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Welcome to Global Interdependence Centre Abroad in Ireland

Sean Dorgan Chief Executive

Ireland’s Economic Growth 8 7 6



Average Annual 4 % Real 3 2 GDP Growth 1 0

US Ireland 1970-79




Source: OECD Economic Outlook

The Basis for Success • Results from development decisions of earlier decades and from EU membership • European Single Market and Eurozone • Social partnership and economic stability • Demographic gains and education • Low corporate tax – now 12.5% on profits • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) • Performance of Irish management • Export focus and global orientation

% Population aged 25-34 having at least Third Level Education

Ir el an Ja d pa K n o re a U F SA in la S nd w ed en F ra n ce G U er K m H an u n y ga r P o y la nd It al y

50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

Source: OECD Education at a Glance 2002

Scientists and Engineers

Business-friendly policies • Young, vibrant and highly-skilled workforce • Consistent public policies, including low tax • Rapid responses e.g. skills development • Strong developmental focus nationally, with strong, informal network links • Agility, creativity, flexibility and ‘can do’ • Successful development of high-technology, high-productivity, trade-based FDI

Employment shares in Inward Investors 100% high-tech

80% 60%


40% 20%

low -tech

0% 74 9 1

78 9 1

82 9 1

86 990 9 1 1

94 9 1

98 9 1

Source: “Third Level Education, FDI and Economic Boom in Ireland” – Frank Barry, forthcoming in International Journal of Technology Management

Ireland Campus

FAB24-2 IR4 FAB14 IR2






5,500 Staff; $6bn+ invested in 4 wafer fabrication plants

Other ICT Leaders 5,500 staff: manufacturing and services center for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) 4000 staff: manufacturing; software; banking; e-business; technical support 3500 staff: software development; technical support; manufacturing; global e-procurement portal 1800 staff: EMEA operations; R&D; localization; internet hosting

The future will be different • Globalisation, technology and digitisation • Changes in economic conditions • New business models and virtual companies – new patterns of investment • New aspirations and expectations in society • Higher value activities and higher skills • More sophisticated and complex jobs • Premium on flexibility and responsiveness

R&D in Ireland • Strong Government commitment and funding, to double both enterprise R&D and doctoral output by 2013 • Thriving internationally-recognised research • Science Foundation Ireland (on NSF model) is attracting world-class researchers to universities • Strong industry - academic links • Notable developments with Bell Labs, GSK, IBM, Intel, HP, Wyeth, Bristol-Myers Squibb and many other companies • 50% of overseas medical technology companies have an R&D responsibility

Quality of Life

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G o v ern m en t M in is t e r f o r E n t e r p r is e , T r a d e & E m p lo y m e n t

I D A I r e la n d

F orfa s

B o a r d (1 2 M e m b e r s)

( P o lic y A d v ic e )

C h ie f E x e c u tiv e

S c ie n c e F o u n d a tio n I r e la n d ( R e s e a r c h F u n d in g )

E x e c u tiv e C o m m itte e S e c to r a l D iv is io n s , R e g io n s & O v e r s e a s

2 7 5 S ta ff

E n te r p r is e I r e la n d ( S u p p o r t f o r I r is h - o w n e d b u s in e s s a n d t r a d e )

The Irish mind. An abundant supply of that rare commodity you’ll need to bring your business to peak performance. The Irish. Creative, imaginative and flexible. Agile minds with a unique capacity to initiate, and innovate, without being directed. Always thinking on their feet. Adapting and improving. Generating new knowledge and new ideas. Working together to find new ways of getting things done. Better and faster. This flexible attitude pervades the ecosystem. Nowhere else will you find such close, frequently informal, links between enterprise, education and research facilities and a probusiness Government. Connected by a dynamic information structure. In Ireland, everything works together.

Sean Dorgan June 1007  

Welcome to Global Interdependence Centre Abroad in Ireland Sean Dorgan Chief Executive 1970-79 1980-87 1988-93 1994-2006 Ireland 1 2 3 4 5 6...

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