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Special Amenities Issue

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Live, Learn, Laugh Kits that keep the kids happy (and everyone sane)

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Original + Personal You can have both – that’s the #SpiritOfSPIRIANT

Every amenity kit we produce is designed to take your brand to another level, such as our beautifully-crafted ‘Artisanal Grace’ kit. Whether turning the latest luxury trends into affordable solutions or understanding how to ensure a lasting connection with passengers, we balance performance with inspiration so that you needn’t compromise. That’s the Spirit of SPIRIANT.


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New horizons Can I tell you a secret? I’ve never flown in any class other than Economy. Shocking, right? And, perhaps, a little bit embarrassing on my end. I’ll be frank: though this fact perhaps doesn’t make me the ideal candidate for Editor of a magazine about – what else – the amenities and comfort items found in the different cabins of international airlines, I do believe that it gives me an outsider’s perspective on a topic that is valuable to passengers, suppliers and airlines alike. (And I can assure you it’s not a less-than-subtle plea to be upgraded in the near future … though I’d never say no … ) Still, though I haven’t yet had the opportunity to be gifted in flight with any of the fine kits we have outlined in this issue, I do have some experience in the matter. This past April, I attended my first World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo and, needless to say, it was as “larger than life” as I had been told to expect. The food! The crowds! The miles upon miles walked and not a one measured, thanks to one’s complete lack of foresight! (I still have a “Buy Fitbit” Post-It note tacked to my fridge at home.) Spectacle aside, I found myself in awe of the care and innovation applied to each kit I encountered and the meticulousness with which the designers work to ensure that every detail is perfect – from the brands they partner with, to the colors selected, to the fine points that make each kit unique to the airline it was created for. This special issue takes a deep dive into some of the prevailing trends in the market such as sustainability, children’s amenities and the latest in textile technologies, to shed some light on the current wants and needs of the airline clientele. From all of us at PAX International, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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THE FUTURE OF AMENITIES Olaf Menschel, General Manager at Harmony, spoke to PAX about how the company is aiming to change the amenities game



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Special Amenities Issue


New s and A naly sis for the passenger ser vices executive

Live, Learn, Laugh Kits that keep the kids happy (and everyone sane)



our eco impact

LATEST LAUNCHES A look at what airlines are serving up, amenity-wise, to passengers in every class HAVE KIDS, WILL TRAVEL The many ways airlines are holding the attention of young passengers – and expanding their minds in the process HIS ‘N’ HERS Is there still room for the standard unisex kit in the amenities market? PAX investigates NATURAL CONVENIENCES A look at how airlines and their partners are addressing the growing concerns about the environment BIG CITY DREAMING Inspiring passengers about their destination through innovative designs and local partnerships




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PHOTO COURTESY AK-SERVICE Photographer Vladislava Eliseeva, LITTLE STEPS model agency


4  MAY 2018







40 WINKS AT 40,000 FEET From pajamas to blankets, the latest options in onboard products that up the comfort factor



“AND THE WINNERS ARE …” TravelPlus’ Simon Ward takes a look back at the 2018 Hamburg awards season



DESIGN DNA The team at Clip Limited gives PAX a glimpse into how their projects come to life



OUR READERS HAVE SPOKEN! A rundown of the amenity suppliers and their airline clients who took home hardware at the 2018 PAX Awards


Latest launches

A look at what airlines are serving up, amenity-wise, to passengers in every class


Passengers in EVA Air’s Royal Laurel and Premium Laurel Classes will be provided a new luxury amenity kit by Georg Jensen and Buzz Products featuring 3LAB skincare. Available on board since late April, each kit contains Perfect Hand Cream, M Cream Ultimate Lift Eye Cream and Perfect Lip Balm, all from 3LAB and housed in a black saffiano bag with a detachable chocolate brown bag. Post-flight, the unisex kits are intended to store glasses, jewelry, technology and travel items, and can even be used as a wash bag. Additional amenities included in each kit are a Georg Jensen dust bag, Georg Jensen eyeglass cloth, a comb, socks, eye mask, earplugs and a White Glo dental kit.



Asiana Airlines

Two new amenity kits created by LSG Group subsidiary SPIRIANT landed on Asiana Airlines on May 1. Passengers in the airline’s First Class cabin will receive an updated and practical Salvatore Ferragamo bag in grey shades with matching “Tuscan Soul Quintessential” cosmetics by Bianco di Carrara. Asiana’s Business Class guests will be provided a padded cotton L’Occitane iPad Mini case, shown here, in one of two color combinations: brown and beige, taking inspiration from the Asiana Business Class cabins, and the familiar navy and green of the L’Occitane label. “We have enjoyed a highly creative and innovative relationship with Asiana Airlines with the introduction of amenity kits for all classes,” said Angie Fung, General Manager Amenities at SPIRIANT, in a May 8 release announcing the launch. “Moving forward with these exciting new amenity kits for First and Business Class, Asiana has trusted us to deliver top product quality as always and in an efficient time span. We already have early indications that their reception has been very positive.”

6  MAY 2018

skysupply and Lufthansa have come together with the German fashion company windsor. for a series of smart male and female amenity kits for the airline’s First Class guests. The black and silver male kit is “based on the guiding principle [of] form follows function,” a release from skysupply notes, with compartments that serve both a style and a structural purpose, keeping all personal effects in order. The Elephant grey female edition, also with silver trimmings, comes with a separate strap so that it can be worn as a shoulder bag while shopping or when attending evening functions. Premium Economy Class passengers on Lufthansa’s inbound and outbound flights, on the other hand, will be provided Cerruti 1881 amenity kits, combining timeless design with elements to improve the wellbeing of Lufthansa’s guests. The unisex kit, also created by skysupply and seen below, is designed in androgynous grey tones with brown imitation leather and a silver logo and zipper and contains inflight amenities that Premium Economy passengers have come to expect: earplugs, a refreshing towel, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a Lufthansa-branded blindfold and socks.









Galileo Watermark

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the death of one of Belgium’s most famous and respected artists, René Magritte. To mark this occasion, Galileo Watermark recently developed three collectible amenity kits for Brussels Airlines, using some of the surrealist artist’s most famous works. Magritte is widely lauded around the world as a great influence in pop, contemporary and modern art. The neoprene bags feature prints inspired by three of Magritte’s major works: The Treachery of Images, The Return and The Son of Man. Kenny Harmel, Head of Aviation at Galileo Watermark, commented on the launch: “With the anniversary [of Magritte’s death] falling in the year of the kit launch, we felt that celebrating some of Magritte’s most iconic pieces would be a fitting tribute and a wonderful keepsake for passengers on board.”


Gents and ladies alike will be pampered by the new amenity kit series created for Malaysia Airlines by FORMIA. Available to those flying First Class, each male and female kit comes in an elegant black or blue pouch, filled with high-end amenity items such as skincare products by Paris-based PAYOT and a keepsake gold keychain, exclusive to Malaysia Airlines. Passengers will also luxuriate in a pair of midnight blue pajamas, part of the airline’s Sleeping Suit Collection, that has sporty red details and a pullover top to complete the look.


In February 2018, SWISS introduced a brand-new collection of Business Class amenity kits, specially designed by Victorinox, makers of the original Swiss Army Knife. The range of six pouches focuses on functionality, with details to help facilitate the life of the busy traveler. The pouches will be introduced in cycles on all outbound flights, while travelers on inbound flights will receive a lovely tin box designed after the iconic Victorinox Spectra suitcase. Working closely with SWISS and Victorinox, Clip helped combine the two brands in a common design language for the range of products based on Swiss understated quality. The bags have two tones of heather grey and sturdy fabric for the outside with a contrasting color for the lining. The execution is refined in every detail, with the zipper puller referencing the Swiss army knife blade.

