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Casting Competence Across Three Continents



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26 Reclaiming Active Clay and Carbon

26 活性粘土和碳的回收利用

34 Already an Icon - Idra’s Giga Press Is Not Just XXL, It Signals the New Way of Thinking in Die-Casting

34 行业标杆——意德拉Giga Press压铸机

38 Metal China 2020 Show a Success: Forward to 2021 43 How Is the Indian Foundry Industry Doing in Stormy Times?


38 收获2020,期待2021——Metal China 2020展后报告

43 新冠肺炎疫情时期的印度铸造业



6 Editorial 8 Industry News 45 Product News

6 编者的话 8 行业新闻 45 产品新闻



STAFF/工作人員 STAFF/工作人員



Publisher/Editor Publisher/Editor THOMAS FRITSCH, THOMAS FRITSCH,


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CASTING CASTING CHINA FOUNDRY ASSOCIATION 中国铸造协会 CHINA FOUNDRY ASSOCIATION 中国铸造协会 Publisher/Executive President & Secretary General/ 出品人 Publisher/President/ 出品人/会长 Publisher/Executive ViceVice President & Secretary General/ 出品人 ZHANG LIBO/ 张立波 ZHANG LIBO/ 张立波 Senior Editor/ 主编 Senior Editor/ 主编 WEN PING/ 温平 GAO WEI/高巍 WEN PING/ 温平 Deputy Editor/ 副主编 Editor/编辑 Deputy Editor/ 副主编 HUANG TIANYOU/ 黄天佑 HUANG TIANYOU/ 黄天佑 LI MENGMENG/李蒙蒙, QI/ 范琦, FANFAN QI/ 范琦, Advertising Sales Manager/ 广告销售主管 Editor/编辑 Editor/编辑 CHEN XING/陈星 GAO WEI/高巍, GAO WEI/高巍, Sales/广告销售 Li Mengmeng/李 蒙蒙, Li Mengmeng/李 蒙蒙, WANG CHUANG/王闯 Advertising Sales Manager/ 广告销售主管 CHEN HAIKUO/陈海阔 Advertising Sales Manager/ 广告销售主管 WEI/ 高巍, GAOGAO WEI/ 高巍,

张立波 张立波 出品人 出品人 中国铸造协会 中国铸造协会

Shannon Wetzel Shannon Wetzel Managing Editor Managing Editor MODERN CASTING MODERN CASTING

Thomas Fritsch Thomas Fritsch Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Publisher/Editor-in-Chief



Looking forward to a better 2021 and blessings to foundry industry 期待更好的2021,祝福全球铸造业


020 is an unusual year as the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the world; even now there is no sign of alleviation. Normal work and life has been influenced significantly so that the established plans have been forced to be postponed or canceled. The development of foundry industry is also affected, and the industrial chain and supply chain are also in uncertainty. Now, it is time to think about how the global foundry industry will develop in the post-pandemic era. Whether you accept it or not, the pandemic has profoundly changed the way people socialize. In the case of restricted international travel, virtual negotiations and exhibitions have become the main ways to promote international communications. As a Chinese-English bilingual e-magazine with worldwide readers, Global Casting Magazine is undoubtedly the best carrier for global foundrymen to understand industry trends and grasp development opportunities. At the end of 2020, all of us are expecting a better new year. I wish the foundry industry will develop healthier and sustainable methods, and wish all our foundrymen keep safe, healthy and happy! ■

Zhang Libo Publisher/President China Foundry Association



020年是不寻常的一年,新冠肺炎疫情突如其来, 并在全球蔓延,现在依然没有缓和的迹象。疫情 扰乱了人们正常的工作、生活,所以既定的计划

被迫调整,全球铸造业的发展因此受到影响,产业链、 供应链也充满不确定性。 现在,是时候思考后疫情时代全球铸造业将如何发 展。无论你是否接受,疫情已经深刻改变了人们的社交方 式,在国际旅行受限的情况下,线上洽谈、线上展会等成 为促成国际交往的主要方式。《世界铸造》杂志作为铸造 行业全球读者最多的中英双语电子媒体,无疑成为了全球 铸造人了解行业动态、把握行业发展机遇的最佳载体。 2020年即将过去,新的一年即将到来,在充满希望的 此刻,祝愿我们的铸造业健康、可持续发展,祝愿全球铸 造业的同仁们平安、健康、幸福! 谢谢! ■

张立波 出品人/会长 中国铸造协会



Industry News Contents 行业新闻目录

WANFENG Praised for Efforts and Contributions to the Industry 10 万丰集团为行业做出的努力和贡献 Heating It up in Southeast Asia: GIFA and METEC Trade Fairs to Stage Inaugural Editions in 2021 on Foundry, Casting and Metallurgy Technology in Bangkok 15 火热的东南亚市场:杜塞尔多夫展览公司将于 2021年在泰国举办首届铸造冶金展览会 Qinxin Group Awarded at METAL CHINA 2020 21 沁新集团在2020年铸博会上荣获多项大奖

GM Puts $32 Million Into Casting Facility Upgrades 12 通用汽车投资3200万美元用于铸件厂升级改造 Ryobi Die Casting, Inc. Awarded By Honda 14 本田公司向利优比压铸颁奖 Compass Partners acquires PRL Inc. 15 Compass Partners收购PRL公司 AFS Announces Revised Succession Plan 16 AFS宣布修订后的继任计划

Wanfeng to Collaborate With FAW, Dongfeng Motor, Changan Auto 22 万丰奥威与一汽、东风汽车、长安汽车签署合作协议 Changtai Robot Awarded With the National Commercial Science and Technology Progress Award 22 长泰机器人获全国商业科技进步奖一等奖 Xusheng's Smart Auto Production Plant Under Construction 23 旭升高智能自动化生产工厂项目有序推进 China Foundry Association and Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University Have Agreed on a Partnership 23 中国铸造协会和诺索夫•马格尼托戈尔斯克国立技术大 学达成合作伙伴关系

Core Centre by Mingzhi Technology Leipzig for EKU Fren ve Dokum San AS Turkey 10 明志科技莱比锡有限公司为土耳其EKU Fren ve Dokum San公司设计制芯中心 The Brazilian Manufacturer of Crucibles, CORONA CADINHOS Expands Its Market Presence in Europe 12 巴西坩埚制造商CORONA CADINHOS公司扩 大欧洲市场份额

Pipes for Cabinda, Water for Thousands of Homes 24 管通卡宾达 水润千万家 Shandong Jinertai/Jinan Huicheng Launch Intelligent Manufacturing and Large Die Casting Island Operation 25 山东锦尔泰/济南慧成举行智能制造启动暨大型压铸 岛投产仪式




S-Max Pro

Desanding Station

Recycling Station and Supplies

up to

New Sand 3D Printing Desanding Station

50 % f a s te r

Improves throughput, reduces costs, and simplifies recycling S-Max® and S-Max Pro™ printers will make the 3D printing of cores and molds significantly more agile and therefore smarter.  Quickly desand the jobbox thanks to partial automation  Reduce time and costs spent depowdering parts  Lighten workload of system operator  Intuitive operation simplifies material recycling  Helps keep your production environment clean




WANFENG Praised for Efforts and Contributions to the Industry 万丰集团为行业做出的努力和贡献 China Foundry Association's Zhang Libo credits WANFENG's Efforts and Contributions to the Industry. On July 29th, Libo Zhang, Chairman of China Foundry Association, visited Wanfeng. Mrs. Ailian Chen, owner of the Wanfeng Group, together with top management met with the distinguished visitors from China Foundry Association regarding green and healthy development of the foundry industry. Mr. Zhang spoke highly of Wanfeng’s efforts and contributions in terms of whole industry development and expect WANFENG to carry out its responsibility to facilitate “Industry 4.0” in China.

WANFENG receives high praises at China International Die Casting Expo The 18th China International Casting Expo and the 14th China International Die-casting Industry Exhibition hosted by the China Foundry Association were held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from 18th to 20th August, 2020. Ms. Ailian Chen, Chairwoman of the Wanfeng Group, was invited to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony and exchanged the latest development trends of the foundry industry with leaders and experts. As a leading company of LPDC and GDC in China, Wanfeng Technology brings three different model of machines to exhibition and receive highly praise. No.1: LPDC machine with auto furnace changing system (Subframe and other big castings.) #LPDC No.2: Counter pressure die casting machine (Knuckle) No.3: Servo tilting GDC machine with automatic robot system (Oil pump and turbo housing) #GDC ■

7月29日,中国铸造协会会长张立波一行到万丰科技 公司走访并就环保绿色发展等方面进行调研,肯定了万 丰一直以来对协会及行业工作的支持和贡献。万丰集团 董事局主席陈爱莲女士及管理层陪同调研。 张立波会长高度赞扬万丰公司对行业发展付出的努力 和做出的贡献,希望万丰能够勇挑重任、努力成为“中 国铸造工业4.0”的实践者和推动者,实现高质量稳健 发展。 万丰集团在中国国际压铸工业展览会上受到高度赞扬 2020年,8月18-20日,由中国铸造协会主办的第十 八届中国国际铸造博览会和第十四届中国国际压铸工业 展览会在上海国家会展中心盛大举行。万丰集团董事局 主席陈爱莲受邀为开幕式剪彩,并与各位领导、专家交 流了铸造行业的最新发展趋势。 作为中国领先的低压铸造和高压铸造装备供应商,万 丰集团盛装亮相本届展会,展示的不同型号设备受到了 高度关注。 1.带自动换炉系统的低压机(副车架和其他大型铸件) 2. 差压机(转向节) 3. 伺服倾转重力机带机器人自动化系统(油泵和涡轮 增压器壳体) ■

Core Centre by Mingzhi Technology Leipzig for EKU Fren ve Dokum San AS Turkey 明志科技莱比锡有限公司为土耳其EKU Fren ve Dokum San 公司设计制芯中心

In spite of the unprecedented lock down period during this year, the technology advances and sales activities of Mingzhi Technology have carried on uninterrupted. Mingzhi is proud to have signed an order with the foundries of EKU Fren ve Dokum San AS Turkey for a full core centre that is to include a 60-litre cold box core machine, sand plant, robotic cell and oven for the production of cores for ventilated brake discs. The 10

尽管今年经历了前所未有的封锁,但明志科技的技术 进步和销售一直没有间断。 明志公司自豪地与土耳其EKU Fren ve Dokum San 公司的铸造厂签订 了一个完整的制芯 中心订单,包括一 个用于生产通风设 备的制动盘的60升 冷箱盒制芯机、制 砂车间、机器人单 元和干燥车间。该 制芯中心将在德国





INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 core centre will be manufactured at the Mingzhi Technology plant in Leipzig Germany and installed in February 2021. The production equipment will be set in a new location within the foundry designed to accommodate 4 core production machines. With almost 60 years of experience and one of the most important foundries in this field, EKU Fren ve Dokum San AS manufactures brake drums and brake discs for leading manufacturers worldwide and export their products to more than 55 countries in 7 continents. Mingzhi Technology has two production facilities (Suzhou, China and Leipzig, Germany) and approximately 800 employees with an annual turnover of roughly 100 million euros. For more information, please contact us at info(at) and visit the web site ■

莱比锡的明志工厂制造,并将于2021年2月安装。 为了能够容纳4台制芯机,生产设备将被安装在铸 造厂的一个新位置。 EKU Fren ve Dokum San公司拥有近60年的历 史,为全球领先的制造商生产制动鼓和制动盘,是该 领域最重要的铸造厂之一,产品出口到7大洲的55多 个国家和地区。 明志科技有限公司有两个生产基地,即中国苏州和 德国莱比锡,约有800名员工,年营业额约为1亿欧 元。更多信息,请发邮件至 或访问公司网站。 ■

The Brazilian Manufacturer of Crucibles, CORONA CADINHOS Expands Its Market Presence in Europe 巴西坩埚制造商CORONA CADINHOS公司扩大欧洲市场份额 The Brazilian manufacturer of crucibles CORONA CADINHOS LTDA. has decided to expand its market presence in Europe. A corresponding agreement for the European market was agreed with MCK in Cologne (Management Consulting Kastner GmbH & Co. KG). In addition to the pure customer care and the development of a sales network, among other things planned to set up a local warehouse so that customers can be served more quickly on site. Founded in 1989, CORONA CADINHOS started its operations producing a small line of silicon carbide products including crucibles, stands, spouts, and cement for minor repairs. The company’s objectives always aimed at rendering optimum service to customers, with prompt delivery of its products, and focusing on quality. CORONA CADINHOS was the first company in its segment in Brazil to receive the ISO 9000 certificate (1996), a process that was essential in the search for quality. In 1991 CORONA CADINHOS started exporting to South America and in 1994 it was the first Brazilian company to take part in the International Foundry Fair Metals Engineering in England / Great Britain. In 1997 CORONA CADINHOS was able to consolidate its position on the international market by taking part in GIFA in Germany. CORONA CADINHOS is a leader in the national market and internationally recognized for the quality of its products. The main customers are foundries for non-ferrous metals, the automotive industry and their suppliers. ■

巴西坩埚制造商CORONA CADINHOS有限公司已 决定扩大其在欧洲的市场份额,在德国科隆与MCK公司 (Management Consulting Kastner GmbH&Co. KG) 签订了合作协议。除了客户服务和销售网络外,还计划在 当地建立一个仓库,以便可以更快地为客户提供服务。 CORONA CADINHOS公司成立于1989年,从一条小 型碳化硅产品线开始,产品包括坩埚、架子、喷嘴,以及 用于小修的水泥。公司始终以为客户提供最优质的服务、 及时交付产品并注重质量为目标。CORONA CADINHOS 公司是巴西细分市场中第一家获得ISO 9000证书(1996 年)的公司,该认证对于质量至关重要。 1991年,CORONA CADINHOS公司的产品开始出口 到南美;1994年,它成为第一家参加英格兰/英国国际铸 造博览会的巴西公司。 1997年,CORONA CADINHOS公司参加了德国 铸造展GIFA,巩固了其在国际市场的地位。CORONA CADINHOS公司是国内市场的领导者,其产品质量也得 到国际市场的认可,其主要客户是有色金属铸造厂、汽车 企业及其供应商。 ■

GM Puts $32 Million Into Casting Facility Upgrades 通用汽车投资3200万美元用于铸件厂升级改造 AFS Corporate Member General Motors (Warren, Michigan) announced on September 28 it will invest $71 12

