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Not so minor details

In the dynamic world of commercial aviation, where passenger satisfaction is paramount, amenity kits and comfort products serve as crucial components in elevating the passenger experience. As you’ll read in this issue, these meticulously crafted offerings can be looked at as tangible manifestations of airlines’ and suppliers’ commitments to ensuring the utmost comfort and luxury for travellers.

From pillows and high-quality skincare essentials to massage suites, these products cater to the ever-advancing expectations of today’s passengers, embodying the dedication to delivering a seamless and memorable journey. In the competitive landscape of our industry, airlines are shifting focus from simply including thoughtfully curated amenities and comfort products to a more rounded-out approach to passenger well-being.

As WESSCO International’s Petros Sakkis puts it, “This holistic embrace of wellness reflects a broader movement in society towards prioritizing health and well-being, making it a cornerstone of the modern travel experience.”

This approach not only enhances the inflight experience but reinforces the airline’s brand reputation, Sakkis explains, discussing with PAX International the recent partnership between United Airlines, Therabody and WESSCO.

APEX GCEO Dr. Joe Leader is also voicing his appreciation for the strides in passenger comfort. Inspired by a LinkedIn post from Leader earlier this year, we asked him to pen a guest column in this issue discussing the strategic significance of head pillows in the cabin.

“In the pursuit of passenger loyalty, the humble pillow emerges as a potent arsenal—an economical yet profoundly impactful tool to win over the hearts and minds of your passengers, ensuring the brand becomes an integral part of their travel narrative and dreams,” he says.

We hope this issue underscores the significance of these seemingly minor details in shaping passenger perceptions and fostering long-lasting relationships. By prioritizing the comfort and well-being of travellers, airlines can not only distinguish themselves from competitors but also lay the groundwork for continued success and brand loyalty.

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WESSCO International’s Petros Sakkis discusses the company’s expansive partnership with United Airlines focused on passenger well-being in the cabin and beyond


FORMIA puts wellness at the forefront of its product design, from creating items that support passenger wellness to appealing to their emotional well-being through ethical practices


PAX International interviews Gispol’s Ricardo Alves about how the company’s three decades of experience has led to new partnerships and opportunities


In this interview, Procurall Solutions President and Co-Founder Jennifer Green reveals how the women-owned company is making strides in the amenities and comfort product segment



In this Q&A, PAX International speaks with Alison Wells, Managing Director, Plane Talking Products (PTP), about the role that suppliers play in ensuring a relaxing and smooth end-toend passenger journey


In collaboration with Therabody, WESSCO designed an end-to-end wellness journey that supports United Polaris passengers during and post-flight. More on page 10




All Nippon Airways tells PAX International how sustainability meets chic with its new amenity kits and international route menu


TAP Air Portugal highlights plans for the promising year ahead in this exclusive interview



In this Guest Column, APEX GCEO Dr. Joe Leader discusses the strategic significance of head pillows in the aircraft cabin and the opportunities that lie ahead


Simon Ward, Founder of TravelPlus Airline Amenity Awards and a leading industry expert in onboard passenger amenities, reviews memorable amenity kits, both airline and partner branded



In this Guest Column, Andrew Sharp, Supply Chain & Procurement Director of En Route International, discusses the important role that supply chain partners and specialists play in optimizing operations for airlines and airline caterers


Linstol’s Super Cool Cup is changing the way airlines deliver inflight refreshments to passengers one biodegradable paper cup at a time


Intervine and Monterey Wine Company are changing the premium wine experience on domestic airlines and cruise lines with sustainable packaging


Snackbox To Go shares details on its recent Head Office relocation that aims to increase efficiency and capabilities, complete with a dedicated presentation area



Event Director Polly Magraw gives PAX International a look at new and returning features of this year’s event in Hamburg

4 MARCH 2024

Working In Harmony With You And The Planet.


A perfect alternative to CPET plastic and aluminum! Contact us today so we can create a customized approach for your airline.

RMT is all about innovation with digital rebrand

Following the launch of its new website, RMT Global Partners tell PAX International its enhanced digital presence aims to bring its products, services and sustainability initiatives into clearer view.

“Our ethos of forward-thinking extends to every aspect of our brand. This redesign sets a new benchmark for our online presence, reflecting our commitment to excellence,” says Richard Tuttle, Founder of RMT Global Partners. “Embracing sustainability has been a key element in our journey for all of us at RMT, and we wanted our website and booth to capture and share that excitement with the world.”

The website features RMT’s recognizable logo in both blue and green. Blue represents its classic ranges for sectors that require single-use products, such as healthcare and hospitality, while the

green logo indicates its sustainable ranges, which are always in high demand, Tuttle explains.

White Glo House brings a smile to passengers with eco-friendly products

Known as a leader in oral care and teeth whitening, Australia-based White Glo also prides itself on its strides in sustainability.

“Every year, approximately 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes are discarded worldwide, with the plastic taking up to 500 years to decompose. Recognizing this environmental challenge, White Glo is deeply committed to sustainability and has implemented several eco-friendly practices,” Isabella Chen, Head of Airline and Travel Partnerships at White Glo, tells PAX International.

In March 2023, White Glo introduced an eco-friendly paper sachet for its Professional White toothpaste. The packaging is made of bio-degradable materials which maintain the freshness of the product and reduce plastic waste. The range of products for airlines and travellers helps address the unnecessary waste produced by plastic toothpaste tubes.

White Glo has created a toothpaste alternative called the Professional White Toothpaste Tablet. The tablets are individually packaged in a paper sachet or available for purchase in bulk in a glass jar to minimize the use of plastic packaging.

Taking its commitment to sustainability beyond packaging and product development, White Glo has also partnered with CleanHub to reduce the amount of plastic polluting the ocean. So far, the partnership has resulted in more than 1,500 kilograms of plastic being recovered from the ocean.

RMT Global Partners has unveiled its new website, highlighting its capabilities
White Glo has introduced an eco-friendly paper sachet for its Professional White toothpaste

Kaelis introduces Business Class kits for Azores Airlines

Kaelis has unveiled Business Class amenity kits for Azores Airlines. The pouch collection offers convenience for passengers while prioritizing sustainability. The pouches are crafted from canvas, made of natural materials with low environmental impact.

The geometric design is inspired by the Azores Airline logo and the grey inside the pouch is based on the airline’s colours. Each pouch has a unique colour to match its identity with the different aircraft named Breathe, Wonder, Dream, Magical and Inspire, making it a collector’s item. Inside the amenity kits, Business Class passengers will find hand-selected items to elevate the inflight experience. These include socks made from upcycled plastic, tissues and sleep eyeshades.

