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Seating Galley Equipment Lavatory Maintenance TURKISH AIRLINES IFE p.






Less Repairing. More Relaxing.

Multi-size PED holder

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ew projects and expanded coverage will place PAX International in the hands and on the computer screens of more industry players around the world in the year ahead. In addition to our already extensive coverage of airline food service, cabin service and cruise line event coverage, we will be adding new reach into the industry with issues devoted to aircraft interiors and maintenance, repair and overhaul events around the world. Also planned are two special electronic supplements that will be released next summer. This new expanded coverage starts at the first of the year with PAX International’s bonus distribution at the Aircraft Interiors Expo Middle East and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul event in Dubai. PAX International visited the growing venue last year and found days of relevant news and interesting developments. Our expanded coverage continues into the summer with two new electronic supplements. One supplement will be devoted to the production, distribution and design of

airline Amenity Kits. Among the topics are materials used in the cosmetics, kit distribution, contents and sleepwear. Our Seating & IFEC electronic supplement will also cover seating materials, mechanics, weight savings initiatives and cabin configurations. IFEC coverage will have topics of programming, lab work, satellite news and advertising. We round out the year with our October 2016 issue that will be distributed at Aviation Week MRO Europe in London. Look for topics on flooring, interior maintenance, lighting, parts ordering and regional market growth. With commercial aviation undergoing growth and innovation, it all shapes up to a busy and exciting year. We hope you will be a part of these new initiatives. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions.

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Correction In the September issue, page 10, PAX International incorrectly stated that WESSCO International developed the new amenity kit line for United Airlines. WESSCO actually worked with Cowshed Spa to supply the bag’s skincare contents.

PAX International apologizes for the mistake and any confusion it may have caused.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  3



VOL.21, NO. 7





This year’s Aircraft Interiors and World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo Americas will feature more chances for delegates to make the most of their days in Seattle



LSG Sky Chefs increased its footprint in the United States this past fall with important agreements for convenience store distribution and airport lounges



Turkish Airlines takes its “Widen Your World” motto seriously and now offers passengers access to a diverse range of content through an agreement with Universal Music Group



Lufthansa Systems is in the middle of the development of an important new connectivity network at home, new hardware options for carriers, and part of a new center for research on the passenger experience that will open next year in Canada




With many airlines looking to give their cabins a makeover but not keen on making a substantial financial investment, LED lighting provides an cost-effective alternative to extend an interior’s mileage


While visitors to this years AIX Americas may have the opportunity to test the latest in economy class seat beds, the companies that make the products have no time to rest on their laurels


Global Eagle Entertainment is investing heavily in the inflight connectivity sector, as the company’s Chief Technology Officer Aditya Chatterjee shares with PAX International


PAX International correspondent Mary Jane Pittilla toured the October Aviation Week MRO Europe exhibition and conference in London that featured more than 400 suppliers from more than 80 countries


No longer merely a practical piece of equipment, the airliner trolley is now viewed as an important part of the cabin’s overall ambiance and boasts great potential for earning ancillary revenue












Suppliers of lavatory cleaning and maintenance products delve into the science of cleaning and the importance of fragrances in shaping the passenger experience



With today’s coffee culture turning the average coffee drinker into a caffeine connoisseur, airlines are facing the challenge of delivering a quality coffee experience onboard and suppliers are armed and ready with full-bodied solutions



A fast-paced week in the Pacific Northwest saw a series of important announcements and developments at the APEX/IFSA Expo that could see an industry with new capabilities and product offerings

Better quiet. Better sound.

A better experience in first class.

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Canada to open center for passenger experience research


The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) this summer began work on a new facility at Ottawa/Macdonald–Cartier International Airport for airlines, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers and airframe manufacturers to develop and advance technologies to improve the air travel experience. Aerospace Working and Travelling on Aircraft program representatives were at the Airline Passenger Experience Expo in Portland in late September and early October. The Cabin Comfort and Environment Research Centre is expected to open next summer with facilities for cabin demonstration, and to investigate effects of integration of new cabin designs and technologies on passengers’ comfort and travel experience. “By assisting industry develop and evaluate new interiors, technologies, and concepts, the centre will explore trade-offs between cabin attributes to identify the most cost-effective and cost-beneficial designs,” said a release from the NRC. “Focusing on the development of tools that will optimize passenger comfort, the centre will allow industry partners to explore cabin arrangements to reduce operating costs while maximizing operators’ revenues.” Passengers at the facility will experience a realistic flight environment with a functional aircraft interior, including noise and vibration; food and beverage service; in-flight entertainment; and flight simulation. Primary laboratory spaces will allow users to simulate the airport and on-board experience: an airport terminal and gate area. There will be a flexible cabin simulator, a two-story space suitable for housing large-scale mock-ups or fuselages for clients, and a human-rated vibration platform. Aerospace industry suppliers will be able to demonstrate emerging air cabin environment control technologies, as well as in-flight entertainment and new software designed to enhance the passenger experience. At the same time, they will be able to accelerate the development of new technologies that can be transferred to industry.

LSG Sky Chefs Lounge GmbH (LLG) began managing the Lufthansa lounges at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport earlier this month. The new contract has a four-year term and includes the Lufthansa Senator, Business and First Class lounges, which are also accessible to Star Alliance passengers. The Lufthansa lounge area at JFK has three floors, and handles approximately 92,000 passengers a year. The LLG has a lounge concept that combines Lufthansa’s brand values with local trends and global passenger needs. “Fresh, authentic handmade products played a vital role for us when we were developing our food and beverage concept,” explained Jörg Tüttelmann, Vice President of Culinary Excellence at LSG Sky Chefs. “The teams took to the streets of New York seeking inspiration in what and how people are currently eating and consuming there. These observations, and our many years of experience, were incorporated into our concept.” Lufthansa First Class passengers can now enjoy short ribs braised sous vide, Maine lobster bisque, classic veal schnitzel and premium champagne and wine selection. In the Senator lounge, a New York-style bar offers classic cocktails. Meals in the Business and Senator lounges are served buffet-style but also follow the general culinary concept. “Our partnership with Lufthansa at JFK is a key milestone in our expansion plans. At the same time, it is an acknowledgement of the success of our collaboration at existing hubs in Europe,” Jens H. Kreutzer, Managing Director of LSG Sky Chefs Lounge GmbH. “The entire team has been looking forward to welcoming the first guests at the New York lounges.”cise craftsmanship and attention to detail that embody the SWISS brand.”

Interested parties can use this and other facilities for passenger research at the National Research Council of Canada center in Ottawa


Upscale dining in Lufthansa’s First Class lounge

We all need a bit more room

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EDM to make cabin simulators for CX EDM, a global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation and defense sectors, announced in September that Cathay Pacific has awarded the company a major contract to provide a broad range of cabin crew training simulators. The simulators will be designed and manufactured by EDM to enable the cabin crew to maintain and enhance the training in emergency situations and provide cabin services to passengers. Once completed at EDM’s headquarters in the United Kingdom, the training equipment will be shipped and installed at Cathay Pacific’s Training Centre in Cathay City at Hong Kong International Airport. The full order of cabin crew training equipment is: cabin emergency evacuation trainers for the 777 and A330; door trainers for the 777 and A330; freighter upper deck crew service door trainer and freighter main deck door trainers for the 747; and a fire trainer “We’re thrilled to have won this substantial contract with a premier airline such as Cathay Pacific,” said Tony Bermingham, Managing Director of EDM in today’s announcement. “Cathay Pacific is syn-

onymous with quality and service and it’s a real privilege to support their industry-leading cabin crew training program with state-of-theart safety equipment.”

VICTREX supplies fitting for A350-900 doors

Lufthansa Technik develops IFE concept for Qantas

Airbus Helicopters is replacing aluminum in a fitting in the aircraft door of the A350-900 with a high-modulus, carbon fiber-reinforced high-performance polymer from VICTREX. The bracket, now manufactured from VICTREX® PEEK 90HMF40, has been developed by Airbus Helicopters and is in serial production for commercial use after receiving component qualification. The successful substitution of metal has resulted in a 40% reduction in weight and costs. The injection-molded polymer solution replaces the higher cost bracket machined product from an aluminum block. The fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) structure of the A350XWB’s aircraft door uses an outer skin coupled with a bracing structure on the inside. A fitting, now manufactured from VICTREX PEEK 90HMF40 thermoplastic, connects the outer skin to points on the internal bracing structure. The two components form a box-type structure to exploit the maximum geometrical moment of inertia. “In terms of the standard load case, i.e. the internal cabin pressure, this point-type joint reduces the deformation on the outer skin, thereby maintaining the aerodynamic quality of the aircraft door,” said Christian Wolf, Head of Airplane Doors Research and Technology, Airbus Helicopters. “All components in the aircraft door are of a singly-redundant design. If a component near the bracket fails, the bracket will provide an alternative path for transferring structural loads and is therefore part of the aircraft’s primary structure.” By using the carbon fiber-reinforced high-performance VICTREX PEEK 90HMF40 polymer instead of the aluminum previously used, Airbus Helicopters has successfully manufactured an equivalent component that provides a range of benefits. 8  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2015

Mick Bonney, EDM Business Development Director (left) with David Lomax, Ground Training Manager of Cathay Pacific

Lufthansa Technik and Qantas Airways have developed a new IFE concept that makes it possible to use a tablet via the seatback throughout the flight, rather than a fixed monitor. After successfully completing all tests necessary for approval (including the HIC test for head injury criteria), Qantas has initially made the concept available in Business Class on its two-class 717 fleet. Working closely with aircraft seat manufacturer ZIM Flugsitz GmbH, the first stage was to develop a system enabling the device to be mounted in the seat. The mounting is also flexible enough to be used for other smartphones, tablets, e-readers and books. ZIM integrated utility shelf in the backrest of the seat. The next step involved Lufthansa Technik and Qantas working together to develop the Personal Electronic Device (PED) case, a tablet enclosure that fulfills the requirements for flight approval. The iPads made available by Qantas for the duration of the flight, installed in the PED case, are snap-fitted into the utility shelf and can be used like a traditional monitor throughout the flight. “This IFE concept provides passengers with the latest hardware for onboard entertainment at all stages of flight including taxi, takeoff and landing, with wireless access to films, TV and music, whilst they still have their hands and tray tables free,” said Lufthansa Technik. Airline customers can save on the extensive costs associated with the installation, maintenance and repair of fixed seat-back monitors, it added. The PED case can be retrofitted into any seat of any aircraft and can be modified to suit other manufacturers’ tablets. In addition to playing a key role in developing the product, Lufthansa Technik also integrates, installs, approves and maintains the latest communications solutions and modifications for the aircraft cabin.

Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

THE REGION’S DEDICATED ZONE FOR TRAVEL CATERING & HOSPITALITY 7 - 9 December 2015 • Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, UAE

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additional serious food buyers visiting the co-located SIAL Middle East


top buyers as part of the Hosted Buyer Programme


dedicated B2B visitors from the industry

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Panasonic turn to Rovi for metadata Panasonic Avionics will use Rovi Corporation’s metadata to manage the programming guide for its global inflight television service, eXTV in a deal announced recently. Rovi metadata enables consumers to easily find and watch their favorite content. In the first phase of this strategic relationship, Panasonic will use Rovi metadata to manage its entertainment inventory and provide programming information for internationally recognized live television channels. Covering more than 70 countries, Rovi metadata has the largest global footprint of any other major provider. Rovi metadata enables intuitive search and navigation across the entire entertainment ecosystem. It incorporates information on more than half a million movies, more than 6 million TV programs and 1 million celebrities, along with content-related imagery. “With eight channels of programming, including live news and

sports, eXTV has quickly become one of our most popular passenger services,” said David Bruner, Vice President, Global Communications Services, for Panasonic Avionics. “Working with Rovi, we expect to not only create an enhanced experience for passengers, but also further automate our supply chain to quickly and accurately deploy the most current programming information for our eXTV service.” “Our metadata is the solution of choice and serves as the building blocks for companies building immersive user experiences. With Rovi, our customers are driving next-generation entertainment discovery in the home, on the go, and now, inflight,” said Kathy Weidman, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Metadata at Rovi.


easyJet orders Recaro lightweight SL3510

easyJet has ordered 30,000 additional Recaro seats, both to retrofit its current A320 fleet and to equip new aircraft. The airline has selected the lightweight SL3510, which will be delivered with features like a tablet PC holder. easyJet will equip its aircraft solely with Recaro seats in the coming years. easyJet will retrofit 56 A320s of its current fleet with more than 10,000 seats. The airline has also decided work exclusively with Recaro Aircraft Seating as its line fit supplier for several years. The order means a volume of 20,000 seats for their 100 A320neo aircraft – with an option to equip an additional 100 new aircraft with another 20,000 seats. “We’re very pleased about the extension of our exclusive partnership with easyJet and the order for our economy class product SL3510. The seat’s enhanced living space combined with its low weight has made it a benchmark in the short-range segment,” said Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder of Recaro Aircraft Seating. “With its innovative and ecologically attractive portfolio of features, the seat which won the Crystal Cabin Award convinced many of our customers.” At nine kilograms per seat, the SL3510 easyJet aircraft will be 600 kilograms lighter than before. Recaro developers focused on the seat’s ergonomic qualities. The backrest angle is pre-defined for a relaxed sitting position, and the netting in the aluminum frame conforms to the shape of the passenger’s spine. Because its backrest is very slim, Recaro says the SL3510 also offers significantly more legroom than comparable seat models. The seat will be delivered with an integrated holder for tablet PCs. A drastic reduction in the number of parts also means that the seat is extremely robust, thus lowering maintenance costs for the airline.


