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EXHIBITOR LIST | SIAF 2019 Alexander Saner (Switzerland)

Laurent Nogues (France)

Antje Burr (Germany)

Lingmuki (China)

Carolin Rechberg (Germany)

Louise Galea (Australia)

CharlieLim B.K. (Singapore)

Makotu Nakagawa (Japan)

Claudia Cristina Velasco (Mexico)

Max Goshko-Dankov (Russia)

Christian Ghion (France)

Meng Shu (China)

Damien Hirst (United Kingdom)

Milivoj Ili’c (United Kingdom)

David Carpenter (United States)

Mourad Elshokiry (Egypt)

Dutch Curator Gallery (Netherlands)

Moving Elephant by Mark (Switzerland)

Eric Hubbes (Germany)

Neil Stalnaker (USA)

Evgeny Yakovlev (Russia)

NITA GK (India)

Fiona Watson (Australia)

Orit Sharbat (Israel)

Fong Fai (United States)

Pawel Szanajca-Kossakowski (Poland)

Fox Pretorius (South Africa)

Phillipe Daney (France)

François Caspar (France)

Ping He (China)

Gomathi Shiva (India)

Polina Kamenskaya (Russia)

Grafissima (Deutschland)

Reinhard stammer (Germany)

Igor Grechanyk (Ukraine)

Shan Shan Sheng (USA)

Isamu-Shimada (Japan)

Toby Dye (United Kingdom)

Jason Shulman (United Kingdom)

Turan Art (Azerbaijan)

John Hopkinson (United Kingdom)

Valeriy Klamm (Russia)

Jörg Galka-Teisseyre (Germany)

Vanessa Newton (Austria)

Katarina Sukhotskaya (Russian Federation)

Vladimir Kuchukov (Russia)


Will Hurt (United Kingdom)

Krishna Vr (México)

Yuiko Amano (Japan)

特別展覽 | Special Exhibition

Shan Shan Sheng (USA) Toby Dye (United Kingdom)

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致謝 | Acknoledgements

主要合作夥伴 | Main Partner

活動夥伴 | Event Partner

展覽合作夥伴 | Exhibition Partner

媒體合作夥伴 | Media Partners

主催 | Organised by:


TURAN MUKHTARZADE: Organizer and curator of several individual and international exhibitions. Ms TURAN is represented with her colleagues: PAKIZE KILINC: She has been participated in Baku, Moscow, Paris, Dubai and Venice exhibitions. ZHALA HASANOVA: She would like to see the world in much brighter colors. KUBRA VALIYEVA: Exhibited in Baku,Dubai and Venice. AISHA GURBANOVA: 16 years old powerful artist who loves experimenting with colors. Exhibitions:Louvre Paris, World art Dubai, Baku and Venice. LALA SHUKUROVA: Create indescribable fairytale and powerful woman characters. LEYLA SHIRALI: Prefers landscape paintings, her sense of colors bright and she think that her inner world. SAIDA MIRZAYEVA: Professional artist and teacher.

“Cuban woman”, “Butterfly effect”, “Kizoku Yuna”, “After Sunset”, “Fisherman’s Table”, “Earth Mother”, “Siesta”, “Jungle Princess” | all of them oil on canvas

FIONA WATSON | AUSTRALIA www.watsonsculpture.com.au

As a sculptor with a background in photography, Fiona is drawn to create art through the use of three-dimensional arrangements of material where forms and light intersect and play. Her aim is to engage the viewer with the fascination of observed light onto surfaces and through form. The way we view the world is so individual according to ones own position and perspective within it. So too the individual viewer’s gaze begs for reflective interpretation of her work. Fiona holds a BFA from the National Art School in Sydney Australia and won the Clyde&Co Emerging Artist Award in 2016.

Bronze Rhapsody | Bronze

Aorta | Digital Photographic Archival Print on Cotton Rag

LOUISE GALEA | AUSTRALIA www.louisegalea.com

Icons. - The Human Condition. Religion. Hollywood. Light. Dark. Body. Soul. These concepts are a constant ever changing conundrum, in an age of global media, obsessed with celebrity and objects of desire. Is reality as we see it real, or is it us, living through others. The faces that we face are not the other’s, but our own, reflected. Icons are our reflection and we are theirs.

