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Your essential guide to successful exhibitions

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Exhibitions are an extremely powerful marketing platform. No other medium can offer you the five senses that exhibitions do – sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch.” Carol Weaving, managing director, Thebe Reed Exhibitions

• TOP TIPS for easy (and successful) exhibiting

• HOW TO STYLISH STANDS Give your stand the X-factor

Vol. 2 2016/2017


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Allow them to tell you... Exhibiting is the most cost-effective way to reach the greatest number of decision makers in your specific target market in the shortest space of time and 48% of exhibition leads do not require a sales call to close the deal Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery offers South Africa’s largest portfolio of exhibitions servicing business to business sectors of the Southern African economy. The Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery brand is synonymous with integrity and professionalism. A company that aspires to the highest possible service standards, with a focus on customer care. Excellent, results-driven, marketing opportunity.

Tel: +27 (0)11 835-1565 For our full portfolio of exhibitions, go to our website

MARKEX 6 - 7 July 2016

Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

INTERBUILD AFRICA 17 - 20 August 2016

JHB Expo Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

ELECTRA MINING AFRICA 12 - 16 September 2016

JHB Expo Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa


JHB Expo Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa


Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

SECUREX 30 May - 1 June 2017

Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

A-OSH EXPO 30 May - 1 June 2017

Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

MARKEX 6 - 8 June 2017

Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

MADEX 6 - 8 June 2017

Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa


Graceland Casino, Secunda, South Africa

COPPERBELT 29 - 30 June 2017

Kitwe Showgrounds, Kitwe, Zambia

KZN INDUSTRIAL 26 - 28 July 2017

Durban Exhibition Centre, Durban, South Africa

ELECTRA MINING BOTSWANA 12 - 14 September 2017

Gaborone Fair Grounds, Gaborone, Botswana

PROPAK CAPE 24 - 26 October 2017

Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa






CCORDING TO THE Exhibition & Event Industry of Southern Africa, “Exhibitions can be the fastest and most effective way to gain industry knowledge, capture prospective leads and boost awareness.” It provides a captive audience, which is rare in this day and age. It is, therefore, vital that you prepare for your exhibition. Just pitching up on the opening day of an exhibition is not going to yield favourable responses.


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06 Be outSTANDing The Compex team shares its top tips on how to make your exhibition experience exciting

BIG INTERVIEW 08 Making herstory With over 29 years of industry experience, Carol Weaving is an industry stalwart of note

CASE STUDY 10 Not your average show Scan Display proved instrumental in the success of the 2016 Cape Town Art Fair

BEST PRACTICE why exhibitions are still the most effectve means of marketing

17 Why should you exhibit? Four reasons that will make you book your next stand today

19 8 exhibition trends Make sure that your stand


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12 The future of exhibitions Craig Newman on what

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HOW TO 25 Getting the most out of an exhibition 26 10 tips for easy (and successful) exhibiting 29 Make your stand attractive 31 Promotional product ideas 32 Greening tips for a sustainable stand 33 Stylish stands 101 35 Technology can generate leads

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COMMENT the exhibition industry can expect in the next few years


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For all those newbie exhibitors, the first time exhibiting may be a daunting experience. But there is no need to panic; The Exhibition Planner is your key to a successful exhibition. For the seasoned exhibitor, it is your resource in keeping up with industry standards and trends. Jam-packed with useful information about making the most out of exhibitions by doing a few simple things before, during, and after each show, The Exhibition Planner is a vital part of your marketing arsenal. By following our advice, you can outshine the competition with well-trained stand staff, aggressive pre- and at-show promotion, eye-catching stand design, and conscientious follow-up after the show.

30 Expo Guys Tailor-made solutions

Happy planning,

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The INS and OUTS of the exhibition industry THE MAKING OF A SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITION

LET THEM EAT CUPCAKES (AND COFFEE) Ensure a unique exhibition by making use of the professional mobile bar solutions offered by Barmotion. It is a dynamic company with a well-trained and dedicated team with 10 years’ combined experience. The company has put all its effort into finding the right brands and advanced equipment, as well as streamlining logistics in order to allow its clients to enjoy the event without worry. Services include an array of different refreshment bars, which offer the perfect solution if you are at a loss for which refreshments to provide at your exhibition. Barmotion provides all the equipment necessary to set up and run the bar, and will travel to any destination in South Africa. Bars can be customised to suit the exhibition type and needs of the guests. Barmotion’s standard bars can also be converted into green bars on request. There are three main categories, with a selection of tempting options under each.

The Durban International Convention Centre has taken the title of Africa’s Leading Meetings and Conference Centre at the World Travel Awards once again. In the 16-year history of the category, the Durban ICC has been voted top of its league no less than 15 times.


Carol Weaving, managing director, Thebe Reed Exhibitions, is proud of the successful exhibitions that the company has brought to the South African market, saying, “Thebe Reed Exhibitions believes that any exhibition is an influential tool when building the success of a business, as it brings all of the senses together. Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell all play an important role in the entire exhibition experience. Face-to-face interaction (sight), informative and trending topics (sound), the handshake on a new partnership (touch), and the ability to demonstrate, test and compare products and services (taste and smell) form integral parts of growing a business, and putting on a memorable display that will attract visitors and generate leads for new business. Our WTM Africa exhibition is a perfect example of stand-building quality. Our exhibitors build elaborate and memorable stands, fulfilling the five senses and generating real business opportunities.” For more on how to have successful exhibitions, turn to page 6.

STYLISH STANDS Choosing the right furniture for your exhibition stand is an important part of the exhibition stand design and build-up process. Chad Botha, owner, Inspire Furniture, says that it is about finding the balance between the design and functionality element that will give you maximum return on your choice. According to Global Experience Specialists, “Before a visitor sighs in comfort when they take a seat, they’ve already made a judgement call about your exhibition stand. Ignoring all the decadence and finery of your displays, every human being looks to their surroundings to determine behaviour. Furniture offers us a lot of social cues, something people desperately need at an exhibition when they’re traversing a whole range of different environments.” It is, therefore, vital to choose the correct furniture for your stand. With 100 years’ collective experience, Chad and his team at Inspire are ready to help you transform your stand into a visual masterpiece.

NEW HOME FOR 3D GROUP Turnkey exhibition specialist 3D Group kicked off 2016 at its new premises at 2 Avalon Road, Westlake Extension 14, Modderfontein. The 6 000 m2 building has been purposebuilt to meet the various requirements of all 3D’s operating companies, whose services span bespoke exhibition stands, exhibition infrastructure, portable displays, shop fitting, audiovisual hire, furniture hire, electrical hire, wide-format digital printing and events. According to Conrad Kullmann, sales and marketing director, the decision to move was prompted by the physical need for more space but only confirmed when the architects presented plans that would assist the company to raise the bar on service and deliverables. “At 3D, we pride ourselves on working to high standards and delivering good service. We didn’t want to move without giving ourselves the opportunity to structure our physical home to benefit our work flow processes,” he says.

Experience Extraordinary There is a place where the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary. A destination, at the tip of the mighty African continent, where two oceans meet in the shadow of one of earth’s seven natural wonders. Here exhibitions are transformed into unforgettable experiences, people and brands grow together, and organisations come alive in the hearts and minds of their markets. This place is Cape Town International Convention Centre. And to experience it is to experience extraordinary.

To transform your special event into an extraordinary experience contact CTICC: +27 21 410 5000



Be outSTANDing Although exhibiting can seem daunting, the Compex team has come up with a couple of tips on how to make this exciting journey a little easier.



decision to position your brand at an upcoming exhibition. With the deadline looming, we imagine you may be asking yourself "What now?” We know how it goes; you have hundreds of ideas about what you could do to stand out, but have no idea where to start! The most critical questions you need to answer at this stage of your planning are why you are exhibiting and what do you hope to achieve. The answers to these questions will form the foundation that helps you develop an integrated marketing campaign. Why integrated? Well, with all the communication channels available to us, brands need to optimise on every opportunity they can, to help position their messaging. For example, you may have planned a great looking stand but how can


you ensure you drive traffic to your website or social media platforms.

STAND CONSIDERATIONS Surprisingly, stand location can be a science on its own, and directly linked to this is size and shape. Get a copy of the show floor plan and after taking into consideration other exhibitors, show activities, exits, entrances and, finally, venue services, identify where you want your stand to be. Further information you may wish to consider includes: • LOCATION Being adjacent or opposite feature areas such as a restaurant or a larger, more well-known brand. •A  CTIVITIES ON THE STAND Explore what you will be doing on the stand. For example, if you are an app developer, you may want to showcase your product on large

screens, as well as have a lounge set-up for further networking. • COSTS It's all very well having a massive stand in a prime location, but you need to ensure the space you have positions your brand identity and is engaging. The largest stand does not always have the greatest impact, and small considerations such as branded clothing and what people take away with them, have a role to play in your overall budget considerations.

