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N E W S A N D A N A LY S I S F O R T H E I F E C & I N T E R I O R S E X E C U T I V E



PriestmanGoode sweats the details Apple Pay on JetBlue Airways








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f a traveler on the move is a happy traveler, Hawaiian Airlines has the happiest travelers in the United States. In February, the International Air Transport Association announced the airline had gained “Platinum Status” in Fast Travel implementation, a program by the Association that awards airlines that make the travel experience more seamless and save time. Part of the way the airline saves time is through “self-service initiatives” like self or automatic check-in. IATA cites research that shows more than 75% of travelers would prefer to check in online or automatically. Other goals in the Fast Travel program are for passengers to have the ability to tag baggage and delver it to an airline representative. Self-service document scanning and flight rebooking are also encouraged. The initiative also goes as far as to allow passengers to scan their own boarding pass at the gate and report missing baggage via a self service channel instead of waiting in line at a baggage claim service counter. Hawaiian Airlines offered four or more of those options, making it the first airline in the United States to earn the distinction. While seasoned travelers like those who attend events like the Aircraft Interiors Expo might be happy to have as many Fast Travel initiatives as possible in an airline’s operations, what about the large number of people who may take only one or two flights a year? Or people (lets face it, we all are at times) who are baffled and intimidated by technology? I read in the New York Times about a writer who said he moved through the airport experience in a state of anxiety. What would being presented with more options do for someone like him? Perhaps as technology continues to more closely match the devices that people use in their homes, we will see less of the low-level panic that the Times writer mentions. A passenger at ease is a welcome outcome — for his or her own benefit, and for the airline and airport. Relaxed passengers may be at ease enough to make a decision to purchase an inflight meal or spend money in an airport shop as a way to enjoy the trip. Regulatory restrictions stand in the way of many of these Fast Travel initiatives, says IATA. It will be a while before passengers can print out bag tags at home in most of the world. But as time passes, it will be possible. Let’s hope most of us will be ready for it. Rick Lundstrom Editor-in-Chief, PAX International

The January/February issue of PAX International, Page 11, incorrectly stated the type of flydubai aircraft that would be line-fitted with the Lumexis inflight entertainment system. The aircraft is a 737. PAX International apologizes for the mistake and any confusion it may have caused. 4  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2015

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With expanded options for travel catering and inflight entertainment, the Aircraft Interiors Expo leaves out little for visitors seeking insight into the travel Experience



While low-cost carriers come in all shapes and sizes, Norwegian Air Shuttle is taking the concept in a new direction with the latest in long-haul aircraft, inflight features and service, coupled hopes to expand in the United States


The airline has decked out its new cabin look with a soothing combination of colors and features, while IFE and connectivity keep passengers occupied



Since founding in 1993, Regent Aerospace has built its worldwide reputation with its focus on providing the world’s airlines, leasing companies and MRO’s with the highest quality airline cabin interior repair and refurbishment. Now, the company is proud to announce three new locations including its new Dallas location



This spring saw the big players in inflight entertainment and connectivity making strategic purchases and staking out territory in the sky and on the ground



VOL. 19, NO. 3




UK-based design agency PriestmanGoode explains how much high-level detail is required to achieve today’s airline cabin interiors


Visitors to this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo will be seeing the first versions of some airline trolleys, with released timed to both the market and the event


With the help of two partners, JetBlue Airways became an early adopter, launching Apple Pay inflight early this year



This year’s Aircraft Interiors Middle East and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul event brought together airlines and suppliers in an aviation hub anxious to expand its support infrastructure



As more and more airlines become focused on deploying bring-your-own-device solutions throughout their fleets, tray table manufacturers are developing innovative offerings to answer the rising demand


51 UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL A look at a few of the companies exhibiting at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo



Although well known for its decorative crests, Aviation Business Consultants are presenting airlines with various innovative offerings, designed to elevate the look of the cabin and increase revenue in the process

A380 Lounge on Qatar Airways

Photo courtesy PriestmanGoode



LSG Sky Chefs CEO Erdmann Rauer takes the helm of the company at time when technology and growth are combining to create what he sees as a fast moving wave that must be ridden and harnessed



The skies are filling with passengers as spring heads into summer, and with airlines’ fortunes continuing to improve, seating manufacturers are increasing expectations with every aircraft that rolls out of the hangars



Emirates Executive is offering its private jet clients a luxuriously appointed A319 with a highly customizable interior space














Global Eagle and Air China Launch Live Television Test Flight

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. successfully partnered with Air China using the company’s Ku-band connectivity system for a Xinhua News Agency’s inflight newscast in early March. The Xinhua News Agency broadcasts live television between the National People Congress/Chinese People›s Political Consultative Conferences (NPC/CPPCC) and Air China’s inflight connectivityequipped 777 aircraft. The satellite connection successfully managed the transmission on the ground and in the air, including a live television crew that was filming onboard the aircraft. In addition to watching the live broadcast of the NPC/CPPCC Conferences, passengers were able to use the inflight connectivity solution. “This is an historic event for both Air China and inflight connectivity in the region,” commented Walé Adepoju, Chief Commercial Officer of GEE. “We’re thrilled to have supported China›s national carrier and China›s national news agency with our broadband connectivity system to enable the live broadcast of the NPC/CPPCC Conferences. This flight highlights the power and breadth of GEE’s connectivity system and we›re excited to continue working closely with Air China on its IFE&C solution.”

FORMIA SUPPLIES AMENITIES FOR CATHAY PACIFIC AND SWISS FORMIA in March announced new amenity bag customers in SWISS International Air Lines and Cathay Pacific Airways. FORMIA is supplying SWISS with a range of “Winter Collection” kits that reflects the heritage, alpine terrain and winter sports. The winter comfort items include “wearables” - a beanie-style hat and a neck warmer, both offered on flights into Switzerland. On flights from Switzerland, the “carriables” are offered in felt bags that include a case, made from recycled pet bottles. All of the items contain a variety of comfort items such as lip balm, anti-slide socks, terry-cotton eyeshades, earplugs, branded dental products, and Ricola throat lozenges. “We wanted to bring something very new and different to the onboard amenity offering, and our new seasonal collection enables this beautifully. Our goal was to create more unique - yet recognizably Swiss products for the winter which are sustainable and that provide a second use after the flight,” said Sarah Klatt-Walsh, Director Inflight Products and Services at SWISS. “FORMIA did a great job in developing this concept with us. We are delighted with the innovative products and confident that they will prove popular with our customers.” It is the first time that FORMIA has worked with Cathay Pacific Airways. It supplied a range of bespoke pouches that are offered in a range of colors for passengers to collect and use in a variety of post-flight applications. FORMIA worked with Seventy Eight Percent, the Asian brand of bags and fashion accessories, to design and create the stylish, durable canvas wrap pouches. “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Cathay Pacific and to add this great, international carrier to the growing list of airlines we serve,” said Roland Grohmann, Managing Director of FORMIA. Cathay Pacific’s new in-flight offerings were designed in a range of colors available and the quality materials used, allowing long-term, post flight use. “Collaborating with Cathay Pacific and FORMIA, two companies that are at the forefront of their industries, has been a great experience,” said Shai Levy, Seventy Eight Percent Founder and CEO. “I cannot think of a better place for our products than the Business Class of the world’s best airline.”

An addition to cut the winter chill on SWISS International Airlines


The Asian fashion house Seventy Eight Percent designed the amenity bag for Cathay Pacific

Reliability. On-demand.

PAVES™ On-demand from Rockwell Collins is the industry’s most reliable

Smooth user experience

and versatile in-flight entertainment system. With all content cached at the

Designed for single aisle

seat, single-point system failures are eliminated. A flexible design offers an overhead broadcast solution, a full on-demand in-seat entertainment solution or any configuration in between. And easy upgradability provides system owners with cost-effective options. Enjoy the performance. Visit us during Aircraft Interiors Expo, IFE Zone, Hall B4, Stand 4C10. © 2015 Rockwell Collins. All rights reserved.

Easily upgradable True high definition

NEWS STG’s liTeMood® on Copa Airlines STG Aerospace recently announced that Copa Airlines has become the latest airline to install its liTeMood® retrofit LED lighting system representing the first airline in Latin America to complete a 737-800 liTeMood® installation. With many of their 737NG fleet installed with Boeing Sky Interior, Copa Airlines looked for a cost effective solution to upgrade and harmonize the look and feel of cabin interiors of the older aircraft installed with fluorescent lighting. The liTeMood® installation followed an on-wing demonstration in Panama last year. liTeMood® is a versatile, programmable, fully plug-and-play system that can be installed quickly and easily and offers a highly costeffective upgrade for airlines seeking to improve passenger experience and increase yields. It features significantly increased reliability over traditional lighting systems, thereby reducing ongoing maintenance and operational costs, and also delivers important environmental benefits. The liTeMood® system is approximately 40 kilograms lighter than original-fit fluorescent lighting. The company says it also it also consumes 70% less power. “As the first ever liTeMood® installation in Latin America, this is an important win for STG Aerospace and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to work closely with Copa Airlines going forward,” said Marcus Williams, Director of Sales and Marketing at STG. “With the Latin American aviation industry continuing to exhibit strong growth and representing a strategically important market for us, we’re keen to promote liTeMood®’s many benefits across the region”. Thompson Aero supplied the seats for SAS Business Class


SNC completes buy of 328 Support

Sierra Nevada Corporation in February completed acquisition of 328 Support Services GmbH the UK and Germany-based aircraft company. 328 Support Services owns the type certificate and intellectual property rights for design, manufacturing, maintenance and certification of the 200 existing Dornier 328 prop and jet aircraft. In addition, SNC holds IP rights and supplemental type certificates (STC’s) for modernization technologies that allow the Dornier 328 aircraft to be used by the U.S. for multi-mission applications ranging from transport and cargo to surveillance and medical use. “SNC is making a major investment in European markets to expand globally through modern commercial aircraft technologies,” said February’s release on the acquisition. “During the past decade alone, SNC’s combined capabilities have grown to include design, manufacturing, modification, certification (FAA, EASA and military), integration and support of approximately 400 aircraft for customers worldwide.” 328 Support Services is headquartered in London with its main operations at Oberpfaffenhofen Airport, near Munich. It employs more than 150 people. The 328-management team has significant experience in customer support, aircraft completions and VIP/Corporate operations, as well as business growth and improvement strategies. SNC anticipates a close working relationship between 328 and its subsidiary, Kansas-based 3S Engineering, in the areas of design and type certification. “After many years with a close and successful working relationship, this move makes sense at many levels,” said Dave Jackson, Managing Director of 328 Support Services, in today’s announcement. “328’s expert design, completion and type certification skills are a perfect complement to SNC’s portfolio of capabilities and we look forward to expanding further under the SNC umbrella.” 328 purchased the type certificate for the Dornier 328 jet and turboprop, as well as the Dornier 428 and other assets, in December 2005 from Avcraft, which acquired it from Fairchild-Dornier. Upon acquisition, it concentrated on ensuring maintenance of the existing fleet, providing stability to the 328 aircraft market in terms of support and residual values. In addition to continuing the legacy of the Dornier name, 328 Support Services has expanded its capabilities to provide an increasing range of services on a host of other aircraft. This includes full STCs, design, and build-andcertify solutions for customers such as Airbus, Lufthansa and Turkish Technic.


LANTAL PLANS LOOK AT LATEST IN TEXTILES Lantal Textiles will be presenting its all-in-one solutions at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg from April 14 - 16. “Visitors at Stand 6E70 in Hall B6 can surround themselves in a realm of new designs and fresh ideas for aircraft interiors,” said a release from Lantal. Each year, Lantal creates a new Conceptual Forecast collection, allowing the designers to coordinate seat cover fabrics, carpets, leathers, and curtains within a balanced overall design concept. The latest collection was inspired by megatrends and their influences as by the forward-looking specifications of the three passenger classes, which are presented in adequate colors schemes. In different designcharacteristics, the collection themes show combination possibilities across passenger classes. For the Conceptual Forecast collection 2015, Lantal defined the following three trend themes. The trend theme “Precise” is composed by graphical clarity, technical and static shapes and regularly repeating patterns, sometimes with three-dimensional effects and sometimes with the illusion of them. Trend theme “Revive” is the breakup the strict geometry. The theme is based on fragments of the old and the new, creating a surprising novelty by rearranging. The last Trend theme is “Delight” which is the resolution and the playful exposure to color and form. It juxtaposes poetic, coincidental and organic elements, which are represented, amongst others, by marbled designs.



REED EXPO INTERVIEW The Hamburg Messe is the yearly gathering place for the cabin services industry

in Hall B6, a face-to-face platform with direct access to airlines, operators, buyers and specifiers from the industry - it will offer a dedicated area for the exchange of information and best practices and all sessions are free to attend. PAX: Would you say the interiors market is still experiencing good growth? Murphy: Firstly, as an event organizer and a facilitator for the industry to do business during Aircraft Interiors Expo, I’m not a subject matter expert on a par with companies, airlines and other organisations who are specialists in this market. However, according to various industry reports issued by IATA, for example, it’s clear that passenger numbers are rising across the board as well as more aircraft being manufactured in anticipation of this growing trend.


With expanded options for travel catering and inflight entertainment, the Aircraft Interiors Expo leaves out little for visitors seeking insight on the travel Experience


ach year, PAX International poses a few questions to Katie Murphy, Senior Events Director of the Aircraft Interiors Expo. In early March, the yearly event in Hamburg was nearly sold out and organizers at Reed Exhibitions had the luxury of hosting an industry clearly on the upswing. PAX International: We’re nearing the month mark before the Aircraft Interiors Expo. How is interest shaping up from previous years? Is the Expo completely filled? Katie Murphy: There is no doubt that Aircraft Interiors Expo is a global and up to date brand that showcases the entire spectrum of the passenger experience in one location. Currently the show is 99% sold out so although we’ve very little room left, if anyone is interested in exhibiting we suggest they contact one of our sales representatives via the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website as soon as possible! This will be the 16th edition and it will


be the largest passenger experience event as Aircraft Interiors Expo has now expanded from five halls to seven which means that the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo will be taking place in the A halls at the Hamburg Messe. IFE is a critical topic for many airlines when it comes to enhancing the passenger experience and Hamburg will be the place to be as we’ll have the largest ever IFE Zone which has grown by 25%. The latest and most innovative IFE technologies will be displayed by a range of companies such as Astronics, Blue Box Avionics, Lumexis, Molex, Panasonic Avionics, TE Connectivity, Thales, Viasat and Zodiac - to name a few. Sixty seven percent of visitors at last year’s event confirmed their interest in IFE-related products so there is no doubt that the IFE Zone will again be a significant attraction at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015. There will be a new and exclusively designed USA Pavilion in Hall B1 as well as a new feature called CabinSpace LIVE

PAX: At least one of the plenary sessions is devoted to the idea of bringing a sense of glamor and prestige to air travel. What will be some of the ways explored by Mr. Seymour, founder of Seymourpowell? Murphy: The theme for the opening plenary session is to free up collective thinking about what is possible and Richard Seymour’s “Blue Sky” presentation entitled ‘Clippers in the Clouds - Rediscovering Romance in the 21st Century,’ will investigate the theory of “Emotional Ergonomics” in the air and reflect on how much can actually be achieved within the technical confines of a modern airliner in the decades to come. It’s really best summed up by Richard himself: “When I’m spending the kind of money that a transatlantic flight costs nowadays, I’m inevitably comparing the experience with other ways I could use that cash…in-flight experiences always seem to be trying to ‘catch up’ with even some of the simpler pleasures on the ground. It’s time for the unique, delightful and exciting time in the air again.” PAX: It looks like there will be another session that should appeal to sports fans. Murphy: Yes at the Passenger Experience on 13th April, Philipp Steiner, Creative Director at TEAGUE, will present ‘Rezoning the Cabin: The Athlete’s Plane,’ when he’ll offer insights on TEAGUE and Nike’s collaboration on a concept aircraft for professional athletes. This session will absolutely appeal to sports fans! Professional sports are very big business with millions of fans around

REED EXPO INTERVIEW the world. TEAGUE are fans too; their and Turkish Technic (Turkey), DMD and love of sports, along with their expertise Wisscom Aerospace (UK). in aviation, has inspired this project. Their interest in working with NIKE to create a PAX: In one statement you mentioned how product from the ground up that could Reed Exhibitions was focusing visitor protruly change the game. motion on the China and South East Asia TEAGUE believe that challenging companies. What are some of the things assumptions, understanding user needs, you’ve done to attract them to the Aircraft and questioning the status quo is the job Interiors Expo? of design; the same could easily be said Murphy: In addition to the new IFE Zone PAX_subform_halfad:Layout 1 31/03/10 11:29 AM Page 1 of Nike’s business, which makes them the exhibitors from Southeast Asia, the show ideal partner for TEAGUE. this year will also feature returning com panies from Australia, China, Japan, New PAX: What are some of the notable first Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand time exhibitors this year? How many do which, as exhibitors, attract many global you have? visitors including representatives from Murphy: We have over 60 new exhibiting their respective national airlines. companies this year from Europe, Far East, Over 800 airline representatives Middle East and USA. With IFE being such attended last year’s event which included an important topic in the industry right airlines such as Air Asia, Air China, Air now, the IFE Zone at Aircraft Interiors New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Expo 2015 will include 13 first-time exhibi- Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, Japan Airtors from around the world. These include lines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Thai PXCom (France), Axinom and Radiall Airways - as the world’s largest event (Germany), In-Flight Dublin (Ireland), dedicated to the aircraft interiors industry, Silentium (Israel), TEAC (Japan), In-Flight the strong showing of both exhibitors and Solutions (Portugal), Images in Motion visitors from the region is a key factor in (Singapore), Dicentia (Sweden) Havelsan the show’s appeal.