美国铸造协会会员企业通用汽车公司(密歇根州沃伦 市)于9月28日宣布,它将向俄亥俄州的两个制造工厂





INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 million into two Ohio manufacturing facilities including $32 million at its Defiance casting plant to prepare the facility for future engine casting components work. Defiance Casting Operations opened in 1948 and currently employs about 580 employees. The first iron was poured at the facility on Aug. 23, 1948. Today, these team members manufacture cylinder block and cylinder head castings for inline-four, V-6 and V-8 engines used in a variety of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles. A $39 million upgrade at its Toledo transmission plant will enhance the production of GM's eight-speed rear-wheel-drive transmission. Work will begin immediately at both locations, and GM says the investments will help it retain 240 good-paying U.S. manufacturing jobs. "Through these investments, GM continues to strengthen its significant manufacturing presence in Ohio," said Phil Kienle, GM vice president of North American Manufacturing and Labor Relations. "Our Toledo and Defiance teams continue to focus on building world-class products for our customers and these actions are an investment in their futures." ■

投资7,100万美元,其中包括在其迪法恩斯铸件厂投 资3200万美元,为未来的发动机零部件生产做准备。 迪法恩斯铸件厂成立于1948年,目前拥有约580 名员工。1948年8月23日,第一批铸件浇注成功。 今天,公司生产的缸体和缸盖铸件广泛应用于雪佛 兰、别克、通用和凯迪拉克汽车的直排四缸、V-6和 V-8发动机。 托莱多变速箱工厂的3,900万美元升级项目将提高 通用汽车的八速后轮驱动变速箱的产量。通用汽车表 示,升级工作将立即在这两个厂启动,投资将帮助其 保留240个高薪制造业职位。 通用汽车北美制造和劳资关系部副总裁菲尔·基恩尔 说:“通过这些投资,通用汽车将继续加强在俄亥俄 州制造业务的重要性。我们的托莱多和迪法恩斯工作 团队继续致力于为我们的客户制造世界一流的产品, 这些投资行动是对他们未来的投资。” ■

Ryobi Die Casting, Inc. Awarded by Honda 本田公司向利优比压铸颁奖 Ryobi Die Casting (USA), Inc. (Shelbyville, Indiana), a supplier of large complex aluminum die castings, was recognized for a third consecutive year late this summer with an Excellence in Quality & Delivery Award from Honda. As one of only 26 out of 735 OEM parts suppliers serving Honda with parts for mass production to be awarded, Ryobi ranks in the top 3.5% of Honda North America’s excellent supply base for quality and delivery. “Our suppliers make important contributions to Honda’s success and we are committed to highlighting their outstanding work despite not being able to hold our conference this year,” said Mark Willoughby, vice president of Purchasing at Honda of America Mfg., Inc. “We value the relationships we have with our suppliers and appreciate their efforts to help meet the needs of our customers.” Ryobi Die Casting President Ryan Willhelm said; “It is truly an honor to receive this third consecutive Honda “Excellence in Quality & Delivery” award. I want to thank all of our dedicated, hard-working associates, and our partners at Honda that make this possible. We can all look with pride every time we see an award-winning Honda Accord on the road knowing that Ryobi Die Casting plays an important role to provide the Accord with reduced weight that increases fuel efficiency and driving performance. Producing vehicle structural aluminum die castings that are both heat-treatable and weldable are a core competency at Ryobi and we’re glad to share that with Honda. Our future looks bright by partnering with a great company like Honda.” ■ 14

大型复杂铝合金压铸件供应商利优比压铸(美国)公 司(印第安纳州谢尔比维尔)于今年夏末连续第三年获 得本田公司颁发的质量与交付卓越奖。在为本田公司提 供批量零件的735家OEM供应商中,利优比公司是仅有 的26家获奖供应商之一,并且在本田的卓越北美供应商 中排名位于前3.5%。 “我们的供应商为本田公司的成功做出了重要的贡 献,尽管今年无法举行颁奖大会,我们仍要突出他们出 色的工作,”本田美国制造有限公司采购副总裁马克·威 洛比说,“我们重视与供应商的良好关系,并感谢他们 为满足客户需求所做的努力。” 利优比压铸公司总裁瑞安·威廉说:“很荣幸连续第三 次获得本田‘质量与交付卓越奖’。我要感谢所有敬业 勤奋的员工,以及我们的合作伙伴。每次看到行驶在路 上的屡获殊荣的本田雅阁汽车,我们都会感到自豪,因 为利优比压铸件为雅阁汽车减轻重量、提高燃油效率和 驾驶性能方面发挥着重要作用。生产既可热处理又可焊 接的汽车结构铝压铸件是利优比的核心竞争力,我们很 高兴与本田公司分享这一技术。通过与本田这样的大公 司合作,我们的前途一片光明。” ■



Compass Partners Acquires PRL Inc. Compass Partners收购PRL公司 Compass Partners Capital LLC (Compass), a Stamford, Connecticut-based investment firm, has acquired AFS Corporate Member PRL, Inc. (PRL), a manufacturer of high-tech alloy castings. PRL will be combined with Micro Precision Inc. (MPI), a Compass portfolio company, to serve the U.S. Navy as well as nuclear power and railroad industries. Vice Admiral John Morgan (USN, ret.), currently president & CEO of MPI, will serve as the chief executive officer of the combined platform. “We have no greater priority than our nation, our customers and our employees,” Morgan said. “This combination demonstrates our steadfast commitment to all three with a concerted focus on the U.S. submarine programs. We are building a trusted one-stop shop for critical components, with an unwavering dedication to quality and on-time delivery. These companies can and will grow as we serve the top priority programs in the Pentagon.” Headquartered in South Windham, Connecticut, Micro Precision is a tier-one, Level 1/SUBSAFE supplier of critical components and assemblies for the U.S. Navy’s Virginia and Columbia-class submarines. Family owned since 1972, PRL is located in Cornwall,

位于康涅狄格州斯坦福德的投资公司Compass Partners Capital LLC(Compass)已收购高科技合金铸件 制造商、美国铸造协会会员企业PRL公司(PRL)。PRL 将与Compass投资组合公司Micro精密制造有限公司 (MPI)合并,为美国海军、核电和铁路行业提供服 务。MPI总裁兼首席执行官,前海军少将约翰·摩根将担 任联合公司的首席执行官。 摩根说:“国家、客户和员工是公司的优先事项。这 样的结合体现了我们对这三者的坚定承诺,并共同关注 美国潜艇计划。我们正在建立一个值得信赖的关键零部 件一站式商店,并坚定不移地致力于提高产品质量和准 时交付。随着我们为五角大楼的核心计划提供服务,我 们的公司也将得到发展。” Micro精密制造公司的总部位于康涅狄格州南温德姆, 是美国海军的弗吉尼亚和哥伦比亚级潜水艇关键零部件的 一级/ SUBSAFE供应商。 家族企业PRL成立于1972年,位于宾夕法尼亚州康沃



INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 Pennsylvania, and comprises PRL Industries, Regal Cast and Lebanon Tool Co. PRL and its subsidiaries pour a wide variety of ferrous and nonferrous alloy castings, conduct conventional to close tolerance machining on small to large components, and provide in-house non-destructive examination and upgrading services. “The acquisition by MPI will not only provide additional resources to our talented workforce, but increases PRL’s visibility with the nuclear Navy, and will be instrumental in growing PRL to the next level,” said PRL President & CEO Janis Herschkowitz. “PRL is ecstatic to welcome Admiral John Morgan as the new CEO, as his leadership skills and values are second to none.” ■

尔市,由PRL工业公司、Regal铸造和Lebanon工具公司 组成。PRL及其子公司生产各种黑色和有色合金铸件,对 大小铸件进行常规及近公差机械加工,并提供内部无损 检查和升级服务。 PRL公司总裁兼首席执行官詹尼斯·赫谢考威茨表 示:“MPI的收购不仅将为我们的才华横溢的员工提供 更多资源,而且还将提高PRL在核海军中的知名度,并 将有助于将PRL提升到新的水平。PRL公司欢迎约翰·摩 根海军上将担任新任首席执行官,因为他的领导才能和 价值观是首屈一指的。”

AFS Announces Revised Succession plan AFS宣布修订后的继任计划 On September 18, AFS announced revisions to its Boardleadership succession plan. The changes were made following the resignation of Jim Frost, who had been Vice President, from the Society’s Executive Committee. AFS announced that President Mike Lenahan (KB Foundry Services) has agreed to serve a second term as President through April 2022 and that Immediate Past President


9月18日,美国铸造协会宣布对其董事会成员选举办 法进行修订。这一变化是在美国铸造协会执行委员会副 主席吉姆·弗罗斯特辞职之后做出的。 美国铸造协会宣布,本届会长迈克·莱纳罕(KB铸造 公司)已同意继续他的第二任期,任期至2022年4月, 而前任会长彼得·赖希(兰佩公司)也同意将其任期延长





INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 Peter Reich (LaempeReich) has agreed to extend his term of service also through April 2022. To further foster continuity, the Board of Directors elevated Adam San Solo (US Foundry) from 2nd Vice President to Vice President. San Solo served on the Board of Directors from 2012 to 2016 before becoming 2nd Vice President in April 2020. He has been active in a variety of AFS endeavors and committees, including the Government Affairs Fly-Ins and Regional conferences. He has a B.A. degree in physics and a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering. The Board of Directors also elected Bradford Muller (Charlotte Pipe & Foundry) to serve as 2nd Vice President. In addition to serving currently on the Board of Directors, Muller is past chair of the AFS Management Council and AFS Government Affairs Committee. He has a B.A. degree in political science. “AFS is fortunate to have highly committed volunteer leaders. We thank Jim Frost for his longstanding service to AFS and will miss his experience, wisdom and humor,” said Doug Kurkul, CEO of AFS. “The revisions to the AFS Board leadership succession plan will ensure continuity of Board leadership now, at a critical time for the industry, and years into the future. AFS is committed to advancing its mission, meeting members’ needs, and helping the metalcasting industry emerge from this year’s challenges stronger than ever going forward.” ■

至2022年4月。 为了促进董事会的连续性,董事会将亚当圣梭罗从 第二副会长提升为副会长。圣梭罗在2012年至2016年 担任董事会成员,之后于2020年4月成为第二副会长。 他一直活跃于美国铸造协会的各个活动和委员会,包括 政府事务飞来者大会和区域性会议。他拥有物理学学士 学位和机械工程学士学位。 董事会还选举布拉德福德·穆勒(夏洛特铸造管件公 司)担任第二副会长。除担任董事会成员外,穆勒还曾 担任美国铸造协会管理委员会和政府事务委员会主席。 他拥有政治学学士学位。 美国铸造协会幸运地拥有高度忠诚的志愿者一样的领 导人。我们感谢吉姆·弗罗斯特对协会的长期服务,我们 将会传承他的工作经验、怀念他的智慧和幽默感。”美 国铸造协会首席执行官道格说,“对美国铸造协会董事 会领导层选举办法的修订将确保董事会在当前所处的关 键时刻以及未来几年内的连续性。美国铸造协会致力于 促成其使命、满足会员需求,并帮助铸造行业克服今年 以来面临的前所未有的挑战并不断发展。” ■

Heating it up in Southeast Asia: GIFA and METEC trade fairs to stage inaugural editions in 2021 on foundry, casting and metallurgy technology in Bangkok 火热的东南亚市场:杜塞尔多夫展览公司将于2021年在泰国举 办首届铸造冶金展览会 In a strategic expansion into the growing foundry systems, die casting technology and metallurgy sectors, Messe Düsseldorf Asia will present two new specialist exhibitions to the Southeast Asian market - GIFA and METEC Southeast Asia dedicated to these industries and catering to the region. The biennial exhibitions will take place from 22 to 24 September 2021 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. The two exhibitions will present a comprehensive spectrum of products and solutions from additive manufacturing, casting machines to processing equipment and new technology for the user industries – from automotive, building and construction, energy and gas, to users from metal and steel plants.

Launch into Southeast Asia The move to introduce GIFA and METEC to Southeast Asia come against the backdrop of a revitalised steel industry in 2021 with V-shape recoveries in economy growth expected – as well as steel consumption - together with demand for foundry solutions and metallurgical technologies in the region. 18

为了满足东南亚市场需求,杜塞尔多夫展览(亚 洲)有限公司将在铸造、压铸和冶金领域采取战略 性扩展计划,将举办两个新的专业展览——铸造展 GIFA和冶金展METEC。展会两年举办一届,首届展 会将于2021年9月22-24日在泰国曼谷国际会展中心 (BITEC)举行。 展览将为汽车、建筑、工程、能源和天然气以及金 属行业、钢厂等领域提供广泛的产品和解决方案,包 括增材制造、铸造设备、加工设备及新技术。

进入东南亚市场 将GIFA和METEC引入东南亚的决定是在预期2021 年钢铁行业复苏的背景下做出的。东南亚的经济增长 以及钢材消费预计将呈V型复苏,同时,该地区的铸 造和冶金行业预计将有很大需求。 据世界钢铁协会的数据,预计2021年全球的钢


INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 According to the World Steel Association, steel demand in 2021 is expected to recover to 1,717 Mt, an increase of 3.8 % over 2020 with Southeast Asia steel consumption forecast rebounding strongly to 83.2 Mt and renewed focus in infrastructure investment making the fall in steel demand less acute. As capital projects and priority infrastructure expansions in the region are predicted to stay on schedule, “GIFA and METEC Southeast Asia are ideally timed and will stimulate investment decisions in the region, which is exactly what the industry needs, as economies make progress and pent-up demand is expected to gain momentum next year,” said Mr Gernot Ringling, Managing Director, Messe Düsseldorf Asia. “Thailand has a strong and resilient market particularly for the automotive sector, though recovery to pre-crisis levels may take some time, safety concerns could boost demand for passenger cars and the move to electric vehicles is likely to continue post-pandemic consequently the die casting technology market has significant growth potential, and similarly for emerging economies such as Vietnam and Indonesia with major infrastructure projects underway,” said Mr Ringling. The conditions are favourable: Neighbouring country Vietnam continues to be a bright spot for Asian steel supply growth, helped by new capacity start-ups. Following a 30% rise in 2019, the first four months of this year saw crude steel output advance by 4.7% year over year. While Southeast Asian steel supply

铁需求将恢复到17.17亿吨,比2020年增长3.8%。东南 亚地区钢材消费量预测将强劲反弹至8320万吨,对基础 设施建设投资的重新关注减缓了钢材需求的下降趋势。 由于预计该地区的投资项目和基础设施建设将不断增 加,“经济在不断复苏且潜在需求也蓄势待发,GIFA和 METEC引入东南亚是恰逢其时的,将刺激地区投资,这 也正是行业所需要的,”杜塞尔多夫展览有限公司亚洲 区总经理Gernot Ringling先生表示:“泰国是一个巨 大而有弹性的市场,尤其是在汽车行业。尽管恢复到疫 情前的水平可能还需要时间,由于出行安全考虑,可能 会刺激乘用车的需求增长;而且,电动汽车市场在疫情 后很可能会继续发展,因此压铸行业将有巨大的增长潜 力。此外,越南和印度尼西亚等新兴经济体有很多在建 的基础设施项目。” 有利条件:由于新的产能和初创企业的出现,越南仍 然是亚洲地区钢铁需求增长的亮点。2019年,越南钢材 需求增长30%,今年前四个月的粗钢产量同比增长4.7% 。据世界钢铁协会报道,预计2020年东南亚的钢材产量 增长趋势将基本保持平稳。越南和泰国的钢材产量增长将



INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 growth is expected to remain broadly flat in 2020, with lower output forecast in Malaysia and Indonesia; this will be offset by increases in Vietnam and Thailand according to the World Steel Association. The most important sectors contributing to the region’s steel consumption are energy generation, transport, construction/civil engineering and steel/metal packaging, making the demand for metallurgy and casting technology particularly strong in Southeast Asia. “Held alongside wire and Tube Southeast Asia – the two events have been anchored in Thailand since 2007. We believe that the synergies will give the industries in the construction and the automotive production the impetus to grow. These added segments will offer a more complete showing of technology for these industries which will rebound after 2020.” shared Mr Gerrit Nawracala, Project Director, GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS, and NEWCAST - Düsseldorf.