HIRING A STAND CONTRACTOR This leads directly on to the topic of professional stand contractors. You may have made a note to add Prestik to your grocery list for the posters you intend to stick up on the morning that the exhibition opens. You won't be ridiculed for taking this approach, but perhaps you should consider other options. The opportunity to work with a reputable stand builder ensures a variety of solutions and ideas for you to choose from, but how do you find reputable, trustworthy stand contractors? Well, there is trusted Google, but sometimes getting references from friends and colleagues can be a better option. Most of


the time, they will be referring you from personal experience.

INSPIRATION We are fortunate to live in an era where information is plentiful and, regarding inspiration and ideas, the internet is the place to start. Always keep your objectives and budget top of mind but leverage the opportunity to share actual examples of stands you may have seen with your stand contractor. Although contractors speak from experience, the more informative the initial brief is (with regards to designs, objectives, budgets, corporate identity, messaging and ideas) the quicker they can present a design concept that speaks to your vision. Starting from a point of no direction can be a costly, frustrating and time-consuming affair for both the contractor and the client.

DESIGN AND ARTWORK Once you have a stand design you are happy with, messaging and graphics become integral to bringing everything to life. Although not always achievable, it is advisable to try and integrate the planning between your stand design and core brand message. This will help you shape your stand into something that represents your brand and ensures alignment with other possible marketing or communication campaigns your company may be positioning. You should (in most cases, anyway) receive a detailed 3D line drawing that will outline the graphic measurements associated with the design, as well as any other items such as furniture and audiovisual requirements. Sometimes, stand builders have an associated creative agency or can assist you with your artwork. Other times, you may prefer to use an internal team of designers or your current creative agency to come up with the appropriate graphics.

MANNING YOUR STAND You have spent so much time planning for everything to be perfect; the last thing you want is to have staff on your stand who can't engage with potential leads or create interest in your brand. Visitors will not take your company, products or services seriously if they engage

with someone who is not knowledgeable about your brand. These individuals should know why your stand looks the way it does and what the company's chosen messaging is. They should know what objectives you wish to get out of this marketing and networking opportunity. Finally, the staff manning your stand should know what you do as a company and what they are there to sell.

SHOWTIME You should receive an exhibitors' manual from the organiser or show contractor. The most important information you need about the show will be in it, so please make yourself a cup of coffee and read through it. Before the show, liaise with your stand builder and ask for updates on progress during the build-up, be realistic about the time they need to build your stand and then utilise this time to get you and your team ready for the next few days. Have a quick briefing session to get everyone on-board with the plans and pack some of those essential items such as flash drives, pens, business cards, promotional gifts, name tags, electronic chargers, etc. Communicate with your stand builder, visit the site for a handover, do a onceover for any final changes and get an early night. On exhibition day, have a final check-in with all the other key role players on your team, get to the event early to orientate yourself, set up and then... let the show begin. Engage your visitors and colleagues, keep an eye on any activities the show organisers have planned, utilise online channels and the associated event hashtag, and start building those relationships. Remember, a lot of time, effort and money have gone into you being at this show, and return on investment is essential.

DESIGN 101 Keep in mind four important things when planning your graphics and artwork. 1. G RAPHICS ARE CRUCIAL.Dimensions for graphics should be provided by your stand contractor and designing artwork accordingly will ensure no last minute issues are experienced. 2. K EEP AN EYE ON POSSIBLE DISRUPTIONS IN YOUR ARTWORK. Graphics and copy close to the floor are often overlooked and with shell-scheme in particular, the aluminium structure that holds your stand together cannot be moved. Thus, designers should keep this in mind when working on your artwork. 3. T RY PROVIDE YOUR ARTWORK BY THE AGREED UPON DEADLINE. Printing, drying and transporting can take time and when it's crunch time, your stand contractor runs a tight ship. They will make a plan, but it can become stressful – drying time, for example, takes longer during cold and wet weather. 4. P ROOFREADING IS ESSENTIAL. You will need to give the approval to go to print, so we suggest you take time looking at the final artwork and have someone else look at it too. Little mistakes can creep in. Errors spotted on-site can cause unnecessary stress and increased costs.

up to the promises your brand positioned at the event. Then measure your success, have a lessonslearnt discussion and, once you have qualified leads, you will be able to see how successful you were and start planning for the next show!

CLOSE THOSE DEALS Remember, the event doesn’t end when you’ve left the venue. In fact, in most cases, this is when the most important work starts. Make sure you follow up with all the leads you’ve generated and the people you’ve spoken to. Stay in your prospects’ minds and get in touch immediately. Most sales can be completed shortly after the event – understand their requirements and offer the right solutions. You need to live

PREPARATION IS KEY Take your time to investigate your options, you will come up with an exhibition plan that will lay the foundation to shape this experiential sales generation and brand positioning marketing channel. However, preparation is essential and attending such an event, where the correct target audience is present, will help you engage with current customers and potential new ones. 


WANT TO ‘STAND’ OUT? Excuse the pun. We just couldn’t resist! Get in touch with our Head of Sales to find out how we can help you ‘stand’ out from the rest at your next exhibition / conference! | +27 82 857 3762




Making herstory Carol Weaving, managing director, Thebe Reed Exhibitions, has been a stalwart of the events industry for over 29 years, and her insight and experience are valued by those who are involved in the events and exhibitions management industry.


AROL IS AN ENTREPRENEUR AT heart, so she prefers the working and management style of a leader who sees the big picture, and not a micro manager. “I want nothing more than to see my staff excel, and their projects succeed.” She describes herself as being extremely driven and is always seeking new ideas and concepts, which she says can sometimes make her seem very demanding. “I expect a lot of myself and my team in order to continually meet high standards and comply with internal processes,” she says. The most successful event she has ever planned has to be Meetings Africa. Says Carol, “Going from starting Meetings Africa a decade ago, and being told it would never work, to seeing it taken over by South African Tourism has been so heart-warming – particularly in witnessing its growth and development.” Carol explains what

excites her planning exhibitions: “Seeing an event come to


“Work hard, be determined and don’t let the prophets of doom say you can’t do something. Believe in yourself, but listen to your clients first and foremost.”

fruition and getting positive feedback from your exhibitors and visitors; knowing that you have done a good job and built a platform to facilitate business and trade in a specific industry sector.”

STAYING AHEAD Keeping Thebe Reed Exhibitions ahead of the pack cannot be an easy job. Establishing good, well-thoughtthrough partnerships in terms of shareholders and delivering great events that meet the expectations of clients and their customers are especially important for Carol. Add a hardworking, passionate team and a good old-fashioned, roll-up-yoursleeves attitude, and any event can be a success. Being a jack of all trades, having boundless energy and the ability to multitask are key attributes in event management, as there are so many balls in the air at any given time. Vital intrinsic qualities to possess are drive, having the courage of your convictions and ensuring you deliver on what you promise. Being able to change and go with the flow are also critical to success in the events and exhibition industry. Change is inevitable when working with so many different parties; being able to think on your feet and adapt is something that comes naturally to Carol. Working with so many staff and suppliers must be challenging – so how does she approach communication


with different people, customers, staff, coworkers, management and the like? “People need to be managed in different ways based on their personalities and work styles, so you have to learn to adapt to their styles. This is not always easy. I greatly believe in regular and face-to-face communication. I also believe sales staff, for example, are far more successful if they see their customers face to face and not via email/social media,” she adds.

CHALLENGES Carol feels that when you are less experienced in the industry, you often think that you can fix a mistake yourself, and it doesn’t always work like that. She urges event and exhibition planners to discuss challenges and possible errors with management as soon as possible, and not to let the problem go unaddressed by burying your head in the sand. A problem doesn’t just go away; speaking to your seniors as soon as possible will likely result in a group solution and avert a potential disaster. The most difficult exhibition that she has organised? From Carol’s perspective, a new “launch” event is probably the most difficult, as you are selling a concept that has not been realised as yet, thereby making it harder to sell and create traction. She adds, “When politics meet business, it can be very difficult – so it's important to keep the end goal in mind. There are many complex dimensions to any exhibition, whether trade or consumer. The biggest challenge we face is working with many stakeholders from both the public and private sector, often with their own priorities and agendas, and we have to ensure we stay focused and deliver an event that meets the objectives of our exhibitors and visitors, to ensure they receive an excellent return on investment.”

ACHIEVEMENTS A quick glance over Carol's career and one can understand why she is a doyenne of this industry. She has achieved so much. “I am blessed in that I love what I do. Some of my career highlights that come to mind are: turning the Dome around from the proverbial white elephant to the success it is today; developing AAXO (the new association for exhibition organisers) in order to regain professionalism and credibility within our industry; growing Decorex from one to six halls; and launching World Travel Market Africa in a very competitive environment. Every show we run is rewarding when it is a great success.” Each of these are undeniably monumental and noteworthy achievements in themselves, and having been a part of all of them not only cements her positioning in the industry, but is a true testament to the grit and determination in the hard work and passion she exhibits.

