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Sold Successfully Sold at Charterhouse

A 1966 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage Sold for ÂŁ150,000

We are now accepting entries for our next specialist auction of

Classic Cars, Motorcycles & Automobilia Sunday 16th February 2014 which will be held in conjunction with the

Footman James Great Western Autojumble at the Royal Bath & West Showground at Shepton Mallet For further information regarding this auction, please contact Matthew Whitney, Head of Department, at our salerooms on 01935 812277 or via email

CHARTERHOUSE AUCTIONEERS & VALUERS Auction to be held at the The Footman James Classic Car Show Royal Bath & West Showground Shepton Mallet BA4 6QN Sunday 3rd November 2013 Automobilia at 11.30 am, Vehicles at 12.30 pm Entry by catalogue only on the auction day VIEWING

Saturday 2nd November 9.30 am – 4.00 pm and morning of sale from 9.30 am Live internet bidding can be accessed through our website or Front cover illustration: Lot 145 Back cover illustration: Lot 86

View and Sale Day Telephone Numbers 07756 312649, 07977 913615 and 07989 418801 Please contact the Head Office at all other times A buyers premium of 15% (plus VAT) is payable on the hammer price on automobilia, and 10% (plus VAT) is payable on the hammer price on all vehicles, with a minimum buyer’s premium of £80 on vehicles SPECIAL NOTICES Please note cheque payments are no longer accepted at our car sales Please see our terms and conditions about registration prior to sale, payment, and live internet bidding Vehicles not collected by 2.30pm on the Monday following the auction will be removed to a compound at Evercreech at a cost of £70 + VAT per vehicle. Storage charges will then be levied at £10 per vehicle per day or part thereof. You are reminded of our terms and conditions of sale especially regarding insurance. Motorcycles not collected by 2.30pm on the Monday following the auction will be removed to our head office in Sherborne at a cost of £40 + VAT per motorcycle. Automobilia will also be removed to our head office for collection at no extra charge.

CHARTERHOUSE The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset DT9 3BS Telephone 01935 812277 Facsimile 01935 389387

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16 - 19

Automobilia Starting at 11.30 am 1 Assorted British car sales brochures, including Jaguar E-Type, Jaguar Mk II models, Morris Twelve-Four (1937), Triumph Stag and others similar (qty) £70 - 100 2 A JDP petroleum plastic petrol pump globe, 38 cm wide £40 - 50 3 A vintage four spoke wood rimmed steering wheel, 45 cm diameter, a Jaguar knock on spinner, a similar Rudge Whitworth knock on, and a 17 lb brass shell case, with dummy wooden shell (4) £30 - 50 4 A Josef Nigst & Sohn Wien running board tool chest, having a lid with a chequer plate, a fall front, nickel plated fittings and re-enforced leather seams, the tool chest would be suitable for fitting to a vintage Mercedes, Daimler or other similar quality vehicle, 49 cm wide £100 - 150 5 A quantity of eight track stereo cartridges, from the 60s and 70s, with a player and speakers, two vintage car radios, and other autojumbler’s items (qty) £110 - 130 6 Two Aston Martin showroom brochures, other brochures, maintenance manuals, a factory workshop manual for the Triumph 2002 500PI Mk I, and a photograph album, containing 1950’s motorsport images (qty) £90 - 110 7 A pair of Phoenix Edwardian brass oil side lights, with carrying bales, 9 cm diameter lenses, red glass tell-tails, and side bracket mounts, 30 cm high (requiring restoration) (2) £60 - 80 8 A Rolls Royce Merlin aluminum piston, (possible to be used as a paperweight), an accessory car mascot, in the form of a Spitfire, mounted on a two inch motor flight, (dated 1942), and two hot air engines (box) £40 - 60 9 A Rolls Royce (Watford) dashboard clock, the black dial having Arabic numerals (lacks hands), serial number 30566, suitable for 20/25 and similar models, 10 cm diameter £90 - 110 10 A collection of black and white photographs depicting various motorcycles, cars, aircraft and ships, including a Daimler Doctor’s Coupé, a three litre Bentley, a Morane biplane, HMS Malaya and others similar (qty) £100 - 150 11 Assorted Jaguar, Aston Martin and other posters, and a quantity of classic car calendars, including Stars & Cars 1994 (qty) £80 - 100

20 A Shell six division wirework bottle carrier, with two quart Shell glass bottles, other workshop and garage tools (qty) £40 - 60 21 A pair of Ford V6 cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, various valves, and other associated parts (qty)

35 A Brook Motors compressor, and accessories (qty) £40 - 60 36 A Sealey spot welder, a pillar drill, two arc welders and a tower tool tray (5) £40 - 60 37 An American La France 14 litre straight six engine for restoration, currently stripped for examination prior to a rebuild See illustration £200 - 300

22 A set of twelve Gordon Crosby automotive prints, a railway shunting lamp and various The Automobile magazines (qty)

38 A Butters 150S AC/DC welder and plasma cutter £40 - 60

23 A pair of glass aero screens, a large brass tap, a large Voltmeter, 17 cm diameter, two shoulder planes, a started motor, and a Motor Mover (qty)

40 Four bicycles, comprising a 1930’s lady’s Raleigh, with 22 inch frame, 26 inch wheels and rod brakes, a gentleman’s Raleigh with 23 inch frame, three speed Sturmey Archer gears, and 6V dynamo, a gentleman’s Raleigh three speed bicycle, with 21 inch frame and oil bath chain guard, and a lady’s Triumph three speed bicycle with 21 inch frame and front pannier rack (4) £60 - 80

24 A Mamod traction engine, similar engines, and assorted Meccano (2 boxes) £50 - 80 25 An autojumbler’s lot, including a Jaguar Mk II steering wheel, spotlights, rear lights, hub caps, wing mirrors and other items (qty) 26 A Jaguar Mk II walnut dashboard, with clocks £70 - 100 27 A bound run of The Autocar January 1942 to December 1962, other motoring magazines and road maps (qty) £80 - 120 28 A Triumph Tiger Cub motorcycle frame, in restored condition, a black BSA petrol tank, and a white motorcycle petrol tank (3) £80 - 120 29 A Villiers 150 cc engine, and another Villiers engine (incomplete) £70 - 100 30 Assorted automobile related ephemera, including 1934 Castrol achievements, 1961 British Empire Trophy (Silverstone), 1948 Weston-Super-Mare speed trials, 1948 Luton Hoo speed trials, and other similar items (2 boxes) £50 - 70 31 An autojumbler’s lot, including a Land Rover Series II aluminum bonnet, various MG spares, a glass fibre motor cycle petrol tank, a four quart oil dispenser, other oil cans, and various items (qty) £60 - 80 32 A Jaguar V12 engine block, cylinder heads and manifolds £100 - 150 33 A Wolf Air Apache 50 2hp compressor, with spray paint guns and other accessories £40 - 60 34 A Bodyline hydraulic jacking kit, cased £40 - 60


41 A £30 - 50



42 A Gilbert & Barker skeleton petrol pump, with 0-9 gallons gauge, hose and brass nozzle See illustration £200 - 300 43 A Gilbert & Barker skeleton petrol pump, with 0-9 gallons gauge, hose and brass nozzle £200 - 300 44 A Beresford Stork fire tender, for restoration, powered by an Austin 7 engine See illustration £200 - 300 45 A 1930’s Pratts trailer, as towed by Austin Seven and other similar vehicles £220 - 240 46 - 49 50 An accessory car mascot, in the form of a de Havilland Vampire aeroplane, silver plated cast brass, mounted on a plinth, 17 cm wide £50 - 70 51 A Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy, on a plinth, with presentation plaque, inscribed Presented to Mr & Mrs Elleston-Trevor by the 20-Ghost Club Continental Tour Monte Carlo May 1962, 13 cm high £80 - 120 52 An accessory car mascot, in the form of a horse, chrome plated, 11 cm wide £40 - 60 53 An accessory car mascot, in the form of a running fox, chrome plated, mounted on a plinth, 14 cm wide, and three others similar (4) £70 - 100

12 Seven pre-production advertising posters for the McLaren F1 road car, with a signed compliment slip from McLaren Cars (qty) £100 - 130 13 A Jaguar Mk II factory workshop manual, a Mk II 2.4 handbook, and other Jaguar related ephemera (qty) £100 - 140 14 A wall £100 - 150