Another important platform is the Passenger Experience Conference, which in 2014 attracted over 400 delegates comprising senior representatives of major airlines, air framers and cabin interiors suppliers. This year Kerry Reeves, Head of Aircraft Programmes/Airline Programmes at Air New Zealand, will be a panelist in a debate on the ‘Dynamics of the Flexible Interior’ at the 2015 Passenger Experience Conference. We believe that the global attraction of this unique event will be increased, particularly in South-East Asia, by involving such a senior airline speaker from the region.

Katie Murphy, Senior Event Director, Aircraft Interiors Expo.

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Keller new manager at Recaro Seating Polska Thomas Keller is the new General Manager of the Polish Recaro Aircraft Seating site in Swiebodzin. Keller is the successor to Uwe Köthe, who retired in February. In June 2013, Keller joined the seating company as Deputy General Manager. He has been responsible since then for production and quality in the Polish plant. Before joining Recaro, Keller managed the plant of a Swedish automotive supplier in Poland and was Chief Executive Officer of the Polish subsidiary of a renowned “lean” consulting firm. Köthe has worked at Recaro Aircraft Seating since 1995. Initially he was employed at company headquarters in Schwaebisch Hall, and from 2006 he was responsible for establishing the Polish Recaro site, which he headed until 2015. “Uwe Köthe made an enormous contribution to the success of our plant in Swiebodzin,” explains Joachim Ley, Executive Vice President Supply Chain at Recaro Aircraft Seating. Keller’s goal is to further expand production capacity 35,000 seats per year in the short and medium term.

STG names new COO

Aircraft cabin lighting specialists STG Aerospace announced this year that Richard Ilett has joined the company in the new role of Chief Operating Officer. Ilett has spent most of his career in the aerospace industry. During his 17 years with British Aerospace, he worked initially in plant engineering and site development and, as sub contract manager. This was followed by a period of three years in charge of the fitting and hydraulic operating center, managing 230 operators and 50 indirect staff involved in manufacturing engineering, production control and quality inspection. In 1997, he joined Labinal as General Manager of the electrical wiring harness plant in Nottinghamshire. Customers included Rolls Royce, Airbus and GEC Alstom. In 2003 he started the Labinal (later Safran) Engineering Services subsidiary in Bristol, where he was General Manager until 2012. In the last two years, he has undertaken projects with Fokker Elmo in The Netherlands, responsible for the transition of the wiring harnesses to China, and with Jaguar Land Rover.

Vosmer manages new Spafax Amsterdam office Spafax has expanded its operations in Europe with the opening of a new Amsterdam office and appointment of Joost Vosmer as Media Sales Manager. Spafax The Netherlands is located at Karperstraat 10 in Amsterdam, and marks

Uwe Köthe (left) and Thomas Keller a the Recaro plant in Swiebodzin, Poland


Joost Vosmer

Spafax’s 15th office globally and fourth in Europe. Spafax won the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines IFE Media Sales business in September, which marked the beginning of Spafax’s relationship with the leading premium airline. Vosmer is the local lead contact in Amsterdam, and is positioned to support all aspects of the KLM Media Sales business. His appointment allows Spafax to have a stronger product offering for advertisers in The Netherlands. He has 14 years of business and sales management experience to Spafax, working across traditional, digital, and mobile advertising channels.

Etihad Airways names Celestino VP Guest Services Etihad Airways announced in February that industry veteran Linda Celestino is the new Vice President of Guest Services.

Linda Celestino

As Vice President Guest Services at Etihad Airways, Celestino will be responsible for 6,000 cabin crew to ensure safe, inspired, consistent and innovative services, both on-board and across the airline’s global lounges. Celestino has more than 25 years experience in the airline industry having held senior positions in her native Australia and the Middle East, as well as being President of the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX). Most recently, she was General Manager Inflight Services and Product at Oman Air where she was responsible for cabin crew selection and training, as well as the guest experience. Celestino started her career as cabin crew at Ansett Australia, progressing to become a Senior Manager in Guest Services and Guest Experience.


STATESIDE ambitions

The interior of Norwegian’s 787. The airline is scheduled to receive another aircraft this year

While low-cost carriers come in all shapes and sizes, Norwegian Air Shuttle is taking the concept in a new direction with the latest in long-haul aircraft, inflight features and service, coupled hopes to expand in the United States by RICK LUNDSTROM


hese days, when the aviation industry thinks Norwegian Air Shuttle, they probably see the story of the airline’s efforts playing out in the headlines and activities far from its home country’s rocky shores. The carrier’s flight attendants in the U.S. may be found delivering letters to the White House urging “swift approval” of the airline’s affiliate, Norwegian Air International, which is seeking a foreign carrier permit to expand its service between the U.S. and Europe. To do so, Norwegian Air International would open up a subsidiary company based in the EU nation of Ireland and apply for the routes under the Open Skies agreement between the continent and the U.S. Since Norway is not a member of the EU, the airline needs to establish a foothold in the EU to gain traffic rights. By gaining that foothold, Norwegian would be able to offer many new international routes and fares far lower than legacy airline competition. The airline is winning both friends and foes with its efforts. The advocacy group Travelers United wants Norwegian as another entrant in a dwindling number of operators of trans-Atlantic service, especially one that is promising low fares. On the other side, labor unions are mounting an effort to stop the expansion under the Open Skies agreement, which would open up the airline to important airports in the country, arguing that Norwegian Airlines International would not be offering comparable wages and labor standards in an LCC operation. It’s a claim the airline firmly and it staff firmly denies. Norwegian Air Shuttle currently offers four flights from London’s Gatwick Airport to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando in Florida, in addition to Los Angeles and New York Kennedy. It also flies to Dubai from Oslo and Stockholm-Arlanda and from Oslo to Bangkok. Fleetwide, Norwegian Air Shuttle carried nearly 24 million passengers in 2014, which was an increase of three million from the

Norwegian flight attendants sent this message to US President Barack Obama  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  13

REGIONAL REPORT previous year. The airline added capacity in December bringing its fleet over the 100-aircraft milestone. Norwegian Air Shuttle now says it is the third-largest low-cost carrier in Europe. In March, the airline’s possibilities for expansion by the parent company, known as Norwegian Air International, to key airports in the U.S. was still not settled. What the company was not unsure about however, was its possibility for success where many others have failed. “At Norwegian, we have developed a long-haul model based on our very successful short-haul model,” said Maria Laamanen, Norwegian’s Manager of Inflight Services. “Where the goal is that all passengers should be able to afford to fly.” It sounds like a lofty goal, and one that is fitting to the proud egalitarian virtues of its home country and Scandinavia as a whole. But, behind the visible efforts of its U.S.- based Norwegian Air Shuttle crew and the wrangling in the media is a serious business ethic as well, and the delays in the airline’s expansion, pushed the carrier into the red last year. The backbone of the airline’s future success, said Laamanen is its ability to operate long- haul routes more cost efficiently than its predecessor airlines that have tried to bring a low-cost concept to transatlantic long haul. “The most important factor for Norwegian in developing its long-haul model has been the introduction of the Dreamliner,” said Laamanen. “It is the most technologically advanced aircraft in the skies today. Not only is it the most environmentally friendly option with 20% less emissions than a comparable aircraft; it also uses a lot less fuel, which means less costs for us and cheaper tickets for our passengers.” It also means that Norwegian can reach anywhere in the world with the most up-to-date cabin products done with an LCC model unseen anywhere else in the world. The airline will take delivery of 10 new 737-800s and one Dreamliner this year. Last year, the airline greatly expanded its fleet with 14 737-800s and four 787s. With the changes, Norwegian Air Shuttle has fleet with an average age of four years. With such a new fleet, Norwegian Air Shuttle has understandably embraced all the technology that the modern aircraft have to offer. An Android-based IFE system from Panasonic brings entertainment into the hands of its passengers. A three-dimensional moving map display on its 787s is interactive, and can take the user down to individual street maps and serves as an effective destination guide. The distinctive moving map was on board the 787s starting in August of 2103. Norwegian Air Shuttle was the launch customer for Betria Interactive’s new products. “Their focus on passenger experience excellence is a perfect match for the innovative offering provided by the FlightPath3D product suite,” said Boris Veklser, Betria’s President in the announcement of the new feature. “It is truly the first service of its 14  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2015

kind that can be deployed fleet wide for any carrier.” There are other features of the airline’s cabin service -- features that helped it claim three Passenger Choice Awards at last year’s APEX event. The airline is proud of being the first to offer complimentary Wi-Fi Internet on all its flights within Europe, and web-surfing installed on 80% of its aircraft. It also has fleet-wide video-on-demand for passengers to rent movies and television shows on their personal devices. The airline does not yet offer Wi-Fi onboard its long-haul aircraft. However, onboard its long-haul 787s is an IFE system that offers inflight entertainment and the ability for passengers to purchase drinks and snacks from the “Snack Bar” program that can be paid for with a debit or credit card. “We have found that this is an incredibly popular and appreciated service by our passengers, as they can order whenever suits them and they don’t have to wait for the crew to go down the aisle with their food and drink trolleys,” said Laamanen. The Winter 2014 edition of Menu & Shopping has half a dozen pages devoted to Norwegian’s onboard food service. Fresh sandwiches are teamed with hot and cold drinks, beer and wine and range from £4.50 ($US6.86) for sandwiches and dessert snacks, to £19 (US$28.97) for a selection of tapas-style meats and olives paired with a 75cl bottle of wine. A selection of bagged snacks cost from £1 to £2.50 ($US1.52 to $US3.81). The airline also has an extensive duty free shopping selection. For the short-haul menus, Norwegian Air Shuttle partnered with Inflightservice AB in Scandinavia, which negotiates agreements with suppliers and pre-selects products for the airline’s final selection. In addition to the onboard selection for sale, Norwegian operates a pre-order option for passengers on its long-haul flights. A hot lunch/dinner meal and breakfast/snack are available along with a second service on long haul. “We have two assortment changes every year and two smaller refreshers,” said Laamanen. “Depending on how the products are being received by our passengers, we might change some items, but also if we see some items performing really well we might keep them on longer. “In any case, we want our frequent passengers to see some variation and at the same time keep our bestselling items.”

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REGIONAL REPORT Scandinavian fabric company Hästens supplied the blankets and pillows


The airline has decked out its new cabin look with a soothing combination of colors and features, while IFE and connectivity keep passengers occupied by RICK LUNDSTROM


he end of February found Gunilla Ait El Mekki busy and on the move, as new aircraft began arriving and new initiatives were taking shape at Scandinavian Airlines The airline was awaiting delivery of its second A330 refurbished with a new design that had been years in the making. She was also in the planning process of a new digital initiative that would take the first steps of converting the paper media the airline distributes to passengers, to the SAS online app, making it available for download from a program called SAS Newsstand up to 22 hours before a passenger’s departure. SAS is working with a New York company called Readly on the changeover. Everything was going well on the Europe side, but the program for the United States, where the airlines flies to four locations, would take awhile. “In the United States there is so many restrictions and risks of being sued,” the Manager Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity Innovation Onboard Product and


Services told PAX International. Still the change is worth the trouble and designed to meet the needs of a new breed of passengers traveling with smartphones and tablets. Then there are the logistical and environmental challenges that the airline, like all others, grapple with on a regular basis. Print versions of the media would remain in the airline’s lounges but were to disappear from the gate area March 1. “SAS customers are becoming increasingly digital and we are continuously developing our app to meet their needs,” said Elvind Roald Executive Vice President Commercial at SAS, in the midFebruary announcement of the new app feature. “This increased choice in the SAS Newsstand and our partnership with Readly means we can offer a good digital solution where customers can also access a broad range of newspapers up to 22 hours before they travel.” The ability for the passenger to begin the travel experience long hours before departure has been built into the three-year planning process that produced the first newly refurbished aircraft early this year. “I think first it is very important to not only look at the passenger during the flight, but also to see the whole travel chain,” said Mekki. “What is happening to the passenger and what needs do the passengers have.” Somewhere toward the end March, another refurbished A330 was scheduled to join the Erik Viking launched in mid-February as the first version of the airline’s refurbished long-haul fleet on routes from Copenhagen to Newark Liberty International Airport. Aircraft are scheduled to continue to arrive through the summer before several new A330s would be brought into service in the fall. The airline also plans to add one more long-haul destination, Hong Kong, before the end of the year From its hub operations in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, SAS operates a limited number of long-haul flights, while more than half of its 1,100 daily departures are on flights of up to one hour. SAS goes through the details of the design in fine detail on the website With an eye toward detail and distinctly Scandinavian elements, the SAS personnel involved in the planning walk the viewer through the project that produced the Erik Viking. Those involved include crew, planners and designers from Gustaf Öholm, the airline’s Senior Manager of Onboard Concept and Service Design, Peter Lawrance, Manager of Meal Planning, and Kristine Mayer, Senior Manager of Product Design.

Thompson Aero supplied the seats for SAS Business Class

REGIONAL REPORT Passengers can sample from the buffet in Plus Class throughout the flight

“We wanted something that was easily scalable and I think we have found a very good solution with Rave,” said Mekki. SAS went with two companies for its seating. The new Business Class seat is from Ireland-based Thompson Aero, while Economy Class and with Zodiac USA for the other two cabins. SAS Go is the airline’s Economy Class and, SAS Plus, the Premium Economy. Cabins in SAS Go are in a 2-4-2 configuration with a 31- to 32-inch pitch, while SAS Plus, it’s premium economy offering is in a 2-3-2 configuration with a 38-inch pitch. The SAS Business offers a 1-2-1 configuration. Screen sizes for IFE are nine inches for SAS Go and 12 inches for SAS Plus. Electrical power to the seat and USB ports are available throughout the cabin. The first decisions on the new design started in June 2013 when SAS announced it would be renewing its entire long-haul fleet. Now, the airline has plans to update seven of the A330s and A340s already in the fleet. They will be joined by four new A330-300s delivered in 2015 and 2016. Further out, Scandinavian Airlines has ordered eight A350-900s to be delivered in 2018 with options for a half-dozen more.

