connected inflight
Thales and Royal Air Maroc sign IFE repair agreement


In this guest column, Juraj Siska, IdeaNova Technologies Inc. Co-Founder, discusses the company’s view of artificial intelligence in aviation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its latest Large Language Models (LLM) are predicted to add more than US$4 trillion annually across all industries. It is estimated that 15 percent of all worker tasks can be done faster by AI. This increases to more than 50 percent when AI is incorporated into software and tooling.

Adoption is accelerating. Based on the McKinsey Global Institute’s June 2023 report The economic potential of generative AI: The next productivity frontier, it is expected that half of current activities will be automated by AI by 2045, about a decade earlier than McKinsey previously estimated in 2017.

IdeaNova’s adoption of AI began last year, using machine vision to timestamp movie credits to precisely place the “skip” button for passengers who want to move on to the next movie. This assists in the implementation of binge-watching functionality for TV or watching pre-selected content placed in the “watchlist.”

Now, we can analyze and depict distinct scenes to improve navigation through content. With our solution, we replace traditional time-based methods with content-based image sprites, with virtually no redundant images. This allows for better placement of ads to optimize the viewing experience. AI also assists us in the translation of subtitles, and we have started realtime translation of spoken audio.

Airlines can leverage this technology for automatic selection of personalized content. Operators can avoid using content deemed inappropriate or culturally insensitive. Security can be boosted using AI by automatically detecting forensic watermarks to quickly remove or flag pirated content.

We see a potential role for AI in software development. In aviationspecific cases it will have marginal utilization in IFE software. However, we can enhance the quality of our products by AI-assisted analysis of test data and processing massive amounts of logs received from passengers.

Our tools Inplay Packager and Inplay Player are taking advantage of AI and we will continue to look for opportunities how to help our customers with AI-assisted applications.

IdeaNova does not see companies developing foundational models, instead we will leverage existing AI models in designing applications required by airlines whether it is for better media recommendation for content curators or improved customer support. AI is here to stay and building aviation software without considering the benefits of AI would be short-sighted.

10 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
IdeaNova Technologies is leveraging AI to bring benefits to its airline customers
Juraj Siska, Co-Founder, IdeaNova Technologies Inc.

Ethical, sustainable and accessible

A closer look at Muirhead’s initiatives contributing to its Journey to Zero strategy and how the leather manufacturer is forging an ethical, sustainable and accessible future for aircraft interiors

Muirhead manufactures high performance, low carbon Scottish leather, and is doing so while being open about where its products come from and their environmental impact. The company recognizes the evolving awareness and demand from its customers to ensure products are ethical and minimize a company’s carbon footprint.

From farm to final cut

Muirhead prioritizes sustainability in its production process and is

transparent about its environmental impact. Currently, the company is working towards a carbon zero goal.

“As part of our Journey to Zero strategy, we aim to achieve a netzero carbon footprint on Scope 1 and 2 by 2025,” Myles Hobbs, Aviation Director EMEA & Americas, Muirhead, tells PAX Tech.

The company is committed to continuous research and development of innovative techniques, such as bio and plant-based chemistry systems, novel tanning systems,

alternative applications of collagen and the recycling of leather.

Muirhead also recently opened its new, £14 million (US$17.4 million)

“Super Tannery” after seven years of development. The facility is the result of the latest round of multi-millionpound investments by Scottish Leather Group in its facilities and forms part of the Group’s 20-year strategy.

“This innovative hide processing technology brings about a further change in our energy and water use,” Hobbs explains, citing an 82 percent reduction in energy use and 42 percent reduction in water use, compared to previous equipment.

Muirhead has also fully replaced its existing tanning chemistry with compostable technology, marking a significant step toward eliminat-

12 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
Muirhead’s FreeTAN with free FR technology

ing the use of fossil fuels, oil-based elements and heavy metals in its operations. The resulting product, FreeTAN® with free FR technology, is completely free from heavy metals, chrome and glutaraldehyde.

Hobbs also reveals that through a circular manufacturing process, the company has successfully reduced the carbon intensity of its hide by 90 percent over the last two decades. This allows Muirhead to create the world’s lowest carbon leather, with an environmental impact of just eight kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent per square metre.

The company either recycles or returns water to the same watershed without any environmental impact. In addition, he says that 100 percent of Muirhead’s electricity is sourced

from certified renewable sources.

A traceable and transparent supply chain further allows Muirhead to optimize its carbon footprint at all stages of the leather’s journey, “from farm to the final cut.”

Hobbs explains that to account for the carbon footprint of its products and avoid “greenwashing,” Muirhead uses the ISO-accredited Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). This technique measures various impacts, including the GWP100, and takes upstream farming influences into account.

Trends to watch

Design trends in the aviation industry are constantly evolving and as Debra Choong, Design Manager, Muirhead, tells PAX Tech, recent

trends are focused on sustainability.

“We have observed a notable shift toward more considered material application and more sustainable production processes,” Choong reveals.

“Particularly pertinent is the focus on what happens to end-of-life products. In the aviation sector, we’re witnessing discussions around biodegradability, as well as transitioning from laminated seat backs to separate sewn covers to facilitate easier dismantling and processing.”

Choong also reveals a trend towards embracing the material “imperfections” of organic materials such as genuine leather, particularly in the luxury segment.

“From a production perspective, this emerging trend has positive implications for sustainable manufacturing,” | PAX TECH | 13
Jamie O’Donnell, Designer, Muirhead

she says. “It improves yield and, therefore, enables more efficient material use—ultimately minimizing waste.”

Accessibility through seat covers

Something that is not a trend but a conscious move towards inclusivity is Muirhead’s initiative to make the aircraft cabin more accessible to neurodivergent passengers.

“We have recently unveiled our pioneering vision for neurodiversefriendly aircraft seat covers,” Jamie O’Donnell, Designer, Muirhead, tells PAX Tech. “Designed with neurodivergent adults in mind, the new ‘Sensation’ collection highlights the importance of seat cover design in fostering an inclusive onboard experience and seeks to inspire CMF designers as they envision the future of people-focused aircraft cabins.”

The collection provides neurodivergent people with comfort and a sense of security while enabling them to better regulate their emotions onboard.

