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Evolution of IFE Food service on key U.S. routes TRANSCON TRIANGLE







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irlines in the U.S. have a ways to go to build solid passenger loyalty if a recent survey conducted for TheStreet, a digital financial media company, is any indication of current state of affairs among the flying public. The poll, conducted by a company called GfK, spoke with 1,004 people by telephone from July 25 to 27. According to the survey, nearly two thirds of Americans do not have an airline preference at all. Call it the Wal-Mart philosophy that permeates much of the retail world, but despite the best efforts by airlines to woo and track passenger preferences when they get online to purchase a ticket, they make decisions based on price first, second and third, and then everything else. And passengers are annoyed by the experience. Seventy-three percent think they’re paying too much to fly. Cancellations and delays, uncomfortable seating and the staff who are there to see to their safety also bother the vast majority. Oh, and 56% are annoyed by having to pay for food service. For the readers here, I’m probably not saying anything hasn’t been heard over and over again. However, what was most telling from the report was what passengers seem to value little are some of the things carriers are spending millions of dollars on to build loyalty.


Passengers appear to like the possibility of non-stop service to destinations, but that only registered at 28%. An airline’s reputation and frequency of service couldn’t crack 20%. Frequent flier miles were an important consideration by only 5% of the respondents. All of this comes as airlines in the U.S. are improving the passenger experience in some notable ways. From talking with airlines for this issue’s regional report on transcontinental service and looking at the results of this survey, it has become clear that there is still a disconnect between the airline’s best efforts to attract and retain passengers. Maybe it will take some time for the downward cycle that plagued the country’s airlines late in the last decade to finally shake the traveling public from its apparent dissatisfaction. Improvements in the cabin and airport experience have been an investment in the billions by airlines in the U.S. Solidifying their market positions in the wake of two large mergers puts them in a good position to make use of the moneymaking years projected for 2014 and 2015. You can bet all of them would have their sights on the nearly two-thirds of Americans who do not have an airline to call their own. Rick Lundstrom Editor-in-Chief, PAX International

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The competition for the lucrative routes between New York/ Kennedy to Los Angeles and San Francisco has never been keener, and companies that supply the airlines are reaping the benefits


Behind every well-planned meal service for airlines operating in the competitive transcontinental market, there is a group of caterers at both coasts committed to its success



With an uptrend toward more use of appetizers inflight, PAX International speaks with suppliers serving up satisfying appetizers and accompaniments


The newest in galley equipment requires high quality food products that can adapt to specific needs of travel catering, and two companies are noting the shift and are supplying products to fill the need


With the standards for airline catering on the rise, the tableware upon which the meal itself rests is being placed under scrutiny, and suppliers are reacting accordingly


From a classic cup of tea to an electrolyte-infused beverage, the refreshment offering onboard is becoming more and more diverse, bringing passenger comfort to new heights


39 A glance at the lineup of events at this year's 49th annual IFSA Conference and Expo


PAX International highlights the latest partnerships and collaborations in the airline industry



Inflight entertainment and connectivity continues to evolve with new partners and new technology, keeping the industry moving forward


Adding to its already impressive content platform, Bluebox Avionics unveils Bluebox Hybrid, the newest addition to its roster of portable IFEC solutions


The industry bids Ron Schroeder a fond farewell as he embarks upon his well-deserved retirement















A look at airline food labels and labeling in the United States and the European Union from the perspective of IFSA Government Affairs Committee Consultant, Dean Davidson



A look at some of this year’s IFSA and APEX exhibitors



If planning a few extra days around this year’s APEX/IFSA Expo, aim to catch a show or a ballgame during your stay in sunny California  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  7


DFMi launches new corporate brand and look DFMi has announced its ongoing rebranding to align the organization’s image with its emerging global strategy. As it launched its new corporate brand at April’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo in Hamburg, DFMi also officially rejoined the European market, marking the first time since 2010 that the company is making its list of products in the travel and transportation industry available outside of North America. With the recent European expansion reflecting DFMi’s plans for growth, the sales and marketing company’s new rebranding strategy also represents a cultural shift within the organization. After changing its name from D & F Marketing, Inc. last year, this rebrand represents another step in the company’s transition to reflect its changing culture, including a diverse, younger generation sales team who will help lead the charge on the company’s future endeavors. Highlighted by its new logo, a new tagline of “serving the world since 1987,” redesigned website, fresh communication materials and a new print ad campaign, DFMi’s rebranding campaign emphasizes the organization’s 27-year history while incorporating a modern feel.

With expectations to grow upon its product and service line, DFMi will offer its global base of clients a comprehensive offering of food, beverages, customer care, and amenity products at competitive prices.

SPIRIANT office opens in Dubai SPIRIANT, LSG Sky Chefs’ inflight equipment subsidiary, officially opened its first branch in the Middle East this summer at the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ). “We chose Dubai Airport Free Zone as our first address in the Middle East based on its proximity to our airline customers and the excellent infrastructure and business dynamics Dubai offers,” said Alexander Spahn, SPIRIANT’s Managing Director. “This strategic move will allow us to strengthen our relationship with customers and suppliers throughout the region and participate in its overall economic

growth. It will also place us in a prime position as Middle Eastern and African carriers implement their expansion plans.” SPIRIANT was launched as a new brand in 2012 after considering market research findings, as well as the size and potential of this business segment.

Ribbon cutting at the June opening of SPIRIANT’s Dubai office

Lobby of the new SPIRIANT offices in the Dubai Airport Free Zone



FORMIA supplies SriLankan Airlines

Source Globally... Deliver Locally!

For the last 10 years, Distribution and Service (DSI) has built a reputation of excellence in the travel catering sector. By helping guide customers through the process of importing and U.S. distribution, DSI can ensure on-time delivery of frozen and dry goods across North America. This know-how means that for DSI’s airline, cruise line and rail customers, sourcing can be done on a global level and brought into the United States, without hassle. A five million cubic foot warehouse on the East Coast and a three million cubic foot warehouse on the West Coast are ready night or day to receive your freight and push it forward quickly and safely. Whether your shipment is a full load or a single pallet, you can rest assure that you have a qualified team of operational experts who will work around the clock to protect, transport and deliver your frozen and dry goods.

FORMIA has announced the introduction of a luxury Crabtree & Evelyn amenity bag for SriLankan Airlines’ Business Class routes. SriLankan Airlines’ recent entry into the oneworld airline alliance has coincided with a drive to renew and improve the quality of its passenger amenity kit offerings. In particular, the airline was looking to introduce an internationally established cosmetic brand renowned for its quality. “FORMIA is delighted and proud to be helping SriLankan Airlines in its ongoing ambitions to be recognized as one of the world’s great airlines. The Crabtree & Evelyn brand is known throughout the world for the quality of its products and their distinctive and subtle scents. There can be no better indication of SriLankan Airlines’ serious intent than the introduction of such a well-known, luxury cosmetics brand to its Business Class facilities,” said Roland Grohmann, Managing Director of FORMIA. FORMIA will supply the airline with a tan-colored canvas pouch featuring the Crabtree & Evelyn logo. Each pouch will contain a selection of Crabtree & Evelyn skincare products, ranging from lip balm and a facial spray, to jojoba oil moisturizing lotions containing nourishing jojoba and soybean oils, beeswax and vitamin E to ensure a long lasting effect with a delicate fragrance. The high quality construction of the pouch will allow for multiple, long-term post-flight uses. “We at SriLankan Airlines are delighted to have FORMIA on board with us and that this collaboration will further enhance our world class service and brand quality. Our program of improved quality across our operations is ongoing. This is just one tangible sign of our success to date in giving nothing but the best to our passengers,” said a representative from SriLankan Airlines.

DSI (Distribution & Service, Inc) 3701 Pender Drive, Suite 115 Fairfax, Virginia 22030 USA Mike Aevermann Phone: (703) 267-9616 x104 Fax: (703) 267-9615

Crabtree & Evelyn amenity bag for SriLankan Airlines’ Business Class routes



what love they


and what they


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ANA adds chefs, ramen, and continues feedback campaign ANA has extended its inflight meal “general elections” for another year, following what the airline said was an overwhelmingly positive reaction to last year’s online voting. People were be able to vote for their favorite inflight meals for economy class international flights departing from Japan through a Simple Notification Service (SNS), a messaging service that allows users to send messages to mobile devices. In addition to voting for their preferred meals on Facebook, ANA now allows a selection of dishes via Twitter. ANA is the only Japanese airline that allows customers to select inflight meals through SNS. The new meals will be introduced between December 2014 and November 2015. ANA’s chef team, The Connoisseurs, has created the new meal options for this year’s election. They reflect both the feedback from last year’s inflight meal general election and broader feedback from ANA’s social media fan pages. A number of new dishes will join the lineup for selection this year. The first is a Western-style cutlet and curry dish that originated in Japan, but is popular overseas. The second is a rice ball boxed lunch, influenced by one of the most popular boxed lunches available in Japan. A hamburger has also been added to the list following social media feedback. Popular choices from last year, including a Japanese-style curry, will also be available for selection. ANA also added four partners to its Connoisseurs chef team to develop meals to passengers on international flights departing Japan. The Connoisseurs brand was launched in September 2013. Pierre Gagnaire (three Michelin stars), a master of French cuisine with restaurants in London, Moscow and Dubai and has served Japanese customers through his restaurant at the ANA Intercontinental Tokyo hotel.

Annie Feolde (three Michelin stars) specializes in Italian cuisine. She is the first female chef, and the first Italian food expert, to join The Connoisseurs team. In Japan, she has been running the Enoteca Pinchiorri restaurant in Nagoya. The third new member of The Connoisseurs team is the Japanese chef Toru Okuda (three Michelin stars). Okuda is working to spread the popularity of Japanese food around the world and last year opened a namesake restaurant in Paris. Okuda is regularly featured in the local French media. The final new member of The Connoisseurs team is Masayoshi Nishikawa (two Michelin stars), who is based in Kyoto and specializes in formal Japanese kaiseki cuisine. Finally, ANA together with the company Chikara no Minamoto have jointly developed “Full Flavor Daichi” ramen, a miso-based noodle dish which will be available on routes to North America and Jakarta starting in September. Since June, ANA has been offering ramen to passengers as a light meal for first class and business class on international flights. ANA serves a soy sauce flavor for North American routes and pork cutlet flavor for European routes. In the second year of this project, ANA and Chikara no Minamoto took up the challenge of jointly developing full flavor “Daichi ramen noodles.” No meat is used in producing the noodles. Instead, soybeans are used to create a topping with the texture and flavor of meat, making the ramen healthier. The noodles used in the dish are also unique, as they are cut into flat strips. On European flights, ANA will also offer “Soraton” porkflavored noodles, one of Ippudo’s most popular products. In September, flights to Singapore and Bangkok will offer Hakata Ippudo’s Soraton noodles. On flights to Jakarta ANA will be offering Miso Daichi, a miso-based ramen that can also be enjoyed by passengers who prefer to avoid meat.

Ramen service has been a popular addition for ANA



Majority share of Shanghai unit changes hands gategroup and China Aviation Investment Co., Ltd. (CAIC), have changed shareholding structure of their joint venture operation Shanghai Pudong International Airport. gategroup has reduced its participating interest in Gate Gourmet Air Catering Co., Ltd., from 80% to 29%. CAIC has a 51% share and Shanghai Airport Group Co., Ltd. 20%. The airline catering facility will now be co-branded. Given it now has a minority shareholding, gategroup will no longer consolidate the entity. CAIC is an affiliate of the Air China Group. The change in ownership structure is a key element of the Letter of Intent signed by the two parties in 2012.

Production up at SATS as company copes with change Pressure on regional aviation and personnel costs cut into the first quarter profits of SATS, as the company reported an underlying net profit of SGD$43.4 million (US$35 million), which was 9.4% lower than the same period last year. Revenues for the first quarter increased 0.2% to SGD$435.2 million (US$351.8 million). Revenue from the company’s Singapore gateway increased 2% to SGD$171.2 million (US$138.4 million), which the company attributed to a 2.5% increase in flights and a 4.9% increase in air freight. SATS said it expects moderate growth in passenger traffic and airfreight for the future. Other factors that cut into earnings were a 0.9% drop in in food revenue from its TFK operations in Tokyo, which has been affected by a weakening of the Japanese Yen. Expenditures by the company increased 0.4% to SGD$395.5 million (US$319.7 million) due to higher staff costs, and company premises and utility expenses. “Our operating landscape remains challenging in view of rising manpower costs and the ongoing pressure on regional aviation,” said the report. SATS plans to continue to invest in facilities and expand services and technology as well as grow new business and customer segments. On the meal production side, passenger handling and cargo and mail processing all increased slightly for SATS during the first quarter of its fiscal year. SATS recorded gross meal production of 6.47 million in the quarter ending in June, which is a 0.5% increase. Unit meal production was pegged at 5.11 million, a 1% increase. Unit meals represent the workload handled by catering staff. Each meal type is given a different unit meal weight factor. SATS handled 10.69 million passengers, which represented a 0.8% increase. Total flight handling for ground services was 33,170 flights, a 2.5% increase. The largest increase came in cargo and mail handling. SATS handled 388,390 tonnes, a 4.9% increase from the same quarter last year.

“The closer partnership with CAIC is one important step forward in our business development strategy in China,” said gategroup CEO Andrew Gibson in today’s announcement. “We expect that current revenues of around CHF 21 million (US$23.2 million) at the existing operation at Pudong Airport will continue to grow substantially over the next three years. In addition, the joint venture will also integrate the activities of the Shanghai Airport International Catering Co., Ltd., establishing a presence in both major airports serving Shanghai (Pudong and Hongqiao).”

LSG Sky Chefs to expand reach in Busan LSG Sky Chefs plans look for new customers for its airlinecatering unit in Busan, South Korea. The Busan unit is currently dedicated to Asiana Airlines, but will extend services to other airlines starting in 2015. It is housed in a refurbished building and has a production area of 1,350 square meters and a capacity of 4,000 meals per day. LSG Sky Chefs opened the Busan unit earlier this year. The company now offers services at three of the busiest airports in South Korea, after more than a decade of collaboration with joint venture partner, Asiana. The two other airports served are Seoul Incheon and Seoul Gimpo, which is a deliveryonly location. Busan is located on South Korea’s southeast coast and is the country’s second largest city after Seoul. The city is home to a variety of industries and is the world’s fifth-busiest seaport and one of Asia’s top convention centers. Busan’s Gimhae International Airport saw traffic of more than 9.6 million passengers in 2013. Nearly 30 national and international airlines offer flights from Busan, including Asiana Airlines, AirAsia X, Dragonair, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Thai Airways and Vietnam Airlines. “We are proud that our close partnership with Asiana Airlines has allowed us to expand our presence in the South Korean market,” said H.K. Cheung, LSG Sky Chefs’ Regional Chief Operating Officer Asia/Pacific in an August announcement. “As traffic continues to grow at those airports, this is an important development as we strive for profitable growth.”  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  13


China Eastern offers eXConnect broadband China Eastern Airlines (CEA) has begun offering broadband connected flights over China using China Telecom Satellite aeronautical service and Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s eXConnect system. The first of 27 CEA aircraft equipped with a system and service tailored to the unique requirements of China is an A330. CEA has also selected China Telecom Satellite’s service and Panasonic’s eXConnect system for an additional six 767s and 20 777s. The first aircraft has been dedicated to routes between Shanghai and Beijing, allowing government agencies to observe operation of the service before granting full

regulatory approval for operation on additional domestic and international routes. “This is a momentous day for China’s commercial airline industry, and we are very confident of providing better broadband connectivity to China with our partners at China Eastern Airlines and Panasonic,” said Lv Junli, President of China Telecom Satellite.

