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Telecom Egypt In 1998, the Egyptian law converted the governmental entity, ARENTO (Arab Republic of Egypt Telecommunication Organization) , into a joint company as part of the privatization program.


TE Vision

ď Ž

To be Number One Telecommunication company and the most reliable brand in the Middle East and Africa LDP2

TE Mission We are committed to delight our customers by providing high quality , reliable telecommunication services & solutions at fair value using the latest technology , which will in return also benefit our employees , our community , and our shareholders . LDP2

Our Values


Our Customers Are the driving force of our company.  

We value them above everything else. We promise to treat them with respect and honesty . We promise to offer them the best possible value. LDP2

Our Employees Are our strength, they are our most valuable resource. ď Ž They must be treated fairly with respect and dignity. ď Ž We will provide them with a work environment in which they can be improved, developed and compete.


Our Community Are part of our family. We will strive to be active participants and will support the people in our communities.


Our Services ď Ž

Are relevant to our customers, We promise to be the premier provider of these services at reasonable prices.


Responding to change TE established:  Marketing dept.  Customer Service  Regulatory  Human Resource


Marketing In 1998, Telecom Egypt established the Marketing Department to focus on the customer needs through the following dept.:


Marketing • Market Research. • Public Relations. • Advertisements in local & international media. • Exhibiting in local & international exhibitions. • Developing the Customer Care concept inside the company. LDP2

Customer Service


Call Center


Key Account Management

One Stop Shop


) LDP2

Regulatory ď Ž

ď Ž

National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) Was Established in 1998. Consequently, TE established a Regulatory Affair Department to represent it in the following fields:


-Inter connection


Spectrum Regulatory Affair


Universal Service


Human Resource Telecom Egypt truly believes that the employees are the most valuable asset, as they ultimately determine the quality of services and therefore shape its customer satisfaction.

In June 2004 T.E. assigned a H.R. Vice Chairman LDP2

Human Resource 1 - Contracted with the biggest insurance company in Egypt to provide the best level of health care to T.E. employees. 2 - Planned to establish a call center for the employees' complaints



Resource (cont

3 - Developed Leadership & management courses such as :  

 

Leadership programs Master Business Admin. (MBA) in cooperation with IESE university Spain. High executives Courses . Updating & equipping the training sector. LDP2

Telecom Egypt Sub-sideries    

TE Data Exceed QuickTel Centra


Telecom Egypt

Over the last 150 years Telecom Egypt has always been at the forefront of Egypt's development.


Telecom Egypt One Network‌...Uniting Egypt


TelecomEgyptus March 0305  

Telecom Egypt LDP2LDP2 Telecommunication company and the most reliable brand in the Middle East and Africa TE Vision LDP2LDP2 TE Mission LDP...

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