“At Muirhead, we recognize that the inclusive cabin of the future must balance functionality with aesthetic appeal,” O’Donnell says. “The collection features a soothing monochromatic palette of greens, blues and neutrals to evoke a calming atmosphere.”

The seat covers make use of Muirhead’s digital printing capabilities and favour natural materials, demonstrating how textures and patterns can be used to create a multi-sensory experience and help passengers process their environment.

Forging an ecofriendly future

As Muirhead makes strides in sustainability and accessibility, the company remains committed to full supply chain transparency.

“From December 2024, the incoming Deforestation Regulation will require all leather manufacturers to demonstrate that their processes do not contribute to deforestation or forest degradation,” Hobbs says. “At Muirhead, we take pride in

delivering full supply chain transparency with 100 percent traceability and zero percent deforestation.”

Muirhead sources its supplies from close to home and is working with suppliers who are adopting regenerative farming practices via land restoration and agroforestry.

“Our commitment to traceability aligns with the Cattle Tracing Scheme, ensuring that our hides’ origin is meticulously accounted for,” Hobbs explains. “The U.K. and Ireland are among the highest-rated territories in the Animal Protection Index, with the U.K. credited for developing the globally recognized Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare.”

Muirhead’s adherence to rigorous standards and practices allows it to continue creating leather products that contribute to a more sustainable, transparent and ethically responsible supply chain.

“We are proud to play a role in this transformative journey towards a greener and more sustainable future,” Hobbs concludes.

14 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
Debra Choong, Design Manager, Muirhead Muirhead’s Sensation collection


What pairs best with interior? The finest atmosphere.


Upgrades my comfort and well-being

Main course Reduces my feeling of dryness so I can taste every note in every bite and sip


Reduces fatigue so I arrive better rested, refreshed and relaxed

Welcome onboard a transforming experience by upgrading your atmosphere with CTT Systems Humidifier Onboard


Diehl Aviation’s Guido van Geenen shares a preview of what to expect at the supplier’s AIX exhibit and the benefits of its smart cabin technology

Returning to the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg this month, Diehl Aviation can be found at booth 7D20, which is 40 percent larger than last year’s display, providing an extra 100 square meters for exhibits.

“We aim to take our visitors on a journey through time—from today to tomorrow and into the future,” Guido van Geenen, VP Corporate Communications, Diehl Aviation, tells PAX Tech. “Across different zones, we will showcase special product focuses, current innovations and future concepts.”

Imagining the future

Ahead of AIX, Diehl Aviation continues to inspire industry custom-

ers with its IMAGINE campaign.

“At Diehl Aviation, IMAGINE stands for the infinite human imagination and the synergetic process of its realization,” van Geenen explains. “In harmony with the ideas, needs and wishes of our customers today, we create intelligent technologies, products and services that open up impressive new possibilities for the future of flying.”

This philosophy led to the launch of the “IMAGINE – you inspire we create” campaign, which creates an open space for ideas, visions, developments and flashes of inspiration and imagination to appeal to Diehl Aviation’s customers.

Leveling up with smart cabin technology

Diehl Aviation’s smart cabin system, enabled by smart management tools, creates a seamless experience for the passengers, airline crew, MRO staff and caterers. Through the smart cabin technology, Diehl Aviation elevates the passenger

16 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
Guido van Geenen, VP Corporate Communications, Diehl Aviation Rendering of Future Cabin

experience during the preboarding process, and with seamless connectivity and entertainment – particularly onboard eVTOLs and small aircraft.

“The key to this new approach is connectivity,” van Geenen says. “At Diehl Aviation, the solution technology is called Cabin Area Network System and Services (CANSAS).”

The CANSAS modular system has the capacity for inflight data acquisition and onboard cloud-sync with airline operations on the ground. As van Geenen explains, it supports monitoring as well as predictive and preventive maintenance and logistics operations for the airline.

CANSAS can deploy and execute airline-specific applications with over-the-air updates that target all areas of operations, including maintenance, logistics, crew planning and turn-around or dispatch scheduling.

“The cost-saving potential [from] the availability of cabin-related data combined with cloud data analytics and optimized data-driven pro-

cesses has been demonstrated in numerous collaborative research projects,” van Geenen says.

The CANSAS is the second generation of cabin management solutions by Diehl Aviation; its predecessor is currently flying on all Embraer E2 aircraft. The latest generation CANSAS HPC (High Performance Controller) has been on experimental flights since 2019 and is set to enter service with its first airline partner this year.

A look at Future Cabin

At AIX 2024, the company will be demonstrating this with several impressive exhibits, including full-size cabins. There will be a focus on sustainability, demonstrated, for example, through the Future Cabin display.

In this cabin segment, Diehl Aviation will offer a look at the future of passenger cabins, displayed in a life-size model. The Future Cabin will highlight how bionic structures onboard contribute to weight reduction and the importance of a

Rendering of Future Cabin

circular economy, integrating considerations for material recyclability throughout the production process.

The Future Cabin will showcase displays, projections and lighting features to enhance passenger comfort. Visitors to the booth will also be able to learn about the potential integration of artificial intelligence through diverse scenarios at the Future Cabin.

“Diehl Aviation’s in-house industrial design department ensures the entire cabin is tailored to individual customer preferences,” says van Geenen, inviting Expo attendees to experience the features of the Future Cabin firsthand. The company will also showcase its Crystal Cabin Awards finalist products, the Wellbeing Zone together with Qantas, the ECO Bracket and the ECO Sidewall.

“Several promising airline retrofit use cases are available today and will be presented at the Diehl Aviation booth on this year’s AIX,” van Geenen says, adding, “Are you ready to smart-up your cabin?” | PAX TECH | 17
CANSAS, illustration of data flow Eco Bracket from Diehl Aviation

Tracking seating innovation

ABC International is displaying its seat track covers at AIX Hamburg by

ABC International specializes in cabin modification and revamping projects in a cost-effective way. That is why the company has engineered and certified seat track covers designed specifically for Embraer aircraft cabins. The company is set to showcase the product at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) Hamburg alongside more of its latest solutions and services.

The Italian DOA has manufactured its seat track covers through an extrusion process that uses a high-viscosity self-extinguishing and heat-stabilized PA12 compound for product reliability.

“Designed to cover aircraft seat tracks seamlessly, these covers offer a multitude of benefits that redefine cabin aesthetics and functionality at a very competitive price compared to the market standards,” Rodolfo Baldascino, Chief Commercial Officer at ABC International, tells PAX Tech.

