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ith the recent wave of turmoil nect with; an offering that has the potential occurring between airlines and pas- to uplift and possibly inspire. sengers, many are wondering if the As you flip through, you’ll find that skies have lost their once friendly we’ve provided a rundown of the latest title. From questionable incidents developments in the amenities sector, in the cabin, to a riot brought on by flight from the latest launches, brand and artist delays and cancellations at a ticket counter, collaborations, to a look at the other more the atmosphere of air travel seems to have large-scale amenities offered in the cabin hit a bit of turbulence. — including the Emirates A380 Shower Longstanding Canadian weekly cur- Spa and Air New Zealand’s Economy Skyrent affairs magazine Maclean’s recently couch™. We also spoke to Clean the World, published an article titled, “When airline a company that is working with United passengers fight back” in which Catherine Airlines to tackle the problem of unused McIntyre writes that delays along with amenities left on board and making a difoverbooked aircraft coupled with at times ference to underprivileged communities questionable customer service, seem to be in the process. passengers’ main triggers, “[b]ut they are And that is just some of what we touched all traits of the ever popular budget carrier, on. While it may not solve the issues that a service that conflicted customers both have spurred on the unpleasant events demand and decry: as airlines look to slash that have taken place in the cabin and at rates for customers while maintaining their airports in the recent weeks, we hope this already ultra slim profit margins, customer special issue brings deeper insight into the service has fallen by the wayside.” world of inflight amenities, specifically the Perhaps this is where amenities could revamped intent behind their creation and step in. Likely not the solution to the cur- purpose. It will be exciting to see what the rent state of affairs by any means, but a wel- conversation surrounding this aspect of the comed distraction and possible mood lifter passenger services industry looks like in for passengers. In this issue — our second the months ahead, and we hope you stick special amenities-dedicated endeavor with us as we find out. — there seemed to be a common thread woven throughout from the suppliers we spoke to — that being, a greater attempt to Melissa Silva create kits that passengers can better con- Editor | PAX International

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JUNE 2017

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EDITOR’S NOTE PAX International Editor Melissa Silva tees up this summer’s special amenities issue


FRESH PICKINGS PAX International rounds up some of the latest — and greatest kits launched so far this year





Galileo Watermark’s Senior Creative, Simon Kwan again finds himself immersed in cabin products design and working with a team at the recently merged Galileo Watermark on solutions at all stages of the travel experience



Traditionally enclosed in a bag, inflight amenities today have come a long way, ranging from spa suites, pullout couches and Savoy-trained Butlers


World-leading suppliers talk about the latest trends in the entertaining world of children’s amenity kits


United Airlines, an army of volunteers and an innovative organization are fighting waste, helping truly needy people and making use of unused amenity items in a program that has the possibility of growth in the year ahead


Simon Ward of TravelPlus gives his thoughts on happenings in the world of First Class amenity kits



In an attempt to avoid entering the “typical” territory of amenity kit design, airlines and suppliers are taking a more creative approach by teaming up with artists to add a little charm and personality to the inflight offering


Looking to make more of a connection with passengers, airlines are opting to collaborate with more bespoke brands over the usual high-end suspects when developing amenity kits, providing passengers with a more elevated offering


Spiriant’s new collaboration with Audi Industrial Design resulted in nearly a dozen futuristic-looking products that are equally at home in an auto show as they were at the World Travel Catering an Onboard Services Expo JUNE 2017 |


From luxury cocktail sets to cosmetics, we’ve rounded up a must-have list of amenities handpicked for a range of passengers, from the mixologist to the skincare connoisseur and others in-between


Amenity suppliers and their airline partners gathered in Hamburg to accept their winnings this past April, at PAX International’s annual Readership Awards


ON THE COVER: Air France La Première amenity kit developed by Albéa in two shades representing La Première’s signature colors. PHOTO COURTESY OF AIR FRANCE  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  5

LATEST LAUNCHES Albéa develops Business and La Première kits for long-time partner Air France

Fibrous materials, such as recycled paper, sugarcane, bamboo and wheat straw were used to create dester’s eco-range

Fresh selections PAX International rounds up some of the latest — and greatest kits launched so far, this year


lthough we are only halfway through 2017, amenity kit suppliers together with airlines have already launched some notable kits, featuring some impressive contents and designs, leaving us waiting with anticipation for what the latter half of the year will bring. PAX International rounds up some of these noteworthy kits that make up the industry’s latest launches

dester introduces innovative eco-range

In its ongoing effort to meet the rising demand for eco-conscious comfort solutions in the airline industry, dester has developed a new amenity kit collection made with various sustainable materials, which was launched this past April at the World Travel Catering and Passenger Services Expo in Hamburg. Available upon request, the collection ranges from smart Economy Class kits to high-end products for Premium Class passengers. For this collection, dester turned recycled PET bottles into premium hard-shell cases, giving ‘eco-conscious’ a sophisticated and premium look and feel. dester also worked with various recycled and recyclable materials to create amenity boxes for Economy Class passengers. Fibrous materials, such as recycled paper, sugarcane, bamboo and wheat straw, were molded to shape for a sophisticated, smooth look that 6  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  JUNE 2017

can otherwise only be achieved by using plastic. Matching bamboo interior items complete the collection.

In continuing its decade-long partnership with Air France — for which it has designed and produced 3 million kits per year — Albéa has developed kits for the airline’s La Première and Business Class passengers. La Première passengers will receive a leather-like box kit, reminiscent of a jewelry box, which is refreshed every six months. Available in two shades, each a nod to La Première’s signature colors, the kits feature a pen, a wooden comb, an eye mask and Carita luxury skincare treatments. Business Class passengers will receive a zippered suede kit inspired by a Toi & Moi design. Available in navy blue, dark gray, orange or turquoise, the bag features two zippered compartments held together with a leather-like flap stamped with the Air France logo. Inside, passengers will find Clarins cosmetics, a comb, an eye mask and a dental kit. Albéa received the TravelPlus Gold Award for the third year in a row this year for its Air France La Première Gift Pouch.









Available in navy blue, dark gray, orange and turquoise, the kit for Business Class passengers features two zippered compartments held together with a leather-like flap stamped with the Air France logo

La Première passengers will receive a leather-like box kit available in two shades, each a nod to La Première’s signature colors

LATEST LAUNCHES The new range features four different signature motifs representing Iceland’s natural allure

Icelandair and skysupply celebrate anniversary with special edition kit

In partnership with skysupply, Icelandair has introduced new amenity kits in celebration of the airline’s 80th anniversary. Iceland’s dramatic and distinct landscape has been reflected in the new kits, which come in the form of branded cans, which will be distributed in Icelandair’s Saga Class. The new range features four different signature motifs representing Iceland’s natural allure. Adding to postflight use, the kits can be kept as collectors’ items or used for storing small items. Inside passengers will find a dental set, earplugs, socks, an extra-large eye mask, and a collection of Blue Lagoon cosmetics (hand cream, mineral moisturizer cream and lip balm), which are made with silica, mineral salt, and algae sourced from Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.

Buzz partners with American Airlines to launch Cole Haan-branded kits

In partnership with Buzz, American Airlines earlier this year launched a range of

refreshed amenity kits featuring leading fashion and lifestyle brand Cole Haan. The latest designs are inspired by Cole Haan’s signature Genevieve Weave and are currently on offer across First and Business Class on long-haul international and transcontinental flights. The kits have been distributed in four rotations with a variety of colors for the remainder of the year. Extending on a partnership that started in 2016, Buzz facilitated the collaboration between American Airlines and Cole Haan, as well as partnerships with skincare brands 3LAB Skincare, C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries and Clark’s Botanicals. The range of amenity kits features four functional and stylish bag designs including a foldover clutch bag that can double as a tablet case, travel wallet and Dopp Kit. The range launched with navy colored kits, with additional colors available including maroon, grey and black.

Clip partners with Hong Kong Airlines to launch culture-rich kits

Hong Kong Airlines earlier this year partnered with Clip and local design house Ricebowl Republic, to create new amenity kits for both Business Class and Economy Class passengers on all long-haul flights.