CHOICE OF NEWSPAPERS IN THE SAS NEWSSTAND Mayer said she formulated the three-cabin layout similar to developing the look similar to individually appointed hotel rooms with a simple design and muted colors, centering around gray. The simple grays in the panels and flooring were accentuated by ash wood paneling in SAS Business Class. The airline’s plan extends beyond the cabin to its efforts to redesign the look of the entire travel experience. Outside the cabin, Mayer said SAS aimed for a “big bold environment on the ground” creating a look similar to a retail environment with clear bright colors. “The idea is to create a peaceful and harmonic on-board experience,” she said, in an online description of the design process. The regional flair extends to a new selection of tableware in SAS Business. The airline has selected glassware from Orrefors Sweden, porcelain from Royal Copenhagen and cutlery from Georg Jensen. However, the style of service is also a factor in winning over the business traveler, and SAS has gone the route of many carriers by eliminating trolleys from the premium cabin and opting for more interaction with the crew. In SAS Business Class, the back galley has been opened up, making it more inviting to passengers. For years, the airline has maintained a buffet area, designed for easy access and offers a range of drinks and snacks. The new look makes the area more inviting and beckons passengers to make a selection. “The whole idea of having a self-service, make-it-yourself area is what we believe is a very Scandinavian way of doing things,” said Gustaf Öholm. Mekki was in charge of the digital features in the new aircraft. For inflight entertainment SAS has selected the seat-centric Rave system by Zodiac Aerospace of for IFE and the eXConnect system from Panasonic for its broadband Internet service. The IFE system is loaded with approximately 150 hours of programming, not counting the audio offering.


Aftonbladet, Dagens Industri, Svenska Dagbladet


Aftenposten, Dagbladet, Dagens Næringsliv and local newspapers such as Bergens Tidende and Stavanger Aftenblad


Børsen. More newspapers will continue to be added

International press

China Daily, Die Welt, Financial Times, International New York Times, Le Figaro, The Independent


More than 12,000 magazines and newspapers  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  17

INDUSTRY LEADERS: REGENT AEROSPACE Regent Aerospace’s new plant in Dallas



Since founding in 1993, Regent Aerospace has built its worldwide reputation with its focus on providing the world’s airlines, leasing companies and MRO’s with the highest quality airline cabin interior repair and refurbishment. Now, the company is proud to announce three new locations including its new Dallas plant by RICK LUNDSTROM


hough the company has a nearly a 10-year presence in Dallas/Fort Worth, Regent Aerospace Corp.’s role in the city’s vibrant aviation scene was springing anew this spring. In March the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration completed its final audit and approval on a new 200,000 square foot plant near DFW and the headquarters of American Airlines. The construction cements the company’s presence in the Big D that started with Regent’s purchase of Air Base Services from bankruptcy in 2006. “It is going to be our flagship station and state-of-the-art in all its repair capability,” said Tim Garvin, Vice President of Sales for the Valencia, California-based Regent Aerospace. The new plant will join 11 others around the world, which have become a source the world’s airlines have for nearly all their interior repair and overhaul needs. The company was formed in 1993 by Reza Soltanian who started with a contract to refurbish full shipset from the Boeing fleet of Aloha Airlines. Since then, the company has grown into an FAA, EASAapproved Part 145 repair station and claims the title of the world’s largest independent provider of aircraft interior and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services. Regent Aerospace is now spread far and wide, with facilities in the United States, Mexico, Indonesia, Israel, China and El Salvador. In addition to Dallas, the company’s most recent openings were in Jakarta and Tel Aviv. Worldwide, Regent Aerospace employs Regent Aerospace approximately 700 people founder Reza Soltanian who specialize in cabin con18  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2015

figuration and modification, repair and refurbishment, seating, inflight entertainment, galley equipment and monuments. From its plant in Indianapolis, Indiana the company manufactures the industry’s lightest single cell life vest. “As we are awarded contracts, we add to our capabilities, which fuels our expansion opportunities around the world,” said Garvin. One of the notable contracts was its with Dallas based Southwest Airlines. . In 2012 Southwest Airlines rolled out the first version of its Evolve interior. The airline hoped to save approximately US$50 million by refurbishing rather than replacing its Innovator II seats from B/E Aerospace with new simulated leather dress covers and new foam. The company called on Regent Aerospace to do the work. Garvin recalls that, over a year and a half, Regent completed refurbishment of the seating at the rate of one shipset a day. Other interiors work can be much more complicated and requires the latest training. Garvin said the company has taken on specialists to complete installations and repairs of the newest inflight entertainment equipment and to meet new 16g requirements. More trained personnel will be needed in the future as the company continues to grow its capabilities to composites manufacturing for seating, interior work and airframe. Regent is growing at the right time. Garvin said the past few years have been good for MRO companies, as nearly all airlines seem to be in some stage of improvement. Legacy carriers are moving ahead in filling out their fleets with IFE and connectivity, while low-cost-carriers and regionals are taking a look at other improvements to the cabin interiors. He says that with such a wide range of needs, companies like Regent can be part of the improvements every step of the way. “Where we specialize, and there is no equal with any other MRO interior company in the world, is the ability to look at the interior and not just replace the parts with OEM parts, but look at parts and manufacture new improved replacement PMA/OOP parts or devise repairs for the components that save everybody money and is a much quicker process,” said Garvin.

Connecting aviation from Earth to orbit PROVEN CONNECTIVITY



Gogo is empowering the aviation industry with IFC solutions for any aircraft flying any mission, and our proven inflight broadband connectivity is the most widely deployed in the world. By tapping into our intelligent platform, you can customize new operational applications and services to fit the unique needs of your fleet. Meet us at AIX to find out what you can do with Gogo • ©2015 Gogo LLC. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



This spring saw the big players in inflight entertainment and connectivity making strategic purchases and staking out territory in the sky and on the ground by RICK LUNDSTROM


ike years past, the run-up to this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo has the major inflight entertainment and connectivity providers looking to the heavens. In mid-March the competition for connectivity brought aboard a couple new players as Rockwell Collins and Panasonic Avionics both announced their next step in inflight Internet. Elsewhere around the industry, Japan Airlines was touting the features of its new Thales equipped Dreamliner while the team of Honeywell and Inmarsat completed over-the-air performance of the JetWave MCS 8200 hardware platform teamed with Inmarsat’s global high-speed inflight connectivity. With so much happening or preparing to happen in the sky, the year ahead promises another competitive one with airlines in the position of shopping in an environment where traffic and demand could spell a banner year for the world commercial fleet. “Fuel is going to stay low and airlines are buying while they have the cash,” Duc Hoy Tran, Director of Marketing and Business Development for IFE at Rockwell Collins told PAX International, shortly before a spate of announcements by his company, and others. With the acquisition of ARINC, completed at the end of 2013, now well within the company fold Tran says he has found that potential airline customers are no longer viewing the combination of inflight


entertainment and connectivity as separate elements. With the technological advancements in recent years, he said onboard connectivity had become much more robust and faster, even as passenger interest and use has increased. That passenger increase is about to go global and the Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based company is positioning itself to be a major provider of easy to access connectivity with a company that has a goal to reach every corner of the world with Internet service through a constellation of more than 600 satellites.

The Rockwell Collins PAVES system is also used in seatback installation

The day before spring, Rockwell Collins announced its partnership with a company called OneWeb. The goal of OneWeb is to reach those hard-reach corners of the world with a satellite grouping in the hundreds. One of the areas the company still considers one of those corners is the aircraft cabin. For that, it requires antennas and technology that deep pockets companies with expertise like Rockwell Collins can develop. Rockwell Collins’ role in the venture will be to develop satellite communications terminals for the aircraft with the capabil-

IFE & CONNECTIVITY: IFE UPDATE ity of connecting to the OneWeb network. Onboard, passengers would have instant access to an Internet connection with the help of an antenna that the company says is a fraction the size and weight of a traditional airborne antenna. Rockwell Collins would also be an authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) of the OneWeb Connectivity services. Through what OneWeb says will be the largest telecommunications constellation in orbit, it plans to provide high speed broadband Internet at a speed of 10 Terabits per second. “While the primary goal is to bridge the digital divide for rural areas, we are excited to be supporting the connectivity needs for aviation,” said Greg Wyler, CEO and Founder of OneWeb Ltd. in the March 16 announcement of the partnership. “Market availability will align with our system deployment plans and the antenna itself, being so small an rugged, will support many applications beyond aviation.” Before the announcement of the new partnership, the company also had a number of more down-to-earth plans for its IFE division. Rockwell Collins’ PAVES™ Broadcast IFE and its Airshow® would be on 45 new 737s from Xiamen Airlines. The PAVES™ narrow body overhead has been reduced in size and weight and offers 160 gigabytes of high-definition audio and video storage. The Airshow® moving map includes NASA map data based on satellite imagery. The company was also moving ahead in hopes of finding a new niche for the PAVES™ family that has historically been a single aisle installation. However, the company has found a potential market for twin-aisle aircraft that are nearing retirement. Rockwell Collins has developed a drop-down screen and entertainment package that the company says is relatively inexpensive. Tran said there is a potential market for up to 1,500 aircraft worldwide that are more than 10 years old.

Panasonic’s new acquisition At about the same time as the Rockwell Collins and OneWeb partnership was announced, Panasonic Corporation reached a agreement to buy ITC Global, a provider of satellite communication services for energy, mining and maritime markets. Through Panasonic’s own extensive satellite network the company claims a coverage footprint that takes in 99% of the airline flight hours and 98% percent of all

maritime traffic routes. Company officials say that the acquisition now aligns an array of potential customers for what will become ITC Global, A Panasonic Company. “Together, we move forward to taking satellite communications service to a new level of value and performance,” said Paul Margis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic Avionics, in the March 16 announcement. ITC Global was founded in 2001 and has regional headquarters in Houston, Switzerland and Australia. The company’s customer base is in more than 1,300 remote sites and in 70 countries. Another company part of Panasonic’s Group of Global Communications, AeroMobile saw two important installations last year. In February 2014, AeroMobile launched mobile services on a 747-800 on Lufthansa German Airlines. Through the year, more of the airline’s fleet of 19 747-800s was outfitted in Seattle. In the summer of last year, EVA Air passengers were able to send SMS messages, browse the Internet and use their mobile devices on two 777-300ERs outfitted with AeroMobile connectivity.

AVANT on the Dreamliner In February, Japan Airlines was touting some of the features and programming of its inflight entertainment system on its 787s, among them the popular Sky Manga programming in Japanese and English. The 787 went into service in December with the AVANT inflight entertainment system from Thales Avionics. The AVANT has expanded its reach to 15 airlines around the world and is found on more than 120 aircraft. Thales is also doing research and development in the seating market. One of the highlights of the Aircraft Interiors Expo Middle East and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul event in Dubai was the Thales Avionics, B/E Aerospace and BMW Design Works seat with the Immersive inflight entertainment and connectivity options. Passengers in the Immersive have the option of navi-

gating the inflight entertainment system through gesture movement, eye tracking or a specially designed mouse pointer. They experience high definition “spatial sound” audio that adjusts to their height. They are able to view entertainment and information in front of them, on the side, and with the possibility of adding more through a wired surface on the tray table.

Testing completed on Honeywell/Inmarsat project The JetWave MCS 8200 onboard aircraft hardware, teamed with Inmarsat’s Global Xpress satellite network took to the skies in early March for a successful test of what the two companies say is the next generation of “truly global high-speed inflight connectivity.” During the testing the GX Aviation network successfully support multiple file transfers and video streaming above Honeywell’s Tewksbury, United Kingdom facility. “The combination of Honeywell’s airborne hardware and Inmarsat’s GX Kaband network will allow for a seamless experience of connectivity and capability from the time you walk on the airplane until you get off on the other side of the world,” said Carl Esposito, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Honeywell Aerospace, in the March 19 announcement of the successful testing. The two companies are working to ensure equipment is available for installation on new Boeing aircraft, the A350 and Bombardier’s line of business jets. GX recently launched its second satellite giving the company Ka-band network capability in the Americas and in the Atlantic Ocean. A third satellite is scheduled for launch in the second quarter of this year.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  21

IFE & CONNECTIVITY: IFE UPDATE The Delta inflight entertainment system on one of its A330s

Gogo’s Growing Pains

With a new partner for content provision and a big new order for its 2Ku technology, Gogo Inc. begins 2015 in a position take its operations to a more global position by RICK LUNDSTROM


ometime this summer Gogo Inc. will pull up stakes in suburban Itasca, Illinois to a new multistory building in Chicago’s Loop where it will rub elbows with the likes of Twitter, car service Uber and fellow traveler in the travel industry, Seat Guru. The move places the company in the midst of a burgeoning tech jungle that is taking root in the Windy City. But before then, Gogo will begin close work with a new partner that will search the world for content for its Gogo Vision application and the company will prepare for installations of its 2Ku high-speed bandwidth on more than 250 aircraft for Delta Air Lines. The installations will begin early next year on the first of the Delta aircraft, which will be in the airline’s narrow-body fleet that service its long haul destinations. However, the announcement that Gogo will work with Spafax to source and develop content for its Gogo Vision inflight entertainment product will be the first step as the company rolls out product and services to a much wider market will give it the ability to concentrate on its core strengths. “It is us taking a step out of the content game, and partnering with someone who is really a leader in that space,” said Steve Nolan, a spokesperson for Gogo. Spafax is a well-known name in the IFE industry and works with hundreds of original content providers and all the major Hollywood and international studios. The company will also work with Gogo on streamlining its content delivery and its integration process. “Content is at the core of our business,


and we know that our international team of experts will help deliver and even more appealing and diverse Gogo Vision entertainment offer,” said Niall McBain, CEO of Spafax in the March 4 announcement of the new partnership. Someday much of that sourced content will be streaming through a Delta aircraft outfitted with the second generation of the Gogo’s system as they make their way through the carrier’s Latin American and Caribbean routes. In March Gogo was going through the process of securing regulatory approvals to clear the way for the first aircraft to begin flying with 2Ku in the second half of this year. Delta’s aircraft are scheduled to get their first 2Ku installation beginning in 2016. “The adoption rate for 2Ku has been fairly significant,” said Nolan. Most of the Delta aircraft will be spending part of the routes over the ocean, and as far away as Honolulu. The new technology promises blistering speed onboard an aircraft. The next generation technology is expected to deliver peak speeds of 70 megabytes per second, which Gogo says is 20 times the speed of the company’s original air-to-ground technology. The additional bandwidth will not only provide passenger content and streaming, but holds with it the promise of operational applications and services for Delta cabin crew. “Our agreement to work together to develop applications and services that connect their aircraft and crew to the Internet at all times will help build a more efficient airline over time,” said Gogo’s CEO Michael

Small in the February 25 announcement of the installations. Gogo also reached one more milestone that was announced to much of the industry at the Aircraft Interiors Middle East and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul event in early February in Dubai. The company’s Gogo Vision product is flying on more than 1,700 commercial aircraft on six major airlines. Its new partner, Spafax currently provides content to more than 50 commercial airlines around the world.


Advertising and onboard tech team up for low cost airline package Atlanta-based Global Onboard Partners, a longtime provider to static advertising has added a new partner to bring a new solution steeped in the digital world. At this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, the company is going to showing visitors its next step. Recently, Global Onboard Partners joined with AirFi, which offers a onboard content through a battery-powered device aboard aircraft. Through the association with Global Onboard Partners, airlines can have streaming content aboard their aircraft at no cost. It also does not require passengers to download an app before boarding the aircraft to access the content. The streaming is offered for no cost to airlines as part of a bundled package that pays for itself through advertising on the AirFi streaming content. The partners provide all the necessary equipment, work with potential advertisers and operationally support the process. From the AirFi box aboard the aircraft passengers can access information and entertainment. Though movies are not part of the package, there are a selection of hundreds of magazines, games, destination information and other content. The package is tailored for short-haul airlines, or possibly designed to supplement a more extensive inflight entertainment system. The AirFi system does not store content like movies, however airline customers can also upgrade to the Global Onboard Streaming System (GOSS) as a supplement to the AirFi installation. GOSS is a fully wired and certified program that can offer feature length films. However Adams said potential airline customers have routes that may not require passengers to access long-form content. Global Onboard Partners has been a longtime supplier of display advertising that can be applied in an exclusive process to

luggage bins, walls and just about any surface aboard an aircraft. Its first customers were the low cost carriers around the world looking to earn revenue by just about any method. Now, the graphic images have found favor with other airlines, and are on the verge of becoming universally accepted by around the world, said the company’s CEO, Kirk Adams. Global Onboard Partners has now cracked another market with advertising now posted on flag carriers like Gulf Air and Sri Lankan Airlines. One of its most recent customers is Cebu Pacific Airlines that has made initial installations of devices that can support advertising on the tray tables of some of its A320s. “So we are seeing a lot more carriers, not just low cost, realizing they can maintain and provide inflight ad program that maintain a high level brand, a higher look and feel and still offset traditional costs and expenses and generate ancillary revenue,” Adams said.