8  MAY 2018










The future of amenities PAX spoke to Olaf Menschel, General Manager at Harmony, a part of deSter (a gategroup member), about how the onboard amenity market is changing and what the company is doing to remain an industry leader

Olaf Menschel, General Manager at Harmony


As a trusted partner to the most exclusive international luxury brands, we’re able to deliver bespoke co-branded products and services that support and strengthen our customer’s strategic aims by addressing a global consumer base. The fact that we’re operating on a global scale does not only ensure a high speed to market, it also enables our experienced team of designers and brand managers to keep a finger on the pulse of today’s market, tap into local trends and anticipate cultural preferences. In a highly competitive market, consumers increasingly expect products that transcend the regular. Providing an experience relevant to them is therefore crucial.



Where previously the trend for airlines was to opt for single-brand amenity kits, we’ve now been seeing a shift to multi-brand kits combining carefully selected products from various brands into one contemporary kit. This truly is an exciting approach as it provides

Concerning onboard amenity and retail offerings, airlines more and more aim to differentiate themselves by creating the opportunity for choice, which was formerly not in focus for amenity kits. Amenity kits have previously been a creative choice made by the airline and would be flown for the next two, three years – it was one-size fits all. Our business now moves at a much faster speed, and the goal of an airline is to always surprise their passengers. In the past, the industry would experiment with unisex and gender-specific kits, but that was pretty much it. We’re

10  MAY 2018

now looking into developing kits which are mood-orientated, and that’s very exciting from an amenity point of view and also in understanding what passengers really want.

[Preselection] will not only unlock valuable additional consumer insights, it will also provide a great opportunity for airlines to generate ancillary revenue.”

airlines with the opportunity to differentiate themselves by including products from locally relevant brands or designers. Offering a mix, including upcoming contemporary niche brands and designers, really relates to the millennial mindset and is a great way for airlines to safely extend their brand values to this market segment. The opportunity for passenger choice, paired with a combination of brands tailored to consumer tastes, is what makes Harmony’s offering truly different.


At Harmony we’re currently working on some very exciting projects that, in the not-too-distant future, will make customization and preselection available to all passengers, both in a complimentary form (i.e. amenity kits) or as a retail option. This will not only unlock valuable additional consumer insights, it will also provide a great opportunity for airlines to generate ancillary revenue. I’m pumped, really. So far, we have received good feedback from the airlines. We are sensing a change in the air.





AMENITY KITS Virtual reality can be a cost-effective solution for airlines, as seen in AK-Service’s cardboard VR glasses

Have kids, will travel


t’s a cliché as old as commercial air travel itself: the air-bound crying baby, or the flying fussy toddler. Name any sitcom with an episode centered heavily around the protagonist’s aviation-related adventures and this trope will likely rear its ugly head. Of course, airlines try to do everything in their power to ensure a comfortable flight for all involved and entertaining the youngest – and most distraction-prone – of travelers is certainly one way in which they can work toward that goal. Partnering with the right amenity kit specialist for its needs is key – and, much like most other facets in the onboard services space, there’s no catchall solution. Some design agencies, like Milk Jnr’s & Kidworks, specialize in kits for kids. “’Four-foot-high thinking’ ensures we keep our young customers in mind at all times,” explains Zoe Telfer, Client Services Director at Milk Jnr’s, of the company’s approach to airline projects. The kits Milk Jnr’s has created for Etihad, TUI and Germania exemplify the balance of fun and education the team injects into every launch. The national curriculum serves as a guide for Milk Jnr’s as to what is age-appropriate to include in its kits. (The company designs for a range of ages from three to 11 years, as well as 0 to two years.) As Telfer explains: “By creating activity plans, each pack is planned out to meet the client’s objectives and strike a balance of fun, education and creativity for children.” The agency makes sure that they also satisfy in the “fun” category by going to their panel of experts – the Milk Monitors, a group of children that provides the thumbs up or thumbs down on ideas. “Their involvement allows us to gauge the popularity of characters and themes, as well as the complexity

12  MAY 2018

Flying and kids can go together like peanut butter and jelly – with a little help from some smartly designed kid-focused amenity kits. PAX explores what makes this category of sky-bound project soar by RACHEL DEBLING

of the content,” Telfer says. “Also – and most importantly – that everything can be completed by little hands!” Focus groups can be a source of inspiration for many suppliers. AK-Service, a Russian amenity specialist that has worked with airlines such as Aeroflot and Air Astana, notes that while they occasionally rely on such think tanks to help shape children’s kits, they recognize the importance of making the entire family happy. “We take into consideration not only children’s but also parents’ opinions, as we’re equally focused on the happiness of children and the comfort for their parents,” the company says. One thing that makes parents especially happy is a healthy thirst for knowledge, and the kits that the company created with National Geographic did just that – expanding young minds through games and play without it feeling like work. As an added bonus, the kits also encouraged travel in an organic, engaging way, which is often a goal of the airlines that AK-Service works with. “In general, most of the feedback directed our attention to the fact that National Geographic’s area of focus perfectly suits the objectives of airlines – to popularize an active lifestyle along with wanderlust, a passion for discovery and a desire to embrace the beauty of the Earth,” AK-Service notes. Australia’s Buzz Products took a different approach to education through fun when they created the Creature Crew for SAUDIA. Working hand-in-hand with the airline, Buzz dreamed up a group of magical characters that teach kids about their travel journey with the help of various people they meet along the way. This bunch of adventurers was also designed to promote friendship and diversity, and the activities they take children through help promote fine


motor skills, developmental thought processes and creative thinking. Plus, there’s another, less-obvious benefit for the Creature Crew’s main audience. As Buzz notes, “The aim of the different characters is to make travel enjoyable for large Saudi families through social interaction, particularly since the average Saudi family is 5.6 people per household.” The FORMIA team has also taken great care in finding the “edutainment” balance in their projects, whether designing a New Caledonian character for Aircalin or bringing to life Captain Kangal, their latest project with Turkish Airlines. Captain Kangal is a re-imagined version of the Turkish guardian dog of protection and was created by the FORMIA team specially for this kit, another way in which the company has turned a toy into a teaching tool. “We make sure that our

Toys that have an inspiring backstory help connect children with an airline’s brand and culture, just as Captain Kangal did for Turkish Airlines

children’s amenity kits are not just enjoyable but also contribute to the educational growth of our young passengers as well,” Roland Grohmann, CEO and Managing Partner of FORMIA, tells PAX. “Segmented by the target age group, it is important for our toys to challenge both the physical and mental traits of the children on board and at the same time keep them happily occupied as to not disturb other passengers.” And who can forget about babies in flight? Not the passengers sitting next to them, certainly, but airlines are also increasingly turning their attention to the teeniest of travelers and the caregivers who watch over them. AK-Service notes that requests for infant kits have recently “multiplied” and it believes this has a lot to do with the forward-thinking nature of major carriers. “Leading airlines have set the onboard hospitality bar so high that other companies in the industry tend to keep up with them and with increasing frequency offer their passengers amenity kits for more age groups,” the company says. Albéa Travel Designer is also taking the inflight infant market seriously and has declared that for it, “Monsieur bébé” is the newest breed of passenger. “Air travel can become a cherished memory if the passenger feels cared for, pampered and surrounded by attention and goodwill,” says Corinne Brand, Director of Airlines Activity at the French amenity manufacturer and designer. “Together with comfort, care is of the utmost importance.” For Albéa, it made sense to move into this category of amenities, especially as air travel becomes easier and

Etihad partnered with Milk Jnr’s to brings smiles to young passengers in the form of an Explorers kit