Southwest streaming cartoons in first kidcentered programming

Gogo Internet live on JAL

S outhwest Airlines and Turner Broadcasting System announced in late July it would add Cartoon Network to the carrier’s inflight entertainment portal. Southwest streams free live television programming to passengers’ WiFi-equipped Southwest Airlines works with Global personal electronic devices at Eagle to steam content to its 737 cabins all phases of flight, through its agreement with DISH®. Popular programming on the network includes Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Ben 10 Omniverse. Cartoon Network is the airline’s first complete child-centric programming being offered onboard all Southwest WiFi-equipped aircraft, representing nearly 80% of the airline’s fleet. The streaming TV service is provided through leading inflight content and connectivity partner Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. “The addition of Cartoon Network to our breadth of programming is a big win for Southwest and our customers,” said Kevin Krone, Southwest Airlines Chief Marketing Officer. “This partnership with Turner and GEE continues to drive customer value for our brand and even more choices for entertainment onboard.” “As Southwest’s partner to drive an enhanced and engaging passenger flight experience, we’re excited to continue to add new services and content for passengers of all ages,” said Walé Adepoju, Executive Vice President of Customer Solutions for Global Eagle Entertainment. “We’re seeing a rapidly growing trend among airlines to increase the content available to passengers. The addition of the Cartoon Network to Southwest’s already broad live television offering is an excellent example of this.”

Gogo has announced that its inflight Internet service is now live onboard Japan Airlines. Gogo Wi-Fi service is now available on three Japan Airlines 777-200 SKY NEXT aircraft. The launch of service comes just more than eight months after Gogo announced it had reached a contract with JAL to provide inflight Internet service on JAL’s entire domestic fleet, which consists of 77 aircraft. “This is a major milestone for Gogo as this aircraft represents the first commercial airline outside of North America to be connected with Gogo’s connectivity service,” said Michael Small, Gogo’s President and CEO. “When we set out to connect JAL’s domestic fleet last fall, we had a goal of delivering the first connected aircraft by the summer of 2014. We are happy to deliver on that promise and successfully connect the first domestic aircraft in Japan.” Gogo currently holds Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) from the FAA and certificates from the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau to install connectivity service on all aircraft types in JAL’s domestic service and will begin expanding connectivity service on the rest of JAL’s fleet. STC’s have been acquired for JAL 737-800, 767-300,777-200 and 777-300 aircraft. “JAL is continually striving to bring passengers a unique and completely refreshing onboard experience and being the first Japanese airline to offer our passengers Internet access on domestic flights is part of that experience,” said Yoshiharu Ueki, JAL’s president. “We look forward to working with Gogo to expand that service fleet-wide.”



Supplier of the Year 2013 presents

Business Class

Turkish Airlines


Schroeder retires from MillerCoors On July 10, Ron Schroeder, a fixture in the cruise industry, key member of the Marine Hotel Association, and the director of the travel retail and leisure team, MillerCoors, retired. Schroeder has also held a position on the Marine Hotel Association’s Board of Directors for the last five-and-a-half years. He got his start with Miller Brewing Co., holding positions in both distributor sales and managed chain. As the region manager for Miller Brewing’s Viking region, he took Miller from the number three brewer in Minnesota to number one in 18 months. He led the cross-functional team that developed the transportation package that placed Miller Brewing products on 11 airlines (up from one) by bringing Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft and Foster’s packages into service. In the mid-1990s he ran a chain account specialist team to increase sales with offpremise chains in Arizona, taking the business from double-digit declines to doubledigit growth in three years. Schroeder was the catalyst on two occasions to get brand marketing involved to make Miller High Life the “Official Beer of Bowling.”

“Since he joined the company in 2012, Tom has led HMSHost in reshaping the travel dining experience, creating a level of excellence in food and beverage, customer service, and innovation that is unmatched in the industry,” said Gianmario Tondato Da Ruos, Autogrill Group CEO, in the announcement. “I thank Tom for his role in setting the company on a strong foundation to continue growing and developing our business.” Johnson has been at HMSHost for more than 14 years, most recently as Executive Vice President of Business Development, which included overseeing the business development, design and construction, and restaurant development teams. He has led the winning and/or extending of major airport and motorway contracts, as well as the enhancement of HMSHost’s restaurant portfolio, including new proprietary concepts, and new international, national and local brand partnerships. Fricke will be relocating to his home in Atlanta, but will continue serving HMSHost in an advisory role.

Johnson named new HMSHost President and CEO

Steve Johnson

Thorpe heads digEcor efforts in EMEA Tom Fricke

Autogrill S.p.A. announced this summer that HMSHost President and CEO, Tom Fricke would be leaving the company as his contract ends. Fricke was replaced by Steve Johnson as HMSHost’s new President and CEO. 16  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  SEPTEMBER 2014

Paul Thorpe has joined the digEcor team as the new President of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Thorpe will be based in the U.K. and direct all activities in the region. Thorpe began his aviation career more than 20 years ago in business jet aviation where he held a range of sales and marketing management roles in the

avionics and IFE sector. He joins digEcor from Rockwell Collins where he was most recently the Sales Director of Northern Europe. “The EMEA region has always been an important market for digEcor and Paul’s appointment, and the team he will be putting in place from our new London office marks our commitment to our existing and future customers in this region,” said digEcor’s CEO David Withers. “Paul has been very successful in previous roles and we’re confident he’ll drive real growth in this area and provide great leadership as a member of the global executive team.”

Two join board at GuestLogix GuestLogix Inc. announced in July the appointment of Kim Eaton as an independent director on its Board of Directors. Most recently, Eaton was Executive Vice President and General Manager of NCR’s Hospitality business unit. Eaton has served in several senior executive positions at NCR Corporation, most recently as Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Company’s Hospitality Group where she oversaw the US$620 million line of business. With more than 25 years of senior level retail technology experience, Eaton has headed a wide-ranging set of corporate divisions including, marketing, consultancy, field operations and human resources. In addition to NCR Corporation and Radiant Systems, Eaton held senior positions at RedPrairie Corporation, BlueCube Software and Andersen Consulting. Also in July, the company announced Stephen M. Clampett joined as an independent director on its Board of Directors. Clampett was one of the founders of Sabre Airline Solutions, and most recently served as President, Airline Products and Solutions for Sabre Holdings. He helped build and grow Sabre’s airline information technology (IT) business, which today services approximately 225 airlines through a variety of Software as a Service (SaaS) and hosted technology solutions. Clampett also spent 11 years at AMR (former parent company of American Airlines) in various management positions, including the role of Vice President, American Airlines Decision Technologies.


Padgett picked to head dnata catering operations On August 1, Robin Padgett took the position of Divisional Senior Vice President – Catering at dnata. In his new role, Padgett will oversee the operations of all dnata’s catering businesses, which includes inflight Robin Padgett catering, airport food and beverage outlets, and inflight retail operations. Most recently Padgett was Senior Vice President Aircraft Catering at Emirates. The dnata division includes Alpha Flight Group Ltd. operating in 10 countries, dnata catering in Singapore and Italy, En Route International in the U.K. and United Arab Emirates and dnata Newrest in South Africa. The catering operations serve more than 112,000 meals per day in 62 airports across 12 countries. Trained as an economist in the U.K., Padgett has 22 years of experience in aviation. Before that, he worked in insurance and retail. Padgett has worked for Emirates Group for nearly 18 years and has held a number of senior roles since joining. Most recently, he was Senior Vice President Aircraft Catering, accountable for delivering more than 55 million meals across Emirates’ global network each year. Before that, he was Emirates’ Vice President for Airline Procurement, responsible for the acquisition of jet fuel, inflight catering, ground handling, airports and air traffic charges through to hotels for crew rest.

SSP makes changes to North American operations SSP announced in July that Les Cappetta, currently CEO, SSP North America has been appointed Chairman, SSP North America, and Michael Svagdis will be joining the company as the new CEO, SSP North America. Since Cappetta joined the business in 2007, SSP North America has enjoyed significant growth opening more than 80 restaurants in JFK Terminal 4, Phoenix, San Diego, Sacramento, Winnipeg and Houston. Svagdis joins SSP next month from Compass Group plc where he has been CEO, Eurest Dining Services since 2011. Before that, he was president of Morrison Healthcare Services since 2005. “Michael has an excellent track record and the right balance of skills to lead the well-established SSP North America team through its next exciting phase of development and growth,” said Kate Swann, CEO of SSP Group. “As chairman, Les will play a significant role in the future of the company, supporting Michael and the North American team as they continue to take SSP North America forward.”  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  17





The competition for the lucrative routes between New York/Kennedy to Los Angeles and San Francisco has never been keener, and companies that supply the airlines are reaping the benefits by RICK LUNDSTROM


his past summer, JetBlue Airways signaled its newest entry into the competitive push for passengers on transcontinental U.S. flights by hosting a public event at landmark outdoor mall in Los Angeles, The Grove. Over four days, the airline rolled out its tapas-style menu planned for the route with the help of Air Fayre, its caterer out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Air Fayre provided 26,000 food and beverage tastings including the airline’s own “RefreshMint” pre-departure beverage. Stylish menus and signature beverages are certainly not uncommon in the world of airline food service. But before the June launch of JetBlue’s Mint service, the airline was known mainly as a provider of blue chips, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and a selection of snacks in a single class configuration.


Transcontinental routes in the U.S. have become a competitive arena in the last few years. Airlines in the throes of mergers and change have not forgotten the importance of the routes from New York/Kennedy (JFK) to the West Coast cities of Los Angeles (LAX) and San Francisco (SFO); a combination known in many circles as the Transcontinental Triangle. Widebody and narrowbody aircraft have been purchased and refurbished. Front cabins have been outfitted with the obligatory lie-flat seating. Wi-Fi Internet capability of the most advanced technology available floods the cabin. The LAX-JFK route has become one of the busiest in the country each year transporting approximately 3.2 million passengers and taking in US$1.4 billion in annual sales. The JFK-SFO corridor is much the same, moving approximately 2 million passengers per year.

Air Fayre catering for JetBlue out of LAX

Not left out of this new, vibrant mix of cabin services is the food offering, that is being promoted like JetBlue in Los Angeles and enhanced with the help of some of the finest restaurants as consultants. It has also provided a welcome boost in revenue for domestic U.S. airline caterers that have weathered some tough years out of its U.S. operations.

Making Mint

By the end of this year, JetBlue Airways will have taken delivery of enough A321s to conduct 11 flights per day between JFK and LAX and SFO. Seven per day are planned for the former and four per day for the latter. In mid-June JetBlue launched its Mint service. With a dedicated A321 cabin, the airline has been phasing out its A320s and Embraer E-190s that had been used for the routes. The A321s are in two configurations:

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For over 30 years, WESSCO has specialized in supplying a wide range of products for our airline customers worldwide. From amenities to passenger comfort and food & beverage service ware, we design and deliver the items you need to provide an exceptional experience for your passengers. Come visit us at the International Flight Services Association (IFSA) 2014 in Anaheim, California on September 16th & 17th at Stand 245P. To set up an appointment with us please email us at We look forward to discussing how we can meet your onboard service needs. This year, as part of our rebranding initiatives, we are pleased to present a special performance by American Idol finalist Pia Toscano and her duet partner Jared Lee who are featured on our new website. The performance will take place in the plaza area in front of the Anaheim Convention Center on Tuesday, September 16th from 6-7pm. T: +1(310) 477-4272 F: +1(310) 477-7910

REGIONAL REPORT a high-density aircraft seating 190 passengers and a low density aircraft seating 159 passengers. A321 Mint aircraft have five rows that alternate with tandem two-bytwo seats in addition to single suites for the most premium passengers. For Jamie Perry, Director of Product Development at JetBlue, the deliveries and service have been “the joy of having a new aircraft to play with.” For the food service, the airline did not waste the opportunity. Working with the JFK unit of Flying Food Group and the New York restaurant Saxon+Parole, JetBlue developed 150 dishes for the Mint service. The airline was just completing the first rollout of the menu when Perry talked with PAX International. Flying Food caters JetBlue out of JFK, while Air Fayre does the service in LAX and LSG Sky Chefs at SFO. “We have three distinct meal offerings,” said Perry. “We have a brunch service for the early fights out of JFK to LAX. We have a lunch/dinner offering in the afternoon and an overnight service which is stripped down for faster delivery for people who want to sleep on the red-eye.” The summer Mint menu features an appetizer that includes a chilled carrot and ginger soup for lunch/dinner and a toasted brioche with peppers, cucumbers and goat cheese for breakfast. During the “Delish” portion of the service, passengers can pick three of five small plates. Lunch/dinner includes a portobello mushroom mousse, corn custard and poached lobster, roasted Atlantic cod, rib eye and fingerling potatoes and fontana-stuffed gnocchi. Breakfast has an offering of muesli, watermelon salad, creamy scrambled eggs, a cheese and chive biscuit sandwich and buttery French toast. Desserts are offered later in the flight. Among the initial JetBlue offerings are a seasonal fruit salad, lemon honey sorbet, and organic mint chocolate chip ice cream from Blue Marble Ice Cream in Brooklyn. JetBlue’s transcontinental offering in economy has received a number of new features. In the Pinnacle seats from B/E Aerospace, the airline has installed a 10.1-inch screen, in-seat power ports and complimentary Wi-Fi Internet. Fresh food offerings such as grilled chicken and Brie sandwich, sirloin steak sandwich, and kale and quinoa salad can be purchased for between US$9 and $12. Passengers in economy class can avail themselves to all the regular JetBlue snacks and sodas throughout the flight.


Delta dining partner

This past summer, Delta Air Lines expanded the offering within its system of a line of snacks and wrap sandwiches from Luvo, a food company based in Vancouver. Luvo develops what it calls a line of “nutrient-dense food, flavored with creative combinations of herbs and spices without additives, artificial colorings or preservatives.” Luvo products are well known in North American retail, and are now available in more than 6,000 grocery stores. Twenty-five products from Luvo are now part of the Delta service. Bestsellers have been the company’s grilled chicken wrap that is now part of the Delta system nationwide. The company also supplies a turkey Havarti wrap with black rice and bean salad, arugula and edamame hummus in an olive oil-whole wheat tortilla with a side of seedless grapes and a multiseed cookie. The partnership started out small, with the first of the meals served on selected Delta Shuttle flights between LAX and SFO. In January, Delta expanded the selection of Luvo products to its transcontinental routes adding SFO, LAX, Seattle (SEATAC) and JFK to the service. This summer, the menu offering was found on every flight above three hours and traveling more than 1,400 miles. Luvo’s grilled chicken wrap “We k now has been a popular service when you are on Delta’s westbound transcontinental flights flying you experience taste differently,” said Samantha Cassetty, Director of Nutrition at Luvo. “One of the pillars of our brand is to try to be responsible with sodium levels and to use spices and seasonings to enhance flavor.” The line of Luvo menu items is complimentary for Economy Comfort passengers on flights between New York-JFK A few of the summer offerings and Los Angeles, San on United’s Bistro Francisco and Seattle on Board service and is available in the economy cabin for purchase on all domestic flights with a fresh menu option for flights travel-

ing over 1,400 miles. Transcontinental flights also feature the quinoa crunch wrap with crunchy vegetables, quinoa, avocado, edamame hummus, black rice and bead salad in an olive oil-whole wheat tortilla with a side of seedless grapes and a multiseed cookie. At approximately mid-flight, passengers also receive a bottle of water and a Luvo frozen yogurt bar. “The more we learned about each other, the more we thought it could be a good fit,” said Jamie Jewell General Manager – Onboard Customer Experience at Delta. “And especially for us, we were looking to be innovative and take a different turn than everyone else was taking; and kind of doing ‘healthy’ in a way that is interesting and fun. Not just low fat, low carb and low sodium, but something really delicious.” Delta’s DineUp program is another aspect of the transcontinental service launched recently. DineUp allows passenger to pre-order a meal 48 hours before the flight. A trio of meals were being offered by Delta recently: an antipasto of beef tenderloin and grilled rosemary shrimp, an entrée salad of grilled herb chicken and an entrée of smoked salmon and grilled chicken. Costs for the DineUp purchases run from US$12 to $18.

p.s. on United

United Airlines has completed the long process of integrating its route structure, fleet and practices in the wake of its merger with Continental. However, in the midst of all that, it has reconfigured a fleet of 767-200s and 757-200s for transcontinental service.