What to Expect at GIFA and METEC Southeast Asia 2021 A total of 110 foundry and metallurgy companies are expected to participate at GIFA and METEC Southeast Asia 2021 to present business opportunities, downstream perspectives, and new applications. The first edition of


抵消马来西亚和印度尼西亚的下降。能源、运输、建 筑/土木工程和钢铁/金属包装等钢材消费大户,使东 南亚的冶金和铸造市场需求变得尤为强劲。 杜塞尔多夫展览公司旗下的铸造、冶金、热处理和 铸件展(GIFA、METEC、THERMPROCESS和NEWCAST)项目总监Gerrit Nawracala先生说:“东南亚 线材、管材展览会自2007年开始在泰国举办,GIFA和 METEC将同期举办。我们相信,这种协同作用将为建 筑业和汽车行业的增长提供动力。GIFA和METEC将 为2020年以后反弹的铸造冶金行业提供更完整的技 术展示平台。”

对2021年GIFA和METEC东南亚展的期望 预计届时将有110家铸造和冶金企业参加2021年 东南亚GIFA和METEC展,开拓商机、与下游行业交 流并展示新的应用领域。首届展会将吸引整个行业的 参与,其中包括来自泰国和东南亚地区的专家,他们


INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 GIFA and METEC Southeast Asia is expected to bring together the industry – which includes specialists from Thailand and the region who will provide the knowhow and technology transfer among international and regional producers, processors, and technology companies. The GIFA and METEC Southeast Asia team are also in talks with associations and industry-experts to introduce a series of industry-led forums and presentations at the first edition of the show which will be announced at a later date. The two exhibitions are powered by ‘The Bright World of Metals’ portfolio of trade fairs under the Messe Düsseldorf group in Germany which include the longestablished metal trade fair quartet of GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS, and NEWCAST. GIFA and METEC Southeast Asia will co-locate with the well-established wire and Tube Southeast Asia exhibitions already into their 14th and 15th editions respectively, gathering a synergistic supply chain under a single roof. ■

将为国际和本地区的生产、加工和技术企业提供专 有技术和技术转让服务。 东南亚GIFA和METEC展的工作团队也正在与相关 协会和行业专家讨论,将在展会期间举办一系列行业 论坛和会议,详细内容将陆续宣布。 东 南 亚 G I FA 和 M E T E C 展 由 德 国 杜 塞 尔 多 夫 展览集团旗下的“金属世界”系列展会提供支 持,即历史悠久的金属贸易展“四重奏”—— GIFA、METEC、THERMPROCESS和NEWCAST。 首届东南亚GIFA和METEC展将与第14届东南亚 线材展览会和第15届东南亚管材展览会同期举办, 汇集全产业链协同发展。

Qinxin Group Awarded at METAL CHINA 2020 沁新集团在2020年铸博会上荣获多项大奖

In August 2020, at the 16th China Foundry Association Annual Meeting and the 5th National Foundry Industry Innovation Development Forum hosted by China Foundry Association, Qinxin Group was once again awarded the title of "China Foundry Coke Production Base", which was also the only company awarded the title at this conference. It is reported that Qinxin has won the title for four consecutive times since 2011. In order to better meet the needs of changing market, Qinxin Group has successively carried out strategic cooperation with Shanxi Fenwei Energy, Sinosteel Anshan Thermal Energy Institute, Beijing Coal Science and Technology Research Institute, Shanxi Chemical Design Institute, etc., and achieved various scientific research results. The quality of foundry coke has been gradually improved, and a strict quality management system has been established from clean coal to coke finished products. During the 18th China International Foundry Expo (METAL CHINA 2020), August 18th to 20th in Shanghai, Qinxin Group displayed its foundry coke, ceramic sand, brake discs and other products in the exhibition. Among them, both foundry coke and ceramic sand won the “Golden Tripod Award for Casting Materials" at this expo. The ceramic sand won the award for the first time and was produced by Changyuan New Materials Company, a subsidiary of Qinxin Group. The company produces 50,000 tons of fused ceramic sand per year. It is a member of the National Ceramic Sand Industry Product Standard Setting Committee and participates in the formulation of the standard. Up to now, Qinxin Group's casting fused ceramic sand has ranked among the top three with its unique advantages. It is committed to building the country's number one casting fused ceramic sand production base, and strive to become the industry's single champion demonstration enterprise as soon as possible. ■

2020年8月,在中国铸造协会主办的第十六届中 国铸造协会年会暨第五届全国铸造行业创新发展论坛 上,沁新集团再次被授予“中国铸造用焦生产基地” 称号,也是本次大会上唯一一家被授予该称号的企 业。据悉,沁新集团自2011年首次被授予“中国铸 造用焦生产基地”荣誉称号至今,已连续四次蝉联此 项桂冠。 为了更好地满足不断变化的市场需求,沁新集团 先后与山西汾渭能源、中钢集团鞍山热能院、北京 煤炭科学技术研究院、山西化工设计院等开展战略合 作,取得的各项科研成果使得铸造焦质量逐渐提高, 并建立了一套从精煤到焦炭产成品系统的、严密的质 量管理体系。 8月18日——8月20日,第十八届中国国际铸造博 览会在上海举行。沁新集团铸造焦、陶瓷砂、制动盘 等产品在展会一一亮相。其中,铸造焦、陶瓷砂产品 更是在本次博览会上双双摘得全国“铸造材料金鼎 奖”。首获本次全国“铸造材料金鼎奖”的陶瓷砂产 品,其生产企业为沁新集团所属昌源新材料公司,该 公司年生产铸造用熔融陶瓷砂5万吨,是国家陶瓷砂行 业产品标准制定委员会成员单位,参与制定国家陶瓷 砂行业产品标准。截至目前,沁新集团铸造用熔融陶 瓷砂以其得天独厚的优势,已成功跻身全国同行业前 三,正致力于打造全国排名第一的铸造用熔融陶瓷砂 生产基地,力争早日成为行业单项冠军示范企业。 ■




WANFENG to Collaborate With FAW, Dongfeng Motor, Changan Auto 万丰奥威与一汽、东风汽车、长安汽车签署合作协议 Zhejiang Wanfeng Auto Wheel has signed a "Research Cooperation Agreement on Magnesium Alloy for Auto Parts Processing Technology" on Nov. 25 with auto giants China FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor Group, and Chongqing Changan Automobile. This collaboration will allow all parties to capitalize on each other’s technologies and resources to realize deep and broad multi-fields cooperation, and jointly contribute to the development of China's automobile industry. Efforts will be made in the development of wheels, cross car beams and front-end module brackets in a bid to promote the application of large thin-walled complex magnesium die casting auto parts. As early as 2017, China FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor Group and Chongqing Changan Automobile (known as ‘T3’ consortium) had signed a "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement". Aligned with Wanfeng Auto Wheel’s core competency is the T3 consortium’s OEMs tripartite manufacturing partnership that actively initiates cooperation in the auto parts segment. The "Material processing technology research for magnesium alloy auto parts" has been listed as one of the first batch cooperation initiatives in 2019. Wanfeng Auto Wheel, as a major participant, joined this research initiative in the form of "T3 + 1" mechanism. The deepening strategic cooperation with the ‘T3’ consortium will further promote the application of Wanfeng Auto Wheel’s magnesium alloy products in the automobile industry, which could rapidly increase its domestic market share. ■

2020 年 11 月 25 日,万丰奥威与中国第一汽车集 团有限公司(以下简称“一汽”)、东风汽车集团有限 公司(以下简称“东风汽车”)、重庆长安汽车股份有 限公司(以下简称“长安汽车”)签署了《镁合金汽车 零件材料成型及加工工艺研究合作协议》。万丰奥威表 示,在该合作机制框架下,各方将各司其职,在车轮开 发、仪表盘支架、前端模块等典型汽车零部件方面建立 分工机制,共同推进大型薄壁复杂镁合金压铸件的汽车 零部件开发及应用。 早在2017年,一汽、东风和长安即签署了《战略合作 框架协议》,形成国产汽车“T3”联盟。2019年,T3联 盟启动“镁合金汽车零件材料成型及加工工艺研究”合作 课题。万丰奥威作为业内最大的镁合金零部件供应商合 作,加入形成了“T3+1”协同创新机制――集合产业链力 量,共同推进汽车轻量化镁合金研发和应用。 与T3联盟的战略合作深化,将进一步推动万丰奥威 镁合金产品在汽车上的应用,快速提升其国内市场份 额。

Changtai Robot Awarded with the National Commercial Science and Technology Progress Award 长泰机器人获全国商业科技进步奖一等奖 Recently, the project "Intelligent Grinding & Processing Technology and Equipment for Flexible Production Line on Complex Casting Robot" jointly declared by Changsha Changtai Robot Co., Ltd., Changsha University of Science and Technology and Hunan University, won the first prize of the National Commercial Science and Technology Progress Award. To meet requirements of the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure in the foundry industry, the project focused on the complete set of technical equipment for automated production lines of a large casting robot, and achieved results in innovation on casting sensing technology integrated with high-precision laser and vision, high-speed and highefficiency precision grinding technology, etc. The project has authorized 21 national invention patents, and the equipment has been applied to more than 40 domestic equipment manufacturing companies such as Dongfeng Motor, Weichai Power, Shanghai Aerospace, CRRC, etc., bringing new sales of over 1 billion yuan and profits of more than 200 million yuan to the company in the past three years. ■ 22

近日,长沙长泰机器人有限公司与长沙理工大学、 湖南大学等单位联合申报的项目“复杂铸件机器人柔 性生产线智能打磨加工技术及装备”获得2020年度 中国商业联合会科学技术奖——全国商业科技进步奖 一等奖。 该项目针对铸造行业产业结构优化升级的需求,重 点研究了大型铸造机器人自动化生产线上的成套技术 装备,在高精度激光与视觉融合的铸件感知技术、高 速高效铸件精准打磨技术等方面取得创新性成果。项 目授权国家发明专利21项,项目装备已应用于东风汽 车、潍柴动力、上海航天、中国中车等40多家国内装 备制造企业,为企业近三年带来新增销售额超十亿元, 带来利润逾两亿元。 ■



Xusheng's Smart Auto Production Plant Under Construction 旭升高智能自动化生产工厂项目有序推进 The Xusheng Smart Automated Production Plant, which is invested by Ningbo Xusheng Auto Technology Co., Ltd., is currently under construction. The annual production capacity is expected to be 10 million lightweight aluminum alloy auto parts. It is planned to be completed in June 2023. It is reported the company announced in May that it planned to invest 1.92 billion yuan to build the new plant with 109,000m2 in Beilun, Ningbo. It will invest in automation, including die casting, squeeze casting and machining equipments. The company is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of precision aluminum alloy auto parts and industrial aluminum alloy parts that are thermoformed, die-cast and forged. ■

宁波旭升汽车技术股份有限公司投资建设的旭升高智 能自动化生产工厂项目,目前正处于厂房建设中,建设 规模为年产轻量化铝合金汽车零部件1000万件,拟2023 年6月建成。 今年5月,旭升股份发布公告,拟投资19.2亿元在宁 波北仑建设旭升高智能自动化生产工厂项目,新建厂房 10.9万平米,拟购置压铸、挤压、机加工等自动化生产 线设备。旭升公司主要从事热成型压铸和锻造的精密铝合 金汽车零部件和工业铝合金零件的研发、生产、销售。■

China Foundry Association and Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University Have Agreed on a Partnership 中国铸造协会和诺索夫•马格尼托戈尔斯克国立技术大学达成合作伙伴关系 On November 20, 2020, China Foundry Association (CFA) and Foundry School of the Open University of China (OUC Foundry School), and Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University signed the Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Education online. The agreement was signed by Prof. Libo Zhang, President of CFA and Dean of OUC Foundry School and Prof. Mikhail Chukin, Rector of NMSTU. After getting acquainted with each other's activities, the University and the Association found a mutual interest in developing international relations in the field of industry science, education, dissemination of knowledge and technology on a long-term basis, especially considering the importance of the role of the parties to the Agreement in promoting cooperation and contributing to the development of society in General and the foundry industry in particular. The parties determined that the most important areas of cooperation under the agreement will be: • Identification of possible joint research projects with Universities and Research centers of countries. • Mutual assistance in implementing new educational programs and technologies. • Programs of exchange of students, postgraduates and employees with industry-specific educational institutions of countries. • Joint educational projects to improve the skills of employees of the foundry industry in the countries. Combining efforts will allow the University and the Association to develop industry communication platforms in order to stimulate interstate interaction for the development of the industry and to promote the consolidation and development of long-term partnerships between representatives of the industry in Russia and China. After signing the Agreement, a plan of concrete actions was