The SL3510 weighs in at nine kilograms


United to launch Zodiac seats on narrow body fleet

Lufthansa plans summer launch of broadband in Europe

United Airlines has introduced the first of a new, comfortable, custom-designed seat for First Class cabins on more than 200 of its narrow body aircraft. The seat debuted on an A319 in September, with retrofits on A319s, A320s and many 737s and 757s through 2016. Developed with input from passengers that the airline invited to test seat prototypes, the custom seat United and design firm PriestmanGoode and manufacturer Zodiac Aerospace have made the seat with several features: • All-leather seat covers in signature navy and champagne; • A patented-design tray table with tablet holder, enabling travelers to enjoy food and beverages while using their personal electronic devices; • An articulating seat bottom for greater comfort when reclining and an adjustable headrest; • In-seat universal A/C power outlets for customers to charge their devices; • Additional in-seat storage, including two seatback pockets and side stowage for laptops and tablets dedicated beverage holders; and granite cocktail tables. At 21.1 inches wide the seat will have numerous customdesign elements and premium finishes, including the signature United-branded tag. Each aircraft will continue to have the same number of premium-cabin seats. “This new seat is directly based on customer testing and feedback,” said Tom O’Toole, United’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “We designed a custom seat that incorporates the features that today’s passengers want and upgrades our cabins.”

Starting early next summer, Lufthansa German Airlines will offer broadband Internet on its short and medium-haul flights. The new service from Lufthansa and its technology partner Inmarsat is based on the satcom provider’s Global Xpress Ka-band network. Inmarsat recently launched the third satellite in this global constellation and Lufthansa will be its first aviation customer. The service will enable passengers to make the most of broadband Internet access on their own mobile devices wireless network. They will not only be able to use simple e-mail services, but also superior applications and streaming. They will be able to send and receive text messages and for the transfer of data using their own mobile phone contract. Telephone calls on board, however, will still not be allowed due to customer preference. Lufthansa Technik will integrate all systems and components into the aircraft. Lufthansa Systems will provide the technical infrastructure setting up network operations in the cabin. Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Technik are additionally planning a long-term global partnership to offer other airlines a modern on-board IT platform (BoardConnect) with broadband Internet access that can be used for a number of different purposes. Both the Lufthansa Group and future clients in the third-party market will benefit from the additional services and lower risks provided by this strong partnership. Lufthansa is also committing to a flight trial program for a new hybrid network being developed for Europe. The European Aviation Network combines an S-band satellite from Inmarsat with a complementary LTE ground network being provided by Deutsche Telekom. From 2017 onwards, Lufthansa hold a flight trial program of the new technology.

The first of the new United Airlines seats were installed in September

Ka-band Internet will be on Lufthansa’s short and medium haul flights  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  11


Gaag new SVP Corporate Sales at Lufthansa Technik As of October 1, Robert Gaag is the new as Senior Vice President Corporate Sales for Europe, Middle East, Africa (EuMEA) at Lufthansa Technik. Wolfgang Weynell, held the position since July 1, 2014. He will remain Senior Vice President Corporate Sales and Marketing until December 31, when he retires from Lufthansa Technik after 39 years with the company. The nomination of Gaag, previously Vice President Sales North America, completes the new structure of Lufthansa Technik’s sales organization. The new team of Frank Berweger, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales Americas, Gerald Steinhoff, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales Asia Pacific and Gaag will form a global de-centralized approach of Lufthansa Technik’s sales activities. The main targets of the re-organization are a better focus on emerging regions of the global MRO market, more flexibility to fulfill individual customer needs and direct access for customers to the top management of the company.

Lawrence will assume responsibilities sales years that contributed to the company’s that have been held by Lon Chaney, who growth in the region. Douglass is managing the worldwide has announced his plans to retire by the end of this year. Lawrence will focus on work sales organization for GEE. With his mulunderway to consolidate planning and cer- tiple decades of experience in the industry, tain processes, including implementation of Douglass has relationships with nearly all of continuous improvement initiatives, across the more than 270 airlines worldwide, prothe company’s operations in ways that will viding a strong foundation to leverage GEE’s support ongoing quality and performance integrated product offerings that include for the company’s MRO customers. connectivity systems, content services, digital Most recently, he led program manage- media solutions and operations solutions. ment for a prominent Asia Pacific airline, “Mike joins us at an exciting time when including oversight of its repair, inventory, GEE is defining the future of Inflight Enterprocurement, warehouse, commercial dis- tainment and Connectivity solutions for tribution groups, as well as of one of its large the commercial airline market,” said Walé base maintenance operations. Lawrence Adepoju, Chief Commercial Officer at GEE. also built other leadership experience over “Mike’s remarkable background in the aviaa career that included work with a global tion industry and his sales leadership will cargo airline, leading U.S.-based airlines and help us pave the way to partner with more airthe U.S. Air Force. lines for IFE&C in the global travel industry.”

Global Inflight adds two to staff

Global inflight Products of Seattle has named Laila Yachfine General Manager of the company’s European division and Marc Nisam General Manager. Yachfine will be responsible for growing airline customer sales across Europe. She previously worked for Heritage Tours a global travel agency working with multiple international airlines and was based in Casablanca. Nisam is leading a GIP team is sales, customer service and product development. He will also oversee manufacturing, sourcing and logistics. Nisam spent 11 years in onboard service and labor relations at United Airlines and also worked as a flight attendant and as a chief purser. He also founded and managed a retail/wholesale e-commerce company in Thailand.

New VP at SEKISUI SEKISUI Polymer Innovations, LLC which makes Kydex and Allen thermoplastics has appointed Karen Brock Amoah Vice President of Sales and Marketing. As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Amoah will focus on long-term strategy while supporting SEKISUI SPI’s sales and marketing teams and supervising the company’s international manufacturer representatives. Before joining SPI, Karen was the Sales and Marketing Director – Americas at IPS Corporation, a global manufacturer of bonding systems and adhesives for Marine, Transportation, Building Construction, and Product Assembly markets. She has more than 25 years of experience in leading and establishing business growth in manufacturing.

Douglass Joins Global Eagle Entertainment Robert Gaag

Lawrence named to new spot at HAECO

HAECO Americas announced in September that Jeff Lawrence would join the company’s maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) leadership team as Vice President of Planning, Pricing and Production Control at the company’s offices in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. announced September 8 that it has appointed Mike Douglass Senior Vice President of Global Sales. Douglass began his career at American Airlines, holding positions in revenue management, finance and corporate development. He then transitioned to Sabre Airline Solutions. There, he held several senior level positions in finance, marketing, solutions management and sales/account management. During his tenure as the General Manager of the Americas, he led several record-breaking


Karen Brock Amoah

Ahhhhh! Finally an amenity kit that’s designed with form and functionality in mind. Customizable colors, materials, packaging and logo to meet the expectations of your unique brand and passenger experience. Relax. Linstol has this one in the bag. United States |

+1.239.530.7865 |

United Kingdom | +44.1252.620630 | Hong Kong | +86.156.1855.3533 | China | +86.21.5508.9020 |




This year’s Aircraft Interiors and World Travel Catering Expo will feature more chances for delegates make the most of their days in Seattle Event Manager Katie Murphy


ver the past year, Reed Exhibition Services has been tweaking schedules and evaluating feedback from a core group of attendees to assemble a program that gives them access to some of the high-tech trends and practices that are shaping the evolution of the aircraft cabin. In this issue’s Industry Q and A Event Manager Katie Murphy filled in PAX International how the event has changed and grown from last year’s offering. PAX International: As we enter the midfall season, could you give us an update on registration, exhibitor participation and attendance compared to last year? Katie Murphy: Over the last year we have been focused on developing the most popular elements of Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas to ensure that the event continues to meet the requirements of its growing audience. The seminar programme, which this year will be free to attend, has been expanded to two days in response to demand, providing delegates not just with increased content, but also opportunities to engage with the industry’s leading experts. These enhancements have been met with widespread approval, which is reflected by the encouraging number of pre-registered visitors. Indeed, we have seen a 10% increase in registrations compared to this time last year and look forward to welcoming them and our exhibitors to Seattle next month. PAX: You have been touting the number of international airlines that will be attending this year. What do you see as the reasons for the increase in interest among them this year? Murphy: Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas, and its sister event in Hamburg, are the established platforms for the sector’s latest

innovations and trends. In an increasingly competitive field, as passenger expectations continue to soar, airlines are actively seeking out the latest technology and concepts to provide their customers with an enhanced travel experience. They come to Aircraft Interiors Expo events to see cutting-edge technology and discuss pioneering concepts to improve the aircraft cabin with a broad range of industry representatives, from the leading global suppliers to the most specialist experts. For example, this year we welcome Dr. Arthur Kreitenberg, of Germfalcon, who has used expertise from his career in medicine to develop the Germfalcon robot. Dr Kreitenberg will use the session: ‘Protecting the Brand: Getting Smarter about Cabin Cleaning and Maintenance’ to introduce the fully autonomous equipment which deploys ultraviolet ‘C’ lights to disinfect the entire cabin. Killing 99.99% of germs the treatment takes just 20 minutes for a 30 row aircraft– a significant step for improving both the turnaround time and hygiene of contemporary air travel. PAX: You appear to have expanded the selection of seminars and scheduled them concurrently with the trade show instead of what was a plenary session that was held last year. Why was this change made? Murphy: It is imperative for an event organiser to take on board the feedback received from its audience and adapt future editions accordingly. The development and adjustment of this year’s seminar programme comes as a direct response to suggestions from our core visitor-base. By providing seminar sessions throughout the event, delegates can spend more time on the show floor without limiting the seminars they attend. This year we also have an ‘Insights on Testing’ panel session running on both days,


meaning that visitors can attend either one or both of the discussions. PAX: You choose the Seattle venue because of the city’s great aviation community. What has been the level of the support by companies like Boeing and the many supplier firms? Murphy: With a significant cluster of aerospace companies located in the region, Seattle continues to provide a convenient and appropriate venue for Aircraft Interiors Americas. It is a sector that is evolving at great pace and the location ensures the event remains at the heart of the industry, reflecting its very latest developments and innovations. PAX: What are the plans to grow the World Travel Catering Expo section of the event? Murphy: We have a World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Zone at the event for those customers who want to use it as a platform to access the Americas market. This zone means we can highlight that specific product sector and enables more targeted promotion to the suitable attendees. PAX: Any chance of again tying up with one of the other industry events in the fall, APEX or IFSA, specifically? Murphy: As an exhibition company, we continually monitor key markets and potential growth areas for current and future shows that would appeal to both our exhibitor and visitor base. Obviously we must steer our strategy by what exhibitors and visitors tell us they need in order to get maximum value from all our events. It is important we assess any potential benefits that are in the best interests of exhibitors and visitors and particularly target audiences relevant to any show. We are continuously in communication with APEX and IFSA as key associations within the industry.