GETTING STARTED As for those wanting to become a part of the industry, Carol advises, "Work hard, be determined and don’t let the prophets of doom say you can’t do something. Believe in yourself, but listen to your clients first and foremost.”

POWERFUL MEDIUM The events and exhibitions industry can sometimes be underplayed in its vital importance in marketing campaigns. Carol states, emphatically, that exhibitions can quite often be understated in importance by advertising and marketing agencies. Exhibitions are an extremely powerful marketing medium. No other medium can offer you the five senses that exhibitions do – sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch.

Launching World Travel Market Africa is one of Carol's career highlights

CAROL SHARES HER THOUGHTS ON... THE FUTURE OF STAND BUILDING Build-up and breakdown times are becoming shorter and shorter due to client budgets, time constraints and venue availability, so shell scheme builders and suppliers are looking at smarter ways to prefabricate exhibition stands in the factory that allow them to execute a quick assembly on-site. Environmentally friendly stands are increasing in popularity too, as companies become more aware of the impact they can make if they act responsibly.

THE IMPORTANCE OF WELLDECORATED, QUALITY STANDS Think of your exhibition stand as a live-advert opportunity to make a statement. Use a unique shape, opt for different types of fascia boards; choose a new and funky font or a bright and alluring graphic that draws the eye. Definitely think digital and interactive. You need to be clever and think outside the box; things like touch screens, catering or products that people can participate in will draw additional foot traffic to your stand. Even a generic shell option stand can be attractive if decorated correctly. Bring in fabric walls to erect on the inside of the shell, go for recyclables and use it as your framework. The use of different palettes, different textures and colours also works really well.

SAFETY REGULATIONS The safety of exhibitors and visitors is of huge importance right at the onset of planning an exhibition, the stands and all elements of an event. Rules vary from venue to venue and it is important to research the rules and any safety induction programmes that need to be adopted. Do this well in advance so that it is out of the way and build-up time is not compromised. Stand builders’ safety files need to be in order so advance checks are recommended as, if they are not compliant, the process to resolve any issues can delay the build-up process. Using correct equipment and basic safety clothing is key too, as the venue at build-up is just like a building site and we encourage all involved to assist in reporting any potential safety hazards to an organiser, as someone else may not have noticed the problem.

+27 (0)11 549 8300 l 




NOT YOUR AVERAGE SHOW Founded in 1996, Scan Display is a leader in the Southern African exhibition, events and retail display industries, specialising in award-winning exhibition stands, retail displays, and event and exhibition infrastructure.

THE BRIEF Scan Display was contracted by Fiera Milano to construct 1 000 running metres of gallery walling to display numerous works of art for the 2016 Cape Town Art Fair. The company was required to manufacture seamless, reusable gallery walling and lighting.

MEET THE CREATIVE BRAIN Scan Display’s creative director, Paul Hugo. Paul is an architect by profession who has worked in the exhibition and events industry for 19 years. He has been with the company for 14 years, where he has pushed the boundaries of Scan Display’s creative capacity. He has been instrumental in creating various products like the Fabric Shell Scheme, the Power Mouse and the Modular Retail Kiosk (MRK).



running metres of gallery walling, with


lights and over

2 km

of electrical wiring in


hours. In addition to this, the company had to build key areas for the VIP lounge, a


registration desk and backdrop, a

77 m2

pause area, as well as install over

THE CHALLENGES Scan Display was faced with various challenges during the build-up and implementation of the Cape Town Art Fair. As a result of the skill and expertise the Scan Display team, these challenges were overcome, resulting in a successful Cape Town Art Fair. The challenges included: •The design challenge was that the configuration of the walling, together with the need for it to be modular, created a combination of different-sized and -shaped elements, which had to be incorporated into the layout and the manufacturing process. • There was no supplier in South Africa who could provide Scan Display with 3.6 m substrate. The widest length the company could obtain was only 3 m. This meant that boards had to be specially made by a supplier for the project. During the manufacturing process, Scan Display also needed to ensure the panels were seamless, without joins.

137 m2

of vinyl graphics, which had to be applied on-site.




Scan Display strives to incorporate sustainable design practices. The company also aims to provide its clients with eco-friendly alternatives for various stand substrates and guidance on best practice for sustainability of shows and events. Scan Display was able to do this for the Cape Town Art Fair through the following: • The walling was manufactured from recyclable materials and water-based paint was used. The walling was designed and manufactured locally with the intention to reuse it for future fairs. 30% of the walling for the 2016 event had already been used at previous fairs. • All the lighting used was LED, which reduced the electrical consumption of the event. • The trussing used at the event was manufactured by Scan Display in 2011, and has been used at COP17, COP11 and several other exhibitions. • Most of the time, carpeting and flooring at exhibitions are used once-off. By using the venue’s existing flooring, Scan Display was able to bring another sustainable element to the show. • The distribution board used on the show was designed and developed by Scan Display and is reused on a continuous basis at the CTICC. All the electrical cabling is reused as well.

• The aesthetic of the raw concrete floor and pine duct covers, combined with the pristine white walling, created an industrial feel that was complemented by the 3.6 m height of the display walls. • The innovative use of lighting illuminated the art displays on the walls perfectly. • The subtle and bold use of vinyl cut signage used against grey and white walls created a modern and clean look. • The complete absence of distribution boards and minimal use of trunking created a clean and open floor space, which was made possible by the ducting being accessible during the show. • The unusual 3.6 m height of the gallery walls created an impressive exhibition. • The positioning of wine and coffee bars created a social atmosphere, with public seating areas available for visitors to relax and take their time to go through the gallery. • The layout of the gallery created a visual feast of angles and spaces that were never repetitive or predictable. It created the feeling of a never-ending space and display.

CLIENT FEEDBACK • The final floor plan was only completed one week before the show build commenced, which resulted in Scan Display having to manufacture right up to the build-up. This process had to be carefully coordinated and managed. • The lighting was a challenge, as there was no local manufacturer who could supply the specifications required. Art lighting needs to be precise in temperature, colour and intensity; the projection angle is also important. After extensive research into art lighting, Scan Display identified a manufacturer that could supply lights to the required specifications. Once the lights had been sourced, the next challenge was to figure out how to mount the lights at the right distance, angle and height. The long-arm spotlight solution traditionally used in exhibitions, at a height of 3.6 m, created large shadows over the art pieces. To overcome this, Scan Display created a grid of custom-made trussing that was 

rigged from the venue beams. The grid was suspended at a calculated height, allowing Scan Display to implement a light track system that provided the necessary flexibility to position and direct the lights. • To ensure that, at the request of the organiser, the Cape Town Art Fair met with international art fair standards, the venue had to be convinced to allow the event to take place without any carpeting. This was a specific aesthetic requirement from the show manager, Laura Vincenti, who previously managed Artisimo, the fifth largest art fair in the world. Scan Display developed a solution to close up all the duct holes in the flooring, while bearing in mind that health and safety regulations had to be met. • The breakdown of the event had to take place within 18 hours. However, Scan Display could only start breakdown on the structures after all the art pieces had been removed, which left all of nine hours. The company met this tight deadline.

“We just wanted to thank you and your fantastic team for all your help during the Art Fair – you are such a pleasure to work with. This fair was a challenging one, so thank you so much for all the patience, hard work, late vinyl prints and all-nighters that helped make this show such a great success. Together, we have put on a show we can all be proud of.” Paul Elkington and Amy McKenna – Ops team, Fiera Milano “The walls and lights were better than any other art show I have been to. I am very happy.” Laura Vincenti – Fair curator and architect

+27 (0)11 447 4777 | 086 100 SCAN/7226




The FUTURE of exhibitions As the vice-chair for the Middle East Africa Chapter of UFI, Craig Newman believes that the future of the South African exhibitions industry is bright. HE AFRICAN CONTINENT

to continue along the path of growth and development. South Africa is excelling at delivering on real, true economic sector exhibitions that really contribute to the industry. But we can improve on the perception that is created in the marketplace on the value of the exhibitions, eventing and conferencing industry.

has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the development of the global exhibitions, conferences and events industry. South Africa, in particular, has the experience, the expertise, the know-how and the infrastructure – all in one place – to become the official gateway for large global companies into Southern Africa. I joined UFI in 2015 as a board member in order to draw more attention to the role that Africa can play in this global industry. I believe that this continent represents the next frontier for growth and development for UFI and a number of our partners have been working together to grow the continent’s share of regional, continental and global business events.


NEW OPPORTUNITIES One of my main responsibilities is to see to the growth of UFI within Africa. International exhibitions and events companies will continue to look at new opportunities and partnerships in South Africa, as the country’s exhibitions, conferences and events industry becomes one of the top sectors for attracting foreign visitors and investment. Large international exhibition companies have recognised the growth potential of the African market and they will be looking to Africa to grow their companies, their footprint and their revenue. However, for this to happen, greater public sector participation and flexibility are required.