An early ad program on Spirit Airlines. Global Onboard Partners is now sourcing advertising for the AirFi system designed for short-haul aircraft

IFPL brings products and seats to this year’s AIX Peripherals provider IFPL has been coming off a busy few months, and will be at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo with a new stand featuring its in-seat products the way they would appear on an aircraft and ready for use. The company, based on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom has been supplying peripheral products for use in airline seats since 1997. One of its most recent products is a self-testing jack that allows airlines to check the condition of every passenger jack quickly with minimal invasiveness and doesn’t require crew to take apart the armrest. The jack will be one of the products that visitors to the AIX can see in its real operation. The company’s products, which can be produced in bulk, or bespoke, and have moving briskly out its operations in recent months, said Mark Reed, Business Development Manager at IFPL. “We’re finding a lot of inquiries coming in,” said Reed. “Noticeably more than usual from January onwards.” Some of the interest has been requests for the company to 24  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2015

develop products that are steeped in the consumer electronics markets, with a bit of a twist. Reed said IFPL enjoys projects such as making gold-plated USB ports for VIP jets. He sees one of the company’s roles as a way to demystify the onboard entertainment environment by making products that are related to a passenger own smartphones and tablets, like the small module that can interface with IFE onboard and bring HD quality viewing to a passenger’s iPad. “It is all driven by the consumer market, really because people want to do on the plane or wherever they go, what they wanted to do at home,” said Reed. “And if there is a familiarity, they’re not frightened to use the equipment.”

Reliability with the luxury of choice.

The Dependable & Lightweight ConcertTM Suite Ushering in a new era of reliability and passenger satisfaction, the elegant and durable ConcertTM Suite performs beautifully with its thoughtfully designed steam and convection ovens, a bun warmer, coffee maker, beverage maker, and water boiler. The catering crew will appreciate enhanced performance, and passengers will enjoy quick delivery of great tasting food and beverages.

reddot design award winner 2013

The Sleek & Modern SymphonyTM Suite Combining first class luxury and ease-of-use, the SymphonyTM Suite functions in perfect harmony, offering steam and convection ovens, a beverage chiller/ fridge/freezer, coffee maker, water boiler, and trash compactor. SymphonyTM sets industry benchmarks for flexibility, minimal power consumption, and intuitive design. With imagination being the only limiting factor, our customizable graphic panels set new standards for creativity in the airline galley space.



honourable mention

Zodiac Electrical Inserts With over 150,000 electrical inserts flying, Zodiac Aerospace is the world’s leading supplier of global catering equipment. We will continue to set the standard for innovation, offering superior solutions for your catering requirements.

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Hall 7B40 and WTC 4F50




ABC International developed a new, decorative crest for Royal Jordanian

Although well known for its decorative crests, Aviation Business Consultants are presenting airlines with various innovative offerings, designed to elevate the look of the cabin and increase revenue in the process by MELISSA SILVA


randing is everywhere we look today. Turn a corner while walking down a city street and it’s likely that you’ll encounter a brand logo in some shape or form. Some might say an airline can function much the same way — walk down the aisle of an A380 and encounter several signs of branding, whether on a fellow passenger’s clothing, headphones, or in the aircraft’s interior itself, from the airline’s own brand to the various beverage and snack brands offered during inflight service. Providers of qualified engineering and managerial services for cabin interiors, Aviation Business Consultants International (ABC International) knows a thing or two about branding. Of its many services, ABC International has become well known for the design and installation of decorative crest logos for several major airlines. ABC International recently consolidated its business with Air Canada to install an additional 150 decorative crests on its fleet of 777 aircraft and is also working on new crests for Royal Jordanian, Etihad Airways and Air Moldova, all of which have a unique and customized finish. “The crest for Royal Jordanian is quite spectacular,” says Alberto D’Ambrosio, Chief Executive Officer of ABC International. “It features milled aluminum 18-carat gold plating, to represent the airline’s crown logo.” The crest for Air Moldova is equally unique, as it features milled aluminum to represent the airline’s crown logo. Aside from its new decorative crests, ABC International recently produced class


dividers for Meridiana fly, the privately owned Italian airline. “Our cabin dividers are customized specifically to address the airline’s unique configuration,” says D’Ambrosio. “Our dividers are wall mounted using the seat tracks and upper attachments and are available with adequate systems for secure fastening and very quick change-outs.” ABC International’s dividers also feature harmonized cabin aesthetics and consist of three independent parts: the central divider and two lateral dividers. Every class divider comes equipped with provisions for nine-inch LCD screens and literature pockets, as well as stowage space, a clothing rail and compartments (for the central divider only). One innovation ABC International is particularly excited about is its Trolley Espresso Maker, which allows airlines to serve freshly brewed espresso cof fee on board, either complimentary or as part of an inflight meal service. The Trolley Espresso Maker is equipped with a well-integrated, very light and lowpower consumption coffee machine entirely developed by AB C International’s team of engineers. “We offer turnkey solutions either for retrofitting existing trolleys

already in use, or for trolleys delivered brand new and fully equipped with the espresso machine,” explains D’Ambrosio. “We have reduced the weight of the coffee machine without disregarding the ergonomic features that allow flight attendants to manage the machine easily in order to save time during the service.” At this year’s Aircraft Interiors (AIX) Expo in Hamburg, ABC International will share with visitors its plans for WheelchAIR, a new innovation that is currently in development. “WheelchAIR provides a system or method for integrating accessible seating into an aircraft’s interior configuration,” explains D’Ambrosio. Intended for transporting a passenger with disabilities in and out of an aircraft, WheelchAIR is not only a socially and ethically responsible venture on the part of ABC International, but also offers an opportunity for airlines to better accommodate all passengers and even possibly increase its revenue as a result. As a relative newcomer to AIX, this year marking ABC International’s second time exhibiting, it hopes it will again find the show successful. “We met with several major airlines [last year], and many of our meetings lead to a number of exciting projects, such as our meeting with Etihad Airways,” says D’Ambrosio. “We have high hopes this year because of our new products and are eager to increase and expand our customer base.” ABC International’s Trolley Espresso Maker

AeroMobile’s inflight mobile network, keeping passengers connected...

Installed on L&Ku band satellite technologies

Over 550,000 flights since launch. More than 500 flights per day!

More than 30M SMS

Over 24M connected passengers

1M calls & over 1.2M call minutes

Over 300 roaming agreements in 140 countries

Last year data usage increased by 233%

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INDUSTRY Q&A LSG launched its SPIRIANT brand with a flourish a the 2012 WTCE

UNTAPPED POSSIBILITIES LSG Sky Chefs CEO Erdmann Rauer takes the helm of the company at time when technology and growth are combining to create what he sees is fast moving wave that must be ridden and harnessed


rdmann Rauer has been the sole CEO of LSG Sky Chefs since October of last year when took over the position from Walter Gehl. Since then, the executive has been on the road, visiting the company’s many regional centers and has prepared to meet the many challenges of a widely dispersed company that spans the world. Rauer gave his comments on the state of the industry and where it is heading for this issue Industry Q and A: PAX International: First, could we get a little background on your professional career and what experience you bring to the top spot at LSG Sky Chefs? Erdmann Rauer: First of all, thank you for this great opportunity. I am certainly happy to talk a bit about my business background. Prior to joining LSG Sky Chefs in 2006 as Managing Director of our equipment and logistics subsidiary SPIRIANT, I held a number of management positions in the


areas of sales, marketing and logistics. In 2007, I was appointed Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for LSG Sky Chefs worldwide and became Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and Member of the Executive Board in 2011. I have been in my current position since October 2014. In terms of experience and skills, I guess beyond my international experience in the areas I just mentioned, I would say that I am quite forward-looking and an analytical and strategic thinker that can handle tasks with the required energy and pragmatism. My management style is very team-oriented. I like to set group objectives and give people ownership of their goals. PAX: You’ve been traveling extensively since taking over as CEO. What are some places you’ve visited? Has any region been a special priority? Rauer: I have actually traveled throughout every one of our management regions since taking over so I could exchange ideas

about how we should move forward with our regional management teams. It may sound redundant, but all of our regions are a priority in one way or the other. They are all considerably different from each other in terms of customer requirements based on market maturity, growth rates, potential for expansion and need for restructuring at individual locations. But I guess this is what makes our company so fascinating. The challenges and weaknesses of the different environments we operate in, and the management teams that deal with them, are the true strength of LSG Sky Chefs, which is based on diversity at all levels, whether we are talking about products and services, locations or our people. PAX: LSG Sky Chefs recently won a contract with iDTGV in France and you have visited the Innotrans event for the past few years. What is the company developing in terms of expertise, infrastructure and logistics for rail catering and supply?

INDUSTRY Q&A Rauer: The train services business is particularly attractive in Europe, where new high-speed railway networks are being constantly expanded following the liberalization of the European train market. Consequently, new operators are entering this market and the existing ones are upgrading their travel experience in light of the increasing competition. So they need a partner that can support them in the development and implementation of innovative, holistic service concepts that connect with their brand and create a new passenger experience. And this is exactly our core competence. A great example of a collaborative concept is the one we created for the Thello trains connecting Italy and France. It entails a whole new marketing approach that encompasses branding as a framework for a range of services and products, including the crew and the entire food and beverages selection onboard. Through this type of innovative concept, we have established ourselves in this market by providing services to Thello, as I just mentioned, iDTGV and ntv in France and Italy respectively, and Eurostar and SNCB in Belgium. We wanted to test the waters by going to Innotrans in 2012 and were overwhelmed by the response and feedback we received. This trade fair provides a great international platform for buyers and sellers of passenger and freight transport technology. PAX: SPIRIANT is moving into its third year in operation with a new office in the Middle East. What’s been your assessment of the company and how has the rebranding from the old LSG Sky Chefs Catering Logistics division helped? Rauer: SPIRIANT is developing very successfully in terms of gaining new customers and establishing an international presence. In addition to its offices in Hong Kong and Dubai, it is currently also reinforcing its presence in Latin America. Meanwhile, we are proactively exploring new opportunities in the airline growth markets. In fact, the customer base for both SPIRIANT and SkylogistiX, its joint venture with Kühne and Nagel covering the areas of inventory, forecasting and logistics management, has been expanded significantly over the past two or three years. The SPIRIANT brand, launched at the 2013 WTCE, has undoubtedly given the business a boost. First, the brand was a clear sign to our customers that we are strongly committed to further investing in the equipment segment, where we already

have more than 20 years of experience. Second, it has contributed a lot to the level of identification the employees have with the company and has attracted a lot of new, creative talent. PAX: Oakfield Farms Solutions is now wholly owned by LSG Sky Chefs. What changes to operations and product development have taken place since the purchase? Rauer: Oakfield Farms Solutions is wholly owned by LSG Sky Chefs in the United States, while Oakfield Farms Europe is a joint venture operation between its founder, Harvey Alpert, and LSG Sky Chefs. Their experience in creating meal boxes has compleErdmann Rauer mented the LSG Sky Chefs portfolio on both continents perfectly. The cooperation is actually a win-win for both companies because while Oakfield Farms’ expertise in meal boxes has complemented our portfolio, we have provided them with access to new markets via LSG Sky Chefs’ relationships. I am a strong believer in partnerships and this one is a great success story, along with many others that we pursue in terms of portfolio or geographical expansion. PAX: Walter Gehl took the top spot at LSG Sky Chefs when this segment of the industry was struggling much more than it is now. What is your assessment of the business environment now, and how will you build the company going forward? Rauer: The good news is that the airline industry is and will remain a growing industry, of course, taking regional fluctuations into consideration. The two major differences between 10 years ago and today are the pace of business and the growing individualization trend. These two factors are being enabled by the digitalization that is influencing so many aspects of both our business and personal lives. At the same time, they are opening the doors to a whole new world of untapped possibilities. Regarding the pace of business, modern technology makes it possible to connect

with anybody anywhere and at any time. Consequently, information can be disseminated within seconds forcing us to speed up in our processes, think ahead and have an answer before a question is even asked. As for individualization, this trend demands a massive expansion of our range of offers in order to cater to individual needs. The result is that our business processes need to move faster and our business model become more diversified. Fully understanding their impact, we are working on both of these areas. I am personally very invested in research, development and innovation activities. So these developments really play into our agenda. PAX: LSG Sky Chefs always has some entertaining events planned for the WTCE. Could you give us a hint of what we might see this year? Rauer: Well, we want to surprise you with our entertainment once again this year. But what I can already tell you is that we will present ourselves with a completely new approach. My teams have been working diligently to develop interesting stories to tell and attract WTCE visitors. We certainly look forward to welcoming you at our booth.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  29

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Seating the

FLYING CONTINENT The premium economy seat from Zim Flugsitz was part of the massive premium economy project on Lufthansa German Airlines

The skies are filling with passengers as spring heads into summer, and with airlines’ fortunes continuing to improve, seating manufacturers are increasing with every aircraft that rolls out of the hangars by RICK LUNDSTROM


n early March, online market analyst assessed the high-flying commercial aviation industry in terms that would make any airline seating manufacturer— and there is a growing number — sit up and take notice. This year, reported the daily number of available seats for flights leaving the United States would reach an all time high of more than 350,000, which is 20,000 more than were flying the previous year. All those passengers need some place to buckle up. With more than 1 billion people traveling internationally, marketers have been calling this captive group of consumers who move through airports and climb into aircraft their “sixth continent.” To meet the growing demand from travelers, aircraft manufacturers are ramping up production and demanding much the same from suppliers far down the line. Seat manufacturer Recaro closely tracks the sales and projected growth of the aircraft seating market. Earlier this year, Recaro CEO Dr. Mark Hiller told PAX International that the airline seating industry realized some US$2.89 billion in sales in 2014. By 2019, Recaro is projecting sales of more than US $3.7 billion. At this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, visitors will see the latest products from


seating companies and discussions will be had anew on how to manufacture products that are lighter, thinner and capable of meeting demands by airlines to maximize revenue. This spring saw airlines from Hawaii to Spain adding more seating and pushing the envelope of capacity on medium-haul and short-haul aircraft. Will the industry be able to keep up with the demand? Angelika Zimmerman, CEO of Zim Flugsitz in Germany said her young company sees a great chance in a growing market. “The necessity for seats is still growing,” Zimmermann said. “If you are able

The Thompson Aero seat on the SAS Erik Viking

to deliver a good product with good performance, the outlook is great. “Taking into account this high demand on the line-fit, it will become more difficult for the customers to get good products, the seats they want for retrofit programs.” During 2014, Zim Flugsitz was involved in one of the most high-profile cabin programs of the year — installing its premium economy class seat on the long-haul fleet of Lufthansa German Airlines. Not only did it generate a lot of business (115 aircraft, of which 40 are in operation) it gained the attention of another big customer, Singapore Airlines, which announced recently it would be working with Zim Flugsitz for its premium economy cabin. One step up to the front, air travelers will be enjoying the comforts and features of products by Thompson Aero in much greater numbers in the years to come. Over the past year, the Irish seatmaker took orders for the Vantage XL seat from Qantas Airways for retrofit on its A330s, Aer Lingus and the new A330 cabin on Scandinavian Airlines, which flew for the first time in February. The Erik Viking from SAS was the first of 11 aircraft currently in the fleet that will be outfitted with the Vantage XL with four of the aircraft scheduled for delivery this year. “The feedback we have received from all three customers since they have entered service is very positive,” said Andy Morris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Thompson Aero Seating. “And there have been some very complimentary on-line reviews posted by their passengers.” Qantas and Thompson Aero Seating worked with designer Mark Newson on the airline’s Business Suite. Morris said the Thompson product in Qantas aircraft has a number of innovations. Included in the Vantage XL is a “relaxed lounge position,”