Untitled | Photograph

Untitled | Photograph

PAWEĹ SZANAJCA KOSSAKOWSKI | POLAND www.saatchiart.com/szanajca

Full name of the artist is Paul Johannes Remigius Szanajca Korwin Count Kossakowski. He is the sixth generation of artists from the legendary aristocratic Polish - Lithuanian clan. Recently he moved back to the family nest in Vaitkuskis Palace, where photographic and painting talents have bloomed for the past 400 years. The non-conformist colour and the abbreviated form of his brush makes him a decent heir of the constructivist tradition.

Neo 14 | oil on canvas

Nice Matin | oil on canvas

REINHARD STAMMER | GERMANY www.reinhard-stammer.de

Born 1952 in Gluecksburg / Germany Exhibited for example in Hamburg, Berlin, London, Izmir, Jaipur, Beijing, Rom, New York, St. Petersburg. Contemporary Art Artist

Siegfried and the dragon | Mixed media on Canvas

The appearance of red | Mixed media on canvas



Jason Shulman is a multimedia artist working with moving image. This selection of work is produced by photographic well-known films ,with an open exposure, creating ghostly, impressionistic images. Examples of these works where included in the London Somerset house exhibition based on Stanley Kubrick . “These films are taken, they’re already aesthetic objects, but then here they’re aestheticized again - aestheticized to a level of abstraction - and it’s up to us to project our own wants onto the image. We’ll find what we want to find. The Tin Man. It’s a yellow brick road psychology.”

Alice in Wonderland 1951 | 3D animation


Milivoj Ilic is a video artist, born in England to Yugoslav émigrés. Exhibiting globally, his work has appeared in galleries, on the street, and at festivals. Coming from an advertising background, Ilic originally licensed his work for use across a wide variety of media including television, display in museums, nightclubs, fashion shop windows, restaurants before offering his work in limited editions. The subject of llic’s work appears eclectic but reveals a lifelong obsession with the fragility of identity and the anxiety it can spawn.

Fractal World I | PWC and wood


John Hopkins drawings and painting depict everyday working life in the fishing town of Grimsby on the east coast of England. John is known for his Naïve style of and is associated with a school of painters from the 1970s and 80s became popular for their down to earth content. John’s figurative stylization of everyday life in the streets and Docks of Grimsby became very desirable and found its way in to individual and gallery collections across the world. This is a selection of his images through out his working life with a changing use of materials and style.

Over the Fence | oil paint on board


The Corridor is a groundbreaking film installation by Toby Dye created for the Daydream with Stanley Kubrick art exhibition at Somerset House, London. Four screens of infinite corridor with interaction between Kubrick inspired characters refreshes our understanding of his work while Dye stamps his mark with this powerful piece echoing the relation past between Kubrick and UNKLE. Toby Dye has directed an acclaimed catalogue of highly distinctive work, Recognised with major international awards for both long for narrative work and short-form pieces.

The Corridor | multi-video projection

ALEXANDER SANER | SWITZERLAND www.swissart.ch/alexander-saner

“The real dynamic part of a static artwork is the Living observer himself.” Following Statements of creative personalities influence the artistic work: “Art is the Elimination everything superfluous”; “The greatest complexity is the greatest simplicity”; “Clarity through simplicity”; “If nothing can be taken away, the work is completed.” Winner of international awards. Art exhibitions worldwide.

Cut 33 | Steel

ANTJE BURR | GERMANY www.antjeburr.de

The artist’s freedom in thinking and doing is his work!

Untitled | Photography

CAROLIN RECHBERG | GERMANY www.carolinrechberg.com

German interdisciplinary artist, Carolin Rechberg, holds a BFA (12’) from the California College of the Arts and MFA (16’) from the San Francisco Art Institute. She further attained a Master in Art and Art Education (19’), at Teachers College, Columbia University. There she also worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Studio Manager for the Printmaking Department. Carolin’s work focuses on the process, the residual sensory and conceptual information gained in the process. She works in the mediums of ceramic, design, drawing, installation, painting, performance, photography, printmaking and textiles. Currently she operates Carolin Rechberg LLC Fine Arts Sales and Services.