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REGIONAL REPORT United brands product for transcontinental service p.s. for Premium Service. Much of the service improvements have been incorporated into the cabin products. Lie-flat seating, on-demand entertainment and USB and power ports are found in p.s. For food service, United enhanced the p.s. cabin with a multicourse service with printed menus, premium cocktails, beer and wine, and a pre-arrival refreshment. “We approach food planning with a general understanding of the competitive marketplace, understanding what customers flying in these markets want, variety and what type of food speaks to them,” said Todd Traynor-Corey, Managing Director of Food and Beverage Planning at United. United Airlines finds that it is serving a broad demographic of passengers on its transcontinental routes. In addition to frequent coast-to-coast travelers, many are also connecting to international flights out of the airline’s extensive hub operations out of SFO and LAX. United has selected LSG Sky Chefs as its caterer out of JFK, Gate Gourmet at SFO and Air Fayre at LAX. The airlines go through four menu cycles a year, and menus are changed every month or so. In the p.s. cabin, United gives passengers a choice of three entrées, with two meat dishes and a pasta offering. Later, passengers are offered ice cream sundaes with a selection of five toppings. A light snack or warm breakfast pastry is offered before landing. In economy class, a selection of products are offered for purchase from its Snack Shop and Bistro on Board service. For the latter service, United offers a hot skillet entrée and meals such as chicken breast with risotto and asparagus. For the long flights, United has added brands such as Chiobani yogurt and sells a 375-milliliter bottle of premium wine.

Cocktail hors d’ouevres on Virgin America

Transcon from the west on Virgin America Though smaller than the legacy carriers, and still struggling to gain a foothold in the U.S., Virgin America always scores high in passenger satisfaction and high-quality food service. “As the only California-based airline, Virgin America tends to focus more on natural and locally sourced ingredients,” said Patricia Condon, a spokesperson for Virgin America. It follows a trend toward sustainability closely, boarding fair trade coffee and claims it is the only airline to offer 100% cage-free eggs for its food service. It routinely sources local brands like Gordon Biersch and Anchor Steam beers and Popchips snacks. This year, the San Francisco-based Virgin America announced an enhanced first class service on its transcontinental flights. The airline operates flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Newark, New York, Boston and Reagan Washington Airports. The upgrades to the menu started in the spring. Virgin America has added a selection of cocktail hors d’oeuvres. Also on the menu in the front cabin is a selection of gourmet favorites like a mixed herb salad with bresola, soba noodles with lemongrass shiitake broth and faro risotto with spring succotash. Scrambled eggs with herb crème frâiche are teamed with a tropical fruit salad. A protein plate has farro pudding and edamame hummus. A tomato bisque is teamed with a Spanish turkey prosciutto sandwich. One of the hits of the Virgin America service will be returning this fall, when the airline again offers desserts by San Francisco-based ice cream maker Humphrey Slocombe. The company has developed a cult following in the San Francisco area, and is known for unique flavor combinations, such as Bourbon whisky and cornflakes.


REGIONAL REPORT “No one had ever thought of it before, but their answer was very encouraging,” he said. Transcon to a ‘T’ Once the two sides agreed to go ahead American Airlines was in the process of with the arrangement, RAK began the lengthy integrating its food service component process of adapting and testing its computer with its new merger partner, US Airways reservation system to adapt to Etihad’s. This through the summer. It was a reconcilioccurred at the time the larger carrier was also ation process that saw the airline elimichanging its own CRS from the SITA system nating full meal service in its First Class to Sabre. Work is still continuing, and Etihad Cabin on routes of less than 700 miles. plans a switchover to Sabre next year. However, American has not stepped Brayford and RAK Airways were not the back in the least on its transcontinental only ones excited at the new partnership. service. Its dedicated aircraft, the A321T, “This is the first time Etihad Airways will has both a first class and business class have its EY code on a domestic UAE flight cabin replacing the airline’s aging 767s which is an exciting milestone for us,” said the that had originally operated the routes. airline’s CEO James Hogan, on the October 3 inauguration of the flight. “We look forward to welcoming travelers through Abu Dhabi and onto international flights across the Etihad Airways network.” Once Etihad completed an operational audit on RAK, the task was then to convince passengers to forego the freeway linking the two emirates by about three hours drive and opting for a flight that is scheduled for 45 minutes, but is often completed in 25 minutes, said Brayford.

But as it turns out, Brayford said many residents of the Emirates might find that an easier choice than one would think. ComAmerican is the only airline to retain a muting the busy freeways in a fast growing First Class cabin on the route. Its A321Ts region has brought increased traffic to the have 10 seats in First Class, and 20 in busiUAE’s highway system. Brayford says delays ness class, all of which have lie-flat beds. on the Emirates’ main thoroughfares have American took delivery of its first become more frequent. Soon when RAK AirA321T in November of last year, and ways expands the service to daily flights, and launched the aircraft into transcontinental later to flights twice daily, the frequency will service the first of the year. The aircraft be a vital selling tool. is equipped front to back for comfort, “Once we have a scheduled morning and with lie-flat seats in two classes. A wide evening flight next spring that will be a very selection of movies, television and Gogo’s serious alternative to people taking their upgraded air-to-ground Wi-Fi technolcars,” he said. In the early fall, Brayford said many of the passengers in the RKT-AUH route were using the flight and its short, one hour connection time to the Etihad Airways flight to Bangkok. Passengers departing the RAK Airways to AUH have also been boarding the Etihad flight to Manila. On such a short flight, as RKT-AUH, cabin service is limited to a sandwich box with a muffin, juice and water. RAK Airways’ caterer out of RKT is Rakabela, part of the Albert Abela group that operates catering and restau-

rant business in the UAE and Lebanon. Rakabela is also under a 15-year concession contract to operate restaurants and coffee shops ogy (ATG4) is available throughout the at the airport. But if plans work out and the aircraft. Each seat on the A321T features promising tourist industry in the emirate conboth a universal AC power port and a tinues to grow, a new Rakabela airline-caterUSB port. ing kitchen has received approvals from the govFor food service, American installed ernment and could be built in the near future. espresso and cappuccino machines for In the shadow of the scenic Hajar mounthe First Class Service. First Class pastains, Ras Al Khaimah has a climate and sengers also have the option to reserve tourism dynamic different from much of the an entrée before the flight. With the rest of the UAE. Its slower pace and unspoiled rollout was a new selection of appetizers, beaches have been beckoning development in salads, entrées, desserts, and selections for recent years. Among the notable properties brunch, dinner and overnight travel. that have located in the emirate, Brayford listed the Banyan Tree Wadi Hotel and the Hilton Resort or Cove Rotana among seven to eight major properties. In the first quarter of next year, Brayford added that the Waldorf Astoria will open “a most amazing looking property” that will bring a clientele that RAK Airways is planning to cater to. “We are gearing up for that, because we believe the sort of people who stay at the Waldorf will not be coming in on charter Airline’shere transcontinental flights,American but coming as premium travelworkhorse is the A321T ers on scheduled service,” he said.

Cleaned for take-off

Take hygiene and safety on board and enjoy a clean flight with MEIKO. MEIKO, your global partner in airline catering and wash-up systems.






Making it work Behind every well-planned meal service for airlines operating in the competitive transcontinental market, there is a group of caterers at both coasts committed to its success


hough the business of supplying food service for an airline’s transcontinental routes involves careful planning and precise execution, it also provides caterers on both coasts the chance to stretch their capabilities and create a service that has been notably absent on nearly all U.S. domestic routes in recent years. “We have the delight of planning dishes to appeal to a wide variety of palates and nationalities for a clientele who are on family vacations trips as well as business trips,” said Yurie Kitajima, Executive Chef for Gate Gourmet’s unit at San Diego International Airport (SAN). “This allows us to play with and adjust flavors and perhaps arrange some fusion-style dishes.” Recently Gate Gourmet was called on to create a rice dish with Mexican mole sauce for a flight out of SAN. Kitajima said mole sauce is usually teamed with chicken. “It was a nice surprise for the passenger, while also providing a very familiar flavor. While this dish was created for an international customer, we anticipate seeing more dishes like this on long-haul flights,” she added. Flying Food Group’s unit at John F. Kennedy International Airport had the task of working with an upscale New York restaurant, Saxon + Parole, for the launch of the new Mint service by JetBlue Airways this past summer. The result was a vast selection of 150 menu items. For Mint, the airline planned a tapas-style service with diverse flavor combinations and a presentation that could be compared to international front-cabin service. Flying Food’s Corporate Executive Chef Stephen Parkerson headed the culinary team, working with Brad Farmerie, Executive Chef at Saxon + Parole. 24  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  SEPTEMBER 2014


Yurie Kitajima is Gate Gourmet’s Executive Chef at its San Diego unit

Roasted beets and prosciutto ham is served in Mint service on JetBlue

“This was an unusually large number of dishes with some not making the final cut,” said John Long, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Flying Food. “JetBlue has been dedicated to making Mint service an exceptional experience. Product development was part of their commitment to excellence.” Once the selections were decided, it was the task of Flying Food to make the products work in service from both coasts. JetBlue is Flying Food’s only transcontinental catering customer out of JFK, and once the decisions were made, the Flying Food Group submitted specifications to Air Fayre in Los Angeles and LSG Sky Chefs in San Francisco to produce and provision products from their stations. “This kind of collaboration benefits our customer and enhances the passenger experience,” said Long. Air Fayre has been working with JetBlue since 2012 when the caterer provisioned business for the airline at Long Beach Airport. For the Mint service, Air Fayre designed the airline’s special meals. The caterer also supplies products for the airline’s EatUp Café. “We have been a supplier for JetBlue for nearly two years now, and are proud that JetBlue has recognized the Air Fayre team for its dedication and execution in exceeding the airline’s requirements and designing of the special meal program,” said Joe Golio, President and CEO of Air Fayre. From the airline’s beginning, LSG Sky Chefs has been a partner with Virgin America. Recently, the caterer was again called on to help the airline upgrade its premium service and the quarterly release of new menus. “In most cases, we are seeing indications

Crudité with truffle babaganoush was one of 150 menu items Flying Food developed for JetBlue’s Mint service

that airlines are putting focus on the main dining product to increase the competitive edge on these markets,” said Pat Berkelbaugh, Senior Vice President, Sales and Service North America for LSG Sky Chefs. “From a food perspective, there has been a focus to use distinct flavor profiles that use fresher ingredients versus focusing on complex items.” Legacy airlines historically dominate the transcontinental routes, said Berkelbaugh. However, there has been an influx of low-cost airlines that are driving some of the competition and spurring the legacy carriers to step up service. Airlines could delight passengers by offering them more options, says Kitajima. A menu with a Japanese Kaiseki style or an amuse-bouche with small tasting portions could offer passengers a selection of flavors and styles. Still, much has advanced in in transcontinental service, said Asif Ahmed, Gate Gourmet’s Executive Chef at LAX. “Some of our U.S. customers have truly sophisticated offerings,” he said. “For these carriers, the food and service have been upgraded such that First Class service on transcontinental flights mimics premium service of any international flight — it is that elaborate.”


To the skies with

complements by TANYA FILIPPELLI

With an uptrend toward more use of appetizers inflight, PAX International speaks with suppliers serving up satisfying appetizers and accompaniments


ppetizers are increasingly becoming gourmet starter courses. Often served hot or cold, starters may include savory canapés, seafood hors d’oeuvres and vegetarian samplers on long-haul flights. Customer feedback indicates appetizers and assorted starter dishes set the tone for a flight and PAX International highlights the companies and suppliers who aim to provide a memorable passenger experience with their starter creations inflight.

Sharing the OLOVE

When PAX International recently asked Matt Hunt to share his recipe for success for his olive company, he replied, “simple ingredients, simple packaging, simply olovely!” “My wife Hayley and I met in Barcelona in 2001 and it was love at first bite when we decided to start an olive company,” he said. After living in Spain for several years, the couple has recently returned to the U.K. with two children onboard to grow the business, lovingly named, OLOVES.

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From Design to Reality

OLOVES’ selection of green and black olives

OLOVES provides freshly packed olives in a range of marinated flavors that are offered in single serve packets. According to Hunt, “small is the new big.” “Single servings and smaller amounts are more pleasurable, healthier and more sustainable for everyone,” said Hunt. While the Mediterranean classic, Basil and Garlic is OLOVES’ bestselling flavor, the company also offers Lemon and Rosemary marinated olives described as simple, clean and fresh. The Chili and Oregano flavor, which Hunt refers to as “a wowser of a taste profile,” features fresh olives seasoned with chili, garlic and oregano. The company’s latest flavoring is Chili and Garlic with black olives, all bathing in a spicy harissa. “They’re high in loveliness and really low in calories,” stated Hunt. “No stones, no fuss. Just the best snack going!” Recently made available on Norwegian Air Lines and Eurostar trains, the savory snacks can also be found throughout the U.K., the U.S. and Europe, mainly in the airline and travel sectors. OLOVES continues to add to it product range and has recently launched new offerings to the airline market, including 100% fruit snacks Fruity Pies, and DIPIN all natural bruschetta and hummus dips. “In our company we all love to try new things and see new brands,” Hunt told PAX International. “We believe that being unique and different is what will keep our brand fresh and timeless.” The company is currently creating another product line that is sure to be just as fresh. According to Hunt, appetizers and accompaniments are about “tantalizing the taste buds and experiencing new sensations.” “An appetizer is not just something to eat, it is something to savor and enjoy; and what better place than 30,000 feet in the air!” added Hunt.

A perfect PARTNER

We Make it Happen In-flight equipment with your success in mind. Visit us at IFSA, Booth 545. 26  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  SEPTEMBER 2014

Since the 1992 debut of its toasted sesame cracker, Seattlebased company PARTNERS has been supplying top selling artisanal crackers to the airline industry. “It was 22 years ago this November that my mother, Marian Harris, decided to test the retail market with a home baked cracker we had been making in our restaurant for years,” explained Cara Figgins, Vice President at PARTNERS.

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CABIN SERVICE: APPETIZERS AND ACCOMPANIMENTS The company’s cracker originally was offered as an accompaniment with its homemade soups and salads, according to Figgins. “There wasn’t a cracker that was made with clean, wholesome ingredients like the rest of the food we were making,” explained Figgins. According to Figgins, Marian called the business, PARTNERS because the crackers were a perfect ‘partner’ for any food, “from peanut butter to pâté.” Inspired by its consumers, PARTNERS introduces new items each year. The company has added 60 additional products including top sellers, Wisecracker Roasted Garlic and Rosemary, and Olive Oil and Sea Salt, which are currently available throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Asia.

SOUP’S ON KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has added soup as a first course option on its World Business Class menu. The vegetarian soup will be offered to passengers as an alternative option to the standard starter on the World Business Class menu. Soup is also included in the selection offered in World Business Class Express Service. “Research has shown that passengers appreciate a choice of starters,” said a release from KLM. “In tests on board where soup was served as an alternative to the standard first course, the passengers appreciated the standard starter more than on flights that offered no choice.” KLM uses seasonal products and has begun with yellow pepper soup, which is prepared fresh daily.