GREATER COMMUNICATION In the next 5 to 10 years, the South African MICE industry could be one of the main economic contributors of this country. The problem is that people participating in conferences and exhibitions from abroad encounter major challenges when applying for visas. For the MICE industry to really flourish, we need ease of access and greater communication between the public sector, exhibition organisers and venues.” By collaborating and working together with government, the industry will be able



South Africa is a choice destination. We have the expertise, experience and capability to handle large-scale events; in fact, we have never dropped the ball on a big international event, irrespective of its demands. We are right up there with what the rest of the world can offer and we need to drive this perception. In my capacity as a UFI board member, I will be doing my part to strengthen confidence in the local industry. My role, in 2016, is to ensure that all parties involved are delivering on expectations, because it’s this delivery that will continuously strengthen the reputation of exhibitions as a great contributor towards the South African economy. As far as the future of the exhibitions and events industry is concerned, I remain optimistic. Everything is ripe for South Africa to be the leading country within the business tourism sector for Africa. It should become the biggest contributor to the South African economy.

In addition to his role at UFI, Craig Newman is the CEO of the Johanessburg Expo Centre.

UFI is the association of the world’s leading tradeshow organisers and fairground owners, as well as the major national and international exhibition associations, and selected partners of the exhibition industry.


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s u p p l y f u r n i t u r e f o r W e d d i n g s, E x h i b i t i o n s , E v e n t s a n d S a l e s


Cape Town

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073 893 0313


The POWER of exhibitions For Gary Corin, exhibiting remains the most costeffective way to reach the greatest number of decision-makers in a specific target market in the shortest space of time.



harness the incredible power of exhibitions as they offer a potent medium to source new customers, engage with existing customers, build brand awareness, launch new products and generate sales and sales leads. Face-to-face marketing is a key element of the experience, also communicating a company’s brand and product offering within a live environment. It’s not unusual for exhibitors to close highvalue sales and business deals in just a couple of days and there are few other marketing channels that can compete with this rich value proposition that can deliver such high levels of return on marketing investment when used properly.

MEASURING SUCCESS The economy has forced greater scrutiny in how marketing budgets are spent and companies have been more selective in their


choice of exhibitions and in their choice of exhibition organisers. Marketers want to know that the exhibition organisers have an equal interest in the return on investment (ROI) for both the organiser and the exhibitor – as this ensures long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships between both. The marketing investment required for an exhibition includes the financial cost (of space, stand design, collateral) and the resource cost of having senior sales and other executives on the stand for the duration of the show. Companies must have measurement tools in place to evaluate the success and profitability of exhibiting. Among those that qualify leads, on average, two out of five leads will meet an exhibitor’s qualification criteria. And, whether leads are qualified or not, among all exhibitors, on average, one out of five leads will convert to sales. The Centre for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has developed the ROI Tool

Kit, which is available online. This provides exhibitors an excellent pre-event planning tool and a post-event measurement planning tool.

POSITIVE GROWTH FOR EXHIBITIONS The exhibition industry is expected to continue to grow strongly over the next two years, with current projections showing positive growth of 2.4% and 2.0%, respectively. This is according to the CEIR, which reports year-on-year performance figures as well as future industry forecasting. The CEIR findings also indicate that the business-to-business exhibition channel is the marketing channel of choice among brand marketers who include exhibitions in their marketing mix. In 2013 and 2014, this channel captured over 40% of overall marketing spend. No other channel comes close to this percentage allocation of the marketing budget. Results from the 2016 ‘Global Exhibition Barometer’ report – a survey conducted by Union des Foires Internationales in December 2015 – show that the global exhibition industry is performing well. There was an increase in gross turnover in the second half of 2015 and, across the major national markets, 53% of companies declared an increase of


LET'S TALK NUMBERS The Centre for Exhibition Industry Research’s ‘2015 Index Report’ indicates:


•  of attendees go to exhibitions to shop •


go to learn – they want to see new technology, have the opportunity to talk to experts, see the latest in new products, compare brands and find solutions

59% want to see product



•  want to have hands-on interaction with the products


IMAGES: Decorex (Thebe Reed Exhibitions). Absa stand by Scan Display, Electra Mining (Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery)

•  want to talk to new potential suppliers.

more than 10% in annual profits for 2015. 47% of South African respondents said they expected turnover to increase in 2016. South Africa is already recognised internationally as a reputable host country for large international events. The opportunities to expand into emerging markets on the African continent are encouraging international exhibition organisers to consider further investment in the region. The growing interest in the African market positions already established local exhibitions to be used as a springboard into the rest of the continent for international brands that may not yet have a presence in the region.

RESEARCH HELPING TO ENSURE A SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITION The importance of investing in effective research cannot be overemphasised. Research is used to assess the viability of a new show, to measure attitudes towards existing shows, to support decisions around exhibition growth, and is used as a tool in establishing market trends within an industry that an exhibition serves. New trends are constantly emerging, and exhibitors and exhibition organisers need to be mindful of these when planning an event. Not to be overlooked is the importance of additional crowd-puller events such as brand experiences, competitions and collocated conferences and free-to-attend seminars. It is also of value to have multiple combined exhibitions. 

“Using brand experiences as a critical part of the modern era marketing mix” is what Global Experience Specialists’ ‘2015 Trend Tracker’ report asserts. It says that event and trade show programmes have become fully hightech engagements that connect and engage before, during and after an annual event or trade show. This has resulted in more powerful marketing programmes driven by more intense experiences: from massive digital LED displays to live interactive demonstrations, from simulators to gourmet catering and much more. It’s about focusing on the visitor experience. In trade shows, in particular, visitors often do not pay to enter a show. They do, however, “pay” in terms of time and personal cost in getting to the exhibition. It’s all about leveraging content and experiential content in innovative ways, so as to provide a value-add experience for visitors.

THE WORLD OF HIGH-TECH Social media and digital channels are enormously impacting the exhibition world globally, both positively and negatively. According to the CEIR, the most popular digital marketing tactics exhibitors use include: email (74%), social media (63%), websites (56%) and online advertising (48%). Growing and strengthening the event reach through the use of social media is of increasing importance to top marketers and exhibitors, with many trying out the various platforms available. Principal social engagement

objectives are to motivate visitor attendance and then reach visitors on-site during events. Overall, Facebook is considered the most effective channel before and after events, while Twitter is the most effective platform during events, according to respondents in FreemanXP and Event Marketing Institute’s 2015 survey. However, although technology has taken us into a new world of marketing, bearing many advantages, when it comes to concluding business in the business-to-business environment, face-to-face sales are still preferred – and that’s what exhibitions offer.

BE INNOVATIVE. STAY POWERFUL Through evaluating research, reviewing objectives, measuring effectiveness and embracing new trends, exhibition success is real. On-site sales, the generation of sales leads and brand visibility are the rewards and advantages of exhibiting. It’s all about keeping relevant, being innovative and selecting exhibitions carefully. Put all the required pieces in place and exhibitions will prove to be your most powerful marketing tool. GARY CORIN serves as managing director of Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery. He has been with the company for over 15 years. He has gained experience in all facets of exhibition organising, including sales, marketing and services.




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EXSA is recognised internationally as the voice of the exhibition industry in Southern Africa.

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Why should YOU exhibit? Exhibitions continue to be a valuable part of the marketing mix. 3

IMAGES: Bell at Bauma 2015 by Sugo, Compex at Markex 2015, Cape Town Art Fair 2016 by Scan Display, Decroexx by Thebe Reed Exhibitions

ACE-TO-FACE marketing via an exhibition has been proven over and over again to be one of the best ways to give you a powerful platform. Designing a great exhibition stand, training your staff members, and travelling to the event itself, on the other hand, aren’t very cheap processes. However, like most forms of marketing, with the right strategy, an exhibition can be a very profitable choice. Here are EXSA’s four top reasons to exhibit:


GENERATE NEW LEADS AND SALES With the right strategy, every exhibition is an opportunity to drastically expand your company’s customer base. With organisers advertising directly to your target market, every visitor is a potential client who may be interested in the products or services that your company 

or improved before its final release to market.

offers, and they are often ready to commit to a deal on the spot. With this in mind, remember to interact with all visitors to your stand, as they could turn into future customers. Keep notes of all your interactions during the expo so that you can follow up after the event.


L AUNCH OR TEST A NEW PRODUCT EFFECTIVELY A major driver for visitors attending exhibitions is that they want to keep up to date with all things new. This includes products, trends and ideas, as well as being able to interact with these products and experts in the field, all at the same time. Hands-on product demonstrations with the people who are most likely to purchase from you will not only create a buzz among the community about your new product, but can also provide useful information as to how a prototype might be modified

ESTABLISH BENEFICIAL BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS Taking time to explore an exhibition or tradeshow and talk to other exhibitors, as well as network at any workshops and conferences at the exhibition, may reveal potential, mutually beneficial relationships with businesses that complement or are affiliated with your own.