The amenity kits for Azores Airlines’ Business Class


Etihad Airways and Buzz introduce luxury amenities lineup

Etihad Airways and Buzz Products are highlihgting a collection of amenity kits and loungewear in partnership with Italian design house, Giorgio Armani and luxury well-being brand, ESPA. Complementary tote bags, made in collaboration with Kaelis, are gifted to passengers on long-haul Economy flights, containing gifts of Beekman hand cream, eyeshades and ear plugs.

Combining the experience of Etihad’s Emirati hospitality with the luxury of Giorgio Armani, the airline is elevating the inflight offerings for passengers flying in The Residence, First Class and Business Class. Bespoke amenity kits will be available in each premium cabin, along with luxury designer loungewear and slippers.

Passengers in Business Class will receive amenity kits with luxury ESPA skincare products including Nourishing Lip Treatment, Hydrating Spa Face Mist and Rejuvenating Hand and Body Lotion. They also contain comfort and hygiene items such as plush slippers, an eyeshade, earplugs and a travel dental kit.

For The Residence and First Class, passengers will receive a Giorgio Armani and Etihad branded large folio bag for their journey. One of the largest amenity kits in the sky, the folio contains products from ESPA, including Hydrating Spa Face Mist, Nourishing Lip Treatment, Restful Pulse Point Oil to aid relaxation in flight, a Rest and Recovery Night Balm and Rejuvenating Hand and Body lotion. Passengers will also find eyeshades, ear plugs and a dental kit inside, as well as bespoke loungewear and slippers.

Air Astana inspires young travellers with themed kits


Air Astana has introduced new kids kits in partnership with Watermark, designed to educate and inspire kids on topics of sustainability. The kits are intended for children ages three to 12. The themes are Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, with each encouraging children to engage with interactive learning while nurturing environmental awareness. Aspects young passengers learn about from the kits include understanding renewable energy sources and embracing the principles of the four R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair.

8 MARCH 2024
Etihad Airways amenity kits designed in partnership with Giorgio Armani and ESPA kits have different themes, including Fire
The contents of the bags are designed to be reused as part of the brands’ commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness. The bags are made from rPET and eco-friendly materials like HDPE recyclable water bottles, in compostable packaging.

Meaningful art for

In collaboration with

A consciously curated collection for JAL’s Business Class passengers to change the perception of disabilities while providing a platform for diverse artists to showcase their talents to the world.

Wellness starts with  WESSCO

WESSCO International’s Petros Sakkis

the company’s expansive partnership with United Airlines focused on passenger wellbeing in the cabin and beyond

The growing trend of passengers prioritizing holistic well-being throughout their journey has airlines incorporating rest and relaxation as more than just an added bonus. That is why the amenities and comfort product supplier WESSCO International describes wellness in the cabin and beyond as a foundation of the company’s philosophy.

“It taps into a universal value that resonates deeply with passengers worldwide,” Petros Sakkis, Chief Marketing Officer at WESSCO, tells PAX International. “Our mission is to equip

our clients with innovative products and comprehensive programs that enhance passenger well-being. By doing so, we ensure that travellers not only feel their best but also associate their travel experience with positive and rejuvenating moments.”

In October, United Airlines and WESSCO announced a new partnership, introducing a major upgrade to the airline’s International Business Class experience. In collaboration with wellness tech company Therabody and Saks Fifth Avenue, the partnership marks the largest upgrade to United Polaris since 2016.

A recent study conducted on United’s behalf by marketing consulting firm Ketchum, finds that 83 percent of international travellers value sleep during flights and 61 percent consider it a key factor in selecting which airline to fly with.

10 MARCH 2024
Petros Sakkis, Chief Marketing Officer, WESSCO International The Theragun Mini from Therabody, targeting muscle treatment, will be available in United Polaris lounges discusses

With United Polaris’s commitment to offering its passengers the “best sleep in the sky,” the partnership was a natural fit. In collaboration with Therabody, WESSCO designed an end-to-end wellness journey that starts the moment passengers arrive at the airport, and extends to support them after. The experience includes a new onboard amenity kit with Therabody-branded wellness products; wellness videos onboard from Therabody’s team of experts; access to award-winning Therabody devices in United Polaris lounges; and an updated limited-edition day blanket from Saks Fifth Avenue.

“Together, we’re setting new standards for wellness in the skies, proving that thoughtful collaborations can resonate deeply with today’s travellers,” says Sakkis.

Luxury lineup

Together, WESSCO and Therabody launched an amenity kit featuring Theraface, a skincare line dedicated to promoting hydration and nourishment. Available in the cabin, the kit includes eye serum to reduce puffiness and enhance hydration, face spray that soothes and protects skin, a cleansing towelette with natural ingredients and hand cream for a silky smooth touch.

WESSCO has also equipped each passenger’s kit with essentials such as a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, eye mask, ear plugs, socks and a pen. Committed to sustainability, the reusable belt-bag kits are made from recycled plastic.

The launch also extends to United’s inflight entertainment screen with videos designed by Therabody’s Thera-

mind experts, a multi-sensory sound therapy experience. This extension offers passengers the chance to follow along with breathing exercises and engage in programs dedicated to fostering sleep and relaxation.

To get extra cozy inflight, the limited-edition Saks day blanket offers additional warmth as passengers get comfy on United’s signature Polaris lie-flat seats. Each passenger receives two Saks pillows and a cool gel pillow to get comfortable.

Beyond the inflight experience, passengers will soon be able to relax in Therabody’s Reset Suites. In these semi-private wellness sanctuaries, passengers can indulge in Therabody devices such as the Theragun Mini for targeted muscle treatment, SmartGoggles for relaxation and eye strain relief, and Jet-

The SmartGoggles, for relaxation and eye strain relief, will be available in United Polaris lounges

Boots for enhanced circulation and relaxation. Each room will also feature a Therabody Lounger, which immerses travellers in sound and vibration therapy.

Theraface skin and body products will be available in lounge restrooms and showers. Travellers can expect to see Therabody’s Reset Suites rolled out first in New York/ Newark and San Francisco this year.

Vacation at home

Sakkis says WESSCO anticipated travellers’ desire to bring Therabody’s wellness technology into their homes. As a result, the partnership also includes purchasing options through a co-branded landing page. Purchases allow travellers to earn MileagePlus miles, rewarding passengers for their

enhanced post-flight wellness. MileagePlus members located in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and select European locations can earn up to six MileagePlus miles per dollar spent on the products.

“This initiative not only enhances post-flight wellness, but also rewards passengers, creating a synergistic relationship between wellness and travel,” says Sakkis. “We aim to enrich the passenger experience from start to finish, ensuring wellness is a continuous journey beyond the flight.”

What’s next for wellness?

As airlines embrace the importance of equipping passengers with tools for self-care, relaxation and rejuvenation, WESSCO sees opportunities to offer luxurious bedding and sleep-

wear for restful sleep, as well as opportunities to promote health via immuneboosting shots and hydration sticks.