15 A Belstaff Trialmaster waxed cotton jacket, 46 inch chest, and a pair of Barbour waxed trousers (2) 2

Lot 37

Lot 42


Lot 44

60 - 62

Lot 58

Lot 59

63 Bugatti interest, a side profile design for a roadster chassis Type 57S, design number 1082 £40 - 60 64 Three Formula 1 limited edition colour prints, including Craig Campbell Winning Formula, 97/850 (3) £60 - 80 65 A rare double sided die cut pictoral enamel advertising sign, Raleigh, 33 x 35 cm (corrosion damage and enamel losses) £30 - 50 66 Three enamel advertising signs, RAC Get-You-Home Service, 16 x 17 cm, Automobile Association Breakdown Service, 19 x 31 cm, and Evening Mail, 13 x 48 cm (some corrosion damage and enamel losses) (3) £30 - 50 67 Five enamel advertising signs, Morris Sales and Service, 20 cm diameter, and four others similar (some enamel losses and corrosion damage) (5) £60 - 80 68 A modern light box, Lotus, 70 cm wide See illustration £300 - 350

Lot 68 54 A Leaping Jaguar car mascot, mounted on a wooden box base, a quantity of National Benzole Company Limited matches books, contained within two original Post Office boxes, No. 17552/55 (qty) £40 - 50 55 An accessory car mascot, in the form of a Mosquito Torpedo Bomber Aeroplane, cast aluminium, wing span 18 cm, mounted on a plinth, and assorted car bonnet and other insignia, including Ford, Volvo and Triumph (box) £50 - 70 56 A Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 driver’s handbook, with service voucher book, and other items, all in original pouch, and a Road Map and Ferry Crossing book, published by the Ford Motoring Company of Dagenham, and an aircraft timeclock (3) £90 - 110 57 A set of twelve classic Jaguar pictures, including the SS1 and E-Type £240 - 260 58 A cherished registration number, 910 TYA, with retention certificate See illustration £500 - 600 59 A cherished registration number, 989 BTA, with retention certificate See illustration £500 - 600

Lot 69

69 A modern light box, Aston Martin Carrozzeria Zagato Milano, 80 cm wide See illustration £300 - 350 70 An enamel advertising sign, BP Motor Spirit (some corrosion and damage, minor enamel losses), 92 x 136 cm See illustration £100 - 120 71 An enamel advertising sign, Craven A Will Not Affect Your Throat (good bright colours with minor enamel losses), 76 x 102 cm £40 - 60 72 An enamel advertising sign, Get Your Player’s Please Here (minor enamel losses and good bright colours), 88 x 57 cm £40 - 50 73 Three circular aluminium advertising signs, Grizzly Gasoline, 59 cm diameter, Archer Motor Oil, 59 cm diameter, and Castrol, 60 cm diameter (3) £60 - 80 74 Three enamel advertising signs, Wills’s Gold Flake Cigarettes Sold Here, 92 x 46 cm, Wills’s Wild Woodbine Cigarettes, 16 x 185 cm, and Capstan Medium Cigarettes, 92 x 61 cm (3) £80 - 100 75 Three enamel advertising signs, The Birmingham Mail Always Something Extra, 70 x 46 cm, You’ll find more in the Evening Mail, 70 x 47 cm, and Agent for Thomson’s Dye Works Perth, 46 x 34 cm (enamel losses and fading) (3) £60 - 80

Lot 70

Lot 84

76 Three Michelin advertising signs (3) £50 - 70 77 Three enamel advertising signs, Old Calabar Dog Biscuits and Poultry Food, 30 x 92 cm, Toogood’s Better Crops Seeds, 76 x 78 cm, and Service Station for Wander Concrete Mixers, 48 x 68 cm (some enamel losses and corrosion damage) (3) £60 - 80 78 Three advertising signs, Fit and Forget K.L.G Sparking Plugs, 36 x 52 cm, Exide The Long Life Car Battery, 43 x 62 cm and Drive the Champion Way On Dependable Champion Spark Plugs, 76 x 46 cm (3) £70 - 90 79 A double sided enamel advertising sign, BP Motor Spirit, 40 x 60 cm (some enamel losses and corrosion) £60 - 80 80 Three enamel advertising signs, Gargoyle Mobiloil, 40 x 54 cm, Aladdin Pink Paraffin, 36 x 53 cm, and Pratts Motor Oil, 66 cm diameter (some enamel losses and corrosion damage) (3) £70 - 90 81 A rare enamel advertising sign, Morses Distempers First in 1975 Foremost Now, 61 x 92 cm (enamel losses and corrosion damage) £60 - 80 82 Two enamel advertising signs, Brooke Bond dividend Tea, 78 x 50 cm, and Wills’s Rich Cut Virginia Tobacco, 92 x 46 cm (some minor corrosion losses) (2) £50 - 70 83 An enamel advertising sign, Buying Agency For Harris, Calne, Wiltshire Established 1770 Bacon Curers, 45.5 x 76.6 cm, a reproduction Persil enamel advertising sign, and two other signs (4) £30 - 50 84 A rare pictorial enamel advertising sign, Ride A Raleigh The All Steel Bicycle, 92 x 122 cm (strong colours with some enamel losses and repainting) See illustration £180 - 220 85 Four information signs, Traffic Control Ahead, 77 x 107 cm, Service Point, and two warning triangles, loose chippings (4) £60 - 80 86 A large enamel pictorial advertising sign, British Goodrich Road-Tested Tyres Because They Are Road-Tested They Last Longer, 183 x 122 cm (some losses and corrosion) See back cover and other illustration £400 - 600 87 An enamel shield shape advertising sign, AA Garage, 80 x 54 cm £350 - 380 88 - 99

Lot 86 3

Lot 100

Vehicles Starting at 12.30 pm 100 A 1963 Triumph 21 3TA bath tub, registration number 752 PTA, maroon. Triumph’s first unit construction motorcycle was introduced in 1957, in both 350cc 3TA and 500cc 5TA format. This particular matching numbers 3TA comes direct from a deceased’s estate. It is believed that it is a former Devon/Cornwall Constabulary motorcycle, which has had one owner since 1984. Last taxed for the road in 1984, the Triumph has nevertheless been started and ridden on private land every couple of months, to keep everything working correctly. When inspected for consignment to this auction, she started very easily and sounded in rude health. After so many years of little use, she will now need the usual safety checks and light re-commissioning before taking to the road once again. Offered for auction with a Rickman full fairing and a V5. V5, MOT and tax exempt See illustration £1400 - 1600

Lot 101 101 A 1978 Suzuki GS400, registration number DTT 371T, black. This Suzuki now requires recommissioning after a number of years in dry storage or would make a good basis for a café racer or bobber project. V5C, no current MOT or tax See illustration £300 - 500

Lot 102

Lot 103

102 A 1949 Aberdale autocycle, registration number VSK 343, black and maroon. One of approximately 2000 autocycles manufactured by Aberdale between 1945 and 1954, when the factory closed its doors. The machines were well made, with a cradle type frame, pressed steel girder forks, 4 inch hub brakes front and rear, a Villiers lighting kit and the 89cc Junior de Luxe engine. This rare autocycle will require light recommissioning after several years of dry storage (last tax disc dated June 1995) and is offered for auction with a past MOT (expiry date April 1997), photocopies of articles relating to Aberdale autocycles and a copy of Buzzing Vol 22, No 4, August 2003. V5C, MOT and tax exempt See illustration £900 - 1100

103 A 1966 BSA 650 Thunderbolt combination, barn find, registration number TBA, blue. This Thunderbolt combination is in wonderful oily rag condition and has just emerged from barn storage. The combination has resided in the Bristol and Somerset area since it was first registered in 1966. The current owner acquired the combination approximately ten years ago and has used it for local journeys near his north Somerset home. The combination is now ready to either continue being used in its shabby chic state, or could be restored to showroom condition by the next owner. V5C, no current MOT, tax exempt See illustration £2500 - 2800


Lot 104 104 A 1971 Honda CB750K Paul Dunstall café racer, registration number KJC 382K, frame number 1096420, engine number 1096818, red. This Paul Dunstall roadster has been in the current ownership since 2001. The bike was used regularly until 2009 when the bike was put into storage until earlier this year when she was removed from storage, recommissioned and MOTd. The vendor believes that this is an original Dunstall and has all the right period parts, including the fairing, one piece petrol tank and seat unit, Cibie headlamp, Smiths oil pressure gauge, clutch and alternator finned cooling plates, bell

mouths fitted to the carburettors, twin front disc brakes, alloy wheels, Tommaselli clip on’s, Hagon rear shock absorbers, rear sets and stainless steel brake hoses. The history file contains receipts for a rebore for £355.80 and a tune and rejet for £150.40 from Rising Sun, a dyno sheet from Somerton Motorcycle Engineering showing 50hp at the rear wheel, past MOTs, a photocopy of the RF60 and SORNs. V5C, MOT to July 2014, taxed See illustrations £4800 - 5200 105 - 107