The seat track covers are available in a dark grey colour, but can be customized in other colours upon the airline customer’s request. Delivered in a three-meter bar length (or shorter length as per customer request), they can be cut-to-size to meet a variety of needs for several aircraft.

“One of the standout features

of the seat track covers lies in their adaptability across different aircraft types and models,” Baldascino says. “Thanks to the innovative profile design and the use of premium raw materials, these covers facilitate quick and hassle-free installation onto seat tracks, eliminating any concerns of loosening over time.”

ABC International’s seat track covers are designed for easy installation that saves time and keeps maintenance costs down, improving overall operational efficiency for the airline.

The company will display its innovative seat track covers at Booth 6A79.

18 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
ABC International’s standard dark gray seat track covers Rodolfo Rodolfo Baldascino, Chief Commercial Officer, ABC International
Design underway by the team at ABC International

The Perfect Match

FORMA the fixed shell short haul Business Class and long haul Premium+ Class seat, together with ELEMENTO the ultimate long haul Economy Class seat, designed to enhance comfort and ergonomics, whilst optimizing space and limiting weight

Product reveals and green deals

The Bucher Group provides insight into its product lineup at AIX 2024 and its focus on sustainability by extending the life of cabin interiors

The Bucher Group has a fresh lineup of products ready to be showcased in its newly designed booth in Hamburg this month. The highlight of the presentation will be a single-aisle aircraft fuselage featuring various Bucher products tailored for this market segment.

The range of products on display will include the 16G Bionic Partition Wall, recognized as the lightest of its kind, and the market-ready SkyBassinet, which recently underwent refinements. The focus for The Bucher Group at this year’s Expo is on a fully custom-

ized self-service counter, developed for long-haul flights in single-aisle aircraft. The bespoke design underscores Bucher’s proficiency in addressing individual customer requirements, the company tells PAX Tech.

Bucher’s product lineup at AIX will also feature a Class Divider to deliver enhanced privacy to passengers in premium cabin classes. The company will also be presenting enhancements to its proven ATS Stretcher for patient transportation, including an Oxygen Medical Unit with single support, in collaboration with its partner,

Aircraft Completion Engineering.

Also on display at Bucher’s booth will be a twin-aisle aircraft centre galley with integrated Roller Blind and branding elements.

“Bucher is proud to unveil the Bucher Roller Blind, a product that merges Swiss technology with innovative design, showcased for the first time within a galley unit,” the company says. “This tailor-made galley will be presented with a range of sophisticated features, including a distinctive branding element.”

20 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
Visit Bucher Leichtbau AG at booth 5D60 at AIX 2024

The Bucher Group’s galley will be on display at AIX 2024

Reveals on the horizon

Following a year of successful approvals, The Bucher Group’s ARCTICart™ is taking to the sky on test flights with multiple airlines.

“Could the reveal of a launch customer be on the horizon? Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement that promises to captivate and intrigue,” Bucher teases.

At AIX, visitors to Bucher’s booth will have the opportunity to experience the half and full size versions of theARCTICart, the first inflight service cart with high-performing thermal insulation.

“Our carts meet the ATLAS standard requirements on the inside and outside and have already received FAA´s TSO Authorization,” the company says.

Bucher will also be displaying the “Olympia” table, a premium swing-up food tray table. This compact table mechanism is ideal for applications inside the armrest or inside consoles. It includes high-end features, which are characteristic of Bucher’s VIP tables such as forceassisted motion, fall-back prevention or integrated latch.

Sustainable solutions

All of Bucher’s products, solutions and innovations are based on its guiding principle of sustainable solutions. The company continues to develop and produce lighter and more reliable products that help airlines reduce carbon emissions during operations. These products have a long lifecycle due to the aluminum construction and the ability to exchange parts easily.

“This ensures that airlines are able to reduce the carbon footprint by minimizing waste and extending the life of the cabin interiors,” Bucher says.

The Bucher Group invites AIX attendees to see these innovative products for themselves and engage in discussions with the company’s specialists at booth 5D60 in hall B5.

TRAVEL CATERING & COMFORT SERVICES | PAX TECH | 21 CONTACT Messe Berlin GmbH Erik Schaefer Messedamm 22 · 14055 Berlin Germany T +49 30 3038 2034


Cabin air quality contributes to the comfort and well-being of passengers and crew alike inflight. Ola Häggfeldt of CTT Systems tells PAX Tech how the company is helping protect against the hostile environment encountered at cruising altitudes

air outdoors, the conversation has moved indoors, and to spaces like the aircraft cabin, where, at 10,000 meters the air becomes extremely dry, an issue exacerbated by the fact air in the cabin is typically refreshed every two minutes, quickly dehydrating people.

This can cause a variety of problems such as dry eyes and respiratory obstructions.

In 2022, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution declaring access to a healthy environment a universal human right. Reacting to the historic move, SooYoung Hwang, a Legal Officer with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) commented that “the right to breathe clean air is an integral component of the right to a healthy environment.”

While the resolution targets the

Speaking to PAX Tech, Ola Häggfeldt, Chief Commercial Officer of CTT Systems, explains that cabin humidity comes mainly from the passengers’ personal evaporation, which is about 70 grams per hour. It is a simple equation—the less people there are, the dryer the cabin. That is why First Class and the flight deck can feel like a desert environment, while those in Economy have the best air onboard, he says.

But help is at hand to ensure the whole aircraft benefits from good air quality.

CTT Systems’ Humidifier Onboard, Pure Air, has an active carbon filter that reduces zone and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) —bleed air gases— and eliminates fumes such as exhaust, fuel and de-icing fumes. The result, says Häggfeldt, is that air delivered to the passenger cabin is humidified and filtered to ground-like conditions.

This creates a better working environment for pilots and crew, who can avoid fatigue and a reduced immunity. Ultimately, better health leads to less sick leave for cabin crew. Passengers will also feel better overall, hydrated and rested.

Humidifier Onboard is available as supplier-furnished equipment (SFE) for 787 and 777X aircraft as well as A350 models. It is available as a retrofit option on all aircraft. Retrofitting is easy as installation occurs below the floor of the cargo bay in the triangle area and starts working immediately.