Sakkis says WESSCO predicts that in the future, integrated wellness enhancements that support physical and mental health will only become more important.

“This holistic embrace of wellness reflects a broader movement in society towards prioritizing health and well-being, making it a cornerstone of the modern travel experience,” he says.

At this year’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo (WTCE), WESSCO plans to unveil transformative wellness solutions. The company will also bring several Therabody technologies to the event.

12 MARCH 2024
The inflight product lineup for United Polaris includes a Therabody-branded reusable beltbag containing Theraface eye serum, face spray and a cleansing towelette, as well as a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, eye mask, ear plugs, socks and a pen

Lasting impacts with FORMIA

FORMIA puts wellness at the forefront of its product design, from creating items that support passenger wellness to appealing to their emotional well-being through ethical practices

FORMIA boasts a diverse portfolio of global airline amenity kits, cosmetics and comfort kits, but perhaps what is most notable about the brand is its commitment to maintaining a responsible supply chain.

“We believe that amenities provide a powerful opportunity to make a lasting impact on every passenger,” Marisa Pitsch, Chief Customer Experience Officer, FORMIA, tells PAX International.

She adds that this is why the company spends the time thoughtfully developing responsible prod-

ucts, ensuring there is added value for passengers. FORMIA selects sustainable materials and production processes as part of its conscious design, partnering exclusively with brands that share these values.

The many meanings of wellness

Wellness has always been integral to FORMIA’s design process. But the concept of “wellness” itself has several interpretations. As Pitsch puts it, wellness can refer to physical comfort, like wearing a luxury eye mask inflight, or it could be the calming effect of a

skincare product that reduces stress during travel. Another interpretation could be how a consumer feels about the product they are using.

Pitsch says it is increasingly important to airlines and their passengers that a product has a positive social or environmental impact. This has informed FORMIA’s partnerships with brands that are conscious of both environmental and social responsibility.

One example of this form of wellness in action is FORMIA’s collaboration with Japan Airlines for its

14 MARCH 2024
Marisa Pitsch, Chief Customer Experience Officer, FORMIA
FORMIA business class amenity kit for Hawaiian Airlines

Business Class amenity kits, featuring the artwork of artists from welfare experimental company Heralbony.

“Through these beautiful and unique kits, JAL has provided a platform for artists with intellectual disabilities to showcase their talents to the world,” Pitsch explains.

The artwork not only drives social change through the brand partner, Heralbony, but also exposes passengers to works of art and the personal story of the artists behind the creation.

In 2023, FORMIA facilitated the partnership between Aeromexico and Gen Phoenix, leading to the

airline amenity kit program using recycled leather. Gen Phoenix rescued the leather offcuts from landfill and worked with Italian luxury brand ETRO, to demonstrate that sustainability can be luxurious when creating circular solutions for the cabin.

“Passengers can take home a sleek ETRO branded bag to use time and again knowing that it has been produced from recycled fabrics and inner items with reduced environmental impact,” Pitsch says. “More airlines understand the importance of connecting passengers with communities through

inflight products and the added value this can bring to all parties.”

Through the connection it creates, the amenity kit transcends its role as a product and becomes a tool for airlines and partners to deliver brand messages that create a meaningful connection with passengers.

Sustainability and wellness

FORMIA believes there is an inextricable link between sustainability and wellness, a cyclical effect between taking care of the planet and each other.

“Sustainability is integrated into the fabric of FORMIA through conscious design, responsible supply chain and meaningful partnerships,” Pitsch says. “We see ourselves as part of our airline customers’ value chain with the continuous challenge to develop concepts with as little carbon footprint as possible and with circularity in mind.”

FORMIA creates designs using materials with minimal environmental impact during production that can later be recycled or that are made of recycled materials. The company also crafts amenity kits that appeal to the passenger to take home and reuse after their journey.

FORMIA is working towards being a net-zero carbon company by 2030 and recently announced the first carbon-neutral amenity kit program in the industry for Hawaiian Airlines

“The carbon-neutral certification process for this program involved designing a sustainable kit, optimizing the carbon footprint through further product and supply chain optimizations, then compensating the remaining emissions with highquality off-sets,” Pitsch explains, adding that the kits have been certified by third-party verification provider, SCS Global Services

“FORMIA is excited to continue to nurture meaningful collaborations between airlines and brand partners to create an extended, purposeful experience with added value for travellers,” Pitsch says.

JAL x Heralbony Business Class amenity kits from FORMIA Aeromexico and Gen Phoenix amenity kit collaboration


PAX International interviews Gispol’s Ricardo Alves about how the company’s three decades of experience has led to new partnerships and opportunities

The story begins in 1994. Lisbon, Portugal-based Gispol began working with the country’s flag carrier TAP Air Portugal which quickly led to relationships with other industry distributors. At the time, Gispol was focused on injection moulding products, creating Business Class trays, cups, cutlery and the like.

The company then began its long-time exclusive partnership with Helios Market, Product and Production Development BV. The pair worked together for about 15 years, supplying airlines including Saudia, Oman Air, Air France, British Airways and several others. Helios was then acquired by deSter in 2012. The two continued to collaborate, but eventually it was time for Gispol to take its first steps into the wider market.

To gain recognition, Gispol attended the industry’s major exhibitions to get more familiar with distributors and

developers. In no time, the company was supplying several new customers—many of which Gispol still works with.

In 2018, Gispol exhibited at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) for the first time.

“It was quite an experience. Even though we were working with airlines for more than 20 years at that time, we were not well-known,” Alves says. “You need to be patient because it’s not an easy industry to get connected with the right people. It’s a process that takes time and that takes investment. You need to be persistent. Then everything else starts moving.”

Customers spread word of Gispol’s capabilities throughout the industry, leading to more interest, partnerships and new customers.

The company has exhibited at WTCE consistently since 2018—aside from the years affected by COVID. 2023’s WTCE was very successful for Gispol, with the company displaying its airline products and investing in its booth which had many visitors.

“We are not the new people on the block. We are already a mature company in the industry. We try to show exactly what we are capable of. Not only manufacturing but supporting our customers,” Alves says.

Gispol will attend WTCE this May, followed by the International Flight Services Association (IFSA) Global EXPO

16 MARCH 2024
Gispol’s Benji-design set up

in October. The latter represents an important opportunity for Gispol to create more connections in the U.S. market.

“You must build up your relationships by going there more, again and again. We are just starting to build that up in the U.S., and we need to put our money and efforts there because it’s a very interesting marketing for our company,” Alves explains.

Gispol’s moves in Asia also indicate a promising future. It is partnering with Air India to manufacture and supply inflight products, complementing the rollout of the airline’s new global brand identity announced in December 2023. Some products will be manufactured in Lisbon, while others will be manufactured directly in India thanks to a new partnership. Alves could not share other details at the time of the interview.