NEW INTERIORS: SEATING which has been approved for taxi, take-off and landing. The seat is 23 to 24 inches wide, and offers easy and direct access to the aisle. The design has also expanded the size of work surfaces and personal stowage. Morris describes the current seating market in a single word: exciting. The company has expanded its facilities and capabilities in Portadown, Northern Ireland and now has a footprint of more than 116,000 square feet. Morris says the expansion gives Thompson Aero the ability to deliver customized products more quickly. “Our standard lead-time, based upon an existing seat, starts at around six months and from 12 months for a fully customized product,” he said. Deliveries and orders are tracked daily at Thompson. Morris says the line-fit market remains “very buoyant” as the orders and deliveries have had a positive impact on the retrofit market as well. With new, fresh cabins arriving from manufacturers, lie-flat seating becomes necessary throughout the fleet. “Even once new aircraft have been delivered we see airlines looking to retrofit their existing fleets in order to offer

a consistency in cabins and products,” Morris added. Rodolfo Baldascino, Managing Director at Geven Aircraft in Italy also watches the aircraft market. The company is in a catalog of Airbus Industries and he stays in contact with the airframe manufacturer often and is stepping up capabilities of the company’s plant, which can now manufacture up to 200 shipsets of seats per year. Geven plans to keep a competitive edge as Airbus ramps up its operations to manufacture up to 50 A320s per month. Baldascino says such a

quick production rate is pressuring companies to increase production creating both challenges and opportunities. At this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, Geven will be looking to capitalize on that opportunity with a new family of seating designed for light weight and short-to medium-haul service. The lightest-weight versions of the company new Essenza line will come in at between 5.5 and 7.5 kilograms per seat. The basic version of the seat will come in without recline features. “The Essenza has been conceived in

Geven seating on the 737s of flydubai


72 Johnnycake Hill Road . Middletown, RI 02842 USA 1-888-575-AVID . .  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  33


The titanium Expliseat is now flying on two airlines

order to meet the latest Airbus requirement to potentially go below the 28-inch pitch that is today the minimum installation pitch,” said Baldascino. On the high-density layouts planned by Airbus and its airline customers, the A320 would seat between 186 and 189 passengers, while the A321 would hold between 230 and 244 passengers. However, Baldascino stressed that even with the high-density layout, the Essenza can offer passengers a greater degree of comfort through the positioning of beams in the rear part of the primary structure. The start of this year found Zodiac Seats in the midst of the certification process for its latest lightweight model, the L3. The L3 also holds the promise of maximized living space for passengers in Economy Class on short-to-medium-haul flights. And for Zodiac’s airline customers, it holds the promise of weight savings, coming into the industry at 4 kilograms per passenger. However the three L’s in the seat’s name stand for lightweight, living space and the other important component in the industry: lead time. Zodiac Seats is working with Hexcel, a manufacturer of composites, carbon fiber, epoxy, adhesives and other products to develop the L3. The armrests and tray tables on the L3 will be made from the Hexcel’s HexMCÒ compression molding process, which Zodiac Seats says will give the seats an unique look and superior strength. “The manufacturing process of the seat, resulting from cooperation between Zodiac Seats and Hexcel, will ensure quick manufacturing and delivery compared to current seats, “ said Laurent Stritter, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy at Zodiac Seats.

The titanium difference The A320 fleet operated by Compagnie 34  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2015

Africaine d’Aviation flew for the first time in December with the lightweight titanium seat designed and produced by Expliseat. The airline is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Expliseat’s other customer is the French carrier, Air Méditerranée. Sales of the high-tech titanium component seat are progressing toward the company’s goal to become “the most efficient seat in the market for short and medium haul,” said Jean-Charles Samuelian, Managing

Director of Expliseat. In addition to the A320 line, Expliseat has manufactured a model designed for the ATR regional aircraft market. The company’s factory in Toulouse has the capability of producing 200 shipsets of seating per year. The seats are built without a recline feature, but with a natural angle for engineered for comfort. Samuelian said at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, the company will be bringing that latest version that offers a moveable armrest. The ultra-light seat is made of titanium and composite materials and has only 30 parts, as compared to more than to 300 on average in other seats. The slim design can also add up to five centimeters of extra legroom, according to the company. Earlier this year, Expliseat received the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration certification, which allows the product to be used by airlines in the United States. “For us, the U.S. is one of our key markets. There are some very efficient airlines and some low-cost carriers and other airlines that are very careful about the success of their operations,” said Samuelian.

Making leather light Boxmark Leather has been making seating products for the aviation industry since 2010 and in the past two years has seen demand for its products increase greatly as well as challenges to the ongoing need to decrease weight in the cabin. “The reduction in weight is achieved through modifications of the formulation in the tannery, where the chemical and physical properties of the leather is unchanged,” said Christian Schober, who works in Sales Center Upholstery at the German company. At the far end of leather strength is the company’s XTREME leather product. Boxmark has developed a durable leather that is designed to resist tears and stretching while enduring extremes in temperature. The company has even developed a durable leather product called F-LIST that can be used in flooring and walls. Among the customers for Boxmark are Lufthansa German Airlines, Croatia Airlines and Etihad Airways. The company also sells products to Zodiac Aerospace and Recaro. “The market for the aviation business is quite demanding, because there are a lot of players,” said Schober. “But the big benefit from Boxmark is that we can offer our customers (service) from the Boxmark makes the XLIGHT leather hides, to the finished seat and XTREME leather products solution and upholstery.”

VIP INTERIORS – EMIRATES CHARTER JET There are 10 private suites in the Emirates Executive A319



mirates is operating a luxuriously appointed A319 on its successful Emirates Executive charter jet service. Since August 2013, Emirates Executive has offered charter services to most locations worldwide and beyond the existing Emirates network. In its 18 months of operation, Emirates Executive has flown to destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, with a capacity to fly up to eight hours non-stop. The Emirates Executive A319 was designed with a high level of comfort in mind and can carry up to 19 passengers. Emirates Executive introduced elegant private suites with heightened innovations and a large multi-functional lounge area

Classic walnut and marble, complemented by gold fittings await the passenger in the bathroom

Emirates Executive is offering its private jet clients a luxuriously appointed A319 with a highly customizable interior space by MARY JANE PITTILLA

onboard, allowing guests to personalize the space. “On this aircraft, customization is key; guests have the opportunity to adapt the living space to suit their precise needs during flight. The expansive lounge area can be arranged as a private restaurant, a personal office, or an area to simply relax in,” an Emirates spokesperson said. There are dining room and cocktail tables, and the lounge seats also convert to full-sized beds. Each of the 10 private suites onboard is furnished with sliding privacy doors, fully flat bed seats with feather down duvets and pillows, and memory foam mattresses. They also incorporate ambient lighting, a visitor’s seat, personal mini-bar and a

personal 32 inch LCD screen, which plays Emirates’ award-winning ice entertainment system, offering up to 1,500 on-demand channels. Full Wi-Fi, mobile phone connectivity and video conferencing are available throughout the flight. The sumptuous shower spa and powder room are finished in classic walnut and marble, complemented by gold fittings, and stocked with fine linens, luxury bathrobes and a range of upscale spa products. The shower is temperature-controlled. Some 8.3 cubic meters of baggage space is available with a total weight of approximately 1,200 kilograms, the equivalent of 30 to 50 standard suitcases. Emirates Flight Catering does the catering for the Emirates Executive charter service, using the skills of professional master chefs. The service is 90% owned by Emirates Airline, with the remaining share being held by Dubai Civil Aviation. To enhance its service to guests, the dining experience on the Emirates Executive A319 is also fully customizable. Guests can decide when and how they want to eat – at a banquet-style buffet or alone in their private suites – and the menu is adapted to reflect individual tastes. “Only the finest, freshest locally sourced ingredients are used to prepare gourmet meals,” said the spokesperson. Emirates has also made a significant investment in its wine, Champagne and port offerings. Representing a long-term  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  35

VIP INTERIORS – EMIRATES CHARTER JET investment of over US$500 million to date, Emirates’ wine program is a critical component of its inflight dining experience. Rather than depend on intermediary buyers, Emirates’ own team of experts has built relationships directly with some of the world’s most prestigious chateaux and vineyards to handpick and secure the wines served onboard. In December 2014, Emirates introduced exclusive uniforms for its specialist multilingual Emirates Executive cabin crew, to match the distinctiveness of this service. “This unique ensemble draws on the iconic Emirates uniform for colour and style inspiration, and includes a neckerchief for vintage appeal,” said the spokesperson.

Emirates Flight Catering has seen to the dining details with master chefs and locally sourced ingredients

Emirates Group makes new senior appointments Emirates Group has announced two appointments to its senior management team for key operational functions. Saeed Mohammed has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Flight Catering. He will be succeeded by Yousuf Mohammad Ali, who has been appointed as Senior Vice President Procurement & Logistics for Emirates Airline and Group Services. His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group, highlighted the pivotal role of these new appointments for the group’s evolving business. “Saeed and Yousuf both have track records of success within the organization and their promotions are not only well deserved, but speak to our ongoing efforts to develop and inspire Emirati talent,” he said. “Their experience, knowledge of the industry, and ability to deliver superior results make them ideal leaders. I am confident that in their new roles, they will continue to support the growth of the various Emirates Group businesses and drive operational excellence.” Saeed Mohammed joined the company in 2001 as General Manager of Aircraft Procurement, where he played an active role in the expansion programme for the procurement of both aircraft and engines. He was promoted to head the Procurement & Logistics department for Emirates Airline and Group Services as Senior Vice President, where he led a team of over 130 procurement specialists. Mohammed is now responsible for all business functions at Emirates Flight Catering, the world’s largest flight catering facility. Mohammed was the first Arab national to be awarded a fellowship at the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply and the first Arab on its board. Yousuf Mohammad Ali joined the company in 2011 as Vice President Procurement and Logistics, taking on the responsibility for its non-aircraft services for the Emirates Group. Ali was responsible for planning and implementing the group-wide strategy for best practices in procurement and logistics methods to maintain Emirates’ leadership in the industry. Ali has over 16 years of experience in asset management and previously held key positions with the Majid Al Futtaim Group as well as Emaar Properties in Dubai. Saeed Mohammed


Yousuf Mohammad Ali

DESIGN FIRMS The lounge in Qatar Airways’ A380 is “the largest flying in the sky”

designs on detail


UK-based design agency PriestmanGoode explains how much high-level detail is required to achieve today’s airline cabin interiors by MARY JEAN PITTILLA


he old saying “retail is detail” could equally apply to aircraft interior design, judging by the complex projects undertaken by the UK-based design agency PriestmanGoode, which specializes in the fields of aviation, transport, space, product design and interiors for hotels and cruise lines. In all its projects, PriestmanGoode considers the whole passenger journey, according to Nigel Goode, Director and one of the founders. The agency has an impressive track record in collaborating with major airline companies and manufacturers including Airbus, with which it regularly works on developing new aircraft. PriestmanGoode also recently completed an interior design project for the narrow-body Embraer E-Jet E2. It made a full-size mock-up of the interior design,

TAM, among many others. Goode is rightly proud of all these projects, but it is the company’s linefit design for Qatar Airways’ A380 that really stands out for its groundbreaking creativity and painstaking attention to detail. Explaining the company’s overall cabin design approach, Ben Rowan, Associate Director at PriestmanGoode, told PAX International: “It is all about consistent detail. In terms of trends, it is about the whole environment rather than a bit of it, a complete image that we want to achieve. Crew areas are often neglected, for example, but we look at the whole aircraft.” PriestmanGoode’s project on the Qatar Airways A380 was completed at the end

of 2014 and encompassed first class cabin interiors, a premium lounge and lavatories. The onboard lounge/bar – which Goode describes as “the largest flying in the sky” – is available to both Business and First Class passengers. “It is not just a bar, it is a flexible space, where you can read, work, drink coffee or have breakfast,” he said. The curved counter top has sofas on both sides, with space in the lounge for 22 people. The area is manned by crewmembers offering drinks and snacks and includes a mosaic-tiled bar and a coffee machine. “It is a sumptuous space that makes a statement. There is a feeling of refined luxury and elegant finishes in deep, rich colors. The materials and finDining for two La Première suites on Air France is achieved through the use of the ottoman

“We are fighting for millimeters all the time in these types of projects” - Nigel Goode

which was shown to great acclaim at the Farnborough International Airshow last year. Since then the aircraft has embarked on a world tour. At the upper end of the passenger airline market, the company has completed cabin design projects in First Class such as the recently unveiled Air France La Première suites, Swiss International, Lufthansa German Airlines and  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  37

DESIGN FIRMS A flavor of the country can be found in the Qatar Airways cabin

ishes incorporate bespoke signature items designed for the airline.” The circular ceiling light is an impressive feature in the lounge, shedding light through its pierced copper fretwork. This copper fretwork is an airline signature, which is also repeated on a privacy panel on passengers’ seats in first class. A similar circular light has also been installed at the entrance to the aircraft. PriestmanGoode also developed the textured waffle panels – another Qatar Airways signature that appears in the lounge bar area, the entrance and behind each first class seat. “Years ago, airline signatures used to be solely used on the livery, on the tailfins. Now there are signature materials inside the cabin,” noted Goode. Some of the paint finishes used in the Qatar Airways cabin are metallic. The company has observed the increasing use of plated finishes onboard Middle East

The lamp in the La Première suites on Air France went through several versions


carriers, as well as metallics and other types of paint finishes, such as matte, pearlescent and silver, in its other projects. “The attention to detail and finishes make a difference,” said Goode. “It is not about the features; it is about the experience and sense of place. It is about Qatar and what is right for the airline and the country, and executing it in a refined and sophisticated way.” The premium lavatories on Qatar’s A380 are lavish and fully bespoke. The waterfall tap took some two years to develop with Airbus and Franke, following thorough testing and trials. “The shape of the water flow was important – it had to emit a smooth ribbon of water,” observed Rowan. The tile-effect background for the sink is not actually a tiled wall but a bespoke finish that was developed by Rowan. “You have to be creative – it is not a standard solution,” he noted.

‘We fight for every millimeter’ so premium passengers can enjoy a sense of place

“We are fighting for millimeters all the time in these types of projects,” Goode added, pointing to the area underneath the lounge bar counter top, which had to fit a refrigerator, sinks and a coffee machine. PriestmanGoode also recently completed the first class La Première suites for Air France on a 777-300. The retrofit project took in the design of the cabin environment and featured leather, suede and touches of wood and metal in the four private suites. The studio worked closely with Brand Image, a branding agency that is responsible for Air France’s corporate identity. “The first impression you get upon entering is the openness of the aircraft – the design and materials make the cabin feel spacious, but you also have the ability to close off your area,” said Rowan. The inclusion of an ottoman in the suite means there is room for two people to dine at the table. The space-saving design also included a wardrobe to hang coats behind the seat, and curtains were installed to allow passengers privacy. In terms of materials and finishes, the Air France project sought to express French elegance, downplaying the sense of luxury. “Less is more,” said Goode. PriestmanGoode’s CMF (color, materials and finish) team had to get materials developed from scratch for the Air France project. Surfaces were specially created, while the plastics, leather and paint were all bespoke and took two or three years to develop. An exceptional level of detail is key when working on materials and finishes. “It is difficult work; it’s all about high-level details,” said Goode. “Take the lamp on Air France, for example. It took many iterations and a lot of pain to get to the end result. We wanted to put Air France’s winged seahorse logo that appeared on the pillow onto a semi-translucent lampshade for the seat light, which was very difficult to manufacture. It was a challenge, but the winged seahorse is at the heart of Air France’s history and remains a powerful symbol of the airline, so we were determined to incorporate it. It was also a great way for us to illustrate to passengers the level of detail that the airline invests in to create an outstanding passenger experience.” Goode concluded: “We want to achieve a sense of place, a flavor of the country, in our projects; we don’t want to offer a homogenized look. We have to pick up the sensitivities of the particular country in our work. It’s like branding a country.”