According to Häggfeldt, there are currently more than 60 airlines using Humidifier Onboard for the flight deck and crew rest on 787 and A350 aircraft. Additionally, eight full-service carriers have selected the solution for the passenger cabin, including Air India, China Southern, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, with future deployments set for ANA, Emirates and Qantas

22 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
Air India has recently installed Humidifier Onboard to its A350-900 Business Class cabins
Ola Häggfeldt, CCO of CTT Systems CTT Systems’ Humidifier Onboard


Geven’s Gianluigi Mormile highlights the latest seatback IFE integrations for Icelandair and Discover Airlines and teases what is ahead at AIX

Geven SpA has revealed several exciting partnerships and products so far this year, and it is not finished just yet. PAX Tech spoke with Gianluigi Mormile, Sales Manager at Geven, about the company’s partnership with Icelandair, the integration of AERQ’s AERENA system in the Essenza seat and what to expect from Geven’s booth at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) this month. Mormile was happy to hint at the innovative and sustainable solutions that attendees can expect to see more of from Geven, this year and beyond.

Integration, innovation

So far this year, Geven has unveiled the delivery of its seating solutions

with integrated IFE systems for Icelandair and Discover Airlines

The lightweight Essenza seat is now flying on Discover Airlines with AERQ’s AERENA IFE system.

Following the Essenza’s successful integration across Lufthansa Group’s A320 fleet, on airlines such as Eurowings, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines and SWISS, Essenza is set to take the travel experience to new heights on Discover Airlines.

“We are revolutionizing the flying experience by bringing luxury to every seat, even in Economy Class,” explains Mormile. “That is precisely what is happening as Essenza takes flight with Discover Airlines.”

Mormile says the airline is

24 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
Gianluigi Mormile, Sales Manager, Geven
Geven’s Essenza seat featuring the integrated AERENA IFE seatback system from AERQ

breaking new ground by introducing 14-inch screens in Economy Class for medium-haul flights.

“This game-changing decision required dedicated design efforts to seamlessly integrate the larger screens while preserving Essenza’s iconic style,” he reveals.

Icelandair will be receiving its first batch of new A320 aircraft, outfitted with seating from Geven by June of this year. Geven and Icelandair are collaborating to create a refreshed look and style for the cabin. Both the Business and Economy Class seats will be equipped with the Astrova IFE system from Panasonic Avionics, offering a range of entertainment options inflight.

“These aircraft feature a fresh seat concept and style, designed to enhance your flying experience,” Mormile says.

“We will be revealing more details in the upcoming months, so stay tuned. Prepare yourself for an amazing journey with Icelandair and Geven.”

Sustainability at the forefront for AIX

“We will bring our product range, spanning from regional to widebody aircraft, covering Economy, Premium and Business Class,” Mormile says of Geven attending AIX in Hamburg this May.

The company will feature its latest innovations at the event, along with the theme of sustainability, with recyclable and lighter sustainable materials in its products.

Alongside the sustainability theme, Geven will be highlighting its Forma and ELEMENTO seats,

now in the process of being delivered to numerous airlines on A320, A330, A350 and 777 aircraft.

The Forma is part of Geven’s next-generation seating family, the “big sister” to the MATERIA seat. A fixed-shell Premium Plus Economy Class seat for wide-body aircraft, it doubles as a Business Class seat on narrow bodies. The ELEMENTO is an enhanced comfort long-haul Economy Class seat, featuring the patented Wave system cradle.

“We will showcase the results of our ongoing research and development efforts focused on sustainability, comfort, and weight reduction. These are innovations that airlines will discover by visiting our booth,” Mormile concludes. “We look forward to seeing you at AIX 2024.” | PAX TECH | 25
Geven’s ELEMENTO seat


LSEAT CEO Yves Hendrickx reveals the process of transforming the standard Economy Class seat from the conception of the LSEAT mechanism to certification and soon, take off

Yves Hendrickx, LSEAT ’s CEO, tells PAX Tech that the idea for the LSEAT Economy kit came about from his own desire to travel more comfortably and get a good night’s sleep in a standard Economy cabin.

“Travelling, often long distances, in Economy Class and Premium Economy on trips for years, I realized there was room for my legs below the seat in front of me, but I could not access it because of the seat shape,” Hendrickx

explains. “I was still not able to find a comfortable position to sleep.”

He adds that in his experience, sleeping inflight is one of the only ways to overcome jet lag, emphasizing the importance of quality sleep. Hendrickx found himself wondering how he could convert the chair-type seat that has been associated with commercial aviation for years to a laydown mode without paying the cost of a Business Class ticket.

This is how LSEAT was born.

26 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
Yves Hendrickx, CEO, LSEAT
Passengers experiencing a laydown seat in Economy Class with LSEAT

Revolutionizing the Economy experience

“We had to find an applicable way for any Economy seat type and manufacturer,” Hendrickx explains. “Should they offer an innovative sleep mode, they must be able to deliver this service on any of their aircraft flying the announced route.”

Prior to LSEAT’s Economy kit, the solution to creating more leg room in Economy Class was to extend seat pitch, which Hendrickx says increases the airline seat cost but adds no related real comfort.

“The only possible solution appeared to be [inserting] a retrofit kit between seat cushions and seat structures,” he reveals. This presented the challenge of obtaining the necessary certification for the mechanisms to fly.

“That is the regulatory jungle where

it was hard to find the way to get through,” Hendrickx continues. “It had to be a single innovation applicable throughout. It ended up as LSEAT.” It took Hendrickx two and a half years to find the right combination of materials and design components applicable to almost all seats, but today, the widely patent protected LSEAT solution is getting ready to take flight.

Take a seat at AIX

The concept behind LSEAT is that Economy Class seating can become significantly more comfortable when a passenger can lie down and get a proper sleep on long journeys, combatting jet lag.

With LSEAT, the passenger density per floor surface does not change because the row pitch remains the same. The airline cost per passenger

is unchanged, but Hendrickx says the opportunity to raise the ticket price for a good sleep is a high money maker, on full-service and low cost carriers alike. He adds that the investment in the LSEAT Economy kit pays for itself in less than two months when ticket prices are increased on these seats.

LSEAT is exhibiting at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) and can be found at stand 6E80 where its minor modkit will be on display. Airline representatives can test the additional LSEAT comfort and compare sitting in a chair-style airline seat with and without LSEAT.