AMERICAN GROWTH LSG Sky Chefs increased its footprint in the United States this past fall with important agreements for convenience store distribution and airport lounges by RICK LUNDSTROM


n May of this year, during what is called National Workforce Development Month, residents of central Arizona who had been pounding the pavement looking for work gathered for a Job Fest at career centers in three locations where a handful of companies had plans to hire workers. Among those companies with representatives at the job fair was Circle K convenience stories and airline caterer LSG Sky Chefs. The fair wouldn’t be the first time the two companies were found in close proximity of each other. LSG Sky Chefs has been supplying fresh products to the convenience store giant which has more than 8,000 outlets in the United States and 7,000 worldwide. The caterer first picked up the business for with Circle K in 2014 in the Charlotte, North Carolina area in 2014. Circle K joined the list of convenience outlets that started with the 7-Eleven chain. U.S. airlines were the first to move away from a regularly catered airline meal product, and are slowly adding back food offerings. However, the country has been dominated by buy-on-board meals for many years. Thus, business to carriers has slowed since the economic downturns in the early 2000s and around 2007-08. In addition to the convenience stores, the company has also added to its airline lounge catering business at New York’s JFK Airport. Most recently, LSG Sky Chefs announced an expansion of the company’s convenience store business in the very same region where it had been seeking new workers last spring. In October LSG Skey Chefs announced that it was expanding its business with 600 Circle K stores in Phoenix and 300 stories in Santa Ana, California. The additional business adds to the 112 stores LSG Sky Chefs supplies in Charlotte and 40 more in Denver and Atlanta.

For Circle K, LSG Sky Chefs produces salads, sandwiches and wraps for its Madeto-Go brand. LSG Sky Chefs estimates that it will deliver more than 2.5 million units per year. Much of the food will come from the company’s customer service center in Santa Ana and stand-alone retail facility in Phoenix. In October the Phoenix plant was under evaluation to complete its British Retail Consortium certification. The expansion in the retail convenience business was a clear sign that there is more potential,” said Michael Norris, LSG Sky Chefs’ Vice President Global Retail. “It potentially marks the beginning of an extended relationship, as it offers us a chance to grow with Circle K as they expand,” he said, in the October 5 announcement of the new business. The convenience store business has been an important part of airline catering business since the downturn of airline food service itself. The market is holding more possibility in the years ahead. According to the National Association of Convenience Store’s yearly

A example of Lufthansa’s meal offerings in its First Class lounge


Nielsen Industry Store Count, the number of convenience outlets in the United States is growing steadily. In 2014 the number of convenience stores in the country stood at 152,794, an increase of 1% from 2013. The total number of outlets account for 33.9% of all the retail outlets in the United States. LSG Sky Chefs’ other new business in the United States is of a more familiar nature and with its parent company operating out of JFK. In early October, the company began managing the Lufthansa Senator, Business and First Class Lounges at the airport. Between the three lounges, the airline handles approximately 92,000 passengers per year. It will be an area where the caterer’s JFK unit will be allowed to stretch their culinary expertise. Teams from LSG Sky chefs took the to streets of New York researching meal concepts. Now, passengers at JFK are dining on braised short ribs sous vide, Main lobster bisque, classic veal schnitzel with a selection of Champagnes, wines and classic New York cocktails.

REGIONAL REPORT: TURKISH AIRLINES Passengers aboard Turkish Airlines can customize their music selection with My Music Planet features

WORLD OF MUSIC Turkish Airlines takes its “Widen Your World” motto seriously and now offers passengers access to a diverse range of content through an agreement with Universal Music Group by RICK LUNDSTROM


t has been said that for all the advancements that have taken place in the IFE world, from audio and video on demand to the latest in connectivity, the airline’s audio system can still form the backbone of its content. Passengers may be bringing more of their own musical content on board on more types of devices, but the broad international group that is often seen on long- haul flights is on the hunt for something new and different to add to their music collection. With that in mind, in October of last year, Turkish Airlines announced a partnership with the world’s leading music company, Universal Music Group and put out the call for passengers to “widen your world.” “Widen your World” is the motto of Turkish Airlines, and the carrier has geared many promotions toward reaching a broad international group of prospective passengers. Its

well-known spokespeople from NBA basketball and professional soccer may be among the most visible, but in the cabin, the Turkish Airlines also seeks to project an international image with programs and promotions geared toward the motto as well. “The partnerships we have established with the world’s largest brands are definitely very important in increasing our global brand awareness,” said Akif Konar, Chief Commercial Officer at the airline, in last year’s announcement of the new agreement with Universal Music Group. “Today, the partnership we have established with the global music leader Universal Music Group will have an impact on passengers satisfaction at the highest level.” Regular passengers on the airline will notice a monthly change in the form of a featured musician and a video featuring one of the airline’s many destinations. But they

will also be able to broaden their musical perspective with a category called My Music Planet. The new feature is a music platform created by the airline that will allow passengers to access audio and video playlists teasers, concert videos, music news and behind the scenes footage and short videos. They will also be able to stream the newest releases from the Universal Music Group. Turkish Airlines now has access to a music conglomerate with wholly-owned operations in 60 countries. In the UMG portfolio there are more than 30 record companies, among the most well known in the world including A&M Records, Blue Note, Deutsche Grammophon, Motown, Verve, Polydor and Virgin Records. Onboard the aircraft, Turkish Airlines will continue its efforts to bring in passenger participation by offering sweepstakes for VIP tour packages to shows and events around  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  17

REGIONAL REPORT: TURKISH AIRLINES the world. In the airline’s print media, similar promotions take place throughout the year. For instance, a photo contest was held where passengers could submit photos of the airline’s destinations. The contest was held in conjunction with FIAP, The International Federation of Photographic Art. This year’s Airline Passenger Experience Expo saw representatives from the airline walking the red-carpeted movie row, looking for new options in media content. By mid-October, the airline’s goal was to beef up the content with 300 movies, more than 550 television programs, 1,000 music albums and more than 180 audio playlists, said Zeynep Ozbay, Inflight Entertainment Media Chief at Turkish Airlines. Once procured the airline catalogs the content with categories such as By Mood, By Destination and By Genre on board. “We have a great amount of media content with a great selection of different genres and a great selection of custommade audio and video playlists,” Ozbay said. “Since we have a great selection of content we are aiming a fine-tuning in order to increase the passenger experience.” Turkish Airlines closely monitors the viewing habits of its passengers and often selects entertainment specific to the route. “We measure digital capability by how much they watch,” said the airline’s Deputy Chairman and CEO, Dr. Temil Kotil, in a recent interview with PAX International. Turkish Airlines has both the Panasonic eX3 system and the Thales AVANT hardware within its fleet and has recently added a new, customized graphic user interface to its IFE. As with all airlines, the volume of content now offered on long-haul inflight entertainment systems needs management. In September, Turkish Airlines placed much of that responsibility in the hands of Global Eagle Entertainment, which has signed on to supply technical content services across the airline’s fleet of more than 250 aircraft. Technical content services from the company include uploading multiple varieties of content and data in a variety of languages and formats. Global Eagle Entertainment will provide data management, media encoding and metadata provisions to support all of Turkish Airlines’ inflight entertainment programming. “Turkish Airlines has over 20 different IFE systems, requiring a complex and precise approach to its technical content provision,” said Amir Samanani, Senior Vice President of Content at Global Eagle Entertainment. “We’re delighted to support the airline’s award winning inflight services throughout facilities and services.”

ABC International helps Turkish Airlines bring home the brand Hiring high-profile spokespersons and reaching out to a broad worldwide audience is important to a carrier like Turkish Airlines, but when a passenger settles into their seat and casts their gaze forward while preparing for the flight, they will see something that is distinctive and unique to that airline alone — its logo or crest. Aviation Business Consultants (ABC) International specializes in bringing that rather abstract message of a company’s logo into focus and, with hope, into the mind of the passengers. ABC International worked with aircraft interior designer PriestmanGoode to position the Turkish Airlines logo on its short-haul fleet. So far, the company has delivered 110 crests to Turkish Airlines that are positioned at the bulkhead and in the class dividers. The last 20 of the crests will be placed on new Turkish Airlines aircraft as they roll of the assembly line at the Boeing plant in Seattle. Stefano Capuano, Project Manager at ABC International who oversees the Turkish Airlines Account, told PAX International that this new ability to add crests at line-fit would be important for the company. The new ability makes ABC International a “qualified vendor” for Boeing aircraft, which is one step from being an catalog option for airline customers. The logo for Turkish Airlines is manufactured at the company’s plant in Italy. Since it is found in the carrier’s short-haul fleet, ABC International went with a crest approximately nine inches in diameter. Turkish Airlines selected a crest made of epoxy resin for the red background of the crest and aluminum for the bird shaped logo that also forms the airline’s livery. ABC International has also manufactured crests in plastic and high-density foam. Other airline customers for ABC International include Royal Jordanian, Etihad Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Alitalia and most recently the LATAM group in South America. The company is involved in several other areas of airline services. ABC International’s capabilities include: cabin refurbishment and revamping; carpet, seat covers, curtains, class dividers, stowage and doghouse installation; cushions and aesthetics/cosmetics; original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and/or Parts Manufacturers Approval (PMA) consulting; customized monument design; and most notably, the design and installation of decorative crest logos.


The Turkish Airlines crest is made of resin and aluminum



continents Lufthansa Systems is in the middle of the development of an important new connectivity network at home, new hardware options for carriers, and part of a new center for research on the passenger experience that will open next year in Canada by RICK LUNDSTROM Norbert Müller, Senior Vice President of BoardConnect with the company’s new portable offering


his year’s Airline Passenger Experience Association Expo in Portland came on the heels of an important announcement that will advance inflight connectivity in in Europe and make Lufthansa Systems’ products among the first to benefit both the company and passengers. The company had a number of new announcements and products at this year’s APEX Expo, was lesser known player in a major partnership between Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom that will combine a LTEground based network and a Inmarsat satellite network to form inflight high-speed Internet access across the continent in a way that is cost efficient. What is called the European Aviation Network will combine the connectivity from a new Inmarsat S-Band satellite with a LTE-based ground network developed and run by Deutsche Telekom. In the early summer of 2016, Lufthansa German Airlines will launch the satellitebased service on its European flights through Inmarsat. From there, the airline will start a trial program in early 2017 with the European Aviation Network. Where Lufthansa goes, so goes Lufthansa Systems and its BoardConnect connectivity product. “The important message for us is the cabin network in that deal is BoardConnect,” said Norbert Müller, Senior Vice President at BoardConnect, who spoke with PAX International at the company’s stand in Portland. Lufthansa Systems will be responsible for

setting up network operations for the wireless system and writing the software for the Internet portal. In addition, Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Technik planned a partnership that will offer the company’s BoardConnect platform to other airlines. Until the trials start in 2017, Lufthansa is moving ahead to establish broadband Internet for short- and medium-haul flights next year using Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Ka-band network. Lufthansa will be Inmarsat’s first aviation customer for the service following the launch of the company’s third satellite. For passengers, the service will mean full Internet access that includes e-mail services, streaming Internet and the ability to send and receive text messages on their own mobile phone contract. While the satellite network teamed with Deutsche Telekom offers new possibilities, many airlines are not interested in the significant investment to establish such a service. From a shelf on the company’s stand, Müller produced a small handheld device called BoardConnect Portable a Mobile Streaming Unit (MSU) that can supply approximately 50 passengers with streaming content for personal electronic devices. The product is actually a server and an access point all in one and can be purchased off the shelf with a few minor modifications. Müller said he envisions airlines seeking to provide a low-cost alternative that does not require regulatory approvals, additional equipment, or a power source. The 1.5 kilo-


gram boxes have a battery life of seven hours. Content is accessible through an app stored on the device which is loaded with movies, destination information and digitized media like newspapers and magazines. Lufthansa systems has also developed a portal on the ground where passengers can preview the entertainment offered before boarding and put together a playlist of any onboard audio. Lufthansa Systems has one commitment for the MSU, from Italy’s Air Dolomiti. Another development will be taking place across the ocean, in the Canadian capital of Ottawa where Lufthansa Systems will be playing a key role in the development of a new passenger experience research center planned by the National Research Council of Canada (see related story, page 6). Lufthansa Systems’ part in the development will be to make its BoardConnect inflight entertainment system available for use in the NRC’s cabin simulator when the center opens in the summer of next year. “We plan to cooperate closely with the National Research Council in the future in terms of features and functionalities,” said Müller in the announcement of the partnership. “Like ourselves, NRC has many highly capable software developers. This partnership will enable us to benefit from each other’s expertise and experience and has the potential to greatly enhance the creative development of our BoardConnect platform in the future.”