The Creature Crew that Buzz created for SAUDIA is a colorful, interactive way to keep kids occupied on board

more accessible to families of every age. Brand explains that these types of kits were not readily available as recently as four years ago, so the company had to start from the ground up. The infant kit they designed for Air France, a first for Albéa, became an award winner and as Brand says: “A new category of amenity kit was born.” Since then, the company has expanded their range of projects in this territory, developing “feel good” accessories, cuddly toys, knitted baby booties, bibs and caps. Brand adds that this “trendy” collection is fully compliant with all European standards, such as EN71. FORMIA is another company that finds creative satisfaction in its infant-focused offerings, especially one creation for Air Astana that combined a stroller toy and a chew toy together into a custom baby giraffe rattle. Grohmann notes that no airline customer is too small in FORMIA’s eyes, adding: “We hope to bring joy to even the tiniest passengers onboard!” Another trend that has been gaining momentum in the inflight industry is digital apps and games, and suppliers are responding to the demand. AK-Service offers three types of apps to complement its kits: games with special stickers, brought to life with the help of a smartphone’s camera and a simple tap; activity books, whose characters can interest a child with amusing facts about the outside world; and exploration games with characters, delivering riddles as the game progresses. The company has dipped its toes into the virtual- and augmented-reality worlds, too, and has proven that this technology can be accessible to everyone. As AK-Service explains: “Adding 3D glasses to a cardboard base is a cheap solution with a large range of possibilities, which can be delivered even in Economy Class kits.” Though offerings like virtual reality are aggressively grabbing for the attention of travelers young and old,

14  MAY 2018

many of the industry experts quoted here believe that the palpable, tactile amenity kit isn’t going anywhere soon. Telfer notes that the Milk Jnr’s team isn’t ignorant to the benefits of cutting-edge technology when it comes to bringing an airline’s vision to life but recognizes the value in tradition. “We have a talented team of digital developers who contribute to all our client briefs,” she points out. “However, we firmly believe that there will always be a place for both, whether it’s picking up a crayon or tablet.” As she notes: “A screen will never replace a cuddle and a story!” Buzz certainly agrees. “Current trends show a shift back to a physical product, driven by parents, to promote more interaction and family time, reinforcing tactile play and promoting fine motor skills, as well as lessening overall screen time,” it says. The SAUDIA Creature Crew in particular is an area in which the company is eager to see this expansion. Overall, however, Buzz agrees that tech is a complement to current offerings and not a replacement – a sentiment that is likely shared across the entire amenity industry, no matter the age of the intended kit recipient. Air France passengers with babies were treated to an adorable and safe kit from Albéa that included all of the basics



40 winks

at 40,000 feet PAX examines the latest comfort technology trends and looks at the latest designs in this evolving category by MARY JANE PITTILLA


his year’s WTCE showcase in Hamburg saw many companies that have recently released new sleepwear and comfort items utilizing new materials and designs. Here, several major suppliers highlight their latest products and talk about the shifts in comfort technology and offerings in sleepwear, pillows, blankets and textiles.


Bayart Innovations has introduced its new collection of sleepwear kits, blankets, socks and pouches made with a fabric called recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which in turn is made from recycled plastic bottles. By introducing this eco-friendly material, the French company is aiming to bring something different to the airline industry. The new fabric helps in the fight against plastic pollution and at the same time against the depletion of natural resources.


Bayart brings something different to the airline industry with its new sleepwear kit, blankets, socks and pouches made with recycled plastic bottles

16  MAY 2018

In August, Clip Limited will be introducing new First Class sleepwear for one of their clients. The Hong Kong-based company has worked closely with the brand and the airline on the branded 100% cotton product. More details will be revealed when the item is launched. Director Cindy Lam has seen shifting trends in comfort technology and offerings. “If you look to the sports apparel business, almost all these products are based on comfort technology,” she notes. “This trend is fast picking up in our industry.”


Clip’s seawool blanket is 100% sustainable and made from recycled PET bottles and oyster shells

Clip’s clients have many criteria when it comes to soft items. “Sustainability, the right brand partnership, innovation, comfort and cost are all very important to the airlines,” she says. Lam notes that there is strong demand to offer something unique, and airlines and suppliers alike are working toward even greater differentiation. “What we are seeing today in the airlines and industry as a whole is [that things are] getting more creative and intense – which is great for the customer, brands and for all of us in this space to create even more exciting and innovative products.”


Mills Textiles has been focusing on new fabrics that are made from sustainable resources. It has been exploring blankets and comforters lined with TENCEL, the brand name of lyocell, which is a sustainable fabric regenerated from wood cellulose that is soft, strong and absorbent. The company has also been looking at cooling and sensory pillows so that airlines can offer passengers a choice between soft and firm or cool and warm. The pillows can also feature aromatherapy from a selection of scents. Tim Morris, Head Global at the China-based company, is seeing

airlines take an interest in eco-friendly items in all cabins. “Traditionally, the First Class cabin demanded the best of products, which sometimes excluded eco fabrics due to limitations in appearance, handling, etc. Now our customers are wanting environmentally friendly products in all cabins,” he observes. “To this end we’ve been working with ramie fabric, made from Chinese nettles, which is extremely absorbent (more so than cotton) and looks very much like traditional, expensive linen. Ramie isn’t as durable as some other fabrics, so we are blending it with cotton for durability.” Increased sustainability is a foremost concern now for airlines. “We are trying to bring more of our exciting retaildriven designs into the airline sector, tailoring colorful and exciting comfort/sleep items to be viable in a commercial airline environment,” he says.


Over the past year, SPIRIANT has been working to gain in-depth knowledge of the comfort items and sleepwear sector. The German company has been working with sleep institutes and professors from America and Germany to understand the science behind sleep and how to apply the latest technologies to make the life of passengers more comfortable. “There are many physical and mental factors that contribute towards a restful sleep,” says SPIRIANT’s Onboard Comfort Product Manager Grit Peschke. “Using the wealth of technology at our fingertips, we’ve expanded our mattress collection, created pillows with a smart outer shell and concentrated on textiles which contribute to rejuvenation. Yes, it’s possible!” Sustainability continues to grow in importance every day, she continues. “The world is changing and attitudes are changing right along with it, which airlines are embracing. Additional comfort is also becoming a necessity, with passengers expecting comfort extras (if they opt for them), so airlines have to be prepared to offer items like an additional pillow, a larger and softer blanket, or a seat pad.” Textiles now have the capability to be smarter, with advanced thermoregulation and materials that work with the latest technologies, she says.

Mills Textiles is seeking to tailor its colorful retail-driven comfort/ sleepwear designs to the commercial airline environment

Mills Textiles is also focusing on new fabrics made from sustainable resources

Textiles can now be smarter, with advanced thermoregulation and materials that work with the latest technologies, says SPIRIANT’s Onboard Comfort Product Manager, Grit Peschke PAX-INTL.COM



WESSCO International’s suite of textile products on board

Branding is also an important factor for airlines. “Interestingly, airlines are choosing ‘storytelling’ collections rather than single items, which I believe we’ll see more and more of, particularly as storytelling remains a strong brand enhancer. “Branded textiles are high on airlines’ lists, along with a heightened awareness of branding opportunities. Also, as the issue of plastic waste becomes increasingly visible globally, airlines want sustainable options that avoid plastics in particular. It’s an exciting time,” she enthuses.


WESSCO International considers a wide range of objectives and requirements for each airline program it creates. It is not uncommon for the U.S.-based firm to utilize textiles inspired by an airline’s region and culture, as well as occasionally joining forces with renowned local designers. WESSCO typically carries out specialized research on a given region’s cultural heritage to identify unique design motifs, textile traditions and iconic landmarks to incorporate into the program. Etihad Airways’ Diamond First Class women’s sleepsuit is an example of such a program, with its distinctive crystal embedded zippers and satin trim tops. Furthermore, WESSCO is renowned for its upscale and innovative brand collaborations. Such award-winning programs include an all-natural materials-made bedding set by COCO-MAT for Etihad’s First Class cabins and the recently launched Casper sleepwear program for American Airlines. Launched in December 2017, the latter is the result of sleep products expert Casper and WESSCO working closely for months to study and better understand the challenges of inflight sleep. Regarding market trends, WESSCO reports that in some cases airlines may request flame-retardant and anti-static materials, whereas the demand for more durable, higher quality, reusable and sustainable products remains constant.