“We wish visiting airlines to have the opportunity to initiate and evaluate tools to make decisions adapted to the operational environment,” Hendrickx concludes. | PAX TECH | 27
The LSEAT Economy kit in action

Drop-in for mood lighting

IFPL Group will be exhibiting at AIX 2024, showcasing its Cobalt Spectrum drop-in mood lighting in a mock-up aircraft cabin

IFPL Group will be highlighting a range of products at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), including its Cobalt Spectrum drop-in mood lighting system which has been taken onboard multiple airlines so far this year, including BermudAir, Electra Airways and WAMOS Air

Dan Rust, Head of Design, IFPL Group, tells PAX Tech that the company is most looking forward to the industry connections and innovation insights the show delivers.

“AIX provides us a great opportunity to connect with customers old and new and showcase our latest innovations,” he says. “It allows us to gain insight into the emerging trends and developments which will shape the future of aircraft cabin interiors.”

Lighting up the cabin

AIX is a must-attend industry event for everything related to aircraft cabin interiors. As Rust explains, “It

attracts people from all over the world and gives us the best opportunity to showcase our portfolio of products.”

This year, attendees can find IFPL Group at Stand 4B20 at the entrance to Hall 4, between the two escalators. The company will have an aircraft cabin mock-up at the booth for visitors to test out and experience Cobalt Spectrum’s cabin lighting for themselves.

“It gives us the unique opportunity of being able to demonstrate a number of our innovative products in situ,” Rust explains about the mock-up cabin.

“Having our Cobalt Spectrum lighting in a cabin environment allows customers to experience the lighting, its vibrancy and transitions in real-time.”

Power, audio and more

The star of the show is IFPL Group’s drop-in LED mood lighting system. Cobalt Spectrum is a lightweight, low power consumption, wirelessly controlled, easy-install cabin lighting

system with a Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) more than 750,000 hours. But that is not all visitors to the company’s booth can experience at AIX this May.

Rust explains that IFPL Group believes simple and intuitive design is the key to designing reliable solutions that elevate the passenger experience. As such, the group will be showcasing a broad range of in-seat solutions.

“From Bluetooth® connectivity to power systems and audio, our products are designed to deliver an outstanding travel experience for passengers whilst making life easier for operators,” Rust emphasizes.

28 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
Cobalt Spectrum setting the mood




From onboard caterers to connectivity and all the latest in aircraft cabins, the PAX Readership Awards will once again recognize those in the industry that go above and beyond.

The award winners will be announced on Wednesday May 29, 2024 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Hamburg.

Award winners will be featured in a special spread, as well as in our e-Newsletter.


Where in-seat power is concerned, IFPL Group will highlight its range of solutions including a combination of USB-A and USB-C units and reversible outlets that eliminate the frustration of trying to plug a USB in the right way.

To support inflight entertainment systems, IFPL Group offers industry-leading audio jacks designed to deliver quality sound to passengers whilst protecting the airline’s inflight entertainment investment.

“Our long-life audio jack includes Bluetooth connectivity,” Rust explains.

“With an optimized low latency signal and no moving parts, the Bluetooth Audio Jack allows passengers the freedom to choose between pairing wirelessly or using a wired headset.”

Safety features for aircraft interiors are also part of IFPL Group’s repertoire. As such, the company will showcase its new photoluminescent floor path marking system at this year’s AIX.

Rust says the system, “uses a completely new method of manufacturing that allows us to pass huge savings on to our customers.”

Unveiling news and products in Hamburg

“We will be launching a retrofit friendly ISPS kit that uses peerto-peer wireless communication to manage aircraft power,” explains Rust ahead of the Expo.

The kit will enable every seat on the aircraft to offer 60-watt USC-PD. Additionally, IFPL Group’s existing cartridge technology will ensure that passenger-induced damage can be quickly and easily rectified; airlines will only have to swap out a low-cost USB cartridge unit.

“Fully re-configurable via over-theair updates, the system can be changed to suit airline demands and if required, integrate fully with CMS,” Rust continues. “USB cartridges can be switched seamlessly from A to C at any time.”

IFPL Group will return to Cabin Space Live this year, on a panel discussing how airlines can achieve the ultimate ambiance and well-being for passengers.

30 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
IFPL Group’s USB-A and USB-C Combination Unit Cobalt Spectrum illuminating the Economy cabin on Electra Airways


Linstol introduces the next generation of headsets with streamlined headband and enlarged ear cups for the ultimate in-flight audio experience.

Join us at WTCE Booth 4E30 for your personal tour.



Don Buchman highlights Viasat’s recent connectivity partnerships and how they are shaping the inflight experience for passengers

Viasat has announced several new and expanded partnerships so far this year, with more and more airlines looking to integrate inflight connectivity (IFC) solutions to meet growing passenger demand. PAX Tech spoke to Don Buchman, VP & GM, Commercial Aviation, Viasat, about how the dynamic between IFC and inflight entertainment is evolving and where airlines are focusing their resources to enhance the passenger experience.

Leveraging connectivity

“We view connectivity as a conduit for entertainment, and, increasingly, airlines have certainly recognized this too,” Buchman says, noting that

many travellers bring their own content and devices onboard.

He points to the results of Viasat’s 2023 Passenger Experience Survey, which found that 83 percent of passengers would rebook with an airline offering quality Wi-Fi while 81 percent said Wi-Fi was important to their onboard experience.

The same survey found that 47 percent of passengers want unlimited social media access in the skies.

“Like in our living rooms, the ability to provide high-quality streaming unlocks a lot of possibilities for airlines and passengers,” Buchman explains.

Viasat has announced agreements with several airlines in recent months, all of which plan to leverage connec-

32 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
Don Buchman, VP & GM, Commercial Aviation, Viasat
Passengers using PEDs inflight

tivity so that passengers can access streaming options on their Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) inflight. These airlines include Qantas, Icelandair, Royal Jordanian and Korean Air Lufthansa Group has also selected EAN from Viasat for Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines.

Viasat inflight

Viasat was selected by Royal Jordanian for multiple fleets in March. The company’s connectivity service will provide passengers with a highquality online experience inflight, delivering access to fast internet speeds, entertainment streaming and real-time digital communications.