Passion for Aviation

Many years of experience and expertise have made Diehl Aerosystems a leading supplier in the fields of high-quality floor-to-floor cabin interiors, lavatories, galleys, water and air management, fire protection as well as creative and effective lighting and avionics. Our goal is to provide you with innovative solutions that will make aircraft cabins an even more enjoyable place to be for everyone involved.

CABIN LIGHTING SCHOTT Aviation has used its experience in optical designs and roots in fiber optics to deliver unique lighting solutions (pictured)

THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT With many airlines looking to give their cabins a makeover but not keen on making a substantial financial investment, LED lighting provides a cost-effective alternative to extend an interior’s mileage by MELISSA SILVA


abin lighting can be the difference between a good flight and a bad flight. It’s known that visual information can play a very significant role in the overall passenger experience. In a small, claustrophobic environment like an aircraft cabin, good lighting is particularly poignant and a simple update can be a viable solution for an airline looking to liven up an outdated interior. Since the early 1990s, SCHOTT Aviation has used its 130-plus years of experience in optical designs and its roots in fiber optics to deliver unique lighting solutions, including in-seat reading lights, its cabin illumination system ‘HelioJet® SpectrumCC’ and its unique contour illumination ‘HelioLine.’ SCHOTT considers cabin lighting the single most important factor influencing the passenger experience. “There is most likely no single source which can influence perception more intensely than light,” says Klaus Portmanns, Director Sales Aviation – Lighting and Imaging for SCHOTT Aviation. Portmanns says that an airline may put a considerable amount of effort in selecting materials and colors to create an ideal atmosphere on board, but such efforts will only be successful if the lighting is just as ideal. “With imperfections in lighting, one will find that the salad no longer looks naturally green and [imperfect lighting] doesn’t do the carefully selected combination of carpet and seating any justice,” he explains. “Bad light can ruin an atmosphere, but the opposite also holds true — high quality lighting can

enhance comfort, hence the use of mood lighting systems.” Airlines today are above all else, looking to enhance the passenger experience onboard their aircraft, and generally look to LED lighting to accomplish the task. Portmanns predicts that along with LED systems becoming more intelligent, holistic lighting solutions designed to integrate all lighting elements inside an aircraft will become more popular in the near future. Of its many lighting solutions, SCHOTT feels particularly strong about its contour light solution, HelioLine, which it will be exhibiting at this year’s AIX Expo in Seattle. Designed to connect design and functional aspects in aircraft cabins, HelioLine is a side-emitting optical fiber attached to a light source. Since the fiber itself carries no electricity, HelioLine is also suitable for wet areas.

taken the same photoluminescent techniques and used them to provide an alternative to electrical signs. The result was the development of saf-Tsign® which is naturally energized by incoming light, not power. “We want to do things with minimal weight, minimal to no consumption of power if we can avoid it, and try to be as proactive as we can in innovating in the aircraft for weight, safety and power,” says Nigel Duncan, Chief Executive Officer at STG Aerospace. Duncan joined STG in 2013, at a time when the company was looking to leverage its emergency lighting experience further, by looking to LED lighting. “LED lighting helps make the interior of the aircraft look much cleaner and brighter, that’s number one,” explains Duncan. “But number two, is that it also affects how you feel and your perception of your flight and even your perception of things around you like the seating, food and the size of the lavatory Illuminating solutions — these are all impacted by the perception of Twenty years ago, interiors lighting company STG Aerospace invented the photolumines- the quality of light.” STG Aerospace hopes the industry cent floor path emergency lighting system (saf-Tglo® is the original trade name) seen approaches these lighting changes in a more on thousands of aircraft today. Boeing is the holistic way, looking at all of the lighting in company’s largest customer, having supplied the aircraft to truly optimize the environment, the aircraft manufacturing giant for more or as Duncan calls, the lighting ‘ecosystem.’ than a decade. Also qualified on Airbus “Everything is around the subject of translatmodels, STG Aerospace lighting solutions ing the language of light into practical means are currently flying on over 10,000 aircraft, in which the airline can increase its revenues and passengers can be more comfortable,” with about 350 airlines worldwide. Over the last several years, STG Aero- he adds. Although primarily known for its leading space’s emergency lighting expertise has evolved into signage, where the company has portable hand-held AVOD devices, digEcor


CABIN LIGHTING has also become highly regarded for its Integrated Flight Experience portfolio of products, including its modular LED cabin lighting solution that integrates with the GLIDE embedded inflight entertainment system, or offered as a stand-alone product. The newest lighting development from digEcor houses the ability to take the company’s custom light color and intensity meter, which measures light in two axis — forward and above — presenting the ability to record sunsets, sunrises or any transition and reproduce it in the cabin by displaying the forward axis on the side walls and the z axis on the ceiling. “For example, a night flight from Siberia to Australia will start with a transition to the Siberian sunset and wake passengers up with a sunny Australian sunrise,” explains David Withers, CEO of digEcor. Withers has noticed a general move to multi-coloured LED cabin lighting, as well as LEDs in reading lights and other discrete lighting. “There is a recognition that colored

STG Aerospace’s liTeMood® cabin lighting

lighting can enhance the appearance of the cabin and the mood of the passenger, so you can expect to see more of it,” he says. This year marks the 20th year in-service of Lufthansa Technik’s (LHT) non-electric floor path marking system GuideU. Since the 1990s, LHT has been supplying non-electric floor path markings using photoluminescence. In 2010 a development program was launched at LHT that led to the latest “GuideU” Series,

digEcor’s modular cabin lighting solution integrates with the GLIDE embedded IFE system

a non-electric floor path marking system featuring a patented elastomeric photoluminescent layer and a very rugged one-piece design. The GuideU system entered the market in 2013. LHT developed the current system — which offers more colors — under the name GuideU 1000. The last development stage followed one year later and the result was GuideU ColorCurve — the first emergency exit route marking system that can be installed in almost any radii. Lighter than all previous systems, GuideU ColorCurve is also compatible with thin carpeting and can be installed using a simple tool.


72 Johnnycake Hill Road . Middletown, RI 02842 USA 1-888-575-AVID . .  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  23

SEATING The Series 7 seat from Acro Aircraft Seating is the company’s Premium Economy model


LYING DOWN While visitors to this year’s AIX Americas may have the opportunity to test the latest in Economy Class seat beds, the companies that make the products have no time to rest on their laurels by RICK LUNDSTROM


f the many companies exhibiting at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Americas Expo in Seattle, those involved in some aspect of aircraft seating vastly outnumber any other exhibitors and for sound reasons. Aircraft are rolling off the assembly lines at the world’s airframe producers at a steady clip as the year draws to a close. Inside the cabins are configurations and classes of service that have never been seen before and continue to evolve as airlines carefully select cabin interior materials and features. Through the entire process they also keep a close eye on the weight of the products onboard, knowing that each additional kilogram means additional fuel burn for the lifetime of the product. In the right hands, all of the costs, weight and specifications can be quantified and tracked. However, what is more difficult and, really much of the battle is what the product will do when it is placed in the cabin and put to the test by the airline’s passengers. Even developments such as the revolutionary Sky Couch by Air New Zealand are breeding similar efforts and finding customers at two of the companies that will set up stands in Seattle. In mid-October, U.K.-based seating manufacturer Acro Aircraft Seating had company officials in Hamburg overseeing the installation of seating on Spirit Airlines’ A320s. Acro was also in the midst of getting final paperwork that will place the company’s Marc Westcott permanently in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Spirit’s home city to oversee its new product support facility. Acro has had good fortune in the United States. Its first installation on Allegiant Air in Las Vegas was in the fall of 2013. Since then, it has picked up customers in Frontier Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines that has placed its products on airlines that fly from the


Rocky Mountains of Colorado, to the short hop flights from island to island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Each of the company’s customers stateside have a different approach that involves different aisle widths, middle-seat widths, recline and non-recline features. On the opposite end of the travel spectrum is the company’s work in Europe with airlines in the Thomas Cook group. Acro’s Ultra Recline has been installed on 10 A330-200s that are also equipped with the Rave inflight entertainment system from Zodiac Aerospace. Chris Brady, Acro Aircraft’s Managing Director, likes to think that his young company has moved into its late teenage years. Assembly lines have been moving briskly and in June of this year, reached a high-water mark of 3,640 seating units. “Acro’s business has be going seven, eight years now and we are growing and maturing, and building a customer base; and building our experience and deepening our engineering capabilities,” he tells PAX

Passengers can catch quick shuteye on the with the SkyNap designed for low-cost carrier and short haul routes

SEATING Aviointeriors’ contribution to the Economy Class bed trend

International. “And I think it is slowly being recognized by the OEM.” While Acro has been a line-fit item for Airbus, Brady said one of the company’s goals is to make a similar mark across the ocean at Boeing. While such a designation would be nice, Brady said the company’s main goal is to make a seating line with optimum comfort for any configuration. To do that, he said the Acro must make every effort to remove or modify any element that contributes to discomfort, even if it means adding some weight. “In careful, judicious measure we have added little bits of weight to our seats in order to make it comfortable,” he said. “Because the mission of a seat is not to pass a procurement test … but to make a passenger comfortable.” Everything the company has learned about passenger comfort will be found in one of the newest offerings by Acro will be shown in Seattle: The Series 7 is the company’s premium economy product which is “deep in development” and will be flying next year. The company will also be showing its Series 6 seat, which has been made lighter and will be available first starting next summer in fixed back and later in recline. Another major player specializing in the Economy Class seating, Geven will be exhibiting new products at this year’s AIX. The Italian company will be bringing its new Comoda AQ seat for Premium Economy Class to Seattle. Rodolfo Baldascino, the company’s Vice Marketing and Sales Manager tells PAX International the product is currently under development for a launch customer. To develop the AQ, Baldascino said the Geven engineered the AQ from the Comoda Business Class seat instead of improving on its economy class offering. The AQ comes in at approximately 19.5 inches in width. The company as added pocket space in the center console for personal devices and power outlets and included a retractable table for meals. Screens mounted in the AQ can be up to 13 inches. Geven has built up a strong customer base with orders coming from airlines in Italy, Hungary, Vietnam, Mexico and Latin America. South African Airways will be the launch customer for its newest product, the Piuma Sofa, the economy class seating product that can be made into a three seat bed, by removing the headrest and placing it in front of the bottom cushion and extending the seating area. “We are in talks with many airlines that are interested — of course

Geven modeled its Comoda AQ from the company’s Business Class line

flying long range — and the launch customer will be South African Airways on their A330s,” said Baldascino. Another Italian company, Aviointeriors, will be exhibiting in Seattle. In the spring of next year, Icelandair will be adding two new 767-300s to its fleet that will be equipped with the Avionteriors’ Andromeda seat in Business Class and the Columbus 3 in Economy Class. Ermanno De Vecchi Aviointeriors CEO said the installation for Icelandair would be line fitted at Boeing, and that gives the company the possibility to have additional business as the carrier expands its fleet. Aviointeriors is also extending its influence with a new partnership with FL Technic, which will represent its products in the Baltics and CIS regions. On the commercial side, Aviointeriors will soon be increasing capacity to meet demands. Aviointeriors is also developing two products for enhancing passenger comfort. One is an attachment called the Sky Nap that is added to the seatback of its Columbus 1 seat that allows a passenger to sleep facing forward while seated. De Vecchi said the Sky Nap could be part of an ancillary revenue program and rented to passengers. Aviointeriors has also developed an Economy Class bed called the Y-bed. De Vecchi said the cushion for the seat is a simple design and flight attendants need only to extend the seat bottom. If a passenger is traveling with a child, two seat cushions can pulled out while the parent remains seated. By extending the seat bottom surface of each seat on a triple seat arrangement, a row can be transformed into a couch to accommodate one or two people. A pivot attachment pushes forward the base of the seat while the rear half cushion is then folded backwards.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  25




Global Eagle Entertainment is investing heavily in the inflight connectivity sector, as the company’s Chief Technology Officer –Aditya Chatterjee shares with PAX International by MARY-JANE PITTILLA


ditya Chatterjee, Chief Technology Officer of leading connectivity provider Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE), is crystal-clear where he stands in the debate that’s been sparked over whether Ku-band or Ka-band satellite connectivity systems are the solution of choice for airlines. He has chosen Ku-band for the company’s broadband AIRConnect system, which recently became catalog offerable on new 737s. With inclusion in the catalog, airlines can now order new 737s with the option of including GEE’s Ku antenna and system in their aircraft prior to delivery. So why opt for Ku-band? “It’s global; it’s really worldwide technology,” Chatterjee explains. “There are more than 150 Kuband satellites around the world, compared to 20-plus Ka-band satellites. Over North America, which has some of the most satellite activity, there are around 40 Ku-band and 25 Ka-band satellites. Ku-band satellites have more capacity and new ones are being manufactured to replace the older counterparts.

