PAX International Amenities & Comfort Issue April 2022

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Kaelis celebrates a quarter-century Kaelis is celebrating an important anniversary this year, a quarter-century. “As we continue to grow both in experience and expertise, this anniversary is an opportunity for us to take a moment and look back at our journey. We feel proud to stand where we are today, with the same enthusiasm and energy as one of the leading onboard product suppliers,” Frederico Heitz, Kaelis CEO, tells PAX International. The journey began in a basement office and has evolved in 25 years. Kaelis has worked with airlines on many projects to improve the passenger experience, a number of which have received PAX International Readership Awards which fills the company with joy, Heitz says. Heitz says the company’s success stems from the ability to be adaptable and agile while maintaining clear objectives – and getting to know its customers very well.

The pandemic posed the greatest challenge for the company in the history of the industry, giving it a new perspective for the future, he continued. “We truly enjoy what we do and even if a grey hair or two appears, we believe that a company is about the passion of the team, the vision for the world, and the responsibility to our industry,” Heitz says, adding that Kaelis is now working to make the airline and railway industries more sustainable by developing “greener” options. “This is a core strategy for us; it is not about greenwashing our industry, but about making a genuine difference by educating travelers on the importance of sustainability and building strong relationships with airlines and railways as a supplier,” he says.

The Kaelis team celebrates 25 years of success in 2022


Cuisine Solutions San Antonio facility gets LEED certification Cuisine Solutions’ sous vide processing facility in San Antonio, Texas has received LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The award-winning facility is the largest in the world with nearly US$200 million in investment and measuring 311,000 square feet. The plant features the largest community solar installation in San Antonio, stormwater management, a water recycling program, and uses compressed earth

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blocks (CEB), that allow for future expansion without disruption to the surrounding environment. “We are honored to receive our LEED certification, further proving our unwavering commitment to sustainability and social responsibility,” said Cuisine Solutions Chairman Stanislas Vilgrain. “It’s of the utmost importance that we look towards making sustainability and real social impact decisions key components in development plans for all manufacturing facilities worldwide.”