Since Viasat has seen positive responses to its existing connectivity

services, many of its airline customers are now choosing to expand or introduce the company’s connectivity services to additional fleets.

This is the case for Icelandair, who recently selected Viasat’s IFC solution for its Airbus fleet, following the success of its connectivity onboard the 737 MAX fleet.

“We’re excited to take our learnings and apply them to the service on the new fleet,” Buchman explains. “While providing fast inflight connectivity across popular flight corridors and busy airport hubs, Viasat will employ a combination of high throughput satellite capacity and the ability to flex that capacity, to meet demand where it peaks and is most concentrated.”

This partnership will allow Viasat

and Icelandair to provide a consistently high-speed inflight Wi-Fi experience, even during times of intense demand.

Qantas also saw an extremely positive response to its domestic Viasat IFC solution, leading to its selection of Viasat’s IFC for international routes in March.

“Qantas has an incredible story regarding passenger engagement with Wi-Fi,” Buchman reveals. “The speed and reliability of Qantas’ domestic Wi-Fi service has driven average take-up rates to 75 percent, with some flights having [uptake] rates of more than 100 percent.”

Cultivating global connections

As Viasat gears up for Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), Buchman says, “We always prioritize our customers and providing the best service so they can accomplish their goals, so that will always be a cornerstone of our efforts this year and beyond.”

Viasat continues to focus on adding satellite capacity and coverage to support the expansion of the inflight Wi-Fi market globally, including regions that previously did not have a high penetration of IFC where passenger demand is growing.

Buchman emphasizes that Viasat has an established process for supporting airlines’ implementation of connectivity services, adhering to their specific visions of success, whether that is purely the delivery of IFC solutions or supporting the airline’s entertainment offerings through enhanced connectivity.

“An exciting change just beginning to take hold is the convergence of the seatback screen and connectivity,” Buchman concludes. “At Viasat, we have expected this, and are seeing the first real use cases that are bringing meaningful value to airlines, passengers and travel partners. It is early innings, and we are excited to be a vital part of this next innovation wave.” | PAX TECH | 33
Viasat’s IFC solution will take to the skies on Royal Jordanian Korean Air selected Viasat’s IFC solution for its 787 fleet

Staying in touch

André Valera of Touch Inflight Solutions tells PAX Tech how the company is taking a datadriven approach to the IFE experience

Staying in touch with what passengers are craving requires a data-driven approach, especially as travellers increasingly expect an inflight entertainment experience that mirrors the comfort and quality of their own homes.

PAX Tech spoke with André Valera, Vice President of Business Development, about how Touch Inflight Solutions is using its inflight entertainment solutions to deliver bespoke entertainment to target demographics and what visitors to the company’s booth at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) can expect to see.

Curating the IFE experience

In 2023, Touch Inflight Solutions announced its partnership with Aeromexico, a collaboration that focuses on delivering “culturally relevant”

content to the airline. Valera says that tailoring the content to the passenger demographic is a critical aspect of the partnership with Mexico’s flag carrier.

“Given the country’s rich and vibrant cultural heritage, providing culturally relevant content experiences is paramount,” Valera explains. “It ensures that inflight entertainment resonates not only with the collective cultural identity but also with individual passenger preferences.”

This level of specificity allows the airline to deepen its connection with passengers to create a memorable travel experience. According to Valera, it is part of a strategy to enhance passenger satisfaction and solidify Aeromexico’s brand identity as an airline that appreciates and honours Mexico’s cultural contributions. He adds that curating content specifically

for an airline’s passenger demographic elevates the passenger experience.

By ensuring the content delivered via an airline’s IFE system is relevant, engaging and resonates with the passengers’ cultural interests and preferences, the airline can increase passenger satisfaction and loyalty.

To guide the content curation for Aeromexico, Valera says that the partnership incorporates, “robust viewership analytics as a core strategy.”

Touch and Aeromexico will take a data-driven approach to deliver tailored programming that evolves with passenger preferences.

“Strategic content alignment such as this is a significant factor

34 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
Aeromexico and Touch Inflight Solutions are partnering to deliver curated content to passengers André Valera, Vice President of Business Development, Touch Inflight Solutions

in fostering passenger loyalty, as it clearly demonstrates Aeromexico’s commitment to celebrating and reflecting the unique cultural identity of its passengers,” says Valera.

Delivering cloudbased content

ABOVE is Touch’s scalable cloudbased platform for IFE delivery. Valera explains that it can help airlines improve cost efficiency by adjusting the content offerings within the existing infrastructure. This offers a contrast to physical facilities, hardware and on-premise software that require significant capital, human resources and maintenance outlays

– the “legacy” media distribution.

“ABOVE brings cost advantages by automating the content supply chain, minimizing manual processing and the associated costs and errors,” Valera adds. “Centralized and 100 percent cloud-based quality control reduces rework, while automated processing and digital delivery eliminates the expenses related to legacy media distribution.”

Valera says visitors to booth 4C10 can expect to see how Touch Media Center’s (TMC) latest enhancements streamline operational processes for airlines and aid in curating bespoke inflight experiences. Highlights of the latest TMC

updates include an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies content curation and IFE program management, giving airlines full visibility and control over IFE. The latest iteration of the system also features a robust analytics dashboard that delivers actionable insights about passenger preferences and content performance.

“The latest version of TMC will demonstrate a suite of new features and integrations,” he concludes. “TMC now facilitates more efficient workflows for content proposals, modification and approvals, and a completely redesigned and amazing user interface allowing airlines to respond swiftly to the evolving entertainment landscape.” | PAX TECH | 35
Touch Inflight Solutions is exhibiting at AIX 2024


From customizable headsets to a zero-landfill mission, Linstol CEO

Mark Russell shares a behind-the-scenes journey of crafting innovative aviation accessories

Linstol prides itself on producing industry leading headsets and earbuds with customizable designs at a competitive price that provide a high-quality IFE experience for passengers. PAX Tech spoke to CEO Mark Russell about how improving comfort and acoustics will lessen listening fatigue and level up the passenger experience.

Currently, Linstol has more than 30 fully customizable designs on offer to clients. New products can be “unique to a specific client both acoustically and visually,” Russell says. In 2024, Linstol will be unveiling several new headset brands it has added to elevate its offering for premium cabins.