Within a year, you’ll see Ku-band HTS (High Throughput Satellites), and more Ku capacity is coming up. Ku-band is also reliable, and it’s very strong technology and future proof for the next 15-20-plus years.” Chatterjee says that Ku-band’s future capacity will increase 20 or 30-fold, and manufacturers are committed to investing in the technology for years to come. GEE has signed a global partnership for satellite capacity with leading satellite operator SES. SES-12 is an HTS satellite from SES that GEE will utilize to deliver inflight connectivity to airlines over Asia. The SES-12 satellite is scheduled for launch in 2017. It is one of the next-generation high-powered, spot beam antennas that will help take inflight connectivity and entertainment to the next level. SES-12 is one of three HTS satellites that SES will launch in 2017 — in part, to meet the growing demand for inflight connectivity. Chatterjee describes line offerability of its AIRConnect system in the Boeing catalog as a “very efficient” and time-saving solution for airlines as they plan their future installations, but he believes linefit is just as important as a retrofit solution. Linefit connectivity is more expensive initially, but in the long run it is equal to or less expensive than retrofitting. He adds that one disadvantage is that linefit is a little bit heavier, with drag weight characteristics.

Having achieved Boeing catalog offerability — a multi-million dollar process that took several years — GEE is trying to go through a similar certification and qualification process for the Airbus catalog. Overall, Chatterjee acknowledges that the Boeing milestone opens up new opportunities for the company. The future objective is to modify GEE’s retrofit technology to be both linefit and retrofit compatible. GEE has 10 customers for its AIRConnect system, the biggest being Southwest Airlines, which has 550 aircraft connected. Overall, some 700 aircraft are connected to the system, and the company remains the largest 737 connectivity provider in the world. At time of writing, flydubai is installing the system, with more clients in the pipeline. Looking ahead, Chatterjee sees a bright future for inflight connectivity. “Connectivity is getting increasingly popular — it’s a given. The majority of both short- and longhaul flights will be connected. Demand will increase and the future-proof technology will be there.” As GEE introduces its new AIRConnect global connectivity antenna, Chatterjee has no doubt that the same level of connectivity we’ve come to experience in our living rooms will be replicated during our airplane journeys for years to come, thanks to the next-generation solutions he’s investing in now with his dedicated team at GEE.

Connectivity is getting increasingly popular — it’s a given. The majority of both short- and long-haul flights will be connected. Demand will increase and the future-proof technology will be there

– Aditya Chatterjee, Chief Technology Officer of Global Eagle Entertainment


MRO EUROPE SHOW REVIEW The AIP Acropolis bed on display

AIP refurbished the lavatory in the lavatories in the La Première cabin on Air France

MRO EUROPE PAX International correspondent Mary Jane Pittilla worked the stands at the October Aviation Week MRO Europe exhibition and conference in London that featured more than 400 suppliers from more than 80 countries. Here is a rundown of a few of the important players by MARY-JANE PITTILLA AIP

InFlight Entertainment Products

AIP designs, manufactures and maintains luxury aircraft interiors for InFlight Entertainment Products (IFE Products) specializes in manuthe airline, business jet and OEM markets. The business, which is part facturing products for the inflight entertainment and aircraft lighting of the Finaero group of France, has 110 staff across four sites worldwide. markets. It is an FAA/PMA-approved manufacturing company with AIP integrates complete interior systems, from the drawing board to a primary focus on developing new technologies that work within production and installation, supported by a high quality maintenance existing aircraft infrastructures. capability. The company manufactures complete washrooms, lavatories Its products are designed to be “plug and play” replacement for and bedrooms for VIP aircraft, as well as galleys, stowage, and parti- existing inflight entertainment equipment and lighting products. tions for all aircraft types. Core capabilities include the assembly of “This saves our customers time and money by minimizing the cost composite structures and mechanical systems (e.g. sliding doors), the of upgrading to newer inflight entertainment technologies,” said repair and refurbishment of cockpit seats and galleys, and the design Director of Sales Dan Olstinske. and production for reconfiguration projects. The company’s LED lighting can reduce lighting costs by up to The company is already EASA Part 21G and Part 145 certified, and 80% and are direct replacements for traditional filament bulbs. The Part 21J is pending, which will entitle it to design, certify and approve lights easily interface with both Boeing Bit/Byte and Airbus CID modifications and repairs satisfying regulatory requirements. multiplex systems and are certified for all commercial aircraft. Warm As well as being a specialist in the corporate and VIP market, AIP and pure white color temperature options are available. LED lights benefits from expertise in the general airline market, where it sees generate 50-70% less heat than traditional bulbs and have 10-50 times high growth potential. the usable life of traditional bulbs, depending on the part number. Recent projects include the manufacture of stowage for Air France’s In addition, the company offers LED tubes with PMA, which are new medium haul cabins, and the manufacture of partitions, PSU designed to replace old fluorescent tubes and are dimmable, with as well as the refurbishment of lavatories on-board the new 777 Air color available. No modification to the aircraft structure, wiring or France business and La Première cabins. controls is necessary. AIP signed a new joint venture in China, AIP-OPS, and exhibited for the first time in China at the Shanghai International Aircraft Lonseal Aviation Flooring Interior Exhibition in June 2015. In a further development, the firm California-based Lonseal makes resilient vinyl flooring and has been is setting up a new facility in Dubai, which will mainly focus on the supplying the aviation industry for more than 40 years. In addition to VIP market. its distinctive selection of embossed and smooth safety and designer products, Lonseal offers custom coloring and patterning, wider sheet widths, and a continually updated product stock to ensure fast shipEirtech Aviation ment. Lonseal’s clients include airlines, manufacturers and MRO firms, Eirtech Aviation is a connectivity support provider for operators who want to install connectivity solutions on their aircraft. Regula- and its products can be found in nearly every kind of commercial tory certification, testing, materials procurement and installation kit aircraft walkway, washroom, and galley. Lonseal also meets most major manufacturer material specifications and FAA safety standards. production can be provided in one convenient package. The flooring, which is also available in wood-grain finishes, is New services introduced in 2015 include a flexible, versatile, fixed cockpit mounting solution for tablets, which is designed to offer moisture- and slip-resistant, sound dampening and features flamepracticality and security. In addition, Eirtech has developed an in spread control surfaces. The company’s multi-layer technology protects seat USB power solution for retrofit onto existing seat types that is product color and pattern fidelity against the toughest traffic and is EASA and FAA approved, enabling passengers to charge their por- durable in every kind of environment. In 2016, Lonseal is expanding its range of lighter, more fuel-efficient table electronic device during their flight. Benefits of the lightweight system include cost-effectiveness, simple and fast installation and Featherweight Collection flooring, which features sturdy three-layer construction with excellent slip resistance, sound absorption and silent, fan-less operation. The solution can be installed on multiple dimensional stability properties. The Featherweight line is 30% aircraft types and multiple seat types and is suitable for single aisle lighter than standard non-textile flooring and incorporates both its and wide body aircraft.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  27

MRO EUROPE SHOW REVIEW GreenMedic formulation for improved anti-microbial properties and GreenAir specialty formulation for improved cabin air quality. The company notes that blues and greys are currently the most popular colors in the aviation flooring market, and it is also seeing a trend towards natural, lighter colors such as beige, which typically replicate the flooring traditionally found in an airline’s home country.

Lufthansa Technik

German powerhouse Lufthansa Technik shared its latest MRO news at the show. The company is undertaking Air Europa’s integrated component support for its future 787 fleet. The contract will start with the arrival of the first Dreamliner in March 2016. The long-term agreement covers airframe and engine-related component overhaul, engineering services as well pooling and Home Base Lease. Air Europa is Lufthansa Technik’s first 787 customer in Europe. In other news, OHS Aviation Services, the interior design specialist for business jets, and Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services (LBAS), a maintenance facility exclusively for Bombardier business jets, now offers more services from a single source. “We now want to expand our successful cooperation in the form of joint customer acquisition abroad and rely on combined refurbishment and maintenance product packages,” said Christoph Meyerrose, CEO of LBAS. For the customer, refurbishment services are attractively priced and optimally integrated into a forthcoming check. Even short-term requests are served.

Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins celebrated a new contract during the MRO Europe show. AJW Group has awarded the MRO specialist a five-year fixed price repair agreement to maintain Rockwell Collins’ equipment installed on AJW customers’ fleets. Aircraft covered include A320, 737, 747 and 767. “This agreement solidifies a long-standing relationship that we have with AJW through our services business, as well as our Intertrade subsidiary,” said Thierry Tosi, Rockwell Collins’ Vice President and General Manager, Service Solutions. “We’ll be working with AJW to provide predictable maintenance costs and around-the-clock repair services to hundreds of aircraft around the world.” Rockwell Collins’ global network of more than 80 locations provides MRO of avionics equipment for more than 6,000 commercial, business, corporate and military operations. Tosi told PAX International that the Asia Pacific region was the fastest-growing region for the company’s MRO operations.

SCI Cabin Interiors

SCI has extensive experience of the aviation industry in Sweden and abroad, supporting airline companies with various cabin interior PAX International advertising representative Kevin Greene (right) took to the air at the Lufthansa Technik stand


tasks for more than 50 years. Based at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, SCI offers a diverse range of services, including Part 145-approved MRO services in its workshop as well as cabin interior work on-wing, sales and sourcing of spares, stock management, and development and execution of interior maintenance programs. The familySCI Managing Director Sara Öberg owned company has collaborated with Scandinavian airline SAS for many years, and serves many commercial airlines and operators. In March 2015, the company installed a new carpet modification on Norwegian’s Boeing Dreamliner fleet, which involved replacing the existing flooring. Speaking to PAX International during the MRO Europe show, Managing Director Sara Öberg paid tribute to the “craftsmanship, experience and flexibility” of the staff who undertook the complex project. She emphasized that the company can perform work in shop and on-wing during night stop, turnaround, checks or other downtime, on various types of aircraft, such as A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, 737, 747, 757, 767, 787, Saab 340 and BAE ATP.

SR Technics

During the MRO show week, SR Technics announced two contract wins, having been awarded four more cabin modifications from SAS and a major refurbishment contract from Air Europa. The Swiss specialist will undertake four wide body cabin modifications for SAS. This follows SR Technics’ successful delivery to SAS of four out of seven wide body cabin interiors that it was already contracted to modify radically. The four new modification projects involve the replacement of A340 Business, Premium Economy, and Economy class seats, and renewal of the IFE and in-seat power systems. The new IFE system, which consists of the Zodiac Inflight Innovations’ RAVE solution in combination with Panasonic Avionics’ Global Communication Suite, will enable wireless communication throughout the cabin. Additionally, new galleys and stowage are to be installed along with mood light cabin-dim lights. SR Technics’ CEO Jeremy Remacha said: “Customer demand for technically complex cabin modifications is increasing. SR Technics secured a prominent foothold in this market because we focused and invested in a unique center of excellence to deliver such programs. This CoE has further developed our in-house skillset so that we can deliver the flexible cost efficient quality and turnkey solutions that customers such as SAS expect.” The order from Air Europa involves upgrading 12 of its Airbus A330 cabin interiors. Three A330 aircraft will be fitted with Stelia business class seats, along with Zodiac Inflight Innovations’ RAVE IFE solution and high-speed wireless connectivity capabilities. Additionally, these three A330s as well as nine further aircraft will be equipped with Panasonic Avionics’ Global Communication Suite.


