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ISSUE 03 JUNE 2023

3. A Genius Historical Figure

3. A Genius Historical Figure

4. Why globalart - Learning Discipline

4. Why globalart - Learning Discipline

5. Did You Know? - Evolution Of Art

5. Did You Know? - Evolution Of Art

6. Alumni’s stories

6. Alumni’s stories

8. Parents’ testimonial

8. Parents’ testimonial

9. Words from your teacher

9. Words from your teacher


Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch-born post- impressionist painter who is widely recognized as an influential figure in the history of Western art.

Vincent was born on March 30, 1853 into a middle-class Dutch family, to a country minister father and artistic mother in Groot-Zundert, Netherlands.

He had five siblings and was particularly close t o his brother, Theo, who was an art dealer.

Theo supported Vincent financially and in 1885 he created his first masterpiece, ‘Potato Eaters’. Vincent then became influenced by Japanese art and Eastern philosophy.

He also completed more than 2,100 artworks and his famous artworks included ‘Starry Night’ (painted in an asylum in France), ‘Sunflowers’, ‘Irises’ and ‘Self-Portrait’.

Vincent strongly believed in the power of creativity and its ability to connect people and emotions. To him, art was more than just a visual illustration of the world – it was a way of expressing one’s innermost feelings.

This was reflected in his work, where he used bold colors, vibrant brushstrokes and unusual compositions.

Today his legacy lives on in museums worldwide and he is regarded as one of the greatest artists to have ever lived.

Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh

Skills that children acquire through the globalart program

Art is a great activity for children to learn and apply discipline. Art classes provide a fun environment and also help children develop discipline skills by enabling them to:

Follow Instructions

Children are required to follow instructions carefully in an art class when creating an artwork. This is how they develop their listen ing skills, attention to detail and capability to follow instructions.


Creating art takes time and children need to develop patience to complete an artwork, which teaches them that all good things take time and e ort.


In art classes, children are encouraged to be creative by seeing things from a di erent perspective and to think outside the box. This helps them develop imagination and prob lem-solving skills.

Focus & Concentration

The ability to focus and concentrate is a key skill when creating art. Art classes provide the opportunity for children to develop these skills, where they create art at their own pace.



The evolution of art through history and time is an interesting journey that goes back to thousands of years that saw the creation of various styles, mediums and cultural perspectives.

Pre-historic Art

Art created by our ancestors include cave drawings, rock art and carvings depicting the natural world and daily activities of humans from the Stone Age.

Ancient Art

Includes Egyptian, Greek and Roman art that included monumental sculptures, architecture and painting to glorify gods, leaders and heroes.

Medieval Art (5th – 15th century)

Art that was created during the Middle Ages that focused on religiosity like manuscripts, stained glasses, church paintings

Renaissance Art (14th – 17th century)

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that happened in Europe and new art forms emerged like oil painting, perspective and realism. Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Raphael became famous during this period.

Baroque Art (17th century)

Art is depicted by magnificence, drama and emotions by the development of ornate architecture, decorative sculptures and complex paintings.

Romanticism (late 18th century)

As a reaction against the rationalism of the Enlightenment, this period was all about expressive art, focusing on individualism, nature and the supernatural.

Impressionism (19th century)

Impressionism in painting attempted to cap ture a scene with the use of light and color. Famous artists during this era included Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Pierre Auguste-Renoir

Modern Art (early 20th century)

This era is the beginning of abstract art, cubism, surrealism and pop art.

Contemporary Art (1960s – present)

New art forms emerged like video art, perfor mance art and installation art.

Conclusively, art has evolved throughout the years with the progression of human culture, society, technological advancement and emerging artistic styles.



Lim Tan Swee Gee graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design from First City Universi ty College and has been working as an interior de signer for the past 3 years.






Sweet memories with Global Art Sungai Besar

I was a globalart student back in 2005 and graduated in 2015.

My memories with globalart were delightful as the sky was the limit when it came to creativity. I developed my love for colors and designs with globalart. I remember being intrigued with color blending, shading, drawing and sketching.

How Global Art impacted my future

The lessons at globalart has definitely helped me in my control drawing scale, spatial structure and color matching when it comes to my career. Along the way, I also became more attentive, thoughtful and learnt to improvise when I tapped into my artistic side.

I would recommend globalart as it is a good program where it nurtures imagina tion, creativity and soft skills.

LIM TAN SWEE GEE Former globalart Sungai Besar LIM TAN SWEE GEE
Former globalart Sungai Besar

Imagine our utter delight when we stumbled across globalart! Emelda loves art and has been attending globalart for 4 years now. She enjoys every class and craft activity as she’s given the space to express and explore her creativity at her own pace.


Ever since attending globalart, we discovered that she has not only improved in her drawing, coloring and crafting skills but she also learned how to solve problems, communicate better and increase her confidence.

ENCIK HAIRUL AZAMI & PUAN EMILIA with daughter Nur Emelda


I am an assistant teacher at globalart and I await the day I get to transition to a full-time instructor! Honestly, it is a privilege to witness firsthand the transformative power of art in the lives of my students. I have witnessed my students gain confidence, develop critical thinking skills and discover their unique artistic voices through art, which truly makes it a rewarding career!


It is such an honor to transition from an art lover to an instructor. For me, art encourages students to think out of the box, to embrace their individuality and to see things from a di erent perspective. I am so glad I get to embark my art journey with globalart and I will do my best to maximize my students’ skills and creativity.