BUILD BRAND AWARENESS Exhibitions provide unique opportunities to raise awareness of your business among the people who count. Think of your stand as a shop front for your business; it’s an opportunity to reflect all of your brand values in a way that you can never do in your office. Your brand’s message can be sophisticated but should also be brief and easily processed by the audience. This will attract potential customers and provide increased exposure for your products and services.



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KEY KEY BENEFITS BENEFITS OF OF MEMBERSHIP: MEMBERSHIP: KEY BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP: r o f •• AAXO Members account llooookk oouutt for AAXO Members account for for 80% 80% of of the the organising organising community community in in SA SA . .. r o e f h t t . u .. • Mediation facility for exhibitors and organisers o e k h o t o • AAXO Members account for 80% of the organising community in SA l • KEY Mediation for exhibitors and organisers BENEFITSfacility OF MEMBERSHIP: •• • Benefit from a SARS VAT reduction ruling for International exhibitors the ... Mediation exhibitors organisers Benefit fromfacility a SARSfor VAT reductionand ruling for International exhibitors r o ••KEY All organisers show’s are audited by ABC to verify visitor numbers f t u o • Benefit from a SARS VAT reduction ruling for International exhibitors All organisers show’s are audited by ABC to verify visitor numbers k BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP: • AAXO Members account for 80% of the organising community in SA loo • Lobbying Government bodies & forging beneficial relationships . .. e • All organisers show’s are audited by ABC to verify visitor numbers • • Lobbying Government bodies & forging beneficial relationships th or Mediation facility for exhibitors and organisers f •• • Exhibitor training and workshops Lobbying Government bodies forging beneficial relationships training andVAT workshops AAXO Members account for 80%&of the organising community in SA look out • Exhibitor Benefit from a SARS reduction ruling for International exhibitors . • Access to market research to justify spend and value of exhibitions .. the Exhibitor training and workshops • •• Access to market research to justify spend and value of exhibitions Mediation facility for exhibitors andbyorganisers All organisers show’s are audited ABC to verify visitor numbers •• • DTI support and promotion Access to market research to justify spend and value of exhibitions support and promotion Benefit from a SARS VAT reduction ruling for International exhibitors • DTI Lobbying Government bodies & forging beneficial relationships •• • Promoting the exhibition industry as a priority marketing medium DTI support and promotion Promoting the exhibition industry as a priority marketing medium All organisers show’s are audited by ABC to verify visitor numbers Exhibitor training and workshops NN •• •• Inform IO Industry regulatory and legislative updates IT IB H Promoting the of exhibition industry asspend a priority marketing medium IO Inform Industry of regulatory legislative updates X Lobbying bodies & forging beneficial relationships E IT D IB • Access toGovernment market research toand justify and value of exhibitions E H V X O E R D P E P V A • Organiser training to grow sales & revenue O O R X P N A P IO Inform Industry legislative updates AAAXO A • •• Organiser training toregulatory grow salesand & revenue Exhibitor training and workshops IBIT DTI support andof promotion OVED EXH R P P A • Organiser training to grow sales & revenue O • Access to market research to justify and value of exhibitions X • Promoting the exhibition industry spend as a priority marketing medium AA • DTI support and promotion N For more information contact Megan Peck or Annamari Erwee on +27 (0)11 549 8300 IO • Inform Industry of regulatory and legislative updates IT HIB contact Megan Peck or Annamari Erwee on +27 (0)11 549 8300 For more information ROVED EX • • Promoting the exhibition industry a priority marketing medium Organiser training to grow sales &asrevenue WWW.AAXO.CO.ZA AXO APPinformation ForAmore contact Megan Peck or Annamari Erwee on +27 (0)11 549 8300 WWW.AAXO.CO.ZA N IO • Inform Industry of regulatory and legislative updates IT IB H X E WWW.AAXO.CO.ZA D E V RO • Organiser training to grow sales & revenue AAXO APP

Taking AAXO to Africa & bringing Africa to AAXO Taking AAXO to Africa & bringing Africa to AAXO WWW.AAXO.CO.ZA For membership enquiries: For membership enquiries: For more information contact Megan Peck or Annamari Erwee on +27 (0)11 549 8300 For membership Taking AAXO toenquiries: Africa & bringing Africa to AAXOWWW.AAXO.CO.ZA For membership Taking AAXO to enquiries: Africa & bringing Africa to AAXO For membership enquiries: Taking AAXO toPeck Africa & bringing For more information contact Megan or Annamari Erwee on Africa +27 (0)11to 549AAXO 8300




WEARABLES In a wireless world, exhibitioners are increasingly employing RFID or radio frequency identification technology as innovative ways to track delegate attendance. With wearable technology becoming all the more popular, people are more comfortable with employing it for both private and professional use. This presents a unique opportunity for the exhibition industry and we are already seeing the use of RFID at exhibitions internationally. DATA BEACONS While this is nothing new to the retail industry, the incorporation of data beacons in the exhibition space is on the rise. Designed to collect and provide massive amounts of customer behaviour data, data beacons can help exhibitors determine how long delegates are spending where, what routes they are walking in exhibition halls as well as the busiest hours/ days of the exhibition.

3 VIRTUAL REALITY One of the exhibition trends that is getting the most traction locally is the use of virtual reality devices. In addition to being used at exhibitions, we’re also seeing them being used within the planning phases in preparation of 

audiences. To do this, they are harnessing big data and the vast scope of technology to create personalised, customised and experiential experiences that communicate strategic brand or product messages in a manner that audiences will remember.

the actual exhibitions. When exhibition organisers design floorplans, they are increasingly turning to VR to test the plans. In South Africa, we’ve seen the use of this technology at We are Africa, as well as at the Ticketpro Dome.

4 DIGITAL MARKETING Gone are the days


where professionals carried dozens of business cards around with them. Today, more and more exhibitors are connecting with their customers electronically – by exchanging digital business cards and sharing electronic video brochures.


EYE TRACKING Another trend that is offering exhibition organisers numerous insights is eye tracking. This involves measuring the attendees’ eye movements and, for example, tracking their points of gaze or how long they look at one thing. These insights are, in turn, being leveraged to drive improved exhibition design.


 ERSONALISATION AND P EXPERIENTIAL EXPERIENCES With the saturation of digital channels, exhibitors are turning to new and fresh ways to break through the informational clutter and deliver highly targeted information to their


EVENT GREENING FORUM Sustainability has become a prerequisite in the design and construction of exhibitions. With green technologies and better ways of organising exhibitions sprouting up all around us, exhibition organisers are increasingly taking practical green principles into consideration and seeing how they can be applied across the entire show. FACEBOOK LIVE AND LIVE STREAMING It is the ideal combination: a unique, experiential, digital streaming event that offers the audience face-to-face quality contact while simultaneously encouraging the audience to be engaged and participate. Live streaming is gaining immense popularity in the industry and we are seeing more exhibitors turn to free solutions like Facebook Live as a way to power their live streaming. Special thanks to AAXO for compiling the trends.



We provide the perfect mobile bar and hospitality solution for all your events, expo stands, conferences and corporate events. We are a professional dynamic team that takes care in making sure your event runs smoothly.


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A fresh new way to ensure a unique event by providing professional mobile bar services We offer a large variety of exciting refreshment bars perfectly suited to your event We customize our bars to suite your specific requirements and are able to become an extension of your brand

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TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS The exhibitions industry – with its frenetic pace, demanding hours and boer maak ‘n plan attitude – is awash with war stories in which the suppliers manage to pull potential catastrophes back from the brink. Conrad Kullmann shares just a few of his. beginnings and sprawling factory endings. Yep, my brother John and I established 3D in a garage in Bramley in 1996. Fast forward to 2016, and we’ve just moved into a 6 000 m2 premises in Modderfontein, which houses all the bells and whistles we need to provide our turnkey exhibitions solution from stand design and construction to furniture hire, electrics, largescale printing, and so on. In fact, dealing with the printing side of the job is one of my earliest memories – before the days of the large-scale digital printers we now have in-house, we’d have to trek down to Citilab where the graphics we needed to apply to the stands would be laboriously enlarged. In those good old days, though, we had more than enough time to complete build-up. Back then, three days was cutting it fine. Nowadays, three days is a luxury. But we’ve learnt to cope.

HARDSHIP We’ve also learnt to cope with the nine-month earning cycle, or feast-or-famine nature, of the business. Today, as it was back then, November, December and January are dead months with no work and no decisions being made about future work. This inactivity takes an unbelievable toll on cash flow, often swallowing all your reserves, which can then take a good three to five months to build up again. It’s enough to make even Chuck Norris cry and why 3D Design has diversified into different but aligned sectors that can contribute to turnover during that period of famine. And then, when the time of plenty begins, and you see your way out of that scary cash flow situation, in a bid to ensure you don’t find yourself in the same cycle the next year, you take on as much work as possible. That’s when your focus turns to logistics and production processes, and your cash flow nightmare is replaced by the spectre of a lack of capacity rearing its ugly head. I’ve seen many companies over-commit and let down clients – many of them corporates with


solid financials – that could have driven their success. Even more tragic is the human cost. One stand builder took on so much work that he had a heart attack on-site. Fortunately, for his clients, other builders took over and completed the tasks but the damage was done.