COMPANY PROFILE: EGATE SOLUTIONS Simon de Montfort Walker, President of eGate Solutions sees POPS ™ as a product for use by caterers, airport restaurants and other businesses

for sales

Ease of E-commerce for the and a customized experience for the passenger is part of eGate Solutions new shopping platform to debut at WTCE by RICK LUNDSTROM


s changes in the passenger experience continue to develop and evolve, one of the most important advantages sought by airlines, and the companies that supply them new ways make traveling from home to destination more customized and simple. With that in mind, eGate Solutions, a member of the gategroup of companies will be introducing a new automated pre-order and pre-selection ancillary revenue technology at this year’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo. The company was lining up customers and preparing for the launch of the product in March, aptly named POPS™ for Pre-order and Pre-Selection. eGate is touting POPS™ as an easy-to use e-commerce portal that will be available on all the common mobile devices. Airlines purchasing POPS™ can brand the product or make it an interface to an airline website. When a passenger places an order, it is delivered to airline’s caterer or other source of product. Integration can take place with eGate, the airline itself or through a third party payment processing system. The access to the system will be through a range of International Air Transport Association enabled points of New Distribution Capability, including an airline’s, website, e-mail link, custom application and check-in kiosk. Simon de Montfort Walker, President and Managing Director of eGate Solutions sees POPS™ as a portal for not only caterers, but possibly businesses within the airport that passengers can access with a few small steps on their mobile devices.

“The benefits of pre-order and pre-selection are clear and most everyone is thinking about how to bring it into their operations to deliver a great experience,” he said, in the announcement of the POPS ™ launch. “However it can cause a great deal of planning and fulfillment work to get right “eGate’s POPS ™ solution takes the expense and the complexity out the pre-order and pre-selection, making it a viable option of all types and sizes.” For customers of eGate, POPS ™ can integrate into the company’s line of products and solutions. With the new program, the eGate said airline customers can better maximize their passenger amenities and cut back on the associated wastage and additional weight and fuel burn that comes with boarding additional products. Walker said airline customers could make use of the POPS ™ for a variety of purchase options. Through POPS ™, for instance, passengers could order the Special Meal in the standard order time of 24 hours in advance, or perhaps access a ambient temperature meal would be available on shorter notice. Ordering could be completed in a simple three-step process or in a slightly more involved process when payment is required. POPS™ could also be used for delivery of a meal product at different points and flight legs. “In our increasingly connected world, consumers expect more personalization and the ability to customize their experience,” said Walker. “Whether on the ground or in the air.”

Two windows in eGate’s new POPS™: one for meal selection and one for meal Confirmation  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  39



The original Quantum trolley, shown here, will be joined by the Quantum Flex, which will be shown at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo


Visitors to this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo will be seeing the first versions of some airline trolleys, with released timed to both the market and the event by RICK LUNDSTROM


daptations and advancement continue in the manufacturing and marketing of airline trolleys and at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, the products that are driven heavily by market demand will include of selection of launches from companies in Europe and Asia. But even though makers have been hearing the drumbeat from potential customers to make products that are lighter

and more technology driven, few would have guessed at last year’s AIX that a commercial aviation industry that is entering another year of stellar growth would also be saving as much as it currently is on fuel costs. The savings holds the possibility of onboard products purchases and less time contemplating the constant worrisome fuel costs and that can change an airline’s fortunes with the rise and fall of only a few

pennies per gallon. However long- or short-lived the current fuel prices remain the companies that make the trolley keep weight savings a priority. This year’s new product development will be tied to that goal. Other forces are also at work. With an eye toward raising the level of its inflight service product in the front cabin, several airlines have made the decision to end trolley service in First and Business Class. Lufthansa German Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines are two carriers that recently decided to follow the trend and serve meals in the front cabin and style more resembling restaurants. But even with the changes, the dependable airline trolley in its latest iterations, holds the promise of being part of the airline cabin for some time. Dozens are in use in aircraft such as the A380, which requires their services for quick loading for a fast turnaround. The worldwide market for airline galley equipment is expected to reach US$2.6 billion, at a compounded annual growth rate of 4.10% from 2014 to 2020 according to a report by the U. K. based MarketsandMarket. The findings are published in a report called Galley Equipment Market by Galley Type (Single Aisle, Twin Aisle, Custom-Fit), by Galley Inserts (Electric Inserts and NonElectric Inserts), by Application (Aviation, Marine), by Geography – Forecast 2014 to 2020. The report analyzes and studies the major market drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Emerging markets in China and India are also driving the market for cabin and galley products. Rising demand for the aircraft, increased demand for the lightweight galley equipment, demand for galley customization, and a boost in demand for modular galleys are some of the key factors fueling the growth of the galley equipment market, said the report. The practices and policies of the world’s low-cost carriers are one of the factors hampering the growth of the galley equipment market.

Flexing its adaptability On of the companies that will be lifting the veil on a new trolley model will be Montreal-based Norduyn. The developer of the widely accepted Quantum trolley will be showing visitors to the stand its new Quantum Flex model that the company had been developing for nearly a year. That  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  41

TROLLEYS & INSERTS EcoLite Gen2’s work surface for flight attendants

development gained new momentum last fall when fuel prices began to drop, and stay there. “We are looking forward to getting a lot of interest as we are certain that the market requires trolleys with a value proposition that Quantum Flex is offering,” said Thomas Köhler Vice-President Business Development for Norduyn. Thus, in Ham-

The Hybrite S. The newest in the Zodiac Aerospace product lines


burg, Norduyn will unveil the Quantum Flex version to extend the product line the Quantum trolley family. The original Quantum, in its original all-composite from was launched on Lufthansa German Airlines in 2012 and how has upwards of 37,000 units in the air with major airlines worldwide. Feedback gained from operations on Quantum trolleys set base to design quantum Flex making it robust and sturdy. Norduyn is keeping the Quantum Flex a bit under wraps as the time wound down to the AIX. But Köhler was willing to let out a few details on the products development and what drove Norduyn to add another product to its successful line. Development started in earnest last summer, he said. After some initial trials, oil markets began their precipitous drop and Köhler said the company saw the opportunity to bring an all composite panel trolley with a lower price point and some interesting options that could benefit the airline customer, that was still concerned about highest possible weight savings. Uncomparable to alternative designs Quantum Flex weight savings has been achieved without accepting structural compromises effecting serviceability in operations,

Köhler is pointing out. According to Köhler the Quantum Flex will retain approximately 90% of the features and savings found in the original model. The new model will be priced competitively, and in areas, such as the composite panels customers will have the option to either repair or replace a damaged piece. The ability to have the option to either repair or replace a side panel can cut maintenance costs by up to 37% compared to traditional trolleys, said Köhler. The company will be bringing two models of the Quantum Flex to Hamburg this year. Behind the scenes, Norduyn will be working on the necessary regulatory procedures to have the new addition flying in the very near future. “We hope we get a lot of interest as we have a feeling that the market is picking up,” said Köhler.

Hybrite with an S Zodiac Aerospace claims that 70 years of expertise in trolley evolution is found in the Hybrite S line that will be introduced in Hamburg, but has been talked about since the beginning of the year. Some of the changes are aesthetic. The company says that customers will be able to select a new trolley in an infinite array of colors. As an option, Zodiac Aerospace can apply custom artwork for branding and promotional purposes. Like the original, the Hybrite S has a modular design that Zodiac Aerospace has developed for ease of maintenance. For security purposes, other changes have been made. Zodiac Aerospace has developed

TROLLEYS & INSERTS the Hybrite S with screws that are not accessible from the outside of the trolley. In addition to keeping maintainability, the change will give users and extra level of security for the contents. The final changes are designed to make the Hybrite S more usable. Zodiac Aerospace has added some ergonomic improvements, smoothing the surfaces and increasing the size of the handgrip spaces ass well as improving the product’s door movement.

A new generation Diethelm Keller Aviation’s EcoLite trolley was launched in 2009 about the time that many companies began developing products to meet the demand for less weight. In Hamburg, the Singapore- based company will be rolling out the newer model, known as the EcoLite Gen 2. “It is more of a product evolution, refinement than a totally new series,” said a spokesman for the company. But Diethelm Keller has made some significant changes in the EcoLite construction. The new model will come in at 24% less weight than the current lightweight series product. The full sized model can weight as little as 16 kilograms. In addition to less weight, the EcoLite Gen 2 promises more ease of use. One of the features Diethelm Keller has added is a detachable tabletop to increase the amount of workspace for flight attendants. It has added a stainless steel and aluminum alloy brake system.

The EcoLite Gen 2 weighs in at 16 kilograms

Handheld scanners are part of the line of defense against pilferage

The other changes announced by Diethelm Keller have been cosmetic. With the new model, airline customers can pick from more than 400 design variations. “The product design team is constantly challenging themselves on ways to improve the EcoLite,” said the spokesperson.

Flightweight aims for smart and light The U.K. company Flightweight caught the attention of Emriati Royalty and other visitors to this year’s Aircraft Interiors Middle East and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul event in Dubai earlier this year. But the event was the lead up for the yearly

AIX, which brings the aviation industry together in force. As spring begins the company is moving full ahead toward certification of the cart that combines lightweight with high-tech components to ward off pilferage. Flightweight has been in operation since 2013 under the WRASP Group (Weight Reduction and Security Products). Its products are powered by AirGuard, the patented lock and seal technology. At this year’s AIME AIX Middle East show in Dubai Flightweight exhibited the SmartCart. The company was also showing visitors its DataCart which is a mobile asset control center using the company’s Cumulus software, that secures and manages an airline’s assets by leaving a digital footprint at nearly every step of a trolley’s movement. Not only does the company market the Flightweight for pricy duty free products, but also for everyday products that are often in the eyes of thieves. In recent months, Flightweight has also been putting its products through rigorous testing procedures to obtain EASA airworthiness standard. In addition, the company is currently working on the development of Planeguard, an innovative way of locking a plane when on the tarmac. Where the Flightweight earns its name is through its construction. The walls are made from a compressed flax product, which is dent resistant and can actually repair itself, said Malcolm Mathieson, Managing Director of Flightweight. With the AirGuard seal and the Flightweight SmartCart, the product weighs in at approximately 11.5 kilograms.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  43

Co-located with MRO Middle East


Reach airline buyers from the Middle East, Africa and Asia who only attend AIME – book your space today THE MIDDLE EAST’S ONLY AIRCRAFT INTERIORS EVENT

INFLIGHT RETAIL: JET BLUE Infinite Peripherals makes the hardware that will be combined with iPad Minis for inflight sales on JetBlue

NFC now

With the help of two partners, JetBlue Airways became an early adopter, launching Apple Pay inflight early this year by RICK LUNDSTROM


pple Pay – two simple words that when placed together mean very little, but when combined with a consumer electronics and computer giant, have enough power to change the way much of the world does commonplace retail transactions. Those two words made their way into the business world lexicon late last year, when Apple announced it was entering the world of near-field communications (NFC), launching a program where users of iPhones and iPads can complete transactions without swiping a credit card, and pay for goods and services with literally the wave of a phone-wielding hand. It seems fitting that a relatively new airline was first out of the blocks to be an early adapter of NFC technology, establishing a purchasing system onboard its aircraft with the help of a gategroup firm and a longtime supplier of onboard point-of-sale hardware and, of course, several thousand iPad Minis destined for flight attendants. The next move in inflight retailing began in early February when JetBlue Airways announced it would be the first major domestic carrier in the United States to accept Apple Pay™ transactions for passengers with both models of the iPhone® 6 and later, Apple’s iWatch™. Almost immediately

after the announcement the airline began its initial steps that will, by this summer, have iPad Minis in the hands of 3,500 JetBlue flight attendants who will sell the airline’s à la carte food options, beverages, onboard amenities and additional seating space. In addition, functions on the iPad will give flight attendants a profile of the aircraft’s cabin and the airline’s important True Blue program members. Crew will read manifests and help passengers with connection information and even wish them a happy birthday. The iPads were in the hands of approximately 300 flight attendants when Blair Koch, Vice President of Information Technology Commercial and Shared Development Services at JetBlue talked with PAX International. Even with the initial investment, he said his department made a strong case that the roll out of Apple Pay would make good financial sense for JetBlue. He said the airline’s previous system relied on hand-held devices that tended to not be available inflight and would often lose credit card transactions when crew attempted to synchronize the device back at one of the airline’s bases. “This solution is going to be a huge cost savings for us,” said Koch. “In fact, that was our business case.”

But another reason was more intangible. JetBlue sees in its passenger base a group of travelers who would welcome Apple Pay options and would be inclined to be impressed with an airline that offers the service. “For us, that kind of association with Apple as a brand is great, and they likewise like to have an association with us as a brand,” Koch said.

The suppliers Such a program cannot be carried out alone, and helping JetBlue make the transition to offer Apple Pay as an option is eGate Solutions, a division of gategroup, and a company called Infinite Peripherals of Elk Grove Village, Illinois. From eGate Solutions, the airline made use of its TS onboard retail and cabin management technology. It was the first time the company has implemented the TS product in a NFC-enabled environment. In addition to recording sales, the TS platform integrates the front-end operations with back office data and planning. With the enhanced TS product, airline customers in the future will be able to work with any NFC-enabled peripheral device to accept Apple Pay. One of the people who was part of the  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  45

INFLIGHT RETAIL: JET BLUE project was Cenith Wheeler, Director of Operations and Customer Support at eGate Solutions. To make the capabilities work for JetBlue, Wheeler said eGate Solutions coordinated the rollout with Apple, banking services and the hardware supplier. “We had to work with the banking institutions of the customers, especially for the Apple Pay,” Wheeler said. “The processor has to be Apple certified for processing those types of payments. Just connecting the multiple moving pieces was the most challenging part.” eGate Solutions works with approximately 20 airline customers on their retail platforms. Users profiled run the gamut from chip and pin, to credit card swiping and other programs. Wheeler said as airlines shed hardware that is not up to date, many will have the possibility to make the transition to and NFC platform that offers greater opportunity for sales. In the February 10 announcement of the collaboration with JetBlue, eGate Solutions’ President and Managing Director Simon de Montfort Walker said, “the consumer demand for technology conveniences onboard will only grow as mobile devices

The first JetBlue flight attendants received iPad Minis for inflight sales earlier this year


and other consumer electronics become more pervasive. Implementing a modern payment infrastructure gives JetBlue a significant competitive foothold, as more consumers move toward mobile payments.” Such mobile payments onboard have been a primary business for Infinite Peripherals, a company that has been manufacturing point-of-sale hardware for the airline and other industries for more than 20 years. In addition to being in on the ground floor of the Blackberry-based buy-onboard sales movement, Infinite Peripherals makes uses of Palm and Apple devices to help other retail segments print receipts and record transactions. The company has more than half a million point of sale devices in field. Richard Keever, Director of Sales at Infinite Peripherals, told PAX International that approximately six months of testing, with feedback from users took place before the February launch in JetBlue’s Mint service cabin. In addition to the iPad mini that crew are now receiving, is a bright blue reader designed by Infinite Peripherals that attaches to the lightening connector on the Apple device. The device is loaded with

Infinite Peripherals Infinea Tab M® that can record transactions and send credit card numbers for real-time processing, either through the JetBlue Fly-Fi connectivity system or the a 4G LTE communications mobile voice and data system that is also part of a flight attendant iPad communications system. Keever sees the long-awaited move to NFC as a possible boom to inflight sales. While many passengers may stow wallets filled with debit and credit cards in the luggage bin, they nearly always have access to their mobile phone. When the trolley comes down they aisle, many may be more inclined to make a purchase. The announcement did more to enhance the future of NFC payments than anything the industry has seen in awhile. Before the Apple Pay launch, Keever said card issuers were removing the contactless features on credit cards and retailers were pulling NFC readers from their stores. The announcement by the computer giant was a game changer, said Keever. “Before Apple Pay came out, NFC was being given last rites,” he said.