2020年11月20日,中国铸造协会和诺索夫•马格尼 托戈尔斯克国立技术大学达成合作伙伴关系。中国铸 造协会(CFA)和国家开放大学铸造学院(OUC铸造 学校)以及诺索夫•马格尼托戈尔斯克国立技术大学在 线签署了科教领域合作协议。 该协议由中国铸造协会会长兼国家开放大学铸造学 院院长、金砖国家铸造业联合会会长张立波教授和马 格尼托戈尔斯克国立技术大学校长Mikhail Chukin教 授共同签署。 在互相了解了彼此开展的活动后,马格尼托戈尔斯 克国立技术大学和中国铸造协会在工业科学、教育、 知识和技术传播领域建立长期合作关系达成了共识, 特别是,双方在推动合作,促进社会经济尤其是铸造 业的发展方面具有重要作用。 协议确定了重要合作领域: • 确定与对方的大学和研究中心开展可能的联合研究 项目; • 互相支持并实施新的教育和技术合作项目; • 开展与特定行业的教育机构交换学生、研究生和雇 员的合作项目; • 开展联合教育项目,提高双方铸造行业员工的技 能。 通过共同努力,双方可以搭建行业交流平台,以促 进洲际间交流、推动行业发展、巩固并加深俄罗斯和 中国铸造行业之间的长期合作关系。 为实现合作目标并推动进一步合作,双方将在协议



INDUSTRY NEWS/行业新闻 adopted to achieve the agreed goals for further development of cooperation and a regular dialogue mechanism was defined. The parties also noted that this Agreement was made possible thanks to the BRICS Foundry Association's scientific and technical cooperation development program and the support of the Russian Association of Foundrymen. ■

签署后开展具体行动计划。此外,双方还确定了定期 对话机制。 双方还指出,本次合作协议的签订得益于金砖国家 铸造业联合会框架下的科技合作计划以及俄罗斯铸造 协会的支持。 ■

Pipes for Cabinda, Water for Thousands of Homes 管通卡宾达 水润千万家 Recently, Angola Cabinda water supply system project, the first water pipeline, was officially put into operation. The Cabinda water supply system is currently the largest water supply project under construction in Angola, covering approximately 92% of the residential areas of Cabinda’s population. More than 600,000 residents will benefit directly from the completion of the project. It is understood that the project is contracted by Angola International Corporation of China Railway 20th Bureau Group Co., LTD. The ductile iron pipes used in the water supply pipeline are all from XINXING Pipes. After learning about this project, the business manager of XINXING Pipes International Development Co., LTD made several visits to the market front line to communicate with EPAL and the general contractor of the Luanda Water Bureau. In the face of transport difficulties, chaotic internal security, and the malaria epidemic in Angola, the people from XINXING Pipes have no hesitation in delivering their programmers and products to the places where they are most needed. With the advantages of "the nature of iron, the performance of steel," high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, good seismic resistance, and convenient construction, the ductile iron pipe has become the preferred pipe for the Cabinda water supply system project. XINXING Pipes has become the only supplier of ductile iron pipes for this project with its strong strength, product quality, and high-quality technical service. The Cabinda project construction site was originally a jungle, with mosquito, malaria, and other diseases. In order to provide better products and technical services, the after-sales service personnel of XINXING Pipes worked side by side with the field construction personnel of China Railway 20th Bureau Group Co., LTD. With the combination of high-quality products and standardized construction as well as a high degree of tacit understanding, the partnership used these complementary advantages to ensure pipeline construction safety, quality, and efficiency. After nearly 3 years of construction, the Cabinda water supply system project is fully completed. On the day when the water plant officially delivered water, village residents, dressed in festive costumes, danced with strong regional customs and sang local folk songs, crowded around the water drawing point. With clear water gushing out, the crowd boiling, everyone's face showed a very happy smile. With the rapid development of China's economy, the influence of Chinese products in overseas markets is becoming more and more extensive. XINXING Pipes will continue to adhere to the enterprise sentiment of "casting the heart and the bone and connecting the whole world to create a better life," and make new contributions to the world with highquality products and services. ■ 24

近日,安哥拉卡宾达供水系统工程首批输水管道正式 投入运营。卡宾达供水系统工程是目前安哥拉在建的最 大供水工程,管线覆盖约92%的卡宾达人口居住区。项 目建成后,60余万居民将直接受益。据了解,此项目由 中国铁建二十局集团安哥拉国际公司承建,供水管线使 用的球墨铸铁管产品均来自新兴铸管。 了解到这个项目后,新兴铸管国际发展的业务经理数 次前往市场一线,与罗安达水局EPAL和工程总包方沟通 交流。面对安哥拉交通困难,国内治安混乱,疟疾流行等 种种恶劣形势,新兴人义无反顾,坚持把新兴方案和新兴 产品送到最需要的地方。凭借“铁的本质,钢的性能”, 强度高、韧性好、耐腐蚀、抗震性好和施工方便等优势, 球墨铸铁管成为卡宾达供水系统工程的首选管材。新兴铸 管以其雄厚的公司实力、产品质量和优质技术服务,成为 该项目球墨铸铁管材的唯一供应商。 卡宾达项目施工现场原始丛林密布,蚊虫肆虐,疟疾 等疾病盛行,为提供更优质的产品技术服务,新兴铸管的 售后服务人员与中铁二十局集团现场施工人员并肩作战, 以优质产品结合规范施工,以高度的默契强强联合,优势 互补,确保管线施工安全、优质和高效。 经过近3年的施工,卡宾达供水系统工程全面完工。 水厂正式送水当天,村落居民穿上节日才有的盛装,跳 着浓具地域风情的舞蹈,唱着当地特色的歌谣,簇拥在 取水点。随着清洌的自来水喷涌而出,人群沸腾了,每 个人的脸上都露出无比开心的笑容…… 随着中国经济的高速发展,中国产品在海外市场的影 响力也越来越广泛。新兴铸管将继续坚持“铸丹心铁骨, 管通四海创造美好生活”的企业情怀,用优质的产品和服 务,为世界贡献新兴力量。 ■



Shandong Jinertai/Jinan Huicheng Launch Intelligent Manufacturing and Large Die Casting Island Operation 山东锦尔泰/济南慧成举行智能制造启动暨大型压铸岛 投产仪式 On December 9, 2020, Shandong Jinertai Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd. and Ji’nan Huicheng Foundry Co., Ltd. launched the intelligent manufacturing and large-scale die-casting island production ceremony at Laiwukou town plant of Jinertai. Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of China Foundry Association, delivered a speech at the ceremony. Chairman Ms. Liu Yanling introduced the company's smart manufacturing development plan, Professor Xiong Shoumei from Tsinghua University gave a speech on the future of lightweight, other companies made reports on smart manu facturing industry chain linkage+Intelligent Networking. During the ceremony, participants witnessed the equipment launch ceremony and the first part production. It’s reported that Jinertai and Huicheng signed agreement with Italpresse at GIFA in June 2019. On June 16 this year, the TF1850 two platen toggle free die casting machine was officially delivered to Huicheng from Norican Group's Changzhou plant and then started commissioning. The TF series of toggle free die casting machines includes a wide range of models with a maximum closing force of up to 5700 tons. The TF toggle free die casting machines are reliable, rigid and flexible. At present, under the background of the rapid development of auto lightweight and new energy vehicles, and there is a strong demand for 3C communication products, the global aluminum (magnesium) alloy castings are showing a rapid growth trend. Besides, the foundry industry is promoting the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and the realization of smart manufacturing 2025, the intelligent transformation of die casting is imminent. The launching of large-scale heavy industry machinery (large die-casting island) of Shandong Jinertai and Jinan Huicheng has built a platform for the development of artificial intelligence, and laid a good foundation for the production of key structural auto parts and the improvement of core competitiveness. ■

2020年12月9日,山东锦尔泰精密压铸有限公 司、济南慧成铸造有限公司智能制造启动暨大型压铸 岛投产仪式在锦尔泰莱芜口镇工厂举行。中国铸造协 会执行副会长兼秘书长张志勇在仪式上致辞,公司董 事长刘燕岭介绍了企业智能发展规划,清华大学熊守 美教授做了关于未来轻量化的演讲,相关企业做了智 能制造产业链联动+智能网联的演讲。仪式中嘉宾们 见证了设备启动仪式及首件生产过程。 资料显示,2019年6月,锦尔泰以及慧成铸造两 家公司在GIFA展与意特佩雷斯完成签约。今年6月 16日,首台意特佩雷斯高斯压铸设备TF1850无曲拐 两板压铸机从诺瑞肯集团常州工厂出发正式交付于慧 成铸造进入调试阶段。 TF无曲拐两板机系列最大可以提供 5700 吨的合 模力。这意味着占地面积更小,刚性更高,磨损部 件更少,从而提高可靠性和性能。 目前,在汽车轻量化和新能源汽车快速发展、通 讯3C等产品旺盛需求的背景下,全球铝(镁)合金 铸件呈现出快速增长的趋势,铸造行业在推动新旧 动能转换、实现智能制造2025的大背景下,压铸企 业的智能化改造迫在眉睫。山东锦尔泰、济南慧成 公司大型重工机器(大型压铸岛)的投产,为人工 智能的发展搭建了平台,更为企业生产关键汽车压 铸结构件、提升核心竞争力打下了良好的基础。 ■



Reclaiming Active Clay and Carbon Research sought to understand variables in reclaiming clay and carbon to further reduce and reuse foundry waste streams. liam miller, elliot halphen, and jerald w. darlington, minerals technologies incorporated/american colloid company (hoffman estates, illinois)

活性粘土和碳的回收利用 本文旨在研究和了解粘土和碳的回收的变量,进一步减少用量并对铸造废料再利用。 利亚姆·米勒,埃利奥特·哈尔芬,杰拉德·W·达林顿,矿业技术公司/美国Colloid公司(伊利诺伊州霍夫曼庄园)


ommercially available clay and carbon reclamation technologies from foundry streams show a common theme of hydrating and agitating the foundry solids in water. The goal is to separate the active clay and carbon from the degraded “dead “clay, ash and sand in order to return the active components to the green sand system in a slurry called “blackwater.” Minerals Technologies Inc. has a trial reclamation unit to model clay and carbon reclamation scenarios from foundry sources. Using a waste stream obtained from pneumatic sand reclamation of sand in a ferrous foundry, a factorial Design of Experiments (DOE) was employed to evaluate the impact of processing variables on active clay and carbon recovery. This study presents laboratory and trial test results used to model active clay and carbon recovery from this foundry stream. The results of this study show that changing process variables can dramatically impact the recovery of active components. Green sand foundries use a combination of bentonite, water and a refractory aggregate (typically silica sand, although there are many possibilities), to create molds for the metal casting process. In many types of molding processes,

铸造行业,商业上可用的粘土和碳的回收技 术具有相同的特点,即将铸造废砂放入水中 搅拌,其目的是将活性粘土和碳与降解的废

弃粘土、灰尘和砂子分开,使称为“黑水”的活性成分 的浆料返回到粘土砂系统中。Minerals Technologies 公司有一个试验装置,用于模拟对铸造厂废砂中的粘土 和碳进行回收利用。使用机械法再生的黑色金属铸造厂 的废砂,采用析因实验设计(DOE)来评估工艺变量 对活性粘土和碳回收的影响。这项研究提出了用于模拟 从铸造废砂中回收活性粘土和碳的实验室和试验测试结 果。研究结果表明,改变工艺变量会极大地影响有效成 分的回收率。 粘土砂铸造厂使用膨润土、水和耐火骨料(虽然有很 多可能性,通常是硅砂)的组合来制造用于金属铸造的 铸型。在很多不同类型的成型工艺中,也将碳添加到粘 土和水中,为铸型和造型过程提供更多的性能。将液态


Fig 1. Trial reclamation unit.

Table 1. Characterization Results for Green Sand and Dust from Sand Reclamation 表1:回收利用湿砂和粉尘的表征结果 Sample Typical Green Sand Before Reclamation Byproduct From Pneumatic Reclaimer


% Moisture

% Active Clay





% AFS Total Clay 11.0-13.0 64.7

% Carbon 3.50 -4.50

% Volatile Material at 1200F (649C) 1.90 -3.00



% Loss on Ignition at 1800F (982C) 4.30 - 6.00 20.9


Table 2. Summary of Coded and Actual Factor Settings for Experimental Design 表2:实验设计的编码和实际因子设置摘要 Test

Factor A (Coded/ Actual)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

-1 / 25% -1 /25% -1 /25% -1/ 25% +1/ 35% +1/ 35% +1/ 35% +1/ 35% 0/ 30%

Factor B (Coded/Actual)

Factor C (Coded/Actual)

-1/ 0.75 gpm -1/ 0.75 gpm +1/ 1.25 gpm +1/ 1.25 gpm -1/ 0.75 gpm -1/ 0.75 gpm +1/ 1.25 gpm +1/ 1.25 gpm 0/ 1.0 gpm

-1 / 0-inch +1/ 0.375-inch -1 / 0-inch +1/ 0.375 inch -1 / 0-inch +1/ 0.375-inch -1 / 0-inch +1/ 0.375-inch 0/ 0.188-inch

Table 3. Summary of Responses for Experimental Design 表3:实验设计响应值摘要 Measured Responses

Calculated Responses

% Solids Content % Active Clay Content % Volatile Material at 1200F (649C) % Loss on Ignition at 1800F (982C) % Carbon

% Active Clay Recovery % Carbon Recovery

carbon is also added with the clay and water to provide additional properties to the mold and molding environment during the casting process. Liquid metal is poured into these molds, which causes many thermal alterations in the bentonite, carbon and sand aggregate. The metal is allowed to cool and solidify in the mold, after which the solid casting is removed. The remaining molding material is recovered and re-blended with new clay, carbon, water and aggregate to prepare a new mold for the next cycle of castings. The ability to recycle and reuse the bentonite and aggregate mixture is not indefinite, as the exposure to repeated heating cycles deteriorates the properties of the molding sand mixture. New sand and bentonite additions must be made while thermally degraded materials need to be removed from the mixture to maintain consistent properties suitable for molding. Within the materials that need to be removed from the foundry some resources remain that could be reclaimed and reused in the mold making process. Also, during the process of preparing the molds and casting the metal, dust is generated at several stages in the process.