Lot 108 108 A 1977 Rover P6 3500S, registration number TYB 565R, white. Rover’s all new P6 range of executive sports saloons were produced between 1963 and 1977, with the 3500S manual version being the most sought after by enthusiasts and collectors. This example has had only four owners from new, with the current vendor purchasing her in 1992 with a recorded mileage of 69,355 miles. He then embarked on a full body restoration with new genuine old stock Rover panels and resprayed the car in the correct Rover white. The Rover was then used until 1997 adding less than 400 miles to the odometer. The Rover then went into storage until 2012. It was subsequently recommissioned with

a new water pump, reconditioned cylinder heads, brake check and full service (receipts on file for £1,041.93 and £491.48), it has seen limited use since, with the odometer now reading 69,929 miles at the last MOT. Finished in white with a brown Everflex vinyl roof, and tan cloth interior, she also has the desirable boot mounted spare wheel and cover, which frees up valuable boot space. Offered for auction with a history file containing photographs of the body restoration, past MOTs and maintenance receipts. A well maintained low mileage example of the most desirable P6 is now ready for immediate use for the lucky new owner. V5C, MOT to July 2014, taxed See illustrations £4000 - 4500


Lot 109

Lot 110

109 A 1963 Sunbeam Alpine 1600 GT Mk III, registration number 351 GXE, red. This Alpine has been in the current ownership since 1996. It is presented as a works style car, with a steel hardtop in white with a red body, which has been de-bumpered (bumpers accompany the car) and sits on Minilite style alloy wheels. The car has had some restoration carried out, including an engine rebuild by Channons of Dorchester, a four speed gearbox with overdrive has been added, a twin choke Weber and a front disc brake conversion has also been installed. The vendor informs us that the Alpine has been in dry storage since 2002, and it is now in need of general recommissioning, with special attention needed for the brakes, clutch and exhaust manifold. Offered for auction with a good history file, containing general maintenance receipts, past MOTs, photographs of past restoration, magazine articles, old tax discs and general correspondence. V5, V5C, no current MOT, currently on SORN See illustration £1500 - 2500

110 A left hand drive 1968 Fiat 500, registration number YMO 213F, blue. The cute little Fiat is the ultimate town car, akin to a fiery terrier nipping in and out of traffic, finding the smallest of gaps to enable speedy progress on today’s crowded streets. Indeed this was exactly what Dante Giacosa had in mind when he designed the diminutive Fiat, ready to take on the mean streets of Turin in July 1957. Purchased by the vendor in 2009, as a restoration project, the Fiat has been subject to a comprehensive body restoration with new panels including the front valance, boot and floor, and a full respray. Further works completed include stripping and checking of the engine and gearbox, new lights, battery and fan. Now resplendent in light blue with a full length Webasto style sunroof. The vendor informs us that the interior is in original condition, but would benefit from being retrimmed. With all of the hard work now completed, this charming little Fiat is ready for immediate use, but offers the next owner the chance to stamp their own personality on the car by retrimming the interior in their own style. V5, V5C, MOT to June 2014, tax exempt See illustration £4800 - 5200

Lot 111

Lot 112

111 A 1994 TVR Chimaera 400, registration number M145 KUH, ash green. Named after the mythical Greek monster, the Chimaera models are powered by a monstrously powerful V8 engines from 4 litre to 5 litre capacities, which endowed all models with supercar humbling performance. This 4 litre version benefits from having a comprehensive TVR specialist service history, from well respected dealers including Racing Green, Newton Motors and H R Owen. Finished in ash green with a two tone green and tan leather interior, a black double duck hood, black anodised alloy wheels, power assisted steering and T5 gearbox. Offered for auction with the extensive history, two sets of keys, original dealers wallets with 13 service stamps, past MOTs from 1997, original owners handbook and a battery trickle charger. V5C, MOT to September 2014, taxed See illustration £6500 - 7000

112 A 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300SL, registration number G140 JKU, silver. The R107 series of Mercedes sports cars were produced between 1971 and 1989. They are now a well established member of the classic car market and offer tremendous build quality and value. This example from the last year of production has seen little use of late and will require some recommissioning before obtaining a new MOT. The car is finished in a most attractive combination of silver with a full fawn leather interior, and is fitted with automatic transmission, electric windows and mirrors, it has a works steel hardtop and flat front alloy wheels. V5C, no current MOT or tax See illustration £2800 - 3200


Lot 113

113 A 1961 Rover P4 100, registration number RFF 121, Norse blue. Previously supplied by Hurst Park Motors, this desirable manual overdrive example of Rover’s P4 has covered a believed 83,000 miles from new. Finished in Norse blue with a blue leather interior fitted with the rare individual front seats, this very original example, which has been maintained to a high standard by previous and the current P4 owner’s club member, who has owned the car since 2005. During his custodianship he has attended numerous shows where the car has

been well admired, even having won a couple of concours awards during that time. The history file contains a hand written spreadsheet detailing all fuel purchased and miles per gallon from 2005, an owner’s handbook, past MOTs, the receipt from Hurst Park Motors and maintenance receipts. The vendor informs us that the car has been a pleasure to own and is only reluctantly for sale due to an impending house move. V5C, MOT to July 2014, tax exempt See illustrations £5000 - 5500 7

Lot 114

Lot 115

114 A 1971 Austin Mini 1000 Mk II, registration number DRX 755K, red. This Mk II Mini has had a full body restoration and respray, which was carried out in 2008. The car has subsequently not been used since and has just emerged from storage. She has been recommissioned and MOTd ready for the auction. The body has wheel arch extensions and sits on Superlite alloy wheels. The vendor informs us that the Mini drives very well, and he feels that it would make a great daily driver of starter classic. V5C, MOT to October 2014, tax exempt See illustration £3000 - 3500

115 A 1991 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC, registration number J135 XSC, silver. Mercedes-Benz W126 S class series of luxury saloon and coupés were manufactured between 1979 and 1991. They were available in various engine sizes from the 2.8 litre straight six to the 5.6 litre V8. This 5 litre V8 coupe is finished in the traditional colour combination of silver with a black leather interior, and as one would expect, with one of these luxurious coupés, she is equipped with all the usual executive toys. These include electric windows, sunroof, seat belt tensioners and mirrors, climate control, stereo system, walnut centre console and half leather and walnut steering wheel. Offered for auction with some service history this Mercedes coupé offers the next owner luxury motoring at a very attractive price. V5C, MOT to September 2014, no current tax See illustration £900 - 1100

Lot 116

Lot 117

116 A 1963 Hillman Minx Mk V, registration number BHU 548A, coffee and cream, one family owned from new. This father and son owned from new Mk V Minx was purchased from Cathedral Garage Bristol by Mr RB Sharp and was registered to him in 1964. It would remain Mr Sharp Senior’s daily transport until Mr R Sharp took over the running of the car until 1992, when the Minx was taken off the road and garage stored. The vendor informs us that the recorded mileage of 126,000 is believed to be genuine and a Gold Seal replacement engine was installed at approximately 75,000 miles. During its hibernation of 21 years, the engine has been turned over frequently and the car has been moved back and forth to keep the brakes from binding. Works noted by the vendor, which will require further investigation and attention, are the clutch which is currently seized and the slave cylinder which is leaking. This worthwhile restoration project is now ripe for recommissioning and once this is completed the Minx should make a great starter classic saloon. V5C, no current MOT, tax exempt See illustration £700 - 900

117 A 1958 Morris Minor post production convertible, registration number VSK 326, grey. In the current ownership since 2008, this convertible Morris Minor, which is finished in grey with a maroon soft top, and has a two tone red and grey interior with red carpets, has received maintenance from recognised specialists, including the Charles Ware Morris Minor Centre. These included a reconditioned engine with unleaded cylinder head in 2009, new front shock absorbers, a brake overhaul, new trunnions, new chassis leg sections and floor repairs. The history file contains receipts for the aforementioned work, other receipts for general servicing and a maintenance schedule. The vendor now feels that it is time to part company with the Morris after five years of enjoyable motoring. V5C, MOT to August 2014, tax exempt See illustration £2800 - 3200