Transitions | Woodblock, Print 2019

CHARLIELIM B.K | SINGAPORE www.charlielim.com

Based in Singapore, CharlieLim is a man of many professions - an art director, commercial photographer, fine art veteran and a collector of vintage items. With a career spanning more than four decades, Charlie has worked with a diverse range of clients, from famous celebrities to politicians to ordinary families; all this while continually refining his techniques and pushing the boundaries of photography. His work encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects, from portraits to food presentation, product, industrial and aerial photography. More than just photography...

“My Grandma” | multi-media

CLAUDIA CRISTINA VELASCO | MEXICO www.claudiacristina.art

I am a painter, draftsman and writer, born in León Guanajuato,Mexico. I studied painting in Leon and in Switzerland;designed at the Scuola Politecnica di Milano,Italy. Life and meditation inspire me to make my paintings and improve people’s lives through their vibrations: Eco-Soul paintings. I love our world and I believe that we are all citizens of the world and citizens of our time. 2016 Mexican Embassy, Japan. 2017 Eternal Art, Gallery India. 2018 – Published in a book of the Association of Oriental Artists of Dubai. 2019 – Carrousel du Louvre Carousel, Paris, France. 2019 – Parcus Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

China Protector | Mix on Canvas. 200*200cm


Most people do not truly understand Schizophrenia but I do, I was born with it. In its own unique way, it has been a blessing of sorts in my life, and it is also a major source of inspiration in the artwork I create. My soul, where my art is born is like a farm, from this I harvest thoughts, emotions and life experiences. As an Outsider Artist, I then turn them into paintings, murals, and plays. Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to my farm.

Koi | Mixed Media

DUTCH CURATOR GALLERY | NETHERLANDS www.dutchcurator.com & www.instagram.com/dutchcurator

Dutch Curator is a Gallery of Modern & Contemporary Art. Representing artists such as Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, and KAWS.

Damien Hirst | “For the Love of God�

ERIC HUBBES | GERMANY https//:www.erichubbes.com

Eric Hubbes was born in London in 1988 and lives in Cologne. After 3 successful semesters at the HKU fine arts Utrecht, he returned to Cologne and prepared his first exhibition. His style did evolve very quickly now that he could spread his wings. His first exhibit took place in Cologne in 2017. Since then he exhibits all over the world, Eric Hubbes creates works charged both pictorially and emotionally, delivering on the canvas the incessant flow of his thoughts. He sublimates joys and suffering into works of art. Each of the characters in his paintings tell us exciting stories.

Battleship | Acryl multimedia

EVGENY YAKOVLEV | RUSSIA http://evgenyyakovlev.com

Born in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, in 1974. In 1988 - graduated from art school. In 1998 - graduated from the Far Eastern State Technical University. Architect. Co-author of the book “Live in color”.

Escape | oil on canvas

FONG FAI | UNITED STATES www.fongfai.com

He was selected as one of the six leading artists in Hong Kong. and also taught at the Oriental Arts Institute . His artworks were exhibited in Asia, Australia and North America. Later, Fong Fai was invited to exhibit his paintings in San Francisco And Hawaii,and decided to stay. He is an abstract artist. He used brushwork of calligraphy to create his artwork, his works take on a wider and freer soul view and own dense oriental feeling, and try to integrate the concept of  Eastern and Western art.

The golden mountain | Acrylic on canvas 40” x 30”

FOX PRETORIUS | SOUTH AFRICA www.foxpretorius.art

Chaos and order, the blurring of memory, the fading landscapes of youth, ongoing episodes from a personal narrative on hybrid identity, and an openended reflection on life, loss and detachment. These are amongst the themes that intersect in the more recent work of this South African artist. His instantly recognizable style of abstraction, notably influenced by the likes of Picasso, Kline, Bedia and African art itself, willfully aids content and concept to slip viewers between states of contradiction to review, rethink and reevaluate aspects of what it means to be human in present times.

Intersect | Acrylic on canvas

GOMATHI SHIVA | INDIA gomathi_artist@yahoo.com

“I believe in fearless, honest and subtle expressionism to celebrate the power of emotions� Painting has always been the way in which I express myself; show the world what I see & Feel. Oddly, I feel more at ease expressing the deepest layer of thoughts through paintings than through words. I have had the pleasure to meet and interact with many people with differing thoughts, beliefs and faith and my own thoughts and ideas that I express through colors in my paintings. For this exhibition, my thought on Feminism, Race, Stereotypes and the Ideal World is depicted through my paintings.