金属倒入铸型中,会导致膨润土、碳和砂子发生许多 热变,从而使金属液在铸型中冷却并固化,最终获得 铸件。回收剩余的造型材料,并与新的粘土、碳、水 和骨料重新混合,为下一轮铸造准备新的铸型。由于 暴露于重复的加热循环会降低型砂混合物的性能,膨 润土和骨料混合物的回收和再利用不是无限的,因此 必须添加新砂和膨润土,同时需要从混合物中除去热 降解的材料,以保持适合成型的一致性能。在需要从 铸造过程去除的材料中,一些材料仍然可以在造型工 艺中回收和再利用。 另外,在造型和铸造生产的过程中,会产生粉尘。 这些粉尘通常包含非常细的骨料、热变膨润土和碳以 及未改性的膨润土和碳的混合物。必须控制造型过程 中产生的灰尘积聚。一种方法是通过集尘系统清除灰

Table 4. Results for Blackwater Samples Generated in the Experiments 表4:实验中生成的黑水样本的结果 Test

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

% Solids

Active Clay %

10.1 10.2 7.70 6.50 14.7 14.1 10.1 10.8 10.3

62.6 60.5 64.8 72.3 51.8 51.4 64.8 59.6 61.8

% Volatile Material at 1200F (649C) 10.4 10.6 10.5 9.40 10.5 10.3 10.0 9.50 10.8

% Loss on Ignition at 1800F (982C) 18.8 17.9 18.4 16.8 18.9 18.5 19.4 19.0 19.6

Carbon % 13.1 12.2 14.7 9.20 11.7 13.1 12.5 13.1 13.2

Volume of Blackwater Collected (ft3) 1.87 1.90 2.27 2.31 1.34 1.40 1.67 1.67 1.80

Density of Blackwater (lbs./ft3) 64.6 64.7 63.8 63.6 65.2 65.0 64.4 64.8 64.7

Blackwater Solids (lbs.)

% Volatile Material at 1200F (649C) / Carbon %

12.2 12.6 11.2 9.50 12.8 12.9 10.9 11.7 12.0


0.794 0.869 0.714 1.02 0.897 0.786 0.800 0.725 0.818


Table 5. Results for Residual Solids Generated in the Experiments 表5:实验中产生的残留固体的结果 Test

% Solids

AFS Total Clay %

Active Clay %

% Volatile Material at 1200F (649C)

% Loss on Ignition at 1800F (982C)

% Carbon

% Volatile Material at 1200F (649C) / Carbon %

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

72.1 71.6 72.2 71.8 71.3 71.6 71.1 71.8 72.9

10.9 16.7 9.80 8.60 14.6 13.3 10.4 11.2 11.0

4.10 4.50 3.20 3.60 7.10 6.20 4.70 4.90 5.60

3.82 3.92 3.40 3.77 3.84 3.82 3.69 3.65 3.77

20.4 20.4 18.3 20.4 20.0 20.4 19.5 19.8 19.6

17.4 18.2 16.1 18.1 17.2 17.4 16.8 17.1 17.9

0.201 0.221 0.175 0.177 0.355 0.303 0.241 0.248 0.285

Table 6. Active Clay and Carbon Recovery in Blackwater 表6:黑水中的活性粘土和碳回收 Test

Potential Amount of Active Clay to Recover (lbs)

Potential Amount of Carbon to Recover (lbs)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6

4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03

Total Clay in Blackwater (lbs.)

Amount Active Clay Recovered in Blackwater (lbs.)

12.2 12.6 11.2 9.50 12.8 12.9 10.9 11.7 12.0

This dust typically contains a mixture of very fine aggregates, thermally altered bentonite and carbon, as well as unaltered bentonite and carbon. The accumulation of dust that is generated in the process must be controlled. One approach is to remove the dust via collection systems that collect it from various pick up points and transfer it into a central container or “baghouse.”

Fig 2. Normal plot of residuals for total solids in blackwater.


图2:黑水中总固体残 留量的正态图。

7.65 7.61 7.23 6.89 6.63 6.61 7.05 6.97 7.43

Amount Carbon Recovered in Blackwater (lbs.) 1.60 1.53 1.64 0.88 1.50 1.68 1.36 1.53 1.59

% Active Clay Recovery

% Carbon Recovery

72.0 71.7 68.2 64.9 62.5 62.3 66.4 65.7 70.0

39.7 38.1 40.7 21.7 37.2 41.8 33.7 38.0 39.4

尘,该系统从各个收集点收集灰尘,并将其传输到中央 容器或“袋式除尘器”中。 铸造厂可以将这些废弃的粘土砂和收集的灰尘作为废 物处理。但是,受高昂的处理成本和当地法规之类的经 济环保因素影响,铸造行业需要对废砂进行回收利用,

Fig 3. Normal plot of residuals for active clay recovery.

图3:活性粘土回收残留 量的正态图。


Table 7. Active Clay and Carbon Losses in Residual Solids 表7:残留固体中的活性粘土和碳损失 Test

Potential Amount of Active Clay to Recover (lbs.)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6

Potential Amount Residual of Carbon to Recover Solids after (lbs.) Reclamation (lbs.) 4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03 4.03

Total Clay in Residual Solids (lbs.)

15.2 14.9 16.2 18.6 14.7 14.5 16.8 15.8 15.4

1.66 2.49 1.59 1.60 2.15 1.92 1.74 1.77 1.69

Amount Active Clay in Residual Solids (lbs.)

Amount Carbon Recovered in Residual Solids (lbs.)

0.623 0.670 0.518 0.670 1.04 0.896 0.788 0.773 0.862

% Active Clay not Recovered

2.63 2.71 2.61 3.36 2.52 2.51 2.82 2.70 2.75

5.87 6.32 4.89 6.32 9.84 8.45 7.43 7.29 8.13

% Carbon not Recovered 65.4 67.2 64.7 83.3 62.5 62.2 69.9 66.9 68.2

Table 8. ANOVA Results for Total Solids in Blackwater 表8:黑水中总固体的方差分析结果 Source

Sum of Squares


Mean Square



Model A-Slurry conc % B-Flow Rate Residual Cor Total

53.38 28.88 24.5 1.6 54.98

2 1 1 6 8

26.69 28.88 24.5 0.2667

100.09 108.3 91.87

< 0.0001 < 0.0001 < 0.0001

The removed green sand and collected dust can be removed from the foundry as waste. But economic and environmental drivers such as high disposal costs and local regulations have led the foundry industry to pursue methods to reclaim and reuse these waste streams even further by reclaiming usable aggregate, clay and carbon from these sources.

Reclamation in the Foundry The goal of any foundry reclamation process is to separate the useable portion of the waste stream and upgrade it

Fig 4. Normal plot of residuals for active clay recovery.

图4:活性粘土回收中残留 量的正态图。



铸造厂的回收利用 任何铸造厂的回收目标都是将废砂的可用部分分离 出来,并将其恢复到尽可能接近原始状态。对于砂再 生,美国铸造协会铸造砂再生委员会将其定义为“对 耐火骨料进行物理、化学或热处理,以使其重新使用 而不会显著降低所涉及应用所需的原始性能。”机械

Fig 5. Contour graph of total solids in blackwater response.

图5:黑水响应中的总 固体等值线图。



Table 9. ANOVA Results for Active Clay in Blackwater 表9:黑水中活性粘土的方差分析结果 Source

Sum of Squares


Mean Square



Model A-Slurry conc % B-Flow Rate Residual Cor Total

287.73 132.84 154.88 51.01 338.74

2 1 1 6 8

143.86 132.84 154.88 8.5

16.92 15.62 18.22

0.0034 0.0075 0.0053


Table 10. ANOVA results for Active Clay Recovery in Blackwater 表10:黑水中活性粘土回收的方差分析结果 Source

Sum of Squares


Mean Square



Model A-Slurry conc % B-Flow Rate AB Residual Cor Total

91.41 49.7 1.47 40.25 15.35 106.76

3 1 1 1 5 8

30.47 49.7 1.47 40.25 3.07

9.93 16.19 0.4782 13.11

0.0151 0.0101 0.52 0.0152


Table 11. ANOVA results for Carbon Recovery in Blackwater 表11:黑水中碳回收的方差分析结果 Source

Sum of Squares


Mean Square



Model A-Slurry conc % B-Flow Rate C-Elevation Residual Cor Total

94.39 13.73 63.61 17.06 200.27 294.66

3 1 1 1 5 8

31.46 13.73 63.61 17.06 40.05

0.7856 0.3427 1.59 0.4259

0.5513 0.5837 0.2632 0.5428

as close to its original state as possible. In the case of sand reclamation, this is defined by the AFS Sand Reclamation Committee as “the physical, chemical, or thermal treatment of a refractory aggregate to allow its reuse without significantly lowering its original useful properties as required for the application involved.” Pneumatic sand reclamation was developed in 1948 and has been modified in the subsequent years to improve performance – fundamentally it works by using air as a medium to accelerate the green sand mixture against a fixed target. In this process, the impact against the fixed target, as well as grain to grain interactions, are used to remove the clay and carbon coating from the sand grains. As the sand falls away from the target, the materials liberated from the sand are extracted via exhaust air into a collection unit. The result is upgraded sand grains with lower clay and carbon content and a byproduct stream consisting of a fine dust product comprised of the clay and carbonaceous coating that has been removed from the sand grains. Another sand reclamation process is wet hydraulic reclamation in which water is the medium for the removal and separation of the sand, clay and carbon coating. The sand and clay mixture to be reclaimed is mixed with water and agitated intensely, and both the hydrating action of the water and the grain-to-grain contact scrub and remove the clay and carbon products adhered to the grains. Another mixing step removes and separates the clay and carbon materials suspended in the water from the sand aggregate. This resulting mixture is commonly known as “blackwater” due to the color of the fluid 30

not significant

法砂再生技术于1948年研发出来,并在随后的几年 中进行了改进。从根本上说,它是将空气作为介质来 加速粘土砂的搅拌,撞击固定的标靶。用这种工艺, 对固定标靶的撞击以及砂粒之间的相互作用可以从砂 粒中去除粘土和碳涂层。当砂子从标靶掉落时,从砂 子中散落出来的物质会通过排气系统被排到收集装置 中。结果得到了具有较少含量粘土和碳的再生砂,以 及由细粉尘组成的副产品,该细粉尘包括从砂粒中除 去的粘土和碳涂层。 另一种砂再生工艺是湿法液压再生,其中水是去除 和分离砂子、粘土和碳涂层的介质。将回收的砂子和 粘土混合物与水混合并剧烈搅动,水的水合作用和砂 粒之间的接触都可以摩擦并除去粘附在砂粒上的粘土 和碳。另一个混合步骤将悬浮在水中的粘土和碳从砂 粒中分离出来。由于由热降解的碳产物赋予了流体颜 色,这样的混合物通常被称为“黑水”。 本研究使用了商业上可获得的铸造废砂,评估了各 种工艺变量对湿法再生系统的影响。重点是回收活性 粘土和碳组分,而不是骨料。


imparted by the thermally degraded carbon products. The present study evaluated the impact of varying process variables on a trial wet reclamation system using a foundry waste product obtained from a commercial foundry. The focus was to reclaim the active clay and carbon components rather than the aggregate.

Experiment The dust byproduct from pneumatic sand reclamation of green sand at a large ferrous foundry was used in the study. This dust was characterized in the laboratory using methods outlined in the AFS Mold and Core Test Handbook for active clay concentration, total clay concentration, carbon content, volatile content and loss on ignition (Table 1.) This product stream has a very fine particle size and total clay amount of over 60% with an active clay content of approximately 35% and 13% carbon. Due to the fine sizing of the dust, there is little silica sand of usable size (larger than 200 mesh or 75 micron) to reclaim from this stream but a significant amount of active clay and carbon to reclaim. The wet reclamation unit in the experiment consisted of a mixing tank where the waste stream was introduced with water, mixed aggressively and then transferred onto a vibrating screen deck fitted with mesh panels (Fig. 1). Water nozzles above the panels sprayed water to rinse the slurry as it traveled across the vibratory screen deck; the remaining solids were discharged at the end. The aqueous mixture that passed through the screen panels was collected in a tank where the fluid settled to aid in the separation of active components from the thermally degraded “dead” components

Fig 6. Contour graph of active clay in blackwater response.

图6:活性粘土在黑水 响应中的等值线图。

实验 该研究使用了一家大型黑色铸造厂的粘土砂机械 法再生技术产生的粉尘副产品。在实验室中,使用 AFS模具和型芯测试手册中概述的方法对粉尘进行 了表征,以测定活性粘土浓度、总粘土浓度、碳含 量、挥发物含量和烧失量(表1)。该产品流的颗粒 非常细,总粘土含量超过60%,其中活性粘土含量 约为35%,碳含量为13%。由于粉尘的细粒度,几 乎没有可用尺寸(大于200目或75微米)的硅砂可以 回收,而是有大量的活性粘土和碳可以回收。 实验中的湿法再生装置由一个混合槽组成,在该 混合槽中将废水引入水中,进行剧烈搅拌,然后转 移到装有筛网的振动筛板上(图1)。筛板上方的喷 嘴喷水冲洗浆料,使其在振动筛板上流动,最后排 出剩余的固体。通过筛板的水性混合物被收集在水 箱中,液体在此沉降,将活性成分与流体中热降解 的“废弃”成分分离。经过1个小时的沉淀后,对水 箱进行采样并分析生成的黑水,也收集并分析了从 筛子中排出的残留砂子和细颗粒混合物。 在每次实验中,将来自气动取料器的29磅原料( 以干重计)与900 rpm的适量水混合5分钟,以达到

Fig 7. Contour graph of active clay recovery in blackwater response.

图7:回收活性粘土在黑 水响应中的等值线图。



in the fluid. After one hour of settling time, the tank was sampled and the resulting blackwater was analyzed. The residual sand and fines mixture that was discharged from the screen was collected and analyzed. For each experiment, 29 lbs. of the raw dust (on a dry weight basis) from the pneumatic reclaimer was mixed for five minutes at 900 rpm with the appropriate amount of water to achieve the desired solids concentration in the mixing tank. The resulting slurry was transferred to the vibratory screen deck and sprayed with water. The experiments were timed, and the blackwater that passed through the screen deck was collected for testing. Volume and density of the fluids were measured in addition to the solids content, active clay content and carbon content. The solids content of the blackwater was obtained by using a loss on drying method. A sample of the collected blackwater was weighed and dried in an oven until a constant weight was achieved. The residual solids from the dried blackwater was crushed into a fine particle size (-140 micron) prior to additional testing. The residual sand and fine solids were collected as they discharged from the end of the screen deck and dried for subsequent testing.