“This will create the structure that we need to get into the Middle East and Asia market. Being present in that region will give us the leverage that we have been missing,” Alves says. “It’s very exciting for us. Our efforts are focused very much on the relationship with Air India. It is a huge opportunity to further develop our company.”

He also points out that Gispol works with several distributors and directly with airline customers throughout Europe and the U.S., such as Iberia, Air Europa, Corsair and Delta Air Lines.

In the year ahead, Alves says Gispol is also focusing on increasing its presence at industry events, as well as investing in its product design and development. The company is expanding its team and capacity, and investing in equipment for printing, scanning and other materials.

Aijaz Khan, Publisher, PAX International (left) and Ricardo Alves, General Manager, Gispol

Vital visionaries

In this interview, Procurall Solutions President and Co-Founder Jennifer Green reveals how the womenowned company is making strides in the amenities and comfort product segment

Procurall Solutions is a women-owned company with more than 150 years of combined industry experience. Delivering amenity kits, soft goods and toiletries to airlines to elevate the passenger experience, the company prioritizes sustainability with the motto: The art of satisfying the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow.

PAX International spoke with President and Co-Founder, Jennifer Green, about how Procurall Solutions differentiates itself from other companies in the market.

Customer-centric approach

Procurall was born from a need to bring diverse suppliers offering environmentally conscious, luxuriously made travel products to the market, Green explains.

“At the heart of Procurall is our dynamic team of female visionaries with extensive backgrounds in procurement, sustainable manufacturing, global trade and eco-designs,” she says. “We focus almost solely on greener and more purposeful product offerings.”

The team behind Procurall Solu-

tions operates from a holistic viewpoint with a broad perspective that looks beyond the individual product, anticipating the future needs of clients while ethically meeting the demands.

Sustainability and sophistication

A blend of sustainability and sophistication is a hallmark of the brand, with an eco-friendly approach being at the core of Procurall’s commitment to responsible business practices.

“We recognize that embracing sustainability is no longer optional but imperative in today’s world. It’s about adopting a new way of doing business that considers the long-term impact on the planet, society and future generations. By embedding sustainability into our DNA, we ensure that it permeates throughout our entire value chain, from sourcing raw materials to delivering end products to our customers,” Green says.

Talking trends

According to Green, several sustainability trends are taking off in the industry right now, including the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials

and reducing waste and carbon emissions throughout the product lifecycle.

She expects to see these trends evolve and expand in the coming year or two, alongside advancements in renewable energy, closed-loop manufacturing and sustainable packaging.

“We believe in the power of impactful partnerships and purpose-driven actions to redefine the narrative of travel and hospitality,” Green says. “We are dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients and their passengers, ensuring a better, greener future for all.”

Procurall will be present at WTCE, IFSA EXPO and FTE APEX Asia Expo, showcasing its latest innovations and sustainability practices.

18 MARCH 2024
A soft product from a recent collaboration with Air Astana
The female visionaries leading Procurall Solutions

Wellness along the way

In this Q&A, PAX International speaks with Alison Wells, Managing Director, Plane Talking Products (PTP), about the role that suppliers play in ensuring a relaxing and smooth end-to-end passenger journey

PAX INTERNATIONAL: How does the passenger’s wellness experience really start from the time they book their ticket, and what role do suppliers and airlines play?

ALISON WELLS: Technology offers an excellent opportunity to engage with passengers from the moment they book, allowing the wellbeing experience to extend way beyond the product and service on board. In partnership with the right brands, we can put together a fully immersive experience that informs, educates, surprises and delights from booking through to arrival at final destination. This could flow across check-in, inflight entertainment, lounges and more—all designed to enhance and extend the onboard experience.

As suppliers, we understand the brands and the products, and we can help the airlines communicate this to the passenger. Airlines can support by opening the channels to interact with the passenger across all aspects of the journey to maximize these collaborations. Hopefully most of us can agree these days on quality over quantity; savings from reducing unwanted product and services can be put into something meaningful and unique.

PAX INTERNATIONAL: What role does personalization play in enhancing the end-to-end passenger experience? What are some examples of ways to successfully personalize the in-cabin wellness experience?

WELLS: AT PTP we have been looking at all the available touch points with

the passenger pre-flight to see how we can personalize the journey. Perhaps using this opportunity to introduce brand collaborations on board, providing information on what is available and when, and how best to use it.

The next step could be the passenger pre-selecting products based on their inflight plans—work, sleep, dining. Products could be distributed as and when needed, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be inflight. For example, we are working with well-being brand Scentered. One of their hero products is a sleep balm. If we know the passenger wants sleep as soon as they board a flight, the balm is best applied 30 minutes before closing your eyes. Why not offer this to the customer in the lounge along with relaxation tips and music suggestions to aid sleep.

Alison Wells, Co-Director, Plane Talking Products
The sleep balm from well-being brand Scentered promotes restful sleep, applied to 30 minutes before closing eyes.

With AI embedded in our lives now, we as consumers are used to information about our likes, dislikes and habits being used to create tailored offers and experiences for us. There is a great opportunity for this to be carried through the endto-end journey. The happy byproduct of this is a less wasteful, more sustainable service in overall terms.

We need to be open to multiple brand collaborations onboard if they can come together to create a seamless well-being experience. By thinking outside the box, we can create a cohesive journey that can incorporate all or some digital aspects, education, practical tips and lifestyle advice, links to

F&B throughout, product placement, gifting, revenue generation and a lasting relationship with both the brand and the airline long after the flight.

PAX INTERNATIONAL: Why is passenger wellness topical right now? What does this say about passenger demands and the travel industry?

WELLS: It’s always been an important topic but probably even more so after the pandemic when we all became aware of the need to take care of ourselves. We recognize more than ever the connection between physical and mental health. We also reconnected with our homes, spent more time appreciating where we live, spending

time with family and taking time for selfcare. I think we are keen to hold onto some of the best parts of this philosophy when we travel now. Hospitality generally is developing all the time and we have come to expect more from hotels and restaurants, as we see these experiences as real “treats.” Given all of this, plus the rise in the cost of living and increased awareness of climate change, travel these days is purposeful, carefully selected and something of a luxury. Therefore, we want to feel looked after and cared for while at the same time offered new experiences—made to feel special and left with great memories.

20 MARCH 2024
Plane Talking Products recognizes the changing passenger demands for a relaxing and comfortable experience along the end-to-end travel journey.

Fashion meets function

All Nippon Airways tells PAX International how sustainability meets chic with its new amenity kits and international route menu

All Nippon Airways (ANA), a certified five-star Skytrax airline and Japan’s national carrier, is piloting impressive environmental goals, including a 70 percent reduction in waste by 2030 (compared to 2019) and a zero waste output by 2050. The airline’s new amenity kits, made in partnership with Ettinger and distributed on international flights, mark one of its latest moves toward these targets.