CLAUDIA FRITZSCHE | GERMANY https://grafissima.jimdosite.com

Claudia Fritzsche is an artist born in Dresden, Germany in 1978. She is painting since her schooldays. It started with black-and-white patterns, which changed over the years into colourfull ornamental paintings. Every single painting develops while drawing. Often one form results from the other. While studying social and starting a family, the artist continued working on acrylic art. Her abstract paintings are an interaction of shape and colour in many different ways. They have an imaginatively effect on its surroundings.

dancing feathers | acrylic on canvas

IGOR GRECHANYK | UKRAINE www.grechanyk.com

Igor Grechanyk was born in Ukraine. Raised in an artistic family, he has been passionate about art and drawing from early childhood. He attended the Republican Art School, and the State Art Institute in Kiev, graduating in 1984. His works map the collective unconscious, drawing inspiration from esoteric doctrines and ancient mythology. Igor Grechanyk has exhibited his work all over the world, and has installed large monuments both in Ukraine and abroad. He is the recipient of prestigious Ukrainian and international awards. His acclaimed sculptures have earned him an honored position as one of the world’s leading contemporary artists.

Metaphysics of Sound | bronze

ISAMU-SHIMADA | JAPAN http://www12.plala.or.jp/isamu-shimada

This is the first “new painting style” in the world. It is a painting that the viewer sees. Therefore, please do not think about the artist’s intention, please see as you like. It always changes depending on how you look at it. You will never get tired forever. A painting for the wise.

Multi-Space-Ricksack F30 | Handmade canvas oil painting

JÖRG GALKA-TEISSEYRE | GERMANY www.artworksbyjgt.de

jörg galka-teisseyre spent his childhood and youth in the german city of paderborn, where he was born on 16 AUG 1962. at the age of nineteen he moved to le mans, france, and later spent a year in london, uk, too. in 1990 he and his partner for many years then moved to strasbourg, france, and later in 2005 back to germany where he now lives in the southwest german city of kehl on the rhine, a footstep away from the black forest. from 1989 until december 2018 he used to work with a major european airline. working as a flight attendant was substantially beneficial for his passion for collecting objects of all kind allowing him to nurture his sense for the arts and aesthetics. since his early years he is fascinated by decorating his as well as other people’s homes combining colours and special paintbrush techniques in a rather unusual and very personal way.

“opium for the people 2019”| Mixed Media

POLINA KAMENSKAYA | RUSSIA https://www.instagram.com/kamenska_art/

Abstract art artist. Works with the paints created by herself. Focused on experiments with textures and color combinations.

Snakes | Canvas, acrylic, inks


Katarina was born in Ukraine 09.11.1988. Now lives and works in Moscow, Russia. 5 solo exhibitions and 19 group exhibitions for last 3 years. The artworks of Katarina Sukhotskaya represent an independent original form of creativity, formed at the junction of such modern abstract techniques as mixed media and fluid art. The priorities of her work are not only the comprehension of the plastic qualities of the colorful material, the philosophical meaning of the canvases is no less important — the conviction in the emotional power of the effect of the beautiful on the soul of the viewer.

“Neural connections - Сonsciousness” | Canvas, acrylics

KRISHNA VR | MÉXICO www.krishnavr.com

Krishna Vr is visual artist, well-known by her creative and conceptual artworks. One of her achievements was the opportunity to get an exhibition in the ‘Exposure Collection’ celebrated at Louvre,that and after that the photographer began to win international prizes, being the first mexican winning at the Siena International Photo Awards, with the competition of more than 80 countries, and then being awarded and having her work shown in wonderful places like Tokyo,Amsterdam,London,Italy.She has shared her knowledge with people from all over the world with workshops and she is considered one of the most talented and young photographers in Mexico.


LINGMUKI | HONG KONG www.portfolioofling.com

The lines are spiritual. A line created by the movement of pen, is an extension of space and mark the passage of time. Time creates lines, lines record time; space determines the life scope of lines, and lines give space vitality. I use lines to build a sense of space and time.

“The Year of Rooster” | Watercolour

MAKOTU NAKAGAWA | JAPAN www.makotu.net

What will be after death? It can probably be “nothingness”. Then, what is true mourning? Strongly realizing the disconnection with the dead, and enduring the extreme of sorrow. Makotu Nakagawa has been taking pictures of his father for nearly 10 years. These are the remains of his father. Death took away almost all of himself. The only world when his father alived was over. Nonetheless, Makotu keeps bending ear to these remains. In order to carry this world after his father passed away. The work is only way for Makotu to listen to the voice of silence.