During the WTCE fair, Galileo Watermark showcased a sustainable alternative to traditional RPET solutions with its ORPET (Ocean Recycled PET) blanket. With an eye on convenience, it showed its ORPET material in a new innovation, a hooded blanket. For Economy Class

18  MAY 2018

passengers, instead of a traditional blanket, this solution includes a small opening in its body for headphone cables, preventing the passenger from tangling or tripping over them, as well as a hood for optimum comfort and warmth. In terms of trends, Creative Director Jag Sihra is beginning to notice a move to multi-purpose or all-in-one products, and the company’s hooded blanket fits into this category. In addition, comfort technology is gaining momentum and importance, she continues. To achieve optimal sleeping conditions, the company has incorporated heat-regulating technology into its bedding and sleepsuits, with an intelligent fabric that adapts to the passenger’s body temperature by opening its pores for increased breathability if it is too warm and closing its pores to trap heat if it is too cold. “This helps the passenger reach their homeostatic state much quicker, resulting in a quicker and deeper sleep,” she says. Airlines are demanding higher quality materials, a more cohesive textile set, and more sustainable materials, notes Sihra. Sihra acknowledges that airlines must balance genuine quality products against tight budgets, but she believes that airlines will need to rethink this approach, as weight constraints within seat development are causing a shift toward the soft items to provide that all-important ‘wellbeing’ in the air. “There is now a huge public awareness of just how much traditional textile production methods and their waste products impact our oceans and rivers, so we must explore better ways to achieve great products that cater to the plethora of human needs in a kinder way,” she adds. “I believe there is huge scope for disruption in onboard textiles by smart leveraging of the great material innovations evolving in the wider industry, such as the development of naturally derived fibers from plants, insects and even milk,” she concludes. Galileo Watermark’s new hooded blanket for Economy Class passengers features an opening in its body for headphone cables and a hood for comfort and warmth


His ‘n’ Hers by RICK LUNDSTROM

Whether it’s First or Business Class, amenity kit suppliers say their customers are still keen to consider cabins with bags that see to the specific needs of men and women


n recent years, airlines and their suppliers have embarked on an effort to understand the desires of passengers, searching databases and following digital footprints with a goal of personalizing the experience from booking through baggage claim. Between those two ends of the travel experience, a passenger paying premium fare encounters an amenity kit that has evolved over the years into a sophisticated amalgamation of design, marketing and demographic research with a selection of contents that can carry airline goodwill far beyond the end of the flight. What continues to be important is that the specific needs of both male and female travelers are addressed. For the most part, supply companies queried by PAX International note that airline customers still have a keen interest in amenity bags designed specifically for men and women, especially on those carriers that offer First Class service. Though the standard formula is to heavily stock

20  MAY 2018

The First Class kits on Lufthansa German Airlines, supplied by skysupply

a greater volume of kits for men than women, both sexes get equal scrutiny and thought, and the designs and content of these kits reflect the importance of this element of the passenger service experience. One person who has been in the front row of the amenity kit evolution is Simon Ward whose TravelPlus Amenity Kit Awards draw entries from across the industry. While many elements and designs have changed, Ward tells PAX International that as long as airlines maintain a First Class product, there is a good chance they will also be selecting kits for both men and women; the practice extends, to a lesser extent, to the Business Class cabin as well. “Today, almost all of the leading global airlines are providing his and her kits, and the design and colors of the kits reflect this, as does the content,” Ward says. As important as the content,

the materials used in the construction of the bags follow the looks on the high street with leather, faux leather and texturized materials adding feel and touch points for the passenger, he added. Companies that responded to PAX International’s questions say that an airline generally orders kits at a ratio of 70% male to 30% female. All companies surveyed also stressed that whether kits are unisex or male and female, budget requirements are much the same and accommodations are made to meet their customer’s demands. “The airline business relies heavily on smooth operational logistics, loading and unloading being the crux of the airline business,” says Paula Wines, Creative Director at kit supplier Galileo Watermark. “Surveys show that up to 80% of airline passengers are male, so in classes with gender-specific amenity kits the buying is usually split according



buzz creates signature moments that enrich the journey. MELBOURNE . LOS ANGELES . SAN FRANCISCO . ATLANTA . MILAN . LONDON . DUBAI . SHANGHAI . HONG KONG


The look of L’Occitane, a popular brand for amenity kits, is this time on Asiana, supplied by SPIRIANT

to the ratio that the airline defines from their own passenger market research.” One of the most recent examples of a male/female kit design that supports Ward’s earlier observations was created for the First Class cabin of Lufthansa German Airlines, which the airline announced shortly after the Aircraft Interiors Expo. For the front cabin, Lufthansa selected men’s and women’s kits with contents from the German fashion company windsor. and, according to a description from Munich-based skysupply, it isn’t difficult to tell which bag is intended for which passenger. “The design of the male amenity kit is based on the guiding principle of form follows function,” said a description of the kit. “Its looks are classic – elegant black leather with a silver logo and zipper.” The design stresses after-flight use, with compartments to keep contents neat and orderly. “windsor. and Lufthansa both represent German workmanship,” said Wolfgang Bücherl, Managing Director at skysupply, in the announcement of the new contract for the company. “A long tradition, and at the same time, a visionary view towards the future. Our design and production teams were able to introduce amenity kits which reflect both companies’ promise of quality and style.” In the five years since LSG Group formed its onboard product line, SPIRIANT, requests from prospective customers have trended toward a desire for gender-neutral bags with contents appropriate for both men and women, says Angie Fung, General Manager of Amenities at the company. Some of the standard contents the company has supplied have been shaver sets, shoehorns and deodorant for male kits. Female kits are commonly stocked with

22  MAY 2018

facial cleanser, eye gels and moisturizing face masks. Perfumes and colognes are giving way to items such as facial sprays and hand sanitizers that cater to both female and male needs, said Fung. SPIRIANT prides itself on its ability to spot trends in the consumer marketplace and translate them to the airline cabin. The importance of demographic research, hand in hand with an airline customer, creates a need to look beyond simply supplying kits for both male and female passengers. SPIRIANT works with the airline to calculate the ratio of male to female kits well in advance of a launch, as well as helping customers keep down costs by changing small but significant details rather than creating a product from scratch, says Fung. “As a preferred partner, we generally have to ensure we adopt an approach that helps customers address the diverse range of demographics, passenger profiles and cultural

backgrounds on board,” says Fung. SPIRIANT’s most recent amenity kit customer is Asiana Airlines, which selected two kits that were boarded May 1. First Class passengers saw a revamped bag from Salvatore Ferragamo designed in two shades of gray with a loop handle on the top. Contents of the bag include Tuscan Soul Quintessential cosmetics by Bianco di Carrara. In Business Class, Asiana now supplies an iPad mini case kit stocked with L’Occitane products. While male and female kits are normally the purview of First Class cabins, Hong Kong-based supplier Clip scored a coup in supplying both men’s and women’s kits to JetBlue, an airline that is known primarily as a low-cost carrier but has adapted its front cabin to meet with the tight competition in transcontinental markets in the U.S. The introduction of JetBlue’s Mint Class called for kit that would normally be found in the front cabin of legacy carriers. Not only is the airline’s approach to its market unique, Clip’s kit design, named after one-time husband and wife acting team Brooke Hayward and Dennis Hopper, broke the trend of airlines in the U.S. primarily offering unisex kits, says Clip’s Director, Cindy Lam. “JetBlue and our partner Hayward wanted to create a unique brand partnership for its first Mint Class amenity kit, [and] curating a specific and separate male and female kit allows newness and surprise for the passengers,” notes Lam.