INNOVATION ON WHEELS No longer merely a practical piece of cabin equipment, the airliner trolley is now viewed as an important part of the cabin’s overall ambiance and boasts great potential for earning ancillary revenue by MELISSA SILVA


f all the areas on an aircraft, the galley is not necessarily the first space a passenger may associate with having any effect — positive or negative — on his or her flight experience. The galley and its equipment may appear nondescript at first glance, but place an unpleasant looking trolley in front of a passenger and it can make a world of difference. Montreal-based Norduyn provides innovative inflight service products, specializing in engineering, certification and manufacturing. The company has become well known for its Crystal Cabin awardwinning quantum trolley family, composed of durable ultra-light weight trolleys made from high-end composite and plastic material. Norduyn is well aware of the ways in which galley equipment can have an impact on a passenger’s flight experience, both directly and indirectly. For example, passengers will notice galley equipment in poor technical and hygienic condition, resulting in a directly unpleasant experience. “On the other hand, the indirect passenger experience is driven through the level of satisfaction of the flight crew as a consequence of their experienced satisfaction with their equipment,” explains Thomas Köhler, Vice President of Business Development for Norduyn. Together with LSG Sky Chefs, Norduyn has designed the quantum trolley for a full replacement program for Lufthansa German Airlines’ intercontinental fleet. In addition, this past spring at the Aircraft

Korita’s new lightweight range of trolleys for 2015 feature lower weights — starting points of 17.3 kilograms for fullsize, and 11 kilograms for half-size trolleys

Flightweight’s SmartCart galley trolleys are constructed with an organic, sustainable, lightweight and temperature-resistant material called FibriRock

Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Norduyn launched the quantum FleX trolley — two configurations — and will soon add new components and accessories. “A new quantum bar service cart has been launched as well, and is flying with Lufthansa as we speak,” adds Köhler. In addition to the new ATLAS lightweight drawer, which interconnects to Norduyn’s quantum trolley, Norduyn is planning to present additional smart solutions, a patent pending four-point door slam latch and a doublerail device for top-loaded drawers or standard units for trolleys at next year’s AIX Expo in Hamburg.

First impressions

Irish company Onboard Logistics caters specifically to the airline and rail industry to effectively manage onboard waste and maximize galley space in order to generate ancillary revenue. Onboard Logistics strongly believes that a passenger’s first impression of an airline’s catering offering is revealed by its inflight equipment. “When passengers have to purchase food and beverage items, the appearance of the equipment can be the difference between buying and not buying,” says Nicky Beades, Managing Director of Onboard Logistics. While Beades says not all airlines seem to necessarily understand the significance of the appearance of galley equipment, weight savings is an area that is well understood, and an area in which trolleys can play a big part, thanks to the use of lighter materials. Back in 2003 Onboard Logistics introduced Flex-e-Bag and Flex-e-Clip, which were both well received. Equally successful was the company’s latest development, the Flex-e-Drawer, which was introduced to the industry at this year’s World Travel Catering Expo in Hamburg and is currently undergoing further development. Founded in 2013, Flightweight has grown to become recognized for setting new standards of innovation in weight reduction, security and sustainability in the area of cabin galley cart manufacturing, and is the only company globally that boasts a cart accredited by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Produced exclusively in Wales, Flightweight’s SmartCart galley trolleys are designed to help airlines reduce their carbon emissions and are constructed with a new organic material called FibriRock, which is sustainable (98% recyclable), lightweight (5 kilograms lighter than traditional alternatives) and temperature resistant.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  29

ASSOCIATION GALLEY EQUIPMENT NEWS “We have estimated that the application of SmartCart can reduce fuel consumption on a typical long-haul passenger aircraft to the value of £22,500 (US$34,807) per year,” says Malcom Mathieson, Managing Director of Flightweight. SmartCart features Airguard 2, the only fully patented and EASAcertified electronic lock and seal system. The system uses high-end RFID technology and is designed not only to secure products, but also to eliminate the need for traditional plastic seals and padlocks. Airguard 2 is designed to record all activity involving the seal — identifying the user, the time of use and date. In the event that an attempted forced entry is detected, Airguard 2 will record and display the event on the high-definition seal screen. “Our goal is to plug the gap,” says the representative. “SmartCart is a 21st century solution for a 21st century industry — challenging entrenched perceptions and providing a real and cost-effective solution.”

Happy crew, happy flight

Founded in 2006, Korita Aviation has become one of the leading full-range galley equipment manufacturers and is the first Chinese manufacturer to meet both the EASA and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety standards. For Korita, galley equipment is essential to the overall cabin experience, and should be handled as such by airlines. “All passengers pass the galley as they enter the aircraft, so it’s essential that it is seen as part of the cabin experience rather than just a bland area for practical use only,” says Jamie Melleney, Sales and Marketing Manager for Korita Aviation.

Melleney says ensuring the cabin crew have the right equipment is crucial for a positive passenger experience. “Lightweight trolleys enable crew to offer a quick and efficient service, which will be reflected in increasing the overall onboard experience,” he adds. Although the introduction of lightweight plastic trolleys over the last several years has garnered significant interest, Melleney says that airlines have started to question their long-term viability, especially when durability and lifespan are essential elements considered by airlines when making such a large investment. “In developing our new lightweight range of trolleys for 2015, we considered lower weights, Norduyn’s quantum trolley yet felt that at starting points of 17.3 kilograms for full-size, and 11 kilograms for half-size trolleys were optimal weights for traditional aluminum-built trolleys that would still offer safe and easy handling with the reliability and durability airlines require,” says Melleny.



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LAVATORY MAINTENANCE Crew from Sealed Air Diversey Care is often the first choice for lavatory maintenance


IN THE AIR Suppliers of lavatory cleaning and maintenance products delve into the science of cleaning and the importance of fragrances in shaping the passenger experience by RICK LUNDSTROM


igh load factors on flights short and long are a welcome feature for airlines, but they can also take a toll on the cabin environment, from delaying the process of boarding, through mid-flight and the inevitable grooming that needs to be done to prepare the aircraft for the next flight. Making the lavatories a clean and pleasant experience takes efforts throughout the flight, and airlines can look to suppliers in the industry, not only for products that clean, but also can create a consistently pleasant smelling space in an area that poses significant challenges. The cleanliness of the cabin environment will be discussed at the stands and in the presentations at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas in Seattle. Visitors will have the chance to view recent technological advancements such as the Germfalcon robot, equipped with ultraviolet “C” lights that the company says can disinfect all commonly touched surfaces, killing 99.99% of germs in the 20 minute pass for a 30-row aircraft. At this year’s Airline Passenger Experience Association, Rainer von Borstel, the CEO of Diehl Aerosystems, outlined aspects of the company’s Project DIANA, a vision for an energy-efficient cabin. One of the features of DIANA is a new lavatory module with a folding door in an all-new design and “touchless” functions. While both visions of aircraft interiors future hold promise and interest, airlines

are still faced with the day-to-day challenges that could at least in part help identify the that require solutions now. Part of the sci- airline with passengers, “who routinely ence of lavatory maintenance can be found find it difficult to distinguish between in a multi-page white paper by a company airline experiences.” Fragrances are used effectively in an called Freshorize USA that has developed a line of cleaning and maintenance products aircraft cabin in three general ways, said the white paper: Through a lavatory soap for the lavatory and for passengers. Cody Swain, Director of Business product attached to the surface with a Strategy and Growth at Freshorize was plastic, paper or foam ring; a standalone acquainting visitors to the company line air freshener mounted to the wall; or a of products at this year’s APEX Expo in pump spray product that can be used to Portland. Lately the company has won cover immediate odors. All are effective for different purposes, a steady customer recently in Delta Air Lines for its lavatory soap products as well yet the Freshorize paper states that airlines as Air Canada Jazz. Altogether, Freshorize can do a better job in sourcing the prodproducts are in use by approximately 50 ucts and find those that are less simplistic airlines. Freshorize has also developed a and one-noted in their scents, leaving the soap bottle in PET plastic that has screw restroom with a smell that is more sterile threads on both the bottom and the top, and clinical and not “brandable” as a true which posed a challenge due to the makeup fragrance can be. The company suggests a lavatory soap of the material, said Swain. PET plastic is product that can be dispensed through a also easily recyclable. Freshorize has also devoted consider- “pod diffuser” filled with pure fragrance able research into the science of fragrances oils that work through the duration of and their affect on the passengers. The the flight, leaving flight crew free for other results can be found in the aforementioned tasks. The standalone air freshener should white paper called The Growing Trend of have adjustable features, release complex Onboard Fragrance Branding and How it fragrance notes and be mountable in sevAffects the Future Customer Experience. Is eral methods. Finally, pump sprays should have few ingredients as possible and consist Your Airline Ready? Fragrances can have a lasting impact on of primarily water and fragrance oils. If airlines are choosing a branded frathe passenger experience because smell is capable of triggering vivid memories, said grance, Freshorize suggests a less-is-more the paper. Therefore Freshorize suggests approach. Among the branded products in airlines should effectively use fragrances the Freshorize portfolio are soaps by Malin  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  31

LAVATORY MAINTENANCE & Goetz and Kenet Dermatology. “The fragrance should be correctly subtle or strong in the appropriate cabin and lavatory areas. Customers should be able to perceive there is a fragrance in the cabin, but not be overwhelmed by it.” But the challenges do not stop once the airline has decided on a fragrance profile for the cabin. Freshorize in its white paper suggests an extensive period of testing. The company stresses that planners should carefully match the fragrance with the airline’s overall image. This could involve teams from the airline buying off-the-shelf fragrances for comparison. From there, decisions need to be made on the complexity of the fragrance, location for effective branding and lastly a name.

On the clean side

Celeste Industries has been a longtime supplier of cleaning products for the cabin and lavatory. The company has developed a color-coded selection of three products for regular use. First step is Celeste Industries’ Complete interior cleaner that leaves behind a protective barrier that resists the gradual buildup of cleaning materials on hard surfaces. The company’s Sani-Cide is a hospital grade disinfectant for areas where cross-contamination occurs and germs can spread. Finally the Biozyme EX3 is designed for long-term odor control and prevention of mold and mildew. Other products in the Celeste line designed for lavatories are the company’s Recirculation Cleaning Tool that circulates the company’s Sani-Vak G3 for removing scale in the pipe walls and Gly Vak bowl cleaner that can be used daily or every two weeks as a regular cleaning regime. Gene DeJackome, General Manager at Celeste Industries said airlines have been seeking advice of the company as a result of handling more passengers. “With the emphasis on increasing load factors to improve profitability, lavatory cleanliness and odors are a constant problem,” he said. Celeste customers can combat odors with the company’s JetScent soap concept. The product accomplishes both the needs of passengers for clean hands and improving the lavatory atmosphere. JetScent has with it a high-performance fragrance collar that lasts through the life of the soap and is replaced in a one-step change. The company also keeps a line of fragrance improvement methods and active air freshener sprays and fragrance discs. Celeste recently launched a two-in-one

surface cleaner and disinfectant called Sani-Cide EX3 that is designed to eliminate the need for multiple products. A version for the United States is planned for early next year. Another cleaning supply company touting its products at the International Flight Services Association trade show was Sealed Air Diversey Care . Airline catering companies such as LSG Sky Chefs, Gate Gourmet and others typically seek out Sealed Air Diversey Care for cleaning products in its kitchens. Sealed Air Diversey Care also has a complete line of products and special cleaning processes for the aircraft cabin. Sealed Air Diversey Care offers a selection of four applications in the lavatory together with a range of microfiber cloths and tools to support the cleaning process. The company’s Crew® non-acidic multisurface cleaner, disinfects and deodorizes. Another product in use in aircraft lavatories is Sealed Air Glance® glass cleaner. The PERdiem® all-purpose cleaner is concentrated and recommended for floors, bathrooms, glass and hard surfaces. Finally the Oxivir® Five 16 is a disinfectant designed to treat the hardest cases, including HIV-1, Hepatitis B and C, Salmonella and Avian Influenza. All the products are seeing increased use and demand throughout the cabin and throughout the flight, says Michael Osborne Key Account Director, Food Service – In Flight at Sealed Air. “There has been a huge push now for inflight (cleaning) and they are really putting a lot more effort and attention to cleaning the lavatories during the flights so throughout the flight they want to be able to walk in and sanitize,” he said.