MISTAKES So, being on-site is always interesting; and there’s no better place to learn the lessons that will help you shape your business going forward. Many years ago, we built a stand for SA Tourism at ITB in Düsseldorf, Germany. The hall in which the exhibition took place had quite elegant and very large glass doors on one side and loading doors opposite. So, people would surely enter through the big glass doors, right? With this in mind, we positioned the stand to make a maximum impact. But, the entrance turned out to be through the so-called loading doors. We’d built the stand, a double-storey beauty, facing completely the wrong way, and there was no time to rectify the mistake. That was one of my hardest lessons: nothing is obvious; take nothing for granted. Then there’s another – don’t let anyone but members of your team touch your stand. At Computer Faire in 2000, we built a stand for Sysco that was seven metres high. Enter the signage company that needed to get to the highest part of the stand. In their wisdom, rather than utilising a scaffold, they opted to remove a few uprights and cross beams. Cue the most disturbing sound in the industry – that of a stand collapsing. Where once had stood a proud stand, now lay a mass of broken panels. Fortunately, we’d been ahead of the game and had 48 hours in hand. We started over and, courtesy of no sleep and plenty of energy drinks, we had a happy client who went on to have a very successful show.

Illustration: Nicolene Louw




fortunate, however, to have had only one truly nail-biting episode during a border crossing in our 20 years in the game. It was on return from Mozambique. We participate at Facim every year in Maputo and transport approximately 80 tonnes of equipment to the show. This show breaks down two weeks ahead of the build-up of Electra Mining in Johannesburg, so there’s a lot of time to get that equipment back. But, not on that one occasion. Our trucks were stuck on the wrong side of the border for exactly 12 days – not because we were disorganised and didn’t have papers and the like in place, but because we had the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luckily, the trucks were cleared to leave two days before the build; if they hadn’t been, we would have been in some serious trouble.

Ours is a “work anywhere” kind of business and transporting stands long distances into Africa holds its own set of challenges. We’ve been

Conrad Kullmann is sales and marketing director for 3D Design.


The Exhibition Planner will show you how to create a truly unique stand and get the most out of your exhibition experience.


for easy exhibiting


your stand today

SYLISH STANDS 101 #selfienation

Why technology plays an important role on your stand


LEADER OF THE PACK The Johannesburg Expo Centre (JEC), South Africa’s largest purposebuilt exhibition and events venue, is the leading venue of its kind in Africa. FFICIALLY RECOGNISED AS

one of the top exhibitions and events venues in Southern Africa, the JEC has been the recipient of numerous awards over the last year, including the highly coveted Diamond Arrow Award at the latest Business Excellence Awards Ceremony, which took place in August 2015. Considering that, over the past 30 years, the JEC has been on a consistent world-classstandard delivery streak, the number of awards racking up is really no surprise. Being versatile and able to adapt is what keeps the JEC thriving. “The nature of our work is attracting clients with shows that challenge us, and we want to prove that we can keep pushing the bar. No event is too different, too large or too complicated for us,” states Craig Newman, CEO, JEC.

TAKING THE LEAD In 2015, the JEC hosted, among others, the Old Multual Soweto Marathon, which saw visitors and runners from the four corners of the globe travelling to Johannesburg to compete in this world-class race. They also hosted a large number of trade shows from Building Material Machines, Construction Vehicles and the International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery. For the third year in a row, the JEC has been selected to host Ultra South Africa, the world-


renowned EDM music event that takes place over two days every February in Johannesburg.

GOING THE DISTANCE Over the years, the venue has kept pace with the remarkable growth of the local exhibition and conference industries, evolving into a world-class facility that offers exhibitors, visitors and delegates a first-rate experience. “We will always look to improve our service offering so that our clients never experience anything less than the very best," says Craig. For more information: Follow them on Facebook: JHB Expo Centre Twitter: @jhbexpocentre

1 VARIETY OF SPACE Multipurpose facilities that provide over 50 000 m² of indoor space. Over 100 000 m² of extremely versatile outdoor space. 2 PARKING GALORE Individual gates and entrances for each hall provide ease of access, with the ability to park up to 20 000 cars. 3 MASS EVENTS The multipurpose arena can accommodate up to 20 000 people. 4 DEDICATED TEAM A team of professional and highly dedicated staff works on each account. 5 LOCATION A mere 15 minutes from a wide variety of three-, four- and fivestar hotels. 6 EASE OF ACCESS Easy access from all major highways, and only 30 minutes from both O.R. Tambo International Airport and Lanseria Airport. 7 HELIPAD ON-SITE It has a registered helicopter landing base, managed by Capital Air. 8 AWARD-WINNING World-class facilities that have won the Award in 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014 and again in 2015. 9 OWN APP Get all the information you need on the JEC, from venue information to event news, by accessing its app. 10 PROUD MEMBERS A member of EXSA, UFI, SACCI and SOJO – the leading associations of the exhibitions and events industry in Africa and the rest of the world.

IMAGE: Electra Mining (Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery)




Getting the MOST out of an exhibition By doing a few simple things, before, during and after a show, you will be able to generate new leads. The Exhibition Planner offers some advice.




1 SET SPECIFIC GOALS Exhibitions are incredibly versatile and, as a result, you need to be clear on what it is you want to achieve at the exhibition. Setting specific, measurable goals is one of the most important things you can do before every exhibition. 2 PLAN THE STAND AROUND THE GOALS Let your goals guide you when deciding on the stand design as well as the activities that will take place on the stand. Every design decision you make when planning the stand must be guided by your goals. 3 TELL PEOPLE THAT YOU HAVE A STAND According to research conducted by the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA), 83% of the most successful companies at a range of exhibitions were the ones that let prospective and existing clients know that they were going to be there. Some of the ways you can do this is by using social media, email campaigns as well as running adverts in digital and print media. 4 TRAIN YOUR STAFF The golden rule for exhibitions is “people make the stand”. It is, therefore, vital that the team on your stand knows your product and the goals you have for the exhibition.

1 BRIEF STAFF DAILY Remind your staff of the overall goals and what you want to achieve for that day. Keep them motivated and their energy levels high. 2 TIME IS EVERYTHING You don’t want to spend too much time with a prospective client that will yield little or no business. Depending on your goals, determine the amount of time you should spend with the various people that will be visiting your stand. 3 COLLECT LEADS It is one thing collecting business cards and quite another gathering quality data. Make sure that the team on the stand is able to gather data on your visitors that will help with the post-show follow-ups. EEAA suggests the following lead classification: a. large order, ready to buy b. small order, ready to buy OR large order, longer time frame c. s mall order, longer time frame d. send literature or add name to database e.other (press, salesman, competition). 4 ATTRACT MEDIA ATTENTION Ask the show organiser which media are invited and get them to your stand. If the organisers allow, have some of your marketing material in the media lounge.

1 MEASURE YOUR RESULTS Do an honest assessment of what the successes, challenges and failures of the show were. Let the staff tell you their experiences about what they felt worked and what did not. By objectively evaluating and measuring your goals, you will be able to determine if you had a successful show. These insights will help you when planning for the next show. 2 FOLLOW UP ON CONTACTS How you follow up will depend on how you classified your contacts. Will they get a thank-you email for visiting your stand or a phone call from your sales team? Remember that time plays a major role in closing a deal, so strike while the iron is hot. 3 RESERVE YOUR STAND FOR THE NEXT SHOW If your goals were met or exceeded, there is no doubt that you will want to exhibit again. Book early so you can get a prime location. 

The golden rule for exhibitions is “people make the stand” THE EXHIBITION PLANNER 2016 •


For Justin Hawes, exhibitions offer remarkable opportunities to meet with new clients and market your products or services.





2 3 4 5



It’s easy to just pick a show and say, “Let’s do it”, but it’s much harder to make sure it’s the right show for your business. Take a look at what the show’s objectives are: who is visiting the show, who else will be exhibiting, and are the dates right for you? There’s little point in booking an exhibition stand during your peak business period in the year. Make certain you will have the capacity and resources to dedicate to the chosen exhibition before booking your space. It is also important to look at an exhibition’s statistics from the previous year to get a feel for how busy the show will be and, if possible, a breakdown of the visitor profile.

If you don’t have focus, you could end up wasting precious time (and money) concentrating on the wrong things. Decide what it is you want to get out of the exhibition and narrow it down even further to create clear objectives. Do you want to attract new clients, launch a product, drive sales, or find new suppliers?



By getting a head start on booking and building your exhibition stand, you’re not only likely to benefit from better rates, but you will also have a clearer idea of what needs to be done beforehand. Leaving everything to the last minute will probably result in your not being able to secure what you need for your stand to look and function at its best.