Clip supplied the Hayward and Hopper amenity kits for the Mint launch on JetBlue in 2016


Zibo Rainbow Airline Appliance Co.,Ltd Add:4th Floor,Tiandu Business Building,No.146 of West Gongqingtuan Road, Zhangdian, Zibo, Shandong , China Tel:+86-533-6217968 / 6217969 / 6200753

Fax:+86-533-6217967 /


“And the winners are …” … everyone, according to Simon Ward, founder of the TravelPlus Airline Amenity Awards, who makes the argument that awards are valuable not only to individual companies but to the entire inflight industry


o matter what anyone may say, I believe awards matter and create value for our industry at large. When I launched TravelPlus in 1996, the web had been worldwide for only a few years. Concorde made the fastest flight across the Atlantic in a commercial aircraft that same year, and Alaska Airlines had sold the first airline tickets via the internet only a year earlier. It would be another four years before British Airways became the first international carrier to introduce lie-flat seats in Business Class.

Our magazine quickly built up a loyal readership, and in 2000 the publication underwent a total redesign and increased its frequency from four issues per year to six. Back then, I never thought of launching an awards program. I left that to the competitors, Executive Travel and Business Traveller, as I was cynical about awards organized by publications and wondered whether winning was purely a result of reader votes or whether they were based on advertising dollars spent. I recall a conversation with the publisher of Executive Travel who told me that when the reader

The trophy that changed Simon’s opinion of awards ceremonies

24  MAY 2018

voting forms were released in their magazine the sales of that issue would increase right alongside, as airlines would purchase additional copies to distribute on board to passengers in an effort to increase their votes and therefore their chances of winning. All this said, in 2005 my views were about to change. TravelPlus had been nominated for Consumer Publication of the Year Covering Business Travel in the Carlson Wagonlit Awards. I decided not to attend the awards evening, opting instead to go to dinner with friends and sending Chris Lewis, my sales director at the time, in my place. Imagine my shock when I received a call from Chris later that evening telling me TravelPlus had won – my cynicism instantly evaporated. I was jubilant for my team and all the hard work they had done to make TravelPlus an award winner. Today my opinion of awards is very different. Awards recognize and reward the efforts of companies and their staff. They can also raise awareness of your brand and your products in a number of ways: VISIBILITY. Awards can make you and your products more visible. They can attract new customers by giving your organization an edge over your competitors. VALIDATION. Awards speak volumes about a company’s products and services and provide a third-party


The cover of the TravelPlus issue in which their first winner, Air Canada, was announced

endorsement of their achievements. Being nominated or shortlisted can be helpful because it places you at the forefront of your industry. TESTIMONIALS. Being shortlisted or winning an award serves as testament to a company’s work ethic, dedication and unique specialty. The award attracts passengers and airlines who will be more likely to consider this company’s work over another. It also serves to reinforce the loyalty of existing customers. As I reflect on the recent “Hamburg Awards Season,” now with three award ceremonies being held on consecutive evenings, I feel there may well be a negative vibe around the industry. But stop and consider the benefits and the positive impact awards can have on employees, passengers and the winning company, and you may be persuaded to reconsider. First, all three of these awards are very different – both PAX and Onboard’s awards cover a wide range of industry categories, mirroring the editorial content of their respective publications, while the TravelPlus Awards concentrates on amenity kits and sleep products. Then there is the judging process. The PAX International Readership Awards are based exclusively on reader votes whereas the Onboard Hospitality Awards use a combination of online voting and industry experts. At TravelPlus, we opted for the judging to be undertaken by independently run focus groups comprised of airline passengers. In short, I truly believe these awards all have significance – and I think that, after some careful consideration, you will agree, too.




NATURAL CONVENIENCES As public consciousness grows over the issue of sustainability, amenity kit suppliers are leading the way in producing eco-friendly items with an earthy feel by MARY JANE PITTILLA

Bayart Innovations’ new eco-friendly materials include bamboo, wheat straw and corn starch

26  MAY 2018


OCN marine-based skincare is produced from ocean-recycled and post-consumer-recycled plastic, sourced by Galileo Watermark


Bayart Innovations has introduced new materials in its collection, such as recycled PET, bamboo, wheat straw and corn starch. These materials clearly bring an earthy feel to the designs and are more eco-friendly than plastic. “More and more airline companies have developed sustainable business practices, such as reducing their carbon emissions, consuming biofuel, or introducing some recycled materials for cabins or sustainable amenity kits. That’s why it becomes a must for Bayart Innovations to take a lead in the development of eco-friendly products,” says the French firm. “It helps passengers to be more conscious about the effect their travel has on the planet, by consuming eco-friendly amenity kits,” the company adds.

Simon Kwan, Senior Creative, also points to the company’s award-winning Business Class Amenity Kit for Air Tahiti Nui, featuring woven paper fabric, and its First Class Amenity Kit for Kuwait Airways, made from organic jute cotton fabric. “They illustrate how, when crafted authentically, eco-conscious design can align with our clients’ and their passengers’ values,” he says. Kwan believes it is very important to offer sustainable options to its airline customers and studies the latest developments in eco-friendly and sustainable consumption. “Anything we can do to introduce better materials,

less packaging, leaner manufacturing and logistics, and better design to extend the useful life of any individual item contributes to slowing down and lessening the negative environmental impact. We offer solutions across our entire supply chain to do just that. It’s not enough for us to do things better. We must do better things.” The company aims to offer a variety of solutions to its clients, ranging from bio-based materials to amenity kits containing items that passengers will want to keep. One major initiative premiered at WTCE this year, for which Galileo Watermark won the Fabulous Packaging pitch competition at the Taste of Travel Theatre, is OCN, a line of marine-based skincare packaged in tubes produced from a blend of ocean-recycled and post-consumer-recycled plastic. “This isn’t a material that we simply purchased,” explains Kwan. “For over a year, we have been building up a supply chain to collect ocean waste plastic from waterways and beaches, sort it, clean it and re-process it into plastic that can be reintroduced into our manufacturing cycle.” OCN skincare is only the first application of this sustainable material, he adds. “We plan to introduce it into other amenity kit contents, textiles, and potentially even rotable meal service items. Anything produced from standard plastics can be produced using OCN recycled plastic. We’re invested in the future of our industry and our planet,” he enthuses.

Galileo Watermark’s awardwinning Business Class Amenity Kit for Air Tahiti Nui features woven paper fabric


In its most recent collection showcased at WTCE in April, Galileo Watermark incorporated nature and natural themes across its major product concepts, such as the Hyper Beach-inspired tropical kids’ kit, its Hallucinogenic Blooms and Cellular Nature-inspired Lenticular amenity bags, and marbled Glint porcelain. These product concepts used conventional materials and regular production methods, however.




Kaelis uses natural fabrics, recycled materials, and materials that are in closed-loop recycling for its products


When it comes to eco-friendly amenity kits, Kaelis believes that airlines are open to new ideas. “It is our responsibility to offer ecofriendly solutions and natural options to airlines. The Kaelis team across various departments is constantly investigating eco-friendly materials. We are very conscious about the global carbon footprint and we are making every effort to reduce it. It is therefore very important to us to offer these options to airlines and make sure they are aware of the unlimited possibilities in this field.” The company’s designs follow current trends, but the conscious effort to present natural options is more of a responsibility towards the planet. With rotable items Kaelis sources materials that are recycled, and with disposable products it seeks out those that can be recycled and are made from recycled materials. “We provide the whole gamut of possibilities and the advantages that these products offer, not only in terms of sustainability, but also designs and prices. Kaelis offers a wide range of possibilities with ecofriendly and natural products,” it says. Kaelis uses natural fabrics, recycled materials, and materials that are in closed-loop recycling (i.e. 100% of the material is recyclable). “It is also very important that the passenger is conscious of the airlines’ efforts on sustainability, and here we do offer options for the airline. For us it’s crucial that it’s a bespoke product for the airline and the passenger, and new materials do offer different functionalities and open the horizon. The brand Kaelis is known for its innovation in design, and we continue to experiment fearlessly.” Kaelis also offers a wide range of natural cosmetics and products. It recently introduced Better Air into the airline industry, which has had “fabulous” reviews to date.