“Based on the concept of ANA Future Promise [the airline’s sustainable development goals (SDGs)], we selected environmentally friendly materials and those we believe will contribute to ethical consumption,” Takako Komine, Senior Coordinator, Products and Services Planning at ANA, tells PAX International. “We also selected environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as materials that are plastic-free.”

This approach has not sacrificed fashion for function. The First Class

kit contains products from Sensai, a Japanese cosmetics line known for its high-efficacy ingredients and sensuous scents, in a stylish bag designed by Ettinger, a British luxury leather goods company. Sensai was selected for this release not only due to its shared heritage with the airline but for the quality of skin care, makeup and fragrances the company creates. This First Class kit includes a toner, cream and lip treatment. It will be distributed on all international ANA routes since the end of January.

“ANA’s collaboration with Ettinger symbolizes our commitment to sustainability and provides customers with luxurious products that enhance their travel experience,” said Tomoji Ishii, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience Management and Planning of ANA, in a recent media release. “These amenity pouches are not just travel [companions]; they represent ANA’s dedication to our ANA Future Promise goals of removing plastic.”

Meanwhile, the airline has tapped Aveda, a brand known for its earthfriendly, plant-based hair and skin products, for its Business Class amenity kits, another partnership that aligns perfectly with the airline’s ecological mission. Aveda’s products are never tested on animals, adhere to stringent environmentally conscious policies and include materials derived from natural resources.

Both kits are provided in an exclusively designed reusable bag made from recycled materials.

Culture and cuisine

ANA is looking to fortify its corporate culture along the journey. Komine tells PAX International that the ANA Future Promises initiative, which takes into consideration ESG (environment, society and governance),

All Nippon Airways has impressive environmental goals, including a 70 percent reduction in waste by 2030 (compared to 2019) and a zero waste output by 2050

will bring ANA Group employees together under a set of principles that aim to better serve passengers.

The carrier’s SDGs extend to its meal service. ANA offers a vegan curry for passengers who do not eat meat, who want to increase veggie intake or need a vegan offering. The meal launched in September 2023 in ANA’s First and Business Classes and has been receiving rave reviews.

“The curry is made from only domestically grown vegetables and fruits and contains no animal ingredients, chemical seasonings, preservatives, refined sugar or flour, giving it a delicate and deep flavor that brings out the natural sweetness and deliciousness of the ingredients,” explains Miki Osada, Senior Manager, Products and Services Planning at ANA.

It is another way that ANA is catering to the diverse needs of its customers, Osada says, adding, “All passengers, regardless of nationality, religion or other dietary habits and preferences can enjoy our meals with peace of mind. We will continue to pursue the quality of our special inflight meals.”

Renowned French chef Hideki Takayama currently supervises select offerings on the airline’s menus, ensuring high-quality meals that cater to the increasing need for specialized meals both within Asia and for those travelling to or from international destinations. Takayama has previously helped shape other ANA menu releases that focus on dietary needs, such as gluten free and diabetes friendly meals

Of course, many passengers expect a meal to be complete with a wine pairing, which ANA is well equipped

to deliver. The airline has recently completed its annual wine offering update—the latest refresh since the pandemic. Now rejuvenated, Osada says the airline is eager for passengers to experience the latest and greatest reds, whites and bubblies on board.

“We aim to offer a well-balanced lineup of distinctive wines from around the world, including wines from France and other European countries as well as Japan, so that each customer can enjoy a marriage of tastes and a variety of meals,” Osada explains.

vegan curry is ideal for passengers who do not eat meat, who want to increase veggie intake or need a vegan offering

22 MARCH 2024
The The First Class kit features a stylish bag designed by Ettinger, a British luxury leather goods company
All Nippon Airways tapped Aveda, a brand known for its earth-friendly, plant-based hair and skin products, for its Business Class amenity kits. The products are not tested on animals and include material derived from natural resources

Curating Cultural Experiences at 35,000 Feet

For over 40 years, WESSCO has specialized in supplying a wide range of products for our airline customers worldwide. From amenities, to passenger comfort, to food & beverage service ware, we design and deliver the items you need to provide an exceptional experience for your passengers.

The LATAM Business Class Kits pictured above highlight the unique cultural perspectives of eight Latin American artists, ranging from Chile to Argentina. Featured artists include Tomás Olivos, Bettina Vaz Guimarães, Judy Kaufmann, Hamilton Aguiar, Anibal Vallejo, Paula Barragan, Mariella Agois, and Ana Bonamico.

TAP plans for 2024

TAP Air Portugal highlights plans for the promising year ahead in this exclusive interview

Headquartered at Lisbon Airport, TAP Air Portugal is not only the country’s flag carrier but also an ambassador of Portuguese culture. In 2023 the airline highlighted its Portuguese heritage through inflight menus, amenities and the overall product experience.

“We are working hard to increase customer satisfaction, and we are already seeing the results,” says Sofia Lufinha Chief Customer Officer at TAP. She says the airline’s plans for 2024 include enhancing the passenger experience and focusing on infusing the product with the Portuguese identity.

“We are continuing to support Portuguese brands and bring them, the tastes and the feelings of Portugal into the passenger experience. It is something we always receive positive feedback about—once passengers get into the cabin, they feel that they are in Portugal,” she explains.

Catering a sense of Portugality Catering is arguably the most memorable aspect of the inflight experience, and TAP knows how to satisfy passengers with a curated sense of Portugality.

The airline introduced new Business Class amenity kits featuring iconic Portuguese brand Benamôr in late-September 2023. Created with the help of Skysupply, the pouches have received good feedback from passengers thus far, Lufinha tells PAX International.

The pouches are available in four assorted colors, each representing iconic symbols of the country and Benamôr. The kits are made of recycled plastic bottles and other PET (rPET). While bamboo was used for the toothbrush, the packaging of the toothpaste and the earplugs are made of paper.

For sips, the airline serves only Portuguese wines. And, every two months, it introduces a new Business Class menu on long-haul flights departing from Lisbon through its Local Stars initiative.

“We believe in the quality of our wines. Our menu is a way of showing Portugal to the rest of the world.

24 MARCH 2024
Left to right: Catarina Coelho, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Media Relations, TAP Air Portugal; Joel Fragata, Director of Commercial & Customer Care TAP, Cateringpor; Rita Tamagnini, Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, TAP Air Portugal; Catarina Índio, Head of Inflight and Ground Product, TAP Air Portugal; Sofia Lufinha, Chief Customer Officer, TAP Air Portugal; and, Aijaz Khan, Publisher, PAX International

We are an ambassador of Portuguese food and wine across the globe,” says Lufinha. “It is something that we are very proud of, and I think we are doing it quite well.”