SELECT THE RIGHT EXHIBITION CONTRACTOR When looking for a contractor, consider these points:

DON’T CONTACT TOO MANY By getting too many quotes, you’ll end up confusing yourself. Stick to three contractors.  HOOSE LOCAL C By choosing a local contractor, your business not only supports the local economy, but it means that somebody will be nearby should something go wrong. DON’T SUBCONTRACT Choosing a contractor that doesn’t subcontract will ensure your supplier is able to help out with any issues a lot faster than when waiting for another contractor to arrive.

STAFFING IS CRITICAL It is absolutely essential that your staff members on the stand are the right fit. Each member on your exhibition stand must be aware of and understand the objectives you have set out for the exhibition. A staff roster detailing shifts and breaks is important to make sure there is always somebody in attendance. It’s imperative that each member of staff on your stand has been trained to deal with any likely queries that may be directed to them, so they feel equipped to answer confidently. A team leader or even a top member of management should also be present at all times during important shows. Clients like to know they’re dealing with the correct people at an exhibition.



IMAGES: Supplied by Scan Display

If your stand has the ability to draw people, allowing your staff to connect with them in a fun way, then that’s half the battle won. Include social media elements, or something fun – such as a photo booth, coffee or ice cream bar – or a competition that involves collecting contact details.



During the quieter moments of a show, make sure to get off the stand and take a walk around your selected exhibition. This will give you the chance to evaluate what your competitors are doing at their own stands, as well as get ideas for future exhibitions. You may also find some new suppliers along the way.

Once back in the office, it’s important to follow up on all the leads that were generated at the event. Make sure to keep a lead-generation book at the stand to capture requirements and contact details from the visitors. This makes following up after the event easier, allowing you to target each lead in a proactive manner.



After an exhibition, you need to establish whether it was worthwhile for your business. Go back and take a look at your initial objectives for the exhibition and, as a starting point, examine whether those were achieved. Once you’ve determined whether your objectives were met, it’s important to also evaluate what went right, or wrong, at the exhibition. A short analysis will help you make better decisions for your next exhibition, and will shorten the planning process too.

Once you have a clear idea of what went right for you, and what could be improved upon, it’s time to get creative. Look for ways to improve on what went wrong, and how to make good ideas even better in future. Take a look at changing the layout of your stand, or selecting a different area in the hall. Perhaps the show didn’t attract the right audience for your objective. In this case, reconsider your objective for the next show; look to other shows or try your hand at something new, like mall activations.

JUSTIN HAWES is managing director of Scan Display. He has served on the EXSA board; founded Event Greening Forum, a non-profit organisation promoting sustainability in the events industry; and serves on the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services board. 



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An effective strategy that drives consumers on to an exhibition stand is essential and social media is starting to play an increasingly important role in events, as is a mix of virtual and the real world. In other words, digital signage, interactive user experiences and mobile technology make an exhibition stand more fun. Exhibition visitors are looking for and in-and-out experience – a quick gathering of information, and then back to work – which makes the digital gathering of information a prominent consideration for exhibitors. Digital marketing could play a key role in generating leads.

Some designers work with fluid spaces that fit in with the venue’s surroundings, and stand out in the crowd. A few well-selected furniture pieces can lend a nuanced flavour of the brand to the entire space. Different types of lighting, touchscreens and interactive user experiences come up trumps. Every client wants a custom design. The duty of an exhibition designer is to match that need with a unique solution. Rather than just recommending a custom or rental exhibit based on their budget, the focus is on the end result, taking into account the available resources.

Colour schemes are calming down; they still incorporate company colours but basic designs and furniture are entering a hue of calming colours. Beiges, grays and golds are becoming more prominent in overseas events, and understandably so. With all the hustle and bustle on any exhibition at any given time, the thought of escaping to a bit of peace among the chaos makes sense. Creating an experience that stands out will do well to draw more traffic and, once the visitors are at the stand, the power of human interaction, interest and engagement cannot be trumped. 




Tailor-made solutions Expo Guys is a young-at-heart, dynamic company offering creative and functional exhibition stands, displays, showrooms, retail environments and interiors to the market. WHAT THE GUYS OFFER Expo Guys manufactures its own materials, resulting in a limited dependence on other suppliers. •  ExpoDesign Designer stands that will set you apart from the rest. Expo Guys will build to your design or its talented designers can help you create a design to suit your budget and style. •  ExpoElectrical The company is the official electrical contractor for the Johannesburg Expo Centre and the Ticketpro Dome. •  ExpoFurniture A range of furniture has been carefully selected to add a stylish touch to your event. •  ExpoGraphics All your event and exhibition graphic requirements under one roof. •  ExpoManufacture Expo Guys produces its own aluminium systems and profiles, giving the company control over quality and stock levels. •  ExpoShell Designer and conventional shell scheme infrastructure for any event. Expo Guys prides itself on creating eye-catching stands that best showcase your business.


XPO GUYS IS A SMALL COMPANY with a big history and an even bigger future. Founder John Webb is a local exhibition industry stalwart and, between them, the company’s two partners – John and Patrick Cronning – have nearly 60 years’ experience in the industry. Expo Guys supplies aluminium exhibition systems, installs electrical reticulation, and designs and builds exhibition stands throughout Southern Africa. It is a one-stop exhibition shop with a solid reputation for getting stands done on time, within budget, and exceeding client expectations.

MEET THE TEAM JOHN WEBB, managing director CAREER HIGHLIGHTS In 2005, I decided to start my own business again and formed Baddow Trading to manufacture exhibition system components. Over the past 11 years, the business evolved, branching out into Expo Guys, which is now an industry leader. WHY USE EXPO GUYS? We’re a small company that punches above its weight. As owners of the business, Patrick Cronning and I are very hands-on and are accessible to our staff and clients 24/7. TELL US SOMEHING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT NOT MANY PEOPLE ARE AWARE OF I’m an open book and I’ve been in the industry for so long that there’s

not much that’s not known about me. Probably the only thing that would surprise people is that, despite my accommodating nature, I am very resolute once I dig my heels in.

PAT CRONNING, commercial director CAREER HIGHLIGHTS There has been many but stand out moments include: being appointed as the operations director at Shell Systems as well as being the COO of Oasys Exhibitions. In 2014 I joined ExpoGuys and shortly thereafter secured a portion of the business. WHY USE EXPO GUYS? It’s really quite simple: we have the best stock and team in the business. Our staff were handpicked for their skill, experience and commitment. TELL US SOMEHING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT NOT MANY PEOPLE ARE AWARE OF I am an absolute petrol head. If it has wheels and takes petrol or diesel, then I’m addicted. We have a family business, a Bosch Car Service, ranked within the top five in South Africa in 2014. I am currently building a 1966 Chev C10 with a donor Chev Lumina V8.

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products ideas Make your exhibition stand live on after the exhibition by handing out innovative and useful giveaways.



IVING AWAY USEFUL promotional products not only

draws customers to a stand, it also allows for brand remembrance, as people will see that branded USB flash drive and be reminded of your product or service, making it convenient for them to contact you. Instead of sticking to the norm of conventional giveaways, rather consider one of these innovative and new ideas. • USB FLASH DRIVE It is a wise decision to give away flash drives as they are items that people use often. This ensures that you continue to remind people of your product long after the exhibition. • BRANDED CAR CHARGERS An item that would benefit almost anyone, USB car chargers can be used for any kind of phone, making this a unique form of brand promotion. • L IP BALM People will appreciate the availability of lip balm and will continue to use it after the exhibition. • HAND SANITISER Exhibitions often involve networking, shaking hands and being exposed to many people. This promotional product is not only practical, but will definitely make your brand stand out for being inventive. • TOUCHSCREEN CLEANING CLOTH This can be used for cleaning tablets, phones, laptops, and even reading glasses, making it a very useful item to give away and, consequently, a great branding opportunity. • TABLET STYLUS PEN Instead of handing out branded pens, go digital and provide people with an easier method of navigating tablets. Seeing as the popularity of tablets has rapidly grown, providing a good-quality stylus will earn a considerable amount of attention.




CHOOSE YOUR VENUE The Century City Conference Centre offers a choice of 20 different venues including: 4 large Halls, 3 of which may be combined to make up a 1100m² exhibition space with a ceiling height of 5.8m. Draping and rigging hooks available. A spacious 400m², open-plan foyer suitable for exhibitions, launches and cocktail parties. Eleven meeting rooms, ranging in size from 30m² to 70m² . An 80-seater business lounge with mixed seating from hot desks to informal lounges.


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GREENING TIPS for a sustainable stand




Consider incorporating up-cycled and salvaged materials such as pallets, tyres and oil drums into your stand. The wood used should carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo to certify that it was grown and harvested sustainably. Exhibitions generally create a lot of waste. As a result, stand contractors and exhibitors need to ensure that unwanted stand elements are disposed of responsibly after the event.