The unique set of four individual amenity kit bags feature iconic symbols of Hong Kong

The unique set of four individual amenity kit bags feature iconic symbols of Hong Kong; the Star Ferry, the historic rickshaw, the tram and the Hong Kong city skyline, representing different facets of Hong Kong’s heritage and culture. The simple and understated outer design of the kit is contrasted by an eye-catching patterned lining on the inside, creating a visual surprise when opened. The Business Class amenity kit includes specially designed eye masks and socks together with ear plugs, a dental set, as well as ultra-rich shea butter lip balm and hand cream from French skincare brand, L’OCCITANE.

American Airlines partners with WESSCO for Premium Economy kit refresh

American Airlines recently refreshed their Premium Economy kit, which was supplied by WESSCO International. Introduced on board in April, the bag is made from textured linen with printed geometric patterns. The overlapping hexagon patterns create a subtle illusion of a cube by connecting every other vertex to the center, formed by three differently shaded diamonds. The bag’s zipper pull is a quick release keychain with the American Airlines logo printed on the tag. The contents of the kit include a pair of gray socks, an eyeshade, earplugs and a dental kit. The contents of the new kit include a pair of gray socks, an eyeshade, earplugs and a dental kit

The range features four bag designs including a foldover clutch bag that can double as a tablet case, travel wallet and Dopp Kit










Your Global Design + Sourcing Partner ÂŽ For over 30 years, WESSCO has specialized in supplying a wide range of products for our airline customers worldwide. From amenities, to passenger comfort, to food & beverage service ware, we design and deliver the items you need to provide an exceptional experience for your passengers.

+1 (310) 477-4272


Eye for design Galileo Watermark Senior Creative, Simon Kwan again finds himself immersed in cabin products design and working with a team at the recently merged Galileo Watermark on solutions at all stages of the travel experience


imon Kwan returned to the cabin service supply industry a little less than two years ago and is Senior Creative a Galileo Watermark in Hong Kong. Having cultivated a variety of interests and skills in his career, Kwan returned to this segment of the industry in September of 2015. While he saw that day-to-day work was much the same, he expects that change is around the corner. “From a product development perspective, I think we will see our industry following in the footsteps pioneered by other industries, and adopt better technological tools such as virtual simulations and additive manufacturing to more rapidly prototype, prove, and demonstrate concepts with a higher degree of fidelity,” he tells PAX International. “I think that companies that want to win the long game will seriously invest in more research and creative development.”

Simon Kwan


INDUSTRY Q&A In this issue’s Industry Q and A, Kwan talks about his early passions, life in Shanghai and Hong Kong and the professional eye he casts on the travel experience when he’s on the move. PAX International: Where did you begin your studies and what were you interested in while at university? Simon Kwan: I actually began my career in mechanical engineering, and obtained my BSME in automotive systems engineering, from Kettering University. I was obsessed with cars from a young age, and wanted to pursue a career in automotive design. Art school was priced far out of reach so I naively thought I could transition into car design from car engineering! Turns out that the auto industry loves silos and pigeonholes. I eventually learned about industrial design and decided a career change was in order, which led me to graduate studies in industrial design. PAX: What drew you to this particular industry? Kwan: Carving a path away from the automotive and motorsports industries, I responded to a job opportunity while living in Shanghai, and was introduced to the catering supply industry through WESSCO International. I love the diversity of clientele, users, and products. Designers can easily get bored, but that’s thankfully not the case in this industry! PAX: When did you join Galileo Watermark and what will be your duties? Kwan: After leaving the industry for several years, I returned to the industry when hired by Watermark to take on amenities development in Hong Kong. That was back in 2015. With Galileo’s acquisition of Watermark in late 2016, the newly formed Galileo Watermark leverages all the resources built up from Watermark’s 30+ years in the industry, but injects new energy and strategic resources. My role is still focused mainly in amenities development, but will start to shift more explicitly towards product innovation. PAX: You appear to have been away from the aviation supply sector for some time. What have you been doing? Kwan: After a brief stint developing home décor and lifestyle accessories for the Chinese domestic market, I decided to try my hand at entrepreneurship. I designed and


successfully crowd funded a unique iPhone case that discreetly stores SIM cards and a SIM tray eject tool within a sleek, low profile design. Apple retail was impressed enough with the product to sell it in select Apple Stores and online in the JAPAC region. While the business didn’t reach sustainability, it was a fantastic learning experience. PAX: What were some of the aspects of living and working in Shanghai that shaped your ideas about design? Kwan: Shanghai has historically been, and remains a very international city, constantly buzzing with energy and drawing in some of world’s best cultural exhibitions and performances, as well as brands. Living and working in Shanghai helped me become more sensitive and aware of brands and how to tailor products and services to a local audience while keeping the global brand values and DNA intact. That being said, the move to Hong Kong has been a very positive one, and there are certainly practical benefits to living outside of mainland China, but remaining close enough to easily travel back and forth as needed for product development. PAX: Upon returning, what changes have you seen in the way products are developed and designed? Kwan: To be honest, the needle hasn’t moved a lot in our industry in the few years I’ve been away. Product development is still mostly reactive and can be subject to very short turnaround times. The biggest change I’ve seen is that the industry has become more competitive, with a number of newer players looking to quickly take market share away from the large legacy suppliers. Galileo Watermark, to me, fits that profile as well, and we are certainly looking to disrupt the industry and establish a unique identity by leveraging innovation and smart collaborations and partnerships. We are explicitly working towards being far more proactive with product development, creating innovative materials, processes, and product designs that are driven by solving problems or creating value and improved efficiencies for our clients. PAX: Going into a new design and development project what are some of your first priorities and strategies? Kwan: The first question we, as a design team, always ask is, ‘what problem are we

trying to solve’? NPD (New Product Development) is an additional chance to innovate and evolve or even revolutionize existing products and services. You do not, however, do things differently just to be different. If it is not better than what is already available, then it is not innovative. So, with a goal of solving problems, we need to also ensure that we consider the various stakeholders. Will our concepts improve the user experience and be desirable by end users? Is there a business case that can return profits for us and generate value or reduce costs for our clients? Do we have the right technical and manufacturing development partners and how can work together to mutual benefit? Lastly, what could be the environmental impacts or consequences? We cannot continue to churn out one-time use, disposable stuff that just ends up in landfills. We need to work towards sustainable solutions that minimize negative impacts. PAX: When you travel, what captures your attention about the travel experience? Kwan: Personally, travel is mainly about opening myself up to new cultures and experiences. The more I travel, the more I challenge my understanding and view of the world. Travel is a great antidote to ignorance, if you keep your mind and senses open. Professionally, I’m very critical about travel experiences. As an industry insider and someone with the potential to directly impact passengers’ travel experiences, I’m keen to notice where there are pain points and inefficiencies throughout the entire travel experience. That experience starts long before even getting on the plane. From the moment a person decides on or is aware of upcoming travel, their travel experience begins. For the moment, the areas of that travel experience that I, and Galileo Watermark can directly impact, are the in-flight experiences. I believe, however, that in-flight products must evolve to be better aligned with other customer experience touch points. We need to work more closely with the companies that deliver the other aspects of an airline’s brand experience so that our products and services coexist harmoniously and both reinforce and extend the airline’s brand experience.

ie s or st t es b e th , d l or w e th “O f a l l th e b oo k s in t. � or p ss a p a of es g a p e th n a re f ou nd b et w ee wn _ U nk no

Award-winning products that elevate the journey

AMENITIES IN THE CABIN Emirates offers private suites and Shower Spas in its First Class cabin in all A380 aircraft

those using the spa. In addition, two cabin service (shower) attendants ensure that a schedule is maintained throughout the flight, ensuring a smooth experience. Amenities in the spa include a range of products from award-winning Irish brand, VOYA. Created exclusively for Emirates, the skincare line includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, cleanser, body moisturizer, hand wash, soap and hand cream.

Fold-out comfort

Thinking outside the bag Traditionally enclosed in a bag, inflight amenities today have come a long way, ranging from spa suites, pull-out couches and Savoy-trained Butlers by



lthough traditionally passengers are offered amenities on board an aircraft in the form of an amenity kit, there is an array of amenities — albeit on a larger scale — that can be found outside the bag and in the cabin. As with all amenities, each offering is intended to enhance the passenger experience, whether presented in a bag, in a private suite or, in the case of Lufthansa German Airlines, in the air, as seen with the airline’s humidification system installed in the First Class cabin on its A380 aircraft, to increase the level of humidification where it is naturally at its lowest, due to the low volume of passengers.