The TAP Local Stars Project, available to Business Class passengers, is a partnership with The Art of Tasting Portugal. It aims to bring the best Portuguese cuisine to the world by featuring the star ingredients of each Portuguese region. TAP invited 12 renowned Portuguese chefs to prepare menus using these traditional ingredients, selecting a star product. Passengers who do not want the Local Stars main dish can opt for the alternative dish.

Joel Fragata, Director of Commercial & Customer Care TAP, Cateringpor, agrees that ensuring passengers are satisfied with the inflight dining experience is a major focus for 2024. He says TAP has plans to update its pre-ordering meal platform (available to Business Class passengers) to enhance the passenger experience and reduce waste.

“Changing meals or introducing something new is a big deal,” he explains. “We consider passenger feedback and satisfaction. We test recipes, check presentation, and then we launch the product usually for one year. It stays in catering as long as passengers are still satisfied.”

2024 and beyond

Looking ahead is sometimes accompanied with a quick look at the past. “The world changes a lot in two years,” says Lufinha.

With some restructuring plans in place through 2025, Catarina Índio, Head of Inflight and Ground Product at TAP, says the airline has a “goal of growth in existing places.” It will focus on optimizing and fine-tuning its routes, introducing more flights to the United States and Brazil.

Creating Impactful P Partnerships with Purpose

TAP Air Portugal launched new Business Class amenity kits onboard featuring iconic Portuguese cosmetic brand Benamôr

Pillow talk

In this Guest Column, APEX GCEO Dr. Joe Leader discusses the strategic significance of head pillows in the aircraft cabin and the opportunities that lie ahead

Envision the serenity as your head gently descends onto the perfect pillow—your neck finds its sanctuary, your head nestles into that sublime niche for tranquil sleep. In the exalted echelons of Business Class, the pillow fracas has dominated the contest over seats. Premium seat enhancements trudge through a glacial pace of implementation; however, pillows can be changed almost overnight.

The airline industry has roused to the strategic significance of pillows. A decade ago, Delta Air Lines kindled the inflight bedding conflict, introducing the Westin Heavenly bed, topped with the plush, allergenfree Westin Heavenly pillow, setting a new standard in cabin comfort.

26 MARCH 2024
The American Airlines pillow, created with Casper, features breathable fabric to assure a supported, temperate and moisture-free experience Qatar Airways encourages passengers to take pillows home, each with a unique travel-themed message
Dr. Joe Leader, APEX GCEO

Four years later, American Airlines ventured into the co-branded arena with Casper bedding. Casper, the virtuoso of sleep, engineered a pillow that not only offers support but also molds to the constrained space of airplane seating. Whether down alternative or memory foam, Casper provided options. These pillows, encased in breathable fabric, assure a temperate, moisture-free voyage, some even featuring a gel grid for enhanced cooling.

United Airlines escalated the competition within its Polaris Business Class by integrating Saks Fifth Avenue bedding, comprising both a conventional pillow and a coveted cooling gel pillow. This innovation has garnered such affection that passengers frequently adopt these

pillows for personal use. United CEO Scott Kirby, aware of my partiality towards the airline’s gel pillow, graciously offered to ensure I received one, a testament to the personal touch airlines are embracing.

Emirates today showcases an incredible duo of down and feather, alongside memory foam pillows in its First Class suites, yet there lies an opportunity to further elevate the offering through strategic branding partnerships. A collaboration with luxury bedding brands like Savoir Beds or Hastens could synergize Emirates’ luxury ethos with these esteemed names, creating an unparalleled inflight sleep experience.

In a similar respect, ITA Airways, in its quest to rejuvenate its Business Class offerings, could make a sig-

nificant impact with a Sferra pillow partnership, blending Italian craftsmanship with supreme inflight luxury.

Qatar Airways has transcended the traditional approach, offering a diverse array of pillows, each with a unique travel-themed message, encouraging passengers to take a piece of their journey home. This ingenious strategy embeds the Qatar Airways brand directly into the hearts and minds of their passengers.

Xiamen Airways, in its pursuit of innovation, introduced a novel concept alongside its traditional Business Class pillow on my final flight of last year—offering a wraparound gel travel pillow designed for neck support, adaptable for future travels and solidifying a memorable brand association with passengers.

The escalation of the global pillow skirmish is not merely a battle for comfort; it is about forging memorable experiences. As airlines vie for supremacy in the skies, the ultimate winners are the travellers, blessed with the luxury of choice, ensuring their travel is not just about the destination, but about the journey itself.

In the name of better experience, I call upon every airline to engage in this pillow fight! In the pursuit of passenger loyalty, the humble pillow emerges as a potent arsenal—an economical yet profoundly impactful tool to win over the hearts and minds of your passengers, ensuring the brand becomes an integral part of their travel narrative and dreams.

Xiamen Airways introduced a novel concept alongside its traditional Business Class pillow; a wrap-around gel travel pillow United Airlines tapped Sacks Fifth Avenue for bedding in its Polaris Business Class

Are airlines missing an opportunity?

Ward, Founder of TravelPlus Airline Amenity Awards and a leading industry expert in onboard passenger amenities, reviews memorable amenity kits, both airline and partner branded

Branding plays a pivotal role in the airline industry, allowing airlines to differentiate themselves from competitors and create a unique identity that resonates with the passengers. Furthermore, partnerships with cosmetic brands provide confidence to use the products found inside the bag.

Every time I pack my toiletries for a trip, I’m reminded of Emirates as I use the iconic brown fabric, leather trim with discrete Bvlgari zip pull men’s Business Class amenity wash bag introduced onboard in 2012. This kit originally included a range of Bvlgari cosmetics—which provide guests with confidence in the products and the airline. But if designed well, such as this one, the bag will be used long after the flight.

Icelandair has for years been smart in ensuring its amenity kits promote the brand and the country as a way to build brand loyalty. The hexagonal shaped bags capture the imagination with a nod to the Basalt Columns of

Iceland. These rock formations, with their unique hexagonal shape, are sculpted by natural forces, creating stunning formations that rival the work of the world’s finest architects.

The airline also released a collection of amenity bags celebrating Icelandic wildlife in 2019. The range included the puffin, arctic fox, Icelandic horse and raven. In December 2023, Icelandair introduced a range of amenity kits with bags that embrace and celebrate Icelandic art and nature,

with a focus on sustainability. To me, this is an excellent example of both promoting the country whilst building brand loyalty with customers.

With a touch of je ne sais quoi, Air France has also long provided passengers with amenity kits featuring their brand. The First Class kits have a simplified design of the original winged hippocampus, a mythological creature with the body of a horse and tail of a fish, affectionately nicknamed ‘the shrimp.’ This is an iconic and extremely elegant logo, undeniably unique, and aimed at everyone looking for a genuine travel experience.