What better way to neutralise your carbon emissions than by investing in a carbon offset scheme? There are numerous companies that can assist with this process. Choosing to have indigenous plants on your stand, and donating them to a charity or local community afterwards, will also help.

Other than the obvious socioeconomic benefits you’ll be passing on to a local company by selecting local suppliers, your materials and stand elements will be travelling a shorter distance, and help is on hand should you need it!


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Handing out brochures may be common practice at exhibitions, but it is one of the biggest waste generators. Instead of printing out brochures, find innovative ways to capture attendees’ details and follow up by sending them electronic collateral. If you are giving away gifts, consider ones that are reusable, recycled or recyclable, and locally produced.



Appliances and lighting can draw a lot of energy, as well as waste energy in standby mode. Source energy-efficient lighting options and switch appliances off at the end of each day of the exhibition.

If your stand can be easily taken apart and reconfigured in different ways, you’ll be able to use it in a variety of applications. This is not only cost-effective, but will save you from creating custom stand elements each time they’re required.



Don’t be shy; shout about what you have done on your stand in terms of sustainability. People love to see, and work with, companies that have incorporated sustainability into their daily business practices.

Encourage meetings to happen on your stand, so you can cut down on travel time to and from clients. Exhibitions are great places to reconnect with clients, and suppliers.

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More and more exhibitors are becoming aware of the need for environmentallysustainable stands. The Event Greening Forum shares its top tips to help you plan your stand to make it the greenest it can possibly be.


STYLISH STANDS 101 Do not conform to the norm of stand design, or aim for an overly elaborate stand. Instead, design a stand that is applicable to the specific individual product or service that will help reach company-specific goals. ETERMINE WHO the target market is, and what elements would be most appealing to them – accounting for information accessibility, as well as aesthetic allure. Take full advantage of the benefits of strategic lighting to focus on the essential areas of the stand, and create visual interest by incorporating colour and graphics. Current international stand design trends focus on minimalist angles, which open up the stand space and create cleaner lines of geometric and angular structures.

CREATING ‘WOW’ STANDS Before jumping straight to designing a stand, it is crucial to take a step back and peg down the main reason for the company attending the exhibition. From here, determine the target market you are working with or want to attract to the stand; this should give you a good basis from which to start creating ideas focused on 

inviting in these specific customers. Creating an open, inviting and comfortable space with enough room to move is always a must – people shy away from stands that are cluttered or too clinical. Consider the difference between walking into the local bakery as opposed to the dentist’s office. The most ‘wow’ stand does not mean the most expensive one. Spend time with your stand provider to discuss new ways of adding custom finishes without the high cost – think tension fabric, system clad, and lighting focusing on crucial areas. Add colour and graphics to create visual interest and brand impact; make sure your stand is 70% colour and 30% neutral pallet, and make product and/or brand information visible. Consider the following elements with regard to stand design and decor: •Y  OUR TARGET MARKET The kind of person you want to attract and what kind of elements will attract them.

• THE BRAND IDENTITY Your stand design and decor should reflect your brand’s identity, and correlate with the product or service you are offering. Take advantage of the endless branding possibilities at your disposal and maximise branding on your stand. • BUDGET Determine what your budget is, as well as what essential elements you want, beforehand, and make sure to stick to it. Take caution not to spend so much on stand design and decor that it decreases return on investment. •DESIGN TRENDS With clean lines and smooth angles dominating stand design, you are faced with the challenge of making your stand unique while including the current design trends. In an effort to green stands, many raw and sustainable materials such as metal and timber are being included in stands, and items are being repurposed as furniture and decor. Stands are also including bold colours, height, smooth lines, and minimalist spaces. • LOCATION Your stand should be in a location with a high traffic flow, to increase the number of visitors and brand exposure. •T  RAFFIC FLOW Ensure that your stand has enough open space to allow a smooth flow of traffic, which will allow guests to engage without feeling cramped or rushed.



NEED A RELIABLE SUPPLIER? is the place to find them In addition to finding top quality suppliers, highlights various exhibition planning tools that you can use. It will also provide you with innovative concepts, creative designs and event trends. There are e-books, case studies, webinars and infographics. There is no need to go anywhere for the information you need and the suppliers you want.



TECHNOLOGY can generate leads Your exhibition stand’s booked, the design’s been signed off and you’ve trained all the staff. So, what’s next? Karmen Vladar shares how you can make sure your stand sticks out from the masses.


CCORDING TO Tech.Co writer Simon Davies,

trade show attendees are increasingly aware of technology. We need to think critically about how we can incorporate technology in stand builds to better sell our brands at exhibitions. We are no longer confined to mere modular, shaped boxes – we need to think outside the box to differentiate our exhibition stands. With that in mind, here are a few ideas that will help your stand stick out from the crowd.

example, to view an interactive video of your offering on their smartphones.

AUGMENTED REALITY Simon calls augmented reality a “proven powerful marketing tool” that allows attendees to merge their engagement with your brand across the physical and digital spaces. Allow delegates to scan your logo, for 


The number of smartphone users in South Africa in 2016


Reported selfie-related deaths since 2014. Priceonomics

QR CODES Although QR codes have been around for some time, they’re still a really useful piece of tech to have in your exhibition arsenal. With a scannable QR code at your stand, attendees will be able to access your website or electronic brochures with the touch of a button, and it also allows them to refer back to your website or brochure after the exhibition has ended.

INTERACTIVE SCREENS It really is time to say goodbye to repetitive video loops and static video displays. Interactive screens are a much more exciting, engaging way to demonstrate your products and will have crowds flocking to your stand. By making use of eye-catching graphics and visuals to illustrate your product or brand offering, attendees will be more engaged as they browse your offerings at their own time and pace, and you can even have them participate in games to create a buzz around your stand.


SCAVENGER HUNTS We’re sure you’re familiar with the concept of scavenger hunts, and setting one up for your attendees will guarantee your stand is the talk of the show. Have participants submit photos or selfies of interactions with staff at your stand, or complete certain tasks relating to your brand in return for an incentive. An app can typically help you facilitate this. KARMEN VLADAR is a self-proclaimed tech junkie and strong advocate for improving communication and measurement at conferences and events. She is the marketing manager at LUMI. Karmen has worked at Lumi's head office in the UK, where she gained insight into the international events industry.

The 2016 South African Social Media Landscape study conducted by World Wide Worx and Fuseware has revealed that Instagram has seen immense growth over the last year, and that Facebook is now used by a quarter of the South African population. In South Africa there are:

13 MILLION Facebook users

7.4 MILLION Twitter users

8.28 MILLION YouTube users

2.68 MILLION Instagram users




EXHIBITION ANATOMY Miss Xzibit likes to think of an

Illustration: Nicolene Louw

exhibition stand as a human body with different parts. And here’s why…

wrong. The staff at the booth represent you and your company, so it’s imperative to send staff who really know your business (the brain). They need to listen to what the visitor needs or is interested in (the ears) and, most importantly, feel as passionate about your business as you do (the heart). I must admit, though, that this is not easy. Permanent staff who know the product often see an exhibition as time away from the office so do not necessarily put their heart and soul into the work. Temporary staff or promoters again may be eager because they are being paid, but they unfortunately don’t know your product or business. Probably the best happy medium is to use your permanent staff, but link their time at the show to some sort of incentive.



The arms represent the look and feel of the stand. As arms invite people in, so the packaging of your stand will either invite people in or chase them away. Gone are the days of a trestle table, a colourful tablecloth, some mints and a bowl to collect business cards. You need to package your booth so that it stands out. However, this does not mean that you always need a big budget to make your booth memorable. I like to brainstorm with some colleagues, potential customers or friends before I start planning the layout and look of the stand. Creative business minds around a table can come up with some great, outof-the-box ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Always ensure that a booth’s look is in keeping with your overall brand and that you project a professional image.

Once you have found the right people to man your booth, it’s crucial that they can pitch the product or service to visitors in two minutes or less. They need to explain to attendees why the product or service will succeed in the marketplace or where it will add value to the visitor’s business. A good elevator pitch typically includes a hook to stimulate interest, backed up with an overview of the product or service and its value proposition. Remember to end with a call to action of some sort – a business card, a flyer or other branded giveaway.

THE FEET Attending the event is only the beginning of your work. After meeting potential customers or clients at an exhibition, it is vital to take steps to follow up with them. Follow up within a week after the event, so you and your company are still fresh in their minds.

THE BRAIN, EARS AND HEART The people manning your stand are the brain, the ears and the heart of your company. In my experience, at shows, this is an area where a lot of companies go

In conclusion, spend time and effort on planning and implementing your exhibition so that you reap the rewards. Nurture your body to strengthen your soul.

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The Exhibition Planner addresses the specific needs of the exhibition industry. It is a reference guide packed with essential information fo...

The Exhibition Planner 2016  

The Exhibition Planner addresses the specific needs of the exhibition industry. It is a reference guide packed with essential information fo...

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