Shower in the sky

The Emirates A380 Shower Spa has been available to passengers flying in First Class for close to a decade. Introduced in 2008, the concept for the spa came to be when due to the curvature of the A380, the airline was not able to place seats in the space where the shower spa now resides. This issue presented the airline with an opportunity to use the available cabin space creatively to develop an offering that would set it apart from other carriers, which it ultimately accomplished as the first airline to introduce inflight showers. “At Emirates, we constantly think of new ways to surprise and delight our passengers on board,” says Terry Daly, 14  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  JUNE 2017

Divisional Senior Vice President – Service Delivery. “We always try to take customer feedback into account when introducing new products and services, and we strive to continue to improve the inflight experience so that our guests land feeling rested and rejuvenated.” Emirates offers private suites and Shower Spas in its First Class cabin in all A380 aircraft. Currently, there are 85 A380s in service with a three-class configuration and 48 new A380 aircraft scheduled for delivery. Because of its location on board — at the front of the upper deck, separated from passenger seating — passengers seated in First Class Suites are not disrupted by

For passengers looking for a little extra space during long-haul flights, Air New Zealand developed the Economy Skycouch™. Introduced in 2010 on Air New Zealand’s 777-300 aircraft — and has since been rolled out across its fleet of 777-200 and 787-9 aircraft — the firstof-its-kind Economy Skycouch™ was developed as part of a three-year innovation project to reinvent the airline’s long-haul experience. A trio of Economy seats that fold into a flexible space, the Economy Skycouch™ is the first significant improvement in the Economy Class in more than 20 years, offering passengers more space and flexibility in a historically rigid environment. “The Economy Skycouch™ is like having your very own couch on the plane and is the ideal solution for all types of travelers who are interested in the extra space,” says Nick Judd, Regional Manager of the Americas for Air New Zealand. “It provides an area to stretch out and relax — great for couples or for kids to use as a play area.” Transforming the seats into the Economy Skycouch™ takes a few minutes and does not cause any disruption to neighboring passengers. With crew assistance, the row of Economy seats easily converts to the Economy Skycouch™ — by pressing a bottom, the footrests fold up and the armrests disappear into the back of the seat. With crew assistance, the row of Economy seats easily converts to the Economy Skycouch™ — by pressing a bottom, the footrests fold up and the armrests disappear into the back of the seat

AMENITIES IN THE CABIN The Residence is available on flights between Abu Dhabi and New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Paris (from July 2017)

The Economy Skycouch™ is available only in Economy Class and the number of rows varies by aircraft: 20 rows on the 777-300, 18 rows on the 777-200 and 14 rows on the 787-9 Dreamliner.

Hospitality at your service

As part of its commitment to offering a seamless hospitality experience, Etihad Airways developed The Residence — a private three-room cabin onboard the airline’s A380. A first for commercial aviation, the residence has a total area of 125 square feet. Located on the forward upper deck, The Residence is available on flights between Abu Dhabi and New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Paris (from July 2017), for either single or double occupancy. It offers the first commercial alternative to a private jet experience within a completely enclosed private cabin. Exclusive to The Residence is a dedicated Savoy-trained Butler and Inflight Chef.

The living room features a luxurious Poltrona Frau leather double-seat sofa with ottoman, dining tables, chilled drink cabinet and a 32-inch LCD monitor. A soft-carpeted hallway leads to a separate en-suite shower room where guests are provided with terry cloth bathrobes, Christian Lacroix loungewear and an exclusive range of Acqua Di Parma products, including the Italian brand’s signature range of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body cream. The bedroom features a 27-inch LCD monitor and an 82-inch long by 47.5-inch wide double bed with a natural fiber mattress, upholstered by Poltrona Frau and furnished with Egyptian cotton sheets and a full turn-down service. Guests staying in The Residence are contacted before travel to discuss their dining options and menus that are tailored around their dietary requirements and preferences. Meals are served on bespoke 24-karat gold plated fine porcelain tableware from Bernardaud, accompanied by ‘Royal Oak’ cutlery from British brand Studio William, also inlaid with 24-karat gold plating. Beverages are served in Vera Wang for Wedgwood crystal glassware — fully-stemmed red and white wine glasses. A special Cognac service is also provided featuring signature glassware designed by Norman of Copenhagen.

Head-to-toe comfort

As part of its premium services, Qatar Awards has collaborated with several luxury brands — and often new brands that passengers may not be aware of — including BRIC’s, Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio and Nappa Dori, to further distinguish and personalize its offering. One such brand is Frette Hotellerie. Business Class passengers are treated to linens from the esteemed Italian fine linens and home furnishings company that has furnished several historical spaces, from the altar of St Peter’s Basilica and the dining car of the Orient Express, to the homes of more than 500 European royal families. Earlier this year, Qatar Airways announced that it would provide First and Business Class passengers with exclusively-designed sleepwear from U.K.based luxury brand, The White Company. The chic sleeper suits are available in a range of colors and styles, are individually designed for both men and women, and are made from 100% cotton, guaranteeing passenger comfort.

Earlier this year, Qatar Airways announced that it would provide First and Business Class passengers with exclusively-designed sleepwear from The White Company

Delta’s Porsche transfer service gives passengers the lift of luxury Just when it seemed air travel amenities could only be found within the cabin, Delta Air Lines has challenged that assumption by partnering with Porsche to offer the customer Porsche transfer service. The service — which started in 2012 and rendered Delta the first airline to deploy vehicles — sees the transport of some of Delta’s best customers from gate to gate in Porsche Cayennes and Panameras when connecting at Delta’s hubs in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York-JFK, New York- LaGuardia, Salt Lake City and Seattle. The service cannot be requested or reserved, but is provided to Delta customers based on connection times between flights and SkyMiles Medallion status. “Delta was looking for innovative approaches to create ‘moments of truth’ for our customers and we wanted to work with a partner that shared Delta’s passion for precision, customer service and quality,” says Joe Kiely, Managing Director – Product & Customer Experience. “With its North American headquarters in Atlanta, Porsche was a natural fit and our partnership continues to grow.” The latest expansion of the Porsche service was in 2016 when Delta teamed up with the car company to provide the service for Delta Private Jets customers. “Customers love it,” adds Kiely. “Many take to Twitter and Instagram to share their experience and gratitude to our Elite Services teams under the hashtag ‘flyride’. Customers can be a bit reserved when one of our team members meets them as they exit their air-

craft, but as soon as they know we’re there to give them a lift to their next gate in a Porsche, there’s a lot of excitement. It is a truly unique perspective to see the Delta operation from the ground while seated in a Porsche.” Today Delta operates the largest fleet of vehicles at more airports than any other carrier. More than 58,000 passengers were transported in 2016, and Porsche vehicles operated by Delta combined to drive more than 136,714 miles on the ramp in 2016 — the equivalent to more than five trips around Earth. Additionally, Delta recently announced a new partnership with Blade for helicopter transfers at JFK. Delta’s customer Porsche transfer service sees the transport of some of Delta’s best customers in Porsche Cayennes and Panameras from gate to gate at select airports (pictured: a Porsche with a 767-400ER in the background)  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  15




World-leading suppliers talk about the latest trends in the entertaining world of children’s amenity kits by MARY JANE PITTILLA


ith ‘how to keep children entertained while flying’ high on suppliers’ priority lists, there is no shortage of ideas tossed around when developing amenity kits for kids. PAX International’s Mary Jane Pittilla set out to find which ideas and trends made the cut, in her round up of the latest kit launches and products for kids.


