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Marketing In Service Sector & Shops Product Code: M112

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What is services? A service is any act or performance that one party can offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything. Its production may or may not be tied to a physical product.

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Classifying services • Characteristics of • Buyer Market Segment • Organization • • Characteristics of • Organization • Offering Services • • • Characteristics of •

the Service

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Channel level Mission (profit,not-for-profit) Experience & certification Benefit Delivery System Function

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uc od

ot Pr

ice Pr



Target Market



n tio ibu str Di


Elements of a Marketing Strategy and Its Environmental Framework

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Marketing strategies for services firm

¾ Service strategy • People processing

Service is directed at the customer (health club, hairstyling)

• Possession processing

Directed at something a customer owns (auto car wash, dry cleaning))

• Information processing

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Involves the use of technology; could involve either of the above

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Determinants of Perceived Service Quality

Determinants of Service Quality Tangibles Access Reliability Communications Responsiveness Competence Assurance Courtesy Empathy Credibility

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Word-of-mouth Promotion Personal Needs Past Experience

Service Quality Expected Level of Service Perceived Service Received

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Conceptual Model of Service Quality Word-of-mouth Communications

Personal Needs


Past Experience

Expected Service Gap 5 Perceived Service

Service Delivery (including pre- and post contact)

Marketer Gap 3

External Communications to Consumers Gap 4

Translation of Percaptions into Service Quality Specifications

Gap 1 Gap 2

Management Perceptions of Consumer Expectations Naman Infotech Centre.

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Key Performance Indicators • • • • • • • • •

Average no. Of sales calls per sales person per day. Average sales call time per contact Average revenue per sales call Average cost per sales call Entertainment cost per sales call percent of orders per hundred sales calls number of new customer s per period. number of lost customers per period Sales force cost as a percentage of total sales. Naman Infotech Centre.

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Why is Customer Satisfaction Receiving So Much Attention? Creates goodwill/ enhances reputation Increases margins / reduces price elasticity

Reduces “cost –ofpoor quality”

Increase “Cross-self” success

Customer Satisfaction

Lowers employee turnover Increases competitors marketing costs

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Lowest cost of marketing

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Is an unambiguous performance measure (Management, Aldridge) Raises the customer retention rate

Increases shares of customers’ purchases 11

M112- marketing in service sectors & shops DEMO OF TRAINING PRESENTATION KIT d

Chapter-1.0 CONTENTS OF TRAINING PRESENTATION No of Slides: 180 A. The entire presentation kit has 2 main directories as below. Marketing in service sectors and shops

Literature (Word Files)

Presentation (Power point Slides)

Programs 01 Intro 02 Competition 03 Adv & Comm. 04 Design & Mag services 05 Pricing 06 Personal selling 07 Total MKT effort 08 Customer satisfaction Cover Page

01 Intro 02 Competition 03 Adv & Comm. 04 Mkt In Service 05 Pricing 06 Managing Sales Force 07 Total Mkt Effort 08 Customer Satisfaction

Part: A Presentation: Under this directory further files are made in power point presentation as per the chapter listed below. Such ready-made PowerPoint slides are useful for

conducting in-house training program by you. •

Topic wise Power Point presentation in 08 modules as listed below.

1. Introduction It covers what, why and how for marketing management. It also includes core marketing concepts, Marketing activities and type of markets. 2. Dealing with competition It covers about competition; describe competitive markets, types of competition, market approach, competitive analysis, and guidelines for designing competitive strategy. About bargaining power and how balancing customers and competitors.

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M112- marketing in service sectors & shops DEMO OF TRAINING PRESENTATION KIT 3. Advertising and communication It covers what and how integrated marketing and communication, stpeps for designing and developing marketing channels audit definitions, Types of audits, audit questions, Audit process, details for process audit, Audit checklist etc. It also covers details of auditor’s conduct, auditee’s conduct. 4. Marketing management in service sectors It covers nature of services, demands and supply side strategy, about gap, marketing strategy for service firm, and conceptual model for service sectors 5. Pricing strategy It covers how to set the price, determine demands, analysis and selection of pricing methods and how designing the pricing strategies. 6. Managing the sales force It covers types of sales representatives, designing sales forces steps, how to recruit and select and manage sales force, personnel selling and tips for the relationship marketing 7. Managing the total marketing efforts It covers how to make marketing relations with other departments, how to make marketing plans and reports, strategic controls, sales vacancy analysis, audits, and marketing, annual plan controls, tips for relationship marketing 8. Customer satisfaction It covers the internal and external customers , customer values, how to maximize the customer satis faction, valuable customer data, characteristics of company to the customer driven, customer care and some examples

Part : B Literature:This topic covers write up for the ready reference to the trainer for understanding and reading. It is given in word. You may also use it for further reading and circulations within audience.

Chapter No. 1.



Introduction Competition


Advertising and managing communication


Designing and managing services




Personal selling


Managing total marketing effort


Customer satisfaction

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M112- marketing in service sectors & shops DEMO OF TRAINING PRESENTATION KIT Chapter-2.0 USER FUNCTION 2.1 Hardware and Software Requirements A. Hardware: •

Our document kit can be better performed with the help of P3 and above computers with a minimum 10 GB hard disk space.

For better visual impact of the power point documentation you may keep the setting of colour image at high colour. B. Software used in Documentation kit

Documents written in word 98 and window 2000 programs. You are therefore required to have office 2000 or above with word 98 or above and power point

2.2 Features of Training kit: •

Contains all necessary documents as listed above and comply with the requirements of latest management concepts and more than 1000 man days (9000 hours)

Written in Plain English

It will save much time in typing and preparation of training material and slides alone.

User-friendly and easy to learn.

Developed under the guidance of experienced experts having experience of more than 200 companies latest management system implementation globally.

Provides model of a Management system that is simple and free to establish the management concept in the laboratory.

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M112- marketing in service sectors & shops DEMO OF TRAINING PRESENTATION KIT Chapter-3.0 BENEFITS OF USING OUR TRAINING KIT 1. By using these documents, you can save a lot of your precious time while preparing the management training areas presentation. 2. Take care for all the section and sub sections in implementation of latest management concepts and helps you in establishing better system. 3. The user can modify the presentations as per their industry need and create own management training presentation for their organization 4. Ready made templates and sample documents are available which can reduce your time in document preparation 5. Save much time and cost in conducting training programs 6. You will get better control in your system due to our proven training presentation material.

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