“uro no ena - the remains of my father” - Silver gelatin print/Baryta paper

MAX GOSHKO-DANKOV | RUSSIA maxim.goshko@gmail.com

Max philosophy comes through the author’s concept of C O L O R. I D - self-identification through color, i.e. human perception through dialogue with colours. Max is the author of the coloring book “Cities of Dreams”, which has become a bestseller in Russia, as well as the project of Huge Colorings on the streets of cities around the world. “The neighborhood of fantasy and thought, creative search and ordinary life, the fusion of unique impressions, feelings, memories, plans, emotions is the artist’s universe, where vivid and memorable images are born” (mosmuseum.ru). Artist Website: www.mgdankov.com Instagram: @mgdankov

BOO / Acrylic and Paint Markers on Paper, 20x30 cm

MOURAD ELSHOKERRY | EGYPT mouradartdesign@gmail.com

I’m an Egyptian artist based in Dubai. As I grew up in Alexandria Egypt I got influenced by the ancient civilizations existed in my home town, watching the art and architecture around me from Ancient Egypt, Roman, Greek, European and Arabic everyday made me want to develop the ancient with contemporary style, mixing cultures together. I came from the Middle East married with Asian American artist and traveling the world to meet more cultures, absorbing art and cultures and producing new mixed art and culture. I believe that is why humans exist. Find me on Instagram @mouartdesign

“Rihanna - The Egyptian Queen” | Acrylic on canvas


Moving Elephant by Mark is a Zurich based photographer and represented artist of Agora Art Gallery, New York City. For him, the art of photography is synonymous with life, embodying a neverending journey which is manifested in his creativity and artistic vision. Capturing his scenes with only naturally available light as well as directly shot monochrome, his images hold a power in their underlying preservation of photography in its most natural and raw form.

NYC The Fog | Photography

NEIL STALNAKER | JAPAN http://www.almo-studio.com

After living in Washington, DC and New York, Neil has been living and working in Tokyo since 1998 as a jazz trumpet player/composer. Touring in Japan, China, Russia, Europe and the USA. He had regular performances at Shanghai’s JZ jazz club and the Blue Note in Beijing. He’s a 4-time throat cancer survivor. Recent 2018 cancer and sudden inability to continue trumpet prompted the switch to painting. Since January 2018 Neil has been painting day and night to continue the creative process and express the emotional ups and downs of the cancer experience and life. Look for ALMO Studio online.

Improvisation 2019 #218 “Hypothyroidism” | Acrylic and pastel on canvas

NITA GK | INDIA www.nitagk.com

Nita GK has been a passionate painter since her schooldays. Her love for glitter resonated with her inclination towards an art form, i.e., Resin Art, she was introduced to three years ago. Since then she has been using Resin for art. The results were so impressive that she decided to turn professional. Her artwork distinctly reflects her strong faith in the law of Karma. She believes that her artwork will bring tranquality into the life of the possessor of her paintings. Since a portion of the proceeds will be donated, you will be aiding in the betterment of underprivileged communities.

“OCEAN” | Resin

ORIT SHARBAT | ISRAEL www.oritsharbat.com

Lives and works at Tel Aviv. She likes to paint with passion and intensity. Her authentic style is marked by expressive, powerful colors, mainly oil or acrylic paint on canvas. Her paintings consist of multiple thick layers of color. At first sight, they may strike you as calm and harmonic, but when studied closely, the veneer of harmony and tranquility soon gives way to a multi-layered rich labyrinth of colors. Her paintings, as the old adage goes, have more to them than meets the eye. Her sources of inspiration are deeply rooted in western culture, transcending the here and now.

the magic forest | oil on canvas

PING HE | CHINA www.artpinghe.com

Mr. Ping He Base in Shanghai, China Tel: 0086-13661635368 E-mail: phelley_he@163.com Web site: www.artpinghe.com 2019 May, London Art Biennale 2018 Nov, Group exhibition in Xuhui Art Museumin Shanghai. 2017 Apr, VIVA Valletta International Visual Art Festival, solo exhibition in The MILL B’KARA. 2016 Sep, Solo exhibition in ST JAMES CAVALIER, Valletta, Malta 2015 May, Solo exhibition in China Culture Center Madrid, Spain 2014 Dec, Exhibition in China Culture Center Berlin, German 1999 Sep, Group exhibition in Stephen Gang Gallery in New York. 1997 Jan, Solo Exhibition in New Shanghai Library opening ceremony.