“The roasted garlic and rosemary really represents our values for quality ingredients,” stated Figgins. “We don’t take short cuts. We buy freshly peeled garlic and slow roast it ourselves. It tastes real, because it is real.” PARTNERS’ Free for ALL Kitchen gluten-free crackers and cookies are made from five ancient grains — amaranth, quinoa, millet, teff and sorghum — and casava flour. The product range is available in single serve portions, as well as retail and food service packs. The cookie thins have the same ingredient base along with dark Dutch cocoa and cane sugar. Ingredients used in the company’s extensive product range include those that are readily available in the marketplace, as well as those required for dietary needs, such as gluten intolerance. “When we developed this line of products we specifically chose to avoid the typical gluten free ingredients, so our products do not contain any rice, corn or soy ingredients,” Figgins explained. “At the core of what we do is quality and taste. We stay away from the ‘me too’ product development and try to bring a unique twist to the products we create.” PARTNERS aims to meet the needs of the travel industry by offering its products in several packaging formats. From single-serve pouches for deli boxes to stacked cracker products, the company designs its products for positioning in items like fruit and cheese platters where space may be limited. In addition, they provide a bulk food service pack that is offered in first class to pair with cheese and hummus appetizers. “Customers love quality snacks,” stated Figgins. “I think it makes passengers feel taken care of during their travel experience. They feel like they are getting more when they can be offered additional options. It upgrades the travel experience.” Olive Oil and Sea Salt crackers by PARTNERS

Wisecrackers Roasted Garlic with Rosemary by PARTNERS

PARTNERS’ Free For All Kitchen Olive Oil and Sea Salt crackers








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Innovation in the galley by RICK LUNDSTROM

Cuisine Solutions added a second production line to its plant in Sterling, Virginia

The newest in galley equipment requires high quality food products that can adapt to the specific needs of travel catering, and two companies are noting the shift and are supplying products accordingly


isit any event, such as this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg and a visitor will see attempts to meet airline demands for galley products that resemble more and more the interior of a suburban kitchen. With softened lines, and pops of color, a nod to fine design is replacing the engineered and industrial interiors of old. Passengers are increasingly drawn to this section of the cabin, and airlines want to make the space as pleasing as possible. At the same time, manufacturers are transforming the galley equipment into hightech boutique items that are versatile and easy to operate. On the mega ships that are rolling out of the shipyards, cruise lines are catering to a new generation of passengers who want to avoid the rush to the buffet or the main dining cabin, and instead, are willing to pay for the experience. Both these trends have meant new business for companies that supply both air and cruise lines with products. Recently, Cuisine Solutions, a producer of sous vide meals to both sectors, threw the switch on a second production line at the company’s newly opened plant in Sterling, Virginia in suburban Washington, DC. Fresh from the opening and forged partnership with Gate Gourmet, the year is shaping up to be a busy one for the company. 30  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  SEPTEMBER 2014

Cuisine Solutions has been selling the sous-vide (under vacuum) method to the transportation industry for several years. The slow cooking methods were pioneered by the company in the early 1970s and involve preparing entrées in water over low temperatures. Those same slow cooking methods are vital to the cruise industry at this stage in its rapid growth, said Gerard Bertholon, Chief Strategy Officer for Cuisine Solutions. The cooking process may take time, but most of that time is spent at the company’s plant. Simple preparation with sauces, plating with side dishes and presentation are among the primary tasks. “One of the best things about sous-vide is that you can reheat in all types of equipment,” said Bertholon. “As our sous-vide ingredients come fully cooked and pasteurized, the caterers do not need to do any further processes, but just assemble the dish/package specifically for the airlines.” Such versatility is important to the cruise lines as well. Cuisine Solutions’ business to the cruise lines has been growing continuously, said Bertholon. Not only have the sous-vide products been a good fit for the specialty restaurants, it has also helped cruise lines with a personnel issue that has been plaguing the transportation and hotel sectors: the lack of experienced line cooks.

Maintaining a brand standard, as cruise lines must these days, is a challenge when dealing with turnover and training. Cooks aboard cruise lines typically stay at sea for only five to seven months, said Bertholon. When the time is up, he says cruise lines are finding that an increasing number are not returning to the ship, but, instead to their home country. This revolving door requires constant training, and a product like sous-vide cooking that requires little preparation on the part of the staff, is a godsend for many cruise lines. These personnel issues are happening as cruise lines continue to ramp up their specialty restaurants in hopes of capturing a few more dollars from premium passengers who are becoming more sophisticated and demanding in their food and wine service. “Right now they want to raise the quality,” said Bertholon. “The business of cruise lines is really exploding and everybody is competing for those premium customers who are going to spend more money.” Bertholon likened the shift to luxury dining on cruise lines to what is taking place in another tourist haven: Las Vegas. For decades, the gambling city was known for all-night partying and inexpensive buffets. However in the past few years, top Michelin-starred chefs have discovered the city and are setting up restaurants.

Innovation for economy class

In the back cabin, and away from the spotlight, companies such as Green Gourmet have discovered the opportunities in supplying familiar fare that have been adapted for airline galleys. French fries, fish and

CABIN SERVICE: INNOVATIVE COOKING ONBOARD The Deli-Q Croque Monsieur sandwich from Green Gourmet

chips and other comfort food have been a successful mix for the U.K. based company. Maja Strus-Vatovec, Brand Coordinator at Green Gourmet credits the ability to see the airlines space and efficiency requirements as the cause of this success. “Packaging is a really important part of what we do,” Strus-Vatovec said. “We work closely with airlines and adapt the packaging to meet the customers specific requirements of the different ovens they’re using onboard. Space efficiency is really important onboard so the products need to fit neatly and economically into an airline oven; they have to be easy to handle and quick to prepare.”

Green Gourmet supplies its products either partly cooked or fully baked. Before they reach the passenger, they are fully tested at a range temperatures before preparation instructions are passed onto the airline, which are in turn passed on to the flight attendants.

Each customer has different demand and different equipment, said StrusVatovec. So the challenge, she said, is for companies like Green Gourmet to understand how the customer operates. “From size of trays, which differ from airline to airline, to cooking temperatures and cooking times and making sure we are producing a great finished product for the passenger.”

Green Gourmet’s “it’s just…” line recently found a new customer in British Airways  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  31


At the

plate With the standards for airline catering on the rise, the tableware upon which the meal itself rests is being placed under scrutiny, and suppliers are reacting accordingly

GIP’s “Ava” line (pictured) features soft yet square corners, making it ideal for use on meal trays


ny chef will say that in order for a guest to fully enjoy their meal, the presentation must be on par with the flavor of the food. For many chefs — and patrons alike — presentation is everything, and in most cases, it can make or break a meal. Whether in a restaurant on the ground, or in an aircraft above the clouds, one thing is certain when it comes to dining: the tableware must fit the bill. Adding to the importance of presentation is the fact that there are few distractions in the air — fewer than one would find when dining on the ground, resulting in the passenger’s focus placed solely on the food — and the subsequent plate — in front of them. This is something French culinary porcelain company REVOL Porcelain takes seriously when designing its tableware. “The passenger experience on board a flight is even more dedicated to the meal with fewer distractions than on a cruise or in a restaurant,” says Anne Valette, Vice President Sales and Marketing, REVOL. REVOL’s “Solid Sphere” bowls in black


“It is also important to mention that the aircraft passenger is very often alone, especially if it is a business traveler,” she adds. In Redmond, Washington, Global Inflight Products (GIP) feels the same about the significance of the quality and presentation of place settings. “The trend to create the overall ambiance and presentation is part of the inflight experience. We work closely with each of our clients to develop customized solutions, for all classes of service. We analyze the menu and options offered, and we identify the passengers’ profiles and their preferences in order to develop specific proposals to our clients,” says Paulina White, Marketing and Design Director, Global Inflight Products. Spanish-Chinese onboard products supplier, Kaelis understands the significance presentation holds when it comes to serving meals onboard, but also recognizes how the presentation heavily depends on the food itself. “A frame most definitely can enhance a picture,” says Manoj Pridhanani, Design Manager, Kaelis. “Our objective is to provide the best comfort for the passenger, and eating comfortably results in enjoyment. However, the food must speak for itself too. Whilst designing crockery and other tableware products we work with the airline to study their menu and that is where it all begins,” Pridhanani adds.

Quality control

While meal presentation is integral to passenger enjoyment, airlines are not limited to the most costly of tableware options. Rather, according to Sola Airline Cutlery, items like cutlery do not have to be the most expensive to be the most appealing. “We believe it is not necessary for 32  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  SEPTEMBER 2014


a cheap product to look cheap. This is where Sola puts in a lot of effort to make sure a nice design is available at a similar cost to that of cheaply produced flatware. Low price does not automatically mean a cheap looking end product,” explains Hans Engels, Export Manager, Sola Airline Cutlery. When it comes to quality, Engels’ opinion does not stand alone. There tends to be the common misconception that lightweight materials are of low quality, when in reality — especially on board an aircraft — this couldn’t be further from the truth. The initiative taken to reduce weight onboard has led to the use of unique materials, none of which compromise quality, a point that GIP couldn’t agree more with. “The perception of light weight is changing in all arenas and industries, from inflight products to cell phones to airplanes,” explains White. “The trend is actually reversing and a new pattern is being created: higher quality equates to lighter weight,” she adds. Engels feels that many passengers believe that if something is big and heavy the quality is also superior. “We have put a lot of effort into making cutlery pieces where the originals are indeed heavy, and recreate that into a thinner/lighter version, without damaging the original design. Plus, we have developed a variation of typical airline designs that are light to begin with, but are very stylish and have nothing to do with a thick/heavy original,” he adds. The level of quality is often determined by the class in which the items are being used; however, quality is not completely disregarded when outfitting the economy class. “If you are talking about economy class, where [we see] the biggest volumes, combination is the key. [Kaelis’] engineers

from the sea to the sky scallop selects

combo pack

formed scallops

claw & knuckle meat

combo pack

Premium shellfish, perfectly suited for the skies. Clearwater’s Nova Scotia Prime Raw Lobster Meat and Scallop Selects - Formed Scallops can be used any time with year-round availability, any place with frozen storage and any way across a variety of temperature and cook methods.

Contact us today to learn more about adding these products to your in-flight menus. US: (703) 669-6119 | Canada: (905) 858-9514 | Europe: +44-1753-858-188 |

CABIN SERVICE: TABLEWARE AND PLACE SETTINGS work with different materials, and combining [these materials] results in amazing discoveries,” explains Pridhanani. “Different metals combined with durable plastic for example, results in products that are light, but effective. There are other factors to consider, such as volume for airlines apart from weight and studying the properties of different materials, and their use allows us to create innovative lightweight products with outstanding quality,” he continues.

Mind over material

Weight matters aside, there exists a plethora of materials to choose from when designing and manufacturing tableware, but only specific selections make the cut. For REVOL, top materials include porcelain and the company’s own porcelain clay. “Porcelain is and remains the healthiest material on the market to use in the oven and microwave. It contains no lead, cadmium nor any harmful and synthetic material,” says Valette. “REVOL clay is extremely durable due to its composition and firing temperature. We can develop any size and shape to

perfectly fit airline trays. We can control how much raw material to use for both lightness constraints and durability. The REVOL porcelain clay is extremely tight and compact ensuring no porosity and easy cleaning as well,” she adds. GIP sees the value in using porcelain, but also recognizes the benefits associated with using bone china, and in particular, the company’s own version. “Our new bone china is the most ideal material for the airlines to use for their inflight service,” says White. “This product exceeds our customers’ expectations with its beautiful crisp white color, its chip resistance and lightweight nature. The new look and style of creating combinations of porcelain with rotables in business class is definitely a leading industry trend,” she continues. When it comes to cutlery, things are slightly more complicated. “In general there are two types of steel that are used for the production of cutlery — either 18/10 chrome nickel steel or 18/0 chrome steel,” explains Engels. “Eighteen/10 steel is very corrosion resistant. Technically 18/0 is less corrosion

resistant, but price wise, it’s very interesting. However, if produced correctly, then 18/0 is a very good alternative; you can hardly see a difference between the material,” he adds. With the amount of detail that goes into preparing a plate — or meal tray — it almost seems like it is the food that needs to step up to the plate, not the tableware. From selecting the right quality and material for each class, to ensuring appropriate weight, more effort is put into the meal tray than one might think. So the next time a meal is served, a passenger might want to take a closer look before diving in.

Sola Airline Cutlery’s “Montreux” line of cutlery features an elegant and round style, making it easy to adjust in both size and length

Still “yes” after all these years. Times have changed and so have your food and beverage needs. Our answer has not. 34  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  SEPTEMBER 2014

For sales inquiries, contact: North America 770-804-0903 Europe 353-1-6978257 Latin America 770-804-0903



Taking the

plunge by

The Flyhidrate system includes three distinct drinks: Boarding Pass, Cruise Control and Landing Gear, to be taken early, mid- and late flight, respectively


From a classic cup of tea to an electrolyte-infused beverage, the refreshment offering onboard is becoming more and more diverse, bringing passenger comfort to new heights


f you ask anyone in the airline services industry what their top priority is, more often than not the answer will be “passenger comfort.” Many things come to mind when thinking of keeping passengers comfortable, the most rudimental being a simple refreshment. Such offering has seemingly stood the test of time, whether on the ground or in the air. When a guest arrives, he or she is offered something to drink. In this respect, it is easily understood why the beverage component of inflight service has become so integral. In the more recent years, maintaining a passenger’s comfort has become more about arriving replenished than simply refreshed, something FlyFit has gone to great lengths to ensure. Designed to counteract the stressful effects of traveling, the FlyFit product line features healthy products — including beverages —made with a combination of superfruits that help to revitalize the body after travel. “Being in the air is always magical, but can be demanding at the same time. While our products help to reduce the impact of dry airplane environments, high altitude

and circumstances like time differences and dehydration, our products are also designed for all types of travel,” says Eric Veeneman, Co-Founder, FlyFit. Much like its vitamin shots, nutritional bars, yogurt and new sandwiches and muffins, FlyFit’s line of beverages feature various beneficial vitamins and minerals. New beverage flavors include apple and cherry, the latter to be launched in December.

Classic refreshment

With a history spanning more than 125 years, Coca-Cola knows a thing or two about providing refreshment. In the more recent years, that knowledge has found its way into the passenger services industry with several of Coca-Cola’s emerging beverage brands, like Smartwater, Dasani sparkling, illy coffee and honest tea. “Our focus [for the airline sector] begins with having the right brands and flavors available for passengers to enhance the onboard service experience. What our consumers are enjoying onboard falls into four primary beverage categories: Coca-Cola Sparkling, Seagram’s Mixers, Minute Maid Juice and Dasani or Aquarius Water,” explains Mark Spiwak, Sr. National Account Executive, Strategic Partnership Marketing, CocaCola North America. Coca-Cola’s sparkling beverage portfolio is exclusively available to passengers traveling on nine out of the top 10 North American Airlines. Currently, Coca-Cola has all four categories in addition to some of the emerging beverages available to passengers on board Delta, United, US Airways, Air Canada and Allegiant Airlines. In

Constant Comment, Bigelow’s very first tea, features a proprietary blend of black tea, rind of oranges and sweet spice


addition, the company has the sparkling category, plus one to two other categories on the rest of its affiliated airlines — American, Southwest, Alaska, Frontier, WestJet, Virgin America, Spirit, and Hawaiian. Of all the Coca-Cola products available in the passenger services segment, Dasani water and/or Aquarius water are served on most airlines, becoming the largest non-alcoholic beverage segment in terms of volume. Aside from the rudimentary desire for refreshment is the very critical need to maintain hydration while flying, something that became reienforced when the mother of David Spratley, Director of Flyhidrate, suffered a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) scare. “This got me thinking about the inflight health issue and some research confirmed two fundamentals: firstly, there was a real need for a solution with many inflight health-related incidents being reported, and secondly, there was nothing on the market specifically addressing flyer wellbeing,” explains Spratley. The result of this research is a beverage system that focuses on the physiological stresses of long-distance flying — dehydration, poor circulation and oxidative stress caused by altitude. The beverage system includes three distinct drinks: Boarding Pass, Cruise Control and Landing Gear, to be taken early, mid- and late flight, respectively. “The Flyhidrate benefits come from several layers of functionality: a multi-electrolyte hydration base for better fluid absorption and retention than regular water, a proprietary blend of mild natural anticoagulants to counter increased blood viscosity and DVT, and a blend of ‘super antioxidants’ with support vitamins and minerals

CABIN SERVICE: BEVERAGES AND REFRESHMENTS to counter free radical damage from increased radiation exposure,” Spratley elaborates. The three drinks have distinct flavors from the different formulations, which wasn’t an easy feat; developing pleasantly flavored drinks that also included the necesscary functional ingredients, presented a significant challenge. “The focus throughout has been on natural and safe ingredients over synthetics. We do plan new flavor profiles to avoid ‘flavor’ fatigue and our research and field trials confirmed what airline chefs now know: the taste profile changes at altitude and this has been a key consideration,” Spratley says.

