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Weaving your dreams, in an unique style! Our clients have already realized that we do not just make rugs, but weave dreams. The greatest desire for Ferreira de Sรก, is not to be one of the greatest producers of bespoke rugs, but to provide the best services to those that seek us to make their dreams come true; a personal and/or public (contract) space, timeless, where excellence and creativity are appreciated. From a Portuguese family business, situated in a village with a tradition of handwoven tapestries, Tapeรงarias Ferreira de Sรก evolved to a large-scale organisation,

constantly expanding and improving its factory, designing an industrial unit with a solid and automated structure, while taking care not to neglect the origins and tradition of the art of weaving. All our carpets are custom-made and for us every project is unique and personalized, bearing in mind the personalities and tastes of those that choose them. We have accepted the challenge of cooperating alongside architects and interior designers, who work with highly demanding customers, fully aware that fashions are temporal but quality and elegance are not.


Traditional production methods reinvented with contemporary design

Our culture of tapestries of quality and luxury, combined with traditional and innovative processes, enables us to manufacture products with design and elegance. Ferreira de Sรก can offer a wide range of possibilities of materials (such as wool, linen and tencel), designs (which are unlimited), colours (from our catalogue or upon request), volumetry and different shapes for your exclusive rugs.


HAND-KNOTTED RUGS These rugs, produced by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, are woven by a creation of knots in manual looms. A short piece of yarn is tied around two neighbouring warp strands creating a knot on the surface of the rug. These handmade rugs, mostly Portuguese hand-knotted, are true works of art, both the classical designs as well as the contemporary ones.

Knots in manual looms 7

Wide range of designs


HAND-WOVEN These rugs are produced manually in looms and the weaving process is called flat weave, since no knots are used and the surface looks flat. The width of the rugs can go up to 5m, which make it possible to create a wide range of designs on a twofaced surface.

Highly durable rugs

HAND-TUFTED In a hand-tufted rug the yarn is pushed through a backing, creating a tuft. This method of rug making requires a high level of craftsmanship to efficiently and accurately portray the intricate designs. The tufting method creates a highly durable and beautifully accurate handmade rug that will weather foot traffic for years to come.


3D-TUFTED Tufting also allows us to explore the volumetry and dimensions of designs, giving way to a 3 dimensional rug. A single rug can have various pile heights on its surface, depicting numerous varying angles, reflecting a unique 3D surface experience.

Add a 3 dimension to your designs rd



Personalize them according to your decoration!

Pillows Hand-woven pillows give way to a wide range of colours, designs and dimensions.


Poufs Hand-knotted poufs in felted yarn are available and can be matched in colours within various sizes and shapes.


Álvaro Siza COLLECTION I Portuguese Nobel Prizewinner of Architecture, Álvaro Siza Vieira, designed ten carpets which were manufactured by Ferreira de Sá, in 100% wool.

Hand-tufted carpets rugs: Woman 4, Woman 3, Woman 2.

Hand-tufted rugs: Triptych A, Triptych B and Triptych C.

Collection of hand-tufted and Portuguese hand-knotted rugs in the Exhibition Álvaro Siza Collection I, at XUE XUE Institute, in Taiwan, ‘The Beauty of Function’.

Hand-knotted rug: Spots on the wall


Considered as a jewel of the coast of Sanyo, Tori is the imposing, or the Shinto door, guardian of the Sanctuary of Itsukusima.

Hand-woven rug: Miyahima Tori

From Tokyo to Hokkaido JAPAN COLLECTION From Tokyo to Hokkaido, 13 photographs representing the Japanese culture, give rise to carpets. All the designs from Enrique Eguino, can be hand-woven, hand-tufted, or Portuguese hand-knotted, in different shapes and sizes.

Miyahima Tori Grey


Fรกtima Lopes COLLECTION

Some names of well-known Portuguese cities were the inspiration for the collection of 10 Hand-tufted and Portuguese Handknotted carpets, of the prestigious Fashion designer, Fรกtima Lopes.

Presentation of the collection, in the well-known, water deposit of the Museum MĂŁe de Ă gua, in Lisbon, Portugal.


This palace, with a historic expression of Portugal, officially opened in 1910 and has, throughout the decades been considered as one of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in Europe.


After 100 years Vidago Palace is reborn


This 5 star hotel re-opens with a spa and a professional golf course, after 4 years of restoration, undergone by a notorious team of designers and architects, completely refurbished in a style decoration of the Belle Époque, respecting the original characteristics of the beginning of the 20th century but with an injection of modern luxury.


Our highly qualified staff is always ready to respond to the requests of our customers, fulfilling their needs, anticipating their desires, with excellent service where innovation, flexibility and rapid response, combined with quality and individuality in service and after sales service, are values for which we believe we are well-known.

We are the only company in Portugal that has available a large and original collection of traditional hand-painted designs, dated back to the beginning of the 20th century, for the manufacture of the Portuguese hand-knotted.



Willet Holthuysen Museum It is beautifully preserved in its original 17th-century condition, being considered as a great historical tourist attraction in the Netherlands. However the original carpets were recently replaced by Ferreira de Sรก Portuguese hand-knotted rugs, maintaining the original colours and designs.



Hotel Sheraton Porto 30


A Lounge in Paris

Tradition meets future High quality means high environmental responsibility, influencing our production methods and the company’s future development. We pride in being an eco-friendly company. Through our green initiatives, we contribute to a healthier environment. Ferreira de Så tapestries are always produced with regard for the environment, and with quality guaranteed and controlled by our technical staff and where we also try to minimise waste and reduce energy usage.



Making a rug uniquely yours! We want you to come and enjoy the experience of designing your own rug. All you have to do is: Request size and shape (with our large looms, we can satisfy all size requests); Choose your design (of which we have varied, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between); Select your colours (we offer a wide selection of colours that best match your needs); Approve and order your rug (we’ll make your dream come true in four weeks) Receive your Ferreira de Så rug and feel the difference! 35

Tapeรงarias Ferreira de Sรก, Lda.

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Tapeçarias Ferreira de Sá - Catálogo

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