28  MAY 2018

“We are continuously bringing in new materials and fabrics and designing some extraordinary kits with these,” it enthuses. “This year one of the highlights was our cork amenity kit that caught many eyes. The possibilities are infinite and we aim to offer the widest range possible and adhere to our slogan that says ‘Improving travel experience’ in every way.”


FORMIA has created an eco-friendly Captain Kangal children’s kit for Turkish Airlines.

FORMIA uses all-natural materials in the Captain Kangal plush toy and the reusable canvas bag

The kit was developed with multiple facets in mind, and one of the values that both Turkish Airlines and FORMIA wanted to push was the importance of sustainability. They used all-natural materials in the plush toy and the bag, and a backstory for Kangal that the children could understand. “It is a great and easy way for the parents to interact and explain to them what it means to be sustainable,” says Roland Grohmann, FORMIA’s CEO and Managing Partner. Grohmann further explains: “Being worldwide leaders in the airline industry, it is important that we do our part by encouraging our consumers to reuse what they receive. We incorporated the eco-friendly theme by using all-natural materials for the Captain Kangal toy and assuring that the bag is reusable. As an airline that reaches all types of consumers on thousands of flights per day, it is important that FORMIA creates amenities for Turkish Airlines that all passengers can and will take home with them to reuse.”


Big City dreaming by RACHEL DEBLING

Some airlines are releasing amenity kits that don’t just provide necessities for their passengers’ journeys but also highlight their destination


The first series of amenity kits created by Clip for Hong Kong Airlines

o matter the mode of travel, every journey possesses two mandatory components: a starting location and an endpoint. In the world of amenities, suppliers and their airline customers are often focused on the area in between these two stages. However, many are now pushing for their brand to carry into their guests’ post-flight lives via items that can be used beyond the tarmac. Last year, for example, Buzz Products partnered with New York’s The Laundress for a Singapore Airlines kit, providing guests in Suites, First and Business Class with detergent and fabric care items that, naturally, would be used after arriving at one’s destination. But it’s not only through a kits’ contents that airlines are pushing the focus from “travel” to “destination.” A bag’s design can speak volumes about the adventures waiting to be discovered by an airline’s customer. One glimpse at Bayart Innovation’s orange and black amenity kit and you know new experiences are ahead. The kit contains fare that seasoned Business Class travelers have come to expect – socks, earplugs, an eye mask, mirror, toothbrush, shoe horn and earphones

30  MAY 2018

with holder – but can be customized with a company’s colors and the names of major cities served by the airline. Bayart is also thinking globally (and long-term) by going one step further: the accessories included in this kit have been made with sustainable, natural bamboo to reduce the impact on the Earth. An example of an amenity kit being used to communicate the culture of an airline’s hometown is Clip Limited’s sets for Hong Kong Airlines, designed by Ricebowl Republic, that debuted in 2017 and were recently redesigned for 2018. Cindy Lam, Director of Clip, recalls the organic way in which she stumbled across their local design partner. “I found Ricebowl Republic through a local Bayart Innovation’s eye-catching citythemed kit contains eco-friendly accessories

bookstore in Hong Kong and thought that they would be a great fit for the Business Class amenity kits I wanted to present to Hong Kong Airlines,” she remembers. “I knew that HKA wanted to have Hong Kong-focused designs and brands.” With offices located in the city, Ricebowl Republic is the definition of local, and though “brainchild” Nicola Barguss is British she has been a Hong Kong resident for quite some time. The iconic images that were included on the bags the year of their release – the Hong Kong skyline, the Star Ferry, the city’s tramways and the rickshaw – were refreshed for their 2018 series, this time to include a rice bowl, birdcage and teapot along with one of their most popular original images, the city’s silhouette. The collectability factor is what Lam believes will continue to push this trend. “What we see is phenomenal; that something so simple yet pleasing and localized has become overwhelmingly popular and sought-after, like a collection to be acquired by avid travelers,” Lam explains. In an industry that often hinges on the disposable, this is one way that airlines can stay at the forefront of their guests’ minds, even after they arrive at their destination.

The leading global event for travel catering, onboard retail and passenger comfort Don’t miss the opportunity to source the latest products and services from over 350 international suppliers. Network with 4,000 onboard professionals including 800 airline and rail buyers and be inspired by thought provoking presentations and demonstrations.

SAVE THE DATE 2-4 April 2019 Co-Located with:

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PAX chatted with inflight equipment and amenity supplier Clip Limited’s design team for an insider POV on how its projects come to life by RACHEL DEBLING One of Clip’s early projects that demonstrates their creative prowess

UNIQUE. FUNCTIONAL. CULTURED. These are the words that the Clip Limited design team want you to think of when its ventures come to mind. So far, the company has been objectively successful on that front. Though still young, Clip already has several high-profile partnerships under their belt, including the Hong Kong Airlines and JetBlue Mint Class kits profiled in this very issue. And it shows no signs of slowing. In much the same way the company bands together to create projects that check every box on customers’ wish lists, Clip’s design team forms a united front when speaking of its collective work. According to the team, every project should tell a story. “Of course, all items need to be very functional,” PAX was told by the team following the 2018 World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo, “but we think they also need to have the right DNA to express the airline’s personality.” After all, the company says, traveling is a cultural encounter and the air travel experience needs to reflect that. This one-size-doesn’t-fit-all approach not only applies to the amenity kits created for its airline clients but also to tableware, an onboard enterprise that has allowed the team to both strengthen its design muscles and stretch their eco-wings, so to speak. The bento box they created for SWISS is an award-winning example of this: an

Clip believes traveling is a cultural encounter and that the air travel experience needs to reflect that. 32  MAY 2018

Clip has collaborated with Hayward and Hopper for several series of kits, including these which flew in JetBlue’s Mint Class beginning in April

aesthetically pleasing container that moved the airline from a disposable, difficult-to-handle model to one that can be used up to 100 times. Even two years after it was introduced on board, the design team says compliments from passengers and SWISS’ crew alike continue to pour in. Sustainability isn’t the only way Clip is looking toward the future. The company was an early adopter of 3D printing technology, having integrated it into the design process four years ago after an intern brought his own with him to work. The team quickly realized the potential in this new tech – the result is a tactile experience that is especially helpful when designing cups handles – and ended up purchasing a few for the studio. Now the team systematically prints everything in 3D form before moving to the prototyping phase, a step that has added an extra level of efficiency and saves a lot of headaches in the long run. In the future, Clip says they will continue to explore 3D printing – the company is now able to print metal at an affordable cost, for instance – as well as ways to further reduce airline clients’ environmental impact. “This trend is not going away anytime soon,” Clip says when asked about eco-options, adding that it’s a design aspect built into the business’ own DNA – and one the team hopes will take the company far. As its designers note, “We believe investing in solutions that reduce the footprint of air travel is a clever investment for the future of Clip.”

The International Flight Services Association (IFSA) is a 50-year old organization dedicated to the advancement of the multi-billion dollar inflight and railway onboard services industry worldwide.