Old-fashioned comfort

Hydration aside, the basic purpose for offering a beverage is to provide comfort. While most beverages achieve this, a flavorful cup of tea has traditionally answered this need, which is why Bigelow Tea feels its presence in the passenger United Airlines is the first airline to services industry is crucial. offer passengers Dasani Sparkling water in the U.S. and abroad “I know from experience how exciting, yet tiring, travel can sometimes be,” says Cynthia Bigelow, President and CEO, Bigelow Tea. “Oftentimes, it’s a cup of tea that gets me back into focus. In fact, scientific studies have proven the natural L-Theanine in tea simultaneously calms

and sharpens the mind,” she adds. For 70 years and three generations, Bigelow Tea has been making tea. Currently available on United, Continental, American/US Airways, Hawaiian Airlines and Delta Air Lines, as well as Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Costa, MSC and Seaborne cruise lines, Bigelow’s tea bags are individually enclosed with a signature foil overwrap offering protection from air, moisture and surrounding aromas. Bigelow’s Home Blend, a ready-to-drink (RTD) tea, scheduled to launch in 2015, was designed specifically with polyphenols in mind — the powerful antioxidants naturally found in tea. “We wanted the finished product to have high level polyphenols and taste good, which complicated the formula, so we’re pleased that we ended up with a gorgeous tasting line that is 100% organic that has the same polyphenol [count] if not more than a cup of tea,” she explains. With a continuum of beverage choices at a passenger’s disposal today, maintaining hydration during travel is quite easy. So whether it is refreshment, revival or simply comfort one seeks, the airline trolley — or cruise line server — is the best place to start.

DANCING DEER During most flights, passengers are served a snack along with their beverage. Enjoying a biscuit with a cup of tea, or some pretzels with a soda works wonders when it comes to passenger comfort, a belief that Dancing Deer has followed for many years. Since 1999, Dancing Deer has been supplying the airline industry with individually wrapped gourmet brownies, squares and cookies — all made from scratch — for first class, buyon-board menus and full meal programs. With current trends leading to both sweet and savory flavor preferences, Dancing Deer’s recent collection of shortbread cookies satisfies both in one product. “The “sweet and savory” trend has been gaining momentum over the past year,” says Laura Stanton, Director of Marketing, Dancing Deer. The shortbread cookies carry a nine-month shelf life and are available in two-packs in the following flavors: Rosemary and Pink Sea Salt, Pure Vanilla Bean, Espresso Chocolate Chip, Kalamata Olive and Fig, Tangerine Cream Swirl and Sundried Tomato with Pine Nuts. Shortbread aside, Dancing Deer is expanding its successful line of Cookie Nibbles, a convenient 0.81-ounce, 100-calorie package of Kosher wafer-style cookies in a Sweet Apple flavor. Made in a peanut-free facility, Cookie Nibbles are available in Lemon, Chocolate Chip and Dark Chocolate flavors, and carry an nine-month shelf life.

Dancing Deer’s collection of shortbread cookies answers the “savory and sweet” trend with six flavors, including Rosemary and Pink Sea Salt (pictured)



Annual Conference and EXPO on 15-

18 September at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California USA. For the fifth consecutive year, the International Flight Services Association (IFSA) will join forces with the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX). Co-location maximizes value for airline customers, because it allows them to use their time more efficiently and it fosters the synergies of the airline passenger experience in the Onboard arena. Colocation also helps the various industries represented to continue to grow, evolve and work in tandem with each other.

In attendance will be representatives from more than 120 airlines and over 250 vendors from dozens of industries – ranging from catering to IFE – all committed to improving the airline passenger experience. This year stands to be IFSA’s largest show since 2001. The EXPO is the only industry-driven event devoted to the entire passenger experience. It is the industry’s largest trade show featuring the latest in comfort, ambience, entertainment, connectivity, catering and services; as well as a full day of compelling educational sessions and valuable networking opportunities.

For more information, visit and connect on social media: #IFSAEXPO.

EDUCATION AT EXPO As part of the benefits of co-location, the EXPO educational sessions are focused on the latest passenger trends, inflight applications and operational issues crucial to the airline passenger experience professional. Industry leaders and early adopters share their knowledge on issues related to comprehensive, high-interest passenger experience-related topics. Similar to the EXPO last year, morning general sessions will focus on key aviation topics and issues, while the new breakout tracks will identify specific areas of the onboard industry such as technology, catering, services and connectivity. Education at EXPO also extends to staying up to date on the latest regulations and issues surrounding the onboard industry. IFSA’s Government Affairs and Education Committee (GAEC) will have their own booth

to provide information, guidance and education to the IFSA membership regarding food safety and security. In 2014, GAEC has been working on an update to the World Food Safety Guidelines and also collaborating on a number of regulatory initiatives with the FDA and USDA.

NETWORKING AT EXPO 2014 IFSA Annual Conference and EXPO is the ideal forum in which to easily build business relationships and strengthen partnerships. It provides the opportunity to meet colleagues and airline industry professionals from around the world at special networking events during the expo. It all starts with the Welcome Reception and then continues with the open floor plan and events throughout the day and evening, which will allow attendees to gather information, strategize with associates and add valuable contacts to their portfolio. After the show floor closes, the evening events promise even more interaction, mixed with entertainment – the perfect complement to a busy day of exhibit hall meetings and education sessions. The APEX/IFSA Networking Event at the House of Blues on Wednesday night promises to be a truly unforgettable evening of entertainment and socializing with industry peers from APEX and IFSA! There will be live music, dancing, food and drink, and the event will feature themed areas for some added fun.

Transportation to and from the Anaheim Hilton will be provided. Casino Night is a brand new networking event this year that will raise money for the IFSA Foundation. After dinner on Monday night, attendees will enjoy fun, games, networking and drinks with their colleagues from 9 p.m. - midnight. Additionally, the industry’s best-of-the best are awarded at the evening Passenger Choice Awards™ Ceremony. The Awards recognize the best airlines in passenger experience, from ticket purchase to final arrival, and were selected by consumers. The Avion Awards are distributed to airlines and/or vendors for their technological advancements and commitment to the passenger experience. The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to an individual whose longterm efforts, dedication and sustained commitment have supported the organization.

For more information, visit and connect on social media: #IFSAEXPO.

6TH ANNUAL CHEF’S COMPETITION This year’s Chef’s Competition will once again offer a dynamic arena for the onboard industry’s most talented chefs from around the world the opportunity to cook their way to the title of Best In-Flight Executive Chef. This exciting IFSA duel has a long-standing reputation for producing exciting, inspiring, mouth-watering cuisine that is sure to impress the competition judges. Each chef will be provided with a market basket of ingredients from which they will be asked to perform their culinary magic to produce an onboard-ready creation. As an added twist in 2014, and in accordance with IFSA’s commitment to developing future leaders in the industry, each of the four selected industry chefs will partner with a local student chef, with a portion of the score going towards this working relationship between industry chef and sous chef. This is a great mentorship opportunity for both the chefs and culinary students.

For more information, visit and connect on social media: #IFSAEXPO.

MENTORSHIP AND SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION On the topic of mentorship, IFSA’s Ideation Committee has been working on a mentorship program that will be formally launched at EXPO. The IFSA Mentorship Program is a four month program designed to bring experienced members of the inflight services industry together with junior members who are interested in further career development. The program is a wonderful opportunity for senior members of the industry to give back and further develop the industry. In turn, it is a great opportunity for junior members to gain valuable career guidance and a framework for career planning through a one-on-one partnership with a seasoned professional. Through a selection process utilizing applications, IFSA will match qualified mentors with deserving mentees who are looking for development in an area that matches the experience of the mentor. The mentee and mentor will work together throughout the 4 months with a minimum of 6 hours contact time and at least one in person meeting. During this time,

the mentor will discuss career path, goals and share experiences that are relevant to the mentees growth. Additionally, IFSA is proud to offer multiple scholarships to help exceptional students and current onboard services professionals further their education. The IFSA Foundation Scholarships cover tuition, books, living expenses and associated costs with college for students across the globe. Last year, the IFSA Foundation awarded $40,000 in scholarships for the second year in a row. In 2014, through even more generous donations, the IFSA Foundation will administer over $60,000 USD in scholarship awards. The IFSA Foundation Scholarship Award winners will be announced at EXPO. With all of these amazing elements, it’s not hard to see why the IFSA Annual Conference and EXPO is the premier onboard services tradeshow. For more information, visit and connect on social media: #IFSAEXPO.

For more information, visit and connect on social media: #IFSAEXPO.

Wow! I look good.

Visit us at booth #1012 Contact: Harry Gray



Winning combinations Pax International highlights the latest partnerships and collaborations in the airline industry by TANYA FILIPPELLI


s we head into fall and into the last quarter of the year, we’ve seen relationships being formed, agreements being signed and the expectations of passengers increasingly fulfilled. The inflight entertainment and connectivity areas have brought new business partnerships and technological developments, as have the catering counterparts, with a bounty of new relationships with airlines and their passengers. PAX International highlights some key accomplishments made by leading industry suppliers collaborating in bringing the passenger experience to all new heights + 44 7850-205-869



China Eastern Airlines, China Telecom Satellite and Panasonic Launch Broadband Wi-Fi in the skies over China China Eastern Airlines (CEA) has begun offering broadband connected flights over China using China Telecom Satellite aeronautical service and Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s eXConnect system. The Airbus A330 is the first of 27 CEA aircraft equipped with a system and service tailored to the unique requirements of China. CEA has also selected China Telecom Satellite’s service and Panasonic’s eXConnect system for an additional six 767s and 20 777 aircraft. The first aircraft has been dedicated to routes between Shanghai and Beijing, allowing government agencies to observe operation of the service before granting full regulatory approval for operation on additional domestic and international routes.


Gogo helps launch “Delta Studio” with Delta Air Lines Gogo has announced that it has launched a first of its kind wireless inflight entertainment experience with Delta Air Lines called “Delta Studio.” The new wireless inflight entertainment product will offer passengers a variety of television shows and movies that will be streamed wirelessly to passengers’ own Wi-Fi enabled devices. Passengers sitting in premium seats will be able to access all of the content free of charge, while economy customers will have access to most titles for free. To access the content, a passenger can simply launch the browser on their laptop, Android or Apple tablet, or iPhone device and they will automatically be directed to Delta Studio. Gogo’s seat selection technology integrates with Delta’s flight records through an API that will serve up the appropriate content when a passenger enters their name and seat number.

Delta Studio is available on all Gogoequipped Delta flights that operate domestically. The Gogo Vision product is now installed on more than 1,500 aircraft across four U.S. airlines.

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc.

Global Eagle Entertainment partners with OnAir to Launch WISE™ on Philippines Airlines Global Eagle Entertainment has successfully launched WISE™on select Middle Eastern routes inflight Philippine Airlines. The software program has been deployed through a technological partnership with OnAir’s new wireless inflight entertainment solution, OnAir Play and on Philippine Airlines’ In Air Wireless Entertainment product. Designed as a hardware-agnostic solution, WISE™ is a flexible and content-driven IFE platform that powers the software backbone of OnAir Play. WISE™ supports most popular mobile devices, laptops and tablets, including Apple iOS and

Android operating systems, as well as all major internet browsers. It features a robust Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution for secured content streaming approved by major Hollywood studios, while also offering ancillary revenue opportunities, such as payment and purchasing options in both connected and non-connected environments.

IFP enters into a multi-year agreement with Etihad Airways Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. has announced that its subsidiary IFP has entered into a multi-year agreement with Etihad Airways to provide inflight entertainment content programming across its entire fleet, as well as to its partner airlines Air Serbia and Air Seychelles. IFP will provide a rich and varied program of regional and international content including popular movies, TV shows and audio programming to support the airline’s world-renowned guest experience.








EL·E·GANCE dignified grace in appearance, movement, or behaviour.

72 Johnnycake Hill Road . Middletown, RI 02842 USA . 1-888-575-AVID .



Innovating the Tablet-Friendly Cabin™ Skycast Solutions is your ally in the tablet revolution. We provide our airline customers with low cost but high impact IFE solutions. Whether you require a complete supplied portable IFE program or seek an innovative tablet holder for your customers' own tablets, Skycast is your partner in creating a Tab-Friendly Cabin™.

Introducing the most capable portable IFE device available. A powerful Windows® tablet for stand-alone or server/Wi-Fi Integration. Sophisticated user-interface including multi-tasking. Seamless Wi-Fi integration with onboard server or internet connection. Early Window movies, TV, Xbox® games, music, maps, and much more. Complete program management available.


The TabCaddy™ product line provides the ultimate solution to provide passengers a safe and comfortable way to use and view their personal devices. The patent-pending designs support all sizes of personal devices (PEDs) – from smartphones to 10.1” tablets.

TabCaddy™ BarGrabber

Visit us a t APEX Anaheim - Booth 420

TabCaddy™ High Pocket

For any seat with a sliding tray and exposed tray bar.

Custom integration with seat-back.

Supports all size tabs securely.

Support all sizes of tabs and cases securely.

Multiple positions for recline and optimal viewing.

Smooth 'one-finger' operation to change viewing angles.

Frees entire tray for food and beverage.

Frees entire tray for food and beverage.

Branding and advertising options.

Custom branding and optional changeable advertising buttons. | 1-855-487-2988 © Skycast Solutions, Inc. TabCaddy™ is exclusively distributed by Skycast Solutions, Inc. Patents Pending. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.




he history of inflight entertainment has always been one of adaptation and transitions. Over the decades, good ideas have been adapted and bad ideas have been abandoned. Videotape has been transitioned smoothly into digital content. Inflight Internet has become “connectivity” and its final acceptance, as part of the cabin appears to be complete. Inflight telephony has moved from beige handsets placed in the seatbacks to personal devices now in the hands of every passenger. At one time, it was thought that inflight gambling would be the killer app for airline ancillary revenue. That idea, perhaps for the better, never really got off the ground. Now as the industry gathers for yet another important yearly event, the evolution of IFEC is clear like never before. The field of companies vying for a place in the cabin has never been larger and more varied than it is today. So what companies are shaping the evolution? PAX International caught up with a few this past summer. Their activities paint a picture of some the cutting edge trends and happenings that make IFEC the vibrant segment of cabin service that it is. Some of the companies are small startups, while others are the deep-pocket worldwide players that are shaping the passenger experience.