AK-Service has developed new children’s amenity kits for Air Astana, which were recently launched onboard. The kits were designed for two age groups: from 3-6 and from 7-12. The younger children receive a book-shaped bag designed under The Little Prince® license. The kits feature illustrations painted by the author and include an activity book, games, a scarf, socks and a

Air Astana’s kit for 7-12 year olds, created by AK-Service in collaboration with National Geographic Kids, incorporates an activity book with facts about the Earth, games and a toy compass

Children aged from 3-6 onboard Air Astana receive a book-shaped bag designed under The Little Prince® license, featuring illustrations painted by the author, an activity book, games, a scarf, socks


Air Dolomiti’s kit for 7-12 year olds contains a travel-themed pouch offering a log book, travel tag and a lanyard

do-it-yourself airplane model. Older children receive a kit created by AK-Service in collaboration with National Geographic Kids incorporating an activity book with facts about the Earth, games and a toy compass. Children also find a neck warmer and a wallet with Air Astana and National Geographic Kids logos. AK-Service notes that more airline companies are thinking about amenity kits for infants, which would include essential baby items from well-known brands. For older children, integration of digital technologies into amenity kits is becoming a new trend. “It is a perfect way to keep young passengers engaged during their time onboard and keep up with the times,” says AK-Service. The world of gaming is also impacting kit development, as airlines explore combining children’s kits with on-screen animation. “The line between digital entertainment and classic children’s toys is becoming finer every day. We are also looking for ways to incorporate the two,” says AK-Service. The educational aspect of amenity kits is also becoming more important. AK-Service works with airlines to get product feedback and also focus groups. Social media also helps. “Passengers write reviews on our amenity kits and hold discussions on the internet. If children and parents love our kits, they publish their photos in social media, for example, Instagram.” Sustainability is a new trend in amenity kits, says AK-Service, but when it comes to kids’ products, companies primarily pay attention to their appeal to children and safety. “We should always make smart use of recycled materials producing children’s kits,” AK-Service says.

Anaik’s newly-designed kit for Air Dolomiti features a magic slate offered in a drawstring backpack for 3-6 year old kids


Last year, Anaik launched new kids’ kits with Air Dolomiti for infants and toddlers. Each kit was custom-designed to keep children entertained. The newly designed kids’ packs feature a magic slate offered in a drawstring backpack for 3-6 year old kids, while 7-12 year olds get a travel-themed pouch offering a log book, travel tag and a lanyard. The company observes that traditional games remain a major trend. “On the one hand, book reading, plush toys, role playing stories, and playing card games remain timeless favorites to stimulate a child’s imagination whilst having educational benefits,” says the amenity kit specialist. “On the other hand, technology and innovation play a key role in our lives, so it does when it comes to kids’ kits. Last but not least, we also recognize that toy brands remain a classic to keep our little ones engaged.” This year during the WTCE show, Anaik noticed a wave of interest in augmented and virtual reality (VR). “As a relatively new technology, virtual reality possibilities are endless. It can be used for a variety of purposes: gaming, movies, 3D, and also educational content, but the challenge will be to implement this technology in the inflight environment.” Carriers are demanding continuous creativity and look for kits that are unique, surprising, educational and entertaining. Also, Anaik is seeing a surge in the number of ways that airlines are aiming to target environmentally conscious passengers, and among them is to offer an eco-friendly kit.

Bayart Innovations

Bayart Innovations has developed an innovative three-in-one pillow for children.

B AYA R T I N N OVA T I O N S S A S 19 avenue de la Créativité 5 9 6 5 0 Vi l l e n e u ve d ’ A s c q France


Bayart’s Koala-shaped three-in-one pillow for children can be used as a fancy pillow, a lumbar pillow or neck pillow

This pillow is designed to be useful in many situations as its shape can be changed for a maximum comfort. It is soft and light, and filled with microbeads to fit any body shape. The child can choose between a fancy pillow, a lumbar pillow or neck pillow. “The Koala becomes a real travel companion,” says the company.


Buzz specializes in custom-designed character creation for junior flyers, as well as partnering airlines with the world’s most popular children’s licenses. Emirates’ comprehensive Fly With Me Kids program originated from the Buzz design studio. Developed for longevity, the program regularly welcomes new products into the range. “The success of the Emirates Fly With Me range shows how collectibility and a strong series of characters can work so well for airlines, bringing a fun and exciting travel experience to their youngest

travelers across many touch points during and post flight,” says Leonard Hamersfeld, Director at Buzz. “The lovable Fly With Me Animals focus on providing adventure, education, companionship and comfort for young globetrotters, and each animal has an individual personality that is engaging and desirable to children. There are new animals joining the program regularly, with more coming very soon.” Buzz has also created popular ranges from licenses such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Disney franchises and a Lonely Planet collaboration for older kids. In terms of technology, Buzz develops apps and games that interact with physical products, as well as gadget holders and cases. Buzz has also developed audio products that cater for children aged up to six to enable them to better access inflight entertainment. They include innovative audio beanies and audio eye masks, which blend two travel needs into a fun and functional product. The company aims to deliver a variety of elements such as entertainment, personal care items, sleep aids and comfort items to ensure a relaxing flight. Post-flight use is also significant, as kids are more likely to re-use their goodies. Buzz regularly conducts thorough research before developing its products, spanning trend analysis, customer insights and online research. Buzz asks kids to engage in reviews, product testing and focus groups.

As consumers are becoming more conscious about their environmental footprint, there is a push for sustainable products. Buzz’s award-winning ecoTHREAD™ blanket is made from 100% recycled plastic drinking bottles. By 2019, the Emirates ecoTHREAD™ blanket program will rescue 12, 316 tonnes of bottles from landfill.


FORMIA supplies a number of airlines with children’s kits, such as Turkish Airlines, and several new projects are ongoing. The company reports that airlines are putting much more attention into the branding process for their kids’ kits, whether it is with retail brands or with their own branded mascot. Some airlines are opting for cooperation with big names in the children’s toy industry, while others are crafting a customized narrative for their kits based on their values and heritage. Airlines have different objectives for their kids’ kits. Some are looking for effective ways to occupy the kid’s time, while others want to provide a fun but educational experience. “Sustainability is an important topic for both the kids and the adult sector,” says FORMIA. “What’s different is the way sustainability is applied as a concept to the kits. In kids’ kits, the focus would be on educating the next generation about why we promote sustainability and how we can protect the environment through fun and games. For adult kits, the focus is actually using sustainable product and encouraging a lifestyle that supports sustainability.”

Emirates’ Fly With Me Kids program of animal travel buddies was created by Buzz and regularly welcomes new products into the range for collectability

Buzz has also created popular ranges from licenses such as a Lonely Planet collaboration for older kids

FORMIA’s latest in-house development of Smiley, its new kids’ brand currently under development

WESSCO International

WESSCO International is collaborating with a customer to launch an awardwinning regional brand later this year. Regional themes have been well received by parents and kids, and in many cases, offer PHOTO CREDIT: BUZZ



InnoTrans 2018 18 – 21 SEPTEMBER • BERLIN International Trade Fair for Transport Technology Innovative Components • Vehicles • Systems

Launched onboard in October 2016, Air Canada’s kid’s kit, developed by WESSCO, includes a coloring book with crayons and headphones, presented in a drawstring bag

Silk Air’s WESSCO-developed children’s amenity kit was introduced onboard in June 2015 in a yellow color, and was refreshed in June 2016 in green, featuring new board games

the potential to create more meaningful brand synergies and associations between the airline, the brand, and the destination itself. Kids’ kit trends include increasingly more collectibles, a wider variety, and refreshing kits more often. The underlying objective remains the same: it’s an opportunity to build goodwill with parents and early brand awareness and positive associations for kids, ultimately aiming for brand loyalty later in life. “We’re keeping a close eye on how technology affects the industry,” says the firm. “At the moment it is still early in the development of VR with respect to the kids’ kit category. It’s worth noting that the challenge is mostly cost-related rather than technology-related.” Well-established brands that kids recognize are always in demand. Through collaborating with airlines and the owners of cartoon characters and other children’s series, WESSCO sees a demand for entertaining content, which also engages kids in educational and intellectual tasks. Sustainability is a main priority for WESSCO across all sectors, including kids’ kits. “We’re glad to see sustainability increasingly shifting away from being a trend and moving towards being a standard practice,” says the firm.