Results The experimental results show the concentration of solids in the mixture before screening and the rate of rinse water applied to the screening deck have a significant impact in the total solids, active clay concentration and active clay recovery in the resulting blackwater fluid. Data indicates the total solids, active clay and active clay recovery can vary between 6.5% to 14.7%, 51.8% to 64.8%, and 62.3% to 72% respectively as the concentration of dust solids in the mixture and the flow rate of rinse water were varied between 25%–35% and 0.75 gallons per minute and 1.25 gallons per minute respectively. The elevation of the screen deck was not found to be a main effect in modeling any of the responses measured in this study. The results from the ANOVA-generated statistically significant models indicating slurry concentration and flow rate have opposite impacts on the responses of total solids and active clay concentration in the blackwater. As the slurry concentration was increased, the total solids increased, but the active clay decreased. Conversely, active clay concentration in the blackwater decreased as the slurry concentration was increased but also increased as the flow rate of the rinse water was increased. Due to these competing factors, the active clay recovery was maximized with a combination of lower slurry concentration with lower flow rates. The contour graph for active clay recovery suggests higher recovery values may be obtained by increasing the solids concentration in the slurry beyond 35% by weight. Literature also suggests a higher solids concentration might be beneficial as recommendations for wet hydraulic reclamation have historically been in the range of 70%–80% solids. Initial attempts to achieve solids levels of greater than 50% on the trial equipment with 32

混合槽中所需的固体浓度,将所得浆料转移至振动 筛板并喷水。 对实验进行计时,收集通过筛板的黑水并进行测 试。除了固体含量、活性粘土含量和碳含量外,还 测量了流体的体积和密度。黑水的固体含量是通过 使用失重法测量的。称量收集到的黑水样品,并在 烤箱中干燥,直到达到恒重。黑水干燥后的残留固 体被压碎成细颗粒尺寸(-140微米),然后再进行 其他测试。为了进行后续测试,剩余的砂子和细颗 粒从筛板末端排出时被收集和干燥。

结论 实验结果表明,筛分之前混合物中的固体浓度和 用于筛分平台上的冲洗水的速率对黑水流体中的总 固体浓度、活性粘土浓度和活性粘土回收率都有显 著影响。数据表明,随着混合物中粉尘固体的浓度 和冲洗水的流速在25%–35%和0.75加仑/分钟和 1.25加仑/分钟之间变化,总固体、活性粘土和其回 收率分别在6.5%至14.7%,51.8%至64.8%和62.3 %至72%之间变化。本研究中测量的任何模型中, 没有发现筛板的高度是主要影响因素。 方差分析生成的具有统计意义的模型的结果表 明,浆料浓度和流速对黑水中总固体和活性粘土 浓度的反应具有相反的影响。随着金属液浓度的 增加,总固体含量增加,但活性粘土减少。相反, 黑水中的活性粘土浓度随着金属液浓度的增加而降 低,但随着冲洗水流量的增加而增加。由于这些矛 盾因素,结合了较低的金属液浓度和较低的流速, 使活性粘土的回收率最大化。 活性粘土回收的等值线图表明,通过将浆料中的 固体浓度增加到35%(按重量)以上,可以获得更 高的回收率。资料还表明,较高的固体浓度可能是 有益的,因为从过去的经验看,湿法液压再生的固 体浓度建议范围是70%–80%。由于膨润土的粘性, 使用机械法砂再生的富含粘土的副产物很难在试验 设备上得到大于50%的固体含量。测试发现,使用 该副产物,在低得多的初始固体浓度下仍可以达到 大于65%的活性粘土回收率。可以相信,与典型的 含有较少粘土的湿砂相比,气动回收工艺副产品的 粒度更细,总粘土浓度和活性粘土的浓度更高,需 要更少的机械作业,就可从混合物中获得活性粘土


this clay-rich byproduct from pneumatic sand reclamation proved to be difficult due to the viscosity generated by the bentonite clay. During testing, it was found that active clay recovery values of greater than 65% could still be achieved at much lower initial solids concentrations with this by-product. It is believed the finer particle size and higher total and active clay concentrations of the byproduct from pneumatic reclamation process require less mechanical work to liberate the active clay and carbon from the material compared to typical green sand, which has a much lower total clay content. Therefore, 70%–80% solids in the initial mixture may not be required for optimum active clay recovery. The analysis of the residual sands indicates that some active clay and carbon are not being recovered in the blackwater. Even within the experiment that yielded the highest active clay recovery (72%), the blackwater solids are still comprised of approximately 25% non-clay and non-carbon material that would return to the green sand system along with active clay. Variation also occurred with respect to the mass balances of the experiments. More active clay was expected in the residual solids given the amount recovered in the blackwater. The combination of active clay recovered in the blackwater and in the residual solids only accounts for an average of 74% of the active clay initially present. By contrast, the amount of carbon recovered in the blackwater combined with residual solids accounts for an average of 105% of the carbon being recovered. Variation in measurements and homogeneity of the samples are likely factors contributing to this observation. The experimental results for carbon recovery in the blackwater did not produce a statistically significant model but did show some interesting results. In the blackwater fluids, the total carbon recovery was lower than the active clay recovery, and the residual solids collected after screening showed a higher carbon content than the blackwater. However, a difference was noted in the properties of carbon retained in blackwater compared to the carbon contained in the residual sand. The ratio of amount of volatile material at 1,200F (649C) compared to the amount of carbon present in the sample is different between the carbon retained in the blackwater fluid and the carbon retained in the residual solids (Tables 4 and 5). The carbon contained in blackwater appears to have more volatiles as a function of total carbon compared to carbon in the residual solids. The difference in the volatile generation between the carbon retained in the blackwater and the carbon retained in the residual solids suggests the carbon retained in the blackwater is more “active” or more readily produces volatiles. However, this will require further investigation as active clay in the blackwater may also contribute some small amount of volatile matter. ■

和碳。因此,可能不需要初始混合物中含有70%–80 %的固体,即可获得最佳的活性粘土回收率。 对残留砂的分析表明,黑水中没有回收到一些活性 粘土和碳。即使在最高活性粘土回收率(72%)的实 验中,黑水中的固体仍包含约25%的非粘土和非碳材 料,这些物质会与活性粘土一起返回到湿砂体系中。 实验的气态平衡也发生了变化。在给定黑水中回收 的残留固体,可以得到更多的活性粘土。在黑水和残 留固体中回收的活性粘土的组合平均仅占最初存在的 活性粘土的74%。相比之下,黑水中回收的碳量与残 留的固体平均占回收碳的105%。测量值的变化和样 品的均质性可能是导致这一变化的因素。 黑水中碳回收的实验结果没有产生具有显著意义的 统计学模型,但产生了一些有趣的结果。在黑水中, 总碳回收率低于活性粘土回收率,筛分后收集的残余 固体显示出比黑水更高的碳含量。但是,与残留砂中 所含的碳相比,黑水中残留的碳的性质存在差异。残 留在黑水中的碳与残留在残余固体中的碳之间的差异 是,在1200°F(649°C)下挥发性物质的量与样品中 所含碳的量的比不同(表4和表5)。与残留固体中的 碳相比,作为总碳量,黑水中所含的碳似乎具有更多 的挥发成份。保留在黑水中的碳与残留在残余固体中 的碳之间生成的挥发物差异表明,保留在黑水中的碳 更“活泼”或更容易产生挥发物。但是,还需要进一 步的研究,因为黑水中的活性粘土也可能产生少量的 挥发性物质。 ■



Already an Icon - Idra’s Giga Press Is Not Just XXL, It Signals the New Way of Thinking in Die-Casting thomas fritsch chief editor

行业标杆——意德拉Giga Press压铸机不仅是 XXL,还标志着压铸业新的思维方式维方式 主编Thomas Fritsch


he Italian die-casting cell manufacturer IDRA has always been known for its powerful and sophisticated machines for aluminum die casting. Large die casting machines for structural components are standard, and three years ago, the idea of a 5,500 and a 6,200 ton press was presented for the first time. What was greeted with a patronizing smile back then is reality today and enjoys cult status. The initial skepticism among parts of the die-casting industry has long since given way, because the first machines delivered are already producing “good castings” under real production conditions. In the meantime, IDRA already has 12 orders for these large machines, called Giga Press ( wiki/Giga_Press) from the new Neo Series. Giga Press No. 3 is still fully installed in the IDRA halls in Travagliato (BS) and is now being dismantled and made ready for shipping. Up to 24 flatbed trucks are required to


大利压铸设备制造商意德拉一直以其强大而 先进的铝压铸机而闻名。 用于结构件的大型压铸机是标准配置,3

年前,首次提出了5,500吨和6,200吨压铸机的想法。当 时,人们骄傲的微笑迎来了今天的现实。压铸行业中最 初的怀疑态度已被抛弃,因为交付的第一批机器已经生 产出了优质铸件。 同时,意德拉已经获得了12份大型机器订单,这些 订单是Neo系列的Giga Press压铸机。 Giga Press 3号压铸机仍完全安装在 Travagliato(BS)的意德拉展厅中,目前正在进行拆 卸并准备装运。需要多达24辆平板卡车来运输这台430 吨的巨型设备,知道它的尺寸(20m x 7.5m x 6m)也


transport the 430-ton giant, which is no wonder considering the dimensions (20m x 7.5m x 6m). With this, IDRA is building the largest presses in the world at the moment. But it is not about the sheer size, rather about rethinking the possible uses of aluminum die casting, reports General Manager Riccardo Ferrario during the Open House event in Italy. In the meantime, almost all OEMs and well-known Tier 1 suppliers for the automotive industry are interested in the possibilities of this new technology. After IDRA had grown strongly in recent years with its large machines for structural components, the company wanted to break new ground strategically. The starting point was the question of what will be absolutely necessary for the vehicles of the coming generations with hybrid or electric drives, and what can be visionarily rethought in lightweight construction. From the requirements for battery housings for vehicles, the idea arose to develop new solutions for the entire area of underbody for automobiles and trucks. Front underbody, battery housing and rear underbody, each made of one cast part. Lightweight construction in all variations for more demanding -- but also daring -- constructions with the following premises: 1) Super large chassis parts, in which many individual parts were previously necessary, are now cast in one die-cast part 2) Best automated production with high process stability and efficiency 3) Sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach IDRA General Manager Riccardo Ferrario simply sums up the advantages. With drastically fewer individual parts and the associated processes, facilities and tests, investment and production costs can be saved. Two Giga presses are cheaper than four large 4000t machines and considerable savings can be achieved in the entire assembly area. One speaks of about 20% based on the entire process with fixations, robots and quality inspection of the individual parts. The keyword is „quality“ -- the arguments mentioned here are better features, the stability and

就不觉得奇怪了。 意德拉公司正在建造目前世界上最大的压铸机。公司 总经理Riccardo Ferrario在意大利举行的工厂开放日活 动中表示,但是并不仅仅是尺寸,而且要重新考虑铝压 铸件的更多可能用途。 同时,几乎所有原始设备制造商和汽车行业知名的一 级供应商都对这种新技术的更多可能性感兴趣。 近年来,意德拉公司凭借其用于结构件的大型设备获 得了强劲发展,公司希望实施战略创新。 出发点是以下问题:新一代混合动力或电动车的绝对 需求是什么,对轻型结构的预见。从车辆电池外壳的要 求出发,提出了为汽车和卡车的整个车身底部区域开发 新的解决方案的想法。前车身底部、电池壳体和后车身 底部均由一个铸件制成。 各种轻型结构满足更严格和大胆的要求: 1)将以前由许多零件组成的超大型底盘件铸造为1 个压铸件; 2)更高水平的自动化生产,具有较高的工艺稳定性 和效率; 3)可持续和环境友好的工艺。 意德拉公司总经理Riccardo Ferrario简单总结了优 势:大大减少了单个零件的使用以及,相关工艺、设备 和测试,投资和生产成本降低。 两台Giga压铸机比四台大型4000t压铸机便宜,并且 在整个装配区域都可以节省大量资金。固定件、机器人 和单个零件的质量检查占整个生产的20%。关键词是“ 质量”——更好的性能、铸件的稳定性和硬度,以及 质量控制的简化,即每3个铸件通过一个测试代码进行



stiffness of the casting part, and also the simplification of the quality control, which is a check performed through one test code for every 3 cast parts. With regard to sustainability and environmentally friendly production, the concept of fewer and therefore very large die-cast parts can achieve advantages of up to 20% less effort, especially in terms of energy consumption, because up to 100 kg of aluminum are required to produce an 80 kg cast part. The 1-Shot strategy for large die-cast parts also helps to save energy and resources in the long term. With these specifications and the goal of rethinking die casting, the IDRA engineers and above all chief designer Fiorenzo Diono were entrusted with the task of developing the Giga Press.