Inflight entertainment and connectivity continues to evolve with new partners and new technology, keeping the industry moving forward by RICK LUNDSTROM

Throwing the switch

Passengers on Delta Air Lines are experiencing one aspect of this evolution of inflight entertainment when the airline and its service provider, Gogo began adding access to free entertainment on more than 1,000 aircraft in a service known as Delta Studio. Delta Studio was officially launched August 1. With the service, passengers can have inflight entertainment from their seat or through their own Wi-Fi enabled devices on any flight of more than 1.5 hours. Access to all the content is free for passengers in the airline’s premium cabins. Economy passengers also have access to most of the titles in the Delta selection with the option to purchase additional premium content that includes the latest movies and programming from HBO and Showtime. Passengers also have the ability to take the downloaded programming off the aircraft and access the unwatched portions on their personal device. The service is part of the Gogo Vision platform launched a couple years ago. Gogo Vision gives airline customers the ability to target content to selected parts of the aircraft. Most Delta passengers should have few problems working through the selection of programming, says Steve Nolan Director of Communications and Public Relations

at the Itasca, Illinois-based Gogo. Much of the system follows closely the models found on most home video cable systems and providers such as Netflix. Gogo is also working with another airline customer and technology partner for some in-cabin features that were also recently launched. Business travelers on Virgin America can now explore possibilities for networking among their fellow travelers through an application called “Here on Biz.” The app gives passengers with an iOS-equipped device the ability to send text messages and e-mails to other passengers who may be in a “circle of influence” on the flight. Nolan said the Here on Biz program could be used by business travelers to contact others who may be attending similar events in a destination city. Gogo sees the real possibilities for inflight connectivity coming with additional capabilities that are on the horizon. “The biggest thing for Gogo’s evolution for us is focusing on bringing more bandwidth and capacity to the plane,” said Nolan. In the past year, satellite and ground service have increased the bandwidth available onboard the aircraft from three megabytes per second (MBS) to more than 10MBS. The next generation of capability will be Gogo’s Ground to Orbit system that will combine satellite antennas Delta launched its Delta Studio program on more than 1,000 aircraft this summer


IFEC: EVOLUTION OF IFE and ground service into a hybrid that will push that capacity to 70 MBS. In the future, aircraft compatible with spot beam satellite technology promise delivery of 100MBS. “We expect that will change things and unlock all different products and services that you can not only offer passengers, but more importantly the types of things that can engage airlines from an operational perspective,” said Nolan. Among the capabilities Nolan citied was real time credit card transaction tracking to alleviate some of the risk of inflight purchasing for the airline. Flight attendants would also be able to perform passenger services such as luggage tracking and re-booking. Even as the U.S. Federal Communications Commission continues to review comments on the possible future of mobile phone usage inflight, the rest of the world has been moving ahead from Southeast Asia, the Middle East to Europe. This past summer, AeroMobile reported a 30% increase in connected aircraft during the first half of this year, with the calling service available flying on more than 250 aircraft on across 13 airlines. Usage in the first half of 2014 on the AeroMobile system is also up compared to the same period in 2013, with data seeing the highest uptake of 313% and the number of inflight texts increasing by 48%. Connections to the AeroMobile network are up 56% to just over three million connections. AeroMobile closely monitors the types of usage for its system, and the company’s CEO Kevin Rogers tells PAX International that voice telephone calls only account for 20% of the usage, with the service dominated by data and text services. AeroMobile is a subsidiary of Panasonic Avionics, which is responsible for the equipment and engineering on the AeroMobile service. The capability of the system will start to expand next year from a 2.5G to a 3G network, and provides strong coverage throughout the cabin, said Rogers. Down the road, there will inevitably be an increase in capability that would allow a 4G network within the aircraft. AeroMobile is also looking into a future that continues to see greater acceptance and installations across the airline industry. Airlines could do much to advance this evolution by making the services more known to passengers, said Rogers. Over time, he said as the awareness grows, so, to will the usage. “In an environment where we are all accustomed to not being able to use 50  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  SEPTEMBER 2014

Two versions of the SkyCast TabCaddy line

phones, now that environment is changing; it takes a bit of time,” he said.

The tablet revolution

Skycast Solutions is an example of one of the new entrants that is adapting existing technology and consumer products to the aircraft. The Seattle company was formed in 2011 by Bill Boyer, the inventor of the digEplayer, and has since picked up a customer in Calgary-based WestJet for its TrayVu 7 IFE device, which utilizes a Samsung Galaxy tablet. More than 2,000 devices are currently in operation on WestJet. “Skycast is all about bringing the tablet revolution to the cabin,” said Greg Latimer, a former Alaska Airlines executive who is President of Skycast Solutions. The company is in the midst of its next venture, which it is developing with partner Microsoft. The new portable IFE device will incorporate a Toshiba ‘Encore 2’ 8-inch tablet and Microsoft ‘s Windows 8.1 operating system. “It is going to be a very robust portable, because of the capabilities of the Windows operating system and an application custom-built for IFE,” said Latimer. “So it is going to allow the user to do things like multi-task. You can do things like listen to music and read a digital magazine at the same time.”

The new offering will also allow users to connect seamlessly with onboard server driven content and Wi-Fi Internet on any platform currently flying. The other portion of the company’s business is the company’s TabCaddy line of seatback attachments built to hold any tablet device now carried by passengers. The ‘HighPocket’ version holds tablets and smartphones up to 10.1 inches and frees up the tray for food and beverage service. The HighPocket is built for seatbacks with high literature pockets. The ‘BarGrabber’ is designed for seats with sliding trays. In addition to securely holding any handheld device on the market, Skycast Solutions built the TabCaddy for easy installation. Airlines also have the ability to interchange printed material, which opens up the possibility for advertising space on the devices.

The Big Players

The “big three” of IFE hardware suppliers have spent the year honing partnerships made through acquisition and reshaping the landscape by capitalizing on the new capability. “The acquisition of LiveTV provided Thales with a solid regional Ka-Band connectivity solution and product line that will move Thales into market segments it has traditionally not played in,” said Lori Krans

Onboard with over 50 airlines worldwide Discover our line of lightweight solutions • The lowest cost of ownership • Award-winning • Made to last

+1-514-334-3210 x 114

IFEC: EVOLUTION OF IFE a spokesperson for the company. The newly acquired company, purchased this year from JetBlue Airways, will give Thales additional research and development capability. As technology advances, Krans said it would be the responsibility of companies like Thales to demonstrate the value connectivity brings to an airline cabin for both the passenger and operational side. “We have entered a new phase with robust connections,” she said. Thales is in the midst of rebranding its connectivity solution and visitors to this year’s APEX event will probably receive the first glimpse. Rockwell Collins will also be using this year’s APEX event to show its connectivity capabilities through its acquisition of ARINC earlier this year. The new subsidiary is now called Information Management Systems. The acquisition brings with it increased possibilities for connectivity that the company plans to develop through the year. Rockwell Collins’ PAVES products are designed exclusively for the single-aisle aircraft market. The Rockwell Collins product line includes it PAVES Broadcast television

system, PAVES On Demand and PAVES Wireless systems. Toward the end of this year’s Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg, Panasonic Avionics announced its partnership with the Swiss company Soundchip SA for a collaboration to develop a new HDAUDIO™ headset.

Panasonic worked with a Swiss company, SoundChip to develop its new audio system

SoundChip is a developer of wearable sound technology and developed a technology and a product called HighDefinition Personal Audio. “Audio isn’t a top tier topic in the industry, which we are trying to change as we see a lot of room for enhancements in that area,” said Matthias Walther, Manager, Integrated Marketing, Corporate Sales and Marketing. Interest from potential airline

customers are those who want to “push the envelope” in the premium product segment, he added. HD-AUDIO™ delivered through a specially designed digital headset connected to an airline’s inflight entertainment system through a standard USB port. Software in the seat controls would allow passengers to better control listening through controls embedded in a touch-panel display. Through the technology, common audio occurrences, such as clicks, pops and interference are eliminated. Other features include the ability to support active noise cancellation, digital surround sound and wide-band voice telephony. At the time of the announcement, Panasonic was actively pursuing headset vendors interested in developing and manufacturing HD-AUDIO™ for airline use. Given that the technology for HDAUDIO™ is in the headset and not the systems, the product would be available for airlines with Panasonic’s X series systems now flying. “Focus for HD-AUDIO™ is on eX1 and eX3 but system requirements don’t go beyond a ‘slave’ USB port with adequate driver,” said Walther.

4th Floor,Tiandu Business Building No.146 of West Gongqingtuan Road, Zhangdian,Zibo,Shandong,China.Post code 255000 Fax: +86 533 6217967 Email:

Tel: +86 533 6217968/6217998






Bluebox Hybrid brings together locally stored and secured EWC content, while integrating with a range of wireless IFE systems to streaming TV and other content


t this year’s APEX exhibition in Anaheim, Bluebox Avionics will be sharing the news of the debut of its capability for Early Window Content (EWC) integration with Wi-Fi. Bluebox Avionics will unveil Bluebox Hybrid, the newest addition to its roster of portable IFEC solutions. Bluebox Hybrid marks a milestone for the company’s content platform, interfacing now with connectivity and streaming services from all significant technology providers. EWC is content — typically movie content — that isn’t yet released to the general public on Blu-ray or DVD. Distributors require that this content is secured at all times from encoding, through integration and onto the devices. Bluebox was the first and one of the current few portable IFE providers that has approval from Hollywood distributors for EWC. “As far as we understand our iPad based Bluebox Hybrid is a unique offering in the market, bringing together locally stored and secured EWC content, whilst integrating with a range of wireless IFE systems to streaming TV and other content — we already have approval from five of the six Hollywood distributors for Hybrid, the remaining under review and expected very soon,” says Kevin Birchmore, Head of Technology, DMD Phantom, co-owner of Bluebox Avionics. Airline enthusiasm for Wi-Fi is growing steadily, but with no permissions in place to stream Hollywood EWC to passenger devices, its value within a consistent fleetwide IFEC product is compromised. In light of this, EWC remains the key entertainment category for airline audiences worldwide.

Adding to its already impressive content platform, Bluebox Avionics unveils Bluebox Hybrid, the newest addition to its roster of portable IFEC solutions by

The Bluebox Ai IFEC app for iPad is already on more than 14,000 units flying, and was named Best Handheld IFE System at the 2014 Inflight Awards. It comes preapproved by Hollywood for pre-loaded EWC movies, and integrates seamlessly with any Wi-Fi solution, hosting premium pre-retail movies and receiving whatever streamed IFE the airline offers, plus online access when connectivity is provided. “Bluebox Hybrid is an additional and unique business opportunity for us; and we’re seeing a continued increase in deployments of our Bluebox Ai alongside Hybrid. We now have 25 airlines flying with Bluebox iPads,” adds Birchmore. Although many passengers today travel with their own digital devices or personal electronic devices (PEDs), there is still a percentage who either don’t have one, have only one to share among a family, or simply do not wish to use — and potentially drain — their personal device’s battery. From Birchmore’s perspective, this presents the perfect opportunity for airlines to offer a revenue-generated solution and/or an enhancement for business class passengers. “Hybrid can enable Wi-Fi and the Inter-


net for passengers not carrying a digital device and upgrade even those who are with EWC,” says Bluebox Joint Managing Director John Howe. “It’s ideal for a premium service enhancement or as a source of ancillary revenue,” he adds. Passengers can find out if Bluebox Hybrid is available on their flight through their airline or via the regular booking process. Once on board, passengers can also learn about Bluebox Hybrid via pre-flight advertising and other marketing initiatives. Bluebox apps also deliver future-proof accessibility options to assist hearing and visually impaired passengers, including closed-caption capability as standard. In addition to unveiling Bluebox Hybrid at this year’s APEX show, Bluebox will also be focusing on its other two key products: Bluebox Ai, the iPad offline solution, with content loaded onto the device; and Bluebox wiFE, the company’s own wireless IFE solution, created in collaboration with Bluebox’s technology partner, Cobham Aerospace Communications, which is optimized for iPad, Android and Windows platforms.

Bluebox was the first and one of the current few portable IFE providers that has approval from the Hollywood distributors for EWC  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  53


A storied

career The industry bids Ron Schroeder a fond farewell as he embarks upon his well-deserved retirement by RYAN WHITE


ver the summer the industry bid goodbye to a key player in MillerCoors’ cruise and inflight departments. Ron Schroeder retired on July 10 after nearly 40 years in the business. He held a number of positions with Miller over the years, but most recently served as Director of its Travel Retail and Leisure team. “Over nearly four decades, he has made an impact on every class of trade in the on-premise and established our ship chandler business,” said a statement from MillerCoors. “He showed incredible bias for action in almost single-handedly building our ship chandler business after the launch of MillerCoors.” Indeed, Schroeder’s career is replete with milestones, including receiving two President’s Awards from Miller Brewing Company in the 1970s. He is known for taking Miller to the number one brewer in Minnesota in a matter of only a year and a half, and in the 1990s was credited with turning around Miller’s business at off-premise chains in Arizona in just three years.

GLUTEN FREE SNACK CRACKERS Convenient on-the-go packs Made with high quality non-GMO ingredients Three delicious flavors

IFSA Booth #534 N NOM O G

Partners, A Tasteful Choice Company • 800-632-7477 • 54  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  SEPTEMBER 2014

Schroeder was also a memRon ber of the Marine Hotel AssoSchroeder, former ciation’s Board of Directors for Director of Travel Retail the last five years. PAX Internaand Leisure tional caught up with Schroeder MillerCoors to talk about his time in the industry. We began by asking him about how he broke into the cruise line business. “In the early 1980s I was a field sales manager for Miller Brewing Company,” he explained. “At that time we didn’t really have any cruise line business. I was at a convention and happened to meet Salem Geller of Gulf Coast Maritime. “For 45 minutes we spoke about his business and I was very intrigued,” he continued. From these humble beginnings Schroeder began to carve out what would become a leading position for Miller Brewing Company in the cruise line and inflight businesses. “As for the airlines,” Schroeder told us, “I just called them directly at their corporate offices.” In fact, Schroeder led the team that developed the transportation package that cemented Miller Brewing Company’s place on 11 airlines. He accomplished this in part by developing Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft and Foster’s packages.

A whole new ballgame

We asked Schroeder how the cruise and inflight industries have changed over the years. “Cruise has changed dramatically from an alcohol and spirits perspective,” he said. “In the beginning no one was doing marketing and promotions.” Schroeder noted that nowadays, MillerCoors has dedicated experts that are out promoting the brand on cruise lines considerably, “helping the brand grow with consumers.” In terms of the evolution of inflight, Schroeder cites the rise of low-cost carriers and consolidation as the two trends that have brought about the most significant changes. “I remember traveling from Milwaukee to Los Angeles in the 1980s and the fare was around US$1,500,” he said. “You can make that trip now for US$399. Airlines are offering significantly more value these days.” In fact, when asking Schroeder about what breweries can do to break into cruise or inflight, he added that the complexity of the business is another thing that has changed over the years. “A company looking to make their mark in cruise or inflight would need a lot of manpower,” he said. “For example, there’s a lot of education that goes on when MillerCoors introduces a new product, and we’re talking about a company with a lot of domestic marketing power behind it. If you don’t have that marketing momentum behind your brand it’s tough.” We ended our conversation by asking Schroeder what he plans on doing with his free time. “Can I say playing golf?” he chuckled. We’re inclined to think that’s as good an answer as any. After all, if anyone’s earned a little time to enjoy the High Life, it’s Ron Schroeder.

Building a faster and more reliable aero-communications network.

With more than 7,500 connected flights taking off every day, Gogo knows inflight internet has to work fast. Our new 2Ku antenna — capable of speeds up to 70 Mbps — can do just that. But it still has to work. We know how to deliver dependable service — wherever

you fly, whatever your fleet. And with 55+ million sessions served since 2008, it’s clear Gogo works reliably. That’s just some insight into how we’re building the best aero-communications network possible — for your airline and for the future of connected flight.

Meet us at APEX 2014 • ©2014 Gogo LLC. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.




Dean Davidson

A look at airline food labels and labeling in the United States and the European Union from the perspective of IFSA Government Affairs Committee Consultant, Dean Davidson

A short history


he confusion and anxiety caused by both the regulatory requirements and laws in the United States and the European Union directives and member state requirements regarding labels and labeling of food served on foreign and domestic airlines, is not unlike the story of Babel, the confusion of language, recorded in Genesis 11:1-9 in the Bible. It is all for a good purpose, of course. It ensures the safety of the passengers and crew who may have allergies to certain foods, medical dietary restrictions, or religious prohibitions against consumption of foods derived from certain plants and animals. So why is it becoming so complicated for airlines and their caterers to provide food to passengers and crew that comply with labeling requirements? We need to look at the laws and regulations, and determine how they are being applied to airline food in order to get a sense of what is going on with airline food and what to do about it.