Also, the Business Class kits feature the trademark red accent, which is also embroidered in each seat. Both the

28 MARCH 2024
Qatar Airways launched the BRIC’s amenity kits collection in April 2019
Simon PAX International Publisher Aijaz Khan (left) with Simon Ward |
are at the heart of Snackboxtogoʼs product range. In addition to our standard offerings, you can select each component to craft your own signature sandwich! BREAD Toppings Spreads PACKAGING Choose your own sandwich:

First and Business kits are a continuous reminder of the Air France experience and brand long after the flight.

For me the most iconic airline branded kit was designed by Anya Hindmarch for British Airways. The fabulous Gladstone style bag is embossed with the original ‘To Fly, To Serve’ coat of arms also

seen on British Airways’ aircraft tail livery, between 1984 to 1997. Gifted to First Class passengers, this one was made of sturdy leather.

“In this fast-paced world of airline marketing, it’s not just about selling seats; it’s about creating an emotional connection with our passengers,” the airline said at the time of the launch.

There are some fantastic branded kits out there too, such as the Rimowa polycarbonate shell amenity kit, first brought onboard by Lufthansa and then elevated by Thai Airways in to a collectable with the introduction of stylish colours.

Qatar also introduced a kit with stylish Italian luggage brand BRIC’S These miniature versions of the Bellagio and Sintesis suitcase feature a hard-shell with a Tuscan leather trim and are very stylish indeed.

Branding a kit with the name of the cosmetic brand partner can demonstrate a lack of awareness and vision to the potential of connecting the airline band to the passenger—several of these examples above illustrate how some airlines can successfully use its own brand and country to promote and extend brand loyalty. I truly believe airlines must ensure its tended documents stipulate the inclusion of its brand on the bag and not just give it away to a brand partner.

30 MARCH 2024
Emirates’ updated Bvlgari amenity kits for the autumn 2023/winter 2024 season
The Icelandair Puffin amenity it launched as part of the “Dýralíf” (Wildife) amenity kit collection in 2019 UNITED STATES | UNITED KINGDOM | HONG KONG | DUBAI
LINSTOL RAISES THE BAR Groundbreaking paper cup innovation specifically designed for cold beverages, including alcoholic delights, expands the boundaries of eco-conscious options in the aviation industry.


supply chain specialists

In this Guest Column, Andrew Sharp, Supply Chain & Procurement Director of En Route International, discusses the important role that supply chain partners and specialists play in optimizing operations for airlines and airline caterers

32 MARCH 2024
Andrew Sharp, Supply Chain & Procurement Director, En Route International

The last few years have seen some major changes in the way airlines and airline caterers manage the complexities of supply chains. A greater need for efficiency, control and innovation has not only resulted in a significant shift in organizations focusing resources on their core business, but also an increased desire to partner with specialist providers to deliver a multitude of outsourced services and solutions.

Simplicity in a complex landscape

Clients have always appreciated that it is easier to manage a single relationship than numerous companies within a supply chain. But the increasing need for transparency and accountability is crucial. Consumers are demanding this more every day which is why organizations like ours have thorough governance mechanisms in place to report and monitor on behalf of our clients.

For example, for an existing client, we use PowerBI reporting to show current inventory levels by SKU in various warehouse and customer locations throughout U.K./EU, as well as reporting in-bar availability, upcoming orders and number of days stock held. This is crucial to maintain control.

With more than 20 years’ experience, we have fit-for-purpose processes that are tried and tested in each of our regions. Through our continuous improvement culture, we have worked hard at creating a supply chain process that gets the best value for our clients.

Transparency and optimization

Value must also be achieved through optimization. It’s vital that organizations optimize procurement, enabling suppliers to deliver products in bulk, manage and deliver in the right quantity to the right place, at the right time, for each catering location.

With solid inventory and procurement management systems, it is important to optimize stock and more

efficiently manage fluctuations, as well as offering inventory visibility. This way, airlines can be faster to market with new products and services without having to think about old stock sitting around. We use a purpose-built Inventory Management Software to reduce excess inventory, minimize stock-outs and place better orders.

Economies of scale

We’ve leveraged our global scale and established relationships with warehouse providers to create cost efficiencies. For example, instead of a single airline having to fill a delivery vehicle, we can aggregate stock, enabling airlines to benefit from scale punching far above their weight. This has resulted in us driving logistics savings of up to 20 percent as well as avoiding cost increases.

By combining transport and using the latest advances in logistics, cost to serve is reduced and stock is turned around more quickly so it doesn’t have to be held. As a result, fresher stock is delivered in smaller batches, more often, meaning more manageable minimum order quantities without added costs.

Ultramodern technology

As an external partner, we can take a ‘whole market’ approach to what tech we use, keeping us nimble.

By combining both investment in our own processes and partnering with suppliers who have the latest technology, we can create the best solution for clients. Choosing supply chain partners with state-of-the-art technologies and systems, such as automated warehouse storage, we can streamline processes, increase operational efficiencies and reduce errors, creating the best solution for clients.

The more control you have over your supply chain—with guaranteed consistency, integrity, resilience, and reliability—the more you can focus on what really matters to guests and will differentiate you from the competition: service innovation and improvement.

En Route offers supply chain solutions to help airlines and airline caterers optimize efficiency, control and innovation


Linstol’s Super Cool Cup is changing the way airlines deliver inflight refreshments to passengers one biodegradable paper cup at a time

In February, Linstol announced an innovative paper cup design for cool beverages, including those containing alcohol, called the Super Cool Cup. Mark Russell, Chief Executive Officer at Linstol, tells PAX International what sets this cup’s design apart from others on the market.

“The biggest difference in our technology is that the cup is specifically designed to withstand an environment where you have moisture on the outside of the cup which will typically happen if you add ice to the beverage,” he says.

Linstol released the Super Cups with EarthCoating® in 2019, designed specifically for hot beverages inflight. The company is differentiating between a hot cup and a cold cup within the cabin with the introduction of the Super Cool Cup.

Unlike the average paper cup, Linstol’s Super Cool Cup is suitable for serving alcohol inflight due

to the patent-pending technology that prevents alcohol from breaking down the paper and sugar fibers.

“We now have a groundbreaking solution and the ability to put a cup in the airline space that truly is not only a reduction in plastic and is recyclable, but it can handle alcohol resistance for long periods of time,” he explains.

Super cool and sustainable

The Super Cool Cup uses Smart Planet Technologies’ patent-pending mineralized barrier coating technology. It is both recyclable and compostable. The bio-based plastic coating allows the cup to entirely decompose within an average of 12 months in managed landfill, depending on the environmental conditions.