Lot 118 118 A 2000 Bentley Arnage Red Label saloon, registration number X434 GJU, Peacock blue. Introduced to the general public in April 1998 at the La Sarthe circuit, home of the Le Mans 24 Hour race, and the scene of Bentley’s greatest triumphs in the 1920s. The Red Label model featured the older 420 bhp 6.75 litre push rod V8 engine mated to a four speed automatic gearbox with both economy and sport mode, which endowed this sumptuously equipped car with breathtaking performance equivalent to many a super car. Fastidiously maintained by the current and previous owners, the current odometer reading of 20,000 miles is substantiated with a full service history from respected Rolls Royce and Bentley specialists including Jack Barclay (with receipts

for nearly £20,000) and P&A Wood where the car was purchased by a previous owner in 2009 for £53,000. Finished in a most attractive Peacock blue with a sumptuous Cotswold hide interior, with blue lambswool over rugs and every conceivable luxury. Offered for auction with the aforementioned receipts from Jack Barclay and P&A Wood, the original dealer’s leather wallet with all handbooks, stamped service record and owners handbooks, past MOTs, V5 and V5C. The vendor describes the car as in generally excellent condition and as a pleasure to drive. V5C, MOT to February 2014, taxed See illustrations £26000 - 28000

Lot 119 119 A 1963 Bentley S2 standard steel saloon, registration number BZD 102, white. Introduced in 1959 the S2 featured the all new 6.5 litre V8 engine and was available in standard steel saloon and bespoke coachbuilt body styles by James Young, H J Mulliner & Park Ward. This particular standard steel saloon was first registered in Dublin and was renovated approximately six years ago. It has recently had new brake pads and seals fitted this year. Finished in white with a grey leather interior with rear picnic tables, she would make a great wedding car to help with the running costs and upkeep. Documentation TBA See illlustrations £14000 - 16000 120 - 121 9

Lot 122 122 A 1936 Morris 8 four seat tourer, registration number BVC 758, green over black. The Morris 8 Series 1, as they were to become known, were manufactured between 1935 and 1937. They were offered in saloon, coupé and tourer body styles and a 5 CWT van. This four seat tourer has formed part of the Morris 8 collection of John Ellis. Since acquisition in 2007 the tourer has been extensively restored, with a

Lot 123 123 A 1937 Morris 8 two door coupé, registration number ARX 242, red over black. This well restored Morris 8 has formed part of the John Ellis collection. The body has been re-sprayed and the interior has been re-trimmed with new seat covers, door cards, carpets and head lining. As with all of Mr Ellis’s cars, the act of restoring the car was of more importance to him than actually driving it, and as such the Morris has covered very few miles since completion of the restoration. To this end the car will now require a general check over and service before taking to the road. V5C, MOT and tax exempt See illustrations £5000 - 6000


refurbished and re-sprayed body, new weather gear and a beautifully re-trimmed green leather interior. Mr Ellis found pleasure in restoring cars rather than driving them, and as such the car has covered a limited mileage since completion of the restoration. A beautifully prepared and charming tourer capable of transporting four people in style. V5C, MOT and tax exempt See illustrations £6000 - 8000

Lot 124 124 A 1936 Morris 8 Series I four door saloon, registration number DPF 165, black over red. This Series I four door saloon comes from the John Ellis collection and is in restored condition. The car features a retrimmed red leather interior, a full length sunroof, luggage rack and wire wheels. As with John’s other cars, she has seen very little use since the restoration was completed. So the usual light recommissioning and general servicing should be carried out before the car takes to the road. V5C, MOT and tax exempt See illustrations £5000 - 6000

Lot 125 125 A 1946 Morris 8 Series E, registration number YFF 243, black. The post WWII Morris 8 Series E has the larger engine and waterfall front grill, which was a departure from the Series I & II cars from the pre WWII era. The fourth Morris from the John Ellis collection, was purchased by him to restore. Unfortunately due to advancing years John was never able to start this project, and it would appear to be in the same condition as purchased in 2007. The car appears solid and would be ripe for a sympathetic oily rag restoration. V5C, MOT and tax exempt See illustrations £2000 - 2500


Lot 126 126 A 1961 Austin Healey Mk I Frogeye Sprite, registration number 890 DNP, chassis number AN539341, red. This charming Frogeye Sprite has been restored by the current owner to a high standard. He informs us that everything that needed attention has been attended to. This included rebuilding the uprated 1275cc engine and gearbox, fitting front disc brakes with servo assistance and copper brake pipes, twin SU 1½ inch carburettors with K&N air filters, new wiring loom, alternator, fuel pump, sports exhaust and manifold, and battery with cutout switch. The interior has retrimmed black vinyl seats and new black carpets, and there is a black vinyl hood and perspex side screens fitted. The bodywork was completely stripped and new metal was added

Lot 127 127 A 1974 Chevrolet Camaro Custom Convertible, registration number MVO 686W, red. This second generation Camaro was at some point in the 1980s professionally converted into a full soft top (with substantial and very necessary structural upgrading), and was fitted with a highly tuned small block 283 cui V8 producing a reputed 300 bhp. The car has been barn stored for the past seven years and has recently been recommissioned, serviced and MOTd. It comes with a large history file from the mid 1980s to the late 1990s and was a well known car on the American car show scene. V5C, MOT to September 2013, no current tax See illustrations £6500 - 7500


where necessary, including new inner and outer sills, new inner front wings, boot floor, drivers and passenger floors, inner rear wheel arches and a full respray. The front bonnet is a later glass fibre example, but the vendor informs us that it was put on the car in the late 1960s or early 1970s when the Frogeye was believed to have been used in competition. Offered for sale with an RF60 logbook, an MOT from 1975, original owners handbook and workshop manual. A well restored example of the ever popular and increasingly sought after Frogeye Sprite which is only for sale due to a recent lack of use due to work commitments. V5C, MOT to September 2014, tax exempt See illustrations £9500 - 11500

Lot 128

Lot 129 (Library illustration)

128 A 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser 4.2 litre SV automatic, registration number M929 EBJ, red. The Toyota Land Cruiser is the 4x4 of choice for the United Nations! They are endowed with an inbuilt go anywhere and built for anything attitude. This 80 series automatic seven seater version, is fitted with a grey leather interior, electric windows, mirrors, and all of the usual toys. The current vendor has maintained the car very well including fitting a new automatic gearbox recently for £2,000. The car is offered for sale with some service history, old MOTs and V5C. V5C, MOT to August 2014, taxed See illustration £4800 - 5200

129 A 1980 Bedford CF camper van, registration number A935 JTT, white. This inexpensive camper van requires some restoration and recommissioning, but the vendor informs us that she is running and driving. V5C, no current MOT or tax See library illustration £500 - 600

Lot 130

Lot 131

130 A 1979 Austin Mini 1000, registration number KDV 137V, red. This Mini requires some tender loving care, and the vendor describes it as a useable daily driver which can be improved as time and money allows and would make an excellent winter project for an enthusiast. The bodywork is finished in red with a detachable glass fibre louvered bonnet and has wheel arch extensions. The interior has grey cloth bucket style seats and red carpets and there is a Mountney style leather rimmed steering wheel fitted. A great starter classic which is capable of immediate use at a very competitive price. V5C, MOT to December 2013, currently on SORN See illustration £700 - 900

131 A 1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS 25th Anniversary Edition, registration number J285 TNE, dark teal metallic. The year 1992 saw the 21st anniversary of Chevrolet’s muscle car, and a 21st anniversary edition was produced to mark this milestone. The third generation Rally Sport was offered in either 3.2 litre V6 or 5 litre V8 engine options. This particular automatic 5 litre RS has had some performance goodies added to the original specification. These include an Edelbrock performance manifold and EDL 500CFM carburettor, HE1 distributor and F car 3 inch bore stainless steel exhaust. Finished in teal blue, with a grey cloth interior, she is fitted with a twelve disc CD auto-changer, Targa glass roof and alloy wheels. Enthusiast owned and maintained, there are receipts on file for general maintenance, including a transmission rebuild in 2005 for £2000. Camaros from this era offer plenty of performance for your buck and this car is no exception. When you turn the key, that V8 fires up, and that mighty V8 roars, you will want to take this muscle car home. V5C, MOT to May 2014, taxed See illustration £2800 - 3200 13

