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September 2013

Our Logo Our logo is our signature. It is the most visible element of our identity. It validates and brands the things we produce and for this reason it needs to be consistent. It should look the same on print, on screen, on the website, on social media, on signage, on clothing – in fact, anywhere it can be possibly used. Our logo is made up of two elements – the logo type (the words Sherborne Girls) and the emblem (the SG). Together they combine to form the logo. These elements can be separated but the only part which can be used alone is the emblem. (This is ideal for application to situations where you might not have much space or where a square icon is particularly suitable – eg the pocket of a jacket, the front of a square bag.) There are a few simple guidelines which if we follow we will make sure the logo looks its best.

logo type


Our Colours There are only three colour variations for our logo and each can be ‘reversed out’ (also known as a negative form) as per the examples: 2 colour - CMYK and Pantone ref:

Pantone 5405 CMYK C: 71 M: 30 Y: 13 K: 41

Pantone 645 CMYK C: 55 M: 24 Y: 2 K: 8

Pantone 5405 CMYK C: 71 M: 30 Y: 13 K: 41

To be used when printing with a home or office printer or occasionally on a professional print, where cost savings are required eg letterheads (Printing in one colour is cheaper than two).

To be used in professional printing only.

1 colour - Pantone ref:

Monochrome: When colour is not available, or if printing in mono only, or if the blue ink of the home/office printer is not reproducing a true enough colour.

Dark Blue R: 85 G: 118 B: 142 #: 55768e

Pale Blue R: 151 G: 181 B: 215 #: 97b5d7

These are the references for colours used on the website also known as Hex codes.

The logo in reverse:

The SG in the emblem can either be pantone 645 or pantone 5405

That the colour behind the SG in the emblem should always be the colour that the emblem is sitting on? So for example, if you are printing a white emblem on a pink tee-shirt – then the colour showing behind the S and the G should be pink. You will need professional help to create this. Here is an example in another colour – you will see the colour behind the SG in the emblem is the same as the colour the whole logo is sitting on.

All of our logos can be downloaded from the R


If you are in ANY doubt as to which best suits to your needs, please call Marketing.

Space To ensure the logo is clearly visible, it needs to have sufficient clear space around it. As a general rule, this should be approx. 50% of the height of the logo. Where 50% spacing is not available, the absolute minimum to be allowed is 25%. (Any less than this and the logo cannot be used. Please discuss with Marketing.) Please do not allow type, pictures or lines to run into the space around the logo.









Clear area around logo, free from graphics and type

Positioning On any format – landscape or portrait – it is preferable the logo is positioned to the left or the right side of the page – whether that is top or bottom right, top or bottom left, or on the right or left side of the middle. Generally, centre positioning looks less professional, but there may be some exceptions to the rule eg. invitations.

If you need advice on this, please do ask.

Size The bigger the piece of paper you are printing the logo on (for example), the bigger the logo needs to be.It sounds obvious, but one size does not fit all! If you are printing the logo in a very large format and it appears to blur (or pixelate), then you may need to use a higher resolution file. Ask Marketing for this. Also, there is a minimum size for the logo – it should never appear less than 35mm across (plus surrounding space) – which is roughly the same size as the logo on your business card.


35mm minimum size

(this measurment is the length of the complete logo)


too small



✖ pixelated due to increase in size

Please Don’t . . . OLD GIRLS

add a strap line

move the emblem in front

stretch the logo

put a drop shadow on the logo

change the proportions of the emblem compared to the logotype

rotate the logo

SHERBORNE Girls use a different logotype for the logo

The paper bigger the piece of you are printing the logo on (for example), the bigger to be. the logo needs use the logo on a busy background

reflect the logo

Sherborne G

use a green version of the logo

use the old logo!

Finally . . . If you are printing from your colour printer and the ink is low, the colours will not be faithful. Please source a different printer or talk to our Repro dept. If you are producing anything which the ‘outside world’ will see, please run it past Marketing so we can check that our logo identity is correct. This doesn’t apply to internal documents, posters, signs etc – although in these cases you should still be applying the correct logos! It also doesn’t mean that anything that you currently have which doesn’t quite comply to these guidelines (eg your logo is green rather than blue or black) has to be immediately disposed of. When it is time to reprint or re-order that item, then please apply the correct logo. If any doubt, just ask.

Lisa Flahant

Many thanks x215

Sherborne girls school logo guidelines  

Sherborne girls school logo guidelines to follow.