Contact Messe Berlin GmbH · Mr. Erik Schaefer Messedamm 22 · 14055 Berlin Germany T +49 30 3038 2034 F +49 30 3038 2190  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  19 PaxInternational_InnoTrans2018_TravelCatering_105x297_en.indd 1

20.04.2017 07:14:19

RECYCLED AMENITIES Volunteers from United assembled 15,000 kits for homeless shelters last fall

Discarded no more United Airlines, an army of volunteers and an innovative organization are fighting waste, helping truly needy people and making use of unused amenity items in a program that has the possibility of growth in the year ahead by RICK LUNDSTROM Clean the World has developed amenity kits for veterans, children and hygiene products. A women’s kit is in the development stages



ew people watching the cabin service industry could deny that interest in amenity kits have grown, after many years of cost cutting, to become a crucial elements of product differentiation in the cabin of commercial aircraft throughout the world. Hand sanitizers, facial cleansers, toothpaste and name brand lotions have joined eye masks and socks in a process of intricate design. The kits are again becoming collectables. Designers are also continuing the effort to appeal to passengers’ desires for natural products that are environmentally friendly. But what happens when the aircraft on a long-haul flight is emptied for turnaround and what is left is a front cabin scattered with high-quality hygiene and well-being products that are partially used or merely left behind? Companies have tackled the challenge of sorting and recycling in the past, with various successes. One of the most recent projects, undertaken by United Airlines, and has caught the interest of alliance members and promises to renew and grow the push for a cabin with less waste and at the same time help homeless people in cities throughout the world. United has been working with a company called Clean the World to collect and re-package its unused amenity items. The kit products then get a second life in shelters around the United States.

RECYCLED AMENITIES Clean the World has a history of similar projects with hotels and bed and breakfasts around the world. The organization and also works with Crystal Cruises on a similar program. The process starts at domestic hubs in the United system. There, provisioning crews from the airline oversee the collection of unused and partially used amenities, placing them in a three-by-three foot box and sent to Clean the World locations around the country. The products in the boxes get a sterilizing spray. They are sorted and kits are created for hygiene products, children and veterans. Clean the World is also developing a women’s kit that it expects to add to the assortment in the next year. From there, the kits are sent to civic groups in various cities that bring the finished products to homeless shelters. All the products have a purpose. Shawn Seipler, Founder and Executive Director at Clean the World said that not only are the hygiene products important, but the socks, ear plugs and eye mask are useful in homeless shelters, as the facilities are often crowded, with people sleeping in close

quarters. Clean, dry socks have been an important element in areas where natural disasters have occurred. Aaron Stash, Manager of Environmental Strategy and Sustainability at United, told PAX International that working with a company like Clean the World has been helpful due to its global footprint. Over the years, Clean the World has made a significant contribution to hygiene related health, at the same time helping reduce environmental waste. Since the program was implemented in October of last year, Stash said United has been able to collect more than 50,000 pounds of unused or partially used amenity items. Clean the World has worked with hospitality providers on the land and sea. United was its first airline partner. In this In a single day last October, instance, kits are used to help victims of Hurricane Matthew United employees from domestic hubs and at London Heathrow assembled 15,000 amenity kits from interest of two other Star Alliance airthe unused items. lines and additional participants could be He said the program has attracted the announced in the year ahead.

Professional wash-up systems for Inflight Catering

Fly on the wings of perfection in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and safety.

Cleaned for take-off

Security and safety are the most important values an airline can offer today. A great number of checks are required before the captain and cabin crew of an aircraft are finally able to welcome the first passenger on board. This includes, making certain that travellers will receive a clean and hygienic service. With our warewashing systems for Inflight catering, we at MEIKO stand for a clean and perfect start. Whether you are city-hopping or launching for a long haul flight, MEIKO’s professional warewashing systems are guaranteed to reach the recommended level in purity, hygiene and cleanliness without comprise. This is the reason why you can find our technology everywhere around the globe where reliability, safety and efficiency count – from small business airports to large international traffic hubs. Discover the versatility of our tailor-made warewashing systems. Find out what we at MEIKO call the clean solution.



In the first

place… Simon Ward of TravelPlus


irlines invest a lot of time designing amenity kits for their most discerning passengers. Every detail is considered from the contents to the material and brands they use. After all it’s the general consensus, that First Class amenity kits should be a gift from the airline to the passenger thanking them for their loyalty, recognizing them as the most influential of their brand ambassadors. In the early days of air travel, glamour and wealth were at its center. It was a past time for the rich and famous – and the first amenity kits did not disappoint. The passengers onboard BOAC’s ‘All First’ Monarch service from London to New York received a complimentary ‘Speedbird Overnight Bag’, with the women being presented with a ‘Speedbird Beauty Kit’ specially created by Elizabeth Arden. In those early days of travel, Elizabeth Arden was the leading name in cosmetics, and so BOAC gifting these cosmetics to their passengers continued the luxury and glamour that was synonymous with air travel of the day. So how have things changed? Looking at First Class kits from the past 10 years, there is an array of high end brands, such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Bvlgari and Swarovski, which is no great surprise as airlines today feel the need to align themselves with brands come what ever. Most get it right. Today the design of First Class bags are repeated year on year, alternating between leatherette, satin, and fabric, but fundamentally continuing the theme of toiletry


Simon Ward, an expert in onboard passenger amenities, gives us his views of First Class kits and offers up suggestions

bag for men, and an evening clutch bag for ladies, with the odd mini iPad case here and there. It is evident that the world of amenity kits has become highly focused on creating something that can be taken away and re-used. It is also clear that, across the airlines, there is a great importance on the outer design of the bag, with less importance placed on the quality, or desirability of the contents inside – leading to a sense of disappointment from travelers who are wooed by the beautiful exterior. It is the same old stuff just a different bag full of non-essential toiletries and another reason for First Class guests to leave their gift, instead of scrambling for space to stuff it into their carry on. With the amount they are paying for a ticket, these basics should be onboard for our use as a matter of course! Perhaps its time for First Class amenity bags to move in a new direction? Why within the kits do we find eyeshades, earplugs, and socks? Surely, these should be offered and available to First Class passengers should they require them during the flight. Let’s not forget airlines still offering a First Class for long haul also have the opportunity to tailor-make the passenger’s amenities to their needs, with the use of the

Givenchy and luxury on Air France

passenger details in their databases. Perhaps this should be considered to improve the world of First Class amenities. If I never use socks during my flight, then why give him socks? I can always ask for a pair! It would be unfair to say that all First Class passengers over the years have left their flight feeling disappointed and underappreciated. Some airlines and suppliers have mastered the fine art of creating that special gift for their guests. Over the last couple of years there have been kits that are simpler and sleeker in design, such as the First Class Air France Givenchy kit seen in 2014. This kit treated passengers to largesized Givenchy cosmetics, presented in a beautifully simple black leather box with zip closure. This kit truly felt like a gift, appealed equally to both men and women, but was compact without the excess amenities that would get left behind onboard. It was a perfect combination of design and content that hugely appealed to First Class passengers. Another example of such class is the cufflinks box amenity kit presented to the gentleman of First Class onboard Etihad Airways in 2012. It was a unique little gift designed in sleek black leather that added to the experience of Etihad’s male guests and a worthwhile amenity to take home after their journey.


Art takes


Hobart-based artist Jacob Leary’s “Bubblegum Dystopia” (on the left) and Melbourne-based artist Liam Snootle’s “No Queen Blues/Unwind” (on the right), are two of the 16 kits developed in the Qantas Curates program

In an attempt to avoid entering the “typical” territory of amenity kit design, airlines and suppliers are taking a more creative approach by teaming up with artists to add a little charm and personality to the inflight offering by MELISSA SILVA


ith only so many colors, materials and designs to source when developing amenity kits, it is often challenging for airlines to develop a new concept and suppliers to deliver a fresh and unique design. One such method for adding some creativity and personality to the look and feel of a kit, is for airlines and suppliers to team up with artists — ideally regional, local artists hailing from the airline’s country of origin — to have their artwork displayed on the kit and select contents. This practice has become somewhat of a trend as of late, with several airlines in various regions launching kits featuring work from a range of artists, which have inadvertently become collectable items and simultaneously increased the artists’ visibility on an international scale.