Lot 132

132 A 1955 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn, registration number 487 YUH, chassis number SVJ 109, engine number S119J, Masons black over Shell grey. SVJ 109 is a matching numbers car with continuous history. Rolls Royce agents Rippon Bros Ltd delivered this Silver Dawn to her first owner, Mr Thomas Lumb, who registered it to his company name, Thomas Lumb Co Ltd, Victoria Mills, Skipton, Yorkshire, with the original registration number JCX 749. It would remain in Mr Lumb’s possession until passing to the second owner, Mr Walter Greaves, who purchased the Rolls Royce through Viceroy Carriage Company in 1966. SVJ 109 remained with Mr Greaves until 1975, when a Mr Richard Werby acquired the car and exported it to America where he resided for over three decades. At the time of export the recorded mileage was 90,000 miles. The Silver Dawn remained in Mr Werby custodianship until 2001, during which time Mr Werby added another 16,000 miles to the odometer, and serviced and maintained the car with recognised 14

specialists including Rolls Royce of Beverly Hills. The fourth owner, Dr Stephen Davidson, acquired SVJ 109 in 2001, with the odometer now reading 106,000 miles, over the next ten years Dr Davidson lavished $41,576.39 of maintenance and refurbishment on her (invoices on file) and increased the mileage to 118,000 miles. SVJ 109 returned to these shores in 2011 and was purchased by the current vendor. The extensive history file contains copies of the original order form, with special features of automatic gearbox and standard traficators, copies of the build sheets, various copies of newspaper articles relating to Mr Lumb, Rolls Royce service handbook (1953), automatic gearbox instruction card and warranty, Smiths radiomobile instruction book, numerous invoices for thousands of pounds/dollars and the original RF60. The vendor informs us that this imposing and well maintained Rolls Royce is on the button and ready to be enjoyed as Rolls Royce intended. V5C, MOT and tax exempt (taxed) See illustrations ÂŁ28000 - 32000

Lot 133

Lot 134

133 A 1965 Austin Mini Moke, registration number DVO 440C, white. The original British Moke was produced between 1964 and 1968 with approximately 15,000 rolling off the Longbridge production line. The Moke found cult status after appearing in the hit TV series The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan. This particular Moke has been in the current ownership for over 20 years and was last on the road in 2001. It has been modified over the years with an automatic gearbox, later engine and bucket racing seats. The vendor informs us that he now feels that the car would make an excellent winter project for someone, and is currently running and driving but will require attention to the engine mounts, exhaust brackets and general recommissioning before obtaining a new MOT. A rare early survivor of the British Moke, which could be used and enjoyed once the necessary repairs have been carried out, or could form the basis of a good project to restore when funds and time allow. V5, no current MOT or tax See illustration £4000 - 4500

134 A 1913/14 Haynes Model 24 restoration project, not currently registered. One of two cars imported in the 1970s by a gentleman from Somerset, both cars required full restoration, but unfortunately neither car was restored. This particular car has had some restoration carried out, including an engine and gearbox rebuild, the front wings have been restored and sprayed black, the rear axle has been reconditioned and the steering wheel has been remade with a wood rim and powder coated spokes. There is still a considerable amount of work to be done to complete the restoration, but once completed this very rare car will be a pleasure to own. The car is offered for auction with photographs of the car in America, photocopied photographs of the car arriving in England, a sales brochure and general correspondence. Not currently registered, MOT and tax exempt See illustration £4800 - 5200

Lot 135

Lot 136

135 A 2000 Jaguar S-Type 3 litre V6 sports saloon, registration number X309 VPU, black. This particular S-Type has been well maintained by the present and past owners. It is lavishly appointed with satellite navigation, electric windows, seats, and mirrors, and has a stereo system fitted with a CD autochanger. There is an accompanying service history contained within the original supplying dealer leather wallet (supplied by H R Owen), and has all of the accompanying owner’s handbooks. V5C, MOT to December 2013, taxed See illustration £1300 - 1500

136 A 1993 Lexus LS400, registration number L976 CNA, silver. Manufactured to be the equivalent of Germany’s Mercedes-Benz range of cars, the Lexus range of saloon cars are built to an extremely high standard. This particular LS400 has a full Lexus service history to substantiate the 112,000 miles covered from new. Finished in an attractive colour scheme of silver coachwork with a full black leather interior. The interior has all the luxuries one would expect from one of these top of the range models, including a boot mounted CD autochanger, climate control, electric windows, mirrors, seats and sunroof. The current vendor has recently replaced the rear shock absorbers and springs, and describes the car as driving extremely well, with effortless performance and comfort. V5C, MOT to May 2014, taxed See illustration £800 - 1000 15

Lot 137 (Library illustration) 137 A 1995 Bentley Continental R, registration number M340 ROS, Balmoral green, 55,500 thousand miles from new, with full service history. The bespoke Bentley Continental R, was manufactured in the grand manner of the post WWII Rolls Royce & Bentley cars and featured coachwork by Mulliner Park Ward. Effortless performance was delivered by the mighty 6.75 litre V8 twin Garret turbocharged engine, mated to the new GM4L80-E automatic gearbox, which endowed this flagship Bentley model with a 150 mph top speed. Finished in Balmoral green with a cream leather interior piped in green, with

contrasting green Wilton carpets, with cream edging and green lambswool over-rugs. There is a full service history from the supplying dealer Jack Barclay Ltd and other Rolls Royce and Bentley service agents, contained within the original leather wallet, with the last service being carried out at 53,650 miles. The history file contains the original owner’s handbooks, service receipts, service record book, past MOTs and general correspondence. The Bentley is now only offered for sale in order to reduce the gentleman’s collection. V5C, MOT to June 2014, taxed See library and other illustration £26000 - 30000

Lot 138 138 A 1976 Triumph TR6, registration number MEU 106P, maroon. The TR6 was the last of the hairy chested big six cylinder engined TRs that were in production from 1969 to 1976. During the seven year production run, nearly 95,000 rolled off the production line, with a staggering 91% being exported, mainly to North America. The TR6 incorporated the Karmann of Germany’s square cut restyled body and the 2.5 litre engine and running gear from the previous TR5. Like the majority of TR6s this example started life as a left hand drive example, which was exported to North America. It returned back to these shores in 1991, whereupon it was converted to right hand drive. The vendor purchased the car in 1995. Since that time the car has been well maintained and has recently been restored with a full respray, freshly re-trimmed interior in tan leather, the seats were rebuilt with new seat 16

foams, the door cards and carpets were also renewed. A new mohair hood and hood cover were fitted. The running gear has seen a similar attention to detail with a recent stainless steel sports exhaust, new radiator, Lumenition ignition system, new wiring loom, new clutch, ignition components, radiator hoses, and drive shaft universal joints and bushes. The large history file contains receipts for the aforementioned works, further invoices and receipts for general maintenance and upkeep and past MOTs. This desirable manual overdrive car is now only for sale, so the vendor can concentrate his efforts on finishing the restoration of his Mk III Spitfire. V5C, MOT to April 2014, taxed See illustrations £10000 - 12000 139 - 140

Lot 141

Lot 142

141 A 1988 Porsche 944S, registration number E339 CPC, white. Porsche’s 944 models offer excellent value in today’s classic car market. With their inherent build quality, racing pedigree and everyday useability, they really are a sports car which can be used on a daily basis. This example is finished in white with a black vinyl and cloth interior and is fitted with a factory fitted sunroof, five speed gearbox, electric windows and central locking. The Porsche has had a cam belt change at 129,000 miles, current mileage is 132,000 miles and a recent oil and filter service. The vendor feels that the Porsche would now benefit from some tender loving care, after little recent use. V5C, MOT to June 2014, taxed See illustration £1750 - 1950

142 A 1994 Jaguar Sovereign 4.0 Automatic, registration number L799 CAD, red. This believed 63,000 miles from new Sovereign is finished in red with a beige full leather interior with Wilton carpets. This example features many optional extras, including air conditioning, cruise control, electric and memory seats and sits on alloy wheels. V5C, MOT to May 2014, taxed See illustration £1800 - 2000

Lot 143

Lot 144

143 A 2000 Peugeot 406 Pininfarina coupé, registration number M6 BOP, silver. This is a stylish coupé with a full black leather interior, electric memory seats and other refinements. V5C, MOT to September 2014, no current tax See illustration £1400 - 1600

144 A 1967 Morris Minor post production convertible, registration number OYN 858F, black. This converted saloon has a recently retrimmed tan interior and white soft top. V5C, MOT to September 2014, tax exempt See illustration £3800 - 4000


Lot 145

145 A 1968 Ford Mustang 289 fastback coupé, currently unregistered, Candy Apple metallic red. The Ford Mustang fastback found cult status after starring in the classic film Bullitt, starring Steve McQueen as Lt Frank Bullitt, and has been a bedroom wall pinup ever since. This matching numbers car, was built at Metuchen where it rolled off the production line on 5th April 1968, to be dispatched to the supplying dealer Bay Star Motor Company, 1159/67 Hutson Boulevard, Bayonne, New Jersey. Its supplied standard specification included a 289V2 V8 engine, cruise-o-matic transmission, power steering, AM radio, louvred hood (bonnet), black standard bucket seats, 2:79 standard axle, wheel covers and lime green paint. Unfortunately very little is known of the early history of the Mustang, until the current owner picks up the story. He purchased the Ford in 2010 in America and had the car imported into England, where a full bare metal restoration has been carried out to a show standard. There is a comprehensive photographic record of the restoration being undertaken, with the body being stripped and taken down to bare metal, all corroded metal being removed and new repair sections and 18

panels being welded into place. The respray was then carried out to a show standard with a very special metallic paint finish, which changes colour from red to almost black in certain lights. The engine was rebuilt in the states by Mars Automotive of Annapolis, Maryland and there is a letter on file signed by a Notary for the state of Maryland testifying to the work carried out. All of the running gear has been rebuilt with new components, the interior has been refurbished with new carpets and upholstery, and she sits on new alloy wheels and tyres. All of the extensive work has cost in the region of £40,000 to complete and there is a vast history file with numerous receipts and correspondence to substantiate the cost. The Mustang has been MOTd, but not registered as the vendor feels that the new lucky owner can have the pleasure of being the first registered British keeper. Offered for auction with the aforementioned history file, a CD of the restoration, a copy of the original build sheet, a Marti Auto Works Deluxe Marti report, a letter from the Notary and the shipping and dock report. Not currently registered, MOT to September 2014, tax exempt See illustrations £30000 - 35000