The headsets and earbuds are flying on more than 55 global airlines: Air New Zealand, ANA, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Etihad and many more.

The design team works collaboratively to bring new products to life. Russell explains that the process starts

“as either a need to solve a technical issue for a customer or as a design idea that gets transformed into a conceptual drawing.” The team prints 3D versions of ideas and from there products “are literally sculpted and adjusted to create a finished conceptual model.”

Next, the product is taken to the R&D team to develop handmade samples for design review. The acoustic specialist comes in after that to optimize the sound quality of the product and, finally, the team begins to stress test the product to confirm it is “exceptional sounding” and will “hold up well to the unique environments of our industry.”

Linstol works with Meridian Audio and the Engineered by Meridian (EBM) division to drive improvement in audio performance. “By constantly challenging convention they help us enrich the customer’s onboard experience,” Russell says.

Last year Linstol produced more than 200 million earbuds and headsets

for airlines. The packaging includes paper, wraps for Business Class and Economy Class headsets and multi-use solutions that encourage the passenger to reuse. This approach helps Linstol and its partners lessen plastic waste.

Working toward a “zero-landfill” goal is important to the company, Russell says. Collaborations with companies such as recently acquired MNH Sustainable Cabin Services help Linstol reach that goal. Linstol also recently introduced a relationship with The Plastic Bank that aims to incorporate recycled plastics captured from ocean-bound waste streams into new headsets.

36 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
Linstol headsets and earbuds fly on more than 55 global airlines
Mark Russell, CEO, Linstol

11-13 JUNE 2024 | THE DUBLIN RDS

Top speakers confirmed for the co-located FTE EMEA and FTE Ancillary & Retailing events in

Engagement beyond entertainment

Panasonic Avionics’ John Wade tells PAX Tech how the company is expanding its connectivity network to better engage passengers

Panasonic Avionics’ inflight connectivity services are powered by its global network of high-speed, high-bandwidth satellites and have been selected for IFC services by more than 70 global airlines.

PAX Tech spoke with John Wade, Vice President, Connectivity, Panasonic Avionics, about the company’s recently enhanced GEO network, strong relationship with Ku satellite operators and the introduction of LEO satellites for high speed, low latency performance.

Facilitating passenger connection

With more than 70 airlines already using Panasonic’s Ku-band satellite for inflight Wi-Fi, Wade says the data shows that consistency is key to passenger satisfaction with IFC.

“It’s more important to have a reliable connection than one that worked great for a while, but then

disappeared for the remainder of the flight,” he explains. “Our vision is that once you step on an aircraft, you get high speed and low latency performance and a consistent experience throughout your flight.”

It is the consistency, driven by low latency, that excites Wade about the introduction of LEO satellites into Panasonic’s network.

“The low latency of LEO is considered a step change for inflight connectivity because it is less than 100 milliseconds. At that level of responsiveness and speed, we can now unlock new passenger experiences,” he explains.

These experiences enhance the level of engagement for passengers through new entertainment avenues such as enterprise applications, live gameplay, video conferencing, VoIP communication and more.

“The airlines that we have engaged since we announced the addition of LEO into our network are excited by the performance advantages these

satellites bring, and I’ve had several discussions with executives at airlines who now realize that latency is the real game changer,” Wade reveals.

The movement toward offering inflight Wi-Fi is one that Wade says all airlines must join, or risk losing passengers.

To connect with more airlines at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Panasonic Avionics will be exhibiting a full suite of solutions.

“We will be combining our inflight systems, connectivity services, digital solutions and technical services into demonstrations that enable our company vision of engagement beyond entertainment,” Wade says.

38 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
John Wade, Vice President, Connectivity, Panasonic Avionics Panasonic Astrova in Business Class


 RISE Power – Burrana: Burrana’s RISE Power solution is flying on more than 200 aircraft worldwide. It offers 15-watt charging via USB-A and 60-watt via USB-C ports, smart load balancing for equitable device charging, and a collection of usage and maintenance data to operate the system at peak performance. The 48VDC architecture allows flexibility to mix and match 15-watt, 60-watt and 110-volt power across seat zones.

Booth: 4D42.

 Vantage Seating Range – Thompson Aero Seating: The growing Vantage premium seating range will be on display in Hamburg this year. The innovative seating ranges for Airbus and Boeing single- and twin-aisle aircraft provide people-centric solutions to maximize passenger comfort, privacy and personal space, optimizing passenger living space in forward-facing and angled configurations.

Booth: 7B01, 7B04, 7A02.

 Unum One – Unum Aircraft Seating: Unum Aircraft Seating is showcasing its lie-flat seat families for widebody and single-aisle aircraft, featuring the patented Scimitar seat mechanism that offers infinite adjustability and a zero gravity position. Also on display is Unum One, incorporating the latest passenger experience enhancements, and demonstrating the comfort, refinement and finesse delivered by Unum’s elegant design simplicity.

Booth: 6B30.

40 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024

 INNOVARES – Acro Aircraft Seating: The INNOVARES Premium Economy seat features a generous recline, an innovative footwell design and a minimalist aesthetic. The design addresses the limited space for passengers travelling in Premium Economy on widebody aircraft, typically caused by obstruction due to seat frame legs. Acro’s structural solution in the INNOVARES delivers a car-style footwell for all aircraft types. Booth: 5D10.

 AV Bio by Ultrafabrics –Tapis Corporation: The AV Bio product blends renewable plant-based materials into a multi-layer construction. It remains durable and easy to maintain, but the design minimizes reliance on finite resources. The material’s matte surface has an organic texture and is available in a variety of natural colours. It can be built into 9-Series Ultraleather for vertical surfaces, Promessa AV and other collections to meet an airline’s specific needs. Booth: 7C20.

 GeniusPOWER Core – KID-Systeme GmbH: Listed in the Airbus BFE Catalogue as a Potential Future Product as a future option for the A320 fleet, this product maximizes efficiency by delivering 60 watts per port to passengers while being lightweight. The system consists of a power converter, master control unit and flexible USD outlets (Genius PORTS). Booth: 2B30. | PAX TECH | 41

The future of cabin interiors at AIX 2024

The Aircraft Interiors Expo returns to Hamburg with the Passenger Experience Conference kicking things off a day prior by ROBYNNE TRUEMAN

The Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg is here, with global industry leaders gathering for three days of networking, exhibitions and presentations from May 28 to 30 at the Hamburg Messe.