Australia’s best

Departing from the more standard design elements, Qantas Airways announced earlier this year that it had teamed up with some of Australia’s leading artists, photographers and digital influencers to feature their work on the airline’s international Business Class amenity kits. The initiative, entitled Qantas Curates, sees the airline work with professional 26  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  JUNE 2017

contemporary art curators in the country to select artworks from 16 Australians specializing in a variety of different styles including: pop culture, photography, fine art, abstract landscape, Indigenous art and textile design. Since May 1st, the new range of amenity kits — eight types for men and eight for women — have been offered to passengers, with two designs launching every few months. Qantas Group Executive Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Olivia Wirth says that fuelling the project is the airline’s vision, which is to grow awareness of contemporary Australian art and give travelers a collectible piece to take home with them. “As the national carrier, we’re pleased to support talented Aussies telling uniquely Australian stories through their artwork and share them with a global audience,” she says. Qantas worked with long-time partner — of more than 12 years — Buzz to ideate and facilitate the Qantas Curates program for the new kits. Buzz’s headquarters was transformed into an art gallery to workshop the various artists, narrowing down a selection that would best demonstrate the breadth and depth of the artistic talent in Australia. Managing the process of

artist identification, Buzz engaged curation experts Lucy Feagins from The Design Files and designer Emma Elizabeth to help the Qantas’ Curation Panel — which included representatives from the National Gallery of Australia and Oroton — to curate their final selection. “Celebrating the creative spirit of Australia, the Qantas Curates program is important as it is designed to recognize the remarkable diversity of contemporary Australian art,” says Leonard Hamersfeld, Director at Buzz. “This program will ultimately help to lift the profile of the artists and give them a platform to showcase their talent.” The amenity kits include ASPAR products by Aurora Spa — hand cream, lip balm and face moisturizer — a wrap-around eye mask in the same artwork as the kit, Colgate toothpaste, toothbrush, earplugs and travel socks. “It’s really exciting to be part of an art exhibition at 38,000 feet,” says Melbournebased artist Billie Justice Thomson, whose artwork entitled “Fairy Bread” will be featured on an amenity kit for women. “This is a powerful way to share contemporary art, particularly alongside some of Australia’s most talented artists.” Qantas has a long history of providing

ARTISAN KITS opportunities for Australian artists. Most recently, Qantas joined Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art and Tate in the U.K. in an International Joint Acquisition Program for contemporary Australian art made possible through a corporate gift from the Qantas Foundation.

Omani heritage, elevated

Echoing the belief that amenity kit design has become somewhat homogeneous, Oman Air felt it necessary to take the design of its amenity kits in a different direction by bringing a touch of Omani heritage and storytelling to its inflight offering. “It is probably not known that Oman has rich arts and crafts and architectural roots and many designs are uniquely Omani,” says Abdulaziz Alraisi, Executive Vice President, Product and Brand Development for Oman Air. As a means of showcasing this Omani craftsmanship and innovation to an international audience, Oman Air introduced The Oman Air amenity kit competition. Invitations to enter the competition were issued to Omani craftsmen registered with the Public Authority of Handicrafts, members of Sidab Women’s Group and Omani members of the Omani Society for Fine Arts, which is affiliated with the Diwan of Royal Court. Contestants were instructed to design an amenity kit that would provide an ideal selection of amenities within a bag or box that best expressed Omani culture and innovation. “We introduced the competition in order to showcase Omani craftsmanship and innovation to an international audience,” says Alraisi. “Oman has some exceptionally talented artists and we wanted to Ahlam Hamad Al Mahrouqi (center) was named winner of The Oman Air amenity kit competition

JetBlue Mint amenity kits from Hayward and Hopper, illustrated by Californian pop artist, Alia Penner

work with them to produce unique and attractive Omani designs for our guests to enjoy. Amenity kits play an important part in the guest experience and we take great pride in ensuring ours are some of the very best.” The competition was judged by an expert panel drawn from a range of Oman Air’s departments, including CEO Paul Gregorowitsch, Executive Vice President Product and Brand Development Abdulaziz Al Raisi and his team of product development specialists, and Executive Vice President Corporate Services and Business Development Dr. Abdulrazaq Alraisi. The winning design was created by Ahlam Hamad Al Mahrouqi. Artist Issa Saleh Al Sabagh’s design came second and artist Jokha Abdullah Al Barwani was awarded the third place prize. All three winning designs incorporate traditional Omani patterns and forms inspired from

Oman’s strong architectural heritage. The three specially designed kits will soon be available in First class and Business Class. “We are very proud of our Omani heritage at Oman Air and feel this is really what makes us stand apart from other carriers,” says Alraisi. “We are also very involved in supporting the community through local corporate social responsibility initiatives and gaining recognition for the huge amount of talent that we have in Oman.”

When brands and art collide

Elevating an artist’s work even further, Clip is currently collaborating with American luxury brand Hayward and Hopper for the JetBlue Mint amenity kits for 2017 and 2018. For the second half of this year — launching this month — contemporary Californian pop artist Alia Penner will illustrate the Hayward and Hopperdesigned kits, the production of which will be managed by Clip. “Alia’s illustration offers charm and personality to an item that can be easily overlooked,” says John Goldstone, CEO of Hayward and Hopper. “As a result of Alia’s involvement, the kits are transformed into whimsical collectibles. Who doesn’t want that?” As opposed to offering yet another branded kit, Clip and JetBlue Mint are taking amenity kit design in a different, more unique direction by way of Alia Penner, and increasing the kits’ collectible factor in the process. “Who needs another generic kit? Items of this kind are simply left behind,” explains Goldstone. “A keepsake from your travels that elevates or inspires is something worth keeping.”  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  27


If the brand fits... Looking to make more of a connection with passengers, airlines are opting to collaborate with more bespoke brands over the usual high-end suspects when developing amenity kits, providing passengers with a more elevated offering by



ollaborations between brands and airlines for the development of amenity kits are not by any means, a new practice. Over the years countless brands have teamed up with airlines, from high-end luxury brands, to lesser-known indie counterparts. But not all passengers are that thrilled to receive yet another branded bag, especially those traveling in First and Business Class, where the income bracket means high-end brands are already easily obtained. What has become more common however, is airlines looking for brands that they better align with; a brand that offers less of a label, name recognition and status, and more of a tailored experience or moment in the form of quality materials and carefully selected personal goods.

Authentically Australian

Galileo Watermark first approached Australian brand Country Road at the beginning of 2015 to work on concepts and ideas for amenity kits for Qantas. The following year on January 26, 2016 — Australia Day — Galileo Watermark launched the first Country Road kit for Premium Economy passengers. The design of the kit is inspired by Country Road’s iconic black and white gingham print. Inside the reusable travel 28  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  JUNE 2017

The design of the Country Road kit for Qantas’ Premium Economy passengers is inspired by the brand’s iconic black and white gingham print

pouch, passengers will find an eye mask, socks and a dental kit. “As Country Road put it, they provide their customers with ‘effortless style and comfort within all aspects of their everyday life.’ This makes the brand a perfect fit for an inflight amenity kit,” says Alexander Atkinson, Creative Director of Galileo Watermark. “It goes without saying that, in their own right, Qantas and Country Road are two iconic Australian brands. The coming together of these two instantly recognizable brands further provides Qantas passengers with an ‘authentic Australian experience’.” Constance de Trogoff, Brand Manager for Galileo Watermark, says that feedback from airlines suggest that the majority of the kits given to First and Business Class passengers are left on the seats, as these passengers are already high-end brand consumers that do not necessarily see a branded bag as a gift, but more or less expect to receive it as part of the normal service. “This can be a real challenge for us,” she adds. “However studies and online airline reviews reveal that exclusive partnerships that are conscientiously designed to enhance the journey, do make a huge difference for Premium and Economy Class passengers. Many airlines unfortunately don’t allocate their budget to allow for this kind of experience in these cabins, but recently we have seen more airlines addressing this and acknowledging that bringing a sense of delight, added value and surprise to the back of the plane

definitely contributes to the passenger’s choice of airline.” For First and Business Class passengers, there appears to be little interest in receiving the same Salvatore Ferragamo or Louis Vuitton bags as a gift every time they fly, when they can afford to purchase the actual retail bags, or already own them, says de Trogoff. “The large logos and loud brand representations are not necessarily relevant anymore. Using a recognizable or iconic print, or implementing the latest fashion week trends is more attractive and elevates a kit in a more subtle and stylish way. Exclusive and unique offerings are definitely the future.” With the Qantas Premium Economy kit, Atkinson says Galileo Watermark noticed a significant rise in the number of kits that were kept by passengers after the flight, following the launch of the Country Road kit. “This is obviously a good reflection on the partnership and the fact that the kits are being collected by passengers and reused bodes well from a sustainable point of view,” he adds. With the way travelers travel continuing to change, airlines are responding by adjusting their cabins to better meet the needs of today’s modern passenger. With regards to the amenity kit space, de Trogoff says offering a unique experience supported by exclusive brand collaborations has been important in order to align with airlines’ rebranding strategies and will likely become the new trend. “We live in a digital world where happiness, curative moments and self-expression


Once flying, the HANRO of Switzerland sleepwear sets developed by Clip will mark the first time the brand has been available on board

are very important for people who are always looking for something for the next photo opportunity, or to tweet about,” she adds.