Peace-01 | Acrylic on Canvas

SHAN SHAN SHENG | USA shanshansheng.com

Shan Shan Sheng has completed over 50 large-scale permanent public art projects around the world. Based in San Francisco and Shanghai, Sheng has been honored as a recipient of two Best Public Art Awards, from Americans for the Arts and from the Minister of Culture for Taiwan, most recently she received “Lorenzo IL Magnifico” award by city of Florence Sheng’s “Open Wall” large scale sculpture was including in the 53rd Venice Biennale as part of an exhibition organized UNESCO. Her artworks appear in many art museums around the world including Harvard University, China National Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum.

Universal Elements | New Media

TOBY DYE | UK www.tobydye.com

The Corridor is a groundbreaking film installation by Toby Dye created for the Daydream with Stanley Kubrick art exhibition at Somerset House, London. Four screens of infinite corridor with interaction between Kubrick inspired characters refreshes our understanding of his work while Dye stamps his mark with this powerful piece echoing the relation past between Kubrick and UNKLE. Toby Dye has directed an acclaimed catalogue of highly distinctive work, Recognised with major international awards for both long for narrative work and short-form pieces.

The Corridor | multi-video projectio

VALERIY KLAMM | RUSSIA http://klamm.tilda.ws/siberia

Radio Motherland Radio Motherland: if my Siberia had a voice, it would sound nostalgic, as if emanating from an old radio, playing bygone tunes...

Felting The Life | Photography print

VANESSA NEWTON | AUSTRIA https://www.instagram.com/adoranewtonn/

My Exhibitions and my Art is present in USA, China, Japan, Dubai, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain... I was born in Austria and started painting in 2012. My permanent Exhibitions are worldwide. I love to bring my Feelings into my Paintings. Painting is my Passion and makes me happy. My Inspiration is to express myself and immerse others in my artistic world. I taught myself various techniques and I love to try new techniques. I never did any art education. Enjoy my Paintings. Yours Adora Newton

Jungle Animal and Faces | Acrylic on canvas

VLADIMIR KUCHUKOV | RUSSIA vladimirgallery@gmail.com

Texturalism /TXTISM/- is a form of perception and modeling of isospace.

composition | mixed textura,canvas,oil,acrylic, ,100x100cm

YUIKO AMANO | JAPAN www.yuikoamano.co.uk

Yuiko Amano is an emerging artist based in London (through multimedia) with engineering and architectural background. She was born in Japan and grew up in the United States and Japan. Originally she was based in Kyoto, but she moved to London after she changed her focus of art practice. As her backgrounds of civil engineering and observational sound analysis, her current interest in art context is about technology and climate change. She arouses shocking events and anecdotal myths from her childhood memory, and sculpts a hierarchy of human-society and the landscape of dystopia with it, along with architectural and scientific perspectives.

Trace of the giant | C-type print on matte paper

MENG SHU | CHINA smeng@must.edu.mo

MENG Shu, Ph.D. in Art and Design, artist and curator, was born in 1982 and now relocated in Macao and became an Assistant Professor of Faculty of Humanities and Arts at Macau University of Science and Technology. Over the years, Meng has published numeral papers in the fields of ceramic murals, public art, museum studies and so on. She has been creating works of Public Art, Contemporary Installation for a continuous long time and her works usually involve synthetic materials such as ceramic and art glass. Meng has held several solo art exhibitions and many of her works had been curated in a lot of other exhibitions domestically and internationally. A number of her works are collected by national museums, art organizations as well as by private collectors. Currently, sculptures and installation artworks in the form of glass are her major research and creative focus.

The Eyes of Night_1| Blown Glass



TOBY DYE | UK www.tobydye.com








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The Shanghai International Art Fair proudly part of the successful Yangtze River Delta International Industries Expo (iCiE) hosted by the Go...


The Shanghai International Art Fair proudly part of the successful Yangtze River Delta International Industries Expo (iCiE) hosted by the Go...