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Overview BRC/IOP Packaging Standard issue 4

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What is BRC Packaging Standard?

The standard provides a common basis for the certification of companies supplying packaging to manufacturers and retailers. We are a globally accredited supplier of auditing and certification services to this standard. The Global Standard for BRC Packaging is particularly suitable for suppliers of packaging materials to food manufacturers who supply UK retailers. Its scope has recently been expanded to include medical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods packaging manufacturers.

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Why Global Standard?

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Reduce the number of audits Cover their needs & brad protection Remove competitive elements from product safety Good practice & continual improvement All aspects of supply chain

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Principles of the BRC/IoP Standard

• To minimize duplication of evaluation • To work in collaboration with accreditation bodies to ensure that the accreditation process delivers effective control and maintenance of the standards of evaluation • To encourage ‘local’ evaluation • To ensure openness, transparency and compliance with fair trading legislation • To promote direct stakeholder participation during development and maintenance as part of technical advisory committees • To continuously review and improve standards and supporting processes • To promote ‘best practice

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Requirements of BRC Packaging Standard General Requirements

Documents and Other Requirements

• Senior management commitment • Hazard and risk analysis • Internal audits • Specifications • Traceability • Housekeeping and cleaning • Process control • Training and competence

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Senior management commitment HACCP Plan A quality management system Pre-requisite programs

BRC Packaging Documents

Advantages of BRC/IOP Implementation • Providing a single audit report that is recognized by many customers in place of their own audits' saving time and cost • Operating under an accreditation framework that ensures the results of certification have international credibility and recognition • A comprehensive scope, covering areas of quality, hygiene and product safety, that meets most customer requirements when assessing and approving suppliers • Providing a framework for the development of quality and hygiene management systems in companies that encourages continuous improvement, reduction in waste and increased efficiency • Addressing part of the legislative requirements of the packaging manufacturer/supplier, packer/filler and retailer, Packaging manufacturers may also use this Standard to ensure their suppliers are following good manufacturing practices and are fulfilling legal requirements • Certificated sites making use of the marketing opportunities provided, through recognition on the public BRC Global Standards Directory website and use of the BRC logo. Global Manager Group

Change of BRC/IOP issue 4 • Preparation and planning section, providing guidance and support for sites new to the certification process • New requirements for managing print control • Additional safeguards to reduce the risk of chemical migration from packaging into food products • Greater emphasis on managing the functional quality of packaging materials to meet customers specifications • Introduction of "Fundamental" clauses, relating to systems that are crucial to the establishment and operation of an effective packaging manufacturing operation • Introduction of a grading scheme based on number and severity of nonconformities • Audit frequencies and processes for corrective action review based on performance. • Reduction to 2 product categories based on the hygiene risk associated with the final use of the packaging materials Global Manager Group

Scope of BRC/IOP issue 4 • Prior operations, e.g. production of packaging materials for conversion or printing • Operations that are supplying packaging materials from stock where additional product processing or repacking occurs; this has been demonstrated to require the same level of control as a final/integrated converting operation • Packaging manufactures who also produce consumer-disposable goods that come into contact with food; for example, paper plates and disposable plastic drinking cups, aluminum foil, food-grade parchment paper, cling film and disposable cutlery. There products may also be audited under the BRC's Global Standard for Consumer Products where the primary operation of the factory is the production of consumer products and not packaging manufacture • The manufacture and supply of other materials that are unconverted or semi-converted and used or incorporated, e.g. coatings and adhesives, where this is based on a risk analysis and mutually agreed between those involve. Global Manager Group

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Introduction BRC/IOP Packaging Standard issue 4  
Introduction BRC/IOP Packaging Standard issue 4  

Information about BRC/IOP Standard for Packaging and packaging. This presentation covers what is BRC Global Standard, principle, change of B...