The perfect match

clip used a small woven logo label placed discreetly on the HANRO sleep shirts. “Understated luxury is what we want to communicate about the product and the brand,” says Lam. “The branding is important but the quality and craftsmanship is what the brand represents. The higher the quality of material and the better the workmanship, the better the response from the passenger. So the brand is important, but the final product has to match the passenger’s expectation.” While there does still exist some excitement around receiving a branded pyjamas set, Lam says the brand cannot just be any brand, arbitrarily selected; the brand and the airline must be aligned with one another for better passenger appreciation and a better guest experience. “I believe that brands will become even more important in the onboard experience,” Lam continues. “There is strong appeal for a brand to partner with the right airline and vice versa. Having the perfect match is important for both parties.”

Onboard experience specialists Clip recently joined forces with esteemed lingerie, nightwear, and loungewear brand, HANRO of Switzerland. Founded in 1884, HANRO has been crafting fine garments for more than 130 years, making it an ideal brand choice for Premium Class passengers. A curated connection “Many airlines especially in First Class In November of last year, JetBlue introcabins — and in some Business Class cab- duced its new custom-designed amenity ins — have joined forces with high-end, kits for men and women from New York luxury brands, which serve as a good match with the airThe Hayward kit, designed for female customers, is made from signature Hayward denim and includes line’s DNA,” says Cindy Lam, a delicate brass zipper, designed by Marin Hopper’s legendary grandfather, Leland Hayward Director of Clip. “We believe that HANRO is uniquely positioned in terms of brand position, high quality and global presence, and will be a great fit for top international carriers.” The sleepwear sets Clip has developed with HANRO are not yet available on board, but once on offer from the launch customer, will mark the first time HANRO has been on board an airline. Following in the current trend of inconspicuous, subtle brand representations instead of large logos and blatant brand recognition,

City-based Hayward and Hopper (to read more on this brand, see “Art takes flight”, page 26), “returning classic Hollywood sophistication to air travel.” JetBlue partnered with clip to create the new kits. Hayward and Hopper creator and founder Marin Hopper, daughter of Hollywood legends Dennis Hopper and Brooke Hayward, drew upon her personal style and family archives to create chic, comforting and classic amenity kits for JetBlue’s Mint. The Hayward kit, designed for female passengers, is made from signature Hayward denim and includes a delicate brass zipper, designed by her legendary grandfather, Leland Hayward. The Hopper kit, designed for male passengers, is fabricated in a natural cotton canvas. All personal care products included in the kits are made in the United States and handpicked by Hayward and Hopper. The selection will change slightly every quarter. “Not all items, but there will be some new items and some new iterations of current items, such as screen wipes with new images on them,” says Jamie Perry, Vice President of Marketing at JetBlue. Each kit also comes with a matching eye mask as well as screen cloths illustrated with photographs taken by Dennis Hopper and provided by the Hopper Art Trust archives. “We loved the Hayward and Hopper sense of New York sophistication and old Hollywood style — a nod to our launch cities that fell in love with Mint from the start,” adds Perry. “We tell a story with our kits. Customers enjoy a story, a brand and something they can connect to.”  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  29


Full speed

ahead Spiriant’s new collaboration with Audi Industrial Design resulted in nearly a dozen futuristic-looking products that are equally at home in an auto show as they were at the World Travel Catering an Onboard Services Expo by RICK LUNDSTROM


prominent corner of the LSG Group stand at this year’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo in Hamburg was the stage for a collection of products that could not only find their way into an aircraft cabin, but in many instances into the automobiles of the future. The relationship between products in the aircraft cabin and the automobile interior is not new, and has been growing in recent years. Seat manufacturers, such as Mirus have been modeling products using technology and techniques gleaned from the automotive industry. Two years ago, ANA also turned to manufacturer Toyota Boshoku to develop seating for its domestic fleet of 767-300s. Like all car companies, Audi is anticipating a day in the future when cars will be self-driving. To that end, the car maker’s Industrial Design Group worked with designers at Spiriant to create a selection

A sleek design teams an eye mask and a flat headset

of sleek, stylish products with bold lines and subtle colors designed for passengers who desire comfort, relaxation and dining, whether they are in the aircraft cabin or cruising along the Autobahn. “The well-being of passengers is not only essential on flights. This new way of driving will also allow car passengers to use their time to relax or work. That means that long-term, many of the products we designed can also be used in AUDI-cars,” said André Georgi, Audi Industrial Design, in the April announcement of the new product line. Audi’s motto is Vorsprun durch Technik or Advancement through Technology. Similar goals can also be found in Spiri-

ant’s work. The collaboration was the result of multiple joint workshops between the two companies. Spiriant took the lead in the technical development of the products, however the company also partially influenced the design process as well, said Daniel Knies, Spiriant’s Director Design and Products. “Both brands cater to the same customer base, namely people on the move,” said Knies. “As market leaders, in our respective industries, we both noticed a similar shift toward autonomic driving in our consumer behavior. Therefore, we pooled our resources together and shared our knowledge and expertise to develop relevant and smart products.”

Plug-in comfort soothes and warms tired muscles




The Comfort Topper stays in place on an airline seat

This is the first foray for Audi designing products for commercial aviation interiors. However, the auto manufacturer has teamed with other German companies, most notably, camera maker Leica. Self-driving automobiles are on the minds of manufacturers around the world. In March of this year, Ford Motor Company invested in a firm, appropriately named Autonomic. The Silicon Valleybased company is developing technology that could be used for cars of the future. The Detroit giant has also invested in companies developing sensors and three-dimensional maps. It also acquired a majority stake in Argo, a company that focuses on artificial intelligence software for self-driving cars. Spiriant’s goals for the products that have been developed as a result of the collaboration with Audi are the contentment and health of passengers. Altogether, Audi Industrial Designs and Spiriant developed 11 products. They include a sleeping mask with slots for flat headsets and a thermal cape designed to prevent neck and upper back pain. On the food service side, the

partners made a modular tray system that can be configured in a variety of ways. Materials used in the design were developed with an eye to the future. The thermo cape is made with a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. A heat-emitting layer within the cape helps relax muscles and runs off a USB port. With a removable warming electric blanket, the cover can be easily cleaned. Another element in the “Smart Comfort” collection is slipper socks. They are a solution for passengers with cold feet. A flat-folded band of cloth with a sole fits into a comfortable shoe. Another product is a newly developed seat cover. In an unfolded state, it covers up the entire seating area and, mounted to the headrest, prevents the seat cover from slipping out of place. The tray system has break-proof plastic and hard porcelain. A modular tray system with indentations for storing tableware

Tired feet get relief with these adjustable slippers



Daniel Knies, Spiriant’s Director of Design and Products

and a drinking glass with a lid aims at simplifying the act of serving passengers in the future. “This is something we also think about when it comes to manufacturing,” said Knies. “We have lots of different, viable suppliers who can do manufacturing in Asia, Europe and the Middle East and we will adjust our locations accordingly to meet customer demands.” Knies said availability of the futuristic onboard products is not far off at all. Many of the products shown in Hamburg can be manufactured now, and onboard an aircraft within a year. “Other products many need more time, but luckily we offer a wide range of customization options, so we will have solutions ready to go,” he added.



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From luxury cocktail sets to cosmetics, we’ve rounded up a must-have list of amenities handpicked for a range of passengers, from the mixologist to the skincare connoisseur and others in-between


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1. The luxurious MiniBarBox Gin & Tonic from gategroup enables airline passengers to mix their own cocktail, finished off with fruity botanicals and delicious ginger sweets. Also on offer, The Minibar Box Wine Collection, which pairs fine wines with culinary treats such as truffles. 2. Natural Australian skincare brand Jurlique, in partnership with Buzz, has refreshed the skincare product selection for Cathay Pacific’s Business Class. On top of the Lip Care Balm currently available, two of the most coveted Jurlique products, Herbal Recovery Serum and Rosewater Balancing Mist, are now included in amenity kits. Replenishing Face Cleanser and Clarity Hand Lotion, as well as the existing Citrus Body Care Lotion can also be found in Business Class lavatories inflight and lounges on the ground.