Celeste Industries’ Sani-Cide is part of a color-coded treatment process designed for regular use

Olfactory Signals Six fragrance profiles and their affects on the human mind


Helps concentration and provides a calming state


Has calming properties and aids in controlling stress


Calms nerves and creates a feeling of euphoria


Aids in alertness and stimulation. Good for long-haul flights


A stimulate that invigorates a person’s mood


Good for thought and concentration


Source: Freshorize


FROTH AND CIRCUMSTANCE With today’s coffee culture turning average coffee drinkers into caffeine connoisseurs, airlines are challenged to deliver a quality coffee experience on board and suppliers are armed and ready with full-bodied solutions by MELISSA SILVA


njoying a cup of coffee today is not as simple as it used to be. Though the multiple choices that exist in any given coffee shop can be overwhelming to some, these very choices — and the option to walk away with a highly customized hot beverage — have made the coffee service onboard pale in comparison. As a result, airlines are faced with the challenge of giving passengers more choice when ordering their ‘Cup of Joe’ in the air. “Coffee trends today are clearly oriented towards the opportunity to choose their coffee drink,” says Marco Piscopia, Electronic Engineer for Aviation Business Consultants International (ABC International). “Many consumers will not settle for a simple cup of coffee.” This evolution in taste was part of the reason behind the company’s decision to develop its Trolley Espresso Maker earlier this year, which allows airlines to serve freshly brewed espresso coffee on board, either complimentary or as part of an inflight meal service. The Trolley Espresso Maker is equipped with a well-integrated, lightweight and low-power consumption coffee machine entirely developed by ABC International’s team of engineers. Modified in such a way as to be eligible for inflight operation, the Trolley Espresso Maker is independent of the aircraft systems, as it is powered by stand-alone battery and uses the water contained in a detachable reservoir. The coffee machine is installed on a modified cabin crew trolley. The modification consists of the removal of four drawers and the installation of a new mechanical easy rotating system designed to move the coffee machine in a 90-degree rotation, from closed to open position with only one hand. At the moment, ABC International is finalizing the third revision of the Trolley Espresso Maker, which it hopes will be in production by next year. The revised model will include new features and an upgraded system designed to offer an even wider variety of functions for passenger service.

Elevated taste

According to Virginie Claudia Iorio, Media Relations, Communication and Business Promotion Manager for ABC International, the main factor involved in the decision to develop and now revise the Trolley Espresso Maker, was the absence of high quality coffee onboard. “Passengers who fly in Economy Class are not given the chance to enjoy a real espresso on board,” explains Iorio. “In Italy, a cup of coffee stands for espresso and we personally believe that passengers have been deceived by the coffee currently served on

Trolley Espresso Maker earlier this year, which allows airlines to serve freshly brewed espresso coffee on board, either complimentary or as part of an inflight meal service

board. We feel that airlines need to serve high quality espresso coffee and offer other choices, such as cappuccino, or caffé lungo.” Quality coffee aside, the Trolley Espresso Maker is also a tool for airlines to increase ancillary revenue, specifically for charter and low-cost airlines. For major carriers, the trolley can be used to serve complementary coffee to passengers traveling in First, Business and Premium Economy classes and it can be sold to passengers in Economy Class. In addition, ABC International’s coffee and drink catalog provides airlines with an opportunity to personalize their menu and select hot drinks that are more suitable for their passengers. Illy, leading brand in the premium espresso coffee industry, is globally renowned for its roasting and single blend of espresso  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  33

ASSOCIATION ONBOARD COFFEE NEWSSERVICE coffee. Having introduced the modern espresso machine and the pressurized packaging method to maintain the quality of espresso, Illy is regarded as the pioneer of innovation in the coffee industry. Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA), shares a common goal with Illy, that being to provide the best quality coffee and service. This shared interest led to a partnership between the Italian coffee connoisseur and the airline, which is now serving its First Class passengers Illy’s premium coffee. From 2013 until this past May, ANA served its original “Blue Marble” coffee in its Business Class, which is Rainforest Alliance certified. “ANA has been promoting various measures to operate in harmony with the communities and environment and we will continue to pursue high quality, eco-friendly coffee beans when we renew our coffee selection moving forward,” says Willa To, Supervisor, Product and Services Strategy, ANA. To says passengers today have higher expectations and demands when it comes to coffee and the style in which it is served. “Instant coffee is certainly not enough or up to standard, especially in First and Business Class,” she says. “The current trend is not to serve just coffee, but also espresso, latte and cappuccino. I foresee airlines will focus more on serving high quality coffee made with quality beans, water — even ensuring the temperature is correct, and focus on the way it is served since enjoying coffee has become a lifestyle around the world.”

A fresh approach

Founded in 1919, FreshBrew Specialty Coffee Roasters is based in Houston, where it has an 110,000 square-foot roasting plant, a 42,000

Convenient on-the-go snack packs Made with high quality non-GMO ingredients Call to find out more about our new products N NOM O G

Partners, A Tasteful Choice Company • 800-632-7477 • 34  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2015

ANA’s “Blue Marble” coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified and served to Business Class passengers

square-foot manufacturing area with 400 to 500 pound per batch roasters and production capability of more than 50,000,000 pounds of coffee per year. A member of the International Flight Association (IFSA) and Speciality Coffee Association (SCAA) among other organizations, FreshBrew is the largest private label coffee roaster to the airline industry, supplying more coffee to airlines than any other provider, and is only one of a handful of roasters in the U.S. that is Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified. Currently flying on United Airlines and American Airlines, FreshBrew has inflight cabin brewers in its lab to ensure that what is tested in the lab is the same coffee that will be served inflight. “Our engineers have been on the tarmac testing and evaluating coffee, and water, and our brewers have been on board short, medium, and long-haul engines to guarantee complete customer satisfaction,” says Fenton Allen, COO of FreshBrew. With a conscious effort to better the environment, FreshBrew offers both FairTrade coffee and shade-grown coffee to its clients. In addition, FreshBrew is an active participant in reducing its carbon footprint thanks to the energy saving protocols practiced in its facility, which sees the use of LED lighting, an active re-cycling program, and regeneration processes to reduce air pollutants. “We also offer clients bio-degradable packaging and recyclable coffee cups,” adds Allen. “We recognize that the final decision sits with the client, so we provide the choice to select FairTrade, organic, shade-grown or conventional coffee.” When it comes to what airlines are really looking for today, product availability, consistency, and superior taste top the list, according to Dennis Highfill, Vice President of Sales for FreshBrew. “Our service is second to none,” says Allen. “Working directly with flight crews, we’ve set up seminars at various hubs to provide training on proper brewing methods and we receive service reports from the airlines and respond to issues that the flight attendants face.”


Jared Shoemaker of BAE systems at the company’s stand at APEX


A fast-paced week in the Pacific Northwest saw a series of important announcements and developments at the APEX/IFSA Expo that could see an industry with new capabilities and product offering by RICK LUNDSTROM


our days of discussions, networking and news in the fastmoving world of inflight entertainment and connectivity concluded under the sunny skies and mild temperatures as the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) and the International Flight Services Association (IFSA) held their the co-events September 28-October 1 in the Rose City of Portland. It was a week when APEX first introduced its new CEO, Joe Leader to the industry. While on the IFSA side, President Pam Suder-Smith of Pourshins ended her term, passing the group’s leadership responsibilities to Jane Bernier-Tran of United Airlines. While the new leaders began a busy schedule talking with members and acquainting themselves with the task ahead, the trade show floor buzzed with news and technological advancements that will set the pace for change, particularly in the world of inflight entertainment, which is riding a wave of interest tied closely to technological advancements in consumer electronics and Hollywood. Preliminary attendance figures for the APEX side of the co-event were announced the opening day. According to APEX, 2,750 people had registered for the September 28 to October 1 event. Among the people attending were 207 exhibitors and representatives from 51 airlines.

Streaming the early window

While some important details remained under wraps for the near term, one company announced during the week an important breakthrough for passengers who stream entertainment content into personal electronic devices while on board the aircraft. BAE Systems’ announced during APEX that its IntelliCabin® wireless IFE became the first product of its type in the industry to get approval from a major Hollywood studio to stream the important early-window content for viewing into a passenger’s smart phone or tablet. “It was a very long process,” Jared Shoemaker, Director of Cabin Systems at BAE Systems tells PAX International. The company first submitted a white paper to the studio, that outlined the process of keeping copyrights safe every step of the way. One of the ways Shoemaker said that content would remain safe is the streaming process, which occurs outside the passenger’s device from a server installed on the aircraft, with none of the contents ever cached within the passenger’s device. BAE worked with its partner Global Eagle Entertainment, which makes the WISE software program for BAE operations. BAE was not naming the major studio that agreed to allow the content to be streamed into PED’s. The company said the early window content available through IntelliCabin® will be movies that are not yet out on DVD release. BAE Systems launched the IntelliCabin® system in April of this

year on Vistara, the Singapore Airlines – Tata Sons, Ltd. joint venture in India. Vistara, operates a fleet of eight A320s with more aircraft on order. For Vistara the wireless IFE solution has been streaming preloaded content to passengers’ PED’s in premium and economy cabins, and includes fully integrated Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets for businessclass travelers. Interest by the industry will be gauged and evaluated in the weeks to come following the announcement. However Shoemaker and the BAE Systems group generated much of the buzz around the trade show floor. “We are excited to be on the leading edge of this,” he said.

A sweet announcement from Lumexis

Irvine, California–based Lumexis picked up a new customer in Trinidad and Tobago-based Air Caribbean; and its Fiber-to-the-Screen (FTTS) inflight entertainment system will, in the future carry new capabilities through the leading edge Android operating system, called Lollipop. Lumexis was first out of the block in the Monday morning September 29 with announcements and press briefings. Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop’s technical name) will also give Lumexis further capabilities for managing content. One example is the latest Google Widevine digital rights management and video optimization platform that can be used for content protection that is approved by major motion picture studios. One of the first recipients of the new technology will be Caribbean Airlines, which will install the FTTS on its fleet of 737s. In addition to the new operating system, the airline will be the first Lumexis customer for its FTTS Second Screen, ™ which enables passengers to use their own tablets and smartphones at their seat without interrupting the entertainment running in the FTTS HD monitors.

Alicia Cabrera, Senior Marketing Manager at Caribbean Airlines with Jon Norris, Vice President of Sales at Lumexis announce the recent agreement to outfit the airline with the company FTTS IFE system  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  35

IFSA/APEX COVERAGE An app for Krisworld

IFE and consumer electronics giant Panasonic had three announcements at APEX, among them the launch of a companion mobile app that it is developing for Singapore Airlines that will enhance the airline’s Krisworld IFE. Using the software development kits and API’s available through Panasonic’s Open Platform IFE strategy, SIA’s companion app will offer passengers a Krisworld experience both on and off the aircraft. Before their flight, passengers can enter flight details and review the upcoming entertainment choices for their trip. They can watch movie trailers, read reviews and synopses, and queue movies, TV shows, and other media for viewing on their flight. They can also read the in-flight magazine, learn about aircraft, and access destination information. Once onboard, passengers synchronize their mobile device to their seat and call up their queue of preferred entertainment or review the entire onboard media library. The app also lets passengers control their entertainment experience on the their own personal electronic device. The companion app also has the capability for a second screen for passengers, to review the entire in-flight entertainment library, read a digital inflight magazine, or watch the moving map, without interrupting the movie. Other Panasonic Avionics announcements are for products used by cockpit and cabin crew. AirAsia will equip its aircraft with Panasonic’s FlightLink® aircraft tracking and flight deck communications system. The company will also will be providing its new AirMap suite of products for Aeronautical Operation Control (AOC) fleet communications, management, and aircraft tracking. FlightLink will be initially installed on 90 A320s. Peninsula Airways (PenAir), a regional airline in Alaska and the Northeast U.S., has also selected FlightLink® for 18 SAAB SF340 and three SAAB 2000 aircraft.