检查。 关于可持续性和环境友好型生产,理念是更少,因 此,大型压铸件可以节省高达20%的能耗。生产80公斤 的铸件需要重达100公斤的铝。从长远来看,一次成型 的大型压铸件生产策略还有助于节约能源和资源。 有了这些技术参数和重新考虑压铸工艺的目标,意德 拉的工程师以及首席设计师Fiorenzo Diono便受命开发 Giga Press压铸机。

“一张图有1000多个字的描述。”而亲自看一下 机器,你会有巅峰体验。 我们与John Stokes和Fiorenzo Dioni(首席设计师

“A picture says more than 1000 words.” – an in-person look at the machine, and a summit experience

和工程师)一起观看Giga Press 3号压铸机并了解了它

Together with John Stokes and Fiorenzo Dioni (Chief Designer & Engineer), we were able to take a look at Giga Press No. 3 and see first-hand the main technical features


Wow what a giant! Even if you have already seen a lot of die-casting cells, you are impressed when you look at this IDRA OL 6100 CS. The sheer dimensions of the plates and pistons, but also the design and technology of the entire Neo Series and the associated logic are impressive. The complete NEO Series opens a new chapter in highend die casting technology and stands for solutions from 340 to 6200 tons. All Neo machines have the following basic features: low energy costs, fast cycle times, user-friendly controls, easy maintenance and minimal risk of fluid loss with the ability to manufacture complex parts. 36


即使您已经看过很多压铸机,但当您看到这台意德拉 OL 6100 CS时,也会给您留下深刻的印象。压铸板和 活塞的绝对尺寸,以及整个Neo系列的设计和技术令人 印象深刻。 完整的NEO系列开启了高端压铸技术的新篇章,代 表了从340吨到6200吨的解决方案。 所有Neo系列机器都具有以下基本特征:能耗低、周 期时间短、用户友好的控制,易于维护且制造复杂零件 的能力使液体压头损失的风险降至最低。 Neo系列创新技术——杰出的新技术性能 • 新型5S铸造单元(已获得专利)


Neo Innovation - The outstanding new technical properties of the series

• Neo DCM防护系统

• • • •

• 单元控制器集成

New series 5S casting unit (patented) Neo DCM Guarding System DCP Drive Control Pump System Cell Controller Integration The intelligent solutions with which IDRA designed the new series convince with clear and simple concepts. The patented 5S Injection System is a casting unit with a closed loop regenerative circuit. A separate servo pump provides the necessary battery charge. Pressure and speed are perfectly controlled to produce a high dynamic force for difficult castings. The Neo DGM Guarding System is just as interesting as it is simple. The topic of safety, combined with high production speed and simple, safe maintenance are part of this concept with the newly designed safety doors in the foreground. The Drive Control pump system achieves maximum efficiency with smaller motors and thus saves energy costs, and the new IDRA Cell Controller is the brand new 4.0 architecture from IDRA, which will be available for all machines in the future. The entire DGM and periphery are controlled by a single controller unit and a complete diagnostic analysis is offered. Much seems well thought out, logical in conception and practical in interaction and use. Giga Press No. 3 is now being dismantled and will be going on a long journey. Not far behind it is Giga Press No. 4, a visible sign of a successful series that will soon find its customers in Europe. A series based on sophisticated engineering skills and the courage to make visions reality. The more you let yourself think about it, the bigger the parts become that you can imagine for the future. ■

• DCP传动控制泵系统 意德拉新系列的智能解决方案的概念清晰、简单, 令人信服。 • 获得专利的5S压射系统是具有闭环再生回路的铸 造单元。单独的伺服泵可提供必要的电池电量。压 力和速度得到完美控制,可为复杂的铸件提供强动 力。 • Neo DGM防护系统既简单又有趣。安全与高速生 产、简单且安全的维护相结合是这一概念的一部 分,此外,新设计的安全门则在前面。 • 驱动控制泵系统通过较小的电动机实现最高效率, 节省了能源成本。新的意德拉电池控制器是意德拉 的全新4.0架构,将来可用于所有机器。 • 整个DGM和外围设备由单个控制器单元控制,并 提供完整的诊断分析。 很多技术似乎经过深思熟虑,在概念上是合乎逻辑 的,在交互和使用上是实用的。GigaPress 3号现在 正在拆卸中,并经过长距离运输。紧随其后的是Giga Press 4号,这是一个成功系列的标志,并且即将找 到它的欧洲客户。 基于精湛的技术和实现愿景的勇气,这一系列产品 得以研发成功。您思考的越多,你能预见的未来就越 远。 ■



Metal China 2020 Show a Success: Forward to 2021 收获2020,期待2021——Metal China 2020展后报告


etal China 2020 was successfully held in August this year at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. The focus of the exhibition was based on the Yangtze River Delta region’s strategic policy which provides location and industrial advantages. It offers the ideal location for trade co-operation, industry recovery, storage and the acceleration of transforming and upgrading traditional industries in the post -pandemic era. Due to the pandemic, the exhibition was held over three days, one day less than before and the exhibition area was reduced by 40% to 65,000 square meters. With restricted worldwide travel the number of exhibitors was down by more than half to 673 with 54,185 visitors attending the trade exhibitions, slightly less than last year. Adopted for the first time in 2020, virtual attendance provided access to the exhibitions for visitors who were unable to physically attend due to COVID-19 and attracted an additional 80,726 visitors. The COVID-19 coronavirus has impacted businesses and industries throughout the world and despite this the China Foundry Association hosted a successful Metal China 2020 exhibition to a vast number of industry colleagues. In spite of the crisis, strong and successful business negotiations were undertaken and a positive post-pandemic outlook was evident.

New products and new technologies Metal China has been a launching platform for global foundry equipment and foundry raw and auxiliary materials. Under the dual pressure of environmental protection and industrial structure adjustment, enterprises paid more attention to product development to meet market demand. At this exhibition, three themed pavilions focused on intelligent casting equipment, green casting materi-


受行业瞩目的Metal China 2020于2020 年8月在国家会展中心(上海)圆满落幕。 本届展会立足长三角地区的政策优势、区

位优势和产业优势,深度引航上下游产业链无缝对接, 为后疫情时代行业的修复、蓄能、重启以及传统产业的 加速升级架构起合作的纽带、贸易的桥梁,给非常时期 下的行业和企业注入了活力,揭开了产业复苏的序幕! 因疫情影响,本届展会历时3天,比以往少一 天,65000平米的展出面积,比以往减少40%,展商 673家,比以往减少一半,尤其是国际展商。54185人 次专业观众亲临展会,略少于去年。首次开启的线上观 展模式作为疫情影响的线下实际体验有效补充,吸引 了80726人次观众围观。作为引领中国铸造发展的风向 标,2020“双展”一如既往地向广大行业同仁交出了满 意答卷,再次证实了中国铸造领航者的权威地位。 展会现场处处洋溢着商贸洽谈的浓厚氛围,疫后行业 市场迸发出的无限活力以及铸造人的高涨热情在这里尽 情释放。展会成交额及意向成交超越历届展会,完全出 乎人们意料。

秀精尖成果 尽展各自芳华 Metal China 一直是全球知名铸造设备与原辅材料集 中亮相和推出新产品的大舞台。在环保加严及产业结构 调整双重压力下,企业更加注重产品研发、贴合市场需 求。本届展会,三大精品主题展馆集中展示出企业转型


als, environmental protection technology and products, high-end castings, scientific research achievements and successful cases and solutions, while highlighting intelligent foundry, 3D printing, big data, robots, digital factories and many other high-tech exhibits and front-end technology. The exhibits covered more than 30 areas, such

升级所急需的智能铸造装备、绿色铸造材料、环保技 术与产品、高端铸件、科研成果以及成功案例与解决 方案,同时,突出智能铸造,3D打印、大数据、机器 人、数字工厂等众多高科技展品和前端技术,展品囊



as automobiles, machine tools, aerospace, new energy and so on. A lot of new products, new technologies and new programs appeared at the show giving inspiration to industry innovation.


Local exhibition groups and industrial clusters become highlights


Displaying new technologies and products, star enterprises were leading development trends in the future casting industry. At the same time, local exhibition groups from Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Zhejiang,


现场,新产品、新技术、新方案层出不穷,激发了行业 创新灵感,加速全产业链提速升级!

展会现场,明星企业纷纷展示新工艺、新技术、新 产品引领行业市场的新潮流。与此同时,来自山东、山 西、河南、河北、浙江、广东等地的地方展团和泊头、




Guangdong and industrial clusters including Botou, Zhangwu, Liyang, Jize also launched promotions, demonstrating the achievements of Chinese foundry industry based on the advantages of each region, resources and industrial advantages.

Digital, intelligent leading green and sustainable foundry At present, the global manufacturing industry is undergoing a new wave of change. The development trend of automation, intelligence, digital in foundry industry has become clear. Automation, intelligence and digital technology that the foundry industry has adopted and will adopt in the future are demonstrated intuitively and in detail.3D printing, industrial cloud platform, digital factory, intelligent casting have become the most frequent words at the exhibition site. “Green, environmental protection, safety” were still the highlights of this exhibition. There were high efficiency, energy saving, intelligent melting, modeling, core making, pouring, cleaning, follow-up processing equipment and all kinds of testing instruments, energy saving and environmental protection permeated each exhibition hall and all of the booths. ABB, Magma, Xinxing Pipe, Longyuan Molding, Yantai Moon-tech, KOCEL Industrial Cloud, Foundry Cloud Platform and other enterprises annotated the latest practical technology with showing their products that leading the green trend, giving visitors excited experiences. For more than 30 years, Metal China has been promoting the development of the industry with great confidence. Metal China will continue to serve enterprises and the industry in 2021 from 26-29 May. We are looking forward to your participation. ■ 42

彰武、溧阳、鸡泽等产业集群也借展会平台宣传推 广、聚力共进,基于各地区位优势、资源优势和特色 产业优势,集中展示中国铸造产业的累累硕果。

数字化、智能化引领 环保绿色可持续 当前,全球制造业正经历新一轮变革浪潮,铸造 业向自动化、智能化、数字化方向发展的趋势已明 朗。本届展会直观、详细地展示了铸造业已经采用和 未来将要采用的自动化、智能化、数字化技术,3D 打印、工业云平台、数字化工厂、智能铸造成为了场 内出现频率最高的词汇。 “绿色、环保、安全”依旧是本届展会的鲜明亮 点。信步博览会,高效、节能、智能化的熔炼、造 型、制芯、浇注、清理、后续加工设备和各类检测仪 器等相映生辉,节能、环保渗透于每一个展厅、每一 个展台,ABB、MAGMA、新兴铸管、隆源成型、烟 台冰轮、共享工业云、铸造云平台等企业以直观的产 品、生动的现场演示,诠释着当今最新的实用技术, 引领绿色潮流,带给观众身临其境的震撼体验。 30多年来,Metal China一直以推动行业发展为 己任,坚定信心,无畏而上。2021年,展会初心依 旧,将继续以服务企业、服务行业的赤诚之心,与您 相约。 ■



How Is the Indian Foundry Industry Doing in Stormy Times? An interview with MR. SUBODH PANCHAL, an insider and profound expert on the current situation. thomas fritsch chief editor

新冠肺炎疫情时期的印度铸造业 Subodh Panchal:铸造业业内人士及资深专家 主编Thomas Fritsch For almost a year, people all over the world have been fighting with different measures and success against the Covid-19 pandemic. It has also hit India and its ever-onthe-start industry hard. Today I have the chance to ask a long-time friend and colleague some questions about the current situation in India. Mr. Subodh Panchal is an excellent entrepreneur and leader of the industry and a profound expert in the foundry industry. As former IIF President, WFO member, BRICS board member and as an organizer of countless congresses he is recommended and well known far beyond the borders. Q: Subodh, in recent months, we have heard frightening figures for Covid-19 from India, with the second-highest number of infections in the world after the US. Since midOctober 2020, the numbers of new infections have been falling significantly. We sincerely hope you are healthy and safe. How is the situation in India currently in society and in industry in times of Covid-19? Panchal: Correct, India reached the second-highest level of cases of infection. In the first three months of the pandemic, from March to June, everything was under lock down. From June onwards, manufacturing units were allowed to work on a part time basis with safety controls. Schools and colleges are still closed and classes are taken online daily. Many offices are have allowed staff to work from home. The number of cases and mortality was reduced drastically in October. Luckily in known foundry families all are safe. Thanks for your concern. Q: To what extent is the foundry industry affected and are there differences by region and in production of iron, steel and non-ferrous? Panchal: In India foundry workers are mostly from two states, UP and Bihar. They have started migration to homes by available trains, buses and even by foot when transportation was closed.. traveling up to 1000 kms! Industries in all four regions

近一年来,世界各地的人们都在采取不同的措施与新 冠肺炎疫情作斗争。疫情也严重打击了印度及其新兴产 业。就印度铸造业的发展现状,我采访了一位老朋友及 同行。 Subodh Panchal先生是铸造行业的杰出企业家和领 导者,也是铸造行业的专家。作为印度铸造协会的前主 席、世界铸造组织成员、金砖国家铸造业联合会成员, 以及很多次大会的组织者,他已闻名于行业内外并受到 赞誉。 Subodh先生,近几个月来,我们听到了来自印度的 新冠疫情方面令人震惊的数字,印度的感染数量仅次于 美国,位居世界第二。自2020年10月中旬以来,新感 染病例已大大减少。我们衷心希望您健康和安全。在新 冠疫情时期,印度的社会和行业发展状况如何? 是的,印度的确诊病例数位居全球第二。在疫情的前 几个月,即3-6月,一切都处于封锁状态。从6月开始, 允许制造业从业人员在符合安全措施的情况下短时间工 作。而学校仍然关闭,学生们每天在线上课。许多公司 都允许员工在家办公。10月份的病例数和死亡率都大大 下降了。 幸运的是,就目前所知,铸造业的从业人员都很安 全。感谢你的关心! 印度铸造业受到了多大的影响?不同地区以及黑色、 有色铸件的产量是否存在差异? 印度的铸造工人主要来自两个邦,北方邦和比哈尔 邦。自交通中断开始,他们 已经乘坐火车、公共汽车, 甚至步行长达1000公里返回 家中。 印度4个地区的工业曾一度 陷入困境,直到6月份之后, 才慢慢恢复。直到9月份,这



of India suffered until June. Thereafter, returning back was started slowly. Now, it is almost normal as of September. Even workers coming from nearby villages of Metro cities could not come due to lack of public transportation. One must praise the government for providing free hospitalization, food to the needy, deferring payment of installments, interest, electric bills etc. Even free trains were operated for migrant workers. However, social distancing, wearing masks, and other safety measures are still ignored by many. Q: How do companies cope with the impact in the domestic market and how are export-oriented companies affected? Panchal: Most of the MSME units are in severe financial crisis. The majority had paid workers at least for March and April, without any work. Production and sales were at zero, and no transportation was available even if the products were ready to ship. Similarly, there were no incoming raw materials. Ports movement was also stopped for the first 3 months, completely stopping import/export. Q: Is there government support for businesses or support on the capital market, and what does the pandemic mean for jobs and education in India? Panchal: As mentioned, for businesses the government extended bank borrowing limits, deferred various payments and taxes, reduced interest on borrowing etc. Unsecured jobs and daily earners were affected very badly. Education is given online to all students. Business travel is almost at zero, but webinars, meetings on zoom, etc. are in full swing. Q: In March of this year, during IFEX, the Indian foundry industry announced the paradigm shift towards more efficiency, higher quality, digitalisation, better working conditions, environmental protection. Is it now driven by the pandemic perhaps faster than expected? Panchal: Obviously nothing of that sort is feasible. But now production has reached 70-80% in foundries and other industries. It is hoped to be normal by December this year. When will the economy recover and who will be left in the end? What´s about the next IFEX in 2021 or better 2022? • The foundry industry had reasonable growth of 6-7% until 2018-19. But due to the downturn in automotive and other sectors, the foundry industry has taken steep downward trend. India’s overall economy is expected to grow by 8-9% in 2020-21. • The government is fast-tracking infrastructure projects, and there are some green shoots in mining and earthmoving. • The monsoon is good this year, so the demand for castings is booming in the agriculture industry, an unexpected demand which foundries are trying hard to meet. • Demand from the export market is good, and routine shipments are started. The trend is expected to continue next year also. • The 69th IFC and IFEX is scheduled in Kolkata in 2021, but a final decision will have to be made soon. • The 70th IFC and IFEX will be in Mumbai in Feb, 2022. Dates will be finalised shortly. • The WFO Technical Forum is scheduled in India in 2023. ■