Arguably, Handley Page Transport served the first airline meals, when passengers were offered a pre-packed lunch-box, costing three shillings, on their London to Paris service. For many years, all the way back to 1936 with United Airlines’ first flight kitchen, located in Oakland, California, food was provided to passengers and crew with no, or very limited labels and labeling, as one would expect from restaurant service in the sky. After all, the main purpose of air transport is to safely and comfortably move passengers over great distances in a relatively short time to facilitate commerce, trade and tourism. Food selections for passengers were very basic: fish, chicken, beef or vegetables and a beverage, soft drink, bottled water, milk, coffee, tea, wine, beer, and sometimes a cocktail. Meals and snacks were provided on trays with utensils, napkins and appropriate condiments. In the U.S., the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA or Act), enacted in 1967, directs the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration to issue regulations requiring that all “consumer commodities” be labeled to disclose net contents, identity of commodity, and the name and place of business of the product’s manufacturer, packer, or distributor. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) administers the FPLA with respect to foods, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices. The FTC administers the FPLA with respect to other “consumer commodities” that are consumed or

expended in the household. Until recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not apply these requirements found in the regulations in Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 101 to food provided to passengers and crew. Beginning in the early 1990s, new U.S. government initiatives were issued to improve the health of the public, to mitigate medical conditions and obesity present in the population and to provide consumers more information about the food they eat and the calories they consume. Food labels and labeling of package foods were the method used by governments to provide information to consumers to give them the opportunity to make better food choices and regulate their consumption. The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 was the first major law of this type to issue. The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) (Public Law 101535) is a 1990 United States Federal law, signed November 8, 1990 by President George H. W. Bush. The law gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to require nutrition labeling of most foods regulated by the Agency; and to require that all nutrient content for example, ‘high fiber’, ‘low fat’ and others, and health claims meet FDA regulations. The act did not require restaurants to comply with the same standards. Exemptions were also made in the regulations implementing the act (Title 21 CFR Part 101) and did not require nutritional labeling of packaged food served on transportation carriers including airlines.

THE MIDDLE EAST’S ONLY AIME Aircraft Interiors Middle East




GUEST COLUMN: DEAN DAVIDSON In 2004, Congress enacted the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) to address the issue of public exposure to the eight major food allergens. It is estimated that 2% of adults and about 5% of infants and young children in the U.S. suffer from food allergies. Approximately 30,000 consumers require emergency room treatment and 150 Americans die each year because of allergic reactions to food. FALCPA applies to both domestically manufactured and imported packaged foods that are subject to FDA regulation. FALCPA is an amendment to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and requires that the label of a food that contains an ingredient that is or contains protein from a “major food allergen” declare the presence of the allergen in the manner described by the law. FALCPA identifies eight foods or food groups as the major food allergens: milk, eggs, fish such as bass, flounder or cod; crustacean shellfish like crab, lobster or shrimp; tree nuts, which include almonds, walnuts and pecans; and peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. Any packaged food provided to passenger and crew must either bear an ingredient listing in descending order of predominance or bear a “contains” statement that identifies the major food allergen present in the food. The European Union is following a similar path with regard to labels and labeling of airline food. EU Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on November 22, 2011. Transitional periods of three and five years are used. The Regulation has direct effect in all Member States. The provisions apparently apply not only to EU airlines and caterers, but also to non-EU airlines whose flights depart from an EU Member State. The Regulation repeals EC Directive 90/496/EEC on nutrition labeling for foodstuffs and EC Directive 2000/13/EC on food labeling. The main provisions of the Regulation deal with mandatory food information, which must be displayed (using a specified minimum font size) on pre-packed food. Some of these requirements already existed in the repealed legislation. Article 9 of the Regulation sets out the required mandatory food information including, among other things, the name of the food, its ingredients, any ingredient or processing aid (specifically identified by the Regulation)


which can cause allergies or intolerances, and the date of minimum durability or the ‘use by’ date. For non-pre-packed food, Article 44 specifies that being able to provide the allergen/intolerances information is mandatory, but that the remaining food information requirements in Articles 9 and 10 and Annex III are not, unless Member States adopt national measures requiring some or all of those particulars to be provided. National measures may therefore differ between Member States for nonpre-packed food. These mandatory food information provisions will apply along with most of the remainder of the Regulation from December 13, 2014, i.e. a transitional period of three years has been allowed. There is a mandatory nutrition declaration (under Article 30 of the Regulation) that must be presented in tabular format on pre-packed food. It is to consist of the energy value and amounts of fat, saturates carbohydrates, protein, sugars and salt, indicated per 100 milliliter or per 100 grams, and which may additionally be shown on a per-portion basis. All of this information is to be displayed in the same field of vision. The nutrition declaration will apply from December 13, 2016, i.e. five years after the Regulation’s entry into force. However, voluntary implementation of the above provisions before their specified applicability date is allowed. The Regulation will have less impact on fresh foods loaded onto aircraft, which are not pre-packed although as stated above,

any allergen/intolerances information will need to be known and detailed. There is ambiguity around the definition of prepacked food, such as “any single item for presentation as such to the final consumer”, that is, whether meal trays will be classed as a whole, as a single pre-packed item (thereby requiring the pre-packed food mandatory information to be stated), or whether (which is probably more likely) it will be considered to be made up of both non-pre-packed and pre-packed items. To summarize, both the U.S. and EU food labeling requirements, allergen declarations of the major eight allergens in the U.S. and the allergens listed in Annex II of the EU directives are required for nonpre-packaged and pre-packaged foods on airlines. The basic labeling requirements of statement of identity, ingredient listing, manufacturer, packer or distributor are already being required in the U.S. and will be required in the EU by the end of 2014. If you need any assistance, IFSA’s Government Affairs and Education Committee is here to help. The committee has been actively engaged with the FDA on the issues and has gathered information on the EU requirements in an effort to mitigate some of the changes and obtain a clear understanding of what will be required going forward with food labels and labeling on airline food. Please contact the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the committee and be sure to drop by the booth while attending the annual conference in September in Anaheim.

RESOURCES •   Fair Packaging and Labeling Act •   Nutritional Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) Requirements August 1994 to February 1995 •   Food Allergen Labeling And Consumer Protection Act of 2004 Questions and Answers information/allergens/ucm106890.htm •   The New EU Regulation On the Provision of Food Information-Its Application to Airlines, Tina Collier and Peter Macara, 10 February 2012. •   New EU Food Labeling Rules Published, Gain Report Number E70002, prepared by Hilde Brans, US Foreign Agriculture Service, 12 January 2012

SKYfi club – Your mobile theatre Staying in touch and streaming content via smartphones, tablets and laptops are now top wishes for air travellers. And SKYfi is one of the most advanced and cost-effective ways to meet these demands – for satisfied passengers who keep coming back. Plus, SKYfi club lets you create personalised entertainment and information programmes streamed directly to passengers’ devices – for the ultimate in in-flight customisation.

KID-Systeme GmbH Lüneburger Schanze 30, D-21614 Buxtehude Phone +49 40 743 716 33 Fax +49 40 743 838 29 E-Mail


EMTEQ LETS THE LIGHT IN Recently joining the B/E Aerospace team, global aerospace company EMTEQ offers an extensive selection of innovative value-add products and services for both retrofit and forward-fit applications in the commercial and business aviation markets. At this year’s APEX/IFSA Conference and Expo, EMTEQ will be showcasing its fleet-wide lighting options. “With an expanded product offering that capitalizes on the lighting strength from B/E Aerospace and EMTEQ and our lighting system certification expertise, we now have confident solutions to light any aircraft, including the preferred solutions for 737NG OEM and aftermarket,” says Dan Olstinske, Director-Program Sales, Air Transport Business Development at EMTEQ. EMTEQ’s lighting products span from bright, white LED lighting to white plus color lighting, to full mood lighting options. "By combining lines and technologies we have not only filled product gaps horizontally, but we have expanded the offering vertically as well. Airlines now have multiple solutions to choose from with options ranging from installation methods and size to cost and capabilities,” says Peter Tessmann, Product Marketing Manager for Air Transport Lighting. “The quality of the cabin interior is one of the first impressions made on a passenger when boarding the airplane and lighting plays

a huge role in that,” adds Tessmann. “A successful lighting solution will not only touch 100% of passengers, but will invoke a positive emotional response. The outcome will influence the passenger’s perception of the entire flight, furthermore increasing advocates and decreasing detractors — key metrics for airline leadership.” Some of the solutions EMTEQ has developed for aircraft include entry-way lighting, full-cabin lighting, lavatory lighting, galley lighting and reading and dome lighting among others. EMTEQ plans to continue focusing on helping commercial airlines provide a unique passenger experience through developing lighting products that meet their changing needs. “We are starting to see a need for hyper-personalization of the flight experience to the passenger,” Olstinske adds. “We are accomplishing this through intuitive and advanced lighting control that makes it easier for airlines to brand their flights with lighting to their airline or flight path.” Over the years EMTEQ has noticed an increase in the number of options presented at the show and noted increased interest in the passenger experience as the cause for this increase. “With the passenger experience becoming a stronger focus for airlines every year, we are noticing that the options for airlines to upgrade their fleets continue to grow,” explains Olstinske. “Every year there are more options for them to evaluate.” Visit EMTEQ at APEX, booth #903

EMTEQ’s LED lighting products span from bright, white lighting to white plus color lighting, to full mood lighting options

AMKO has been producing cutlery, glassware, hollowware, linens and dinnerware for the past decade



Airline tabletop manufacturers AMKO Group International has been producing dinnerware, cutlery, glassware, hollowware and linens for the past decade. “We have the vision to take concepts and develop the products that are suitable and tailored to working on an airline,” says Ann Mottola, Vice President Sales at AMKO Group International. At this year’s IFSA/APEX show, AMKO will introduce napkins, duvet covers and pillow coverings. “We will be showing cotton, 50/50 cotton/poly blend for our napkins and a cotton damask stripe design for our duvet covers and pillowcases,” says Mottola. In addition, AMKO will also showcase stemless wine glasses, suitable for port wine or juice, as well as its porcelain and glass appetizer trays. Having exhibited at the IFSA/APEX Expo for the past ten years, AMKO has found the show to be an excellent forum for meeting with its airline partners and discussing their goals and visions. “The event is a source of knowledge for what is going on in the industry,” adds Mottola. Visit AMKO Group International at IFSA, booth #232P


ASTRONICS POWERS UP With a history that dates back to 1958, provider of advanced technologies for the global aerospace and defense industries, Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems is a veteran in intelligently managed in-seat power, high-performance lighting and electronics systems sector. Since November 2011, Astronics has not only grown organically, but has also acquired a total of six new companies. “The technical capabilities of each new acquisition provide a unique opportunity for cross-subsidiary brainstorming and problem solving,” says Dennis Markert, Director, Business Development Cabin Sales and Marketing at Astronics. “The Corporation is now well positioned to provide systems and solutions to meet the varied needs of our customers,” he adds. At this year’s APEX/IFSA show Astronics will be demonstrating their latest intelligently managed cabin power charging systems. “Astronics continues to meet the increasing demand for its patented, EMPOWER® products as passengers demand power onboard to charge their carry-on devices,” says Markert. Driving the increase in adoption rate of in-seat power, is the 2013 FAA ruling allowing passenger electronic devices (PEDs) to be fully operational gate-to-gate as well as the continued growth of onboard Wi-Fi connectivity. To help airlines meet this demand, Astronics has developed an intelligent High Power USB charging system capable of charging multiple USB devices simultaneously while they are in use. This system, which is installed and flying today, provides power for charging passenger devices such as smartphones, iPods, iPads, cameras, and most other popular tablet devices. System configuration models include a stand-alone USB charging outlet or a combination 110VAC / High Power USB charging outlet.

Having exhibited at APEX for the last 18 years, Astronics praises the organization for staying true to its mission of strengthening the industry through education and networking, which Markert says has “kept us exhibiting for all these years.” Visit Astronics Advnaced Electronics Systems at APEX, Booth #1016

Astronics’ combination 110VAC/High Power USB charging outlet

BUNZL DELIVERS THE ESSENTIALS Helping airlines avoid internal costs and operate more efficiently, Bunzl Distribution supplies everyday essentials for airline kitchens, commissaries, provisioning stations and inflight service for major airlines throughout North America. Bunzl Distribution can source, store and deliver a wide array of items through its tailored airline supply programs, which include: ambient food and condiments, such as packaged soups, sugar and creamers; bottled and canned non-alcoholic beverages, such as coffee, tea, water, sodas and juices; foodservice items, such as cups, napkins, dinnerware, flatware, gloves, apparel, containers, storage bins and film; lavatory cleaning supplies, such as towels, tissue, soaps, cleaners and can liners; and passenger amenities, such as ear buds and playing cards. “Bunzl Distribution can manage the essentials that airlines source domestically or internationally, or its category specialists

Bunzl supplies everyday essentials for airline kitchens for major airlines throughout North America

can source supplies on behalf of its airline customers,” says Angie Dahman, Senior Sales Specialist at Bunzl Distribution. “The company’s overseas team can simplify airline procurement processes by working with quality manufacturers to produce and deliver products that meet exacting standards,” she adds. With more than 100 distribution centers and its own private fleet, Bunzl Distribution is in close proximity to the major North American airports to meet airline supply program needs. For those with international requirements, Bunzl has operations in South America, the U.K., Continental Europe and Australasia. “With a Bunzl airline supply program, carriers around the globe are able to better manage their operations and provide superior passenger service by freeing up administrative time, warehouse space and cash flow,” says Dahman. Visit Bunzl Distribution at IFSA, booth #516P  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  61


About Town What’s on in Anaheim


If planning a few extra days around this year’s APEX/IFSA Expo, aim to catch a show or a ballgame during your stay in sunny California. In the land of Disney, Orange County offers a variety of Expo events this month.

Katy Perry on tour International popstar Katy Perry will perform two nights in the O.C. on her Prismatic World Tour, with special guests, Tegan and Sara. September 16 & 17, Honda Centre – 7:00 p.m.

ANGELS BASEBALL HOME SCHEDULE September 12: 7:05 p.m. vs. Astros September 13: 6:05 p.m. vs. Astros (Post-game fireworks)

“Summer Nights Under the Stars”

September 14: 12:35 p.m. vs. Astros (Salute to Kids Day)

The last evening of Anaheim’s summer night shows and concert series features The Fab Four, The Ultimate Tribute Band to the Beatles.

September 15: 7:05 p.m. vs. Mariners

September 13, Pearson Park outdoor amphitheater – 8:00 p.m.

Annual Microbrew Fest The 12th Annual Microbrew Fest will take place on the beach in Two Harbors. Sample a selection of microbrews while listening to live music. September 13, Catalina Island

September 16: 7:05 p.m. vs. Mariners September 17: 7:05 p.m. vs. Mariners (Half way to St. Paddy’s Day hat)

ONCE on stage Winner of eight 2012 Tony Awards including Best Musical and winner of the 2013 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, ONCE features an impressive ensemble of actors/musicians who play their own instruments on stage. Until October 2, Segerstrom Center for the Arts

September 18: 7:05 p.m. vs. Mariners (Angels Rally Drum) September 19: 7:05 p.m. vs. Rangers (Oktoberfest stein) September 20: 6:05 p.m. vs. Rangers (Post-game fireworks) September 21: TBD vs. Rangers (Fan Appreciation Day)



Co-located with:

The leading event for travel catering & onboard services is going to America


The Hub For Information Exchange

Source New Products Find new and innovative products and services to help improve your passenger’s onboard experience

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Industry Networking Reception Join your peers for drinks, canapĂŠs and entertainment as the free to attend reception and exhibition preview

Cabin Space Live Enjoy inspiring presentations and interactive demonstrations from leading industry experts and innovative exhibitors

Passenger Experience Conference Look to the future of hospitality and service at the Passenger Experience Conference, on Oct 14, 2014

AIX Americas Co-located with the only dedicated aircraft interiors show in the Americas region showcasing the latest products, and technologies for the cabin



HOT! Listen in

Company Name: AVID Airline Products Company Location: Middletown, Rhode Island Description: AVID is pleased to present the latest arrival of highperformance noise-canceling headphones in its portfolio of audio devices. The ergonomic headphones come equipped with unique noise-canceling technology, tilted ear cups and snug-fit leatherette ear pads for reduced sound leakage and long-wear comfort. Styles include NC-306, NC-308 and NC311. AVID offers value-based audio equipment that can be customized to support branding efforts. Visit AVID Airline Products at APEX : Booth #1417

Music to your ears

Fig bars

Company Name: DFMi Company Location: Tucker, Georgia Description: DFMi is pleased to introduce Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars. The snack size fig bar is a wholesome on-the-go treat. The one ounce fig bars are available in eight delicious stone ground whole wheat flavors and a vanilla raspberry flavor. Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars do not contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors. preservatives or trans fat. They are dairy-free, cholestrolfree and are also non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan Certified and Kosher Certified. Visit DFMi at IFSA: Booth #202P-211P

Company Name: Buzz Company Location: Melbourne, Milan, Shanghai, Hong Kong Description: Buzz has facilitated an inflight collaboration opportunity in the inflight audio product category between Billboard and Delta Air Lines. Delta has joined with music brand Billboard, to introduce new, ergonomically designed earbuds for the airline’s valued customers. The new Billboard earbuds are available to Delta Air Lines customers on all IFE equipped flights worldwide. Visit Buzz at APEX: Booth #1031

Lobster made simple

Company Name: Clearwater Seafood Company Location: Bedford, Nova Scotia Description of Product: Clearwater Seafood’s Raw Lobster Meat line-up delivers the same quality and taste as live lobster while having the versatility of being prepared using a wide range of temperature and cooking methods. From the seas to the skies, users can also benefit from frozen storage of the products and rely on year-round availability for guaranteed supply throughout the seasons.

