Global Brigades UK Audited Financial Statements 2010

Page 1

Trustees' Annual Report for the period Period start date


Section A



Period end date 2009





Reference and administration details Charity name

Global Brigades

Other names charity is known by

Global Brigades UK, Global Medical Brigades

Registered charity number (if any) 1132015 Charity's principal address 18 Guy Street London, UK Postcode


Names of the charity trustees who manage the charity Trustee name


Sandra Sadoo


Rebecca Uva


Angelo M. Passalacqua


Eric Heymann

Office (if any)

Dates acted if not for whole year

Name of person (or body) entitled to appoint trustee (if any)

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Names of the trustees for the charity, if any, (for example, any custodian trustees) Name


Dates acted if not for whole year


April 2009

Names and addresses of advisers (Optional information) Type of adviser



Name of chief executive or names of senior staff members (Optional information)

Section B

Structure, governance and management

Description of the charity’s trusts Type of governing document (eg. trust deed, constitution) How the charity is constituted

Constitution Company limited by guarantee

(eg. trust, association, company)

Trustee selection methods


(eg. appointed by, elected by)

Additional governance issues (Optional information) You may choose to include additional information, where relevant, about: • policies and procedures adopted for the induction and training of trustees;

The charity is managed under the leadership of Sandra Sadoo. Policies: Brigades must be scheduled one full school year in advance if students plan on fundraising to cover costs of their brigade. This constraint can be waivered if fundraising is completed early, there is enough time to reschedule and there is availability on site.

• the charity’s organisational Local NGO and corporate partners: structure and any wider Pfizer, International Health Partners , and Asociacion Global Brigadas de network with which the charity Honduras works; • relationship with any related parties; • trustees’ consideration of major risks and the system and procedures to manage them.

Section C

Summary of the objects of the charity set out in its governing document


Major risks: Students not paying full price Misuse of brand by students

Objectives and activities To coordinate volunteer efforts and contribute resources to under-served communities to relieve problems caused by poverty, hunger, access to health care, poor public health infrastructure, lack of education, inequality of legal empowerment, and environmental degradation while preserving such communities’ culture, to educate the public about challenges and solutions in under-served communities and to carry on other charitable and educational activities associated with these goals allowed by law.


April 2009

Coordinate “Brigades” which are group volunteer efforts that specialise in delivering a particular service to under-served communities. The following are the types of Brigades we currently organise: • Global Medical Brigades

Summary of the main activities undertaken for the public benefit in relation to these objects (include within this section the statutory declaration that trustees have had regard to the guidance issued by the Charity Commission on public benefit)

Global Dental Brigades

Global Water Brigades

Public Health Brigades

Microfinance Brigades

Additional details of objectives and activities (Optional information)

You may choose to include further statements, where relevant, about: •

policy on grantmaking;

policy programme related investment;

contribution made by volunteers.



April 2009

Section D

Achievements and performance

Summary of the main achievements of the charity during the year

Summary of main achievements: Donations: 36 boxes of medicine in total from International Health Partners 5 UK doctors Fundraising: Imperial: 3 tube collects 4 cake sales 1 raffle 2 skydives KCL: 1 tube collect 1 Pub fundraiser 1 raffle LSE: 1 cake sale UCL: 2 cake sales Brigades: Joint: UCL/Imperial GMB 15 students, 2 doctors, August 2009 Imperial: GMB: 11 students, 1 doctor, June 2010 GMB: 29 students, 2 doctors, September 2010 UCL: GMB 9 students, 1 doctor, August 2010 LSE: MFB: 9 students, December 2009 (cancelled) MFB: 8 students, March 2009 (rescheduled from December 2009) KCL: GDB/GMB: 25 students, June 2010 (cancelled) GDB/GMB: 25 students, June 2010 (cancelled) GDB/GMB: 25 students, June 2010 (cancelled) GDB/GMB: 25 students, June 2010 (cancelled) GMB: 14 students, August 2010 Global Brigades R&D: Current or completed projects by type: Strategy: Studied feasibility of having a GBuk fundraising website Competitive Intelligence: Who are we up against? Competitive Intelligence: How do we compare to our competitors in terms of sound operations? Competitive Intelligence: How do we compare to our competitors in terms of finances? Sustainable Development: Assessing organisations in Sustainable Development. An Acid Test. A Critical Appraisal of Global Brigades. Knowledge, attitudes and behaviours on taking vitamins. Impact of eco-stoves on peak flow performance. Applying economic instruments to stimulate economic development.



April 2009

Section D

Achievements and performance How to quantify safety of foreigners in a country. Risk management: Mapping natural hazards and disease trends. Finance: All potential UK corporate donors. A systematic search of the internet. Development of a GBuk Core Value Dossier. Service Development: Expectations and Reality. How can we improve? Portfolio optimisation: Picking Universities to maximise Return on investment. Recruited additional volunteer staff (2): Alex Green, Rachel Kelly Publicity: 1 article in the Lancet Student ( Imperial Global Brigades website: Facebook page:!/globalbrigadeseurope?ref=search Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=69870438758&ref=search Training: Rachel Kelly has volunteered to develop a training course for Brigaders to prepare them for their expedition which includes an introduction to Honduran culture and basic medical Spanish phrases.



April 2009

Section E

Financial review

Brief statement of the charity’s policy on reserves

Reserves are used for the purpose of expansion and support for students. There is no upper limit. However, the lower limit is £1000 to cover governance fees.

Details of any funds materially in deficit Further financial review details (Optional information) You may choose to include additional information, where relevant about: • the charity’s principal sources of funds (including any fundraising); •

how expenditure has supported the key objectives of the charity;

investment policy and objectives including any ethical investment policy adopted.

Section F

Other optional information

Section G


The trustees declare that they have approved the trustees’ report above. Signed on behalf of the charity’s trustees Signature(s) Full name(s) Position (eg Secretary, Chair, etc) Date



April 2009

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