While the passenger experience is a key consideration in all of Linstol’s inflight products, he emphasizes that environmental impact is driving the design of this product.

“We are trying to replace the tons of plastic that you see today in the airline cabin,” Russell explains. “Recyclability is a key factor. While a plastic cup is recyclable, the reality is that the plastics are not getting recycled anywhere near as much as they should today. With the Super Cool Cup technology, the cup can be universally recycled just like any other paper so there is a story to tell the passenger.”

The story of what happens to the cup post-flight is its selling point. Airline customers and passengers alike are eager to know that these products are aiding in the reduction of plastic and are not just recyclable but also biodegradable, he adds.

34 MARCH 2024
The Super Cool Cup from Linstol
All-Natural Banana Bread INDULGE WITHOUT GUILT Good For You Desserts Ltd. | 853 Kipling Ave. Etobicoke, ON, M8Z 5G9, Canada | +1-416-751-1444 | Peanut&Tr ee NutF r ee s ansasac h idesin no ix

Wine not paper?

Intervine and Monterey Wine Company are changing the premium wine experience on domestic airlines and cruise lines with sustainable packaging

Intervine Inc. and Monterey Wine Company (MWC) are bringing a new premium wine experience to airlines and cruises. In January, the pair introduced wine bottles in Frugalpac paper packaging to Intervine’s wine portfolio. MWC is the first U.S. company to use Frugalpac’s innovative ‘Frugal Bottle’ for wine and spirits bottling.

Amy Jullien, Corporate Vice President of Intervine, says it was Vice President of Acquisitions, Shany Cruz, who uncorked the opportunity for the exclusive partnership.

“This revolutionary move reflects Intervine’s commitment to sustainability and innovation within the wine industry,” Jullien says.

Don’t keep it bottled up

Paper packaging has been on the rise for several years as companies do away with single-use plastics and strive for eco-friendly alternatives. Consumers are becoming more conscious of how their choices impact the environment, with 78 percent of consumers feeling that sustainability

is important, according to a December 2023 report from reviewing environmentally conscious consumer statistics and data.

“There is a clear and increasing global trend of people recognizing the importance of sustainability,” Jullien says. “Incorporating wine and spirits packaged in paper bottles is a huge sustainable move and one that our airline and cruise line clients can promote as part of their sustainability efforts.”

For airlines and cruise lines specifically, Frugalpac offers an alternative that is also lightweight, shatterproof and recyclable, with a carbon footprint six times less than glass counterparts. MWC did extense testing to ensure the taste, aroma and overall experience of the beverage remains the same as in glass bottles.

“They weigh five times less than glass, reducing fuel consumption during transport for airlines and cruise lines, leading to lower emissions,” Jullien explains. “The paper and bio-based lining are fully recyclable, contributing to a circular economy and minimizing landfill waste.”

Premium wines in premium cabins

Currently, Intervine offers premium wines in eco-friendly paper bottles exclusively to premium cabins.

“In the main cabin, the upfront budgeting processes for traditional bulk wine does not yet accommodate the upfront cost of paper bottles; however, Intervine believes forwardthinking airlines and cruise lines will recognize the long-term value proposition and the back-end savings in other budget areas,” Jullien says.

Intervine is anticipating strong interest from domestic airlines and cruise lines for the Frugal bottled wine this year.

36 MARCH 2024
The selection of paper wine bottles from Frugalpac
Co-Located with: In association with: Built by: Find out more at:

Efficiency at Argon 45a

Snackbox To Go shares details on its recent Head Office relocation that aims to increase efficiency and capabilities, complete with a dedicated presentation area

Underlining its commitment to innovation,

Snackbox To Go tells PAX International it has relocated its Head Office to Argon 45a, Oud-Gastel, the Netherlands. The move to the extensive business park enables the company to serve customers worldwide more efficiently.

“Our growth and commitment to service and quality have led us to a state-of-the-art logistics center, which provides an inspiring environment for both our customers and our team,” Kees Verschuure, Sales Director at Snackbox, tells PAX International.

The office features a dedicated presentation area where Snackbox can host customers for meetings, brainstorming and product development discussions. To ensure customers get exactly what they need, the facility also has an airline oven for testing

all products. Kees says Snackbox is now positioned to ship worldwide, including the ability to handle daily shipments throughout Europe.

“Thanks to advanced equipment, we can communicate flexibly and effortlessly. We strive to always be connected and respond quickly to our customers’ needs,” he explains, adding, “Our dedicated employees remain

our greatest asset. Their expertise, service orientation and passion for quality are the core of our success.”

Kees says the company is ready to make the most of the new location immediately.

“We cordially invite you to visit our new building and experience how we, with our team and facilities, are ready to exceed your expectations.”

38 MARCH 2024
The new Head Office has a presentation area for client meetings and an airline oven for testing products
Snackbox To Go’s Head Office building at Argon 45a, Oud-Gastel, the Netherlands

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A world of innovation at WTCE

Event Director Polly Magraw gives PAX International a look at new and returning features of this year’s event in Hamburg

The leading inflight catering, onboard services and passenger comfort event of the year is just around the corner, with some exciting first-time features and returning favourites on the agenda.

The 12th edition of the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) will return to Hamburg from May 28 to 30, co-located with the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX).

“As event organizers in the inflight catering, onboard services and passenger comfort sector, the key is to provide a central space where buyers from some of the world’s leading air and rail operators can unite,” Polly Magraw, WTCE Event Director, tells PAX International.

Introducing WTCE’s Ambassador program

“We have already started to see the benefits of our new Ambassador program that we launched earlier this year,” Magraw says, alluding to the expert panel of four profession-

als that represent the event’s core values, which are health and wellbeing, sustainability, food and drink.

The Ambassadors will be speaking on their specialist topics at this year’s WTCE event as part of the Taste of Travel Theatre.

Emphasizing sustainability

New this year, the “Steps to Sustainability” feature is a section of the show floor highlighting sustainability. Walking the “trail” through this area will allow attendees to discover eco-friendly solutions for various onboard services.

“The new trail aims to celebrate the innovative accomplishments of companies who are using environmentally conscious materials, production, manufacturing and operations, whilst also showcasing organic foods, drinks, amenities and tableware,” Magraw explains.

Returning favourites

Alongside the updated segments at this year’s WTCE show are several returning favourites. The “Wellbeing

Walkthrough” will return to Hamburg this year, a feature dedicated to buyers looking at innovative food, drink, beauty and passenger comfort products that can alleviate the side effects associated with travelling long distances as well as promote long-term health and wellness.

“We’re looking forward to returning to Hamburg for another edition of WTCE that will leave a lasting mark on the industry as it progresses toward a sustainable future, but with passenger comfort and wellbeing remaining top of mind,” Magraw says.

Registration is open on the WTCE website

40 MARCH 2024
The Hamburg Messe
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