Lot 146

146 A 1973 Triumph Stag, registration number KCR 272L, Inca yellow. This desirable manual overdrive Stag belongs to Phil Kinsella of Kinsella’s Classic Cars. Phil is a well known Triumph specialist and until recently, a Triumph Sports six Club area coordinator. Phil acquired the Stag in 2008, and embarked on a comprehensive restoration. The bodywork was completely stripped and new metal incorporated into the body shell as needed. This included new full outer sills, boot floor, wheel arch repairs front and rear, new boot lid, floor pans and other panels. There is a comprehensive photographic record of the work being carried out with approx. 100 photographs of the work at various stages. The body shell was then bare metal resprayed in Inca yellow (originally red). All of the bright work was either renewed or rechromed as necessary including stainless steel front and rear bumpers. The interior has been retrimmed with new seat foams, black vinyl seat covers, the dashboard and centre console have been reveneered in walnut effect, new carpets, rear seat seatbelts were fitted and a new mohair hood finished the retrimming. The engine and running gear have similarly had extensive restoration with an all new and reconditioned braking system, stainless steel exhaust, new suspension parts, re-bushing, copper brake pipes, overhauled steering rack, the

engine bay has been detailed and the engine received new timing chains, the radiator has been recored, and all new hoses were fitted. During the restoration proven modifications have been added to aid modern motoring conditions, including an electric Kenlow fan, a stainless steel header tank, electronic ignition, halogen headlamps and spin on oil filter kit. Since the completion of the restoration the Stag has featured in classic car shows in the South West, including being a featured car on the TSSC stand at the Royal Bath and West Restoration Car Show in 2009/2010 where the stand won best in show. The extensive history file contains the original passport to service (supplying dealer W Croxford Card, Kidderminster), past MOTs, restoration receipts, the aforementioned photographs of the body restoration and a V5. This beautifully restored Stag is only for sale due to Phil’s work commitments and a recent lack of use, he only used the car on a couple of occasions last year. With well over 400 hours of labour being lavished on this Stag, plus parts, you would not be able to replicate a Stag to this condition for a figure approaching £30,000, so at the guide price it offers excellent value for money. V5C, MOT to October 2014, tax exempt See illustrations £8000 - 10000


Lot 147

Lot 148

147 A 2000 MG F 1.8, registration number W297 RGH, black. This MG F is fitted with the semi-automatic Sellospeed gearbox, and has covered a believed 75,000 miles from new. Finished in attractive black coachwork with a half black leather and cloth interior, and black soft top. The current lady and previous lady owner of seven years have maintained the car to a good standard, and the current lady owner has recently replaced the battery and has fitted two new tyres. There is some service history with past MOTs and receipts. V5C, MOT to June 2014, taxed See illustration £1200 - 1400

148 A 1986 BMW 320i Baur TC2 convertible, registration number D119 YAU, red. Baur of Stuttgart are specialist coachbuilders who have been building stylish BMW convertibles since the 1930s. Baur offered their unique Targa convertible from 1982 and over the next ten years nearly 2,500 examples were produced. This Baur has been maintained by Lewis Motors, a BMW specialist in Blackpool, in recent years, including the renewal and refurbishment of various parts, including a new exhaust, overhaul of the brakes, fuel pump and bellow replacement, rear wishbone bushes and fitting of aftermarket TSW alloy wheels and new tyres. Baur BMW’s offer the motorist something a little different with their versatile Targa roof which offers the best of both worlds. V5C, current MOT, no current tax See illustration £2000 - 2500

Lot 149

Lot 150 (Library illustration)

149 A 1998 Chrysler Stratus LE four seater left hand drive convertible, registration number S322 JFO, white. This inexpensive American soft top has an electric hood and grey cloth interior, and has covered a believed 171,000 kilometers from new. V5C, MOT to November 2013, no current tax See illustration £1200 - 1500

150 A 1981 Mercedes-Benz 200T estate, registration number DDO 831, yellow. Mercedes W123 models were manufactured between 1976 and 1985. They were available in four door saloon, coupé and touring estate version, and employed both petrol and diesel engines. This 2 litre petrol engine version has a four speed manual gearbox and the original Mercedes-Benz bulletproof quality and reliability. It is also fitted with power assisted steering and comes with two sets of keys and a set of snow chains! V5C, MOT to June 2014, taxed See library illustration £2000 - 2400


Lot 151

151 A 1960 Austin Se7en Mini Deluxe Saloon, registration number 59 MKK, chassis number AA2S7/62157, engine number 8AM-UH/88000, Tartan red, two owners and believed only 55,500 miles from new. This very original timewarp condition Mini has only had two owners in its 53 years. The first Mr William Stanley Mabe purchased the car from Craybrooke Garage Ltd, Kent in January 1961. He would retain the car until 1981 when the current owner aquired it. The low mileage can be explained by the fact that Mr Mabe only used the Mini until 1975. There are MOTs on file from December 1965 until October 1975. The Mini would then remain in storage until 1981 when the current owner purchased it, he would then retain the car in storage until earlier this year when the car was removed, recommissioned and MOTd for the first time in 38 years. What really makes this car stand

out from the crowd, is the enormous amount of period extras which were ordered and installed by Craybrooke Garage. These are all documented on the original receipt and cost an extra £157.17s.6d on top of the puchase price of £758.10s.2d. The history file contains the MOT certificates from 1965 to 1975, the original bill of sale, the original warranty card, the receipt for the recommissioning work, the original sales brochure, a workshop manual, heritage certificate and RF60 log book. This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase an original and what must be a unique early Mini, with all of the period charm any collector could ask for. V5C, MOT to September 2014, tax exempt See illustrations £12000 - 14000 152 - 154 21

Lot 155

155 A 1961 Morris Mini Minor pickup, registration number 419 NYC, chassis number M-AU4/196721, engine number 8AM-U-L/270629, Whitehall beige, one owner, and less than 27,000 miles from new. From the first year of production, this rare Mini pickup must surely be one of the earliest known low mileage examples to have survived. 419 NCY was built on 27 December 1961 and was dispatched to the supplying dealer, Sticklands Garages, Gillingham, Dorset, on 6th January 1962, where it would be registered to its only registered keeper, Mrs Minnie Gould on 18th January 1962. The pickup would subsequently be used by Mrs Gould until 1970, when the Mini was put into a hay barn, where it would remain until 1999. At this time, the Mini was removed from storage, and the car was re-commissioned with a full respray and the original engine had the cylinder head reconditioned with hardened seat valves for unleaded petrol. The pickup retains all of the unique features of an early production model, including the one piece rear 22

bumper, the original rear tilt and hoops, and the floor mounted starter switch. It is also interesting to note, that the Mini was fitted with optional extras, which would all be taken for granted today. These special features include a heater, windscreen washer, front bumper overriders, low compression engine and passenger seat. The Mini comes to auction with a history file containing a continuation RF60 log book, a BMC seat covers brochure, the Morris maintenance service voucher book, a Mini-Minor driver’s handbook, the BMC driver’s club booklet and application card, RAC pamphlet, a Morris Mini van and pickup schedule of repair charges book, a heritage certificate, and a copy of Classic Van & Pickup magazine, January 2012 issue, where the pickup is featured on page 32. Now for sale for the first time in 52 years, this very low mileage and extremely original pickup is a must for any Mini collector. V5, MOT to July 2014, tax exempt See illustrations £11000 - 13000