UAE talks support

aviation H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, (second from right) President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports, and Chief Executive and Chairman of Emirates Airline and Group, toured AIME/MRO Monday afternoon. He is shown here looking over a mockup of the new Dubai Airport complex

This year’s Aircraft Interiors Middle East and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul event brought together airlines and suppliers in aviation hub anxious to expand its support infrastructure by RICK LUNDSTROM


wo halls of the massive Dubai World Trade Centre hummed with activity through the mild days in early February, as Emeriti royalty and the aviation world from far and wide, gathered for the Aircraft Interiors Middle East and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul event, held side by side. A dedicated hall for inflight entertainment and connectivity greeted visitors to the February 2-3 event for the second year, in addition to the dedicated space for companies from France and another from the Netherlands. During the two days, nearly 4,300 people from 98 countries browsed through the exhibits and took in the panel discussions on a wide range of topics. The event took place in a region that is rapidly seeking to grow and expand its maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) capabilities. It is also facing challenges that

few in the aviation industry are forced to confront. Political upheavals create on uncertainty and jitteriness in the travel markets. In addition, extremes in weather can take their toll on operations. One official from Saudi Arabian Airlines told a gathering at one of the past events that between 30% and 40% of the airline’s delays were caused by maintenance needs that were directly affected by the weather. According to research from F & E Aerospace and Aviation Week, organizers of the event, the MRO market is growing faster than the global average and will reach US$4.6 billion in expenditures this year. Expansion includes the recent purchase of Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies by Etihad Airways and plans by Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries to build a 1 million-square-foot, 12-hangar complex at King Abdulaziz International Airport

(left to right): David Serra and Julio Menendez of Global Engine Maintenance LLC in Florida and Mike Jarm of VAS Aero Services pose for a picture with some big horsepower

Klaus Portmanns, Business Manager Aviation for Schott Lighting and Imaging, shows the latest company project undertaken with Lufthansa Technik. The Heliojet LED lighting system designed for cabin

in Jeddah by 2016. Another company looking to make inroads in the Middle East is Valencia, California-based Regent Aerospace. Tim Garvin, Vice President of Sales at Regent Aerospace told PAX International that his company has been exhibiting and visiting the event for several years. “This year was the best year ever as far as attendance and the contacts we made,” he said. Throughout the days, industry experts talked maintenance repair issues and the importance of Wi-Fi in aircraft in an airline’s passenger services mix. H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports, and Chief Executive and Chairman of Emirates Airline and Group made an afternoon stop at the stands during the opening day.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  47

DUBAI COVERAGE Saudi Arabian takes OnAir app

Flightweight a newcomer from the United Kingdom attended with event with its line of trolleys set for showing at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo

HMG Aerospace sponsored this year’s IFEC Pavilion, publishers of Inflight magazine. Organizers called this year’s Aircraft Interiors Middle East the most successful in the show’s history. They say that the event attracted airline representatives that were involved in buying, approving or recommending purchases “Businesses in the Middle East place a heavy premium on face to face transactions, meaning that trade shows like AIME are ideal places for networking and doing business,” Michele van Akelijien, Managing Director, F&E Aerospace, told PAX International in the period leading up to the event. In addition, she said Middle East airlines are leading the way in aircraft interiors innovations, and demand for luxury and first class travel is also consistently high in this region. More than 250 exhibitors set up shop in Dubai during the two days. Here are some of the news-making announcements from AIME/MRO:

Thales dazzles Supplying the high-tech dazzle for the event was the Immersive seat, developed by Thales Avionics, B/E Aerospace and BMW Design Works. During the day Christopher Mondragon took visitors to the Thales stand through the high-tech seat designed for first class. When immersed in the Immersive, passengers have the option of navigating the inflight entertainment system through gesture movement, eye tracking or a specially designed mouse pointer. They are also immersed in high definition “spatial sound” audio that adjusts to their height. They are able to view entertainment and information in front of them, on the side, and with the possibility of adding more through a wired surface on the tray table. 48  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2015

Saudi Arabian Airlines will become first carrier to develop and provide passengers with a dedicated mobile phone application for free inflight Wi-Fi, OnAir announced at this years AIME/MRO event. Users of the app can scan their ticket’s bar code for free Wi-Fi access. The services will be available to all of Saudi’s First class and Business passengers flying on the airline’s A330s and 777-300s on international routes. Passengers will receive a promotional code when they scan their boarding passes via the mobile application. They then use the code to access their free Wi-Fi on the OnAir portal. OnAir says Saudi Arabians are the most prolific users of the Internet via their smartphones in the Middle East. In 2014, 8.5 million people used the Internet with handheld smartphones. Saudi Arabia’s smartphone penetration rate of 72.8%, places it in the world’s top three countries. In 2014, 35,000 Saudia passengers used the airline’s free Wi-Fi.

Gogo reaches a milestone Gogo, Inc.’s wireless in-flight entertainment product – Gogo Vision – as of early February is installed on more than 1,700 commercial aircraft across six major airlines. Gogo Vision allows passengers to rent movies and television on their own Wi-Fi enabled laptops, tablets or smartphones. Gogo has currently licensed more than 200 movies and close to 200 television shows from most of the major Hollywood studios. Most content is in the DVD release window, but Gogo is the first provider of wireless in-flight entertainment with some content in the early release window. Gogo Vision content is pre-loaded and

stored on a server on the aircraft and delivered through wireless access points. Gogo Vision can also be offered to an airline with or without Gogo’s connectivity product. Gogo also has deployed a seat selection technology that allows an airline to serve up content based on where a passenger sits on a plane. Shortly before the event in Dubai, Gogo received approval from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to operate the company’s next generation 2ku inflight connectivity technology. After clearing the regulatory hurdles, the Itasca, Illinois-based connectivity provider would be able to provide the service to aircraft any in the world. Airlines would access the service through an antenna 4.5 inches high. When future satellite technologies become available, Gogo expects peak speeds for Internet service aboard aircraft to surpass 100 megabytes per second.

B/E Aerospace to outfit VIP aircraft Teklam, a B/E Aerospace company that designs and manufactures advanced laminated honeycomb panels has been awarded a multi-million dollar program by a major VIP completion center to supply its lightweight interior panel TEKlam∙LITE, for two 787 VIP aircraft interiors. TEKlam∙LITE boasts a 38% weight savings compared to standard two-ply fiberglass/Nomex panel designs. In addition, TEKlam∙LITE offers a 300% improvement in impact resistance and an 8% improvement in peel strength. The panel is built with superior bending strength and suited for interior applications such as monuments, cabinetry, galleys, lavatories, seat surround and privacy dividers, side ledges and sidewalls, and luggage bins.

Christopher Mondragon, Director, Product Design and Brand Developers at Thales demonstrates the Immersive IFE system to a visitor at the company’s stand in Dubai

TRAY TABLES SmartTray develops contemporary PED-friendly tray tables designed for today’s modern traveler




L , N A I O A T R N T E I N



on the surface

As more and more airlines become focused on deploying bring-yourown-device solutions throughout their fleets, tray table manufacturers are developing innovative offerings to answer the rising demand by MELISSA SILVA


or the thousands of passengers that fly every day, the retrofitted overnight making upgrade affordable to both legacy encounter with their tray table, whether-seat back or and low cost airlines,” adds Pajic. in-arm, can at times be one of contention. While the Built-in device stands take up most of the space on traditional benefits of having a surface onto which passengers can food tray tables adding to passengers’ anxiety. To meet the “always place personal electronic devices (PEDs), reading materialsr andy connected” passenger’s needs, airlines are investing billions to t a t r a inflight meals are undisputable, the potential for ergonomic and maintain and win customer loyalty. sm design improvement very much exists, and suppliers are paying “We had very strong year-end demand in Q4 2014 as airlines close attention. focused on deploying bring-your-own-device (BYOD) end-toProviding cost-effective, practical and simple retrofit solutions end solutions for 2015 and beyond,” says Pajic that make stowing and using PEDs Federal Aviation AdminisSmartTray has retrofit options with licensed partners and is tration (FAA) compliant, SmartTray International substitutes working with major seat OEMs on line-fit solutions that make it traditional food trays with stylish, contemporary PED-friendly possible for passengers to slot their PEDs and mobile phones in tray tables designed for today’s modern traveler. a food tray table device holder with lots of room left for snacks, Since speaking with SmartTray around this time last year, drinks, and other items brought onboard. business is doing very well for the Arizona-based company. “This year appears to be the year that airlines are very engaged “Everything is going great,” David Coppock, COO of Smartand are excited about rolling out this type of BYOD solution Tray International tells PAX International. “The response to our for their passengers, and we’re very engaged in retrofit opporproducts has been overwhelmingly positive and the beauty of the product is that it’s a wonderful value proposition. Our SmartTray tables are very high quality; a whole new level of ergonomic comfort.” Just this past winter, SmartTray announced the launch of its Next Gen expandable groove technology engineered to hold smartphones and tablets with and without protective device cases. The expandable groove expands and retracts automatically to the thickness of the passenger’s device. “The evolutionary expandable groove designs deployed across SmartTray X1, X2, and X4 products facilitate maximum flexibility and convenience for air travelers ensuring superior ergonomics and enhanced end-to-end inflight experience,” says Nick Pajic, President and CEO of SmartTray International. SmartTray’s patented groove technology is simple, intuitive, practical, robust, and easy to use, install and maintain — an entire aircraft can be SmartTray develops contemporary PED-friendly tray tables designed for today’s modern traveler TM

L , N A I O A T R N T E I N


TRAY TABLES tunities for the existing fleet and also with seat OEMs,” says Coppock. SmartTray International was recently listed as a finalist for a Crystal Cabin Award in the “Passenger Comfort Hardware” category for the SmartTray X1 and X4 products model — the seatback and Premium, in-arm solutions featuring SmartTray’s expandable groove technology. At this year’s Aircraft Interiors (AIX) Expo in Hamburg, SmartTray International will be displaying its innovations at Astronics Corporation’s booth, where it will reveal its latest developments and news with customers and visitors. Looking beyond Hamburg, SmartTray is eager for summer’s arrival, which is when it will begin flying with a major airline. “We’re also extremely close to flying with a North American airline as well as an airline south of the U.S. border along with a number of international airlines,” says Coppock. “We have multiple other agreements that are very close to being signed.”

Safe and secure

The SmartTray X4 model — the Premium, in-arm solution featuring SmartTray’s expandable groove technology


This time last year, PAX International spoke with Chris Caggiula, President of CAM Marketing LLC , whom after spending a considerable amount of time watching passengers struggle to keep their PEDs secure on seat-back tray tables, developed a solution known as AirClipz. Two identical lightweight, durable clips, small enough to fit into a pocket or carry-on bag, AirClipz are designed to fit around all tablet and reader models with protective cases, as well as the majority of seatback tray tables in Economy Class. Since last year, AirClipz has been performing very well and has continued to be well received in the market. “Sales have been steady and Airclipz can now be ordered on both the AirClipZ website and on Amazon,” Caggiula tells PAX International. “Performance has been very good and we have received excellent reviews from our customers.” CAM Marketing updated the AirClipZ design, focusing on providing the passenger with the ability to better adjust the viewing angle. The current design now uses a thumbscrew to adjust the viewing angle, which can be used in multiple locations. “We have also included this same concept at the top of the AirClipZ so that it can be used by pilots in the cockpit,” adds Caggiula. The new design has already been shipped to many customers over the last several months. Last year Caggiula expressed his intent to have AirClipZ accommodate logo imprints for different potential partners. Now, a year later, AirClipZ has the ability to accommodate custom artwork on a partner-by-partner basis. “This is a work in progress,” explains Caggiula. “We are in discussions with several potential partners and hope to have some exciting news in the very near future.” Caggiula says Cam Marketing is continuing its efforts to have AirClipZ on board airlines and available in airport stores, and is also looking at further product developments, namely adding a cup holder feature to accommodate a passenger’s drink, as the tray table is in the upright position when AirClipZ is in use and cannot accommodate placing a beverage.


AXINOM AEROSPACE BREAKS DOWN SOFTWARE BOUNDARIES Founded in 2001 by three entrepreneurs, Ralph Wagner, Johannes Jauch and Damir Tomcic, Axinom Aerospace (Axiom) provides consulting services, software architecture and development based on its products — Axinom CMS and Axinom DRM — and on consumer devices based on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and others. Experienced in packaging and delivering content to an aircraft, streaming protected content inside an aircraft, and developing client applications for the wide variety of available passenger devices, Axinom is privately owned and operated with subsidiaries in Europe (Germany, Estonia) and offices in France, Spain and North America (USA). New from Axinom are its new versions of the Axinom DRM and Axinom CMS. “We are proud to present Axiom DRM with multi DRM capabilities and the Axinom CMS with an outstanding support to build individual, customized and flexible media workflows,” says Ralph Wagner, CEO of Axinom Aerospace As a first-time exhibitor at AIX, Axinom will present its internal structure and industry knowledge, as well as what it can build for its customers with its experienced teams. “Since 2010 we’ve developed wireless IFE software and since then, we’ve attended the AIX as visitors,” explains Wagner. “In the beginning, many conversations showed us that the industry was not ready for a 100% software-based company. Too many people were discussing the topic of hardware and proprietary infrastructures in an aircraft, which gave me the impression that every-

body introduced his own ‘standard.’ This reminded me of the exhibitions of the media industry in the early times of OTT — everybody was talking about the set-top box, the security card, and hardware in general. Nobody took companies like Netflix (pure software- Axinom Aerospace provides consulting services, software architecture and development based based companies) on its products and consumer devices serious.” Fast-forward to today, and Axinom believes things have changed. “The industry now understands that standard hardware will allow customers to take advantage of companies like us, a company that focuses on cutting edge software technologies in the media industry for content management, digital rights management and passenger devices,” says Wagner. “During the first months the response was overwhelming and I’m excited that we have the chance to present Axinom at the AIX 2015.” Visit Axinom at AIX, stand #4B01

BOXMARK REVOLUTIONIZES LEATHER SEATING With more than 8,000 employees, BOXMARK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality upholstery leather and interior/exterior components for the aviation, railway, marine, furniture and automotive industry. The Austria-based manufacturer offers custom-made services and a full range of leather refining and processing for commercial aircraft, as well as for VIP and business aircraft. “The big benefit of BOXMARK is that we are able to deliver from the raw material (leather) until to the finished sewed seat covers or covered components,” says Christian

Schober, key Account Manager for BOXMARK. Since last year, BOXMARK has developed new innovations for VIP and business jets. “Our newly developed leather floors and wall panels together with the company F-LIST are available in customized designs and meet all mandatory standards and flammability requirements,” explains Schober. At this year’s AIX show, BOXMARK will display some of its leather floor panels along with a specially developed VIP Seat and two commercial aircraft seats featuring its patented Xlight leather, which is currently the lightest leather in the world. “XLIGHT, a leather that, compared to prevalent leather, is convincing due to its weight of 600 g/m2 (finished laminated),” explains Schober. “This leather offers a great advantage for hardwearing aircraft seats due to the significant weight reduction.” The reduction in weight is achieved through modifications of the formulation in the tannery, where the chemical and physical properties of the leather remain unchanged. This special material reduces the total weight of each aircraft, resulting in fuel savings and consequently, lower pollutant emissions. “We’ve been exhibiting for several years at AIX and from year to year, more customers visit our booth, which is allowing our business to increase very strongly,” adds Schober. Visit BOXMARK at AIX, stand #6F51  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  51