一切几乎恢复了正常。由于公共交通匮乏,连大城市附 近村庄的工人也不能返回岗位。 政府为有需要的人提供免费住院和食物,推迟分期 还款和支付利息、电费等,甚至为农民工加开了免费火 车。但是,很多人仍然不遵守保持社交距离、配戴口罩 等安全措施。 企业如何应对国内市场变化的影响?出口企业受到 了什么影响? 大多数中小企业都处于严重的财务危机中。大多数 企业在没有复工的情况下至少支付了工人三月和四月的 工资。这两个月的生产和销售为零,生产出来的产品 也无法完成运输和发货。同样,也无法获得进口的原材 料。港口运输在前三个月也停止了,因此进出口完全中 断。 政府对企业给予了支持还是对资本市场的支持?疫 情对印度的就业和教育行业有什么影响? 我之前已经提到,对于企业,政府增加了银行借款 限额,推迟了各种付款和税收,降低了借款利息。无抵 押工作和日薪工作受到的影响非常大。政府向所有学生 提供在线上课。商务旅行几乎为零,但是网络研讨会、 视频会议等正在全面开展。 在今年3月的印度铸造展(IFEX)期间,印度铸造业 宣布了向更高效率、更高质量、数字化、更好的工作环 境及环保方向的转变。由于疫情的影响,转型速度是不 是比预期的要快? 显然,这个预期是无法实现的。但是现在,铸造 厂和其他行业的产量已达到70-80%。希望到今年12月 能恢复正常。 印度经济何时会复苏?2021年印度铸造展(IFEX) 或2022年的展会有什么新消息? • 2018-2019年,铸造行业的合理增长率为6-7%。但

是由于汽车及其他行业不景气,铸造业呈急剧下降 的趋势。预计2020-2021年,印度整体经济的增速 为8-9%。 • 政府部门正在紧密跟进基础设施项目,采矿和建设

工程也在蓬勃发展。 • 今年的雨季很好,因此农机铸件的需求迅速增长,

铸造厂正努力满足这一出乎意料的增长需求。 • 出口市场需求旺盛,已开始日常的发货。预计明年

这种趋势还将继续。 • 2021年第69届印度铸造大会(IFC)和印度铸造展

(IFEX)计划在加尔各答举行,很快将做出最终决 定。 • 第70届印度铸造大会(IFC)和印度铸造展(IFEX)

将于2022年2月在孟买举办,具体日期近期确定。 • 世界铸造组织技术论坛计划于2023年在印度举行。■


product news/产品新闻

Super quick refractory lining fix saves Schlicht Druckguss precious production time 超快速的炉衬修复为施利希特公司节约宝贵的生产时间 An innovative furnace lining and pre-sintered refractory parts solution from StrikoWestofen for Westomat dosing furnaces has provided a much-needed quick fix for Schlicht Druckguss, a high-pressure die casting foundry specializing in the global supply of aluminium alloy parts, moulds and tooling. Based in Holzminden, Lower Saxony, Germany, the Schlicht Druckguss die casting plant sees Italpresse Gauss die casting machines handle around 1,700 tonnes of aluminium every year, all fed with liquid metal from its melting plants. “Our Westomat dosing furnace works extremely hard feeding our busy production lines – having to replace their linings at some point is inevitable”, said Mr. Hans Jürgen Kubiak, technical leader at Schlicht Druckguss. “What isn’t inevitable is keeping this process quick enough to avoid any potentially damaging downtime. At least that’s what I thought ahead of trying StrikoWestofen’s replacement service.”

史杰克西公司的Westomat定量炉所提供的创 新型炉衬和预烧结耐火部件解决方案为施利希特公司 提供了急需的快速修复方法。施利希特是一家压铸企 业,是专门提供铝合金零件、工装模具的全球化供应 商。 施利希特压铸公司位于德国下萨克森州霍尔茨 明登,其使用的意特佩雷斯高斯压铸机每年需铝液约 1,700吨,所有铝液都来自其熔炼车间。 施利希特公司的技术负责人HansJürgenKubiak先生说:“我们的Westomat定量炉不停地为繁 忙的生产线供应铝液,因此,在某个时刻必须更换炉 衬是不可避免的。但是可以优化的是,要使此过程足 够快,以免造成任何潜在的停机时间。至少在尝试史 杰克西的更换服务之前,我就是这么认为的。”

Replace and repair, without the risk

需要维修或安装不当的炉衬可以使总能耗增加 多达30%。它还可能导致压力密封性问题,计量不正 确以及零件配合不良,所有这些都会对熔炉的使用寿 命、生产率和熔体质量产生负面影响。 这些问题需要恰当的处理。但是问题是耐火材 料的修复可能需要很长时间,从而可能增加停机时 间,影响利润。Hans Jürgen Kubiak先生继续说 道:“这是我们需要维修Westomat 650 SL ProDos xp炉衬时遇到的情况。因此,当史杰克西公司为我们 提供了试用他们的快速更换炉衬和预制耐火零件的机 会时,我们渴望看到该服务的速度和有效性。而且我 们绝对不会失望”。

A furnace lining in need of repair or poorly repaired/ fitted can increase total energy consumption by as much as 30%. It can also lead to pressure tightness problems, resulting in dosing inaccuracies, and to a poor fit of parts – all of which can negatively impact furnace service life, productivity, and melt quality. They need to be repaired properly. The problem is refractory repairs can take a long time. This translates to production downtime that can threaten profit. “Which is the scenario we were facing when we needed to repair the lining on our Westomat 650 SL ProDos xp”, continued Mr. Hans Jürgen Kubiak. “So when StrikoWestofen offered us the opportunity to try their fast-turnaround lining and pre-fabricated refractory parts, we were keen to see exactly how fast, and how effective, the service could be. We definitely weren’t disappointed”.

5-day delivery, long-term advantages StrikoWestofen’s in-factory lining and pre-fabricated refractory interchange parts service meant that Schlicht Druckguss received its new lining, complete with all new seals and wear parts required, in just 5 working days. Holger Stephan, who manages the Service and Spare Parts division at StrikoWestofen, said: “Our customer needed a quick turn-around solution. The fact we have in-house relining capabilities and always hold standard sized precast refractory parts in stock, meant we could replace, lacquer, pressure test, and have their finished furnace lining ready in an incredibly short space of time.” Less downtime was not the only benefit delivered. The high-grade materials used by StrikoWestofen,


5天交货,长期优势 史杰克西的厂内炉衬和预制耐火部件更换服务 意味着施利希特公司在短短5个工作日内就收到了新 的炉衬,包括所有新的密封件和耐磨部件。 史杰克西管理服务和备件部门的Holger Stephan说:“我们的客户需要快速的周转解决方 案。我们拥有厂内的炉衬更换能力,并且始终储备 标准尺寸的预制耐火部件,这意味着我们可以进行更 换、上漆、压力测试,并在非常短的时间内完成。” 减少停机时间并不是唯一的优势。史杰克西公 司所使用的高档材料,加上最新的石棉和无陶瓷纤 维的陶瓷保温技术,意味着熔炉的外壁温度大约为 60℃,更换炉衬的温度损失很少,确保了最小的能



product news/产品新闻 together with the latest asbestos and ceramic fibre-free insulation techniques, mean outside wall temperatures of approx. 60° C and less are achieved on replacement linings. This ensures minimal energy loss. Holger Stephan added: “The materials and techniques we use also help prolong service life – a very high level of mechanical abrasion resistance is achieved. Additionally, because components are pre-dried at around 500ºC at our factory, this virtually eliminates the risk of later contamination of the melt with hydrogen”.

A fast-turnaround, tailored The prefabricated elements offered by StrikoWestofen as part of their innovative re-lining service are suitable for all common aluminium alloys, with development of parts compatible with special alloys also available on consultation, making the service a perfect fit for the range of parts, moulds and tools produced by Schlicht Druckguss. Mr. Hans Jürgen Kubiak concluded: “We knew the whole idea behind this service is speed, even so we were really impressed. To have a ‘good as new’ furnace in only five days is such an achievement and saved us so much time. It worked perfectly for us and we will certainly be using the service again when it is time to look at any of our other furnaces”. For further information on StrikoWestofen’s solutions for aluminium die casting, visit www. ■

量损失。 Holger Stephan补充说:“我们使用的材料 和技术还有助于延长使用寿命,从而达到了很高的 机械耐磨性。此外,由于组件在我们的工厂中已在 500ºC左右的温度下进行了预干燥,因此实际上消 除了之后熔体被氢气污染的风险。”

量身定制的快速周转服务 史杰克西公司提供的预制元件是其创新炉衬 服务的一部分,适用于所有常见的铝合金,与特殊 合金兼容的部件的开发在咨询后也可获得,从而该 服务非常适合施利希特公司的各种零部件及工装模 具。 Hans Jürgen Kubiak先生总结道:“尽管我 们已经知道这项服务背后的关键是速度,即使如 此,我们也印象深刻。在短短5天内拥有一个“像新 的一样好”的炉子很了不起,还为我们节省了很多 时间。它对我们来说非常理想,当我们需要检查其 他炉子时,我们一定会再次使用这项服务。” 更多关于史杰克西铝合金压铸技术解决方案,请 访问。 ■

KAIST sintered ceramic sand supports high-end foundry 铠斯特®陶粒砂助力高端铸造 The records show that Handan, the capital of the Zhao State, has been a renowned smelting center in North China as early as the Warring States Period. Handan has started its new chapter by inheriting the smelting civilization of thousands of years. As the high-end casting industry faced increasingly demanding requirements, Hebei Shenghuo New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. Based on its advantages of raw materials and resources and the outstanding sintered technology, the company has developed the environment-friendly “sintered ceramic sand” applicable to high-end casting industry by elaborately adjusting the technical formula and making comparisons and tests. It is a substitute for fused ceramic sand, chromite sand, zircon sand and silica sand in the foundry industries. The product is widely applicable to multiple casting alloys including cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum, cast copper, and stainless steel. By using the most advanced production lines nationwide, it can produce 150,000 tons per year, and 36 experts and professionals account for 20% of its workforce. 46

早在战国时期,赵国都城邯郸已成为北方最负盛名 的冶炼中心。传承千年冶炼文明,迈进新时代。随着对 高端铸造业的要求越来越高,河北盛火新材料科技有限 公司于2007年成立。 一直以来,盛火人依托原料资源优势和烧结技艺传 承,经过精心调整工艺配方、对比再调试,率先研制出 应用于高端铸造工业的友好型“烧结陶粒砂”。它可 替代铸造行业中的熔融陶瓷砂、铬铁矿砂、锆石砂和硅 砂,可广泛应用铸铁、铸钢、铸铝、铸铜、不锈钢等多 种铸造合金。 盛火新科现有国内最先进的生产线,年产能达15 万吨,拥有各类专家技术人才36人,占企业总人数的 20%以上。

品质高端 拥有独立自主知识产权的研发成果---铸造用烧结陶 粒砂第三代产品CC-3具有生产工艺更环保、产品功能


product news/产品新闻 High-Quality Products CC3, the third-generation sintered ceramic sand for casting and an achievement with proprietary intellectual property, has outstanding features such as more environment-friendly technology, more excellent functions, and higher cost performance. The main technical and quality features include: • Higher refractoriness: CC-3≥1800ºC. In special casting conditions with higher temperature, it can provide better adaptability and lower the ratio of defects such as sand burning-on, sintering, and veining; Low thermal expansion coefficient: It can greatly lower the defects and improve the size accuracy of cast products. • Lower angular coefficient: The full sintered ceramic sand can effectively improve the breathability and surface accuracy of cast products. • Higher ceramic sand roundness: With a low rate of damages, the recovery rate is as high as 95%; the renewable time is three times that of quartz sand and two times that of fused ceramic sand, showing better recycling performance and lowering the costs of handling industrial solid wastes. • Lower bulk density: If the weights are the same, KAIST ceramic sand can produce additional 25% sand core compared with fused ceramic sand to lower the procurement cost. • Compared with fused ceramic sand, its volume density is similar to that of quartz sand. It can be easily mixed when blending with quartz sand to avoid layered segregation. • Due to the more uniform core-making density, the quality of cast products remains stable, providing higher regeneration rate of waste sand. • The stable product properties and uniform colors can guarantee that the workshops are dust-free, green, and environment-friendly.

更优异、性价比更高的突出特性。其主要技术质量 突出表现在: • 耐火度高。CC-3≥1800℃,在更高温度的特殊 铸造条件下有更好的适应性,降低铸件粘砂、烧 结、脉纹等缺陷的不良率。 • 热膨胀率低。可大大降低铸造缺陷,提高铸件尺 寸精度;角形系数低。粒型圆整,可有效提高铸 件的透气性和表面精度。 • 球粒圆整度高。破碎率低,回用再生率达95%以 上,可再生次数是石英砂的3倍以上,熔融陶瓷 砂的2倍,表现出了更加优越的回收性能,大大 降低了企业工业固废排放处理成本。 • 堆积密度低。同等重量,铠斯特®陶粒砂可比宝 珠砂多生产25%的砂芯砂型,降低企业采购成 本。 • 体积密度相对于熔融陶瓷砂,更加接近石英砂的 体积密度,在与石英砂混合时更加容易混合均 匀,不易出现分层偏析现象。 • 制芯密度更均匀,铸件质量更稳定,废旧砂的再 生效率更高。 • 产品性能稳定,颜色一致;使得作业车间无粉 尘,绿色环保。

应用广泛 铠斯特®陶粒砂属中性材料,酸碱树脂均可使 用;可在消失模工艺、覆膜砂工艺、树脂砂工艺、 冷芯盒工艺、精密铸造、3D打印等铸铁、铸钢及有 色金属铸造等领域广泛应用。 ■

Extensive Applications As a neutral material, KAIST ceramic sand is applicable to acid and alkali resins. It can be widely used for cast iron, cast steel and nonferrous metals casting, such as lost foam casting, coated sand, resin sand, cold core box, precision casting, and 3D printing. ■ For more information, please contact:

Alicia +86 15931151231



product news/产品新闻



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