Lot 156

Lot 157

156 A 1962 Triumph Herald 1200, registration number FSL 335, grey over white. This practical starter classic has recently been recommissioned and MOTd after a few years of inactivity. To acquire its new MOT the Herald required the following repairs, new trunnions, new offside drive shaft universal joint, extensive welding to the boot floor, new fuel pump and fuel lines, new ignition components, a stainless steel silencer box and numerous other small components. Due to a change in circumstances, the vendor is reluctantly selling the Herald and feels that it would benefit from further improvements, including the fitting of a new rear valance, respray and interior refurbishment. This Herald would be a great introduction to classic car motoring and the further improvements could be made when time and funds allow. V5C, MOT to December 2013, tax exempt See illustration £900 - 1100

157 A 1970 Triumph Spitfire Mk III, registration number FDH 970H, red. The Mk III Spitfire is probably the best of the Spitfire models. It combined the early cars good looks with the higher revving 1299cc engine. This charming manual overdrive example, belonged to the previous owner for many years. Finished in bright red with a recently replaced black hood and hood cover. The body structure has had new floor pans, inner and outer sills replaced and a stainless steel exhaust fitted. The history file contains a quantity of invoices, old MOTs, tax discs and an owner’s handbook. The vendor informs us that the Spitfire is a sound example which is running well but would benefit from a respray, and is being offered for auction with a quantity of spares. V5C, MOT to September 2014, tax exempt See illustration £1750 - 1950

Lot 158

Lot 159

158 A 1987 Pontiac Trans Am GTA, registration number D252 HPX, white. This third generation car has covered a believed 45,000 miles from new, and features the standard 350 cui 5.7 litre engine, and featured the WS6 performance handling package and air conditioning. Supplied new to Japan in 1987 it remained there with just one keeper before being imported into the UK in 2009 by a specialist near Salisbury in Wiltshire. Since being imported the car has effectively been in the hands of two private individuals at opposite ends of the country (Edinburgh and Newquay). Recent work has included a full service, new tyres on refurbished Boyd alloys, new exhaust system, headlight motor rebuild, new centre console, door rubbers and some minor paintwork. The car is offered to auction with sundry bills for recent work, and old MOTs back to importation in 2009 when the mileage was 38,500 miles. A rare and desirable variant of an iconic all American sports car. V5C, MOT to March 2014, no current tax See illustration £3000 - 4000

159 A 1989 Volkswagen Polo Fox, registration number G701 FOP, red, one owner and 38,000 miles from new. This great little runabout has had one owner from new and has a comprehensive service history with 24 stamps in the service book. The original owners wallet, contains the service schedule booklet, authorised dealers directory, Monaco GP 1001 radio instruction pamphlet, extended warranty card, dealer's instruction manual, and Volkswagen/Audi touring Europe insurance pamphlet. V5C, MOT to September 2014, no current tax See illustration £1200 - 1600 160 - 161


Lot 162

162 A 1969 Morris Mini Cooper S Mk II 1275, registration number VAE 357H, chassis number KA2S6S1300972, engine number 9FXeY53795, white with black roof. BMC's Mk II Cooper S was available in both Austin and Morris guises, with 790 Austin and 689 Morris versions being produced for the home market between September 1967 and January 1970, with a further 1897 being produced for the export market. There are currently only 426 Mini Cooper S Mk IIs registered with the Mini Cooper Register, making the Mk II S a relatively rare version of BMC hot Mini. This four owner Cooper S has been garaged since 1988 (last current tax disc displayed) and now requires re-commissioning or restoring, depending on the new owner's requirements. Finished in white, with a black roof and black vinyl interior, which only has the driver's seat and back seat fitted. The passenger seat and carpets are no longer present. The 24

body shell has had new front wings and outer sills fitted at some point, but the rest of the body shell is original with correct spot welds and brackets fitted as per factory specification, as verified by the Mini Cooper Register area representative for Cornwall. The vendor informs us that the engine turns over and the Mini rolls freely on its period alloy wheels. The brake servo is missing, but again the correct bracket is in place to install a new one. Little history accompanies the car, except for a V5 and an old MOT from 1988, when the mileage is recorded at 96,896 miles, the current odometer reading is now 96,908 miles. This rare and desirable Cooper S is now ripe for oil rag recommissioning or a full restoration, and with Mini Cooper values steadily rising, this low ownership example offers an excellent opportunity to secure a genuine Cooper S. V5, no current MOT, tax exempt See illustrations ÂŁ14000 - 16000

Lot 163

163 A 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1½ 2+2 coupé, registration number RLO 10E, chassis number 1E 50580BW, dark Jaguar blue. RLO 10E was registered to its first keeper, A Wander Ltd of 42 Upper Grosvenor Street London W1 on 2nd May 1967. She would subsequently change hands a further three times, before the current vendor acquired her in 1993. An automatic example of the iconic E-Type, RLO 10E, has been extensively restored to a very high standard, by the current vendor. Works carried out include a full bodywork restoration with new metal incorporated into the body shell as necessary, this is recorded with numerous photographs of the work in progress. A full respray was then executed in dark Jaguar blue by West Coker Body Repairs in 1998 for £2,711 (receipt on file), all of the brightwork was either rechromed or replaced as necessary, the engine was replaced due to a cracked block supplied by W Swallow Engineering (receipt on file), the interior was

retrimmed in dove grey leather, the Webasto sunroof was renovated, and new chrome wire wheels and tyres were purchased, all of the running gear brakes and suspension were reconditioned with new parts as necessary (receipts on file from Castle Vehicle Heritage Limited), plus numerous other items associated with a thorough complete restoration. Since the restoration was completed in 2008/2009, the Jaguar has only covered a very limited mileage of approximately 300 miles. Offered for auction with an extensive history file with receipts for many thousands of pounds, a photograph album of the body restoration and respray, past MOTs and RF60. This extensively restored and beautifully presented E-Type is now ready and waiting for the lucky new owner to enjoy her as Jaguar intended. V5C, MOT to March 2014, tax exempt See illustrations £25000 - 28000


Lot 164 164 A 1973 Jaguar XJ6 Series II, registration number NDD 55M, sable, less than 60,000 miles from new. This very early XJ6 Series II belonged to a brother and sister until 2008 and has covered a cosseted 59,500 miles from new, with a full service history to substantiate the mileage. The Jaguar was registered to the sister in October 1973. The original bill of sale from Mann, Egerton & Co of Cheltenham, confirms that the car was supplied with electric windows, a Radiomobile 1095T radio and wing mounted aerial. With delivery and number plates, she cost a not inconsiderable £3,908.31. Mann, Egerton & Co maintained the car until July 1978, documented with six stamps in the Passport to Service (13,406), for the next 13 years, the Jaguar was serviced by local specialist garages and a further five stamps were added to the passport. In 1991 the ownership of the car passed to the brother, who resided in Ross-on-Wye. For the next 17

Lot 165 165 A 1974 MG B GT, registration number TYC 310M, red. This desirable tax exempt manual overdrive GT has been in the current ownership since 1995. She has been extensively restored by the vendor, with new body panels, full re-spray, a new engine, refurbished interior, and numerous other items associated with a thorough restoration. The decision was taken by the vendor to change the original white paint work to red when the body work was restored. The MG is offered for auction with an extensive history file, with past MOTs, tax discs, restoration and maintenance receipts, parts lists, general correspondence and V5. V5C, MOT to July 2014, tax exempt See illustrations £4000 - 4500


years he used Gardner Butcher garages to undertake the care of the Jaguar, adding a further five stamps to the passport and no less than a further 29 visits for service and maintenance work, including new sills in 2005. The car was sold to the third registered keeper in March 2008, he would only use the Jaguar for four months, before putting the car into storage where it would remain until recently emerging from hibernation and being recommissioned and serviced prior to obtaining a new MOT. Offered for auction with a comprehensive service history from the original bill of sale to the present day, including Passport to Service, original sales brochure, owner’s handbook, a sales and service booklet and a contemporary road test report. A timewarp example of Sir William Lyon’s finest. This XJ6 would be a great addition to any collection. V5C, MOT to April 2014, no current tax See illustrations £4000 - 4500

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The Buyer a) The highest bidder acknowledged as such by the auctioneer will be the buyer. If any dispute arises, the auctioneer shall have absolute discretion to settle the matter. The auctioneer shall rule the bidding and no bid shall be retracted. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any bid. The bidder at the sale who is successful in purchasing any lot or lots is entirely responsible for paying for such lot or lots in accordance with our terms of business. Purchases made on behalf of a third party are entirely the responsibility of the bidder at the sale. The auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of the vendors for any lot and to withdraw, consolidate or divide any lot or lots. b) The buyer of any lot shall be solely responsible for conforming with the requirements of the Road Traffic Acts, the Construction and Use of Motor Vehicle Regulations and all relevant orders, rules and legislation made in connection therewith. c) The buyer of any lot shall be solely responsible for the obtaining of any export license that may be required in connection with any lot purchased. (see below) Export Licences i) Buyers are reminded that an export license is required for any vehicle purchased for more than £15,999 and manufactured or produced 50 years prior to the date of export. Certain other items including, inter alia, all manuscripts and documents 50 or more years old and photographic material 60 or more years old and valued at £400 or more require export licences. ii) It should be noted that export licences usually take a minimum of four weeks to obtain and buyers are reminded that their purchases must be stored away from the auction site, at their cost, pending export. iii) Buyers are reminded that it is a serious offence to breach or attempt the regulations concerning export licences.



