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ISO 55001 is an asset management system standard was published in January 2014, for implementing and maintaining an asset and establishes specific requirements, and improving that asset via an Asset management system. ISO 55001 provides a framework for an asset management system that business with proactively managing the lifecycle of assets from acquisition to decommissioning. The main goal of ISO 55001 is to apply this approach across other sectors allowing all businesses to benefit from it. By implementing ISO 55001 organizations will have better control over daily activities, achieve higher return with their assets, and reduce the total cost of risk.

What Documents required for ISO 55001:2014? Following are the readymade documents that can be used to accelerate implementation process for ISO 55001:2014 certification:  Asset Manual - ISO 55001 manual that define implemented asset management system, which gives clause-wise details of how ISO 55001:2014 system is implemented.  Procedures - There are total 10 mandatory procedures in editable files of ISO 55001:2014, which cover all the details like purpose, scope, responsibility, how procedure is followed as well as the list of exhibits, reference documents and formats.  Process Approach - There are 04 Process approaches, it covers guidelines for processes, flow chart and process models useful for process mapping.  Work Plan - Asset management plan includes the complete strategic asset management plan / continual improvement plan.

 ISO 55001 Exhibits - ISO 55001:2014 Exhibits covers stakeholders’ requirements & expectations, documented scope of work, etc.  ISO 55001 Sample Formats - There are total 36 sample forms and templates to maintain records as well as establish control and make system.  Job Description - It covers sample copy of job descriptions covering 09 different categories of personnel. Responsibilities and authorities for each category are given in the job description for respective position.  ISO 55001:2014 Audit Checklist - The ISO 55001:2014 Audit checklist consists ISO 55001:2014 requirement wise question and the second comprising department wise questions, are provided in the kit. More than 150 audit questions to help internal auditors in auditing to ensure requirements are fulfilled.

ď ś Sample Risk Assessment Sheet - The Risk Assessment Sheet is a ready-to-use risk template in editable form is given to prepare the risk document for the organization. ď ś ISO 55001:2014 compliance matrix - The ISO 55001:2014 compliance matrix contains ISO 55001:2014 requirement wise list of documented information for easy reference of users and to understand how this system is made.

How is ISO 55001 Useful ?  For realizing the value of an organisation’s assets, there is establishing a proactive life-cycle asset management system.  With the help of ISO 55001, manages risks and improves performance through informed decision making, associated with ownership of assets.  Assets play a key role in the provision and quality of products and services when establishing assurance for customers and regulators.  Through the knowledge that a strategy is in place to ensure assets meet the necessary safety and performance requirements to give confidence to stakeholders.  Supports international business development – good asset management is critical for delivering products and services.  In the business, indicates the social responsibility and commitment to the specific culture, to build a sense of pride and ownership among employees.

The ISO 55001:2014 specifies requirements for an asset management system within the context of the organization. This ISO 55001:2014 documentation kit contains a complete set of mandatory and supporting documentation, guidance on ISO 55001 and readymade templates to support your implementation for quick ISO 55001 certification. Global Manager Group Provides ISO 55001 Documents kit which is helpful for users to do necessary changes as per their organization's requirements and complete documentation task in minimum time without much efforts. A complete Demo of total ISO 55001 documents, with a quick buy option, helps the user to understand the list of all documents that we provide. The kit takes care of all the sections and sub-sections of ISO 55001:2014 standard and gives better confidence as well as improves the asset management system.

 By downloading our Free Demo, users would understand the contents of the ISO 55001:2014 documentation kit. This will help them to make informed decisions to purchase this kit.  The users can purchase it online via a secured third-party payment gateway or via Bank wire transfer as mentioned in the Payment Option on each page. On the successful purchase of the ISO 55001:2014 documentation kit.  The user can make own documents for quick asset management certification. Download ISO 55001 Documents - free Demo of this documentation kit to get full idea of our ready-to-use documentation package on asset management.

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How to fulfil requirements of ISO 55001:2014 documents?  

Global Manager group's this publication describes list of required documents for Asset Management System according to ISO 55001:2014 standar...

How to fulfil requirements of ISO 55001:2014 documents?  

Global Manager group's this publication describes list of required documents for Asset Management System according to ISO 55001:2014 standar...