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Join hundreds of airline, caterer and supplier executives from around the globe committed to elevating the onboard passenger experience at this year’s Annual Conference & Expo.

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Fresh, new & now These products are working overtime to make your next flight a cleaner, more comfortable event





3  SLEEP TIGHT: Lightweight, compact and comfortable, Brave 1  TRAVELING CLEAN: With a pleasant fragrance, an Aloe Vera moisturizer and antibacterial properties, Wet-Nap’s HospiCare Plus towels get the job done, whether being used by a passenger to wipe off their face post-meal or to disinfect a lavatory handle (but not with the same wipe, please).

2  PACK IT IN: Looking for a new way to present your passengers with their inflight amenities? Zibo Rainbow has recently released an all-new bag made of composite material that can be personalized with advertising or scenic images of an airline’s popular destinations – a great way to get your guests hyped for their trip before the aircraft lands.

34  MAY 2018

Era’s new hypoallergenic 100% mulberry silk travel sheet does double duty, keeping you comfortable and bugs away with a critter-resistant design. Pair it with one of their “Sharkskin Gray” or “Raven Black” sleep masks and your bedtime/naptime is complete.

4  IN GOOD HANDS: Albéa Travel Designer has partnered with the colorful French cosmetic company Merci Handy to bring their trendy indie brand on board. Both companies picked three products that will be available through Albéa – a hand cleansing gel, hand cream and toothpaste – and kitted in a bright pouch designed and manufactured by the amenity kit company. Show of hands – who wants one?

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Our readers have spoken! O

n an unseasonably warm evening this past April in Hamburg, Germany, the PAX International team handed out trophies and plaques to airlines, IFE and seating companies, and amenity kit suppliers who captured the hearts and votes of readers at a cocktail reception honoring the 2018 PAX International Readership Awards. “We were overwhelmed with the response to this year’s event,” said Aijaz Khan, publisher of PAX International, following the April 11 ceremony at the Radisson Blu Hamburg.

FIRST CLASS AMENITY KIT – AMERICAS WINNER: Buzz Products for American Airlines American Airline’s Devon Thornton, Procurement & Supply Chain; Marian Watson, Onboard Products; Alexa Maher, Customer Experience Product; and Nick Richards, Premium Services & Customer Experience, with Simon Yaffe, Director of Client Relationships for Buzz Products, and PAX Publisher Aijaz Khan

36  MAY 2018

The best in Economy, Business and First Class amenity kits from around the globe, as chosen by our readers, were honored at the 2018 PAX Awards

“We look forward to an even larger celebration when we return to Hamburg in 2019.” The images that follow are of the winning amenity kit suppliers and their customers; the airline, catering, IFE and connectivity winners will be shared in a future issue. Click here for a full list of the winners and find behind-the-scenes photos of the event here. From all of us at PAX International, congrats to the deserving winners!

BUSINESS CLASS AMENITY KIT – AMERICAS WINNER: WESSCO for Hawaiian Airlines Melissa Estrada, Account Manager at WESSCO International, and Aijaz Khan


FIRST CLASS AMENITY KIT – MIDDLE EAST WINNER: FORMIA for SAUDIA SAUDIA representatives with Philipp Wendschuh, FORMIA’s Regional Director (center), Azman Ahmad, SAUDIA’s GM Product Management (center right), and Aijaz Khan

FIRST CLASS AMENITY KIT – ASIA WINNER: WESSCO for Japan Airlines Kyoko Akiyama (left) and Michiro Kurisaka (center) with Aijaz Khan and guest

ECONOMY CLASS AMENITY KIT – ASIA WINNER: Galileo Watermark for EVA Air Galileo Watermark’s Ian Linaker, Chief Executive Officer; Tamara Vazquez Perez, Marketing and Brand Partnership Director; and Paul Hunter, Global Sales Director

BUSINESS CLASS AMENITY KIT – EUROPE WINNER: skysupply for TAP Air Portugal Joel Ceiça Samuel Fragata, Marketing & Customer Care/Head of In-Flight & On-Ground, Product at TAP Portugal; Henrike Thiel, Product Business Development Manager; and Cem Gemici, Director Business Development, HOSTLAB GmbH

BUSINESS CLASS AMENITY KIT – MIDDLE EAST WINNER: Kaelis for Royal Air Maroc Federico Heitz, CEO of Kaelis; Amina Fertat of Royal Air Maroc; and Manoj Pridhanani, Creative Manager at Kaelis

BUSINESS CLASS AMENITY KIT – ASIA WINNER: FORMIA for Air Astana FORMIA’s Iman El Zeky, Area Sales Director – Europe, and Philipp Wendschuh, Regional Director

FIRST CLASS AMENITY KIT – EUROPE WINNER: SPIRIANT for Lufthansa German Airlines SPIRIANT’s Thomas Brandt, Customer Service Manager Inflight Products; Birgit Frey, Senior Product Manager Inflight Services Intercont; and Addy Ng, Director Design Amenities

ECONOMY CLASS AMENITY KIT – EUROPE WINNER: AK-Service for Aeroflot AK-Service’s Alexander Ferenz, General Director, and Nadezhda Krupskaya, Marketing and Development Director PAX-INTL.COM



Comfort Zone

The numbers and stats behind your favorite inflight convenience products

The word


was introduced around 1880 and originated from Hindi words meaning “leg garment.”

1927 Year liquid shampoo was invented by Hans Schwarzkopf, a German inventor.

US$250 Price being asked for a brand-new, unopened Salvatore Ferragamo First Class Amenity Kit from Asiana Airlines on ebay (as of publication)


Year the first nylon-bristle toothbrush was invented by the DuPont company. (Humans have been cleaning their teeth since as far back as 5,000 B.C., however.)


Maximum volume of liquids you can have on your person or in your carry-on luggage when flying.

Number of years since the onboard liquid rule was first enacted.

US$4.8 billion Retail sales of soap in America for 2016. (Shampoo and conditioner narrowly surpassed it at $5 billion.)

Ingredients for the


included the ashes from burnt ox hooves and egg shells. Later, Greeks and Romans used crushed bones and shells to make their teeth sparkle.

38  MAY 2018


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“ The collection brings together elements of home luxury directly to your onboard seat”

Airline: Singapore Airlines Bag Brand: Lalique Cosmetic Lalique Supplier: FORMIA


he First Class Ladies kit is reminiscent of the highest quality in French fashion. The cosmetic case elegance of this bag is offered in a pebble-textured pink and black design. The light pink body of the case is a perfect contrast to its black cover, handle and gold zipper detail with black tassel pulls. The kit contains a gold satin drawstring bag of elegantly matched products from the L’AMOUR LALIQUE women’s line: Eau de Parfum, lip balm, perfumed hand cream and face moisturizer. L’AMOUR LALIQUE is inspired by Réne Lalique’s devoted love to women and sensuality. The variety of First Class kits for inbound and outbound flights further enhances Singapore Airline’s diverse collection of amenity kits – a first time for the airline. With the different options, passengers get to experience two different approaches to the elegant amenity kit, as well as different lines of the same brand. Altogether bringing an all-around experience unlike any other.



First Class Female - SHORTLISTED

Airline: Lufthansa Cosmetic: La Prairie Supplier: SPIRIANT GmbH





irst published in 2011, The TravelPlus Airline Amenity Awards Showcase is the essential reference guide used by directors, senior managers, and influencers for research, reference, purchasing support or just to gain invaluable insight in the market. The 2017 TravelPlus Airline Amenity Awards Showcase Book is now available. It provides an unparalleled look into the very best amenity kits across all cabins and includes children’s gifts, sleeper suits and bedding provided by the World’s leading Airlines. This coffee-table book contains seventy pages of high-quality photographs and is presented in a hardcover format. To celebrate our new format and increased pagination of the Showcase, we are offering you an exclusive discount of 15% whilst stock lasts.