3. Handmade using only fine fabrics, Masters of Mayfair Sleep Masks will enhance the quality of sleep thanks to the natural lavender scent emanating from the mask’s silk lining. Ideal for frequent travelers on long-haul flights, light sleepers and people who suffer from insomnia, headaches or fatigue, the sleep masks are a musthave inflight item. 4. Created from Monte Vibiano’s centuries-old olive trees, Monte Vibiano Beauty is a high-end line of creams that has been designed to protect and regenerate the skin and prevent visible signs of aging, with a combination of active ingredients derived from the olive polyphenols, Biophenols CMPTN.


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5. Elyptol, Inc. and WESSCO International have partnered to provide Elyptol’s award-winning products to airlines to help reduce infection, and the spread of germs amongst passengers on domestic and international flights. The agreement will enable global airlines to provide their passengers and cleaning staff natural, effective and multiple-use, non-toxic products featuring the natural scent of Eucalyptus oil. 6. Drawing on its heritage and skincare expertise, U.K.-based, Scaramouche + Fandango developed an exclusive unisex offering with Galileo Watermark for the Business Class amenity kit on Etihad Airways. Specifically tailored for inflight use, the brand’s hydrator and lip balm were formulated to counteract the typical skin-related issues encountered while traveling.

7. Activ’Drop© is intended for hand disinfection without water. A water-based revolutionary antiseptic moisturizing formulation, with boosted Hydrogen Peroxide (bHP) and a low level of alcohol for rapid drying of hands, the product’s rich foam applies gently without any waste. Containing moisturizers with carefully selected natural ingredients, Activ’Drop © offers a broad-spectrum efficiency on all kind of germs, killing 99,99% of germs, yet remaining safe. Eco-friendly, natural and organic, Activ’Drop is an ideal alternative to products containing endocrine disruptors and is available in various packaging formats, including wipes, spray, foamer and oshibori. 8. Bayart Innovations has developed an innovative Koala 3-in-1 pillow for kids. Soft, lightweight and filled with microbeads, the pillow can shape and mold to fit various body shapes, providing maximum comfort. The pillow transforms to be used in three different ways: for decorative purposes, lumbar support or neck support. When folded up, the Koala becomes a travel companion for young passengers.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  35




9. Featured on Delta Air Lines, the heavenly® inflight blanket supplied by RMT Global Partners, is a 100% acrylic blanket featuring a grey herringbone pattern. Providing ample coverage for passengers, the blanket’s soft feel improves with use. Because the blanket is designed to endure almost three times the number of cycles that Delta’s previous blankets could handle, the number of blankets required is reduced, as is the amount of waste.


10. b4® Hand Sanitizer takes antiseptic to the next level with its new luxury 100 ML pump bottle offering a sleek and sophisticated design for the most discerning travelers. This alcohol-free antimicrobial gel kills germs while offering the feel of an enriching hand lotion. The premium, spa-inspired packaging makes this antiseptic an ideal accompaniment for inflight use and premier members-only lounges. Dedicated to charitable giving, b4® delivers luxury wellness products while also changing lives.

PAX READERSHIP AWARDS Guests listen to members of the PAX International team speak at the awards ceremony

Honoring quality Amenity suppliers and their airline partners gathered in Hamburg to accept their winnings this past April, at PAX International’s annual Readership Awards


Florencia Pascual, Brand Strategist at FORMIA (on left) and FORMIA’s Managing Director, Roland Grohmann (on right) accept the award for Best Amenity Kit –Economy Class (Qatar Airways) – Middle East

Florencia Pascual, Brand Strategist at FORMIA (on left) and AeroMéxico accept the award for Best Amenity Kit – First/Business Class (AeroMéxico) – Americas

Effrosyni Petala, Brand Manager for Harmony (on right) and Alessio Pracchia, Alternative Channel Manager Salvatore Ferragamo (on left) accept the award for Best Amenity Kit – First/Business Class (Singapore Airlines) – Asia

skysupply accepts the award for Best Amenity Kit – Economy Class (Lufthansa German Airlines) – Europe

his past April in Hamburg, amenity kit suppliers were honored by readers of PAX International at the annual Readership Awards for their projects and kit development for various airlines in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East regions. “The readership awards celebrates the achievements within our industry,” said PAX International Publisher Aijaz Khan at the start of the ceremony. Held on the evening of April 5 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, this year’s ceremony marked the third year that PAX International has held its Readership Awards in Hamburg. Winners and guests enjoyed canapés and refreshments, while Editor-inChief Rick Lundstrom began the presentation by sharing some related facts and significant achievements by the winners in the past year. “I also urge everyone attending to take part next year in our readership awards,” said Lundstrom, at the close of the award ceremony. The following are the amenity supplier winners from each category and region:  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  37

PAX READERSHIP AWARDS Best First/Business Class – Americas (two winners)

First/Business Class and Economy Class – Europe (two winners)

FORMIA for AeroMéxico

SPIRIANT for Lufthansa German Airlines (First/Business Class)

IN THE NEWS: FORMIA opened an office in the US, where it plans to establish brand, marketing and sales operation, naming Niklas Sandor the Regional Director.

WESSCO International for Copa Airlines

DID YOU KNOW?: WESSCO International is known for once being home to the de-facto Queen of the Amenity kit, Anita Gittelson who retired in 2015.

Best First/Business Class – Asia (two winners) Harmony/gategroup for Singapore Airlines

DID YOU KNOW?: Singapore Airlines recently announced it was spending US$13.8 billion on orders for 20 777-9s and 19 787-10s, for additional growth and fleet modernization through the next decade.

WESSCO International for Garuda Indonesia

DID YOU KNOW?: The inner lining for the First and Business Class kits is a re-interpretation of the Indonesian “tenun” or woven cloth common design in Indonesia. The First Class bag is made of canvas with an outer drawstring pouch, giving the kit potential for use after the flight.

Tomoko Fujisaki – Director of Sales for WESSCO – Asia (right) with Garuda Indonesia accept the award for Best Amenity Kit – First/Business Class (Garuda Indonesia) – Asia

IN THE NEWS: In February of this year, SPIRIANT extended its contract with Czech Airlines (CSA). The deal covers the supply of most of CSA’s inflight product portfolio, encompassing approximately 120 items.

skysupply for Lufthansa German Airlines (Economy Class)

IN THE NEWS: skysupply recently collaborated with African fashion designer Mphelane Mareletse, who symbolizes a new, aspiring generation of self-confident African artists. Mareletse is the first testimonial appointed to bring South African Airway’s brand purpose and vision.

Best First/Business Class and Economy Class – Middle East (two winners) Galileo Watermark for Kuwait Airways (First/Business Class)

IN THE NEWS: Galileo Watermark was developed following Galileo’s recent merger with Watermark Products. The company also recently signed a customer in Kuwait Airways.

FORMIA for Qatar Airways (Economy Class)

DID YOU KNOW?: Qatar Airways boasts one of the widest and most spacious seating areas in in Economy Class and supplies kits with Institut Karité Paris lip balm, a Miradent dental kit, eye mask, socks and ear plugs.

Addy Ng, Design Director for Amenity Kits at SPIRIANT (right) and Angie Fung General Manager, Amenities at SPIRIANT (middle) accept the award for Best Amenity Kit – First/ Business Class (Lufthansa German Airlines) – Europe

Members of the Copa Airlines team and WESSCO International accept the award for Best Amenity Kit – First/Business Class (Copa Airlines) – Americas

Click here to learn more about the PAX International Readership Awards and how to vote for 2018. 38  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  JUNE 2017

Ian Linaker, CEO of Galileo Watermark (on right) and Alex Kovacs Sales Director at Galileo Watermark (on left) accept the award for Best Amenity Kit – First/Business (Kuwait Airways) – Middle East

Because the right impression means a lasting connection It’s often the smallest things that make the biggest difference: amenity kits can build an outstanding impression of your brand and an ongoing connection with your passengers. At SPIRIANT, we partner with globally renowned luxury and retail brands to create amenity kits that combine exclusivity, high value and utility. They’re a perfect co-branding opportunity to differentiate your airline creatively. Discover how we can take your brand to a new level: visit

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