Gogo adds customer, wins award

Gogo the broadband connectivity provider took home and Avion Award for its 2Ku technology this week. Joining Aeromexico and Virgin America, is Japan Transocean Air that has selected the 2Ku technology. Gogo is currently testing the system on a 737 with streaming videos on multiple devices to gauge loading capability for 2Ku. Gogo also announced a partnership with Ultramain Systems, a developer of airline operational software. “The robust connectivity services we provide will enable Ultramain’s advanced applications to be connected in real-time, which will give airline personnel the ability to assess aircraft maintenance issues as soon as they are detected,” said a release from Gogo. Ultramain Systems develops aircraft maintenance applications. The applications that can now be connected using Gogo broadband connectivity include Ultrmain’s efbTechLogs, which allows flight crews to transmit accurate data about problems on the aircraft; eReporting, an integrated flight crew reporting software that replaces paper Air Safety Reports; and eCabin, which provides information such as special needs for passengers.

News from space

As always, APEX events are the venue of choice for the announcing the ongoing developments taking place in the satellite communications sector. One of the most high profile took place in an unveiling ceremony, where Astronics AeroSat and Armstrong Aerospace pulled back a covering to show its new connectivity components in the form of the AeroShield low-drag radome and composite adapter plate. 36  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2015

The two companies produced the radome to meet airline demands for a streamlined antenna and simplicity in installation and operations. The composite plate fulfills the latter, while reducing weight by 78%, says Astronics. In another part of the hall, ViaSat was touting its new agreement with Boeing, which will start and evaluation process for airlines to specify installation of Carlsbad, California as a line-fit option. ViaSat’s Ka-band airborne satellite terminal will be evaluated as a factory option avoiding costly down times and taking aircraft out for post-production retrofits. Also during the week ViaSat passed on word of its first FAA Supplemental Type Certificate for its in-cabin distribution system. It is the first of two significant STCs ViaSat is seeking obtain with respect to in-flight entertainment and connectivity, with the second STC expected in the first quarter of 2016 for its hybrid Ku/Ka-band antenna system. ViaSat also announced one of its customers, San Francisco-based Virgin America will begin offering passenger who are new and existing member of the Netflix Internet television network the option to view its catalog of movies and television aboard its fleet of ViaSat equipped aircraft, which is currently 10 A320s. In addition to offering free streaming through its new ViaSat WiFi network, as of next month, Virgin America will also offer the popular House of Cards seasons 1-3 for free on the airline’s recently upgraded Red® touch-screen seatback in-flight entertainment platform.

EKFC chef wins yearly IFSA competition For the second consecutive year, Emirates Flight Catering flew in one of its staff to snatch up the top award in the International Flight Services Association’s yearly Chef’s Competition. Ajay Rana wowed the judges from a field of four entries. This year, the chefs were to create business class meals using five main ingredients: lamb, scallops, beer, Japanese chillis and Brussels sprouts. Chef Ajay created an appetizer of lamb with mustard sauce with couscous and sautéed baby carrots. For the entrée the Chef pan seared the scallops with a mint sauce with beer and cheese and sautéed the Brussels sprouts with bell pepper. Competing alongside Chef Ajay were David Gottlieb of Amtrak, Leyla Wheelhouse - DFS, Inc. and Matthew Farrell - Gate Gourmet. The yearly event, held on the IFSA Trade Floor is hosted and organized by Gate Gourmet Executive Chef Bob Rosar. Last year, Emirates Flight Catering Chef Haiko-Michael Schafer Ajay Rana of Emirates Flight Catering claimed top honors in was the winning chef in this year’s IFSA Chefs Competition the Chef’s Competition.

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HOT! Easy Open air sickness bag

Company Name: Global Inflight Products (GIP) Company Location: Redmond, Washington Description:, GIP has redesigned an onboard essential: the air sickness bag. Chairman and President, Zine A. Badissy, recently invented the Easy Open Air Sickness bag, a revolutionary product that enables passengers to easily hold the bag firmly by using the clever fold-over handles, keeping passengers’ hands clean and the mess contained inside the bag. Visit Global Inflight Products at AIX Americas, booth #505

Series 6 Economy Class seat Company Name: Acro Aircraft Seating Ltd.

Company Location: Crawley, West Sussex Description: Acro Aircraft Seating Ltd. is pleased to introduce the new Series 6, a completely redesigned fixed-back new generation Economy Class seat. The key innovation is the elimination of the standard aluminium tube frame, which has been replaced with a fully composite construction. The result is increased passenger comfort, greater durability and ultimately, a lighter weight seat. The Series 6 has been designed together with Factory Design, a London-based product design consultancy. Visit Acro Aircraft Seating at AIX Americas, booth #509

Free for All Kitchen® Gluten-Free Brownie Thins Company Name: Partners Crackers Company Location: Kent, Washington Description: Partners Crackers is pleased to introduce Free for All Kitchen® products, which are gluten-free, certified Kosher, and made with high quality non-GMO ingredients. Free for All Kitchen®’s Double Chocolate Brownie Thins are made with quality Dutch cocoa, cassava flour and a blend of five ancient grains, which make for a crispy, crunchy delectable treat. The Double Chocolate Brownie Thins are available in 1 oz bags, 60 bags per case.

AE-222 headset

Linstol PE-95 Earbud

Company Name: Linstol Company Location: Naples, Florida Description: Linstol’s new PE-95 Earbud is designed to be the new standard in premium earbuds for the airline industry. The PE-95 features a comfortable, ergonomic angled shape that fits snugly within the ear and provides exceptional sound quality and passive voice isolation. Customization for both earbud and matching case is available at a competitive price point. 38  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2015

Company Name: AVID Airline Products Company Location: Middletown, Rhode Island Description: AVID is proud to introduce the AE-222 headset, an innovative reusable headset for Economy Class. AVID designed the AE-222 headset from scratch to be fully reusable and ergonomically optimized. The headband’s unique shape, combined with the tilted ear cup, its scalloped design and ball mount, ensure an easy hold and full adhesion to the head. The result is minimal sound leakage and optimal noise reduction, without any pressure for total comfort, even on long-haul flights. the AE-222 headset is available in six versions, two speaker magnet materials (ferrite or eodymium) and three ear pad materials (foam, vinyl, or leatherette). The ear pads are easy to replace for multiple use.


Turkish Airlines Kids’ Kit

Company Name: FORMIA Company Location: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok Description: A modern-day amenity kit for children, the kid’s kit designed by FORMIA for Turkish Airlines provides fun and entertainment onboard and post-flight. Doubling as a bike bag (it can be attached with Velcro to the handle bar of a bike), it has a rubber enforced hole on the side through which the included headset can be connected to the child’s iPod/ iPhone, which can be placed in protected compartment inside the bag. In addition to the headset, other comfort items are included in the kit.

Bose QC-25 active noise cancellation headphones

Company Name: Bose Company Location: Framingham, Massachusetts Description: Bose is pleased to introduce the “QuietComfort® 25 headphones. Engineered to have better sound, comfort and be easier to travel with, wearers will find music to be deeper, more powerful and balanced, yet quiet — even engine noise disappears — so that every note sounds clearer.

Professional wash-up systems for Inflight Catering

Fly on the wings of perfection in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and safety.

Cleaned for take-off

Security and safety are the most important values an airline can offer today. A great number of checks are required before the captain and cabin crew of an aircraft are finally able to welcome the first passenger on board. This includes, making certain that travellers will receive a clean and hygienic service. With our warewashing systems for Inflight catering, we at MEIKO stand for a clean and perfect start. Whether you are city-hopping or launching for a long haul flight, MEIKO’s professional warewashing systems are guaranteed to reach the recommended level in purity, hygiene and cleanliness without comprise. This is the reason why you can find our technology everywhere around the globe where reliability, safety and efficiency count – from small business airports to large international traffic hubs. Discover the versatility of our tailor-made warewashing systems. Find out what we at MEIKO call the clean solution.



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Emirates dominates APEX Awards Emirates Airline claimed seven awards, among them the coveted Best Overall Passenger Experience honor during the APEX Awards ceremony September 28 at the start of the APEX/IFSA Expo in Portland. During the evening, hosed by BBC Presenter Rajan Datar, APEX also recognized contributions by industry figures for Lifetime Achievement, and Outstanding Contributions. Also, two Avion Awards were given for Best Achievements in Technology, and Best Achievement in Passenger Experience. Each year, APEX works with the AC Nielsen rating service to survey passengers in airlines around the world on their preferences and likes. Just before the awards ceremony, a panel of judges assessed the offerings for Technology and Passenger Experience to pick two Avion Award winners, which are named after the group’s previous awards program. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award went to Rick Warren, whose experience dates back to early days in the IFE industry with Sony Trans Com. In a series of heartfelt tributes, APEX President Alfy Veretto and others talked about Warren’s achievements and contributions to both the WAEA, the forerunner of APEX and his professional career. Warren founded Post Modern Edit in 1998. Global Eagle Entertainment acquired the company and Warren served as Vice President of Content. He left the company in March of this year. The two winners of the Outstanding Contribution Awards were Steve Harvey of Global Eagle Entertainment, and Mary Kirby of Runway Girl Network. Harvey is the founder of Inflight Productions (IFP) with his business partner Doug Moffitt. The company grew to become the largest privately owned provider of inflight entertainment and was later sold to Advanced Medien. He later joined PME, which was acquired by Global Eagle. He is now senior account director responsible for Emirates. Kirby has more than 17 years experience as a journalist and editor. She began covering the industry with Flightglobal in 1999, and later became Senior Editor at the publication’s weekly magazine, Flight International. Years at Sony Trans Com and Post She wrote the well-read Modern Edit earned Rick Warren the gratitude of the industry and this year’s Runway Girl blog and, in APEX Lifetime Achievement Award

2013 launched the Runway Girl Network. Winner of the Best Achievement in Technology Award went to Gogo for its 2Ku technology that promises Internet peak speed of 70Mbps. The system is currently in testing, with hardware is installed on two airlines, Aeromexico and Virgin Atlantic. The 2Ku system features a streamlined, dual antenna technology and spot-beam satellites, with enhance spectral efficiency that will decrease costs. The winner of the Outstanding Passenger Experience Award is the Cockpit high-technology innovation hub of El Al Israel Airlines. Cockpit is a digital travel aviation hub for entrepreneurs. Through the hub, startup companies can gain access and funding by developing technologies for El Al and its partners. Winners were picked by category and region. The following are winners of APEX Awards: Best Overall Passenger Experience Emirates Best Ground Experience Emirates John White Award: Best Inflight Publication Norwegian Best Cabin Ambience Emirates Best IFE User Interface Emirates Best Inflight Video Virgin America Best Inflight Connectivity and Communications Emirates Best Food and Beverage In Conjunction with the International Flight Services Association Emirates Best in Region: Africa Ethiopian Airlines Best in Region: Americas Virgin America Best in Region: Asia and Australasia Korean Air Best in Region: Europe Norwegian Best in Region: Middle East Emirates

C A L E N D A R 2015 Aircraft Interiors Expo and World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo Americas November 4-5, Seattle. For more information contact Customer Service or call 203-840-5680 SIAL Middle East Trade Show and Networking Forum and Airline Catering Event, December 7-9, Abu Dhabi. For more information, contact SIAL Middle East FZ LL at or call +971 (0) 2 401 2949

2016 Aircraft Interiors Middle East and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, February 3-4, Dubai World Trade Centre. For more information, contact F&E Aerospace Dubai Tel: +971 (0) 4 603 3300 or fill out enquiry form at http:// Aircraft Interiors Expo/World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo April 5-7, Hamburg, Germany. For general inquiries contact AIX at or call +44 208 271 2174 Marine Hotel Association 31st Anniversary Conference and Trade Show, April 10-12 Hyatt Place/Orlando Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. For more information, contact MHA at or call 415 332-1903 APEX MultiMedia Market, April 13-15 Istanbul. For more information contact APEX at or call 212 297–2177

Emirates officials took the stage in Portland to receive the award for Best Overall Passenger Experience presented by APEX CEO Joe Leader (center)


International Flight Services Association Conference and Exhibition, September 19-21, Chicago. IFSA at or call 404 252-3663 APEX EXPO 2016/Future Travel Experience Asia, October 24-27, Singapore. For more information, APEX at or call 212 297–2177

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