Airline: Malaysia Airlines


Bag Brand:

t’s the first time ever an Oktoberfest kit is onboard in First Class and there is nothing equivocal on the market. It reinforces the popularity of Wiesn and simultaneously embraces the fun, celebratory side of German culture. “Wiesn” is the typical colloquial name in Germany for the Oktoberfest. The amenity kit is heart-shaped, created for Oktoberfest. The material is faux-leather, ultra-soft and smooth. It comes in grey for Ladies with the typical blue-white patterns of the Bavarian flag as inner linings. Lufthansa branded, it embodies the spirit of the Oktoberfest and houses luxurious La Prairie cosmetics. Every detail of the kit is geared towards creating an emotional connection with Lufthansa passengers. It’s fun, it’s multifunctional, it’s limited edition and precious; everything an amenity kit should be. For the passengers it’s the perfect accessory to transcend from the airplane to Oktoberfest. It’s small enough to hang onto a belt, but ample enough to carry your Oktoberfest necessities. The kit is zip-closed with an embossed Edelweiss flower tag as an additional detail. It’s an exciting element to their flight, doubling up as the ideal accessory to their Wiesn-Outfit. They can stow away small items for a Festzelt visit in a soft, heart-shaped kit that reflects Lufthansa’s passion towards their passengers.


Cerruti 1881 Cosmetic: Payot Supplier: FORMIA


he Malaysia Airlines First Class Ladies kit featuring Italian brand Cerruti 1881 is a charming, casual purse style amenity bag offered in black or navy blue. A gold metal CERRUTI logo plate accents the front of the kit, further enhanced by a gold metal chain handle strap and double zip MH gold logo puller. The contrasting airline signature red lining with embossed logo patch adds a luxurious flare. The bag opens to reveal a cosmetic pouch containing products from Payot, the French luxury brand recognized for its innovative scientific formulas – a body lotion, face cream and lip balm from their HYDRA24 line. The luxury experience is further enhanced with a matching Cerruti 1881 branded eau de toilette in a floral woody scent. The First Class amenity kits are designed with a gifting concept in mind – the amenity kit is not only for cosmetic items, for comfort and wellbeing, but also a token of appreciation and gesture of thanks from the airline to the passenger. An exclusive gold Malaysia Airlines keychain is given onboard alongside the amenity kit for that additional special value. Airline: Saudia Airlines Bag Brand: Furla Cosmetic: Atelier Cologne Supplier: FORMIA

he Saudia Airlines Furla branded Ladies kit for First Class is a miniature retail bag inspired by their famous luxury hand bags, with stylish yellow-beige-brown color-blocking featured on the front flap – completely multifunctional, designed with the ability to be used as a fashionable clutch post-flight in mind. The amenity kit features a pomelo scented lip balm and hand cream from Atelier Cologne, a Parisian luxury brand that celebrates the elegance of citruses, created perfectly balanced with the most precious raw materials. The inner items of the kits are all in color-matched packaging with the bag, as well as a matching eye mask. This attention to detail brings the entire kit together as a whole, with added airline branding & patterns that also appear around the aircraft cabin. A special added charging wire in matching color to the bag and inner packaging is fitted with both lightning and micro-USB adaptors to ensure passengers’ devices can be connected to a power source throughout the flight.



Business Class (Europe/Africa) - SHORTLISTED


he new Air France amenity kit is a limited edition that will be given to the Business class customers over the course of six months. This model comes in four colors; blue, grey, orange and turquoise, all available on board. This amenity kit combines a practical function to ensure Business customers comfort and wellness, as well as an emotional function. Each detail is indeed studied to offer the Business customers a unique and sophisticated object. To ensure maximum comfort to the Business customers, this amenity kit contains: Clarins® moisturizing cream, Clarins® moisture replenishing lip balm, complete dental hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash), eye mask, Earplugs, comb and shoehorn

HIGHLY COMMENDED Airline: Air France Cosmetic: Clarins Supplier:

Airline: Brussels Airline Supplier: Galilieo Watermark

Albéa Travel Designer

Airline: Virgin Atlantic Bag Brand: Herschel Cosmetic: Rituals Supplier: deSter/Harmony


celebrated the 50th anniversary of death of one of Belgium’s most famous and respected artists, René Magritte. To mark this occasion, Galileo Watermark developed three collectible amenity kits for Brussels Airlines using some of the surrealist artist’s most famous works. Magritte is widely lauded around the world for his ability to look at things from a different angle and he has been a great influence in pop, contemporary and modern art. The neoprene bags feature prints inspired by three of Magritte’s major works: The Treachery of Images: painted in 1929 when he was 30 years old, is viewed as a surrealist masterpiece and is testament to his insistence of challenging convention and the notion that objects belong to words and images. The Return: a 1940 work featuring a silhouette of a dove revealing a calm blue sky. Representing the promise of tomorrow, it shows symbolic realism at its best. Lastly, The Son of Man: a 1946 self portrait that captured the world’s imagination by inviting us ‘to see what is hidden by what we see’. The beautiful unisex kits are the perfect size for all the travel amenities and are finished with an embossed metal zip puller and attractive printed lining. The comfort items include socks, eye mask, earplugs, dental kit with 10g Colgate toothpaste and pen.


he third rotation Virgin Atlantic Business Class amenity kit designed by hip, Canadian lifestyle brand Herschel comes in two innovative, functional designs; one for outbound and one for inbound flights. They include a body moisturizer, lip balm and an eye cream by the skincare brand Rituals, based on Eastern traditions. A dental kit, ear plugs, eyeshade, socks and a Virgin Atlantic pen are also part of the offering. The amenity kit product offerings complement the strong Virgin Atlantic brand experience, for which the modern, young and creative Herschel brand is a perfect match. Simple, beautiful and functional, the cutting-edge designs make this offering an attractive collector’s item.



Sleeper Suit - WINNER

Sleeper Suit - SHORTLISTED

Airline: American Airlines Bag Brand: Casper Supplier: WEESCO International

To ensure you secure your copy today, for just £30 plus carriage, email me with your details and the amount required.

Airline: Saudia Airlines Bag Brand: Porsche Design Supplier: FORMIA

Airline: Etihad Bag Brand: Christian Lacroix Supplier: buzz



tihad Airways provides its premium passengers in The Residence the opportunity to sleep and relax in complete style and luxury with black Christian Lacroix branded sleeper suits featuring the Christian Lacroix logo as well as contrast trim and waist tie.


ESSCO and Casper collaborated to create premium quality loungewear to complement Casper’s revolutionary bedding set for American Airlines. The loungewear is made of high-quality breathable cotton for ultimate sleep comfort, and stands out for its elegant design, superb stitching and discreet branding. The sweatshirt sports a cozy front pouch pocket and the stylish sweatpants come with side-pockets. The loungewear allows for post-flight use at home, the gym or a casual leisure setting. The set comes with a pair of snug cushioned slippers for ultimate comfort.


he Saudia Airlines Porsche Design branded sleeping suit comes in two different colors - dark grey/black for Gents and light grey/pink for Ladies, all packaged in a luxury carrying case with matching slippers. The zip turtleneck long-sleeve shirt is paired with drawstring waist lounge pants in a soft and comfortable fabric, with subtle Porsche Design branding, offering luxury comfort on board. The stylish sporty design feels light, yet warm enough for the cool aircraft cabin. The loungewear kit is designed to be casual but stylish and made ready for passengers to sleep in. Lounging around the aircraft in this elegant set will provide a comfortable experience for the passenger, whilst still allowing them to look stylish. The slippers included match in colour and quality, with lush padding for utmost comfort. The durable carry case included is the perfect bag to keep the set in, or also makes the perfect gift bag if the passenger decides to give their suit to a friend or loved one.




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