AIX 2024 will welcome more than 40 first-time exhibitors. Notable names joining the IFEC Zone this year include WeSky and Hanwha Phasor.

AIX organizers tell PAX Tech there is a con-tinued emphasis on sustainability. As such, PETER/LACKE GmbH, a sustainable raw material coatings provider, and Rosen Aviation, a lightweight carbon fibre OLED display manufacturer, are also exhibiting for the first time.

The highly anticipated Passenger Experience Conference will return to the Hamburg Messe on May 27, starting the festivities before AIX officially opens.

Once AIX kicks off on the 28th,

the dedicated seminar, CabinSpace Live, will touch on key topics including, “Connectivity: Perfect partnerships” and “New era: The fascinating future of the air-craft cabin.”

A focus on business recovery

“AIX significantly contributes to the recovery of the aviation and aviation interiors industry by providing a platform for collaboration between airlines, designers, engineers, specifiers, manu-facturers and the global supply chain,” AIX organizers tell PAX Tech. Since the pandemic, the event has seen attendance steadily increase, with a nearly 59 percent increase in 2023 from the previous year.

Shaping future cabins

This year, AIX will feature a dedicated IFEC Zone, hosting more than 50

exhibitors who are showcasing the latest in aircraft interior innovation.

“At AIX, we recognize the fastgrowing IFEC market’s potential to iteratively revolutionize the passenger experience. That’s why we are keen to bring together the brightest minds from airlines, suppliers, and innovators to shape the cabin of the future,” says Polly Magraw, Event Director, Aircraft Interiors Expo. “From cutting-edge IFC solutions to personalized entertainment systems, AIX 2024 will offer a comprehensive look at the latest technologies to unlock a truly connected inflight journey. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone.”

42 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
On the show floor at AIX 2023
Polly Magraw, Event Director, Aircraft Interiors Expo

Convert any Economy seat with sleep mode maintaining existing seat, cabin and certification integrity.

LSEAT ENGINEERING srl +32 473 987 988
booth 6E80/B

PAX Readership Awards return to Hamburg

The 2024 PAX Readership Awards return to Hamburg on May 29, with sponsors including RMT Global Partners, Procurall Solutions and White Glo House

The most prestigious travel industry awards of the year are taking place in Hamburg this week. The PAX International and PAX Tech Readership Awards recognize achievements across the aviation industry, voted on by the loyal readership of the leading industry magazines PAX International and PAX Tech.

“The PAX Readership Awards represent an opportunity to gather and celebrate the hard work of this industry. From catering to technology to amenities, the Awards applaud the innovations that continuously work to enhance the passenger journey,” says Aijaz Khan, Publisher, PAX International and PAX Tech. “We are so grateful to our loyal readership for voting and to all our supporters. We look forward to celebrating with you in Hamburg!”

“We are so grateful for and proud of our readership and supporters who enable us to improve each year as the leading voice of news for this dynamic industry,” adds Jane Hobson, Managing Editor.

The ceremony will take place on May 29 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in

Hamburg by invite-only, bringing the nominees, award winners and select industry members together for a night of celebration and recognition. The awards ceremony is sponsored by RMT Global Partners, Procurall Solutions and White Glo House, among others.

Robynne Trueman, PAX Tech Business Editor says, “The Awards Ceremony is the perfect time to get better acquainted with colleagues, discuss potential collaboration and of course celebrate achievements. I’m very excited for this year’s big event!”

This year sees the return of amenities awards, including Best First Class Amenity Kit, Best Business

Class Amenity Kit, Best Economy Class Amenity Kit and Best Children’s Amenity Kit. Expanded tech and airline categories include:

• Outstanding food service by a carrier

• Airline Caterer of the Year

• Best Inflight Duty Free Program

• Best IFE and Connectivity

• Best Cabin Interior Passenger Experience

• Best Cabin Innovation

• Best Seating

• Best Lounges

• Best Cabin Crew in Asia

• Most Improved Airline in Asia

44 | PAX TECH | MAY 2024
dnata wins at the PAX Readership Awards in 2023 Emirates wins at the last year’s PAX Readership Awards Air Canada wins at the PAX Readership Awards in 2023


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Share key insights, learnings and experiences from your sector in the PAX Panel: All episodes available online

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Head over heels for Hamburg

With the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) returning to the Hamburg Messe this week, attendees have the chance to get out and explore the vibrant port city of Hamburg, from the charm of the boats lining Inner Alster Lake to the attractions of the historic Altstadt (old town)

CHOCOVERSUMMuseu de Chocolate

Calling all chocolate lovers— this is the best way to spend some free time in Hamburg! Explore this interactive museum to learn about chocolate making and do some tastings.

A taste of Bavaria in Hamburg

Although the Bavarian tradition of Oktoberfest originated much further south, a taste of the celebration comes to Hamburg every September and October.

Michelin star dining

Hamburg is thriving as a foodie destination, with 13 Michelin-starred restaurants across the city. Three new restaurants joined the ranks last month: French restaurants “Atlantic Restaurant” and the “Petit Amour,” along with north German restaurant, “The Lisbeth.”

St. Pauli Piers

Visit the St. Pauli Piers, the largest landing site in the Port of Hamburg. This is a significant tourist attraction and a beautiful spot to admire the Elbe River.

Indulge in traditional German cuisine

Delight in some of Germany’s signature dishes while in Hamburg, such as Franzbrötchen (French rolls, allegedly influenced by Napoleon’s troops), Currywurst

Planten un


Just a short stroll from the city centre, Planten un Blomen (meaning “Plants and Flowers”) is an idyllic park true to its name. Stroll among the Mediterranean fig trees or relax at the park’s Japanese teahouse!


Imagine the future of our planet.

With our eco-e cient innovations, we want to contribute to the industry goal of carbon-neutral flying. In this way, our customers benefit from ecological, social and economic aspects based on a shared responsible partnership.

WHERE CABIN CONCEPTS TAKE OFF Aircraft Interiors Expo is the definitive marketplace where everyone involved in developing cabin interiors needs to be. 28 30 MAY 2024 Co-located with: 27 MA Y 2024 In co-operation with: Visit us at: 28 - 30 MAY 2024
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