Gluten-free brownies and cookies

Company Name: Dancing Deer Baking Company Company Location: Boston, Massachusetts Description: In response to the exploding market in gluten-free products across many categories, Dancing Deer Baking Company has developed a collection of glutenfree cookies and brownies. The new chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies and chocolate chunk brownies are individually wrapped in 1.75 oz. packages. Visit Dancing Deer Baking Company at IFSA: Booth #528P

Liquid gold

Company Name: Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio Company Location: Perugia, Italy Description: Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio is proud to introduce its new Italian flavors: extra virgin olive oil and chili; extra virgin olive oil and lemon; extra virgin olive oil and garlic; and extra virgin olive oil with chili and garlic. With more than 12,000 olive trees, Monte Vibiano bottles only the first cold pressing to deliver an extra virgin quality and looks to explore new combinations by pressing together the olives with Mediterranean spices for a pure and genuine taste.


WHAT’S HOT! Stainless steel cutlery

Company Name: Global Inflight Products Company Location: Redmond, Washington Description: Global Inflight Products (G.I.P.) is pleased to introduce its new stainless steel cutlery collection. The elegant cutlery set features long refined lines and is distinguished by its extra light weight. The new collection has been designed with an avant-garde touch for the inflight dining experience. Visit Global Inflight Products at IFSA: Booth #511P

Premium dessert

Company Name: Lily O’Brien’s Company Location: Kildare, Ireland Description: Lily O’Brien’s is pleased to introduce its new range of premium pot desserts. Lily O’Brien’s offers new ingredients, seasonal recipes and some of the more popular and traditional desserts, such as the company’s cheesecakes, possets and chocolate based mousse desserts.

Hummus and Pita Combo

Innovative offerings

Company Name: Linstol Company Location: Naples, Fla. & London U.K. Description: In conjunction with its design partner, KVB and premium skincare and spa lifestyle brand, Temple Spa, Linstol creates intriguing amenity kits that offer quality, style and a flourish of creativity. Linstol provides creative design coupled with premium cosmetic offerings to engage the interest of today’s premium traveler and to create the “wow” factor. Visit Linstol at APEX: Booth #1819

Company Name: The Hoffman Group, LLC Company Location: Seattle, Washington Description: The Hoffman Group is pleased to introduce Tribe Mediterranean’s Tribe-to-Go Hummus and Pita Chips Combo Snack Pack. Tribe Mediterranean has combined two of their fresh hummus flavors with crunchy pita chips bringing a winning snack combo to passengers. The Tribe-to-Go Combo Snack Packs feature Classic or Sweet Roasted Red Pepper hummus flavors and are presented in easy open canister packaging. Visit The Hoffman Group, LLC at IFSA: Booth #525P-537P

Vitamin shots

Company Name: FlyFit Company Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Description: FlyFit has introduced brand new, direct-to-mouth vitamin shots, which will be officially launched at IFSA. Made with stevia, a natural sweetener, the vitamin shots are packed with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, which aid in reducing tiredness and fatigue, as well as to help nourish skin during travel. Small enough to fit on meal trays and in amenity kits, FlyFit’s vitamin shots are available in six flavors — blueberry, cranberry, mango, strawberry, garden mint and apple — and will be available at various airports, on several European and Middle Eastern airlines, and in hotels in 10-pack boxes.

Chips and dips get hip

Company Name: Oakfield Farms Solutions Company Location: Grapevine, Texas and London, England Description of Product: Oakfield Farms Solutions is pleased to introduce duos - classic dipping combinations served up in fresh new packaging. The new line-up is available in four great varieties: Chips & Hummus, Chips & Salsa, Pretzels & Mustard Dip, and Dip & Be Happy. Oakfield Farms Solutions provides shelf-stable, multicomponent, snack kits for travel in the U.S. and snack box program services that include packaging design and production, menu sourcing and development, logistics management, and customer support. Visit Oakfield Farms Solutions at IFSA: Booth #345P  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  65

WHAT’S HOT! Share the love

Company Name: Brand Stand Limited Company Location: West Sussex, United Kingdom Description: Brand Stand wants to share the love and its Oloves. With new colorful and contemporary branding and three new delicious flavors, each olive has been improved in size and quality. Brand Stand is proud to announce its Oloves are expanding further into the global travel and catering market.

Stackable food drawers

Company Name: Onboard Logistics Ltd. Company Location: Santry, Dublin, Ireland Description: Onboard Logistics is pleased to introduce its Stackable Food Drawer. Each drawer is air vented to keep food chilled. When the food is distributed, stack the drawers either in atlas boxes or at the bottom of each trolley. Place a Flex-e-Bag inside to maximize the capacity of the trolley and collect in waste. Registered design and patent pending.

Chardonnay inspired by a cool summer morning

Company Name: Wente Vineyards Company Location: Livermore, California Description: Inspired by the morning fog that billows in the Livermore Valley on a summer morning, Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay is crisp with aromas and flavors of green apple and tropical fruit. Balanced by subtle oak, cinnamon and vanilla from barrel-aging, this wine delivers balanced acidity and a refreshing finish. Owned and managed by the fourth and fifth generations of the Wente Family, Wente Vineyards was founded in 1883 and is celebrating its 130th vintage this year.

Headrest Cover: Our headrest covers are flame retardant and made of non-woven material. They make an excellent alternative to cloth or leather headrest covers and can be produced using Velcro or glued strings for attachment. Prints using up to five different colors are possible.

Napkins: Our absorbent, air-laid napkins can be delivered in white or coloured material in standard sizes. As many as five colours can be combined and custom sizes and foldings are also not a problem – just ask us!

Trolley Covers: Our trolley covers are available in several different weights and materials including absorbent paper, non-woven and air-laid. We can produce a wide of sizes in crisp white or using up to five colours combined.

We are the leading producer of traymats and all kinds of paper products designed specifically for use in aviation, rail, cruise and ground transportation industries.

Hot/Cold Towels: Our hot/cold towels are soft and absorbent and can be made of air-laid or non-woven fabrics. Many types of packaging are available for the napkins, which can be produced scented or unscented, with or without a tongue, and with or without a flyer.


Traymats: Our non-skid traymats possess excellent absorbency and can be designed to fit any shape or size of tray. Paper, non-woven or air-laid, these quality traymats can be made with sharp or rounded corners.

Pillow Cover: Our flame-retardant, polypropylene, pillow covers are welded along the edges and are available with or without a flap. Like many of our products, they can be printed in up to five colours.

Naptainer: This popular new packaging for the fast-food industry has exciting airline applications as well. Coated, air-laid paper is formed into packaging, but can still be used as a napkin!

WHAT’S HOT! Overnight kits

Company Name: skysupply GmbH Company Location: Munich, Germany Description: skysupply is delighted to announce its new partnership with Turkish Airlines. skysupply has designed and produced overnight kits to be distributed to the airline’s passengers who may have to spend an extra night during their journey. The overnight kits come in female and male varieties and include cosmentic amenities, a pair of socks, a t-shirt, brush and dental kit in each. The men’s black overnight kit offers a shaving kit while the women’s beige overnight kit includes a hygiene set and nail file. Starting in October/November 2014, the overnight kits will be distributed to Turkish Airlines’ passengers if luggage is delayed. Visit skysupply at IFSA: Booth #133, 135

New dish collection

Company Name: RMT Global Partners LLC Company Location: Atlanta, Munich, Shanghai Description: By developing new products or modifying existing ones, RMT Global Partners delivers the tools needed to create the best experience possible for customers. As an example, RMT Global Partners’ “New Bone China” is 15-20% stronger than porcelain and has the look and feel of traditional Bone China without the cost.

Text, talk, tweet at 30,000ft use your mobile phone on over 250 aircraft... on more than 450 flights per day! Visit us on the Panasonic stand (Booth 1205) at APEX 2014 Follow us @AeroMobile  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  67

WHAT’S HOT! Ideas worth celebrating

Company Name: WK Thomas Company Location: Surrey, U.K. Description: WK Thomas’ new disposable, leak-proof ice bucket combines good looks and cost efficiency. Made from sturdy board that is lighter than rotable equivalents, these innovative buckets can be easily branded to offer premium presentation. They’re also collapsible which offers considerable benefits in stowage. A specially engineered Ice Bag allows a bottle of fizz and ice to be served in a convenient and modern style that is practical, stylish and cost-effective.

Exclusive collaboration

Company Name: WESSCO International Company Location: Los Angeles, California Description: WESSCO International is pleased to collaborate with American icon, Brooks Brothers on an amenity collection. Since 1818, Brooks Brothers has been a classic American institution associated with the lifestyle of the distinguished professional. Whether in flight, in the boardroom or at home, Brooks Brothers has defined fashion innovation, fine quality and personal style. Visit WESSCO International at IFSA: Booth #245P

Mills Textiles Mills Textiles have been supplying travel textiles to the airline, train & cruise sectors for more than 25 years & our associated supply & joint venture relationships in China extend back more than 90 years. Our key products include: Hot & Cold Towels, Tablelinen (Napkins, Tablecloths, Tray mats), Headrest Covers, Pillows & Pillow Covers, Duvets & Duvet Covers, Sleep Items & Blankets. Mills Textiles offer customers flexible supply solutions ranging from factory direct pricing/supply through to full warehousing & distribution worldwide.


InflightDirect has been partnering with the world’s leading manufacturing facilities for the past 26 years. These facilities have proven to be the most reliable factories that have supplying the airline industry world-wide with IFE headphones, Amenity Kits, Blankets, Pillows, Pillow covers and other inflight products. InflightDirect represents these factories in order to give our valuable airline customers factory direct pricing. We provide all of the production, communication, logistical and warehousing needs while giving our customer the option of being invoiced by InflightDirect or the factory. This ensures the most competitive pricing in the industry for these high volume items.


Mills Textiles PO Box 67, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY111WD, UK tel: + 44 (0)1691 656092 InflightDirect 125 Compton View Drive, Middletown, RI 02842, USA Tel: +1-401-714-4190 Skype: thomas.mockler10

Tomorrow’s aircraft interiors industry in the making Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas 2014 Washington State Convention Center, Seattle 14-16 October 2014 Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas is the place to build relationships within the cabin interiors and passenger comfort industries. Discover business solutions with key industry suppliers and manufacturers. Plus, keep up to date with the latest industry knowledge at the new Passenger Experience Conference.

Visit for more information

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Chairmanship changes hands at APOT.Asia Heather Cho of Korean Air presents prizes to the Culinary Challenge winner Stephane Lambert of TFK Tokyo ad the APOT. Asia Forum in Danang

C A L E N D A R International Flight Services Association/Airline Passenger Experience Association, September 15-18 Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim. For more information, contact IFSA at (404) 252-3663, or contact APEX at (212) 297-2177, InnoTrans rail event, September 23-26, Berlin. For more information, contact Mary Jo Balve at (732) 933-1118, Aircraft Interiors Expo and World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo Americas October 14-16, Seattle. For more information, contact Customer Service at (203) 840-5680, NBAA Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition, October 21-23, Orlando. For more information, contact NBAA at (202) 783-9000,

As the APOT.Asia group prepares for the next forum in Sri Lanka, the Chairman of the country’s flag carrier, Nishantha Wickremasinghe will also be the new Chairman of APOT.Asia. “It has been a challenging, exciting and rewarding time since we started the organization back in 2011, and my decision to move on has not been an easy one,” said Heather Cho, Executive Vice President
 Catering and InFlight Sales
Cabin Service, Hotel Business
 at Korean Air, who has been Chairwoman of the event since its beginnings. In an e-mail sent this summer to the industry, Cho said she felt APOT.Asia had become “a stable and respected forum in the industry with highly motivated members to move the organization forward.” She will continue to be involved in planning as the honorary chair of the organization. At the June Forum in Danang, Vietnam, Wickremasinghe was among the invited speakers. As the event drew to a close, the announcement was made that the next Forum would be held in Sri Lanka. “Asia Pacific being the fastest growing

Nishantha Wickremasinghe of SrILankan Airlines


travel region in the world today, makes the work of the organization all the more relevant,” said Wickremasinghe. “During my tenure as Chairman, I will facilitate a greater interaction between all stakeholders in the on board travel experience. I hope to endeavor through this forum to encourage more members to showcase their products while at the same time sharing their ideas, experiences and best practices, all with the objective of providing the international air traveler a memorable inflight experience which is the most important element of the overall travel experience.”

China catering summit set for November Organizers for the seventh China Airline Catering Management Summit are lining up speakers and seeking delegates for the November 5-6 event to be held at the Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Colorful Yunnan in Kunming, China. Among the speakers secured for the two days are Christian Bris, Vice President of Inflight Services at Qatar Airways, Herman Wang, Food and Beverage Director at Hainan Airways and Shamshul Amree Selleh, Head of Inflight Operations and Customer Services division at Malaysia Airlines and Aaron Claxton, Manager of Catering Services at Cathay Pacific Airways. Vicky Stennis Vice President Inflight, Reservations and Guest Service at Silver Airways and past president of the International Flight Services Association is also among the listed speakers.

Airline Passenger Experience Association Asia Conference, November 3-4, Hong Kong. For more information, contact APEX at (212) 297-2177, China Airline Catering Management Summit, November 5-6, Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Colorful Yunnan, Kunming. For more information, contact Jack Hassall at +86 5169 6210 606.

2015 Aircraft Interiors Middle East, February 2-3 Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai. For more information, contact Adam Whitnall at +971 40 603 3300, Aircraft Interiors Expo/World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo April 14-16, Hamburg. For more information, contact +44 208 271 2174, Marine Hotel Association 30th Anniversary Conference and Trade Show, April 12-14, Naples Grand Beach Resort, Naples, Florida. For more information, contact (415) 332-1903,

Caterer representatives include Franck Bouat, Senior Vice President of International Sales at Servair and Lei Qin President of Yunnan International Airport Huazhou Air Catering. Others on the agenda for the two days are Stathis Kefallonitis founder of, a consulting firm and Jeremy Clark founder of JC Consulting. “With China now firmly established as one of the world’s biggest aviation markets, more and more Chinese passengers are demanding good quality food onboard, causing inflight catering to become a very hot topic,” said a release from organizers of the event. The China Airline Catering Summit is sponsored the China Air Catering Committee and organized by Ink. Delegates will spend several hours networking with suppliers in the accompanying exhibition, social events and one-to-one meetings.

spiriant goes global Inspiring inflight equipment solutions now in the Middle East We design, create and deliver smart onboard equipment concepts while optimizing the entire supply chain through state-of-the-art logistics. Celebrating creativity beyond borders, SPIRIANT is taking its design expertise global - with a brand new office now open in Dubai. Â Discover how we can make your life easier, reduce complexity and inspire your passengers by visiting

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