IMECO WEAVES WITH EXPERTISE Based in Germany, Imeco develops, finishes and produces ergonomics, flexibility, efficiency, longevity and most importantly tailor-made solutions for various application fields, as well as for airlines, weight reduction and space savings. converts and distributes (exclusively in Europe) the high-tech “With dymetrol® you can reduce labor costs while getting an fabric dymetrol®, the innovative suspension system. extremely comfortable seat,” adds Markgraf. “Imeco offers individual non-woven solutions for almost all Visit Imeco at AIX, stand #6C135 kind of application fields,” says Kerstin Markgraf of Imeco. “As a service provider Imeco offers sewing processes for in Germany, Imeco non-woven fabric and woven parts; folding, punching, Based develops, finishes and produces tailor-made cutting, welding, printing and lamination processes, as solutions for various well as the complete development and manufacturing application fields of products made out of non-wovens” says Markgraf. At this year’s AIX — its fourth year exhibiting — Imeco will focus on dymetrol®, which can be used in the production of all types of seat constructions. dymetrol® takes over the role of the suspension system and can be used with or without additional foam padding. “Shape conformability, creep resistance and instant recovery are only some advantages of this unique fabric,” says Markgraf. In addition, dymetrol® is resistant to mould, decomposition, bacteria, urine, sweat, gasoline, saltwater and acetic acid. This novel suspension system fulfils all standards of the aviation industry and scores high with

ARCONICS SIMPLIFIES SOFTWARE Having developed front-line aviation technologies for more than 14 years, Arconics has become an expert in its field. Specializing in mobile applications, aircraft content management information and distribution and tracking, “big data” analytics and enterprise workflow solutions, Arconics enables fully digital and mobile working environments using Smartphones and tablets. “At Arconics, we know technology and we love aviation,” says Fergal Murray, Chief Commercial Officer at Arconics. “Our software improves efficiency, simplifies compliance and generates new ancillary revenue streams.” Arconics solutions include, AeroDocs EFB, Clou Store IFE, and PaxApp Cabin Management. “What makes our software different is that we’re proud to count some of the world’s leading airlines as our customers with over 1,000 aircraft worldwide entrusted with our software,” explains

Murray. Arconics software is currently used by Cathay Pacific, Aer Lingus, Ryanair and Thomson, among others. At this year’s AIX, Arconics will demonstrate its core product range for flight deck and cabin solutions, share some interesting information regarding the Tablet EFB (EFB 1.0 to EFB 2.0) and will also announce a new major customer. “Details will be revealed at our stand, so drop by!” says Murray. This year marks Arconics’ third time exhibiting at AIX, a show Murray considers to be the premier event for the aircraft interiors industry. “A good example of that this year is the stand-alone IFE hall, IFE Zone, where our stand will be located,” he says. “A few years ago, IFE represented a fraction of the exhibitors at the show and now it has its very own hall.” Visit Arconics at AIX, stand #4C45

Arconics has developed front-line aviation technologies for more than 14 years


14-16 APRIL 2015

THE DESTINATION FOR THE AIRCRAFT INTERIORS INDUSTRY. Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 14-16 April 2015, Hamburg Messe, Germany The global market leader for the world’s aircraft interiors industry. Aircraft Interiors Expo is the launch pad for cabin programmes showcasing tomorrow’s designs, in-flight entertainment, connectivity and passenger services. Register online for your FREE place today Co-located with:

Organised by:

In co-operation with:




Company Name: Onboard Logistics Ltd. Company Location: Dublin, Ireland Description: Onboard Logistics’ Stackable Food Drawer features drawers that are air vented to keep food chilled. When the food is distributed, the drawers can be stacked either in Atlas boxes, or at the bottom of each trolley. A Flex-e-Bag can be placed inside to maximize the capacity of the trolley and collect waste. Registered design and patent pending. Visit Onboard Logistics at WTCE, stand #3D10

Swan Seal Padlock

Company Name: TydenBrooks Company Location: Atlanta, Georgia Description: TydenBrooks presents its new Swan Seal Padlock, which features an enhanced locking mechanism (patent applied for), specifically developed for inflight carts and trolleys. Manufactured in the U.K., the Swan Seal represents a new generation of padlock seal providing a cost-effective, easy-to-apply and versatile solution to reliable tamper evidence. Manufactured in polypropylene, the new streamlined design has been developed to allow quick and easy single-handed operation. Available in a variety of colors, laser printing enables individual customization with logos, text, sequential numbering and barcoding.

Sani-Cide EX3 EU

Lightweight flight tray

Company Name: Flitetec of STAG Group Location: United Kingdom Description: Flitetec, part of the STAG Group Aircraft Interiors Division, has developed a new lightweight meal tray. The product has enhanced rigidity and a weight saving of more than 25% per tray. Design enhancements have been achieved through the innovative use of vacuum formed plastic moldings, reduced metal content in support slides and a new printing process. Visit STAG Group at AIX, stand #7A10

Inflight Tidy Kit

Company Name: RMT Global Partners Company Location: Atlanta, Munich, Singapore Description: RMT Global Partners has launched the Inflight Tidy Kit, its first cleaning/sanitation tool line for cabin crew in the case of lavatory mishaps and other messy situations onboard. The kit consists of a PVC carry-all bag with a nylon strap and metal hook, a mop (59 cm when collapsed and 100 cm when expanded) that securely fits any type of cleaning/ disinfectant wipe, and a dustpan with sweeper. Designed for easy storage onboard, the Tidy Kit has pocket space for additional items, such as gloves and trash bags. Components can be individually replenished based on actual requirements. Visit RMT Global Partners at WTCE, stand #4J50


Company Name: Celeste Industries Company Location: Easton, Maryland Description: Celeste’s new Sani-Cide EX3 EU is a patented technology offering a broad-spectrum disinfectant and all-purpose cleaner in one convenient spray. The two-in-one product simplifies aircraft cleaning and is suitable for use on any hard, non-porous surface throughout the cabin, galley and lavatory. Made with lactic acid due to its high antimicrobial efficacy and excellent environmental profile, SaniCide EX3 EU is biobased, readily biodegradable and non-toxic. To clean and deodorize, simply spray and wipe clean. When used correctly, Sani-Cide EX3 EU kills 99.99% of bacteria. Visit Celeste Industries at AIX, stand #6F80


Screen Clean

Company: Coolike-Regnery Company Location: Bensheim, Germany Description: Coolike-Regnery markets its multi-media cleaning products under the trademark name of Cleanlike, which it will be shown at this year’s WTCE. The company also makes a duo of products called, “Cleaning Smart” wet/dry cloths that will be on display in Hamburg this year. The Cleaning Smart system is perfectly suited for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and e-readers. Visit Coolike-Regnery at WTCE, booth #3E18

Next generation SmartTray

Company Name: SmartTray International LLC Company Location: Phoenix, Arizona Description: SmartTray International, LLC of Phoenix presents their next generation SmartTray featuring Next Gen expandable groove technology engineered to hold smartphones and tablets with and without protective device cases. The groove expands and retracts automatically to the thickness of the passenger’s device. SmartTray’s patented groove technology is simple, intuitive, practical, robust, and easy to use, install and maintain. Visit SmartTray International at AIX alongside Astronics Corporation, stand #2B30

Powertech 3

Company Name: Aerospace Technologies Group Inc. (ATG) Company Location: Boca Raton, Florida Description: ATG is pleased to introduce its latest electro-mechanical shade technology called Powertech 3 from its Powertech Shade System, which was introduced in 2002. ATG was the first to provide the industry with the first electrically powered shade system designed specifically for aircraft. The Powertech Shade System was developed to not only meet the demanding performance standards of today’s OEMs and modification/completion centers worldwide, but also the most rigorous of international aircraft certification requirements. Visit Aerospace Technologies Group Inc. at AIX, stand #7E44

Lightweight Seat Belts

Company Name: Romtex Anjou Aeronautique Company Location: Paris, France/Sibiu, Romania Description: Romtex Anjou Aeronautique’s lightweight seat belts for both premium and economy seats feature a ninety-degree buckle and a rated strength of up to 3,000 pounds. Designed to meet TSO C22g requirements, the seat belts are available in a variety of color options and custom finishes, plating and logos. Visit Romtex Anjou Aeronautique at AIX, stand #4J50  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  55

We Stock and Supply the Composite Material For Your Composite Repairs

1. Nylon Bagging Film (HCS2101)

Vacuum Hose/Sniffer Assembly (HCS2015-05)

3. Release Film Non-Perforated

2. Breather/Bleeder (HCS2102)

(HCS2108-NP) OR Teflon Coated Fiberglass/Non-Porous (HCS2103-NP)

Vacuum Gauge (HCS2027)

Caul Plate (optional)

Silicone Rubber Heat Blanket (Contact Sales for P/N)

4. Release Film, Perforated

(HCS2108-P) OR Teflon Coated Fiberglass/Porous (HCS2103-P)

8. Fiberglass Bleeder Cloth (HCS2410-010)

9. Repair Plies

7. Peel Ply (HCS2112)

Core Splice Adhesive (HCS2405)

5. Flash Tape


6. Sealant Tape

(HCS2114) OR Polyester Discs (HCS2115)


Contact us for Full Rolls, 5 & 10 Yard Cuts, and AOG Services HEATCON Composite Systems is the leading supplier of hot bonders, heat blankets, associated accessories, and materials for composites fabrication and repair. We offer a wide range of material types, including prepregs, adhesives, dry fabric, honeycomb, resin kits, and more

Authorized Distributor for 3M and Hexcel Scan for Latest Catalog and Company Information

USA Headquarters: 206.575.1333 | UK Office: 44 (0) 1480 410740 | UK Office: Blackstone Road Stukeley Meadows Ind. Est. Huntingdon (CAMBS) PE29 6EF


Floor Path Lighting

Company: STG Aerospace Company Location: United Kingdom Description: STG has received STC approvals from the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA for its next generation, photoluminescent, emergency floorpath marking system. safTglo® SuperSeal UltraLite™ (SSUL) AA20 and EASA approved for 747, 757 and 737s. SuperSeal UltraLite™ incorporates the same benefits of previous designs, but is 70% lighter and 17% brighter. Visit STG Aerospace at AIX, stand #2D58

Trolley Espresso Maker

Company Name: Aviation Business Consultants International Company Location: Napoli, Italy Description: ABC International introduces the Trolley Espresso Maker. The company offers a turnkey solution, either for the retrofit of existing trolleys already in operation, or for trolleys delivered brand new and already fully equipped with the espresso machine. The Trolley Espresso Maker is mainly conceived as an opportunity to serve not only espresso, but also a full array of hot drinks (ginsengcoffee, cappuccino, infusions, flavored teas) to all passengers to enhance their inflight experience. Visit Aviation Business Consultants International at AIX, stand #6B129


Company Name: HEATCON Composites Systems Company Location: Washington, Seattle Description: HEATCON Composite Systems is the leading supplier of hot bonders, heat blankets, associated accessories, and materials for composites fabrication and repair. Offering a wide range of material types, including prepregs, adhesives, dry fabric, honeycomb, resin kits, and more, HEATCON Composite Systems can supply full rolls, five- and ten-yard cuts, and AOG services. Visit HEATCON Composite Systems at AIX, stand #1D38

Children’s Kit line

Company Name: AVID Airline Company Location: Middletown, Rhode Island Description: AVID Travel is proud to announce the introduction of a new children’s kit line for its commercial airline customers. Airlines can select a general theme, along with multiple item choices, age-related and flight-time appropriate. AVID works from concept to execution, designing and assembling the best combination of colors, brand elements, activities, gender-based or unisex products that fit the customer’s budget. AVID also includes comfort items, such as blankets, pillows, huggers, neck pillows, eye shades, as well as catering items like sippy cups, kid-friendly utensils, bibs, and activity sets and games. Visit AVID Airline at AIX, stand #2D71  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  57


Passenger demand solid at start of 2015


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced global passenger traffic results for January 2015 showing traffic growth (revenue passenger kilometers or RPKs) of 4.6% compared to January 2014. This represents a slower start to the year compared to 2014 full-year growth of 5.9% said the group. However, IATA adds, the results likely were affected by the timing of the Lunar New Year in Asia, which occurred one month later this year compared to 2014. January capacity rose 5.2% and load factors slipped 0.5 percentage points to 77.7%. While domestic markets drove growth in the latter part of 2014, international traffic was stronger in January. January international passenger traffic rose 5.4% compared to the year-ago period. Capacity rose 6.0% and load factor slipped 0.5 percentage points to 78.0%. All regions recorded year-over increases in demand except for Africa. Across the regions, IATA reported these results: In Europe international traffic climbed 5.0% in January compared to last year, which was the largest increase among the three biggest regions. Capacity rose 4.6% and load factor rose 0.3 percentage points to 77.7%. Asia-Pacific carriers recorded an increase of 4.7% compared to January 2014, which is below the 2014 annual trend of 5.8% expansion. In addition, the seasonally-adjusted level of traffic has been flat over the past five months. The timing of the Lunar New Year in mid-February also affected the results. Capacity rose 5.8%, pushing down load factor 0.8 percentage points to 77.6%. North American airlines saw demand rise 2.7% in January over a year ago. Capacity rose 3.8%, pushing down load factor 0.9 percentage points to 79.5%. Middle East carriers had the strongest year-over-year traffic growth in January at 11.4%. Capacity rose 13.3% and load factor dipped 1.3 percentage points to 79.7%. Latin American airlines’ traffic rose 5.6%. Capacity rose 5.1% and load factor climbed 0.4 percentage points to 81.2%, highest among the regions. African airlines saw January traffic slip 0.7% compared to January 2014. With capacity up 0.7%, load factor fell 1.0 percentage point to 68.1%, the lowest among the regions.

Marine Hotel Association 30th Anniversary Conference and Trade Show, April 12-14, Naples Grand Beach Resort, Naples Florida for more information, or call 415 332-1903. Aircraft Interiors Expo/World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo, April 14-16, Hamburg. General inquiries at or call 44 208 271 2174 APEX Multi Media Market, April 20-22, Prague for more information, contact APEX at (212) 297–2177, APEX Technology Conference, May 12-13 Universal City, California. For more information, contact APEX at (212) 297–2177, Travel Catering Expo, May 10-12, Dubai. For more information, contact Reed Exhibitions. For more information, contact Raed El Forkh Sales Director Mobile: +971 50 6531941 Tel: +971 2 409 0484 APOT.Asia Forum 2015, June 3-5, Colombo, Sri Lanka. For more information contact APOT at International Flight Services Association/Airline Passenger Experience Association Expo, September 28-October 1 Portland, Oregon. For more information Contact IFSA at (404) 252-3663, e-mail or contact APEX at (212) 297–2177, Aircraft Interiors Expo and World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo Americas, October 14-16, Seattle. For more information contact: Customer Service at 203-840-5680 SIAL Middle East Trade Show and Networking Forum, December 7-9, Abu Dhabi. For more information, contact SIAL Middle East FZ LL at or call +971 (0)2 401 2949

IFSA Foundation encourages scholarship applicants The IFSA Foundation of the International Flight Services Association will be taking applications until April 20 for more than $82,000 in scholarships available through membership. “The Foundation Scholarships are awards given to exceptional students,” said the Association. “They cover tuition, books, living expenses and associated costs with college. The scholarships are available to students across the globe.” Scholarships range from $2,250 to $10,000. Among the scholarships added this year is a award from the Sue Ling Gin Charitable trust in memory of the founder of Flying Food Group who died last year.


The following scholarships are available for 2015: Sue Ling Gin Charitable Trust $10,000; Flying Food Group, $5,000; Gourmet Foods, $5,000; Harvey and Laura Alpert, $5,000; Oakfield Farms Solutions, $5,000; AMI Group, $4,500; John and Ginnie Long, $4,000; LSG Sky Chefs, $2,250; Gate Gourmet, $2,250; Ken Samara, $2,250; Alphonse Joseph, $5,000; John Louis, $5,000; WESSCO International, $5,000; King Nut Companies, $4,500; Elite Airline Services, $2,250 and James T. Pfannkuche $2,250. This year, scholarship applications are submitted online to IFSA. Applicants can visit the IFSA website at

spiriant says Hola Innovative inflight equipment concepts coming soon to Latin America! After a successful launch in the Middle-East, SPIRIANT continues its journey to Latin America. With a dedicated team, we work with you to design and create the inflight equipment you need. State-of-the-art logistics result in a more efficient supply chain process that can make your life easier and reduce complexity. All this and more coming soon in 2015!

Explore the SPIRIANT world on or visit us at booth 4D30 (Hall A4) to learn more about SPIRIANT and our award-winning solutions.

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