Buyers are reminded that their purchases are held at their risk from the fall of the hammer and Charterhouse will not accept any liability for loss of or damage to any lot.


Registration. To assist the progress of the sale, all prospective buyers must register their name and address at reception and collect a numbered bidding card before the sale commences. This card may be used to indicate your bids to the auctioneer during the sale. Two forms of identification need to be supplied to register, at least one with name, address, signature and preferably photograph, for example a new style driving licence. For prospective buyers who will not be at the sale, either because they are leaving absentee bids or are having a telephone bid, and who are interested in a vehicle or motorbike, a £1,000 deposit will need to be paid. This will be refunded if the bid is not successful. If the bid is successful, this sum will be used towards the final bill.


Buyer’s Premium. A buyer’s premium of 15% plus VAT is payable on the final bid price of each automobilia lot. A buyer’s premium of 10% plus VAT is payable on the final bid price of each vehicle lot, with a minimum buyer’s premium of £80 plus VAT being payable on motor cars and motorcycles.


Value Added Tax. Lots on which Value Added Tax may be payable by the buyer on the "hammer price" are indicated in the catalogue by a symbol beside the lot number. The buyer shall pay any VAT which may be due on any amounts owed by the buyer under these Terms of Business at the rates prevailing on the day of the auction.


Auctioneers Margin Scheme. The Auctioneers Margin Scheme allows auctioneers to sell items without VAT on the hammer price. Under the margin scheme an amount equivalent to VAT at the current rate is added to the buyer’s premium. This amount cannot be refunded. The VAT element will not be shown separately on the buyer’s invoice.


Payment. The purchase price must be paid by the buyer to Charterhouse no later than 12 noon on the Tuesday following the sale. Our methods of payment are with cash or card. Visa and Mastercard are accepted, and incur a 2% surcharge. Cash for amounts over £9,000 will not be accepted. All purchases must be paid in full before any lot is removed from the premises, no goods will be released to buyers unknown to the auctioneers without adequate reference. Any buyers unknown to the auctioneer must establish a bank reference with the Accounts department prior to the sale. Anyone who, for whatever reason, is unable to pay for their goods on the day of the sale, must inform the Accounts department as to the date and method that payment will be made. Accounts not paid within fourteen days will automatically be subject to an interest charge of 5% above base rate from the day of sale. a)


Our bank details are as follows: Bank: Nat West Bank Address: 50 Cheap Street, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3BH Sort Code: 60-19-12 Account No: 97883700 Account Name: Charterhouse

Description a) All lots are sold and purchased ‘as seen’. A vehicle sold ‘as seen’ is sold and purchased for what it is and with all its faults (if any) and without any condition, warranty or other term (whether expressed or implied and whether implied by statute, common law, custom or otherwise) as to the age, description, mileage, suitability, fitness for purpose, merchantable quality or roadworthiness of the vehicle. b) Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the description of each lot, but these, whether made orally or in the catalogue, are expressions of opinion and not representations of fact. Illustrations whether in the catalogue, on the web site, or sent by email are solely for guidance and must not be relied upon in any manner whatsoever. Most lots are of an age and nature which precludes their being in pristine condition. The condition of any lot and the nature of any damage and/or restoration should be confirmed by the buyer by examination prior to the sale. All prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves as to the condition, colour, age and all other matters relating to any lot and no claims will be accepted in respect of any such matter. c) Each buyer by making a bid for a lot acknowledges that he has satisfied him or herself fully as to the condition of the lot. If any damage is done to any lot at the viewing or before, during or after the sale, such damage shall be made good by the person committing such damage, principals being responsible for the acts of their servants, such damage to be assessed by the auctioneers. d) Whilst every endeavour has been made to ensure that the items lotted in this catalogue will be available and offered for sale in catalogue order, no responsibility can be accepted by the auctioneers for variations and omissions due to circumstances beyond their control. Neither Charterhouse nor the sellers of any lot will accept responsibility for any misrepresentations, misdescriptions or omissions obtained in this catalogue.


Contract of Sale a) On the fall of the hammer, a contract of sale is completed between the seller and the buyer. Charterhouse is not a party to the contract of sale and shall not be liable for any breach thereof by the buyer or the seller. b) If successful in buying a lot, please ensure that your number can be seen by the auctioneer and that it is your number that is called out. Should there be any doubts as to price or buyer, please drawer the auctioneer’s attention to it immediately. Please contact the accounts desk with details of how you will pay. c) The ownership of the lot(s) purchased will not pass to the buyer until the buyer has paid the auctioneers in full the total amount due and the auctioneers have applied such payment to the lot.


Transfer of Risk. Each lot shall be the purchaser’s sole risk from the fall of the hammer and shall be sold with all faults and imperfections, the auctioneer not being responsible for the correct description, genuineness or authenticity of any lot and making no warranty whatsoever. The purchaser is deemed to have inspected the lots and satisfied himself as to their condition.




Commission Bids. If instructed, the auctioneers will execute bids and advise prospective purchasers. This service is free. Lots will always be purchased as cheaply as is allowed by such other bids and reserves as are on the auctioneer’s books. In the event of identical bids, the earliest will take precedence. There must always be a maximum limit indicated, ie the amount to which you would bid if you were attending the auction yourself. "Buy" or unlimited bids will not be accepted. Commission bids placed by telephone are accepted at the client’s risk. We do accept commission bids by facsimile and email, providing they are accompanied by full name and address details. We urge our clients to place such commission bids within one hour of the close of the view day.


Telephone Bids. Requests for telephone bidding must be registered with the Accounts department within one hour of the close of the view day. It may not be possible to accept requests on sale days. Written confirmation of such bids from persons unknown to the auctioneers must be received before the commencement of the sale. Whilst every effort will be made to execute telephone bidding, the auctioneers cannot be held responsible for any default or neglect in connection with this service. All such arrangements therefore are made entirely at the prospective buyer’s risk.


Collection of Goods. All vehicles must be collected by 2.30 pm on the day following the sale. Vehicles not collected by this time will be removed to a compound at Evercreech at a cost of £70.00 + VAT per vehicle. Storage charges will then be levied at £10.00 per vehicle per day or part thereof. Motorcycles not collected by 2.30 pm on the day following the sale will be removed to our head office in Sherborne at a cost of £40.00 + VAT per motorcycle. Automobilia will also be removed to our head office for collection at no charge. Lots will only be released to the buyer or their authorised representative upon presentation of release notes issued by Charterhouse and settlement of any removal, handling and storage charges due. Purchasers are reminded that each lot shall be the purchasers sole risk from the fall of the hammer. Buyers should be aware that no lots will remain at the auction site after 2.30 pm on the day following the sale.


Third Party Liability. Every person on the auctioneers’ premises before, during or after a sale, shall be deemed to be there at their own risk and shall have no claim against the auctioneer or owner of the auction premises in respect of any injury they may sustain or any accident which may occur.

CHARTERHOUSE Classic Car, Motorcycle

CHARTERHOUSE Auctioneers & Valuers

& Automobilia auction programme 2014

Sunday 16th February

Sunday 3rd November 2013

Sunday 6th April Sunday 15th June Sunday 20th July Wednesday 17th September


Sunday 2nd November

CHARTERHOUSE Antique auction programme 2013

Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd November Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th December

CHARTERHOUSE Auctioneers & Valuers

Sunday 3rd November 2013 ADMITS ONE TO THE AUCTION

16814 cover_Cover 22/10/2013 15:39 Page 3

Sold Successfully Sold at Charterhouse

A 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II Windovers Sedanca de Ville town car sold for ÂŁ90,000

We are now accepting entries for our next specialist auction of

Classic Cars, Motorcycles & Automobilia Sunday 16th February 2014 which will be held in conjunction with the

Footman James Great Western Autojumble at the Royal Bath & West Showground at Shepton Mallet For further information regarding this auction, please contact Matthew Whitney, Head of Department, at our salerooms on 01935 812277 or via email

16814 cover_Cover 22/10/2013 15:39 Page 4

CHARTERHOUSE The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset DT9 3BS Telephone: 01935 812277

Facsimile: 01935 389387


Charterhouse Car Catalogue November 2013  
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